The Growing Universe for the Human Being – I

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
Recently by means of the lectures you heard, felt and experienced: the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Father and the All-Mother.
We went through the divisions of this universe to the material laws, and returned.
We went to the harmony for fatherhood and motherhood; you experienced the last journey in which André would explain the laws and he became inspired by the All-Source.
This morning I will immediately begin with you to analyze the growing universe so that you will see how the human being, by means of his soul, by means of the life of God for Mother Nature, the animal, gets inner and outer growth and that God took that to materialization, to spiritualization by means of the universe, suns, planets and stars.
The cosmology for your life takes you back to the philosophical systems – as I explained to you – but not only this, the character traits for the human being get the ‘wings’: the Divine Kingdom, the laws of radiance of space, that will soon be clear to you when we undergo this unity and lay the foundations for this for the earth, for your fatherhood and your motherhood, your spirit and then your astral personality ‘beyond the coffin’.
I will immediately connect you with the growing universe for the human being and we will stand still, I will keep on explaining those laws to you, the cosmology for your life.
‘God as the growing, material universe.’
André received his inspiration and Master Alcar says: “What is now expansion and what is growth?
What is becoming conscious, awakening for this space, my brothers?
That can now be experienced and you can test and check your life and consciousness with that; you can see it, you can undergo it.
All the life opens itself for your fatherhood and motherhood; we saw that.
But what will we soon meet, Master Zelanus, are you one in order to connect us with that?”
André’s life is released by the Divine All and now I get, as the first adept of Master Alcar and the highest Masters, the word, the inspiration, I become one with the Divine All.
And now the universe can say: “By means of the unity of sun and moon we now experience other wonders, my Master.
I can immediately explain them to you and you will undergo fatherhood and motherhood, harmony, justice, the elemental laws, the growth.
And by means of this we see that every system received an own place for this organism.
Through this unity of moon, sun and stars we now experience other wonders, by means of which we can follow and experience the growing universe.
And, my Master, it is only now that it becomes clear to us that every atom and every spark of life had to follow an awe-inspiring development before the material and the highest grade of condensing for that life was reached.
The astral universe divided itself for this, and that now became the material macrocosmos.
In addition we saw that this would happen according to the laws of God, of life and death, reincarnation.
And nothing, my Master, could disturb this Divine process.
We were able to follow and we had to accept the harmonic laws.
The All-Source watched over all this life.
However, when the material revelations became visible, space began with the own condensing, the own evolution was already established, and this universe became an own independence; what we as human beings also would receive and have to undergo if we wanted to return to God.
Every spark experienced this Divine wonder now, my Master, as a law of condensing.
By means of the embryonic beginning we reached the own existence and the condensing.
And Mother Moon took care of the soul life and the first physical being born for our soul, then the secondary planets followed and by means of which we could experience Mars in order to be able to continue our material and inner life.
But why, I ask now, my Master, did moon and the earth have to represent the human being?
And why did they get motherhood and that task in their hands?
My life must accept that these planets represent an own world and would speed up that evolution with regard to the soul as a human being.
I see these laws and we will soon get to know them, because this goes straight to the fourth cosmic grade.
It is only then that we experience those laws of growth for our life and our cosmic grades of life for our Deity to which we have attunement, for which we live and have to undergo our deaths, millions of dying processes.
And besides I also have to accept, that every macrocosmic law or grade of life is experienced precisely by the human being and the animal and the life of Mother Nature, and of which he, therefore the human being, I, you and my brother André, must master the laws as reincarnations, and we will spiritualize and materialize those laws, as space had to condense them, for ourselves.”
That is for us, that is the growing universe for all the life.
“By means of this it was established that our human existence would also grow, would evolve and get expansion according to the laws of the universe.
The life will awaken by means of this, my Master, and that will soon become our obtained consciousness.”
“Is that correct”, Master Alcar presently, at the moment, asks his adept of the earth, André-Dectar, Jeus of mother Crisje, who is now one with space, who has received a macrocosmic consciousness, “is that correct, André, with regard to the Divine All?”
“Is that correct, André?”
And then André can say: “Yes, my Master, I got to know all of this, I see it, I am one with these creations of God.”
“Is your life one with these laws?” Master Alcar now says.
So if Jeus was now to brag about this, he would say: “I am one and I live in this space, the stars and planets, laws of growth, harmony, justice, the elemental unity for soul, spirit, inner life, fatherhood, motherhood and the personality can now speak to my life”, and if it is not true, then the instrument of the Masters will succumb at the moment.
Jeus says: “Yes, Master, I got to know all of this.”
“Is your life one with these laws?
So, then go further.”
And André is ready and says: “Also the planet Mars, my Master, was not one second too far removed from fatherhood, sun.”
And this is a Divine law.
“The development for our human existence, my Master, will convince us of that.”
André puts full stops, exclamation marks under every Divine law of life of space.
“That depth can be experienced and gauged, my Master.
