The experiencing of the Cosmology

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
Before we begin with reading out, you could say with the actual lecture, the experiencing of the Cosmology, I want to give you a little word.
Anyone who has read all the books properly is ready to understand all of this.
It is very simple in the beginning because then we make physical, human comparisons.
You come to stand before everything which I gave you through the years, in order to prepare you, in order to let you think deeper, deeper, in order to give you an attunement for life on the Other Side, your astral world.
By means of the power of the masters and my own will in order to bring the human being on earth to higher thinking and feeling, I gave you six hundred, seven hundred lectures.
But you will – as I so often said – now establish for yourself that we will now begin with the actual experiencing.
I always went round it.
I had to go from the universe, quickly, suddenly concentrated, to the earth, to determine a law, to take a law in my hands, as your sleep, your insanity.
We had to take away foundations from churches, we laid new ones in their place.
Now and then you hear André reading out, Master Alcar will probably read soon, you will hear me.
You must now decide for yourself in which state we will now find ourselves.
It will get through to you that at a certain moment the All-Source will speak, the human being who now represents the Divine All. I hope that I have come that far, I do not know.
And when you then think that you still have a hundred billion ages to cover before you have reached that space and have your Deity in your hands, consciously now, as a human being, as father and mother, then you will have to admit and have to accept that this which you will now experience, is not experienced anywhere on earth, no theosophy possesses it.
You will get this direct contact and the masters lay it in the hands of the human being.
You must understand properly that the cosmology takes you through the last lectures.
You must ask for yourself, as André does that – you will soon hear us – “Who am I?
Why do I now live in this state?”
In the beginning it is very simple, it is the preparing for the flight to space!
You will soon go with us, you will experience that journey.
This is why you read the books.
You will step through ‘the coffin’, we will go through the trance, through death; we become free of the organism and then a master will stand before us.
André was taken care of by Master Alcar, and you will soon hear that.
Are you ready – I taught you that anyway – when you have to accept ‘the coffin’, are you ready for the master, your sister, your brother?
Is the impertinence, the fuss of the earth, the megalomania, the long face of you gone now that you come to stand before the Divine seriousness?
Has the willingness entered you, the justice, the kindness, the wanting to accept of the human being, has the real loving entered you?
Can the master now go hand in hand with you, or are you so far that he can be free and say: “Come, adjust yourself to the laws of life and death, to the laws of the hereafter, attune yourself to sun, moon and stars, to one point in the universe where we will go and have to begin with the cosmology for ourselves and the human being on earth.”
Understand well, people, children of this world, understand well, sisters and brothers, it concerns yourself.
Now we enter sacred, spiritual, spatial seriousness.
Do not enter this vicinity again with not wanting to understand and do not think that you now know something.
Even if I explained the cosmos to you thousands of times last year, you still do not know anything.
What we are now starting with, believe it, we can go on with this for ten thousand years and then we will still not be exhausted, we will still not have said the last word, the human being is so awe-inspiringly deep.
When you soon stand before the human being, then will you get respect for that personality?
No, not for the personality, but for that life.
You will see Jeus, Jozef, André-Dectar.
You will soon also have to decide for yourself who you now actually are.
But when you go out the door and disappear from here, who are you then?
Is your word in harmony with the laws of space?
I keep coming back to you in order to begin with the lectures, the analysis.
And then we ask each other: “Am I that far?
Am I ready?
Do I just have one will?”
You asked André this week: “Does the human being have a will?
Is the human being natural in his will?”
“The will”, André soon says to Jeus, “I was that.
Playfulness is now no longer tolerated, I no longer need coarse, dialect, Gelderland chatter”, André says, “because people laugh at me.
You and Jozef will represent me.
Because who, who spoke to father?
Who played on the clouds?
That was I.
That was I and not you.”
And this better self, this inner awakening for you, is the cosmology in order to lay foundations for your spiritual self.
That which is now longing this morning, is that a hundred percent balanced, inspired?
Is that inner life of yours – would I now, can I now first ask you – a hundred percent knowing, loving, harmony, just?
Do you now have your whole personality here in this building, at the place where the cosmology for your life will begin?
Do you wish to deceive me, do you wish to deceive the masters, do you wish to deceive space that you are really sitting here spiritually for a hundred thousand percent?
The cosmic mantraps and traps lie here.
And that is that Wimpie, that Pietje, whom you now call Piet; an adult personality, a human being who is ready, who must slave away and work in society in order to find his existence.
Did we not go with you through that existence?
Did we not sympathize with you because we know what the plodding away here on earth is like?
But the will, the human will, the wanting to devote, and the wanting to make of every thought: a journey to the moon; the being ready for the better self in the human being.
You are all instruments.
You all have contact with your Deity.
But, have you already started with that?
Today you sob, you come barging in: “I am so moved”, and tomorrow harsh, terrible words fly over your lips.
And do you wish to be ready the day after tomorrow in order to just begin again with your cosmology – what does that mean? – with laying the foundations which possess spiritual attunement to the first sphere?
I have given you those lectures before.
The human being and his universal love takes us to spatial consciousness and that is the cosmology for your life, for your character, for your thinking, your feeling, your love, your being a father, your being a mother.
We go through the war.
We go through everything, because the cosmology lives here.
We will make journeys soon, we will enter the All-Source, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, God as father and mother.
But we are back here, and we will work here.
They will be the most beautiful moments for you, because you are still here.
On the Other Side it is no longer art, it is much more difficult, and I have taught you this.
You will now think about all of that.
You will recall those lectures, you must bring back what we gave you, if you wish to go with us through space soon, but then in order to make comparisons for ourselves, for you and your children, your social life, with regard to God, Christ.
We call and we cry out for Socrates.
I called the names here.
You will have thought: what does that man, what does that human being have with the academics, what does he want with Socrates, Plato, the theologian, the minister?
Everything is now placed in the sharp light of God and then we see the shadows of that wisdom.
And now you will know, now you will be able to determine for yourself and really accept: you are connected to the masters of space.
