The human being and his reincarnations

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get this morning ‘The Human Being and his Reincarnations.’
The Christ in the human being will awaken and that is only possible by means of reincarnation, not for the macrocosmos, but for the human personality.
We are not concerned now with planets, stars and suns, not yet, and actually again with the hereafter, all of that now lives in the human being.
The reincarnation for the Christ is exactly the same path for you.
The human being who has reached the Other Side, was also on earth.
He lived – I gave you this – from the origin of creations.
He went through the prehistoric ages, conquered this universe only by means of three Divine laws – I explained to you – which the human being possesses and by means of which he can determine, can see, can feel and experience his Divine attunement.
That is fatherhood, motherhood and reincarnation.
You have these three foundations in your hands every day for every thought.
Now you get to see the picture that nature, space keeps all of that in hand and that the human being passes on that space to the character traits, to the personality in himself, by means of which that evolution takes place.
I taught you all of that.
These three fundamental macrocosmic foundations, which were materialized and spiritualized by God, live in the human being and that is the human being.
Science speaks about life, about soul, spirit, but the psychologist does not know the human being.
You have the feeling to love in order to give birth and to create.
Does this mean nothing to you?
When we started to get to know ourselves and gave the Master: “I am nothing and I have nothing and I do not know it”, then the Master said: “You have everything.”
And from all of that you may now make universal consciousness.
And that is only possible if we know the Christ.
The Christ gave the example.
We know whether the human being acts according to that.
You need years and centuries and thousands of lives in order to make something of yourself.
We followed that training and we were faced with those millions of character traits.
I told you: now a character trait is a world, a space, as deep as the universe possesses in life and conscious and feeling, so deep is now one character trait.
In between that ...
By means of this we climb a platform from where we can see the new path, the new world, the new space.
A path can always be determined by means of the fundamental possibilities which the Christ laid down for the human being, without consciousness, with nothing.
I explained to you, and I do not wish to dwell on that this morning, that they came from the unconsciousness.
They searched for the sun, for the light, which was no longer there, they knew and they felt that they lived.
They returned to earth, took possession of the human being.
The natural oneness was achieved.
The sick insanity did not exist then, I explained that to you and you read that in ‘Mental Illnesses seen from the Beyond’.
In ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ Master Alcar goes into it deeper, by means of which you see that the character has built up the sick human being.
And that is the will, the unwillingness, the justice, and the injustice.
We now therefore come to stand naked in this society with our whole personality, with God, with Christ, with the bible, with all the churches and religions and arts and sciences.
And now you say every day, the Other Side hears, space hears that: “I can do it.
It is not possible.”
There are always feelings in us which come up and prevent me from doing the good, being love.
It is not a question of giving love, you do not need to give anything, you only have to be it.
To be, to think, to feel harmonically, and then you come of course to Gethsemane again and then you are faced with the human being and then we will see how the Christ, the Messiah, gave the picture for the human being, how to act.
If another cheats, you do not need to do it.
If another is too lazy to look at the heavens, then you do it: you yearn, you long.
There is now no speaking to the lower grades.
The human being who does not want, does not stand before but on a standstill.
You have all of that in your hands.
You must decide for yourself what you will make of your life.
Do you wish to achieve joy?
It is possible.
Do you wish to feel and experience sun every day, spiritual possession?
That lies in your hands.
However, you received the essential points for this building up, the reincarnating of your character traits by means of fatherhood and motherhood, reincarnation.
And these are the Divine foundations which God as Father, God as Mother and God as Son represent, because you return to earth: you become mother, father and child.
The son is there, the father too, motherhood lives in the human being.
Now I will go back from all of this in order to analyze the philosophical systems and in order to follow the Christ on His path.
That is the only possibility, the only existence.
We can say: we live in that sacredness, we live in that peace and André keeps teaching you it: here is the Other Side, here is the happiness, here is the love, here is the everything; even if you have to cope with illness and misery, here lives the Other Side.
One wrong character trait passed on to the human being, in hate, devastation and destruction, is the spiritual cancer for the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
That tuberculosis, that rottenness is so terrifyingly deep, awful, inhuman, in comparison to which your material growth is nothing, means nothing.
The spiritual cancer in your heart is now so bad, so awful.
It is certainly not ridiculous to follow those spiritual moths.
It is a little thing on your spiritual garment, but it burrows and it eats in and under your heart; and that is what the Christ taught the human being.
You can now make comparisons with everything.
The human being has everything.
The jungle child, every life has life, spirit, is soul, has fatherhood and motherhood, has the reincarnation, has the being reincarnated.
Do you see?
You now go ...
We return to our awakening, we are born and in that child and in our life feeling is present.
Now you must think it out, then you can determine for yourself how far you, who now listens, who reads those books of the Masters, how far you have passed the professor in psychology.
Because he does not know that this is a reincarnation.
He does not yet know that God has completed the creations.
Everything is finished.
They still discover new stars, yes indeed, there are still sparks in space, therefore living plasma which still has to condense.
And what they can determine by means of their telescopes, is only this one thing, the crumbs of this wonderful, wonderful body to which we belong, and the planets, suns and stars received their materialization, underwent their inspiration, radiated the spiritualization as the consciousness and the personality spoke.
All of that is God.
That is the life, that is the spirit of God, the realm of colours of God.
I do not need to repeat that again.
All of that lives.
That whole macrocosmos lives in the human being.
That is the human being.
The books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ gave you the picture.
‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’ took you through the deaths.
‘The Cycle of the Soul.’ gave you reincarnation.
In ‘Between Life and Death’ you got the metaphysical study for the character.
Is Dectar not enough and sufficient for you when he speaks to Venry and says: “We may not think wrongly”?
