The Human Being and his Divine Unity for the Cosmology

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get ‘The Human Being and his Divine Unity for the Cosmology’ this morning.
But the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Between Life and Death’ and then ‘The Origin of the Universe’ already brought you to the spiritual oneness for the human being.
They took you through the hells to the heavens.
I gave lectures about that, let you experience the laws and then we returned in order to make material, human comparisons with regard to yourself, your fatherhood, motherhood, evolution, and reincarnation.
When you have understood that properly and especially the journeys, the lectures which were given before this – when we were in the Divine All, from the All-Mother, the All-Father, you know now, the All-Light, the All-Life, God, and then saw Christ – then we immediately enter the present stage for the human being, for his Deity and his unity.
But in order to experience that unity, to build up that unity, that does not appear so simple now, because you must be able to devote everything for that purpose.
The human being now, who comes ‘beyond the coffin’, if faith lives in him, is very willing.
We can reach that human being, but there is an awe-inspiring difficulty, because the foundations which were laid, were wrong.
I gave you examples several times.
The human being who now gets a fright, the human being who does not want to be free for himself, the human being who does not want to experience any unity with spirit, life, light, reincarnation, rebirth, that human being cannot be reached now.
I gave you pictures, built up by means of the reality, which millions of people had to take in, people who understood nothing, knew nothing about Cosmology and All-Source and All-Mother, but were now sent completely from the Divine harness, were taken from the natural law by means of material thinking and feeling, by means of a religion.
And now the father, the mother can begin to take everything away from that child again, because this is not possession, cannot be unity, does not mean any spiritual hold for all those laws, that All-Source, that All-Mother which we talked about.
I built you up, the human being who experienced all of this during all those years, I built you up to a certain degree.
I laid foundations for you.
I gave you a temple and that is possible because we got to know the laws.
And now it concerns: how can we master that as a human being?
If I was to read at this moment for the human being who has not yet experienced this, how André talks to a star – this is therefore cosmic unity – and that a star, a planet, tells about the own life, fatherhood, motherhood then the human being would not understand it.
Does a planet possess maternal consciousness?
Can a haze start to speak?
Does that light have meaning for space?
If I was to start doing that now and you were not prepared, then you would laugh to yourself about me; you have no foundations.
You are obliged to attune yourself to the books which were given by the Masters, by Master Alcar to the earth, to mankind.
You can also read other works and you will now get your comparisons precisely by means of them.
Now place your theosophy, the teaching for the Rosicrucians, go further to the East, and place the yogi next to the books of the Masters, of Master Alcar, of Master Cesarino, of Christ.
If you cannot accept now that the Christ was born on the moon and that He began with His life from there as first human being, as first embryo, and that millions of cells reached condensing along with Him, if you now hold on to the word of the bible as the Divine word, you will never ever reach Divine universal unity.
And we find that unity again, we see it immediately reaching revelation in the human being.
We can speak about cosmology, but I take that cosmology back to yourself and it even lives in a dog, a cat, a bird.
All the life of Mother Nature, also for space possesses this Divine cosmic unity.
The human being has to accept and to lay these foundations, my sisters and brothers, if you want to begin with your own temple, your possession, your awakening, your personality.
Why and for what purpose do you now live on earth?
How many times did I not speak about it?
Which pictures did I not give you?
We went through space, through the prehistoric ages, Egypt, the East, the West.
I connected Mother Earth with space.
But when you cannot feel spatially, you will never reach that universal unity.
To be one now with the cosmos, to be one with millions of problems for you – these are no problems for the human being who has reached his spiritual consciousness – is and now remains the bliss, the universal justice.
It is the harmony, it is the silence, it is the love, it is the art, it is growth for everything, for every characteristic, which now gets attunement by means of the thinking and feeling which the personality gives to the thing, the colour, the shape, the expansion.
When you think back after all those lectures, the laws which we touched, then it must be simple that you actually no longer need anything, because you know: you already laid your first foundations for that unity with God.
When Jeus as a child – through whom we now speak – knew nothing about all of this, but saw a light next to himself and a happy face which smiled at him and Crisje sat down there and had to accept: that child sees something, Jeus really saw into the reality of a Divine unity.
If that light had not come there, had not been there, that shape had not manifested itself – believe it, this is the simplicity, this is the law – then you would never ever have heard these words, you could never have read those books, because they were not there then.
If you cannot accept those first foundations for your being spiritual, your life ‘beyond the coffin’, that there is an astral going further, you will irrevocably never come further.
But in addition to that we are immediately faced with reincarnation.
We are immediately faced with: there is no death, the human being returns, the human being can speak, the human being can connect himself with life on earth, because the spiritual personality lives in the material.
And that is now a foundation for all of you, for every child of space, even if that child is a planet, a sun, a star, that is the first spiritual Divine foundation, which you can lay for your going further, your evolution, your Divine self.
And anyone who cannot do that now and anyone who just says: ‘yes but’ and ‘but’ and ‘is that so’, also irrevocably does not come further either and cannot make that first spiritual step.
I gave you pictures.
I gave you reality.
Professors live, geniuses live on earth.
The theologian is – just believe it – ‘beyond the coffin’ an unconscious being if that life does not possess any love.
If the human being, the perfectly simple human being continues directly by means of his natural, social life, his task, and does not interfere with anything, has no longing for the bible, for religion, never prays, but works and places his personality in that law, that work, his task, that life gets expansion in feeling.
Because millions of people arrived in the life on the Other Side and had never seen the bible, the bible would still have to be written.
The Christ was not even there, He was not on earth.
Those people did not know any God, they only knew sun and night.
And now you begin to think.
