Fatherhood and Motherhood of the Universe for the Human Being - II

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will continue again with ‘The Fatherhood and Motherhood of the Universe for the Human Being.’
There will also be a few post-lectures, because we are not through the universe just like that.
But those who have not yet experienced that, must then know that we now make a journey from the pre-creations, the All-Source, so the moment that God still had to begin with His manifesting, straight back to the conscious Divine All.
We go through the planets and the stars.
At these lectures you will get this universe analyzed and we will see where reincarnation, where fatherhood and motherhood, the soul, the spirit, the Divine personality lives for the human being, the animal and the child of Mother Nature.
I will immediately begin with the last words which I explained to you, and which we received on that journey where the All-Source speaks, therefore the human being who has reached the Divine All as God and who is a Divine independence and personality.
Those are the commandments which the universities on earth will soon have to accept.
I will immediately begin with where we have been – this is therefore the Cosmology – and Master Alcar asks and says: “We now determine for the human being of Mother Earth: the universe in which you live was created by God in order to take himself as a human being, as the animal kingdom to the visible personality.”
So, that will mean: everything you see, which possesses life, must possess Divine attunement.
And then there comes: “The soul as a human being, that is the Divine spark, the soul as a human being got the universe in his hands by means of this.
That is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.”
Therefore by fatherhood and motherhood, being a woman, being a man, by means of reincarnation, rebirth, you possess – which I was able to explain to you by means of the previous lectures – the Divine independence, by means of which you evolve.
“The planets and suns created for us therefore as human beings the possibilities and that means: the macrocosmos in which we live, created the microcosmos.”
That is the human being, that is the life for Mother Nature and the animal kingdom.
Every insect, large or small, is ultimately and eternally an own independence of God, for those, and those, and those and those millions of grades of life, which we will meet all, and of which we will get to know the personality and the fatherhood and motherhood.
“Planets and suns originated by means of this.
The first three cosmic grades of life have no other meaning.”
And that is the moon, that is Mars, and that is the earth.
“They have to support this evolution; they were the first foundations for the human being in order to continue.”
And then there follows, I told you, and what you now hear are Divine laws ...
“The highest Masters ...”
In the Divine All you also have ... first Christ and then you have the Masters, there are seven personalities who now represent the Divine All with Him.
“The highest Masters from the Divine All now want the child of Mother Earth to awaken.”
And this is very simple anyway.
“God had to create and give birth to a beginning for all His life, then the life in this space could begin.
There is no death.
What the bible says about the beginning of the Divine creation is contrary to this reality.
God did not get a rib from one life in order to create the other, that originated by means of motherhood”, but in the waters.
Now you must meanwhile, and then, start to think yourself what all of this means.
Millions of people – I taught you – still accept that paradise story and now you get the Divine truth on earth, which says: the human being was born in the waters.
“When the bible writers began”, there comes again, “this creation was and the human being was already mill-, mill-, millions of ages old.”
The human being had already completed this universe, and you now experience that.
We will soon come to the moment when Moses, when the Masters, the human being who had completed the cycle of the earth, began with building up, with unity, with spiritual awakening.
“This space does not have to be or to mean anything else.
This universe laid the foundations”, you see, “in order to go higher and further.
The universe, all of this is therefore birth and rebirth!
And not one cell or spark of God can escape that.
If you cannot accept this on earth”, the Divine conscious being says to you, “your human and Divine development will stand still”, and therefore at a dead point.
“That means that your human becoming conscious does not awaken.
And what do you wish to pass onto life on earth, André”, Master Alcar says.
“I would like to tell life on earth, my Master, that I now already feel spatially conscious.
And that means that I will conquer this space, which is so wonderful after all.”
Do you understand, my sisters and brothers, what this means, that this small human being with his small feelings, his inferiority complexes, his insanity, his psychopathy will still soon conquer this wonderful, growing whole as an organism, this universe.
And then he can say: “I completed my cycle for the earth, no, I completed my cycle for this universe.”
Always look at the human being as a Deity.
And if you – I taught you in those previous lectures – destroy yourself, deform yourself by means of dark talk and all those other demeaning feelings, how do you wish to then take your Deity to the awakening?
Master Alcar says: “Yes, André, that’s it.”
And to me: “And you, Master Zelanus, what would you like to tell the human being on earth?”
“By means of fatherhood and motherhood, my Master, I and all the life of this space went on.
By means of the laws of this universe I got to know myself, and I can accept that, because I belong to the astral, spiritual, conscious world.
I have already conquered this space!”
Do you hear this?
André is still busy, he will soon ...
And you, if you die you will probably be able to say that too, wherever you come ...
I can take away your lower, your small, destructive feelings at the moment just like that, and yet give you a place in this universe and say: “Look, even if you still think wrong, in spite of everything, you have conquered this wonderful universe, because you are now a child in the spirit.”
“That is true”, Master Alcar says, “We live in a spiritual world and have completed our cycle of the earth.
So what the bible gives, is contrary to the laws of God.
When the bible writers began, the creations were already millions of ages old and we were now able to experience and to determine them.
According to the Divine revelations we must accept the evolution process for both the macrocosmos and the microcosmos, as a human being, as an animal, as a flower, as night and light.
These laws of God now show us the growing possibilities by means of fatherhood and motherhood, after which the following becoming conscious for all the life emerges.”
And now it comes.
