God as Father and God as Mother for the human being

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will continue this morning with God as father, but especially, as mother for the human being.
We have got to know the light, God as soul, spirit and as hazes.
Now we come to the realm of colours – we experienced that – and of course to new revelations for God, for the All-Source, the All-Mother, by means of which the phenomena emerged spiritually and materially.
For those who have not experienced this, I refer to the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
You can absorb it to a certain extent by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
But know: soon when we return to earth and begin to think humanly, start to draw our conclusions, then you will realize that this really comes from the Divine source, because now the laws will be explained purely, as clear as crystal.
I continue and read how we made this journey, when Master Alcar speaks and André receives the inspiration, from the All-Source; that was also given to me.
When we stand before God as light and see that the hazes start to condense, then we can already accept that these are the first revelations by means of which God manifested himself for all His character traits.
Here, we will get to experience God as personality.
We will soon find the million-fold, billion-fold power, sparks of His life, of His spirit, of His soul, of His fatherhood, for His motherhood in the macrocosmos again and especially in the embryonic existence.
And by means of this – we experience this on the next journey – the beginning stage for the human being, for Mother Nature and the animal begins.
I will continue.
You know, we now experience God as personality, as hazes and those hazes start to condense, that space, that vastness is filled.
This is still giving birth, but this will be already creating.
From the first thought we already enter the creating of the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Spirit, the All-Personality.
And we will get to know what will emerge from this personality, on this journey, this macrocosmic, Divine journey; and we will have to master the laws of that later
I read here that Master Alcar says: “This garment in space, which becomes tight, you can still see through it, but that giving birth continues.
You experience this and you see this.
There are still no people here, there is still nothing, there are only hazes, it is protoplasm, aura, living aura; that later becomes blood.
This is soul, this is spirit, and this is life.
But this is harmony and justice in everything, but wants to be: love, love, love.”
When we start to analyse love as systems, philosophical, Divine systems – can you not feel this? – then we come to stand before Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, but especially before Socrates, before the Spheres of Light, and then the human being understands His love.
Master Alcar says: “This garment is a part of His Divine personality, but also that life will divide itself again and we experience this evolution once more, by means of which the material Deity emerges.
And then we immediately stand before the material space in which we live and in which we will observe sun, moon, stars and planets.
But above all we stand before all the character traits of God, which are now a part of His personality.
And then we experience that the sun is a part of His personality, but which is fatherhood.
We experience that the planets, sun and stars will condense, that day and night will come.
All of them are phenomena of His personality, which will now be working, fatherhood and motherhood.”
Do you see?
Is there one human being on earth, who can explain these laws to you so purely, so immaculately?
You must live on the Other Side for that purpose.
“And we can accept that”, Master Alcar says, “because we are now one with all the existing laws of God.
We mastered those laws, Master Zelanus.
We went through the jungles, we knew millions of lives, we were on earth millions of times, as father and mother, and we were a child again.
We did wrong, we murdered, committed arson, and yet: we live in the Spheres of Light.”
“These are revelations for God – but they will become human – to which we, the life of Mother Nature and soon the animal kingdom will belong.
And then we see animal, plant, flower, wind, water, clouds, and seas – these will be laws of life – because all these sparks, phenomena of God, will possess an own independence.
They will represent the laws of life of God spiritually, physically, therefore materially and spatially.
God then divides himself into myriad parts and all those particles are part of His personality, by means of which we now see Him as life, light, soul, spirit, but will now get to know as father and mother.”
“You see it”, Master Alcar says, “everything lives in here.”
And we see all of that again in the macrocosmos, we see that again in the human being, in the smallest insect, in a plant, in a flower, in a tree, in the waters, by means of a bird, by means of a wild animal, a snake, a crocodile.
Everything now has meaning and carries life of His life, is soul of His soul, is spirit of His spirit, possesses space, gets His light, His fatherhood and His motherhood.
“And we as human beings will bring to evolution on earth all of this which we could receive as human beings.
Because by means of this alone, my brothers and sisters, do we reach the conscious Divine All and will we have to represent Him, the All-Source, the All-Mother there in all her laws, independences, and be part of her personality?
No, we are now Divine personality.
Where we now live, is therefore a part of God as a spiritual personality.”
Do you see?
“This space is filled with hazes and this becomes light.
This is the luminous God, as a haze stage, and already a part of His personality.
And this evolves again and we will now follow it.
We will now see God change millions of times.
That must be clear to you anyway.
He will keep on changing until we enter, see, experience the existing laws and we get hold of the laws of Him as a human being and as a Deity.
We will then give birth and create.
We will be father and mother.
What is our light like then?
What is our life like then?
What is our love like then?
After all, we know the material and the spiritual space, we can now make comparisons for ourselves, for mankind, for all the churches and sects on earth.
All of this comes from the Divine source, the University of Christ.
We live as astral beings in the spiritual world and that is the world for the spirit, the conscious spirit as human being; and in that we represent a grade of life by means of our thinking and feeling, our love, our fatherhood and motherhood, which will now show how we are inwardly, what our attunement is like.
God is now space, God is now light, and God is now life.
But, André, what did the bible tell about this?”
