The Divine personality for the human being – III

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
I come to you this morning with a surprise.
Before I begin with the lecture, I have something for you, for my children, as I asked before: “Do you all have ‘Jeus of mother Crisje part II’?”
Thank God, a few adepts of mine have felt and heard that and then I received from my pupils – I earned those books – fifty, sixty books in order to divide them out to my children who do not have the means.
The human being who can buy the books for himself in order to lay down that sacredness ... because the radiation which you possess, which you can receive during the night when you sleep, dream, because they are behind you or in your house, if you possess and feel that meaning, that space, that consciousness, that is awe-inspiring.
If you can attune yourself to the state of purity of the universe then the books can – unfortunately they are sold out, but anyone who has them – ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Between Life and Death’ can heal you spiritually and physically.
André received the proof for this.
In Amsterdam, recently, there is a child, it must be operated on, the following morning she will be admitted with a large growth in her body.
But during the night the third part ‘The Origin of the Universe’ radiates the blessed, healing powers from Golgotha.
Because she says: “I can no longer stand it, they must just accept me immediately.”
The child’s screams can be heard in the street.
But André and Master Alcar were on Golgotha.
And that is a fact: by means of the books I will come to the Messiah.
And in the morning, she falls asleep, the third part of ‘The Origin of the Universe’ has taken away the growth of four pounds.
These books heal.
These books take you to your Christ, to your Divine personality.
If you understand what it is about, then you will want to admire and take possession of those sphere-children day in day out.
Then you will pass on those books for your ‘coffin’, for your first sphere, for Gethsemane, Pilate and then by means of Caiaphas.
Or does the Caiaphas live in you?
Or do you have to do with Pilate and you say: “Well, those books just cost me ten cents, I will borrow them, I do not want to own them yet.”?
Then you also belong to the unconscious beings and you are directly attuned to a Land of Twilight.
Because the human being who feels, who knows, the human being who attunes himself to this possession, that one receives the healing, the inspiration, the state of purity, the love for man and woman, marriage, fatherhood, motherhood, reincarnation.
And now, there are children who cannot buy them and who want to own all the books.
André wanted to publish them again, I told you that.
“The first part of ‘A View into the Hereafter’”, he says this morning, “I am already rid of seven hundred and fifty of them.”
“But”, the girl from Vienna says, “where is the money?”
Master Alcar says: “Now we must begin again, the pennies and coins have gone.”
“I did the right thing, didn’t I?”
“Yes, you did too well.
I cannot afford that”, Master Alcar says, Master Cesarino, Damascus, the Half Moon say.
And from above, the University of Christ, people say: “Now we can begin again.
André has given away the foundations.”
There are millions on earth; you know that.
People use those millions in order to make cannons, arms.
People destroy.
People have given temples, billions to half-conscious beings.
But know that people cannot understand, and cannot accept all of this which rises above the human thinking and feeling and that analyzes the state of purity , the laws of the macrocosmos.
People do not yet think, feel.
People do not yet understand that these children come straight from the heart of the Messiah, also ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’.
And now I am happy that I earned these books, they were given to me, I can therefore do what I want with them.
And now I ask the human being, the mother, the child, the father: “Stand up and do not be ashamed, I earned them.
You will get an orchid from me, ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje, part II’.”
Unfortunately we cannot yet take care of part III – just remain seated – unfortunately we cannot yet take care of part III, but then I hope that I will get ten thousand of them, in order to be able to share them out by means of the human being who feels that the Other Side, the inner life is everything, and the earthly life is only appearance, a puppet show, a frilly carry-on, if you neglect your inner consciousness and inner life.
“Which one of you wants to accept an orchid from me?”
Which one of you is ready to say ...
If you can do that yourself ...
There are some amongst you, and we saw that, they led the elderly over the streets, so calmly, and let them enjoy Our Lord’s sunshine, and they received a quarter for this.
But by means of those quarters, four, five copies of all the books have already been sold, and they were lent out to the people.
And in this way this soul convinced thousands of people.
But those books were earned.
The human being who has everything says: “I will borrow them.”
“It will cost me nothing anyway.”
But then you are nothing either.
The human being who is prepared and can and wants to accept this ...
Understand well, if you can do that yourself, that is the orchid for Golgotha.
But if you cannot do it, accept this.
Take it from my heart, take it from André and Master Alcar, take it in the name of mother Crisje.
And which one of you, which one of you is ready to accept that book from me?
I have already given out many of them, I still have thirty-five of them.
If even more are needed, I will get a thousand of them tomorrow, I know.
Which of you accepts the second part, just put your hand up.
One, two, three – not all at the same time – four, five, six, seven, this child there, this child – wait a moment – eight, nine, ten, now, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen ...
Any more?
Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, I am selling nicely.
Any more?
Which of you do not have it?
I have more.
There are children who spent four hundred guilders on books and business went so badly that now a finger is raised.
She has no more possessions and yet she gave everything; we know that too.
You will get ten, my dear.
There are some who can give their heart, their life, their personality.
Go to the table soon and accept it, take it.
I will be rid of them like that.
I will be rid of them like that.
And when I place them in André’s hands, they will be gone in five minutes.
He can do it better than I can, but we are always careful.
We go through ‘the coffin’ to the eternal life.
But we know how the human being thinks and feels and works on himself.
So you will soon go.
And then we will begin with the third lecture for the human Divine personality in you.
I made it clear to you that there are a few laws by means of which you can accept that you are Gods.
The human being does not believe that, because the human being says: “I, a Deity?”
But we know pre-animal-like, animal-like, crude-material, material Gods, and it is only then that the spiritual Deity for the life ‘beyond the coffin’ speaks in the human being.
Then there are also other laws by means of which we can experience the universe, the laws of God for animal and Mother Nature, for spirit and soul.
But in addition to this it is striking, and it shows us the way and is as it were a Divine thread by means of which we can experience and undergo our contact with the God in us.
Life, reincarnation and fatherhood and motherhood, four Divine laws, they are now – I will now go into those laws – they are now the laws and that is the hold for your Divine personality.
What now comes around that and what you become, you will have to master that.
But life is there, that is the Divine highest law.
That life has attunement to soul, spirit, the Divine fatherhood and motherhood, the All-Source, the All-life, the All-light – is not it? – the Divine personality.
The life takes you to reincarnation, so that is evolution.