“Can science on earth, Master Zelanus, already accept this and are the academics already conscious for that and in that?”
Do you now hear where you live?
“No”, I say, “people on earth are not yet that far, my Master.”
“Is the academic therefore capable of getting to know the moon from the earth, André?”
And then André comes, we are therefore one with the Divine All.
The universe speaks, sun, moon and stars tell us exactly how they originated.
And André is ready and says: “If fatherhood and motherhood are accepted, yes, my Master.”
Then the academic is capable of getting to know the moon as the first cosmic grade and the academic experiences the successive reincarnation for all the life in this universe, by means of which he will get to know himself and mankind.
“Really, it is true and these are the essential laws for all this life”, Master Alcar says.
“Only fatherhood and motherhood take the academic to the Divine essential laws, to both the spatial and human evolution.
If these laws are accepted, mankind can, the university on earth can make progress.
Only the University of Christ can answer every question on earth.”
“And now to continue”, and now we will see, “millions of bodies received an independence in this space.
This space was filled by protoplasm.”
And that plasma, we now experienced and followed that together, is materially condensed.
“The actual core now as the central source, that is the sun now as fatherhood.
By means of this we experience that new life originated around the central source of this space.”
Can you feel this?
“But that central source therefore represents the All-Source as father and mother.”
So this central source, this universe is only one part of the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Soul, and the All-Spirit.
This universe, which your academics look at so awe-inspiringly and have respect for, is only a spark of God and the human being can conquer all of this, the human being becomes universally creating fatherhood and motherhood.
Isn’t that something?
“Is that clear now?
That central source worked for motherhood, so sun and moon reached one body, one unity.
But we now know that all the life possesses those same laws, and those same powers.
What do we see now, Master Zelanus?”
And then I can say: “That every spark in space possesses either motherhood, or fatherhood, or it has no existence.”
“That is the word and then there follows?”
“That we can see that from the life, my Master.”
Do you see?
Fatherhood and motherhood in this wonderful universe is the thread, is the fibre, is the path, is the way which takes you straight to the next, evolving grade of life as a growing organism.
You cannot even disappear in the universe because grade after grade takes you to the next.
And then Master Alcar says: “That is also true and the laws, therefore the bodies must explain that to us.”
Because a law is also a body, an organism for fatherhood or motherhood, or another part of this organism.
And we will also experience that and will soon have to determine.
“That tells us now what a star is and what a planet means and why that life received that independence.
Life was born around us.
If there were no light, no sun, there would not be any evolution either.
But, this wonderful firmament divided itself, myriad lives originated.
My question is now, and this space wants that, the Masters want that: what does all of this serve for?
And the next question also comes, which connects me directly with the conscious life of Mother Earth: what do all these organs, bodies, mean for this space, for the human being of Mother Earth?
How must we see the space as universe?
So what does God mean, by creating all of this?
I am being connected with this, my brothers.
If we return to the earth for only a few seconds and if we now follow the human organism for a moment, then we see this universe again in that.
The universe can even be experienced in the waters.
These are the essential foundations for all the material life, also for the spirit.
However, by means of that, my brothers, we will later determine that the human being represents the universe by means of his senses.”
Because if there was no light, the human being would not have any light in his eyes.
“That means, that the light in the human eye was materialized and that the human eye”, now listen carefully, “was condensed spatially, but by means of the core in us, which are the Divine giving birth and the creating powers, therefore the All-Source in the human being, the attunement which we possess and by means of which we received an organism, an organ.”
Do you feel this?
“That means, my sisters and my brothers, that every part of the human organism was also condensed spatially and by means of this space the human organism originated as powers and laws and as growing possibilities.”
Can you feel how deep the blood circulation, the heart is ... I can now dwell and explain your doctors how deep the blood circulation, the nervous system, your heart chamber, your brains, the glandular systems are and everything of the human organism is, how deep those organs are, because they are universally deep.
Because they must deal with and support the consciousness which you mastered as a human being.
And you as a human being have now already almost conquered this universe.
And then Master Alcar also says: “They are for soul, for spirit and the material.”
Do you see?
“For the independence as part of the whole, for which stars, suns and planets served here.”
Now you must think back – now we must be able to make comparisons in only a few seconds – you must follow me sharply of course, but dwell upon the human being in general, all of mankind, the peoples of the earth, however pathetically naïve, and unconscious the masses on earth still are.
How many Gods originated?
And there is only one.
And do people know that one God?
You are that one God.
You are creating, you are giving birth, you are soul, you are life, and you are spirit.
You have the realm of colours, yes indeed, if your personality now possesses that radiance, as the life of Mother Nature was able to accept.
Now we can already write a hundred books about this little thing which I read out here, with regard to your character traits, your personality in this society, your actions, your thinking, your fatherhood, your motherhood.
Why are you mother?
Why are you father?
Everything now dissolves here.
The human being gets everything in his conscious hands if he takes his Divine personality in him to that awakening.
Can you learn this at a university?
Master Alcar continues and says: “The human eye therefore received light and radiance by means of space.”
Does the academic know that?
This is new, this is Divine wisdom.
If there had not been any sun, you would not have any light.
We will soon come to the moment – we will not make that anymore in this season and may Christ give us, and the Masters, the opportunity to still give you that – then we will begin with the embryonic existence, therefore as an embryo, the first embryo in the waters and then we follow the human being up to the Divine All.