And then André can say: “I know the bible, my master.
The bible begins with a story that the human being was born in a paradise.
The human being was sitting under the tree of life of God and there was a snake, which warned the human being against the wrong, against devastation, against destruction.
No, my master, it was no Deity, it was no angel, no master, a piece of snake, the same snake which hisses in the jungle, bites, rapes and hits the life destructively, and poisons.
Is that Divine?
I now see here how the Divine revelations began.
The human being was not allowed to eat from the one tree of life; and that tree of life for God and the spaces and everything which I now perceive and can experience and see, is giving birth and creating.
I can now give the divine, I can now give the theologians lectures, my master.
I am Divinely conscious for this state and what comes after this, will take my life to growth.”
Then Master Alcar can say: “When we are soon that far, André, then we will come to stand before theology, before the universities, before all the spiritual faculties on earth, and truly, we are now capable of laying the new foundations, the Divine, for the University of Christ and mankind.”
Can you feel this?
“Then we now enter God as father and as mother.”
“For God as father and mother, my master, this life has passed over to the revelation, because from here we would possess our laws of life.”
And then the master can say again: “Very precise, my brother.
You see, Master Zelanus, we cannot make any more mistakes.
The Divine All, the Divine All-Conscious child forces us now to experience every law for God and to follow that law.
We cannot make any more mistakes, all of this here is reality.
The University of Christ brings life space to earth.
Christ came to the earth and brought the holy gospel, but He wanted to bring this.
He wanted to tell mankind that the human being by means of the Divine revelations got that independence in his hands, but the human being did not understand Him.
But His messengers, His children, His fathers and mothers who reached the Spheres of Light, now return and will set up, build up the University of His life, His light and His love on earth, for eternity so that mankind will awaken.
Because all of this is truth.
By means of all of this we see God as father and as mother, because we experienced His first evolution processes.
The haze stage continues, evolves, and light comes.
And later we see that God is material father and mother by means of the planets and the stars, but for here God is still a haze stage.
He is light, but this light is life, is law, is justice, is harmony, is life blood, is His thinking, and His feeling.
This continues infallibly.
This life will reveal itself, infallibly, nothing disturbs here in this world.
And if you soon see that again on earth, André, then you will see, when the human being wants to live in harmony with the Divine laws and these systems, then the Messiah as Christ stands next to the human being and in the human being, and then the human being hears Him speaking and the human being feels His love.
Did you feel and were you able to follow all of this, Master Zelanus?”
And then I can say: “What I experienced, my master, is that this passed from the All-Mother to fatherhood for the next stage.”
Do you understand this?
“I must therefore accept that God as spirit became father and mother; therefore, as spirit, as light, as life, as soul, God is already father and mother, and I could perceive these phenomena.
I therefore have to bow my head to these laws, because these maternal powers – these are maternal powers – change and condense as light, as living plasma.
This is Divine fatherhood and motherhood.
And the material laws teach us that motherhood and fatherhood will soon change.”
“I thank you, my brothers, it is wonderful”, Master Alcar immediately continues, “this is Divine truth.
This is God as father and mother, because from the first revelations, spiritualized and driven by the All-Source, God receives His independence.”
Can you feel?
Beyond the lives and everything which you now perceive in your society and for space, that is God.
“But from the All-Mother, God was taken to His Independence and we enter”, Master Alcar says, “the Divine realm of colours and the laws of life for God as father and as mother.
That is the new becoming conscious which we stand before and we experience His evolution, we undergo His process, every law of life of which gives shape to our life, for the human being, for Mother Nature, for all the life which will originate as a result of this.”
“Continue”, Master Alcar says to me.
And then I can say: “My master, if you follow and want to experience this, then the place which I have now reached, my attunement reveals itself at this moment under my heart, under my soul, and by means of my spirit, my conscious knowing, it is: God as spirit by means of His realm of colours.
I see these laws, my master, because we saw this space change after all.
I saw light coming to me.
No, I became light.
From that darkness, from that silence I reached evolution.
I feel one with this light, I am life, I feel like soul and like spirit.
And this space as light is part of my realm of colours; my realm of colours which now becomes knowledge, consciousness, because I represent my radiance, my love, my garment in the Spheres of Light.
I have my light in my eyes.
I have become spiritually and spatially conscious.
I have become an independence and I am still a human being.”
The life on earth is so awe-inspiring for the human being if the human being gets to know his God and himself, if the human being wants to expand himself.
Do you see?
“These are revelations for the whole of mankind.
By means of which I can establish, my master, that these laws emerge according to the Divine revelation process and also by means of this we see, my master, that we cannot make any mistakes.”
Master Alcar says: “It is true.
This is our Divine certainty – we now continue infallibly – for which the conscious Divine All was created and for which the conscious Divine All as a human being now speaks and from which the Christ came to the earth with His knowledge, the All-Consciousness under His heart.
We could see the Divine realm of colours because we saw this life change.”
Do you see?
God comes to working light.
“I saw seven ages, my master, and we will soon see these ages again on the earth.
This – if I wish to make a comparison with the earth, my master, for André – this took millions of ages before the hazes had condensed and the Divine realm of colours treaded through the hazes, through the soul, through the spirit.
