Why the human being was born in the embryonic life, why the human being originated in the waters

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
This morning you will get: Why the human being was born in the embryonic life; why the human being originated in the waters.
I recently gave you the picture of the macrocosmos, the All-Mother, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood.
Then the universe started, division came.
We followed how the moon and the sun began with their own lives, and how they condensed themselves.
Then we will experience this morning how our life as human being, and the life for Mother Nature began with the own life and received human, animal independence.
You see, we received a blackboard.
I want to draw a few things for you so that you will understand where the division originated for the own personality, where the human being gave himself in the very first source.
We then experience the first fatherhood and motherhood, the division of soul and spirit, the oneness of two cells and the accompanying laws of life and grades of life, which were given by the All-Mother to her life.
In order to make clear to you how you yourself, how the human being, how the cell, the embryo had to divide itself, I want to give that to your life soon so that you will now understand.
We can immediately begin with the previous lecture and then I would like to tell you: compare this here with the universe. (blackboard)
There is nothing, there is absolutely nothing in that universe, only life, plasma; and yet everything is present.
Everything that the earth possesses, you feel as a human being, up to the light in your eyes, is present here, in this universe.
When the creation still had to begin, when there was only life, people call that: protoplasm, aura.
What is life?
It is the blood core, inspired by thinking and feeling, that is soul ... that is spirit.
If we want to go into that, then I would have to take you to that life; you would have to connect yourself, it is only then that it can be felt, because everything which you see there is feeling as plasma.
The human being does not know when the Divine thinking in the human being and for the space began.
And now you get the picture.
The human being wonders: then what, when we have entered the Divine All?
When you experience this – I will keep asking this blackboard during these lectures, so that soon we will also get to know the cosmos, then you can see the planets, sun, moon and earth – you will understand, as it were, the space in you.
And then you do not need to ask any longer: what did the bible tell?
No, you are standing on top of it.
You can soon check every word of the bible for every dogma and sect according to the grades of life as the universe was created, as the God of all life spiritualized and materialized himself.
We call that the All-Mother, because I told you several times that the All-Mother created God.
The human being on earth, your sciences, your faculties have all received a name.
You call study ‘psychology’, don’t you?
But for the space that word and that thinking about those matters means nothing: for the space we experience laws of life.
And that is the life, that is the death, that is the birth, that is the fatherhood, that is the motherhood, that is soul, and that is spirit.
That becomes the personality as human being, as form, as a picture.
Not only this body – do you see? – But inwardly and spiritually the human being is like God is.
And now you can already start to ask questions and we also do that for the cosmology.
We will make comparisons with your own life, with society, with your minister and your psychologist and we say: but my God, what did the bible begin with?
Do you still believe, we can now already ask, in a bit of clay and breath of life?
Did God create the human being by means of blowing life into some material?
Here we are already faced with an untruth and this is in conflict with the Divine reality.
Here you can already begin to lay aside the first words of the bible, unfortunately, because the writers of the bible did not know the universe.
And now try going further?
Here for the church, for the minister, for your faculty the bible is God’s word, but that is not true.
Yes, God’s word; but did God really write that through himself?
God wrote His life by means of nature, first by means of the human being, by means of the animal, by means of Mother Nature.
Look at these children here (master Zelanus points to the flowers on the stage), by means of this you get to know God.
And now it appears when you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and you take your astral personality in your hands, then it appears, that the word God has no meaning for the Divine All, because we call it – as I told you that – Wayti.
Life, plasma, soul and spirit, everything in the universe is Wayti.
Wayti is life, is love, is harmony, and is justice.
The word God – the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ tells you – comprises everything: the Amon-Ré, the Ré of Luxor and the temple of Isis, the Allah from the East; it is only one life.
They all have one God and there is only one.
By means of this oneness you get to experience and to see, as it were, the spatial knowledge, the spatial Omniscience for your soul, your spirit, your fatherhood and motherhood.
And it is only then that you can, if you have the bible in your hands, you can say: “Yes, I am this and that is that and that was from that man himself, because he did not understand either moon or sun, he did not feel the earth, he knew nothing about these revelations as creations.”
And yet, my sisters and brothers, millions of people are attached to the bible.
For millions of people the bible is the Divine word.
Wars came about as a result of this, as a result of this word, and no one calls this to a halt.
A time must come that the bible is explained in spiritual attunement by a spiritual personality.
But then you will still not have made it; it must happen Spatially Omnipotently, Divinely Omnipotently and those Masters live there – or do you not believe in a life ‘beyond the coffin’?
Those Masters connect themselves with the origin and return to the very first source, when there was still nothing, there was still no human being, no flower, no wind, no light, and no materialization present.
Everything was emptiness and yet – I let you experience that morning recently – and yet there was light ...
We felt that light ... a pure, awe-inspiring silence entered us.
And that was the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, and the All-Fatherhood.
This would become elemental and condensing laws.
Everything that is present in the universe would now start to manifest itself and we have to accept that, because the universe became condensing, the universe became light.
Planets and stars came, people and animals and flowers came.
Everything therefore which lies behind that – in this world on this blackboard here, behind this – this is All-Soul, All-Life, and All-Plasma, here lie all the qualities that you possess.
No. They live here, this is everything, this is thinking, this is feeling, this is consciousness.
Because if that were not present, then as human beings we would not be able, then space, then the soul, the spirit, the astral personality would not be able to experience that world either.
But the animal received light in his eyes, the human being received light, the human eye started to shine.
You have fatherhood and motherhood, you have birth and reincarnation, and you have continuation.
And I want to explain that to you this morning on this blackboard, so that you will get to know yourself as your own life, your personality, but especially your twin soul, the life which reached condensing from that All-Source.
I explained to you that all of this started to condense.
Clouds, hazes were effected and those hazes continue.
We have experienced seven transitions, phenomena, those were ages, before the Divine All (During these moments Master Zelanus is drawing on the blackboard), before that darkness here became light.
And then the universe ripped apart – that was your last lecture recently – fatherhood and motherhood separated.
Therefore we now get to know the All-Mother, the God of all life, let us say: God as sun and moon.
No, the earth says that, science says that, the academic says that.
We now get to know God as father and mother.
That golden light – which I explained to you – which was present here in that darkness anyway, and now emerges.
That is the inspiration, that is the father, and that is the creating power for the universe.
That is the organism that you possess as man,as creating being,because that has evolved;that has continued,and that has experienced ages.
That already here, those condensings alone, before creation began, have lasted millions of years, ages according to the earthly, your calculation of time.
We will begin to give you the picture of how the sun and moon influenced each other, how those lives created each other.
And now the All-Source feeds, the All-Spirit; that All-Personality, which is father and mother, drives and inspires further.
You get here (blackboard): gently ... gently the sun comes through, the paternal authority.
Slowly, slowly, slowly but surely those auras come together and motherhood created itself here.
Is it not possible?
I am connected with that space, you get the division here, you already get the touch here.
Slowly, everywhere the rays go through the space.
This life already radiates and emits what it received in consciousness.
Slowly those laws reach materialization.
The core here will begin.