By means of this you have, we have, everything has conquered the universe, we went from planet to planet by means of this.
The life, the reincarnation, but by means of fatherhood and motherhood we received the four essential Divine laws in our hands and can be established and experienced irrevocably, and you then just have to accept that you are Gods and that you one day represent God in everything, for everything, by means of everything.
But now.
And I took that to Gethsemane.
I brought myself here again before Pilate – Pilate stands here – we went yonder to the Caiaphas in us and slowly we climbed up Mount Calvary and by experiencing and undergoing that we were nailed to the cross with the Christ.
Then we made the walk to the first sphere and entered that Kingdom of God at a spiritual attunement and now stood in the light of the sacred universe.
When you read ‘A View into the Hereafter’, then Master Alcar says: “One in a million people enters the first sphere.”
And when I now start to analyze this for you – I will show you this – then you will soon say: “How difficult it must be to reach the first sphere.”
And that is not so simple either.
That first sphere always lies on your lips, of course, because the first sphere is everything.
And all of that is: harmony, that is pure love.
When you want to become Crisje, then you come in harmony with the third sphere, because she now lives in the third sphere.
But you can experience that personality in ‘Jeus I’, in ‘Jeus II’, and soon in ‘Jeus III’.
And if you can later also experience the Divinity, that mercy that you experience ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ and can accept and experience Crisje’s ascension, then you will understand what kind of personality she was, for herself, for her Tall One, for Jeus, for the children, for space, for her Christ.
I put a universal crown on this personality because this personality earned it.
You could not come to Crisje and say: “Look at her”, or “you should see this.”
“Why are you talking so badly about the human being?
You can talk as much as you want, but the human being is from God,” Crisje said.
You can think wrongly about the human being, but then it is you yourself.
You must not think wrongly because then Our Lord cannot inspire you.
In the first sphere there we are free from wrong thoughts.
We have nothing more to do with material love and we do not steal love; you must earn that love.
When you want to earn that love, then you stay away from every paradise which belongs to another.
Religions, Catholic Church, Protestantism, the bible has gone; we have one unity there and that unity is universal, that is macrocosmic.
We are one with all the life which lives in this universe.
We know the planets and the stars – no, not yet – but we live in that unity, in that fatherhood and motherhood.
We have our arts and sciences, we have music, we sing, we are true.
We walk in the silence and all the life, like these children here, smile at us.
We support, we serve, we think wrongly in nothing because we have discarded our material thinking and feeling.
The first sphere serves, the first sphere, the human being, that personality ...
Even if you have been an artist, the art falls away, the radiating self receives everything which lives in this vicinity.
That supports, that is always ready to receive that life if you come, come to us, if it wants to associate with us; because people leave you alone there.
We do not interfere with any lives, or, because all of that is mine, is of my soul, is of my love, of the two of us.
She represents as a mother the first sphere as space, as life, as light, as personality, as motherhood; serving, watching, harmonic.
In that life there is nothing which is not understood, that is always capable of receiving the word from the other one – even if we still speak a material language, that is not necessary, of course, because we are one from feeling to feeling – for God, for always and eternally again, the Christ, Golgotha.
And in this way we have our garment, we have the light in our eyes, we have our hands, our legs, our feet, we have our teeth, we have not changed in any way.
Everything is macrocosmic-spiritual sound there.
As the human being is in the material, lives on earth in the material world, as your body is, the spiritual heart also ticks, the spiritual blood circulation follows an own path and traces an orbit; every organ is eloquently conscious and loving, completely finished.
The people walk there in thousands of garments, millions of colours, and by every garment you can see the harmony of the light, for the Divine realm of colours, for fatherhood, motherhood, art, science, love, harmony.
We immediately know, we immediately see from the garment, in the light of those eyes, in the hair colour, that wonderful attire of the mother and the creator, whether that personality is in harmony with the first sphere.
You can be love, you can possess love, you can have the feeling: you are already prepared, you walk there already, but you are still a stranger.
So you now need seven grades in order to absorb the possession into you of this infinite macrocosmos at a spiritual attunement.
Then we start to pray and to think.
We no longer pray, we think: how do I reach unity?
How do I go further?
And then we go on our way.
First you get meditation.
The people are lying down there.
We walk past them, we do not disturb those people.
Everyone is walking, thinking, looks at you: I used to know you, I was your father, but I now pass you because you live in me.
Mothers and fathers are one there.
The reincarnations of millions of lives reach consciousness.
That is the first sphere.
We meditate in order to come into harmony now with the higher grade of life.
We start to rarefy and to spiritualize our thinking and feeling.
We have thousands of millions of lives behind us.
We have been on earth.
We have seen the wrong.
We know exactly that we went from the pre-animal-like grade in the jungle to the white race (see, we were drawn up by means of fatherhood and motherhood, by means of life.
We start to feel the essential sources, we drill through spiritual walls as worlds and fling down everything, but experience that cycle and master the wisdom, space, the rarity.
And then we start to think again for the human being, for motherhood, for fatherhood, for the human Divine personality in attunement to the second sphere.
The first sphere is completely free from every lust, of course.
Here you can no longer experience the not understanding, because here you are understood.
You can speak about everything, everything is not dry, and the human being does not walk there miserably through that wonderful, Divine nature.
Life is cheerful and shines.
People laugh at the nonsense which the bible has brought.
There comes the priest and the minister, I told you before, I brought you into contact with Socrates and an academic.
But soon, when we are ready, then we will go and look in the sphere, the sphere which connects you directly with space.
Because there is only one path for you.
We know exactly which path you must walk.
We take up position there in that vicinity and sit down and say: “Look, here comes the human being with his make-shift bag, his pocket full of factories, his back sown with all his gold and possessions.”
And then we learn that the millionaires of the earth, who have to accept ‘the coffin’, do not come any further than the lid of their coffin, they are attached to it, if they have loved the material life, of course.
There are also millionaires on earth who really do good and who have received space.
Because gold, art, earthly personality, your majesties – did Jeus not say? – your royal highnesses of the earth, everything of the earth remains there.
On the Other Side, now, in the first sphere we no longer see any royal highnesses because they do not exist.
That royal highness only lives in you and is now spiritual nobility.
The crown which you used to wear is now an old wreck because you sink away in it.
The sandals which you have are heavy, because there is gold in them.
Your face radiates lust, frills.
You do not have science and consciousness.
