The human being and Christ

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get the lecture this morning ‘The Human Being and Christ.’
You know the cosmology of the Christ; you read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
You know His life from the moon, back to the Divine All, and what Christ did and was able to do for that, we now hope to experience that, but now for yourself.
I do not need to go back to the planets, each following grades of life.
I do not need to attune myself to those ages, the three books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ or, explain to you how the human being began with that evolution for himself.
When you take hold of ‘A View into the Hereafter’ again, the first part, and come to stand before the hells, then you will understand that that chaos in which all those millions of people live finds complete attunement to the earth, to your inner being, to society, to mankind.
Which of the millions of children of Christ, of God can say: “I am in the first sphere.
I am harmony.
I am justice.
I am love.
I am understanding”.
Let it now be clear to you now and for always and accept this: that the Messiah has experienced, has had to accept the same struggle as you, as mankind, as every spark of the All-Source, the All-Mother, had to experience, will experience in order to finally represent the Divine All.
That is again, and always again: light, life, love, personality, spirit, fatherhood and motherhood.
The Christ received nothing more from the All-Source than fatherhood, motherhood and being reincarnated, reincarnation.
I explained to you: those three laws, they are the essential laws for all life, wherever you live, wherever you look.
That source lives in the human being and by means of this the human being is a Deity, this is why the human being possesses that Divine All-Source in him.
When you look at a human being then you see God as light, as life, as feeling.
We know what that feeling is like and we will, if possible, completely analyze it so that you will later be ready in order to be able to accept your ‘coffin’, your evolution, the going further with a happy feeling, with the deep being open, the wanting to experience all those Divine systems, in order to master them; which, unfortunately, the human being still does not begin with.
Christ went from the moon through the planets and finally came to earth.
You will read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
He was the first who instructed the human being, His children with whom He lived and to whom He belonged.
He had the first feeling, the sensitivity, in order to say: “Anyone who is all of this, we do not know that.
There must be a power that thinks.
We are part of that power, otherwise we would not be here.”
That was the moment when the first people started to free themselves from the material world, when they awakened, when they had taken the human being to the possession, that means: they returned from the astral world, asked for the sun, for light and started to search, took possession of the earthly being.
I told you, at that time every being was actually possessed; natural possession, no sick possession.
The human being only saw, only looked, and was hungry and thirsty.
The astral personality experiences that in the material being.
There was no destruction.
The human being at that time could not experience the insanity, the psychopathy, which you now experience in this conscious stage.
If this gets through to you then you will understand that the human being evolves, that every thought gets space.
And then when the Christ, when that first human being – that was a human being – along with the people to whom He belonged, had followed and could accept that path, and freed themselves from the earth, could experience space, then they returned to the moment of their first birth and then they experienced their cell existence on the moon.
The moon – you can and you must accept that – is the All-Mother for this space, the sun is the father; you all know that.
That is the cosmology of the Christ, for the Messiah.
And that is likewise your life, your evolution, your awakening for your inner life, your feeling, your attunement to God, to everything.
And we now take all of that back to the earth so that you will awaken.
Soon you will get the lecture ‘The Human Being and his Spiritual Awakening’.
The first lecture which we experienced together took us to the introduction for all these systems.
Now we can begin.
I said: the time was gone.
We can begin to return from the Divine All now to the earth.
But hold on to, place that in you, that the Christ received nothing and that He had to master everything.
Imagine: the human being lives in the Divine All!
You ask André: “But what am I then?”
People ask me: “But then what, if I live on the Other Side and I have nothing more to do?”
What did you think that the Christ, that the spirit – you will see that soon – does, and is, on the Other Side?
In order to explain those systems to you, I enter the life of Socrates.
He began to place material systems for the inner being.
But you now have a hold with Christ.
You have no hold with God.
Now listen to what I say: the world, the Catholic Church, Protestantism, every human being who believes in a religion, now declares me insane, because that God whom the human being searches for and prays to, does not exist, I told you that.
I am a heretic, I am a destroyer, but if you can listen to me then you will now get the new foundations for your future, for your fatherhood and motherhood: the Christ in you.
I asked you several times: let the Christ in you awaken.
But if you do not begin with that yourself, no one can help you.
There is no inspiration to be experienced.
You cannot pray for that inspiration, you will soon, determine that.
But whether you begin with it, that is another question again, a new problem.
Will you really begin with the fight in order to serve every thought, to give it evolution, inspiration, love, justice, harmony, spatial consciousness?
Will you do that?
When the first people had completed their cycle of the earth, following on from that we were able to experience and had to accept those laws.
We made a journey from the moon in order to follow that first human being, that first human being who lived there and brought the foundations for himself to light, light.
To bring a foundation to light will soon be the deed in your society, your thinking, your feeling, your action, your comings and goings.
You can no longer avoid these laws.
It now no longer matters what you are and what you do.
The human being, the child of the land which loves the love and the laws of God is the prince, the queen, the princess of space.
The simple being now possesses worlds of happiness, but also worlds for harmony and justice.
And that is only because that human being loves unconditionally, can bow unconditionally for the good.
And, you hear it now, the Christ now stands there.
