Fatherhood and Motherhood of the Universe for the Human Being – I

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will get the lecture ‘Fatherhood and Motherhood for the Human Being.’
The lecture before this one connected us with the Cosmology.
We will continue – I will soon read out to you – to make it clear to you that the human being conquers the universe completely and irrevocably.
We were on a journey and had to let go of the universe, but our thinking and feeling for the spiritual and material cosmos takes us to a further stage.
And when you absorb this carefully into you, want to understand, then you will soon not be a stranger to an infinity ‘beyond the coffin’, and you will accept that that infinity lives in you.
The human being who does not like this, will really stand still and at a dead point.
You know: you came from the prehistoric age, you covered millions of lives.
But what does that mean, when we are placed before the universe?
Fatherhood and motherhood of the universe now lives in every insect, but above all and above everything in the human being.
The human being on earth, you, the millions, the peoples do not know the power, the creation, the infinity in which they live, because when you really start to feel: I am universal, I float in space, then you become free from your footstep, your thinking and feeling in the material, and then you will get those ‘great wings’.
I would be able to dwell on it this morning and take you along to the temple of Isis, of Ra, Amon-Ré, and Luxor.
How did we, how did you, how did a few of you – you do not even know that anymore – live during that time?
I would be able to connect you with Dectar, with Venry and the high priests.
When such a child entered such a temple, then people started to release that life from the earth.
One true law, everything is law, one state, a grade of life for the macrocosmos – you will hear that soon – one true law which is experienced, which is well-considered, which is felt intensely and on which is laid the harmony, the justice and the love, that is a foundation for your spiritual Divine personality; that foundation is now conscious.
And that – you learned that by means of the books and by means of the lectures – can only be built up by love.
And now you can – you will experience that – conquer the macrocosmos by means of harmony, justice and love.
First learn to think.
You can think materially, André experienced that, you can have fun, and you can be happy and cheerful every day, even wild from happiness, and yet be attuned cosmically spiritually.
Just follow André, he romps and flies and is happy and he has nothing to do with any troubles, but he does not want to create them.
He wants to be in harmony with material, with society; you can let that life grow and yet possess the attunement for that space inwardly deep.
I told you several times, if only I had you in the morning and in the afternoon and in the evening – and André can say that – then I would teach you and then we will begin with the universal eternal school.
Away with those feelings, away with those thoughts, they must go, we lay in their place spiritual astral infinities as a thought, a feeling, a cordiality, a being open to all life created by God.
We will soon start to read, then we will immediately attune ourselves to the journey in which we always live.
That journey, that continues, that still takes one, two, three, four lectures; it will be then that we have experienced fatherhood and motherhood for the universe.
But then I will connect you with your own life and you will see – in those five minutes – that that macrocosmos lives in you.
You can be universally deep in everything.
Life becomes beautiful, life becomes wonderful, you start to do things differently, you give love, space to a thing, a deed.
And then you will see – and we teach you that, I spoke several times about the philosophical systems – that by means of them, Egypt was built up.
They did not become any religions, but this is science, this is true Divine wisdom.
Let us continue and see what the macrocosmos has to tell us, your life as mother and as father.
I will come back to you from time to time, I will continue to stand still because that is necessary in order to bring you to that growing.
Fatherhood and motherhood for space.
Master Alcar ...
You know where we remained, we had the material and the astral cosmos, it started to condense and we are now attuned to that space and will now follow fatherhood and motherhood for space, this universe.
Master Alcar continues and says: “If we follow this natural being born of space, my brothers, then we experience God’s infinity, the materialization of His life and being.”
You see, this is God.
God materializes himself, His life and His being by means of the universe.
“And all of that is ultimately love.”
Just what I said a moment ago.
So, we will come back to that soon.
I would like to begin again with it, for you do not yet lay that cosmos on the deed, you are thirsty and hungry to absorb everything into you, but now lay that will and that inspiration – you see, now I can begin again – on that character trait, because that now represents the universe.
“Every grade of life”, Master Alcar says, “represents Him as father and mother of this universe, because He is it.
And then we see the growth and blossom process, the growing and the condensing, the dividing, and every spark awakens as a Divine independence.”
Now imagine this, those millions of sparks in that universe, they grow and condense and divide themselves again, and every Divine independence awakens as living element, organism for this universe.
“And which comparisons must we make, if we want to experience this space, Master Zelanus?”
And then Master Zelanus can say: “What enters me is, Master, to follow by means of which the material space created itself and then, what all of this means as one whole, one body.
And then fatherhood separates itself from motherhood.
So the sun and the moon.
But by means of that, new life came.”
Now the sun is the essential source for fatherhood and the moon became the All-Mother for this space.
Master Alcar says: “That is what we now have to follow.
This whole universe, my brothers, is ultimately only two laws.
You can oversee this awe-inspiring whole if you follow and want to accept fatherhood and motherhood.
There is no more to it.
It is these laws which determined our life.
They take us back to God.
Because the universe was able to condense itself, the life of God, we, could continue.
So, bodies live in this which represent the creating and the giving birth principle, and also other bodies, which belong to this whole, but have received another task, because they originated again from the first.
Is that clear?
Can you feel what I mean, André?”
People, now understand well what you are receiving.
Do everything in order to follow and to learn this.
This is Divine wisdom.
All the universities on earth have to accept this, this is eternally universal.
And André says: “Yes, Master, I understand what this means.
After all, there are planets which have never known motherhood, or fatherhood.”
“That is also truth”, Master Alcar says, “We have to follow that.
And which planets are that, Master Zelanus?”
“For example”, I say, “Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, my Master, and many other bodies which we can now accept.”
They originated from the first laws, bodies, elemental condensing ages, fatherhood and motherhood.
From that fatherhood and motherhood of the cosmos all those secondary planets, those half-waking conscious planets originated: Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.
Do you know that, astronomer?
Can you feel where you are going, that you are now getting Divine lectures?
“Indeed, the Masters take us there”, Master Alcar says.
“We therefore have to determine, how this whole lives and by means of which this universe got that independence, and then, what the essential laws are for space and our human existence.
And that is fatherhood and motherhood for the human being, for the animal and the life of Mother Nature.
What I have to experience is that in the first hours before His revelations God was attuned to those laws.”
So the All-Mother was attuned to fatherhood and motherhood.
The giving birth from the primal source therefore created new fatherhood and motherhood, the sun now condensed itself.”