André is a cosmic master; that will be clear to you.
When the questions are soon asked from the Divine All and you do not feel any inspiration, sit down in need and have to wait – what will happen now, what will André say? – then his life and personality flash through space and go to the point where the questions live and then he says: “I am inspired, I can answer you.”
And then the word comes infallibly through his life, his personality is open.
And why?
We see that beforehand and we experience Jeus, Jozef and André, the great personality, the will, the love of the human being who is ready, not only for himself, but in order to bring space to the earth and to build, to place the University of Christ in the heart of this mankind: Europe.
Well then, I will read, which is difficult for me, I will now adjust to your glasses.
I can now also carry on like that and read out word for word what lies there, thousands of books, like that, but I am now nailed down.
And now you see this, if you do something for masters, for mankind, for God, for Christ, then you spread what the pupil possesses.
We will record, we will read out what we wrote together for your life and this mankind.
Well then, prepare yourself.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof.
The Divine Introduction.
There are eighteen pages, I will not finish them of course, but we will see how far we get.
It is November 1944.
Europe is on fire, the human being lives in the cold and misery, amidst destruction, he lacks everything.
Cities are razed to the ground, millions of people are tortured and finally gassed and God is silent!
Christ abandons His children?
André, the instrument of the masters, also lives under these circumstances, but he has a universal contact, he is in connection with the messengers of God, who is now also a Father of ‘Love’, but what the human being cannot understand and does not want to accept.
Millions of people cannot do that.
They have nothing more, nothing.
They only ask, they beg: “How can God approve of all of this, this unjust, this brute force?
His life is slaughtered.”
But it is André who says that the people must not despair, that God has nothing to do with any of this and that God will never intervene, that He cannot do that, but that this is the fault of the human being, that the human being does not want any different, looks for the wrong thing and follows complete destruction.
But his words are not understood either, are they?
For God everything is possible.
God is almighty, Christ is almighty.
But why does God, does Christ leave us alone, millions of people in Europe, in the world beg, ask and pray that.
How can God approve of all this misery?
Can the masters, can the angels from the Spheres of Light – are there angels there? – can they not help us then?
In 1935 André already knew that this awful war would come.
He experienced and wrote a book, in which the masters explain that Adolph Hitler is a madman and that, if he begins with a war, it will irrevocably be his fall.
The masters say: “The human being who looks for the wrong, is courting his own misfortune!
Do not worry, André, God is love and is watching!
But the laws will explain one day what this watching means.
And then, well, believe me, my boy, it is only then that this mankind will lie kneeled at the feet of the highest master, the real true Messiah, the Christ.”
Now that half of the Netherlands is closed off by the Nazis and the allies, now that millions of people no longer possess any faith, but walk round as material wrecks, are starved, and the laws for the good are trampled, evil triumphs over good and there is no longer any hope for peace and quiet and everything is threatening to collapse, Master Alcar returns to his instrument and says one evening: “Can you see me, and can you hear me, André?”
André looks into the face of his master and replies: “Yes, Master, I can hear and I can see you.”
“Would you then record the following, which I will dictate to you.”
André gets a pencil and paper and hears the following ...
And that, my dear people, in 1944 November.
There is hunger, misery, sorrow, destruction, terrible misery in the world, no food, no drink, there is a person sitting who thinks and receives for all this mankind.
The masters speak and Master Alcar says:
“The Cosmology, André, for this Mankind;
the All-Source;
God as Mother;
God as Father;
God as Soul;
God as Life;
and God as Spirit;
God as a Personality;
God as Harmonic laws;
God as Material Laws of Growth;
God as Spiritual laws;
God as the Growing Universe;
God as Justice;
and finally, God as Love.
And this”, Master Alcar then says, “is everything for the time being.”
For the time being.
The contact is still not broken and he hears: “The Divine Spark, you can also put under it, André, and millions of other words, but they will come later; this is everything for the time being.
In a short time, together with Master Zelanus and I, we will begin with the Cosmology for this mankind.
By means of our journeys which we made in the universe, we experienced the first spiritual and the material laws for the cosmology.
Now we will go deeper.
We will now return to the All-Source.
And all of that is for the University of Christ.
Believe it, André, we will now begin to live and to experience the first books for the new bible, the bible for the kingdom of God on earth.
We will explain to you why all of this comes to you now”, Master Alcar says.
“The heavens will now speak.
Prepare yourself, André.
See you soon, my son.
God is and He will remain eternally love ... love ... love.”
At that moment Master Alcar breaks the contact with André.
And now the child, Jeus of Mother Crisje, Jozef, but in him the master, begins to think.
How is it possible, he thinks, what will I now have to experience again?
It is a revelation.
He feels that mankind now will be able to know.
After a few days the master returns to him and says: “Are you ready, André?”
And then he can say: “Yes, master, I am ready.”
“Well now, tonight you will disembody and you will receive with me, also Master Zelanus, the Divine wisdom.
Under order of the highest masters from the Divine spaces we must analyse all the Divine revelations.
And you will see what that means, André, when we enter that source, and which we call the All-Source.
We will lay the foundations for the University of Christ by means of this.
Understand well, and feel what awaits you, my child.
Prepare yourself, we will now enter the deadly seriousness for our space.”
André sits there in the darkness.
There is no wood for the stove.
And the peace and the heat in bed is the only thing which the human being still possesses.
And every human being in Europe just has to accept this misery because ‘Satan’ triumphs.
The heat in bed is good for the blood flow, he thinks.
It gives the deteriorated body some support and the nerves calm down.
There is no more than that and not necessary either, then he surrenders completely and begins with his meditation.
In this way the human being, he thinks, lying under his blankets, takes care of himself, for the next day, which is even worse, which is even deeper, more disastrous and more miserable than the previous one.
In Europe it is going, with me, with the bodies, it is going downhill.
Is this evolution?
The people do not understand that of course.
Is all of this necessary, that the human being is beaten like this, tortured and finally gassed?