When those people were really able to lay foundations for the life ‘beyond the coffin’, for the eternal continuance, what do you have to say then during this time, for this century, now that you know the bible, now that you have books?
You have your art, you already have your sciences.
But your thinking and feeling with regard to those laws lies next to that, the given – where this also came from – that which is on earth and by means of which you can now make the comparisons for yourself.
I am God, I am from Him, I can experience a unity, I can hear Him, I can see Him, but when?
Now it is the difficulty of releasing yourself, of attuning yourself to the thinking.
I recently said to my children in Amsterdam: “You cannot think yet.”
And you cannot yet either.
You know that you have already drawn a line.
You have already laid a short, materialized foundation for different possibilities.
For problems?
No, they are no longer problems.
And now you learn the thinking for your life ‘beyond the coffin’.
When you speak at this moment – and now you can see how necessary it was that the Masters began with these books: “There is no death, if I die, I will step out of it, but I do not know how that happens and what will happen to me, but when I die, then I live on; I accept this irrevocably, I feel that”, then that is a foundation again.
Now you can look at ‘Spiritual Gifts’, you can read the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, the three parts, then you will get a hold for your spirituality, your inner feeling and thinking.
The Masters, the human being who lived on earth and is now ready, returns and says: “There is no burning, eternal fire in those hells.
What you actually call hells does not exist.
They are worlds which are unconscious, they are transitions.
The human being who comes from the earth and leaves his body will now see a space, see light, feel motherhood, be a father according to his thinking and feeling, the life of feeling which lives in him and now finds attunement to the world in which he now is.”
And a new foundation reveals itself for the human being.
What am I like?
What do I want?
What will I do?
Experience the cosmos?
Yes indeed.
If we have no foundations ...
I have a foundation, I am alive, I cannot die, there is a continued existence.
There is no burning hell.
But now?
Now further.
Now go to the academic.
You learned, you studied, you did something for the world, was that in harmony with space, with God, with His creations – as we learned that now – with God who has been one and all, and always and eternally love?
The God who created everything and whom we now get to know?
Now you can make the comparisons and you must do that, if you want to get a universal picture.
What brought Judaism?
What does the Catholic Church, Protestantism bring at this moment?
All the sects now on earth, what did they accomplish for the inner life for the human being?
Now you start to make comparisons by means of the books and gradually you get a universal picture.
One question after the other starts to materialize and to spiritualize itself completely and now takes you back to the macrocosmos, to the All-Source.
Because everything originated from that.
I could give you thousands of lectures.
I just had to attune myself to an academic and I brought that academic ‘beyond the coffin’.
And now: I let him see there, I let him speak there and I descended into his power of feeling, I stood on top of this personality and could begin with asking questions.
“What did you”, I asked while I saw this, “what did you learn on earth?
Do you wish to know who you are?
Then just look at this sphere, at this space; you are that.
Is there light?”
I explained to you: the human being who hates, the human being who destroys, the human being who sullies, the human being who hits and kicks, you cannot reach that human being ‘beyond the coffin’ in order to explain the spheres.
That human being laughs right in your face.
That human being cannot be reached.
We do not need to descend to the destroying principle, the human being who just lives it up, the human being who thinks he can murder the life of God.
You do not need to attune yourself to that life because that life cannot be reached.
We are concerned, you are concerned – because we are now busy with that – with the Cosmology; to materialize and to spiritualize the oneness with God and I can give you thousands of books for that and then we will still not have made it.
It is true that one human being thirsts, is hungry and it does not matter to the other human being.
What is that?
Why do I not have that yearning which the other human being possesses?
I descended close to you in order to let you get to know yourself.
Do you never wonder: “Why can I not understand that?”
As nature, life in the mother, the giving birth and the creating, materialized itself and then spiritualized itself of course, the thought, the feeling and thinking originated for all of you.
That happens gradually, that takes time.
But that time is now evolution.
That time is sent and inspired by the personality, and then we go back to the first, second, third and fourth foundation and we can say: I am inspired by the All-Stage in me.
Because I am the spark of God, I represent all the systems, which were created by the All-Source, the All-Mother.
And now what?
André as an instrument, as part of the Other Side, prepared himself in order to experience this study.
We then wrote the book ‘Between Life and Death’ and the Master took him to the Temple of Isis – I gave you many lectures about this – so that he got to know himself.
But, before this was that far and he had experienced ‘A View into the Hereafter’ in the first place, had thought through the hells, had seen and had been able to experience the heavens, the asking of questions started in him.
Commencing with the analyzing of yourself, the comparing, the becoming one with your feeling with regard to that darkness.
“What is there still in me which I must conquer, if I wish to become free from those spheres?”
And only then the spiritual thinking for his personality began.
Master Alcar said to him: “Think, think, think.
Do in everything, go into everything and whatever you do, compare that and bring that back to the cosmos.
You are father and you are mother.
Go back and hear well what the academic says, especially the theologian, the minister, priest, what they know about that and what you now know yourself, what you saw.
I will keep on showing and explaining the next foundation to you.
You do not need to believe now, because we are one with this space.
But you must begin with it yourself.”
We gave you some six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred lectures, you read the books, which is the same experience as André knew. And now I could ask you: what were you able to master during the years that passed? What were you able to master of that for yourself?
What is your thinking and feeling like at the moment?
Can you say to yourself: “Yes, I learned something”?
But is this possession?
Would you ...
I also asked you that.
We went –didn’t we? – we went together to Golgotha.
I said: we will crucify our thoughts which do not yet possess that reality.
We will draw up the wrong, the incomprehensible, that which still does not want, and we will bring that into harmony with our personality – very simply – with regard to the Christ in you.
What did you think like over the years?
What did you achieve now?
We can speak, we can explain space to the human being.