A God whom you love, whom you receive through the bible, that was a God of hatred.
And that God murdered, he was so great, he thought out all those beautiful things for you.
I told you: just become a general and just become an emperor and king, and you will be attached to your skeleton.
They drag the coffin behind them.
All that gold, all that possession stands there.
You want to pull it with you, but it does not work.
And then the consciousness, later, that another lives in grand style at your expense, from your slaving away and thinking.
You will leave it behind you.
We will go out and have a nice time, we will make journeys, you will see.
You can experience all of that soon, and then we will come back to you in order to give you pictures, scenes which are true, are real.
Because for the first spiritual sphere the bible, or church, religions, mean anything, because there you stand in, you experience the true life.
And then that sphere, that light, that soul, that spirit asks: “What did you master of that?”
Now you must start to think: “What do I have of that?
What do I still have of that in me?”
Gold, possessions, I do not say that you must give that away.
You must now learn to think: how do I reach the end of this life?
But what do I get from this life?
What can I earn by means of it?
We will still remain in the first sphere and I will go back to the earth immediately.
We will go with regard to the first sphere, your spiritual personality – because it concerns that after all, after all these lectures, we are almost at the end – in order to see what use they still are to you and what you later, ‘beyond the coffin’ can possess for your spirituality, your Divine personality in you.
What do you actually live for?
For fuss, megalomania?
Do you sometimes grasp too high?
Do you thieve?
Do you cheat, do you cheat your sister, your brother?
Are you mean, and do you want to experience all of this by means of an excuse?
By means of an excuse?
Ha ha ...
The first sphere asks you to meditate on what you are like.
When you enter there then the Masters stand before you and then you will probably hear millions of people singing for you, millions of sopranos and altos, baritones and tenors, if you have earned that.
There are some – I told you – who possess the attunement on that sphere, but they do not yet have that art, that expansion, that rarity.
But love rises above everything, because that becomes the expansion of the personality.
In the first sphere – I told you a moment ago – we take care of everything.
There we are one with millions of people of the earth.
Languages no longer exist.
There are no religions.
Arts and sciences, everything is left behind.
You come to stand naked before your first sphere.
You are completely naked there, even if you are wearing a garment: you certainly and surely see the spiritual moth there, and it drills those holes infallibly in your lovely back, which takes away the adornment from the hair and weakens it, it takes away completely and consciously, infallibly, the light from your eyes.
And they are then – you can accept that – those spiritual character traits as moths.
Yes ...
And then a human being like that is full, is full and emotionally charged with, from bottom to top the human being is covered with the spiritual moth.
And no camphor pills or balls help for that – what do you call that – because Our Lord stands before you, the Masters look at you and now the soul has to begin inwardly as a personality in order to banish those terrible animals.
And the more beautiful the human being now becomes, the deeper the human being starts to experience the rarity for harmony, for love, for Christ, for space, for his personality; then you see a moth like that flying and then that immediately closes the hole in your spiritual garment.
The sandals become lighter, the lead dissolves, because you really get a spiritual character, you get a spiritual organism; the light from your eyes is not a pike-like, fish-like consciousness, but it radiates human feeling.
You can no longer say there: “Yes, I am everything”, you are nothing there.
If you say: “I am everything”, then you are already nothing.
Because there people do not say: “I am everything”, about the things such as people on earth know.
The mother there is floating, her life is floating, honestly warm, sympathetic, understanding.
That love in the human being for the human personality as a Deity is receiving, is serving, is full of the joys of life, authority, oneness in everything, for leaf, for plant, flower, tree, sun, moon, stars and planets, for sciences and arts, but now free from the nonsense with which the bible begins.
Because you step over that paradise just like that and it does not exist.
The tree of life where those terrible red apples hang, has gone, has disappeared.
The Adam and Eve who were chased away from paradise now greet you, because there is not one damned.
The Adam who then said: “I was the first one, with her”, you do not even know him there.
The churches have collapsed for you, because lying and deception, the satanic garment of all those institutions, they live in the Land of Hatred.
That lies there, that is the old rust for the spirit, but people do not make any cannons or aeroplanes from that.
That has no meaning, you cannot use that, nor your thinking and feeling.
Everything which you have given to that, even if you have been a Deity on earth, that lies there in the Land of Hatred.
And that is dirty, dirty, very dirty.
In the first sphere we walk like that into the Temple of Docters and then we ask: “Can you tell me something about how far the Masters are with regard to cancer?”
If an academic comes, and he is ready like a delicate child, then he is a child, a youth and then we go hand in hand to the Temple of Docters, and then he speaks.
In ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ I have analyzed a specialist from Vienna, and he is now busy there and continues his work and he will soon produce the greatest, most wonderful wonder on earth.
Because he gave his life on earth for mankind, in order to dissolve those diseases and troubles, therefore the karmic laws for the human being.
He went straight to the Temple of Docters and the Masters were with him in order to receive him with regard to Christ and his Divine personality.
“Tell something about the tuberculosis, the leprosy, the cholera?
Can you explain all of that to me?”
“Yes indeed, just come along.”
And then the academic goes back with the Master to the earth.
And then this child gets cosmic education, lectures from the Masters, straight from the deep, Divine heart of the Messiah, and then this life floats over the earth and prepares itself for the next stage.
By means of this you can earn the second sphere, if there is also love, if the megalomania has left you, if you are only a child as Christ wanted it and said: “Let the children come to Me.”
The human being is a child, because this child accepts everything, he is pure, bows, loves.
The first sphere is nibbling at your personality?
No, the first sphere as the spatial consciousness for the own pure, plain love, which is harmony, is justice, that asks you: “What do you want from me?”
If you wish to possess light, if you wish to listen to sounds, wish to experience art, the singing of the higher children, then you must possess that attunement and that love.
Or you sit there, then the sister or brother comes immediately and says: “Can I help you?”
“I cannot go any further.”
“That is not possible either, you are standing on the threshold of the first sphere, you were not any further yet.”
“What can I do?”
“Do not long to possess that because you will succumb.
Do you believe it?”
“Yes indeed, I believe everything.”
“Now you have to accept – if one word passes your lips: why? – now you have to accept what I say; here my word is omniscient and a law.
You have nothing more to think about, because I go for Christ, I have received it by means of Christ, by means of love, by means of Golgotha; my word is law.
I will no longer take you from dry land into the ditch.
