The Divine Love for the human being

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
In 1947 I said: “You have picked the garden of Eden empty.”
The children of God were roughly pulled from the ground.
But now we have and we must accept that you yourself are busy giving the garden of Eden radiance, light, life and love, aren’t you?
We will talk this morning about ‘The Divine Love for the Human Being.’
It is a pity that I must actually begin with the Divine love after all these lectures, because for this purpose I need five thousand lectures, hours, in order to be able to explain the love of God to you.
If the Masters – and that will be the case – give us the powers, then you will get to experience and to see the philosophical systems in the new season, which I talked about at the beginning of this season.
And then we will establish together, by means of the Cosmology which you now experienced, how we are true, just, harmonic for the astral world, for fatherhood and motherhood, for thousands of laws of life.
And it is only then that you will be able to establish: I am like this, this is my possession.
I talk: “I want, I want, I want ...”, but finally the human, spiritual will must prove: yes or no.
From the first sphere we came back to the earth.
I told you and showed you a bit, also the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, what is needed in order to experience and to reach that first sphere.
Every spark there is now a character trait.
That first sphere, the second, the third and the cosmic laws, that is a world and actually just one character trait.
One character trait of the human being places you outside the first sphere, or you have laid down, conquered that sphere fundamentally.
And that finally becomes the inner life, the harmony, kindness, justice, being open, it is the inspiration, it is fatherhood and motherhood and, of course, then love.
How can you now master the Divine love?
By experiencing the laws which go straight through society and to attune yourself to the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
We now get to see: the soul, you have that.
You are soul, you are attunement of God.
You received that attunement because you are Gods as human beings, as human beings in an animal-like situation, as the jungle and other peoples, the individual still has to accept.
We took you along through the bible, we laid open the mistakes, the untruths of the bible.
We went back to the origin of creation, because there the first Divine word was written, spiritualized and materialized, wasn’t it?
I drew the cosmology here.
You read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, so, of course, you are capable of being able to receive all of this and then to analyze and accept it for your own life, and now with regard to the first sphere to weigh up, to attune every thought, every word, each deed, an action, to those Divine laws of life.
Now you are man and woman, you are father and mother, you are a spirit of God.
God divided himself.
The All-Mother, the All-Father gave himself for this life and started to materialize himself.
We experienced nature, the stars and the planets, human being and animal, light, life.
We accepted fatherhood and motherhood, you became it.
We went through Socrates, Plato, back to ancient Egypt, where the first foundations were laid for mysticism.
And of course we got to see ‘Between Life and Death’, of which Master Alcar gave you the Master Dectar, Jeus, Jozef, André.
In order to explain the Divine love to you and to let you experience it a bit, this is the only opportunity for me to give you an idea of Jeus, Jeus of mother Crisje.
Jeus earned all of this now, not I, but Jeus.
He places it in the hands of his love, Crisje, and of course the human being who now still lives on earth.
It began in ‘the coffin’.
This life is always under the influence of the Masters.
If Master Alcar had a gram of wrong, unconscious feeling in him, then Jeus would have walked straight from dry land into the ditch, as the ‘Masks and Men’ gave you of revelation.
But behind this lives a feeling and thinking which is directly adjusted to the Divine love, to Golgotha, Gethsemane, art, sciences.
You got to know the first part of Jeus.
You got to know Crisje, you absorbed the Tall One, Miets, Johan, Bernard, Gerhard, Hendrik and Teun.
All of them are part of this mankind, of the Kingdom of God on earth, which will soon happen.
But everyone has to accept the laws for himself and to change them in that spirited world, finding attunement to law after law, life after life.
And now the human being is faced with his own Divine, spiritual, human personality.
Isn’t he, you experienced that.
Because the human being experiences society ...
For you it appears difficult and yet it is so very simple if you just hold onto that truth, that harmony, the life for ‘beyond the coffin’.
You have to accept now that you now, now already, are standing on ‘that coffin’, because there is not actually a ‘coffin’.
You do not need to be afraid that you will not be seeing after the life, you will be seeing in the darkness and in the light.
Because also the demons, the satans there – you will read that again in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ – have consciousness for the animal-like inner life and are open to it, accept it and love it.
But that which takes the human being to the Masters, to Golgotha – those pieces of proof exist, the Christ was born for that, He brought the Divine gospels as love – you will master those laws.
And now?
Now the human being is faced with his inner character, the difficulty which is so awe-inspiring as the macrocosmos had to accept and to experience with giving birth and creating.
God is harmony in everything.
Stars and planets have had to trace their power, their orbit, they emit light, they gave birth to millions of lives and there were no disturbances.
The All-Mother thought: this is going well.
There was no human thinking present in order to destroy this, on the contrary, it was steered and inspired by the Divine growth: the condensing and the spiritualizing of the first law, the hazes.
And then this firmament could begin for the human being.
Because what would be born from that, would represent the God of all life.
And now on earth – here lie the children, you are that yourself – life came to spiritual-material attunement.
The human being received a Christ.
The human being knew a Golgotha.
The human being is open to the macrocosmos, which Christ spoke about; the Kingdom of God as the university of His life began with this.
And now the human being thinks: the University of Christ, how must I think about that, how can I enter that temple?
And now I want to give you the picture anyway, in that short time, for the months that we are apart, so that you will sense that everything, that whole temple can be found again in your smallest character trait.
If you are now angry ...
Because I have to return close to mankind.
From the first sphere, from the macrocosmos, from the Divine All – and Christ also had to do that – we have to take part in the social feelings, we have to descend into the sludge of the earth, but we remain ourselves.
And there lives and lies your Divinity.
The books which were written by the philosophers, the few words which were established immaculately and purely from the Christ in the bible, by means of the bible, give you the picture to see, to experience how the human being must act in order to bring that Messiah in himself to awakening.
“I love.”
Do you know that very certainly?
“I love you, I cannot live without you.”
Yes indeed, we say now in ‘Jeus II’ and in ‘Jeus III’ and in the other books, in ‘Masks and Men’, tomorrow the door will open and they will kick you out the door.
But that is still not even bad, then at least you are away.
When you want to accept and to experience in the first sphere the life of God and for yourself, your sisters and brothers, then you most certainly have to accept this here on earth.
I made it clear to you that the spiritual moths in and under your heart nibble at the life aura for your spiritual personality.
And the fall, suddenly, by means of a harsh word, a not wanting to understand for the good, that hits you and kicks you from that infinity, because you have now rebelled against the laws for sun, moon and stars.
Your orbit which you now trace for infinity and your Divine love, does not go directly around the Divine sunlight, but goes to the left, from dry land into the ditch.
The human being now has his character traits in his hands, and I asked you a while ago: just look what is wrong and what is good in you.
And always – I told you – evil can be accepted and experienced, the gossip, the talk, the destruction for the human being with regard to the other life; but the good, that is so difficult.
I am not harming you.
And we are not harming mankind either.
But every ‘insect’ will soon stand before the first sphere, it will lie down in Gethsemane and reach meditation, it will stand before Pilate and surrender itself while we have the Divine authority in us.
We do not hit back, we go straight to the Caiphas and let ourselves be cheated and lied to, we come to stand before the kings of the earth and laugh at them inwardly – actually not even – from inside, right in their faces.
