The divine personality for the human being – II

Good morning, my ladies and gentlemen, my sisters and brothers.
We will begin this morning with the second part: ‘The Divine Personality for the Human Being’.
We experienced the cosmos, we got to know sun, moon and stars, and now we return to the earth, from the first sphere in order to see how that human personality has become.
You learned through the books and the last lectures that you are Gods.
Society, the academic, the minister, the Catholic Church says that the human being has attunement to God, but people still do not know whether that is true and where that Deity in the human being lives.
It is the searching, the feeling around, the asking, the begging, the praying to be able to experience that other God, the actual Deity which received shape by means of the bible and about whom the human being wants to know everything and he has to master the light, the life, His spirit, His spaces, His fatherhood and motherhood.
You can accept irrevocably: you are still human Gods.
The Divine core lives in you.
No, you are core.
Like you are, this whole human shape is this Deity.
Now you do not see any other father in the Divine All, any shape like you are.
God has let himself be represented by all the life created by Him.
On the Other Side – we had to make those journeys – the apostles saw, and everyone who has experienced the awakening for space ‘behind the coffin’ saw that no Divine human being existed as the creator of all life.
The human being – I explained to you – who entered the Divine All asked: “Who is now the father?”
They started to search for the Deity who created all of this; but he was not there.
They are those Gods themselves.
In the Divine All the human being understands and understood that he had conquered all those spaces and had spiritualized and materialized his Divine attunement, by means of which he got to know himself.
We talked about the cycle of the earth, we talked about the cycle of these spaces, but the human being in the Divine All had experienced and conquered millions of spaces.
I showed you the foundations and from that space, we established them together, from that source, in order to give you clearly that you are Gods.
There is no God with a beard, a God which the bible built up does not exist.
So everything which began from the All-Mother to the visible life, that was soul, was spirit, received light, especially by means of giving birth and creating.
Only those two foundations gave the spark expansion, reincarnation.
There was no death, there is still no death, there will never be a death.
Reincarnation came by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
That core, that cell of God experienced both bodies: fatherhood, motherhood.
And now we have to accept and we learned that every spark is a Divine core, a Divine representation of His everything.
On earth, during this time people still do not understand that, the twentieth century still has to awaken.
And what can be said about ancient Egypt, a piece of stone became a Deity, it is also that.
You will feel that those Egyptians were close by.
The night was a Deity, the God of the wind, the God of the rain; they were all character traits of that universal Deity.
We now have first of all by means of these lectures ...
This is the cosmology for your life.
The God with that beautiful garment which you can pray to, that God who protects you and who is always with you and who sways and floats around you, and who will take you to the good, that almighty God does not exist.
Because the God of love that is space, those are the flowers, that is life, wherever you are, those are the waters, it is the light, it is the darkness – you know all of that, I must keep on repeating it to you in order to take you to yourself so that you will not forget – by means of this we get to see and to experience a God of spirit, a God of life of which the human being, the spark has to master the spaces, and that is only love.
And what is now love?
What is love?
Love – I explained that to you and then I let that go again – is now fatherhood and motherhood, seen from the Divine source.
What is added – for the moment only giving birth and creating – is the multiplication for yourself, the reincarnation.
I showed you and had to explain, those are the foundations; by means of giving birth you create your new evolution.
We followed the Catholic Church, Protestantism and the nuns, every being who now walks wide of creation, now disengages himself for that Divine expansion, evolution.
Be pleased that you are not a priest.
And be pleased, mother, that you do not walk around with a black wimple like that on your head, with a long rosary down to your feet, and just look like that, and are blind to space, because you no longer dare to look at the creating power, because that is unchaste.
On the Other Side nature says: “Back you, back to the earth and quickly become a mother, or you will lose all of this.”
And then you hear nothing but: “Yes, Master, I will make sure of that.”
Tears, trembling, inwardly.
This life has been messed up.
No, they have learned something.
Soon I will place you before the professor, before the minister, before yourself and then the beating will come of course, no, you will see the mirror of the life, the Deity which possesses everything, but which lives in you.
You have reached this, you could do that, but what do you have here?
I have, or another has taken care of millions of people – taught, illiterate, the smallest and the greatest on the earth – in order to bring them into, to send them to, to connect them with the Divine harness.
We made a journey with millions of people next to me, around and in me, through the spaces, in order to connect them with the God of all life.
Silence around us.
The stars and planets smile on us.
The Jupiters, Venus, Saturn said to me: “Do you have a few again, Master Zelanus?”
I say: “Yes, I have something of the earth around me again.”
Wayti from the space says: “Look, they will follow you anyway, they go with you into the moon night.
Just come, children, finally you are back to mother.
You were mistaken!
You should also have learned to think, because this universe, every planet, every star, every spark can tell you how the own birth originated.”
And then the moon starts to speak: “Just come, Jetje, Anneke, they gave you a beautiful name on earth and did you materialize and spiritualize yourself by means of that?
And now, you must accept that it is I.
Just bow and kneel down next to me, let us experience and undergo the Divine, spatial, maternal and birth giving oneness so that the life can speak to you.
Give me a kiss ...”
And then you feel the kiss of Mother Moon.
Yes, priest, it will come that far.
Yes, cardinal, pope, academic, theologian, you have to throw all of that overboard because you are the actual Deity.
And there is no other God in these spaces who will conquer all of this.
This life was created for your Deity and will never tumble down.
The laughter, the joy, the sarcasm which comes to us and which we sent out again with regard to those learned people of the earth is ridiculous, but also cuttingly true, it hurts.
