The All-Source for the Human being

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will continue this morning with ‘The All-Source for the Human Being’, but we now experience God as light, as soul and as spirit, the phenomena which emerge from the first stage.
The human being who has not experienced this, prepares himself and I will give a small introduction for this purpose.
The human being who had not followed these lectures, must then know that we return from the earth to the beginning of all the material, visible life.
We have experienced the Divine All, the invisible Divine All.
We live in that.
We have said farewell to the earth, we return to the first moment, when God began with His revelations.
And this moment takes you back to society.
You start to think.
You now learn to think cosmically.
You stand immediately before your religions, the church, and the bible.
You can immediately lay new foundations instead of the old which do not possess any viability.
You lay down those foundations for eternity.
We will prove that to you, you can accept this, because the human being was born in the waters.
And not as the bible told it and is still accepted by your universities: there was a paradise, and God created the human being from some clay and life of breath.
That is no longer accepted for this age.
When we return to the earth you will soon be able to see that soul, spirit and life is present in all the life that experienced growth, spiritualizing and materializing, in everything.
Because it is only then that we make our earthly, human, animal-like, natural comparisons and we begin with the human becoming conscious on earth.
It is a gift from God and the masters.
We will continue.
I will read out for you, where we remained, it is where André felt that the silence of space overcame him.
We went through the material worlds, that is this universe.
If there is no spiritual life present, then we could not have entered those spiritual spaces.
But we went through the material, through this universe, the planets and the stars; night, light and darkness dissolved for us, we entered a wonderful silence, the world, an eternity, when there was still nothing.
And we now live in that.
We experienced that at the last session.
“We now see gradually that the hazes, that this space possesses life and that a separation takes place.”
I gave you a brief idea when I said: “Place your hands before your eyes; even if you are in darkness, you still see light.”
The All-Source lived and was in that state.
The All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life lives in there, everything must actually be present in there which we later, when that growth begins, visibly get a hold of.
And we will soon see how the human being has become a part of God, when that space starts to divide and God begins with His multiplication.
You now live in a darkness, but in which life is present, only life.
And that is the All-Source, the All-Mother.
There is only giving birth in this, silence.
Thinking must be present in this.
Everything which the human being now possesses on earth and does not yet know must be present in this.
The human being knows his animal-like attunement, his crude-material, his material, but the human being still does not possess any of his spiritual consciousness.
What do people know about life ‘beyond the coffin’?
What does your psychologist know about soul, life and spirit?
He knows nothing, nothing, nothing.
I made it clear to you here by means of those many lectures that mankind must still begin with the spiritual foundations for the human becoming conscious.
Is that true?
How far are you?
Mother Earth is evolving.
Space is evolving.
I was able to explain to you – and we had to accept that, we experienced this, we saw that – that we became giving birth and creating.
Mother Earth – and this universe – has precisely got over the puberty years.
And they are millions of ages.
But what does a million years mean on and for the Divine eternity?
You now live in eternity.
You will soon make a journey from the All-Mother, from where we were all born, back to the earth.
A Divine gift.
“We now see that power is present in this space.
Hazes come.
It is like your smoke.
I will keep giving you an earthly, material, clear explanation, then you can absorb that picture. If you smoke at home, at least the man, the mother can also smoke ...
You see, and you hear this, we can still think materially, humanly, then we whiz back to the earth, attune ourselves and take over this, and at the same time we return again to the All-Source.
You will also get that expansion, but it is not yet so simple for you.
If that smoke goes through the room and the sun shines from a corner, a side, then you see that that smoke grows.
You must just build up the picture.
Your little smoke becomes more and more rarefied and it looks like a multiplication.
A little cigarette like that brings and makes a cloud plasma appear, so real and natural as we now experience in that All-Source, when the Divine All-Mother began with her growth and giving birth.
And this is the God, the All-Mother as haze stage.
Can you feel this?
Those hazes start to condense, spread.
That vastness is giving birth, is motherhood.
So everywhere where we look, we see those soft, those soft hazes.’
Then Master Alcar said: “You see, in this silence there is working, there is thinking, human Divine thinking.
That continues.”
And this, my sisters and brothers – you can accept this – took millions of years according to your time.
Those hazes became condensed, they became visible and divisions came again, changes as it were.
Then darkness came again.
In this state, seven ages, as it were, came into being.
And then Master Alcar soon says: “What is this?”
But I am not yet that far and you will hear that.
“We now see that this space will fill itself by means of the hazes.”
And those hazes are now protoplasm, and that means: blood, spiritual aura as life blood, life.
It is soul.
It will soon be spirit.
It is fatherhood and motherhood.
But in that All-Source, that invisible world, the power, there lives the thinking and the personality which knows what will happen after this.
The creations began in this way.
There is still no question of God.
You can now speak about ‘God as a haze stage’.
And soon God: as judge, as justice, as harmony, as father, as mother, as soul, as spirit, as a conscious spiritual and material independence.
That comes from here, or the human being or space would not be there.
This is life aura – do you see? – maternal inspiration and power, which is sent out consciously.
For this will happen with a set purpose.
Thinking is present here.
When we see this, Master Alcar says again: “You see, my brothers, the hazes for and of the All-Mother will now condense.
Condensing, rarefication, growth come.
We now keep on seeing a following stage and we return to the darkness.”
That means that if those hazes spread ...
You just hold onto the smoke of your cigarette, soon, if you have light, then your smoke also dissolves.
