The human being and his God

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will begin this morning – I thank you first for the life garden – with ‘The Human Being and his God’.
I want to take this morning as an introduction for the following lectures: ‘The Human Being and Christ’, ‘The Human Being and his Awakening’, ‘The Human Being and his Evolution’, ‘The Human Being and his Harmonic Life with regard to the Other Side’, ‘The Human Being and his Love’, and finally, ‘The Human Being and the Other Side’, the life ‘beyond the Coffin’.
We experienced that God – because it now concerns this – created the macrocosmos for the human being.
He condensed stars, planets, suns, and spaces, only to spiritualize and to materialize himself.
I told you and was able to explain and you can accept this: the human being is a Deity.
For God, for the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Plasma, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood the human being is a Deity.
All the life, flowers, animals, plants, spaces are all sparks of His personality.
You know that, you learned that.
We brought you the books, and we gave you seven to eight hundred lectures.
Now we could say: you know, we can stop, you have the consciousness, you are ready, you are finished.
And still, now we are faced with the great question: how can we earn that light, that love, that life, that personality, that soul, that spirit?
You must now earn the Deity in you.
I told you that the philosophical systems of Socrates and Plato, but especially Socrates, were built up fundamentally by the university here on earth.
But the psychologist does not know himself, he does not know Christ, he does not know God.
Know yourself.
The Masters instructed me to connect you now, by means of the cosmology, with the thinking and feeling, your society, if you finally want to begin with the Other Side, the harmony, the justice, the love for the Other Side, for the spaces.
You must now know how the action places you before the destruction.
You must try – and they become the analyzes – you must now try to take the rarer substance, the last foundation, the laws as it were, to the revelation.
You must now begin – and I will have to explain that to you – to materialize and only then, to spiritualize the thoughts in the first place for your society, for your arts and sciences, for everything which you do in this world.
And now we are faced with thousands and millions of disharmonic laws.
Now we go from that justice, that harmony, that love, that fatherhood and motherhood, that light to society and we come to face the destruction.
We must now take a walk through the life and we are now faced with the sparks of His personality, the Deity in this society.
Every Deity now has another meaning.
Every little soul is busy cursing himself, destroying, devastating or building himself up.
The chaos which we are now faced with is so alarmingly pathetic and unconscious that we wonder: “What must I actually start with now?”
‘The Human Being and his God’.
In the very first place you now know the God who started with His growth immaculately, purely.
I explained to you and you can accept that: in space everything is completely harmonically finished.
No disturbances can be experienced there.
What is night and a thunderstorm here for you, for this space, is for God and His personality, they are elemental laws, harmonic material, parts and particles of this gigantic macrocosmic body.
The stars and the planets are connected to it and naturally, of course, we are then faced with the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, aren’t we, you have read them now.
But now, how must we now earn that universe?
I was also able to explain a bit that you are gifted because you are sitting here already.
You have already taken your place for your Divine development and evolution.
Anyone who was once touched by attuning himself to God, to Christ – those are the lectures now, aren’t they – to the universe, to the hells, to the heavens, to the Masters, but especially to Golgotha, Gethsemane, Pilate – the things we experienced together – is already gifted.
When you now ...
And in the very first place Master Alcar, Master Cesarino showed you the books for the hells and the heavens.
When you descend into them then you know that when the human being wishes to forget himself, he snarls, he growls, kicks and hits and wants to see and accepts injustice in order to be able to enrich himself, attunes himself – and you will learn that then by means of the books and now by means of the analyzes – to those dark spheres, which are now nothing more than unconsciousness.
Unconscious, for what, for whom?
Now go to the bible, now go to your priest, the Catholic Church, Protestantism.
We talked about that.
What do they have now, what do those sects have of Christ, the true Christ, the true God, the true fatherhood and motherhood?
You can listen to those rolls (recording tapes) again.
What does the priest have?
What does the little nun have?
What does the human being have who walks wide of creation?
What we can now experience and can reach and may bring in this age, is the Omniscience of Christ, of God.
And that will now awaken – ‘The Human Being and his Awakening’ – that has to awaken in you.
That must awaken under your heart.
We do not have any sermons, we do not have any stories, we go from the macrocosmos to the earth.
Because all those laws, those wonderful spaces, those growths, that light, that life, that love, that fatherhood and motherhood, that lives in the single cell, the human being, the animal, the flower, the plant.
In all life do all the Divine character traits lie ready and immaculate, hidden?
No, the human being is open.
He is one with God.
He is Christ.
He is sun, he is a planet, he is the growing universe.
I explained to you that the animal world gets the Great Wings.
The highest possession for the animal-like life in the waters and on the land is finally the possession of the Great Wings.
The Great Wings, people say that in England and people say that in America ...
But the life of feeling ... you can include the languages of the world, you can speak as much as you want, that knowledge, that will soon be clear to you, means nothing, because feeling remains feeling.
And the All-Source was just in that, the All-Soul started to create and started to build consciously, lively, in order to represent itself.
And now the human being just has to accept that he is a Deity, that he is the All-Source, has to represent the All-Life, All-Soul, All-Spirit, becomes All-Personality as light.
Yes, when you take as human being the systems inwardly and outwardly to that awakening.
Now you must tell me, who are you?
Who are you?
You must start to explain to me, explain to the Masters, and explain to Christ who you are now.