We sympathize with this unconscious self.
We know that they will soon tumble from dry land into the ditch, have to accept this muddy consciousness.
We know much more.
We went back from Golgotha to Caiphas and rising up again and we let ourselves be nailed to the cross.
And what does all of that mean?
What did the Christ mean by that?
If He – I explained to you and the Spheres of Light prove that to you, that is the first sphere, they are those heavens, they are the ‘great wings’ – had already sent out one wrong remark or feeling inwardly to Herod, Caiphas, Pilate, then the Christ would have lost His Divine All and consciousness.
He would no longer have been able to feel it, because He would have attuned himself to the evil, to the not wanting to understand, to the dominion of the earth, mankind.
He did not take part in that destruction, on the contrary, He remained himself.
Everything now in space and where you look – just look at the realm of colours of God here – harmonically experienced that growth as fatherhood and motherhood.
These are souls of one colour.
You want to experience love as man and wife by locking yourself up?
Do you now want to be harmony, do you want to be working?
You ask André: “What is working?”
Well, the working is and means: to inspire, to spiritualize and to materialize your life, your spirit.
You want to bring yourself to Golgotha, to Pilate; and the human being is a Pilate, a Caiphas over and over again.
And then you are faced with the professorship, the wisdom of the earth.
Good, you are faced with your minister, with your bible.
And now, now you have to experience the philosophical systems, that means the truth with regard to the animal, society, Mother Nature, your being a father, always your being a father, your being a mother and it is only then, afterwards, when you experience the growth of that, which is as deep as the macrocosmos ....
I said after all: your character trait is as deep as the macrocosmos and you will give that light.
That thought, that character trait must now find attunement to the infinity for your spirit, the Divine All in you, the attunement to the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Father, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Spirit.
And here we now enter society and the human being.
Now I can talk and talk and talk, explain the laws to you, we keep getting those pieces of proof, and then God says nothing and no Christ and no Master, then you break your inner, spiritual precious neck, in order to be able to give the proof for Gethsemane, for Pilate, mankind, yourself.
Are you love?
Are you love for mankind?
Are you still love, but for yourself?
Do you only love what was created by you?
Do you have a family love?
Do you have a social love?
Is your love still animal-like?
You can establish all of this for yourself, it can be experienced and analyzed now, after all, you have received the books from Master Alcar from the University of Christ.
We actually no longer need to speak anymore.
André says: “It is now enough, because when I look and stand, and work and serve and inspire, then ... and I pull them along, and I have them sitting on my back, on my head, in my pocket, I have five thousand and five million of them hanging on the tops of my fingers and I keep seeing four, I see five, I see ten thousand of them dropping down and they say: ‘I will rest because it is too powerful for me.’”
Oh, how difficult that is to be able to earn something for yourself.
How difficult it is to be sweet, cordial, kind and just.
In society now, you can almost not move a footstep, or you enter a mud pool in justice.
I gave you the proof.
The justice puts the life of God in prison.
The justice which your society possesses – you will get those lectures later and then we will be faced with your judicial authority – says: “That man must die.”
And then the life of God, a Divinity in animal-like and to animal-like attunement, is struck down.
People no longer think about those lives, they no longer have any meaning for this world, they are bad.
But I told you, the ten commandments forbid you to kill life.
The ten commandments say: do not kill, because Golgotha is love.
That still lies too far away from your personality.
That is something which you have nothing to do with, if you are busy placing the footstep, laying the little foundation for yourself for the first sphere.
And then we are close to each other, then we speak to each other day in day out.
We have to do with each other because that awe-inspiring space can only be experienced by man and wife.
As an individual in society you have nothing.
Even if you take part in art, even if you have the voice of space in you, the universal timbre – you know all of that for that matter – then you are still nothing, then you only have a little art.
You now also walk wide of the creation, you are not much more than mister priest and the little nun.
You are a male artist and a female artist, you represent singing, you represent something else, you actually act with the life for the space of God.
You are comedy at a hundred percent.
But to experience the oneness every day with a spark of God with whom you are involved, yes, that is the only possibility, we know that, we saw that, we had to accept that, the first sphere was drawn up by means of that.
You can only experience that by descending into the human being and to look and see there what is good and wrong.
And now.
Now you will watch over your personality and never ever send a materialization into the world again, and under no circumstances build up a spiritual radiance which destroys the other life.
You are always prepared to pass on the bliss of your spiritual self to the human being, the child of God.
You are busy drawing up society, your word becomes wisdom, your word gets ‘great wings’.
You will soon get your love back, because you are harmonically, justly busy laying the foundations for the ‘great wings’ on the Other Side.
That is all a great deal and that is all so awe-inspiringly wonderful.
But now to see and to want to experience to take in your hands the core, the simple self, and to say: “Look, this is what I am like, this is what my character is like, this is what my personality is like at the moment.
Do I have true human love?”
The Divine love for the human being, you can only experience that – I will lay down those cores – by being in harmony with nature, with the animal world, with the human being above all.
Did you really experience the giving birth and the creating under spiritual human power?
I explained to you before that you possess the Divine character traits, because now that you can still give birth and can create that is the representation for the All-Mother.
Because by means of this the universe received condensing, a shape, the personality started to speak; and that taken back and built up again, taken in hand and spiritualized, that became for the first human being who had completed the cycle of the earth, the first sphere on the Other Side.
“What”, I wonder at the moment and André says that, “what were you able to master in those months, in those years, in those seven, in those six hundred lectures, with those beautiful, those wonderful books of the Masters?”
Did you now understand that a harsh word, a wrong understanding takes away the inspiration of your spiritual self, that one character trait, a feeling which suddenly enters you, directly goes against – with regard to Christ, because that is our Divine example – the first sphere, the oneness with your husband, your mother, your love?
By experiencing and undergoing the law now, the action now, the speaking, the accepting of the human being, giving that thought, that oneness, that handshake, that looking spiritual justice, harmony, so that the human being feels supported by your thinking and feeling, that becomes and that is the possession ‘beyond the coffin’.
That is your garment on the Other Side, that is the light in your eyes, that is your final consciousness for that world and this space.
Then you are a Master in the spirit, because you will be able to take care of millions of people there and say: you should have done it like that and this is the truth.
Because I see that truth there and I feel it again in myself.
I will not go into the social systems this morning, they will be the next lectures and then we will consciously break your society.
Nothing more will remain of your society.
A human being, who now has a task in his hands in your society and just has to serve disharmony, injustice a bit, he works for the darkness.
We will lay down the social possession, ready and pure and naked as a shape before us.
You will later have to accept that you no longer want that society and all those possessions here, that kingship and emperorship because you know consciously that it keeps taking you to the darkness again.
We will spiritually, cosmically analyze every cent, all your possessions.
Do you wish to be assured for ‘beyond the coffin’, the life after death?
Do you wish to be assured for the first sphere, that no more ballast hangs on you, but that you can look nakedly and purely the light of life of space, the Christ in his face and then can say: “Yes, I conquered my material thinking and feeling, I am free from all that disharmony there, that lying and that deception, I am free from injustice, I start to feel and think harmonically, the Divine love is awakening in me”?
One wrong deed now, one wrong understanding, talking about something truly given to your life, is disharmony.