Because we as human beings will get the macrocosmic laws of life in our hands and enter those grades of consciousness.” Is that not the process of growth for you, for the animal life and for the life of Mother Nature?
“By means of that we reached unity from soul to soul, from feeling to feeling with space and now the life can speak to me.
Then we were faced with the mastering, my Master, and we began with our macrocosmic evolution.
However, that guarded us against material disturbances, my Master, and we continued because we were able to gauge, were able to see, were able to analyze the harmony for every grade of life a moment ago, and the wisdom of which we were able to master.
However, God placed”, André says, “this harmony in every spark of His life and the power to grow, to evolve, in order to be able to represent Him later in the Divine All.
What I now see, my Master, that is the embryonic stage for every planet.
If we follow these laws as grades of life, then your personality experiences the growing universe.
And I soon see that on earth when I am faced with my character, I see that again and I can say: ‘Give my character trait space, light, life, fatherhood and motherhood.
Let my life grow’, and I can only do that when I want to enter Golgotha and can bow to the Messiah.
But”, André says, “as a spiritual material happening I will have to master these laws, because the moon created embryonic life for the soul, and the planet itself followed her life and expansion, and all the other life did not remain behind so that we would be able to master that one day, and it is the growing for the macrocosmos, for every cell of God as a material and spiritual spark.
For the moon this was the highest stage, experienced by the soul as a human being and the other life; the fish stage took us to the final stage.
So, my Master, we began in the embryonic existence, in the waters.
We came to the end for the moon”, which is now dying, “and entered the fish stage, which science already has to accept on earth.
Because the biologist”, André-Dectar says, “is now already that far and I will be proved right when I soon return.
However, on the planet Mars, my Master, that process of growth expanded, condensed.
That has become a shape, an independence.
There is expansion for all the life.
You see it, every planet grows, but also this space grows.
The life got that expansion in its hands by means of fatherhood and motherhood, we now see that condensed, and as a phenomenon.
By means of life and death we now determine the laws of God for our own life.
And that soul as human being, my Master, masters the Divine law.
An overpowering law wants to grow for all these spaces, stars and planets.”
And by means of fatherhood and motherhood, we have got to know that, it is possible.
And that can still be seen, and be experienced on earth.
Every insect, every material possesses the Divine character traits, is father and mother, is soul, spirit and life of His life, feeling of His feeling.
Because we did not experience any trouble, or any disturbances in this space.
“This growing could not be disturbed, my Master, this is the returning to God, and there is no question of disharmony in this.
The square metre when the moon began and when she gave shape to her life, she started to condense her fatherhood and motherhood, therefore her soul, my Master, as Divine attunement and her spirit came forward, that square metre in the beginning of the creation grew to a world, as wonderful as Mother Moon now is.
The cell grew until the human, and the planets expanded and grew to gigantic bodies.”
They are only created for me and you, for the animal, the winged species, and the life of Mother Nature.
“But the inner life also expanded, my Master, the inner life, the spirit received shape.
The soul as the cell of God, the Divine spark, expanded by means of the spirit.
And to see that obtained possession as a human being on earth, my Master, it is the human being as soul, as material and as spirit, and I see that in a dog, in a cat, in a winged animal species.
I see it with the flowers, I see it again in the waters, because you have already made those journeys for me for ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and those books are already in the hands of mankind.
These are the laws, my Master, which tell us that we triumphantly”, do you hear this, my sisters and brothers, what André says? “that we triumphantly have to conquer this awe-inspiring organism as planets and stars and suns finally by means of our own growing.
God placed this in our human hands”, and we represent Him, we are therefore Gods.
“The space therefore as universe in which we live, has received these laws and passed them on to the human shape as child of God.
The macrocosmos grows, expands, blossoms and condenses itself, suns and stars grow for the own becoming conscious”, in order to serve the human being.
“Macrocosmos and microcosmos, cosmically seen, my Master, every spark of God was born in order to get an own spatial becoming conscious, because God also possesses that depth”, or we would not have recognized this.
“So what the embryonic life on the moon got to accept and to experience for that stage, my Master, happened directly at a Divine attunement.
On the moon we experienced our first grade of life as embryonic existence”, André, Jeus of mother Crisje continues.
“However, it took millions of years before we could enter and leave the fish stage, but at that moment the new law was ready, there was a new body ready for us and that is now the growth.
That is the growing universe for the human being, because the human being went”, André-Dectar now says, “from the jungle to the white race (see
Or must we perhaps accept that a God of all the life is unjust and lets that jungle child sit there in darkness and cold, in night, mist and misery?
The academics on earth call this the races (see, my Master.
I now know the laws of life for the human organism and they are the seven transitions which we now see in this space, they originated as planets, of which Mother Moon possesses the All-Consciousness.
Where the academic looks at through his binoculars and he does not know that the moon has completed her task for this moment and age.
It is also the spiritual awakening and the material independence for this macrocosmic development.”
Now listen to what André says.
“It is everything, because this is the returning to God and it took millions of ages, my Master.