Can you not feel that the temples of Isis, of Ra, Ré and Luxor were there in order to take the inner life to the ignition?
Those studies of those priests were actually for nothing.
They did not know any fatherhood and motherhood.
They had to make up for it in the next lives.
And reincarnation was already there for that purpose.
That study, that following of the occult laws, the metaphysical teaching is only in order to know: how I will die.
What is dying?
What is awakening?
How do I bring more light into my thinking, into my feeling?
Why do I always stand on that material, why do I always want to have to do with that material?
And now we must get out.
The human being chastised himself, we closed ourselves off, for months and months and years in the darkness, only just in order to learn to think in the light, by means of the possession of everything to learn to think: how will I take myself to reincarnation, to the Christ.
That is certainly not so simple.
That is difficult, awe-inspiringly difficult.
Because behind your thinking a space lives, that is the universe.
That thought becomes deep, it becomes first material, that is material because you bring your thoughts into harmony with society, with your task, but outside all of that you built up a world and you will begin in order to give your character traits ‘wings’.
Do you see?
They are the Great Wings in the temple of Isis.
I brought the picture forward a hundred thousand times: make space of yourself.
You have it, you can do it, if you want, want, want, want, want.
Do you want?
“Yes”, the adept says.
“Yes”, the disciple says.
The longing and the struggle to devote ourselves becomes mad.
The yearning becomes so terrible, inwardly, that the heart thumps; you do not die, it continues to thump.
That first sphere is flaming consciousness.
The first sphere in comparison to the earth is a space for loving things, that is peace, prosperity, it is healing, it is resurrection, for millions of things awakening, harmony, harmonic oneness.
There is no strangeness; everything takes care of you, everything speaks and tells about the own fatherhood and motherhood.
Are you not reincarnated?
Do you let this thought, which you had today, radiate again?
Do you give that thought ‘wings’?
What you did wrong today in the material, in society, will you do that differently tomorrow?
Where do you want to go?
What do you live for actually?
The psychologist says: “The child is now born for the first time.”
Madness, nonsense.
Now we are faced with the ignorance, the powerlessness of this society.
But you: you know it.
What I am now concerned with is establishing for the tenth time that you possess fatherhood, motherhood, reincarnation.
That Divine in the human being, by means of which everything originated, became materialized, began with an own orbit, that must now receive a life space for every character trait.
Are you still busy with that now?
Have you began with that?
When I take you along soon to that first sphere and compare: Who are you now?
What do you want now?
What is your situation like now? then you can infallibly establish – André told you by means of ‘A View into the Hereafter’, by means of ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Between Life and Death’ and all the other books – in which grade of life you are, what your light is like.
Because I will explain to you, we will follow, that every character trait now, every action, every thought, each deed must be light of life for God, for Christ, for your prosperity ‘beyond the coffin’.
The child on earth starts to yearn.
The human being yearns for love, love.
What is the love like on the Other Side?
How do you get love?
To experience reincarnation, rebirth in your society, you know that.
You can follow those grades.
You have the lowest, the animal-like grades before you.
You know how the human being experiences the love for himself, the physical love.
But now higher, that is: the feeling to give birth and to create.
And now we are faced with one awe-inspiring thing, something, and that is: if see, this now comes for the fourth cosmic grade.
If the human being on earth had this ...
You live of course in a chaos, you live by means of the karmic laws.
I explained to you that one mother gives birth to ten, twelve children and another mother does not want any children, does not have the ‘child’ feeling.
So that mother does not reincarnate for motherhood, she must return to the earth for her being a mother, because the first sphere is for a hundred thousand percent spiritual mother.
Are you a mother, do you long to be a mother?
No, then you will irrevocably enter a world that does not possess any love, because motherhood possesses everything.
And that is again: Christ, Our Lord.
The power for the human spirit lies completely open.
If you now step out of the body, then you have to think for spatial reality.
Are you presently, at the moment, real, true?
Which of you can now say: “I know how I must walk there?”
You only have to think: ‘I do that here, I can do that here.’
Yes, here you have legs, feet to walk, but there you do not have the ground to stand on.
Fundamentally that building up has been neglected, you have not yet started with it.
We see the human being coming with a great deal of material possession.
I gave you a picture of this and of that.
I said – and that is very bad – that arts and sciences have no meaning, because the Christ said: “If you were to speak all the languages of the earth and you had no love, you would be worth nothing.”
By this He said, consciously omnisciently: ‘Love!’
And is it not true, if you now come to the great ones of the earth, the geniuses, and they hit you, then that great being belongs to the darkness.
In the first sphere people no longer hit.
In the first sphere people have already built up those laws and powers, because that is the possession, that is the life, that is the light, that is the holy spirit to that attunement.
The human being who thinks that he possesses everything here, and for whom mankind has respect, that is earthly carry-on.
You can take it as you want it.
You can say: “Yes, but why was all of that built up?”
Master Alcar had to, Bach had to, Beethoven, Mozart had to, Titian had to, Leonardo da Vinci had to, all of them had to accept that: their art was and remained art.
What were they like for the human being?
And the human being now stood there: naked.
What does Anthony van Dyck mean at the moment?
What did Master Alcar say to André when he asked: “But how did you do that then?
How did you live then in that chaos?”
A spark of God stands up against the Master.
And André is not afraid of Our Lord, he says: “And if you cannot explain it to me, then I will go higher.
How was, how did you live?”
We then made the journey for ‘The Cosmology’.
When you do not begin to ask: “How were You able to do that, Christ?” He will not come.
When you cannot experience, do not wish to follow that motherhood and fatherhood ...
You received that, your physical condition is there.