The human being who stood before ‘the coffin’ and who already experienced his own decay, he walked with the Grim Reaper under his arm and says: “Yes, I do not feel well.”
And the other who knows, says: “Yes, you are already burying yourself.”
“They told me that”, this human being says in the spheres, “and then I got a fright too, because I found it harsh and rough.”
The Grim Reaper smiles and says: “I will get that one too.”
From the whispering next to the coffin, the moaning from under the bed when the nerves start to speak and the blood circulation cools, that is already the first nail which goes straight through your brains to the solar plexus and deforms and kills every human, Divine, false reaction.
Just hold on to that.
We saw that in those spaces, the God of all life who gives birth to himself by means of his spirit, by means of his light, by means of the stars and the planets, by means of animal, human being, the life of Mother Nature, said that.
The Deity in the human being – millions who experience and populate the Spheres of Light, who conquer the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh grade could accept this – the Deity who created everything, I am that.”
“Gods”, they sent back to the earth, “what passes today, at this moment over your lips?
‘Haw, haw, haw’, snapping, snarling?”
“Gods, do you understand that the bible is only a story about the beginning, and is the origin, the covering of the first spatial, Divine foundations for mankind and that you are the God who speaks to the masses between the lines?”
“Gods, we have reached the Divine All and there is no God whom you can pray to, can speak to and beg when you are sick and ask for recovery.
But you can connect with those spatial powers, with those energies of light, tact and understanding, the receiving of the human personality, you can make yourself one with light and night, with the powers which the moon still possesses in order to strengthen you for body and spirit, but I had to deny you a God whom you can pray to, he does not exist.”
The Lord's Prayer has been raped.
The Our Father has lost the Divine meaning for the human being, for Golgotha and Gethsemane, the Spheres of Light, because it says again: “And lead us not into temptation.”
What kind of a mentally dimmed Deity is that who must beg another Deity: “Do not lead me into temptation”?
And does a father do that for the child?
Does a mother bring her own child to the bad path when you have the feeling to be able to experience and to accept the Christ, space, a God?
And yet there is a God for the Catholic Church and the bible, the minister, Protestantism, which tempts the human being and is always lying in wait in order to tear out an eye from the child, take away the light, to knock down like an old rag.
That brute is always busy deforming and taking to the darkness the human being, his life, himself.
That God still lives in the twentieth century.
The universities where the child goes in order to get to know those laws, brings the human being after seven years to mankind, releases the child and then the Divine self stands on top of eternal damnation.
That is beautiful.
Beautiful world.
And then he speaks: “Oh, Father, and you are so wonderful.”
Yes, you would like that, minister.
“And we know, of course, You are always there and You always surround us.
We have your state of purity.”
Yes indeed, that will soon come if you send out that state of purity.
“We know that You are always eternal light, Father, Father, Father.”
In Jeus II it says the ‘droodles’!
In Jeus II it says: ‘When you come before the Deity and want to experience him ...’
Ho, wait a minute, the ‘droodles’, what is that?
That is nothing, but that says everything.
That is that damnation of the Catholic Church and Protestantism.
That means for us in the Spheres of Light: “What do you want?”
‘The ‘droodles’.
Hm”, Master Cesarino says, “that is surely from Jeus, but it is wonderful.”
Our Lord said in the Divine All: “Is that from Jeus of mother Crisje?
Then that word the ‘droodles’ will remain.
And then the Spheres of Light have to accept that because it is built up, it has grown from sacred, pure, natural crystal.
And the word shines.
Because no one knows it, the ‘droodles.’
If you send greetings to your loved ones, put under that ... “for the Spheres of Light, for Our Lord: And from Jeus the ‘droodles’”, because then you experience your Deity.
The human being clings to something anyway and begins to think: “What would that man, what would that space, what would that God mean by that?
What is the ‘droodles’?”
That is sun, moon and stars.
Wayti said: “Jeus, you said ‘the droodles’ and I said ‘I am life and I am light’, we are actually one.”
Is it not nice when you understand everything?
Is it not wonderful when there is never anything in your life which is ready to think the wrong of it?
If you are ready and are only love from your personality, want to experience the birth of every word and can always accept: there is a Deity before me, even if that Deity possesses the animal-like attunement, that is a God for himself, that is an independence which expands, which grows and later walks next to you in the Divine All and has to represent those spaces along with you.
Oh, now it comes.
Those millions whom we took to the moon had to accept the Wayti of space, the origin of the human cell in the embryonic life.
Those millions had to accept: if only I had materialized and spiritualized myself in the other inner self.
That means: if only I just let my solar plexus, had let my core speak.
But I learned something and that something, that was never ever in attunement with the matters, the laws, the spaces of him and her which created me, and which I have to represent for and by means of everything.
But when I came to earth, I began to think and when I was in space, then I thought even more, but free from the earth.
We – I tell you that – are happy now and at present and eternally because we were able to conquer ourselves.
And you must unfortunately still begin with that?
We will soon see.
Then space asks, then the moon asks, then the Deity asks as true inspiration, which is then love, in you and to your personality: who are you up until now?
Is there arrogance?
Is there true friendship?
You talked about friendship, didn’t you?
Do you know that you can experience friendship with these flowers and that they smile at you every morning and say: “Good day, are you there again, will you take care of us today?”
Soon we will come that far.
In that next lecture too, because then we will go to the love of the human being who makes, plants, grows this.
Do you see?
When those flowers were picked I stood next to the personality and I accepted that pure love.
They are Gods.
They radiate the Divine light.
