The Divine Personality for the human being – I

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
This morning you will get the lecture “The Divine Personality for the Human Being.”
But we have, Master Jongchi and Wolff have depicted the human personality in art.
André has brought along that painting for you, so that you can admire for yourself after the lecture what your personality will be like for the first sphere.
You will therefore not leave immediately after the lecture, you will wait a moment and then you will get to see that wonder.
Especially, because we will enter the Divine personality this morning, Master Jongchi gave his inspiration and feeling in order to show you what the Other Side was capable of building up, of depicting when it concerns soul, life and spirit; to record something for the human being, society, mankind and the God of all life.
You will soon be able to call this work God.
All the life is present there.
The precious stones which you will see, are character traits of the human being who has conquered and has then been able to master the truth, the justice, the harmony with regard to Mother Nature and space.
We went by means of these lectures to the macrocosmos, but finally we are now faced with the Divine personality because of all those wonders and laws, grades of life, worlds of light and darkness and you can wonder as a human being: what do I possess of that Divine personality and how must I earn that Divine personality?
The constructive lectures as foundations for the cosmology will soon be ‘beyond the coffin’ the universal macrocosmic possession for the spiritual personality.
That is now the human being in his beauty, in his truth, in his love, because everything now becomes love.
We went, by getting to know God, from the All-Mother to the universe.
The first hazes – I explained to you – were already an image of the Divine personality which soon, then would become visible.
You can now immediately take the bible in your hands again, it tells nothing about it and know nothing about it either.
Therefore, the bible begins with untruth – I told you, and the macrocosmos and the laws of the universe can explain it and will prove it to you – and will be of no significance for this age, the Kingdom of God on earth.
Because the first foundations were already laid.
Those hazes – we experienced that, we were in that silence – grew, do you see?
Darkness came and light came again, those were the grades of evolution for motherhood and fatherhood.
Darkness was motherhood, and that which became visible represented the Divine, creating personality for space.
We experienced that, we saw that.
And finally light came.
The macrocosmos was lit by means of Divine radiance, a life plasma, built up by the inner life of an All-Source as All-Spirit, All-Soul, All-Life; felt, seen and experienced as All-Mother.
And that mother grew, that mother filled that wonderful body, that macrocosmos, that is a body, and now we see that light ripping apart and that is already for this moment the Divine personality as light.
Do you see?
The bible now, the temples now, the sciences, they do not know how all of this originated.
We cannot yet begin with the bible, we cannot yet enter the philosophical systems, the science, so the spiritual construction for this Divine personality, because that is not yet there.
And yet the Divine laws live in here.
The truth lives in here.
If you do not know this, life will have no meaning.
You will never get truth, never harmony, never grip, because you will remain floating, floating in an invisible rarity, which has no grip, where no foundation has been laid yet.
Because these laws have never been visible for the human being, because the human being would originate from that.
We experienced that together by means of these lectures.
That is the cosmology.
Thus, we now get to know God as light, the personality of God as light.
I also explained to you that God is only a word, a name.
We call God Wayti.
But call God irrevocably and only, you will then be assured for everything, if you take yourself to that life and place yourself before the laws and say: “Now I will begin to master that God, that life.”
Condensings came, growths and divisions originated.
The macrocosmos ripped apart and the life, that power, that All-Source, that thinking and feeling let itself be seen by means of myriad sparks to a macrocosmic attunement.
We saw that.
We can therefore now continue from planet to planet.
The moon began, the cell life awakened, the embryonic life originated: the moon as mother started to divide herself and got hold of the same character traits of God, in order to give birth and to create in harmony, by means of justice, by means of the real, natural being one, the giving of yourself for a hundred percent with regard to fatherhood and motherhood, growth, reincarnation.
Then the soul as human being, as spark had already ‘life’, ‘death’, ‘reincarnation’, in his hands and could master the space of that.
You see, by means of every birth, growth came, thinking came – no, that was not yet there – feeling came.
Feeling in that material or spiritual cell, felt as an embryo and yet an independence.
The Divine character traits reach growth, they will spiritualize and materialize themselves.
The senses – I explained to you – originated; the Divine character traits in order to feel, to think and to absorb the life into them and by means of this to master the laws and powers, so that the personality can finally speak.
The moon began.
We experienced the final stage, the fish moment.
The human being crawled out of the waters.
A new universe originated.
During her development the moon, you see, still sent out those powers in an animal-like grade.
And I will stick to that soon, because you as a human being also build in the present and for this stage the growing consciousness.
You will soon experience that and then you can see and admire that from the symbol, the life bowl of the human being, from the diamonds and precious stones and you will then have to accept: by means of his good, immaculate, pure and natural harmony, the human being builds the radiating consciousness to the Spheres of Light!
You see.
I will continue with that and then you will admire and experience that you can give space to each character trait, it is only then that the Divine personality will speak for the human being.
Then it will be clear how the human being can master the Divine personality.
That God, that space, you will earn that as a human being, but in harmony, in justice.
And then the personality comes up, then we are faced with the threshold of the first sphere.
There is no gate now and yet a key is needed – I told you – the golden key of life, to open those spheres.
You insert it somewhere, there is no grip if that illuminated, pure, natural, just foundation, the being one with the life of love is not there.
And you will have to master that.
We went from the moon to the planets.
We came through the cosmos, the macrocosmos, to Mars.