But we are one.
I am one of soul and feeling by means of my love in order to want to serve, to give mankind the happiness of Christ and God, I am now inspired and I experience this Divine unity.
Meanwhile, our thinking and feeling changed, our personality changed on earth, my Master – if I want to attune myself to the earth, to myself if I awaken tomorrow – by means of which we will see the growing in a different way and it now lies in the hands of the human being.”
André just takes a breath and then he says: “For the universe this evolving is no different, my Master, all these macrocosmic sparks experience the same law, the same independence, even if they are planets, suns and stars, hazes; the laws of God, originated by means of these lives, they became human beings, became the animal, became the life of Mother Nature.
In every insect we find again and we can soon determine the Divine character traits, but then we stand before mother animal, father animal, before the philosophical systems of Socrates, of Plato and then I can give the gentlemen, the academics of that university lectures, my Master, I will explain the universe as independence, as light, life, spirit, fatherhood and motherhood, justice and harmony to them and I will analyze it humanly for mankind, for man, woman and child.”
That is that little Jeus of ’s-Heerenberg.
“For us they became qualities.
Here in space I now see which qualities the planets possess, and for what purpose the sun began with his own task as father.
These are the laws of condensing, my Master, but also the laws of growth, seen as grades of life for this macrocosmic body.
And that wonderful macrocosmic body with those millions of stars and planets lies in my hands and I can now say and send to the earth, my Master: every wrong deed, wrong thought, spoken about the human being and the life of God, is the rape, the sullying, the deforming of your own laws of growth, and you stand still and eternally at a deadlock.
The material grades of life reach visible working, my Master, and want to give birth and to create.
Wherever the life of God, the All-Source, the All-Mother is”, you just go with us and you see all those stars and planets, “space changes.
The working of the organism becomes larger, deeper.
The bodies receive shape, colour, the light in the eyes, and now the planet speaks through her own radiance to all the life of this space.
My Master”, André says, “I see the realm of colours originating, and for everything that independence as an own personality, the representation of the All-Mother, the All-Father, the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Personality, the Divine realm of colours.
And we as human beings conquer all these powers and forces, all these spaces, my Master, because God, the All-Mother created them for us.”
(Master Zelanus says to someone in the audience): Are you better again? You see, we can still immediately tune into your life, I got your feeling through the Divine All, you thought well during the time when you were ill.
That is my orchid of Golgotha for you...
André continues: “The planets which were created for the mother process, now get consciousness, power and radiance administered by the sun, and in this way the life of space, for this body, can begin with the own growth.
Every life, my Master, devotes those powers and continues this process, because every cell grows and returns to God.”
So the human being is a Deity for his growing if the human being can accept the truth of Christ, if the human being possesses justice, has love for the life of God, or he will stand at a deadlock again.
“And all of that helps us as a human being, my Master, and the animal, the flower and plant also. Human being and animal develop by means of that, but it is the material universe, which gave us these possibilities in order to take our own life as a Divine spark and a Divine independence – even if the human being lives in the jungle – back to the All-Stage, in which we will represent the consciousness of Gods.
It is a wonderful plan, my Master, which I am one with.
It grows and gets to experience an evolution at a macrocosmic attunement.
And only now it can be determined, my Master, how the universe guarded itself against disturbances and mastered the laws of growth, only now I can reach that unity and see how the universe revealed itself.
It is the sun, the moon, Mars and earth, which trace their own orbits.
But it is the fatherhood of space, which forces mars, moon and the earth to trace their orbits for fatherhood and motherhood, in order to give the human being his growth, in order to let the human being experience this gigantic body and to be able to continue by means of the reincarnations, the rebirths, for the soul which has attunement to God and for which the spiritual personality analyzes and explains itself and begins with that independence for love.
It is the sun, as fatherhood for this space.
We experienced and were able to see that, we analyzed that for the University of Christ, my Master, for Socrates, Plato, Jung and Adler, for all the psychology, all the psychologists on earth, every spiritual faculty now has to bow the own head to these wonderful lives; they determine the distance of sun and moon and stars for the own growth, but take it back into the living heart of the human being.”
This is the pure Divine inspiration which speaks to me, which drives me and lets me experience and feel the paternal authority of this space, so that the life around me and my Father represents his personality, and got to accept, to experience, to analyze and to deal with the becoming conscious as a radiating power, as an energy.
Christ said on earth: ‘I and my Father are one.’
Now I am starting to understand, my Master, that I am now one with God, for this, this universe.
If we can experience the Christ and carry His Divine All in us, every spark of God says: ‘I and my Father, but especially my Mother, are in justice, by means of the harmony one of soul, one of feeling because we represent His love.’
The sun now expands itself, grows by means of the combustion chambers, my friend, by means of the combustion chambers for fatherhood and motherhood, the spiritualized and the materialized plasmas, which now get becoming conscious, because the sun also gives birth and creates and lets his combustion chambers grow.”
You should hear what André now experiences, he now analyzes the sun.