Still just talk around it, just accept it and you will be it, you will be it.
Why does the first sphere want nothing more to do with talk, with gossip, with dark thinking and feeling?
Why did the Christ stand before the little Pilate, before Caiphas and the world and said ... nothing?
Mankind had to decide now.
The human being washes his hands in innocence.
Do you wish to earn the first sphere in the shadow, by means of the shape of another?
Do you wish to cling to the garment of a Master?
You will have to earn those footsteps yourself and then you will get to see the picture – which I started with a moment ago – of Jeus of mother Crisje.
If you know how he built up his life for Master Alcar and understood and accepted everything awe-inspiringly.
For him there is no untruth; even if Master Alcar showed himself – you read that in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ – as a demon, Jeus, as André, continued to think and to feel spiritually.
He says: “I will take myself into consideration in order to give you the picture of the earth, which is rotting and bad, for me that is a Divine sacredness and a child of His life, God himself at an animal-like attunement, I will go between that and I remain myself.”
How this child of mother Crisje built on his life, how he goes through the city ...
If you soon get part ‘Jeus III’ then you will appreciate this life more and then you will say and fling into space, you give it to society: “Yes, the University of Christ now speaks here”, because the inner life went on, is expansion of spirit, is truly just, harmonic, loving.
By means of the first two parts of ‘Jeus’ you have actually only received a little thing, only the third part shows you Golgotha.
But when we return into the life of André, then you will see the conquering of the hells, the conquering of the darkness.
If Jeus had, on earth, when he returns from the spheres, from the darkness and from the light, and if there was one wrong thought in him, then those millions of demons would have the power over him to break and to deform him.
But Jeus said: “Just come into my vicinity, I am André.”
He always has to watch over his personality.
And it is possible, because it is now possession, it happens of its own accord.
Once you have given the inspiration to those and those character traits then you are still harmonic for space, then your personality still radiates the Divine light of life, then your feeling, your character trait gets a foundation.
And then the other human being says to you: “You can talk to this human being, this human being can be accepted, this human being is loving.”
The Jeus of mother Crisje always stood before the wonderful, Divine, macrocosmic laws.
Even if it is just a little thing, to give a piece of bread to a beggar, he starts to analyze and says: “Look, when do I do good, when do I do wrong?”
But first the real accepting.
To first build up fundamentally so that you are ready to always be able to receive every word of this society – because it is diabolical – in love, to keep your peace and to not let that unconscious personality speak.
One word, one wrong thought, built up in you, which gets attraction with the unconscious society, mankind, and you no longer know what you are saying, you fly from yourself, you now break down what you built up yourself in ten and twenty and thirty years.
One says: “I no longer like that life, I want nothing to do with that life.
They beat me, they broke me.”
And then what, if people tell you the truth and you do not want to see the light?
Christ stood and always stands for mankind, for the human being, for the father, for the child.
“Christ, I was beaten.
Master, they booed at me.”
“So”, the Messiah says to Peter, “how did you look at those people?”
“Yes, I was something.
I thought: what business is it of yours that we are walking.”
“And then you, Peter, said: ‘Look at yourself, do not interfere with us.’
But when I want to be the light of life, Peter, then I must be able to influence the human being radiantly.
I must want to approach the human being.
Why do you wish to leave yourself out of my light?”
Now the human being is faced with Pilate.
Then you are faced with Caiphas and you have to prove whether you are already part of that radiating light, whether you are part of the wisdom of life, whether you are capable of standing next to Socrates and say: “This cup, Socrates, it is mine.”
Now try touching a human personality?
We were able to give you spiritual treasures by means of Jeus of mother Crisje, because Jeus conquered those troubles, those little things in himself.
We can rise even further and higher, but then you will no longer understand it.
We will actually only begin.
Jeus says: “Then bow when the human being next to you, when the life next to you is right, you can now go further.”
Chop up the wrong self, kick it to pieces like a poisonous snake, take its dangerous head off, because that eats your live forces to pieces, that bites at your living heart, that sits gnawing in your spirit like a threadworm, that is cancer, that is spiritual cancer, tuberculosis, that is cholera and the plague.
Because the human self now has attunement to darkness and unconsciousness, and that is your society, those are millions of people.
But from you, who are busy expanding yourself, that is no longer expected.
But you know it, listening and say: “How beautiful that is and what a beautiful morning we had again ...”
And you do not look at moon, sun and stars, that is always beautiful and powerful, that continues to radiate light, that is eternal working for the good, for you, so that you will enter the Divine All.
And now you just have to look at space.
Now you must just look at Mother Nature.
Just make yourself one with a little bit of ground, a little bit of earth, then also in yellow, in gold, in red, in the realm of colours of God.
Now look at the human social world, go into that motherhood, into that fatherhood, go into a hospital, go into all the misery of the world, go into illnesses, into cancer and into tuberculosis, if you then possess a healthy body with pure, already human thoughts, then fall down in Gethsemane and say to yourself: “Space, space, my God, my God in me, and there, how can I thank You because I am walking, thinking, feeling, I am not sick, on the contrary, I feel radiantly happy.”
And now to spread that and to give that to your wife, your husband, that is the certainty for the life ‘beyond the coffin’, they are your spiritual, spatial sandals, that is your garment, that is the light in your eyes, that is the maternal, the paternal kiss, that is the oneness between sister and brother.
Of course we know, and you will read that again in the books, that you have to do with karmic laws, that means, you do not have it so well; one wants to, and the other breaks down.
That other says: “That animal is sitting there again reading the books.”
They are beaten out of your hands just like that; not materially but inwardly.
You see, you have to do with unconsciousness and that gnaws, that eats, that is awe-inspiringly terrible.
We know and the Messiah knows that, the great in spirit on the Other Side know that, that you are better to sit down alone in prison for thousands of years and nights in darkness then you will be better off, than always that tyrannizing, that breaking down, that destroying.
It beats your heart to death, it eats away your life blood, your brains almost burst from sorrow, you cannot stand it anymore, it is gnawing, vicious, diabolical.
Yes, and you just talk, and you just go into it and just say: “My God ...”, human being, but you stand on the Other Side, you live ‘beyond the coffin’ and you are exactly the same there as here: gnawing, devastating, growling, snapping, you lie and steal.
You accept the friendship of the darkness?
You love that riff-raff, there?
Because that is human riff-raff, that is demonic and diabolical.
But the word of Christ, Gethsemane, Golgotha, you prefer not to go there because you still serve yourself.
Well ...
People, people, people, when you lay this down and when you enter the spheres then know what you are doing.
I told you once, we are grateful for everything which you give to the Masters.
We send it to Golgotha, we lay it at the feet of Christ, we go for you to Gethsemane in order to say: “Our Lord, see, those people are grateful.”
But then there comes to us and the Christ says: “Every character trait which becomes blessed, harmonically just, is the orchid of My life, of My heart, of My inspiration, of My certainty, My light.”
When this is there and the other inner good, when the mother floats through her house, she has everything in harmony, she has devotion to duty, she does not roll through it, then she first comes into harmony with society, your house.
So make of your house, your dwelling, your being a man, your motherhood a Gethsemane and always place yourself before Pilate together.