I told you several times and was able to explain and that is very simple because we now bring forward our own life: how do you now earn yourself?
You are beaten and kicked, aren’t you, you have suffering and sorrow.
You have diseases.
You are deranged and insane.
You are half psychopathic, unconscious or completely psychopathic.
If you look at the chaos in the world then you say: “If only I could die.”
But you do not die.
You also continue to walk on ‘beyond the coffin’ with your psychopathic destruction – you cannot even do that yet, because you do not have the possession there in order to be able to stand – because in your thinking and feeling, in nothing you are just.
I am not talking to you.
I am talking to society, the unconscious society.
I no longer assume that you are psychopathic, or I will leave.
Then the life in nature listens and feels better.
A snake comes forward and puts out its jaws, puts out its inner life and looks me in the eye and listens.
“Oh”, this animal says, “soon I will probably be different.
They call me hissing violence, but when I look at the human being then it hisses in that society during the day, during every hour, every second.”
When we start to compare the life with Mother Nature and start to accept the animal in the human being – no one usually wants that – then you will feel, then we are faced with that deep chaos.
There is no fall.
If only that fall was there.
But that fall is not even there.
You did and cannot yet experience that fall, that going back and forth because the human being is dead, living dead.
He does not want to fall, he does not want to fly, and he does not want any evolution, any inspiration.
He goes his own way.
He just carries on.
Oh now, the human being is not open to that, imagine: there will be nothing left for me.
And then what, what must I then do?
We learned that when you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and have to experience and to accept the life, then there is nothing more that can protect you.
You have that protection in yourself.
And the God looks, the God of all life looks, and Christ looks.
Christ looks with His Masters from the Divine All down to the earth, straight into your society, at your heart, at your feeling, at your thinking.
I told you and I can repeat that a thousand times: if you want to speak to Him, then prove who you are.
If you wish to see Him, if you wish to heal, then prove that you can call Him.
But your feeling, your thoughts do not rise any higher than the ceiling of your living rooms.
You do not yet have any inspiration, society, because you do not have any reality.
You cannot move a step in the Divine infinity, there is still unconsciousness, there is no life, no feeling, no justice, no harmony.
What do you do?
What do you do now?
How do you wish to experience God and Christ?
How do you wish to take the Christ in you – I told you – to growth, to fatherhood, to motherhood, to that awe-inspiring love?
You are people of one colour, you are people of one grade.
Yes indeed, you would like that.
One has more feeling than the other being.
The human being who lives in the jungle is still animal-like unconscious.
But the white race (see knows Christ, the white race knows God, and now just pray.
I explained to you and was able to analyze the prayer.
Not to deny you it, because you cannot even pray.
I must prove that to you.
I will certainly not hit you, I will do nothing to you, but I will prove to you that you will still have to learn to walk spiritually.
You will have to experience your first footstep consciously, if you do not want to sink away in that spatial plasma ‘beyond the coffin’.
Because now if you are true you have foundation, then the material condenses under your feet.
Now the question is, I am a human being, I am a Deity, but who is now God?
Do you see?
That flower there, the colours represent the realm of colours of God for the spaces, for everything.
Every character trait now gets a colour.
Van Dyck, Titiaan, Rembrandt, Mozart, Beethoven and Bach and all the great ones – I have repeated and told you it a thousand times – they were not so blind to give colour and shape to their composition.
They gave motherhood and fatherhood to the sound, the human voice.
The feeling prays and sings and talks and grows.
You feel, we are faced with millions of character traits, with millions of possibilities which the human being possesses and which now represent His spaces and can all be taken care of.
You actually have that space in your hands.
Here lies the macrocosmos as motherhood and on the right you experience fatherhood.
And the human being is powerless and does not know where to begin.
I can explain the cosmos to you, we can be one with the moon, with Mother Moon, we can talk to her life, we can call the Wayti.
However, if you don’t lay foundations, you will never get there, you will never experience that unity.
But society, the human being continues to ask.
God is a terrible person, millions of people still pray and beg: how can You do this, how can You approve of that?
Don’t they?
So the human being does not know his God, if you do not want and cannot accept that you are God and that that man with the beard from the bible must go.
But that life is God, science must still, the theologian must still, the Catholic Church must still experience that and finally begin with that – you will feel how far you are ahead of those sects – it is only then that the sacred, Divine, immaculate, conscious All-Father lives.
But then we are faced with the All-Source, by means of which and from which He was also born as father and, as mother.
And now God created insanity.
Now millions of psychopaths live in your world, in your society.
They walk on, they go round, right and left they mean something.
They go in for arts and sciences.
You already know that.
Now we start to touch society with regard to and in comparison with all those millions of laws around us.
We start to see what justice has to tell – you know already – but in your own position, for your own life.
It does not matter what you are and what you will do, which law, which art you represent: this is everything.
What lives in you, that is everything.
We now start to understand that languages have no more meaning.
Even if you are a doctor, even if you are a judge, even if you are a superman in art.
Mozart, Beethoven, Titiaan, Leonardo da Vinci and the others all had to bow their heads.
Because they said: “Yes, what did I bring there?
It is wonderful, it is nice, it is so incredibly beautiful, but what am I now like myself?”
I have to explain to you that arts and sciences really mean nothing with regard to your Deity.
You do not need to look at a great genius because the feeling is everything.
All those geniuses, we will touch them one by one and then you can see what the human being does, what the human being is, what the human being prepares for God.