Also those darlings.
Just look, they start to live, they speak, they think, they sing.
Feel the silence of their personality.
Feel the pure giving birth and creating, you are now walking in paradise.
And the whole of space is like that, the human being possesses millions of character traits which have to get colour with regard to the Divine Kingdom as light, and which experience nothing else for the human being but dryness, deformation, sullying, gossiping, talk, destruction.
I no longer need to take you this morning to Jan and Hendrik the general, I am not talking to those unconscious beings.
I do not need to take you to a minister this morning, now that we experience God in us, the personality speaks and awakens.
I will come, later, soon to the artist in you, because the life now speaks to the human being, the spark, the Divine core in you, and then you will see: the less you are, the less you have, the more you are for your Divine space.
It is better to ask for alms, a sandwich from the rich, because then you have nothing to lose either, than being rich and sharing, because that sharing brings you to the deformation.
Because it is awe-inspiringly dangerous to now be able to know whether you serve your Deity, that Deity, or support in laziness, destruction and own sullying, theft.
André gave you the foundations with regard to your space, the Other Side and he said: “And what do we have now?
What are we now?
You do not begin with it?
Once you will have to begin with it.”
And he does not do that for himself.
He knows – he has experienced those spaces – he knows what he will get ‘behind the coffin’ and what he could give you, mankind, all of this world, if the world would just listen, at least mankind.
We know how the masses still think and feel, we know the Stalins, we know the communists who represent the animal-like communism, who can only just create trouble and misery.
If you say the word and just think then you will run away from that grade of life.
But then you will also run from the bible, because the word of the minister which damns, is just as dark as the ‘dark being’ who still has to accept the jungle.
But we will soon climb up.
I am still, anyhow, despite that I have to take all those laws in my hands, in the God of space.
The moon does not release me, neither does the sun, the stars and the planets.
With regard to the Other Side they want me to swing you again at the speed of a fast train – no, they no longer exist – as fast as lightning through space, so that you will feel the fear: can I stand my ground there?
“We assume”, space says, “that you have finally started with yourself and that you start to understand the life, that you learn to see the light and that that personality in you, in attunement to the first sphere, will now speak.”
The Deity in the human being sits here and listens.
You are Gods, because you, as mother and father, represent God as cell, as human being; before as fish being, in the prehistoric age as a wild animal.
And now we come anyway – but I do not need to analyse those questions – to the few foundations and then the human being says: “Why did God create that darkness and those prehistoric ages anyway?
Why did He not finish the life, the human being and everything immediately?”
And now it comes and shut this into your world of thoughts: God therefore began to spiritualize himself by means of moon, sun and stars and that became the human being, you are that now.
You lived then in the cell, in that cell life, in the waters; we crawled out of that.
There was another planet ready – I drew that for you, you read the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ – we went through space, planet after planet, and finally we conquered that space and we came to the planet earth, the third cosmic grade of life as consciousness in us, also embryonic again.
We came from the first stage, the second; and there were seven of them.
And that condensed itself, that expanded.
We went to the prehistoric ages and finally we had, those people had completed the cycle of the earth, you know that.
That is all God himself.
So God had to begin as cell life.
Now you no longer need to read the bible – you will certainly already feel that – you do not need to pray, because you go through fatherhood and motherhood back to the earth.
But when we now enter the present stage as a personality from that prehistoric age, then we see that we still did not have any personality in that jungle.
Yes, we were a personality, but that was the jungle instinct.
It is still not a matter of personality, you will read that again in the books.
From the jungle the Deity therefore came on its own.
So we say: that God ...
You see, now the Catholic Church, Protestantism, the bible clings to a God who speaks, because this confusion originated because Moses came and God spoke to Moses; you will read that again in ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
They cannot accept, the masses cannot, the universities cannot – I explained to you in the beginning of these lectures of this season – that the Masters influenced Moses and that Christ had laid those foundations from the Divine All; and later Moses did – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob first, of course – for the house of Israel.
So a beginning was made as a family, as father and mother.
It would happen with those two people.
Those two people would grow.
That means – I also explained that to you again later: at the moment you represent the house of Israel to a cosmic attunement.
You, who are sitting here and have followed those lectures all those years, are so awe-inspiringly blessed because you are connected to the house of Israel, which continues to exist eternally.
People will speak about your life.
A time will come that people here will say: “The prophet walked here.”
Then they will sit down there in order to pull the aura away from that stage, to absorb it, and they will certainly go to the Grintweg, to ’s-Heerenberg.
But Jeus says: “No triumphal arches, Crisje, we will kick them away from here.”
But then the questions come, then the problems come.
No, no more; they are analysed, they have already been analysed by the Masters, by the books.
But you experience what Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob experienced and the others who hung around that.
Those are the foundations of Israel for that and that time, and now at a cosmic attunement, the Kingdom of God on earth, for the University of Christ.
You are that.
You are the adepts for the new age, there is no higher adept on earth to be seen and to be found than you are, if you do what I ask you soon and later, if you have that.
But the bible, the Catholic Church still holds onto now – I explained those laws to you and you read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – that God returned to earth and walked next to Moses and said: “I will give you proof”; in the burning bush and all those other things.
He had an argument with Noah about three barrels of cognac and God hit His fist on the table and said: “No, Noah, two is enough for you or you will sail over the sea drunk.
I want to prevent that.”
Then there was thunder and lightning in space and then Noah thought: “Yes, that is really God.”
You can also do that with a tin drum.
We experience so simply and so naively with a happy heart, with a character which is open to this naivety.