The human being one is the material foundation for the spiritual love.
But a time comes that that fatherhood and motherhood, that love, must be drawn up to the character.
Those Divine foundations are now only the universal possession for the human soul, the Divine spark.
Understand well where I want to go.
That being Divine in the human being by means of which the human being is father and mother, that Divine attunement, that is the Deity now for the human being, in the human being.
Wherever you are, wherever you live, even if you enter the jungle, that is a Divine spark.
... (inaudible) That man, that black man, that black mother, those vacant souls, who have no feeling?
They have feeling, they are Gods.
You do not see it, you do not feel it, it is actually ridiculous for your white race (see; but they have fatherhood and motherhood, God gave them everything.
He placed in every spark His light – I told you – His life, His spirit, His realm of colours because the human being radiates His colours.
And then someone came, and He is the Messiah, He is the Christ.
God gave the human being fatherhood, motherhood, reincarnation.
The human being received that for nothing.
That is the Divine core for the human being, for the animal, for the life in Mother Nature.
But the human being will now master that Deity, that is now the word.
The mastering now happens by means of the life, by means of your society, and now the life can, wherever you are – we can do that – and whatever you do, the life can now be incredibly beautiful.
It does not matter what you do, even if your situation is heavy for the earth and even if you have a difficult time, anyone who now wants, makes a Kingdom of God of himself: space, light, life, spirit, spiritual consciousness, harmony.
Because this fatherhood, this motherhood, those Divine foundations force you to those reincarnations.
The human will in order not to take part for the life of Mother Nature; is a standstill.
But now that philosophical yearning comes to your aid, the asking for a God, the asking and wanting to experience the Christ, that comes to your aid, because He came to the earth for this purpose.
What I am concerned with, what the Masters are concerned with, is: the love which you have.
It is obvious, it comes to awakening as the body awakens as a material universe.
Every human being, every animal knows that.
You get that unity, you get married.
But the feeling in you, that awe-inspiring burning, that radiating of feeling and thoughts to that other personality, that one being – do you not know who that is? – we felt, we saw that, that is a depth, so awe-inspiring, but it brought us back to the origin of the first moment, and that is now the Divine reincarnating for the human being.
The feeling that the psychologist cannot yet analyze is therefore the natural oneness with the macrocosmos in order to reincarnate, in order to continue the life, directly from the All-Existence in the human being – can you feel this? – the All-Existence for and of the human being.
This human being now walks in this society, which is unconscious, which is almost insane and this human being must take, send his Divine feeling, knowing and acting to the Spheres of Light.
And now it is a chaos.
Now it is an awe-inspiring chaos because the human being does not know himself.
We can now infallibly analyze your personality.
The psychologist stands before you again, but he is not a spiritual conscious being.
Every action now, which you do, says: this has not come up from the Divine source.
When – we now ask – does something come up from your Divine being a father and being a mother in order to inspire the day-conscious life?
There we stand now.
This is why I brought you to the Christ in you, and now we are faced again with the Christ in us, because every thought was done, acted Divinely consciously by Christ.
There were no mistakes in Him, neither material mistakes nor spiritual, he had no macrocosmic mistakes.
And the human being can go that far, the human being can master those laws.
I gave you a picture of Him and you find that wonderful, that moves you.
But now from Christ, from Gethsemane – do you see? – that meditating, that thinking, back to yourself.
And now we are faced with the human being, free from the Christ, free from your Deity?
No, that lives in you.
Now bring feeling, now bring oneness for all your deeds, for all your thinking.
Talk to each other – I told you – make an effort, make an effort.
Make an effort, because you will not get it for nothing.
We, the others, millions of people locked themselves up in temples, they broke each other, we went through insanity.
André said to Master Alcar: “Were you also there?”
And then you must see the blaze, the fire from his eyes when pupil and Master look at each other.
Now we are faced with the reality.
“How did you live there?
Did you receive the feeling that the cosmos burns in your body, did you have that?”
Master Alcar lets him blow off steam?
No, now we are faced with the sacred respect.
Now we are really faced with the fight, or did you really think that this child, by means of which we have built up all of this, had received it for nothing?
Every day we are faced again, he is faced again with a universal battle.
It concerns Divine reality, Divine justice, everything, now, in this life.
And then the Christ becomes strict if He says: “Let the blind heal the blind.
Do you wish to remain deaf and dumb, do you love that?
Do you wish to serve the destruction?
Then leave My vicinity, Satan, leave!
I cannot be influenced by destruction.
I do not serve any human being at the moment, I serve mankind, I serve spaces, I want to serve spaces.”
Christ served the Divine All for you, for the human being.
To see this picture, to follow it, to see it, to see the Christ walking, thinking, that Divine feeling for the human being, to watch for mankind, for spaces ...
Oh, my sisters and brothers, just enter this Gethsemane ...
Do you see?
Christ was born and was taken care of – I told you – and drunk the mother milk, was washed and taken care of.
That building up of Mary for the Messiah is the own possession of you.
You grow up, you have awakened, you received it, physically.
And now we will draw up that spiritual core, we will take care of that, we will speed that up.
That means: we will devote the will in order to attach ourselves to that Gethsemane.
Is it not pathetic, is it not terrible – you can say – that there must always be speaking?
The bible is the bible, with all the mistakes of the bible the Divine meaning still lies there.
But are the ten commandments enough for the human being?
Is the word sufficient for the society, which came from the Divine All anyway: you will not kill?
I do not need to talk to that grade of life.
I am talking to people who start to make something of themselves, to build up something for themselves, for directly, for now, the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
In fact, it is a false carry-on, a false talk: ‘the life beyond the coffin’.
