The human being and his spiritual awakening

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will begin this morning with ‘The Human Being and his Spiritual Awakening.’
At the last lectures we already talked about awakening.
But that was then only with regard to the macrocosmos, that means: how the human being will awaken physically and mentally with regard to the Divine creations, and you accepted that, of course.
However, by means of the books of the Masters ‘A View into the Hereafter’, we are faced with the human problems: the human being in his own situation, the human being with his personality, his feeling, his thinking, his task.
We are now talking about fatherhood and motherhood of course.
You are mother and father.
The Divine foundations are in your possession.
The human being only had to live the macrocosmic contacts, which God gave to His spark when the embryonic life began.
There was only life.
Everything now lies in that human being, in that spark, I said that.
But in order to take that spark through the personality to the spiritual awakening, that costs a struggle; and that actually costs nothing if you begin with the highest and the most simple, for which mankind received pictures, to which mankind was open and for which just One came.
Then we followed Christ, we entered Gethsemane, we went through the life, and we stood before Pilate, Caiphas, finally before Golgotha, because mankind did not understand that wonder, that thinking, that feeling.
I went into the thinking and feeling for the human being fervently inspired.
I do it this morning, I will perhaps do it later much and much more simply, calmer, in order to dwell on the small character traits, because it is they which now hit you from the first sphere and by means of which you break everything, destroy everything; the small, small character trait which we experience every day, which keeps the human being from the light, from the love, from the harmony, from the justice, from the life of the Christ.
There were people who said: “What do we have to do with that macrocosmos?”
But know that macrocosmos lives in you, and we will prove that to you.
Because you kept on getting new bodies, your life was ready to undergo reincarnation.
Motherhood, fatherhood, reincarnation; there is no more to it.
Attunements live in you.
You are feeling, you are life.
All of that is the Divine core in the human being.
And now that core grows.
As the universe grew, as everything expands, the human being now expands by means of his character, by means of his thinking, by means of his feeling.
And now you get art – of course – inspiration, radiance, you now know what the earth possesses; Mother Earth possesses all the arts until the border of the first sphere, we also spoke about that.
The sciences do not yet touch the first sphere.
The cosmology for the doctors is still materially unconscious, you see.
The infallibility for your doctor must still be born.
Do you accept that?
The doctor cannot say: “This is irrevocably a law, which I do and represent.
What I have in my hands, that is infallibly founded.”
The doctor cannot say, science cannot say that for everything.
And now we go to the technical wonders.
The technical wonders now begin to awaken.
You live now in the age for the technical wonders.
Wonders can happen, but it has more depth, more meaning when you say to yourself: “I will send my character to the moon.”
And now you do not go with a rocket because that costs your life, at least this one.
But, “I will make growth from my character.”
The technical wonders go over the heads of the human being; but not the inner life.
People succumb because of those wonders – of course, it is building up – many people commit suicide because of those wonders.
The human being does not know whether that is right or wrong.
If you now come to and want to experience the spiritual awakening, then you will immediately stand with both feet and your whole personality in this society and then you will wonder: “Can I take part in that insanity?
May I do that?”
If you want to accept these laws of God, then you do not become an airman who journeys thousands of miles through space; he understands the risk of destruction, and that is conscious suicide.
And what a suicide experiences, you know, we wrote ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ for that purpose.
You will now feel, when you come higher and further to growth, then you are really faced with spiritual awakening.
And what will you now begin?
I do not need to connect myself soon and directly with the first sphere, with the cosmology, we are not yet there.
And now I must adjust myself, I must return to you, your thinking and feeling, your task in society.
Now first of all: when are you now harmonically materially in contact with your life, your task, your longing?
The human being who yearns for expansion and smashes things to pieces, will not come there in any case.
That is much worse.
We now have respect for the animal-like human being who lives among all the peoples if the human being does not possess any faith, does not know any wisdom, does not know anything about the Masters and about God, then we have respect for that natural, pre-animal-like being.
We have respect for the human being in the jungle because those people possess their life, their thinking.
But, woe betide, if a Christ comes, if a God starts to speak, then we will withdraw, because then we must wait, if we want to see that spiritual awakening, now we must wait and see how the human being will speak, how the human being will act.
You must not think that the human being in the first sphere on the Other Side directly pounds home on the personality and says: “Oh, and I will simply convince you .”
We know that we are powerless there, we cannot lose any of ourselves; not on your father, not on your mother, not on your child.
People are willing, but you cannot do it, you do not have it.
And now there is only that core in us in order to awaken your interest for God, for Christ, for space, for the building up of planets, working, power, inspiration, and that is the perfectly simple human training on earth.
How do you learn to speak?
But how do you learn to think?
You heard from me that I slated the Catholic Church and Protestantism, the bible, but not what the church, the faith, the bible gives to the human being and which takes the human being to God.
Now we could say: “Yes, the Masters should not have started with that nonsense to give Moses and the others gibberish.
Because: ‘The Lord speaks.
The Lord never spoke.”
But they had to begin.
We now live in a time that you know the Lord, God.
But you do not know God, you do not know the Christ, you know nothing about the Christ, at least mankind.
But cores were achieved, cores were built up in order to bind, tie the human being to that creation, to give something, a hold, a real hold by means of the faith.
Now the faith is awe-inspiring.
Do not imagine that you are more here, now that you know these books and now that you think you are connected to a university, do not imagine that you are more than the Catholic, the Protestant, if you do not live according to that, if your life does not come to that growth, to that social harmony.
We will now write points, we will build up, lay down exclamation marks in order to finally build up a simple, perfectly simple little material foundation, it is only then that we will begin – and I will let you see that – with the spiritual awakening for the human being.
How do I now reach awakening?
I took André to you recently and it is the very best way to do this again, repeatedly, in order to give you a picture: how do you yourself reach that awakening.
When Master Alcar started to influence – you know, you do not yet have the book ‘Jeus III’, but it is at the end of ‘Jeus II’ – and said: “Go, go to Johan and Bernard.