Can you feel this?
So that fatherhood, that motherhood, the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Spirit, the All-Personality, the All-Love, the harmony, the All-Justice began to grow.
I have told you that, we experienced that that morning, we made that journey.
Those hazes received condensing and now the universe already originated as a new fatherhood and motherhood.
Higher, further, expansion and growth; more feeling, more material, more condensing.
Is that not simple?
“And then the universe tore apart.
And that tearing apart happened by means of giving birth, by means of these laws for and of fatherhood, as the very highest possibilities for this existence, after which we will follow the growing and the condensing of these laws.”
You will now learn how a planet like that reached condensing, how that space got an own independence and a personality, how that life began, and then you are the conscious, cosmic people.
“But before those first foundations were placed, six following stages emerged.
After all, space condensed successively.”
Successively, the night after the day; first embryo again and then growth again, condensing, expansion, feeling, and we got to see a new stage.
“That could not happen immediately”, Master Alcar says, “but fatherhood and motherhood were absorbed by sun and moon and materially condensed.”
Do you see?
“And that took millions of ages.
But that is now a grade, a law, a state.
You can take that sun, that moon, this fatherhood and motherhood into your hands like that, André?”
André says: “I am it now, by means of the universe.”
“And look now”, now you must listen carefully, “now look into the present stage, so I will now connect you with the stage as the universe still is, to which we and André belong, and all the life in this space.
So, attune yourself to that life and that becoming conscious, we follow that development.
Now that means that God condensed himself by means of the firmament and showed himself.”
André was asked questions: why did God manifest himself?
Why did God create misery, trouble?
The human being says that here.
God did not create any trouble and any misery, God condensed himself.
I once spoke one morning about: you are not people for God, you are Gods, Gods in a human state.
Gone from the moon through the universe, now on earth and your cycle will soon be completed, and then you will enter the spiritual, astral cosmos.
Who can teach you that?
That comes from the University of Christ.
“Now we are faced with: why does the earth live there and the moon yonder?”
Now laws come.
Do you see?
“And why did Mars get that space?”
Just like that?
Why must Mars – the planet Mars – and why did other planets have to trace an orbit and does the earth live so close in between sun and moon?
“It is and now becomes clear to us, that the place of a planet has Divine meaning.
And that will soon be seen and experienced, my brothers, by means of which we – now the answer follows, now the answer comes – experience and then have to and can accept the harmonic laws.
When we therefore ask questions for the earth and her children, my brothers: ‘Why did God create a space?’ is the Divine answer: ‘God divided himself by means of His fatherhood and motherhood and materialized himself in order to represent himself in the Divine All, soon, from the invisible, and in order to fill His life and His personality.’”
Who are you now?
You are filling Divine space?
If you sully, gossip about, talk about, backbite and destroy that space, which is built up, spiritualized and materialized in harmony and love, you destroy your Divine substance, you darken your inner Divine light.
Is that clear?
André trembles from the reality.
“They are laws, cores of life, but the stars and planets and the suns would possess and represent those laws and by means of this continue the life of God”, that is God himself.
“That is now our own evolution process, my brothers, also for the animal and the life of Mother Nature.
And not one spark will be able to avoid that.”
This way for this Divine evolution.
Every spark – so that is God, that is the All-Core which is present in every cell – must follow and conquer this spiritualization and materialization for the universe, and then the Divine spark can go further in order to enter a new evolution, a new stage.
“The soul now as spark of God, is for space a planet, or a sun; a star and a haze, also have a soul.
There is no more to it.
But every spark must develop itself, must return to the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Stage.
Everything must return.
Those are the pure and holy laws of God and they mean love!
By experiencing the harmony, we now enter, and all the life does, His will in order to give birth and to create.
And then we see that one life serves the other, surrenders itself for that life, gives birth and creates, there is no more to it.”
This is evolution, and then we see, that one life will draw up the other one and it is only then that you can ask the question: “Why did I not become a planet and a sun?”
You are ...
A planet gives birth; the mother planet.
Jupiter, Venus and Saturn – you will hear that soon – they are unconscious balls of light originated by moon, sun, motherhood and fatherhood, they do not have the feeling and do not need it either.
But does the astronomer know Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn?
“And now you can no longer walk to the unconscious, you go straight through”, Master Alcar says, “to the Divine conscious.”
In the core and wherever you live, you can, you will experience and be able to see that core as fatherhood and motherhood.
And that means that fatherhood and motherhood send us to the next – successive stages – worlds of becoming conscious, where we will see and experience the new foundation, and then continue.
Because one grade of life connects us to the next.
You cannot even get lost in the macrocosmos.
“Why do I belong to the animal world or to nature?
They are laws and life will tell you”, Master Alcar says, “to which conscious or unconscious law of life you belong and have to represent.
And if you want to follow that, we must experience the moon, and the sun.
But that will come soon, we will first follow the origin of the universe up to the All-Stage, it is only then that we will begin with our own evolution.
Which meaning does the universe now get, André, for the human being?”
When we now had local initiation lectures, my sisters and brothers ...
If you soon come ‘beyond the coffin’ then the Master will stand beside you and then you must be able to answer, you must absorb that cosmos in you for that matter, you must support that whole universe.
André already supports the universe and is happy because of that.
Master Alcar asks him this cosmic question and André can say: “That we get all of this in our hands, my Master.
The universe is represented by millions of sparks of God, but they must serve us, as human beings; they became condensed for our life.
As a human being therefore I get the paternal and the maternal Divine laws of giving birth in my hands, I am giving birth and creating, I am God himself as a human being.”
André does not imagine that he is more, if he just goes too far, he hits back.
“Master Zelanus, and then there follows ...” Master Alcar asks.
“What will come now?”
“The birth and the rebirth, my Master.”
So the birth of a cell, of a planet, the rebirth, the dying and the continuing.
“That too”, Master Alcar says, “will be revealed to us in here.
By means of the rebirth we will go higher and further.”
So if you did not go and could die, then you would not come any further and the human being would not possess any evolution.
I asked you a thousand times here: why does the world still weep when a human being dies?
Why do you walk in black?
Why are you attuned to that carry-on?
Why are you not pleased and happy that the human being can go further to his new evolution?
Back to the earth, in order to experience a new life, to enter a new stage, to receive a new organism for fatherhood and motherhood?
You are man again and mother again.
How do you think about yourself?
Can you feel the giving birth and the creating?