It is there and you cannot see it.
It can now be smelled as a human being, but you no longer see that smoke.
And yet that state is present.
And this kept on growing in this way.
That space absorbed that aura.
You see that aura, it dissolves again and that proves that working is present, growth, evolution.
The human Divine, All-Mother Source has begun to give birth to herself. So we call that and that is true.
This is the All-Mother now who gives birth.
The haze stage as first working will begin.
I can also go back further with you, but then you will no longer understand that anyway, or I would have to bring you into a state like that.
For example: we are in a cold room.
There in was chilliness and yet there was heat in this world, in that infinity.
But somewhere here in this space there is, heat comes and that heat is now working for the All-Source.
There was something.
When we entered there, we felt stimulated, urged on, inspired, driven.
“You see”, Master Alcar says, “can you feel this?
The working is beginning.”
The very first working and then I must go very far back with you.
Then we must return into the silence, into the depth of the waters.
You must be able to completely eliminate the sound of society.
You must even be able to eliminate the light, because this light is power, is inspiration, is giving birth, is creating, is living working.
And that must also go, if you wish to eliminate the working of this light under which I now stand here, for the cosmology, for the All-Mother when she started with her working.
You go back that far, when there was still nothing.
You often say: “What is nothing?”
You do not know what nothing is.
There is no one in the world, or in this society who knows those laws, who can say and explain what is actually nothing.
The being nothing, it is everything.
Because we will experience that and that was proven by means of the creations: the nothing, the All-Mother was everything.
And that emerged.
“You see, my brothers, the hazes start to condense.
We keep seeing a next stage now and we return to the darkness.
What is now light and what is darkness?
Can you tune into that?” Master Alcar says.
And I as Master Zelanus can say: “I feel ready, master.”
But the word which comes to me now, is Divinely inspired.
So now we go ...
At this moment we get the word of the All-Conscious Child.
Therefore the human being who has reached the All-Consciousness. Because that human being sent us on this journey to the laws, that human being now gave me the word.
“What is darkness here?” a voice enters me and I now experience the unity.
“And what is light?
What is giving birth, my brothers?
Because the hazes become visible, that now means that for God – as we were able to get to know the connection and the Father of love on the Other Side and for the earth – for God now the Divine evolution begins, so God is now born.”
That is something else, other than that the human being learns by means of the bible: God is there.
People see God as a human being.
The God who thinks.
No, God is now born by means of the All-Source.
Is this not in conflict with reality?
You will soon experience and see that by means of this session, that all of this is truth and that the word God, is only a word.
That it is the life, it is Mother Nature, they are sun, moon and stars, of which and for which the human being possesses the very highest life, the consciousness, immediately in attunement to the All-Source.
You are Gods.
“Moreover, we will soon be able to admire these laws, for the spirit and the material – because that evolution will begin – still for God, now still for the Divine stage, but after this”, Master Zelanus says, I say, “for the human being and the animal life, so also for the laws of Mother Nature.”
Now we still go ...
What we now experience, we now experience that for the God who awakens: God as soul, as life and as spirit. This morning.
“Truly”, Master Alcar says to me, “we now get to experience and we later see the wonders again as a materialized world.
However, here we experience the Divine foundation and that is the Divine attunement for all the life in space soon, for every spark, for God, and that was born by means of the All-Mother.
And what does that mean, André?” he immediately says to his instrument.
Now André stands before the Divine mountain, before the All-Source and if there was now something in him which is no good, if he was not ready – you feel, where the human being and where the masters must soon begin in order to take you to the awakening – then André could not have picked up this word.
But he is ready.
“What does this mean, André?”
And I immediately see the light entering André and he can say: “That we people possess Divine working, my master, and that we will create new life by evolving ourselves, which, however, is still a Divine, invisible law here.”
Can you feel this?
A Divine, invisible law, but which becomes visible and is now the haze stage for this moment.
“This answer also”, Master Alcar says, “my brother, touches and is, and represents reality and we must accept that because these Divine revelations give us the proof and that reality because we see it, we live in it.”
“So what is space, Master Zelanus?
What will space soon mean for God and the human being?”
And then I am ready again.
We are tuned in and one.
“You ask me what this space is for God?
What I see and experience, my master, connects me to God as soul and as spirit and we will soon get to know Him.”
And now Master Alcar comes again and can say: “That now, my brothers, is the next stage, and your life is already connected with that; and it means for me and for you: to now go further.
The All-Consciousness drives, drives us onwards.
The Gods, the human Deity follows us and will inspire us and all the life will ask us: ‘Stop for a moment; wait a moment, see me and analyse me, I belong to your life.’
The All-Consciousness now drives us onwards and follows us, or we would never have been able to experience or be able to see, be able to receive this word.
And this is Divine – we cannot even speak of Divine truth yet – this is All-Truth.
The All-Truth, can you feel what this is?
After all, this space is now only life, but emerged from the All-Source as mother”, Master Alcar says.
“And that life must now evolve.
It will spiritualize and materialize itself.
And then we stand before a spiritual and a material universe, universe as God.
God can now already be recognized by the working.
I will first explain those phenomena Divinely. We know God, at least now, already as power and working, as thinking capacity, as aura which is now still Divine plasma, but then becomes light.
Is that clear?
Then we also get to see the next stage and we may go further.”
We had to begin with that analysis and it was only when we were finished, that the power came to us from the All-Source which told us – this space, that infinity was filled with this word – “Go further.