The minister who comes, and has feeling, he can bow.
The professor, the genius of the earth, if that life cannot bow and does not want to accept when we say: “Light shines above, here is darkness because you did not want any spiritual unity, because you hold to damnation.
For you Christ is the one who took away your sins.
For you no reincarnation existed and exists.
For you it is not so that the man lives in the maternal body, that you will soon give birth to children yourself, that you went from the jungle to the white race (see
For you only churches, sects were created.
But a real universal intellect, the continuing, the going further, the rising, was not there.
And now you only just have faith.”
But this is no longer faith.
This is knowledge, this is reality, justice.
This is harmony.
Where we live, that is the soul of His soul, this is the life of His life, this is the spirit of His spirit.
You have become a human spirit, but the All-Core lives in you.
You are a Deity.
How can a Deity attach itself to a faith, while the All-Consciousness lives in you?
And then the academic says, then the human being says ...
I received thousands, hundreds of thousands, precisely the highest on earth in this way, also the human being of the Catholic Church, Protestantism.
We spoke with Luther, with the Luthers, with the human being who wanted to do something for the earth in order to precisely be able to receive them, to experience that reality and to ask: “Which foundations did you lay for your Divine unity?”
And then there were no foundations.
Do you see?
If you soon come ‘beyond the coffin’, my sisters and brothers, then the Master, probably your mother, your father, your sister, your brother asks: “Which foundations did you lay for this, for your Divine unity?”
And how can you now experience that unity?
Truly – I told you that thousands of times – you now have something ahead, because the feeling lives in your life that you are yearning, you want to know.
But the human being who knows, no longer has any possession, and, in addition – you keep seeing it – can be full of consciousness and longing to experience this growing.
But when your consciousness is finished, you have materialized and spiritualized your feeling, then you suddenly stand before a point, that you no longer possess anything, you are empty.
And now it comes.
We saw great men succumb, who carried out a work on earth so awe-inspiringly for themselves and for millions of people, by means of one wrong thought, one weak character trait.
Because you all come to stand on the life of feeling, which shows the core, how far you have come in thinking and feeling.
And do you not experience that every day when you stand before your loved one and say: “It is like that, and it is this, I can feel it, I understand it, I already see it”?
Because do we not describe, does Master Alcar not describe your feelers?
Did we not say by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ that your people was already a feeler for the masses?
And are the Russian people, the Eastern, the Indonesian and all other people, as advanced as you in seeing the reality of the Christ before them?
That is not the case.
But they are laws and those laws reveal themselves again in your personality, by means of your thinking, by means of your feeling, your feeling as love; love, love love ...
Believe it, when I tell you that the human being has given names to all the things.
That you call the moon, the mother of this space, Moon, we did not want that; you will soon hear it when André is in connection again with Wayti, the star.
Now you place a material thought on that core, which was not created by the All-Source.
But that core could begin as the first grade of life for the becoming conscious, for the materializing and the spiritualizing with an own growth by the All-Source.
God, who later became the picture for the human being, for the Catholic Church, for Protestantism created it. “The source of all life”, Wayti says, “by means of which you, André, the life of Mother Nature, the animal, a flower was created.
But you are the greatness, the power and the inspiration for me, but I serve.
If I was not there, you would never have got your own independence, you would not have known your own life.”
And now start to bring these pictures through society, my sisters and brothers, they will certify you mad.
And yet, ‘beyond the coffin’ you must begin with this development.
You just have to bow your head there, because the Master says: to experience Divine unity at a human attunement, that takes you to the spiritual and from the spiritual we enter the cosmic unity for man and woman, the human being.
We speak about cosmology.
But the cosmology – understand it – lives in the deed which you now do.
Reject everything, just throw everything away from you, ‘beyond the coffin’ you will be an independence.
You are also that now.
I taught you, I explained to you: ‘beyond the coffin’ no change entered you.
If you feel a stranger towards your wife or your husband, then it will also be the same there.
And then reincarnation comes.
There are millions of people there with whom you are involved and who then stand next to you and who can receive you and who say: “I understand you, just ask me questions.
Will we make a journey?”
Now begin at the beginning.
I may bring the Cosmology.
André was able to make and to experience those journeys, but Master Alcar kept taking him back to ‘A View into the Hereafter’, to his being Jeus.
He says: “Do not forget that.
If you do not give that any thinking and feeling, then you will lose yourself in this space and we will have no more hold and then the succumbing will come.”
And did you really think now, my sisters and my brothers, that André, Jozef Rulof, or whoever it is, received this just like that of his own accord?
If you had been able to hear the moaning and groaning, the whimpering in him, to fight against sun, moon and stars, night, light, life and darkness; Cosmology, that was the fight of God in order to materialize himself, in order to give to all His sparks His life, His soul and spirit, so that the life could begin with an own development.
Sometimes it makes me shiver, when I have to take the Cosmology into my hands, and must start to materialize this Divine respect and authority in this society, while the human being does not even know himself.
I know it, if there are ten, twenty, thirty, who have consciously absorbed life ‘beyond the coffin’, who have already started in order to fight, to drive, to inspire, even if you are beaten and kicked every day, then that human being accepts his reincarnation, his cause and effect, do you see?
Now you can say: why one person has everything and the other nothing?
André asked in the beginning for himself: “Why me?”
And then the Master said: “I will explain that to you later when you are that far.”
You see, this awe-inspiring yearning, that pain which the human being can feel, that is driven up by your Divine spark, there is something brewing inside you, there is always something busy which drives you on, inspires you and quenches your searching personality.
People suddenly say to you: go to the left; and see, you will be faced with justice.
A human being comes to you and says: “Oh, don’t make such a fool of yourself.