Then we follow and experience the human organism and you then experience how you got the light in your eyes.
Because I will connect you at that moment with the embryonic awakening.
What you experience, what you can experience here, that is the possession of the Other Side.
First my adept gets these words there and then we reach unity.
You do not have that.
Because you must then go to sleep and you must lose yourself.
So every child from the first sphere possesses the psychic trance.
Every child from the first sphere can connect himself and has mastered that unity, you cannot yet do that.
But what you get here is for the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, and the seventh spheres.
This is for the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh, where we will all go on this journey.
“What does that mean”, Master Alcar asks, “that we must master space as life?”
Why must we live in the universe?
“We now see every law from space again in the human organism – everything is in the soul – in the life of the human being, in his spirit, but not in his personality.
We know that the human being on earth still does not possess this spiritual harmony.”
You see, now we already get the blows, the slaps.
“However, by means of this, God gave himself to the human being, to the life; and the existing creation now proves to us that this is possible.
So the earth, space, in short, all the life of God, proves that God is present in that power as life, as material.
The human eye radiates what is light for space.”
What is feeling for the universe, is the feeling for every life of God.
What must be the personality for God, the human being can, the animal can experience that in nature and will accept this, and it is only then – you remember when we started – that the human being reaches Divine harmony.
Divine harmony is already there.
But then the human being comes before Divine justice and ultimately, then to the pure fatherhood and motherhood and then we stand irrevocably before love, which people talk about so much on earth.
Only then we can say: “I love, because I reached unity harmonically, justly, with this space, with the soul of God, with my spirit, with my life.
My personality radiates light.”
And then the human being changes and then his word is law, then his word is truth, then he does not deform himself by thinking wrong of the human being.
And then you must just follow that society again and see that misery, that destruction, that sullying, that talking, that gossiping about the human being, that terrible thinking which your academics can still do, your theologians who talk about damnation while they carry the Divine powers and forces in them.
Well, well, how great you are if you are a theologian.
It will soon come and then André will say: “Theologian, who are you, now that you can say: ‘I am a spiritual father’?
Theologian, what are you for this space in which I live?
Absolutely nothing, you must still begin because you are still standing on damnation and there is no damnation.
How can God damn himself?
The human being will one day radiate what is light for space and is in harmony with this light.”
“We got hold of what is power here”, Master Alcar says, “by means of the human organism and it became muscle power for the human being, the power for the nervous system and the blood circulation with all the additional systems, which work for the whole as an organism, as an independence and have to fulfil an own task.”
Can you feel how tremendously beautiful, deep, not even beautiful, but awe-inspiringly great your human organism is?
“And what are now the brains for this space, my brothers?”
The brains for this universe.
“Why did the human being get a crown of the skull?”
That can all be explained now, why the brains live under an enclosure.
I will tell you why: that is the atmosphere of the earth.
Because the atmosphere for the earth is the crown of the skull for her brains and life of feeling.
“Why did the human being get ears in order to hear and a mouth in order to eat?
A heart with a blood circulation?
Why a pair of legs in order to walk?
We experience those phenomena here, my brothers.
I see them here in space again, if we feel and experience this development, but by means of which the reproduction took shape.
And I will go back a bit further, then I will be faced with the power of the human being and the animal.”
The universal deep in the heart, in the blood circulation, the organism for the human being and the animal, and therefore every organ, is universally deep, so beautiful that we can say: every insect, the human being, the animal, the child of Mother Nature, are jewels of power of creation as giving birth, as creating and by means of that the human being experiences his unity and his love.
“You see it, these are the organs, the sun is now an organ for the Divine plan of creation.”
So the sun is an organ for the plan of creation.
“It is also the moon.”
And all these other bodies therefore have to accept and to experience their task for these two essential laws and we will soon determine that for ourselves and mankind on earth.
“The human being possesses an organ in order to create and to give birth.”
Also these bodies.
“We see again in the human and animal life what came about here universally, therefore in a macrocosmic way.
After all, the Divine spark as cell will speak, and will possess everything which God also possesses, by means of which the spark as cell started to give birth and to create.”
We must therefore see again everything in this space in the human organism, in his spirit, or we will get onto wrong tracks.
“But I do not believe”, Master Alcar says, “that we will determine mistakes in this gigantic whole.
We can only experience Divine truth.
Isn’t this, amazing?
We must all experience that.
But it is only then, when we undergo those journeys and have come that far, that we will stand before the human embryo.
Then we experience the embryonic origin and the maternal planet tells us that.
“The sun therefore creates, my brothers, the moon gives birth, she is mother.
The mother on earth gives birth and the man on earth will create, but now the light of space has condensed as hardened and half-wakening material.
That means: from that soft elemental material, that protoplasm, all of this was born.
That took millions of ages but we are that far and it is present.
“I will experience these laws, because we will soon be faced with those phenomena.
Now look at all this life and you will understand it.
Only now we see the conscious fatherhood and motherhood and that means: giving birth and creating.
But millions of bodies in this, André, Master Zelanus, never knew this.
Is that wrong, Master Zelanus?
Is that now contrary to Divine justice?”
Master Alcar therefore sees and feels that there are bodies here that who do not know any fatherhood and motherhood.
And now we are faced with something and creation, the universe must materialize that and we must see and experience that, or we cannot continue.
And then I can say: “No, my Master, there is no injustice, this must and this will possess a different meaning.”