You will return to us.”
We were followed by the human being who has reached his All-Stage, this conscious stage, therefore from the moon.
That Human Being follows us.
And now we get: God as soul.
The sciences – I will soon come to that – the psychologists, the theologians do not know: what is the human being as soul with regard to God.
You will now soon get to see and to experience your own little soul.
“André now feels that his life and consciousness is opened for the Divine revelations.
He can now accept that he can see beyond the life, and by means of which the law as life speaks to his consciousness.”
This also speaks to your consciousness.
“We also experience those same laws as revelations.”
These are the first revelations as hazes brought about by the All-Mother.
“We now experience the different Divine character traits.”
They are already Divine character traits.
This is working, this is growth, and this is life.
But this has more.
This can think, this can flow, and this will connect itself.
These are already Divine character traits, which will later be materialized and will experience that same law from the bottom, the ground: growth, blossom, expansion, but now as material.
The whole creation soon lies open to you and under your human heart if you follow and want to experience and want to think of this well.
We had to begin with it, also André as a human being of this world, you feel, or you could never have got this explained through material words.
This is still not known in this world.
There will be people who were able to think of that stage to a certain extent, but they have not experienced that.
Because this is only possible by means of the source which works on the University of Christ.
There is not another power.
Because the masters in space have the consciousness, have Mother Earth in their hands.
And André can say: “By means of the power which is now sent out, master, this world got life and an own character.”
Do you see?
The character already comes.
“That is now the consciousness for space, which is Divine and has now already accepted a form of existence as haze stage.”
This is already a form of existence and already an independence as Divine hazes.
“All the life now”, this is now André, now listen, “all the life now, my master, was brought by the All-Soul to the Divine attunement.”
By means of the All-Soul to the Divine attunement, because that aura now manifests itself. God manifests himself, and this is the Divine attunement.
André can say that.
“We now get to know God as soul.”
This is soul.
This is soul.
Because from this soul, behind that, this plasma emerged.
“Because this is soul, already as a visible world.
Now this, originated from that All-Soul, received a form, received colour, had the shape of a cloud and that now becomes, my master, the Divine spirit.”
But that spirit will grow and condense.
This is only the very first stage for God as soul, as life and spirit and we will now follow that.
“And then”, André says, “then we stand before the realm of colours and that is a part of His personality.”
Because – do you see? – life, soul and spirit form a character trait together.
And that character trait takes us to the Divine personality.
“This life therefore has as Divine foundation”, André can say, “direct attunement to the primal source.
And it is this, my master, it is the Omnipotence”, the Omnipotence, do you hear? “that will now give birth and create.”
Because this is already giving birth and creating.
That was that – do you see? – this.
Those hazes which were visible here and disappeared again, they were still there.
So ...
This was already visible and now it became invisible.
In fact this now, my children, is already creating power: fatherhood.
Back to the invisible: giving birth.
And it will soon emerge again.
And now we experience the God of all life in this haze stage as father and mother.
We already see that.
But we do not yet have the word.
Soon it will come to us.
“What we see, my master”, André continues, “in this space is soul and spirit, life breath, life aura, life blood, by means of which God gets shape as soul.”
Do you see?
God as soul now gets shape.
“Can you not follow and experience this?”
You should hear, André says that to his master.
“Can you follow and experience all of this?
This life therefore possesses everything, which we were able to see from the All-Source, as giving birth.
And by means of harmonic laws, which I feel and with which I am one, my master, my brothers, the life space for God condenses, in which we will live and will soon continue our own life.”
This is a child of the earth, this is André.
“I am starting to feel, my master, what all of this means.
Because it lives under my heart.”
He is already a poet.
He is now a cosmic conscious being.
He is Divinely touched.
And he must experience this soon again, when we are back on earth.
“This life will also soon divide itself, I see that, my master, this is also giving birth and creating again, which will be an own evolution, therefore a process, for every spark of God.
But in addition to this I then see the own obtained independence for all the life, the spark from all of this.
And then we see and we experience the Divine spark as human being, as animal, as flower, as plant, as waters, as a tree.”
Do you feel where we are going?
“If I could not experience this, my master, then I would not be able to receive this unity and we would never have become human being and I would not possess my independence as a human being.
I can now think back and make comparisons with my life on earth, you with your life on the Other Side, you with your fifth sphere.”
André can say that.
“As a result of this I now understand for what purpose I live and I became a human being.”
You see, we are now already busy in this All-Source in order to make human comparisons; otherwise it is no use to you.
“Since I was born from all of this, I represent God in everything which we were able to observe until now, and what lives after this, my master.
I believe that my head will spin.
But I feel my unity and I will not succumb.”
But this would make you succumb if you do not think further through the spiritualizing of that space, the materializing, the planets and stars.
The gravities will exist and we must receive and follow and analyse all of this.
And André will bring it to earth for the University of Christ.
He already knows that.
“How we must live and will act later with regard to the All-Source, my master”, André says, “that now already lives under my heart.
I can now explain and call out to the human being, to my mother, to my sisters and brothers on the earth: ‘I am a Deity, at a human attunement’, my master, and we now get to know that.
But on earth, I can see it there.
But it has not yet been understood there.
And the human being will not yet understand it there if he does not want to grow, take part in this creation, this giving birth, and this evolution.
If this life divides itself, my master, new existence will come, of course, and that will then become the human being, the animal and the universe.
It becomes sun, moon and stars.
They are waters.