Go to The Hague.
Go, go, go!”
Exactly as André told you this week with the doctor, when Master Alcar started to influence the doctor and said: “Go to Jozef Rulof.
Go, go, go.”
But if you do not possess the feeling, the Master does not need to influence because you cannot be reached.
I explained to you that God, Christ, the Masters, the angels – whom do you wish to possess, whom do you wish to experience in several hours? – are always there, we will prove that to you.
And now it is just up to you – are you sick, are you not well, do you have symptoms? – now it is just up to you how you reach that spiritual harmony, because now your life is not led by any Master.
Do not imagine that Master Alcar chases after André every day like that: to the left, to the right.
You have your own life in your hands.
And now you must begin to think in harmony, towards me, towards Christ.
I will first finish off that Catholic Church, not demolish, not break, I want to give you that word, I want to give you that clarification.
Anyone who does not have any faith, nothing of the bible, he can reach the first sphere immaculately and purely; even earlier, even easier than you, with all your books.
Very certainly, the Masters knew that we do not need to write, no human being on earth needs to teach the human being something about God and Christ, that all happens of its own accord.
André experienced it, he says: “Why would I still talk now?”
Nature, fatherhood, motherhood, reincarnation take you irrevocably a step higher.
Even if you are not a mother, you will go higher.
You return through motherhood to the Divine All in order to represent God consciously humanly.
You are your human Deity there.
The core now, that is the human being who is free from everything, the human being who possesses nothing, he can – I said – immaculately and purely, if there are no faults in him, if he is not disharmonic, if he does not steal, if he does not cheat, does not tell any gossip, any talk, any slander, that human being can evolve infallibly, he needs nothing, but he does not know anything either.
He stands before a tree, but he does not know the life.
He loves the life, he thinks it is wonderful, there are those people, millions of people live on earth, those people love nature, love the human being, are in harmony with the people, but there is no more to them either.
Of course, they have now built up their social personality. If they have feeling for art, then does spiritual awakening come?
No, only material evolving comes, material awakening, and there is no more to it.
But that human being goes infallibly higher by means of his birth.
Now you can begin to earn something here on earth, here in society and then we come in order to expand your life, in order to give your life consciousness.
And then we already come to stand before the faith.
And now the Catholic Church is good.
The human being now gets a hold, people take the human being to Christ, to God.
People tell about a space, about a God who possesses everything.
Then the Masters began with building up the house of Israel – you read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – they did not know where they had to begin and said: “A core must come which opens itself for us, for space, but which is born from this world and possesses the feeling to learn to think for that Deity.”
If the Masters had now built up their life ...
Do you feel, how, we will learn that soon, later?
How do you make progress on the Other Side if you have nothing to do?
How can you awaken on the Other Side in your astral world if you do nothing?
You do not need to do anything more there because you are everything there.
That is the cosmology now for a character trait, for the being, for the awakening, for the thinking, for the feeling, for everything.
For what?
You see, now we go through the cosmology anyway back to God, but to the metaphysical law, the word ‘yes’, the law of life, the law of light, the law of love, the law of birth.
Now we are faced with the laws.
The Masters knew that they could not give mankind those laws.
But before the bible began and before they started to influence, they were already busy in China, Japan and in the far East in order to build up the metaphysical teachings by means of the contact of the human being and in order to take the faith in the law of life, light, love, fatherhood, motherhood to the human social analysis.
In this way Masters were busy who underwent the mystics.
You are still not busy with that, because you are only just listening.
But then you must become a priestess, a priest, you now descend into that sleep, you now get to experience the occult laws.
You become a yogi, magician or fakir.
That was already before the bible writers could begin and the Masters started to build up the faith for the human being, started to work on the faith for the human being, in order to take the human being back to that Divine hold.
And now the church is good.
But what did the church do now?
We received frills, we received a high to-do, heavens are sold, and that is all a pity.
The church did not understand God.
In the bible it really says that God does not damn, and the church says: “Yes, we damn.”
But the bible writers say it themselves.
There is hitting and kicking, murder and arson and that is all good.
You see, and we will now come up against that.
When we attack that church, it only concerns that damnation and that God of hatred in the Old Testament in order to give that a new light.
It is not a matter of breaking the bible, of destroying that holy work; it is now for this age, for our and your spiritual awakening.
And the churches badly, badly need that awakening, don’t they?
But you see, once the human being has come to stand before that word and the Theologian says: ‘And you have to accept the word, because the word is God’, the human being is now so mighty, you see that the human being devotes worlds in order to represent that word of God in the bible.
And that mighty Divine word, we beat that with a small wind, with just a few words, we beat that there into the darkness, because it belongs there.
We make it foolish, we darken that word because the reality as law speaks very, and very differently.
And that is now: there is no damnation.
Now the Old Testament falls completely.
God never spoke as the Lord – you all know that, I must come back to that – because they were the people on the Other Side who have reached their first sphere.
Is that possible?
Do you feel, this is now spiritual awakening?
No, this is only a lecture.
The human being must begin himself with the awakening.
In this way we saw and we experienced that the Catholic Church stands at a complete standstill by means of the bible, by means of that faith.
Protestantism, every religion which touches the bible now stands at a standstill for your age.
Because the faith has been balanced, the faith within the human being grew so awe-inspiringly.
That will of the human being started to support, it started to feel that the human being was able to devote everything for and of himself also during the ages – you know that – in order to be able to now represent his faith in God.
And that happened.
But now, the human being who goes in these things, as people say – who accepts the reality, as Master Alcar said – that human being now stands for something else.
And now that is no longer any faith, but now it becomes: knowledge.
Before André started with his first disembodiment, we first painted, magnetized, healed; so, he was already busy healing.
I will give you the moment of the point Master Alcar manifested himself, when André was still at his garage and came home one morning, and he was learning a few English words for his task from a notebook, Master Alcar took hold of him, took over his hand and wrote, under his thinking and feeling: ‘I am here.’