Christ walks.
You look for Him, you want to feel, touch, you really want to see Him.
We see Him every moment.
We can talk to Him every second.
He sits down there and listens.
“Tell me”, He then says, “what do you have?
What do you want?”
But do not search for God who was given to you by means of the bible, who was given to you by the theologian, the Catholic Church, or the Buddhist, the Mohammedan; those Gods do not exist, they were never there.
A God who spoke to Moses and let Noah experience the life seas, He was never, ever, there.
Because the life is God.
The Wayti is God.
God is only a word.
But the law lives in nature, in space, is a planet, is a sun, is a star, is the human being; the human being as His image, as feeling, as fatherhood, as motherhood, as reincarnation.
Is it perhaps so incomprehensible that the mother can give birth and that this is a new life again?
Is the human being never ever inexhaustibly materially, spiritually, cosmically deep if he stands before the Christ and before his Deity, and people place him before the reality of these amazing material matters which you can take in your hands just like that?
The human being is searching for God, and it is he.
When people say: “Yes, you are not a pope, not a cardinal, not a bishop, not a priest but you are a Deity”, then the human being looks at space and does that, nonsense: “God lives there.”
Yes, the God with his beard.
The human being who can speak, the human being who thinks humanly: a God whom people can feel, who hands out mercies, you see, whom a human being hears praying, who can give a human being something of His spaces, of His light, of His truth, of His feeling, of His fatherhood, of His motherhood; you have that: you are father, you are mother.
The human being who gets a faith and wants to attune himself to that, who gives himself completely for that sacred task, now possesses only himself, a God whom he has built up for himself, but is not reality.
Do you see?
You have no contact with God.
Through God you can ...
I tell you cosmology, cosmic systems, I bring you to the Divine core in yourself.
All of this is heresy.
The human being sees – how many millions of people do you not have on earth – he still sees the God as a wonderful human image, doesn’t he?
But the laws, the life spaces, the light, the life and the love, all of that lives in the human being.
How many cardinals and clergymen we did not have to bring to that conviction; when they have lived well and completed their cycle of the earth?
Remember well that these lives cannot be broken, cannot be destroyed.
Priests, ministers and clergymen really come to the Other Side who possess their light.
And when we now stand before these children and they say: “Where is Christ now?”
“Christ is here, but you wish to see and to experience God.”
And then we get – as André gave you those pictures – then you get to see a large table, God sits in a large chair with on his right-hand side Christ and His disciples, the saints.
You enter a large building where there is a doorkeeper standing, a guard and he asks you: “What do you want?”
“I want to see God.”
And always again, for ages, from the moment that the first human being – when the seventh sphere has condensed and the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade was finished – from the moment that the human being could see as far as the Divine All, he knew: I am the God whom I am looking for.
He does not exist as a human being, and he does exist because I am ...
The clergymen did not believe us and could not accept us.
And then the journey to Mother Moon begins.
“Just come along.”
And in this way we now go with millions of souls, with thousands of lives, with men and women back to the first birth in order to experience that truth and to then establish that from that Deity whom they see and want to experience only the All-Mother as All-Source, as All-Light, All-Life, All-Fatherhood, All-Motherhood came forward and could now begin the human macrocosmic life.
They were systems, they are planets.
A planet: I am that.
A sun: I am that.
A piece of nature, the condensing in material: I am that, that is mine, that belongs to me.
I was able to conquer those spaces because I became mother, because I was father; creating, giving birth.
I went from one body into the other.
I can no longer follow the millions of lives, I was father and mother, a child so many billions of times: reincarnation again.
And then we were also just faced with the very first grades of life on the moon.
And we were not any further.
And now all of this.
Now we will begin.
When you can now take your inner life to that concentration, then you will understand that we do not need to follow these grades as cells, as lives.
And then you oversee the moon.
You lived here millions of times.
We went further because there was no death.
We were attracted by the first cell which experienced the division with us for our oneness as father and mother.
You know all of that, I gave you that during the previous lectures, during the last season.
The books brought you that evolution.
You can now follow that further plan for that growing.
Those people too, and amongst them the clergymen of the earth, academics.
The human being who does not have any possession now – you do not even need to talk about those people – the human being who does not want, the human being who wants to experience those lusts, who destroys, who murders and commits arson – I told you before – we cannot reach those people at the moment.
You cannot speak to those people.
The human being must begin with Gethsemane, in order to meditate.
Yes indeed, we will soon return to Gethsemane again in order to experience, in order to feel what the Christ actually did there.
And then the human being will get a fright.
But meanwhile he will have been released from the bible because we are standing still here.
Can you now feel that I was only able and could give pictures for all those years, could analyze them, could materialize them, but that I could not remain standing still for a moment – and that is not possible either – for that one awakening?
Only: how the light in the human being was born, how the sun gave light to the human being; we can analyze those systems.
We can let you experience, we can analyze for you how you are a mother, how you became a father, how you were born, how you were attracted, how you reached awakening in that cell.
It was because we followed those laws.
We were attracted.
We entered the death, in the first cell grade, the second, the tenth and the millionth.
We were cell.
We were fish.
Later on the land, as human beings.