I am now one with the spiritual and the material macrocosmos.
I see through all the life.
I am Divinely conscious, my master, but I know that I receive, that I get this inspiration.
The All-Consciousness speaks.
The All-Motherhood and All-Fatherhood sends us to the next stage.”
And then André says: “My life closes itself, I see that my inspiration will pass over, Master Zelanus.”
And then Master Alcar says to me: “Is that correct, Master Zelanus, what André experienced here?”
“Yes, my master”, I can say, “I saw happening what André experienced, separated from each other, but above all I saw it happening, and I saw and experienced God as soul.”
In the time that André perceives and absorbs and explains and materializes we are one and we see it before us and must endorse it.
If he was a bit off the mark, Master Alcar would say: “Stop, we are wrongly connected, we have no unity.”
No being wrongly connected exists: you are one or you are not.
And then Master Alcar says: “It is true.
We experience God as soul and soon as spirit.
At the moment, my brothers, the All-Source creates God as soul.
Do you see?
The All-Mother now makes God as soul ready, because we will observe the hazes condensed.
And further, André, what will come now?”
And then André can say again: “My life, my master, has become soul, spirit and material on earth, or I would not possess life.
I am soul.
The soul lives in the depth of my life, that is the spark, that is the Deity in me.
But I am also spirit and I am humanly, materially developed.
I can follow the evolutions on earth.
I now just need to look and I know the life of a flower, a tree and the waters.
For me everything is now open and conscious.”
On earth people now still ask: “What is soul?
What is spirit?”
Do you see?
Do you not wonder yourself?
“I now see what soul and spirit is and how God revealed himself so that I would get to see these laws.
Because He wants people to know Him, at an attunement, at a growth, by means of which the human being on earth – because that is what it concerns, my master – will evolve.
Because the Christ has declared and said to the human being: ‘The kingdom of God lives in you, but you yourself will take it to the revelation.
You will spiritualize and materialize it.’
And isn’t this true?
I see that material.
But when I start to make material, physical, earthly comparisons, my master, which I can now follow because I am human and now live on earth and because you have brought me to that awakening, I now experience the truth of God as soul, and I have and you have to accept that.”
You now have to accept that soon the sun will be father and the moon mother, but by means of which we could begin as human beings with His powers, His growth, and His truth of life.
“I therefore see and experience a comparison for the material universe which will reach awakening in me as I evolve, receive, and can experience fatherhood and motherhood.”
Can you feel all of this?
From the All-Source – God as soul, God as spirit – we start to already lay material universal foundations, so that we can soon continue, or we would succumb in this.
“The moon as mother; but by means of which we can master the powers and laws as human beings.”
Do you see?
That is already the evolution for the human being and for the universe.
“And that is our independence”, André says, “that becomes my independence.
I am an individual and I am everything.
I am a power.
I am soul, life and spirit.
I become a personality, but I have to master the laws for God and the All-Source, and by means of that I will be father and mother.
And that core, my master, now lives in me and has attunement to this event.
Because I originated from all of this, by means of which God manifested himself.”
And now I can call you back to the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
André experienced them.
Master Alcar made those journeys with him.
He therefore looks back at the journeys that he carries in himself and of which he now experiences and undergoes the continuance.
“And that is my independence, but that is for the animal and that is for space, that is for a flower, plant, tree, dog, cat, lion, tiger, bird.
And that core now lives in me and has attunement to this event, my master, because in the depth of my personality I am protoplasm.
God has now manifested himself as soul, but we will get to know Him as spirit.
Now creation can start, my master.
I am therefore a human being.
I am soul of this soul, the universe will soon explain that to me and then we will experience this unity.
I am life of His life.
I will soon be light of His light and power of His power.
And after this and by means of this, my master, my brothers, I get fatherhood and motherhood in my hands.”
Do you see?
“Because I became father and mother.
You showed me my reincarnations.
You showed me my lives on earth.
I was mother and I am now father.
Creating and giving birth.
From all of this”, André can say, “from that All-Mother, giving birth lives in that, creation originated.
And the human being also possesses that.”
“And what will we see then?” Master Alcar says to André.
“My master, that moreover, the human organism possesses fatherhood and motherhood on earth.
That the soul has to accept and must experience in both organisms this evolution process in order to grow, in order to be able to conquer the planet earth and to finally enter the spiritual stage, the Other Side, the astral world.”
Master Alcar says: “I thank you, my brother André.
Truly, we have Divine attunement, it lives in our hands.
And this is Divine creation because we will and have to represent Him in everything as God, but it is received from the All-Mother.
And by means of this we can now accept the Divine conscious life.
The Divine conscious life, that means: the human being who has now reached the conscious Divine All.
The human being from the prehistoric age and before that, now lives as a Deity in the Divine All and has accepted the universal systems.”
How do you feel?
“What now speaks to us”, Master Alcar says, “is therefore the All-Soul.
The All-Soul divided itself and spread itself through these hazes.”
Do you feel this?
“Life blood came from this infinity.
And this is All-Mother plasma in order to give birth and to create, seen and experienced as haze stage.”
“Thus”, Master Alcar says, “before we continue, we have to establish for ourselves, we had to establish and experience for the earth and her children, that the All-Source as All-Soul has given God the life possibilities, gave the living becoming conscious”, now the word comes, my children, “by means of which God could begin with His creations.”
That is now the birth of God.
You should read the bible – which you can put aside – and you see how the human being just prattled away, has written what came from his own feeling.
