The Growing Universe for the Human Being – II

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will continue with ‘The Growing Universe for the Human Being’.
We experienced fatherhood and motherhood, the grades of life for sun, planets and stars.
But by means of this it emerges how the human being gets a hold of his own space by means of this universe.
We made comparisons, back to the earth, we saw the planets, we were able to follow and able to analyze the half-waking and conscious motherhood.
Now we do not finish that journey at once, we still have two lectures in order to determine and to analyze the laws of growth for spirit, personality, fatherhood and motherhood, for human being, animal, and Mother Nature.
You know where we remained, I will continue immediately and read out ‘The Cosmology’ for you.
We were where Master Alcar says: “The immortality of this universe is for the human being, the life of God the knowledge – it becomes happiness – it is the certainty for eternal consciousness.
Truly, my brothers, all this life speaks about the materialization of and for the astral garment as spark existence, as soul, as spirit, for the grades of life of and for fatherhood and motherhood”, with regard to the child of Mother Earth, therefore human being, animal and Mother Nature.
“The macrocosmos and microcosmos have received one task in order to deify the life, but by means of this the own independence emerges for the soul as human being and the other life, by means of which this universe was inhabited.
Now that the Divine All is inhabited, we can continue.”
If the creations, as the bible explains this, began with one life, this universe would obviously stand at a standstill and there would have been no question of progress, of growth.
“And the academic of the earth experiences his awakening in this, because the stars and the planets, the universe, all these grades of life have brought fatherhood and motherhood to that growth.
He will have to ask himself which meaning the universe has for his life and consciousness and it is only then that he will get to know himself as a Divine cell and he will bring the academic and the child of Mother Nature and then all the life originated by means of the macrocosmos to Divine growth.
That is the growing universe for the human being and for this space, for the life of Mother Nature, for the animal.
And that is for the spirit, for the human personality, for all the material worlds which originated by means of this plan, this revealing.
The laws of growth, my brothers, made the human soul immensely deep.
The paternal authority grows and passed it onto motherhood”, we experienced that, “and that Divine space also became one unity in this and there is not to be experienced or seen an improbability in anything ”, because the human being on earth possesses all of this.
“What does the growing universe now teach us?
We see ourselves placed before the conscious and the unconscious grades of life of this space, the laws of growth of which force every grade of life to reach that evolution”, in order to continue that evolution, and all of that is for the human being.”
By means of God these laws can be experienced for the human being and all the life of the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood.
Even if a flower is unconscious for our consciousness”, we now already make comparisons again, follow me, “it grows and returns to God, also the animal.
Spatial and human thinking reach unity, it represents one world, one space, but also one soul, one spirit, one fatherhood and motherhood, the elemental laws, the Divine realm of colours, for which all this life was created.
By means of this universe we reached the becoming conscious as human beings and we will continue again after having experienced this space in order to enter the fourth cosmic grade of life.
On earth these laws can already be experienced for the human being, my brother André.
The human being represents Divine harmony if he wants and will experience the laws and grades of life harmonically and of course by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
What was created in pure love, God consciously finished.
And the human being will represent all of this.
He will have to think harmonically, he will reach that oneness for fatherhood and motherhood and then reincarnate, evolve and then accept the astral, spiritual personality.
All the life, wherever you live”, Master Alcar says, “grows.”
And what is now growing?
By means of the cosmic laws of life the human being gets a hold of his universe.
“Follow that now on earth and you will experience universal systems.
Look at the grades of life and experience fatherhood and motherhood.
Look at the soul, look at the life, everything is growing”, also the human character, if the human being wants to experience the Christ again.
If the human being can accept Golgotha and he wants to bow for it, his life will grow.
“When we soon, later, my brother André, come to stand before the philosophical systems, for every charater trait, then we will see that every charater trait, however trivial, possesses spatial depth and has Divine attunement.
Every thought is universally deep if the human being gives his love, his space, his harmony, his spirit, his personality, and his realm of colours to that thought.
However, the human being will conquer this.
Even if the human being still lives in the jungles, one day he will experience the highest grade, my brothers, for Mother Earth.
He will end that cycle and then – as we already had to accept this and you, my brother, were able to record in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ – the human being is capable of conquering death, his ‘coffin’, and of evolving according to the laws of God, according to the laws at a macrocosmic attunement.
The human being must accept all of this, because space, this universe and the human being and all the life – but mainly in the first place the human being – is one with this universe, because by means of this universe the human being got his space.
We see the growing universe again in the most trivial insect.
And we must accept, in the smallest insect we now experience universal systems and we will later analyze them for mankind, for the child of Mother Earth, for the University of Christ.
But the grade of life will determine for which material and spiritual becoming conscious the human being now stands, and then he sees his space, his growth.
Do you now feel what a faith means?” Master Alcar says, when he is one with sun, with Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the moon and sun. And this is for the earth, my brothers, for the child of Mother Earth.
The Masters have – we wrote and experienced that by means of ‘The Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’ – had to give the human being a faith, but these are the real Divine laws for which the human being stands, and it is only then that the faith can be analyzed.
But after this and behind this the human being stands before his cosmic Divine Omniscience and is the sure possession at a Divine attunement.
And what comes now?
“What is wisdom now?
What did the great ones on earth want when they started to think?
Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, ancient Egypt – accept it now – they were not able to experience those laws of growth for fatherhood and motherhood because they had not yet reached this consciousness and life of feeling.