Do not go alone, but go together.
And do you not want that?
Do you not want to enter Gethsemane?
What does Gethsemane now mean and signify?
Gethsemane means: to think with regard to the Divine love – it is only then that you will ... your character traits, that thinking and feeling ... –, the preparing for every word, the preparing for the next step, the new life, for fatherhood, motherhood, being a sister and being a brother, your task in society, your art, your art, your wisdom of life, for your children.
You now stand consciously, as Gerhard had to accept that from ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, as I, when I crawled out of the ground and had wrestled myself free from that worm instinct which had eaten up my flesh, when I walked into that world and yet was a human being and was alive.
Yes, only then the human being collapses and says: “My God, my God, I am part of You, I am alive.”
Then the gratitude comes into you, then you would want to convince the whole world, that you could take mankind in your arms.
But when one character trait in you refuses to accept your love which you have to do with every day, your sisterly and brotherly love, your being a father and being a mother, when do you wish to begin with mankind, when you already have to lose for that horrible little self the dry land for the ditch?
When you must succumb for that and lie for the smallest insect on earth ...
Because an insect says in ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje part II’: “That can also happen to me.”
Do you see?
“Because I am light and life, I serve and I want nothing to do with that great happiness there, that is then the human being, because they do not understand us anyway.
Those people do not accept us.
But we are busy drawing up those lives to our self, aren’t we, we are part of the firmament, we are it.”
This together, takes you from Gethsemane to Pilate, Caiphas, Golgotha, God, Christ, the Divine All, the light, the life, the spirit.
You must be able to deal with this.
Because you can earn all of that by means of the good.
Every thought now finding attunement to the Divine love, is the certainty ‘beyond the coffin’, will soon be the Master next to you who can say: “Come, we will return to the earth.
I will show you your dying.
I will show you your reincarnations, ten, twenty, sixty thousand, if you can deal with all of that.
I will show you where our life began.”
And then you see harmony.
I gave you the pictures by means of the cosmic laws.
then you see kindness, justice, then you reach oneness, that is then the inspiration, then you look into the human eye and then the spiritual lights shine from that.
As long as there are still wrong thoughts in the human being which have to do with society, you kick yourself out of that garment.
You chase yourself from the University of Christ.
‘Beyond the coffin’ those same character traits charge at you like human demons.
I am not making you afraid, but it is true.
You have to bring yourself to that spiritualization.
This is why, if Socrates had received the opportunity to materialize everything from his space then mankind would already have been thousands of years further and the Kingdom of God would be visible here on earth.
But what does the human being do?
People break down the higher thinking and feeling.
And that is exactly the same again if you love the untruth for yourself, if you love the disharmony.
Even if something in you says: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, they are right”, but you cannot do it, then that is the mist behind and for the first sphere, because you are not yet radiating, you have no light, your one character trait attunes you to the sphere where Gerhard and where millions, billions of people enter when they leave this life.
You have to bow for the spiritual truth and you will have to materialize that word.
But – isn’t it true? – if people just touch the human being, when people just say: “Why are you doing that?” then the human being withdraws, there is something to protect himself and then the human being closes himself off from the Divine harmony, from the growing as working; now there is no more working.
People go again from dry land into the ditch, people assure themselves of dark thinking and feeling.
And now the human being is certain?
Yes, here on earth, in this society you are now certain, because you still have material light, but ‘beyond the coffin’ you will not see any flower, any nature, you will have no one.
Yes, you have the destruction there, you have plenty of people there next to you, but they suck you empty.
That is the same type, that is the same attunement, which you are now involved with.
That hits, that kicks, that destroys you in only a few seconds, and that is and that can say: “You belong to me.”
And then you just have to accept because your inner life was open to that.
Yes ...
And how simple it is.
In your society you will do good by getting to know society as a personality.
When you see evil in the world, when you see the evil of the neighbours, of your husband and your wife, the wrong thing, the not wanting to bow, then you place yourself even more sharply on your own foundation and then you cannot be touched or deformed.
Yes, that will take a while for this life.
But this life is not finite, you will soon go to your own sphere.
And then the other one can say: “What does it matter to me”, can’t they?
“What do I have to do with that if I see you behind ‘the coffin’ and whether I will meet you ‘beyond the coffin’.
I will also have a world.”
Yes, yours, that of you, that destructive, that deforming, that unwilling.
There is no working, no inspiration.
You attune yourself to the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, but all under the first sphere, the light is not there.
The light must still awaken.
You are disharmonic, there is no question of harmony.
How can the human being now master the Divine love?
What does this mean: the Divine love for the human being?
That lives in the human being, but it cannot be received from outside, outside of you, you must give that consciousness, becoming conscious by means of your thinking and feeling.
Now your wordbook lies next to you.
Did I not tell you?
It is becoming dangerous.
The human being says: “The higher you now come the more difficult and more dangerous it becomes.”
Is it so difficult to be good, to be kind to your husband, to your wife?
Is it so difficult not to cheat your friends?
Is it so difficult to stay off another’s possessions?
Because you are probably too lazy yourself to give shape to your personality?
Because for you as a man, creators, the kingdom lies open.
You can become a minister if you want.
But you do not want that.
Why do you then complain that you only earn forty and fifty guilders?
Why do you not do your work well?
Because if you are in harmony and give pure working to your task, then you will become a Master.
Then the human being will say: “Look, this personality can be used.”
We do not need to search for it in the cosmology.
I will tell you what you can earn.
We will prove to you when you can master a material being one precisely by means of the bread which you bake.
Because, why did you add water to the milk?
It is a curse for yourself.
This is the real taking for a ride – from ‘Jeus II’ – of Christ, of Our Lord.
And Our Lord stands next to you and asks: “Give me one ounce of bread from your personality”, and then there is water in the milk.
But Our Lord does not let himself be cheated, nor the laws of space.
The human being gives the other human being a sandal of forty-five guilders and after two days those things are broken because it was cardboard.
How many character traits are there still in you which possess a starchy consciousness?
Do you wish to deceive space, do you wish to deceive Christ, do you wish to deceive Golgotha that your character traits represent the strings of your spiritual life harp?
And every character trait is now a string of your life harp.
When will you begin?
When will mankind begin to draw up a Divine life harp for himself?
Or will you continue to strum and to saw and to sing by means of the human inner life and intellect?
That remains earthly, that remains social possession and consciousness.
The inner life must start to speak inwardly for the whole of your society.
Finally the human being is faced with the serving, the wanting to serve for the peace, for the quiet, for the well-being.
You do not even think about that.
I am talking to the sensitive being, the human being who wants to assure himself for ancient Egypt, the human being who wants to possess the Great Wings.
I am talking to the human being who accepts that there is reincarnation and that you must return to the earth if you take the life of a human being.
But all of that gave shape to your inner, spiritual harp.
And now the astrologer can pull his powers from the universe, now planets and stars can talk to your life of feeling because you are one with that life, that macrocosmos, you were born by means of it.
Now it becomes wisdom of life, because you are bowing, you are loving, you are harmonic, you can accept all this in society and take it back to the first sphere.
But now there is nothing more in you that disturbs.
You say: “My child, go across the world, and even if you come back in twenty years’ time, I will know that you serve for me.”