Now you can put aside thousands and thousands of possibilities, because before the bible writers could begin, these creations were already mill, mill,mill, millions of ages old.
“Only then God manifested himself as soul”, Master Alcar says.
“And this is for the human being on earth to accept and becomes the universal, macrocosmic consciousness for man and wife, the child of God born from this source, for eternity the consciousness for all life.”
Do you see?
And then the life becomes something else.
“You can now follow how the Divine spirit was born and this is”, Master Alcar says, “our next stage.”
Now the condensing continues.
And he says: “What I now see, my brothers, is the tight garment in this space.”
Those hazes reached unity.
It has become a thick garment, therefore awe-inspiringly deep.
First you could look through those clouds, those hazes, now it is a wonderful, thick, deep, infinite garment.
And now we already see the Divine spirit as a garment.
Without colours.
The Divine realm of colours still has to be born, there is still no material light.
We saw those hazes, that is already light, in the first stage for this haze consciousness.
But this space will awaken, will grow.
Those hazes condense and in this way God began to manifest himself through this haze stage as spirit.
This is the Divine spirit.
“What I now see, my brothers, is the tight garment of this space.”
This is now God as spirit.
Do you see?
An invisible thing and yet living becoming conscious, power, thinking, flowing, growth.
Everything is present in this life, but this is the Divine spirit.
Because from the soul, from this All-Soul a reproduction came, an evolution was effected.
And this is the next moment for this stage: from this soul expansion came and that expansion had working, received shape, received a personality.
This tight garment is the Divine spirit for this universe, for the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Space, and space.
“That is God as spirit because the life aura received a shape.”
Do you see?
A shape.
“This garment will soon be, seen in the golden light from the All-Source, will be God as spirit.”
This will expand and you will see, this garment will be, this life will be irradiated as a golden light.
Because this grows and evolves.
And then we see the universe as a tight garment.
Therefore the whole universe was as the sun is like at midday.
And then we see God as spirit and as light.
And that will soon divide itself again, a new stage will come again and then we will continue again.
“The life breath has now condensed itself.”
Do you hear this?
“And that became this garment, which we now see and can experience, but behind which”, now it comes, “the All-Source is now already present as life and drives on.”
That All-Source drives on.
“Is that clear, Master Zelanus?”
And then I can now make thousands of comparisons, because that All-Source is in you, lives in the human being, lives in the plant, lives in the waters, and lives in nature.
Everywhere you see that All-Source again.
A tree gives an apple.
If you get the apples from the trees, the All-Source remains in the ground, in the soil and creates again, you see.
That All-Source can already be seen materialized and can be perceived if you already want to make these comparisons.
The All-Mother already lives behind that, but drives on, now also drives on, even though the creation has been finished.
The All-source continues to inspire all the life.
And then Master Zelanus says: “Yes, my master, I see this condensing, after all, I can follow that.
This is truly God as spirit.
This garment is also becoming conscious and is now still the spiritual organism for God, for God.
And that will also divide itself again soon, will give birth, and then we will experience a new creation, a new evolution, a new age.
This body now, seen as a tight, luminous garment, is the Divine spirit, but originated from the All-Spirit.”
Do you hear this now?
Is it not clear?
Is it not simple that the Divine Spirit was born from the All-Spirit?
This now becomes very simple: when your child is born, mothers, do you not remain All-Source then?
Do you see?
You remain yourself.
You can give birth again and even if you will die, your attunement can give birth millions, millions of times.
You remain All-Source-like inspired and you keep this attunement.
Just make a comparison.
“And then, my master”, I say, “this space divides itself again.
And then we see, when this starts to happen, the Divine spark at a macrocosmic attunement.
When that space soon starts to divide itself then we see the Divine spark as planets and stars.
Because a planet is a spark for this All-Infinity.”
Do you see?
“We start to experience that, my master, and it is the independence for every life, for this source, now originated by means of God.”
We will just hold on to God now.
Because, you already feel, this word God means nothing, because ‘God is there’, and ‘God is here’.
But the masters, later, when the masters entered the Divine All with Christ and when Christ said: “How can we bring this to earth so that the human being has a hold?
We must contain all of this in one word”, then the word GOD originated and you already know that by means of the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, as seen by the masters.
Is it not becoming simple?
“My brothers, this can be represented and experienced, because we”, Master Alcar says, “originated by means of that.
We look back, we have got to know those laws.
I laid those foundations with André.
The books are already on earth.
We can and must make comparisons with regard to our Divine All-Source in us, must we not?
What the All-Source therefore possesses, my brothers, we represent as human beings – as space and all life, every spark on earth does, wherever the life is – as father and mother and as child.
In the smallest insect the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Soul will soon live.
We then enter the existing and the post-creations, André.”
You know, a snake, a crocodile, a worm, and whatever, they are post-creations, originated by means of rottings.
We experience the direct laws which find attunement to God, to light, to spirit, to fatherhood and to motherhood with regard to the All-Source, the conscious Deity which have now reached the Divine All and has to represent everything there.
So you feel, we can already follow the human laws.
But we must also still return to the pre-animal-like stages, and then we see what returns and must return to the All-Source and what will dissolve on the earth by means of rotting and will remain there because it has not taken any real Divine first aura in itself to that awakening.
We now look through all the creations.
Everything lies open for us, also for André.
And when Master Alcar is that far then he can say: “My life, my feeling and my consciousness wants to thank the Divine All for this inspiration.”