But we will live for this and die for this.
We therefore see again every grade of life originated by means of space, on earth, in life, in every material cell.”
Human being, fathers and mothers, do you now understand that you live in a universe?
Free yourself for heaven’s sake inwardly and spiritually from the organism and grow in your thoughts.
I had to give five hundred, seven hundred lectures in order to inspire your thoughts, in order to release your personality from the material systems, this is why we had to talk around the laws, in order to be able to begin with that growth in thinking and feeling, in order to give the Divine realm of colours to that unity for fatherhood and motherhood, by means of which the inner life gets that universal macrocosmic sensitivity.
They are then, about which Master Alcar speaks, the sensors for your inner life, and the growth, the awakening begins, that you can call for yourself the becoming conscious for your inner, for your material life, for your arts and sciences, for your inner existence, your whole personality, by means of which you can conquer those systems harmonically.
The human being stands before the macrocosmos and does not feel his unity.
And we experience that on this journey.
We become one with all that life, with all those gigantic organisms; they will soon mean nothing more, because the human being gets the universal Divine ‘wings’ and he descends into those laws, he analyzes them, he can experience them and then masters the wisdom.
If you do not begin with this, ‘beyond the coffin’ it will be much more difficult for you because you will no longer possess this hold, the light of life for your material organism there.
You can no longer come there with your flowers for wisdom, for happiness, you must now do it inwardly, you must give shape to your charater traits and they must find harmonic attunement to the origin and this growing universe for the human being, for the animal and the life, the children of Mother Nature.
Master Alcar immediately gives André the explanation which he has to bring to earth and how he must think on earth, if we want to be able to go further: “If you wish to experience these laws”, he therefore says, “for the animal and Mother Nature and for yourself, then follow the life and you will see it: it is consciously or it is unconsciously paternal and maternal, and we now see that with Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus.
There are maternal planets and there are half-conscious planets for motherhood, which now have to fulfil a very different task for this wonderful organism.
We got to know that.
But the life grows.
The life continued because the life must return to the Divine All, where the human being and all the life has to represent God.”
And now we come to the actual source by means of which we can show and can prove, and mankind still does not understand and the academics know nothing about, now we come to the final point and we stand before the Divine self in the human being.
“Since the origin this life therefore had to accept the laws of growth.”
Those planets became more expansive.
When the moon had to begin with her own life, that was no more than the palm of your hand and now it has become a wonderful life, a wonderful organism.
Space is filled.
There is no longer any emptiness in space, or the human being and the other life would have that emptiness in the organism.
And that is not the case.
“From the embryonic stage the grades of life got”, as suns, planets and stars, “the consciousness”, for the own grade of life, for the own independence; which is the human being, which is the animal, which is a flower.
The space now for a flower is the life from the ground, the stem, and the realm of colours.
The animal already possesses feeling, the animal in the waters expands itself, grows.
But the human being rises out above all that life, the grades of life of which we will analyze when we must begin in the embryonic stage for the human being.
“It’s true, isn’t it, my brothers, from the embryonic stage the grades of life received consciousness”, fatherhood, motherhood, growth.
“The human life and the animal existence had to follow and to accept these laws, because this is the returning to God.”
Dying is evolution.
“All the life on earth therefore grows by means of death, by means of dying; and now dying is the possession of the great universal Divine ‘wings’.
I said a moment ago: we went from the waters to the land consciousness.
The human being, the academic has to accept that, because all the life emerged from the first grade for the laws of giving birth.
And then the human being experiences his growth, doesn’t he, André?
God lives in the mother, in the waters, in every insect as father and mother and the life grows.
Does that mean nothing on earth?
Not yet, because the academics are not yet that far, the millions of people on earth still have to become conscious.
Because people still do not know the beginning of Mother Earth and the universe there.”
The University of Christ descends to the first grades of life in an embryonic stage and can now explain the laws.
“The soul as a Divine spark therefore grows.
Because she has to represent God, because she is the All-Source, because she is the All-Mother, must represent the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood, the All-Source created spaces, laws of growth for that purpose and we have to accept that, now that we have made this journey to here.”
Master Alcar says: “Look now, my brothers, if you want to attune yourself for a moment to the present stage for Mother Earth, look now, how the waters condensed themselves.
Follow the seed in the bottom, look at light and at darkness, at flower and plant, follow these material and spiritual laws of growth, and you will get to know yourself.
Work out what belongs to your life and to your consciousness and you will stand before your Divine soul, your spirit and your spatial Divine personality at a macrocosmic attunement.
The child in the mother awakens, it grows, it drives itself upwards to the human space, then the soul as the Divine core receives the new birth and is growth.
And then the adult stage comes for the human being, for all the life and people call that death, of which people do not yet understand the reincarnation.
And moon, sun and stars received those laws of growth, they passed them onto all the life, in the first place the human being, the Divine core as soul for the human being, his spirit, his personality.”
Is this not simple now?
Can the human being not understand that?
“The highest Masters from the Divine All, my brothers, now want, my brother André, that the soul as human being on earth starts to feel Divinely.
The highest Masters want that the human being on earth starts to understand himself, that he drives himself to that evolution and that life on earth must start to conquer itself.”
Which is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood, which we have to determine by means of space.
“Wherever she is, the soul of God, she remains Divine”, even if she experiences jungle stages.