You will certainly think that you will walk round with your twin soul ‘beyond the coffin’ in the first sphere and that she will always be with you.
Then you stand still again.
She is busy in the dark hells and you are on Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, because there is no longer any difference in distance.
You are completely one in all the sparks of God.
But you are alone here and she is there, but you speak, you possess a life of feeling which is universally one, you have the Divine oneness under your heart.
And that brought back to the earth, that taken back to your being a father, being a mother, that taken back to the creating inspiration.
And then you should see the man here on earth.
Talk, gossip, backbiting.
He can do this and he can do that.
“And I will soon take the place of Our Lord.
I will let myself be crucified, I will do miracles because I feel that I am inspired.”
And if a mosquito comes, an East Indian mosquito with a little bit of social, western malaria, then that great personality lies in a hospital and people can bury that life.
The snake instinct must be able to bite you, because that is mankind.
Satans and demons – do you not know that yet, husband, mothers and fathers – they have no meaning if you are true harmony.
That life cannot be destroyed, that life is open and conscious, that life serves for itself because we as cosmic lives, as Divine personalities, because we possess that purity, that universal self, let that grow by means of his All-Maternal working.
We will draw the human being up to the good, to harmony, to justice.
We on the Other Side, accept it, and the stars and the planets say that and Christ says that, will first earn our spiritual kiss.
Well, if a child from Jozef and Jeus must experience all these kisses this summer, this year which he earns for that life ...
When Crisje now looks Jeus in the eye, then gratitude, acceptance get ... because we will no longer accept anyway that you will want to cheat us by means of this beauty, that you will want to cheat Jeus and that you want to make a fool of Jeus with the children of Mother Nature; they come from your heart, they speak.
And the Tall Hendrik sees that, Crisje sees that.
They go to Golgotha through all of us, they go first to Master Alcar, and he sends them on again to his Masters.
They go from foundation to foundation, from temple to temple and finally we are all one.
Socrates is there, Rudolf Steiner, Buddha, Pythagoras – no Mohammed because he is still unconscious and blind – only the human being who has truly conquered and wanted to accept Gethsemane, the human being who can bow, the human being who serves, who works, says: “I want to become good”?
No: “I want to be good, I am love.”
And then Christ accepts these orchids on Golgotha, they come from your heart, but we earned them.
Do as Jeus was able to do.
I do not even want to speak about the one from the city because you can no longer understand him, and let alone André-Dectar.
It is now Jozef who must receive the masses.
André says: “I have fulfilled my task, now you must just see what you can do for your cosmology, for your cosmic consciousness.”
And now Jozef and Jeus are proud that they can add together the things of mother Crisje and the Tall One, their life youth and that they can add together the hells and heavens as an orchid.
Jeus and Jozef can say: “Just come, mankind, then we will let you feel, let you experience the Divine infinity, and then you will finally know where that Divine love lives.”
Jeus of mother Crisje is a prophet, of a kind which is not yet there and mankind will prove that to you.
The first sphere says that, they tell it to you.
Everyone who possesses the life light of space says that.
And André-Dectar is a cosmic Master, if you now want to know that, but also a child with a small-maternal feeling because society is small-maternal.
And why?
Because theology, the universities, the psychologists, the astronomers still have to begin with their first spiritual foundation for the University of Christ.
In other words: we are powerless.
But we continue.
Because the Christ was also powerless, but He knew: one day I will have all of mankind in My hands.
And they have now already become peoples.
The peoples of the earth get inner life.
The peoples of the earth reach unity, even if it happens by means of rough, harsh, terrible violence.
But people build foundations for the Kingdom of God.
The book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ tells you that, and the lectures say that, a flower says that, a bird says that, your food says that and your drink.
You do not need to pray for your bread because you earned it.
But woe betide, if you have stolen that bread and your drink.
Woe betide, if there is water with your milk and you sell it for truth, pure food; then you sell and you steal from your own Deity.
I told you: hit the human being right in his face and you hit yourself from the first sphere.
Sulk and you will sulk yourself from the first sphere, because we no longer sulk.
We are happy, we are cheerful.
There is nothing more which disturbs us.
We no longer have any bad character traits.
We are supporting, we fly, we have the Great Wings for every character trait, and there are thousands of them.
Be open to the good, be open to inspiration, pass into that attunement.
Become life, become really alive, become inspiration.
Become inspiration.
You no longer need to ask for that.
But when you hold onto the good, when you are always harmonic then inspiration stands between these two character traits and passes into your personality.
Work out whether you are really a mother in everything; but for yourself, not for your neighbours or for your society.
Descend into yourself under you heart because the Divine attunement lives there, there you are one with space.
You can be it with the bible, with the universities of the earth, with arts and sciences, but cut your bread in the morning lovingly.
Open your eyes when you awaken and look lovingly back with your full being open into the spirit to your Divine attunement and absorb that sunlight into you, divide it over the day, scatter it out.
Let the light be in your eyes for always and eternally.
Begin now ... ultimately there is nothing lost yet.
Jeus has from the moment that Master Alcar started with his life, Master Alcar started to play on his life, obstinately under full power he ...
Yes, when the Master influenced him in his 29th year and said: “Now we will begin”, from that moment the playfulness fell away from him, seriousness came to him, he started to heal, he spoke with the people and no longer wanted to take them for a ride.
Every wrong thought – Jeus saw, Jozef saw, André and later with their Dectar – every wrong thought takes me back to those millions there, who love the destruction for society, in the Land of Twilight.
Just look: where am I standing, where do I live?
And now just come ...
When I remain good, when I remain harmonic, when I have love in me, when I can get to know God and then send Him to your lives, nothing can happen to me.
Then I will write, then we will paint, then we will heal people physically, heal people spiritually by means of the word, by means of the beautiful, wonderful, spatial inner life and Master Alcar can always go further, wider and deeper.
And in this way Jeus, Jozef with André-Dectar, entered the All-Consciousness, the human being who now represents universal systems as soul, spirit, fatherhood and motherhood, night and day, as working, as elemental laws.
The human being from the Divine All, can inspire the human being of Mother Earth because now your own family feeling speaks to your life, because they are your forefathers who have reached the Divine All.
Months and months passed, Jeus is always, André is always ready to give himself.
And then he says to his brothers: “I will not do that, I will adjust to Master Zelanus, I will prepare myself for the last and the other lectures.
I want to be ready, and then we come with spatial will, with spatial inspiration to your lives in order to pump you full, in order to beat you with Divine love.”
And the other says after all those years, after all that love and justice, society says, the human being there says: “I will not accept that.
You are diabolical because the word in the bible is God.”
Then Jeus continues and says: “In a thousand years we will see each other.
In a thousand years you will come to me and then you will say: ‘My God, my God, how was I so foolish?’
And the law of life for space says: ‘It does not matter, my child, you did not know any better.’
And then Christ says: ‘Father, Father, just forgive them, because they do not know what they do.’ ”
But now applied for the University of His life it is called: refuse to accept the unconscious any longer.
Finally become love.
Make of your unity as husband and wife universal unity.
You certainly thought that we would absorb and would cherish your unconscious feeling and thinking?