Is that the intention of the creator?
No one accepts that any longer, André thinks, at least the human being who is prepared and holds onto a Father of love.
But who knows him?
I know him, oh, how happy I am!
I could shout from happiness in this cold.
My legs have deteriorated, I almost have no more strength and I can laugh, I am happy.
Who can now be happy and say: “God is love”, in this misery, in this darkness?
And that cannot be accepted by the masses either.
But everything on earth, I know that, and they know that too, could happen so very differently, but the human being does not want it.
The people do not understand themselves and life, nothing.
By means of faith, by means of the Catholic Church, Protestantism, the bible victims even fall.
“Ah, you should hear, Jeus”, he says, he wakes Jeus up, “you should hear, Jeus, what I now think.
Jozef can soon watch over the body, he knows me, and he knows that he will get everything back from me.
If I think, then he gets to experience the good from me, but we do that in silence.
But you, you now have to listen and you can follow me.
Now you will only experience your wisdom.
Can you believe that the people are spiritually insane?
They are spiritually insane now that they ask: ‘How can God approve?’ now that they are rumbling with hunger.
Ah, ah, they are rumbling with hunger.
You will see, Jeus, how they will soon eat from our hands.
But they do not do that when they are fully conscious, inwardly, have food, when they have possessions, money and everything.
Anyway, I will also talk to you soon.
I will return, but we are already beginning with ourselves.
Come, you have slept long enough, Jeus.
Watch out, I am now sharp, chatter is no longer tolerated.
You may laugh.
I am laughing too.”
And he continues to meditate in this way.
He talks to himself.
He lies there and thinks.
It is the being ready for his master.
He now realizes that better than before, when he walked in the streets, and with ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ ... and when he experienced and underwent the other books, made the journeys to the hells and the heavens.
Now everything is clear to him.
And if Master Alcar had not begun with that then he would not have been ready either for this thinking.
You must first know what a minister possesses.
“You must first know what a theologian is, Jeus, and then you can laugh right in his face.
But then you put it aside immediately and you continue.
That is the enjoyment, the blissful sensitivity, and the happiness in you, which speaks to your heart, to your blood, to your nerves.
It shines from your eyes.
Just believe it!
Have you gone to sleep again?”
He is lying there and thinking ...
It is the being ready for his master.
But, he now realizes that, he is faced with a mountain, it is a mountain of wisdom.
“Jeus, Jeus, Jeus, will we not succumb soon?
It is God himself, whom I will now really just charge at alone, I will climb up Him, I must go through His feet, through His legs, through His heart, through His liver, through His blood, I will see His eyes, His light, His soul, His spirit.
Oh, my Jeus.
Crisje, oh Crisje, now send me everything.
Send it to Jeus.
I am receiving it, I already feel it: I will not be able to bear this alone.
But, I have a will.
I have a will and my will is only tuned to the good, to want to experience the better for myself and to then pass it onto these wretched masses.”
By means of his obtained consciousness – I will now continue – he must now show what he can do.
It is, he knows, for this mankind, for every human being, child, and life of God.
The human being must now know and then he will begin with the accepting that there is no death and God does not damn the human being, his life.
And the masses do not even believe that.
“No, oh, oh, oh, oh”, he laughs.
And the soul, the girl from Vienna who is lying next to him, says: “What are you laughing about?”
“Oh, I have to laugh because mankind wants to be damned.”
We now have time to think.
We now have time to lie down.
We now have time to make comparisons with those unconscious masses.
Oh, how can it be, how is it possible?
Jeus shouts out in ’s-Heerenberg: “There is no damnation.
And God is love!”
But there those people are still unconscious too, those poor souls.
If you now talk to them, they become afraid, then they say: “He is possessed by the devil.”
“Well, I haven’t forgotten the dialect, Jeus.
Now and then – and why not – we can speak to each other, we can talk, we can make comparisons for there.
But now: there is no damnation.
And what does that mean, Jeus?
Space, mankind, neighbours here, are you sleeping?
There is no damnation and God cannot damn.
But next door, and here, everywhere around us they live by the minute.
They are afraid that a bomb will fall.
They are afraid that they must die.
And for me: I will go immediately.
We will soon go through the Grim Reaper.
The Grim Reaper who does not exist, death which smiles at us, which will talk to us, because he has beautiful garments.
Did you not read ‘Masks and Men’?
How wonderful it is that the masters prepared all of that.
Because the Grim Reaper will soon give us violets, lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots.
And those little posies, Jeus, we will now get them from the masters from the Divine All.
They are Divine flowers, picked in the garden there, which is no longer called Gethsemane but: the kingdom of God in the Divine All.
And those beautiful posies now come from there.
Well, they do not understand that.
Because the wisdom which will now flow, is joined together colourfully; and the masters can do that, Jeus, they can do that, I learned that anyway.
You slept all those years.
When we came from ’s-Heerenberg and I went to the city, when I heard: “Go to Johan and Bernard”, you were asleep.
You were still quarrelling with the one we loved.
You still followed that, but for me: it was dead.
I think: look, Jeus is sitting daydreaming about his love, but not me.
And Jozef, well, he was also a bit broken, but not me, I who lived behind that, was grateful for this wonderful loving beating, because I started to feel.
But master Alcar had to return into the depths of our, my and your character, he had to bring those lower character traits in us to consciousness.
And me?
I would have to represent those character traits, I had to take care of all of this again and bring it into harmony with the masters, with the laws of God, the hereafter, the heavens, sun, moon and stars, the Cosmology.”
You read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, didn’t you?
And then André already feels at the moment that his Jeus, his self from ’s-Heerenberg will adjust itself to the situation in which he now lives and that this is after all finally necessary.
But now, now every thought must help and support him.
He must start to devote the full hundred percent for the source of cosmology.
To walk from the body at five percent is immediate insanity, André knows.
“If I am not conscious now and I do not know the laws, I do not know myself, Jeus, then I will immediately go through insanity and no one, no master, no God, no Christ will be capable of pulling me out of that again.”