And then we put our cosmic knowledge next to that and then the bible with all that learned nonsense blows away from us and drowns itself in the human sea of life.
God came from the prehistoric age, was animal; but you are that.
He had to experience those organs, His consciousness was also there, that was still only an instinct.
So you are – I taught you and you now have to accept – not people, you are not people, for the All-Source you are grades of life.
And now we already come there slowly.
What do you have of His light, now at a Divine attunement?
Of His fatherhood, motherhood, of His spirit, of His personality?
What do you have of that, you, now in this time?
That the human being, that God himself as a human being, as father and mother, that He divided himself, gave the life to the animal, from Him again; and that the ape in that looked like the human being and that you could say: “We have, the Divine human being has originated from the ape”, that is the wonder being with twenty-five eyes in his head, which do not exist.
That is fantastically unfortunately felt, gauged and seen, Darwin, but we will speak to each other later.
And then Darwin came to this side.
Darwin stands before us, because we had to have him.
The happiness, that such a great one came from the earth, in order to experience him.
And we went there: “Good morning, my friend, are you awake?”
Master Alcar, Master Cesarino, Damascus, the Half Moon, Christ was also there.
“So”, He says.
There was a young person standing next to us and we looked into his eyes and we saw the Divine attunement, and then this Child of twenty-five years said: “Do you also recognize me?”
“I do not know you.”
“Thank you, then I will come back again in a thousand years.
But we are not apes.
The human being with his Divine attunement created this realm of colours, for fatherhood and motherhood, by means of his divisions, Darwin, the animal kingdom and Mother Nature.
I am the God who speaks by means of all of this.”
And then Darwin blinked with his eyes and he fell asleep for two years.
He was cosmically-spiritually shocked.
And Christ and the Masters left, they let him sleep.
We let him sleep and each time when he began to think again then the ape appeared, and then the ape instinct stood next to him.
And then the sister said, a beauty of colour and of light: “Can you compare me to an ape?
I am mother!”
And then Darwin’s eyes closed again.
A torture of the worst kind, which you cannot experience on earth, because this is a spiritual dying.
He had to let go of his material Darwin.
By means of the Masters, by means of Christ, by means of the Divinity of our spheres he now was humanly, but spatially buried in a conscious way.
And there were no flowers on the coffin, no one sung and there was no one who said a word, he was completely alone.
You will read that in ‘Jeus II’.
Darwin sits there completely alone.
And Christ said, and the Masters said: ‘Do you have any more of those resounding words so that he can get a good fright?’
Yes, Jeus has enough of them.
And then the theologian came.
And then Plato came, and Socrates.
“Just come, my dear child.”
We surrounded Socrates.
Socrates wakened, we strummed on the harp of space, we inspired every string by means of life wisdom, every sound, Socrates felt the life wisdom of that which spoke in him.
“Oh”, this child says, “how beautiful this is.
I thought right after all.
Only, I was never able to taste the spirit.”
And that tasting and that spiritualizing, Socrates, we will now materialize that in wisdom of life.
You see that from our garments, just look at our sandals, at the light in our eyes, at the colours of our hair, at our teeth, the hands, the feet, the legs, at the inner, material, spiritual system, at heart, kidneys, blood circulation, which we still possess.
And Socrates also fell asleep.
Not from shock, but the joy, the power that he was alive.
He knew: I have entered the infinite and it is as I felt it, but I could not materialize it by words.
I wanted to give it to those people there, those poor things, those poor souls, those wretches – they think they know everything – but then they placed the poisoned cup before me.
But they will come later too.
For only a few seconds Socrates opened his eyes and said: “Masters, may I lie at your feet?”
“No”, says the highest, Cesarino.
The beings, the Masters from the fourth, the fifth sphere, the cosmic grade – because they know what these children did for space – they come to him again, in order to be able to receive this life.
And an hour later Socrates walks with the mother from the first sphere, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the seventh sphere and the mother from the fourth cosmic grade in her golden luminous garment, with the light from the spaces, for her consciousness in her eyes, as a luminous beauty of truth, loving and kind, through the Spheres of Light, and this goat child feels supported.
Then Socrates says: “And where is my goat?”
Because Socrates got to know God and space when he stood before his goat and he got a lick from that animal and he said: “How must I understand this, it is so warm, so good, so loving.”
Because this sheep child began to learn to think when he saw that the animal absorbed the blades from the field.
And he said: “How is all of that sorted, that precisely that grass is ready for my animal?”
And there we see Socrates now, walking through the Spheres of Light, in and out of temples.
He is in the temple of wisdom, of mysticism, the sciences.
How do you learn to think and to love?
And Socrates walks in the wonderful palace which was elevated for you, at least for the human being, who got to know himself by thinking, who was able to accept, has spiritualized and materialized his Deity, and now possesses the attunement to the first sphere, and is free from hatred, from lies and deception, gossip, sullying, thieving.
That human being works, inspires and can never say again: “What does it matter to me.”
Because then you are standing still, then you muddy yourself, then you steal the light from your twin soul.
They now know that in this building, the temple of wisdom, every thought must be experienced in a birth giving and creating way, because one thought is a space, is love, is light, possessed fatherhood and motherhood, friendship, the being one with all the grades of life for God, created by him from the All-Mother, of which we have to master the sweetness and space as a Deity.
And in that temple Socrates says: “Masters, mothers, let me return to the earth in order to do it once more, they will probably have learned in that time.”
Then the Master says: “No, another will do that for you, because that child is also already prepared.