And finally by means of the secondary planets, we entered the earth, and began in the primal stage, as first grade of life for the human being, to accept, to experience the life; there was progress, growth by means of the organisms.
And now, if this is clear to you – I told you – you do not have that in your hands, even if you are father and mother, you are part of that Divine personality and his creations.
I continue to represent the word God and God of course, because that All-Source is not yet known.
The human being does not yet know, the masses, society, mankind, how that beginning stage was actually put together.
“But if this is clear to you”, Master Alcar said to André, “do you not feel then that you are father and mother, directly from the All-Source?
That All-Mother gave you a part of her giving birth and creating.
That is the essential everything.
What now comes around it, that becomes personality, that is this light.
But the working of that, the constructing, the experiencing, the being one, the changing, the giving birth and creating, that is God.
But what you see here as light, what you perceive in this universe – then we made the journey from one planet to the other – that is part of the Divine personality.
A planet represents a part of His personality as grade, as law, as fatherhood, as motherhood; but as light, as life, as spirit.
The core now, the representation now, the growing now, the light too, the grade of consciousness for that Divine, universal, macrocosmic fatherhood and motherhood represent a consciousness, and that consciousness will shine by acting, by feeling, by thinking, by giving birth, by creating.
And now look there”, Master Alcar says, “that I can lie down at the feet of Mother Moon and that I can kiss her life.
Did you really think that I could enter her uncertainly and unconsciously and she would embrace me and want to say: ‘Look here my child, my life is open to you, accept me and give birth to me now’?
Would you think that I can fly with a rocket to her life and that she will speak to me, that she will open her life to her deepest knowing and feeling, to her soul, her spirit, her Divine attunement, so that we experience and can master the being one for the God of all life?
What is the intention now in order to experience this being one with the macrocosmos, with the moon as mother, that All-Source, that All-Life, that All-Spirit, that All-Soul and finally that All-Love?
Then we will have to adjust our inner powers, in the first place, André and Master Zelanus, in order to experience and to be able to undergo the thinking, the feeling, the powers for growth, consciousness, working.
But when there is no purity, no harmony, no justice and that love is not in us, how will the life as All-Soul and All-Source be able to absorb us and be able to and want to speak to our inner self?”
André thinks: how do I reach unity with the moon?
How do I reach unity with the life?
When will that Divine personality speak to me?
When will I grow and when will I be light?
When will I be truth, just?
When will I be love?
Yes, we float on hand in hand and think and make ourselves one and ready in order to be able to experience that moon, that mother, so that the laws will speak.
While travelling and flying onwards, we think: give me the power and the wisdom.
I will fight, I will serve, I want to absorb the state of purity of your inner life into me and pass it onto everything which was given birth to and was created by you.
And we still hear nothing.
André weeps: “But when will I get the feeling then?
When will that truth, that power, that consciousness come to me and in me, Master?
When will I be ready then in order to be able to receive that Mother?”
“Not yet.”
The torture on a journey is like that.
Then you float through space, as the human being soon flaps about through society and hits and kicks left and right, deforms, sullies, gossips, talks about the life.
How does that human being wish to experience the unity with the Divine personality when the All-Source must be experienced from everything?
The only All-Core will speak then and release, draw up something of your inner, Divine attunement, so that that is part of – you will soon see that, because I will come to those laws, those foundations will be laid – is part of your day-consciousness as personality, and then you must prove and hear one day what then – I told you before – passes your human lips ...
Do not get a fright, because I will not do anything to you.
When those laws, when that life charges at the human being, when the inner, final, just, Divine awakens and sends up a thousandth gram of a gram of feeling to awakening, to exploding, then the human being sobs and throws himself down and kisses the earth.
We were able to do that and we must and want to do that, because it is only then that the truth will enter the human being.
It is only then that the human being begins to think and to feel.
It is only then that a word passes your lips which saves and assures you for this all-embracing truth, this being one with the All-Mother, the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the personality.
What do you know about that?
And then we returned, we had experienced laws, laws were explained, we had experienced spaces, flashing onwards, and yet dwelling upon an insect, because that insect said: “Why are you walking past me?
I belong to the Divine attunements, even if I will soon possess my great and wonderful wings, but analyze me because I am life and I belong to that Divine personality, because look at my colour.”
A stone says: “Look at my light.
I originated by means of the Divine character traits.
I built myself up by means of these emerald-green, brilliant light emitting cores.
I represent the spaces as light.
I possess a part of His infinite character trait which wants to be and to mean nothing else but truth, harmony, justice.
And finally my beauty, my life, my organism is love.”
A stone!
A tree says, the space says, on a journey, to the Masters and to the human being who has experienced ‘the coffin’ and who has the consciousness to experience those universal systems: “What do you see in me?
I am the body, but how is my body built up?”
And then Jupiter comes, then Venus comes: “And come to me, human being.”
“Finally the people reach consciousness in order to get to know us.
There has never yet been a moment, a second for all those millions of creations that the highest consciousness, which is the human being, descended to the lower, to us, and we could experience our Divine, universal All-Unity.”
And now the wisdom of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn speaks.
Now the hazes speak, the sun and the moon and the stars.
And now the human being comes to the Divine personality, now the garment, the organism speaks.
The life grows, traces an orbit, yes indeed.
And now André can, we could say and the millions along with us: “I have been absorbed into the body of God.
The personality of God, as stars, planets, fatherhood and motherhood, soul, spirit, life, personality, speaks to me.”
