Our consciousness on Mars -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘our consciousness on Mars’
Based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘our consciousness on Mars’.

Our physical form

When the first human souls came to Mars, this planet had still not condensed into a material form.
It was still a spiritual plasma sphere, formed by the condensed energy which was released after the cosmic splitting.
Just like on other planets, the soul began with its first life by using a small part of this spiritual energy from the mother planet in order to form its first single cell:
And that is a mother planet again, which is ready, condensed by the secondary planets to the half-waking conscious, therefore still in a spiritual state, in order to be able to receive the human soul.
Masks and Men, 1948
When the soul had built up its body via thousands of material grades of life to the form of a prehistoric being, the climate on Mars could be compared with prehistoric times on earth:
Look at these jungle people, this animal-like being, and you will see your prehistoric age for this planet, soon you will see yourself again on earth, and it is only then that you will be able to accept that the universe was created for the human being.
Mars produced seven subsequent grades of life, but we got to know those laws for the All-Mother and they are still present.
Now we experience those laws of condensing by means of the human organism.
The highest and seventh grade of life now, dominates the grades living under that here, but all those millions of people live spread out across the planet.
Of course the life here is rough and harsh, but what were the prehistoric ages on earth like?
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
Not only was the planet larger than the first planet on which the soul had begun its cosmic journey, but the material life on Mars also experienced a larger size:
The size of the planet passes over to the life, it is by means of this that we see this giant animal, from which the Earth also materialised her laws and showed her prehistoric ages.
So Mars traces a cosmically just orbit around the Sun and that is in harmony with the universe, with the life, with Mother Nature, of course.
When the human being for the present stage says: we cannot live on Mars, that atmosphere is too harsh and too rough, then we can say: you are right, but would you still also be capable now of experiencing the prehistoric age for the earth?
What was the child of Mother Nature like for those ages?
If we are that far, my brothers, then you will see your prehistoric age again, I already told you, the Earth also created those times.
So the human being also gets to experience what the planet possesses, and those are the spatial laws of growth for the human and animal life and for Mother Nature.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944