And then Master Alcar asks André: “And what does all of this mean, my brother?”
“That, my master, we come closer to the human source for these creations and that God as spirit takes us to His light, to His conscious independence, expansion and becoming conscious, by means of which the garment of God will manifest itself.
And this cannot be any different, God as spirit is the further condensing for God as soul.
And that, my master, already attunes us to the God as light, only as light.
And these phenomena take us, my brothers, to the new and next stage.”
And then Master Alcar says: “Now we therefore experience God as light.
We have come from the All-Source: God as life, God as soul, and God as spirit.
But this space expands and grows, gets another shape, another personality.
And now we stand before the God as light for the human being on earth.
And that is also truth, my brothers, because you see it: everything evolves.
God is now already visible as light, because light has entered this darkness.
In that infinity, which was truly darkness, there is now light because the hazes grew and underwent an evolution by means of giving birth and creating.
Is it not amazing?
This is therefore Divine light – Divine light! – which we see.
But we know now how this evolution came about in order to reach this further stage.”
And if you now return to earth, if you have a nice day for example, and a power which possesses that cold comes from the east or the north, then this universe is condensed in only a few seconds, the clouds come, then you now experience as a human being, therefore as a visible creation, your clouds, your universe; which originated here in reality.
Because this event now, for you today and this hour, is really the further material birth which was condensed by the All-Source.
Do you see?
You certainly do not get lost.
You continue to hold your foundations, you will not succumb because you can keep on laying foundations again for your new personality, your thinking and feeling as a human being on earth.
“That is also truth, my brothers, because we see this light”, Master Alcar says.
“This is therefore Divine light which we see, but we now know how it evolved in order to be able to reach this stage.
What we will later experience, how we as human beings will get to know and must represent God through His light, that takes us back to the personality on earth and then we see the human being in his society.”
Now you already know how you must bring the Divine powers to giving birth and creating.
Now you can make all the comparisons for your arts and sciences, for thousands of stages, how you will evolve, because the Divine harmony lives in this.
“So the All-Source will soon live behind all of this, even if we experience the material worlds, Master Zelanus”, Master Alcar says.
“Yes, my master, we will experience that later.
The All-Source drives on until all the life”, now it comes for you, then you will know why you must keep on going forward, why you must receive a new life, here comes the word, “the All-Source drives the spark back to the Divine conscious All.
And it is only then that all this life reaches the Divine stage.”
Therefore you are, all of you here, and everything of the earth and this universe, you went on your way just a moment ago in order to now master spiritual becoming conscious.
You are on your way, on your way to returning to your All-Stage.
And if you now destroy, steal, murder, commit arson, then you will know that you do not make progress, but that you stand still.
Stand still.
That is it.
“And what does this mean?” Master Alcar asks André.
“That we people were created as the highest life by the All-Source, that we will also continue to serve and will represent that All-Source eternally, wherever we will be.”
You see, Divine justice already speaks here.
The jungle child reaches the Divine stage.
“Also correct, Master Zelanus, and what did Christ want now?” Master Alcar already says and asks me.
“Christ wanted to bring this All-Consciousness to earth”, do you see?, “my master”, comes from me, received through the All-Source and I have to accept and we have to bow our heads to it.
“But Christ did not get any opportunity for that.
People therefore consciously murdered and nailed to the cross the All-Source, not Christ, but people consciously murdered and nailed to the cross the All-Love.
This was not Christ whom people destroyed in Golgotha, but a part of the All-Love, the All-Mother, the All-Father, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood, and the All-Spirit.
A part of that All-Mother was consciously destroyed in Jerusalem.”
The human being did not see and could not yet experience the Christ like this, but that is Christ.
Because you will have to represent soon and you have to represent the All-Life here.
And Christ came back from the All-Consciousness to the earth in order to bring the All-Love to earth.
Do you now feel where your theologians remain with their pathetic talk and their spiritual weapons?
“We now get”, Master Alcar says, “to experience a step further and then we stand before God as the spiritual personality for this space.
And this garment”, he says, “is therefore a part of His personality”, we saw, we were able to accept, we must bow to it, “but that life will also divide itself again and evolve, by means of which we will get to know the material God and then we will immediately stand before the material space, before the universe, in which we live and where we will observe and have to analyze sun and moon, the stars and the planets, for ourselves, for the University of Christ.
And then we come of course, to stand before the Divine character traits, which we must master as a human being, also the animal, also the plant, all the life for Mother Nature.”
Is this not a revelation?
“And they are then the parts of His revelations, they are His sparks, to which all the life belongs.
And then we see the animal, the plant, flower, wind, water and clouds as living laws of God and as parts of His material personality.”
Do you see?
“But, by means of which we and all the life can experience Him as soul and as spirit.
As soul and spirit, do you hear this?
Because we will keep on discarding the material again.
We will lose that body.
There will always be a new body ready again.
As soul and spirit we start to evolve by means of those lives, by means of those bodies, those organisms, since the material will give us that evolution; which we have to master, but by means of which we will get to understand the All-Laws.”
If I now ask you as a human being, or soon: “Why do you now live on earth?
Why are you a human being?” then you can now say to the earth and her children: “I know why I live here.”
And then you will see how the human being, the academic stands before you spinning.
Then the academic says: “From where does that word enter you?
Do you know you as a human being, as soul and as spirit?
You are certainly insane.”