Do you know yourself with regard to the universe?
The world does not know this.
“That too”, Master Alcar says, “will be revealed to us in this.
By means of the rebirth we will go higher and further.”
Or we would stand still and be at a standstill.
If God had not condensed himself, these growths had not emerged, the end would have been here for the macrocosmos, the people would not even have been here.
“But this going higher”, he says, “you will see that, and is the experiencing of a next and a higher stage.”
When you die, you enter – can you hear this? – irrevocably, whether you possess darkness or light, a next, higher stage: evolution.
“By means of this our life and consciousness expands.”
Does André not teach you that?
“We can see and follow that by means of the sun.
His condensing and expansion is awakening too for all the life in space, and that can be seen and be experienced on earth.
Can’t it, André?
Every part here is now also a spark of His personality.”
Were we not talking about His personality?
Now you must remember all of that which I taught you.
“Every part here is now also a spark of His personality.”
I was talking that morning about the Divine spark as light, a spark of His personality.
“The materialized representation of His life, His light, His soul, His spirit, fatherhood and motherhood, and wants to be: love!”
Is that now so incomprehensible?
“Is it clear to you?
I see these laws and they can also be followed and seen for your life.
In order to determine this, my brothers, we make a journey through the universe and we see fatherhood materialized again.”
The Divine fatherhood.
“Because the Divine All wants that.
The human being in the Divine All follows us and gave me, André, the order, to take you as a human being to the Divine conscious All, so that the University of Christ is materialized on earth.”
Who received this school on earth?
André will soon come back to that.
“Nothing can”, you hear it now, “lead us astray, nothing!
And that is the analyzis for all the life of God and the child of Mother Earth, the human being.
The own grade of life tells us now whether we stand before fatherhood and motherhood or before a grade of life, which has nothing to do with these essential laws.
What will we then experience, André, if we see those laws, those bodies, those organisms?”
And then André says: “The Divine personality, my Master.”
“You see”, Master Alcar says, “that is the meaning, by means of this we get to know God as space.”
First as hazes, then as soul, as spirit, now already as space, materialized space.
“And then it follows, that we see that every spark is a part of His everything, but what was taught to us by the All-Source.”
We were together after all in the All-Soul, the All-Source, the All-Life?
“Therefore souls of His soul”, a planet, you hear, “spirit of His spirit, light, life, fatherhood and motherhood, of His personality, but to experience, to see and to follow as materialized laws, as grades of life and independences.
Is that correct, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my Master,” I say, “I see and experience all these laws.”
Master Alcar says: “Even if we enter the human existence soon, you will still see that every spark is embryonic, even if that life belongs to the universe”, you hear now, “because the All-Source possesses the infinite, the immensity, and means, Master Zelanus?
Can you hear now what you must say?”
“That an end can still be experienced to this space”, you hear, children, “however immense, however infinite, however wonderful and awe-inspiring.”
Master Alcar says: “I thank you, because that answer is Divinely correct and responsible.
From the earth that cannot be seen, yet we experience an end, and it means, André?”
“That we then enter the fourth cosmic grade of life, my Master.”
“That answer is also correct.
Indeed, we can continue for millions of years and yet experience an end and that is then, André?”
“The higher becoming conscious for a grade of life.”
Can you feel this?
“And we see, Master Zelanus?”
“A new sun, a star, a new planet, Master, and a new space, because all of this life will evolve and create and return to the Divine All.
And the fourth cosmic grade is still not the Divine All, because I experienced that in the All-Source, there were seven transitions.”
Do you remember?
“And those seven transitions, my Master, I now see them again, because of which the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grades will originate.”
You should now pass that onto your astronomers, they should be able to bow and sit down and give that to mankind, then the world, mankind, would be cosmically conscious in one week.
Master Alcar says: “Those are therefore the foundations on which we continue to build.”
Can you feel that we go here from grade to grade and that we cannot just miss out any pieces?
“And we can establish this from space.”
So we see, we experience the next stage, we return to the All-Source and experience at the same time the universe as fatherhood and motherhood.
“We do not need to go to a star, a planet, that will happen soon”, Master Alcar says, “but then we experience the actual core, for ourselves, for the animal and Mother Nature.
It is true, André, a star with which you experienced the spatial unity, is a child of the moon and the sun, and therefore says, that we and all the life will give birth and create.
Because now that sun and moon are finite in this space, the life will also have to accept those laws, but it goes further and higher.”
Can you feel?
So we will soon come to the dying process for the macrocosmos, life and death for the macrocosmos.
When a star ... I gave you those lectures, I kept on materializing those laws and when you see a meteor like that falling, then that is death.
Then that is death for the universe, the end of a cycle for a star.
You see, evolution.
And what does science know about this?
The human being must still master this wisdom.
“By means of this the life must return to God”, you see, “the conscious All-Divine. By means of this it emerges”, you hear, something like that comes again, “that the human being is Divine. All the life of this space is Divine.
Because the ‘Age of Christ’ has started, this Divine wisdom comes to earth, my brothers, before this was not yet possible.”
Do you now understand, people, that when the Masters had begun in sixteen, seventeen hundred with this wisdom, then we could not have stood here for two seconds, or we would already have been burnt at the stake, you and I.
But only now it is possible.
We are also Divine foundation layers, we represent the Divine All.
Which is not possible. Christ said it and proved it: “Some will come who know more than I do.”
That does not mean that we will act the part of Christ, but we will fight for His life, we will devote the blood, the powers of life, because He came from the Divine All and materialized the Divine Self.
We do no more than this and we cannot do more than this.
But we now bring His life to earth.
And when He said: “Some will come who know more than I do”, then He knew that we, people who now live in the Spheres of Light, longed to be able to build up an instrument in order to pass on those words, that wisdom.
And now we are busy, it happened infallibly and this reality, which you now get, is infallible.
“So”, Master Alcar says, “by means of the Divine creations as fatherhood and motherhood, God speaks to His created life and that life will have to represent Him.”
He represents himself by means of every law of life.
Isn’t that simple?
“Can an academic from the earth now accept, that this is all love?
That space only wants to be fatherhood and motherhood?
People look from the earth at this wonderful process, but do not understand it.
How simple everything is, how close to our life, André, my brother Zelanus, after all, are we not father and mother?
How profoundly are we connected with God when we are father and mother?”
Do you know what happens if you divide yourself and a child is born?
