The Cosmology for the human being

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will certainly hear a squeaky voice, but we will try to get that timbre released in order to give a little inspiration to the cords.
I must get around it and through it.
We spoke several times and then there was no noise, the vocal cords had weakened.
And it is only possible in trance in order to get them free from the own personality.
The personality is stuck and is one with the sound, your voice, your timbre, but we can get round that.
But when I go too deep again – I will explain that to you – if that cold or something else, has penetrated the tissue too deeply – now you can experience again seven grades, transitions, before you have reached the lowest grade and then you can no longer say anything – if we were then to try to awaken that noise, the power, the timbre, then we would smother the foundation.
If that state goes deeper than over the third, the fourth grade – you see it again – then you will fall asleep.
What otherwise is birth, creation, has now fallen asleep.
And behind that fourth grade you come to a very different world for the voice, then we descend into the primal source and when you awaken that, it goes through every tissue, blood circulation, glands and all else, and then you murder the foundation for the voice.
But as we get the concentration, the intellect reaches unity with the feelings, the tissues, we start to build up a new world and we must get around that sound.
I must now try that and I hope to achieve that in a quarter of an hour, twenty minutes.
I hope so.
It is very deep this morning.
Yesterday evening we could not speak, this morning we have a little bit of sound.
I was busy last night getting those vocal cords a bit loose, but these are natural things and they just continue.
We remained, recently, when the Divine All divided itself.
And this morning we will begin with the moment that André returned to earth, and he awakens.
We now experience the material revelations for the human being.
‘The cosmology for the human being’.
I already spoke about that before.
What is cosmology?
The human being recoils from cosmology.
And the human being says: “It is awe-inspiringly deep when you must experience, must consider the cosmology.”
And André must begin with this, or we will not come any further now.
We made the journey from the Divine All, we got to know the All-Mother, the All-Father, God as father, as light, as life, as spirit, as personality, and finally as love for this universe.
Then the division came for the universe, the light divided itself into myriad particles.
And that is the division for the All-Mother.
There is not yet a God.
Because if this must be the God for the bible, then that life there, that light cannot talk.
But it is power, it has life, it is father and mother.
But how will the academic later understand this and analyze this for himself and mankind?
That now all comes forward.
We made the journey and those who have read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, understand me completely.
For anyone who must now begin with that, it will be difficult and this is why I repeat: we come from the All-Source, made a journey through the light, the soul, the spirit, the hazes.
We saw God, the All-Mother, building up; that space was filled, the division came, darkness came again and now the cosmos as universe is starting to materialize itself and we will experience at the next session: the growing materialized cosmos.
But first we must now prepare ourselves to continue, to now lay foundations for the human being.
You come from the Divine All – I read that out to you before – and the Master says: “André, now you must begin to deal with the universe in yourself.”
We must do that on the Other Side.
I gave you seven hundred lectures, only around the actual core.
I told how we begin to think in the hereafter, how we begin to think in that world.
First of all the lies and the deception, the untruth must leave us.
We must begin to accept God and we stand before Christ every moment.
Of course we stand on Golgotha.
I hammered into your personality.
I said: “Begin, begin, begin, begin.”
And if the human being does not do it?
If I have followed the people here and in society, the human being who murders there, commits arson, tells lies, sullies the human being, God and Christ – because the human being does not understand anything and is nothing else – then it does not concern you and it does not concern me and it does not concern space, because space says: “That is your own business.”
But how many people do succumb who have already read the books?
And then the Masters look: oh woe betide, woe betide, woe betide, there goes another one.
Read, read, read, we know it, you can long to read, but that means nothing.
You can master something in art, that does not mean anything either.
It is now a matter of mastering the law as independence.
And now the life becomes simple anyway, I have only added the difficulty and that is truth: it is now a matter of being able to experience this life and to be able to receive your bread and your drink every day.
And that is also in your own hands, you must begin with it yourself, because God and Christ cannot give you it.
You live, you are a Divine representation, you possess everything.
We will have to accept that by means of the Cosmology.
And what it concerns now is: that you know that André also had to master it and that you will all have to start with it.
You can now be bigheaded – I told you – I was close to you and I was far away from you, I spoke from the spheres and I could listen to those plaintive prayers.
You were heavy and light, cheerful, one a bit less, the other a bit more.
Fathers and mothers experienced the laws by means of thinking.
But what did they finally make of them?
Such a small character trait – the law will prove that to you – becomes the stumbling for the personality and then you can begin from the beginning.
No, you have not begun with that yet, a character trait – I explained to you – is so deep.
And why?
The laws now prove that.
We come from the Divine All, we come from the All-Source and that All-Source is conscious thinking and feeling.
If we experience the law and do nothing wrong, if we surrender ourselves completely, then nothing strange can happen by and for the human being.
If you – that is Christ again – love life, understand life, then you reach that reality for that creating and giving birth of the universe, for the All-Source, the All-Mother.
And of course and finally we then stand before the God whom the human being got to know.
And there are hundreds of thousands of them, hundreds of thousands of Gods now live in the cosmos and there is just one.
And you will now get to know that one.
What we experienced by means of this journey, they were the Divine revelations – you can call it that – but it is the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit which reached working and giving birth, creating.
“And I will soon see that again on earth”, André says, now that he comes out of there, back with Master Alcar and me to the earth.
We made the journey until he awakens.
He still hears Master Alcar saying: “And, André? Are you beginning to think?”
He says: “Yes, Master, I am busy, I have awakened and I know where I have been.”
Do you also know that?
Now we will begin.
Immediately when he thought this, a V2 flies over his head.
We still live during the war, it is 1944, November.
We go through the war.
We have been beaten, there is no more strength physically, but the spirit is thinking.
And because the earth now lives in disharmony, the human being has troubles, worries, nothing to eat, hunger, the human being is prepared to think, and precisely towards that infinity.
This foundation can now help to carry André.
And he feels that.
“Now that Adolph shoots away his character”, he already begins, “I immediately stand before him as the better self of the universe and I will soon prove that to him.
Now that that V2 passes over and will probably kill the child in England, I stand much much stronger with the Divine authority than this artillery of Adolph Hitler and his kind.
Because I”, he begins with his meditation, “represent the Divine good.
I do not represent the human, but the universal good in the human being for God, for the All-Mother, the All-Source, because last night I was in the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Life, the All-Love, I was able to make that journey with the Masters.
‘Master Alcar, I will prove to you that I am beginning and that I will be able to bear and to deal with all of this.’ ”
And now the human being begins to think: “Where do I live now?
I live in an aura, I breathe, I take breath, I am a material revelation myself.
The child (Anna, his wife) which is sleeping there, is a material revelation, is mother.
I know the books.
I know the laws.”
Now we come to stand before all the books; the laws, the hereafter and everything that you have learned, now live in the consciousness of André.
“I know God, I know Christ.