Now just go to your university, no, just stay by yourself in your own family.
What is your wife like?
What is your husband like?
Do you really have unity with each other?
Do you really love each other?
Do you awaken every second with regard to the Other Side?
You should look, you should listen how many words pass your lips which have direct attunement to the dark spheres, the hells, the unconscious, the unconsciousness.
You bark, you shout, you can do everything, you go there immediately into the wrong in space, for society, the human being, but then you are already part of that darkness.
You do not see any construction.
I asked and told you several times – it is remarkable: how do you wish to build up a sphere?
How do you wish to possess a temple on the Other Side, ‘beyond the coffin’?
How do your wings wish to possess the carrying capacity in order to haul your twin soul through that space?
The possession of the man is the incredible creation, the awe-inspiring carrying, the growing for the mother.
Because the honour which we then possess on the Other Side and for space is: to be able to carry our soul, our feeling, our motherhood, to be able to protect her by means of our ‘wings’, and then to enjoy the unity with sun and moon, fatherhood and motherhood at a universal attunement.
I keep involving that space again in order to give you a comparison, a picture how wonderful all of that is.
And yet, it lives, it is present in that little, little human being.
You think, you feel.
I spoke, built up pictures.
What use are they to you?
What did you learn from them?
André listens every day.
We listen and look every second.
Often we say ...
André says to me: “What on earth are you starting with?
Have you still not spoken enough?
Are those people still not ready to be able to begin with themselves?
Has that Deity not awakened yet?
Does the human being still not know himself by means of all the books, ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, ‘Mental Illnesses seen from the Beyond’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Between Life and Death’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘Masks and Men’?
What must we now still bring?
What do you want?
Then I say: “Yes, I do not speak for the masses.
I do not speak for mankind.
I speak and think for myself.”
I could have told you once: I do not want your thanks.
I am grateful and happy for your feelings.
Yes indeed, those little life gardens, those little cells, that realm of colours belongs to it.
But I do everything for myself.
I want to bring that Christ in me to awakening.
I want to give the Deity in me consciousness.
We take care of everything.
We do it like this, we make comparisons: I may not do that, we cannot do that.
André also does that.
Just give me love to experience.
We immediately descend completely into the love if the love speaks, if the love has feeling.
In the first place you must build that up for yourself: “I am busy, I want to begin”, and then your will grows.
Then soon I will descend deep into your hearts and I will probably smash things to pieces.
I will make you sensitive, you will weep, you will probably tremble.
You will wonder: “Well, I will never get that love anyway.”
And then I can take care of you again and say: yes, if you really love then the Christ does not stand next to you, you do not need to speak to Him, but then He lives in your heart, in your soul, in your spirit.
Not in your soul, because that is Christ, that possesses everything, that is light, that is life, that is a planet, that is a flower, that is an animal, that is water, that is night, that is light.
That soul of yours has growth.
That soul as spark, as part of that All-Mother, is mother.
And why are you not it?
If you want to be mother, then I will teach you to absorb that awakening.
In the first place the man, the creator, must be mother, if he wants to be able to give birth.
André is mother.
If we want to experience art, then become mother.
Bow to what you do, to what you will build up, to what you will start to experience.
That becomes light, that becomes love.
That is justice.
That is harmony.
That is Christ.
The Deity will finally awaken one day and then the human being, the character, the feature, the action, the deed will shine, the word will radiate this realm of colours.
A thought, a word, and an action become rare.
You become soft.
You become polite.
You become just.
You no longer take part in shooting in space.
You support the life.
You are always kind.
You are always ready.
You never think wrongly because the first sphere does not tolerate that.
If there is just one little bit of wrong in you and in the deed therefore in your social life, for your husband, for your wife, for your children, for the milkman, the baker – isn’t it? – then that already makes a darkening.
Then this already breaks down again the foundation laid.
And then you sink into that swamp, which I described here before; from Golgotha to the Spheres of Light.
And then there are so many who experience ‘the coffin’ and say: “Where are we?
Good heavens, I am alone.”
How can a Deity be alone?
In the very first place, my sisters and brothers, you now have to experience and to accept that God did not create any insanity, you did that yourself.
God did not create any psychopathy, you did that yourself.
God did not create any illnesses, any cancer, any tuberculosis, you did that yourself.
We began with that.
I can therefore speak with you that far, you have read the books.
In the jungle we began with that human, natural destruction.
The seventh grade divided with the fourth, the first with the fifth, the fourth with the sixth; and then we began with the inbreeding, the human inbreeding.
Now society stands before ... now millions of people have to experience that they are beaten down and then they just pray to God – that God from on high must come: “Give me health”, give me this and give me that.
You see: the prayer.
What must you now do in order to rarefy the action in such a way that your deed becomes a prayer?
You see, that is the art.
It now concerns that one person has food and the other does not.
There the human being has millions, here poverty is suffered.
This human being lives in a castle, that human being has no dwelling.
Is that by means of God?
You are that yourself.
Your will is not awake.
In the first place we now stand – and we may not overlook these pictures, these wonderful foundations – we stand, of course, before the powerlessness.
The human being in the jungle cannot start to act like Beethoven.
People do not need the human being in the jungle to take a place here in your midst and to start to act like a judge.
The human being in the jungle is therefore not capable of representing the white race (see
That human being from the jungle and all the grades must, and also amongst you, you must earn that for yourself.