We had to establish seven transitions as the Divine realm of colours for fatherhood and motherhood, as laws, as grades of life, which we will soon see again in the spiritual and the material spaces.”
“Is that the case, is that true?” Master Alcar now asks André.
And then André says: “Yes, my master, these colours will materialize.
Fatherhood and motherhood takes them to the own evolution and the seed event is the protoplasm of that, which will condense materially and what I see again on earth by means of the human being, by means of Mother Nature, by means of flower, plant, and all life.
I now know myself.
For that matter, the laws for the material space take us back to fatherhood and motherhood, to the earth, to all the planetary systems, by means of which the Divine realm of colours originated.
From this first blue, which you call protoplasm and we have to accept, this golden light was born, then those transitions passed onto the own evolution and that is now the condensing”, do you hear?, “the condensing as light for the Divine realm of colours.
But it is fatherhood and it is motherhood, giving birth and creating.”
“Also that is true, my brother André”, Master Alcar says, “the laws for the material life take us as a matter of course back to the Divine reality.
Those laws can now be experienced and followed and mean subsequent, evolving, spiritual revelations; all revelations for God.
What we now follow is of general meaning for the earth, for mankind, for every sect, for every religion, yes, for all the life of this space.”
When we soon enter the present stage, the present in which you live, my sisters and brothers, then we see these people, then we experience those laws as cores, sparks of Mother Nature, plant, flower, tree, and water.
But every life, each spark will possess His light, will possess His realm of colours, will possess His life, His fatherhood, His motherhood, and every life as a human being will represent His personality as a part of this space by means of his organism.
And then we enter something else.
Because law after law is animatedly inspired and Divinely harmonic.
Only then do we stand before the love of God.
And now, my sisters and brothers, this life reveals itself as Divine laws of life and now I can already tell you: you are a Divine law of life, who is sitting there and is listening.
All of mankind is one law of life for God, of which every human being possesses the Divine independence for soul, spirit, life, harmony, justice, and the Divine love.
Do you see?
Now the All-Source is already open to you and we can continue.
And then Master Alcar says, “That tells us that every phenomenon is now a law, wants to be a Divine law.
Here everything is in peace and quiet, has reached life, revelation, harmonically.
But if we enter the human world, my brother André, everything becomes different.
And that means that if we experience and accept the Divine laws of revelation for fatherhood and motherhood, and that we continually live in peace and quiet, because we now experience that harmonic working and love emerges.
Is that clear, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my master, I have understood you.
The All-Source is also harmony, is peace and means: Divine love.
Nothing could stop this process, my master, because this came to life, passed into working by means of harmonic feeling and thinking”, do you hear this, human being?
“If we people soon live according to these laws, my master, there will never be disturbances, no matter in which life we find ourselves and then the human being lives in this Divine paradise and is free from disturbances and violence, from diseases and troubles.
But, my brother André, what is life on earth like now, now that Adolph Hitler enslaves, ill-treats the peoples of the earth?
Now that the Jewish child is gassed?
Now that millions of people no longer have any food while Mother Earth has everything?
Now that Mother Earth groans before God and says: ‘Do you hear me, Father, how my body is beaten and kicked, how they work me to death and torture me?
The human being shoots, the human being looks for poisonous weapons and does not think of me, but I bleed from thousands of wounds, and You can accept that, my God.
But I will build up my life and send my child to you.
I want to complete my task in pure respect and love and justice.’”
Mother Earth says that now, still, and during those times when mankind was beaten and André was able to experience all of this for mankind.
What becomes of Mother Earth and mankind?
We know it.
“And nothing can stop this process”, I say, “because this came about by means of harmonic feeling, living conscious thinking and the human being had got his own independence by means of the All-Source, the All-Laws, the grades of life and could begin with his condensings because of this.
And is that clear, André?”
Then André can say: “Yes, my master, because I am now probably experiencing the most horrible time.
I will see the people on the street – when I soon return – falling down and dying.
They have no more food, they have nothing, and they are broken.
And I will soon stand before them with Divine wisdom.
I will look into their eyes, my master, and I will prove to you that I will be strong in order to be able to endure all of this.
I will prove to you, I will prove it to God that I will now bring His light to the earth, that I will represent His life in love, in truth, in justice.”
Master Alcar says: “Yes, my brothers, that is condensing, expansion and growth.
And this space is also growing.
And we come through all of this, through our comparisons with the earth”, this time, “to the spiritual and the material laws of condensing for God, mankind and His spaces.
This is all truth, Divine reality.
This life which appeared from the All-Source, are now laws of life.
We were able to perceive them as different phenomena and it now means: the laws of condensing as a living aura for God, for His fatherhood and His motherhood.
So we have now already come from fatherhood and motherhood to the laws of condensing for this Divine fatherhood and this Divine motherhood.
Because”, Master Alcar continues, “we have to follow that and the Conscious Child in the Divine All wants us to experience that.
Every change, my brothers, is now a law for fatherhood and motherhood, but will soon be: life and death.
But then there is no death, because now death becomes evolution.
I must speak that name, that word in order to be able to make the comparison for the human being on earth, so that the human being feels and understands this.