“That is not mine: I am here.”
“Can you see me?”
And at the same time André sees a painter.
“Good heavens.
That is ... that is ... I know that face”, quickly back to Jeus, but that did not give him any hold.
But he saw that face somewhere, also that coat, and that cap.
“Oh, good heavens, that is the great painter Anthony van Dyck.”
“Yes, you can see me.
You see, I stroll, I walk, I am a human being.
Now you will start to work for me.”
The first contact was made.
André received his orders, meanwhile, Master Alcar continued, and after a year and a half we began, by means of painting, with the psychic trance, the trance, the going to sleep that he possessed as a child.
That is therefore the mystic school.
That lies far back.
You know something of that from ancient Egypt, the temple of Isis.
But before that time we already had experienced temples, that life had already searched and asked: “What am I if I am dead?
Is there a death?
Why must I sleep?
Why must a human being actually die?
What kind of creator, a space, is that which builds up the life and lets it die again?”
Then the mystic teachings began and this is already a spiritual foundation for you here, and for soon when you are out of that body, because then you will be faced precisely with the spiritual reality.
I told you, and that is the case, that is true: you will not have changed in anything, anything, anything, there, soon outside your body.
And then we will begin, then we will begin exactly as now, then we will stand before each other and then we will say: “Who are you?
What do you want?
What did you do?”
And you can now already begin with that.
We still live on earth, you are still in the material, we can now already ask, soon I will do that: “What are you?
What do you want?
What do you do for your spiritual growing?”
That is what it concerns now.
Now the Catholic Church, Protestantism, the bible cannot teach you, cannot give you that, because they do not have that space.
They stand before death, death in the coffin, the Grim Reaper is behind that; weeping, black, darkness.
We have light.
That is your happiness, and it is so awe-inspiring, to learn, to experience, to be allowed to know this now.
This is infallible intuition, this is expansion, this is inspiration, this is everything.
Now you have Christ immediately, also your Deity as space, your inspiration, your power.
What do you want to do with yourself?
Then Master Alcar said, at that and that time, when we were that far: “André, look, from now on my word is law.
What do you want?
I can go around your life, and that means, I can consciously take you over in everything.
Then I can write, then we can write as we want to, by means of different styles and languages, and everything.
Then you will be a spiritual genius, but you will learn nothing.
Then you will remain as you are because everything happens outside of you.
Then we come from the spheres, from space, you will never come there.
Why not?
Because I cannot free you from your organism, that must be built up.
That is a wonderful study, which I hold in my hands.
You can never ever go into trance because I am the trance, I am the sleep, I am the wisdom, I heal, I see, I hear, I write, I paint, I allow painting, I allow writing, I have my adepts, I have my disciples; you are working, you are a vehicle, an instrument in everything.
What do you want?
You must surrender to my word unconditionally.
There are never any more ‘buts’.
You can ask me questions, but then only about the subject, you can bring forward one question which has connection again with my answer, or we will never make it.
Do you wish to learn?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Then my word is a law for everything, for everything, when you are in contact with me, a law, a Divine, human, spiritual law, which has connection with the cosmic systems of your inner Deity.”
‘That is really something’, André thought.
“Be loving.”
Master Alcar leaves.
And André hears from space: “Be just.
Do not lie and do not cheat, do not steal.
Do the Ten Commandments not say that?
The whole universe will speak.
Do you wish to be an adept?
Do you wish to be a disciple?
Do you wish to be a follower in which we live? Then you are truth.
If you have patients, then you will carry your patients.
You will love them, so intensely, immaculately and purely, so that the macrocosmos can give you the healing power.
Because one wrong thought for your patients, André, that is the stop for the spiritual inspiration for the healing, for the patient, for the contact, for the serving.
What do you want?”
André learned: ‘One nonchalant thought, if I think: oh, I am on time, I can still continue to sleep for five minutes, I am tired ...’
“Get out, or you will be in disharmony for your patient.
You are too late in your thinking, not ready.
We do not know running.
We do not know leaving, surrendering you to something.
You walk, you take the social human certainty in everything, if you do not wish to come too late to your patients.
You calculate everything humanly.
In the first place: motherhood, lust, love for the human being, no longer exists, you only love in order to heal.”
And André began with that: “I want to be love.”
The patients felt and experienced that this life started to carry them.
“Is there anything, child?
Is it not going well?
We will make it.”
Praying, steering, inspiring, he lived only for the patients, the patients, the patients, the patients.
“Good day, good day, dear child, I will help you, you will get better.”
The Master comes: “André, this child can be healed.”
Then that is true, then that is also possible and it will happen.
“But for this purpose we have to do that and that, and that and that.
We must awaken this life a bit.
We must give this life spiritual awakening.
We must influence that life as we were able to influence you and what you wanted.”
“Do you love?
Are you in disharmony with your mother?
Why do you complain every day when you come here about your mother?
Is that not a life?
Do you know what you do, you just go to your doctor because you cannot be reached, you do not love your mother?”
“But my mother is a cat!”
“We have nothing to do with cats.
You are a human being, you are life.
You will begin from me to serve your mother, to now serve your mother inwardly – physically is not necessary – then you will start to heal your mother for the personality.
You will pass on my feeling, my love, my doing, my working to your mother.
Will you do that?”
“I will try it.”
“Why will you not do it?”
“That is so difficult.”
“You will have to begin to give your mother a little bit of love.
You hold your tongue, you say nothing back, you restrict yourself.”
In this way we influenced André, and in this way André influenced the human being.
What he received, he passed on and in this way the material awakened, the organs received space and inspiration, the personality was fed, and at the same time the circle there was purified from devastation and destruction.
Then the mother said: “What a good person he must be, a good magnetizer, a good healer, because how you have changed.”
Master Alcar said: “You do not advertise because you cannot advertise for God.
But the human being will return in five years’ time with your word and say – do you see? The human being from space will come: ‘I have been warned, people told me that I must come here and I do not need to say anything, because you know it.’