I have the word, I can help you”, and then you hear a word.
You are so awe-inspiringly questioning, you could put your arms around those people, you could love them immediately.
“Do you have the word?
Do you know something about God?
Can you accept any longer that the human being is damned, that God damns me and you?”
Oh good heavens, good heavens, if you have now gone through the bible as a human being and you have been able to lay down thousands and thousands of problems next to you because this does not tally with your inner feeling, with the love for space, then you are a spark of space – believe it – then you give birth, you now bring your feeling to the materialization, the spiritualization of your self, which gets attunement – by means of your searching, by means of your questioning, by means of your yearning – with the Divine unity in you, outside of you, next to you, to the left and to the right.
The unity for the life on earth, the unity with your sleep, the unity with your death, the unity with your father, the father of your children for the mother, and for the husband the unity with his love, the wife.
Then you will experience a disembodiment in thoughts and you will finally feel that spiritual certainty reaching awakening in you and you can say: “How happy we are.”
Do you not hear that the human being who knows you, who was able to accept all of that, can say: “Good heavens, good heavens, how happy we are, we know.”
Did you think that God and Christ have no respect for the minister, even if the life talks about damnation?
He is busy after all giving mankind the first foundation.
But do not remain standing.
Is it also not awe-inspiringly terrible when you must receive that same human being and shout at him: “There is no damnation.
God has never yet damned one human being.”
Everything now sinks away under the human being.
The human being who thought that he was so strong, so powerful – do you not experience that on earth, in your society? – stands before ‘the coffin’ and death hits him left and right, wherever he can be hit.
People still have respect for the Grim Reaper.
It is fear, it is trembling.
But the human being who knows, who has laid the foundations, who can accept the Cosmology and dares to look that Cosmology right in the face, says: “What does that Grim Reaper matter to me, there is no death.”
If a child already says this to himself, if the Masters can show death to a child of two years that begins to think – Jeus experienced that in his youth – how must we start to speak to the human being who becomes sixty, who is seventy, eighty and who carries a university in him and still stands on damnation and still sees death as death?
Those people – just believe it – never experience a spiritual, Divine unity, because they remain in darkness, they cannot tolerate any light.
Because if you accept damnation, you stand in the middle of darkness, and it is only then, when your life of feeling and the personality says: “There is no damnation”, then you rise out above yourself and earthly self and the other inspiration can come, which says: “So, my child.”
You see, the Christ on earth once said: “If you can accept Me, you will also receive My life, My consciousness, My personality and justice.”
And now we will begin.
Then you are just?
Are you harmonic?
For the bible?
For your church?
For your fatherhood, and your being a mother?
If one wrong thought lives in you with regard to what mankind has mastered, and it is the truth, then your spiritual macrocosmic unity darkens for you as father and mother, let alone the Divine unity.
But if you have the truth in your hands, then hit at that and kick that injustice, that gossip away from you, because that is the foundation, that is the unity with a new stage, a new inspiration.
And then your Divine self in you says, without you hearing that voice, because it can only be experienced and felt: “So, my child, only in this way you cannot take away any of that Divine which I am.
The All-Light lives in you.”
And now it comes, that André had to accept when Master Alcar said: “André, if you want to experience light for a thought, then get that light from yourself and bring it to evolution.
Give it more and more light, because then you will see that that light attracts your feeling again and when the feeling starts to speak, then the human will reveals itself in the human being, which can do everything, which possesses everything.
And when that will is busy in the human being, then a wonderful feeling comes and that is now called: thirsting.
That is the food and wanting to drink which we bring, André.
I am so awe-inspiringly happy that you prepared yourself in ancient Egypt and that I now also – because I also come from there – got hold of those means and possibilities.
Now just look, André, we are millions ahead, billions of people.
You can now climb, you can descend again, we completed that cycle.
We materialized and spiritualized that circle, we have become thirsting.”
Awaken the light in you, because you are light.
God lives in you.
No, you are it.
And now a ‘God’ says that the Christ, who is also God, could damn the life?
No, they know nothing about that.
But God just lived it up in the Old Testament.
He beat and kicked.
He consciously let people be killed.
Is that possible?
Is that true?
Master Alcar kept on having to say to André: “Make your comparisons.
Do not let those lives, those ages go from you, but keep on drawing them back to you, until you have made a universal beginning, because that beginning is a foundation for the Divine unity, which we will get by means of the Cosmology, but which lives in us, in your heart, under your heart.
It is the blood circulation for this space, which the material organism also possesses, but with all that other, which now means will.
To want to know, the will to thirst, the hunger.
Jeus, Jozef, André has now been walking, thinking for months and for years: ‘Am I doing good?
Is that responsible?’
He says to himself: ‘What beautiful things I can say.
I could not do that before.’
And now he can accept that from his inner self, there is something which now dominates.
It happens of its own accord as it were.
The better, which has now reached evolution by means of that yearning and that wanting, says something beautiful, something sweet from that own personality.
He learned that by thinking wrong and harsh, destructive, he is immediately out of it and can start again.
But by going out of it, by wrong thinking, you can beat things to bits and pieces.
And then he saw that the foundation laid had actually disappeared again and he could start again with the building up.
You will wonder this morning: “You lay the Cosmology down there and why do you not just fly immediately with us to space?”
But can you now feel what is needed for that in order to just connect you with that space?
I can read out the book, I am already reading from that book while I speak here; because I am getting it out of there again.
“That’s it”, Master Alcar says, “when you come back, you have seen the Divine All ...”
“Yes, I saw the Divine All.
I saw the All-Mother, the All-Source, I was able to listen to that All-Source, but I did not do anything for it.”