What the cosmology will soon reveal is awe-inspiring, because what Master Alcar has shown me, let me experience by means of ‘The Origin of the Universe’, is already awe-inspiring, and is incredibly wonderful for the human being.
Because by means of this the human being on earth gets to know and to understand the one God.”
“Minister”, already goes into space, “what do you want?
Theologian, who are you if you are a theologian?
Psychologist, what do you know about the soul, about the human being, the spirit, life?”
From the Divine All, he shouted, he called to Crisje: “Mother, I am becoming a prophet!”
And now we will analyze in order to bring that prophetship to growth.
And that is possible, that must happen, if you wish to lay foundations for yourself.
We now know from where we originated.
God must still reveal himself by means of the universe.
And that is our next trip.
But now, to deal with all of this and back again just like that, that is not possible.
Foundations must be laid for the personality and that is only possible by means of thinking.
And if you do not wish to begin with this, the human being who says: “Go away with that lot, go away with that nonsense, it just drives you mad”, that human being is now already a conscious insane being, because that human being does not want any expansion.
Precisely he who says: “You are mad.”
But, woe betide, if I represent the truth and the reality, then that one is already insane, unconscious, because the human being who is conscious does not say that.
Now you have: the conscious beings of spirit are insane, but these mad people who are really sensed as mad, insane, because they take part in spatial consciousness, they are the conscious of spirit.
Yes indeed.
Socrates said, and also the other great ones: “The mad ones are the conscious of spirit.”
And that which walks round in society is unconsciously insane.
The human being who is mad, believe it, ladies, believe it, mothers and fathers, those people are busy with their inner life; and have now stumbled for this life?
No, they went above themselves, but they went descending the left path and not straight on.
Those people experience their self.
But do you experience that now?
Do you experience in society your true self if you are normal?
“What is being normal?” André says.
“Am I normal?
Am I definitely consciously busy laying a little foundation for my thinking?
I live, I have returned from the Divine All and no one will see that, because the human being cannot deal with this.
Now I must learn to think, that I do not go too far.
If I go too far, that life which is sleeping there”, that is the girl from Vienna of him, “cannot follow me, so I must adjust.
But I was in the Divine All.
I must be normal.
I must not have any pride, because then I already break, and then I go to the left, into the darkness.
I must not imagine anything.
If I do that, then that child will think: ‘Oh, something will happen.’
And they must not see anything.
I must begin very simply, as nature created it, as Mother Nature condensed it, very simply, very childishly, purely I must begin with those foundations.
If I want to achieve that all life starts to speak to me I must not enter into rebellion with anyone and with anything, because then I am wrong for there and then the Master cannot inspire me, then space cannot help me.”
And at the same time life enters the aura in which he lies, it is six o’clock in the morning, it is still dark, life enters that aura, in that darkness, it is dark, dusky.
He says: “Look, good heavens, my God.”
The aura here can already speak and says: “Look, I was exactly the same.
What you saw there, I am that, but I now serve you.
I was born from all of that.
I am life aura.
Do you wish to see me?
Then come to me and condense me.
Condense me, that means: descend to me and you will see the powers which give you the breath of life.”
He breathes, he wonders: “Good heavens, good heavens, my Master, where is this going?
And yet, that is of course a further stage”, André says.
“When the earth was created, the moon and the sun and the universe were already millions of years old.
And then the earth received expansion, consciousness by means of the condensings, I learned that by means of the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
This life aura is plasma, is like the aura which the All-Mother possesses, but this life aura feeds my organism as a cell.
And this life enters an own stage and serves me.
Now the earth is a spark.
Space will soon only be a spark of the All-Source.
And the human being – I now experienced that – conquers all of that if the human being becomes one with the life, created by the All-Source.
He must begin with that.”
That happens in 1944.
Throughout the war, during all those years we wrote the other books.
And now we lay foundations for the University of Christ, the Cosmology on earth, so that the human being will get to know the one God.
Time passes.
He prepares himself.
And now he must think, normal, simple, material thinking, he gets out of bed, he wobbles, he feels that there is not enough consciousness to walk here, to feel the ground.
He says: “Since I experienced all of that last night, I have lost feeling for this world.
I feel that.
And the more journeys I make, the more feeling I use in order to analyze – the laws of God for fatherhood, motherhood, life, light, love – my feeling here will be released for space and then I will get unity with everything.”
And that happens and you must also begin with that.
He gets up, he heats some water, there is nothing else.
And this is his warm drink for the body, the organism, what he has to eat and to drink.
“What sense that makes”, André says to himself, “can I, now that I come from that Divine All, use something better than clean, pure, warm water?
It is as if God wanted it like this.
Coffee or tea, well, we do not have it, but this is what brings my thinking and feeling into harmony with that in which I now live.
It is this, I do not need food, because I am full.
A source lives in me which is inexhaustible, because my spirit has reached unity with those laws and my organism has nothing more to ask for.
I am actually free from hunger and thirst.”
That happens with the human being, for the human being, when the human being begins to think spiritually.
And this is why André can say: “Yes, Ramakrishna, now I understand you and I also understand those Orientals, why you did not want to eat that and those and these things.
I now understand that you want to be one with nature.
But I live here in the West, I must make sure that my body remains strong, because I must materialize those laws.
Master Zelanus must be able to use my organism, my hands.
And if I have no more power, what must we do then?
Sitting down there, yes, with the apostles, that is wonderful, but this is much more difficult, this costs effort, this costs a struggle, this is actually everything in order to prove in society what you want.”
A moment later he comes outside and then he stands and he looks at a beautiful blue morning, in the middle of the street.
The people look at him, he follows the people, looks back at the universe.
A man comes to him who says: “Do you still write books, sir?”
The man knows him.
He says: “Yes, sir.”
“What are you looking at, is there a duck flying in space, is some food coming?”
“No, I am looking at that wonderful beautiful blue which condensed itself in all those millions of years and now accepted the Divine realm of colours.”
The man points to his forehead.
“I have read some of your books”, the man says, “but are you not stopping yet, now that mankind is being destroyed, being beaten, being tortured, being flung into prison?
Mankind is gassed and you are still talking about a God who is love?”
“Yes”, André says, “you should see, you should see how wonderful that is.
Well, this is blue, but soon if you go further, then this is no longer blue, because this is only appearance.
The Divine realm of colours gets the shining of the sun, of course, but if you come through there and go further and further – oh, it was so beautiful there – then you enter a silence, so quiet, so awe-inspiringly quiet, that you begin to weep because of that silence and then you thank God that you are still a human being and that you can understand all of this.
And if you come through that silence then a new world comes and that is the world of the spirit and now it become even quieter, until you no longer possess any feeling, sir.
And if you go through that then darkness comes and then it becomes quieter again, another silence than the spirit and the material possesses and by means of which this blue originated.”