Then you experience, and your husband, he as creator, you as giving birth, as All-Source, the same laws which we now follow and which have originated by means of the macrocosmos.
Do you now understand a little bit how sacred, how awe-inspiringly wonderful, Divine it is to be able to attract a child, to be able to materialize a child, to be able to give birth to a child?
That is the creating of a new planet, a new continuation, you get reincarnation; if you must return to the earth, and you have experienced that, that child will soon draw you back.
That is the new planet which is created by the moon and becomes the fourth cosmic grade, as you will soon see, because I bring the fourth cosmic grade back again into your own laws, into your giving birth, into your creation, into your being a man, your being a wife, your love, your justice, harmony.
But then I can say and ask: “Are you so harmonic?”
People look from the earth and want to see everything, but you must want to experience this from the earth.
The astronomers want to see, but they do not experience anything.
They are standing at a standstill and will never make it.
You must begin in order to give shape to that body.
You must not say: “That is a moon, that is a sun.”
That is God.
Do you also say: “That is God’s?”
No, that is God.
“That is God’s what we all experience.”
And then the academic is standing there and says: “All of this is Divine creation.”
Yes indeed, but he does not add: “That is God, represented as sun light and as moon.
That is God himself.
The earth on which you walk, that is God.”
That material.
Can you understand when we live in that unity that we can kiss the earth, therefore the material?
And that we are not capable of bringing about the atom splitting, in order to divide that good, wonderful mother, loving earth by means of violence?
How would Christ think about shooting off a canon?
Why did they not light any candles yonder for the welfare of Him?
Being melancholic does not help you any, but learning to think powerfully and consciously and wanting to and daring to remove the faults from yourself and say: “On what I live is God.”
You do not yet even feel the heat which Mother Earth radiates when you enter her.
Can you feel the heartbeat of this wood (the wooden lectern)?
When we come to stand here in the morning, here on this hard stone ...
Would all those artists, who enter here into this building, feel that we are already being inspired by the stone upon which we stand?
Wood lives.
In the morning that thing starts to speak to me and says: “Master Zelanus, are you here again?
There were people here this week, but they did not feel me.”
And then the heart comes, the light and the life and the spirit of this (master Zelanus knocks on the wood of the lectern), that starts to speak and inspires me and André.
Do you believe that?
“Can an academic from the earth now accept that all of this is love, that space only wants to be fatherhood and motherhood?
After all, people look”, Master Alcar says, “from the earth at this wonderful process, but do not understand it.”
People do not feel it, people do not know it.
“How simple everything is again, how close to our life, after all, are we not father and mother?”
Do we not give birth?
Do we not provide for our reincarnation, that there is someone on earth with whom we are involved and that that life can attract us?
Do you now know, mothers, how necessary it is that you have children?
If you do not have any ...
No, I will just not say it, then I will turn the whole of this society upside down and then there will be no more sins, then I will go against society.
But I had wanted to say to a mother who does not have the wonderful possession in order to be able to give birth: “Then ask space for a child.
And when God sends you that life, accept it in love and grow.”
You just imagine the rest.
Are you then responsible for God?
You represent your Divine plan yourself, yourself, yourself!
But more about that later ...
“My sisters and brothers”, Master Alcar says, “we got this gift in our hands by means of the universe.”
How many gifts are they?
You have light, you have fatherhood and motherhood, you are soul, you are spirit, you are life, you have a personality; they are Divine gifts, do you realize this?
To be a human being is a Divine law of life, because you are a Deity.
What is your Deity like now?
Do you wish to become one with the cosmology in you?
When the universe wish to speak to you, to your day-consciousness – do you see? – to your personality?
Do you then make darkness, or do you make light of your materialization, your feeling?
You have to do that, because now people get to know you as a personality: who are you, what do you do, what do you want?
Do you give radiance, experience, growth to everything which lives in you – this wonderful universe, that is this human organism?
“Feel”, Master Alcar says, “that the sun had remained creating, but that the moon became mother and still is, even if she has completed her task for the present stage.
And it is only then that the paternal and maternal authority of this universe lives under the human heart.”
We will continue.
“What we now see is that millions of sparks of God represent and possess fatherhood and motherhood at a macrocosmic attunement.”
The universe.
“By means of those millions of sparks this life continues to live.
One has to do with the other and finds attunement to the previous”, doesn’t it?, to the previous, reincarnation, growing, “by means of which we start to see the grades of condensing as laws.”
“And then we are faced with the dominating bodies and they are again: fatherhood and motherhood.”
Now the astronomer asks: “Is Jupiter, is Venus and Saturn just as hard as the earth?”
Then we can immediately say: “No, academic, the moon in her stage was a quagmire.”
They want to fly to the moon in order to determine those chains of mountains.
When you die – I explained to you – and your last breath leaves, do you not have a mountain on your lips?
But if there is still life, they close.
The human being sits there, people must close your lips and your eyes.
The moon was boiling and that mud, that condensed, but then the human being had already disappeared, the moon started to die and her last breath is a dungeon, a depth as big as your city is, such a crater ... and it remained like that, because it was no longer fed.
They do not accept that.
We can explain that in two seconds.
“What we now see, that millions of sparks of God represent and possess fatherhood and motherhood at a macrocosmic attunement, is ultimately”, Master Alcar says, “my brothers, the possession of and for the human being.
By means of those millions of sparks this life lives on”, but they have become independences, successive grades of life, in order to give us a wonderful Divine organism, in order to give us everything in which we can materialize and spiritualize our life, our Divine attunement.
Does that not happen?
“By means of which we see the grades of condensing for ourselves and for space and then we stand before the dominating bodies.
Always, and wherever you are, everything, everything is only fatherhood and motherhood.”
Macrocosmos and microcosmos are one.
“God placed all of this in His own hands, but gave it to the human being.”
Now we must return and say that the human being is human again.
But the human being represents all of this because the human being gives birth Divinely and creates Divinely.
“You can now say: ‘I know for what reason I am living!’”
You know that.
“Mother Earth lives yonder, André.
We know her life and consciousness, you now see her like a sickle.”
Because when we left – do you still remember that? - then the earth was in darkness, but the other half of the earth was this. (Master Zelanus points at the blackboard.) You see, the academics talk about the moon, they talk about the full moon.
But the earth is never full, never.
Yes, only for a few seconds, a few seconds seen from space.
But the earth is always night and day.
Did you not know that?
You must look at it from space, then you will learn to feed the love which you get for Mother Earth.