And he will possess the ‘wings’ for these spaces, he will give the word ‘wings’ and he will say to the human being, mankind: ‘I am the greatest after Him.
If you bring that greatness in you to the awakening, it is only then that you will feel and understand me.
But when you continue to walk, to visit and love the darkness, how can you then see and admire the light in the other life?
Then you are darkness and when you have that grade of life, then you go to pride, then you cling to the possession of another, then you place the ‘cup of life’ before the human being as poison.
Yes, then you enter the war and you act the general, then you are king and emperor, then you command and you put your name under the death sentence and you no longer pay attention to anything, because you are king and emperor and no one else.’”
That is even worse.
“Then just give me twenty poisoned cups,” Socrates said, “that is the violating of a Divine core, even if that core is prehistoric.
Now the bible become hazy, now Rome becomes hazy.
The bible means nothing more, because my goat predicted it to me.
From those eyes light came, giving birth came and from the maternal heart of this life the true real mother’s milk, which was given to this life by the All-Mother, and I satisfied myself and it was good.
And I said nothing, and it was fine.”
However, the human being on earth learned ... Socrates and the followers, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, the ancient Egyptians ...
They all learned in the temple of wisdom in order to say nothing, to first experience the word, so that our heart, our spatial heart cannot start gossiping.
So that our heart does not run riot.
So that we do not take part in gossip and nonsense, devastation, destruction, manslaughter, murder.
So that we will be mother and will be father in the pure feeling.
Because if you – Socrates learned that – are part of that which belongs to the darkness, then for your character and personality at a Divine attunement that is always a beating, the deformation of your Divine precious neck.
The poison always places you before your Divine personality and that is your cursed hatred, the devastation, the destruction, your laziness.
“You have no inspiration”, Socrates said before he looked at the earth again from the Spheres of Light, “you dark beings dared to deform me, to be able to give providence to mankind, the new arising, the awakening, the inspiration, to express the word, God, Christ, the All-Mother.
But you gave me poison.
I will avenge myself with the lash of space.
I will hit you with words and with wisdom, so that you become afraid and you will say: “That man knows everything.”
Yes, I will now go to Omniscience.
The Deity as sphere happiness now speaks through my heart, through my inner life and I feel small and pathetic now that I start to feel and to see the other in me which I must still take to the evolution by means of giving birth, by means of creation, by means of the word.
Socrates is standing there and there are the others who can give witness, who will shout, but you do not hear their voices.
They are your fathers and your mothers, your sisters and brothers who say: “Then finally become awake and conscious one day and begin to speak normally humanly, but now by means of the laws of Mother Nature.”
Then the theologian came.
I will go back from the spheres to the earth and there a theologian awakens.
“Good, are you awake, my child?
Who are you?”
“I am ...”
“You are nothing here.”
“I am a professor.”
“Yes indeed, you were a very great academic.
André also saw you a while ago.”
“Who is that?
Who is that?”
“That is a child of the earth, who departs from the body for the Masters in order to visit you, to see how far, how deep you would be in misery, because he wanted to know what your learning had delivered, had given to you.”
“Who is that?”
“That is Jeus of mother Crisje.
You learned, you made it known to the world – didn’t you? – but your wife and your children shake with fear because the academic came in: “Silence, if I am sitting here!”
He went to the East in order to get to know Buddha, he locked himself up in the dungeons in order to find out how those religions reacted with regard to the human heart and he returned to the West, wrote wonderful books, but stood penniless in the life on the Other Side ‘behind the coffin’ and still feels the nails of his own wretched consciousness.
“You were a theologian, professor, doctor.
What else?
Do you see now, sir, life, that that professorship, that doctorship and your engineer qualification, your technical wonders mean nothing if you still do not honour, cannot love the smallest of all this life, because you have no love.
You made a murderers’ den out of pure, spatial, Divine friendship by snapping, snarling, boasting, pride; and that must now go.
Do you still not bow now?”
With his slit-eyes, because he lived a lot in the East, he discarded his Western consciousness, with his slit-eyes he already started to tremble and shake.
He did not dare to look at me, but still behaved like a mouse.
He thinks: then at least I see something.
Is it a devil?
“Where is God, where is Christ, I gave myself for Christ and God, I brought people to the awakening in order to show them all the things that live in the world, I have my students ...”
“Yes, you had students, but you took them from dry land into the ditch, because your philosophical teaching had no meaning.
Your philosophical inner life is darkly attuned.
Yes, you are not in the Land of Hatred because you do not hate.
You did not kill anyone either in this life, but you are sitting nicely in a sludgy mist – good – because you were boasting, so great, so well-known on the earth, as a child of sun and moon.
People talked about you, you were received, but the Christ stood outside the door and called: ‘Why do you not let Me in?’
Just weep.”
And then the tears came, but those tears were no good.
God and the spaces, a Master does not go into such tears because they know: they are false.
When you read ‘Jeus II’ soon, then Jeus wonders: “What is weeping actually?
What does it mean when the human being cries until his tears run dry?
Is that bad?
Is crying until your tears run dry bad?”
And then I also tell you something.
I say to Jeus and Crisje, if the human being has true sorrow, really wants to think, has feeling and wants to materialize that feeling by means of the beating, by means of suffering and sorrow, then weep calmly and consciously your flesh from the bones.
And when you are like a skeleton then we say on the Other Side: “This life has wept.”
But when you are still in good health and when you dare to open your eyes again afterwards and dare to look at the human being, that is not sorrow, because the deep, real sorrow, that becomes the oneness with love, friendship, kindness.