You must build that up, your will must be strengthened.
You must only think: “How do I get immaculate, clear, pure food and drink?”
And now I must try from that society – they will become the lectures this winter – to help you, to go for a walk with you, to sit down with you at the table.
I must awaken an intellectual, a spiritual expansion in you.
I must take a place at your table.
We will break the bread together.
We say something, we speak about something.
And from everything we now get the light, the life.
From everything, also by means of your food and drink we get the gratitude, the justice, the serving.
What do you do?
“I am so tired ...
Oh, how I worked.”
We will ask questions.
We will mark out the essential source for the reality, the reality with regard to Christ, your Deity, the Other Side.
We bring every character trait to awakening, to inspiration.
We now give every character trait a spatial personality.
Become fatherhood and become motherhood.
You see.
What do you do?
Who are you?
How do you talk?
How do you think?
How is your longing?
God cannot be experienced as a human being.
Yes, finally He can, of course, that is true.
But the human being sees Him there in the macrocosmos, sitting at a table, with the apostles presently around Him, next to Him, of course, Christ.
Do people still eat there?
How is God in the heavens?
What does Peter, John, Andrew, what do the others, what does Mary and Joseph and all those great ones from the bible still have to tell, now that they have arrived in the Kingdom of heaven?
Where do they live?
How did they begin with their growth, to give their will shape for themselves?
I was able to explain that to you.
Just accept that there is no table on the Other Side where a God sits with a nice cloth and a garment, with a beard and who pulls the bell every morning and says: “Come here.
What did you get up to yesterday?
What were your thoughts like?”
You can murder and commit arson, you can do what you like.
That God does not interfere with anything.
That God is not there either.
He was never there.
You know that.
The God from the bible who spoke with Moses, does not exist.
Because they were the Masters, they were the first Masters.
They came from the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade, in the seventh sphere they connected themselves with those who have the up and downs of Mother Earth and her children in their hands and began – as the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ tell you – with the building up, the first thinking and feeling, for the masses, mankind.
What is that mankind like now?
You feel, I will come to the bible, to your society.
I will go through the arts and sciences to society.
I will go to God.
I will go to Christ.
We learned and we had to accept that that macrocosmos is perfectly simple, natural life.
We went from planet to planet.
The creations are billions of ages old.
There was never a human being who called himself God and who spoke literally, materially, he does not exist.
You are Gods.
Nature is one Deity, that is motherhood.
The animal world, the fish in the waters, water, motherhood, everything now gets condensing and expansion and we see behind that – you just have to experience and to accept that – the All-Mother, the All-Source.
The All-Source, from which the All-Mother received life, began with her life and growth, that is soul, that is spirit, that is that mother who had given herself to everything, but by means of existing laws received visibility: the moon, the sun.
And in this way we had to accept that the human being has all those spaces in himself; as I already said.
He began from the cell life millions and millions of years ago.
He has billions of lives behind him, he became a growing human being.
It is now that body in which the core as All-Source lives and from there the human being can continue and experiences his unity.
His thoughts, his feelings, his will, will now show what he achieves and wants to bring as a human being.
And that back from that state of purity, back in society, then we are faced with cancer, with tuberculosis, with chaos.
The peoples do not wish to understand themselves.
You think every moment again: war is coming again, the business will be destroyed again, anyway, the human being does not want it.
And that is the truth.
But the human being is unconscious.
I now do not come just for your own character trait – you see it – I touch upon all the books.
We will go through all the books.
We stand before Stalin, with him we come to Golgotha.
We stand before the peoples of Israel.
We come to stand before England, France, America.
All the peoples are now character traits, which were already laid down by me in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
You now know the mentality of every people.
We gave you that book in order to give you a spatial picture of what the earth and her children, mankind is like at the moment.
And you are now like this yourself.
What we perceive in the peoples, that lives in the human being.
Do you always want the good?
Do you always rely on the other person?
Even if there is darkness?
Even if you get a beating?
Even if people tell you the truth?
Then the human being gets a fright.
If there is therefore no trust – now we are already going further – when there is no trust that you absorb each other, that you border each other, that you learn by means of each other and undergo that drive, that you get the hold by means of each other, that one human being lives for the other human being – that must now finally become for the cosmos and for mankind – then a construction never comes, then no awakening comes.
From all of this the core of God must take itself to that revelation.
And that power, that incredible possession, it is almost unimaginable.
It cannot be felt, the human being does not even believe it, you just hear what the Catholic, what Protestantism now says.
The human being seeks a Deity there, but he is it himself.
When a human being, when the sect, when the faith therefore does not return to these foundations, when the bible does not get any spiritual inspiration, any cosmology, then mankind can, then the Catholic Church and Protestantism can continue for millions of centuries, they will never ever get away from this standstill.
Anyone who therefore belongs to that church, to that accepting, to that damnation, stands at a standstill.
That life is spiritually unconscious, it is impossible to talk to that life, you must then wait.
I will also teach you that.
When you therefore meet the human being who longs, give yourself.
Because when you give yourself – you will learn that – growth comes for you, for yourself.
Because the human being who absorbs your words, the true words in himself, the human being who propagates your life of feeling, that is a foundation for your life.
That human being brings expansion and growth for you.
When you have truth and let the love grow, then it is obvious that the human being will start to love you.
People get respect.
People get unity.
People want to experience that warmth.
And that is no longer from another, that is from yourself.
