Which book by Jozef Rulof do you read first?
You can read the books on the top shelf as a first acquaintance; for the textbooks on the bottom shelf, it is assumed that the other books from the series have already been read.
This is because the books have been written as a series with a considerable build-up.
The level of experience, analysis and awareness is increased gradually book after book, so that we can grow along with that.
Every new concept which is used in the books, is always accompanied by a graphic description and an explanation, so that we can enter a wondrous world, step by step.
The first books take us into the Hereafter:
‘A View into the Hereafter’ and ‘Those who came back from the Dead’
They take us to an 'eye witness acccount' of Life after Death.
Then the books reveal the mystery of human reincarnations: ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Between Life and Death’ and ‘Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life’.
Along with the biography of Jozef Rulof in three parts ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ you can read all these books as a first acquaintance.
To decide for yourself which book you choose first, you can read the Summary per book.
By following back the reincarnations in the textbook ‘The Origin of the Universe’ the origin of mankind and cosmos are revealed.
You will find the reality and nature of the contact between people and spirits in ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and ‘Mental Illnesses’.
In ‘The Peoples of the Earth Seen from the Other Side’ we see by whom and how the evolution of mankind is driven and what the unknown role of Christ is in this.
You will find a wayward triology about all the previous mentioned in ‘Masks and Men’.
Finally, the last books assume that the reader has already read all the previous books: ‘Question and Answer (6 books)’, ‘Lectures (3 books)’ and ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof (5 books)’.
The following books aren't published yet:
- The Peoples of the Earth Seen from the Other Side

Summary Those who came back from the Dead (= The Bridge to Eternal Life)

The second title by Jozef Rulof, ‘Those who came back brom the Dead’ is likewise an excellent way of becoming familiar with his series of books.
Jozef worked for some time as a healing medium.
Under the guidance of his spiritual leader Alcar he healed many people.
He could also help by his healing aura other people who were almost at the end of their earthly life during their last days on earth.
As a result of his clairvoyance he could often have contact with these people during and also after their death on earth.
In the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’ we read how three of his patients came back to Jozef after their death in order to tell him and humanity about their experiences.
The first patient gave unconditional love during his life to all the people who came to him.
His death goes very calmly and modestly, because he as a spiritual personality has already released himself from earthly feelings during his life.
We can read in which way his spirit releases itself during death from this earthly body, and how he is ‘collected’ by his dead son.
A love which connects souls with each other beyond death.
In the second part Jeanne tells how she is greatly troubled during her death by the sadness of her sister who takes care of her.
Her sister wants to keep Jeanne for earthly life, and Jeanne experiences this as ‘resistance’ which makes it difficult for her to say goodbye to the earthly life.
The third part has the following subtitle: ‘The return of someone who mocked what he did not understand’.
That ‘someone’ is Gerhard, an acquaintance of Jozef Rulof.
Gerhard mocks the idea that a spiritual world could exist.
His motto is: ‘dead is dead’ and ‘you must let the dead rest’.
Jozef cannot convince him that the dead came to him themselves in order to convince humanity of their divine life.
Gerhard is completely closed to this spiritual science.
After his death Gerhard ends up in an astral sphere which has received form as a result of his own closedness.
He finds himself locked up in a sort of astral ‘bunker’ where he cannot get out of until he opens himself inwardly to the spiritual truth of a life after death.
He must experience to his despair that the astral sphere forms a perfect mirror of his inner feelings.
After his ‘return from the dead’ he tells Jozef about his terrible battle ‘for life and death’ in order to discard his disbelief, his mocking and his closedness.
He shouts at the reader to already start spiritual feeling and thinking during the earthly life, in order not to end up in the same misery.
By describing his battle he gives us a deep insight into how we can discard our lower characteristics and can open ourselves to the ‘light’ of our own spiritual evolution.
‘Those who came back from the Dead’ goes further where the ‘near-death experiences’ end.
The book offers the continuation to the experiences of millions of people throughout the whole world who were already able to experience a glimpse of a spiritual life after death.

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