Fatherhood and Motherhood of the Universe for the Human Being – IV

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get the fourth lecture again about ‘Fatherhood and Motherhood of the Universe for the Human Being.’
But this morning we will immediately go onto the Divine harmony for universe and human being, soul, spirit, life, the human personality on earth.
We will therefore continue in order to see and to get to know what God, the All-Source, the All-Mother, actually wanted with the creations.
The best is, that I will immediately start to read in order to explain the laws to you in the meantime.
André, who is one with the universe, after Master Alcar has made the comparisons, now gets the inspiration and can say: “My Master, what I now experience is nothing else than the Divine harmony, born and originated by means of fatherhood and motherhood, for this universe and for all the life which originated by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
I am inspired, I am one and can therefore answer you.”
André begins: “The cosmology for fatherhood and motherhood, my Master, takes us now to the Divine harmonic laws.
In the first revelations of God we were able to experience the spiritual harmonic laws.
But now for the material, because God condensed himself by means of all this, planets, stars.
But, now to be able to sense the material lawgiving personality and to be able to absorb that independence into me, my Master, I reach unity, and those laws take me back to myself, to the life on earth, and it is only then that I can determine my own independence and go further.
For this purpose, my Master, my brothers, I must begin to experience again what I just saw, what we determined.
I will now answer you.”
And that is a child of the earth, André.
“The laws of space now speak to my life.
I see that I can return to the very first revelation process for God as father and mother.
And behind that I then enter the All-Source again as motherhood and fatherhood.
Where I now live the laws can also be followed, because one life now created the other, fatherhood condensed by means of motherhood, and motherhood received growth by means of the creating laws for this space, which is God.
Everything which I see is wonderful.
I see above all how simple those laws have now condensed themselves.
But the following division which we get, my Master, for animal, human being and Mother Nature, that became for all this life and soon for my present stage the independence of and for an organism, in which we will see the soul and the spirit and the life of feeling back again.”
Can you feel this?
“Because the universe first experienced the All-Mother as soul and then as spirit, this process continued and they became the harmonic laws for space and all the life which would condense itself by means of those laws of and for fatherhood and motherhood.
But now, my Master, the universe now speaks to my life.”
My sisters and brothers, now you must listen to what will now come.
The universe, all the life – we always say and we taught you that – can speak to your life if you are connected to that life, if you are in harmony.
And we taught you by means of the first lectures: first learn to think socially, materially and then spiritually and then you will get the cosmic life in you of its own accord by means of the spiritual unity, and then the cosmos and every spark of that space will speak to your personality.
André now experiences that.
Space now says – so space, the garment, the organism in which everything lives: “I was first soul and then I became spirit.”
Did we not experience that?
And then ...
Now André has seen that, we followed that.
You now experienced those lectures.
And now space will tell us whether we made mistakes.
“I was first soul and then I became spirit.
Then I also got to experience my material laws.”
That is the enclosure for the stars and planets, the suns; that is the body for this universe.
“But this process took millions of ages.
As a human being you will now experience and get hold of our harmonic laws, because we received, I received my independence for that purpose.
Is that clear to you?
They are the essential laws as fatherhood and motherhood by means of which the growing possibilities for my life as material phenomena became visible and I could”, space also, “begin with my own life.
The moon and the sun represent me for space and pass on those laws, by means of the division of their personality, of the own obtained self, to your life, to my life.
So everything here, which you now see, my brother, my child, they are parts of me.
I close off all of this and you will be able to follow that by means of my laws.
But I was also born by means of the All-Mother.
At the following grades of life we will give you a cosmic picture of that.
There is no question of disharmony in this space, in my life, in my soul, in my spirit and my wonderful personality.
By means of this you have to accept that the macrocosmos created the microcosmos.
But the sun gave motherhood his space, the moon as the first cosmic grade of life, by means of which the life expanded itself and awakened, yes, also the human and the animal-like motherhood.”
Can you feel this?
“In my space, in my life, in my soul, in my spirit, in my personality there is therefore only harmony.
It wants to mean awakened consciousness.”
Can you feel this?
Awakened consciousness.
So by means of fatherhood and motherhood you get awakening life of feeling and that is the consciousness for all the life of God.
“And for everything that is of course your expansion, your growth and if my life could not grow, all the life, which God is and must be God, would stand still and at a dead point.
The sun therefore inspired the moon in order to serve the life of God and send it back to the All-Source.
What does the cosmic harmony now mean for your life, people of the earth?
You can now determine and follow those laws, it is only then that you will understand how harmonic everything happened and you see on earth what the human being made of it.
You now determine that the law of God cannot be sullied, because we, this life in space, still continued to keep the Divine harmonic laws.
We did not create any destruction, because sun and moon is man and mother, is father and child, is everything, because God did not want it any differently and they are the laws for all the life for this space which will be born.
And you know it: the earth also, as child of my life, floats in this space and is part of my body.”
That wonderful universe, my sisters and brothers, is therefore nothing else than an organism which we will now analyze for you completely macrocosmically, Divinely responsible and then you will know yourself, your Deity and your All-Source.