Books were written – I recently showed them to André – about which a geologist says, a traveller who has been in Tibet, in British India, in the East and has spoken with the masters, he says that the sun kept spitting out a planet – and that is now a ‘master’.
That man, that life does not know the cosmos, because every academic could have told him that it did not happen like that.
But now a ‘master’ from the East says and also Christ, Jesus is also walking there – it is a terrible, universal scandal to give that to mankind during this time – that the sun spat out planets and that one planet had to make room for the other.
Jupiter and Venus: Venus took the place of Jupiter and later Jupiter came and pushed Venus aside.
If that had really happened like that, then disturbances would have originated in the beginning of those condensings and creation would have collapsed.
Here you see motherhood, that condensed itself, that really condensed itself, that pulled itself together.
There is no more than that in the space.
Here there is still only motherhood and fatherhood.
Here fatherhood is present.
That All-Source, that division condensed itself here.
Can you feel this?
Can you understand this?
Only fatherhood and motherhood is present here.
And in that All-Source that motherhood is also present because we knew darkness and light.
We saw this being born.
That space here ripped apart, divided itself.
And now, this is already – remember this – this is already an age that happened millions of years later.
You already see the sun here entering the space.
But that sun has to go, because gradually it happened, gradually that condensing occurred.
Only weak – you see – weak.
Can you see that?
But in that space ... therefore that space divided itself.
People recently told André: “But when the moon could condense herself ...” the moon condensed herself.
Here you have the Divine core, the heart, the centre of her.
Also for the sun, do you see?
From the centre that growth started to materialize.
You asked André: “When the moon began here, why not there?
When the moon reached condensing here, why did this life not originate and condense?
Why precisely in that core?”
But that core is fatherhood and motherhood!
Before the creations began this motherhood and fatherhood were like a unity; that was one, you could not separate them from each other.
And now this has ripped, divided as a result of the condensings, those clouds, that plasma, by means of millions of ages.
God would divide himself into billions of particles.
And what do we have now?
What do we see now?
You get particles here (blackboard).
Here bodies are busy ...
There in that space, there.
You see.
How far does the radiation of the sun go?
How far?
Where does the centrifugal force live now?
But there life was also slowly outshone, in the space, in the distance.
The moon began with condensings.
I will just hold onto the macrocosmic body, so that you will understand how we could begin with our embryonic life.
Science assumes that the macrocosmos created the microcosmos.
You will soon see that.
Here meanwhile: everywhere life comes, movement comes.
There are cells everywhere.
Everywhere cells are busy because that life cannot reach them here.
Therefore that Divine plasma will condense itself.
You get to see that, you get to experience that.
Everywhere you see sparks, real sparks.
If you wish to know how Saturn condensed itself here, there as a globe, then you can see that.
She made that area, that turning, this turning; but then the sun became stronger and the moon already emitted her powers, her aura.
Do you see?
The moon emits aura by means of that condensing.
The sun emits conscious paternal power and the moon maternal inspiration.
Can you feel that?
That life already lives and now starts to connect itself in this aura.
Then you will already get to see an atmosphere here.
That expands itself.
This becomes the atmosphere.
The sun also has an atmosphere, that will condense itself.
And here that core now lives.
That core continues.
The life continued in this way.
Movement came – do you see? – movement.
And that movement started to materialize; that was still spiritual material.
That spiritual aura had to condense itself so long until the material emerged.
When the moon had reached this stage, therefore this condensing, the sun could also have evolved and we see stronger, more power aura coming to us.
Those laws get respect for each other.
The moon drives and inspires, the sun shines on motherhood and now we get this here: here thicker clouds come.
The protoplasm starts to expand itself more and more and make itself stronger.
Sparks come, soon, we will come to stand at the embryonic life – do you see? – that those laws experienced, that materialization, and by means of the grades of life.
But meanwhile more happened here, here other planets originated.
Here you see, for example, Venus, there, here comes Venus.
Here you get Saturn.
And Saturn received this – I will explain the ring of Saturn to you – because Saturn did not receive that aura – can you feel this? – for that aura of sun and moon came to here.
But Saturn is already alive, but still in a more rarefied core.
Therefore we now get to see grades of becoming conscious.
For that matter, in the cosmos seven different grades can be determined and experienced for inspiration, consciously inspiring fatherhood and consciously inspiring motherhood.
And now sun and moon start, because these bodies condense themselves as father and mother, these bodies start to create the garment, the organism for the macrocosmos, which you call the firmament.
Here (blackboard) you get to see Saturn.
Saturn lives here, that was a small one and therefore a part of that All-Source, without fatherhood and motherhood now – because you will soon see fatherhood and motherhood – that still has no fatherhood and motherhood.
Here fatherhood and motherhood come, on the moon, but Saturn does not lie in the aura, not immediately in the inspiration of sun and moon.
Can you feel this?
Here you therefore get: a planet, a part of this Divine aura, a part of this protoplasm, which is the All-Mother, is also busy condensing itself.
Because these are only two conscious sparks, fatherhood and motherhood: sun and moon.
But there are myriads – do you understand this? – myriads of sparks.
Everywhere (blackboard) you see movement coming, everywhere something condenses itself, but outside of that sun – you see – outside the sun.
In this aura, in this eternity of the universe stars and planets condense themselves.
Now you should see how wonderfully correct and just everything happened.
I will show you the picture of Saturn.
Saturn started to move here.
Everything is moving, you know that, everything is revolving, everything is actually giving birth.
Every spark has working, every spark has already an atmosphere, already traces an orbit, is moving by means of that power emitted by the sun.
That is the creation, that is the driving force, the inspiration for all the life in that space, for all the life which is part of this organism.
This is an organism.
This is nothing else than fatherhood and motherhood, no more than this.
And now we get to see Saturn. (blackboard)
Saturn is busy.
That planet here, that life here, is tracing an orbit.
And that orbit will condense itself and would get condensing at that moment if the powers of the sun had been stronger to Saturn – do you see? – but they were not there.
And what happens now?
Here in that space, the power weakens somewhat.
It is because that planet has been drawn from an orbit and is moving towards there.
First you get that condensing here ... then that life is pulled, as it were, to sun and moon – do you understand this? – fatherhood and motherhood attract that.
And now you have here: now that movement, that expansion comes – that is expansion – and now it appears that the orbit which this life has traced and experienced, condensed itself and now the planet in that orbit reaches condensing.
Therefore Saturn has as a result of that expansion, as a result of the inspiring of the fatherhood and motherhood of the macrocosmic organism, that planet has materialized her own orbit.
Do you see?
That ring of Saturn is the orbit which that life traced before the creations could condense themselves.
Is that clear?
It is not anything else.
And that is now only Saturn.
Why not another body?
That can be determined; you can experience that.
And then we enter connection with that planet.
Then we determine the grade of life for fatherhood and motherhood.
Do you understand this?
And then we feel that no other planet could possess that, because precisely that part of the All-Mother lived in that aura space.
The other cells as macrocosmic bodies were precisely out of it, there is no more to it.
But we will continue and now you get: (blackboard) here there is something busy, here there is already something busy.
Meanwhile this life continues.
I will dwell upon this for a moment, but I will immediately pass onto the embryonic life and then we will see how the human being originated.