“But by what do you determine this?” Master Alcar asks.
And then there comes from me: “Because there is fatherhood and motherhood.
All those other bodies have a different task to fulfil.
Did you not say a moment ago, my Master, did you not ask me: why does the human being have legs and arms, a head?
Well, can an arm of the human being experience the task for the human eye?”
Do you feel, now we can already analyse your body, what an arm, a leg, another part of your organism means.
“That is not possible, but that means: we experience one organ for the own existence and an own independence.”
Because this going has to do with the personality – do you feel that? – your hand is directly attuned to your personality and we get to know that by means of the universe.
“And that tells us and the human being on earth, that before everything fatherhood and motherhood received shape and what next experienced birth is part of the whole and has only to fulfil that task.”
And that means: this organism in which we live, and the universe divided itself by means of millions of organs, but all those organs represent one body.
Therefore sun and moon, that is the father and the mother in the universe, and all those other planets and stars, hazes and laws of growing are parts of this organism.
And now you must just start to feel yourself, my sisters and brothers, then you will understand that fatherhood and motherhood must also be present in you, or you would have no Divine independence, and you possess that fatherhood and that motherhood.
Do you know that?
If you did not have that, then the human being would be in a conflict.
Well, then there would be nothing.
But the academic on earth does not know why the human being must be father and mother.
They do not yet realize and understand that fatherhood and motherhood for the human being become the Divine independence, justice, the harmonic evolving, and represent everything, everything of this universe; everything, everything, everything.
In order to be mother you represent the All-Mother, the All-Father.
Does your astronomer, your psychologist, your psychiatrist, your theologian, your minister know this?
You see, all the spiritual faculties now already disappear by means of your life of feeling, you receive everything, because you are now universally conscious.
You will know the universe and take yourself back to that universe.
You will get little planets in your left and your right hand.
Isn’t it nice?
“There is no injustice,” I can say. “By means of this I stand before the human essential on earth and I can say to the human being of the earth, I already said it: fatherhood and motherhood live in you, they are the Divine most sacred, created by the All-Source, the All-Mother.
Experience it in harmony with God, or you will not come any further.
But if you come into that harmony, then I can assure the child of the earth, my Master, that the Spheres of Light will be open for all these myriad bodies and sparks.
The human being is therefore a Divine temple, in which everything is present, in which everything lives which possesses soul, light, fatherhood and motherhood and ultimately the Divine attunement for all the worlds which originated by means of this universe, and which we, my Master, have to follow.”
Master Alcar now says: “I thank you, my brother, Master Zelanus.
This is indeed everything.”
“Now just look”, and now we will make comparisons again, “but just look at the Catholic Church”, at Protestantism, the Reformed child.
“What does a clergyman do now?
That man ignores”, therefore of the Catholic Church, “fatherhood and motherhood and that is also contrary to the Divine creation.”
Can you now feel how wrong it is, my sisters and brothers, when you want to be holy just like that, want to be spiritual?
You do something which you do not understand.
You become a servant for Christ just like that, but you now walk wide of creation.
Because we will also get to know Christ and then you will hear what Christ says and what He was also able to experience.
Then the power of the Catholic Church falls instantly to the ground by means of this Divine reality, and no longer has any meaning, as that grade of feeling and thinking.
Because God in you, in that human being says: “Give me creation and let me give birth, give me back reincarnation.
Because how can I be reborn if I refuse to be mother?”
Is that now so great if you are a cardinal, are you then so great?
You mean nothing more for space – now already, we have just started – for space and the Divine creations.
You are poorer than your church mouse, I told you before and that is true.
You gossip, you talk into an empty space, and that space is filled by everything which we now see.
Everything which we experience is Divine truth, justice, harmony and love.
“And the human being of the Catholic Church”, Master Alcar says, “refuses to create and to give birth”, therefore the priests.
Did I not say here years ago: “Now just become chaste and holy and also just become a priest, or cardinal and little nun; and creation will stand still.”
And the church says: “We are the sole representing faith and the truth.”
“Ha ha ha ha.”
You see, the whole space says: “Ha ha ha ha, you would like that.”
That is not possible, that is not possible, you now blow that from your hand, a religion, a faith, pft, you blow it away just like that if you reach unity with the Divine universe.
You rise above faiths and Catholic Churches and bibles, now.
“The moon now, my brothers, it was she who inspired this evolution and gave a Divine independence to all the life of this space.
It was the moon as mother.
Now follow these laws for a moment and we will reach the new stages of becoming conscious.
After all, the moon sent out this life”, the moon continues.
“That is living radiance which the moon gave.”
When she began to give birth, she radiated that consciousness – can you feel this? – because she created new life again for this universe, this space, this organism.
“We will later determine that the moon could only have condensed herself for the human being, for the animal, for flower and for plant.”
How simple all of this actually is, if you know the moon and can experience the sun, then you do not have the whole of this creation in your hands, but condensed and materialized in your life of feeling.
“And that means”, Master Alcar says, “that the moon as the mother for this space created the life of the soul.”
Now you must listen again.
I must dwell upon this again, otherwise, it will be no good to you.
People say: God created soul, spirit, this, that and the other.
If people speak by means of philosophical systems, by means of dogmas, by means of faiths, then people say: God as soul, and God as soul, and God as soul, but people do not know God as the moon.