And by means of the good, by means of harmonic thinking, the inspiring, to pass on the law of truth to another, that brings for yourself expansion, food, drink, harmony, contact.
This comes from the University of Christ.”
The healing.
What did the healers do now?
They cling to the material self, the bones, the flesh of the human being.
Oh, oh, oh, if there was one thought – remember this, if you are ever healed – and the healer just thinks about the physical which is yours and not his, when the healer lets the physical, the material dominate above the inner inspiration, then there is already a question of lust and animalization.
Space says: “Do you want? I can inspire you, but my word is law, my feeling is truth, my inspiration is love.
Do you build up for space or do you destroy what lives to the left and to the right of you and has Divine meaning?”
Therefore for the healing the law of love and serve came to André.
“Money has no meaning, you can charge that and that and that, we will not go any higher.
When people come and do not have the money, you will help them anyway, I will tell you for how much.”
Because there are people who abuse this, that and the other.
We do not let ourselves be cheated, we do not let ourselves be lied to.
We are infallibly certain that the lie cannot be served.
We are hard, we are personal, we go back if the human being comes and says: “I do not have it”, but the meanness already went ahead of him and he walked in with the bank, the houses.
Someone comes in and says: “Well, I cannot pay that.”
“But”, André says, “do your forty-five houses which came in with you have no meaning?”
“Did they betray me?”
“No, because you bring them with you.
Just go to a doctor.”
Do you see?
We, Master Alcar do not intend and can do nothing if the patient already comes to the healing inspiration with lies and deception.
Then another law stands before you and says: the lie will serve the lie and the blind will heal the blind.
Infallibly certain the healer now goes to the spiritual radiating, to the universal contact and now – you will certainly feel it – now the human being is carried.
The healer learns every second, by means of the illnesses, by means of the talking, by means of the serving, the giving of feeling, the giving of that love, the contact, the immaculate, pure friendship; that continues, and the healer grows.
The human brings it to the other people, meanwhile the human being reads, the human being hears something.
There is no death.
There is no damnation.
People get expansion.
“Are you from the Catholic Church?”
“I can no longer believe it.”
“You do not need to believe that any longer either because heavens are not for sale.”
The patient gets awakening, spiritual feeling, the organs no longer lie under a material, forced, social pressure, because the expansion now brings healing.
This week I was standing next to André, after his lecture, and someone asked him: "My daughter ..."
Listen carefully, if that person is here, then you will know that every word is under supervision, even if it frightens you, we know what we are doing.
He says: “My daughter is so asthmatic, but when she was carrying a child, the asthma left.”
Do you see?
Do people not understand that?
Then you will now already get the answer: more feeling.
Another personality is now part of that mother.
That mother lacks feeling.
If an animalization enters, that means nothing, the character still does not speak, only the pure, clear life in the mother takes the mother to physical higher sensitivity.
I said a moment ago for that matter: you do not need to do anything, because you will come higher irrevocably, even though you are attuned to the lowest spheres on the Other Side; you can lie down there like a jelly fish on the beach, but you will become free from the earth.
Did I not tell you a moment ago, that the human being can walk immaculately and purely to the first sphere if he has harmony, possesses love, takes a spiritual personality to the awakening?
Then the human being comes infallibly, outside of Christ and outside of Golgotha to the Other Side.
Motherhood brings evolution.
And now that mother comes into contact with a new life.
Do you see?
Heightening of feeling.
Another source of power lives in her and the asthma disappears because the respiratory organs are not at a hundred percent, not at twenty, but adjusted to five hundred thousand percent.
Those organs get food, they get expansion because there is something in you, in the mother, which grows; a natural event, a gift from Mother Nature.
That is the power as God, that is the evolution as God, that is the receiving of something, by means of which you become mother and are a mother for.
Do you see?
In this way you can analyze and take care again of all those character traits, those situations with regard to the macrocosmos.
Master Alcar said to André, fervently and consciously: “Begin here with your task.”
For example: in the car with André there was a bag with forty, fifty thousand guilders.
“Here you are, madam”.
Sometimes there lay a guilder, there lay this and there lay that, and there was this: keep your fingers away from what does not belong to you.
Master Alcar looked at his garage.
André already foresaw the accidents, he said: “I must get out of here.”
And then Master Alcar said: “You are not yet ready.
If you are not suitable for this, do not learn to chauffeur infallibly, if you make mistakes as a chauffeur for society, your being a human being, your personality, your wife, children and whoever, then you cannot serve me.”
Then this life started to think: “Driving, not nonchalant.
Think quickly, drive quickly; yes indeed, but not to destroy the lot because then I will be in rebellion against society.
To ruin, spoil the business, to be nonchalant with the people whom I serve, unfriendly?
Then I am not ready.”
André says: “I had to bring myself into harmony with society, with the human being, fighting, being happy that they are children of God, and also I was now ready for the Master.
He never came to me and saw in lies, he never saw nonchalance.
He never saw me too lazy.
I was never tired.”
What is tiredness?
Insane, this life devoted itself for a hundred percent in order to be able to chauffeur.
He was grateful for that, to be able to drive, to be able to serve and to be able to say to the people: “Good day, lady, good day, sir.
Are you satisfied, sir?
Do you have any complaints, sir?
Is there anything?
Just tell me”, begging as it were, “then I will change that and that task”, because there must be harmony in this small business.
Meanwhile, Master Alcar goes continually deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper ... until the moment comes that he can say: “We will begin with the psychic trance, the physical trance, we will begin to paint, I am here, Wolff is here, others are here.”
We crawl into that body and take hold of those hands and just daub a bit.
But we have got hold of those hands, what there is made, does not matter, but we have those hands.
We can play with the brushes, yes, we do much more, we eat and we drink.
We beat André completely from his balance.
And I ate steak, potatoes, I was on the salad, Wolff spoke, no one knew anything, felt anything.
André saw it, but the earth did not see anything.
Expansion of spirit.
To allow an inspiration, but to think yourself.