Here you have the moon.
The moon will begin and darkens itself as it were, first for itself.
Movement comes, materialization comes, but all of this is still spiritual, there is still nothing to be seen.
The light in the space has also weakened.
As the moon absorbs the powers, the sun also gets another aura.
What we saw for this Divine All, the sun also experiences: there was light for a moment and now we get darkening again.
And now we see that fatherhood, the light for the space, will change and condense, condense, they were ages: first to the clean, pure, conscious inspiration and then sinking back again, because the sun also has to experience seven ages.
The moon also has to experience seven ages.
We have known those ages for the All-Mother.
And when we start to make comparisons now for the cosmology, then Master Alcar says: “Where can those different ages still be experienced, André or Master Zelanus?”
And then I place myself, then we have to immediately move to the law which is condensed and then we come to earth and then we say: “Yes, Master, the human being begins on earth in the jungle.”
We see those seven cosmic grades again in the cosmos as bodies, planets, meteors, suns, and stars – don’t we? – but we also see them as human beings.
And now we come from the jungle to the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races), those are transitions.
The cosmos experienced those transitions, because we originated by means of the cosmos.
And if they were not there, the human being would not have experienced those laws either.
You must accept that, these are cosmic Divine laws.
But what will happen now?
We are talking about the centrifugal forces – we will get rid of that word – but it is the heart of everything, the heart of the All-Mother started to give birth, didn’t it?
Every organ possesses a living heart, a substance, a power where the inspiration lives and where the All-Personality is actually present.
And it is only because of this that it is precisely here, in the heart of the moon, of this body, something starts to condense itself.
I told you recently: you can take the first origin of the moon, you can take it in your hands and that is true, because it was not bigger, not deeper.
They were millions of cells, which were ready in one moment, which could begin with the materialization; but you could still take that in your hands.
And you see it, it is only a small spark.
You now know how big the moon is, don’t you?
But this is only a small spark and in that small spark we will begin, there the life will begin.
Then we see hazes coming and those hazes become clouds.
The sun meanwhile becomes closer again, gets more light, that continues; that All-Source drives further.
But here (blackboard) we get more movement, more life, more soul.
Can you see it there?
Here you get the beginning of the embryonic existence; the human being comes.
The moon starts to divide itself now as life, as astral Divine motherhood, as a Divine part of the All-Mother that source starts, that moon starts to divide itself; which also happened in the eternal.
Is that clear?
Can a child understand that?
And what do we get now?
When the first cells therefore, when those first separations – they were separations, you feel, because this life received becoming conscious – when that life began, that cell had to and would, when that cell had experienced the consciousness of that law, therefore giving birth, the ultimate moment, then that cell would experience the same as what happened in that macrocosmos, wouldn’t it?
Because from that source that cell was born and that cell has light, is life, is soul, is spirit, is father, is mother.
Therefore we now get to see the microcosmos, the embryonic existence for the human being in the waters.
That cell has everything.
This point, this little point, this cell possesses everything of the All-Source.
You must accept that, because that is truth.
We will now see, we will experience how that condensed itself, but you cannot do it from there of course, I will make a separate drawing, then you will see that.
That continues, and that continued for millions of years, this lasted for ages; and embryonic grades of life came about.
The human being already lives here (blackboard) .
But here in this little part – where? – in the heart of this body, at this moment millions of life wonders already live as laws and as grades of life, as fatherhood, light, life, and love.
All of this is harmony, because this originated by means of harmony.
What did this cell receive from the space, from the All-Mother?
Can you feel?
Look, what happens now?
That moon here remains astral.
Therefore what happens here now?
That point here (blackboard), that small part, this heart, as it were, can only be seen now; the astral moon disappears because this receives materialization.
Now we must accept – and when you will soon leave ‘beyond the coffin’ with us for the moon and we will connect you with that life, then you will see that – I told you recently: all of this is the moon.
But here (blackboard) condensing comes.
And now the moon must, as All-Being for this space, because the moon now represents motherhood, the moon must now as the All-Source was able to do that – I will just continue to use the word God – as God could do that and had to do that, that body must also divide and split itself into myriad particles.
And that is now the soul, which was created by the moon for all the spaces of God.
Here we lie before the essential, absolute laws of life and grades of life, which the mother received for this space for her life and her growth for the God of all life, do you see?
But what do people on earth now say about the moon?
People do not know the moon.
What is now the essential moment?
We saw up until now, that all the life divides itself and all the life must give birth and create.
Materialization will come, fatherhood will come and motherhood, new life, new births.
I will draw a cell here separately and then you must understand that.
I feel the pressure there of the people.
I will show you here the cell, the human cell.
Here. (blackboard)
In that stage there are millions of cells living at the moment in one grade.
Therefore the ultimate grade – you will feel, these are other grades – because when the moon, when that life has materialized ... that will probably take millions of years before the moon is ready.
Therefore this is the first cell, the first life, which received condensing in the embryonic stage for the moon; and Christ is now here.
Here we already get to know Christ.
These very first cells had, also for God, the very first condensing – do you understand this? – the very first progress.
Then there is no question of progress and being ahead, you will soon see that.
Hereby we will soon get, later when the human being is on earth ...
Here the earth will soon come, here (blackboard), that is already in progress.
But I will let the earth disappear again, that earth is not yet that far.
Here globes live, more lives here, there, there, there, further.
You go further away from the solar system, and here are larger bodies.
Everything is already busy condensing itself, because this also condenses itself and that therefore remains outside fatherhood and motherhood.
Why did you receive Saturn, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter?
That will all be clear.
But here we will now begin; I will try to make this point clear for you here.
We see – I will now take two cells – two cells reach condensing.
And here thousands live together; but these two cells, these two cells, they are of one force.
Two cells, you cannot see them with the naked eye, you would be able to see them under the microscope for that time; anyway, that life is growing.
But they are now two cells, two cells float here, they go round here, live here and have no light, no eye, therefore they are only two separations of the Divine stage, which is the All-Source, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Spirit, the All-Father and All-Motherhood.
Can you understand this?
Now we come that far that that cell must also divide itself.
That cell, that living cell from God – that must become the human being – has everything that was created by the All-Source, up until now.
Everything is present here, which we received here, by means of God, by means of the All-Mother.
And now we get (blackboard) the first touch, they come closer to each other, do you see?
And here, at once the contact comes to the same power; the same power, the same space, the same becoming conscious.
Those cells reach oneness, do you see?
They cling to each other, we said.
No, they suck onto each other, because one world has become, one feeling, one consciousness.
Those cells must divide and that dividing has come from the space, from that source which is father and mother, which the sun has and the moon possesses.
And now those cells also start to divide again, they have to divide.
And now you therefore see millions of cells here, one, two, three million cells here together at that spot which will begin with that materialization.
Can you see?
They will begin to divide themselves, in order to spiritualize and to materialize the same laws, as the All-Source could do that.
Now these cells are one and this took a while.
That melting together has come ... has come for the earth from the fertilization to the final stage, which is therefore the birth.
They were also ages, which did not just happen at once, because this life grew together – do you see? – this grew onto each other.