And this is why I could also say a moment ago: “I do everything for myself.”
What you do, they are the pearls in my life garden.
What you convey; André sees that every day, he does not need to do anything more, you are busy taking care of his life garden, his space.
And that was Christ for all the creations.
That is the Deity in you for millions of laws of life and grades of life.
There is no night, there is now no psychopathy, there is no insanity, there are no illnesses; there is only joy of life, life happiness.
You know that you are one with everything.
Then nothing can come between if you – yes indeed – if you accomplish and complete the action with regard to the power which the first sphere possesses.
That incredible first sphere, which is nothing else – as I told you – but truth, honesty, justice, finally love in everything, receiving, understanding.
Why is society, why are the peoples still capable of not believing the other people?
You see, that is an unconscious grade of life.
That needs time.
Those peoples cannot experience that.
No more than if you hear a singer, you cannot develop that voice, you do not yet have that voice.
You do not yet have the feeling to be able to study.
For arts and sciences you have to master the feeling.
And now I am faced again with a great problem, because in one life you learn nothing.
You do not need to do art if you do not have the feeling, because you need thirty lives for that.
And in one life you can – I will teach you that, I will place that crown on your heads – in one life you can achieve such a great deal, but then every thought attuned to bowing, and then every feeling gets, every power of feeling gets, then everything of spirit, character and personality gets the full hundred percent for bowing, justice, harmony and love.
Do you see?
Thirty and more lives are needed in order to make you one with a flower, with a dog and a cat, with the life of Mother Nature.
A hundred thousand lives are needed in order to conquer the moon, to conquer a planet.
What do you wish to do now if you know that a planet is only a small cell and means nothing for the Other Side?
The Other Side is so awe-inspiring.
A cell, a little thought is now a space, or it is nothing.
An action becomes first sphere, second sphere, third sphere, becomes light.
In comparison to the earth it becomes destruction if you do not want to build up that light by means of your deeds, by means of your talking, by means of your thinking, harmony, justice, then you will never make it.
Then the religious child of the Catholic Church and Protestantism is in safer hands, than you, with all your metaphysical laws, which are explained to you, which stand before you.
Then that Christ in you means nothing, then you are better to experience the hold of that dead cross, then you are better to start praying for healing, as you then belong to that unconscious grade and you just have to accept that.
But when you continue consciously and you pay no attention to that society ...
Because now we start to think: in which karma does the human being live?
People gather up money in order to heal the sick.
Everything must be done for cancer and tuberculosis.
But people throw away millions.
So we start to think.
In the very first place you now get social consciousness – because if you do have that and that is still in chaos ... – because you are material people.
The material personality first has to awaken, if you want to give the spiritual one shape for the Other Side.
The human being and the Other Side.
The human being and his life.
What does society do for you?
For those sick people?
For those poor people?
Then you can say: yes, they do this and that and gave that to those poor.
But then you must look and see how those people experience the destruction, how those people serve injustice, they are now the geniuses in your society, whom we, whom no Christ spark, no Divine thought wants anything to do with.
And why not?
Because it irrevocably leads to the destruction.
Those people steal.
Those people take away your possession in order to build it up there.
But look what that highest grade in your society does.
Is that art?
Is that experiencing the spiritual feeling for the material being?
Do you take part in that?
André experienced all of that and the Masters looked from their Spheres of Light to the earth.
Take your own people.
You have a place amongst your people.
People are busy but it can be done differently – it must be done, unfortunately, it must be done – it must be done differently too.
You saw how the peoples destroyed one enemy together.
For God – now we are standing in a chaos again – there is no enemy.
Those nazis were not and are not enemies of God because in that nazi, in that animal-like carry-on lives the Divine core.
Should you now embrace that animal-like core?
Should you accept that core and press it to your heart?
What do we do?
I have to teach you that.
We will go away.
We want nothing more to do with that unconscious grade which does nothing else than shoot, murder and kill the life, we want nothing more to do with it.
One thought already attuned to that and I am attached to that destruction.
I will not go into it, because then I will lose my space, my justice, I will no longer be in harmony, I will have no more love, I will attune myself to destruction, to deception, to heavy, human deception.
Because your entire whole society is one and all deception, true or not?
And that deception rises so awe-inspiringly high, that Christ turns around and says: “I want nothing more to do with your carry-on, your praying, your satanic prayers.
You will finally begin one day with the Golgotha foundations and then you will only love.”
You do not let yourself be decorated.
For what?
You do not put a crown on your head.
For whom?
“There is only one who possesses a crown and that is I”, Christ said.
He can say so, but He does not even say it, but he proved it by His life.
He stood here ... one morning I connected you to Pilate, He stood there and He was whipped, spat upon and beaten before and after, I said.
Did that get through to you?
He said nothing.
He only thought: ‘I can learn from you how it must not be done.’
And He said to Peter: “Before the cock crows, you will betray me three times.”
And then he knew – very certainly, He already knew it for a long time, I enlightened those pictures with His apostles a bit – that He had to accept the unconscious being in Peter and all the others.
However, he would rather begin with those individuals there, instead the whole of this mankind.
Seen in the long run it is of course the reality for the Christ and the justice that He gave himself to Divine authority, that mankind now possesses the faith anyway.
He was there, but who knew Him?
Who experienced Him?
Which of you experiences Him now in His true, real personality, in His love, in His justice?
Then you no longer need to pray.