And now Jupiter says: “You look great!”
Wayti says – the star in space – and it speaks to André: “I am Wayti, André, now we can be one, now I can explain all of our family to you.
But how does the human being on earth live?
And what does the human being want who does not yet know us in this grade of consciousness?
Did you really think, André, that you could speak by means of murder and arson, lies and deception to my life, my consciousness, my personality?
Come into my hands, sit down next to me and I will give you the orchid from my heart.”
Hand in hand with a star, because that is a personality, that is life, that is soul, that is spirit, that is love.
That is fatherhood and motherhood, conscious or unconscious, but it belongs to the Divine personality, it represents God as a grade of love.
Conscious or unconscious, but it is part of this wonderful macrocosmic organism.
And then you are not doting, then you are not mentally dim, but you now become the universal pure child about whom and of whom the Christ spoke: “Become like a child.”
And what do the philosophers say today?
“That rotten child must disappear in us, because as a child we do nothing else but nonsense.
We destroy, we do not realize what we are doing, but as a human being you are a personality.”
Your philosophers say that, yes indeed!
Dear sir, you would like that.
Your philosophical systems take you from dry land into the ditch.
They do not bring you any life wisdom, any unity with the Divine personality, because that child in you means: the true surrendering, the bowing.
The consciousness is not yet there, but it is the will of this life that surrenders, that asks and that lets itself be lead
Who lets himself be lead?
Who takes the word immediately for space – I will come to you soon – in order to explain the laws, to depict the life?
Who is capable of keeping on undergoing the truth?
And which they know nothing about!
And yet that word is spoken, it falls and flies over the human lips and they not only break themselves, but they break and sully, deform the Divine personality as a core in themselves.
Yes, we are already coming to you.
A flower does not have that.
Just go into nature, just go through nature.
Look at a horse, a cat, a dog, a tiger, a lion, a giraffe, look at a crocodile and see how perfect that life is, how perfect the God of all life, that All-Mother gave all the character traits of God to her life, to her sparks.
But the human being is above everything and represents the Divine thinking and feeling, the Divine fatherhood and motherhood.
Because one day we as human beings will be Divinely represented and conscious.
Is this not going too far?
A tree, a flower, an animal, Mother Nature, all of space, that continues infinitely.
That does not trouble itself, that has everything.
Yes indeed, the animals eat each other.
But, also the core in that, in all that life, possesses colour, possesses the personality of God and it is life, but by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
Do you see?
The planets possess fatherhood and motherhood, or they are not it.
But the moon and the sun – I told you – are father and mother for this whole universe.
The stars and the planets which are half-conscious, multiply space, represent the powers in order to be able to let this body grow and bring it to working.
Now Venus is an unconscious planet; you learned and you read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
Jupiter, Saturn and all those millions of laws as bodies, even the hazes, the crumbs of and for the universe, have the Divine personality in their hands and represent a grade for it.
A grade of feeling as working, as task.
And there is no disturbance in that.
The All-Source created all of this for the human being.
These were the laws by means of which the human being could give himself growth.
And now there is one core, one All-Power in the human being, by means of which the human being – and now you must listen carefully – by means of which the human being possesses everything, everything in order to represent and to conquer and also to master that Deity, that Divine growth, that power, that life, that Divine soul, that spirit as fatherhood and motherhood.
That is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood!
The being a mother is the being one with God, it is giving birth and then creating.
And this is now the core by means of which the prehistoric age reached the Divine All!
Everything on earth and in that space had no meaning, because that is own possession.
So the life takes the human being unarguably anyway ...
By living, by giving birth and by creating, by returning to the earth, because a new foundation, a new organism is always ready, the spirit as personality, and the soul, the Divine core, get the possibility of growing.
The Egyptians, the temples on earth have not yet understood that.
Fatherhood and motherhood – I depicted it, I hammered upon it – are everything.
You will soon experience how that was sullied.
I will give you three, four lectures about this and I will go into the systems in order to complete this season.
I will then go into the character traits which you experience every day in society.
You will feel, I am still in contact with that space, with the descending on earth.
But immediately we will be faced with the destruction, with the construction, for yourself.
And then we can ask: what do you have of that?
What do the spheres have of that, what does the animal, a flower have of that?
There have been people, who said: “If only I was a flower, then I could not commit any sins, do any wrong things.”
But a flower remains a flower, and you can speak.
That little flower also speaks, but differently.
You do not know that world, you do not hear it, because you must descend into that being one, into that flower, you must be able to absorb that life.
I will also let you experience those laws so that you will finally see who you actually are.
So that you will see who lives in you as God, how your attunement, how your consciousness for this moment, for this society, for this age is.
And then you will have nothing more to say to each other.
You will get that grace, that honour.
Then you will no longer need to tell each other: you do that like this, you do that like that.
Then you will be afraid to rap the fingers of another life, because then that life would, then that life can say: “Just look at yourself for a half million years for the time being.”
Do you see?
The human being will soon know everything for the other human being, but nothing for himself.
“You must do it like this, you must do it like that.”
You see.
“And I would have done that like that and why are you doing that?”
Why do you want to experience the other life if it is good, if it is meant well?
Why that fuss, that running down, that breaking of your Divine personality?
The first wrong thought already takes you from dry land into the ditch, to the darkness.
That was all given birth to and born, materialized, in space, in harmony, in justice, in love.