And now we were able to establish – the human being who now lives ‘beyond the coffin’ – how wonderful, how blissful, how happy the earthly, human life now is.
Because by being on earth, by experiencing the material for the macrocosmos, giving birth and creating children, the human being experiences his evolution.
I explained to you: there are only three laws for space which have Divine meaning and which were still founded by God, by the All-Source.
And that is: fatherhood, motherhood and reincarnation.
There is no more to it.
I taught you: what you master by means of and for your personality, that something can remain on earth.
You can enrich yourself by means of a study, you can be a great artist, ‘beyond the coffin’ people ask you: “What are you still now?”
Hundreds of Masters from the old times came to the Other Side and did not possess anything.
They had lived it up by means of their art.
They had not laid one foundation.
They had lived it up by means of their wonderful art, but they had beaten and kicked, they knew nothing about the hereafter, they did not need any God, they did not need any Christ.
They did not have love and any unity.
I once explained to you – and perhaps you do not understand that – that all the possessions of the earth remain behind.
What the human being now makes such a fuss about, devotes his life to and destroys his life with, yes, destroys more people by means of and for his possession, that all remains behind.
You can now understand that if you read the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, because then you see the attunement of those people with regard to their spiritual life, their unity with God.
Did they do something for that?
Did they think that by living it up here, they could also do that in the heavens?
Did that human being think that the heavens were for sale by means of their possessions, by means of their money, by means of their goods?
They were able to bow their heads one by one.
They had to return to the very first thought which started with the destruction.
Because the Master says: “You are completely removed from this unity.
I must begin at the beginning.”
And then the Master had to return to the youth of this life, this genius.
He says: “Here you began to think wrongly.
You already started here, by hitting, by kicking mankind, God, Christ and space.
You chastised the human being by means of your domination, your pride.
You read the bible, you started to pray, but when you left the church, you started to think again.”
What does the human being experience who listens to the word of the clergyman?
Now listen carefully and make comparisons whether you also possess that which damns.
You have nothing to do with that history, because your own history, your thinking and feeling has more meaning than what happened there in those old times.
Because you have more consciousness at this moment.
You know that there is life ‘beyond the coffin’ and that God does not damn.
You are free from the Old Testament.
You have nothing to do with your karmic laws?
Yes indeed, because you experience them, don’t you, do you see?
That infallibility, my sisters and brothers, that – as I already told you a moment ago – is fatherhood, motherhood and reincarnation, you get that from Mother Earth?
No – I did not go into that any further – you possess that as a human being for your Divine unity.
Your Deity keeps taking you back to the earth again, until you have completed that cycle for that earth and that space and your Deity.
You made good at that time and then the saying farewell to Mother Earth comes.
You enter a world as those first people experienced that in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
Then you stand there and then you search for the light – you have darkness and you have sun – but the sun has disappeared.
You can now say: “I know it, the light – even if I am in the darkness – lives in me.
I read that.”
And the first question which now passes your lips, the Other Side can agree with.
The Master, the contact which you then experience and get, can say: “Yes, you have foundations.
Now still to love that life, now still to do something for that life in order to bring it to growth, to spiritualization and you could already have experienced your cosmic unity.”
“Cosmic unity, spiritual unity for the human being of the earth”, Master Alcar said to André, “means: never go against the destruction.”
When you are beaten, you never hit back.
You continue to love.
You can be sharp, be harsh – this becomes harsh, this seems harsh – but in space on the Other Side there is nothing which can be harsh, everything is harmony in that.
That unity can be experienced there if you are just open to the next step, the wanting to accept, the wanting to grow, so that you soon, when we experience the laws of growth for the universe with the condensings – that comes after this – start to see that your own thoughts must also grow.
But by what means, for the human being?
And that is no longer the faith, that can no longer be experienced by means of a talk and that can no longer be experienced by means of your money and your possession, but to experience the harmony of a feeling, that feeling takes you to the material, that material becomes a deed, that starts to walk, that gets inspiration, that gets a personality, and that takes you back into harmony with his creations and becomes your unity in everything.
And when you experience the harmony then you start to feel the friendship, the being a brother.
Then a stranger is a Divine core for your life.
Then that is not an ugly human being, if that human being does not say any wrong words, does not represent any destruction.
Because then you know: there is the darkness, the not wanting.
But when the human being longs for you to say: “That is not there.
That was there, but is now no longer there.
Come with me, I will convince you.”
If the human being then wants and can accept you, you stand – as I let you experience and let you see – immediately before Golgotha and you experience the grades, the seven grades for marriage, motherhood, reincarnation, the Other Side, the unity with your God.
And in this chaos in which we now live, because this book, the first part of ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, André experiences that during 1940-1945.
Adolph Hitler is busy, he is destroying the human being.
He brings untruth.
He wants nothing to do with untruth, he thinks that he is inspired by means of his providence.
And the highest authority for space came to Jerusalem and to the human being and said: “You say it.”
The Christ could not speak more harshly.
He only said: “You say it.
But I am it.”
Who could accept Him at that moment, when He said: “I am it”?
I showed you and let you experience lectures, unity, my sisters and brothers, in those mornings that mentality was in your midst.
I let you weep and let you tremble because you felt the Christ and that unity reached awakening in you.
Then you were close by, but you had not yet earned it.
The human being says himself: “At the moment when you experience that unity and are sucked along to that universal unity, then everything happens so simply.
And when you return to society again, you have nothing more, then you stand naked and alone and then you no longer know any forward and backward.”
And yet this is the hold.
It therefore proves that you must begin with it yourself.
During the war years André said to himself: “Now I can prove whether I want to be part of that destruction.
But I am not it.”
When the children on earth started to forget themselves, then he could have shouted it out – he also did it – he said to his friends: “Human being, do not follow those people.