For, here is the life ‘beyond the coffin’, here, now, you live in it.
You will not have changed in any way soon.
Where do you wish to come?
Who do you wish to meet?
In this chaos, in that unwillingness you wish to see the Christ?
Do you wish to speak to the Messiah?
Do you wish to follow His path?
And did you think immediately ‘beyond the coffin’, – you are now free from this body, is not it?– did you think just immediately: ‘Yes, now I see him, and now I see the Masters and now they will explain everything to me’?
No, first the bowing comes here.
Those mistakes must go.
We cannot draw you up to that first sphere, you have not yet really meditated.
You must begin that.
André meditates day and night.
He said to me: “Just get me.”
How can we do this?
We can do this, because a fight for life and death has originated.
We want to prepare ourselves in order to be able to speak.
He does that.
When you are released from yourself and the hereafter, space, all life starts to speak, then you will have a difficult time, extremely difficult because that space burns in your heart.
That is a spiritual pain which connects you with the untruth.
You cannot go further.
The human being does not want to go with you.
There are some who want to, but they cannot yet because they follow disharmony, destruction, they are still adjusted to devastation.
Master Alcar said to André: “The human being who wants to burden you: ‘Go away.’
The human being who just thinks wrongly: ‘Go away.’
You leave the human being alone who does not want to follow you yearning.”
It becomes very simple because the fight is now for life and death in order to make something of yourself.
If you want, if you seriously want, and you devote everything, everything, everything of yourself, then we can go further.
Then I will bring you to the macrocosmos.
Then you will be inspired.
Then you can receive that which you wish, everything spiritual becoming conscious.
And now?
That battle was fought.
One night when we said farewell to the earth, it boiled in André-Dectar.
Master Alcar looks at him.
And that was a fight, free from the organism which lay down there during the war days, hungry, breaking.
But what does a body mean if the soul, the spirit speaks?
What does the human being always look at?
It looks at the human being as material.
I will show you now that you do not yet know the inner human being.
André stands there and says: “What does that body matter to me, it will get what I want.
I have no food, then that body will not have any food either.
I will eat what the spirit gives me.”
And then we go, walking, laughing, breaking, yes indeed, the muscles succumb, but the spiritual muscles are intact.
We must go to the Divine All and do you know what that means, to go to the Divine all, separate and free from your organism, ahead of reincarnation, for every thought, for every law, for mankind, for fatherhood and motherhood, for light, life, happiness and love?
One child is fighting against the macrocosmos, for mankind and really fighting, so that he can say on a journey: “Who are you?
How did you live?
I cannot do it anymore.”
Yes, that was already years ago, that was when we had to begin with ‘The Origin of the Universe’, when we had experienced the hells, the heavens.
If you are faced with a little dream, the human being who experiences something nice, something pleasant, then he is already trembling inwardly.
What is that pleasantness?
Why are you trembling?
Why, for what reason are you happy?
When the human being ...
You see, now millions of pictures charge at me again.
Now I would need ten hours, twenty hours again in order to be able to complete his lecture completely spiritually.
Because I want to connect you with reality, cosmically, spiritually, with the Hereafter, motherhood, fatherhood, fighting in your society for food, drink.
How do you do all of that?
Thousands of books lie before us.
Master Alcar then said two words: “I was not a prophet, I was only a painter. I served myself.
I brought art to the earth for one order.
But what is a painting in comparison to two words which I now know, which I passed on to you: God is love!
There is no damnation.
The human being is a God.
The mother gives birth for the reincarnations.
Christ never said in Gethsemane: Let this cup pass from me.
And on Golgotha he did not say: Father, my Father, why have you forsaken me?
And the bible begins with gossip, nonsense, because when the bible writers started, creation was already millions of years old.
The biologists, the theologians will soon have to accept all of this.”
“And am I then the first one?” André says.
“Must I represent all of this?
Do you wish to take me to stars and planets, I as a small being, child of this world?
Do you wish to take me past Dante, Socrates, Plato, Ramakrishna, Mohammed, Rudolf Steiner, Annie Besant?
And then the word comes from space, and that is not from the Master, Master Alcar and me, and then the Divine Conscious Being from the Divine All says: “Yes indeed, if you want then we now will bring the University of Christ on earth.
Then we will take the human being convincingly to fatherhood and motherhood by means of the word, in order to evolve, to reincarnate for every thought.”
The human being now gets a Kingdom of God in himself if he begins with it.
What does the human being do now?
And we go!
This life experienced a hundred thousand disembodiments.
And you?
Do you ever disembody?
Does your spirit have that wonderful spatial feeling in order to be able to grow, to disembody, to experience something of the child which waits there for you, for you, for you, for you, the mother, the many reincarnations which you experienced, which you had, which you knew?
The mother who is here and does not understand you, lives ‘beyond the coffin’ and is a princess from Gethsemane, from the Temple of Isis, from Ra and Luxor.
She lived with you there in Jerusalem, in Spain, France, England or America, she could be an Indian, she is the conscious being.
She then says: “My child, now you are here and now I must teach you.”
We brought André through all those reincarnations in order to build up and to strengthen that will, that personality, but the fight for himself was so terrible and so horribly inhuman that he would rather have put the dagger in his heart.
The pains, the fight to reach that awakening, that reincarnating is in no comparison to cancer and tuberculosis, the giving birth to a child.
But now: happiness, knowledge, feeling ...
Can you now still say: “I do not love you”?
When the human being begs from the macrocosmos with regard to the earth: “But do you not feel then that I love you?
I come from outside, I do not know you, but I am a child of God, just take care of me.
Give me everything.
Just take care of me for five seconds in your heart”, and the human being cannot do it, the human being only thinks of himself.