Then you will soon no longer violate one thought, let alone that you place yourself before the Divine, universal gifts.
Then you will not talk about God, whom you do not know, just like that.
Then you will not dare to place yourself in a position of which you already wish to possess the assurance that He, space, inspires you.
Then you will have to earn all of that first.
You will give birth and create and that is then the bleeding dry for a study, for a task, for your world of thoughts with regard to fatherhood and motherhood.
Yes, when are you mother?
When are you truly father?
The life in space was therefore created in order to be able to let the God of all life admire himself as a personality, to show himself.
All those sparks, those stars and planets are parts of His personality, as harmony, as working, as everything.
And in all of that your dictionary can be found again, experienced, because now we are kind, loving.
There were no disturbances in the macrocosmos.
Only Mother Nature built them up for you, but the human being in society deformed them.
You will soon experience how awe-inspiring – you know that, but then we will go even deeper – how awe-inspiring it is by means of which that Divine personality in the human being was sullied and broken.
You will become afraid and say: “There is nothing more left in me, I am still nothing.”
And we will prove that to you, the Masters want to, the Divine personality of space wants to prove that to you.
We place you before those laws, before that foundation and it is only then that you will be able to say: “Yes, now I know it”, outside of the bible!
There is no divine or theologian needed for that; you have only giving birth and creating.
But what you made of that yourself ... the human being in society, in whatever form, in whatever task, he is a Divine attunement.
In the human being the Divine All-Core lives with everything.
But how does that life speak now?
In the cosmos everything was created, given birth to, spiritualized and materialized in harmony and the human being has to master that as working, as continuance of the life and the growing of the life.
But how does the human being reach the oneness with the Divine personality?
I brought you now to the Spheres of Light.
We came through Gethsemane, we went to Pilate and stood there and Pilate could say: “I wash my hands in innocence.”
Already a wonderful, awe-inspiring weakness, a fault which crushes him if it comes to space.
Pilate had to prove: I do not want, if I have established the justice, the Divine love, the harmony, I do not want there to be a murder in my proximity!
And now you should see how Jerusalem murdered during that time, just by thoughts, only in order to protect itself.
And yes, Peter.
“I never knew that Human Being.”
Then you have not only denied yourself, but you have denied the macrocosmos, the All-Source, the All-Love!
You can fall, you can succumb.
And the Christ looked at him and the cock crowed again and Peter said: “I did not know that Human Being.”
Peter rushes through Jerusalem like a terrible despair, was broken like a drunken being, drunk in soul and spirit.
He no longer knows it: “I have lost everything.”
Yes, that far, it comes that far.
The inner struggle for the human being will be like that if his personality must speak with regard to ethics.
“When you know, when you feel that I am truth, you will become truth and then you will”, the Christ said, “represent Me as truth.
For which I give My life, for which I grow, for which I live, for which I received love.”
But that can never ever again, Peter, John, be denied.
You will have to devote your own self for that purpose.
That is the giving of your personality, the free inspiring, the receiving of the Divine, spatial becoming conscious.
And then it happens of its own accord, because now the life speaks through you: the spark of God in the waters, the spark on the land, a tree, a flower, a life, a sun, a moon, a star, a planet.
That all happens of its own accord.
Because you are now truth.
You are inspiration?
No, you are busy in everything representing the pure harmony of God, the All-Mother.
You have torn those square things from your heart.
You are ready to represent the final Christ in you.
There are no longer any lies for you, any denying.
The human being in the spirit stands for nothing, because he has everything.
Even if you are broken, even if you are nailed to a cross like the Christ, even if you are sullied, deformed and gossiped about, the spiritual, true, open human being possesses everything because he has taken, brought, made that state of purity in him to becoming conscious, was able to master it.
Christ, in His time in Jerusalem – I will remain this morning with the Christ and with God and the universe, and soon with the second and third and the last lecture in society – Christ said to John: “If you can accept Me, John, then become acceptance.”
If you want to heal the human being, then become healing, healing power, I told you, and that is very simple, because the people charge at you, and the pure core of the human being sends itself through space, it goes to the people.
You can sit down and you do not need to say anymore; the rarefied, pure power from your personality, built up by means of fatherhood and motherhood and the love, blesses you and blesses the life which comes to you.
That is being one for healing, for purity and clarity with regard to your Divine self and the personality in you.
The macrocosmos, my sisters and brothers, is the image of yourself.
You do not need to have any inferiority complexes, you are universally deep, because we find that moon, that sun, those stars and planets again in your organism, in your soul, in your spirit.
Yes, this means something after all.
But the human being is attached to the word of the bible.
The human being talks, the human being shouts, the human being studies a story which has nothing to do with the state of purity, the truth, the reality.
The theologian can say: “We have nothing to do yet with spiritual science.
Even if the academics explain to us, my children”, people speak like this on your radio and from the university also, “even if the doctor can explain to me: ‘Creation began like that, that tree, that is nonsense; and Adam and Eve originated in the waters.
That apple means nothing, because we buy cases full for little money’, even then my faith is placed and attuned above everything.
I have nothing to do with science, we must believe!”
You see.
Hit that human being away – I once gave you an example – away from that untruth, that gossip.
But he is now properly attached to that.
And this is the wonderful image for the Christ, because He came to the earth for this purpose.
In order to make them afraid, to make them anxious so that they would not do any harm themselves, so that they would not sully the Divine personality in them.