“So that the light which by means of that combustion, that driving, that giving birth, that division again – as God, the All-Mother had to divide herself – comes to the half-wakening material laws of life for light, night and darkness, for the light in the eyes of the human being, but the life light above all in the spirit; and I stand and you stand and mankind stands on earth before the laws of growth as light of life, on Golgotha and we see the Christ.
Now the paternal authority of space has reached unity with motherhood and will later be humanly condensed, by means of which the human being will give his light of life as father, as creator, to the mother, in an embryonic state, my Master; for that is there.
And we enter, not only for these spaces, but we enter on earth the cosmic Divine happiness of two people, man and wife, and a child is born.
That here of space lives, my Master, in the heart chamber of the mother and now I will experience and see that it is she who represents this space in my life, and that she alone can bring me to the laws of growth, because I undergo her life footstep after footstep, and which is now a spatial kiss.
Love between people grows if that kiss possesses the truth, the justice, and the laws of growth of space as harmony.
If the human being was to refuse to accept those laws and experiences them disharmonically, there will be darkness, and that is not created by the God of all life.”
And André looks Master Alcar and me in the eye and says: “My Master, the spark of God gets volume, joy of life and consciousness, which is material, but finally possesses spiritual radiance.
This wonder reached that development, growing”, you should hear, every spark of God at a macrocosmic attunement reached this development, growing, “it is the plan of the All-Mother, but it is God as father.
For this purpose God spiritualized and materialized himself as the God of all the life.
And what now seems to be space here”, my sisters and brothers, now listen carefully, “is for us as human beings on earth spiritual and physical becoming conscious, growth.”
Because I already said it and you have seen that growth by means of those four, five, six, seven hundred lectures which you experienced: from the jungle we go to the white race (see, we experience the peoples of the earth and we (the Masters) bring those revelations to the child of God and teach the child of God to bow to the laws of Golgotha, the Messiah, the Christ, who can and wants to be only spirit, love and life.
“It will be the picture soon, which I see, my Master, for the earth and then we find ourselves amongst the peoples.
And then Buddha will, then Mohammed will, then every prophet on earth will have to lay down his own head, his own space in the space of life of the University of Christ and kneel down for the only one which has the consciousness; and which is only the Messiah, the Christ.
Buddha, who are you?
Millions of people, children of God, want to follow and to accept you, but I am coming, I come ...
And then the Paul of the University of Christ speaks from space, from the Divine All, my Master, and I who will prepare myself for your feeling and thinking, your inspiration, your becoming conscious, your personality, will die and serve in order to give mankind this Divine macrocosmic authority for fatherhood, for motherhood, for brotherly, sisterly love.”
“It is an amazing wonder, my brothers”, André now says to Master Alcar and me, but I look into the eyes of the Divine human being, “with which I am connected and the clarity is so brilliantly luminous like crystal, like the sun light of the day I see these laws of God spiritualized and materialized in a macrocosmic way; laws of growth can now continue.
I feel that this unity closes itself off, my Master, I surrender myself to your life.”
Master Alcar immediately says: “Indeed, my brothers, my brother André, this is the Divine will.
This firmament shows us a spiritual and material end, because André let us get to know that.
Not only that the stars and planets and all the life in space develops and grows, but in addition the garment, the garment of space.”
You must tell your professors and astronomers, your Einsteins on earth whether the firmament in space can grow, then they can get lectures from André, Jeus of mother Crisje.
These are Divine revelations, which we as human beings pass onto the earth and which will get a Divine shape and will have to be accepted by all of mankind because this is the Divine truth.
Master Alcar says that.
He is not so angry, you see, but the inspiration of space which speaks to our life, demands that we give each tissue, each nerve, each thought the full hundred percent and let them live; which is given to us just like that.
“Not only that the stars and planets”, Master Alcar says, “and all the life in this space will develop and must grow, but above all the garment of space grows.”
And my dear people, my sisters and brothers, that therefore becomes the growing of space as a garment.
That is for you as human beings the body, but your spirit grows, your thoughts grow, your character traits get, for your whole wordbook, spiritual consciousness, Divine realm of colours, as these children here whom you gave me again this morning radiate their Divine realm of colours and their love and their personality, the universe also gets that as a garment and then the fourth cosmic grade originated; we are now going there.
Well, not for the time being.
“The firmament is growing.
What was that?
That is already the Divine infinity which we must now accept and determine and analyze for mankind?
Even if we know that we will leave this space one day.
But the human being on earth does not know that, the human being on earth thinks that this is already the Divine universe and that God will sit there and that he will take a seat at His right hand.
And this universe is only a spark of the universal systems, created by the All-Mother.
And how does the human being of the earth look at this universe?
When you get cosmic consciousness and you get spiritual unity, your feeling is drawn up with these systems of God, for all the character traits for the All-Source, then you experience Divine infinity.
And then you do not stand in one world, but in millions, the infinity of which we”, Master Alcar says, “my dear André, my brother Master Zelanus, see before us and which we will pass onto mankind on earth, and that is the Cosmology.