Because now the human being is supported by means of the spatial laws of life under the heart, which then received shape and consciousness on the solar plexus.
But then the human being is no longer afraid of the Grim Reaper and then there is no more death, then there is only life rising, life expansion.
There were people who came and lay down there and wept and crawled over the earth when Master Jongchi manifested himself to a child on earth.
And then I was next to him, I had to speak for Jongchi and then I said: “Do not trust that brute.”
We do not mean anything by that anyway when we say brute, you discovered that.
If I wish to interpret your own life then I must use the word that you know.
That is called brute.
Because the brute, that life, that God there, he would take us for a ride after years, and he has taken us for a ride.
Jongchi was swept away, Master Alcar was swept away, God and Christ were swept away, torn from the life, the human being is for sale for twelve hundred guilders, and he squandered his Divine personality again and then we, with the spaces, were at our last gasp.
And then, afterwards – seen earthly, seen materially, seen spiritually ...
You cannot experience it here on earth after all because you do not look through people, but ‘behind the coffin’ there is no longer any question of hiding and then the human being lies there naked before us.
And then we pricked the professor under his human intellect – we came like that – and he got a fright, he got such a fright that he thought that a Divine bee had poisoned and stung him.
But we tickled him consciously – really sweetly – we were busy stirring him a little bit.
We were busy giving him the stimulant for good, clear thinking, so that there was no more question of feeling like a professor and academic.
“Human being, you have forgotten yourself.
What you mastered, Mr Professor, is professorship.
That book, those letters ... you learned to write the language beautifully, wonderfully, you have understanding of the religions of the earth, but you consciously smothered the Divine religion as truth and kindness, which is love.”
Which of you would like to be learned, in order to then destroy and deform the life?
If you are worker of your boss, then be grateful that you have light and you have nothing more in your hands than your food and your drink.
Because if you have more – isn’t it true? – then you will just do wrong with it, because you will throw it away, or you will kick another being with it, and that is your Deity.
I can continue like that, I will soon let you experience a few other personalities who came to the Other Side ‘behind the coffin’, who could walk into the first sphere just like that.
But those who had to search for themselves between the Land of Hatred and the Land of Twilight, you will experience them so that you will get to know yourself, so that you will learn to understand yourself.
You will start to feel that you do everything and everything for your boxership; you fight.
Of course, art, we have respect for that.
If a human being defends himself and hits, exerts that enormous will in order to not let himself be given any beating by another ...
But what is that?
Why do you start to deform this beautiful Divine being in the first place?
You do everything for your piano playing – don’t you? – you tinkle away every day.
The wife, the children may not disturb you because papa is busy!
At nine o’clock in the morning he begins until ten o’clock in the evening because he must do his finger exercises.
But where do the character exercises remain, inside?
Why do you not give a little polish – André said – to your characters?
The mothers polish and mop and clean.
When will you begin with the inner personality and will it get a good iron?
Mend the holes for once in your human character traits.
When friendship starts to speak, then you walk naked over the streets and then you are not wearing any stockings, any coat, any dress, any hat.
There are holes in your spiritual cardigan, skirt, dress.
Do you get a fright?
Have you seen the holes, the pot-holes, the ladders – aren’t they, ladies, mothers – the ladders in your spiritual stockings?
The Divine spatial nylons – aren’t they, I learned that from André in America, we learned it there – they are not very whole, they are not ready, they are not finished, you cannot even mend them because the life juice has gone, they have no expansion; you wander round on the Other Side.
Yes, you do not even have those nylons there, listen, because you are walking naked there.
But you wander round there and you walk next to your shoes.
There is no hat, there are no dresses; yes, frills.
Did you experience the Land of Hatred?
True Divine drowned cats live there.
Also the human being, the man, he went under creating.
But we do not have any sympathy with them, because we know: they come up because there is no damnation.
So true, so real we start to experience the spatial laws with regard to the earth and then we must honestly say: “I am a drowned cat.”
“Human being, give me a kiss.”
If you experience the screaming, the being one on the edge of the Land of Hatred and just descend there and millions charge at you just like that and can say: “You will not get me, I walk through you, you see, I dissolve” ...
“Where was that man a moment ago, there was someone here a moment ago, there was someone here just now, I saw him.
Do ghosts exist?”
Yes, we haunt every second for the lower grade.
We show ourselves, we dissolve again, we place a new footstep.
They look for us there and we are sitting here.
They look there: “The rogue was here.”
We are sitting here, before them.
Just walk through us.
But our character traits are wearing nylons.
Our character traits are spiritually, immaculately, purely, cosmically fed.
There is no wrong thought in me, and if there was one, then the Land of Hatred would have, then that animal-like instinct would have the opportunity of sullying, raping me.
You do art – don’t you? – you plod away day in day out in order to make your grease, but your wife and children suffer poverty because you want to experience pride.
Why do you not go and act the mine worker?
Why do you not sell those flowers, because you will never learn to paint, you still have to master that inner life.
There was a Rembrandt, Van Dyck, but do you know what that cost them before they could be Rembrandt and Van Dyck?
You do sport, you want to be world famous, you run that the pieces fly off, like a greyhound, like a flash through life, you get medals, because you are the fastest.
And at home and for your space, for your Divine personality, do you also run as hard for that?
Did God give you medals?
Oh, oh ...
“Mothers, why do you no longer give birth?”
“I am not giving birth, but I run hard, so.”
You cycle.
You can achieve everything in society, you take your material life to the top, you rise above church towers, but your inner life lies next to it and asks for spiritual alms.
We see that.