You devote everything of your spirituality, your eternal life, your Deity to a lame horse.
Do you not feel that those people only want to be something for themselves?
There is not even talk of damnation there, you are shot down there just like that.
How can you do that?
How can you do that?
How can you follow murder and arson while you know, when you know anyway that the Christ said: “You say it.”
Is there not one amongst you ...
And could mankind take this away from me and the Masters and Christ?
Would they still dare to say to His face: “I did not know, I still had something to learn.
I said it and I followed that.”
Did they not know that He stood before Caiphas in Jerusalem and said: “You say it”
And if the Christ had done like that, then Caiphas with his temples and all of Jerusalem and all of the world would have sunk into nothing.
How could the Christ violate the possession of the human being, for which He worked himself?
You want Cosmology; and the Masters, Christ wants the human being to awaken.
But why must we begin with that, while we still have to lay the first foundations for our society, for your fatherhood and motherhood?
André met the human being, you will soon experience that with him.
When we come from that unity of the cosmos, he returns to the earth.
He spoke to Wayti and then he is on the street again, then he sees a member of the NSB ( National Socialist Movement) walking there and thinks: my God, my God, my God, and I used to know that human being.
He accepts the Messiah, has a faith and yearns and now he thinks he will be able to do something for the masses, mankind.
But what did you believe then of the bible and what did the minister, what did the church give you then?
What does Christ say to you?
What did you learn during your unity with the bible, when you prayed?
Did that prayer really take you to the awakening, to the unity with God?
You did not begin with that yet, otherwise you would not have put on that uniform, otherwise you will not go and shoot now.
Then you will not follow any Adolph Hitler and then there will be no damnation, then all the peoples of the earth will be children of Our Lord and then they will just have one God.
But how did you read your bible?
What was your praying like?
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
And why did you begin with that yourself?
When you read: there is no damnation?
No. “Thou shalt not kill.”
And you want to be a disciple, a follower of Adolph Hitler, of your Musserts?
Is that word correct?
I wrote it myself.
You want to be a disciple of the human being who thinks he can experience God by means of destruction, being one with the Christ, the True, with Golgotha?
Can you now feel that you have not yet experienced the “Thou shalt not kill” by means of your bible and by means of your praying?
When the supreme authority of your people says: “I love”, then you can immediately say: “That is not possible.
You are lying.
You are not laying any foundations which take you to the Christ, which take you to your Divine unity, because you tolerate that people murder the human being on earth.”
And now?
When the minister says: “There is damnation”, then you can say right in his face: “You have not yet experienced that damnation, or you would never say the word again.
You will never get the unity with God, nor with Christ, because you do not begin with the reality with the All-Source.”
Begin to think realistically, purely, spiritually, and we want to teach you that now.
The books: ‘The Origin of the Universe’ gave you a wonderful picture, how the human being must learn to think with regard to the Cosmology, the macrocosmos.
André goes to, I told you by means of ‘A View into the Hereafter’, he stands in the hells and then he shouts: “There is no damnation, earth, mankind!”
“The moon gives us inspiration”, comes to his life.
He almost burst because happiness lives in him.
The human being must know that there is no damnation, the human being must know that he only gets to love his father and mother by means of this, because Christ said: “I am love in everything.”
If I go along in that thought then I am out of it, I am wrong, I do not lay any foundations, I never, ever get to experience spiritual unity.
I never get spatial, spiritual inspiration for my art, for my task, for my being a mother, the perfectly simple being a mother and being a father on earth, for my children.
In order to understand this, I have to accept and to love all the life, if I want to build up that space, that spatial purity.
I must be ready and clear in my thoughts.
Frederik speaks after all in ‘Masks and Men’: “Experience the state of purity, experience the state of purity, become pure in your thoughts.”
By means of the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Mental Illnesses seen from the Beyond’ and now ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘Between Life and Death’, ‘Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and ‘Masks and Men’, ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ you can lay universal foundations for God, for Christ, for Golgotha, the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere, and all the treasures of that universe will be thrown at you.
Your sitting becomes peace, your looking becomes radiance, your unity with the human being from feeling to feeling, becomes understanding.
Where she walks, you will feel the love.
And when he goes and says: “See you later”, then you miss him at the same moment and then you are happy again when that unity comes.
Can you not build that up by your being a human being, your fatherhood and motherhood?
Is the human love not the foundation for the Divine unity with everything?
Do you not get to see the life light for his growth, his spiritualization and materialization for space, your spirit, by means of your giving birth and creating, when you give birth as a mother to a child?
Men, become mother.
Mothers, become father.
Mother, inspire him, so that he can take your word, your feeling, your love to the giving birth, for this unity with God; with your dog, with your cat, with the life in Mother Nature.
I read out to you when Master Alcar came to André in the kitchen, it is dark, he said: “André, do you wish to take this down?”
When Master Alcar, a Master comes to you – would you not like that? – and that is possible at the moment if you are ready and a voice from space says: “Would you like to take this down?”
But you do not listen to that voice, you only listen to what society gave you to give and to deal with.
You listen to an idiot, to an insane being.
Yes indeed, people say of André-Dectar that he is insane, but from our word you will be able to hear for yourself that it is not true.
When God comes to you this afternoon, this evening and says: “Listen, my child, I am here”, and you sit there and you do not yearn and you do not want light and you do not want unity, because you are standing on the damnation, how do you wish to be able to listen to your God then?
And He is always there anyway, He is eternally busy drawing you up, because His contact lives in you.
But do not begin with murder, do not begin with – I taught you anyway – being harsh, destruction, always try again to see the beautiful, spiritual, the new evolution.
Do not smother any feeling of the human being, because you are smothering yourself.