Silence ...
He feels that his other self, those character traits awaken.
He starts to feel that Jeus is also reaching becoming conscious.
That Pietje, that Hendrikje and that Jopie, but just say Johan, that Johan, that Herman, that Hendrik and that Nico – what are the names called? – those Frans’, they must now represent the name as a personality and they are no longer little Piets, no little Johans, that must be part of that one self.
And I will devote everything in order to begin with the real work, the journey to the source which created everything.
André knows the laws for insanity.
Master Alcar also explained to him those laws and possibilities for the human soul, by means of which he got to know the astral personality.
But the academic, André thinks – he lets go of Jeus – he stands before his patients and does not know those lives, because he cannot accept any astral consciousness ‘beyond the coffin’.
But because of that he gets to experience his space, his answer.
Is there anything else?
No, no, you can now call out, people, there is nothing else, this is it!
The human being lives ‘beyond the coffin’ consciously and possesses a personality and returns, but we will talk about that later.
Then Master Alcar took him to the universe.
They were also wonders for his life.
And his personality started to grow, as a result of which he received those three books.
André says to Jeus: “I can now explain to the academics – because I have seen and experienced all those laws of the universe – I can explain to them how God began with His creations, with himself.
I can explain to the academics how God got an own independence as soul, as spirit.
Do you see?
But now I can ask those academics, those earthly psychologists – they say that they are doctors, but what are they? – ‘What is your life like ‘beyond the coffin’, academic?
You have a title, you are a doctor.’
Ha, ha, he is a doctor, he knows nothing about any soul, any spirit.
That title is worth five cents, crumbs for the Other Side.
If you come to stand before Our Lord or a master of the light with that title, then he says: ‘Go away, cutie.
Get out of my sight, cutie.
Disappear, crumb, because you are not it.
People gave you a title, you are an academic, but people unleashed you on mankind with nothing.
When you stand before the people, you must first see how the human being is actually composed, but you do not know, you know nothing about that machine.
If you come to me, I will give you a title, then you will be a cosmically conscious being, you will then be a ‘great winged one’.
From me you will get ‘wings’, flying power, consciously tuned to the aims, to the foundations of God and Christ, sun moon and stars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus.’ ”
“Yes, Jeus”, he suddenly says, “you do not believe it, but soon you may whiz with me over the ring of Saturn and then we will of course hurl ourselves through space.
We will sit behind each other, hold onto each other and whiz like that through the universe.
And Saturn will say: ‘Well done, my child, finally I have one back.’ ”
And then Jeus says amongst all this Divine thinking, this concentrating and meditating: “But there are just the two of us, aren’t there?”
And then André says again: “You are right because we are not yet one.
We are still not spiritually one, Jeus, you are right about that.
You are still standing with both feet on the ground.
You still have the thinking for the earth, for Crisje and ’s-Heerenberg, but I?
Then there are still the two of us, yes, and maybe there we are thousands of us, because our characters, Jeus, are really fragmented for the spiritual life.”
Do you see?
If I was now to ask you questions, my children, my adepts – my ‘disciples’ are now sitting here – I could then ask you: “Did you meditate like that to yourself?
Did you already begin with this meditating?”
And this is just a little thing.
We are busy with Jeus.
André is thinking.
Now the cosmos.
We will see.
Do you feel what we will experience in the thousands of centuries that we will embrace the Divine laws together?
We can now continue for millions of years in order to experience every insect of Mother Earth, the waters, sun, moon and stars.
“But first of all the character traits in us”, André says to Jeus.
“Yes, indeed”, he continues, as quick as lightning from one to the other, but continues his concentration, “I see that mountain there, that mountain is this space, that is the mountain of God.
You feel, Jeus, that powers come from that which keep taking me again to what we stand for, and that I let go of you.”
The mountain of God.
Who is God, what is God?
No conscious being on earth knows Him completely.
Oh, happiness radiates through his heart, through his blood circulation.
There is no longer any flesh on the body, the bones break, but they feel rarefied, and they say to André: “Feed me a bit.
Spiritual power is more use to us than sauerkraut, spinach or bacon.
Give us the inspiration of your living heart and we will smile at you.
We will make an effort to get you through these months.
Of course you must bow your head a bit because we will succumb now and again, because we have not yet made it.”
“Did you hear that, Jeus?
The physical systems of our castle are starting to speak.
The heart says: ‘I am tired.’
But, heart, blood circulation and nerves, you are only foundations of our castle.
You are only a pillar, an entrance, a stair.
You are nothing more than that and you will give us a seat in this palace.”
And then the skeleton says to André, the legs: “Then I am the seat, I will carry you, won’t I?”
The sensitivity which now inspires the soul from the organism, is awe-inspiring, André feels.
He is one with these systems.
Everything starts to speak.
“And then what when we return from the All-Source and we have experienced the light, the life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, fatherhood and motherhood, love, the Divine spatial love, how will the life then speak to me?
And how must I think then, how must I concentrate, what will my will be like then?
And that”, he says to Jeus, “is still just a little thing.
Because you hear it, the All-Source stands before us.
And Master Alcar now goes straight to that core.
That of ‘The Origin of the Universe’, Jeus, I now feel, they were only stories, that was still nothing.
But did you feel the struggle which I then experienced?
Did you experience the difficulty with me when I stood at the waterfront in order to destroy myself?
Well, I was not that.
That was that rotter, Jozef, that filthy rotter.
When I was just a bit tired, Jeus, and when I just lay thinking – I could no longer see, I had given out the light from my eyes, I had lost everything, I had lost everything – then that rotter wanted to drown himself.
He could no longer carry on, he said.
You certainly feel that I gave him a beating, so terrible, don’t you?
“Dirty bastard.”
I had to use words from society so deep and heavy, so that it got through to him.
I lay down resting for only a moment, Jeus, only a moment and then he already succumbed in society and he wanted to take the foundations away from me in order to carry on, in order to finish my work.