We went with the human being through the ‘coffin’ to the world of the unconscious.
We were taken there into that silence and we now continued to think, consciously.
What do you feel?
And then you hear the human voice.
Because the human being is now conscious, the human being can speak but the human being can also feel.
It is the oneness with that law, the law for the birth, the law for the returning to that spark.
Do you feel, that is discarding, the completely discarding of the consciousness, the being free, the becoming free, the thinking and feeling of one law: the birth.
And we then became a spark, a small trivial cell.
And that cell lived there and now felt immaculately, purely, spiritually, spatially one with the All-Mother, the All-Source, we were source again.
But we now reached peace, we were asleep.
We now – hold on to this – remained conscious because we, as human beings, as conscious beings, started to follow the way which the Christ had to accept.
And that is what concerned us.
The cardinals, many bishops, precisely first the human being of the Catholic Church, and the human being who shouts, the human being who yearns, the human being who is hungry to awaken, to get to know his God, those people are now open to us and accept everything, because they see.
“Did you experience it?”
“And what enters you then?”
Now I gave you pictures that mankind could not be reached in thousands of years.
Still now.
Mankind could walk up to the spiritual peace.
Mankind would get this evolution.
But where are the millions who now want to accept the word of Christ for this daily, social consciousness?
Is the world, is this wonderful mankind ready to be able to accept that you cannot pray to a God, but that that God lives in you and you are really a Deity?
The Catholic Church curses you.
The theologian says: “Go away, heretic.”
And soon, remember this, this is the universal, eternal truth, this is truth, this is essential for millions of years.
This remains because this word is spatially conscious.
I am standing on the University of Christ.
And the University of Christ is His life.
You must understand properly that I have to take that material God away from you.
But I will give you the spatial, the real Deity; I will give you that in its place.
I will give you universal happiness by means of this: the greatest, most wonderful, deepest possession for the human being in this world.
It is no longer an art on this side.
But if you now prepare yourself in order to bring that light, that Deity to growth, then you can also be received ‘beyond the coffin’ for your evolution.
We can speak and now – also remember this – my word is law.
Everything which I say is determined by law.
That is materialized, that is spiritualized.
That received space.
They became spheres, they became worlds at a cosmic attunement.
That now became the All-Conscious Deity.
And that is the human being who represents the Divine All as light, life, fatherhood and motherhood, love, love, love ...
What is now love?
This morning I am laying foundations for you in order to take that God whom society sees to the obscurity so that the inner God in you awakens.
Of course we will soon be faced with the praying, the faith, with thousands of problems.
And we will come to dwell and to lay foundations again in order to free you from that faith, from that damnation, from the God who could do nothing else in the Old Testament than break down, destroy.
Do you see?
If you speak one harsh word and you come to stand before Christ then you will have lost Him.
If you do not wish to understand a human being, a part of that All-Source, and make no effort for that – you will soon experience that, when we return to Gethsemane – then you are nothing, then the All-Source is not, then millions of people are not capable of drawing you up, because you refuse flatly to absorb the expansion.
You have to work completely, you have to give shape to every character trait – as I told you and explained – and then you are not faced with a God for space, then you only still have a hold on the real step of Christ, who preceded you through those spaces.
Because He came from the moon to the Divine All, He lived on earth as a human being, even in the pre-animal-like grades, grades of unconsciousness, He lived in a state of hitting and kicking, of deformation, because He did not know any better.
But there is also no question of knowing for space , there is no science in space, there is only feeling, and to experience the feeling, that is the Divine spatial All-Law.
And this places you before the harmony as it happened there, before justice and before the incredible, wonderful being reincarnated for a new age, your new evolution, fatherhood and motherhood, which you have in both hands.
That is now your Divine hold, you expand your Deity by means of that.
Your Christ?
We still have to experience that.
The human being just flies to God now.
The human being thinks: yes, if I am good and I want, and I then pray and I want to be a good person ...
But then you are only a good person for yourself.
But everything in that space belongs to you, you conquered that planet.
You knew millions of lives in order to conquer that planet as space, as feeling, as body.
And you could do that because the Divine core lives in you, because that core must return to the source from where that core passed over to evolution, to spiritualizing and then to materializing.
Then the human being is Divinely astral, spiritual and material, and we saw, heard, spoke to those people.
We sat down at these feet.
We saw them in their golden Divine garments.
We saw that light shining from those eyes, no, it entered us.
You no longer need to speak there.
There are a few on the Other Side who experienced that.
We experienced that because we had to bring the cosmology to the earth, because we had to materialize the cosmology.
So we have followed the true Christ who went from the moon through the planetary system to the Other Side and spiritualized himself.
Then the spatial awakening came and from there that human being of the earth entered his Divine independence.
And then, I told you that morning here, that when they entered the Divine All, again and of course the first thoughts were: “Where is God now?”
But they did not yet know God, they could not even form the word yet, that word did not even exist.
And yet, when they entered the Divine All – the human being – and went higher and higher, they saw that they could still expand themselves in that Divine All.
Because they only stood on the first foundation.
And then we got to see those seven grades again for the expansion.