Today it is – the Masters see that, the universe sees that, sun and moon see that, Christ sees that, your Divine attunement knows that – today it is wonderful and tomorrow we go, the wisdom goes, God goes, Christ goes, the books go over the street.
We on the Other Side say: let me see your friends and we will know your sphere.
Open your house to the Messiah and He will see your dirt; you are also that from inside.
When you speak about backbiting and gossip which goes over your head, then there is still something in you which is open to that.
And then that is not in the first sphere, because the first sphere teaches after all, the human being from the first sphere who truly loves knows for that matter: I live in misery and destruction, I am busy interpreting the spiritual light of space.
In me lives the Divine word, the divine building up..
What does a devil, a Satan, society, mankind matter to me who wants nothing more than to spoil the gold of the universe by murder and shoot-outs.
What does it matter to me, what does it matter to André if you break and sully his life; you do not sully me and not him and not space because we cannot be touched.
You will never ever hear over our lips: “I will not accept that.”
Because then, when we say to the Masters: “I will not accept that”, we would stand still and close ourselves off to the macrocosmos, God, for our life.
The love of God cannot reach us now, we have no inspiration, we are not open, we have no unity, we isolate ourselves away from Gethsemane, we kick ourselves from the first sphere.
The spiritual garment which received shape, the silky consciousness of this beautiful cloth becomes hazy, and the spiritual moth is now in it.
The sandals become heavy.
The human being no longer makes progress, the human being stands naked like a lead soldier in human society.
And everyone now knows that you do not possess any love.
The Divine laws of life – accept it, my sisters and brothers – they bring you to a better situation if you want to conquer that misery.
Do you long for love, as a girl?
Just continue to radiate the light and the love and never let a wrong word come over your lips.
Then the cosmos says: she is good for much better.
She will receive mine.
A small insect says, for that matter – in Jeus II: “I see you.”
That second marriage of mother Crisje goes to the universe, the judges speak about it, Christ in the Divine All speaks about it.
When that is not understood properly, then it can happen to me that they take away my light of life, my little light spark, and they kick me into the ditch.
The love for a human being can only be received and experienced by the personality.
And when that personality is kind, harmonic, just and always supports, and when every character trait towards your husband, your wife becomes a flower from the Kingdom of God, originated as a luminous shape, then that is also the foundation, the power, the condensing, the working in order to continue, to be able to experience and to accept the life of every day.
Then sleep is awe-inspiringly happy.
Then a handshake from the mother for the creating power, the father, is an orchid, a kiss.
Then the looking into each others’ lives is the being naked for the first sphere.
They are then the sounds for your spiritual harp.
And your tenor and her alto connect and send the life greeting to the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade, of which the Divine All, the human being in the Divine All wants to hear the sound, your timbre.
But psalm 5486 has no meaning there, Jeus said that, André said that, Jozef said that, and that is the truth.
Are you always happy when the life leaves you and fulfils the own task for society as a man?
Are you always happy, do you radiate when that life comes towards you?
Do you feel what is needed in order to take care of keeping wife and children alive in this chaos?
Do you have possessions?
Is the mother grateful that her life partner, her light, her spirit, her personality comes back and is she outstripped by feeling to say: “Just look, my love, here is the food”?
And is he the same for her?
That sitting next to each other and being able to absorb the life children of God, those life juices, in there – believe it, and accept it - you experience a grade of love which connects you directly with planets, suns and bodies.
The smallest life of feeling, the life in a shed can be Divinely Godly if you understand and want to experience yourself.
Believe it.
Temples and castles, kingship and emperorship, that has no meaning.
If you want to give a castle and one of your beautiful cars to Jeus, to Jozef, to André, then he will say: “No.”
Why not?
Because he has mastered, earned happiness in his vicinity.
Every footstep says to him, even if the floor creaks: how happy we are in this little house, because we are one.
No material gold is needed for that, on the contrary, space radiates life light, the people come.
The house here on the Other Side is a palace, a university.
Because the more you learn now, you master in wisdom and place the inspiration of that on your character trait ...
When you talk about friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, paternal love and maternal love, that is a pillar of your spiritual temple, the University of Christ.
With André you will soon be able to see millions of paths ‘beyond the coffin’ and Crisje had them too.
He is always open to the human being, the paths have been laid in order to enter the Kingdom of God, space, because he wants to be love.
But when you darken those paths yourself, when you deform the life path to the Divine source and want to see it paved with thorns again, when you laid the holes and the pitfalls and traps there, which he does not possess, but which get shape for yourself, yes, then you already stumble there.
And then people hear you shouting because you are attached to your own pitfalls and traps.
Christ never laid a pitfall and a trap for His apostles, for mankind.
But the apostle did that himself, didn’t he?
Even if we fight for Judas, that Judas is not a traitor, for God, for Christ, there are no traitors, never, not as a human being, neither as animal, nor the life of Mother Nature and space.
That betrayal does not exist and for Christ and the Masters on the Other Side it is only just unconsciousness, misunderstanding, the not wanting to accept, the not wanting to bow.
Soon that life will be very very different and conscious.
But then the human being will be faced with his own self and the human being as the spiritual personality will have to accept: as Mother Earth traces her orbit around the sun, as the moon finishes and underwent her task, as the university reached visibility, the grades of life for Mother Nature eloquently interpret the Kingdom of God as light, as colour, so the human being will finally have to begin, as man and wife, to give his character traits these colours, to give light, to give inspiration, to want to be working, meditation, silence, peace, quiet.
When are you always reality?
You see, I must take you to Gethsemane, to Pilate, to Caiphas, to Golgotha, but for us space lives.
You live on earth, you are a part of a stinking, lustful destruction as society.
You are part of murder and arson, thieving.
But you received the books by means of Master Alcar and his instrument – you know how it should not be done – the Divine realm of colours of which you see before you in the first sphere.
That is then your dwelling, those are the paths, that is the art which hangs around you, is it not ?
Because Master Alcar showed you his dwelling.
You entered the life room with him and André stamped on the sensitive heart of the Master and Master Alcar says: “Do not do that again later because you disturb me.”
And you already give your love a kick like that if you deform that love.
It is no longer serving when you do not wish to bow your heads for each other, for those who are right.
It is not spiritual longing, it becomes and it will remain – you just have to accept that, you can experience that in yourself, that lives under your heart: you have still loved the material society, this skeleton.
You have no inner or spiritual contact, you live next to and along side each other.
And have you now become a husband and wife because of that?
Are you married for that purpose?
And is your word no longer love?
Did you not eat each other up the first moment when spring awakened in you and the cooing manifested itself on your breast?
You stood up to worlds, you no longer thought of night or of darkness, you ran past yourself in order to experience your love.
Yes, for twenty-five days and then the spirit spoke, then the personality spoke and manifested itself and the love lay outside in the street, in the gutter.
But to hold onto that, to make that – and we will begin with that with the new lectures – to always see and want to experience that as the very first moment, always that inspiration in you to do the good, the beautiful.
And then your little wife of eighty years old is still twenty-one.
And then your husband is, even if he walks on crutches, the radiant inspiration for your inner life and your love.
Then there is no being old, then there is no destruction, no decay because you have now become human love with the life attunement for the Other Side.
The love from the first sphere and that of God always takes care of you if you just want to climb that peace.
But there goes the human being.