And after so many thousands and thousands of centuries the minister, and the professor too, is attached to that beating, to that big stick, and walks with his paradise under his arm and sells his little apples.
No one wants to eat and to drink those apples from this professor.
Do not kiss each other if you are here, or go out.
You will be able to kiss when you are alone and not under my eyes.
Do you understand that?
I do not tolerate that, because I am bringing you to God and space and then you will think, think and experience.
And that other which emerges from this and you will enter, you do that in and for Mother Nature, but not for me.
Then I will walk away.
I grant you that, I do not touch your personalities.
You see, we should try that one day on the Other Side!
We should have tried that one day; Peter, John should have tried that for the Christ.
He would have said: “Did you forget Me, can you not think, feel with Me for a moment?
Do you now already wish to absorb that in you, Peter?
Just wait until you have earned it all.”
And then the Christ walked across the earth and then He saw the final, a new age, the future.
And then we are faced again with that professor, that minister with his paradise, where the tree is and the snake.
The apples for Our Lord are not for sale, you will have to earn them.
And now the great miracle comes, that destruction and for the twentieth century: Adam ate from the tree of life.
Adam and Eve were not allowed to experience any giving birth, any creation and stood still for the growing of their personality.
That is now the fall, when you give birth to children, when the mother absorbs the representation, the multiplication for the Divine All, the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Life, God into her and asks her creator: “Will you give me a child?”
Is that still a sin for your university of the twentieth century, for your professor, your doctor?
No, they evade the question.
The Catholic Church says: you must give birth.
But what does the pope do, what does the priest do, what does the cardinal do?
They walk next to it, you know that.
In the very first place I brought you to the actual foundations for the human personality.
You must first try to enter into harmony with Mother Nature, with God as creation and as giving birth.
So in the very first place we place for you, from the Spheres of Light, the foundations for pure, spatial giving birth and creating.
Nothing else.
Nice, isn’t it, that drawing of stars and planets on that board?
But did you not think now that the moon said: “Chase them out the door”?
Did you not think that the Divine light of life said: “Look at those children there, how they enjoy themselves this morning because Master Zelanus is depicting it?”
I wanted to pull you by your coat.
I wanted to take you along, hand in hand to the nature.
I plunged you under water, I almost let you drown, and then I would ask you: “Do you feel now that water is mother?”
Just drown nicely.
Do you dare to accept the death?
No: “I am dying, I am dying!”
Death is evolution, death flies with you through space.
It gives you the Great Wings, it gives you a new life, the reincarnation and only then, child of God, the pure kiss, the oneness for man and wife, for the soul, for the spirit, seen as a character trait.
And it is only then that the state of purity shows itself, which then gives the personality the light of life, therefore the light of life by means of giving birth and creating, in order to radiate.
Why does the human being now fight – we will soon be faced with that – so awe-inspiringly for another human being?
Why does the human being search on earth for the light of life in the human being?
In order to experience that harmony, that Divine, spatial oneness, free from lust and sullying.
You see, now the personality already speaks by means of giving birth and creating.
There is no more for sale yet for you and for the human being in space.
First preparing you for motherhood and fatherhood and that begins: when am I a friend for my life?
When am I true and honest?
When do you remain away from the vicinity of that personality?
Why ...
When does that power, that thinking, that feeling get your whole surrender in its hands, so that the life can grow?
You see, I keep placing you before society, we will soon hammer upon that and then we will be faced with each other and we will be close to each other.
Because then you will get to know yourself as mother, as father, as a human being, in the first place for your pure, human love, for being a man, being a woman, the universal marriage!
Yes ...
The academic also says: “In the paradise we experienced our first sin.”
My dears, give birth as much as you want and you will be in harmony with God.
You will certainly not attract more children, be able to give life, than can be attracted by you from that space.
We are not talking yet this morning, or later, about cause and effect.
André will explain those laws to you if you have to ask those questions.
But you still ask nonsense, as reached the spheres this week.
And Master Alcar must say: “Must I lend and give my Divine, spatial instrument for that purpose?”
Because you will get wisdom from us, from the Master, from Christ, the more you adjust and reveal yourself.
You see.
Pearls before swine were not built up in the heavens and Jongchi could not depict them.
The real core must reach visibility, materialization, it is only then that a part of that personality as Divine attunement and foundation in your life speaks, for fatherhood and motherhood.
First I let you see the Divine personality with regard to Mother Nature, with regard to the Spheres of Light and the All-Source, and it is only then that you are ready to be able to receive and to want to accept the beatings and chastisements.
Because we must first show you God, let you experience Christ and ourselves, if you finally wish to begin with the building up of those first foundations for your personality.
But free from the bible, free from the church, because you will be sullied there again and sent to the darkness.
Free from your prayer.
For the Masters, for Christ you do not need to pray if you soon experience that the deed is a part of the Divine personality in you and that by means of the deeds, the actions, the materializing of your society, your inner self, your will, directly constructing, founding, you provide your universal, spiritual temple with those emeralds and diamonds as life orchids.
Provide, do you see?
When a human being can say: “That is a fine soul, that is a good life”, what kind of possession is that not already?
Or that the human being, society has to keep coming back to the character and saying: “There she goes again!”
But then it is also a she or a he.
We now no longer speak against destruction and underworld character traits.
We want to go to the first sphere at a speed, we are constructively busy and this is why I shout at you: do not neglect your mother, your father, your friend, nor your brother, nor you sister if that life wants to give love; or get everything out of that and want to know where the core lives.