You now experience that by means of these lectures.
“It is the Cosmology”, space says, “for your life on earth.
By means of the harmonic laws the grades of life for fatherhood and motherhood have now condensed and now show you how the obtained consciousness, by means of that fatherhood and motherhood, has become with regard to the All-Source in you, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood.
Now follow this awakening and you will get to know me as a law of growth and in addition to this you will know and pass onto the child of Mother Earth that you will enter a new universe through me.”
André gets all of that.
We cannot yet determine any mistakes, because it is true.
“What I now see, my Master”, André continues, “is, that the planets and suns, which possess the Divine attunement, also represent everything of that All-Source.
Nothing has been lost during those millions of ages; on the contrary, the life reached growth harmonically and followed the laws of God.
There were no disturbances to be experienced here.
The Divine, but spiritual revelations condensed themselves and the realm of colours is now already present.
A flower of the earth, my Master, possesses those laws and is the materialization in an embryonic state.
But a flower also represents the spatial harmonic law, or the life would not have received and could not experience that growth for that.
When I see a flower on earth, I see God again in the realm of colours, then I see fatherhood and motherhood, then I see all the laws of condensing and growth and I can experience and analyze the flower, because the stem from the ground is the growth for fatherhood and motherhood, my Master.
I can now answer those academics and say:” “What lives under the ground is motherhood and what reveals itself is pure creation.”
André just says that.
“I can now make the comparisons, thousands of millions, of them, I become cosmically conscious, because I possess the life on earth and now get to know the spatial laws.
I now determine and can follow the Divine principle from the harmonic laws, because the grade starts to connect me with the following substance as a law of life.
It must be clear”, André says, “that we experience the Divine revelations materially on earth and see every law, and it is only then, my Master, that we enter that Divine oneness with this space.”
And anyone who wants to experience that disharmonically, obviously closes himself off to the Divine fatherhood and motherhood.
And you can know that now, because it has become chaos on earth with regard to God; people make wars, the mother does not want a child and throws the inner life, the soul, back in the Divine face.
The chaos has been unleashed, millions, thousands of people, souls, now wait between life and death for one organism.
This is how it is with the consciousness of Mother Earth, not with Mother Earth, but the consciousness of her children, her children sullied the Divine harmonic maternal and paternal laws.
“That is the Divine event, my Master”, André says, “for space.”
But what did we people make of it?
“The grade of life now as a material part of God, now takes me to the next stage.”
The grade of life as material part, so a sun, a moon, it does not matter what we see in space and what we stand before, that material part of God takes us to the next stage.
“And now we enter the harmonic fatherhood for space, the harmonic oneness with the All-Source.
And the human being created disharmony precisely in here, my Master.
How are fatherhood and motherhood experienced on earth?
What did the people do?
In space fatherhood and motherhood got hold of the life, by means of the harmony.
The life continued in peace, new life came and that became the next birth.
And this life could not be disturbed in any way, because it is God himself, it is God himself for everything, it is the All-Source, I see all the Divine character traits here again.
Why would God disturb himself for the universe?
But when God – I now start to see that, my Master – places this in the hands of the human being, this unconscious life will sully and deform the laws and we are faced with psychopathy, madness and all those other laws.”
And we listen.
“On earth, the Divine soul as a human being has forgotten himself in that and murdered the life.
The human being broke these cosmic harmonic laws, the cause and effect of which we will later see and experience, but by means of which all that misery originated for the human being.
Because God was not able to do this and never wanted it.”
And then he shouts out to space, “Is God now to blame for this?”
“What I must see here, my Master, what I must follow, that all is for the child of Mother Earth.
There is harmony in this, no law was disturbed, I was able to determine, and space, the universe now shows me that.
All this wonderful life lives here in peace and quiet; the ultimate grade of life reaches all the life, and then continued to a next grade.
Every grade of life here in this space therefore received spatial harmony, only by experiencing and undergoing fatherhood and motherhood, that Divine consecration.
The life came that far by means of sun and moon.
That is now the entering of the next stage for us, and the universal birth, after which the soul as spirit underwent a material law and obviously hardened, became larger, became more spacious, and grew.
Every spark now grows because the universe could begin with those laws and phases of life.”
André continues: “If I follow the life of this space then I come to stand before those laws.
I now see that one life is further than the other.
I can also experience that on earth.
We still have the jungle and the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races) there.
You taught and showed me that yourself.
But by means of the radiating light of the suns, therefore as paternal power, the life grew and the seven following ages gave this Divine evolution to the life.
They are now the seven times of revelation experienced by God”, originated from the All-Source, do you remember that? “and what was received by all the life and what the life got hold of and will continue.
So, my Master, what the first spiritual revelations brought about – this wonder happened from the All-Mother – we now see that again materialized in this universe.
And we do not need to doubt the originality, the laws as material and as fatherhood and motherhood now speak for themselves.
A human being, an animal, a flower, a plant, they have been embryonic phenomena, but now reach growth as material.
All the life now for the planet earth, my Master, possesses those harmonic laws, because by means of this the life reached growth, blossom and grew.