And that man stands near him like that and he also looks.
And other people come and they also stand there and also look.
André hears one sound.
“We have already come that far”, a mother of seventy says, “that the human being looks at the blue in the sky because of hunger”, and she continues.
“My God”, André thinks, “what did I do?”
Six, seven, eight people stand there, and one makes a gesture, the other has sympathy with him.
The man says: “Of course, we are all delirious during the day because of hunger and that is understandable.
Be careful, good man, be careful and throw that lot away from you, you are going mad!
Or it is because of the material misery which you now experience, as we undergo that.”
But André learned something.
When he saw in space he looks into the eyes of Master Alcar, who says: “What are you doing now, André, what are you doing now?
Did I not teach you this when I started to work with you and you stood in the street, in the middle of the town looking at the sky and the people in that busy street also stood looking and said: ‘That chauffeur is child-like’, when you listened to beautiful, wonderful music and I said: ‘Yes, but that does not happen like that, that must all happen from inside, people may not see that.’
And now you stand looking at space and you dissolve, you become hazy, you no longer know who you are and where you are.
You see the blue, you go through the material cosmos, you go through the astral world and you saw me in there, because I am in there.
And then further, and now look at the people on earth.
If I want to go further, André, then you must prove to me what you can do.
And then you do not go and stand in the street like that in order to take yourself to that development, but then you walk perfectly simply through the streets, you talk to the people.
What would you have done now?
Talk to that human being there and tell him that you are really normal and that you knew for definite what it was about.”
And the people go away and that man wants to walk away and then André comes: “Sir, listen for a moment, you were laughing of course.”
“Yes indeed I was laughing, those people also laughed at you.”
“But, sir, I was standing thinking.
I thought this – and then you will see the normal – if Adolph could drill through that with his V2, then he would do that, but where would he end up?
When I looked for a moment, which means that I feel and can experience in me the God who is love.
And then just think of misery and devastation, the God who lives behind all of this and has created the laws – which I am, which you are, or are you not a human being? – He is always and eternally, now still love.
Always, eternally He will be: the law God, which takes the human being to the light and I saw that state of purity in that this morning.”
Yes, André thinks, it is not yet that, I must take that man back, take myself back to the earth.
How do I come back to earth, because I have lost something here.
He says: “Sir, are you also so hungry?”
“Oh, you see, it is hunger, it is the deliriousness.
Yes, being delirious because of hunger.
You are a skeleton and everyone will forgive you.
You are hungry, sir.
Can you not buy something on the black market?”
What had you expected this morning from me – I am now talking to you – back from the Divine All and then to just experience the laws of God, a flower, a tree?
There were no flowers during that time, everything had dissolved.
Yes, in nature you saw such a little blade.
André is faced here with the reality for himself in misery, 1945, society, mankind, but he is above that, free from this chaos.
But he must get through it, will live in it because he is still on earth and must build up his consciousness by means of the material revelations.
“Oh yes”, the man says, “I can imagine that, you always live in those worlds and it is worthwhile.
But you see it, if I may give you the advice, sir, stop.
Go and sit down and look for some food and for some drink and that is the best thing that you can do, sell everything, sir.
But do not come with wisdom, that means nothing.”
The people are gone, he continues.
He comes to the corner of a street, everything bumps into him.
“Where am I?”
The people do not feel anything.
He looks – he already gave you that problem once – a lady is standing, looking and is walking a dog along the street.
And he becomes hazy again, he says: “Look, that is the human being, those are bones and that is a dog.”
He sees what that dog is doing, but he is busy analyzing.
He says: “That dog has a soul and it has a spirit and it has material.
From the Divine All – where I was – a soul was planted, placed in that life, it came from somewhere.
I know where from, because Master Alcar already brought me into that state.”
That woman already starts to look.
He is standing there with his hands in his pocket, talking inwardly, thinking.
That lady, that mother does not say anything, she also looks.
She thinks that he is also looking.
But he flies back and forth to the All-Source, because that dog is rolling about in the little bones and he can follow his creations, his analyzis.
That dog has soul, spirit, life, that is a little mother.
Soon that animal will be father, the dog also reincarnates, because the animal, all animals get ‘wings’.
“Ha ha ha ha”, he laughs.
How wonderful that is, I get the proof here.
That woman, I, that is the highest grade.
I am a Deity, she too.
But that dog is a very different attunement, that is a grade of life, which comes after me.
And suddenly the woman looks up, “After me”, flies from his lips, then she says: “What after you?”
He says: “Oh, I was thinking.”
Wrong again.
He dissolves again in the Divine All.
And Master Alcar flashes through his life and says: “But André, if you carry on like this, I will stand still, because I will be making a madman of you.
You are losing yourself, you no longer know what you are doing.”
Because the cosmology demands everything.
In the East hundreds of thousands succumbed because of this.
We therefore lay foundations in order to think.
“Do you not think that is awful too”, the lady says, “that that dog there wallows in the little bones?
And the animal is hungry, why does that animal not eat those tasty little bones?”
“Ha ha”, André has to laugh, because that was his laugh, he saw that the dog was rolling about in a dog.
He says: “Madam, they are dog bones and the own kind does not like them.
Do you find that so strange?”
“What did you say?”
“Madam, the God as human being ate the dog.
But the dog as dog does not eat the dog.
This life refuses to absorb that same attunement and this is not a great foundation for the human being.
You see, we are still animals, but even much worse than animals.
We have no human consciousness, no spiritual consciousness.
The Divine lives in us, lady, but we people eat animals, rats.
How much does the rat cost now?”
Then she says: “My brother bought one recently for twenty-five guilders and it was also tasty.”
Then André says: “Yes, madam, the cosmology of that rat takes me to an independence which originated from rotting.”
“Can rotting possess an independence which the human being can eat?
But, my God, in which world do I now come?”
And this, my sisters and brothers, is the way for the analyzis if you want to live cosmically.
If you want to enter harmony with space, with your soul, with your spirit, then you must go through the life which you meet every day, then you go through that life, as death, as birth.
You go through that and experience the fatherhood and motherhood.
You come to spatial explanations and growth.
And soon you will see those laws again and differently, because your life, your personality, your feeling is awakening.
André leaves, he walks along a street, along a canal and then he is standing before a large tree.
He looks, he hears moaning.
Can a tree feel pain?
Can a tree weep?
He hears weeping and that weeping is coming from that tree.
“I understand, because yesterday when I came past here – it seems as if I have become a hundred thousand years older, my dear friend – but yesterday you still had that arm and that arm has now gone.
And are you in pain because of that?
Did they saw off your arm?”
And he is standing there again.
He is asking a tree, dear world, he is asking a tree whether a tree is in pain now that they have sawn off an arm.
The spheres are watching, the Masters in the spheres are following him and the All-Source keeps on drawing his life up again and then he is a child, then that unity comes.