I went with you that morning through God, through the Divine All, that All-Light, that All-Life, back to the moment when darkness reigned.
Then we had returned into the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Truth, the All-Justice.
In that Divine All there are no worries, there are no illnesses, there is nothing in that Divine All which the human being on earth now possesses.
Then we went even further; and look, the first hazes originated.
That is now Christ.
Christ, the Messiah.
And that means: the Divine conscious being.
The human being who is Divinely conscious in his light, in his life, for his laws, for his thinking, his feeling, his fatherhood and his motherhood, his justice, his harmony, his serving, his propagating.
Now get the wordbook, the good word: Christ is now everything, everything, everything.
Whatever you can imagine, that is Christ, for the good, for the soul, for the spirit, for His Divine attunement.
All of that is now Christ.
And they saw there was no bench or a table or a building available.
They had to accept that that space could be and is like one world, all worlds.
They understood that they, the material Deity, carried the spiritual awakening for that core within them, and from now on had to represent that.
And then the first people with the Messiah have sat down in the beautiful Divine nature and could say: “What must we do now?
We are here and everything belongs to me.
Do you also feel that?”
There were millions of people with Him at the same time in the Divine All.
“We can go further but then we will return to the beginning of creation.
Everything is just as wonderful and deep: this was spiritualized and materialized here, we are that, but if we go through here, we return to the invisible Allness, to the invisible life, which is still there.
Because by means of this and by means of that we passed over to that evolution and we came into the possession of this stage.
Now we know”, the Christ said, “how many people live in these spaces, how many sparks there are from that All-Source which still possess unconsciousness, and we will work for that purpose.
That life must return, that life must awaken.”
“What must we do?”
The human being from the Divine All returned to the seventh sphere on the Other Side and discussed with the Masters there what should be done.
“Go and lay your foundations on earth.”
I gave you that picture now of Moses.
You now take hold of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and you see the moment coming about when the human being from the Other Side began to think and began to lay foundations for the material earth, Mother Earth and her children, in order to draw that human being up from that wild jungle and to give it some hold for that growth, that there is more between heaven and earth than himself.
And then the human being became – I explained to you – afraid.
There was only just a compulsion, a direct imposing of violence, spiritual violence.
Well, they could not achieve any more than that.
This is why, it is obvious that Master Alcar brought you ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and he first led you through the hells to the heavens, to the Divine All before he could begin with mankind, in order to take the God, the cosmic God in the human being to that awakening, to that happiness, to that life, to that justice
Because if the human being understands his Deity then he is capable of experiencing happiness.
Only later, only later, the human being reaches the fine character traits, the rare sounds for his inner self and then the life of feeling speaks for the Other Side.
That can be followed and achieved step by step.
You can now see Christ, speak to Him and feel Him.
Every moment He can speak to your life if you accept those laws, that no material being lives in space as God, therefore a Deity who sits down there and looks down, but that life possesses everything, everything, everything, everything.
Now the churches must, the faith must now return to the metaphysical law.
Soon when the instrument, the ‘direct voice’, is on earth then it will happen in a few seconds, we know that.
But now, now that there is not yet any ‘direct voice’, the Masters speak, Christ speaks by means of the books and He brought a university on earth to mankind.
Because He once said: “You will receive My life, My spirit, My personality, and then you will have everything which you see here: spaces.”
Planets and stars, suns and moons – believe it anyway – now no longer have any meaning, you are it.
You have conquered that old cloth, which is now a planet.
You no longer need that garment, but you are still on earth, you still feel her life, her love, her heart, her blood circulation,.
And now the earth has the highest consciousness for this space.
The earth is protected amidst moon and sun.
The earth brought you to the evolution.
We are now not talking about the origin and the becoming conscious of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn – you see, I already explained those laws to you – but it now concerns the inner Divine being, the Christ in us.
And when you now pray to God then you walk past Christ.
He alone is capable of saying: “Follow this path.”
“Father, give me light, Father, give me, help me, whether I do those things well?”
Yes, that father will do that, he does not hear you anyway because he does not exist.
The life law now in which you live, it says: experience, growth.
Perhaps, probably you will lose all your capital, but that will then be the training, because money, possessions, many possessions have no meaning for space.
You can now, if you are now capable of drawing up that material life, now you can already think of your own life.
Do not long to be king or emperor, queen – I told you – because you have to carry that responsibility.
When people order you to kill a human being then you kill your Deity, you close off your Deity for evolution, for love.
I shouted it out here: why are you still capable, if you already pray to a Christ and have a God, of killing a human being?
Why, I asked you, did you give yourself for your illegality?
Yes, for what?
For the rottenness of your society?
Did you think you could serve Christ and bring your Deity to the evolution, to consciousness by means of this?
You only served evil.
You can now think up words, make clear and condense scenes and then you can say: “But who develops the earth then and who brings mankind to the evolution?”
Then I can immediately say: the Christ did not know any society.
The Christ had nothing to do with money, with art, with anything.
He came immaculately and purely from the pre-animal-like grade of life back to the Divine All.
And did He accept it?
No, He was it!
Arts and sciences – you trembled and shook, and society would tremble and shake and say: that man is mad – arts and sciences have no meaning on the Other Side, only feeling.