The cosmic harmonic laws can now be followed and experienced”, also for the child of Mother Earth, “because we can master this life and because we received our own life.
But I now see why it is space that has to do with the human being and these laws, it analyzes itself.
I said that one life is further than the other and we now have to accept that.
But we also see the harmonic laws materialized in that again.
By means of the harmonic laws the life continued, and became father and mother.
From her own condensing the soul now sees her obtained consciousness, as a material part of space.
But is the human being therefore harmonic in that at the moment?
Is all the life of Mother Nature on earth harmonically tuned to the Divine revelations which we now experience?
I see and I now know that only”, only, do you hear it now? “the human being has created disharmony, the life of Mother Nature was not even capable of that.”
Now look at an innocent, pure, delicate flower.
That is after all not possible that a flower, that nature, Mother Nature, the source which gave soul, spirit, material to all the life, that it could sully itself.
And if you now want to know when you can be in harmony with the Spheres of Light and space, then you must only experience the harmony of Mother Nature, the ground, the waters, a tree, a flower – but not the animal life, we see disharmony again in that, because one animal destroys the other – but solely and only Mother Nature and then you reach a state of purity, which Frederik talked about in ‘Masks and Men’.
André continues: “Because the life of this space was now inspired by God, the harmonic Divine laws visibly materialized the creation, we recognize the condensing laws for sun, moon, planets and stars from that, by means of which the independence”, therefore the independence for the human being, but also for the space, “emerged as a shape.
Now that shape could continue the obtained own consciousness and then experienced the new and the next birth”, by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
Do you now see that fatherhood and motherhood that that is the most, the most sacred of all for you as a human being and for all the life of God?
“I see all this life, all these harmonic laws and possibilities before me, every spark”, André says, “is inspired by this and possesses that Divine attunement.
It is obvious, my Master, that every spark possesses that ultimate phase of life which God meant and attached to the life, or there would be no going further, no higher awakening.
But that awakening can be seen, can be experienced and can be determined because the macrocosmos condensed itself for the human being and all the life.
So, the cosmic harmony, my brothers, was given by God to the life.
But the stars and planets, suns, now represent that law by means of their existence and closed themselves off completely by means of this and now received that independence as law, as material, as soul, as spirit, as radiance, as giving birth in its own hands, by means of which now, as happened in the universe, the own atmosphere originated.
But the All-Source pushed further, I now see.
Now no end comes to that inspiration and you will soon experience that; and we can then determine that for all the life of Mother Earth, for every science.
After all, this will be the distance for fatherhood and motherhood, that representation, that all the life goes to an own becoming conscious and also gets hold of that becoming conscious if the human being, if the soul, no, if the spirit, if the personality wants to and can experience fatherhood and motherhood harmonically.
The harmony for this space therefore created expansion.
And if there is no harmony, there is no expansion, neither for this planetary system, nor for every spark of God; we have to accept that and we can now determine that if I now connect myself with the life on earth.
We now get physical destruction and we get spiritual destruction, physical disharmony and spiritual disharmony, my Master.
I am now completely open, I am one with the earthly, human psychology, I see through insanity at the moment, psychopathy.
‘Every spiritual faculty’, my Master, this space calls to me, ‘lies in your hands.
Because you know these laws, child of Mother Earth, you will experience the University of Christ and analyze every law as life and as material with regard to the All-Source, your All-Being in you and you can go further again.’
Isn’t that amazing?
André is still not free and can say: “Every spark, my Master, as the materialization got progress, removed itself from fatherhood and now continued an own source of life.
So every spark has had to accept and experience the paternal authority of and for space.
But because the soul underwent the materialization as spirit, the harmonic laws emerged and this wonderful organism emerged as a whole.
It is now obvious, that the realm of colours also emerges because the sun could condense itself and He, that is fatherhood, began with that radiance.”
My sisters and brothers, do you know, do you feel what we are reading out here and what you experience?
No astronomer knows that, no human being on earth now knows what we experience here.
What you now get, that is the University of Christ.
Every word now is a prophesy for all the sciences and you get that.
I hope that it gets through to you.
“Every spark of God”, André continues, “born by means of His division, now represents an own space and world and is”, now it comes again, “soul, spirit and material of the All-Source.
It is only then that we see the obtained personality and now the own will for this system follows, given by the God of all life to His creations.”
That life is will, that life is everything, that life is the Divine personality in that and that and that grade of life as attunement with regard to this awakening for fatherhood and motherhood.
“Those laws, my Master, can also be followed and analyzed on earth.
By means of the universe grades the soul of God got meaning and an own existence.
He got hold of himself in order now to represent Him in all the spaces which will be born.
And will the human being later enter His Divine All by means of the harmonic laws of God?
I now see that this is possible, because this evolution possesses attunement to the All-Experiencing, by means of which that certainty comes in and to me.
And you know that it is true because we were able to hear the voice from the Divine All.
Christ therefore came from the All-Consciousness back to the earth and takes us, draws us up to His All-Existence.