It must come, if we wish to be able to go further, but he must do it consciously, consciously, consciously, consciously.
“Do not let a word pass your lips”, space suddenly says through that tree to him, “if you wish to experience me, do not let your inner feeling materialize, because if you materialize the words then you will lose your possession, then you will no longer have a personality, then you will be different, then you will step from that world into mine and then I could smother you.”
The tree says that.
“Would you also like to have an arm, André?
Did you already see me in the Divine All, do I blossom there?
Am I also father, and mother?”
“Just listen to that whippersnapper there”, the water suddenly says.
“You see, that is a child of mine, André.
Can you hear me, can you hear me, André?
Are you one with me?
Where were you?
Did you see my mother?
Did you see everything?
Did you see my soul, my spirit, my personality, by means of the All-Mother, by means of which we are all born?
Did you see her?
Did you see me?
Did you see him?
He originated in me, André, because all the life which you see as a materialized spark, was born in the waters; and I am that, I am mother.”
André now knows ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
And do you now feel, my sisters and brothers, that Master Alcar could not just begin with the cosmology and that the three books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ are only foundations for the true cosmology, which we will now experience?
That is the oneness with the life of God, and that is a flower and a plant and water.
The tree starts to speak.
And mother water says: “That whippersnapper there, does it have to whine?
What did you experience?
Look, yonder, André, last night a Jewish child came into my arms, she flung herself into my arms and said: ‘Here, here I am certain.’
But, can I do anything about it?
She suffocates, she drowns, her life aura is humanly conscious and not water animal-like.
I am unconscious, but I take her in my arms and now she will experience a rotting process in me.
And I can explain those laws to you, because I am conscious in that.
With us there is no shadow, for my life there is no darkness, because I came straight from that source to here.
I am a possession of Mother Earth, of course, but I am Mother Earth.
Yes, indeed, I received another garment.
Descend into me and you will feel support, harshness, materialization.
And that is a material revelation.
You will feel mud, you will feel solidity, I am also that as an elemental law.
Then I received a character.
And you will learn all of that, André, if you want to speak with me.”
And André-Dectar is standing there on the street.
The Hague has disappeared and the tree gets a personality and says: “Yes, she is right, it is my mother.
But she is also just a part of there, where you were.
What was I like there?
She is an independence, but I am then the condensing of her, in order to represent her life.
Which personality do I have?
I am soul, I am spirit, but I am material and there is a heart in my body.
Yes, a different heart than you possess, but I have blood circulation, I have everything.
I have the Divine realm of colours, I am father and mother.
Can you see whether I am father or mother?
Can you see from her, that she is mother?
Enter my life and I will give you the consciousness, André.”
And André has disappeared again.
He flies at that tree: “What a kind soul you are, I could embrace you.”
And in the middle of the street – people are walking by – he goes and kisses that tree.
He does not know whether that tree is standing there or here, he is in the life.
The material breadth dissolves, there is no more close by and being far away, this is unity, and he embraces this life and at the same time he hits the ground because this life is too hard.
He says: “My God, my God, my God, the Cosmology”, André says, “has taken me for a ride, I have a bump on my head.”
And he walks along the water and then he hears through space: “Dope, dope ...”
“Oh, are you having fun?”
“No, it is not that, you would have been better to think, you must listen to the Masters.
You must keep the distance from the other life.
You cannot descend into the life of another grade just like that, you need feeling for that.
You must think for that, you only do that by experiencing oneness and then quietly, inwardly, continuing and following those steps.”
“And now”, André says, “I must still begin and I walk against a tree.”
And there is the water: “And just come into my arms, André, and let us talk for a while.
Finally there is a human being on earth, who can speak to our life.
I can explain the laws to you of all of this mankind.
Or did you think that I had no understanding of Jerusalem?
I felt Jerusalem.”
A ditch says that, that is water, and that is motherhood.
“Do you know anything about the bible?
Do you know what a minister is?”
“A dope like that?
Yes, I know him.
I know the theologian, I know Socrates, I know Ramakrishna.
We know the Christ, He was born in me, why would I not know my own child?”
You see, that becomes cosmology.
The water, a tree, a flower, breath of life, everything – you will now have to accept – possesses the Divine core and was born from that Divine core, from that light, that life, that soul, that spirit, that fatherhood and motherhood.
And you know everything about God, everything about the All-Source if you want to experience that.
And the initiated can prove that to you, they have proved that, ancient Egypt knew and established and materialized that.
That becomes the possession for the human being, of the human being, and is eternally your permanent possession.
You have to master that.
André continues.
He comes to his friends, he is sitting there.
They ask him: “What is the matter?”
“Can you have fun now?”
Yes, he can, he says to Jeus: “Just take me over”, but Jeus cannot have fun either.
Jeus is also thinking.
Jeus says: “It is too sacred for me.”
And the city one (Jozef) cannot begin with it.
But something must be said, something must be done.
He is sitting there, he feels for a moment whether the human being understands him, and then he sits down and thinks and looks.
A table originated from the waters, by means of that muddy state the life condensed, growth came.
“I will bring everything which lives here”, he suddenly says, “back to the Divine All.”
And then an adept of him says: “How fragile you are.
How deep you see.
What is there in you, you seem so far away from this world.
And your eyes are so deep ...”
And then he can say: “Last night – you will not believe it – I was in the state of purity, in the spatial oneness with God, where everything was born.
I was able to make the first journey for my cosmology last night.”
Can he now explain what cosmology is?
Then he must take the people along one by one, take them through the Divine All, explain what he experienced, and then start to talk, start to think with the lack of this feeling which already gets attunement in that space, experiences the oneness with night, sun, moon and stars, which undergoes a division.
If you now feel this properly, my sisters and brothers, then you will understand that because you learn to think, follow the laws, your life undergoes a growth and that happens of its own accord.
If you do not want to accept that, if you do not wish to begin with that, then you will immediately feel that you are completely at a standstill.
You must attune your inner life to it and adjust the will to a hundred percent, if you wish to get contact with a tree, with a flower, with water, with space, if that life wishes to talk to your life.
But then you must make sure that your milk does not boil over, then you must make sure as a woman, that your potatoes are peeled naturally, purely and that you do not just throw them away like that, because you no longer have any understanding of anything.
This understanding dissolves, this feeling and the oneness with the earth disappears because you start to feel spatially.
And that is now the art.
And now I give you by which millions succumbed, because they forgot themselves for society.
Master Alcar said, with his ninth book, when that was finished ‘The Origin of the Universe’: “André, now you can die tonight, for the earth.”
André says: “Now I understand it.”
Master Alcar says: “Because you will be destroyed.
You will succumb.
If the macrocosmos as soul and spirit, as father and mother soon starts to speak, then you will get that love in you – that is very simple, the more wisdom, the more love – and then you can no longer cope with it.