Then you go, as living Deities you go hand in hand there now with your soul, your life, your spirit next to you, and then you look at all those stars and planets.
Are you princes and princesses of space then, or not?
You now get that from Christ.
Then you go to that and then you represent this universe.
That was born in you, you are that.
Can the human being now conquer this universe?
We just began and now you already know it, or can you not attune yourself to that?
God gave these powers and forces to His life, but for himself.
So everything which originated here in that space, is God.
The human being is therefore the representation of His Deity, His soul, His spirit, His growth, His condensing, His fatherhood and motherhood.
André looks at the earth.
“Look, my brother André, she is tracing her life orbit for night and light, or the life on her would have burnt.”
“Why is there night?” the human being asks, “Why is there day?”
The earth does that.
“And the bible begins with”, André says, “the human being originated in paradise and there was a snake.
And God came: ‘You will stay away from this tree ...’”
That one tree.
Do you see those apples?
So God forbade the human being to multiply.
God forbade the human being – by means of the bible, God’s word – to give birth and to create, because there was the forbidden tree, there was the fruit which was not allowed to be eaten.
And when Adam finally saw that Eve was giving birth and he said – he said that, they did not hear that: “Child, how I will love you, let us give birth to a child, I now know how it must be done and how it is, because then we can return”, then God came from the heaven, with a sword in his hands, the snake started to hiss and He said: “Get out, get out, Adam and Eve, you have sullied yourself, you will now”, you must hear, “you will now give birth to children in labour pains.”
“Ha ha ha ha ...” I am that myself.
We also laugh at that.
If a Cardinal comes and I have him wonderfully under my hands, then you will always hear me saying in space: “Ha ha ha ha.”
I prefer to do it even more to a Pope, because then the holy father will bow for fatherhood and motherhood.
And then I say: “Did you also experience that?
Do you know the contractions and the happiness and the growth of fatherhood?”
And then he closes his eyes and then I say: “Ha ha ha ha ...”
And Our Lord also says: “Ha ha ha ha”, and the angels also do it.
And then there comes from space: “Master Zelanus, give him something else.”
I say: “Yes, father.”
And Gabriel with his wings goes out the door.
“You just leave because they gave you paper wings, the ones of inside have died.”
Did you not know that?
“Mother Earth makes night.
She will continue me and she will continue you, God says.
To get to know those wonderful laws, that is our growth and our evolution”, Master Alcar says, “for the Divine All, the astral worlds, for night, light and darkness, for every university, for all the peoples of the earth.
But now it already means to you, that her higher becoming conscious – therefore of Mother Earth – the place where she would be in between sun and moon, fatherhood and motherhood, in order to trace her orbit and to continue this evolution process, gave radiance for the human being,.”
And it is true.
“That wonderful law, to get to know that, my brothers ...” says Master Alcar, “but now already, in this stage of becoming conscious, the law by means of which all the planets and Mother Nature must and will live – now it comes – the moon as mother for this space did not know that law.”
We therefore return to the moon and then you see the first cosmic grade, you can also do that now, you must now also call that: the first cosmic awakening.
The first giving birth, the first fatherhood, the first being reborn is a grade of life for growth and condensing.
And we can all see that, we experience that, we stand on top of that.
Master Alcar can then ask: “How is that, Master Zelanus?”
And then I know what Master Alcar means.
“If the moon”, I say, “had been able to reach that further stage, then we would be – so the moon would close itself off for fatherhood, that radiance from space – then we would have cooled down and died, and creation would have stood still, we would stand and all life would stand before a standstill.”
Do you understand this now?
But these are cosmic wisdoms which the astronomers still have to establish.
“Because the life of the moon then would cool itself down, and we and all the other life would have frozen.”
A perfectly simple and real material answer, I can give Master Alcar that because I see it and had to accept creation as a law.
“That is correct”, he says, “but science does not know that, André.
People on earth still have to determine those possibilities.”
So we are thousands of ages ahead of the universities of the earth.
And André-Dectar gets that.
“We can follow those revelations and take them to the analyzis according to the truth, because we are analyzis.
And that means, André?”
“That the macrocosmos created the microcosmos.”
Is that true?
By means of the macrocosmos – the academics speak about that – the microcosmos originated, but you are that.
But you are the macrocosmos, you have the macrocosmos in you, but they do not know that, they do not yet feel that, because they do not know God, any Christ, any universe, any life, any light, any spirit, any soul.
The human personality, they get to know a bit about that.
The psychologist is busy, but what does he know about the human personality if he does not want to and cannot accept any reincarnation?
Do you see?
“Indeed”, Master Alcar says, “it is true.
It is an amazing experience, but everything originated by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
What now speaks to me, that we will see these three macrocosmic grades of life on the fourth cosmic grade again, but then as one world.”
Can you feel this?
“Everything evolves, doesn’t it, this is the beginning, this is the origin of the life, but the other laws of becoming conscious will work on and finish this life and take it back to God.
What we will admire on the fourth cosmic grade of life, my brothers, will be wonderful, because that space must already represent the true Divine plan.”
“Remember, I will come back to this.
I must continue to dwell on this”, Master Alcar says, who is standing here.
“What therefore lies in this universe and is divided as three grades of life”, you now hear, my brothers and sisters, what this universe means for you, “forms one world for the fourth cosmic grade and we will see that there.
By means of this we will experience how the All-Source wanted it.”
There are people, as academics, who say: “This is the Divine universe.”
No, this is only the human universe.
The Divine universe, we are now going there, you will see what that is like.
This into which you look, has no meaning, it does as Divine independence, but not as Divine becoming conscious.
This small wonderful, this small trivial universe in which you live, is only a spark.
Did we not say that in the beginning?
We will continue, because every spark of this universe as fatherhood and motherhood grows, creates, gives birth, evolves, creates new life for itself.
That is God again, so God is busy evolving in order to grow, to spiritualize and to materialize himself.
And when the human being is then there, then the human being is a Divine conscious child.
Yes indeed.
“Indeed”, Master Alcar says, “it is true, it is an amazing experience which awaits us.
What must become clear to us is that this universe has given the material foundations to the life of God.
And that this universe cannot yet represent the Divine All because that perfection is still not there as a Divine attunement.
Is that clear to you, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my Master, and from our astral life”, so I return and I think about my own life in the astral world, I say to Master Alcar, “I can follow that and I have to experience and to accept every second of my time and my becoming conscious.”