I see His shape, I am one with this truth because I want to serve, because I want to think, because I want to make, create, give birth, give something for myself, for the human being on earth.”
And then there comes again and directly now from the Divine All, now listen carefully, these are Divine foundations: “The cosmic grades of life for this universe created these worlds by means of fatherhood and motherhood for the human being, the animal, flower and plant life in order to return to God and to represent Him now in the conscious, human Divine All.”
These are Divine commandments.
As you received the ten commandments from the Divine All – and wherever they came from – and that is called: You will not kill, this is therefore the Cosmology for all the bibles which originated and were written.
This is now real, purely the Divine word, which you receive from the Divine All.
These are the first books for the new bible.
You feel, the bible now on earth begins with: “And it came to pass.”
You read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’: and we will make night, a light for the night and a light for the day.
And it came to pass.
No, he was completely off the mark.
Mother Earth created light for the night.
It is the reflection of the sun on the moon.
And now you must experience the new bible here and you can accept that, this is the clean, pure Divine word.
But that is now only possible in this time because the Masters built up their own instrument.
Here Jozef Rulof does not speak ever and eternally, but we are it.
We now come ourselves, our word is therefore Divinely responsible.
We cannot make any mistakes.
We will prove that to you.
André will keep on seeing that for you, and we for us, and Master Alcar, as the Divine representation for those who reached the Divine All.
There we stand now.
“The cosmic grades of life for this universe created these worlds by means of fatherhood and motherhood for the human being, the animal, a flower, in order to return to God and to represent Him eternally in the conscious Divine All.”
“I must agree, my master, it is true and not any different!
Even the distances for space experience harmony.”
Can you feel?
Even the distances for space experience harmony.
What do your astronomers know about that?
We can now start to experience a distance.
We fly to that other planet and are one with that wonder.
There is no longer any distance for us.
We are spiritually humanly conscious for this space and can no longer make any mistakes, because we go from one grade to the next, and then stand on top of the new law as independence, again: fatherhood and motherhood, soul, spirit, life and of course a new personality, a new colour, because that colour grows and will one day possess the Divine colours as independence.
Can you read that on earth?
Can you read that somewhere?
There is not one initiated, any theosophist, any Rosicrucian, any Buddha, any ancient Egypt which knew this.
This is the highest wisdom of life of the University of Christ.
“I must also agree”, André can say, “my Master, it is true.
Even the distances for space experience the harmony.”
And now André says: “If Jupiter had taken the place of the earth, this would have been a cosmic disturbance, but that was not possible now, because the laws of condensing represent and also got a hold of the harmony themselves.
If Mercury had taken in the place of the moon, the life of the moon as mother would have been disrupted and disturbed and frozen a moment later, and there would have been no more question of cosmic harmonic laws.”
André now experiences astronomy, astrology, the clean, pure, harmonic laws for the Divine All.
You should hear all the things which come out here: “But the harmonic laws for fatherhood and motherhood ensured that evolution and development, spatial love and peace.
The universe-oneness, my Master, is for every spark, and that now attunes us to the giving birth and creating, again and again, by means of which every spark got to represent an own attunement and world.”
So every spark, a small insect, your lice and your fleas represent an own world and a space can also be experienced there.
And if you can experience that evolution in the waters and in nature, if you can experience insects in the summer, you see that every small insect possesses the universal everything, but has attunement to post-creation, and to the rotting processes.
We experience the pure Divine creation for fatherhood and motherhood in that as existing laws for God himself, but which He gave to the human being, to the life.
“The cosmically harmonic laws therefore represent God by means of”, now you must hear, my children, “the Divine justice as material phenomenon and in a material state, as life, as soul, as spirit, as father, as mother, as light, as elemental laws.
But all of that wants to be for the human being on earth: Divine love.”
To live harmonically – you now know – to be harmonically one with the human being on earth and for all the arts and sciences is no different than experiencing the happiness and the peace, the harmony; and you have now called that love.
“And I, my Master, will soon be able to determine it for space and for all the life, because I now know, I am now starting to understand how the human being has to lay his foundations for that love, that oneness, the harmony.
During the Divine phenomena”, André still continues, “in an astral, therefore spiritual state, I had nothing else to see and to experience.
But now all those Divine phenomena have been materialized in the pre-stage of creation, they expanded, but they are still father and mother.
I continue, my Master, and see that every planet must radiate this law and that is then the obtained consciousness, the own independence.
Every spark possesses that life energy and creates new life by means of that for this space and then obviously for a new universe.”
Because this is not the Divine All.
“And I can explain to you that this will then be the fourth cosmic grade of life, a new universe, none of which the academics on earth will see.
Is it clear to you, my Master?”
Can you hear now?
Now Master Alcar has to listen and André says: “My Master, is it clear to you?”
He does not slap Master Alcar in his face, because now André is Divinely inspired and can say: “My Master, is it clear to you?”
But what is said there, “is it clear to you?” that does not belong to him again, because that comes from the Divine All.
The conscious Human Being in the Divine creation wants that and he passes it on.
If you experience the Divine touch as a mother, what do we people still have to tell if you can say: “The Divine source lives in me”?