The moon divided itself by means of myriad particles and gave the Divine soul to all her life.
The moon – and not God, well, that is God as father – she is Divine justice, Divine harmony, Divine spirit, Divine blood circulation, the moon is Divine protoplasm.
Can you feel that everything ultimately returns into one source, but that the Divine laws lie there, and here, and that that unity taken together, made the human being, the animal and the life of Mother Nature.
Who looks so sharply through the creations?
Only the Other Side can.
That therefore means that the moon as mother possesses everything, everything.
We came from the All-Source, from the All-Soul.
We followed, experienced the All-Spirit.
And now you see that everything possesses fatherhood and motherhood for the macrocosmos and the moon itself received and passed that on again, the moon divided herself, by means of which those cells, that embryonic spark possessed the same laws as God, as the All-Mother, but now entered a new stage in order to begin with a universal plant life.
That is something else than the bible, the academics, the religions on earth can teach you.
“We now get to know what the earth accomplished”, so we just jump back to Mother Earth again.
“When we follow the beginning of every body in an embryonic state then we see, we experience”, Master Alcar says, “that in every spark the All-Source of before creation is present.
I therefore remain connected with space, even if we sometimes make human comparisons.”
I also do that now and it is necessary, if you want to be able to understand and absorb those wonderful laws into you.
Master Alcar continues and says: “The moon now, my brothers, sent out conscious radiance as she herself condensed.
As the sun condensed, the radiance for motherhood became stronger, more powerful, and more conscious.
Can you also feel this?
That therefore means: transition planets came around the moon.”
Therefore the moon begins to work; I explained that to you before, then I could dwell on that for a moment.
That is fatherhood and motherhood for the universe.
We saw that dividing, those two independences reach their own power: the moon is this and the sun is there (points at the blackboard). Now the moon will begin as embryonic life: hazes will come.
That astral, spiritual Divine ball – it became a ball, it became a body; you call that a ball, but it is a body – that body will condense, as we saw that in the universe, and the new stage follows.
Meanwhile, the moon shines out her spiritual radiance, you also do that now.
If you ...
Now I can already dwell again on the philosophical systems, the character traits of the human being.
If at present you – now you must listen carefully – think carefully, love, truly love, then that radiance of your life of feeling goes straight to the first, the second, or the third and the fourth spheres.
If you now do a deed which has attunement directly to the spiritual Divine core in you for space, then that deed lays a foundation for you on which you will soon walk.
So every good thought ...
The church also has that right again, we cannot destroy everything; this is not destroying, you know that, it is only building up.
So every good thought of you as father, as mother, as human being either builds on a spiritual temple, a path on which you walk, a sphere, a space, an independence.
Or when you darken that independence and then you belong to a dark, unconscious world, which we and you now call: the hells ‘beyond the coffin’.
Every wrong thought of you, sent out and materialized – now just hit, just gossip about the human being, just make the human being bad – every word of you which passed your lips, has attunement to the hells, to the dark worlds ‘beyond the coffin’.
Are you not becoming afraid?
How many hells does the human being build up in his society by talking, thieving, hitting, murdering?
How are those worlds condensed?
If you see into the dark spheres how people have built up a wall of steel, it can no longer be compared to steel, but a wall of concrete around themselves, which they will not get through again for the first millions of ages and years, because he must break that down again himself; he closed himself off to the spiritual independence.
We write for that matter, Master Alcar says for that matter: the human being who exceeds the laws, does not build on universal thinking and feeling.
But those people – just read ‘A View into the Hereafter’ again carefully – build on dark powers and forces and hit themselves, kick themselves from the Divine, just, harmonic creation, the Divine harmonic evolving.
Did I not beg you by means of all those lectures: do good, do good, do good, do good, do good, do good, because I know where you end up by means of your words.
What does the human being matter to you, what does society matter to you?
Love, we say, everything which lives.
Why do you destroy?
Is it not already dreadful enough that you want to be a priest and a nun?
That you walk wide of creation while Divine possibilities lie within your reach by means of giving birth and creating?
Is that not already dreadful enough?
Then also start to destroy again, then Master Alcar says: “God gave the human being the light in his eyes in order to determine his path, back to the Divine All, and a mouth in order to eat and to drink, in order to establish and to assure his existence, but not in order to destroy, to do evil.”
And from that chaos, my children, you must begin in order to learn to think spiritually harmonically.
And if you then say: “That is difficult and that is so awe-inspiringly deep”, then we say: “You are ridiculous, because you do not want to.”
The core for everything lives in you, but you must still begin with it.
Is it so difficult to close your mouth for evil?
Once you begin with that and you have laid foundations, then you are also it.
You must first prove whether you are it, whether you possess it.
Talking: “I have spiritual foundation”, and then to shoot down the life of God there, the stealing, the squandering, the talking about, then you fly through the evil on earth, because those lusts stir in you, they take you along and they force you to talk, as that evil, that darkness does.
But you have to say: “I refuse!”
You have Golgotha in you.
Because the Christ came from the Divine All and said: “You are it.
You will not kill.”
... (long silence)
This silence can awaken you.
To be sacred in that silence is harmonic thinking and feeling, and when you think and feel harmonically – just believe it – then the suns and planets speak to your personality and you have spatial motherhood and fatherhood in your life and you are a child of Christ.
Become beautiful and love.
I will ask you something at the end of this morning, and then you must do that, then all of this will have meaning.
