Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side

Jozef Rulof



Alcar, the spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof analyses the psychic problem in this book.
This book was written in the first half of the twentieth century, and uses the names for mental diseases used at that time.
In this way the book talks of ‘psychopathy’ or psychopath’.
In this book master Alcar exposes the real cause of this spiritual handicap, and explains why different grades or levels can be distinguished.
He makes it clear that many psychological problems which people have to deal with find their origin in wrong views which disrupt the nervous system.
In this way ‘eternal damnation’, which is or was preached by certain religions, has left serious marks behind in the thinking of millions of people, who feel troubled as a result of this and can no longer summon any life force in order to improve their so-called ‘sinful life’.
By means of numerous examples master Alcar show how many psychotic problems have to do with astral influence.
This negative influence of dark spirits can vary from slightly strengthening lower feelings in the earthly being, on the one hand, to the deepest grade of possession, on the other hand.
The reader is therefore advised to read ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and ‘The Origin of the Universe’ first, in order to be able to feel and understand all these spiritual laws better.