Mother, if you carry your child you can now say: “I am giving birth, I am creation, God lives in me.”
It is so sacred, so wonderful for the mother to experience the child, the being one with that giving birth and creating.
Is it clear to you?
“Rebirth for all the life now forces the personality”, you hear it, “to go further and that is therefore now the true serving.”
The possession for all this life, but also for the human being on earth.
If you therefore do not want to be any father and any mother, you stand wide of creation and you bring disharmony for your own evolution.
Did I not tell you one morning – if I may let go of this – what a priest now does and a little nun?
They murder themselves and they stand irrevocably at a deadlock and stand still.
They will make up for it.
But what can be experienced by means of that, is awe-inspiring with struggle, with disharmony.
Because only the Divine giving birth and creating continues to keep the independence in your life, and then you feel calm, and you feel sharply conscious.
If you experience fatherhood and motherhood then you obviously grow calmly, harmonically, and spatially; nothing can disturb you.
But when there is just something in that fatherhood and motherhood and you have disturbed it by means of your sacred doing and your praying, then we later enter, back on earth, in a new life, the psychopathy for fatherhood and motherhood, the insanity for fatherhood and motherhood.
And now just go over the world and just go and look at the people, about whom you can now say: “You have been fully, a hundred percent father and mother”?
And that fatherhood and motherhood also want to be a charater trait, want to be a thought.
I taught you that and I then said to you, my sisters and brothers: and now we experience, we enter the philosophical systems for your fatherhood and motherhood as a power of thoughts, as a life of thoughts, now your whole dictionary can be experienced and can be seen, can be felt and analyzed and you stand before your Divine personality.
Are you now starting to understand something about yourself?
Is it clear to you?
Yes indeed.
“And these are now”, we also experienced that, “and these are now”, André says, “the seven following grades of life which God also had to accept, when He began with His materialization and His spiritualization.
And means: ages were needed in order to reach that development, in order to enter that development.
The life was not that far and not ready either in a few hours.”
And now you say, and the people asked that, the human being keeps wondering about that: “Why did God create trouble and misery, cancer, tuberculosis, illnesses, leprosy, insanity, psychopathy, darkness?”
Is it clear to you, my sisters and brothers, that God could not create any darkness, any illnesses, but that this is still evolution and is and can be nothing else?
We now all get to know that.
So millions of systems go overboard.
Only the Divine, clean, pure path, that cord takes us to the next stage and then we continue again.
God did not create any disharmony.
“But”, André says, now it comes, “that places me, my Master, immediately before the bible and we see everything differently.
But what you already talked about, that is now clear to me.
There were therefore seven grades created for fatherhood and motherhood.
That story from the Old Testament: and there was an Adam and an Eve and a tree and a snake, that is nonsense, because the creations had already been finished for millions of ages, my Master, and then the bible writers had to and the human being himself still had to begin with thinking.”
We now get all of that from the cosmos.
“And that means again: seven following grades of life gave those ages new life”, but that took millions of ages before this space received the material condensing.
And look, what did the people tell about it?
“Oh, my Master, if I now want to attune myself to the consciousness of the earth, they are millions of children of God, Divine people, they are now beaten, kicked and broken by lies and You told them.”
The voice from space says: “I?
André, do you wish to pass on my word, do you wish to tell the child of Mother Earth that I could never have said, never have materialized that, because then I would enter the disharmony; and can disharmonic life of feeling be determined here?”
Now space speaks as God to the human being; therefore the garment as space, that organism is God as spatial garment, speaks to us as a human being: “Did I say that?
Did you see this here?”
We now take care of everything, we now analyze every thought, every university, each faculty, my sisters and brothers, irrevocably Divinely.
And lay for this and afterwards the new Divine universal foundations and we can continue again.
Are you not afraid of me?
That is the inspiration of space, I must restrain myself, or I will let this building burst, the inspiration, the wonderful power of space is like that if you undergo that.
I must check myself with force and Master Alcar too and there are Masters here to stop this.
If I address sun and moon and these laws, as André experiences that, then our inner self will burst and our life will be torn apart, and yet we must go on.
We must be able to say: ‘Yes, sun, you created and gave birth to me, but now you have nothing more to say, I am representing you.
I will analyze you for the human being, that is your own life, and would you want to destroy me by means of your awe-inspiring powers?’”
And then Mother Moon already goes back, then she says: “Yes, my child, but my radiance is so strong, and you must still absorb it, you must still be inspired?”
And then André says: “Mother, be careful, or my blood will pass my lips.”
Think for a moment, peace enters space, and then the moon closes, then that law closes its eyes and says: “You are right”, and now space bows to the human being, the own child.
“Thank you.”
The sun is looking again: “What do you have to say about me this morning?”
“Those transitions, my Master, therefore take us”, all those transitions, André says, “through the growth and blossom process to the final core and then we see a new stage.”
People, if you now die, you experience a final core for your spirit and your soul and you enter a new stage.
So death is a new stage of evolution.
“Grim Reaper”, this is from ‘Jeus I’, “we made a nice necklace from your pearls, your little pearls, for our Miets”, and that is true.