We asked meanwhile: “André, do you also care for anything?”
He says: “Just go ahead.”
And he looked at the being there, his wife, who sees nothing, feels nothing, hears nothing.
But problems are built up.
You will say: “Yes, as an instrument.”
But you – I will soon come back to that – you do that for your own life, your own task, your arts and sciences.”
“Was that good?” Master Alcar asks.
“Good”, he says, “was that wonder great?”
“Oh, it is awe-inspiring.”
Then Master Alcar says: “Do not enter pride.
Do not be too pleased so that you walk over your head.
Be pleased and happy that it is possible.
But think carefully: society does not know this wonder.
And even if society knew it, there are more wonders than this, your too much happiness is the loss of my power, I cannot go any further then.”
Because if you were to suffocate in your happiness – do you not do that? – and bowl over your house, kick and hit your wife, chase the children out the door because papa feels inspired, the mother is in contact with her art, that is only the pride, the insanity of something, which you do not yet actually possess.
You see, now we reach material, social, human harmonic thinking in order to prepare ourselves for that spiritual sphere.
Is it difficult?
Is it so difficult?
It is all possible on its own.
“But you must now begin, begin, begin: do I have faults, am I doing wrong?”
“Yes”, André says, “I could puke.”
If you feel the powerless of the Master, of space ... and you start to think humanly.
Understand, we have the possession for all of this world, we have built up, materialized and spiritualized the Divine gold as spiritual aura in our hands; we cannot even pass it on.
Why not?
Because you have not yet actually begun with that.
In order to take that to the growth, that all happens of its own accord.
And because it is so far and so difficult and so high, the human being will not understand it.
I will explain to you, I will prove it to you: you already have it in your hands.
You yearn, you want to awaken, you want to evolve.
Because directly, when I let go of you this morning, then I will return to the first sphere.
If only a bomb came, is it?
Do you want the proof?
Then kill yourself.
André drove with some people from Amsterdam, he said: “Do you wish to make a journey with me to the moon? But then I will first go with all of you through the water.”
You see, those who were there, you can hear: everything is caught.
No more word from this life or it will go straight up.
If it must be analyzed, if it must be placed on the weighing scales: he sees that himself.
“If you wish to make a journey with me to the spheres, then we will first go through the waters.
I will drive you into the ditch just like that.
You will die, you will die here, but in two minutes’ time then I will take care of you, and then you stand next to me, I take you in my hands, if you do not need to return to the earth, otherwise I will not see you again.
There is one amongst us who must return”, he sees, “and I cannot bring him to the awakening.
But if you wish to die, then I am the murderer of you.
I cannot of course take on that conscious murder, but if you want it, really want it, then I will also return to the earth for you in order to make good those lives, in order to show you the spiritual moon.”
Of course that does not work, he does not have to just like that ...
For himself he has the right to go into the water every minute, every second and to say: “Now I am here and now it is over.
And I will go blissfully to the moon, I will sleep there for ten thousand years.
I have no time in this life to finish all my thoughts.
I do not have enough and sufficient time to bring my inner life to the inspiration, to the light, to the life, to fatherhood, to motherhood, to the truth, the justice, the kindness.
Am I sweet enough, do I hit, do I kick, have I not yet killed my ‘buts’?
When am I ready, when am I ready to say ...
Be careful, space does not only say: my word is law; they are Masters, they are people, but also Christ, now even higher.
Thus, André had to begin to accept the word irrevocably and to try to attune his life to that harmony, and now the task begins, also for you in your society.
I will prove to you that you do not need to be an instrument; if you start to speak to the human being then you do just as much as we here on the stage.
If you accept the books as true and there are no more buts, absorb that definitely, then no faults can emerge and then you lay foundations.
It must be possible, that you, by completely absorbing the books – that is now the study for you – that you prepare yourself in order to continue the lectures when we are no longer here.
But then you must begin with: are you true?
Are you real, then the spirit can inspire you, then, when you speak about ‘A View into the Hereafter’, then the spiritual astral world can receive you and so that you can pass on that joy of that conscious being to the human being who is sitting before you.
That is all possible.
But are you still rebellious?
Are you spiritual in everything?
Are you ready in your thinking and feeling to still take the human being to Pilate, to represent the administration of justice of the earth?
Then you are not capable of evolving, spiritually awakening, because that unjust of your society takes you to that standstill.
Is it not the case?
What are you doing now, I asked you.
You are associating with people?
Are you sweet, cordial for the people?
Do the people say: “He is a great guy”?
That is the honour of your spiritual possession, and that is the honour of your spiritual personality.
You must try – even if society does not understand – you must try to pass on your radiance to other people, so that the human being with whom you are involved, already as a task in society, that that human being can say: “His word is law.”
Now you begin to think as a machine for the good.
You are on time.
You are not irritating, you are not dominating, you do not hit, you do not kick.
When a conversation comes with another then you listen, and you do not have thousands of buts.
“You stick with this one problem”, the Master says to André, “I do not like your buts.
I have to declare here that God does not damn.
There is only love.
And now you do not come to the buts of your society, because they have no meaning.
My word is law.”
My word is law.”
Every thought is now a law.
You have your struggle of course with your children.
Do you not have enough food and drink?
Then the law of the Other Side says: are you doing your best?
Did you place everything of your love in you?
Are you like this, that the lord and Master there can say: “You see, that man is working himself to death, he is earning his money.
There is nothing to be said about that life”?
That is already spiritual justice, that is spiritual will.
Do you let your own house become dirty in order to build it up with another?
Are you in harmony with your self?
Do you accept gossip which makes it possible for you to assure a place in this society?
We are now no longer talking about lying and cheating, we are talking about inspiration, about the own willing, the conscious reflecting.
To lay nothing on another’s shoulders, you do all of that yourself, yourself, yourself, yourself.
You are not open to just be given every day again.
You plod, you work your body to the bone in order to reach growth, you are inspiring effect, radiance.
You are, as Gerhard says, like a workhorse.