Because, woe betide, if you, if you sit here and maintain, come ‘beyond the coffin’ ...
Everyone ‘beyond the coffin’ sees what went over your life, flew through you.
We know that this flies through you.
But you can be like a Mohammed from ‘Masks and Men’, as Frederik experienced, and say: “Stop.
I am the power and intellect in order to stop all this inside.”
Just let that shout and stir and hit, inside it will not do anything to you.
You are ruler in everything, in the good, by means of the good, by means of justice, by means of harmony, by means of love.
“And all of that”, Master Alcar says, “was inspired by the moon and received shape by the moon, got to experience motherhood.
And what was shone upon by the sun, the sun is the Divine attunement, received visible awakening from God, so, from the life source for motherhood got an own task to deal with, followed the creating powers, by means of which the stars and planets now, my brothers, and meteors are born.”
Not to mention that Milky Way for the earth.
“I will continue”, Master Alcar says, “because fatherhood and motherhood force me to follow this, it is only then that we will understand this whole entirety.”
So we make comparisons in this for the human being, for the personality, for the soul, for the life, for the spirit, for fatherhood and motherhood.
“I now ask you, Master Zelanus: does it matter which body is mother and father in space?”
Now you must hear, if you were now spiritually conscious, then you can already feel where Master Alcar wants to go.
“When we know that every organ, therefore sun and moon, stars and planets, are one organism, does it matter, I can now ask you, whether you are male or female?
Do you feel what I mean?
Then it will be clear to you, what I wish to know and want to analyze, because God asks it of me.
The Divine All wants me to dwell on this.
All of this is one organism, my brothers, isn’t it?”
So the answer is already there.
Does it matter whether you are now mother or father?
You are both, both, both.
“That the human being called this universe”, you called this universe, “is only now”, Master Alcar continues, “so that the child would bear a name.”
You call this universe.
Every academic ...
If André-Dectar would now act in your society – we are busy in society – but in your town, for your universities, that is possible, and would say to the academic: “You say that here above this is a universe, but when I come to proclaim the Divine truth and say: ‘This is fatherhood and motherhood, this is an organism, this is the human being’, what would you say then?”
Then the academic begins to laugh, but he laughs at his own unconsciousness.
“And when I say that only my rebirth can be evolving, creating and giving birth, because as a result of this I created a child, and those powers were created and condensed by sun and moon, and that the moon is the mother for this space and the sun father.”
Again the academic would shrug his shoulders, smiling, and says: “Get rid of this insane being.”
But the Paul of this age has new laws, new words.
The Divine terminology is a law of justice, is motherhood, is fatherhood in and above, and out, to the left, to the right, in front and above, by the human being, the animal and the life of Mother Nature.
“That the human being called this universe is only in order that the child would bear a name.”
What you call, what the human being gave to the moon, called moon, a moon, a moon is for God: giving birth, creating.
“She is the All-Mother for this space, my brothers”, Master Alcar says.
She – if you follow the academic – was spat out by the earth; and the earth is the child of sun and moon!
Can you feel how pathetic your astronomers still are?
How unconscious?
But André, Jeus of mother Crisje from ’s-Heerenberg, brings this to The Hague, to the world, to mankind and he represents the University of Christ by means of this.
And he is the Master for this universe.
“And you just have to accept”, Master Alcar says to André.
“Even if you would not want that, there is no higher consciousness on earth.”
And we will prove that one day.
“But we know that the academic does not know God.”
We know that he does not know his creation.
We know that he does not even know his soul, his life of feeling, his personality, while he does the things wrongly and properly.
“And now it emerges, that all those material names do not possess any meaning, but that we must see space as one organism, of which the sun and moon represent the fatherhood and motherhood and are particles, so all these millions of stars and planets, are only particles of these systems, are particles of one organism and for that purpose, by means of their Divine attunement, have to fulfil a Divine task.
The sun now created new life, because all those sparks could condense themselves by means of the central source as the condensed fatherhood.”
So the sun is no sun, but condensed radiating fatherhood.
“They are the stars and the suns.”
Stars which possess the same attunement – we will soon learn that – as the central source, therefore the fatherhood in this organism.
I will read this out and then I will tell you something beautiful, something wonderful.
“The moon sent out her living power.
As she began with her own growth, other parts of space in this body were forced into working for fatherhood and motherhood, but by means of which secondary planets emerged for this space.
By means of which we will later see, my brothers”, now something else beautiful comes, “that every body is either father or mother in this.
And they are therefore the essential sources for every independence.
But Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Uranus, they are not.
They have never got to know either motherhood or fatherhood and that also means something of course for this macrocosmic organism.
And can that also be followed and experienced, André?”
Now that great Master Alcar places that little child André of the earth before the macrocosmic fatherhood and motherhood and is talking there about Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Uranus.
And then Master Alcar says: “Can we go even further, my brother André?”
But I wanted to say: in every small embryo, if you see a drop of blood, you jab yourself and blood comes, then fatherhood and motherhood lives in there, and represent fatherhood and motherhood in the own grade.
So, your whole organism is built up by millions and millions of sparks and every spark, the smallest spark, in the deepest meaning of that core, possesses everything which we now experience and follow and have to determine here in the universe.
And can you not do that?
Does the academic already say that now: “In this cell there is truly a universe”?
They are already that far, the biologist.