If André had only thought for himself, we would stand still.
But it concerns expansion.
It concerns knowing even more, yearning.
The hells are like that.
The hells , they live in me.
If I have hatred, the Sphere of Hatred is there.
If I slander, if I sully the human being, then I live in a world of sullying, then that spirit of mine is one and all rottenness.
If I long for lust, animalization, if I only want to experience the body, then I am also only just material, animal-like material which sinks away rotting in that darkness.
You close your eyes, you close your organs to that spiritual stench in the human being.
A corpse smell on earth is nothing.
Do you not know the life aura of the human being?
Give your taste and smelling organs reincarnation and smell the personality.
That is the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
That is the Other Side.
That is the becoming one with the destruction, with the wrong thinking, the taking possession of material and spirit which belongs to another, the wild exploring of the animal with regard to the human child, that is the breaking of the human heart, that is the stealing of the light which the human being possesses in his eye in order to look.
The human being thinks and does not see inside and outside, but the human being is reacting dirty, open to the destruction, the talk, the back-biting, the gossip, the sullying.
Do you know how many millions of people were thrown on the stakes by the Catholic Church by the gossip of another?
Innocent people were appointed, people said: “She is a heretic and he, and they are in contact with demons.”
And the Catholic Church believed it and threw that life at the stake; by dirty thinking.
But know that this is murder, that false, wrong thinking is spiritual murder for your personality and know that reincarnation cannot come, because you smother your going further, your growth.
When the light comes, you put it out.
You always put the blade, the dagger straight from behind in the back, in that human heart, by means of a word – believe it – by means of one wrong word, by means of one wrong thought.
Is it not becoming difficult?
Are you still not afraid?
We are not afraid.
We will oppose it.
If the mistakes are there then we bring them to Golgotha and then they will be crucified.
We lay down in joy in order to ring the neck of those rotten character traits.
Do you do that?
Are you so seriously busy with yourself?
We went through the hells and heavens first, then André was allowed to ask questions, to ask thousands of questions, you do too.
But Master Alcar had to give him the question first, and then the answer also came.
That André-Dectar, that Dectar – that André was not yet there – was still so clumsily adjusted to this life.
What did ancient Egypt know about damnation?
About Christ?
Because by means of Christ damnation came.
In ancient Egypt, in the Indian temples, no damnation exists.
There is only the metaphysical law there: life and death.
But with Christ, with the bible damnation came, because the human being damns himself by doing wrong.
First asking questions and then the inner life reaches reincarnation for this growing happiness, wanting!
You have to awaken and take hold of all the tangible, which is present in your spirit.
First the half, you will read it.
But go with us, hand in hand, in order to experience those demons there.
Succumb one day.
You are already afraid when a destructive being enters your vicinity.
But now we must charge at those demons of and for the human being.
We start to walk under this carry-on and now the human being must learn to release himself from evil.
And André could not do that and he now had to learn this.
He had to learn that the demons can hit themselves and not him.
He had to learn that he would be strong in evil, for evil, by means of evil: “I will remain pure.”
And then Master Alcar, you read that, left him alone.
The reincarnation for the moment, the growing of and for the human character that rose directly up to the seventh sphere.
He is alone there.
I will continue.
In the darkness you see cities.
People lie in holes and caves, they have built up something from plasma, that is their possession.
You see there that world.
You talk in your society about terrible people, animal-like carry-on.
What is that in comparison to the feeling and thinking of the spirit?
We do not look at that devastation either, that destruction, it is nothing.
But it must not happen.
You run aground, you stand on and at a standstill.
Those demons in that hell – I will now continue – they got hold of him, strangled him.
He was kissed horribly.
They sucked him empty, that wild lust grew, he thought: “My God, my God, where am I now?”
If he just has a little longing in him now, then this instrument is dead, smothered, suffocated for this whole life.
If there is just one dirty, descending, therefore destructive, longing of the human being which goes to that demon carry-on, and he longs for it, the Deity is already smothered.
Only now the power and the strength and the well-being, the justice of the Messiah is capable of holding onto you, no Master.
The example which the Christ gave: do like this, act like this, look and do not let any hate radiate from your eyes, is now the possession for reincarnation.
If André had got a wild feeling there and he was to make fists in order to hit back, the reincarnation would be murdered, he would not give his feeling any space.
You are therefore beaten and kicked, but you remain Christ, you remain Gethsemane, you remain harmony, love, spirit, then the Master will appear.
They dragged him through that darkness.
He sits there and a demon comes to him.
He has learned something and you can experience that happy feeling every day in society.
That wonderful possession, that growing, it cheers him, he says: “But what do you want?
I just fell, they kissed me, they devoured me and I did not want that.
I serve for something else, for no kiss.
I serve for myself, I serve for mankind, I want to give mankind the golden, universal happiness.
I want to live for this purpose, not for any hot air.”
And then a radiance enters the human eye, of the spiritual being, of Master Alcar, and then André sees that he is standing before his Master.
He sees the Master in the pupil, he weeps from happiness: “You are it, you!”
For this ...
When we reach the border of the Land of Hatred – André was strangled there by a shadow – he (master Alcar) says: “Do you see them?”
“Yes, Master, must we enter there?”
“They are here already, this is the border.”
We continue.
Everywhere you hear the spiritual hissing, but now real, and now you must get through it.
If there is a spark of wrongness in you, if it is now just small, a millionth part of a spark of hatred, of lust in you, then that spiritual personality strangles your self and then you have contact.
Because by means of this wrong thinking you attune yourself to a space, to a world in which people of your own kind live.
Then you can shout for help and then you can call: “Mother, mother, mother”, there is no mother in space who can help you, you now stand for yourself.