And yet we see there a rarefied, inward division that becomes hazy, so that we know that this life will soon tear apart again.
And that happened, we will now experience that stage.
We will therefore now as human beings, as embryonic life experience our first love, our first kiss, our first being one as an embryonic existence; and that is this. (blackboard)
This cell – you must listen carefully – and this cell possesses all the character traits of God and they give this off.
And now a new core comes here, between these two lives.
Can you see that luminous point?
That is the new core, therefore that is the new birth.
That cell gave life, gave soul, gave spirit to that cell, and this cell gave the same laws, becoming conscious and personality to the other cell.
You still do that: when you fertilize the mother, creating power, as a human being, then you give the mother so much.
But the mother also has the possibility, and gives her personality, gives the fertilization, opens the temple and the egg accepts the creation.
What will happen after a time?
Now these two cells become free, because the fertilization, the dividing has happened, hasn’t it?
As a result of this we have also been able to accept for that All-Source that the All-Source first, the universe first was illuminated.
When that tearing came, darkness came again.
Therefore we already get to see in the universe, everywhere during that time luminous sparks, luminous sparks.
Do you understand this?
That continues, that goes on, that emits light.
That moon gets more inspiration, that moon gets more food, that life becomes stronger.
But we will stick with these first two cells.
And this is now, my sisters and brothers, still unconscious fatherhood and motherhood.
Do you feel this?
This is fatherhood and motherhood, very certainly, but who is now father and mother?
They are both; do you understand this?
They are both!
And now these two cells will soon – I cannot explain that in one morning, because I then have to dwell upon fatherhood and motherhood – now these two cells will soon continue again and they are seven ages again, those seven transitions again for fatherhood and motherhood.
From fatherhood you go to motherhood.
You therefore come here, then we experience here the unconscious fatherhood and motherhood, the being mother.
You call that homosexuality on earth, and that is wrong.
And then you continue like that.
Those cells also had to experience that and those laws of life are still present in you.
Therefore Freud, what do you want? – we will just go to Freud – where did we see these laws?
You can include Socrates, Plato, Darwin and everyone.
But just come, academics, Blavatsky, then we will see how the Divine creation originated and which mistakes you made.
My sisters and brothers, those cells dissolve because the life – the first death, this is the first life, but now that life has been completed – that still lives here, becomes free.
That life continues, that life dissolves, and now you get that wandering round, that living to an end of cell.
You get that here and now slowly that cell has disappeared from the daylight and a new rotting process emerges.
Because would you be able to accept that this ego, that is the first human discarded skin now, has already experienced the ultimate for creation?
That is not possible.
You enter here – now you must listen carefully – this continues and experiences a rotting process, doesn’t it?
That goes here, we experience all of that on the moon.
That cell darkens and now stands behind the life, behind the human life, behind the human cell and is no longer visible, but now also has to experience seven ages.
And if I just give you there ...
I will let this rest and when I give you the word there now, the wisdom – because I said: we experience millions of wonders here – then a new stage begins as a result of this, you see – rotting, don’t you? – materialization again.
Those two cells continue there, but I will draw them bigger here for you, then you can see them better.
Those two cells continue; and now we get to see new lives, new condensings, new divisions.
And from there, my children, my sisters and brothers, from that rotting – but in the moon, here, that remains together there – from this rotting, from this new existence, from this new being born, from this dividing the animal world is now born.
The very first grade behind the human being is, as it were, the shadow of the Divine personality, the human being.
And you see: just look at the ape now.
You see the shadow of your luminous eyes in that animal, the hands, the feet, the body, almost the human instinct, but it remains animal.
From that first, therefore material skin.
That first material, human self, that still had, that now has to experience seven laws again.
Seven laws, seven ages for fatherhood, for motherhood and as a result of this the first animal being, the animal life emerged.
Can you understand that?
When Darwin said: “The human being is descended from the ape”, he was close; yes, he was on top of it.
But he should have looked behind that ape, that animal life and then he would have seen the human being.
Then he could have said: “Good heavens, the ape, that animal, that grade of life”, that is a grade of life, “is close to the human being, I feel this animal under my heart.”
And he could have felt the animal, that becoming conscious, that fatherhood and motherhood under his heart, but in the very first place under his feet.
Because the animal lives here in this space.
That animal being must therefore always follow us, can never go ahead of us.
How can you, Darwin, place the human being behind and put the animal down in front of you?
How can you experience a law – back in creation – which was not born by God?
Then you would have to turn creation upside down.
Why does the child in the mother, when it is born, why does the child never return to the embryonic life?
It has to go out, it must go to becoming conscious – do you see? – everything has to go forward.
What once received life, grows, receives inspiration, receives awakening.
No, Darwin, you are off the mark!
Because you were there, you were close, academic, but were you able to experience the first shed skin of the human being, the first ego?
Then you must return to the moon.
But Darwin remained on earth and he did not go to the origin of creation.
Or could you, do you wish to accept again that the moon has no meaning?
That, that All-Globe, that globe there, that large macrocosmic body was born in that space just like that?
That is the mother for the universe and she possesses everything.
We will now let that process go, we will not follow the animal world in the cosmology immediately either, we have to follow the human being, therefore we will let this go and that is all busy evolving there.
But now we get this: that cell here (blackboard), which was therefore born by means of two cells.
If those two cells had not touched each other here – these two which I showed you there – if those two cells had not touched each other and if they had not given any discharge, here, then the human being would only have received one eye in this life.
This moment is the second eye for the human being, but also the twin soul.
And why is this now a twin soul?
I will first ... We must remember the first law.
I can connect myself with millions of problems here, because I am connected to the animal, I am connected to an animal soul, to spirit, to the spatial spirit, to the spatial soul, to the spatial fatherhood and motherhood, I am connected to the becoming conscious as grades.
I must tell the animal world, the human world and the cosmos apart, and that is all possible.
This cell – you remember – I will leave this for just now, because that cell will grow, that cell will condense itself.
And that takes time and then I will just go away from that place.
And because that cell condenses and I will also come to the sun and the moon again; this just continues, that all continues, because this Divine All, the All-Mother – doesn’t it? – the All-Source continues to inspire.
That all continues, that awakens, that materializes itself.
But these two cells which are one there – these are the planets – this is the cell there in the moon stage, I will remember that.
I just cannot forget her, because they are two lives, which grew into each other.
And now there comes, now that those lives are ripe there comes: that this one also after a short time – that is the third and the fourth month, between the third and the fourth month the division comes, motherhood and fatherhood also come to awakening in the mother, therefore for the child – and after a short time these cells come free, do you see?
It is already starting to grow; can you see that?
Now I let that free.
And at once, after this – it is also like that according to the laws of the universe, according to the sun – this rips apart, this came free and now we see two cells here.
From those first two cells two children are therefore now born, these are the new cells.
And those two cells have everything of the universe of God, but also of the very first cell.
This is therefore the new life originated from two cells.
We already experience here the first fatherhood and conscious embryonic motherhood, clear?
Oh well, now we must let go of, release that, and now we will look at where that soul got to from those first two cells.
Those cells are dying.