You no longer need – I told you, you read that by means of the books – to go to a church and to lie down: “And father give me strength, wisdom and love”, that is already in you.
I did not reach the final source all those years, that source awakens only now.
I therefore take all those material troubles, all those wisdoms, as far as the bible, as far as that and that authority – not that of Christ – I now take that away from you.
But I put the Divine personality as light, life and love, fatherhood and sacred, universal motherhood, in their place.
The God in you will awaken.
I do not place the Christ at your feet or to the left or to the right, but I put Him down, under and in your heart.
The Christ now gives you new blood circulation, drive, inspiration, awakening, love.
We take you through the bible, yet again and always again, continually the same thing, but with the new picture, with the new grade, with the higher becoming conscious.
Do you see?
We will now analyze the macrocosmic systems for the human being in society, for his life ‘beyond the coffin’, for his Christ, for the God in you.
You can now paint, you can now sing, you can be a judge, a piece of genius of the world, so great, so wonderful, everything now remains on earth. Imagine this well and remember it at least for today, everything which you do materially, you speak languages, I said, you are a genius for the nuclear fission, you are carried by society, by life, the human being – because you are so rich, inwardly; because you can do so much; because you have built up so much – that all remains on earth.
If you have now created all of that in order to help the human being to serve, to give him bread, food and drink, then that in itself is already drive, feeling, inspiration, a spiritual foundation, if there is no deception.
Now we can very certainly experience that all of society, the human being who possesses the millions has never wondered: where does that and that and that come from?
Why did the Christ want nothing to do with that possession, that final material boasting, that breaking?
It becomes difficult, very certainly, it becomes so awe-inspiring, finally so frightening because you no longer know at a moment, how to act.
And yet for only a few things and matters this can be received realistically and above all justly.
Everything which you are, is only life and feeling.
What lives around you, how you send out and materialize your feelings, that is part of your personality.
So we get, as I brought to analysis at the last, previous lectures: there are only three grades, macrocosmic grades, which you received as an independence and by means of which the All-Source as All-Mother gave you her hold in your hands.
And that is being mother, father and reincarnation.
You go forward.
There is now always a body ready to build you up.
You are father, you are mother.
You lived amongst all the peoples.
Now you can say: “I am a Dutchman today”, but that people is yours, that is part of yourself.
That all comes back to God.
You have nothing to do with that, you can just let that live.
If we soon experience the justice for the human being, then I will analyze for you when you materialize for yourself the Divine justice; so by means of your work, by means of your serving.
It does not matter what you do, what you are, in everything you can experience that justice and then you have a foundation for your personality in society, for your sleep, your task, your thinking, your art, your sciences.
Now life becomes beautiful.
Now you can experience a space in the country, in the city.
You can experience a space by means of your friendship, by means of a conversation, to experience that, to see the human being, not as a human being, but as part of yourself, because you are part of that universe along with those people, as parts, as sparks.
What that human being received in independence, is already your possession.
You will both enlighten that.
As man and wife – we will soon see that – you now have everything, everything for that space in your hands, because you are father and you are mother.
Anyone who was not able to experience that, anyone who was not able to materialize motherhood to giving birth: once more they are unfortunately laws.
André can and will explain those laws to you.
Those laws go back to the destruction which received sensitivity in the previous life – where? – in France, in England, amongst the Russians, amongst the Indian peoples.
You materialized those laws there, you deformed the life.
Yes, what did the human being achieve in thousands of lives?
You therefore do not live now in motherhood or in fatherhood.
You have no spiritual expansion, you feel as poor as a church mouse.
The Divine core rises above your personality and says: “Drive me now, give me everything.
Give me so much that I can enter the first sphere.”
And now we come before that struggle.
In the first sphere Gerhard saw – didn’t he? In ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’ and I had to and millions of people had to accept – the real, pure, spiritual light.
What is now light?
Millions of problems.
All those lectures, all the books now dissolve into this gigantic problem.
A small character trait is now that deep.
A deed, an action, a thought is now that deep, that macrocosmic.
Your social life will sink if you give one hundred percent shape to a deed, to your friendship, to your justice, to your love, if you are open to your mother and your father, your child.
Every character trait – sense this properly – is growth.
And from every character trait, the hundred percent of that is a temple, is wisdom of life, it is supporting, it is the unity with nature.
Or you are precisely out or next to it, or you feel the speaking of a flower, you experience the character of this realm of colours, also fatherhood and motherhood.
It is not only the possibility of reaching unity and giving birth to and creating children, but to experience it.
You must therefore become giving birth.
What the body, what the organism now has, you do not yet have that, the personality does not yet have that.
Is the personality so infallible in the giving birth and the creating than the organic part possesses as feeling?
How do I reach the essential source?
And you must start to think for this purpose.
I am mother, I am father, I am reincarnation, I can be reincarnated.
In this way we stood, and millions of men and women still stand thinking on the Other Side.
They stand and wait, they reach the silence; the loneliness?
No, I am not alone.
I do not want to be alone.
I feel feeling there.
Is that my sister, is that my brother?
No, that is Deity in my grade of feeling and thinking.
I want to make progress, I want to go higher, I want to grow.
I want to connect my blood circulation in order to steer the life to that revelation.
I want to connect my blood with the life of God, the mother or the father, in order to reincarnate again, because I have to go on.
I must leave that animal-like motherhood, I must leave that animal-like fatherhood.