Is it not just?
The child which says today to the mother: “I will not do it”, it lies the day after tomorrow – and the day after tomorrow is now a century – knelt at the feet of a spiritual mother and says: “Mother, mother, just hit me, I was so wrong.
Can you forgive me?”
The word ‘forgiving’ does not exist for God or for Christ.
It is always: forgive, forgive, forgive.
The Catholic Church begs and asks for forgiveness.
God has nothing to forgive.
Nor the Christ.
That word must go from the wordbook for space.
That word ‘forgiving’ is in disharmony with the reality because God is love.
Do you see?
And you have to earn that.
We had gone from the hells to the heavens, the heavens and the books came to earth.
André took care of the publication with ten-cent pieces and quarters.
And then he built on his inner possession.
He stood on a cosmic ornament, a foundation which had accepted Golgotha, because the Christ lives in ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
On the way he saw a wonderful apparition which smiled at him and said: “André, is the first one already there?”
“Yes, who are you?”
“You will see later.
And is the second coming and is the third coming and is the fourth coming and is the fifth coming?”
“Yes”, Master Alcar says.
“Is it not wonderful, do you see that life growing?”
The will in order to write, what is that?
We do not ask for tiredness.
What is tiredness?
We destroy that body.
“That body serves me in order to bring, to take me to the reincarnation for space, for the soul, for the spirit, for the light, for fatherhood, for motherhood.
That body will serve me.
We have”, André says, “nothing to do with any tiredness.
Blood, what is blood?
My blood, inward, spiritual, that is the essential.
That is the plasma for the macrocosmos and I want to master that.”
We will write.
The will to finish it, against, with regard to: “Oh, what are you now going to begin?”
The being powerless against the human being with possession, the learned being, the intellectuality which said: “Are you still writing these simple books?
That is childish.”
Yes, childish purity and truth.
“André, what is it, is there something the matter, my child?
Can you not tell me, your father and your mother?
Come on, speak.”
They were together in the vicinity of Hendriks, weren’t they?
Master Alcar began around André.
When the word ‘Jozef’ came, that got him out of the trance.
He got the name André, a life from France and then we could begin.
We made the journeys.
The ‘The Views into the Hereafter’ come to earth.
He continues, he wants to fight.
“He must”, Master Alcar says to me, “go to the macrocosmos.
He will experience the cosmology.”
But how that must be, how that must become soon, well, that lies only in the hands of the Messiah and not of a Master from the seventh sphere.
I mentioned: ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, they are all spiritual novels in order to show you ‘the coffin’.
Gerhard stands before him.
At the graveyard he is laughed at.
“Just you laugh.”
“Ha ha ha ha ha, I sit every day on the Grim Reaper”, Gerhard says, “and he has never yet spoken to me.”
A short time later Gerhard is on the Other Side.
“My God, my God”, he thinks, “I said that to Jozef and now I am standing in it and now I am the Grim Reaper myself.”
And now the fight of Gerhard with his Master comes: “Everything here is insane.”
“Yes”, the Master says.
“Millions of people, men and women, live here and they are all insane; you alone are wise.
We are all mad, do you see?
But we will get that madman out, that wrong thinking must make way for good, real feeling and thinking.”
And then the battle of Gerhard comes.
The extreme will, it explodes in him.
He flies up and charges at the darkness and says: “If I can get you all there in my claws, then I will teach you how we must do it.”
The child cannot be restrained.
Are you curious where he now lives?
Do you wish to know where he is now?
If André enters the Other Side, for that part in the book ‘The Bridge of Eternal Life’, in order to meet him, in order to give you the picture – by means of Master Alcar – in order to see how you reincarnate, how you grow, Gerhard stands there and then has to accept the Master, Jozef.
Then we return, they go back in thoughts, here in The Hague, to that same moment when Gerhard is sitting on top of that trestle, and his coffin has gone, and when he thrashes with his whip and says: “Ha ha”.
You see, then the tears flow down his cheeks.
From regret?
No, he has been beaten.
He says: “My God, my God, the terrible things the human being says, which he does not know.
He curses himself thousands and thousands of times during a day because he does not want to know, because he does not know himself.”
And here now both walk, children of the earth, on the Other Side through that sphere, hand in hand.
Gerhard looks: are we now one?
Oh, oh, oh, if this feeling could only awaken in you.
If you could only begin every day with that one Gerhard the coachman.
Then what?
Then what?
When do you want to begin with the cosmology, the fight for the origin of the universe; because we are going there.
Why do you not become Gerhard the coachman?
Why do you not take him into your heart?
And then, of course, only then, as I began, we stand in the Temple of Isis and it becomes serious.
“We may not think wrongly.
If we were to think wrongly, Venry, then the high priest will feel where we are going and he will understand that we have began with the spiritual destruction; for him then.
And it means: we have to make ourselves one with the flowers here in the life gardens of Isis, and Ardaty will give us his wisdom, because he knows that we are being followed.
Look here, this beautiful flower.
Look, do you see the radiance of this message?
On this flower lies the message for us: be careful, you are being followed.”
The life had wrapped the goblet of this pure motherhood, had wrapped the astral message with her life juices.
Know, the flower, an insect – however awful – can be inspired by the life of space.
‘Between Life and Death.’ gave you that picture.
However, before André could experience Isis, he stood before the harbour, he stood before the thundering of the macrocosmos, completely alone and broken, groaning with pain, and said: “I cannot go on anymore.
I cannot go on anymore.
I am not sad, God preserve me, but I cannot go on anymore, I can no longer bear that macrocosmos.
I stand alone.
Where is Christ now in order to help me?”