Kick those lies under your feet to bits, people, fathers and mothers, and you will now be cosmically busy becoming conscious.
But if you still follow that damnation, the will shall not reach growth and you will be powerless, no, you are still asleep, so unconscious, you still do not wish to think.
André sees all of this and experiences all of this.
He can say: “The All-Mother had to follow these laws.
Was she not?
We kept seeing her change in the beginning for these creations.
But that is the Divine development now for the human being, for the animal, for flower, plant, and all the life of Mother Nature.
By means of this changing, my Master, the life as soul, as spirit, entered a heightened stage and can now also be experienced on earth, because these laws have not changed in anything.
The human being goes, we experienced that by means of ‘The Origin of the Universe’, by means of that trilogy, from the jungle to the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races).
Also death and life experience their evolution-laws as harmonic grades of life.”
Death experiences that; so death is now already a new stage, is evolution, is going further, is awakening.
“Now that the moon is dying”, we therefore enter, we therefore experience the present stage, “she experiences her harmonic law in order to return to the All-Source.
That is now the going further in the spirit for the planetary system.
Is it not simple now, now that we experience all of this?
I see those amazing laws before me, my Master, and can also follow the grades of life and analyze them bit by bit.
Soon the embryonic life must convince me of that, because then we see the seven following grades of life for this harmonic fatherhood and motherhood again in the embryonic stage.
That becomes something amazing to see, and then I immediately stand before the Divine reality, how the human being is pulled back for his reincarnation.
And then I see my own development and I can”, therefore in the embryonic stage, “convince myself there of this Divine macrocosmic truth, because those harmonic laws as an embryonic life were also given to me.”
We will continue.
“And a meteor does not experience anything else, my Master.
When this life bursts, is ripped apart”, now we already have to do with life and death, even if we do not go into that any further, “because the dying process, so the new evolution approaches, the new transition comes, that life also experiences this Divine harmony for fatherhood and motherhood, for the own growing and that life can say: ‘I have now completed my task for that life.’”
And then the human being on earth sees the rays of a meteor.
But does the astronomer know this phenomenon?
Yes, something falls, something is torn apart, but the actual, Divine phenomenon wants to be nothing else than: “I am going back to the Divine All.”
“That life will soon help”, now the birth comes for a meteor, my sisters and brothers, that life continues, “that life will soon help to condense the life of the fourth cosmic grade.”
And will represent there again a place in order to soon occupy the own place in the Divine All as Divine meteor, as a Divine part of this wonderful macrocosmic organism; and has also a star, a planet, a sun, reached the Divine firmament.
Space now already tells us that we must also continue.
If we want to see the Divine core in that meteor, in a planet, in a sun, in hazes and in night, in darkness, then we must follow that evolution for fatherhood and motherhood in order to finally enter the Divine All, because we see that same fatherhood and motherhood again as Divine independence, perfectly simple again, but now at the Divine attunement and we stand before the All-Sun.
This little sun here, which possesses fatherhood and by means of which all life lives, is only a small trivial little spark for the All-Sun in comparison to the All-Planet as mother, which we will experience on our next journeys, and we will enter the All-Planet for the fourth cosmic grade.
And later all of us will stand in the Divine All and there we will then experience something, for which you will forget your whole life here, if you can still experience that, because that will be the force for your human thinking and feeling.
“You see it, my Master”, André still continues, you should hear what that poor André has to deal with, “even the stars experience a death and continuing to a harmonic attunement.”
So the stars and the planets experience a dying process and that is Divine justice.
If they were not allowed to die, the life would really have approached a standstill.
“And you just weep here and you just cry”, Jeus says, “if you stand before your grave and you just dress black and dark.”
And you can now understand that Jeus of mother Crisje had to laugh then when he saw that Tall Hendrik was standing in the church and followed the priest and says: “Why do you not give me a little drop of your blessing?
I get nothing, only my corpse.”
Did you not read that?
And it is the sacred truth.
And when Jeus makes a fairground attraction of it by means of Jozef and André, then be pleased that it is still possible, because those pathetic feelings must go from society.
If you put on your top hat again for that, you dress like a frilled child and you have no meaning.
You must react immediately if the spiritual mistake stands before you, or you will not lay any new foundations.
“You see it, my Master, what I was able to experience on earth as a child, I now already see again in the universe.
You gave me that by means of the hells and the heavens.
I see everything truly originating now.
You see it yourself.
Even the stars and the planets experience this and even if bits and pieces fly through space and to the earth, this life experiences a harmonic law.”
What now happens to you as a human being when you are put in the ground?
Did you think that you lay down there very quietly, in peace?
What happens in space, which has to represent this tearing apart for the meteors – planets cannot be ripped apart – that is the rotting in the corpse, because those little animals drag your organism away.
It remains under the ground, yes indeed.
But God says: “It is going well like that, My children”, because they are also children, they now take care that you can continue with your further evolution.
Because if there was no rotting, then you would also remain for always and eternity sitting on your own corpse and your life could not expand itself.