You just doll yourself up.
Just make yourself beautiful.
You buy beautiful, lovely things for yourself after all.
I brought the Other Side back to the earth and it lives in there, just accept it.
Your curls have no meaning there.
But try putting a very nice perm into your human character trait?
Yes, you want beautiful garments as a mother, don’t you, silk and all adornment.
Yes, nice, if you also possess that nicety from inside.
And the man must have his crease in his trousers, mustn’t he?
He comes in and says: “And I am it.”
Yes indeed, mite, go ... go ...
“And they still have to tell me something.
I know it!”
“And I will prepare that.
And I will prove that to you.
And I can do that.”
He can do nothing because he is already breaking by means of a little bit of love.
Man and woman, who are you?
You have conquered the death.
There is no longer a death.
You have accepted the reincarnation, you say yourself: “I will go back to the earth because I smashed things to pieces.”
Then Christ said: “That is one who is conscious.”
Who says there to mankind: “I smashed things?”
All of mankind lies and cheats and does not want to know anything about smashed things.
The human being hides himself.
The human being has large ribbons of knighthood on his chest.
The human being gets stars and planets on his jacket and people have to accept that honourable, noble pride, but inside people are standing on the deformation.
But who can testify before the Messiah, before Gethsemane, before Pilate and Caiphas and then before Golgotha: “I am still just a mite.
I smashed things to pieces but I want to atone for everything.
I can bow my head.
From now on I am light, life and inspiration.
I am really mother”?
Then it is not possible that you walk around the earth alone.
Then you have friends.
Then you have sisters and brothers because everyone loves you.
“I will never go on a trip again with this child.”
You go with Christ.
“And I will never go out again with this child, because it let me pay.”
What does it matter to you?
When you have the gold of the earth in your pocket then Christ does not want you to share it out, because Christ wants everyone to make an effort and to earn it.
But when the sweetness starts to speak, when the love starts to speak with regard to sisterhood and brotherhood, well, child of the earth, is the life light of space not an anointing being self?
Is the friendship of your sister and brother – not that of husband and wife – not a spiritual kiss?
Is that not the unity for stars and planets, for the Divine All?
Your society?
You are kings and emperors, princes and princesses and can you say today: “My princess, give me a kiss”?
Then she says: “Here, (kissing noise) wah, wah, wah, wah.”
You must feel just feel that kiss, but the heat inside and the light from the eyes, the consciousness of the personality.
You should feel when those courtesies start to speak, as the human being between life and death experienced in ancient Egypt.
You can keep building that up for yourself, you can prepare that in society – they will become the new lectures – then every moment, creator of the earth, man of this world, your wife is a princess of space.
Then it is not strange that we say of André: “And he is the prince of space”, but then you are also it.
And then she is a princess.
Even if you walk wrapped in rags, even if you are wearing clogs as mother Crisje did.
You should see her golden sandals now, you should see her golden garment, because she is here.
The Tall One too.
Miets and many of you.
They inspire Jeus, Jozef, André-Dectar.
Because the love inspires his soul, because she says: “Jeus, there’s no end to it.
My God, my God”, Crisje says.
The Masters had to explain to her that she has given birth to a prophet, and she is now that far that she can accept it and absorb it into her.
She just has to absorb this prophetship and this mastership into herself.
That built a sphere, a house, that is one with cosmology, that possesses the ‘great wings’ in order to return to the moon and then Crisje says: “Hendrik, Hendrik, but our Jeus.”
If only I could talk to you together as husband and wife.
If only I could turn you outside in.
Yes, in words.
But you are still attached to yourself.
If I could just give you our inspiration, our willing, our happiness.
But then it lies in your hands and then you press it to your chest and it falls away from you again because that will is not yet there.
And then do you want to serve?
Serve ...
Serve your love.
Serve the Divine spark and you will get to experience and to see God.
Serve every moment for your human intellect.
Start to reason sensibly, but take it forward to the seventh sense, bring that on your character trait, give it light, give that character trait ‘wings’.
You do not know, but again you experience a new grade for your kiss.
The human kiss can be animal-like, pre-animal-like, crude-material, material.
The human unity by means of which the mother and the father give birth to children, by means of which you promote your evolution, that can be animal-like, pre-animal-like, crude-material and material; we will soon come to see and to experience that with the laws of marriage.
But now a spiritual kiss, the spiritual being one.
Is it not true, mother, do you not long for the spiritual kiss of space?
And your creator possesses that.
Do you wish to experience and to accept that kiss?
Is it not true, do you not run from your house because you are tyrannized there and do you not wish to experience something of this world if you are faced with love?
We know, you are beaten, ill-treated, tyrannized every day by means of a word, ... (inaudible) by means of that snarling, that cursed destroying.
People already no longer understand how the human being can stand that.
Because nowhere in the cosmos, or in nature, there is no life which must experience it, only the human being has built this up for himself.
You now know it, it is karma, you brought it forward and materialized it yourself in previous lives.
But now, now from Gethsemane, standing before Pilate, now you are faced with your destruction.
There with Caiphas, when the Caiphas snarls at you, when the Caiphas destroys you, when the Caiphas beats you, then you pick up your cross, mother, child, and you go alone to Golgotha and finish your task.
Then just leave that Caiphas there standing alone.
Neither the spheres nor I, nor the Masters, there is no longer an insect, no longer a flower, no longer a painting which can draw you up, you must do it yourself.
Do not let yourself be beaten.
(To the sound technician:) I saw you.
How many minutes do I still have?
(The sound technician answers.)
Until this evening, good ... until a thousand years.
How much love do you still have to conquer that?
Do not let that becoming conscious be taken away from you.
Do not let that inspiration be taken away from you.
(Master Zelanus stumbles upon a flower.) Pardon, my child!
Do not let yourself be locked up by the Caiphas.
Do not hit him back.
Do not be sarcastic.
Do not be unjust, continue to look the Caiphas lovingly in the eye and always place the cross of Christ down next to you, because then you will be assured of His Divine love and consciousness.
When the snarl comes, then do not look, just become silent.
When your wife or your husband wants to throw you out then you are as silent as the grave.
And then you will say: “King, I will serve you.”
Sooner or later this life will awaken and then you will see that you have done everything for yourself anyway.
But he will now pay with his bills, by means of flowers, by means of something extra.
And then the sandal comes, then you have earned the beautiful garment and then that curl in your soul looks lovely and that is full of life.
You are now one with the Other Side and with the inspiration, with the perfection, with light, life and love.
Your personality speaks and is radiatingly conscious.
Yes, radiatingly conscious.
You see, we are faced with new lectures if the Masters want that.
I assume that we will soon get the powers to continue the lectures.
And then we will begin: when am I good?
When am I true?
When am I just?
When am I kind?
And then I will put the wordbook down here and then we will see what is still good and wrong in the human being.
And then we will analyze all those systems until we have reached the spiritual grade for the goodness, the understanding, the accepting and it is only then that we will be as Socrates wanted it.
And then we will go again through the cosmos, then we will return to the prehistoric ages, but then we will go through the hells again to the heavens, to the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere.
We will enter the Divine All again by means of one character trait, because your character traits become material, then spiritual and then cosmic, and it is only then that the Divine Omniscience speaks for your personality, your fatherhood and your motherhood, your love life.