That rotting process there, that animal, the animal world continues, can you feel?
But here these cells.
Now behind here, that material here, a world emerged – it was already there – behind that material there is now a world and we call that world: the world of the unconscious.
You read that in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and in ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
And these cells, therefore these two large cells, here (blackboard), they separated; they received an animal rotting process there, that is the first material shed skin.
But where did the soul go to?
So that dissolves, that is busy here.
And now we get here in that space behind sun and moon, we now get those two cells; they arrive there like that. (blackboard).
They arrive there like that.
But those cells reach working, they do not die there, that is the soul.
That is therefore the soul: the spirit, the Divine light, this is fatherhood and motherhood.
This is actually already the astral personality, which we see again later after millions of ages in a conscious, astral, spiritual world.
Do you understand this?
That is the life ‘beyond the coffin’, that is the life on the Other Side.
But what happens now ... what happens now?
That is the soul.
That is the soul.
I let you see that soul, but it cannot be seen of course, it lives behind the material.
Because that life here – this is life, this is soul, is spirit – because this soul therefore discarded the material visible core, and that life goes behind the world again, the working, the ages of condensing.
So the soul dissolves, but that soul is here, you see, this is why I will keep it a bit and leave it that big, then you will be able to see it anyway; that soul is here.
And now we say, now we write in ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, we do not yet write it in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, but we did in ‘The Origin of the Universe’: that soul, that core returned to the embryonic life.
But why?
How can that soul which therefore, just say, possesses a space, a spark, but that spark is still spacious in comparison to the contact for the birth – can you feel what I mean?
How can that soul now ...
I will show you the working of soul, spirit, material, space and everything – how can that soul now withdraw itself?
Does that happen of its own accord?
What happens now?
Is there a oneness?
Which powers take that soul back to the embryonic?
Because that soul was adult, for that matter, wasn’t it?
This is there, that was here, this is an adult stage and now that soul is adult in that space and must return to the birth.
Because if that soul wants, those first two souls, if they want to return, they must return at that attunement.
And does the soul not begin in you, in the mother, for this time, for the present stage again as an embryonic stage in the mother?
You see, nothing has changed about those laws, and those explanations in the universe, for they are Divine laws.
What do we get now?
Two souls originated from this; you know, there are millions of them, but we will hold onto these two souls, that is the new life.
And they also reach expansion, awakening and live here with millions of cells together.
These souls, these two sparks, embryos, reach adulthood.
Can you see it?
When they reach the adult stage, they have to do it themselves what these ones, (blackboard) what father and mother were able to do: to give birth and to create.
Now these two come here and live here until ...
You say now on earth – because I can immediately jump back now to your stage – and you ask: “Why does my wife not wish to accept me and my husband not wish to accept me?
Why do I have a sourpuss like that and why do I have such a lightning rod and why does she offend me and why does she hit me and snarl at me?”
Those are the character traits.
“Is that soul with me?
Does that life belong to me?
What are the grades of marriage?
Was that life really given to me by God?
That comes now, that is born on the moon in the embryonic stage.
You should listen carefully: these two cells are connected here and surrounded by millions, aren’t they?
But which cell of those other ones have experienced that inner, Divine, spiritual touch?
That is that one, it comes out, because I will experience the touch, I will experience the creating with the soul, with the spark, which was born from me.
Do you understand this?
Therefore, from those millions of cells, only one comes to my life, because my father and my mother have already laid my foundations for that being one.
That is infallible, that is an infallible law for the soul, for the spirit.
And now we get – they are now adult – and now we get to see that these cells will also condense themselves.
And what comes now?
These cells, these two cells now lack something, can you feel this?
They lack so many grams of feeling as independence, which that father and that mother, those first cells possess under the own power.
So that becomes the human being, and that is enough in order to become a human being soon.
But that cell, that life now comes together and that condensed itself – you must listen carefully – and will now create and give birth.
And creating and giving birth is the returning to the beginning of creation.
Now those cells reach working, these two first cells close themselves. (blackboard)
Now that becomes adult, this withdraws.
This becomes material becoming conscious.
And those first two cells come, must go along with the life on the moon in the material, do you feel this?
Therefore the children of these lives force the previous, by means of which they originated, in order to experience that law, working.
They cannot do any different, because they must follow the laws of the material, clear?
And we get that now.
Now this is adult.
And now you must listen carefully, now another new stage again and a beautiful stage.
Master Alcar says to André: “What do you feel?”
You can see that, we will connect ourselves and you experience that behind ‘the coffin’, then you go with the Master, you get the hand of the Master, you are one, and then you therefore become embryo.
First we get to experience this dying and then we return to the attracting and you experience as a human being, as a Master, as a mother and as a father the returning for the second life. (blackboard)
So we get to experience here a new birth, a new being adult, but we also get the second birth, the reincarnation.
And that will now take place as these cells – originating from those cells of the moon, through the moon, through the All-Source – can begin with giving birth and creating.
Thank you.
And now we see that these two cells sink back.
They no longer have any consciousness, or contact anymore, they have only attunement to that working there, otherwise, that life would not change, for that matter, that would float there, but nothing would happen; however, the working is here and also there.
And they come (blackboard) back precisely to this stage, because they cannot be attracted by another spark.
They experienced the first feelings with this and that is now the first love, in an embryonic stage.
They have given their soul, their spirit, their light, their fatherhood and motherhood.
Therefore they cannot return to that spark, because that spark now at this moment, received an independence as sun and moon, an oneness.
A Divine foundation is laid here by means of the division, which the sun, the moon and the universe all had to accept.
In this way the All-Mother is for everything.
Therefore, you must now see, those cells come and dissolve slowly, they are still sparks, and as ... You know immediately how you attract the soul.
When you are one with your mother, father and you ask God for a child, then you must just look.
In the conscious world of now, of the human being, those laws are of course very different, because here no disharmonies have yet been created, that all happens in a Divine harmonic way.
But you, people, have taken part in murders, you created disharmony, so that is very different, because now we have to do with insanity and psychopathy, miscarriages and everything.
Oh well, this will come back.
And as this now becomes conscious, those cells here come slowly but surely back to the moon because this life becomes conscious and attracts those souls.
Here no birth can take place if those souls, therefore as soul and spirit, do not take possession of those two cells.
Then people call that, what you still have in your society ... then the human being is immune.
Then you are neither birth giving nor creating, you lack something and that is this: then you truly lack so many grams of feeling, a millionth gram of feeling in order to give birth and to create.
You cannot do it, you have your organs, but you cannot create because you lack something.
Freud ...
Good for Freud.
Do you see?
So those souls now return, as those cells develop, they return and have to return because that creation continues and that consciousness is present.
So those cells come precisely – where? – where that separation was given.
So they both arrive in those cells and now that touch comes.
Those two children are already together, but they still do not reach creation and giving birth, they must first be adult.
And now those sparks are adult and now that soul descends, those first two souls descend into this.
And when the first touch comes, then this temple closes itself and then the second birth, the reincarnation has began.
You now still experience that, and that is therefore for the human being.
This is the reincarnation, this is the birth, so this is therefore fatherhood and motherhood which is happening here.