But you must eat, you must drink and this is why I talked about sprouts.
But when you feel that I am one with God, with Christ and then must accept and have to follow your food, then you will certainly understand that we also do not even forget that, and that you are not capable of hitting us with words; we know where the difficulty lies and lives, but you are that again yourself.
Then we are faced of course with the personality and then I ask you: are you lazy?
Do you think for the good?
Do you think harmonically?
Do you want light?
Do you want life?
Do you want to be carried?
Then you are always and eternally the slave of yourself.
Christ did not want to be carried by His apostles, He carried the apostles himself.
That long, universal, Divine path which they, the first people to whom the Christ belonged, had to follow, was a life of thinking, feeling, materializing and spiritualizing the things, the laws of the All-Source, the light, the life, the harmony, the justice, fatherhood, motherhood, yes, all those things.
Oh, oh, if you could follow and want to accept those people when they were there in that loneliness ...
The human being who had conquered the earth from the prehistoric age had completed the cycle of the earth, he had no society which could pray to Him, he had no candles, no incense, the priest was not needed, the holy statue was not there.
There was nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
And those people now live in the Divine All and are Divinely conscious.
Does it not mean anything to you?
When the cardinal – I took dozens of them to the awakening – when the cardinal lay at my feet and wanted to kiss my feet, I said: “Go and kiss Him, kiss yourself first.”
“I do not understand that.”
“Do you not feel what I mean?
Kiss yourself, love yourself.
Not to absorb everything into you, you could do that on earth, that is no longer possible here, but love yourself so sweetly that you serve the justice and the harmony for all life, because it belongs to you.
That life is a part of your blood.
So you live to bring evolution for yourself, but meanwhile your life grows.
Also that of the human being.”
Then he had lost his God as material but he received the new foundations for the macrocosmos, for the Other Side, the first sphere and then the second.
I met him, the poor man, during the time that I underwent the hells myself.
During those nine centuries I met many of them.
I was often faced with Rome, which lay there in its poverty, in its misery.
“Yes, I was the highest for millions of people on earth and now I am the lowest for myself.
Now I have nothing.
Because I did not yet represent anything.
They had not yet portrayed me.
I did not represent any reality.
I can make myself big in my study – it was also only just a study – I was thinking, I was a pope.
People gave me the name to be holy, but I had not seen any Christ, any God, and I had represented Him on earth.
I prayed for the human being.”
But you will not make it with praying.
You must expand your material life and that is only possible by drawing up that harmony, to give ‘wings’, something of your Divine core in you to the things, the business which you do, undergo every day.
The introduction which I gave you before was only to place you before that core.
If you now speak then your Deity speaks.
And when you hate then you have the attunement of that darkness there and then your Divine core, your Divine representation gets no space, no spiritualizing, on the contrary, you get animalized.
Gethsemane lives here, here.
We were in Gethsemane.
Now I come from the cosmology, from the Divine All, back to Gethsemane.
The Other Side lives there.
Here is the earth, we stand here now, we are kneeled down for a task.
We pray?
Now we will ...
When we had come that far with all those people, I said to my followers, the Masters say: “Now you will descend into the Christ.”
We now know that Christ reached the Divine All from the moon and has now come and was born on earth.
He is now in His life space, He is already walking on earth, and is a human being.
We followed Him from the birth when He still lay in the crib, when Mary sat there with Him and fed Him.
The child, the Divine child, the Divine conscious Self needed food.
Christ received food from the mother.
We followed and saw Him when Christ crawled over the floor and He could not yet walk.
We saw Him when Mary swaddled, changed Him and when she kissed the child, gave him a kiss, and wished Him good night.
But Mary did not say: “Now pray”, when the child could speak, because she did not know it.
The God, the Divine conscious Being came to earth, He represents God in everything, in material, in spirit, and people wanted to teach Him to pray.
Then Christ said, when He was ready to think – He meditated for so many years – to His apostles, to Peter, and John, and these words were beautiful, He said: “Do not pray for me and do not pray for yourself, but do.
A prayer, John, sent up to the God of all life, that is life.
You can really receive inspiration.
The God, the life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit can inspire you, if you then begin with the building up, the materializing.”
Christ could not give the apostles any cosmology now, but He had already proved to them that He healed the human being, the sick human being only by thinking; but spiritually, spiritually inwardly, the Christ could not do that either.
He said: “The blind will heal the blind.”
In other words: get out of my way because you cannot be reached.
He knew, sisters and brothers, that He had to earn everything, that He turned over ground after ground and had to lay foundation after foundation through millions of laws of life and grades of life and then He could not represent and undergo the justice for ninety-nine percent, no, no, no, He gave himself for a hundred percent because He knew how He had to conquer the cycle of the earth, this universe, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade.
And then we saw Him ...
Now descend into this Christ, that is the Divine conscious Human Being, the God as Human Being, and now you have a hold.
But what do you have to do now?
He also lived here, and there are more people with such tasks.
André also lives in there, but is no Christ.
We are only disciples, followers.
We are busy, we work hard.
He asked me: “When you are finished with that, then tell them how I have had to do it.