“Even if she is unconscious, the soul of God, she will soon awaken and then receives her next stage of life for this purpose”, a new beginning, the following consciousness, a new awakening, always and eternally again by means of reincarnation, by means of the Divine systems, by means of which God represents himself: fatherhood and motherhood.
“The soul for the human being and all the life is universal and she is connected to the own laws, which the human being got hold of, to the All-Source.”
Wherever the human being lives, even if the human being, the life are unconscious, if you look at and want to analyze that life, you stand before the All-Mother, the All-Spirit, the Omnipotence, the All-Power, the All-Providence.
“And now this too: what will we now experience, my brother André, when we come to stand before the character traits for the human being and all the life?
The character traits for the human being must evolve.
They also have to experience seven grades before the spiritual grade of life has reached the universal and the human being can enter the first sphere.
It is only now, when the first sphere in the life of feeling awakens, that human being understands what love means.
Only now the human being is open.
The soul can begin with harmonic thinking, but the personality awakens the soul life, the core for God and all his systems, the personality brings the life of feeling to the expansion, and we stand before the connection of these laws of growth.
It is the oneness with all the life of God, which the human being also has to take to his evolution.”
And then Master Alcar says: “Enter this space, we experienced this unity for fatherhood and motherhood.
We were able to see and were able to analyze the ages of condensing.
We continue.
We leave, we will make ourselves one with new grades of life, we will connect our own self again with space and in the first place, Master Zelanus, we will ask new questions for the child of Mother Earth, so that the child of Mother Earth will understand his life of growth.
Release yourself from every influence, look at these possibilities, at these Divine creations and your word will be conscious inwardly.
This life was therefore produced” Master Alcar continues, “in order to die and to evolve.”
The soul therefore as the spirit has already become an immense personality.
That means, if you understand this, my sisters and brothers: the soul, the Divine core as soul has now become spirit, because that expansion gave material evolution, inner feeling and thinking and that became the spirit, that became the closing off for the Divine core and then we see the material human being and the spiritual life in the human being, the spiritual feeling, the personality, and that is for stars and planets, for all the life of God.
“This life was produced”, Master Alcar can and must say, “in order to live, but in order to die for the earth and in this space, because dying is evolution, is continuing, is growing; back to God.
We know the soul as spirit, as the spiritual personality in the life ‘beyond the coffin’, because we belong to that.
And those books, my brother André, are already on earth.
You can therefore accept and understand me.
And the purity of God has remained in this space, the material and the inner laws remained uncontaminated.
Not for the human being on earth, we will soon see and experience what the human being made of that.”
We know, we still live in the year 1944.
This is only the journey which André has to make for the Cosmology.
Europe is on fire.
Mankind is beaten.
And when Master Alcar then asks André, what the human being on earth did and does now, can now be seen and determined and analyzed: he does not make progress but he takes himself to a darkness.
“By what means did the life create misery, diseases, leprosy, psychopathy, insanity?
Can God as a father of love”, this universe now shouts, “create diseases, miseries, now that we have got to know the laws of growth for love, for harmony, and justice?
Can God as the All-Mother take us to that destruction?
Can He punish?
Can He hit the human being?
Can He damn the human being?”
Space trembles.
Why does the human being ask all these questions?
Because this life still does not know itself and the Divine laws, the human being asks questions: “How can God beat the human being like that?
How can He hate if He is a father of love?
How can He damn the human being eternally?”
“The Masters, the human being, my brothers, who have completed their cycle for this universe, not a cycle for the earth, but the cycle for this universe and now get to know themselves, when they saw how God created all of this, they returned to the Christ and asked: ‘Give us that task in our hands, so that the child, our fathers and mothers awaken on earth.’
Then the highest Masters felt the love of the Christ and they returned to the earth and they brought a small weak faith in order to open the human being inwardly for the first laws of growth and so sects and faiths originated on earth, religions, which actually mean nothing more according to this universe and the truth.”
“But”, the Master says, “the laws can also be experienced on earth, as you know.
The smallest insect can take the human being to that Divine growth, to the laws of life and grades of life for the soul, for the spirit and the human personality, but in the very first place for fatherhood and motherhood, by means of which the human being, the academic, the child of God gets to know himself.
All the life continues by means of reincarnation and experiences the Divine harmony as laws of growth for that Divine attunement, and that is the soul, it is the spirit, it is the life and the material.
And all of that for the existing creation, but then what, when we come to stand before the vermin, my brothers, what are the systems like, when we must analyze the post-creations?
Oh, my God, oh, my God, how rich, how wonderfully deep, how incredibly lucky and loving life now is as human being on earth and for all these spaces.
Even when we will descend into the darkness, we see the Divine cores as luminous shapes before us, because we know the conscious and the unconscious laws and know now that the human being must still begin with his spiritual growing.
We stand before nothing more which does not want to be revealed, every life, each planet, every star, every haze now asks our life: ‘Give birth to me, create me, analyze us.
We want to be known, it is only then that we experience the unity with the human being on earth.’”
Did the great ones, did Socrates not feel that for five seconds?
Did the initiates in the East not always say to experience the unity with God, with the night, with a flower, with the mother, with the father; with the moon, with the sun, with the stars?
To undergo the depths of the waters, is that not the Divine oneness for all the life of God, and is that not the core for which the human being must live?
I taught you here during these mornings, it does not matter who you are, it does not matter what you are and want to become, it only concerns the growth of your life of feeling.
