On Earth

On the way to the earth

On Mars the human soul reaches the final stage of the second cosmic grade of life.
After Mars the soul continues her cosmic life path and she passes over to the third cosmic grade of life.
This grade again consists of seven evolutionary stages which were materialized as planets.
On these planets, which lie distributed in the universe, the soul refines the material systems of her body.
By means of the various climatological conditions on the various planets, the internal organs in particular gain strength and finishing.
By means of thousands of transitions, the soul condenses her innate blueprint to what would finally become the human body on the mother planet of the third cosmic grade of life: Mother Earth.
On the last transition planet before the earth there are still souls in the present time, who will soon be far enough advanced to travel to the earth and to begin their first earthly life there.
We now see the first stage of the earth, the first era, about which, as I said before, nothing is known.
But you have seen that everything follows one course.
All this did not come into being at once, one stage developed out of the other.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
When the very first people had built up the Spheres of Light, they understood that there must be worked for mankind on Earth.
They had got to know the life on Earth and on this side and by locking themselves in the material organism, they also experienced the illnesses of the Earth, as a result of which they received universal conscious.
They followed all the material and spiritual grades from the Moon and then returned to the first sphere.
‘What must we do for all those people?’ they wondered, in the knowledge that life on earth was a tale of woe.
They saw from this world into all their thousands of lives and now understood for the first time properly the misery of it.
Soon they reached the decision and started work.
Thousands of them returned to the Earth in order to help there.
Other people were born there again and were inspired from this Side and in this way the first inventions originated.
From this side people saw continually sharper how mankind could be helped.
From them the first doctor medicine men originated, because they knew the illnesses of the Earth, even if they still did not know how they had actually come into being.
But very soon they also got to know the origin of the illnesses and then the Temple of Medici came into being on this side!
They continued to follow the sick people of the Earth and made a thorough study of them.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
In their work and serving they saw the divine power of the soul life and how the material organs were fed by the inner life.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
There were no illnesses in the embryonic life.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
The masters went to the secondary planets.
But on the second cosmic grade of life, a planet system, which the inner life received as soul from the Moon, they could not determine illnesses either.
The material and inner life was not contaminated in any way here either, because the conscious still had to awaken for this.
Human being and animal therefore did not understand anything about illnesses or about the wrong action as a result of which illnesses could originate, that was not possible there.
Human being and animal experienced the natural laws and could not yet follow an own path.
The masters were faced with great problems, but Mother Nature, the life itself showed them the way.
They floated back to the Earth and also followed all the grades of life on this planet for the material body.
Then they saw the origin of the illnesses!
The adult conscious created misery, because the human being did not know himself.
On the Moon no illnesses could originate, because the human being there did not possess any adult conscious.
On Earth the human being did possess that conscious and then the illnesses originated.
The masters saw a tremendous study before them.
They now worked everything out and reached analysis in this way.
They themselves, they learned, had helped the existence, as a result of their will to experience, to fertilise.
By experiencing the unity with other material grades of life, they created destruction for the organism.
Their grade split itself up as a result of this.
They received the proof for this when they followed their own lives.
They themselves were to blame for all that misery and they had to accept, that they had not served the spiritual but the material destruction.
They were now faced with their own behaviour, with their lives, which had been completed in unconsciousness and they understood!
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
Mankind was faced with a disaster and in the course of centuries the decay would become even more terrible!
Something had to be done against this calamity. It was more than necessary, that they got to know the nature of the illness.
And they also had to work out with which means they would be able to fight these illnesses.
The actual primal power of the Moon, the masters understood, had disappeared.
Child after child, man after man, woman after woman helped with this spiritual destruction.
It was like these masters were broken by the natural proof which they gained.
They saw a mountain of misery before them.
Who would be able to dissolve all those horrors?
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
In all the grades for the organism the weakening could be seen.
The highest race was also sullied, not one grade had escaped it.
Nervous systems and muscular systems lived at half powers, because the base had been completely destroyed.
That was the attunement of the organism, which they had to accept.
Not one human being in the universe could be acquitted of blame.
The human conscious, the animal longing in the human being, had created this misery.
The man wanted to take possession of the woman materially and wherever he met her, he overpowered her and lived it up through her body.
In the woods this drama took place and the material destruction already began here.
By continuing in such a way life on Earth had to collapse one day.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
Then the moment came that the masters received messages from the higher regions, that instruments would come, who would release mankind from this suffering.
It was already being worked on.
The masters therefore did not need to despair.
They had already realised that the medicines were just an aid.
Medicine alone could not conquer the illness.
Mankind would nevertheless first have to awaken for it.
And it was a case of waiting for that.
The masters received the message to go further and to not let themselves be disturbed in anything.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
Soon these technical wonders will receive spiritual meaning, they will then serve for the wonderful instrument which will make all the illnesses of the Earth dissolve.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
They established for themselves that they had completed their lives there in an animal-like unconsciousness and then became material, started to think materially, in harmony with the body, with the life there on earth, and then spiritually and then spatially.
And now, from the fourth cosmic grade they start to think and feel and also act Divinely spatially.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
But for that purpose, in order to be able to experience this, I went through ‘life and death’.
We went like the priests through madness, in order to get to know these laws.
Read the books and now get to know yourselves, also me and the wonderful masters, our dear master Alcar and master Zelanus!’
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950