Yes ... (Someone coughs) Just have a lovely cough!
The Spheres of Light ask you: “Mother, mother, do not work yourself upside down, do it neatly and carefully.
Your space is immaculate – yes indeed – but when do those wrong character traits get your iron and polish?”
Because ‘Jeus II’ speaks about polishes, about threads, spiritual threads and footballs.
You play football day and night with your character, you box, you fence, you run, but you run away from yourself.
No, you drag that other behind you and it is stone-dead, deformed, a leper.
I do not chase you away.
What do you have now of Socrates, what do you have of the first sphere?
Now we are faced with the character traits of the human being, for the human being, for his spatial, inner personality.
What do you have of kindness, of immaculate pure friendship?
Fatherhood and motherhood, the oneness with every spiritual thought?
Because now you can possess it.
Are you not grasping too high?
Do you always remain simple, and do you wonder: “Can I not do that?”
I would not touch it.
Do you find the work of another which is played and experienced with love sentimental?
Then we do not need to give you the next part.
Then God does not need to bring the Deity in you to awakening, because then you are a sentimental abyss.
But that does not exist, it is not there on the Other Side, it is not there in space.
The flowers are simple and appeal to you.
They do not imagine anything, but the creator does who has created that life.
“Arrogance, speak to me”, the flower said to the farmer, the human being who grows them.
“Arrogance, why do you not kiss me every morning?
We send you our kisses.”
Is that not true, Arie?
Is my Arie here?
Thank you.
“Is it not true”, I gave him an image, “that nature weeps and that you sit there and lie down and thank God”, the child says to André.
“And I thanked God that I lay in the ditch, because I was so happy that God had blessed the life like that?”
You see, now you are a natural farmer.
You call that a farmer?
That is interpreting a Deity!
That is bringing the Deity to growth and blossom by means of the life of God, the loving.
That is what the Spheres of Light, where fatherhood and motherhood, what the Masters bow to and love.
That is everything, everything, everything, because that originated from the soul of the All-Mother.
That became spirit, that became light, that became father and mother materially.
That received a character trait of which the personality now speaks, here on earth, for your twentieth century, for your bible, for your universities.
And then, when you continue to accept and to love the life, when you are pure and never go too high – or the life cannot inspire you – then you are faced with that universal awakening and the moon says to you: “Just come, I have already been expecting you for a long time, my child.
Come back.
What is it like for you on earth?”
“Mother, it is so wonderful on earth.
I bring you the flowers of my heart, mother.”
“I know that, my child.
How are my children there?
How do the queens and emperors feel?
How wrong they are, aren’t they, my child.
Ha ha, did you also have to experience the bible?
I cannot reach them of course, because they still do not understand me.
But we speak every day.
We say: ‘Do not begin any longer interpreting that nonsense, do not throw it through the spaces, but repent, get to know me, because I am the mother who gave you life.’
Were you also a minister?”
“No, mother.”
“Then be glad.
This is why you are so fast here, back to me.
Sit down, I will send you my children, my life.
Now rest softly.
Are you already sleeping?”
“Yes, mother.”
“Can you still hear me?”
“Yes, mother.”
“Then, my kiss ... and now sleep.
And during this sleep I am one with you, then we return to the very first moment where I began to give the cell life growth and then back to my mother, the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood, the All-Personality, the spatial laws of which you now experienced, my child, and you mastered the earth as my child.
Where do you live now?
Oh, I see it.
In the first true, real, essential sphere in my life, where you are real and true, and no longer lie nor cheat.
Where you kiss the life, where you placed footstep after footstep.
Where your garment radiates light, where the light from your eyes draws up and satisfies the spaces.
Where we get to know ourselves, learn to love, by means of which we give ourselves, by means of which we attune ourselves to the better times which will come, the Kingdom of God, the University of Christ.
You experienced, like millions of children of mine, a life space, you gave yourself.”
You no longer take part in destruction and sullying, you serve, you serve, you serve mother and children.
But the mother will learn to follow him, to honour him, to live for him, because he earns the bread for her, yes indeed.
“You do your best”, Mother Moon says.
“You do your best, you take care of everything, but then go by means of the thinking power which keeps filling your supply coffers, go with him, the creator, and grow.
And if he is harsh, is wrong, then just give him his spiritual beating for free.”
You see, my sisters and brothers, we were still too much in space, but I gave you a Divine image, a cosmic image, a macrocosmic accepting.
We went to the Spheres of Light.
We experienced Socrates, your professorship.
We went through the minister and soon through hundreds of thousands of people of the earth, because then I ask you again, then the first sphere says: “What do you actually hope to achieve on earth?”
You devote everything for your art, for your task, for your writing, that is honour and fame.
You write passionate novels in order to spoil the human being.
You dance for some money and you give everything to that.
“Did you not hear and see that lady?”
“Awe-inspiring, oh, what an artist!”
Try looking inside.
Is her love, her friendship, her kindness skilfully attuned to the Divine self in her?
Is she so skilful, that motherhood speaks through her life?
Did you see all those drowned cats?
Did you see the gentlemen as creating power in their ring, wrestling and hitting themselves taking to the growth, conquering the other life?
Did you see him looking round with twenty-four blond eyes, with twenty-four decays inside, because he cursed, he destroyed this life.
He said: “You broken or I” and he also does art.
We are no longer talking about boxers, about runners, riders.
We are no longer talking about the professors and the academics.
We are talking about the pure, naked, universal, macrocosmic being, seen, experienced and accepted as a Deity, as a personality.