But Master Alcar says and asks André: “Can we go even further, my brother André?”
And André stands there and then you can see who André is: “Yes, my Master, I have understood everything.”
“Can you give me an explanation?
Do you wish to follow these laws?
I see that space will speak to your life.”
Master Alcar says that.
That is a new sentence again.
And truly, I write here, André is ready and says, now you must listen carefully then you will know immediately what Jozef Rulof and André have become by means of Master Alcar: “What you are talking about, my Master, takes me to the atmosphere for moon and sun.”
So the sun also still has an atmosphere.
Did you know that?
“In the first place the moon has, every body has received an own enclosure.
What now lives outside this enclosure ...”
Because you feel, I must give you this explanation, we are talking about radiating consciousness of the moon, that is the essential point, the foundation for this fatherhood and motherhood of the universe and the secondary planets.
André now gets the word for this purpose.
You should listen carefully. “What you are talking about, my Master, takes me to the atmosphere for moon and sun.
In the first place the moon has, every body has received an own enclosure.
What now lives outside of this enclosure ...”
And then André is standing there, he has closed his eyes and has reached unity, and the creation, the laws with which he is one, interpret, materialize this and we receive his word, Master Alcar and I, and the whole space and the Divine All.
If a mistake was to be made then his lips would close, his life of feeling would close itself off, and that is the being one again with the higher Masters.
If André was to make a mistake now and he was to tell something which is wrong and wide of creation, then this whole universe would suddenly close itself off, because the universe wants to be experienced justly, Divinely.
Isn’t that simple?
So you would definitely go to pieces at that moment.
And when the word continues, then André is one and then the law speaks, the life itself and that now comes.
This Cosmology is so deep, so wonderful: “In the first place the moon has, every body has received an own enclosure.
But what now lives outside this enclosure, therefore outside the atmosphere of the moon, is still inspired, because that radiance continues.
The sun has drawn up this space as task into itself, the moon as next life began her evolution.
New life entered her, a new life entered that source of the moon.
In her a new evolution began, also for motherhood.
It is by means of that now, my Master”, now it comes, “that stars and planets are born.”
Because since the moon experienced motherhood, therefore underwent materialization, that space radiated into space and inspired invisible plasma again, which has already become an independence by means of the division of God in myriad particles.
Do you remember that?
“But I also see now that half-waking consciousness also originated.
That means, my Master, that there will be organs, that bodies originated which do not represent any fatherhood and motherhood.
They are represented by Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus.
And that means, my brother, that those organs represent half-waking motherhood, half-waking material motherhood, and cannot possess any motherhood as giving birth and creating.”
André says that and he sees, he experiences it.
Your academics wonder: “What does Venus have, what does Saturn have, what does Uranus have, what does Mercury have?”
Your astrologists are inspired by Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Uranus.
And André sees now: they are gas balls.
I think that you will suffocate if Saturn inspires you.
And do you wish to experience evolution, inspiration, arts and sciences by means of that?
Can you hear it: “ha ha ha ha”?
Just ridicule it, because I already gave you a lecture years ago about ‘Astrology never becomes Science.’
Are you now starting to understand?
If there is talk about and for science, then that body possesses motherhood and fatherhood, or it will never get a meaning as direct Divine reality.
Do you understand?
That macrocosmos is so deep, so simple anyway for the human being.
And André says that.
So, they are half-waking conscious.
“And those bodies received an own task.
I now feel something amazing”, André says, “and I see it, I see that these bodies are the breathing organs for this space as organism.”
Breathing organs, isn’t it amazing?
“But these planets knew neither fatherhood nor motherhood.
These planets as gas balls, my Master, received the own consciousness because fatherhood and motherhood had already began.”
So from that fatherhood and motherhood ...
I once asked you one morning: by means of which organs is the personality and is your day-consciousness for this society and space inspired?
By which organ?
The most, most sacred of all which you possess – you are not this in your head, and not in your personality – the Divine foundation in you, what is that?
Then the human being says, the theologian says: “That is the soul, that is the Divine.. no, the soul, the life cannot do that, it is all-embracing, but the soul.”
No, we say, that is your fatherhood and your motherhood.
Those organs inspire your personality and gave your personal feeling and thinking awakening, working, growth.
You created new life by means of that.
And the Catholic Church finds that improper.
Do you see, do you feel, how awe-inspiringly naïve all of that is?
And what you are now ...
Now we will analyze the organism.
By what means are the systems of your organism fed?
Can you feel, we can write thousands of books and then we will still not have made it.
And could André have experienced and been able to bring that about under his own power in ’s-Heerenberg?
You are experiencing the 854th lecture this morning.
André represents a hundred million books by means of his Masters.
Christ represents millions and millions of books of thousands of pages.
And if we did not see and did not know that depth, we would say: we are inspired by an unconscious being.
But we keep on saying it: we could write millions of books about all of this.
This is therefore the University of Christ.
I will continue.
Just remain sitting for a few hours.
We will not eat today, go nowhere, we will continue to go through into this Divine All.
Why must we keep on stopping?
‘Beyond the coffin’, my children, we continue eternally and you no longer need to sleep and no longer need to eat.
But I will tell you that soon.
“I feel something amazing”, André says, “I see that these bodies are the breathing organs for space as an organism.”
Also an organism, but therefore not as father and mother.
“They make sure”, now you must listen, how wonderful and simple, “they make sure that this space remains pure.”