By means of fatherhood and motherhood”, we were able to get to know and we were able to determine for the University of Christ, “this universe expanded and it is only then that the human being got to experience his jungle if we follow the present stage for mankind; from the jungle to the white race (see
And that is awakening, that is the becoming conscious for the soul, for the spirit and the material, and as colour, because all this life of space awakens for the human being.
We see the years of youth of this universe again.
We know the universe for the own years of puberty.
We see the universe walking, crawling, it cannot walk yet, and it cannot go.
But gradually the walk for the universe came about, and a planet traced, the sun traced an own orbit; which the astronomers look for and do not yet know the laws.
If we now enter the present stage for this universe”, Master Alcar says, “those childhood years are already over.
But if we want to make human calculations, then it can be determined at the moment how old space is, because that can be seen from all this life.”
The academics of yours – is that not true, my sisters and brothers? – they say: “Yes, creation is perhaps millions and hundreds of millions of years old.”
We can calculate to the second how old the universe is, how old a planet is, how old a sun is, how old the growing universe is, how old fatherhood, how old motherhood is.
That can now be seen and experienced, so that we absolutely see before us by means of the Divine justice and the reality how all of this reached the own growth for the human being.
“But later”, Master Alcar says, “we come to stand before these laws and then we descend into them and we see the personality of everything.
We then know that space also got a garment and that this garment creates and gives birth, that is the growing for all the life, for all the Divine plasma.”
And already by means of this, my sisters and brothers, we know that this space, this universe, had to create another universe, because this is still not the Divine All, and we will soon enter the fourth cosmic grade of life.
André now already says, and saw, that this space shows a material and spiritual end.
“And that is true”, Master Alcar says, “because every star and sun, planet achieves the adult stage one day and will then continue.
If you now see a meteor flying through space and the rays of light reflect upon the earth, then the astronomers say: ‘That is another comet’, but it is the dying process, the evolving, death and life, the continuing, the reincarnation for a star, a meteor.
And that is the expansion, the growing, because the new life has now received contact with the fourth cosmic grade.
In this way the life grows, André, my brother Master Zelanus, because every star, sun and planet reaches the adult stage one day and must continue in order to give birth and to create.
And that is for the human being the conquering of this universe, and that is Divinely and legally determined by the planets and the stars.
They got this materialization and spiritualization in order to take the human being back to the Divine stage.
As we people also experience it, and the animal, flower and plant; for every cell of God these laws were calculated and created.
What does the human being on earth feel about all of this?” says master Alcar.
“The academic knows that the growing universe takes him to a vastness.
However, we look behind this because we know the grades of life, have followed the condensings, and before everything: fatherhood and motherhood.
For the astral personality as a human being that is also possible and the human being gets to know himself ‘beyond the coffin’.
We now experience grade after grade, my brothers, world after world for the laws of growth”, for this universe, for the human being, the animal and Mother Nature, “we see how the central source created all of this”, that is the All-Mother, “but how law after law underwent those condensings, and we stand before a spiritual and material revelation.
What we will experience after this is the origin of all the life; the other life, a new age.
And the gentleman academic can accept that on earth, my brothers, because he sees the materialization of and for himself before him on earth.
But now that he does not yet know the soul as the astral personality, he is powerless and he goes to pieces for this universe.
God gave us ...”
And now, my sisters and brothers, a Divine commandment comes from space to Master Alcar, and he says, we now have to determine that for the University of Christ and mankind: “God gave us the returning to the conscious Divine All by means of His growing laws of life and spaces of life.”
And this is a commandment, for the first part of the Cosmology for this universe, as laws of growth for the human being.
“That does not mean”, Master Alcar says and the three of us fly into space, “that does not mean that the human being can be damned, here no last judgement can be experienced, here we stand before a Divine commandment which grows and has life ‘beyond the coffin’, has soul, possesses spirit, knows a life of feeling, which wears a wonderful garment, which possesses the love of the Messiah and which can bow to Golgotha and gets a growth as the resurrection for all the life character traits which the All-Mother possesses and gave to this universe.”
André looks into the eyes of his Master and Master Alcar says to him: “Silence, my friend, my brother, we would still come to outburst, but not yet.
Control yourself, André, or the laws of space will make you burst, and we cannot continue.
We have to concentrate ourselves in order to be able to hold firm here in this space, in this growing.
What would the Divine Master think of us?
It is the art to be able to think quietly and to absorb the law in you, to open your heart chamber and to want to accept, to want to experience the lifeblood of space, or we do not get any Divine contact.
God gave us these laws of growth as space of life for His own returning, in order to fill this emptiness which we have got to know.
And that is the human being, that is the winged animal and that is the realm of colours, the children of Mother Nature.
And we have to, Dante, Mohammed”, you must hear what will now come, “every sect on earth has to accept that”, because this is the University of Christ.
“By means of the laws of growth the inner life gets to experience this evolution and the soul can master the wisdom.