My children, I assume that you will begin with the new, the beautiful, from now on, from this morning with a clean slate.
You have never made one mistake yet.
You are all radiating.
You are princes and princesses.
You are only love.
You have nothing to forgive each other because there is nothing to forgive.
You love.
Even if people have beaten you, even if you deformed yourself, even if you could not bow your head, you are still bowing, you receive everything.
A new age will begin, the Kingdom of God, the gates of which are now opened, call to you: “Climb the University of Christ for your personality on earth, your society, your fatherhood and motherhood, your sisterhood and brotherhood, your unity, your giving birth, your creation.”
Now become love.
Kiss according to the harmony for space.
Trace your orbit around your love and always radiate it.
If she wants to darken herself and wants to remove herself from her life orbit for God and Christ, then she herself will be faced with the dry land and the ditch, the darkness.
But then you are free, whoever it is, you are standing on a wonderful foundation, it is only then that you become inspired, it is only then that the beings of the Other Side speak to your life.
It is only then that Christ can come to you and He stands next to you and then you are one with His Divine personality.
You see, you have at last and finally everything in your hands yourself.
You must just prove what you want and what you can do.
We are serving.
We love, we love truly, but we must receive you as your feeling, your inner life is, your personality speaks.
But we have proved that we can serve your life for years and that we ask for nothing back.
And finally we also get a beating.
And then we accept that too, no sorrow comes, no cough over our lips or over mine or over Jeus’, Jozef’s, André-Dectar’s, the Masters’.
No one in space sighs because the life was beaten.
We say: “Mankind and the child of God on earth do not know what it is doing.”
We have nothing to forgive, we only have to draw up the life because it is my blood, my soul, my spirit, it is my child.
But when that child crashes the golden universe to pieces, then the child will first have to gather up those shards in order to show the life vase of space to Christ again, to put it down on Golgotha and to say: “Christ, give me an answer, is Your life vase ready again?
Can the flowers of my character go into it again?”
And then the Christ says: “There is still a hole there, My life water will seep through it and they will wither anyway.
Also close that and then I will be able to accept you again.”
Which of you loves?
The Divine love lives in all of you, it is really still unconscious, but by means of giving spiritual growth and working and inspiration to every character trait, your word, that awakens your Divine attunement and that is the fabric for your garment, that is the light in your eyes and the blond, the brown colour for your hair.
That is your shape, your own self, your will, your personality.
My sisters and brothers, I must finish, I will pass you over to André, I will go and he will come back to you.
I thank you for everything.
I thank the human being who has always thrown the twenty-five guilders in the box after the lectures for André and for the books; I know who it is.
He, André, will not know.
Christ knows.
I thank the human being because they are capable and have helped me to give ‘Jeus I’, ‘Jeus II’ and soon ‘Jeus III’ to mankind.
I thank everyone.
But you do not want any thanks.
And then just do not accept my thanks either.
Now finally say to yourself one day: “I do not want any thanks”, even if the Master gives you something, “I am doing it after all and above all for myself, for my life ‘beyond the coffin’.
I am part of the University of Christ, I may and I must be a foundation of His building.”
It is your own possession after all, isn’t it.
They are your books, it is your world, your wisdom, your space.
It is the Christ in you who awakens and now says: “I love.
I serve.
I bow.
I want to master the cosmic, spiritual consciousness and now I begin to help to support the Messiah.”
You do not do that for me because I speak to you and you must not do that for Master Alcar or for Master Cesarino, Damascus, the Half Moon, Ubronus or for the Divine All.
You do that in the first place for yourself and then for your love, your wife, your husband, your child.
Because there are three of you, God as father and she as mother and your child as God’s son.
You represented with yourself, your sacredness and your love, the Holy trinity.
You are father and mother and child.
And which one do you want to be now of these three?
Every grade of life you touch is Divinely inspired and possesses All-Conscious attunement ...
I thank you.
(Someone stands up in the hall and says something)
That is not necessary, I thank you.
May I ask you not to do that.
Have you not proved here ...
These are your flowers.
Is that true?
They come from your heart.
(Something is said in the hall)
What did you say?
“Those white ones.”
These are yours, those are yours, these are yours.
All these flowers come from the human being, from the heart, from fatherhood and motherhood, they are it.
And here stands a little orchid which wishes to speak, will take care of her life.
I give all of that back to you.
André will accept all of that for his love for Crisje, for the Tall One, but I will give it back to you again.
We want to leave naked and to build you up, to give you a spiritual garment.
Do you see what I mean?
This is yours, that is yours, space is yours, Mother Nature is yours.
When you start to experience nature, when you start to experience God and everything, my friend, my brother, then we kneel down, then we remain sitting and we reach meditation, and then we do not stand up.
I thank you.
(Something is said in the hall.
Then the music plays, which stops shortly afterwards.)
The life sources from space give me the feeling not to go.
But I must leave you.
I will go back to the moon, my adepts are waiting there, my hundred million fathers and mothers are waiting.
My hundreds of children, hundred million children have accepted me there.
I told you it, because I am the mouthpiece, the organ of the University of Christ.
The very first which the earth has known and mankind will get to know.
The very first and the only one, because soon we will speak from our own life by means of the direct voice apparatus and then no Masters and adepts will be needed anymore, then all of this mankind will be my and André’s adept.
Because ‘beyond the coffin’, sisters and brothers, we have mankind, the earth as planet, as mother and as child in our hands.
André earns that.
Jeus of mother Crisje gets to experience that.
For millions of years mankind will hear the voice of Jeus, Jozef, André-Dectar and mine, but also that of Master Alcar and the heavens.
Because this is in the hands of His light, by means of His personality, the Christ, all of this was built up.
We do not serve any unconsciousness, we only serve the life, we serve the awakening, we serve the Kingdom of God on earth.
It is difficult to leave, you see that.
I live in a paradise ...
But if you come to the Other Side, and you see the moon flower, the mother flower, the orchid which is so big as a sun.
You see every flower on the Other Side.
I am cordiality, the flower of cordiality.
And then you must see the sparkling parts in that life.
You will find the reincarnation of the universe again in one flower.
I will find all my lives, all my character traits again in my life garden.
Do you see?
And that life belongs to me, that life speaks, is white, yellow, red and then with the spiritual attunement.
Then I get to see the mother flower, the father flower, the flower for art, the flower for wisdom of life.
If I absorb the flower in me, then I get – you feel – then I get the wisdom with me and it walks next to me over the street, it goes with me through space, I therefore become an interpretation of Mother Nature, I represent Mother Nature.
You can find all those lives again in my life garden around me.
And then the God as creating power, as working, the Christ, the flower as Christ, the flower as Golgotha.
A Pilate and Caiphas as flower, they do not exist.
A destruction, a wrong thought has no living power, has no building up, no inspiration.
When we speak about that, then you will see at the same time that you build up your personality, you reach unity with Mother Nature, with space; and the flower speaks, fatherhood and motherhood come to you, enter you, your life blood goes back into the flower, into the planet, into a star, into a sun, into the hazes, into the Spheres of Light.
Who are you?
Yes, I am back.
(Jozef Rulof comes out of the trance) He has gone, he has gone ...