How the beating came to Me every moment.”
And for which André is grateful.
“Just hit.
But I want to be love, I want to possess justice, I want to be it.
I want to mean harmony.”
Then they descended there into the Christ and what did they get to see and to experience?
If you enter Gethsemane then you can lie down everywhere and do you know how deep, how great, how wonderful the Gethsemane is for mankind?
That is your earth.
On your second and third and seventeenth stage, in your hole under the ground, Gethsemane lives there, you are also in Jerusalem there.
There is the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the Omnipotence, the All-Light in order to draw you up, to give you light, to inspire you if you want, if you are not searching, if you are an independence, if you are not going round grumbling and complaining and wanting to be supported.
You are working.
You do not tolerate any support, because then you represent the law of serving, working.
How many people live in this wanting to be supported?
What do they do themselves?
Here lies Gethsemane, now descend into the Christ if you can, dare do it.
There is no longer any question of daring, you must be able to do it.
“If there is now no feeling in you”, I told the cardinal and the others, the law specialists and the artists, “if there is now no understanding, no real wanting, yearning in you, then you will not even enter this sphere, then a gate closes you off.”
Then that gate, which I talked about with you this week, then that gate will be closed.
Then people knock at that gate, but that gate closes.
Then Christ is closed and locked.
Then Gethsemane cannot even be seen.
You stand on the living macrocosmos in love, you kick that life to bits, and you kick Christ, your Deity.
When opened and closed doors are talked about then we are there.
When there is good, spatial, spiritual thinking somewhere, when the human being just wants to experience and can give true love, then we are there, for Christ, through Him, and He then says: “You see, you now represent Me spiritually.
I thank you.
But it is for yourself.”
Here in Gethsemane Christ lay there thinking, alone: ‘How must I do it now?
I cannot bear any mistakes.
I cannot make any mistakes.
What does that cross matter?
I know, I will be murdered, I will be beaten and spat upon.
I will come to stand before worldly justice.
Someone will come soon who will wash his hands in innocence.
But that man is not yet capable of representing Me.
That man only wants to experience nothing, nothing.
He wants nothing to do with My Divine justice, My harmony, My love, My light, and My life.
He says: “I will not interfere with that rottenness.
Just violate a human being.
I will close my eyes, I will just go home.
I will go into my own possession.”
Now you must start to think humanly, you must now start to ask human questions.
Because I can continue to stand with Christ, which you find nice, wonderful, you are one, but now you start to think for yourself.
Do you always still wash your hands again in innocence?
And if you do not wish to have anything to do with the building up, with the awakening and with the real fighting and serving, the love for mankind, for your Deity, then you are also an unconscious being.
Christ stands there and looks, He with John and Peter for a moment and says: “Now it will begin.
I now demand everything of you, if you can do it.”
He knew how great, how deep His children were.
He knew very certainly that if He let Peter enter the cosmic stake for the full hundred percent, then that child would crawl into himself and withdraw.
And then Christ sees and He has to experience that the weakness can suddenly overcome the spiritual Divine consciousness, and then mankind, then the life also stands before the other life and says: “So I thought that you loved Me, but you are not it.”
Christ spoke to himself and now you hear Him speaking, thinking.
You can experience and follow all of that if you soon live in our midst.
Then we will bring you back to this moment, you can already experience it here and then you can hear Him.
He did not say: “Give Me the strength, the wisdom and the love in order to be able to bear all of this.”
He said nothing.
He did not think either, He only felt.
He did not interpret one feeling or a thought, He rested.
He was in His Divine silence and from there He entered the living human being, and then He had to accept there, and He said: “Can you not watch with Me for a moment?
Can you not open yourself up for a moment, attune yourself to the truth, the reality?
Because every moment your macrocosmos collapses and then you have nothing.
If I leave you alone, Peter, John, then I also leave mankind alone too.
And is that possible?
But I have to accept to which life of feeling you have come.”
And now: thinking, feeling ...
Christ did not think about anything.
I shout shouted out here that what mankind placed on His lips: “My God, my God, let this cup pass from Me.”
I am pleased to undergo that torture, which He had to accept.
All of the Other Side is ready to devote the life-blood.
We are not afraid of torturing, of being burned at the stake, of any death, because that does not exist.
We are not afraid to absorb and to really love your illnesses, your cancer, your tuberculosis.
Give me your tuberculosis, your cancer, your contamination, and I will be happy if I achieve something for you with that.
That was Peter, John and those were the others, and that is mankind.
Christ came for that reason.
And did He have support from these people?
You know the problem.
You know how they acted.
Every moment you are now faced with your cock crowing and then you not only deny yourself, but the human being with whom you are involved.
You have no space.
You have no love, no spiritual love, no harmony, no justice.
You only just think of yourself.
You are great in yourself, yes indeed, but that is also everything.
No, your office now means nothing for Gethsemane because you do that for your food and your drink.
You earn nothing with that.
Even if you take care of your father, your mother, your wife and your children and of yourself and nothing can be said about your personality, you are a stubborn material-conscious poor being, you have no more than that if Gethsemane does not speak in you, if Gethsemane has not yet reached that awakening, if you do not yet see that the other already materializes the crowing and that cock is on its way and you can say to yourself: “Ha ha ha ha, it is crowing but I am it myself.