I take care of you, I love you, because you are my mother and my father, you are my child.
Can you follow me?”
(To someone in the hall:) I am not talking to you, I am talking to that mother there.
Yes, yes ...
Thank you.
That mother is standing there now.
“Come, we will first return to the earth.
We will first convince you of ‘the coffin’, how that reality came about.
And then we will go back into the past, back to the moon in order to receive your reincarnations and to master the life laws of them as space, as consciousness, as the good in the human being, as the Divine foundations by means of which you experienced and expanded life, fatherhood and motherhood, reincarnation, there is no more to it.”
“Do I love?”
“In those lives we did not love, in those lives we only just had to accept the organism and to inspire it, to give it strength and to make sure that a decent, normal, natural end came.”
“Did we do that?”
“No, despite those mistakes and those murders and all that cannibalism you still reached the end on earth.
And now you stand on the threshold of the first sphere.”
“Master, what must I do?
Is there then of the bible ...?
Is there then, is this, is there that ...?”
“You now get ready with the bible.
But the bible goes away, only Christ remains.
The apostles have done their work?
Very certainly: they live yonder.
Those figures as personalities and human beings, as man and wife, they have reached the first sphere.
But there are still some, who still sit in the lowest darkness and are still unconscious, because they have no feeling to begin with that love, that serving, that bowing.
You can find and experience them there.
Do not ask about the clergy of the earth, you will experience them soon.
You will see your priest.
If he was a good being, then you will see him.
You will see him anyway, in all his misery.
But I must return to the world of the unconscious, because he has broken his life, he walked wide of creation.
He must return in order to be mother and father.
As God wanted it?
No, as his life wanted it.
God gave us life but by means of this He represented himself for the macrocosmos.
He is father and mother and – did I not tell you, did I not teach you and, now I come to you, did you not receive that by means of the books from Master Alcar and the Masters? – by means of that He represents himself, by filling the material worlds, this spiritual astral infinity.
Then the human being starts to think.
“How do you wish to see me, my child?
Do you wish me to be close to you?
Do you wish us to laugh?
We can do that too.
Do you wish to have a pleasant explanation about space and life on earth?
Then behave very normally, then come very simply to me and I will attune myself to that and this, your character.
Do you wish to begin the analysis for the church and do you wish to see the clergy?
Do you wish to experience Egypt, China, Japan, the peoples of the earth?
Do you wish for science and art, insanity, psychopathy?
Do you wish to know something about the stars and planets, why all this was created?
Do you wish to know something about the first paradise?
Do you wish to know your prehistoric consciousness?
Do you wish to know why the earth received a place between sun and moon, and why Jupiter speaks to the human being?
Why astrology, why astronomy, why academics came to earth?
Why just one Socrates lived, one Buddha, one Pythagoras?
Do you wish to know why there is no Master at this time?
Do you wish to know why people raped, deformed the Messiah and finally nailed him to the cross on Golgotha?
Do you wish to know why the church is doomed to dying?
Then I can now receive the omniscient word from the Messiah, because I possess the first, the second, the third and the fourth sphere with regard to the earth.
I am the mouthpiece for you, for mankind, because soon we will begin with the building of the new foundations for the Kingdom of God, the University of Christ.
Because the instrument was already born in the mother.”
That was at that time.
We were still waiting until André awoke in Crisje.
Then I already received the inspiration and along with Master Alcar and the spheres.
Yes, finally we will begin to say: “My word is law.”
No longer doubt my word.
Accept: there is no longer a way around, no new life to be experienced or walked, this is it!
And buts no longer exist for the first sphere, because we come with truth, reality, with love, with harmony, kindness.
We have no more deception, no more lies, we are ready to devote our blood.
But the human being on earth cannot do that yet, even if you give that human being – yes, there is an individual – thousands of lectures and hundreds of thousands of books, because the human being does not yet begin with it.
“To sit down, my dear sister, and to pray and to beg for God: ‘Give me joy of life, you will protect me ...’ ”
How can God protect himself, when He knows that you possess a Divine attunement?
You are a God.
How can God damn himself?, I ask you.
How can He hate one life of himself and favour the other?
Do not long for any kingship or emperorship.
Never ever put on those silk garments, because you will finally walk in lead sandals anyway.
Because you serve murder, arson and deception.
Just put me in the cupboard.
André does it much worse.
If we did not obstruct him he would rip this ornament apart and then he would fling those right in the faces of those great ones: “Dirty hypocrites, cheats.
What did you make of France, ancient Egypt, Germany, Austria, what did you make of your Divine personality by means of the ages which passed?”
Yes indeed, the spheres can say and Our Lord looks at the earth, there is becoming conscious in that nobility.
The nobility is becoming conscious.
A queen, before, you were not allowed to touch her if she fell from the balcony, then your hand was cut off.
Now she says: “Thank you.”
Now you get a badge on your jacket because you were able to take care of the Divine life for the earth.
Now you get a head bowing.
Now you are allowed to sit at the table to drink tea.
Before your hands were chopped off because you had sullied that Divine purity.
Yes, mankind has learned something during those years.
In the nobility people are bowing a little bit towards the good and true Christ.
But words no longer mean anything, forgery is immediately laid open and bare in the first sphere.
You can write now, you can speak now, you can talk, you can display your eloquence.
No one listens to you, because they say: “I do not wish to listen to your false shouting that stinking sound in your timbre, because you are lying and cheating.
You do not mean it, you do not have it, you are not it.
You are not it.
Yes, people come to the first sphere. “Yes, I have it, because I saw Paul.”
Yes, the false one.
“Ha ha”, they say there, “there is one again.”
You should see the human being who lies there before the first sphere, who really prays: “Just let me see the light.
I know that my mother is here.
My mother has already reached it.
Why does she leave me alone?”
The mother does not come.
First the mother says now: “On earth I gave you everything, my blood, my true love.
How did you kick, deform, sully my life, my personality, everything of the Messiah – because it did not even belong to me?”
Sisterhood and brotherhood no longer mean anything for the moment because the human being is universally deep here in this oneness, for light, for spirit, for fatherhood and motherhood, for reincarnation, for the spatial law.
“Mother, then just come to me, accept me again and give me your hands.”
“No”, the mother says, “I must be strict because you will now have to long.”
Now the mother lets her child long.
She lets her child wait, beg.
Tears now no longer have any meaning.
“On earth you wept.