There is no death.
No, that is the continuing in order to evolve.
Because in here, in this invisible, living aura we already see death.
Because the dying off of the light, the changing of these laws of life as aura, as hazes, that becoming invisible of these hazes is the death for the human being on earth.”
Do you see?
“From this Divine revealing we find the releasing for the human soul again, which we can follow on earth and which the human being also wants to experience and see as dying, and that is untruth, an awe-inspiring lie, it is misunderstanding, the human being does not yet know it.
But then what, when the University of Christ is present in every house for father and mother and the children?
When the human being knows it, and the human being can soon say to his mother: ‘Mother, just go and lie down.
We will soon see each other again in the Spheres of Light.
You will not die, there is no death.’ ”
“From this you can see”, André says, and calls that to his dear Crisje, “Crisje, from this you can see that there is no dying, and that the people must not sit down and weep on the grave, weep until their tears run dry from sorrow, because God did not create any sorrow.”
“Soon we will stand”, Master Alcar says, “on earth, and then André will return to the human being and he will see the people weeping there and he will laugh inwardly because he says: ‘Your loved ones continue.’
What there still is of you, human being of the earth, will soon go back to Europe, will find itself amongst other peoples, because you have no knowledge, no feeling for universal love and unity.
That little bit of happiness which the human being now has on earth because of his love, his possessions, his fatherhood, his motherhood, his wife, his child, is only the love of that small space, for this small thinking and feeling.
But the human being is universally deep and spatially conscious if the human being can experience the laws of God and wants to accept and will spiritualize and wants to materialize them for his own independence.”
Do you not feel expanded?
Does expansion not enter your spirit, your thinking, and your life of feeling?
“These are laws of life”, Master Alcar continues.
“Is that true?
But now the next stage.
What does fatherhood and motherhood give us to see, to experience?
Is this all truth?”
Then André can say: “Look, my master, everything is truth.
But I enter the spiritual aura and this already material aura will condense.
It has now originated from the Divine aura as spirit, expanded by means of the laws of condensing and reached growth, after which I now enter the half-waking aura – which we spoke about many times, about the half-waking consciousness for fatherhood and motherhood – and I see, I experience the law of condensing.”
And if you now wish to know how those laws of condensing can be explained in a very simple child-like way for your material, human understanding and feeling, then you just return to your kitchen, mother.
And just make a delicious loaf of bread.
And first let that milk evaporate again, bring that flour and everything which you need back to the astral world, into the ground, before it was born, now it goes into the oven, and you get expansion as material.
Space originated so independently and the laws of condensing emerged.
If you now see the water and it soon becomes cold and you walk on the ice, you have experienced a law of life because of that cold, a law of condensing as water and ice, and now you are standing on top of it.
This is for space, for the Divine source in which we now live the same law as the law which the human being can experience every day if he brings something to condensing.
That same power of every thing is also now open and conscious for you, because you experience the Divine revelation for condensing, hardening, growing, expansion as material, for you as a human being.
Mother Nature and the animal kingdom received this like that for themselves.
Is this so difficult?
The grades now emerge from all of this.
In which age does all of this live?
For which stage is all of this?
Then Master Alcar says: “What we now see, they are already the grades of life for these spiritual and material, soon laws of condensing, which we will experience, will see, will materialize for the universe as ages.”
Do you see?
What we now follow, comes to our inner life for our feeling and our thinking.
“And now, my brothers, absorb all of that into you, reach meditation, we will get a short moment for the Divine All in order to absorb all of this into us, to follow it again.
And it is only then that we can say and especially you, André: ‘This will be my possession on earth when I return soon.’ ”
“I therefore return to earth with Divine revelations for my soul, for my spirit, for my life, for my being a father, for my motherhood, for my Spheres of Light.
I will be spatial and eternally deep for the Divine realm of colours, won’t I?
Crisje, my dear mother, in your body as a Divine temple I reached condensing and expansion.
I was born and I am now a human being, I am adult.
I understand everything, because it was born and originated from the Divine, I am a Deity.”
“Reach meditation”, Master Alcar says, “and that whole space now speaks with us.
The life wants you to experience all these worlds, by means of which you will get to know every independance, and will see every independence before you, and by means of that you will be able to speak to that independence.”
That can now be followed, my sisters and brothers – I am now speaking to you – because we experience this unity and it is also and means a law for your life on earth.
Then the voice reaches André from space and then André says: “My master, my brothers, I get the word from the Divine All.
André receives the word from the Divine All.
All of this which we were able to follow, are grades of life for the Divine evolution.
We already know what all of this means, how this life originated.
Grades of life for this Divine evolution.
All of this which we were able to follow, are harmonic laws of life, which I will represent on earth, and every human being, every animal, the flower, a plant, waters, as father and mother.
Everything is fatherhood and motherhood, nothing and nothing else.
That is God, that is the All-Source, the All-Soul, and by means of this”, André says, “I return to the Divine All, the consciousness where the Christ now lives, and I will soon represent Him there in everything.
Because I am working, I am light, I become life, I become wind, I become night, I become a flower, I become an animal, I am everything, because through me everything received meaning and independence.