For only a moment I took five seconds of the hundred thousand rest and fell into a spiritual sleep, a meditation.
And then that brute went to the harbour and wanted to drown you and me.
And later, you will come across it, when it is that far and then I will let you experience those horrible times, but that awe-inspiring battle of ‘The Origin of the Universe’, then you will know for definite that you have been sleeping all those years.
And that is not for you alone – do not get a fright – that is not for you here, but that is for all this mankind.
The human being goes to church, Jeus, the human being prays there.
Do you wish to deceive me that that human being there confesses?
We know confession, don’t we?
Do you want to deceive me that that man there confesses, that woman there confesses for a hundred percent, and that there are no character traits which still irrevocably do not want to be part of that praying, that contrition?
That head bowing, is that bowing?
The Catholic Church, the confession would be awe-inspiring if the human being could confess before God and the spaces for a hundred percent; but he flatly refuses, he does not do that.
He still places so much in himself, and holds onto so much that he will not see his carelessness, his destruction.
Yes, there are some.
Master Alcar took me to a confessional box one day, he says: ‘Come along, then you can really hear the human being confess.’
And then we lay next to the human being in the confessional box and heard that mother say: “I murdered my child.
I have real contrition.
Can that be forgiven?
I murdered my child because of the pressure and force and the will of my husband.
I no longer have a life, I have lost my child.
I have become a murderess as a result of the cursed will of my husband.
And I must still stay?
I can no longer see that life.”
And that mother, Jeus, had real contrition, contrition!
She wanted to devote everything and now the heart gnaws and now the human being has been opened for a hundred percent for his sorrows, his contrition: ‘I did wrong.’
And I can continue to talk like this, Jeus, but we will go further.”
But André must smile at the same moment, he must laugh when he hears the people speak about God.
He can now make comparisons with Jeus, with Jozef and this society and then he can ask: “Can the people not think then?
Do the people not want to think?”
When he hears the cursers of God in the street, they are unconscious children who do not know themselves and do not accept anything of the Divine creations, or they have been brought into a spatial maze because of the bible.
“The bible has given such a great deal of nonsense to the human being, Jeus.
I can now already prove that, because I saw and experienced ‘The Origin of the Universe’, the beginning of mankind after all; I sat in that, I was on top of that, the master brought me to the first stage.
I am a theologian.
I can give a lecture to a theologian, Jeus.
I am a psychologist.
I am a theologian, I know the bible.
I have never ever seen the bible, but I know creation.
Yes, Jeus, André-Dectar has something to offer.
And you are that, you will become that, and Jozef will become that.”
When he – I read it again – hears the cursers of God speaking, then he sees the running aground of millions of people.
He hears their damnation and laughs right in their faces when they shout, ask torturously: “Can God, if He is a father, still damn the human being in this chaos, in this powerlessness?”
“Is God then a father of love?” he suddenly shouts in the evening, so that the girl from Vienna has to grab him by the scruff of his neck and she says: “Are you mad?”
“Oh yes, I went too far, didn’t I?
I was out of myself for a moment?
No, child, I knew exactly what I said, do not worry.
Hunger can make you insane, but I know what I am doing.
I was inspired, really inspired.
I will give those wretches here, who are gasping for light, I would give them my light, but I cannot get rid of it.
Was the misery of now and that of before”, André says to the girl from Vienna, “wars and wars on earth, again and again, still not enough for the human being, as a child of God and the church, in order to accept that he cannot damn?”
Do you see?
“Just be quiet”, the dear girl from Vienna says, “the people can hear you in the street.”
“What does it matter to me?”
“Just be quiet.”
“What does the human being matter to me now that God is speaking to me?”
“The people really think that you are insane.
Is that the intention then?”
“You are right.”
I must attune myself differently, André thinks.
But it is still not time to go to bed.
And yet, I believe, when I lie down there and the rest of my body comes, that sinking away, that I will not be so inspired as now, now that I am sitting here in this darkness, by this low flame, without a stove, without light, without heat.
“Is there any news from space?”
“Yes, it is going well”, people say there.
“The Nazis are really falling apart.”
“You are right, you predicted that they will come over the Netherlands with thousands and thousands of aeroplanes.
Yes, you said a lot more and there they go ... there they go, straight to Berlin.”
“Shame, shame.
The human being murders.
The human being wants peace and happiness.
And the human being is given orders and is pleased that he is given orders: ‘Go, and crush the life there to pieces’, and you just take part in that now.”
“I must take part in that?
I must take part in that?
I must murder?
I must destroy a life of God?
I must throw the violence down from my life and crush everything there?
Filthy idiots, spiritually insane people, give me orders and I will hit you right in your face with the Divine laws.
I now place you before the Ten Commandments: ‘Thou shalt not kill.’
Do you have a faith?
Do you have a church?
Do you have children?
Have you read the Ten Commandments?
Are you Catholic?
Are you Protestant?
Are you reformed?
Are you Buddhist?
And what did your faith give you?
The pope has canons blessed and the Catholic child does not want to understand that nonsense, destruction flows from those lips; how can that man be holy, how can he represent Christ, how can he represent the God of all life if he teaches his disciples to bless the canons there?
‘Now go, and conquer that people.’
Bible, you are talking nonsense, you are talking hot air”, André flings through the walls in that little kitchen there in November 1944.
And now his life, after the contact with Master Alcar, is only ten minutes old.
All of that went through him.
This life is brimming, he must now restrain himself, be calm, because in this way there is no question of disembodying.
And when there is a silence for a moment and Jeus crawls up like that with his feelers to his day-conscious self, then André calmly says: “Everything of mine is nonsense for those people.
I am crazy, I am a madman.
But then what?
When I say: ‘Read my books and you will know’, they shrug their shoulders.
No, the human being does not want to read.
The human being says: ‘I will do that later ‘beyond the coffin’ ’, but there they stand now.
They do not understand, Jeus, what they are missing.
They miss everything, they are standing still.
This is the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
Here is the Other Side.
We stand in the Other Side and those people do not want to experience that Other Side.