These tears, they are not yet coloured.”
“What has to happen then”, this little child asks another, a sister, a brother, a Master.
He says: “Do you not feel that then?
On earth you always cried for, loved, the false self, but here spiritually coloured blood is rolling from your eyes, from your inner life, deep from your pure, Divine attunement.
The same blood flows over your cheeks that Christ wept when He was hanging on the cross, by means of the crown of thorns and by means of the peak, the beating, the spiritual strangling which He had to accept.
White tears have no meaning”, the Master on the Other Side says, “because this is only earned by means of blood.
And in you there is still only just blood, immaculate, pure, red blood; if you weep that, you can enter.”
And then you should try to want to weep blood.
Now you should try weeping until your tears run dry.
Christ, God, no Master, no angel has respect for you and can go into you, because that blood must come.
Because true suffering is spiritual giving birth.
Deep, pure cosmic suffering is the giving birth of the personality and then the inner, spiritual heart rips apart, the veins open and then the blood flows over your lips.
Jeus wept blood in the wood when he wanted to do himself in, because it ran over his cheeks.
He thought that he had hurt himself on a tree – I had to neglect it, I was not allowed to touch it because the human being does not believe that – and then he felt and had the blood on his fingers.
The love of a child for the mother is so deep.
The fight for justice.
“Why are you for sale then, mother?
And the chap, he gets everything for nothing.”
Yes, society, mankind, – I will go between that anyway, you can read it anyway – buys love, a beautiful hat, beautiful shoes, beautiful sandals, beautiful skirts, beautiful jackets, a car, cinema, beautiful flat.
Or is it called an apartment?
I must have a flat, a flat.
I want ...
Yes, people sing, people shout – I am already slowly coming to the earth, can you feel? – people sing, people shout, people do everything, just look in society.
Just look into those eyes.
Where do you come from?
Are you sweet?
Are you kind?
Do you do art?
Can you really experience spiritual art?
Who was so great?
Franz Liszt had it.
Chopin was irritable again, when he entered the spheres, then the good Chopin had to learn to get rid of his irritability.
He said: “What have I achieved?
I had the wonderful, great feeling for Christ, for the love.”
Yes, but the very highest in him was still a little bit the vanity and the megalomania because he could tinkle.
Did you really think – even if you sit here and you have hundreds of thousands of people and you play so wonderfully and so sweetly and so purely – that that means something for your first sphere?
Become a Rembrandt, become a Van Dyck, become a Michelangelo, become a Leonardo da Vinci, become a Kant, become a Schopenhauer, become a Socrates, a Dante.
Ha ha ...
Become something on earth.
I connected you with the lowest, most simple ...
Mother, just run.
Mother, just take part in a boxing match and get a title.
You will see.
Everything now ... just become a general, king and emperor ...
Just leave with your lead sandals, you will not be able to go further anyway, there is no eternity.
Here you experience spiritual eternity, here you have the first sphere next to you.
“Oh,” someone says, “why would I buy the books?
They just cost me ten cents.”
“Oh,” the other one says, “why would I pray to Christ, He will not hear me anyway?”
But the Christ lives in you.
Golgotha is there.
Why did I go with you to Gethsemane?
Why did we go to Pilate?
Why did we go and stand before Caiaphas and did I tell you one morning: “Let the Caiaphas’, let the Pilates as character traits be killed in you.
Smother these character traits, but accept and follow the Christ.”
In the first sphere everything is free, outside of us everything is pure and ready, we no longer have any lust, we only love, purely, spiritually.
We have built up true friendship.
The mother now, who wants to experience the highest and really says: “I must have a child, give me a child”, and feels that giving birth, that is the highest consciousness for the first sphere.
In our rooms we have the art halls.
The painter, Van Dyck, Anthony van Dyck, you still see all his paintings next to him, the spiritual products are there, he earned them, Rembrandt too.
They devoted their lives in order to give mankind treasures, for the eye.
Also for the feeling, Beethoven came for this purpose, Mozart, Bach, Wagner, Schumann and the others.
They gave, the Other Side gave the human being arts and sciences.
But – the human being knew that, the Masters knew that and Christ knew that – love, because that rises above everything.
In the first sphere you see that you are life, have a Divine personality.
Because you alone, with your soul, your life which reached the division with you on the moon, represent all the spaces created by God and which were conquered by both of you.
There you have fatherhood and motherhood in you, there you, father and mother, reached oneness for God, as a spiritual personality.
You completed your cycle of the earth, no, you completed the cycle of this space.
You dealt with and experienced billions of lives.
And now you stand there next to each other as children.
You speak to the flowers.
Because you will first have to know: how did a flower like that originate?
Why did that flower get that colour?
Why that yellow, that violet, that red, that white?
Why all those colours?
And then you both see, under your heart, by means of your heart, by means of your brain, it goes by means of your blood circulation, the Kingdom of God as colour.
You experience that infinity directly by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
Then the reincarnation comes, then the world of the unconscious comes.
Then you know, if you are both attuned to the earth, why insanity, psychopathy, why all that misery was born, originated.
And then you free yourself and accept your spiritual foundation.
And how can that be achieved now?
How can that be experienced?
Then I can immediately take you to Crisje, then I can take you to the battle of life and death for Crisje and Jeus.
And then we are faced with the truth of the karma.
This Divine personality at a human attunement was beaten awe-inspiringly, but the love was buried and on the coffin lay two orchids, one from the Tall One and one from Crisje.
And the high Masters, as judges, saw that it was good and that they were no imitation flowers.
Because Christ does not accept them.
Do you see?
However, the masses on earth lay down a flower there of five cents and that is imitation, paper or from oilcloth.
The human being thinks he can pray rosaries, in order to walk past like that?
Pray by means of your characters.
Make a rosary of your character traits, then the church will be good again, then the Catholic Church will at least still have been able to do something for your lives.
Because irrefutably there is a lot of good.
People bring you to Christ, people bring you to God.
Only, too many cents, too much gold, also too much damnation, too much sullying; because now Christ is nothing more, they get everything.
You do not need to earn anything, you just sit down, you just confess.
This is why we wanted Jeus to know immediately that that priest did not know it.
“I will not go to confession again”, he says, “Crisje, mother.”
“What, did you say?”
“I will not go to confession again, but I will go to the Real One, there.
I no longer like that stone statue”, Jeus said, I could not insert that either.