If I am not here, my master – I can soon say that on earth and it is for every human being – then this space will collapse and everything will dissolve, only if I am not here.
And now this.
God condensed and expanded himself and brought himself so infallibly to the growth for and by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
And all of this”, André says, “is life, is harmony and wants to be for this: love, still invisible love.
That becomes material and spiritual”, André says.
“What I now feel, that I will take all of this to the expansion, that means everything for my life. Back through the planets; by means of this awe-inspiring macrocosmic body I get the conquering of this space in my hands.
Human being, human being, human being on earth, do you feel”, André sends at this moment to mankind, “that you are spatially deep and that God lives in everything, lives in your body by means of His personality?
That He has given the soul, that He has given His spirit, that He has given His realm of colours, His light to you?
Because you can see, you can speak, you can think, you can feel.
But what is your thinking, your feeling, your speaking like?
In harmony with Him, with all of this, as this originated here?
All of this is life, my master, and I am life of His life.
This is what I receive and have to bring to the earth and I can tell you, my master, I am grateful that I was able to conquer those laws.
I am ready and I will prove it to you with what I do and what I can do.”
And then Master Alcar says: “The masters from the Divine All come to me and say: ‘Look, my brothers, is it clear that this light, which is so awe-inspiringly deep, only wants to be and can mean a Divine spark?’
Therefore the spark, even if we enter the microcosmos, even if we stand before the embryonic life ... that means that the spark of God at a macrocosmic attunement is also a spark of His life, of His light.
A space is only a particle of that deep personality.
And we will experience and be allowed to follow that”, Master Alcar says, “I get that by means of the Human Being who now possesses the Divine All.
It is that, my brothers.
But what does all of this mean, André?”
Then André is ready again, and says: “That we, what I now feel and see, must experience that as the Divine spark for my own human independence.”
Do you see that all those births and revelations already speak to André, are present under his heart, in his soul and in his spirit?
Because he is light or darkness; but he is soul, spirit, life, he is father and he is mother.
And he represents by means of that a grade of life for the human personality as world, as planet.
Mothers, fathers, you represent spaces, you are space, by God.
You are Gods.
You are Gods.
Master Alcar takes over and says: “My brother André, in this – you see it – we can no longer make any mistakes, this is also correct and true.
This is so true and living, because by means of these laws God divided, expanded and already spiritually materially condensed himself.”
The hardening processes, do you see?
If you cannot yet enter this: this is still Divine aura, spiritual aura, already condensed as spirit.
But before that it was still not a spirit, it could still not be seen and yet it was present.
But this becomes material.
“So we experience here”, Master Alcar says, “that God has spiritualized and condensed himself as half-waking, material life of feeling.”
I believe, my sisters and brothers, that this may be clear for you.
Because soon, by means of this ...
Understand me well and now reflect together, and talk about it, it is better to talk about it day and night, even if you start to talk as far as in your sleep, then all the gossip of your earth, the nonsense and the trivial things.
If you have all of this, the University of Christ will be open to you and you will look through all the sparks of life of God.
God as spark.
“It would happen like that”, Master Alcar says, “my brothers.
This stage, which we now see, shows us God as spirit, as fatherhood and motherhood at a macrocosmic attunement.
Macrocosmic, so there is not yet a human being.
We will soon see how the human being reaches condensing and growth.
All of this is still alone macrocosmic.
They are therefore also the Divine revelations and nothing and nothing else.
This is God seen as sparks, He will divide himself, but as a wonderful garment, and yet as a spark, a particle of His personality.
You can no longer be mistaken because we will soon see those sparks again as material bodies and: the material macrocosmos begins.
And then the microcosmos originates.
Because all this life will...” and then it becomes beautiful for you and for the human being, “then the planets will, then the universe will divide itself into myriad of sparks.
By means of which...” – I will dwell on that later in order to now explain to you the Divine self as an independence – “By means of which the Divine motherhood for the planetary system originates.
And it is only then that we can continue.
Is this correct?” Master Alcar asks me.
I say: “Yes, master.”
“Space rips apart, we see that cloth becoming tight, an awe-inspiring tension comes, it becomes elastic and yet ultimately this space rips apart and darkness comes again.
Because I, because we, because God started to divide himself – that is God, that is the All-Mother – fatherhood rips apart, and now frees itself from motherhood.
This ripping, this becoming free of fatherhood and motherhood is now already the independence as God for this fatherhood which we still saw before, a moment ago, together in one world, it now rips apart and they become two different worlds, two different laws.
Two sparks at a macrocosmic attunement have now originated and is nothing else than that the creating power as God divided himself in order to give birth.
And now we see God as mother returning to the darkness, because this light dissolves.
Because every spark now possesses light, now possesses life, possesses a personality, is father and mother.
But in all of this the independence lives, God as light behind that, and here as an astral source of life, which now starts to condense itself.”
And I will soon dwell upon this, because only now we stand, we come before the human possibilities at a macrocosmic attunement and you get to understand and to know yourself.
“This space rips apart.
This ripping apart therefore means”, Master Alcar continues, “that God separates himself, frees himself as a creating power and a giving birth principle.
Motherhood evolves.
Fatherhood was one in motherhood.