It concerns your love, because love represents the University of Christ, represents Golgotha, is the All-Existence for this growth.
Just slave away to death in your society – I will come back to that soon – and just break and crack society.
If it concerns your life of feeling, grow and think about your inner feeling and thinking, give your character traits the realm of colours of God.
Dare to accept Golgotha and bow your head there.
Bow your head if you see the untruth, because your growth is standing before a deadlock, talking no longer helps us now.
“The laws explain to us”, Master Alcar says and comes from space, “the laws want to be experienced harmonically and justly and you have to accept because by means of this you lay spiritual macrocosmic foundations for your spirit, your personality, your fatherhood and motherhood and you get the universal ‘wings’.
And now”, Master Alcar says, “now we stand before the human will, this is Divine sacred will which we see, because it originated by means of sacred thinking and feeling, by means of the All-Mother.
That will is not disharmonic in anything, or the seed in the earth would die.
But it reaches growth.
The planets started to grow, we get to see light and night.
The planets trace their own orbit and cannot be stopped because that is the centrifugal power, the laws of gravity dissolve, there is only just feeling in this, and all of this is harmonic love as feeling, by means of which the life grows.”
When I attune myself to you, if there was a Kant, a Socrates, present amongst you who would say: “Good heavens, now I know because this word is Divinely assured.
This word is Divine truth”, because by means of harmonically thinking, feeling, and experiencing those laws, the inner life grows and you get to see your universal cycle for your inner existence as a human being ‘beyond the coffin’ and you would be able to see temples, be able to possess the ‘wings’, go hand in hand with father and mother, your sister and brother, with the Master next to you, who says: “Where, my child, do you wish me to take you?”
“What can be said about the human will which does nothing else now than destroy on earth, André?
What does Adolph Hitler and his people hope to achieve?
To destroy Europe?
To force the human being to promote evolution by means of destruction?
And is that possible now that we have got to know these laws?”
I said a moment ago and asked you: what is a faith?
What can the religions begin now if they stand before these true laws?
What do the minister, the priest, the cardinal and the pope hope to achieve when they do not know these laws?
During this time, accept it, the human being who is Divinely learned stands at a standstill.
He cannot go any further.
“And we bring all of this, my brothers, to earth so that the human being will awaken, so that his inner life will reach growth.
Did the human being not receive an own will with regard to this space, the planets and the stars, the Divine laws of condensing?
The material already, the soul, not the spirit, but the inner life is will and that will brings the life of feeling to growth by means of the deed, by means of the action, by means of love, harmony, justice.
That is what the All-Source wanted and by means of which she materialized herself and we can now accept, my brothers, and that is for all the life in the spaces: God spiritualized and materialized Himself by means of all of this.
People call them planets, but a planet is giving birth, a planet is creation.
God represented Himself by giving shape to His personality as a planet, as evolution.
In addition to this we experience His love, because by means of this fatherhood and motherhood this universe grew, the human being grows.
God gave Himself shape for these spaces.
Soon the name human being will have no more meaning – and now it comes – because it is God, where we see life.
It is He himself, He is the grade of life for Himself, because the All-Source condensed Itself by manifesting God.
People on earth, you are no longer people, now that we have to accept and have to analyze and to see this, it is God who gave Himself power of existence, gave space, who filled Himself for this wonderful organism by means of His shapes, by means of His millions of organisms, the universe in which all this life received a place.
It is God Himself who brought the will to becoming conscious, by means of which the laws of growth got Universe consciousness and the planets began to trace an own orbit around the creating power, the sun.
And this is God as father, is God as mother, they are the laws of growth for His personality.
This is why and only by means of this”, Master Alcar says, “comes to me from the space and is a Divine commandment: the human being as spark of His life is a conscious Deity, but still has to master the consciousness for his personality.
The human being is no longer a human being but a Divine shape.
By means of his fatherhood and motherhood he gets expansion, growth, condensing, his reincarnations, his hereafters, his spiritual possession as beautiful as a temple.
He grows to the fourth cosmic grade, of which seven originated: the three of this universe, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade, the Divine All.
And then the All-Source can say: ‘I am now Divinely conscious for all my spaces.’
And then the human being is a Divine personality.”
How does the human being still feel on earth?
How does the human being think?
He does not even know that he has received an own will.
And that Divine will must now awaken in order to grow; and we experience, we see that by means of love, by means of Christ, doing good, experiencing the harmonic, practising justice, accepting Golgotha in everything, because this is the evolution process for the human being and all the life of God.
It wants to tell the human being of the earth that he will experience the infinite in every grade for day-consciousness and task.
Do you feel this?
You can, you can make of your work, your perfectly simple task on earth, a universal cycle.
You can make spiritual consciousness of the simplest things and possibilities.
You can – I taught you that and that is true, you must begin with that ‘beyond the coffin’ – you can represent the Divine realm of colours by means of these actions; you make a temple of a small loving deed and the human being has that in his hands.
He must awaken the Divine soul as a core in himself, bring it to growth, he must trace an orbit, that means: to give life to a charater trait, if you soon want to be conscious ‘beyond the coffin’ – it comes quickly – if you want to possess ‘wings’, if you want to be able to walk there, if you want to wear a beautiful garment and sandals.
If you really want to undergo the oneness with the Masters who explain the laws to you, then you will give here and then you will give there a space to your inner life.