He says: “Because if I look at that for a long time then Mary becomes cross-eyed.
She no longer sees me.
She has got four eyes.
Mother, I cannot understand that.”
And Joseph – you heard it during the week – went to the first sphere, to the second sphere.
The Tall One and Crisje laughed, because it is true, they are not the Marys, the Josephs who experienced the universe next to the Christ.
They made Mary cross-eyed, you see, that is the intention.
They raped Joseph.
Joseph, he has nothing more to say, he just stands there and Jeus already saw that.
They built up those statues.
They sullied, deformed and raped the real Mary and the Joseph and the Christ.
Jeus says: “They look cross-eyed if I look at them for a long time.”
Then mother Crisje says: “But that is not possible.”
“But I saw it.”
He wanted to say more but he held that in.
He was in the church with a little flower, he had picked it on the moorland.
But it was the herb from aunt Trui?
Those clove flowers of aunt Trui already had meaning.
That clove flower in you, in the character, Crisje could always receive that again and she took it to the Divine, pure orchid.
And she says: “You can say what you like, Jeus, but we need the church, and otherwise there would be nothing.
What would people do if Our Lord did not exist?”
What would people do, Jeus, sisters, brothers, Hendrik, Eduard – or what are you called? – Miets, Betje, Anneke, Liesbeth?
You give each other such beautiful names.
You call your heavenly names after kings and queens.
Oh, how pathetically small you are to give your life such destruction, because you do not know those lives after all.
Crisje and the Tall One received exactly the word as Jeus would be called.
Imagine that I had to tell you this morning: “Our Piet knows it.”
But that is not there, because that is balanced.
And by means of that you will soon see that you your earthly Klaas’ and Piets and Jansens ...
This is why Master Alcar said: “I am pleased with Casje.
I am very pleased.
Oh”, he says, “there are already so many Gerrits, because they are pilferers.”
But the Piets and the Klaas’ also pilfer.
And the Frans’?
Yes, beautiful names, they are beautiful names.
But by working on and serving the inner self, then the character rises out above you.
And then you say: “I no longer wish to be called that, I am now a universal personality.
And a tree and a flower, they form my name, have my meaning, because I get shape.”
In the first sphere the spiritual name comes to you of its own accord, to you, to your inner life, your soul, your spirit, your personality, because – from space, from the Divine All – the universe will exactly illuminate your word, your personality, the flowers smile at you and then the spiritual, pure, eternal name forms itself for your personality, and then you can only just be called, kindness, justice, I am part of the harmony.
God gave you – I told you before, yes, and before that – only one Socrates, one Buddha, one Rudolf Steiner, one Ramakrishna.
You received meaning by means of your arts and sciences.
But what did you master of Buddha, of Socrates, of Rudolf Steiner and the other children of Our Lord?
What did you master of the books of the Masters, of Jeus?
That is all possession of Jeus.
What did you master of that friendship on earth?
You do art, you are something, you are a boss, a sir.
You snarl and your growl and you kick your children out the door.
You cannot take anything.
Did you learn something?
Are you really busy?
Remember well, I do nothing to you – I am talking to the world – but I am talking to your inner life, to your motherhood, your fatherhood.
It is your business what you do.
We do not intend ... no Christ, no master Alcar, no God, no master from the highest spheres can want that, we do not want you to bow and crawl for us; we chase you away, we did not earn that yet.
I did not even earn yet, that I can distribute all those books of André, Jozef, Dectar, Jeus, I did not earn that yet.
But Jeus of mother Crisje has.
If it comes to it, then he has the final word.
He also said to master Alcar: “Writing is nice, you give the people wisdom after all.
You always just look at Christ, at Our Lord; here you have the image of what you can earn.
You write, you inspire, you get the art, yes indeed, you write wonderful books by means of my body, my spirit, my inner life.
The people come, the world will have to accept that one day.
But who must take care of the money?”
“Yes”, master Alcar says and I say and the highest masters say, “on the Other Side people pay with notes of twenty-five thousand million, which you cannot exchange there anyway, André.”
Then Jeus says: “The ‘droodles’!
The ‘droodles’ there with your possession, beautiful tables with golden plates and syrup on them, it is still just the syrup of the devil.”
The dance of a highness for this world means nothing for a Christ and a Deity, because there came straight from the Divine All: “Have you earned nothing else by means of your nobility?”
Oh oh oh ...
Moses says: “Did I die for that?
Did I bring the ten commandments to earth for that?”
Tell something about your Deity in you.
How do you wish to experience the earth, mankind for Christ.
Do you wish to earn the heart of man and wife?
Do you want that?
Do you wish to be able to absorb those lives into you?
Do you wish true love, sir, madam, father and mother? That can only by means of the pure, universal Christian love which takes you to Golgotha?
You leave, people here love you, people accepted you, and tomorrow you will get your dagger-wound in your back, because they are frills.
Is that spiritual nobility?
The spheres now look at the top people of the earth, they follow the great people of the earth.
Did you not experience the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’?
Did you not see then that Churchill, your general, and everything, were followed in order to send mankind through this chaos?
But, my children, that costs blood, that costs the blood of the Christ.
What is the meaning of all of this?
Why did we write ‘The Peoples of the Earth’?
Why did you receive ‘Between Life and Death’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘Masks and Men’?
And then go on a spiritual sandal.
You cannot experience any spiritual sandal, because there is lead in your feet.
Every lie, every deception, every deformation and every murder is a thousand kilo lead in your foot; you stand still and you cannot go forward.
Anyone who rapes God and the Christ, anyone who puts his signature at the bottom of a death sentence, punishes himself with thousands of kilos of lead for the feet and stands still ‘beyond the coffin’, is lifeless.
And you must then and we must then say: “Yes, you are right”?
We are not anxious, we are not afraid, just ‘bury’ us.
You just put us in your dungeons, yet we will go on speaking .
But must we still obscure, deny, deform the truth, the reality also in the ‘Age of Christ’, for the Kingdom of God on earth?
Must we make a fool of you?
“No”, you say soon, “if only you had lashed out.”
Even then we do not do that.
Because we do not violate your personality, you must do that yourself.
Lash out?
And it happens so sweetly, you can do that with your cup of tea, with your little talk, so sweetly, putting down flowers secretly for her, but looking to see what she does.
Snarling and growling have no meaning in the first sphere.