Now fatherhood gets the independence in order to give birth and to create, and also motherhood.
Because this is the Divine happening for being a father and being a mother; for space now.
God now divided himself.”
You always hear about that dividing, this Divine dividing is spatial.
And God could do that because the All-Mother, the All-Source began with that working.
You already know that.
“We now see that because of this the universe has to darken.”
Do you see?
We go from the light, back to the darkness.
People call that darkness, that is not darkness, but that is motherhood.
And now you can compare that again on earth: just lay a seed, a bulb, a plant, just lay that down in the sun and it has no darkness, it does not get any giving birth, you see.
That giving birth, that darkness must be there, or the light will rip everything, that light heats up, sprays everything, which makes everything living-dead.
But if this enters motherhood, the darkness – we must not even use that word darkness again – giving birth comes again.
And the laws of life begin again in this human material seed to manifest themselves, the laws of life for the material now, but originated from the growth, which we now follow and experienced for the Divine revelations.
That seed, that cell evolves, grows, is now a law of life, an independence, is soul, is spirit.
It has also the realm of colours, because soon this life will be blond, brown or black.
They are the colours brought forward by means of that circumstance and you can already make these comparisons for your human thinking and feeling.
And then you see that all the pure Divine laws are still present in your own present stage.
None of that has been lost.
The laws, the laws of life have expanded, spiritualized and materialized themselves infallibly and are now in your hands.
As you are sitting there as people, as mothers and fathers, you have everything which we were able to follow up until now.
You are father, you are mother, and you can give birth and create.
The laws of growth are there, the laws of condensing are there, and live in you.
And that source is the All-Source in you.
The All-Power, the Omniscience, the All-Infallibility, the All-Justice, the All-Harmony as life, as love, is in you, you speak by means of it, you now act by means of it.
You are paternal and maternal expansion, condensing and growth.
Do you still have inferiority complexes now?
Then you cannot be reached yet.
“It would happen like that”, Master Alcar says.
“André, which laws of life now come to you, charge at your personality and would you be able to say?”
And then André says: “Oh, my Blavatsky, do you wish to deceive me, when you told the world that the human being was first animal ... first nature, and then became nature, flower, the human being went through flower, plant, tree and water and then the human being became human?
No, Blavatsky, from the Divine source I now already call to you, you will have to perceive that later, all of that originated from the human being, because the human being represents the Divine All and is everything.
Go away, Blavatsky.”
Now André can say: “World fame on earth, phew, I blow you from my hand.
You said that you disembodied and experienced the heavens and the creations, then you were colour blind there.
You saw nothing, you have seen nothing, you only felt yourself, and you only saw yourself.
And you did not even see yourself, because you saw yourself inaccurately, wrongly.
Your story is right with regard to the bible story, that the human being was in a paradise and that there was a snake which started to hiss at the human being, which said: ‘Stay away from that tree.’
And that tree was giving birth and creating.
The human being would therefore not give birth or create for God, the human being did not have to reach unity.
Your story is right with regard to that terrible story, that God came and took a rib from Adam in order to create Eve.
You thought alone, Blavatsky, and you took theosophy from dry land into the ditch.
I am your master.”
“What do the theosophists have to say now, André?
Indeed, there are some who felt the condensings differently and who experienced the temples of Isis, Ra, Ré, and Amon-Ré.
We, who returned from the Other Side, but have not tolerated any mastership – there are some – were able to light the world to a certain extent.
We now speak, we now think for ourselves, but the laws follow us and say: ‘Are you finished with your comparisons?
If you soon, my child, return to earth, then call to the world, to the academics, to the philosophers, the Divine conscious beings who are unconscious: ‘The human being is the Divine source by means of which everything originated’, because I explained My laws to you now.’
Now Christ spoke.”
You will hear Christ many times – because He will not go back to the earth, He must now speak to us from the Divine All – because we represent His life, His light, His shape, His Holy Gospel, His love.
This is His way, His life, His personality, His everything, which the earth now gets and receives.
This is why Christ follows this life, this journey through space, for His University.
Every moment we see His shape, we look into His eyes, and He is there.
Because it concerns Him, it only concerns Him, His everything, His God, His fatherhood and motherhood.
Did He not say: “I will send those who know more than I do”?
We do not know more, we know much less than He did, because we must get it from Him.
The children of His and my Father come back again under His ‘wings’ in order to take mankind to that awakening, to give the light of His shape and personality.
“Blavatsky, what do you want?
Mohammed, what do you want now?
Work out who the dear ones are, who meant something on earth.
Do you now wish to bring expansion by means of violence?
Do you wish to represent God by means of revolvers at your side?
Do you wish to climb Golgotha”, André can already call out, “with the cross in the right hand and in your left hand the sword?
That is devastation, that is destruction, that is unconsciousness, that is animal-like carry-on.”
We can now take millions of laws to the state of purity, they can be explained and experienced.
For the present stage we find everything again which we now experience, which we now saw by means of the life, by means of the Divine spark, the realm of colours, fatherhood and motherhood, soul, life and spirit, in every spark of God.
Even in the waters, in the mud you see that Divine working again.
The life has started, do you see, because the creations divided themselves. I can complete this morning with this.