Then you will have no more ground under your feet, you will dissolve, you will walk into the water just like that and you will succumb, you will drown because you will undergo that unity.
I must therefore end for the Cosmology, for Christ and God and the Spheres of Light.
I am obliged to stop now, because you will succumb, in a year’s time or in six months’ time, but you will irrevocably perish, because for the All-Source”, you also always say that on earth, “everything is possible, also this.”
And then we made three journeys, put him in the first, the second, the third sphere and let him walk there the whole night with the children on the Other Side – the mothers – all the spheres were represented.
He asked, he asked questions: “What would you like?”
I would like to go back, André.
If you miss the love on earth, then we will give you that love.
Stars and planets will speak to you.
You will be one.
We all want to bring that message to earth, and then cosmology.
To talk about hells and heavens, that message can be passed on by means of a spiritualist séance.
If the human being lets go of just a little bit of feeling, we are already there, record those words: there is no death, there is no damnation.
Do you see?
But Cosmology, André ...”
Then Miets came ...
Then his child came: “Father, go, I am with you.
If I have to speak to you as Master, then I will want to groan from sorrow, I will want to suffer and to suffer and to suffer now so much, if only I can materialize the words that God is a father of love, then they may torture me and hundreds of millions along with me.”
André sees that, his own child says that, his sister says that, and then he looks into the eyes of all those Masters, those people, those fathers and mothers who would like to, but can no longer return.
He is on earth.
He will succumb.
“Now, then I will just succumb”, he says to that space, “then I will just be destroyed, Master Alcar.
Then what if I soon no longer know what I am doing and I walk into the water and I drown, or I walk under a tram?
I no longer eat, I do not want to eat anymore, why would I torture myself with food?
Why would I take part in that material violence?
I want nothing more to do with that, I will dissolve in the Divine All and I will ...
Yes, where?
I will not hang myself, I am too conscious for that.
But I will be destroyed?
I will be destroyed?
Then I will just be destroyed.
But I will return.”
And then Master Alcar appeared with Master Cesarino and could say: “André, ancient Egypt is waiting for you.
Go back, tomorrow we will begin with ‘Between Life and Death’.”
And then you received ‘Between Life and Death’.
Then the other books came: ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘Spiritual Gifts’, and ‘Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life’.
Then the ‘Masks and Men’ came, but the core would be: Cosmology for the human being.
These books ...
It became more and more difficult, we must paint aimlessly in order to keep the life on earth.
Everything started to speak.
And then we stand before the cosmology.
We have come to here.
We no longer know where we must go.
And then he is sitting there ... He comes home in the afternoon, sits down and looks and stares at the sky, is like a little child.
He surrenders, but has learned in those few hours to think inside and not to speak, not to materialize his inner life.
Because – do you hear it? – do not talk any nonsense for society even if you are right, even if God lives in everything and God is a father of love and you are talking about the hereafter: if the human being does not understand you, then you are the insane one.
And why would you share out those divine feelings for nothing?
Now you must learn to see when you can speak.
And then your word goes further, then your word is carried out, then your word gets space and meaning and that is the foundation for yourself.
Because the other human being brings it further, it still comes there where it should be, because finally you will attract the grade which belongs to your life and attunement and consciousness, in order to populate and to conquer the earth and to give mankind this bliss, that peace.
He comes home again, sits there a while, goes outside, comes inside again.
Looks, looks here, looks there, says something, must attune himself to that food: “What are we having for dinner today?”
“Flower bulb soup with a pot with dregs.”
“Yes, it is tasty”, he has a little bit, because those systems, inside, ask for it.
“Just hold your tongue, we have nothing more.
Being as thin as a skeleton is worthwhile, means something.”
The afternoon passes, evening comes, and as the sun slowly sets, he reaches unity with the universe.
And I will now read out something about that, how he now continues.
A day has almost passed, the first day in the material, from the Divine All, back to the earth.
Thinking, feeling, as rich as a heavenly child, as pure as crystal life enters the human being and the Divine self awakens by means of thinking and feeling, by being in harmony with the life of Mother Earth.
When the evening falls, the human being is no longer allowed in the street – I write – he sits at the back on the little balcony looking at space, at the stars, at the amazing night; the life of God in that speaks to his life.
He flies through space in his thoughts and returns to his organism and continues to think, he makes that journey again.
“Just look at this wonderful panorama, it is already speaking”, he says, “to my personality”, but now not another word passes his lips, it all happens inwardly.
“I can touch the stars just like that.
How did they originate?
Yes, I know.
All the things that happened in those millions of years.
Because the divisions came about, this universe began – because it is true – to condense, and the growth came about.
When God manifested himself, he began with His material revelations.
All of this became material and they are all material revelations to me, and along with me, she, the mother who belongs to me.
When God manifested himself, the material creation only began.
And now, now just look how far all of this is.
And they are all revelations.
Aren’t they, minister, theologian; psychologist, what do you know about that?
You are still standing here on earth, you have nothing to do with there, but you must go there.
I am going there now.”
He looks at the stars left and right, he flies through space and feels this sacred, Divine, spatial unity reaching him.
He knows the laws and sees how all this life underwent an own material revelation.
Now that he is sitting there thinking so quietly, there comes from space to his life: “Just come to us, André.
It is sacred here – you know – quiet and overwhelmingly just, harmonic.
Can you hear me now?”
The Wayti starts to speak.
“Can you see us, André?
Can you feel our existence, our evolution process?
Can you feel the how and the why we condensed our life?” They are now already the stars.
First, the tree, then, the water.
“Can you see my sister?
Can you see that crazy Milky Way there, André, that crazy Milky Way which they make such a fuss about and do not even know, not understand?
Come, and I will explain all of this to you, those crumbs mean nothing more, do they?
Who gave us those crazy names, André?
They call me star and they call that Milky Way, and they call that sun and that is the moon and that is a Venus and that is a Jupiter.
We are only grades of feeling for fatherhood and motherhood, conscious and unconscious.
I am not capable, André, of giving birth and yet I am mother.
You know, don’t you, that we possess our own attunement and that that name is just human?
Just go into my life, André.
You will be prince of this space if you come to me and want to speak with my life, with my feeling, with my love.
Come into my arms, André, I will not do anything to you.
That crazy tree there, you did not experience that, I am spacious, that is dense, it should have explained the beginning of its origin to you.
But is that possible?
Then you must come to me, because I am spatially conscious.
The tree takes you through a muddy awakening.
I originated in this state of purity and was able to condense myself by means of father and mother.
Yes, you see, you know my mother, don’t you?
That is the first source for all the love and they called that Moon.
Just come, my dear.
Come, André, and do not let me beg any longer.
Do you not wish to understand me then?
I am now one with you because you hear me.
Don’t you?
Will you come and talk to me?
Then just come ...”
When you hear that voice, my sisters and brothers, then you stand before insanity.