The animal, the animal world is already beginning.
The macrocosmos continues.
But here the human cell is dominating.
We therefore have the first death, the second birth, we received the independence for the death, didn’t we?
The death is now, the adult stage is now nothing else than giving birth and creating.
We received the twin souls here, do you see?
Here you get the separation of the life, so when the human being speaks about twin souls, that is: where does my life live now – therefore for the earth – as my wife or my husband?
That part of myself, which I have given for always and eternity and eternally by means of my life, my soul, my spirit, my love, where does this life live now?
And if the human being now on earth had not began with disharmony – do you feel this? – then there would only have been paradise-like happiness in society.
But from the jungle, when we started to think humanly, we interfered with another life, another grade of life, one of those millions of sparks there.
And we thought that life was nice and beautiful, we reached oneness and then I gave away some of my independence, my Divine self to another grade.
Because that life is from me, I gave that, I built that up as a result of the birth, as a result of reincarnation.
We began together with the first division.
How can you give and split yourself to everyone?
You feel, you now already enter the human, social chaos.
Thank you.
And then we get this: those people, these sparks come back, we now experience here the reincarnation as an embryonic stage.
In ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ it is explained like that and you must accept that, because these are Divine laws.
And that is still present now – I tell you – just start to look at the mother, just look at your own creation; everything is still embryo.
But that material, that plasma of the father condensed itself in those millions of ages.
You must just take it in your hands – we did that, the academic does that – and then you look and then you say: “Must a child be born by means of that?”
And this is still just a half-conscious material – do you feel? – hard material, half-waking material, that little bit of sperm from which you as a human being can create millions of lives in your time.
The father is capable of creating hundreds of thousands of lives in the mother for one conception – do you understand this? – the material has, the soul has, and God has multiplied so much.
And we get to see that again, the animal world originated from that first cell.
But the human being also has that, the human being created it, the human being received it.
Now we will let go of this, we must now let go of this anyway and then we will see – I also hope to give you that this morning, I established that the day before yesterday with André – how that light came into your eyes.
By means of these lectures, you have ...
What was there now?
Now I will just let this rest and then we will go back to the sun.
If there had been no question of a division and no multiplication, then the human being would only have received one eye, one sun, and one light.
Because I will show you that the light in the eyes also came from the sun.
And that the sun condenses itself as astral, half-waking, luminous, paternal consciousness.
Can you still follow that?
Because you have giving birth and you have creation.
You have fatherhood, materially, in order to evolve and to create for the organism, but you also have luminous fatherhood, that is the sun.
We see that that sun becomes denser – do you see? – first it was very weak.
Now seven grades follow for these lives, these two cells and then we get to see that those cells also die – don’t they? – back again to the astral world.
Now those first two cells – now we can experience, and enter the following stage – those first two cells of the very first life enter the second birth, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh birth.
Because it is only then that fatherhood and motherhood have condensed themselves, as the sun and the moon.
You get seven grades, seven lives in order to leave motherhood and to enter fatherhood; that is still present in the human being, there is no change in that.
We therefore get seven lives, seven transitions, seven new lives, reincarnation, fatherhood, motherhood, light, life, love.
But what happened during those seven lives?
All the wonders, the senses, also for the human being, originated in these seven grades of life.
The senses were born as a result of these laws of evolution.
And you must see how simple the human being received the light in his eyes, because that light is there.
Now everything is perfect if the child opens the eyes in the mother, if the child is born, then the mouth, respiratory organs, taste, ears, hearing, everything is present.
But it goes about the light and that light is already present here, because that is now giving birth and creating.
This is a creating being of feeling – isn’t it? – that cell.
God is father, but God is also father as light.
This is therefore fatherhood for the human organism, that is a very different grade, because this is microcosmic and that is macrocosmic.
And because that sun now, because the sun has now condensed itself – you must accept that anyway, or do you not have any sun? – we must also accept that light in that cell, because it originated from there, is present here.
And now there happens ...
If we had not therefore had that first touch, if the human being had not had ...
If God had created the human being as the bible tells that, no, something else, but He just created one human being or two human beings, they could not have touched each other; that was finished in one time, that human being was finished and in this way therefore outside of the Divine All; the bible says that.
Therefore the bible shows you people of clay and breath of life, who received life outside of the creation, but that is not possible, that is not possible.
But these children have everything from God and now the first giving birth comes.
But during that giving birth every particle of the Divine character traits, which that cell therefore possesses – you accept – forms Divine character traits such as light, life, father, light, elemental laws, laws of condensing, giving birth for the organism and fatherhood as light, doesn’t it?
We have that!
You assume that and you must accept that, because that is there.
And now there comes during that time of this being one and this returning to the moon, therefore the first death, the second death, and the third death; and between that third death and the new life fatherhood – can you feel that? – and motherhood manifest themselves consciously.
Therefore the soul already frees itself and reaches an own independence: here stands the mother and there is the father.
We make that, our lives built that up together; therefore we got to see all those grades for those maternal and paternal laws.
But what now manifests itself in between is: that also the Divine light of life reveals itself here and starts to create.
And now there comes from us – we are paternal light, that is the sun –, comes from us during those ages of life, during those short lives, during those seven grades the paternal, Divine, creating light comes from us.
Because we will be light, we will possess organs, which contain that light, which have attunement to the Divine light.
So not only fatherhood and motherhood manifest themselves now, but the radiating light of life of God manifests itself for the human eye.
That is also fatherhood, therefore the Divine, luminous fatherhood comes out.
And when we had received the seventh grade, this film, this plasma – this was plasma, this film – this substance opened and we looked into the space, as a cell we looked into the space.
We saw the life, we felt the life.
And how did that light originate again?
You see,you can see all of that again.
Here we therefore experience not only the Divine motherhood and fatherhood, but we also and especially experience the human eye.
And because we received division with another life, that other life gave me – therefore me, therefore you – the Divine, luminous fatherhood; and I gave it.
So we must receive two separate independences for the light in the eyes.
Can you follow that?
Is it worthwhile?
That happened here on the moon.
On the moon we therefore experienced everything for the space and everything that you now possess as a personality.
And now we get this.
You understood that, this?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
Thank you.
Now we will continue, that evolution continues.
Then I will show you: the human being is light, the human being is life, the human being is fatherhood and motherhood, the human being is soul and spirit, but the human being is also feeling.
And that is the feeling of the All-Mother.
And feeling is a driving force, is inspiration, and is also giving birth, that is also the All-Source in us.
The All-Source in something is, just say what is the solar plexus for people, the centre of feeling.
That centre of feeling is therefore present as core of the All-Source in that cell.
And that feeling feels, and experiences.
And what happens now in the embryonic life?
That the organs of taste and the nasal organs have emerged.
That animal, no, that little animal, that little cell absorbed aura first, aura.
But as materialization comes and the organs, the respiratory organs start to materialize themselves, start to build up, food must come soon, material food.
As that little animal condenses and materializes, food must come and now the respiratory organs must already build themselves up, but also the systems to absorb that food in you.
And now there is something in that space by means of which the life protects itself.