You think day and night first for your family, so that the human being learns to understand you, so that the human being can say: “Just look.”
Always thinking again, thinking, thinking.
You do it first for food and drink.
You have your fun, you have your happiness, you have your comfort, don’t you?
But you do not go higher than you possess in feeling.
And in this way André always received his earthly, material lesson again.
And now we will begin, now Master Alcar began with the spiritual awakening, the journey to the hereafter.
First those demons.
Do not get angry, or they will have you, they will break you, they will suck you empty.
Do not get mad.
Look at that misery; you can do nothing.
I must only explain the laws to you.
And hand in hand, Master and adept, we go through that darkness from hell to hell and see that misery.
And if you see all of that and then return to the earth, had to experience the reality, and you know that one wrong character trait, sullying of the human being, attunes you to that rottenness, to that spiritual stench, then there is such gnawing of pain in the human being, and you would want to shout out: “Then just murder me, then just take my blood, and the light in my eyes, and my whole being, if I can just bring something in you to the awakening.”
Yes indeed, you will finally feel what the Christ meant when He had to accept the powerlessness for himself and His Deity and saw the human being, heard the human being talking, saw the human being thinking.
Never in eternity does a feeling become released in the human being for another life.
Always just for himself.
I say it: yourself, yourself, yourself first and then we start to look at which circumstances there were which broke the personality, this human being.
And then there is a pardon.
First try everything yourself in order to reach growth, in order to act, in order to think with regard to your inner personality, the Other Side, and then we will spread this radiance, this knowledge and pass it onto the human being.
And now, now you see, now we are faced with the first sphere, and then – you who learned there, you read the books – and then we are faced with each other and we must say: “Have all your words, all your feelings really spiritually awakened?
Are you really in harmony with space in everything?”
What is space?
That is your sphere, your inner self, your thinking, your feeling.
That is no longer the macrocosmos, but that is the place where you stand, where you live.
You see, now the human being who built up the Catholic Church, who believes and wants to know something about the bible, that human being is ahead of you now.
Do you yearn, do you read the book and try to absorb something into you from Frederik and do you wish to take the René in you to the inspiration?
Then you can only just be love for the human being, because Frederik gave you the example.
The human being who says: “What do we have to do with those books?
That nonsense which that man there writes, means nothing to me.”
It is not possible to speak to those people, they need not to be demons, but they are the unconscious of spirit, the cold-blooded of spirit.
Those people do not yearn, those people even destroy the yearning in the human being.
Now your thoughts must go as the child in nature experiences it.
Look at Mother Earth, God took care of everything, there is earth, there is growth, there is blood.
Do I love that?
“Wife, what would you think of this?”
Always that thought again, not towards society, but to give that thought always again a small thing for that spiritual awakening, so that your life always goes right again to the spiritual sphere.
Do you see?
Now it is for me, when you soon enter the first sphere, it is very simple to come to you.
There were people amongst you who had to accept that Other Side, who always came and yet never had the inspiration of saying: “Oh, I am almost bursting with happiness.”
As there are people who come to André – we see them – and say: “Take me along, take me along, I want to die for this work.”
No, for their awakening.
Those children are already there and we love those Arie’s.
When those children now may really die, then the Master stands next to them and says: “I was sent by means of the highest powers and forces in this space in order to serve you.
Where will we go?”
What does that human being say?
“Let me live, show me!”
“Do you also wish to see your death?”
“Yes, what does my death matter to me?”
“Well, let us see that first, then we can finish that.
You are lying there.
“Now teach me”, the human being says, “now teach me.”
If you can be one from feeling to feeling ...
But if you do not know, do not feel, cannot experience the language here on earth and the language of your spirit, then what?
Then we are faced with each other and I speak and I feel, and you do not feel me, we do not send out.
And now it is the aim that we want to teach you: now try making yourself one with the life with which you are involved.
And does that life not want that?
Try everything.
Go over it a thousand times, keep trying to be able to draw up that soul, to give your feelings, if you definitely know they are good, to that personality so that that life reaches growth, spiritual awakening, the sitting down and the listening.
Sitting down and listening, talking.
Just experience a spiritual silence in the human being.
The human being lives with each other now, and does not know himself and the other.
Not, not, not, not.
Is it not true that you live thirty and forty years next to each other and still do not know each other?
That happens.
That lies open in the spheres in only five seconds.
You associate daily with mum, with the mother and the children, and friends and sisters, and you do not know the human being.
You see, this is spiritual awakening.
How do I reach the finer, better, higher, harmonic thinking for the human being, for myself, for you?
If that human being can no longer do it, then you will get the proof – now it comes – that you stand before the own will and that you have to wait.
However, now that the human being who associates with gossip, with falseness, with talk and loves that, the human being who attracts friends who gossip, talk, walk round with slander, where the apparition has attunement to, which you can soon and immediately see, has nothing else but material nakedness; if you continue to love that, if you continue to attract that life, then you yourself are socially materially unconscious, and then you do not serve the growth, but the slander, the talk and the gossip.
If you want to tell me, if you want to tell the Master on the Other Side: “I love those friends”, then you are sold.
“They are my friends”, then you are gone, because that is your thinking and your feeling, that is your understanding.
And do you not wish to reach the awakening now?
If you are busy in this area and you do not learn to think, then do you not feel that the Protestant, the Reformed child is miles and miles ahead of you?
Because there are people amongst you who reached the wonder by means of the bible and said: “My God, my God, my God, now we are standing on the bible.
Christ said: ‘The prophets will come after me’, and now they are here and now they are not looked at.
No, they are deformed, gossiped about and sullied.
But I no longer like any bible.”
This summer that child was given a large painting from me with an open life branch and then we said here: “This is your gift, only because you want.”
You want spiritual gifts?
If there is nothing more in you which connects you with society, then it will pour with spiritual gifts.
Do you not believe that?
Grow, grow, you do not need to carry each other by means of money and possessions.