And then it is not I and it is not Master Alcar and not a God and not a Christ.
But one day you will go through it and then you will listen to what that star, what the life of God has to tell you, because you have to do with that life.
You must master that life, or you will not come further, and you can still enter the first, the second and the third sphere, but not a fourth grade.
Why not?
Because you must learn to feel naturally, cosmically and must distance yourself from all the lies and the deception which the human being on earth has condensed for himself.
And the bible writers were good at that.
Now we are already beginning.
When we are soon that far and we shout it out, you will also do that, and then you will say: “Just hold your tongue with your praying, your shouting.
When you began to write, creation was already millions of ages old.
I know that.
But I am not a minister, I am not a theologian, I am only a child of Christ, I am a child of the University of Christ.
I am an adept of those crazy Masters, do you see”
He runs into the kitchen, the blood flows fiercely and beats under his heart, he says: “Isn’t that something, a star begins to talk, my Master, do you know?
And yet, it was amazing.
It was wonderful; good heavens, how beautiful that was, Master Alcar.
Can you hear me?
Where are you now?
You pick up everything, of course.
If I go wrong, Master Alcar, then just hit me, then just give me a slap right in my face.
Break my arms and my legs if necessary if you think that I am succumbing, that I am walking a wrong path.
But that is no longer possible, after all, because I have the books.
You made those journeys with me.
Yes, you hear me and you can always hear me, can’t you?
If I feel that core in me then I will continue.
What does space now want from my life?
“I believe”, he says, “that I will no longer succumb now.”
Those are the thoughts for Master Alcar, for space and the other Masters.
They must now follow him, because what he thinks is theirs.
“They represent God”, he flings into space and waits and sees what he will get.
And then there comes from that deep night, but behind that he sees the light which says: “It is true, André, we think through you.
Take it easy now!
Continue, the heavens of God will speak.”
And the Masters follow him and André must get through that.
We must get through that, or we will not be able to continue.
And he will come through that, or sooner or later it will knock him to the ground, and he will talk cosmology on earth and will no longer know that he is still in a body, that he must eat or drink, must sleep, then he will be completely spiritually dissolved.
And that is then the insanity for the human being in your society.
But you would be better to succumb a thousand times because of the Cosmology than because of a little bit of trouble, such a little bit of love, such a little bit of religion, because of which the human being already succumbs and your mental hospitals are filled with.
Succumb for the universe, at least then you will have a content.
But it no longer concerns sickly succumbing, it concerns the conscious breaking in the human being.
The wanting to fight, the wanting to experience the God who lives in you, that is something very different.
And that is Divine consciousness, that is Divine power, that is Divine oneness.
And keeping this for the human being on earth takes you straight into the arms of every grade of life condensed by the All-Mother.
Here André says to himself: “The great ones of the earth longed for that, but they did not get it.”
And now he already starts to make comparisons.
“Dante, were you that far, were you able to talk to a star?
I will go a bit further, Dante.
Buddha, Ramakrishna, I will go a bit further, because soon I will ask it once more and then you will have to agree that it is not true.
That you were not able to listen to any star, that the Milky Way was not able to say anything to you, nor moon, nor sun, or you would already have given it to mankind during your time and I would no longer have had to do it.”
At the moment André already feels – and you can decide for yourself – that all of mankind lies in his hands, with all the universities.
There is nothing more which still lives in the darkness, because everything gets light, the realm of colours and a Divine shape.
The great ones longed for this.
Egypt did everything for it in order to experience this Divine unity and they also came that far to a certain extent.
“A priest like that, you know for certain”, he tells space and mankind, “that was a Deity there.
But he was so great.
He knew nothing about the direct laws in the hereafter.
A stone was still a God for him.
He was close to it, because that stone is a part of God, but not a conscious God.
A stone remains a stone.
The depth which I now receive”, he says, “they still did not have this oneness there and you cannot experience it, because we know ‘Between life and death’ for that matter, the book of the Masters, my life as André-Dectar.”
He continues ...
“André”, comes to him.
“Then just listen ...” Space begs him to listen.
The space of God asks the human being to listen?
He as an insignificant child of the earth?
And when he thinks about Mother Earth, there comes: “Yes, my child, then just go, André.
You are the only one now during this time for all of mankind, André.
You will serve for me, won’t you?”
He now talks to himself: “I am an individual, I am an individual here on earth.
I can listen to the life of God, so deeply, and that life is different than here on earth.
That life is sweet, that life is just and Mother Earth is now a child of mine.”
It is true.
And then there comes again to his soul and consciousness: “In our life, André – then just listen – there is never night.”
“That is right,” he says.
Can you feel that?
If you reach that unity, you can now already analyze if you have read and mastered the books, the first foundations of the Masters.
“That is right”, he says, “because there is always light behind the atmosphere of Mother Earth.
“And a star says that, you see, that star represents truth.
He says: “Good heavens, you know!”
“Yes indeed”, she says, she comes back, “yes, I know, but you will soon get to know whether I am a he or a she, André.”
“But millions of people do not even know that, star of space, the people do not know that, that behind the atmosphere in the universe there is light eternally, because then they would know that the bible begins with an untruth, wouldn’t they?”
“In our life there is never night.
We already experience, we now experience, yes indeed”, the star says, “the eternal light.
Even if a time will come that my space will go out, I will continue, André.
You will soon get to know the growing laws for the universe on the next journey.
You are now busy laying foundations for your soul, your spirit and your personality.
Aren’t you?”
And now there is already a unity, he can speak.
“Can you feel”, I ask you here in this work, “can you feel, dear reader, my sisters and brothers, that this influences the weighing scales harmonically, that he can now compare what he experienced in the Divine All and that the weighing scales return to harmony again and he cannot hit to the left or to the right, but goes straight on like a child if no evil, no anger, no lust, no destruction lives in him and he wants to be: love.”
“Yes”, the star now says, “if you were not love, André, believe me, I could not draw you up into my life, because then I would have to bow for your darkness, your being evil, your being angry, your hatred, your destruction.
How do I now wish to be able to reach a child which is busy shooting dead the life of my mother, father, taking away their life?
How do I wish to speak about my pure Divine consciousness, if that feeling is still there?
Who do you now wish to reach on earth?
To whom do you wish to give the Divine unity”, she says, a star, “if you love what the life of God darkens and devastates?
You cannot be reached now, cannot be reached irrevocably.
You close yourself off for that cosmic growth and awakening.
You have still not started with that awakening.
Because, if you want to experience, want to materialize this awakening, then”, space says and everything now shouts, “you will represent this life in loving harmony.
And is there damnation then?
Can God now damn His life?
That is a lie, that is an untruth.
And you will now banish that from your life through me, through His light, or that will hold onto you, you now do not become free, you will not be able to go further and the Cosmology will never get to experience the ‘wings’ of space, you will not become free from the earth.