And then the professor can now already get lectures from you now, by means of these three pages, that you know the soul, the spirit and the All-Mother, because he does not know himself.
“You see, my brothers”, Master Alcar says, “everything, everything lives in here.
And from all of this, which we were able to receive and experience as human beings, you recognize the Divine All-Source.”
A human being is therefore ... a dog, a cat, a bird, a flower, a planet, is a Deity.
You stand before the All-Mother, the All-Father.
Now just snap at the All-Mother.
We will soon come to the human development and then you will know, if you have completed this journey then you will no longer talk to the human being, but then you will talk to the laws of God, which stand there before you, with love, feeling, truth, lies and deception.
Do you still have any inferiority complexes, if you know where you are going?
I believe that you will soon become afraid for yourself in order to make a conscious thieving footstep with regard to the human being, yourself, your fatherhood, your motherhood, your soul, your life, your spirit, your light, your personality.
Do you see?
Just offend a human being; you offend the All-Mother.
Cheat the human being, talk evil about the human being; you talk evil about your Deity, you sully yourself.
Do you not live in an unconscious, mad, crazy world?
But Gods live in there.
This all is evolution.
We will see that when we soon go through the Cosmology.
You still always forget that Adolph Hitler charges at you.
Adolph walks behind us, it was experienced at that time and then we come to stand before the German violence, before the demons, the Satans and then we start to think again, but then we start to make comparisons, by means of our journeys, by means of our knowledge, with regard to Adolph, the children who serve evil.
We start to make comparisons and lay immediate new foundations for our personal awakening.
Do you see?
This is Cosmology.
You are connected with the macrocosmos, with the All-Source, the All-Mother, and the All-Father for and in yourself.
“And if this is clear”, Master Alcar can now say, “I will continue.
And then we stand before ... my brother André?” and then André is ready again.
“God as father and God as mother.
For God as father and mother, my master, because we were able to see and were able to observe the process of giving birth for these lives.”
“Very precise, my brother”, Master Alcar says.
“You see, Master Zelanus, we cannot make any more mistakes.
The Divine-All forces us to experience and to follow every law for God.
Because it is truth, by means of all of this we see God as father and as mother.
Because we experienced these evolution processes.
Later we will see that God became material as father and mother.
For here God is spiritual father and mother.
But He will divide himself, this will grow again, and it is only then that we will see that every spark received the Divine spirit by means of God, every spark, by means of which the material life is and was inspired.
And what can also still be determined, Master Zelanus?”
And then I can say: “What I experienced, my master, is that this passed over from the All-Mother to fatherhood for the next stage, growth.
I must therefore accept that God became father and mother as spirit and I could see and experience that from these phenomena.
I underwent all of this.
Because these maternal powers will change again, we will soon see them as phenomena.
Because these maternal powers change as light and as material, but will be”, do you hear now? “father and mother.
Light, soul, spirit must change, as material, as spirit, but will be: fatherhood and motherhood.”
Is it not simple?
“The material laws, the stages, the planets, suns and stars”, I can say, “will teach us how that changing will soon begin and will originate.”
“I thank you, my brothers”, Master Alcar says, “it is wonderful, this is Divine truth.
This is God as mother and as father.
When the first powers sent the life driving from the All-Source through this space”, he just goes ... we keep going back and making comparisons, “that was the giving birth and the creating.
And the God of all life received that – whom we now call God – himself in his hands.
That became the Divine independence.
That became a Divine phenomenon and that becomes: giving birth and creating.”
So giving birth is a phenomenon of God, is a part of His personality, is a part of His light, is soul, spirit, life, power, and justice.
We will only see that later, because we do not yet know those laws.
“Because this all is a Divine unity”, Master Alcar says, “and it is nothing else, the laws of which we will soon experience.
In the first grade of life now, in that source, which is maternally inspired, the following stage was also present, so that this evolving must continue.”
But I will soon give you an explanation and then you can see how amazing the All-Mother is for this evolution.
And then you can also absorb the picture in you by means of which that source took itself back to the Divine All, and then received the final unity invisibly and visibly.
But which would be represented by the life as a human being, as nature and the animal kingdom.
So the All-Source ...
André teaches you: you call yourself human, but you are not a human, you are All-Source.
It will soon no longer be a question of people here, of animals and plants and nature, it will be a question of the All-Source spiritualizing and materializing itself and then there will be no question of being human.
You call yourself human, but that word human being will also soon completely dissolve for the conscious Kingdom of God. You will then be a Deity.
Because you are All-Mother and All-Father.
The human being will disappear, also your dog, all those names which you gave to a thing will disappear.
Because these are Divine laws seen as fatherhood and motherhood and they will have to represent all of this again, but are ultimately the All-Mother, as father, mother, light, life, love and justice, giving birth and creating.
Is this not worthwhile, that you now already get this?
And now we can also continue.
I will also continue, I can read for a while.
“Now that we see all of this as light, and that light is there”, Master Alcar says, “what will you then see, Master Zelanus?”
I get contact and what can I say?
“I now see God already as the realm of colours, my master.
Light comes and there was darkness and that – as I now already start to determine it – that must evolve naturally, that must grow, then I see all the green, the yellow.
By means of light and darkness the colours originated.
And all of this is already light.
And by means of the light change comes – because this will give birth again – the Divine realm of colours will originate.”
No one can explain this to you, my children, if you have not experienced those laws.
I can say: “I also see those laws, my master, because we saw this space change, didn’t we?”