God as the Kingdom of God; the personality, He divided himself.
And Master Alcar says: “You see, let us meditate before we return to the earth.
Then André can begin with his comparisons, and then André can draw conclusions and prepare himself for the next journey which we will then make for the macrocosmos, for all the universes which originated by means of these manifestations. And then we go from the moon, the All-Mother, then you will see that the moon is the All-Mother again for this space, back to the Divine All.
Come to meditation.
The life in this space”, Master Alcar says, “has started, it has begun.
Space is now giving birth and creating.
Space is light, life and love.
The God of all life, the All-Mother, divided himself infallibly, harmonically, justly, and came and was revealed from darkness to light and back to new evolutions.
The life has started for millions of stages of life and grades of life.
Nothing”, Master Alcar says, “can stop this Divine event.
The creation of God infallibly ends up in human hands, which we will soon experience and see.
We will now follow, my brothers, how this life grows.
We will soon see, when we enter the present stage – my André, you must deal with all of this on earth – that the human being has everything from his All-Source and can expand himself, he can grow, but now by means of his spirit, by means of his shape, by means of his personality.”
Personality, who are you? – I once asked here – what do you want to do on earth?
I placed the arts, the sciences, Socrates, Plato, the theologians under the Divine lights.
We followed them according to the bible, according to the metaphysical laws, according to Egypt.
I gave you six hundred, seven hundred possibilities, of hours, in order to fathom and to radiate and to get to know the human being.
Who are you now?
What do you now know?
“This is Divine truth.
This is everything, because this grows, this soon condenses as material, as sources of life.
And then, André, we stand before astrology, astronomy and you will get the professorship of space.
And then, if we made all those journeys and have brought the life to clarity, you will be the prince of space.
The prince of this space, because all of this means kingship for Divine clarity and justice.
That has nothing to do with the earth.
But the kingship for space is the spiritual consciousness of one grade of life, and then the human being stands before the spatial Omniscience by means of his Divine attunement, and is Omniscient.
And if you can experience and will deal with all of this, André, the princeship of space will come into your hands, and every human being, every mother and every father and each child will receive that if the human being wants to experience, wants to earn this consciousness, as laws, grades of life, spirit, light, Divine realm of colours, taken through fatherhood and motherhood to the spiritual and material condensing, from the embryonic origin to the Divine conscious All; for the earth, as a human being.
The Divine All then lives in the human being.
For this space it grows, yes, indeed, my brothers, and we see it again when we enter the present stage.”
Master Alcar can say that and André knows that and you know it also, my sisters and brothers.
“You, André, my brother, must deal with all of this on earth.
When you return make your comparisons there, prepare yourself in order to be able to experience the next evolution.
And, Master Zelanus, prepare yourself in order to materialize and to record all of this as the Divine Introduction, by means of André.
Then you can say: the cosmology, the first journey for the cosmology has ended and it comes to earth, we will materialize it by means of a technical instrument.
Words will flow from your lives and represent the Divine All by means of this.
It must be clear to you that we see here all the foundations by means of which we get to know God.”
In which we live, my sisters and brothers, they are all children of Mother Earth, the Divine independences, the foundations by means of which the planetary systems condensed and passed into working.
How they condensed and expanded and reached giving birth and creating, all of this comes from this source, from those seventeen pages.
I will soon read it out for you, then you will get the Divinity in you and for this year, for 1950, for a hundred thousand and one things it will mean and be the same laws – also now for your Christmas – you will sit down quietly, and everything which you soon take to you, the soul, the spirit, the Divine personality all live in there and possesses colour and shape.
Yes, indeed!
“From grade to grade, my sisters and brothers”, Master Alcar says, “we must now follow these laws.
From grade to grade, from law of life to law of life, we cannot miss out any more bits.
Because there the laws will say: ‘Hey, wait a moment, Master Alcar, I am a law of life, I am a transition to the next one, you must experience me, you will have to listen to me’, and then the life will speak to us.
This becomes and this is: cosmology for the human being.
From grade to grade the cosmology will speak to the human being through the Christ.
This is: cosmology for love, for justice, for knowledge, for fatherhood and motherhood.
All of this is depth and a state of purity.
This is no longer deep, this lies open, this is conscious.
You can absorb it like that, you are it, just feel your solar plexus, just feel your heart.
Now just give a spatial kiss and a hand to a fellow human being.
If you still do not wish to understand a human being, flatly refuse to want to experience these laws, do not want to read, not to accept and then you place yourself to the invisible Deity which millions of people still possess; you never get space, never get expansion, never get condensing, no growth, no spiritual light, your love remains living dead.
You walk like the living dead in your house, in your society, because you do not want.
Once you must just begin with it.
Once you will have to begin with it because your Deity forces you to it.
We now know: every law of God is a spark of His life and every spark possesses all His character traits, His depth, His life, and His consciousness?
Yes, indeed, by means of the lives which the human being gets, the human being must widen and take all of this to the condensing and that is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
And are you not father and mother?
Do you still have questions to ask about the first phenomena, my brothers?
Then it is still possible now.
On our next journey we will experience the material macrocosmic revelations, also for God, they are therefore for the universe.”