Never take on board again, never accept and never ever for your radiating personality, that you have laid the foundations for the destruction.
Because then you will stand still and then hundreds of thousands of ages will also pass.
You will stand and remain standing before this destruction, because it will have to dissolve one day.
And that destruction is unconsciousness, is darkness, which keeps you captive in a sphere which mistily – therefore darkness – shines on and closes off your personality.
And then there is no longer any question of a new awakening, a new, constructive wing-consciousness.
These are not nice words, but therein lies the power of the Christ, therein lies Gethsemane.
I kick Pilate out of my vicinity and call to him: “Leave, hypocrite.”
“Disappear from space, you Caiaphas.
Who gave you the right to nail to the cross the life wisdom, the acceleration of the inner life, the attunement to this Divine rarity and truth?”
If I know more and take you to the rarity for the inner life, the will of the human being, which is then the attunement to that Divine source with all those character traits, then you have to accept that as a human being, as an insect.
And society, mankind is not yet capable of that.
We know, it is still unconsciousness.
But for the human being, light comes, for the human being, a growing comes.
You are one with nature, there is no longer any disturbance.
You no longer snarl.
You cannot take a seat for the Masters and sit and absorb everything in you and weep tears, and then beat up the life again by means of words, by means of cutting thoughts; you cannot do that anyway.
And if that is true then you enter a false consciousness again.
Then you throw your visiting card before God and Christ and then you should stand in the vicinity of Pilate.
Then you will be heard by the Caiaphas’ in your own vicinity and your society, who are part of mankind.
You do not have the right to lie down in Gethsemane, because Gethsemane banishes you from that rarefied clarity, because you do not have that peace, the lying down.
Because you will soon learn for the first time to rest and to lie, to lie down.
Because now you begin to think and prepare yourself for the Divine disembodiment.
Now the Great Wings reach consciousness and for that purpose you build on all the millions of character traits which are part of your human personality.
Full stop.
The Spheres of Light do not imagine that they possess consciousness.
And when you get to accept the Divine, spatial, natural beating, that is not a beating, but it is pointing in the right direction!
When the following lectures begin, when we stand before the next laws in order to lay foundations for yourself, for your soul and your spirit, your life, your personality, the first sphere, your wisdom, your serving, your love, then the first sphere will ask you – as the moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the hazes can do that and André was able to experience and undergo by means of his Wayti: “If there is no state of purity in you, how could I give you my orchid as feeling, as the kiss, André?”
“Wayti, how happy you make me.
Why do you want to speak to me?
I am bursting, I can weep from happiness, from this being one.”
Yes indeed.
The human being does not know that a tree is inspiration, that a flower is a personality, that Mother Water created the lives, gave space, soul, spirit, personality for every insect.
The human being still does not know that.
The human being clashes with all God’s things and you can walk through it by your inner, Divine expansion and attunement if you become material, if you want to be a flower.
If you want to experience a tree, you feel the inspiration and the power and then the tree says: “Did you not see me on other planets?”
“Did you not see me, André”, a daisy says, a lily of the valley, a rose, a tulip, an orchid, “André, did you not see me being given birth to in the jungle, at the beginning of all the creations?
And how did I make my life grow?
Did I not receive really beautiful colours?
Am I not loving, do I not carry the womb of space?”
Because if you look at an orchid, then the mother sees her womb, interpreted as a flower.
Do you know those flowers like that?
An insect comes, a snake comes, a crocodile, a lion, a tiger and they ask: “Look at me.”
“Look at my stripes”, the tiger says, “and why do my brother lion and my sister lioness not have them?
I represent both the darkness and the light directly.
My final organism possesses shadow and light and that is giving birth and creating after all, my skin.”
And the lion says: “And I am fortunately out of that, because I have entered a grade which is higher than yours.”
You see.
Then do you get fragments?
No, the growth for nature, but they also live in the human being.
The character trait experiences those grades, a character trait possesses shadow and light.
And soon you will see that Jongchi has only given light for the human being.
The life bowl for the human being, attuned to the Divine self with the final long-sighted eye, space, the moon, of course, as luminous power for fatherhood and motherhood, with the life sea under you.
These are, my sisters and brothers, only a few foundations from the billions, which come before me, which charge at my life.
Yes, moon, yes, sun, yes, Jupiter, yes, tree, yes, snake, yes, buffalo, yes, cat, yes, dog, yes, dove, yes, bird, yes, insect, all of you get the possibility of being able to speak, because we got to know your life because we were allowed and able to attune ourselves to the birth of God, to the giving births and the creations for our soul, for our life, for our spirit, for our personality, for our fatherhood and motherhood.
We prepared ourselves to experience the final being one and now we know that the flower here is a Divine foundation.
That all life in nature is a part of the Divine personality, but must represent a grade of consciousness and feeling.
That the lives in the waters possess an own independence and that we are one with that independence, but that we can finally establish and undergo, that all life originated from our heart, by means of the first law of life, which would be the human being.
Those are Divine foundations as law.
And if we still do not have enough of that, then I will return again to the first sphere.
I will go with you again to the Divine All, to the moment that the Christ comes to the earth, is born, pure and naturally by means of Mary and Joseph, with which we want nothing to do with immaculate conception.
Straight from the birth, the crawling of the Christ over the ground.