“That is also truth, my brothers, because we could continue our human life, we got to know all those worlds.”
If there was no hereafter, you would not have heard a word about this and there would have been no Christ.
Then Christ would not have been able to speak of a Divine gospel, because He would not have had it.
Then He would perhaps have been here in this universe and he would have been able to speak about stars and planets.
But Christ spoke about a Divine gospel.
And we can say that because we live on the Other Side and are conscious.
We built this up.
Would André, would Jozef Rulof have been able to learn that in ’s-Heerenberg?
Are there books that already speak about this?
Do you have these books in your bookshop, which proclaim that?
There is not one human being on earth, who can give an answer to this.
Do you accept that?
Thank you.
“So for this whole universe”, Master Alcar says, “three grades of life speak to our consciousness”, and you must hear where we find that again.
“By means of this we got contact with the higher grade of life.”
That is Mother Moon, then you get secondary planets – you read that in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ – and then we gradually come to the earth.
Now the earth is the child of sun and moon.
But they are three subsequent conscious grades of life, because the human being deifies and spiritualizes himself in life.
“So we went from planet to planet and reached the earth”, you see, “in order to conquer her space again, Master Zelanus, and to go further, but now to the astral, spiritual world.”
Master Alcar – so then you must listen carefully – Master Alcar is attuned to the Divine responsibility, also from the astral world, and André still lives on earth and can experience and see that from the earth.
This instrument possesses Divine contact.
Because the Masters have, the highest Masters – now just remember this – they have built up André, for themselves.
André now knows that he is not it.
“I am nothing”, he says, “but God speaks himself through me, through His laws.”
But do you ever hear these words passing his lips?
But they used to do that.
They say in the bible: “I am God”, and they knew nothing.
And André can say: “I am a Divine prophet”, but then they kick him off the stage.
But he is now it, now that we speak through this organism.
Soon Jozef Rulof can take this wisdom with him, because it lives in him and it lies on his shoulders.
But you can do that too, you already do that.
“By means of this we get contact with a higher grade.”
And it means that Mother Earth brought that grade to becoming conscious.
“We therefore went from planet to planet.
But what does that mean, Master Zelanus?”
And then I am ready again: “Because we could, by condensing, by expanding and bringing this universe to growth by means of fatherhood and motherhood, my Master, we could create and take the new world to birth for us, the fourth cosmic grade.”
Is it not clear?
“We still see now that there is night”, do you hear? “that the planet needs night in order to protect itself and life.”
That is protection, but that is unconsciousness, do you see?
Mother Earth is therefore still unconscious for God and for the spiritual substance, because she must close herself off.
“But do you think”, Master Alcar says, “that this is still necessary for the All-Existence, must be necessary, my brother?
Can the life live in the Divine All in a night, therefore in an unconsciousness?
What does that mean?
Why can we now declare with certainty that this universe is not the Divine All, André?”
And then André looks at the earth and sees Mother Earth in a sickle and he says: “Because Mother Earth still possesses night and the Divine All possesses All-Eternal light and remains awake.”
Then Master Alcar says: “And that is the Divine correct word, my life wants to thank you.”
And Mother Earth shouted from her situation and her orbit: “Hooray, I gave birth to children who now know me.”
Mother Earth can speak to us in this way, and the whole space.
When André said: “Because Mother Earth is still asleep and she still represents a half-awakening consciousness for the spirit, she will sleep and it is dark there.
But then she has experienced and completed and condensed and spiritualized her task”, then the whole universe and Mother Moon shouts: “Well done, my dear”, the moon says that as mother to the earth, “we are now becoming well-known.
Kiss André from me.
Kiss the human being, the God for whom we served, because we reach Divine unity now for the first time.
And now, my child, take André-Dectar into your arms and give him everything which he needs for all my children, because all my children must awaken ...”
“Do you think, Master Zelanus, that this is for the Divine All?”
“No, of course not.”
“Why not?”
“Because we know”, I can say to Master Alcar, “that God is eternal working, will mean eternal being awake.
We therefore go to the eternal awakening, the eternal giving birth and creating consciousness.
We go there”, I say.
“And what does that therefore mean, André?”
You must now listen.
“That the earth and this universe still has to awaken for the Divine.
This is only”, André says, “a state of transition.”
Mother Earth is the temporary and yet has the eternal.
Because the human being is eternal.
But Mother Earth and this universe, they will dissolve one day.
Because this space, this wonderful space, it will have disappeared one day.
But then the Deity of all these powers will live back again in the Divine All.
But the human being will speak, the human being will be light, because the human being, as the highest stage, the highest law of life created by the All-Mother, represents all of this as light of life, living love, living justice and harmony, the living Divine fatherhood and motherhood.
Who are you?
“I thank you for this answer”, Master Alcar says.
And space - you see it, André - smiles at you, all the life.
Because we now touch the core and feel the truth and materialize that, the radiance comes to us as inspiration and says: “Continue, my brothers.”
Now we reach unity.
And now Jupiter speaks.
Now you must ask Saturn how Saturn is.
And then the answer comes thundering forward.
“Indeed”, Master Alcar says, “we go higher and higher, awaken and materialize our life, but by means of that we and all the life in the spaces become more and more rarefied, because we return to the Divine stage.
And that means, that this space only represents a beginning stage.
And we and all the people, every spark – wherever and whatever belongs to the life – have to accept that.
Even if you are a human being, then you have not yet reached the Divine.”
So I mean the Divine consciousness.
“Even if you are in the waters, live in there, all that life evolves and represents a Divine law: light, life, spirit, soul, fatherhood, motherhood.
And what will that mean, André?”
“That we will soon see the life of the waters on the land again.”
Now André must gauge back in himself and say: “Yes, we crawled from the waters – because I can make comparisons with the earth, after all, I live on earth – I have become a human being, I crawled from the waters and I was a fish, then I was an animal-human being, hairy.
Not the Darwin’s ape”, André says, “but human being, only human being, gifted with Divine fatherhood and motherhood.”
And then Master Alcar can say: “Your answer is also pure, because we will experience those laws, we can see them.
Not only now for us as human beings, but also for space and above all for sun and moon.
And in this way we reach this Divine whole, until we have analyzed this space and it is only then that we may continue.”
Therefore we must now begin with the analyzis of the universe.
Is that something, or is that nothing?
“Even if we look up to sun and moon as wonderful organs – the moon, the earth – all those earths must go further and will evolve.”