Now we can only still help them by means of the beautiful, wonderful books, the journeys which we experienced with Master Alcar.
The people get them brought in their homes just like that, they do not need to wage any battle, but they flatly refuse to read them.
That is not yearning.
That whole personality of those people, Jeus, is completely dead, and stone-unconscious, they are not mad, not insane, but these people are living dead.
That whole personality is still unconscious, and that soon wants to go to the heavens and that soon wants to just say: ‘I am also there, I am there.
Do you not see me?
Is there no master here?’
Can the master take care of this dead life for the consciousness in the Spheres of Light?
Because the people want to go there of course.
They do not want to go to a hell, and they do not want to go to a darkness.
They want to possess light, sphere happiness.
They want to walk in the gardens.
In the wonderful Gethsemane of Our Lord, Jeus, they want to be there.
Yes, indeed, they go into the darkness, yes, indeed.”
“Not me, I am doing well, am I not?
I am doing my best, am I not?”
“Yes, you cook.
You go to the factory.
But that factory is attached to your inner self, in your heart, in your eyes, in your head.
That longing which you now have, which is not a spiritual or a material longing – perhaps there is a material longing – that is the personality for that spiritual space where we are going.”
“How poor the people are”, Jeus says. “All the things you told me there just now is enough to make you reel.”
“Yes, Jeus, and then we soon see, when we return then we will make human comparisons and then you must see how the people think and what the human being knows about this.
How the human being thinks, we must first teach the people that.
This thinking is nothing, that is off the mark.
That is not thinking for space, soul, spirit, astral world, this is material importance.”
Suddenly he jumps from that world to the masses, mankind, he passes into that and says: “If you see and follow the masses at present, Jeus, then you will see and feel that neediness.
The consciousness of the masses is pathetic.”
“What are you now, minister”, he suddenly goes to the theologian, “if you know nothing else than a God who hates and damns His life?”
“What are you, psychologist, when you come from the university and you do not know your soul and the spirit?
You stand before the first birth for the human being.
You say that, after all, don’t you?
When the child is born, it is the first life.
Oh, how pathetic.”
And he walks round with a big title and space under his arms and feels big and rich, and does not possess anything.
He is poorer than a church mouse.
Do you see?
“What did you learn there, academic?” André says.
“Yes, indeed, you know something about a nervous system, but you do not know the human being.
And yet ... and yet you have become a doctor.”
Now, now that he adjusts to all these laws and the falsehood, follows the buying of wisdom for the earth, that the human being follows a bit of a study, and still knows nothing and is then let loose upon the human being.
Now, at that moment, he says: “I will call my personality together because I am going to the real title.
I will become a doctor in psychology.
I will become a cosmic omniscient, if you want to believe it, Jeus.
And you have to accept it because I will prove it to you.
I will prove that to you.
And it is only then that I ask whether you want to sit down at my feet in order to receive my lectures.
Precisely now”, he says, “now I need everything and I know myself.
I know who you are and what Jozef feels.
I know myself, I know that we must experience all of this with four personalities, of which you are the unconscious one.
Jozef is the city one, who represents me in the city.
But you still live in the country in ’s-Heerenberg, you still speak dialect, you are still a farmer.
But now, Jeus, I am the master with Dectar.
Dectar prepared himself in ancient Egypt and now Dectar can adjust himself in the life, against the life of André.
Because André is, I am the instrument of the master, but Dectar, he is actually the occultist.
He is the priest in us.
And that priest is now the instrument for the University of Christ.
Isn’t it beautiful, Jeus?
Isn’t that wonderful?
The masters made that of us.
If we had not known, had not received those contacts, what would have become of us then?
Immediately afterwards there is, now that he speaks and is inspired by André Dectar: “Yes, Buddha, this which I now experience and we receive, you did not know that.
Do you know how God began with His life?
Then the world would certainly have received it, then you would have shouted it out.
But we do not yet have it.
You were far, you were deep; but you are not yet that far.
But I will prove it to you, Buddha, I will prove it to you how deep you were.
Now only André Dectar can do that, because together they are the instrument of the University of the real Messiah.
You had to represent a very different life, Buddha.
Didn’t you?
You experienced a wonderful contact during your life, yes, indeed.
But this?
Your task was wonderful.
You have become a prophet.
A prophet, yes, indeed, for your own time, for your becoming conscious.”
And then suddenly he looks around him and he looks into the eyes of Ramakrishna.
“Space is coming”, André says.
“Did you also experience this depth during your life, Ramakrishna?
What I know about it is, that you were an adept and a pupil of Master Zelanus.
And when you returned – Master Zelanus showed me that, and Master Alcar, those laws are true – then, when you just wanted to speak, the blood ran over your lips.
You could not even speak, you were so moved by the sacredness of space.
But I?
Walk with me through the streets, Ramakrishna and Buddha, and talk to the people.
Tell the people soon that you live on earth and that you possess a body, which is rumbling with hunger and shortcoming.
But we do not know any hunger, we have no shortcoming, we have no rumbling, we have nothing to do with rumbling.
I have to write the books.
I must experience them, Ramakrishna.
I must even earn them!
And you!
You sat down there with your disciples, your twelve apostles, including Vivekananda.
Do you hear it?
I know you.
I know you as I know space.
Vivekananda had to go into the world.
You did nothing, you sat dreaming.
Were you so far that you also had that in your own hands?
Ramakrishna, the world loves you, the world says: ‘You were an Eastern initiate, one of the greatest.’
But who am I then?
Who am I then?
I will prove it to you.
Soon I will show you who I am, and I will prove it to you.
You will lie down at my feet.
But when you want to lie down at my feet then I will chase you to the master.
First Master Zelanus, because he is the mouthpiece for Master Alcar and his masters, and then you go to Master Alcar, he will send you higher again.
And finally, Ramakrishna, Buddha, Mohammed, mankind, Europe, Japan, China, Russia, France, England, Gelderland, Geldermalsen and Zevenaar, you then lie on Golgotha kneeled at the feet of Christ.