A wrong understanding, the story of yours, always wide of the truth, behind the word of Christ, that is sullying, that is the ‘burying’ of the new expansion, the new expansion.
There are people who always give another new story if you give the truth.
And then they fall back to: “Yes, but then you should have seen that.
Yes, I also have a lot to say.”
Stop for once and accept and think.
You cannot sully, obscure, deform anything anymore in the first sphere.
There the law as mother and father stands before your eyes and your Divine personality.
There you just have to show your colours.
“I am speaking, I am the truth.”
You must first earn the truth.
First you must prove what you can do for God, for Christ, for Golgotha, and then you can speak.
First you will stand on the stage of ‘Masks and Men’ and then you will experience that you stand completely alone in the world one evening.
Then Frederik says: “I am completely alone and naked on the stage this evening.
There were no flowers.”
For everything which I get there, we are grateful.
I am grateful to you for this light, for this life, for these little children (flowers), because they go straight now, half, from now on naturally and of course first to mother Crisje, and then Crisje and the Tall Hendrik add theirs, from their garden of life, planted, absorbed, and then just to Christ.
We speak by means of ‘Masks and Men’ about spiritual sandals, we talk about spiritual garments, we talk about devotion to duty, pure love.
Frederik stands before you.
What do you have of Erica, of Hans, of Frederik, of René?
When are you really a mother?
Do you wish to just sully all of this again?
Is your art so great that you must keep the silence in your house, your vicinity, for your awful, pathetic little dolls?
Yes, we shouted that at Rembrandt, your Titian too, your Dührer and all the great ones.
What did you do with your beautiful funeral orations?
You depicted Christ there, but you did not absorb any of His life into you.
You snarl, you growl, you were a Master after all, but on the Other Side art no longer has any meaning, a painting, your piano playing mean nothing if you do not have the light of space in you, if the love for those spaces, for every character trait as a spark of God, does not possess any viability, does not know any life space, is not love.
Because then every Divine eye dies out and becomes deformed, finally and in the end you just have to accept that, it is the life light of your pike: as stone-dead.
Yes, you look at the human being and you dress so beautifully – I provoked you, I provoked mankind – the ladies, don’t they, the mothers get their hair curled.
Beautiful curls, but is friendship also served, curled like that?
Do you sit down for hours on end in order to doll up your inner life?
Harsh word – isn’t it? – I am harsh again.
Is the mother so sweet that André can say: “If only she had bought a pair of spiritual nylons?”
Just spend that money for your inner character.
Just share out, become like mother Crisje, because I assure you: by means of this life you can experience and receive the first, the second and the third sphere.
Do not come with stories if the truth stands before you.
Think, listen, become a boyfriend, become a girlfriend.
If André says: “What are you doing there?
Why did you do that?” then his Divine space warns you, all of this which he received, experienced and was able to see, and then he breaks that for you.
You break everything.
If he could not break everything, the life of André would have no meaning.
But he receives you in an animal-like way, in a pre-animal-like way, in a crude-material way, materially, spiritually, cosmically.
And he is capable, by means of us, by means of the Masters and by means of his love of wanting to serve, his love for Crisje – because you are not for sale – he received the omniscience at a human attunement, and can receive you and can receive and draw up mankind, everything on earth, absorb it into his loving heart and support.
You do not know this life.
He is ashamed and you hit him if he sees and must accept that you do not understand this love.
Do you have sisterly love and maternal love?
If you love your sister and your brother ...
It is not an art to love your friendship.
“But”, we say and the first sphere says that, “when you kick and hit me yourself from those first spheres, which I want to give you, then I search for a life in the state of purity of God which wants and will accept and understand me, and then I no longer need you.
I will finish my task.”
Or did you really think, my sisters and brothers, that if you kick your love out the door, snarl at and break, and are too lazy to take the book of Christ in your hands: “I will see about that later” ...
Then you are standing outside the first sphere.
And then the human being who yearns and devotes everything for his Divine Kingdom, is in the hands of the Messiah.
And we can no longer break that, we support that.
The human being, the mother who yearns, she stands immediately in the paradise of the Messiah and experiences the Gethsemane.
In this way the human being builds happiness, loving fun for himself, the oneness with society, with friends, sisters and brothers.
Every wrong word sends your love out the door, because this is the born paradise.
Every harsh word which you say to your wife and your husband, that removes you from each other.
And woe betide those who snarl and snap and kick and deform.
The human being who can possess the first sphere, he no longer goes into those frills, he says: “I will finish my task.
I will serve you at the cost of everything, because I have it so good, so simple.”
The Christ went there.
Socrates had to take a poisoned cup, he brought himself there.
But the art to want to continue to live, the art to want to serve, the art to be able to receive that tormenting, that tyranny consciously and yet to share out the sweetness as flowers of different colours, that is the spiritual, human, cosmic Divine personality, which then awakens in the heart and under the heart of the mother and the father for this sacred, universal, macrocosmic oneness.
And you live for that.
When the creator of all life, the simple, pure, clear human being, starts to feel the cosmic oneness, the mother too, then her life blood radiates those powers and she weeps inwardly.
And when the other one says: “I do not like that” – we know that here only the mother sits and there the man, and that he will experience his life outside of there, and that the mother fights for and possesses inner life, and that she must do that secretly otherwise she will get arguments in the house – we tell you, mother, even if you were to have to leave him – you do not do that, you fight on, you will get the eloquence – but Christ and God, the Spheres of Light, millions of Masters as father and mothers stand next to you.
You come to the Messiah, you attune yourself to Gethsemane, you go to space, you already fight for life and death for spiritual unity, for this spiritual becoming conscious, you do not let your awakening, your growth be taken away.
We stand next to you.
The Christ in you, the God in you force you anyway to receive, to deal with, to experience the wisdom of the Masters, the wisdom and the love, the gospel of Christ and to use it for the personality.
The man who sits here alone, of which the mother says: “Go to that devilish carry-on”, he does not need to be angry, but just leave her with her devilish frills of the Catholic Church.
Because if the Catholic wants to be honest and good, then the Catholic does not scold at Protestantism or Judaism or Mohammedanism.
The immaculate, pure human being, as you can experience Crisje and want to see her, says: “For Our Lord we are all one.”
That was Crisje.
“I am Catholic, but being a Catholic”, Crisje says, “does not have everything.
There are more people in the world.”
And when a human being makes a mistake people do not murder the human beings.