They are also Divine laws.
André says: “Death, therefore for the earth, my Master, and ourselves, is the being ready for the next stage.”
Oh, death is sweet and lovely, because death gives me ‘wings’, we can now immediately start to poetize.
“And now every obtained energy for space can be seen, experienced again in the All-Source.
And means, my Master ...”
Oh, the picture is touchingly beautiful which I see and I stand immediately before the Christ when He said: “You are material and you will return to material.”
He could have immediately added, but the people in Jerusalem would not have understood: “Because your inner life will soon represent the All-Source as mother.
You cannot destroy anything, even if you want to nail Me to the cross, you only just destroy your own self.”
The All-Mother as All-Source, as All-Light, as All-Life, as soul and spirit and fatherhood and motherhood did not want it like that, people of the earth.
If only the Christ was just accepted, then He would still have lived now.
Christ could have lived for ten thousand years, He could have kept His body, His material body going for twenty-five million years as ages.
At the age of thirty He could have remained standing still if you had accepted and had been able to love Him Divinely spiritually, we know that.
André says: “When the next stage is now entered by us, my Master and my brother Zelanus, the foundations for that have already been laid by space.
We lay the spiritual foundations for our spiritual existence in the life on the Other Side and on earth, don’t we.
You now hear that I can also follow your life, even if I still live on earth and you have already reached the Spheres of Light, my Master and Master Zelanus.”
Is this not an amazing unity?
“By means of this I can therefore make my comparisons with regard to your life, but in addition to this that of the macrocosmos and I am also cosmically safe as a spiritual personality, because the God for all this life now speaks through my life of feeling.
I am one, I am in this contact, and the life wants to be lived.
And the new world also possesses again”, which now stems from this, “the Divine harmonic laws.
After all, if I am not in harmony with my own eternity, the law for love”, and that is for all the people on earth, “calls me to a halt and forces me to master that harmonic love, or I will not come a step further.”
So if you therefore refuse to understand the love of the other human being who can and will do it more softly and differently, then you will also stand still and at a deadlock, we teach you.
Snarling and snapping ...
I was not allowed and able to give you during all those years, all those hundreds of lectures anything else but the foundations for your own character.
But did it get through to you that those same foundations for your character have universal, Divine, spatial meaning?
If you refuse to be soft, to feel kindly, please note, if you now refuse to experience the motherhood and you say: “What does that matter to me?” but my God, my God, my God, what then still remains of your inner life for all these cosmic laws and harmonic independences for you as a human being?
What do you live for now?
What is the purpose of the life on earth for you as a human being, as a father and a mother?
Are you now starting to feel that a little bit?
Then we are already satisfied, then we are happy, “because you belong with me, because you are from me”, Master Alcar says and the Masters say.
“I cannot be happy”, the Christ says, “if you do not want what I want, because I am one with the Father of you and of Me.”
There is so much in that Cosmology.
We comprise everything, everything, everything, everything; for soul, for spirit, for the light, for your love.
Do you now already love spiritually?
By means of a snarl, snapping, not wanting ...
How do you wish to experience spiritual, spatial love?
Yes, you want to be happy, but you do not have anything to spare for it.
You do not yet do it.
If you experience disturbances, it is your own fault.
Is this Divine?
Is that bible Divine now?
You cannot escape it.
André can say to us: “Yes, but I am not even there yet.
I have such a lot to tell, my Master, and I am grateful that the source itself says: ‘Now first this word and then me and then that grade’, or I would succumb in this space as a human being.”
Christ said after all: “We will have to conquer all these Divine charater traits, you showed me that on Golgotha, or we will not be capable of representing God according to His harmonic laws.
But it is possible, because the universe gave me everything.”
This is therefore the true resurrection, which Christ spoke about, but by means of the bible writers and the later human being was completely deformed.
Because they only looked at that grave and made something else of it themselves.
They wanted to make it easier and precisely by making that easier, the seeing wrongly, the feeling wrongly, the disharmony for the resurrection originated in the human being.
Do you know what remained of it, of the Divine resurrection in the human being?
The last judgement.
And that is now everything.
André can see here: “That you and I”, he says, “can keep on resurrecting and that the space will inspire my life, my soul and my spirit, my personality and that this resurrecting is nothing else than the actual experiencing of a new fatherhood and motherhood.”
Oh, oh ...
“And I have still not worked it out”, he says.
Can you feel that it is like that?
“I have still not worked it out, my Master, I must follow and experience more, the spatial inspiration also drives you and me onwards.
The amazing thing which I now undergo, is, that an unconscious spark of God can still follow and can master those harmonic laws in everything, and the child of Mother Earth must know that, because on earth the human being is damned.
And the laws of space now tell me that.
Now I see myself back on earth, my Master.
How must I experience that life, I am full of Divine wisdom and I can probably not get rid of it.
How can I bear all of that as a human being?
And I see then and I know then: wherever the human being is, however the human being wants to experience his own life and whatever he does, he will never be capable of destroying the Divine harmonic plan, even if he flings millions of children back into the Divine face.
The laws themselves will watch over that and we will get to know them on earth.