I want to go higher, I want to rise out of it.
I want to possess a beautiful, wonderful organism.
I want to talk to stars, planets and suns.
I want the light.
I want the spirit.
I want to make a wonderful scene, a temple of wisdom in feeling from my personality.
The man becomes like this, the mother on the Other Side becomes like this.
That is the first sphere.
Now the second, now the third – I said – the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh sphere.
But let us remain in the first, the second and the third sphere.
Only just in the first one.
Do you see those sanctities?
We do not have sanctities.
Here we only see people who are in harmony with everything, with the life, with a flower, with nature, with a bird, with the human being, with the light.
Their characters, their character traits, friendship, unity, their speaking, their thinking is completely true, there are no more mistakes there.
Because if that human being from the first sphere thinks wrongly and does not touch the life, God does not reveal himself, Christ does not reveal himself.
On the Other Side the inner life has to feel – we stand there like that, you see – with its eyes closed.
We do not want to see there.
We are searching, searching just as long, year in, year out, until we have connected the first word directly with the life of Mother Nature.
And now we have a hold.
We feel unity.
The life starts to speak.
A flower has something to say.
Because my thinking – you see – if I start to think then I materialize my feeling, and that feeling is therefore the All-Source and that All-Source is humanly conscious, for millions of people animal-like, pre-animal-like, crude-material conscious; they commit murder, arson.
You cannot bring the God in you to awakening when you murder, commit arson, lie, steal from the human being.
You cannot bring that spiritual sphere to awakening if you refuse to grow.
Because that is it.
We started to think in this way from the Land of Twilight.
And now André is right in saying: “Why are you still speaking?
Why do you work yourself to death like that?
Because with ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’ people have everything.”
I said to André: “The human being has nothing, no thousand books are any use to the human being.”
Yes, they have a picture.
But how must I now begin?
You received a picture, because the Master of Gerhard said: “Gerhard, I will destroy that of you.
But in its place comes”, did I not tell you a moment ago, “for God, for the macrocosmos, in its place comes the universal truth.
That which you think on earth is all wrong, that must go from you, that must leave you.”
And now life becomes beautiful.
Now you, as a human being on earth, you start to build up the same becoming conscious as we do spiritually on the Other Side in our life.
Conscious, sure, your handshake is true.
You have, you give me trust.
Now shake each other’s hand and press that hand.
Lay the inner life of your eyes in the other eyes.
You should feel how unsure this becomes, how clammy.
Lies and deception, do you not like me?
Why do you not like me?
Why do you not trust me?
You must start to feel, when the spiritual core speaks, how pure the kiss of the human being is.
I asked you one morning: how deep is your kiss now?
Get a spiritual kiss one day.
That means: experience the spiritual truth, the justice for the macrocosmos, as God created sun, moon, stars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, night and day, because the earth revolves.
Now go through the bible and now feel, when does the Christ, the Messiah, the Christ speak in the bible?
When does God speak in that bible?
Then take the bible, the Old Testament, and ditch everything, throw everything overboard, because that does not exist.
Do you see?
Make every thought now, as we experience that, as we start to feel that.
We start to sculpt that thought.
We make a beautiful ornament of each character trait, a garment, a part of that personality.
You are not yet busy sculpting yourself.
Because the human being who really feels his creation and wants to experience an All-Father, he does not begin with clay and life breath, he begins with plasma, protoplasm, he begins with the soul, with the spirit, with the life, with fatherhood, with motherhood, with reincarnation.
There is no death.
You see.
Slowly but surely, my sisters and brothers, we then go further in order to bring the awakening, not only for your food and drink.
To experience the gratitude for a potato, a cup of coffee, you must start to experience the soul of the drink which the mother prepares for you.
If you can buy all that food, then it is on the table, then it is in the house.
But do you ever ever think about the inspiring aura, which a potato, a cauliflower, a sprout – you see, we still know those words – gives you?
André eats little and why?
Because he wants to eat the soul of a potato and a slice of bread, the spirit.
And then a crumb of bread can feed you for weeks.
Because Ramakrishna proved that, the Orientals, the initiates proved that.
They no longer need any bread, any food or drink, because the Divine life water lives in the material.
(To the sound technician:) Must I already stop again?
I have just started. (The sound technician signals that the end of the ‘tape’ is approaching.)
You see (an insect is flying there), it experiences the life.
That child is looking for God.
You are human being, you are fatherhood, motherhood; that also lives in that.
But that life originated by means of decay.
And then you must from now on, if you wish to enter the first sphere, you must banish all that decay, that destruction, that darkness from your luminous world.
Because then you do not search for it any higher – that little animal (the insect) searches for it far too high, that must return to the own grade, a lost life – then you do not search for it too high, then you do not go too far, but then you stand at the source which gives you the human awakening.
And then the human being is ready to take his Deity to that evolution.
Now you experience everything in harmony; the human being in your vicinity says that.
You do your task because you enjoy food and drink, but you accomplish that task justly, harmonically.
Of course, you do not lie and cheat, you do not steal.
Every little thing now of your personality – those are character traits – which is wrong, which represents the darkness, you cannot bring that to that unity with Mother Nature after all.
Then you do not reach the silence or the wondering: “Will I come that far and can I already hear you?”
When the feeling become eloquent then the unity with all the life of God is assured for your personality.
You therefore have that yourself in your hands.