By means of this we get hold of our final target and that is then the end of the earth, but then we enter the Spheres of Light.
And that speaks for all the life of God.
It wants to be that we – that is obvious anyway – have to and will represent Him in everything.
We continue His giving birth and creating, my brothers, and grow by giving birth and creating.
It has become the human life of feeling.
Mother Earth gave us the organism, we have to experience and to accept her laws.
She gave us her material and spiritual revelations as a child of moon and sun; and we will also get to know those laws.”
Master Alcar says, in his Divine peace and universal love, he says to André: “My André, my brothers.
However, when I descend into the life of a star and I wonder how she was created, will she herself tell me and have to answer, how that happened.”
And then we cannot make any mistake.
“She will inspire me and explain how she underwent the own laws of growth as ages of condensing and laws of hardening, and then I see her shape, I know the body.
Then I know the soul of a star, a planet, also her spirit and I enter her personality; and then, if I love that life, the universal macrocosmic kiss follows.
And that is possible for all the life of God, because we serve, will live and will die for God, the University of Christ.”
But this is not dying, this is growing, because now the soul enters a new life as the spirit, or continues in the life on the Other Side and enters an unconscious world or the Spheres of Light.
“All of this”, Master Alcar says, “is Divine truth, my brothers, and universal unity, love and happiness.
In the Spheres of Light we were able to determine our laws for this and our next life spiritually; and had to experience and then accept them.
They belong to us and we now live in an awe-inspiring space, and that is our possession.
As a human being we went from planet to planet, consciously higher and further, but fatherhood and motherhood connected us with the next step, the new life, reincarnation.”
And we became a girl, we became a boy, we became man, we became woman, we became father and mother again, and gave birth again and created a new life.
And that is the growth for the human being, because the child draws the human being back to the earth, and that is the growth of this universe, and we record that.
And now there comes from the Divine All as a Divine commandment to the human being: give birth and create, human being of the earth, or your life will stand still.
Give birth and create, if you wish to evolve.
You got to know that on the moon, the planets had to materialize themselves for that purpose, and all of that lives in the human being.
That is the human organism, a temple of awe-inspiring universal beauty, with the luminous shapes in the forehead as radiating consciousness, which the human eye received for his seeing.
“God did not give the human being light in his eyes”, Master Alcar now says, “in order to see devastation and destruction in the other life of God, but in order to take the life to growth.”
I once told and explained to you, and you accepted that as real life and you have to bow to that: God did not give the human being a mouth in order to tattle and to gossip and to kill a life of His self, but only in order to feed your body.
“The human light”, Master Alcar says, “in the eye of the mother and the father, is sacred radiance and becoming conscious of the All-Mother, because she said: ‘You will see what I gave birth to and created for you and you will now, if you hold onto my love and harmony and justice, never be able to see the darkness, because in your eye lies my light, lives my heart, lives my blood, my own self as love.’
“The growing universe can therefore be felt and followed and then analyzed”, Master Alcar says, “if the soul as human being of Mother Earth yearns for that spiritual harmony and expansion, when the human being as soul of God wants to enrich himself by that.
The Divine laws for all grades of life, and especially fatherhood and motherhood, according to space, want to be experienced in love, in understanding, in harmony, in justice.
People can only catch that if the human being, if the spark is open to the truth of the Messiah, but above all her human, spiritual and material becoming conscious, her happiness and her wonderful love.
That means”, Master Alcar says, “her oneness of feeling.”
The All-God is All-Mother, and the All-Mother lives in the mother on earth, in her heart, in her light, in her giving birth, in her oneness with God, spaces, growth.
People of the earth, love ... and you will grow.
“The growing universe cannot place us”, Master Alcar says, “before mantraps and traps, before devastation and destruction, God did not create that.”
But still, now that we make this journey: Adolph Hitler is still busy destroying, raping, and deforming Europe.
But ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, yes, Hendrik of mother Crisje, the ‘Revelations’ for mankind analyzed and recorded those laws, for which you wanted to give your blood.
Christ will accept you and know how the human being had to materialize and spiritualize his own self.
And if you just accept that, you lay foundations for all of this in which we are now one.
“There is now no question of insurmountable obstacles”, if the human being himself does not sully, does not deform those Divine foundations, by means of his demonic shape which he got, his bloody deformed self, which is only open to the destruction of the good.
Master Alcar says: “There is no question here of insurmountable obstacles, of materialized circumstances which take care of us and by means of which we collapse, for the universe is joy of life, it takes care of the human being because this life was only created for man and wife and the planets would serve for that.’
“People of the earth”, Master Alcar says to André, “God lives in your hands.
You will no longer have any inferiority complexes if you know your cosmology, you will be open and conscious.
You have made a journey from the moon through this universe and it has now become your law of growth, your personality, your shape, or you do not understand this yet.
You went from planet to planet, kept getting new lives by means of your reincarnation, your being born again.
There is no question here of insurmountable obstacles as disharmonic laws, they are not there.”