And then there is no longer any damnation.
Then there is no longer any last judgement.
Then we are children of one Father.”
André has Ramakrishna completely in his left hand, but with his right hand he gives him the orchid of his heart.
He can say something, he can talk, he knows that Ramakrishna has to accept this because he is for the masters and his life, his task, the continuing power and inspiration for all ages; for which all these lives served, and that is the University of Christ.
And from Ramakrishna he walks to another personality and suddenly calls: “Yes, Madame Blavatsky, you are also still there and now just come.
I am calling, the master is calling.
I am a master and I will prove it to you.
And if I do not know it, then stay away and slap me right in my face.
But if you now know and must accept that I am it, then you just have to come and to shout at mankind that you have slipped off target.
Slipped off target.”
And then Jeus suddenly said, after all these impressive feelings: “That is a word of my own, slipped off target, they said that in ’s-Heerenberg.”
And then André says: “That is possible.
But they also say it in the city.
Because slippery is slippery like an eel and we are that.”
“No, Madame Blavatsky, you do not have that”, he says.
“And I know why you do not have that.
But somewhere in space, Madame Blavatsky, we will now have to show our colours for Christ.
You probably know now, if you live there – you live, you are free from your organism, you have completed the cycle of the soul – you now know whether you brought truth to earth.
But you did not see it.
Because when you had disembodied, when you could have looked consciously ‘beyond the coffin’ and you were an instrument for the University of Christ, then you certainly thought, Madame Blavatsky, that the masters had not sent you from dry land into the ditch and had said to you: ‘We are nature first, then animal kingdom and then we became human’?
But I saw, Blavatsky, that the ape of Darwin originated from me.”
“Darwin, where are you, we people were not born from the apes, but the ape is the shadow of the human being.
You slipped off target.”
“Do you see?
Darwin, Schopenhauer, Emanuël Kant, come, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, where do you live, Sixtus, come here.
The University of Christ will begin to lay foundations for the Kingdom of God, for all the centuries, for millions of years and ages.”
And a moment later he is talking to Jeus again.
“You see, Jeus, you must now help me in all of this.
The masters now no longer have any sympathy with us.
I can call them one by one and they will come.
You will see it.
They will walk with us through the streets.
I will prove it to Buddha, that sitting down there with his finger up ... rooting of hands in order to be able to receive the wisdom.
I know all his finger arrangements, because what does it mean when he sat like that, the world still asks for and his pupils do not know.
Buddha is sitting there, Jeus, eyes closed, on the left is motherhood and on the right is fatherhood, now everything is tuned to the personality, the human being, and now the human being can begin with his feelers for fatherhood and motherhood.
I know thousands of finger arrangements, they are connections in order to take Buddha to the highest.
This is the closing off for the soul, for the spirit and the personality, Jeus.
I know everything, I experience ancient Egypt.
I was before Buddha in China, in Japan, but will he believe that?
I will prove it to him.
The masters no longer have any sympathy with all those people.
The masters will now call back Buddha, Ramakrishna, Blavatsky, the occultists of Mother Earth to the beginning of the creations, and say: ‘Now look at the own mistakes which were made by you, not by us.’
And then they can return to me and say: ‘That was wrong of me.’
But, it is Master Zelanus, Jeus, world, minister, Buddha, Ramakrishna, it is Master Zelanus who will take care of Blavatsky, Mary Baker-Eddy, Rudolf Steiner and all the great ones, the prophets for this century after Christ – and before Christ – because they must now tell what was true and what was wrong, experienced by their lives.”
He continues like that.
And it is only – he looks at the clock – eight o’clock in the evening.
The masters come, he can also meditate.
Suddenly he throws into space: “Mankind, do you know who God is?
People do not know.
Then I will soon show you, because we now come to stand right before the Grim Reaper.
We disembody.
Soon we will have ‘wings’.
Never heard of them?
You will see it.
Then you must tune yourself to these laws and follow me and then you will experience revelations.
You will experience a wonderful truth if you feel the reality of ‘the coffin’.”
He says to Jeus: “I can now see beyond the veils.”
Veils, do you hear this?
Not beyond the veil because there are millions of veils built up by the centuries, by the condensings and the laws of growth of God.
I see beyond the veils, which closed off the Divine revelations.
Because we first became spirit and then we became material.
Didn’t we?
Then the planet, which was spiritual, became hard, it started to condense, and they are veils.
You must go through that life again, but that will come soon.
“There are just a few people, Jeus, who can believe when they do not see, and can say: ‘My word is law.’
And my word is law.
I have such an awe-inspiring amount of words in me, legally founded by the masters, and your head will spin if you see how wonderful that temple already is.
My word, Jeus, is law.
There is no death; that is a law of my life.
God does not damn; that is a law.
There is no last judgement; that is a law.
The pope, the bishops, the nuns must get married, they must ensure reincarnation, their rebirth; they are laws of my life, I experienced them, they are for all of this mankind, for every insect of God.
They are my laws.
Now follow me on this journey.
You will get a very different personality as a result of this”, he says.
“We will show the theologians and the Rosicrucians something else.
Those people think that they possess the Divine truth, but that is not true either, because the theosophy has frills and the Rosicrucians even more.
If you (formal form of ‘you’) hear, Jeus, or if you (informal form of ‘you’) hear – because when we are ‘beyond the coffin’, we talk of ‘thy’ and the formal ‘you’ and perhaps we will come closer to each other – when the reality for the law, the returning for birth, for motherhood, fatherhood starts to speak, then the respect lies on our lips and then our heart is opened to that All-Wisdom.
And then we are faced with Christ, then it is ‘thy’.
‘Thy, my Master, I see you (formal form of ‘you’).’
We, my Jeus, now go deeper.
Master Alcar goes so deep, where no human being has been before us, because that is not possible and I will prove that to you again.
Buddha was not there, Ramakrishna was not there, no Rudolf Steiner, no Mohammed.