You must carry each other, you must represent each other by means of your thinking and feeling, your spiritual oneness.
Is that not the case?
On the Other Side we no longer have any possibilities to serve you materially physically with a nice talk.
You cannot absorb that talk, that law from me anyway, because you do not yet yearn.
That does not mean that you must start to read day and night in those books of the Masters, but that means: the yearning for your character traits, to take your character traits to the growth, the listening, the feeling, the kindly being open to the new, the following thought, to make this life more rare.
Is that so difficult now?
André had to do it.
One mistake, one material destruction and the Master could have done nothing, we would have been powerless.
But you received twenty-five books and all those books were experienced, every word there is justified.
That cost blood.
That conquered thousands of breakdowns.
That healed.
The highest healing which André achieved during that time, in those years, was probably a girl.
She was as a wreck, destroyed, the life is finished, broken by different causes.
People ask him whether he can help her.
He goes.
Master Alcar makes a diagnosis, he says: “This life can only be helped by one thing, André, and you can do it.
You must draw up that life, love it”, now listen carefully, people, “give it everything and everything of your personality.
Everything is put aside because this concerns a human being.
You think day and night of this human being.
The life next to you, you can also do that, that goes into the background; first this patient.
A hundred thousand percent feelings go to the patient.”
He says: “André, you must build up a friendship with this child, you must build it up so far that this life says: ‘My God, there are really still people in the world who love’, and then you stand as a man, then you stand as a beautiful child next to this life and then you take her in your arms in a sisterly way, you hold her close if you have to ...
You are father, you are mother, you are sister, you are brother.
Only immaculate, pure spiritual love.”
We must do that anyway, we must carry you.
We will also carry you.
However, if you do not wish to be, how can I carry you?
You thrash yourself free from my ‘wings’.
You fall from the universe downwards, downwards.
I let you go because I cannot take you with me, you flatly refuse it.
Love, love, love, love, love, love.
André says: “I do that.
Master, I will never succumb.”
And André begins: “I can help you.
I will make you better.”
“I do not believe that, you cannot do that.
There is nothing capable of making me better because I have been broken.”
And she was broken like a wretch, there were no longer five grams of feeling, in order to be able to and to want to live for the hundred percent, and that is something.
The will was broken, lying down, spiritually and physically murdered, dead; and to be able to heal that too.
André said: “In three months I will have you better”, if ... if, yes, to himself.
But he began.
The power is there, isn’t it, but now the word.
He sat down and read from his book ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’.
The child is here, I see her.
Also a coincidence, your aura lets me speak.
She is here and she was there.
Reading, an apple, a flower.
“Do you still need anything?
Are there still longings?
Do not be angry, if you are angry with yourself, I cannot help you.
And you must want to carry this.
You must be pleased that you now get the time, that you may rest.
Now accept this weakness.
You are not dead.
You are not deformed.
You are not broken.
I will prove it to you, we will start together with a new awakening, spiritual building up.”
And after a fortnight feeling came.
In her life there was no longer any love, no longer any feeling, no longer any trust that love still existed.
But the human being with truth stands before her.
And now André goes to the Divine core, which is dead; the Divine love, you see, the Divine spark there, we had to descend to there in order to draw that up again, because it was shrouded by the will of the human being: I am nothing more, I have been broken, I am broken, now the Divine spark is silent, we had to descend to there and lay a little foundation after little foundation in order to draw the personality up again to the day-consciousness.
“How are you, my child?
Do you really want to be better?
If you say: ‘I no longer want to go on’, then just fall apart.”
“Just fall apart!”
You see, first firmly opposing it.
“Just succumb.
Why do you complain as a human being?
Just hang yourself, then you will be immediately finished with it.”
The human being recoils.
“How harsh those people can be.”
“If you do not want to live, then just drown yourself.”
Look, a reaction.
“But I do not want to murder myself, I do not want to kill myself.”
“Then you will live and then you will give me a little bit of longing in order to begin a new life again.”
And after a month, after six weeks, after eight weeks, the family sees it, the human being sees it, space comes again, feeling comes again, life comes again, love comes again.
And after three months this child is as strong as an ox and a new personality again.
You see.
This contact is still present, that never ever goes away again, because this was spiritual love, spiritual awakening, the true serving for the human being.
And then there is only just a human being for whom you live, you draw that human being up to that expansion, by means of Christ, by means of the books of the Masters, by means of thinking, by means of feeling, by means of the knowledge now.
The University of Christ lies and now lives in your hand.
In this way we went through the love.
It is not necessary now to really give yourself for another, but the true giving of your whole personality for those cursed character traits, which just soon think again: “We will prepare that, we will go and do this, we bark at the people, we kick the people, we hit the people.”
Why can you not do this harmonically, spiritually and absorb word for word?
Let it be analyzed, pass it on, let the problems pass over you.
But you will begin with the first law, the law: be just, be harmonic, be kind.
Just sing it, just sing it, just sing it ...
And only then – I told you – we went through the hells, to the spheres.
André only got to see it, but he had to start work already in order to represent this on earth: the knowledge, the hells, the heavens.
He now lived in the hells, he lived in the heavens, but he was a human being.
He tells you it himself, he did not know his wife anymore: “Who is that?
Good heavens, who is that?”
If one wrong character trait lives in you now – can you feel? – and you no longer know here who you are and what still lives around you, then someone who thinks consciously there can descend into you and then you are possessed.
Do you feel the danger?
If you have therefore not laid down any love foundations in order to reach growth then the astral world cannot work.
But you will never ever be released from yourself, you will never get to see that spiritual, spatial certainty.
Will you?
This is for the spiritual awakening.
The next lecture I will take you along, if God wants it, if you want it yourself: how will I begin now, how do I reach growth, how will I do it?
When I and André achieve for the Masters that character traits reach awakening in you and that you really start to say: my child, my child, what an unconscious person I was, how hard I was, how demanding I was, how I let myself be felt, how swank I was, how I posed I was big; now I am nothing more ...