Always be prepared and ready to be able to receive the word of the human being, even if it is wrong, you start to think.
You think.
You got your golden key from us, you have your unity in your hands and it is now up to you to do as André could do that.
He experienced the hells, he came back from the heavens and felt beaten, but could say: “I will conquer that happiness.
I do not want any happiness.
I do not want any destruction either.
But I am afraid of happiness, because I feel that I still have foundations to lay, and if I stand on that, then that happiness will never disappear from my hands again.
Then I take it to my heart, to my soul, my spirit, my personality, my being a father.
I want to experience motherhood, real spiritual motherhood.
And I will put the power of Him into every thought, of Him who is my Master, and by means of Him I will go to that Jerusalem and then there will be no cock which will crow for me, because I am ready to be able to receive everything for His life, for the goodness, the justice and the inspiration, the personality of Him.
My blood has no meaning on earth, but it does for His creations.”
“Just believe me”, the human being then says who enters the first sphere, “I love you.”
Do you see?
Gerhard the coachman was convinced of the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
And the Master said: “I must turn everything around in you.
What you have, has no meaning.
Everything which you built up, has no meaning.
Because the spiritual reality is also there and we will now build that up, we will give that light, brother.
We will give that life, inspiration, fatherhood, motherhood.
I am your friend, I am your brother.
But do not come into my neighbourhood with harshness, with devastation and destruction and not wanting, because then I will not get any contact with Him who is there and will always be there.
I must turn you inside out, it is only then that I will lay my spiritual, Divine, universal foundations and then you say: ‘If only you had beaten me to death, if only you had raised the whip, Master.’ ”
But what did Gerhard do?
He sought out the battle.
He accepted the battle for himself and descended into that not understanding and brought the human being dragged on his head back to the Other Side and said: “Will you now start to think sweetly?
Are you prepared as a man to be able to say to your wife, your love: ‘I want to think sweetly for you, my dear’?”
When André becomes free from his little balcony – as I said recently – and Wayti begins to speak and a star absorbs me into it ...
I now connect in five seconds all those pages together, because the introduction and the word come straight from that same star.
Because that star originated by means of goodness, harmony and justice, by means of Divine laws of condensing, which we will soon experience.
That star has no disharmony, nor the moon, nor sun, nor the hazes, nor the light, nor the darkness.
Wayti says: “André, here in us everything is harmonically condensed, therefore materialized, but I am now dying.
Can you see my mother, can you see my father?
André, you understand that all of this is our family, don’t you?
The moon – you call that Moon – but that is my mother and the sun is my father and I am the child; an unconscious child.
I am a part of the organism, I serve for the kidneys, for the heart and for the blood circulation.
But, Mother Earth, where you live, that is the conscious child of father and mother.
And Mother Earth is a girl, will give birth, because she possesses motherhood.
And every injustice which you experience on earth, André, you cannot experience in me, and in space.
We must be harmonically one here.
The human being must lay foundations, André.
I do not need to explain that to you, I do not need to analyze that for you, because you were already in the Divine All.
You were in a source last night which gave me and you and the life of Mother Nature, life.
You saw it yourself, as a human being.
You were ‘beyond the coffin’ with the Masters, you saw the spheres.
Did you see my sphere, André?
Did I not serve for you and for the people?”
Finally, this is the first wonder, the first hour, the first joy for the universe.
Now listen carefully to what I will now say, that space said to André ...
And that is only just a star.
But when the moon starts to speak from her motherhood, her fatherhood ...
If you start to listen to Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Uranus, then they take you to the homosexuality, that means: the unconscious life, the serving, because they serve the breathing of this organism; and that is for the astrologist heretical feeling and unconsciousness, because “that does not exist.”
“André”, space says to his life, “you will soon be proved right, because you experience the reality.
I am it who speaks to you.
But let the human being first begin with the untruth, which means: let the human being, the mother, the father on earth start to yearn, to be able to know what Divinely came true; by means of us.
And then there will be no damnation, André.
Then there will be no Last Judgement.
Now just go through the church, now just go through the East, go into one temple and out of the other, there is just one truth which you will receive and will come across and that is: the human being is father and mother.
If you are creating, therefore a man, you will soon have to descend into the maternal, because God is father and mother.
You will give birth to children, because the soul lives in both organisms.
There is reincarnation, rebirth, because you must go from that earth, you must conquer that earth.
Physically you will get the laws and the possibility from Mother Earth, and then you will”, Wayti says to André.
“You know all of that, but I now feel deliciously conscious now that the human being comes from the earth to the universe, now that one human being has awakened at a cosmic attunement.
Do not let yourself be deceived in anything, André, you saw it last night in the All-Source, there was still not one conscious material being.
Because this time is universal awakening at a macrocosmic attunement.
You are the instrument and the teacher of the University of Christ, because the Masters can only serve Him, for the truth, for the benevolence, for the justice and the love.”
And then André stands before Socrates, Plato, the wisdom of the earth as university, for all the spiritual faculties, for the astronomer who does not want to experience this unity, this possession, because his life was founded to here; but cannot speak with any star as Wayti, which can explain the truth, which can explain the law, space, the All-Source to him, because he is not open to it.
“If you return soon”, Wayti says, “and you feel me, if you feel a sister of mine in my grade ...
Look there, André, there goes a sister of mine”, and André sees a falling star.
“Do they know what that means, André?”
Yes, a star is coming, which is falling.”
“Is that falling?
She is passing over.
She has completed her cycle at a universal attunement.
She is dying here, but her light is coming up, André, to the fourth cosmic grade, because she goes through her death to the eternal life at a macrocosmic attunement.”