It is very simple, my sisters and brothers, place the spatial love in you and you will not and you cannot do any wrong deed again.
Why do you always still think socially, materially – André later asks the human being – if you know anyway that the universe is yours?
Why are you so small and puny and why do you want to remain so dilapidated and soulless, and do you only think for that horrible meaningless material?
And you let your inner life of feeling, which comprises the Divine core, chill, stand outside – as the ‘Masks and Men’ record it – and it is raining and it is freezing.
You are completely alone and broken for the Other Side, for the laws of growth in the spirit because you use your will wrongly.
Well, when you know nothing else but that God damns the human being and that He builds up hells there, living fire in order to let you burn, how do you then wish to grow, how do you wish to reach that awakening, that inspiration, that oneness?
How do you wish to expand your light in your eyes?
How do you wish to take the feeling in your heart to the growth, if you must always stand before that cursed damnation, if you must accept that God created Adam and Eve, by means of a rib, some clay and some breath of life?
If you cannot accept that the human being was born in the waters and got that growth and that he is Divine, if you accept all the nonsense which the sects, the religions on earth materialized for the faith, for your growth, always away from God and not back to Him, then you will very certainly start to think sooner or later: I have had it.
I will stop, there is no beginning and no end, there is no growth.
Because that cursed damnation places you at a Divine human standstill.
But by means of this you hear, you feel where your life is going and that growth is possible if you use your human will for the good, the becoming conscious, the revelations of your universe.
Release yourself from the earth, we will soon shout at you.
Free yourself.
You do not live on a bottom, on ground or granite.
Everything is growth, everything is feeling, only feeling; by determining your will to the laws of life and the grades of life for the Divine realm of colours, fatherhood and motherhood, you will be a creator, a human being with colours, a human being with truth, with harmony, with loving glances, your hand is always warmed inwardly.
You do not see lies and deception, you do not have and no longer wish to accept conscious destruction, you go further consciously, you grow.
This life, even if you are a millionaire, even if you have millions of the earth, castles and whatever, then what if you do not possess anything of that Golgotha and the Christ ‘beyond the coffin’ for this universe?
Really do not make a fuss for your universe here on earth, you will be nothing if you experience, accept and grow disharmonically what we are talking about now.
Do not take your love from dry land into the ditch, but dare to think, dare to act, prove what you can do and do not reach too high.
Do not step to the universe, because you will break your inner neck, if I may warn you.
And do not go too far either, do not grow too far in the word, so that you darken and sully the words of the Masters again, simply continue to carry on and lay foundation after foundation and be assured that you no longer sink through an immaterial bottom.
“It all means, child of Mother Earth, that you have the infinite in you and will experience every grade of this space.”
If you look properly, you will see the firmament growing.
The Masters are there.
I am not talking for the unconscious ones.
The wonderful honour to be able to see Him, takes me to the highest inspiration of this space.
“Look, your suffering”, they say, “and your sorrows dissolve, if you think harmonically.”
If you think and if you continue to think disharmonically, you will have sorrow under your heart always and eternally and you will never ever be spiritually happy.
But all of this is spiritual happiness and the All-Source created that for the human being, no, the All-Source created that for itself.
But the human being is the representation of that source, that soul, that All-Soul, that All-Consciousness.
“The human being represents, my Masters, the Divine All, the millions who see us and follow us, know it, shout it out, my voice and your life of feeling will experience and listen to the earth; and knock me down if I make a mistake”, but that is not possible.
Peace be with all of you if you begin with spiritual becoming conscious.
It becomes destruction if you love, follow and want to accept the destruction.
Is that so incomprehensible?
The growing universe teaches us that.
“A war is destructive for the human being”, and anyone who now takes up a sword, accepts things by means of which he is great for his task and that task takes you to the destruction, stands at a standstill, really universally still.
Do you see?
Here we can now begin with the analyzes.
Everything sinks away from the earth, dissolves in the Divine cosmology.
You can no longer get away from this, you cannot avoid any law, you will have to show your colours at the moment for your cosmic growing, for your life, these laws force you to begin with harmony and justice.
And if you do not want that, you will walk away sooner or later anyway and you will return to the darkness.
‘Beyond the coffin’ we will come to you and then we will ask you: “Do you know me?
Do you know Master Alcar; do you know the laws?
If only you had broken off yourself, if only you had wanted to break yourself inwardly”, and that is very simple, you just need to bend for the truth, for the living vitality of the space, the justice which descends into you harmonically and takes you to that awakening.
And then you experience Christ, Golgotha, the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere.
No one can take this away from you, because it is your will which has laid foundations and says: “I am one with my father, one in everything.”
And this is why the Christ could speak these words.
But the Other Side already speaks it too and says, the Masters say: “We are one with our universe, we conquered this universe.
This means nothing more even if that is the Divine law, we experienced that growth, physically, spiritually.
Our personality grows every second because we always speak the truth, because we are justice, because we are harmonic.
We love, we really love.”
Are you that far?
“Disease and other misery dissolves”, my sisters and brothers, Master Alcar says, “when you want to understand yourself.
Because by means of space this misery was not created, no leprosy, no insanity, no psychopathy was created.
The life of God as a human being must awaken, the life will know that all these laws were created for the human personality.”
Because the planets represent the All-Source by means of their personality and that is the space of a planet, that is the body for the human being, that is the space for a flower, a tree, they are the waters, all that life grows by means of Divine harmony.