I talked about feeling and that feeling is the All-Source, but that feeling is also the Divine personality which lives in this space, feels around – doesn’t it? – as cell; that feeling feels.
If you enter the animal world, you must look at the locusts and the insects, then the academic talks about the extreme feelers of a little animal, which also materialized themselves.
The human feelers live here and you have the materialization of those feelers again as character traits, don’t you?
You already feel in the space.
One longs to read a book of the Master and another says: “Have you got another dirty thing in your fingers?”
One longs for God, another says: “What are you doing in that dirty church?”
One human being has the need to spiritualize and materialize that space for himself, another human being prefers to go to dancing halls and all those other things.
Those are therefore the character traits.
But if you start to feel in a higher stage, as you experience this morning, and that means: you already let your feelers go there in order to experience that spiritual grade.
To experience ... you experience it by means of feeling.
And what happens now?
That was for the very first working the awakening of the taste, the feeling to sense: what do I feel there, what is that?
The life cannot eat blind, the life must feel and see.
So that inner intuition of that source, which is feeling, has originated from the All-Mother, starts to feel and starts to breathe in life.
And by means of the respiratory organs – therefore that little animal already lived, that working was present – sensitivity comes.
Sensitivity in order to eat and to drink, in order to materialize and to expand the life.
And now the taste as feeling created, now the feeling as primal source in that cell, in the human being, has created the organs of taste.
Thank you.
Yesterday, we established a wonderful epic.
Here we establish for the University of Christ that taste originated from feeling.
And you can check that for yourself, you feel the food and it is only then that the taste comes.
And when that taste and the feeling materialized as an organ, that materialization received growth, and feelers.
And then a luminous thing took shape here immediately on the source, the head, the breast.
Because this was the cell as human being, with a little tail as we see a little fish like that.
And that head, that little ball, that little body possessed everything: material, soul, spirit, and feeling.
And this feeling materialized the organs, because there was working. First, the respiratory organs emerged, then the taste, the smell, the senses, the light in the eyes.
The organs of taste became visible – do you feel? – those became tissues, and those tissues had to listen by feel, so the human body took shape, the human senses took shape between these seven grades of fatherhood and motherhood.
And after the feeling, after the taste, after the respiratory organs we received expansion.
We received expansion and expansion meant there: sensing which vibrations came to us and so the hearing for the human being – therefore immediately originating from the life of feeling – started to build up and to materialize itself.
In this way the human senses emerged: from the life of feeling, from that source, as a result of the working, one after the other.
And now you can, if you want to see those gifts as material, want to see as spirit, then you can analyze that too, then you can soon rap my fingers when you read ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
Because from seeing and feeling hearing was born, as a growing organism, as feeling for the human being, as soul, spirit and material.
Just read about clairvoyance: after clairvoyance clairaudience came.
And from the taste, from those organs, from the senses hearing emerged in order to feel, to experience that which we would receive during that time, didn’t it?
And the organs of taste only warn you: what do you want to eat?
That was necessary for the very first stage.
And that expansion was born in this way.
That feeling materialized itself and as a result of this the palate cells emerged in your mouth.
That can all still be experienced in society, but you can also still see those first stages for the constructive laws of life and grades of life of your material consciousness.
And what emerged now?
We can let go of this, that life continues and now we continue.
Now I will show you the ultimate of the moon and then we will get the waters here.
So those lives ...
The moon continues, the moon drives her life onwards, more expansion comes, expansion, the moon has already condensed that far – do you see? – when the moon was that far, then dark spots already came here, then as a result of those ages of rotting, the earth came about.
Now, here the human being already lives in the waters.
We live as cells, as lives, we go to the ultimate.
We see this life grow, first as a spark and after thousands of lives we already see this animal.
And finally we are faced with the fish stage, the fish organism as human being in the waters, because we were really born as fish in the waters.
I recently gave you a picture that in those types not only the ape but also in the waters your own life can still be seen; Darwin thought that only the ape ...
You see, the bible begins with life on earth, but we experienced the waters.
And now you have here as land consciousness, you have the ape instinct.
Can you feel this?
But you also have your sea lion and seal, which follow you in the waters and really already possess human thinking and feeling, so purely to attunement, that every independence had to give birth to, had to divide itself.
And as a result of this you now have your fish to eat and to drink, but also the animal direct attunement as a fish stage of the human being.
And then you see a seal lion and a seal, which as water life and land consciousness represent exactly one world, but different organic life.
That is still there.
The moon had to do this (blackboard), therefore this here on the moon, that still had to happen; this had already happened ...
The sun received more light, more stars and planets come, and more comes here.
The earth is still not there.
Mars lies there.
You get the connecting planets here.
Do you wish me to continue with this the next time?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
I can finish it in one morning and go straight to the earth, but then you will miss the laws, then you will miss the beautiful, wonderful laws of justice for God.
I can, I will finish it and then I will soon come back here.
But then you will get here (blackboard): the moon continues, the sun becomes denser, here bodies reach radiance, and condensing, outside of fatherhood and motherhood.
If I then wanted to connect you soon with the further stage, then I would leave this here (blackboard) – ask the master of the house here whether he will leave this – and then I will soon continue with you with the awakening of the macrocosmos.
I will therefore experience ‘The fatherhood and motherhood of the macrocosmos’ as the next lecture with you.
Is that okay?
(Hall:) “Certainly.”
Good, the Masters will be pleased and Our Lord too, that the human being is awakening.
But we will continue here.
The moon continues, condenses itself and slowly, slowly – can you feel? – the life in the moon had experienced the seven ultimate grades.
The moon was still not completely finished, then the human being had already entered the fish stage anyway, clear?
And the human being here could – here you have the waters – and the human being is lying here dying, you will read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’, because the human being has accepted, experienced and materialized the ultimate of the moon as mother.
That is the final stage of the moon.
Now what?
If there is no progress now – I recently showed you that picture there – if there was now no progress in the space, then the human being would have to accept the Divine halt at this moment – wouldn’t he? – a standstill, no more evolution.
But now what happened in the meantime?
The moon emits light – doesn’t it? – radiation, doesn’t it?
That life radiates.
The atmosphere is there, isn’t it?
Here in this moon.
The sun has its own atmosphere, everything receives atmosphere, because everything emits light.
What happened now?
Here the moon emits light and now there is a planet here, a little planet, a secondary planet which was inspired by the moon here, can you feel?
Therefore the life is also further and that life is precisely in attunement to sun and moon, is now already a macrocosmic child of this fatherhood and motherhood.
What happens now, now that the human being is finished here?
That life still has no inspiration.
And then you can see that we, as people, brought the earth to consciousness and that we as human beings are the Divine personality and represent God in everything, but that we inspired the planets.
When we ... do you feel, when we ... now you will be able to ask if there is an academic present now, but it is possible: why did that life not begin?
But why did that life not begin ... why did that life not begin just as the moon?
Why must the human being go to that other planet?
Something like that, don’t you think so?
Can you feel, that cannot be done and is not possible either, because we are attached here to that moon.
We must therefore experience that body as macrocosmic motherhood, we must finally experience that and it is only then that we become free.
But now we wonder: where to?