And of course that includes the damnation of the earth and the Catholic Church, that would mean an insurmountable law, an obstacle for the human being in his fatherhood and motherhood, but that cannot be seen.
“She stands, the human being as soul, for a vastness as love.
That is inexhaustible and deep as she – therefore this shape, so that is the All-Mother for this space, the source, the living heart by means of which this space originated – as she gave feeling to all her life.
She gave her life willpower and her personality; with regard to her creation everything is now own possession.
Motherhood gave the possibilities of this space, in order to determine, to spiritualize and to materialize them by yourself as a human being.
By means of her will, love awakened, the human being undergoes this spatial unity and the human being as man and wife is one from feeling to feeling.
This was placed in the hands of man and wife.
Follow the material life on earth, my brother André, the growth and blossom process, the giving birth and creating of all the life and you stand before the growing universe in the human being, in the human being!
The life of God now lies open for our life on earth.
Then see how the soul for all the life condenses itself.
Follow that development, follow the child of God, but also the inner life and you will then recognize that universal beauty as a personality.
It is only now that you know, my brother André, that this wonder is Divinely responsible.
And the ultimate for all material can now be seen and be experienced”, we got to know that, by means of life and death.
If you die on earth, and which the human being calls dying, that is the experiencing of ‘great wings’.
You grow.
Death is motherhood.
What did the world, what did the church, what did the bible say about that?
Death is rotting and a Last Judgement stands on top of the human face, on the living heart of the human being and wants the human being to experience a resurrection from prehistoric ages.
If you die, my sisters and brothers, and all the life, then the God as mother stands next to you and this dying changes into a continuing, she takes you either to the world of the unconscious, reincarnation, you get a new life on earth, or you continue ‘beyond the coffin’ and you enter your first foundation for justice, harmony and love, and it is only then that you lay foundations for your spiritual personality.
That is the universal death.
“This process of growth therefore has attunement again to other laws and those revelations take us back by means of life and death to the Divine All.”
Fatherhood and motherhood is therefore Divine All-Inspiration for the human being, it is the All-Experiencing, it is the All-Evolution.
By means of every birth, my sisters and brothers, you get a different light in your eyes and your body has changed.
Because today you will represent the creator of this space and tomorrow the moon as mother.
And that is your growth.
“It must be clear to you now”, Master Alcar says to André and me, “that the laws of growth take the life back to the very highest and that by means of that the materialization of the soul, God, takes place.”
Why must you now live on earth and be man and woman?
Why must you give birth?
Priest, the child, the nun, I explained to you, who are now sacred and chaste, now stand before a deadlock and walk wide of creation and will have to return to the earth in order to become mother again, in order to receive God, in order to bring the All-Source to growth, and that is only possible by means of giving birth and creating, by giving birth to a child for yourself and for him to whom you belong.
Do you now know, my sisters and brothers, children of the University of Christ, for what you will give birth and create?
“If all of that gets through to you, if you feel this”, space says to Master Alcar, “all of nature, all of space is inspired by it.
However, it is the Divine attunement, which forces that soul to go further and to follow these grades of life.”
You will soon die; where will you go?
Can we take care of you?
Can we analyze the laws of space for you ‘beyond the coffin’?
Because there our word is law.
We represent the Divine justice.
We do not make you afraid, but you have to bow your head there for Golgotha, the Messiah in you.
And you will, I taught you, kill the Caiphas in you, and that is: betrayal.
“Where we are going”, Master Alcar says, “that is the material growing universe and that growing universe gives our life the eternal cosmic fertility, the eternal immortality, the eternal knowing and happiness, the certainty that we are Gods, Gods and Goddesses.
The academic of the earth experiences his awakening in this, because the stars and planets, the universe, the grades of life for fatherhood and motherhood materialized that growth.
The academic now experiences himself in that if he accepts reincarnation.
The laws of growth, my brothers, made the human soul immensely deep.
The paternal authority grows and gave universal systems to the mother by means of the own self.”
All of that reaches growth, reaches blossom in the mother, in the animal, in nature, the human being also possesses it and we see God in this.
“The human being experiences his Divine unity in this, we no longer see improbabilities, because we are fed and inspired by the Divine All-Consciousness.
What does the growing universe now teach us?
We see ourselves placed before the conscious and the unconscious grades of life of this space, of which the laws of growth force every grade of life to evolution.”
And they are Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, hundreds of millions of stars which do not yet possess any fatherhood or motherhood, which are only just there in order to represent the body of this space, and we now enter the half-waking maternal consciousness and the half-waking material consciousness for the human being and his Divine All.
“All the life grows and now follows that on earth, my brothers, and you experience a universe in and by means of the human being, a universe.
Look at the grades of life and experience a father and experience a mother, and then see to the soul, now see to the life of feeling.”
The human being as life of feeling can only grow if the thought is spiritualized, if the human being speaks, acts as this universe was created: in harmony, in pure, pure love.