And I am that, you are that and you are that with regard to your children, you are that for society, by means of your word, by means of your acting, your task.
You are that as a milkman and as a grocer.
But, do not deceive me for two cents.
Do not add water to the milk if I pay you for real milk, mother milk, because then you are a material and spiritual thief.
Who does not steal from the milk?
Who gives me a third ounce if I must have two ounces, which I paid for?
Who steals from his boss and makes nonsense while that child must pay and must make sure that wife and children have food?
Are you lazy, are you indifferent, did you think that you could go through life playing?
By making a fuss?
Did you think that you could heal while you cannot heal yourself, while you do not know what to do with yourself?
And did you think that space will receive you, will inspire you, will embrace you; space does like this and says: pffttt ...
You roam there, you go straight back to an ocean, or you go to pieces against a mill which you built up yourself, fed, turning, and then it is still the Divine wind which inspires this child living.
You have nothing.
“Silence, because I am writing.”
“Do not disturb me, because I have to doodle.”
That is praying?
Ha ha ...
If you had only said: “Play the radio and make jazz music, let the pans and the things rattle, if I am thinking, I cannot be disturbed, mama, mother, father.
And then what – do you see those pieces of trash which I make – do you not feel my love then, that I am love and that I receive everything?”
And then the human being lays himself at the feet of such a being and says: “That is an artist”, because she gives her character traits colour and shape.
Beautiful lips, beautiful garment; blond, brown, black has no longer any meaning for your colour of hair as style, but the laws of space for your Divine personality do, they put the spatial curling tongs in your hair and you have curly hair when you enter the first sphere.
And if you look back to the first sphere, no, to the Land of Twilight, to the Land of Hatred, then you will see those drowned cats.
You cannot make them curly.
They do not have any nylons, they do not have any blouses, their wonderful, beautiful material organism has become brutalized in an animal-like way.
The Divine source as food hangs as far as the bottom and they are standing on it.
The shape has gone from this life because no character trait still possesses universal shape.
The shape has been deformed because by means of your wrong, unharmonic thinking, you deform your Divine character, as a feature, as love, willingness, acceptance, bowing, being nice around you.
Did Master Alcar not write by means of ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Between Life and Death’, that you will stand naked on the Other Side?
But then we see your curls, we see your dresses and your hats, they are not there, because you are wearing something, because you feel pushed; you are heavy, you think that thousands of cartloads of feelings press on your life and your character, and there is nothing, because that is your unconscious self.
Who are you?
Say again that I am sentimental.
Say again to André: “What he gets is sentimentality.”
But from this source we possess the Omniscience for your unfortunate little self, the poor pathetic wretches whom we see going round as Gods; because we still have to accept them, with regard to your dictionary, your society.
They are unconscious human selves, they still long for animal-like instinct.
Enjoy your food today.
Today we are eating chicken soup.
I really hope that I gave you a little piece of that bone which the Tall Hendrik had to bring and which I asked him for, yes, Tall One ...
If you now have ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ in your hands – do you all have ‘Jeus II’?
All ‘Jeus II’? – then I say there and I ask the Tall One: “Tall One ...”
Jeus is one with Master Alcar, with Casje.
And then Casje says: “Greetings to mother.”
And Jeus says when Crisje is in sorrow, no longer has a crust of bread for the six boys and Miets: “Yes, Tall One, you play violins until they break – don’t you? – you have already sawn thirty of them to pieces.
When I used to speak to you and talked to you then you laughed at me.
It was you.
You were good, yes indeed, but what could you have made of it now?
Bring a bone, a piece of bone with meat on it so that Crisje can make soup again.
Where do you now find those spiritual-material bones?”
The Tall Hendrik stands there and cannot do anything.
If you only know the way, if you only have consciousness, then there will also be spiritual bones.
Then there will be chicken soup every day because then that soup comes straight from Gethsemane, from the garden of Eden.
Because then the flower says: “Take my honey and absorb that.”
And then you taste in that flower the origin of your new chicken.
Because the flower also lays her life egg.
I am just in it and I must stop.
I have only been busy for two seconds.
I see you (master Zelanus says this to the sound technician who operates the wire recorder), do you have another minute for me?
Then I will steal five of them.
You can see and experience God as you want yourself.
You can experience Masters straight through the Gelderland dialect, from the Achterhoek.
And you can see him as a beautiful, majestic shape with a stick in his hand, his white shoes, his stripe in his trousers.
But a spider is hanging on the stick and it is dangling back and forth and it bites you now and again, because the spider is watching over the cobra, the snake instinct also comes and without you realizing, because you are speaking after all, you are speaking to the people after all, that snake instinct has already strangled you and places a noose around your neck, in order to warn you and to point out, to say: “Lock on your lips, yours, highness.”
You created us, you want the true, the kind for us, you want us to love you and you stab us in half.
You deform us.
You start to murder people there yourself.
You lie and cheat, you make rottenness out of art, darkness out of science.
You, highness, Divine being, no longer neglect yourself and come to the Divine state of purity in you and bring that to awakening.
Give every character trait, human being of this age, a polish.
Iron, iron your character traits for once and put a crease into your life breath.
Let the light in your eyes interpret the expensiveness of your personality, but above all the beauty of your Divine attunement as human being, as father and mother.
Let your walk, your gait be bright and cheerful.
Do not ever let yourself be disturbed by anything and never in all your life.
Because you cannot be disturbed as a Divine character trait, because you are part of this infinity.
You are Gods as human beings and no more, but also no less.
(Master Zelanus lets a kiss sound.) I thank you.
Thanks for those beautiful children.