I deny every moment again this beautiful, this Divine, the Christ.”
The human being and Christ.
That means that you have to experience, to materialize and to spiritualize the reality of the Messiah and that you will also do nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing back if the human being hits you.
Do not be afraid for your little personality, which is still always earthly.
Just think only of your Divine core, your spatial Divine self, because that is the image of Gethsemane for the human being.
And if we leave Gethsemane ...
If we ...
Christ had finally said: “Yes, I must arise, I would like to stay here, but here I live in the Divine All, here I live in the Divine conscious, but I must now leave, I must show myself.”
And when He then began and thought that the helpers were standing next to Him, who would represent His life afterwards, they were lying sleeping, also John.
And now you are all sleeping, you are walking, therefore awake in society, but sleeping for Gethsemane.
Have you by means of your thinking and feeling precisely awakened that which opens the little bit of feeling of your Divine core, therefore that door, and sends up to the day-consciousness, of which the human being now wished to possess everything?
Then people say: “How sweet that human being is, how spacious, how cordial.”
Gethsemane now possesses your cordiality, your justice, your willpower, because Christ wanted to devote himself for this awakening.
And now you have to devote yourself for awakening, for your house; not in the very first place for your task by means of which you must eat and drink, that is your material vicinity.
But now, when do you do something for that Divine inner self?
When can you say: today I touched a hundred millionth spark and placed it for me as a new foundation?
When are you spiritual, now?
When do you think outside the apostles and outside mankind, but straight from your first sphere back to the earth, for Christ?
When are you sensitive, sure, soft, supporting?
You see, when you begin, another must also begin one day.
When you now want to support society then you do not do that for society, but now you do that for yourself.
Then Christ leaves Gethsemane.
He stands before Pilate, a moment later before that horrible Caiphas and now you must see, my sisters and brothers, how much do you have of Pilate, how much of Peter, how much of the apostles, how much do you have of the Caiphas’ – I am not even speaking of the executioners who beat and flogged Him – how much do you still have of those people in you, under your heart?
How much?
How much consciousness can it give you if you give yourself completely for the Christ?
That is a space of light, a space of love.
A love, which you cannot even bear here on earth.
I told you one morning: you no longer need to believe: you know.
And then the human being also says: “I do not know.”
But do you not know then that Peter stands there before you?
And that you never ever can fall asleep again if your Divine continuance needs that inspiration?
You know that there is no damnation.
You know that you go from the moon to the Divine All and that you possess Divine attunement.
You are a Deity.
But there are people living in the jungle who do not even know themselves, they do not know of any Christ, of any God.
They have no art.
They do not even have your clothes, they do not have your food, nothing.
And yet they are Gods.
But you know now that you are here and will soon leave this world and then have to represent your spiritual inner self.
Then you will stand in your light, in your deed, in your action.
What are you like now?
How do you wish to be?
What will you do now, soon, in a few minutes?
You do your best.
Peter did that too, the apostles did that, but they could not do any better.
But their will was not there either.
Yes, it is wonderful to stay in the vicinity of the Messiah, but if you do not begin yourself, He cannot speak to you.
You must begin.
You must ask Him questions and you must think of, feel and now harmonically materialize that question.
Now you have your marriage, your being a man, your being a woman, I will soon come with ‘The human being and his fatherhood and motherhood’, and then I will get you.
Then I will turn you inside out and then we will see what you have as a mother.
Being a mother is for the Catholic Church, Protestantism and this society nothing else than giving birth to children.
Making sure that those children have food, he does that.
But there is no more to it.
Yes, then the human being does a little bit of art, the human being does a little bit of inventions.
The human being thinks of something.
He creates wonderful things but he forgot to devote his spirit, that great wonderful thing, for a good deed.
You box.
“Do you know what it means for such a human being, in his roughness, to want to conquer?
To run?” André says.
To draw up a Rembrandt?
To do art?
How awe-inspiringly you actually play with your powers, your wisdom.
But you do not know what you are doing.
And now it is possible – because we learned that – to live materially but to think spiritually.
And now you can ... your material task, your action there, even if you have to do with hundreds of people and with no one ...
Everything now has a soul, has a spirit, has Gethsemane behind it, stands before Pilate, stands before the Caiphas and finally that same thing gets as a character trait a cross on its shoulders and just has to prove to how far you are and we will now drag ahead to Golgotha.
Every character trait – I told you, I taught you, you have to accept, because we had to too – gets that cross on its shoulders.
The more you are beaten now – it does not need to be – the better it is for you.
Because we now know, by means of a good material spiritual beating the human being gets to see his evolution, in his hands.
Because you are sad, you become quiet, you still moan meow a bit but that is part of it.
But the actual core looks Pilate in the eye, faces Caiphas and says: what does that personality say?
When you now snarl at the human being and snap and say: “Are you there already, sir or madam, I had not yet expected you”, then you snarl at Christ and then it appears that you do not possess any space.