“Every thought now, my brothers, is universally deep, gets spiritual meaning, and gets to represent an own garment of life.
Every thought, André, of the human being grows if that thought represents love, harmony and justice for this space.”
And the human being is capable of conquering all of this.
However, the human being must accept these laws, want to see the growing universe for himself, because this universe is his place.
And God said – didn’t he? “In all my worlds there is a place for you, make sure that you are with the conscious of spirit so that I can shine upon you.”
“The grade of life will determine before which material and spiritual becoming conscious you will soon stand and find yourself, André, life will tell you itself, how you act.
What is now a faith on earth?
Is this still faith?
This is wisdom of life, this is Omniscience, this is authority, and this is the reality of God.
But what did the great ones of the earth want, my brother André, by means of their growth, by means of their analyzis of these laws, now that they say: ‘One sun spat out the other, and the moon as mother originated for this space because Mother Earth felt unwell one morning and vomited out the moon.’
For what purpose did you live, Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras?
For what purpose did you live and the many others who surrendered themselves in order to reach growth?
We are that.
That is the University of Christ.
You only just lived in order to lay foundations for this age.
It is Jeus of mother Crisje, that is André-Dectar, the cosmically conscious being, who after Christ – because He said that – will bring mankind new feeling, bring mankind the Divine spatial awakening, because as an instrument of the University of Christ in ancient Egypt, the Temple of Isis, he gave light, gave knowledge, gave wisdom, went through life and death and loved the dying process because it determines the place for his life and all those ‘great winged ones’ there and all of mankind, the children of God, how the human being must begin with his own universal thinking and feeling, giving birth and creating.”
“If you wish”, Master Alcar says, “to experience these laws for the animal, for Mother Nature and yourself, then follow the laws of growth for this universe and be love, be justice, be harmony and you will be it.”
Master Alcar also says and then our being one for this morning has ended again: “The soul as human being grows because she has to represent God, because she is the All-Source, the All-Source as mother created all these spaces for that purpose.”
Did you feel this morning, did you feel today where it is actually going?
If you are warm-hearted, benevolent and loving for your friend, and when you can sell your life, your house, your means, and when you get the feeling that your hereafter speaks to your life, even if you still know nothing about every law, then it is the Divine pure life of feeling, my sisters and brothers, which gives you the inspiration, as Jeus of mother Crisje, André-Dectar and I, and millions of others, knew and always accept again.
Master Alcar, Master Cesarino, Ubronus, Damascus and the Half Moon are present here this morning in order to give Hendrik of mother Crisje, who is here, our flowers, because he sold his blood, his life, his house and said to Jeus in ’46: “What you can do and others can do, I can also do, even if I do not understand any of it.”
Hendrik of mother Crisje, the Masters have understood you.
I am Master Zelanus, I played with Jeus, as José, when he was a child.
But that you entered space as a child of Crisje and instantly accepted his word, even if thousands of doubts came to your life and another beat the foundations laid to pieces; accept the word of space and of the Masters: you have not laid any deformed foundations, they all do that here, and the children of Our Lord, the adepts of the University of Christ will prove that to you.
Carry on, continue and wait ...
Hendrik, Tall Hendrik and Crisje and Miets greet you.
Do you wish to show yourself to my children, my adepts?
Stand up and say: “Good morning, my brothers.”
(Hendrik (The brother of Jozef Rulof, see the book ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ part III) says good morning.)
(Master Zelanus takes some flowers:) You will get that from Master Alcar and you will also get for your own love, from mother Crisje, these ...
From whom did I earn this this morning?
This is for his wife ...
And this is from Tall Hendrik, from Crisje and from Miets.
I earned that as a child of the Other Side, the human being who must write ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’, Hendrik, and I give you this.
My children know that we are not for sale and that such a thing does not happen often, or we want to see blood.
Master Alcar knows that you gave your blood.
You will accept one thing and you will soon see: by means of ‘The Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’, you laid your foundations for your spirit, the Other Side, for the present Golgotha.
You will never succumb again.
Do you wish to accept this from me, in the name of Master Alcar?
I thank you.
My sisters and brothers, know, wherever you are on earth, if you can accept and want to experience your growth, you will never be alone again.
We are with you if the reality speaks, if the truth is in you.
Hearts which are built by love, which have got, have received the foundations of a sacred mother, I want to say, cannot be torn apart, cannot be beaten apart.
Love laid eternal foundations in this.
This is how far we have come this morning ... with the happiness of the Messiah and God in your hearts, for your soul, for your spirit, I leave you.
Love each other, learn to grow, my sisters and brothers, by means of cordiality, benevolence, justice and understanding.
Hendrik, from the heavens you get from your dear Crisje this morning: “I am also here ...”
And the father, and your sister and everyone who really knows you.
God, my sisters and brothers, is not a God of hate or of vengeance, God is love and that is eternal and it will remain so until we have all of you in our hands and let you enter the temple of His life.
And then we lie kneeled at the feet of the Masters.
I thank you for your kind attention.