The human being is a sphere, the human being is a planet, the human being is God.
It is not a question now of saying: ‘God and the human being’, no, ‘The human being and his God.’
Every thought is a part of that Deity, but you show yourself and you let mankind know what that Deity is like at the moment, pre-animal-like, animal-like, crude-material and material.
I wonder: why do you read books?
Why are you here?
Why do you not bring now, if you feel this silence, any harmony into your thinking?
Why always with that awful noise, that trivial carry-on in your inner self?
When will you wonder: “This is worthwhile”, or, “this is nothing”?
When do you start to give that character trait a beautiful garment, the sandals?
When – I wonder – do you really begin with tearing off your cursed masks?
Be clear, pure and open.
Do not hide anything, talk, speak and act.
You do not need to let yourself be tied – I said – in order to bring your spatial life to that drive, that inspiration.
The human being who works on himself, works on his kingdom, grows.
Do not remain narrow-minded any longer, do not remain small, give each other life space.
I must now actually begin.
Unfortunately, I must now still begin.
That is always the terrible thing.
The feeling comes from you.
Yes, I must first build up those foundations for the cosmos, I must return to space, to the spheres, to sun, moon, stars, fatherhood and motherhood, All-Source, and it is only then that I can take society, I can take the human being to analysis.
But you must keep on seeing your Deity there, or you will forget, society will forget everything again.
Won’t it?
But we will continue.
If you sit and rest, then rest.
But you cannot do that.
There are people who are sick, they meow, shout and make themselves tired.
Because they do not wish to accept this being sick.
How do you wish to give that body rest, healing, when the spirit, which is the rest, the power, is in rebellion for healing, destroys?
You get food and drink and you do not care for it.
Christ said: “Why do you neglect, despise My life?
That life was born from you.”
You see, now I must begin with society, I must experience and found footstep after footstep with you, if you wish to get a strong personality, if you wish to experience your kiss, your love, your friendship, your harmony, if you wish to finally be able to say: “Soon ‘beyond the coffin’ I will have light, light, light, light.
I want to be light.
I want to become light.
I want to be love.
To be love.”
Now first go and see, feel yourself , and then demask yourself.
Show yourself to your husband, your wife, as naked as you are for God.
Just take your garment off, but inwardly.
Try to put on the sandals of ‘Masks and Men’.
I already told you: they are as heavy as lead.
And the life is light, the life possesses ‘wings’.
Every character trait, every action, a laugh, a glance from your eyes possesses those ‘wings’, is a personality, wears an elegant, wonderful, universal garment; possesses wisdom, power and love.
The universities of the earth no longer mean anything because you are ruling, conquering, outshining in everything.
You know, you feel, you are one with your Deity, to that and that attunement.
The insect bit André, it is nothing, if it was just a snake, a tiger, a lion, then we would now give the animal love, he can do that.
My sisters and brothers, I have to go.
How did you get on during the months that you were alone?
Can you say for yourself: “I have finally become a thousandth gram lighter in feeling”?
Did you already dare to tear off the masks?
Do you already dare to speak openly, to show yourself completely naked for those with whom you are involved?
Is there spatial unity in you?
Do you already send out or are you still busy receiving?
The human being who sends out, serves.
The human being who wants to receive, is unconscious, is living dead.
Do you feel, the certainty?
If you say: “I do not have any love, I do not get any love”, then that is not true, my children, because if you, even if you are beaten and kicked day in day out, continue to send out love, because you are this yourself, you represent your own heaven, your justice, your sphere.
Always again.
You finish this life, because you will experience your karma.
You then rise above faiths, churches and bibles, only then when you come to Golgotha, only then when you are nailed to the cross, as the Christ had to accept that, then you are true and then you bow your head, because then you no longer have, I believe, any mask.
But people go into death and people are tortured and beaten, beheaded, they still have masks, because they die for a mask.
They gave themselves for this rotten, dirty, mean society.
They gave themselves for Satan and the devil.
Oh, what is the word Satan?
They gave themselves for lies and deception, they did not know themselves.
That powerful possession of space, of God, of Christ, Golgotha, the bible, love, happiness, life, soul and spirit, all of that still had to awaken in this human being.
You must now ask yourself, for what and for whom, for what thing I now devote myself?
What do I give myself for?
And I now hope to be able to teach, to be able to give you that by means of these lectures, so that when you are soon ‘beyond the coffin’, I may stand before you and the others and say: “Now come into our arms, the journey to Mother Moon will begin.
We will get the unity with suns, moons and stars, with Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus.
We will experience the unity with Christ and with the God in us, so that the Deity will continue to exist for eternity for us as human beings, for us as father and mother, friend, sister and brother.”
Did I tell anything new this morning?
Did you not know that long ago?
The inspiration, the grade of life which is present here, still finally rises and after all very certainly above everything.
Because this is the philosophical system for the deed.
In other words and very humanly said: I began to make something of myself.
Let the Christ in you awaken, take your Deity to the Spheres of Light, but always see Golgotha before you and you will know how to act, this is my last word on this first morning that we are together again.
My sisters and brothers, God bless you.
God bless you.
That is not possible either, you see.
God cannot bless you.
You must bring that Deity, that blessing to the awakening, and you are blessing, you are always it.
God bless you, you see: words, words, words.
Now make feeling out of everything and give everything, every word now of your whole wordbook, spiritual, spatial reality.
That is everything.