It is the experiencing and the oneness for fatherhood and motherhood.
“By means of reincarnation we go further and higher, my brothers.
And then, Master Zelanus, what will we then experience?” Master Alcar asks me.
And I am ready, I can say: “We go to fatherhood and motherhood at a spiritual attunement.
Then there are no more sorrows, or brutalized states to be experienced on earth, now the life on earth becomes harmonically conscious”, now the life on earth becomes a bliss, and the human being who will begin harmonically, already experiences that bliss.
“Or do you wish to continue to accept”, André can shout out to the child of Mother Earth, “would you not really want that there was one human being on earth, living there, who undergoes the harmony of this space spatially spiritually?
Then I am it and I will explain the laws to you and then I will make it clear to you how you can undergo this Divine oneness and then you will experience a different fatherhood and motherhood, the growing for your life of feeling and your spirit.
Then I will be it, my Master, who thinks real harmonically and spiritually.”
I am ready.’
“Yes”, Master Alcar says, “and it is only then, André, that the human being will create and give birth according to the Divine harmony and he will be one with this space. And he will stand”, you should hear what comes now, “behind the Catholic Church and the bible lies there, not the Christ, but damnation, the Last Judgement, hells lie at his feet and the human being kicks it to bits, because he says: ‘They are own made demonic systems and they are not mine and not my father’s.
My God, I want nothing to do with that destruction.’”
“If the human being starts to live harmonically”, André says and Master Alcar must now agree, “if I really start to think according to this universe, according to the laws of growth, then you will have to inspire me in order to give mankind that becoming conscious.”
And then Master Alcar must say and he immediately looks into the eyes of the Divine face: “Of course, my brother, then the God is open in everything for your life.
We would now be able to ask thousands of questions”, Master Alcar says, “for the human being on earth, but we will do that later when we begin with our oneness for the human being on earth.”
And that is now, my sisters and brothers, now we live in that Divine oneness, but not only for you, also for society.
“We now follow the possibilities of growth for space, for the human being, for the animal, for the flower, for the plant, for the light and the darkness, for soul and spirit, for every charater trait, social feeling and thinking, for arts and sciences, we now think universally harmonically.
It is only now that the life on earth and in the Spheres of Light becomes wonderfully conscious, by means of which the human love for all the life of God awakens.
Does all of this mean something for the human being?
We now see that everything has meaning, but behind which we live in order to determine the Divine truth and the eternal continuance, the growing for our own existence.
What is the most necessary of all on earth for the human being on earth, André?”
And then André replies: “Fatherhood and motherhood, my Master.”
And space looks immediately.
“That is it”, Master Alcar says, “by means of this we will go and the life will go further”, only by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
And there are still academics that wonder: “Why is the human being mother, why is the human being father?
They do not even know that the soul, the Divine soul – so that Deity lives in you – must be father and mother; or there would be no evolution, there would be no reincarnations.
The human being stood before one law: God is father and mother.
The academics do not yet know it.
The theologian does not know it.
The minister does not know it.
The spiritual faculties still live in darkness.
But the University of Christ says: “Fatherhood and motherhood are the essential sources for the human being, because by means of this the human being experiences his Divine unity for the Divine All.”
Isn’t that true?
That is it, by means of this we go and all the life goes further.
And now look on earth at that flower, that was put in the ground last year and now you get the growth for a new life, the Divine realm of colours, children, they listen, they belong with us to the Divine All, because they represent fatherhood and motherhood for the Divine realm of colours.
Isn’t that something?
“And now the religions on earth”, Master Alcar says.
“The religions on earth create disharmony, the religions on earth, my brothers, take the human being from dry land into the ditch, take the human being to a God who hates, a God of revenge, a cad, a Divine cad.”
God is now a cad.
God is a demon, a Satan.
And: “Go and destroy those people there”, so God will destroy Himself.
God did that.
The human being comes from the unconsciousness, from the jungle, gets the human existence – the space knows that, the Divine laws know that – and in the end there is no more devastation, no more destruction, no death, no sin, because it is all evolution.
It is evolving continuing in order to bring those Divine systems to growth.
So if you want to experience the Divine word then there is no sin, then there is no death, there is no damnation, there is no leprosy either, there is no insanity either and there is no psychopathy; all of that is unconsciousness.
Because in space we saw Jupiter, Venus and Saturn as half-conscious planets for motherhood and they had to undergo the same systems and it means: the human being will soon reach half-waking motherhood and fatherhood and then you experience that terrible word; homosexuality; and that is the circle, the cycle for fatherhood and motherhood.
God did not create any miseries, any misery, either spiritually or materially, but it is evolution.
You can make everything disappear from the earth if it has to do with devastation, if it has to do with disharmony.
The Divine self takes care of everything and says: what do you want, I cannot give you the Divine realm of colours, the Divine shape all at the same time anyway, because you would succumb under it.
You must evolve, you must undergo that law, that growth, that blossom, that awakening process, and it is only then that you will have the living power in you.
You will have become living energy.
You also represent your Divine shape, your wonderful garment, your light in your eyes, and only then the spatial kiss follows.
The kiss of space, by means of the oneness of father and mother, given and granted consciously, is now Omniscience.
You are no longer at a loss for a word, you are always growing speaking.
You always have the other in you, you are always busy explaining that word, but do not go too high, do not fly too far, remain an adept of God and will not act the Master if space itself does not say it.