But you can come, André, and we will be one this evening, I have a great deal of nice things to tell you.
Will you come now, André?” she asks.
He does not go into it, he looks at the moon, he thinks: ‘Yes indeed, this morning I walked into a tree and a moment later I almost walked into that water.’
He was up to his feet in the water and would have gone into it and drowned if Master Alcar had not pulled him out.
And now, what must he now begin?
If he wants to take a trip under his own power, he will fly off the little balcony and will fall crushed to the ground.
He will not go, he thinks.
He does not go into it, he only looks at the moon.
She also radiates light – yes, he knows that – but that is the obtained possession of the sun.”
And immediately there comes again: “Yes, I know that.
My mother received condensing by means of the creating power of my father and you also got to know that, for that matter, André.
My mother was condensed because the sun, the creating power, came about because of that division and my mother received her own maternal independence and she could begin with her giving birth and creating.”
The star now says that.
A Master is no longer needed if you experience the unity with your life.
Can you feel this?
Is this not clear?
But you must master it.
We always speak about mastering.
“Begin now.
Now, now, now”, I begged you, for yourself.
“Begin now of course, to think lovingly and the life will speak to you.”
Was this not infallibly created and spiritualized and materialized by the All-Source?
If you begin with art, you must study day in, day out, if you wish to mean something for art.
But for your soul, your spirit, you will have to think through the laws, the material revelations, if you wish to be able to finally say: “I am through that potato, through that vegetable, through that flower.
I know myself where I was born.
I was there and there.
I have already lived for millions of years on earth.
I was father and mother.
I know the reincarnation, I have been reincarnated.
I am now here, I do this, my situation is now like this.
I love God, but I still have inward talks and they must go out.
I must bring myself into harmony with life and death.”
And that now comes from space, through a star to André.
He still does not go into it.
“But”, André suddenly says, “were the bible writers just mistaken?”
“Yes, you are right”, it is the moon which says that and continues.
He hears: “Were the bible writers just mistaken, André?
I am a ‘light for the night’ they say, and I have no light.
I receive the light from my husband, my darling.
That is my darling, that is my love.
We are one, we are one organism, he is the father and I am the mother.
“And I became ‘a light for the night’, I ...?
The God of all life created me as ‘the light for the night?’
And it is my child; the earth, André, upon which you now live, from where you now look at me, the earth makes the night.
And I, my life, I am now dead, I am dying, you know that.
But when I was and lived in my time of giving birth, André, you can see in that, that I always and eternally possessed darkness.
Because in the darkness I will give my life the light and we will give birth.
“And how is Mother Earth?
That is a child of mine.
Does Mother Earth have light of herself?
Why did the bible writers not say anything about my children?
But they went up to see what time it was.
And they did not understand that time, they saw a clock which was upside down, but the laws were attached to it.
And if they had understood that, they could have made a journey, which you made with the Masters a moment ago, and they would have seen the Divine All origin and experienced it as light, as life, soul, spirit and personality, justice and harmony.
Wouldn’t they, André?”
Mother Moon now already speaks.
Is it not enough to make you weep from happiness?
“I must now be a light for the night”, Mother Moon says, the first cosmic grade, “but you now know that I received my light from my darling.
Do you see my darling, André, the sun?
They made a she of him, so mother, but he is my father, my creator.
This is God, we are Gods, we are both one.
I will soon be creating on the fourth cosmic grade and he will be giving birth.
He radiates and becomes giving birth and I radiate, am giving birth and will create.
Those are the wonders of the universe, by means of which you, André, along with the Masters, will get to know the growing universe of every spark, but now at macrocosmic attunement, and have to materialize it for mankind.
Are you still strong now, André?
Are you not strong then now that I can speak to you, André, and you are born on me?
What can the human being give you then, if you feel my love, undergo my unity?
What can the human being then give you, André, if the human being speaks nonsense about a father who makes light for the night, and means nonsense?
There is no damnation, André, life is eternal.
Because I am the mother giving birth for this space, I gave this life, I divided myself.
You will soon follow and you will get to know and to see that.
You will also experience how I began with my materialization.”
And now the star continues and says: “Can you hear my mother, André?
She is my mother, your mother.
She created all the life in space.
She is therefore exactly the same, by means of which the All-Source manifested itself as All-Mother.
Now the moon gets the independence as being mother for this space, this universe, this Divine, macrocosmic organism, which the microcosmos will give birth to and create.
You are a micro, André, and I am a macro and we have just one feeling, one love, one life, one attunement, we are both Gods.
You are a conscious being, and I, as material in order to serve, I am a part of this macrocosmic body.
Come to me, come into my arms, André.
You are the prince of space.
I must serve you, I will love you, I will explain my life and my space to you, if you just wish to accept me”, a star says that, the moon says that.
“Can you not see my aunt, André?”
Do you feel, that the family on earth has come straight from the macrocosmos to the earth, my sisters and brothers, and that the macrocosmos, as father and mother, possesses the child by means of stars and planets?
This has originated from this macrocosmic body.
The star, soon that star will be called Wayti, says: “Ask it, just ask my Mother and you will get an answer.
How insensitive the people there are, André.
Do you now know the consciousness of those masses?
What a beating that Adolph will soon get, if he knows that you may never violate the laws of God as a human being.
Space knows for that matter that an evil, an angry human being lives on earth, who enslaves and beats, crushes and puts the masses in a concentration camp, who gases the people.
Every star knows that.”
And this is why we could write: Adolph Hitler not only fights against the good on earth, but he presently beats stars and planets.
Not only star nights and lights, but he stands before sun, moon and stars.
He stands before God and Christ, the whole space created by God.
The small insect is now deadly poisonous if you want to gas that little insect, but Adolph Hitler did not know that, that evil does not know that.
No Stalin knows that, no Bolshevik knows that, no demon knows that, no Satan, because those people must still awaken.
They will one day reach the conviction that the water, that a flower, that a tree can speak and that in all the life the Divine respect and authority is present.
Now I am only busy with such a little piece.
Where must I go, my children, in order to explain, to analyze the cosmology for you?
Do you now understand that I told you, that we need thousands of journeys in order to give you consciousness?
Now I must still begin; for goodness sake, father, give me a hundred million years and I can give mankind the cosmic happiness.
I will not stop yet.
(To the sound technician): Do you still have five minutes?
I will release myself slowly.
And now he becomes free, he will think: “Yes,” he says, “I want to be one with you, I come and then we will speak together about the moon, about sun, stars and planets.
Who are you actually?”
That comes from the distance, from space, Mother Moon, she says: “André, she is the light of life of me.
She is a small sun.
She is father, but she is also mother, because she has condensed herself.
I am the first cosmic grade, you know that.
That is what I say, André, and if you hold onto this – you can do that, can’t you – you will understand and be able to follow her.