Because Mohammed still damns, Mohammed destroys, lies and cheats.
You must start to listen carefully, Jeus, how I speak, how I think, free from this world.
When we soon come to the justice of God and all His systems, His light, His life, His love, then you must feel how just, but how harsh, how strict the wisdom, that justice, the law as justice becomes for the human being.
There are no longer any canons.
Then the judge is not capable of trying the human being because he sees his own theft from the past.
He is still a thief and sits there with his bands on, gives a twenty-year prison sentence to a woman and a man, because that child made a mistake.
And because they do not know the life, the man goes to a university and wants to act the judge, while all the incarnations trail behind him and are dry, rotting, leprosy.
But he sits there like a material dirty, filthy mask before the human being and deals out his punishment.
Is that justice while you do not even know yourself, your God and Christ and the bible?
Do you wish to lay your hand on the bible and say: ‘This is God’s word’, and then speak of justice, now that I know, Jeus, that the bible begins with nonsense, with gossip?
And they lay the hands on the bible and say: ‘God’s word is present.’
And the bible begins with a big hole in which all of this mankind drowns.
Are you getting to know me now?
I am André-Dectar.
I already told you, Jeus, I am not a madman and not an insane person.
But we are now faced with Divine seriousness.
Coarseness, Gelderland dialect, you live in that and I think it is wonderful, I will soon return into that, but then I also say: deadly seriousness.
You do not believe it, Jeus, soon it will pour with Divine wisdom for us and for mankind.
And all the people of this world will have to master this wisdom one day.
They cannot avoid it.
Because I am light, I am truth, I am justice, I love everything which lives.
If only the people could know and accept that.
They should know how much I already love the human being, and do you know why?
Because I know the ‘law of the human being’.
You should see that giving birth, you should see that mother.
You should now see the girl from Vienna, how she slaves away for you and Jozef – I cannot eat that rubbish, of course not, that is not my task – how she slaves away in order to make a delicious pap from those sugar beets for that poor organism of Jozef.
Soon, probably soon I will also have to eat it.
We are heading for the four great months.
It is dying and dying, every moment.
But if we let die our rotten places, our rotten character traits now at this moment, during these months and kill them, then we can say: ‘we lived, we have not died.
The human being cannot be destroyed.’
Die physically, let the rotten character traits in our life, which are part of my personality, Jeus, let them die.
If you do not want, then I will nail you to a cross.
I am harsh?
No, because I grab you by your neck and by your ears, Jeus, I drag you to the heavens and then you see the eternal light.
And soon you will say: ‘If only he had beaten me to death.’
My God, my God, what does the human being know about his spheres, his heavens.
And they live in the human being, Jeus.
A nice word is a heaven, is light.”
By thinking about all these things, by giving food to all these character traits of his expansive spiritual personality the other self awakens, all those little character traits for society, and he starts to see how he can give the life on earth shape and expansion.
And now a man is beautiful.
He says to Jeus: “Do you wish to believe, Jeus, that I as André-Dectar am ready for the mother?
But those men are not ready, those dopes know nothing.
And the mothers are not ready for the husband, they talk about love and they want to kiss, but they do not know how that kiss tastes, how deep that kiss is.
And people laugh about that again.
But the minister, the wife of the minister and the human being who has Protestantism and the human being of the Catholic Church, they stand with the kiss on the last judgement, yuk, those kisses with damnation under the feet, on the lips.
Would you like a kiss like that?
Lovely, will you give me a kiss like that?
Just go away!
But I am ready.
I am ready as a man, as a creator, for the mother, because I can support the mother.
Every word which she wants to know from me, Jeus, is spatially reliable, just and loving.
Those mites there, those big men are strong, but inside they are weak.
They sit at the table and have airs because they have five, six, seven children.
But they are not leaders, not teachers for their offspring.
They do not know themselves.
You should see now, Jeus, how many beautiful people perished because of that cursed, rotten, unconscious NSB (Dutch national socialist movement).
People of mine, friends, call to me in the street: ‘Are you not coming yet?’
And those simple souls read ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, and now stand next to Mussert, an idiot who wants to ride a wrong horse and will soon collapse completely.
That is Christ?
Does this have anything to do with wisdom of life, Jeus?
I thought so.
But I am ready, if the mother does not wish to understand me: I am love.
I am a man who knows, I have spiritual, yes, I get spatial consciousness.
God will now speak to me.
He will interpret His laws.
I will soon be ready, inspired, my life, my personality will be a revelation to the girl from Vienna.”
Yes, Jozef gets that.
“I will earn everything for the human being Jozef, so that that love returns to me, because I will get the flowers anyway, the forget-me-nots and the lilies of the valley.
If Jozef has it good and the girl from Vienna is happy, Jeus, then we say, kiss (Master Zelanus kisses}; off into space, we will float, we go on.
But I will give Jozef and her the happiness of the Messiah, the better spiritual self in the human being, Jeus, in man and in woman, which the world will make as a kingdom of God, for which the Christ lived and died on earth and gave everything.”
A moment later he sinks away and falls into a deep sleep.
He lies under the blankets.
He surrenders and now ... now I can free him.
I can free him from his organism.
I can draw him into my world, into the world into which we came, where we got to know ourselves, after the task – of and by means of the masters, the University of Christ – and which we had completed on earth.
If I can receive you soon, if I can draw all of you up into my life, this will be the universal Divine moment for your inner life, for your soul, your spirit, your Divine kingdom.
And let me then speak of ‘my child’, ‘my sister’ and ‘my brother’, ‘will we begin together with that universal macrocosmic journey?’ and then we will enter the All-Source for your life, for your fatherhood and your motherhood on earth.
I began with reading.
I meanwhile passed André over to Master Zelanus and to himself.
But I will close this morning with this feeling, the question for you, for all of you and the mankind: prepare yourself for the next journey, the next step.
It is only then that we will begin with the macrocosmic foundations in order to lay them for the last hours that you still live on earth.
Make growth, love and happiness of yourself.
I thank you.