And when the human being goes, that is then death, when the human being falls on the street, or in his bed, when he gets to experience death, then you must also be able to say: “I will go to the fourth dimensional world and consciousness.”
But when you are still standing on that damnation, when you still hit, kick and curse the human being, when you lie and cheat and you say: “But you must just prove that to me”, then you cannot experience that travel through space because the will to bow is not there.
Is it not simple, mothers?
When André returns to the earth, he says: “Wayti, something will happen, I must go, but I will soon return to your life and then we will be one again, then you will inspire me.”
Then a door is opened there on that same little balcony and a being comes and says: “Say, hey, just come in, you are getting wet from the rain.”
André sits there and is soaking wet.
I talked about it after all at that last lecture, when he began, when he was sitting on the little balcony, we are now back to that point.
You are standing under the drop, the rain again.
He says: “It is raining?
Really, it is raining.”
She was ahead and he was behind.
He experienced the unity with Wayti, he started to think, he started to discuss all of this which I am now telling you with the stars of space, with sun, moon and light and he did not feel the rain.
But Master Alcar came to him and said: “Go on like that, André.”
“Was I good, Master?”
“Oh”, Master Alcar says, “just look into the face of Master Zelanus.
It was magnificent, it was wonderful.
You were consciously divided, but you gave your organism mental power, the feeling to experience this unity.”
And then André also says: “Good day, Wayti, Wayti, Wayti ...”
And when he then enters and the girl from Vienna asks: “Who is Wayti?” and then he can say: “What, what did you say?
Did I say that?”
Another mistake, which I already materialized before and brought to revelation.
Never let your inner thinking reach the materialization for words, or you must know that you speak reality and possess the truth, or you lay nonsense and insanity next to the foundations laid and sooner or later you stumble and then you fall down, deeply, deeply away.
You still have nothing.
And when you go even further, then something else will be open to you, because you will dissolve.
And you must not dissolve, so never forget your task, you stand on the ground and you remain on earth.
Your inner life reached the being ‘winged’.
Doesn’t it?
You are now conscious, you have learned to think and to feel.
You are already talking about the Cosmology, about the origin of stars and planets and the Other Side, but you remain children of Mother Earth.
Don’t you?
And then André can say: “Wayti, did I say Wayti, and did I behave madly?”
“No”, she says, “why?”
“Then I did that well in unconsciousness.
I did not know what I was doing.
Did I not beat you and did I not kick you?
Was I not cheeky?”
“No, why?”
“Then I am already busy”, André says and sends it back to the Wayti of space, “I am busy laying foundations there for the good, the harmonic unity with you, my child.”
Because Wayti is soul of His soul, life of His life, spirit of His spirit.
Fatherhood and motherhood, no, Wayti is not conscious in that, because Wayti is part of the macrocosmic organism.
“That is my mother”, Wayti says, “but she fills up that space, because I am just a star”, Wayti says, “and I have luminous fatherhood.
But for me the process of giving birth is Divinely conscious.
I cannot make any more mistakes, I cannot do any more wrong things.
I therefore serve, André, like a flower, like a tree, like the waters served for the human being on earth.
But I am justice, I am harmony, I was never able to materialize one wrong thought for my life, for space – nor did all my sisters and brothers – I remained Divinely pure.
But I, and all this life, serve you and mankind, the child which received the light through Mother Earth.
Now start to compare this with that which the dictators on earth think they must bring.
Now go and meditate.”
“Wayti, we will prepare ourselves, for the next step”, André says.
“Master Zelanus is almost ready, he will soon – that is the introduction – begin with me in order to prepare himself for the next journey: the cosmology for the universe.”
The origin of suns and planets were created so that the human being would conquer this universe, and the human being would return to the Divine All in order to represent his Deity there.
And now also something for today.
I no longer need to read this, because I just read it out to you.
Now something else for today, for tomorrow, for the time when you are alone: make light, love and harmony of everything which you experience in society.
Also if the human being does not wish to understand you, you will remain light, harmonic, loving; they remain sparks of God.
Never exhaust yourself with the human being who says: “I do not accept that.”
I can assure you and you are now convinced of that: our word is now law, we experienced those laws.
We went through suicide, through the dark worlds to the light, we are now – thank God – ready to materialize the spiritual, astral word.
You can therefore accept it.
Now begin to think spiritually.
Now ask yourself who you are, what you are doing.
I assure you, my sisters and brothers, in one year, if you really begin to learn to think, want to lay those foundations by means of your thinking and the possession of the books – finally you are disciples of the University of Christ – then you achieve in one year more, than listening to me for thousands and thousands of hours.
If you now begin at this moment with the new foundation: I want to be harmonic, I want to come into harmony with everything, with space, but first here in society, then you are already a genius in the spirit.
Men, be sweet to your wife, the mother of your children, but, mothers, do not stop the evolution of the creator – because he must be it and perhaps it is the other way round for you – do not stop that if you can establish that he lays or that she lays foundations for spiritual unity and awakening, and you go straight to Golgotha, where you will experience your first orchids.
Was I able to give you something this morning?
I thank you for your benevolent attention.
I thank you for your feelings.
May the Other Side, may the spiritual, benevolent life of feeling, therefore the power which by means of the will reaches growth and spiritualization for everything, for your whole personality, your eternal continuance, awaken in you.
That is the question of the Wayti for space, that is the question of the Messiah, the Masters on the Other Side, but it is the question which keeps surging up to you and lives in you, the question of your divine spark, your Deity which is begging, which always and eternally says: take yourself and take me back again to the Divine light.
Let us be father and mother and let us, my sisters and brothers, for the whole of this society and the spaces, the Other Side and the Masters of the light, reincarnate for the good.
I thank you.
I thank you.