And now there is a globe here in that space which also forms part of the All-Source, a secondary planet, and a body originated, which we now call the secondary planets; that is the first transition.
And that first transition receives only conscious, creating, giving birth motherhood, but who is there?
If we were not able to experience that separation immediately in the aura, therefore here (blackboard), of sun and moon – they lie outside of this, this is the aura of sun and moon, you see, the radiance is the world, the fatherhood of Mother Moon – that planet would have now come into this area, what would have happened then?
If that life, that secondary planet here (blackboard), in the moon, had stayed between sun and moon, what would have happened then?
What do you say?
That is therefore experiencing your own little house, your own character, do you feel?
There is no fertilization, no new fertilisation, because we remain in that stage.
And the moon is free, is an independence.
So we must receive here, as human beings, contact, receive radiance and the moon and sun have prepared that for us; we continue growing.
Those rays come that far and they keep touching that body.
And that body now returns, it slowly returns and here outside of the circle, immediately outside of the circle of the moon and the sun the first secondary planet is born.
And now that we can no longer continue, that life is already directly attuned to the new life of feeling, but one with us.
And what happens now?
We now absorb from here ... we come there as embryo, we return to the embryonic life – we are fish, we were so big, so there are millions of sorts living, of big and small, those are millions of worlds – and now have attunement directly to the moon; as a living aura, as an astral body we have attunement with the becoming conscious which the moon gave to that life.
Our final stage as aura, as thinking, as feeling, as soul and as spirit, has exactly that which that secondary planet received and elevated for itself as a new becoming conscious.
Now, the earth also lives here and Jupiter is also already busy and there planets are busy, stars and planets live here (blackboard), stars around all of that, here.
That will go away again of course – won’t it? – but that is an astral aura.
That is the atmosphere, the earth lives in her atmosphere.
Here bodies came, stars and planets.
Do you also want to see the hazes, the Milky Way of yours?
It will then soon come here, through here, that is the Milky Way just before the creation and it condensed itself.
The wonderful, beautiful picture in order to bring resistance to this, when that condensed there was life, wasn’t there?
You have asked that, I believe, didn’t you?
You were life, for that matter.
And I will come back to all of this and then I will explain the Milky Way to you.
And that was only in order to be able to receive that separation, that power of sun and moon, because they had really pushed together.
But we will continue here now and then we will see that also here the moment came of taking leave of Mother Moon. Now we have to experience the taking leave for this stage, and we have the first cosmic grade of life in our hands and have completed it.
You know that by means of the books ‘The Origin of the Universe.’
We therefore have, my sisters and brothers, complete attunement to that secondary planet, because that planet was meanwhile inspired by sun and moon, therefore astrally inspired.
And now we come there, there is no motherhood present, because this lives outside the atmosphere of sun and moon, do you feel that?
That had to live there.
And now we come there again as a spark and absorb so much consciousness of that life – we reach oneness, don’t we, but now as conscious souls – and absorb so much aura of that life into us and now begin with a new life in a second, next stage for this transition.
This is the first transition for the moon as mother.
When that was finished, the second transition came and it moved to here, the third, the fourth, and the fifth.
And now we get the sixth behind that and here in the middle you get the planet Mars as the second cosmic grade of life.
I will now show you the earth.
Soon I will continue with that and then we will experience those different laws of life together.
And then you will be able to see why Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus cannot possess any fatherhood or motherhood; because those planets, those bodies were condensed by means of the space, yes indeed; but because those planets received a place outside of the spatial paternal life of feeling and are now particles of this macrocosmic body.
You will already be able to feel what all of this means – read ‘The Origin of the Universe’ – and then you will get that transition, that expands again and now we get a higher grade of life there.
Now the academic wonders: “Why must the earth lie precisely between sun and moon?”
First we must come out of there, mustn’t we, or we will not get any inspiration, we will get to experience the own inspiration, the own aura of life of this space.
We do not get any progress, any continuance, any awakening.
So those secondary planets must be outside of the atmosphere – I told you – if we want to get higher consciousness.
What happens now?
If we must therefore experience more feeling, more inspiration, more unity with fatherhood and universal motherhood, what happens then?
Can you feel this?
We must return to that source.
And by means of that the earth received ...
There comes the seventh transition of the second cosmic grade.
Therefore by means of those lives.
We are finished there, I will soon tell you all of that; we experienced that planet and that planet and that planet.
We come to that and finally we are ready for the earth.
That planet already becomes visible – but is still invisible, invisible material – it has already been able to condense itself by means of the radiation of the moon and the sun, and possesses one and the same power.
But if we wish to experience the highest consciousness for this space as fatherhood and motherhood, then we must first come out of it and then we will go back to it later and that is the third cosmic grade of life: Mother Earth on which you live.
Can you understand that?
I will explain all of that to you soon.
Then you will know the space and then we will start to see what that space created again.
Now we know that this, when you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and when you enter the hereafter, when you look at this space, you can just accept that this is not the All-Source.
Now we know that every spark must create and give birth, mustn’t it?
And everything will evolve for the returning to the All-Source, because the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit wants to materialize and to represent itself, which is the macrocosmos, the human being and the animal life and Mother Nature.
So we soon get to see that that starts to shine and to build again and starts to make worlds.
This sun builds new worlds, the moon builds a new moon, a new mother for the new cosmic grade, which becomes the fourth cosmic grade.
And then we experience the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and then I will sail with you, then we will experience the Divine All together as human beings, where the Christ and the Masters live and for which Christ came to the earth.
That can all still be drawn.
But in order to close this morning, you received the picture – I wanted to give you that – that the human being was really born in the waters.
I also want to say this to you: the moon had completely dissolved and the sun had light for the earth; when the sun received paternal, human consciousness, the moon was also finished with her life.
But the human being had meanwhile entered the seventh sphere on the Other Side and prepared himself for the mental areas, the fourth cosmic grade.
When the moon had therefore completely materialized her life, her life – can you feel this?, therefore that rarefied globe, that rarefied, plastic, spiritual life originating by means of the All-Mother, God, materialized itself by means of those embryos – and when therefore the human being, when beings and lives had therefore originated from her with a material intuition, with a constitution which went further, bodies were born, then the moon had dissolved, materialized herself completely as mother.
Do you understand this?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
Thank you.
And then we also get: then the soul as a human being was on the fourth cosmic grade and then all those other planets continued and the moon was already in her prehistoric age – we will soon see and experience that – and the universe could begin for the human being.
And do you now wish to know what all of this actually is and why Master Jongchi –Master Jongchi takes this chalk – what Master Jongchi has drawn for you, with the cross in it?
We are talking about Christ, Christ comes from the universe and then I will also give you that picture this morning and then you will see that everything is: love.
Do you see?
These two flowers of one colour ... by means of Christ ... by means of the love ... we wanted to give you that, the Masters wanted to give you that; that is the human being as flowers of one colour, as souls, as lives, as twin souls.
That is represented now for the present stage by the holy Divine gospel of the Christ.
The human being is: two lives from one grade of life, is soul, spirit, is father and mother and represents for all the laws on earth, wherever you live, the Divine independence as a personality, as a human being, as an animal and as a child of Mother Nature.
Until this far, my children.