Yes, even the moment that He got His first nappies, saw His sisters and brothers before Him.
Church, pope, Rome, which you do not speak about and which you sully, as if those brothers, those sisters of Christ, Jesus from Jerusalem, had no meaning.
Those are not Divine people, they do not have any power, any attunement.
It is only Jesus Christ, the sanctifying soul, and that personality speaks only for us.
Mary and Joseph is just imitation, does not belong there.
As if Crisje will never see her Jeus.
But that is fighting for fatherhood and motherhood, that is the giving of the human being for constructive consciousness.
What a fuss I am making this morning.
But when the Divine law comes and when that law says: “Look at me, what am I like?” and you stand there as a human personality for the light of life, for a Divine shape, your own life bowl as an insect, a fly, a dog, a cat – just go through nature and through the cosmos again – and you do not know that life, you do not understand it, then it is not capable either of lighting up your personality.
Because this light, received from, received through a small insect, already points you back to the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life.
And then comes the awakening!
But what I am concerned with is in order to now already lay the first foundations for the new lecture.
Then we release ourselves, yes indeed, from the Divine All-Source, where Christ lived and then we descend to the first sphere on the Other Side, because there we must prove what we want.
And in order to lay those foundations for later, I will now place you before the first sphere again.
Even if we took those walks, even if you got and read and experienced ‘A View into the Hereafter’, if I see you act, if I hear you talking, when we see you thinking –because that source, that light, that rises from you and leaves you – when we see that light then we shout out: “My God, my sphere, my space, when will this space awaken in the human being after all those touches?
When will the human being begin with the construction of his Divine personality?”
He is lazy, “I will not take part in that.”
We shuffle like that through life.
“Oh, I will see later.”
Money ...
Possession ...
In society we now meet people who do not know what to do with their millions; and Christ asks for a slice of bread ...
The Christ does not stand alone at the gates of Rome and says: “Has Mary immaculately conceived?
Did she not give birth to me, not really?”
Then they saw a beggar.
The man was taken away, was seen as a spiritual madman, and Christ asked at the doors of Rome, straight in the face of the holy, powerful, Catholic Vatican: “Did Mary really give birth to me?”
A madman ...?
But it was He.
“Then it is time”, the apostles said, the Masters said, “that that powerful Catholic foundation is blown up by the spiritual atomic bomb so that the people can no longer let themselves be darkened.”
Because this is darkening, because this goes wide of creation.
This does not go through the mother’s body, for which the All-Source gave birth and created.
This goes around the actual natural, just, harmonic creation, because “Mary gave the Christ birth immaculately.”
And we were not able to establish those laws anywhere, those justices in the macrocosmos, or in the waters, on the hills and wherever you are.
That is the same power which washed the hands in innocence.
That is the Caiaphas in the human being, which tortures the truth and nails it to the cross.
That is the lie of your professor and your theologian, who still love a damnation.
But, my sisters and brothers, that is the universal halt for all of you, for this society and this mankind.
This is the halt for the first sphere, because you will have to experience and have to accept the pure giving birth as the All-Source as mother gave you the body, the soul and the spirit and the life, the thinking and feeling, because it is only by means of that, that you experience the following birth; and that is for you a new body, new being a mother, new being a father.
You become a child again, you grow, you reach joy of life and will then represent the grade – listen to it carefully and remember this for later, for the new lectures – you will then represent the grade as your feeling possesses for state of purity or for darkness, for weight, for demolishing, sullying, snapping, snarling, being unkind, being unjust, domination, deformation.
The whole dictionary for the destruction now lives in the human being!
And that mother wants to experience love?
And that man wants to enter the first sphere and be a creator?
Bow your head as a man and as a creator.
Never ever say again: it must come from the mother, so that she can inspire us as creator.
No, the creating power goes ahead, I taught you.
When you are on the Other Side and you want to experience the moon, you want to experience the universe and you are as twin souls of one colour there, then you take each other by the hand and then I go ahead as creator.
And I pass on the receiving and the growing to my heart – that is my heart, that is my soul, my spirit.
But if the mother would not react in me, while I have the good – because we will soon be faced with that – and I give her my full love, my full surrender, my thinking for my task, to experience and to undergo my society constructively and she now says: “What does that matter to me?
I have nothing to do with those things, I have my house here.”, then one is too small and the other one too big.
Then these are two worlds, of which the one interprets and has to accept the insect-consciousness, but the other already undergoes the moon-consciousness as soul, life and spirit.
And this life can say: “Then I will just go, then I will just fly onwards.
We will see ‘beyond the coffin’ who is missing something.”
Missing, missing ...
Millions of Masters who awakened by means of the Christ, by means of the true laws, built on their personality, only by means of love.
The finishing of evil, of cause and effect, takes you to the new power.
Because you feel, meanwhile you are busy – you will learn that soon – releasing yourself from that effect.
But the new will come.
You must look at, I will teach you that by means of the next lectures, our oneness with the human character traits and then we will enter the will.
Then I will show you how much will in consciousness is in you.
Because what is will?
You listen to André and you say: “Oh, what a nice evening he gave us”, but do you experience his will, his serving, his core?
Do you not feel that he is bleeding, that he wants to give his blood in order to bring you to the happiness of space, so that your personality will shine?
Do you not feel that that is holy, cosmic, macrocosmic seriousness and he thereby also gives you the joy, the child in him, the true being a child in him, of which and by means of which the diamonds and pearls roll towards you?