We know it, they go further with us, they have already created a new universe.
“That life is therefore temporary”, Master Alcar can say, “even if the life of the moon lasts millions of ages, an end once came to that.
And now wants to say to us as human beings, that the moon has completed her task for this space, because she is dying.”
Do you hear that?
A falling star!
Do you see?
You can see that I cannot talk next to that.
“A falling star seen from the earth is, we will see that soon, we follow that, death for this space, but becomes the evolving going further.”
Isn’t it beautiful, wonderful?
It is not beautiful, it is wonderful.
“A next and a new evolution comes about.
So these three macrocosmic grades of life now work on the human life, the animal life and the plant life”, so for the human, animal, maternal independence as organic life.
The inner life expands itself and becomes the life of feeling and the personality.
“Now all these laws work on our organism”, Master Alcar says, “and every small insect possesses – you will soon see that, André – everything of space.
And then you will be able to give lectures to the biologists, the geologists, the astronomers, the theologians, the psychologists, the psychiatrists, you will be able to give them lectures on earth, when we get to know that.
You are now a Master.
When we have made these journeys, you are a conscious Master for all the faculties of this space.
You have all the faculties of this space in your heart, in your hands, because we will experience and analyze them.”
Do you accept it?
“But what the Masters, the Divine Masters are concerned with, my brothers, is that we must bring precisely these first three grades of life for the next stages to the Divine analyzis, it is only then that the child of Mother Earth can understand and experience his Deity.”
Can you feel this?
“Because by means of this we experience that the human being on earth gets to know himself as a Deity.”
And what happens then?
Then he will say: “I do not have the right to kill, because when I kill a human being, I kill, I darken my Deity.”
Thou shalt not kill; but people send the human being to a battlefield ...
From the universe must emanate, from the faculty must emanate, from the university, the university is science and must say: “Do not kill, you will murder yourself; soon.”
And it is only then that mankind becomes different.
“What this universe now does as one whole”, Master Alcar continues, “as I already said a moment ago and you were able to follow, is laying the foundations in order to be able to go higher as a human being, no more.
This universe was therefore created for the human being, and of course and following our life, the animal kingdom and the life of Mother Nature.
All the life now that the earth possesses, had to cover a cosmic path and went on”, now you hear it, “from planet to planet, by means of fatherhood and motherhood, and got that heightened, expanded world in its hands, and to experience as organism, as body, and that is: love.”
So the Divine love in the human being is still there, is still pure, paradise-like pure as crystal, because the Divine love infallibly continues, and it gives birth and creates.
And fortunately that is not in the hands of the human being, otherwise those Divine laws would also be sullied, raped and sold and squandered.
We can follow what this universe now does as one whole – as I already said a moment ago – the human being gets to see that as a spiritual, as a material world, as a personality, as light, as life, as spirit and then he is faced with his spiritual or material Divine self.
Can you feel this? When you are later on the Other Side in the astral world, can you feel what you will have to represent then?
You ask: “What am I then?
To sit down there and to do nothing more?”
You are life then, you are light then.
If you take away your light ... you can no longer take that away because you represent spiritual light.
A sphere, you are that yourself.
You represent that sphere by means of your feeling, your harmony, your love.
So you are working as light there, light, you are working and power as feeling.
But when your personality speaks then your garment shines.
You then do not possess the silver, but the golden sandals and you love everything that lives.
One more bit and then I must stop, unfortunately.
“You”, Master Alcar says, “and I, my brothers, must therefore spiritualize and materialize the All-Source.”
About which we can say: we have started with the human spiritualization because we possess the astral world.
That also lives in André.
So every human being who now does good, and lives on earth, already represents an attunement for God, for this space and further, and will expand itself by living in harmony and justice, as all of this was created here.
“And that means that Divine becoming conscious was given to all the life, all those Divine ‘cores’ live infallibly in this little cell.
But this emerged from the invisible Divine All, and this began with the materialization, the expansion for soul and spirit.
The soul as human being and as planet has to accept those laws.”
The soul as human being, do you hear this, then we speak of soul as a human being.
“What do these three cosmic grades of life now mean for us, André?”
And then there can come: “That we received new life by means of the moon.
A new life is expansion and that expansion becomes becoming conscious.
If I am in harmony with this life then I become light, then I am justice, and finally and above all and by means of everything love, love, love.”
“That is the truth, the Divine truth”, Master Alcar says.
“We must accept this, because the laws of this space tell us and will give us it.
By means of this we conquer this universe and we experience – we now know that – that Mother Earth will prepare herself one day and is now already busy creating the fourth cosmic grade for herself as an organism.”
So you will soon see, on the fourth cosmic grade we will see Mother Earth again, you yourself also.
She will continue again for you there, she has already created a world for you on which you will soon live.
That is then the first planet, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, and then you get the mother planet.
Soon we will get to experience seven planets and we must therefore represent seven cores.
On the fourth cosmic grade we already represent all the Divine systems as one source, one body.
On the fourth cosmic grade we will make comparisons with the earth and with this universe and then you will see how awe-inspiring all of this is for the human being on earth, for this life, because you are a Deity.
“Then we experience”, Master Alcar says – I will just read this out – “that we get to know ourselves, see the end on earth before us.”
Even if people speak about millions of ages, that is only one grade, that is just one birth, that is only fatherhood and motherhood.”
Because you are already eternal.
Even if you live on the third cosmic grade of life, the Divine core is present.
“To destroy one spark, even if the life is embryonic”, Master Alcar says, “would not be possible for space, because now gaps would emerge, holes and pits, and that is not possible, because every cell has to represent God. That means, that in that embryo the Divine Omniscient is present.
In that life – whichever rotting process you experience – Divine cores live in there, the Divine respect and authority is present and people speak of a personality for that same grade of life.”
“And that means: dying on earth becomes evolution.
The life on earth of man and woman is evolution, is growth, is becoming conscious.”
However you live.
Even if you live like a demon, even if you throw rights of life around, you are still busy growing.
Because you came from the jungle to the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races), you went from the moon through this universe and already live on earth.
But be happy.
“What is now dying for the material eye, is for space and for all the life the going further for God, the returning to the Divine stage to which we and all life belong.
We may therefore and must accept with positiveness and certainty that the fourth cosmic grade is a world for the human being.
We also experience that here, but this space is subdivided by three grades, for one materialization and the spiritualization for every spark of God.”