It is only when space speaks to your life, it is only when you can undergo, can experience the oneness with sun, moon and stars, that space, that this universe, the laws of growth will say to you: you are cosmically conscious.
“I disembody, I go and help people ‘beyond the coffin’ at night.”
Gossips, wretches who still want to rape the laws of space by means of a material word.
Tell the heavens, tell sun, moon and stars that you are busy, that you have begun to learn to think harmonically.
Now there is already disharmony.
In other words, my sister and brothers, I want you to continue to stand on your own two feet and not to fly past yourself as space.
Because then you are a meteor which will burst sooner or later, and the madhouse will be open to you.
Must that happen, do you want that?
Master Alcar says: “We can make ourselves one, we can no longer make any mistakes and we cannot fly past ourselves, because the law of motherhood and fatherhood taps our garment, steps on our cloth and says: ‘Hey, wait a moment, you have not yet experienced me.’
And we cannot make any leaps in this.
We can no longer fly past ourselves in this.”
And then Master Alcar says: “The laws of growth for this space can be seen by means of the cycle for the human being of the earth.
It is the evolution process for every spark.”
But the human being must, the spark of God must always experience and undergo harmonically justly the spiritual and the material laws, then the life of feeling expands itself and the wisdom becomes visible.
“The growing universe analyzes the ecclesiastical gossip”, now comes from the Divine conscious All, and is a voice which is Divinely conscious, which is not a revelation for Master Alcar, for André, and these spaces.
“The growing universe, for the human being, sun, stars and planets, the journey which we now make and which you make, children of this universe, analyzes the ecclesiastical gossip again.”
Gossip, because there is no damnation, there is only harmony, justice and love.
Space analyzes the Last Judgement because that thing, that monster does not exist, the spatial laws, the laws of growth for mother and father analyze the priest, the cardinal and his holiness the pope.
‘Beyond the coffin’ there is no more holiness and they will accept that.
“The laws of growth”, there now enters André as a Divine commandment and he can shout through space and all life takes this over, “the growing universe analyzes the ecclesiastical nonsense.”
And André immediately takes his inspiration over from the Divine All and says: “The laws of growth of this universe explain the creation for the bible and the human being.
I experience the first books for the new bible of the University of Christ.
The laws of growth take our life back to the Messiah.
The laws of growth created the Spheres of Light, and it is they which gave the human being space for the social, the universal, the true, the gifts for fatherhood and motherhood, so that human being and animal, the life of Mother Nature can go further.”
And then Divine inspiration enters me and then I can shout it out to the earth.
The moon laughs, the sun laughs, the stars and planets take care of my life of feeling, I am no longer nervous, I am inspired, I must stop those powers; from my mouth, my heart, my blood, my life aura the words fly, my feeling flies when I can say: “The laws of growth of the universe gave the spark of God inspiration, certainty, the grades of life for the awakening, the Divine justice, my Master, because all the life possesses those laws and has attunement to God, the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood.
There is no seed on earth and in all the spaces of God to be seen, or that life grows and got Divine universal meaning by means of that.
You cannot find one seed on earth, or that little seed possesses the soul of God, the power of God, the elemental laws of God for the growth, materialization, spiritualization, realm of colours, fatherhood, motherhood, or there was no life on earth to be seen.”
“Astronomer”, André sends to your universities, “there is no dead atom in this space, or that life has completed a cycle, a growth.
And what do you now wish to say about the moon, give her, now that she has already completed her life?
Because I represent her, I am sun, moon, stars and planets”, André as Jeus of mother Crisje shouts it out in the Divine All.
“Crisje, I once told you and was able to declare and to send from the silence of the Divine All: I am becoming a prophet.
But now I am becoming one of unprecedented depth, I am growing, my mother.
I am truly growing, because every spiritual faculty of Mother Earth now lies in my hands.
Crisje, I swear to you, for this growth I want to succumb millions of times.
I want to remain and to be harmony, justice.
I no longer descend into devastation, into destruction.
I am one, I see, I experience, I undergo.”
Master Alcar looks up at his adept and looks into André’s eyes and says: “Really, André, when we are back on earth and when we may think for ourselves again then I will give you the crown of my heart, of my life, of my space, because you are really a conscious adept: you want.”
“The will of this universe”, then André says immediately, “is growing and I want to master that growth, by attuning my will to that.”
But the power and the force of the Divine consciousness wants us to experience that growth humanly and that it too is of use to you, or the life will really burst because this cannot be experienced under human power, you must master it.
You must think about it, but do not go into it.
Do not want to make yourself one with the Spheres of Light, you can go to sun and moon in thoughts, but woe betide, we must warn you, you cannot reach it anyway.
Do not think that you can hear the moon, that you can hear the sun, that you can hear a star, a planet speak.
You can only do that inwardly and then remain normal, think normal, first make sure that you remain on earth with both feet.
That is the greatest and the most wonderful possession which the Masters and space are proud of, André could do that.
Because millions – accept this – have already disappeared only by looking at death, by thinking about death, and they walked with a wrong head under arms over the street; psychopath, mad.
You will not become mad from this.
You will not lose your day-consciousness because of this, on the contrary, you will see yourself growing.
You will start to grow.
You will become bigger, but smaller in feeling, you always play the lesser, you always stand behind the bubbly self.