The word also comes, the question: “Say, yonder in the Divine All, does Jerusalem no longer interest You?
You were whipped, spat upon and beaten in Jerusalem and finally nailed to the cross.
For what?
Was this not the same thing?
Does Jerusalem no longer interest You?
Then I can give it up, then You are an untraceable being.”
Have you never ever seen a human being slaving and plodding, the searching for God, for Christ?
A human being is on a spree over the life seas of Mother Earth and asks in Japanese there: “Do you know something about God?
Do you know something about Christ?
Is there damnation?”
A Mohammedan: “Do you know something about God?
The bible gives me doubt.”
If God, space meets a true human being who is searching, who wants, then the spiritual image stands before you.
During the holidays André saw an image like that.
(Inaudible.) If you want awe-inspiring seriously, Christ is also there, I told you.
André experienced that.
When he stood on the promenade during the night and went into the waters this far, he says: “Then at least I still feel that cooling down, because it is burning so much in my brains and in my blood.
I want to speak to Christ.
Master Alcar, Master Cesarino, Damascus, the Half Moon, Ubronus are not enough for me.
At this moment it concerns Jerusalem, mankind, I am standing in the middle of this universe.
I have been reincarnated by my will, by my working and my serving.
I love millions of people, I cannot love only one human being, I love all of this mankind.
Do not kiss me any longer, world.
Do not ask any love from me today, individual, because I am searching for your fathers and mothers.”
And then we walk, the Masters, next to us.
“So”, André says, “are you also there?”
A Master from the seventh sphere, Dr Frans: “Yes, is it not okay, André?”
“No, it is not okay.”
“Yes, difficult, isn’t it?
Development, expansion, it is difficult.
But we also did it.
You will succumb.
Just succumb.
Just fall apart.
And, just jump in there.
Do you wish to drown?
Do you wish to get out of here, André?
Now, just walk in there, just drown yourself.
It does not matter to us.
Did you think that you could get help?
Did you really think you would get help from space, which interprets a funeral music and which says: “Oh, be careful because accidents will happen”?
We go towards the accident, we know what you are open to.
We know what you were able to do.
We are always pleased.
Jeus will send you through the universe.
But now you are an André.
Jeus can do everything.
A Jeus of mother Crisje speaks in dialect and then the universe is at its last gasp.
But also the trouble of a city personality, also the messing, the devastation, the destruction, everyone succumbs by means of the simplicity of Jeus, the child of mother Crisje.
And now you are André.
André listens.
“How do I reach reincarnation?
You are a Master, you live in the seventh sphere.
Do you eat your delicious porridge every morning?
Are you served every morning at half past nine and does someone ring and Peter comes and says: ‘Sit down, now it will begin’?
You are Masters, aren’t you?
How do I get the books published?
You write, you inspire, that is all wonderful, that is great, oh, that is awe-inspiring, but who can help to support me during these troublesome days?
The human being does not know that I have received the highest and the most sacred from you.”
And then there comes: “You must work for that.”
We are busy, aren’t we?
Must I take my life, everything of me to the new reincarnation?”
“Yes”, Dr Frans says, Cesarino says, it comes from space, “to the cosmology, André-Dectar.”
But then that Dectar was not yet there.
Then people could only just say: “André-Jozef.”
That Dectar still had to awaken, even if he was there, do you see?
The more you build up, then lives reach awakening; characters, which you have worked on in Gethsemane, in Isis, in Luxor.
Or did you think that you had never ever been in a temple?
That is still dormant in you.
That is still unconscious.
After that dreadful battle, the Dectar in him comes, openly and consciously to universal happiness and love.
And then André stands there and Master Alcar says: “We are now through that, we have completely materialized the third part on earth.
Now my task is over.
You can die.”
“What did you say?”
“You can die tonight if you want. When we do not want to return again to the earth tonight, then you will lie there asleep in the morning and you will have died for the earth.
But for this world you will have awakened.
You will have reincarnated for that and that world.
And now you get to experience three journeys in which you must decide whether you will return to the earth.
We now have life and death in our own hands.
The life lies here on your heart side, there a human being has death in his hands.”
And he can strangle, break him, because the Grim Reaper means nothing more.
André is walking in the first sphere.
“Grim Reaper, during my youth you provoked and beat me and you broke millions of people.
People still weep about your nonsense.
Now I will strangle you.
I have you in my right hand, you will never escape from here.
I am not afraid of you.”
Three journeys are needed for that in order to return to the earth, and he goes.
“Then”, the Master says, “we will go straight back to ancient Egypt and then you will see your life as a priest.
Because we began there in order to lay the first foundations, you see.
Now we will begin with ‘Between Life and Death’.”
The inspiration comes, the inspiration goes on, finally to ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
The gifts are analyzed.
He knows them, he has them.
We have all the physical, all the psychic gifts.
We know ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘Between Life and Death’.
We begin, we no longer need those hells and those heavens, but we begin to analyze, to expand those gifts for the human being, occult possession, metaphysical wisdom.
We write the book ‘The peoples of the earth’, for mankind and finally, ultimately, we stand before the ‘Masks and Men’, in order to tear off the inner and outer mask by means of the ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
You see, now I have just began again and I have to leave.
Isn’t it terrible?
Always that building up, giving you inspiration, giving emotion, but now the lines, the points and I must always do that in five minutes.
Do you know that?
Now to prove how you can begin with that evolution.
For ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, in the universe André says: “What are you like, what are you like, what were you like on earth?”
And now the Master can say, the Master to his adept: “I was only a painter and not a prophet.
Because Anthony van Dyck did not know this.
This surpasses , André, you will soon see that when we return from the Divine All, this surpasses theosophy, Dante, Rudolf Steiner, Mohammed.