Then the Christ withdraws inwardly in the human being and in the macrocosmos, because the Divine light cannot be snarled at, snapped at.
You must want to experience that.
Do you see?
When are you now happy as a human being?
When can you now say: the Christ will awaken in me?
Is it not true that we now for art, fatherhood, motherhood, mankind, peoples of the earth, sciences, justice, being a king, being an emperor, being a mother, the schools, every human being, everything, your whole wordbook ... here we are faced with the human being, with the Pilates, the Caiphas’.
Now we must take all those thousands of millions of problems to the human personality, if you want to see something of your Christ.
Will you give me the time?
Do I have the time?
That is the macrocosmos.
That is the Other Side.
That is the Divine All, the All-Mother, the All-Father, the All-Spirit and I must interpret, materialize that here in your midst.
We will never ever come ...
You, society then, wonder: “How does that madman manage that?”
But you will feel, I am capable of delivering a thousand million lectures and then I will still not be finished, still not, you are so deep.
If I want to spiritualize everything of your day-consciousness with regard to Gethsemane, the life spaces for yourself, then I will live after all – and you too – in the infinity; but you still have to die.
I will still speak in the future, and then you will be sleeping in the world of the unconscious or you will lie in your naked death, in your own rotting process and then you will no longer hear me.
When you draw up that rotting into your own personality and you cannot be approached by means of the spiritual feeling then you will not hear me either, even if I am standing before you.
And how often, how often do you not have that on earth, for your husband, for your mother?
Are those doors closed then?
You wish to see opened doors, but you are locked yourself.
You are not yet happiness, you are not yet love, because you will be it then.
If one human being, if you yourself can say – then just be honest, bow your heads – if you know: I am in a nasty mood, there is something, I cannot take it ...
You must be able to take everything, because then you also have everything.
In this way André earned this possibility, in order to work himself to death for mankind.
Because finally I will break this life, I will break this organism for you and we do that gladly.
André longs every moment that he succumbs here before your eyes and that the blood splashes into your eyes.
Gladly, gladly, gladly.
That is what we want to possess the most.
Not to destroy but to be able to exhaust ourselves completely, to give everything of our heart.
Why does that blood twist through our veins?
Why did we get brains?
Why a will?
Why all that strength?
In order to box?
In order to run?
In order to tell nonsense?
No, in order to make Gethsemane awaken in us.
We work ourselves to death for that.
Every moment we are kneeled in Gethsemane and thinking.
In this way we enter the human being every moment.
I no longer want to make any mistakes, I do not want to see any harshness, any wrong understanding.
I do not meddle with gossip, talk and destruction.
I do not want to be any gossip because then I sully myself.
Is it not simple?
It is very simple.
But do you do it?
It costs an effort.
It costs a great deal of strength.
Because, did I not tell you that every character trait undergoes a crucifixion, must accept the wanting to torture and visibly undergo the spitting in the human face without contrary feelings of “just do that again”.
It is only then that you are capable of praying.
And it is only then that you are ready to look your husband, your wife in the eye.
And then there are no false lights.
Then that eye is open.
Your cat, your dog, feels it as you enter and undergo those nasty moods, and a human being does not?
Could you say for the Christ in you and want to agree that when the weeds pass your lips in words, in feeling, that when that radiance approaches and beats the other human being who is ready and has opened his doors, did you think that that is not felt?
Now try if you are involved with a man and a woman ...
If you stand alone, you have the space.
But begin with yourself to be grateful for the moment that the crumbs are put down on the table for you.
But do not imagine that you prepared it.
The other who earned it, did even more for that.
And finally that is the real, spiritual spatial Divine prayer, and you can say: “I thank that space.
I thank my life.
I thank you.
How happy I am today because I have food again.”
All of mankind complains: “I have nothing.
He has everything, but I have nothing.”
And now you probably thought that the other one would come in order to give you thousands, to give you food, but then you are already standing still and at a standstill.
Yes indeed, a problem again.
I must not experience that problem, I cannot touch it and not analyze it, but we will come that far too.
Then you will no longer want to be given, you will much rather die from hunger in order to receive something.
And it is much simpler: you will begin to work, you will do something, even if you collapse, what does it matter.
You can never collapse spiritually.
There is no death.
There is no collapsing or succumbing.
You are Gods in and through Christ.
Always, eternally, because you are it.
The human being and Christ is one unity.
That is an All-Consciousness.
He is not far away from your life.
He is close by.
When He hears that your mouth possesses eloquence and you can interpret your stars and planets spiritually then you get from Him, if you bring forward the correct law, the inspiration, the knowledge.
Why are we never exhausted?
I can always ask you in the morning: how do you wish to have me today?
I can also be Divine.
But I do not imagine it.
Because now I will receive it, He will speak.
I can see Him.
Now I look into His eyes and I thank Him.
But He does not want any thanks, but He knows that I am busy, by means of Him, drawing up myself into His life, into His love.
Not to the Spheres of Light, but to Gethsemane in order to wonder what is still wrong about me; in order to break that, in order to nail that to the cross by means of myself, to bleed to death, because it is only then that I know it ...
With the greetings from Our Lord.
See you in a fortnight.
I thank you ...