Go now, my boy, my child, give her, give us that happiness that a human being comes to us from the earth and will conquer space and will bring that space to the earth.
Truly, André is the prince of space, the prophet who possesses the cosmic consciousness and whom the world will get to accept one day.”
And now he becomes free from his organism and flies into space, his organism sits there on the little balcony and experiences his sleep.
He is out of it, can you feel?
If you now dissolve and you go away, then you will be able to see that we can disembody consciously, that we had to conquer the spiritual, the physical trance.
We can attune ourselves directly to the unity with space, with a tree, but then you walk into it.
You drown if you speak with the waters, a flower can now murder you.
A flower, if that flower says: “Come into my life and I will explain my realm of colours, my fatherhood and motherhood to you”, and you descend into it, then you sink down here and you lie in the ground of this life.
But you are unconscious or have already died here, the fluid cord must now break.
But now a star, a planet ...
Why, my sisters and brothers, did God create the universe for you and for himself?
That is your royal house in which you live, and in which for every human being, yes indeed, for every human being there is a place and a residence.
Every cell finds the own Divine attunement there again and that is then spiritual, honest, pure and good.
André becomes free, he is flying.
It is quiet in the nature, even though people fly in this space, people go to Germany in order to destroy the life there.
He sees the aeroplanes coming and he thinks, he says: “Just look there.”
He is free, the aeroplanes pass by him; that means that he is still materially conscious.
He cannot go to the astral world, but he remains one with the material cosmos, he sees those aeroplanes going.
“My God, my God, I am standing in reality”, he says, “I am flying by means of my ‘great wings’ back to the life of God and you go there, whoever it is, you go there and still lend yourself to devastation and destruction, because what you release there in Germany, that is frightening.
What must you do now, human being of the earth?
I will think of my body”, he says, “I will give my power to that body – and then you may go – my word comes to consciousness anyway.
Mankind will soon accept my word, even if a mere, fifty, seventy-five years pass.
After two thousand my age begins, the ‘Age of Christ’ for which my Masters serve and for which the life now speaks.”
I must end, children, I must leave it at this space.
We become free.
He also shouts at space, in a way, by means of which he received his consciousness, he already calls and he can say: “Yes, yes, yes, my life, where are you now?”
He goes straight – he looks into that face – he goes straight to that attunement.
What did the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis tell about this?
This conscious disembodiment?
Here we disembody consciously now.
But André has come a thousand times further than ancient Egypt, than India, than the temples in the world were able to, than the temples in the world in the East brought to materialization.
No Ra, no Isis, or Luxor have known this conscious disembodiment – or you would have heard of it.
This consciousness belongs to 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980 and 2000.
This is the possession of the University of Christ.
This is the possession of His personality, His fatherhood and motherhood.
He said that in Jerusalem.
He wanted to say that on Golgotha, but it was not understood.
“And I now have to”, André says, “to take all of this and all of that into account.
When I am asked something then I will be sweet and soft now.
I want to be harmonic and just.
There is no jealousy in me.
I am a child of this space and now I will receive the word.
Oh, my God, why did you not give me”, it comes into him, “a place in the quiet East, then I could have brought the wisdom from the East to the West?”
But suddenly he sees the West and says: “If I have not experienced this, if I do not know this, how can I strengthen myself in this?
And the West does not accept the East.
The tree must grow in the mother and the mother cannot go there in order to give birth to her life here, or free from the earth and back into space.
I must therefore be born in the West in order to be able to make these journeys.
But the East gave me the inspiration, the first foundations and that was I, and there were others in the temples of Ré, Ra, Isis and Luxor.
I know it”, now passes his lips, he sends into space, and to Mother Moon, “you have not been any light for the night, my mother, you gave your personality, your motherhood and your fatherhood to all this life, to everything here.
That is the light by means of which you were able to condense yourself and which you received from the creating source, which is called sun, but is and means your father, your spouse, your love.”
And he says to the star again: “I know by what means you have so much light and your sister cannot possess, because I now see the answer.”
And to Mother Earth: “I know it, Mother Earth, why you must trace this orbit, I was already able to get to know those laws, but where is Master Alcar now?
Do you know, Master, that I am free from my organism and that I am now analyzing for space.
Do you know, Master Alcar, that I have become free from the earth, and that the life starts to speak to me, that I feel that voice inwardly and outside of me?
This is the cosmology for every human being”, André sends to the earth.
“Mother Earth, I am on the way, I stand before the terrible things, which the human being does to you, your children, the human being who wants to experience the demonic, the satanic attunements and now gasses the human being, who has broken the food, the harmony by means of materializing disgusting practices.
I now stand before all that evil and your children will one day accept, I am the opposite of Adolph, I am the adept, the pupil of the Masters and for you, for the good.
Anyone who does not want to understand me later, does not understand himself.
Anyone who has something to say about you and about me, wants to sully, wants to gossip about and wants to deform, deforms himself, sullies himself, Mother Earth.
Soon a time will come, that you can bring your children to Golgotha, but now by means of this way, by means of these laws, which the Christ will give you, but which belong to every human being.
Which we will now see, because I get unity and can receive and experience at a macrocosmic attunement.
Mother Earth, I am free, I will therefore continue.
The law of space will explain the laws to me and I will now ask questions.”
And then there came to André – I will soon continue and then you will hear this, I must continue in order to read you out a piece before we will begin with the growth for the planetary system, because then we will go from the moon-event straight back to the Divine All and we will see the different universes being born – then there came from space and that is then also for you, my sisters and brothers: “Yes, André, the Wayti is awakening under your heart.”
And that means: what the human being has made of God on earth, but without damnation or the last judgement; that is not there.
Wayti means: to see and to experience God by means of the human, pure, maternal giving births and creatings, which will become the possession after this war, this time, and only serves for the kingdom of God in the human being, life, light, love and happiness.
Never be angry at the human being; last week, according to the cosmos, you were it yourself.
If you can now say: “I am busy awakening”, then you can also already listen whether space already has something to say.
And if the word still does not come, then just wait.
When you are ready and lay down the first foundations, space will also reach awakening, the spiritualization and the materialization for you here in this society, for your being a child, your fatherhood and motherhood.
My sisters and brothers, if you start to understand that properly, you will never ever be capable of saying one wrong, harsh, stupid, unconscious human word to the other life on earth.
You will rather be silent, because it is only then that you are assured.
What you experience inside, even if you were a Satan, even if it seems demonic, as long as it does not reach materialization, because then it gets space, then it gets infinity and an independence.
When you give a thing, a word, a feeling independence – can you feel this? we now experience that – then the growing begins and you can no longer stop that.
Can you?
I almost have my voice back.
My sisters and brothers, see you in a fortnight, then I will continue with that and then it will be called ‘The Human Being and his Universal Unity’.
I thank you for your happy feelings.
This is how far we are, with the greetings from our Master Alcar.