Are you not longing to master a character trait in this colour, in this attunement, in this position?
If you are hung, can you really smile because you know: that man only takes you to the Great Wings?
Because you are not capable of hanging, of demolishing, sullying someone anyway?
Are you afraid when the wisdom, when the life, the soul, the spirit, the Divine personality as spark, when that spark starts to speak?
When that personality beats you, are you then capable when the Divine summer lightning comes to you, even if it is night or light, when that law speaks under your heart, are you then capable of saying again: “You are love.
You will not do anything to me”?
First you will – we will experience that together, because we take ourselves back to the highest Masters on the Other Side, to Christ, to the Divine All – we will first have to ask in ourselves: “Which stones as character traits have no light?
What am I like as a mother?
What am I like as a friend?
What am I like as a sister and a brother?
Do I still snap, do I still snarl?”
Do you keep on wanting to be right when you are not right?
Good heavens, no tiger, no lion, no darkness endures that, even the Christ succumbed under that.
This is tyrannizing, as a result of which your society, as a result of which the image of mankind took shape.
But do you not see that falseness?
Do you not see that emptiness, that deformation, that sullying, that rottenness?
Which life do you wish to long for and possess as a woman, as a man?
Haw haw haw.
Haw haw haw haw haw!
When you hear the animal barking, a happy feeling lies in that.
But the human being does it like this: hawn hawn hawn!
And then the human being bites out a piece of your heart by means of words.
Then the human being bites like a poisonous reptile – you will soon hear me say, but I will first warn you or you will walk away – then the human being consciously bites a piece of the light of life from the eye of the other life.
He pulls at the soul, at the spirit and drags that Divine, inspiring life to the abyss and hauls it nicely through the mud.
And then the human being speaks about clean washing, a pure colour, a pure garment.
And walks over it and also experiences that corpse and says good day to it and behaves as if nothing has happened.
Enjoy your food today.
I assume that you understand and want to accept the deadly seriousness of this word, this feeling and thinking.
In the Land of Twilight – believe it, children – they still run away from us.
They have the time there, then they want to listen for a moment, but tomorrow they come inside again and say: “I ... this is too difficult for me.
Johân, bring me the tea.”
And then the shouting begins again: “Johân ...” “Bernârd ...”
The nobility is sitting there, the human being with his society, his millions, is sitting there in the ground; beautiful castle!
“You no longer have any millions!”
“Yes indeed, eh ... I am rich, I have built up my oil company.
I have a company.
Here, I will pay you with millions”, and then that human being gets out the millions, in thoughts, because he is materially mad.
“Here ... one million ... two million.
You will get all that money from me, do you want any more?
Here you have all the millions.”
That is the human being on the Other Side.
But here on earth he is sitting in his grip.
Here he builds, but he does not know what he is building on.
And now we make it clear to you – that is this age, that is the Kingdom of God, that is the University of Christ – how you must build up and can begin with your inner self.
We make personalities out of you.
We experienced this morning, I connected you with the Divine personality for the human being, I took you to Gethsemane, to Pilate, to Caiaphas.
It is only soonthat we will enter Golgotha and then we will see whether we are capable of being able to surrender everything, for both man and woman.
Because that was Christ.
We went back, we started with the moon, we went from planet to planet.
We reached the cycle of the earth, we said goodbye to the earth with ourselves, our inner self, as the character traits are.
We have to accept the attunement as our life feels, the personality as a human being, as a grade of life with regard to the Divine personality, for eternal continuing, for macrocosmic growing for the representation of God in everything – we will soon experience that for the next lectures – as light, as material, of course, originated from the primal source by means of the All-Mother, as part of her being, for giving birth and creating.
But now: we go further and deeper, because the human being possesses more.
He possesses arts and science, he possesses a religion, he has a faith.
But the spiritual science which is given to you from the University of Christ, which you now hear, which now explains the laws to you, that will take your light of life to the growing for the first sphere, the second sphere, the third sphere on the Other Side ‘beyond the coffin’.
That light no longer becomes a faith and it will never be a faith again, but it is after this and already in this life on earth the spiritual, ultimate knowledge.
And now we are ready to enter the human being in his spiritual personality and to analyse and to get to know for his infinity.
And it is only then that the feeling will emanate from us by means of which the All-Source materialized her life, whether we are in harmony in love, experience the oneness with the spark of God, my spirit, my organism, that life that belongs to my life as father and mother.
It is only then that you will be able to say: “Who am I?
Who am I becoming?”
But in the very first place you will then say: “I will begin with my spiritual personality from this moment.
I will begin to speak little.
I will first think.
And if I then know and feel and I am not sure of myself, then I will ask space for the wisdom, the power and the love to draw me up and to inspire me, in order to prepare me for the human kiss, my child.
And it is only then that you kiss as father, as man, and as woman.”
(Kiss ...) Here you have my orchid!
You will wait, you will now get to see my life bowl, as you yourself will be.
But you are not like that yet.
Just say if you are already like that.
I thank you, my sisters and brothers.
Experience from now on for always and eternally the spring under your heart, because spiritual consciousness, you see it again, is giving birth and creating.
Become a mother and be a creating father in the pure meaning for all the laws of life and for all the grades of life, lit and lit up by means of your inner life as will and growing.
Go on, the first footstep from now on will already tell you whether you have placed them spiritually.
I thank you!