But I will pass it onto the children of Mother Earth: the Divine creations want to go further themselves and cannot be deformed.
The soul of space passed these laws onto the spirit and the spirit was able to materialize them.”
Can you hear this?
“And that is for all the nature on earth, animal and human being.
No spark of God can escape that.
And then I see again, my Master, that cosmic harmonic wonder and want to say: the oneness for the human being with God.
It is to experience and to accept the attunement, and they now become the revelations for the human being.
It is the experiencing of and for the next stage as a grade of life in order to continue that evolution for the human being, which is only and only, and always only again possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
As human beings we are therefore God ourselves.”
“I am a Deity!” André can now call out.
And the whole space, all the stars and the planets, and the human being who has left the earthly life and is now on the way to getting to know His Divine harmony, the human being who receives those Divine lectures from the Masters, they look into his eyes and stand still and bow, lay the hands over their chest, kings and emperors who possess the cosmic consciousness, well, not that of the earth, but royal personalities with a spatial consciousness bow to this child of Mother Earth and say: “If only I had your task.
But we will inspire you, because we know that it is you.
Pass this on, Master André-Dectar, because Mother Earth and her children will awaken.
Mother Earth is tired of all that being beaten, that stupid thinking, that obstinate refusing to want to experience that spatial love.”
The human being says: “I do not like you, I do not want it, they are mad people, they are fools”, and in space it has become visibly conscious and materialized, but the human being does not yet want to think.
And what are the people on the Other Side like who also lived on earth as father and mother?
Now look into the eyes of a spiritually conscious mother from the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere.
André experienced that.
What will you be like then?
“The soul of space gave me all this seeing and experiencing, my Master, and I can therefore continue.
We have everything, in space all of this originated harmonically.
Space continues this life harmonically, is eternally conscious, no disturbances can arise.
And all of this is just one law and is now finally: love.”
And what do your astronomers say now?
And then they chatter, those academics, those professors: “Yes, we still have time.”
But soon this will collapse and then there will be no more light.
And then the sun will have materialized and thrown away the own faculty and then darkness will fall and everything will freeze.
Then everything will freeze.
You are sun, you are now the light of life of space as a human being.
I see your light, I see your scatterbrains, I can hear you speak.
I hear and see the unconscious talking of those academics.
And we can now say: “When you are no longer here, people of the earth, father and mother, then the sun will darken itself and say: ‘My task has been completed’, because you originated from the sun and the moon.”
When you are no longer here, the universe can start to go to sleep.
But then the human being will be on the fourth cosmic grade and the life can continue, we come to that growing, to that oneness and you have to accept that ,and you can accept and experience and determine that for yourself: the astronomy must still begin with material foundations.
People still do not have any spiritual foundations, or people would know the moon, people would know the mother, people would know the fatherhood for space, my sisters and brothers.
And what do they know now about spatial foundations?
And now they speak: “Yes, we have time, do not be afraid anymore, people.
Soon there will be no more light and this universe will dissolve.”
Did you really think that we did not listen to those people from our conscious worlds?
When you live in the first sphere and you are one there with space, with your spiritual life, and you can make yourself one with the material cosmos, when we are walking round there and we are one with the earth, we see how the human being has his task, and we hear the minister, the theologian, we hear the astronomers, the psychologists, the human being in the Spheres of Light then thinks that life is mad and unconscious, only the human being who does not take part in that is the conscious of spirit and does not murder God.
So we must accept that every word of that theologian, that minister, that priest, or whatever these souls are called, tell untruths if it concerns Divine reality.
And we walk in this darkness and have to accept.
But gradually the human being makes progress.
However, when they say: “Do good and do not destroy, do not steal from your human being”, they also have a Divine foundation.
And now get that out and lay it next to yours, which was built up by this cosmology, and you will be eternally ready to spiritualize and to materialize and obviously to continue your Divine life.
You are now sure of yourself, for you and your people, if they go along with you.
If you already possess the fortune as man and wife to undergo this together, your kiss will be truly eternally friendly, brotherly, sisterly, fatherly, motherly, spiritually, spatially, Divinely. (Kiss)
So far ...
I am out suddenly.
Master Alcar says: “Stop.”
May I thank you for the beauties of Mother Nature?
Are you not spoiling us a bit?
Then let us say this, André and I, we must now, we must represent and interpret the spheres, we must represent and interpret space for Master Alcar and the Masters, we always do our best and do not let anything come on this inspiration, on the contrary.
Do you know it now?
The God of all the life will be able to and want to speak at these mornings and you will be able to listen to Him by means of the instrument of the Masters: André-Dectar.
Make expansion of yourself.
Now finally become really soft, understanding, loving, consciously loving.
Now learn to build a new foundation, but stand on your own feet.
Do not attach yourself to the other life as a human being.
You yourself are a universal Divine independence.
You possess everything.
Do not let yourself be carried anymore.
Act yourself, let your will grow and you will possess the kingdom of this world and the hereafter and obviously in addition the fourth cosmic grade, and now further ...
I already told you, so far.
So far.