Because you do not want to be bubbly.
You do everything mildly, softly.
You do everything flowingly.
You take care of one with the other.
You never fall back, you never fall off the stairs.
You do not hang between space and the earth like a mad minister who wanted to get to know his Jehovah and forgot the stairs in order to return.
Or do you perhaps wish to accept that I am speaking untruth?
There are ministers, religious maniacs in your mental institutions.
If only they had known this, then they would not have been insane, because then they would have had a hold.
Then they would have laid down Divine foundations for themselves.
But that cursed damnation drives the human being to the mental institution.
There is no longer any growth.
As long as you can grow, you lay spiritual foundations for yourself and the material earth means nothing more, because you rise out above the life of feeling of Mother Earth.
And that is the human being; the human being, they are man and wife.
Love each other and you will grow.
But not an egotistical love, spatial love.
First get to know what spiritual growth says and means.
One wrong word – I taught you – over your lips, that goes to devastation and not wanting to understand, that attunes you to a deadlock.
That lets you stand there, that attunes you to misery and grief, to the lonely.
Because the human being who is really growing, no longer wishes to listen to you, he says to you: “You are childish.”
One wrong word, which takes you consciously to devastation, my sisters and brothers, is unconsciousness, is disharmonic and unjust.
That human being does not grow, and now you can, according to this, this morning, you can say to yourself – you can look at the human being who goes with you, whom you meet, with whom you speak – what the consciousness of that life is like now.
One wrong word, one snarl, one snap, one kick, one hit – isn’t it? – and you will serve damnation, you will be lies and deception yourself, untruth; and then you have no love.
Even if you want to make it clear to and fool your society and the human being that you love, one wrong word proves that you are not it and cannot lay foundations and cannot begin with any growth.
“The growing universe”, will be my last word for this morning and we will continue again on the next journey, our following being one, “the growing universe”, it comes as a Divine commandment to society and this mankind, “analyzes all the ecclesiastical gossip.
The laws of growth explain the creation for the bible and mankind, for soul, spirit and material.
The laws of growth take our life back to Christ, the true Christ.
The laws of growth created the Spheres of Light, and it is they which gave the human being space for society, gave the universal truth to fatherhood and motherhood, so that the human being, animal and all the life of God could continue.”
“These laws, my brothers”, Master Alcar says, “bring our life and consciousness to the macrocosmic grades”, because we grow universally, “and that means that we now get to know the seven cosmic grades of growth for this universe existence.
They are for here light, soul, spirit and material and they will grow for the following grades of life as worlds, the Divine attunement of which we will get to know.
What do we see now?
What do we experience now?
Which laws got to experience that becoming conscious?
Which possibilities lie open for the human being, for the life of God, for fatherhood and motherhood?
Which laws of life do you have to master yourself for your self?”
Did I give you something by means of this oneness, by means of this growth this morning?
You will get another two lectures for your growth and then we will end this oneness again.
But then we will stand before the first phenomena – and we will begin with that soon if the Masters want that – for the fourth cosmic grade of life and then we will look there.
I had promised you that, but we will not make it.
I am rapped on my knuckles.
I cannot make any more leaps, the worlds are open and the worlds do not want to be forgotten.
Every spark of space now says to me: “Stop, experience me, you do not want to miss me out anyway, or you will soon miss a foundation and the human being will sink back into a big deep hole, he no longer has any existence.
Because he must lay foundations; and you, Masters of the light, will follow those laws and experience us and pass that onto the child of Mother Earth.”
For this morning I also have this.
I thank you for those beautiful colours, those dear children of Mother Earth.
Do you not spoil me too much?
Did I deserve all of that?
For this morning another few words, for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: now learn to think first, start to think for growth.
You can, it is perfectly simple, analyze the philosophical systems, if you feel that your life of feeling continues.
Finish one thing, finish a word.
Let a word experience that growth, because then your life of feeling goes along, then there is inner working.
But when you say: “Oh, no, I do not accept that”, then you can see damnation before you.
You know the bible, you know the nonsense of the Catholic Church and the Protestant faith.
You know which untruths a Mohammed spoke, because you have the University of Christ.
There are the books for your hells and your heavens, the hells of which are not there because they are dark worlds, they are unconscious worlds, which you must master.
In other words, you will give those dark unconscious worlds foundations for your light, your life, your soul, your spirit, your personality, and then you stand before the first sphere.
Learn to think, finish a thought and if you are friends, sisters and brothers of each other and one flies too far into space and wants to give himself, wants to master the wisdom just like that, then restrain him and say to her: “Stop, wait a moment.
Now we stand before nonsense, you are gossiping.”
And we want nothing more to do with gossip and talk.
I am a child of the University of Christ.
I am an adept of Christ.
The Age of Christ has begun to grow and to awaken and I lay my own foundations for that.
Become mother and father in a real, true, just, harmonic way.
Prove what you can do.
Take society in your hands and wring that society’s animal-like neck if that animal nibbles at your life and demands of you: “Go with me, because you are one of mine.”
And then dare to come out and to say: “Yes indeed, you always thought that, didn’t you?
But a cock no longer crows for me.
I am not Peter and I am no longer Caiphas.
I killed the Peter in me, the doubter, the denier.
And the Caiphas is now behind bars, I took him prisoner, he does not even get dry bread with water, he will die.
For you the next human rest.”
I thank you.
I really thank you for your beautiful feelings.