They accepted this task?
Yes, they were built up by sun and moon for themselves.
So sun and moon created all of this.
If you do not understand something in creation, then you can ask the sun and the moon: “For what purpose does this serve?”
Because sun and moon created the organism, and I said a moment ago: your organs of giving birth and organs of creating represent everything, because they have everything in their possession.
Your kidneys, your glands and other systems are like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Mercury and other bodies, breathing organs.
When you breath and that is purified again, you are in harmony with Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.
And then we could say to the astrologer: “Yes indeed, Saturn can inspire you, but only for your lungs”, but then he does not understand it.
Your breathing organs can be inspired, be purified by space, but not any intellect and any feeling.
I see your terrible light. (Master Zelanus sees the warning light with which the sound technician warns him.)
That is then the light of misunderstanding and thinking if the astrologer wishes to say that Saturn, Mercury and Uranus can inspire him.
Yes indeed.
So astrology already falls here, is already staggering.
The theologian is already staggering, the astronomers do not know about anything, the psychologist goes overboard, he does not know anything.
The minister, the theologian; overboard.
Nothing remains of that, because they do not know themselves.
They, and everything remains, yes indeed.
But it concerns the Divine systems here and they are still not conscious in that, for that.
André says: “They make sure that the atmosphere remains pure and is what I was now able to experience.”
Therefore André was able to explain and to experience Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, all those planets with regard to fatherhood and motherhood for the universe and gave this Divine answer.
And then Master Alcar says: “That is a Divine answer, my brothers.
Master André-Dectar, you are indeed becoming cosmically conscious.
You have received unity with this space.
It is indeed true.
And that must now emerge, if we want to know by what means all this life was born.
We now see, my brothers, and we determine this for the child of earth, the University of Christ now says”, again a Divine source, a Divine foundation, my sisters and brothers: “All the planets which do not possess any fatherhood or motherhood, now represent an own imposed task for fatherhood and motherhood and it is the lung system for the universe.”
A divine answer for this universe.
Other planets, they serve the lung system, the breathing organs for this universe and we see them again in the human being and in all the animal life.
“That is the breathing system for this space, but every spark will possess those breathing organs for the planets, therefore the microcosmic existence.”
And we were also able to follow and already know that, because André still lives on earth.
“It therefore now speaks to your consciousness that all this life in space, everything therefore serves fatherhood and motherhood.”
Therefore, the moon and the sun are served by what they created themselves.
Not only in order to give birth and in order to create but also in order to keep the atmosphere pure.
And now other planets serve for that purpose.
“And that not one spark or cell can be seen in this space which has not received a task.”
Because that can still be determined: if that cell had no meaning for this space then there would be a question of Divine injustice in this existence, but we have not yet seen that.
“The University of Christ therefore says: all those planets on which no life is present”, because that is not possible, “serve for the breathing organs for this universe, or all the life for these Divine revelations would have suffocated in this first and next stage, would have suffocated in the beginning of creation and for now, the present stage, we then had not known that of course.
As the plant does for the waters, those organisms serve the lungs for the human being.”
The atmosphere for Mother Earth is one life, one state, one law, which serve for fatherhood and motherhood, or you would have no life, no feeling – you have feeling – but that serves the organism.
But by means of giving birth, by means of creation, by means of fatherhood and motherhood the human being goes to his new evolution, the human being evolves.
If there was no fatherhood and no motherhood, creation would stand still.
The Divine essential in the human being is fatherhood and motherhood, we kept on saying that,.
You live only for that purpose.
What you experience in society – I told you – and what you master there, has no meaning.
Now make sure that you are a hundred percent father and mother.
Do not use your mouth, I taught you once, in order to sully the life of God, in whatever circumstances you are in.
We ask of you, now that you also get to know yourself, take yourself, your Divine self to giving birth and creating.
But stay away from what does not belong to you in society, which can be nothing else but lies and deception, or the mentality of your people consciousness would have reached a higher attunement.
And I can suddenly connect you again with ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and say: only follow Christ, follow Golgotha.
Never take a sword in your hands.
Do not hit, do not abuse, do not destroy if you do not yet know yourself and space.
Take that only thing which you possess and can represent, can protect yourself, take that one thing in your hands and do that one thing.
Use your Divine will and do not do any more harm.
Let your mouth eat the bread of life, but do not let your mouth interpret the darkness, or you will destroy yourself, you will create emptiness and poverty, you will condense a world of walls for yourself worse than concrete and steel – which you must destroy again anyway – by means of one word.
All those words received that condensing, so really and truly as Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury and all those other planets underwent their half-waking material life from sun and moon.
Was I able to give you something this morning?
The next lecture is now: the half-waking fatherhood and motherhood for the universe of the human being.
You will feel, we will continue.
Now we will see whether Jupiter, Venus and Saturn really created, gave birth to lives.
I thank you for this beautiful love, my children, for your beautiful colours (the flowers).
I will place them all this morning in the hands of Master Alcar, who made us what we are now, which, sense this properly, which connected André as a child, Jeus of mother Crisje with balloons – “balloons, mama, balloons, mama” – and now takes you back to the All-Ball as balloon, where you will experience and can determine your Deity.
Master Alcar went infallibly further, further, further, from those first luminous balls.
And now we are already busy through Jeus of Crisje, André-Dectar, connecting you with the Divine All.
I thank you.