There is no teaching, no wisdom to be found on earth, this is directly from the University of Christ, this goes infallibly to the All-Existence for your fatherhood, for your motherhood, for your reincarnating.
And now the fight comes, not with regard to a small character trait for the human being, it becomes so extremely ridiculous when you stand before the trivialities, the pin-pricks of the human being.
If Mother Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn speak to your life and you do not want to accept them – because they must become known – then you will see another battle.
And then you will wade through the waters, then you will not be bothered any more by heat or by cold, then you will just have one power in you, one will, one knowledge, one feeling, one love: I want to evolve.
“I want to evolve for and by means of the human being.
I do not want to possess anything of the human being, otherwise they will take it off me.
I want to serve, serve, serve, serve.
To propagate myself.
I will let myself be represented by the universe.”
And then we were faced with the Messiah.
Then we looked Him in the eye like that and He said: “I speak the languages of the world, but if you have love, you will speak them with me.
Do you still know me, Jeus?”
“Yes”, André says, “I know You.”
You can experience this as Jeus, not as Master.
Because these Masters are children.
Master Alcar is a child and Lantos Dumonché is a child, Master Cesarino, Damascus, the millions who interpret the Spheres of Light are children in the spirit.
They do not want to possess any human-adult consciousness, they are it, they are children in the spirit.
And then back, then back to Golgotha.
There we saw Socrates, Ramakrishna and he is the only human being in which Jeus finds himself again.
André sees: they walk hand in hand, swaying from happiness, dying and being born again.
Reincarnations after reincarnations, for the character traits, the light, the life, the love, the personality, the justice, kindness, motherhood, being a brother, being a sister, charge at him and he lets himself go.
He says: “My God, my God, what did I already serve for?
What did I achieve?
I do not need to ask anything more, everything is there.”
And the Christ still lives in Jerusalem, He is also there, He is always there.
However, he does not want to stand for Judaism, because the Jew waits until he appears on the clouds.
“He is walking in your society”, André said, we say, we know that.
He is standing next to you, before you, is in you, in your love, in your deed, because you interpret the evolution for Gethsemane, you stand before Pilate, you go to Caiphas, Golgotha.
You will die, die for your happiness.
You will time, time and time again have to devote your life, your whole personality for happiness.
Only just for the happiness in order to be able to experience love ‘beyond the coffin’, no, to be able to experience love now, to take yourself now to that heavenly spiritual peace.
Once you have known it and you lose it ...
Is it not true that millions of people here on earth, men and women, they knew each other, they loved each other, suddenly one disappears ...
Now the mother moans: “I have no more hold.”
They came to André: “Now I am alone, he was so good, so good, now I am nothing.”
You see.
The human being was supported.
But you must not want to be supported, you must be able to stand on your own two feet.
The great ones do not want to be supported.
Because if the loss comes, you will have lost that feeling for the moment; but spiritual love does not know any loss.
Reincarnate every moment for your love.
Go deeper into your wife, go deeper into your husband, accept each other, experience each other, take each other to the spiritual space and have justice, if you soon want to feel him next to you, he is there.
If there is no contact now (master Zelanus taps the microphone four times) and the spirit knocks (master Zelanus taps the microphone again four times) and you do not hear this tapping, either materially or spiritually, but he is there, then the clairvoyant says “I see an apparition, it looks like that and that.”
“My husband.”
“Yes, he has been walking behind you already for six years.
You do not feel him, you do not see him.”
You see.
You did not want to feel him on earth, not see him on earth.
Even if he is sitting before you in the chair, even if you cook for him.
Even if you earn the money, creator, husband, for her, you do not know each other.
You do not want to reincarnate for your personality, of your kindness, softness, your peace, your fatherhood, your motherhood.
Your whole personality is tied to chains.
You do not live in a space of light but you have – unfortunately, excuse me, but it is true – you have imprisoned yourself, not God, not Christ.
There is no Pilate for God, nor a Caiphas, you imprison yourself.
You have on your hands and your feet ...
Spiritually you have knocked yourself from the Divine balance.
You beat and kicked yourself.
No, even worse, you are purposely busy nailing yourself to a wall and you do not even want to know.
Now you will begin, that is then the next lecture, how does the human being now awaken?
‘The Human Being and his Awakening’.
Then we will stand on those character traits.
We tear ourselves from those walls, we free ourselves from those spiritual pathetic chains, because they can finally be destroyed.
One tug with your will, with your immaculate pure universal love and all the steel in the world melts in your hands ...
Yes ...
The University of Christ now lives here.
It is given to you from the Hereafter, they are people who lived on earth.
Now break the wrong in you, and now it is not called “and with the greetings of Our Lord”, but “with the power and the will and the inspiration of Him”, which you will receive from Him if you begin with this real fight.
The music begins ... but is immediately interrupted and Master Zelanus also says:
You see.
André here someone asked ... there are also people who ask: “Is, and do you now believe that that human being speaks in trance?”
But can you do this?
I was waiting for my inspiration.
I also wanted to give a word for you for today, for tomorrow, but then it was said to me even higher: it is now just ample, it is just ample – do you see? – and we break this oneness.
Be happiness.
You are life, but now be love, love, love in everything for once.
Never say: “I know that”, because my adepts, the disciples of Christ, if they bow their heads they get His knowledge, His love, His hand.
He says: “And now: for this stone, you do not need to walk in the water.
You also go, you will not feel any sadness either.
Go up, there, one, two, three, four, five.
We go.
We have nothing to do with suicide, we now evolve, we know.
You no longer believe, you know.
You now know Me, for eternity.”
Thank you.