So one life keeps taking care of the other.
If you want to give maternal love, then grow and collapse for your love.
Weep blood, but do not speak any words: “I am this and they should know me.
An art, this is an art.”
No, that is not an art, because every human being will explain to you that you are good.
But when nature does not say it, when the flowers in your vicinity wilt and because you still do not wonder: why do those little flowers always die like that?
And why do I have this and why do I have that?
Then that is your rotting, pathetic personality which lets the life of the pure God suffocate and wilt.
You suffer from anaemia.
You no longer have any life, any yearn, any consciousness, you do not have any unity; you gossip, you talk, you destroy, you lie, you cheat, you are false, you are mean, you have pride.
I am not talking to you, I am talking to mankind and to space.
Here everything frisks about.
I look into millions of faces, because they know who I am.
I fight for the Messiah, for my Divine personality in me.
Master Alcar really envies me that it cannot be he who speaks.
He is now too far away.
I still have attunement to the earth, he no longer has.
Anyone who is outside the fourth sphere, he does not come back in order to speak, because those people are too rare and spiritualized.
They cannot descend into the human misery, the destruction and the sullying, into that aura which now comes towards me, because that aura stinks.
I am not talking to you, otherwise you will walk again with a pressure today.
“One, two ... (takes flowers), may I steal two of them?
One, two ... three; you will get them: I am that, this is André, this is Crisje.”
(Lady:) “Thank you.”
“Do you know that people are following, holding onto you?”
Hold onto what you possess and have.
Serve now, come to being open, to being awake.
Become a human being, become a mother, become a father.
I have to soon release you, we have one more lecture.
How I slaved away in order to draw you up.
How was I able to give myself during these months?
“Oh, what a beautiful lecture we have.”
What a beautiful lecture we have, dare to say that to me one day.
What is beautiful?
Bent, often weeping, you went home, deeply moved, I can make it even deeper, I can go even further and then you will really jump apart.
Then I will take you to the Divine sacredness in you and then I will descend into your faults, into your faults and wrong radiation, because I see that, it comes towards me.
And yet we must get through that with loving feelings, we must force it back to your society.
We could connect you with Christ.
But, are you already prepared?
When your buts, your buts and whys cannot yet dissolve and you are not yet yearning, you do not yet want any foundation of the University of Christ, yes, then words have no meaning, then the blood of Christ has no meaning.
And then the writing of books by the Masters, Master Alcar and me and the speaking and the talking, then the love of André and Crisje is nothing, then the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade mean nothing for your life.
Because why not?
You are always still earthly, crude-material, you have still not started with growth, with unity, with love.
“This is for you.” (gives a flower)
I do not intend to give the human being happiness this morning by means of a little flower, but dry it, put it down next to you, that is from your love.
There are more of them.
But there are also some which do not want anything to do with this.
There are also some who have showed their hearts and now – remember this now – you do not do this for me nor for Jozef Rulof, André-Dectar, nor for Master Alcar, but those are the foundations for yourself ‘beyond the coffin’, those are the flowers for your life garden, that is your Golgotha, that is your love, your happiness.
You have that yourself.
Are you capable of pulling a thorn from the heart of the Christ by means of some love and some consciousness for this poor beaten mankind, your life blood?
Are you capable of wetting His lips by means of some mildness and human respect?
Are you capable of looking out for Him, so that the demons of Jerusalem, the Romans can no longer provoke Him, no longer beat Him?
Then you are a child of Him and it is only then that the lightness of space enters your life as a floating shape.
Then you have, my sisters and brothers, made a beginning for eternity in order to let your ‘wings’ grow.
And then you are a part of Amentoteb, then you are a part of Dante, of Buddha, of Socrates, then you are a part of the University of Christ in the true personality, for your human thinking and feeling for the love, then you have accepted the unity with God, with Christ, with nature, with all laws of life and you are bowing and loving.
Yes, and then what?
You think of yourself.
André no longer has the right, he left that on the Other Side, for him no right exists any longer, that right went to the Messiah; and He will decide?
No, not yet that.
André can do what he likes with his life and his thinking and feeling.
But the sacred inspiration lives in us, lives in him in order to draw mankind up to the Kingdom of God, to the new evolution, to peace and quiet and well-being, awakening.
He mastered that.
And that is the goal, that is what you live for.
You did not come to earth for that purpose; no, you go back to your All-being for that purpose.
You are God.
André gets – people learned like that – he gets a letter this week from one of our old adepts; that is not even an adept, that man always provokes him.
He says – and that goes to the spheres, if the person who feels this can absorb that and if it is necessary one day then you can give the word of God back, because we want to help those children again – the man says: “You will not write back to me’, that is to André, ‘because you cannot stand that an adept rises above your head.
You cannot even take it that I possess the contact and you do not wish to accept me, that is a defect of your self.
I have it now.”
In this way they learned, then they just become conceited, then they become great.
And then they want to stand here and then they are talking about communism.
Then one says: “They stole my jacket”. And the other one no longer knows what to do.
But I told you anyway, if you really want to possess inspiration, then run back home and first begin to lay your foundations for friendship, for society, for your love life as father and mother.
Then speak here.
“We will give you the possibility; if you pay it yourself now”, Master Alcar says.
And I said: “That is good.”
He said and she said and society said ...
The Masters do not speak by means of that life, he does that himself.
What an art, don’t you think?
Those people have not understood that?
No, those people walk back from the light to the human darkness, they possess it themselves.
Anyone who just materializes one wrong thought, stands behind the first sphere.
And now the sullying of mankind with regard to Christ, God, the Spheres of Light; illness, misery, lying, deception, murder, arson.
Until the next time, for the last time, for the last time.
If space says that we must continue, then you will see us in a few months again.
André says: “Just give me ‘the coffin’.
I now long for Crisje.”
We have Crisje next to us day and night.
But in order to be there now, in order to experience with her the real ascension ...
You think of course: André sees Crisje every day, but he does not get the possibility for that.
He has to think here.
He must release Crisje, the Tall Hendrik too, Miets too.
He may not even think: “I want to see Crisje tomorrow.”
Yes, when the book was published, then Crisje came to him and says: “Jeus, in the spheres they are talking about me.
And they are all flowers.
Jeus, Jeus ...”
Then Jeus, André, said in the middle of the night, he had got up: “Mother, for me you are never for sale.”
I thank you.