“No”, we can say, “we have nothing more to ask and the laws for this space give us this to feel and to know.
We can now continue.
We have got to know God as the light.”
Yet it gives André something to listen to, when Master Alcar says: “Is there something, André?”
Then André can say: “Yes, my master.
What also comes to me is: all of this is now Divine, certain, infallible, just, harmonic love, now that fatherhood and motherhood pass into that working.
Love, love, love ...
This is Love.
Only life and love.
And I must accept all of this, I see, because I go from the one, I am open to the other.
My master, I see those laws, I must accept them.
I start to experience them and bring them to the growth, I start to make comparisons.
And then I can replay to the human being on earth and say when I see that the action, the deed has been done wrong: ‘Why are you doing that like that?’
There is only one Divine action to be experienced on earth.
And when that Divine action is then in harmony with space, with all the revelations, then you awaken and make conscious something of that Divine spark for the first time.
And it is only then that your halo gets to experience the realm of colours and then your love is perfect.
It is only then that the mother or the father can say: “Yes, I am happy because this life gives me everything.”“
Do you see?
André can say that.
Dear reader, dear people, my sisters and brothers on earth, do you now feel ... I see your light, I see your life, I see your feeling, but do you feel, people here, my sisters and brothers – I write here in the Cosmology – what all of this means for your life, your task in society, for your fatherhood, motherhood, being a sister, brotherhood?
This is our and your foundation for the cosmology of your life.
Work out how one emerged from the other.
Accept irrevocably that God is mother for everything.
It was and it is the All-Mother by means of which all the life received its independence.
We now build on.
Follow us, go with us, but place this introduction in and under your heart.
This is the key, the golden key of life for everyone, for all the life in space, materialized and spiritualized by God.
This is the key for your lifeblood, for your giving birth and creating, for death.
If you know all of this, there is no longer any death.
This golden key opens up everything.
You have reached that unity by means of the revelations of God and you can accept this cheerfully for this year, for your task, for your daily life and your love.
We will soon come to the universe for all of this as a matter of course, but then, my sisters and brothers, we also stand before the hells and the heavens.
And then we will see that the hells and the heavens live in you, but that you will conquer the hells as dark, unconscious worlds and by means of which your heaven-consciousness gets shape.
But then you will have completed your cycle of the earth and you will be one of ours.
You will then be one with Him, Christ; always, eternally and always: Christ, Christ, Christ.
Accept all of this for your soul, for your spirit, for your personality.
By means of this you will get to know God, your own Deity.
And if we release ourselves from all of this, if we, assured by the Divine All, can say farewell to these revelations, and we stand hand in hand, after to have experienced, to have been able to receive all of this, then Master Alcar looks André in the eye and says: “Do you wish to go to Golgotha first, André, because our hold lives there?”
And from that source – from that invisible, it has become invisible again, there is darkness again – we return through the astral, Divine world – do you see? – the spiritual, astral, Divine world, and we enter the spiritual conscious world for the human being.
That all starts to expand and we will follow that, we must follow and experience that.
We come from there to the material, present macrocosmos, we see the sun there, we see the moon there which is now already dying for your age.
We see Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus there.
We see the hazes again, the condensings and the darkness.
We see that Mother Earth gets night by means of a revolution.
And André says: “Bible, bible, God said: ‘I will make a light for the night and a light for the day’, and it is the earth.”
People of the earth, professors, and faculties awaken, and if we then lie down on Golgotha, precisely on the spot where the spiritual cross is eternal, in order to be able to receive mankind through the Christ, we fall down and reach meditation and thinking.
It does not take long and then André awakens, then he stands on the earth, then he experiences himself.
He looks me in the eye and says: “Master Zelanus, when will you begin?”
And then I say, on Golgotha, seeing the cross of the Messiah straight with my eyes: “André, if you want and are ready, we begin this afternoon, according to the earthly time.”
November 1944, the 16th, on a Wednesday the 16th – on a day of trouble and misery for your life age – André-Dectar sits down, through me, but through the masters, through Master Alcar and his masters, inspired by the Christ, in order to begin with your Cosmology, the Divine revelations of which you were able to experience and were able to follow by means of these few lectures.
Who are you?
If I was able to give you something, also this: Christmas has eternal meaning.
If you experience it again with this in you, then understand that the Messiah was born in the middle of the Summer.
So you experience the past once again, but make the present stage of the past.
And it means and says, my sisters and my brothers: Christ was born and awakened eternally for you, you must make Christmas of your life and your thoughts, your feeling every moment.
Bring every thought back to this and let your life grow.
Make your life ready for the physical, the spiritual, the spatial omniscience, because we place that in your hands.
If God gives us, the All-Mother then, the mercy to finish everything for you and to experience it here, then I can and the masters can send all of you, you women and men, over the world as Divine omnisciences for these spaces.
You can then take the professorship bit by bit in your hands, because you have brought the word, your life of feeling to growth, to love, to justice.
I make living adepts of you in the holy name and the meaning of the Christ.
In the name of the masters and His life: God bless all of you.
I am pleased that I was able to give you this.
I thank you for everything.
Love each other.
Please. (kiss)
Thank you for your flowers.