“Can you feel now”, Master Alcar says, “how wonderful everything is and yet also simple?
And that we must continue for God, that all these macrocosmic sparks will give birth and create again?
That they create and give birth here for the fourth cosmic grade?
Because it is that.
By means of this we can go higher and we see that the universe changes”, can you hear it?
“All the life has to accept those laws and it is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
We now determine for the human being of Mother Earth”, now Divine laws come, and that happens often, you will soon hear that, “we have to determine for the University of Christ and our Divine self”, Master Alcar says, “the universe in which you live was created by God, in order to take us as His Divine cores, His self, His life, His light, His spirit, His fatherhood and motherhood back to the visible Deity.”
These words come from the Divine All and they are the words of the Messiah, Christ as a Deity.
For the sciences and all the life in this space we determine this, and now the word comes from the Divine All.
“The soul as human being got the universe in its hands by means of this.
That is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
The planets and suns created those possibilities for us as human beings and means: the macrocosmos created the microcosmos.
Planets and suns only live by means of that.
The first three cosmic grades of life have no other meaning.
They want to promote this evolution, but they were the first foundations in order to continue.”
And then follows: “The highest Masters from the Divine All now say, that the child of Mother Earth will awaken.
That God had to make a beginning for all His life in order to give birth and to create, then the life in this space could begin.”
These words, my sisters and brothers, which are here, those are commandments, these are Divine commandments.
As people once wrote the ten commandments: thou shalt not kill, you will love everything ...
Can you feel that these are Divine commandments?
The Masters from the Divine All say that, when we are that far, the highest Masters now give the word.
That God had to make a beginning for all His life.
And now there comes, and space shouts that out, it is God: “There is no death.
What the bible says about the beginning of the Divine creations, is contradictory to reality.
God did not take a rib from one life in order to create the other, this originated by means of motherhood on the moon.
This space does not want to be or mean anything else, but this universe laid the foundations in order to go higher and further for the human being, for all the life of God.
All of this is therefore: birth and rebirth.”
This is all underlined by the Christ.
This space wants to be nothing else.
All of this is therefore rebirth, reincarnation, evolution.
“And not one cell or spark of God can escape it.”
So if you still say now – I asked you several times: “That does not interest me ...”
Mankind should have sat down here, but mankind must, be sure of that, my sisters and brothers, mankind must begin with that.
You are blessed children, I can assure you of that, even if I sometimes sit on you.
“If you cannot accept this on earth, both your human and Divine development will stand still.”
You have it here, the Divine Masters say that.
“That means: your human becoming conscious.
And what do you wish to pass onto the life on earth, André?”
And then André comes and he says: “I would wish to tell the life on earth, my Master, that I now already feel spatial conscious.
And this means that I awake in this space, that wonderful space, my Master, which I will conquer.”
“Great, wonderful”, Master Alcar says, “and you, Master Zelanus?”
“By means of fatherhood and motherhood, my Master, I continued and so did all the life.
By means of the laws of this universe I got to know myself, and I can accept it, because I belong to the astral world.
I have already conquered this space.”
André must also say: “I will conquer this space.”
That is the Divine truth.
God, the human being in the Divine All, under the orders of the Christ, now spoke to us and said: “My brothers, this is the Divine truth.
We live in the spiritual world and have completed our cycle on earth.
So what the bible gives”, comes from the Divine All, “is in conflict with the Divine cycle for the human being, which the human being can only complete on earth, so dying is joy and happiness.
So what the bible therefore gives, is contradictory to the laws of God.
When the bible writers began, the Divine creation was already millions of ages old as light, as life, as spirit, as fatherhood and motherhood, and they had to determine it.”
I will continue soon.
Are you now finally getting a little bit of space?
Will you no longer feel narrow-minded?
If you come to stand before the people and you think that you can lay foundations – because finally, ultimately the whole of mankind belongs to you – then give this becoming conscious and you will already be a human prophet.
Do you do it?
Are you now inspired for always and eternity?
Will you no longer make any mistakes?
Will you no longer hit and no longer kick in order to cast you out of that balance, that evolution?
Will you now begin with the real spiritual love, the expansion of your personality?
Do you do that?
Then I thank you in the name of your universe.
Begin now, give everything radiance and growth, become truth and honesty, become sincere ... awaken.
God bless you.
The Deity in you will support you, will take you, if you are in harmony with this.
It will become more and more sacred, more powerful, because we go straight from this universe, my sisters and brothers, soon to the fourth.
Make sure that you are now there, at the third, at the fourth, at the fifth lecture in this season you will stand with both legs in your Divine All.
You will see your Divine All.
The theosophists, the Rosicrucians, the academics say: “It cannot be explained”, but you get it in your hands.
The kiss of you as mother and father will possess Divine consciousness.
You will grow in feeling, in a thought.
You will walk over the streets and experience and feel the heart of Mother Earth.
You no longer do this (master Zelanus stamps his foot) , you can do it if you are happy, but not if you hate.
Then Mother Earth says to your life: “I thank you, my dear child, for that slap, for that soft, wonderful, human, spiritual slap ...”
Do you understand that the human being can be moved so deeply?
Do you now understand that André, when Master Alcar began and took him to the hells and to the heavens and that he flung his arms around his Master and said: “My Master Alcar, I cannot bear all of this, I am succumbing.”
If you feel and experience the reality, moon and sun in you and pass on and get and receive that love, will you not be moved then?
Make of your sixtieth and your seventieth and eightieth year of life, youth.
Prepare yourself and be happy that you will soon have to accept ‘the coffin’, because death is evolution.
You will get great cosmic, Divine ‘wings’, because by means of those Divine ‘wings’ which live in you, you take yourself to a new reincarnation, or you are busy attuning yourself to the fourth cosmic grade.
(Kiss) See you soon.
Not another word ...
I am going home ...
I am going back.
I will tell the moon that you now look differently at her life.
If you look at the moon and feel love ...
Why are you so embraced?
I also experienced that, Our Lord also experienced that and the Masters.
In the prehistoric ages we already walked together like that.
But now the moon says: “I am Wayti.
Give me the kiss of your personality, your soul, your spirit, your fatherhood and motherhood, because I gave it to you.”
Be a little bit grateful for the light which the moon gives you.
But then you must also say to the father: “Yes, Mother Moon, you are now making a fuss with that light, but you will receive it.”
See you in a fortnight ...
Thank you for your kind attention.