Can you feel?
A change of light, becomes dark, and they are already the colour nuances, attunements which had already received meaning for God in this state and attunement.
“I saw the light coming to me.
I calmly followed this process of revelation, my master, by means of which I can now determine that we had to experience these laws according to the Divine process of revelation, but by means of which the Divine realm of colours now reveals itself.”
And soon all of that will possess the Divine realm of colours, my children, you can now accept that, because did I not tell you by means of my lectures: just give your kindness a colour?
Just let your love shine.
Is your love dark, black, or green?
Is that love of yours hateful?
Then it will not possess any colour.
Do you see?
Your character trait is already inspired by the Divine realm of colours, because every colour possesses life, soul, spirit, fatherhood and motherhood, but will only speak for his spiritual personality and the spaces when every character trait possesses and represents his realm of colours.
But now you no longer kick, you no longer hit, because then your personality does not get any shape; it has a shape but is rough, is animal-like, is demonic, is satanic.
Only your love can give light and colour to your character trait and personality.
This is now for space the Divine realm of colours.
But you see it, you must master this realm of colours.
You must begin with it in order to give shape to your personality, your motherhood and fatherhood for everything, your motherhood and fatherhood by means of His realm of colours.
Because anyone who does not want to be a mother, hits all this infinite, Divine back in the face of the All-Mother.
Who are you?
What are you doing?
Does it mean anything what you are actually here on earth?
Everything has worth and meaning, if you possess love and can and want to represent the Divine realm of colours.
Then you are busy with your All-Growth.
You go forward, you continue, you give your whole shape growth, power, and colour.
You lay foundation after foundation by means of your talking, your comings, your goings.
All of that together is, comes from your personality, and will be: love.
When we soon come to stand before the love of God and the All-Source then you can shake, and then you can decide for yourself definitely, irrevocably: who am I?
What am I like?
By means of the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’- now you have nineteen, twenty books in your hands – you can take your Divine personality to that awakening.
“Yes, is that true?” Master Alcar says to André.
And then André can say: “Yes, master, these colours will materialize, but I will master them.
I must master them.
By means of fatherhood and motherhood I take myself to this evolution and then I stand before the Divine realm of colours, and my character traits get inspiration, evolution, they become art, they start to connect me – by means of my will I have all of this in my hands – but they will connect me with my Divine attunement.”
André already feels that he is everything and means everything.
“And the seed of this”, André says, “the core of all of this is still present in the mother.
I will also follow and experience those laws on earth when I return, because all of this belongs to this Divine stage.
After all”, he says, “the laws for the material space take us back to fatherhood and motherhood, but next to that and in that to the personality.
And then I just have to listen, my master, then I just have to see what happens on earth.”
Is the realm of colours represented by the human word?
Has the human being laid the Divine realm of colours by means of his deed?
Does that deed shine, that state, this material thing – or whatever lives on earth – by means of the inner will in order to give that thing shape, a personality, soul, spirit and expansion, love?
“What we now follow, is of general meaning for Mother Earth and her children, for animal and Mother Nature.
Yes, for all the life of God”, André, “because we will give those laws colour and a shape, of which I now, my master, have to master the wisdom.”
Can you hear?
To master the wisdom.
“And then we enter something else.
Because law after law is livingly inspired, is harmony”, André says.
“The soul is law.
The spirit is law.
The light is the law.
Fatherhood and motherhood are laws, which, by means of the luminous radiance, this growth, receive inspiration, knowledge.
But of which I already as an earthly human being and life of feeling, must master the personality.
Therefore the law is a personality, is space, is feeling, is growth, is light, life, is fatherhood and motherhood.
I master that”, André says.
“I received the possibility because I became a human being, I am a human being.
The Divine attunement lives in me, because when you released me from my body, I was spirit.
When you took me along through those spaces and explained the laws and you returned to the first moment, and now this, I saw that in my deepest, deepest feeling and thinking the All-Mother is present and then I am giving birth and creating, evolution, growth, condensing.
I will take myself to that evolution, my master.
I know what I was able to receive.
The comparisons live under my heart, but I see them as a human being, I see them as an animal, I see them as a flower, as a plant, as night, light, I see them as waters.
I see and can explain, Master Alcar, that all the life has to represent and must spread, must send out the Divine realm of colours.
And the human being learns that on earth, my master, by means of the University of Christ.”
My sisters and brothers, until this far.
I thank you for your beautiful feelings.
We will continue the next session with – I will read it out for you – with ‘The Divine Harmonic Laws’, ‘God as Spiritual and Material Laws of Condensing’ and then we get ‘God as Grades of Life.’
The first hazes are a stage, but also a grade.
A grade means ...
The human being from the jungle is a grade.
A bit further.
You read that by means of ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
A flower which has not yet reached the orchid attunement ... They are different grades, they are different grades of life.
You see it, different types are grades of life in one type, for thousands of worlds as laws.
And we will now soon follow those laws, until the universe divides itself.
And then we will begin by continuing our journey through this universe, through the planets and the stars.
Because we will see that the sun and moon and stars, this garment of this universe, will build up a new garment, because in all of this the continuance, that evolution lives and is present.
Because all the life – you are not that now, but that is the All-Source in you – takes itself back to the All-Stage, because you, originated as a spark from that life, will and must represent all of this.
You will soon be eternal light, life, working, spirit, personality, realm of colours, power, law, growth, everything, by and for everything: Divine love.
I thank you.