Word of the publisher

Dear reader,
This book forms part of the textbooks of the University of Christ.
For a good understanding of the contents, it is advisable to read the following books first:
‘A View into the Hereafter’,
‘Those who came back from the Dead’,
‘The Cycle of the Soul’,
‘The Origin of the Universe’,
‘Between Life and Death’,
‘Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life’,
‘Spiritual Gifts’,
‘Masks and Man’,
’Jeus of Mother Crisje’ and
‘Question and Answer’.
This publication contains lectures 20 till 38 from the Lectures – lectures from the University of Christ – which were given by Master Zelanus via the medium Jozef Rulof during the period 1949 to 1952.
This collection contains a literal written recording of the spoken word, in order to retain the atmosphere of this spoken word as much as possible and to allow the reader to experience the evenings, as it were.
A number of supplements from the editor have been added (between rounded brackets).
Sometimes, a reference is also made between brackets to an article on rulof.org, the website of the foundation.
For instance, we can refer to the article ‘explanation at soul level’ with (see rulof.org/Explanation-at-soul-level).
This article contains the general explanation by the publisher that particular words and ideas in the books by Jozef Rulof were used to fit with the word use and thinking at that time of the reader in the first half of the twentieth century.
However, many of these ideas are not part of what the spiritual leaders of Jozef Rulof know for themselves as truth and ultimately passed on as explanations at soul level in the books.
You will find more information about the articles, the books, Jozef Rulof and the publisher in the appendices at the back of this book.
Master Zelanus points to the blackboard, which was previously placed on the stage. This will always be indicated with ‘(blackboard)’.
With kind regards,
The board of directors of the Foundation The Age of Christ