You must let it come so far that the human being says to you: “How quiet you are today, what is the matter?”
Then you can say: “I am thinking, not for me alone, but also for you.
Because I see and I hear and I know.
If I think, I think for you.”
André always says: “I bring home everything which I experience outside the door, my child.
If I receive love outside my house with regard to Christ, God and the spiritual expansion, then I bring it home after all and we talk about it with each other.”
Why do you not give yourself and the other any expansion?
But André always used to say, putting his wage packet down on the stairs: “Come home with your spiritual means, let that source grow.”
First one life, if that life does not want it, I told you, then you go to the extreme and then you go ahead with your expansion.
There is nothing – I also told you – that received materialization in space by means of God, which forces you to continue to accept the unconscious world of another eternally, because by means of death ...
This life only just has the right that you work for each other.
Do you also wish to know more about that?
Then I will first shake you apart, but then we will put you together again spiritually expanded, macrocosmically just so that you can start again with a new life.
But anyone who does not want to now and who says: “Go away with that chaos, that destruction, that sweetness”, those people are living dead.
We are concerned with the human being who sits here, who reads, who yearns, the human being who begins with a new time, with a new century.
You live in eternity ‘beyond the coffin’.
If we must now begin then I can only take out a few people from you and say: “You are ready, just come.”
That doubt, that languid ...
There was an adept here of mine, he passed over two to three, four months ago.
How long is it?
He still shouts, he has still not seen me.
Why not?
Those doubts must go.
Now that life must yearn, that the red of the cosmos, your spiritual blood appears in your eyes.
If I see that hundred percent longing, not adjusted to the person Master Zelanus, but to the truth, to the yearning, I am there immediately; and now I cannot come, I cannot show myself.
I told you, I stood next to this life.
He asks: “And where is Master Zelanus now, and I experienced all those lectures and now Master Zelanus is not there.
Do you know Master Zelanus?”
“Yes”, someone says, “he is the mouthpiece for this space.
Who does not know him here?
Everyone talks about Master Zelanus.
There is just one University of Christ on earth.”
“Where is Master Zelanus then?”
You do not yearn enough.
You do not long enough.
You must groan there, however, you still laugh, you still stand, but you must collapse from sorrow because the Master does not yet come.
You must get heart spasms, spiritual heart spasms, we must see your blood flowing away, then Christ comes, then the Master comes and says: “Are you ready.
Here I am.
What were the lectures like?
Did you understand me then?
I am not any different now.
Come, what do you want?”
Now I first send one of my very smallest adepts, of the hundred million which I have, I send the very lowest and say: “Teach this child, teach it to awaken in order to yearn for higher.”
The higher, the deeper your yearn, the more rarefied the personality becomes who stands there next to you, and even deeper, and another deed, more beautifully and more beautifully and more spiritually built up, that takes you to Golgotha, straight into the arms of the Messiah.
Is it so strange?
Are you learning this morning?
I had wanted to give you that.
These are the orchids of André, of me, of Master Alcar, Master Cesarino and the others, Half Moon, Damascus.
But these are the true orchids of the Messiah because He said: “Do not kill.
Do not believe Me, but accept Me.”
You still believe, but you will accept.
But you do not accept, because you destroy.
We sully, we deform, we hit the human being to bits and pieces.
We are lazy, we are dirty, we are filthy.
As a mother we neglect our house and as a husband we stand talking and shouting and feel as big and as rich as a king and an emperor, but we can do nothing.
Can we?
Is that the awakening, the spiritual awakening for the human being?
You can break hearts, then you will also have to put them together again.
But anyone who breaks them themselves does not receive any inspiration, any radiance, any support, any developing from the Other Side, from the macrocosmos, from Christ.
He must first begin to learn to think: “How must I now start to do?
How must I now start to act?”
That is also cosmology, my sisters and brothers.
That is the reality.
That is the oneness with everything.
That is the macrocosmic eternal progress.
You are Gods, accept it, but let your Deity now start to work on the spiritual personality.
If the husband does not want this, mother, persevere and hold on.
And if the wife does not like it, husband, represent and defend your inner life.
This rises out above everything which your society, your earth possesses.
This is the very, very highest which you can receive and which you have to be open to.
You have to finally master it.
Do everything for that because this is Divinely essential, true.
This is the very highest that you obtain, because we speak about giving birth, creating.
We speak about the final, real fatherhood and motherhood.
We talk about sisterly and brotherly love.
We talk about sense of reality and we want to be and represent that.
And anyone who does not want that, he must then just destroy, he must then just accept that standstill, that damnation.
We will continue.
From now on you give all your character traits the ‘great wings’ of and from the Temple of Isis.
You let every wrong character trait die.
You nail all those rotten things to the cross.
You consciously take the hammer in your hands and hammer in that nail, you consciously turn the neck of that rottenness, that wrong character trait.
Do you do that?
But you will plane at the good character traits, you will refine them, your word becomes law.
Your word and yourself represent the truth, the love, the justice, kindness.
You are like a little child, as the Christ saw the being a child and did everything for that.
You become wise, you become great, you start to radiate, you are the grateful human being to whom people speak because you are the living sun, the living contact.
People seek you out, people cling to you.
You have something, you possess something.
“Yes, I also have something”, André can say, “I have received space in everything.
I want to be space and to remain space in everything.”
I will continue with this in a fortnight’s time.
I thank you for your kind attention, my sisters and brothers.
Now not with the greetings from Our Lord, but with the soft, little feeling in you from your Divine core which calls: “Kiss me today”, not another, but love yourself spiritually.
Then the Divine spark in you will say: “Another step higher and you will grow.”
“What is the matter, child?
Did you have anything else?”
“Oh, I thought that you called me.”
“No, I did not call you.”
“Then was it my better self, because was it not beautiful?
Then was it my spiritual awakening which called, which asked: ‘I am listening, I am becoming awake, I am alive.’ ”
(Master Zelanus lets a kiss resound.)
Thank you
(End of Part 2)