Our consciousness

Our consciousness originated by having to ensure food and drink:
These become the human characteristics.
These characteristics were born by means of the working of the material systems.
By means of her having to live, her food and drink, the human soul will reach a higher consciousness.
Archives, 1945
Our personality was born by means of the experience of the material body:
You hear it, my brothers, because the human soul awakened, she built up her material body, the inner life awakened and the personality originated.
The first human consciousness entered here.
Archives, 1945
The masters call the grade of feeling of that personality on Mars pre-animal-like.
The consciousness that the personality built up on the land is already further than when we still lived in the water:
Here the human soul is pre-animal conscious, because she has reached the universe.
So all the life which lives in the waters, experiences a lower grade of life, which for the Divine creation has nothing to do with the conscious stages, which the land animal possesses and by means of which it can enter a higher world.
Archives, 1945
The soul created a material form by means of its basic powers of giving birth and creation.
By experiencing its body, the soul received sensations, which later became experiences and ultimately built up a personality:
However, what did the Divine laws of Revelation teach us?
That we as people would begin with the revealing.
And look, if we follow Mother Moon, then we will have been able to experience thousands of wonders.
And those wonders in a material and spiritual state belong to us.
They gave our life evolution, but especially the understanding in order to be able to live, how to act, if we wanted to be able to continue ourselves, continue our life.
And that wonder was also revealed to us, because we got hold of the reincarnation.
And yet there is much more that the soul mastered in these ages according to the Divine plans.
Every material tissue now served the soul.
That tissue wanted to be inspired by the soul and by means of that inspiration the inner personality as soul had to accept the working of that.
How was that working accepted?
The soul got her characteristics by means of that.
The life grew.
But because the life grew, the soul was busy conquering God’s infinite universe.
She continued to build on her heavens.
So we see that soul evolved, got a personality and it is pre-animal here.
Archives, 1945
The first grade of consciousness can also be called ‘instinct’:
Here on this planet the first consciousness was born for the soul, because she had made her body capable of that.
By means of the material life she therefore enjoys a conscious pre-animal grade of life.
The first grade of life of the human soul can therefore also be experienced here, because it is only now that we can begin to work on the human instinct.
Archives, 1945
On Mars the pre-animal-like life of feeling was the final stage:
This life creates and inspires!
It will be reaching a height as Earth knew in her prehistoric ages.
This is the attunement for Mars for all the grades of life, so that we can accept that Mars remained pre-animal and no spiritual grade of life was born here.
Because it is not possible.
So what we are following and will experience is pre-animal.
We experience the animal grades of life and laws for the material body and the soul life on Earth.
Archives, 1945
It was only on earth that the soul reached the animal-like grade of feeling:
All the grades which she will create, will remain pre-animal, it is only on the planet Earth that she will create the animal grades of life, by means of which we establish that her life is like that of the animal.
Archives, 1945
The pre-animal-like grade of feeling belongs to the pre-animal-like body which has still not received that refinement which it will later reach on earth:
But for the Cosmology a pre-animal state is the grade of consciousness for the life which received a body by means of that.
And the body determines the pre-animal grade of life, the personality represents that grade of life.
Archives, 1945
The pre-animal-like life of feeling has still no consciousness of itself, it only wants to live:
It wants to live, but no more than that either.
Archives, 1945
This life can eat and drink and reproduce:
It can eat and drink and it is capable of creating new life.
Archives, 1945
The soul reached this stage by experiencing fatherhood and motherhood, as is explained in the article ‘our first lives as a cell’:
What are the main laws for the human soul, which take her to this building up existence?
Which demand that she continues this life?
Which give her space, power and consciousness, according to how she will progress her life?
Fatherhood and motherhood!
It is these laws which will dominate her during all the grades of life and by means of which she receives her reincarnation.
Archives, 1945
The pre-animal-like consciousness still does not know human concepts such as good and evil:
If we want to analyse the Mars consciousness soon and begin with a brief observation, you will see yourself placed before the pre-animal grade of life anyway, because these are not human actions which came about by means of the soul.
This life in all these stages does not know whether it is doing good or wrong.
If the jungle stage of the Earth does not even know that, which belongs to the third Cosmic grade of life anyway, what can be said then about these Mars inhabitants in a pre-animal state?
We will see that the planet Mars was not able to create any human consciousness, because she did not receive that task, because the soul is still not that far.
Because the soul is busy evolving.
Archives, 1945
When the masters connect themselves in feeling and make themselves one with the pre-animal-like grade of feeling, they feel that those who possess the strongest body of the highest material grade of life take possession of the planet:
I do not understand anything about all this life, because I am one with this consciousness; I still have to awaken for the human thinking and feeling.
How does this life feel?
I am completely one with the grade of life which must speak to my life.
I am starting to feel that I have reached the highest and that all the other grades of life must follow me.
I dare to remove myself from my environment, not the other grades of life, because danger threatens here.
Am I already a human being?
I do not know!
I could explain these laws, I only possess pre-animal-like feeling.
By means of this I understand my own species and I will connect myself with them.
Archives, 1945
Man and woman reproduce as animals, without understanding what they are doing:
We experience our own existence.
My mother animal is following me.
We do not know why we are following each other.
Is this love?
Through whom did we get these feelings?
I created new life, but I do not understand it.
Yet the feeling for it is present in me.
Did these characteristics as feeling reach consciousness in my life?
I cannot explain it to you, I have not yet reached that becoming conscious.
Archives, 1945
Their life consists of eating, drinking, sleeping and reproducing:
We live, we grow up. Eating, drinking, sleeping and creating new life are the laws for our existence.
Archives, 1945
By means of hunger and thirst, they reach working:
How do my own kind feel?
Our feeling and thinking is limited.
I can feel that life, I know what it wants, but there is not more consciousness.
How must we become conscious?
I sit down and will go to sleep, only hunger and thirst waken me up.
Then I reach working.
I learn by means of this, also she who belongs to my life.
Archives, 1945
Because the body produced the sensation of hunger, the personality developed a consciousness in order to appease that hunger:
By what means did I get the consciousness as soul?
By means of my organism.
Because the material systems wanted to receive material inspiration I searched for food.
The consciousness for me was therefore given to me by means of the material systems.
If I had not been able to evolve in this way, the growth and blossom process would have completed itself differently, then I would not have got any higher and any other consciousness.
So one is dependant on the other.
Archives, 1945
The life thus receives instinct:
It looked for food and in doing so it passed into a degree of feeling: the instinct.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
On the land searching for food demanded more effort than before in the water where the food floated past.
By searching more actively, the life of feeling received more working and the instinct developed.
Later, the personality started to build up the own will in order to better assure itself of food:
We have now come to the phenomenon instinct.
Thus awakened what is called instinct.
The human but pre-animal-like being felt hungry, caused and evoked by its material organism.
It was to become self-supporting and with it, instinct developed.
Now man lived on the planet, which was not possible on the first degree and it will no doubt be clear to you that man had to awake here.
Now that man had accepted an existence and had advanced that far, it gave inner life experience, and this experience was an activity evoked from within, which revealed itself as feeling hungry.
You see, again this unity in everything, that one activity evokes the other, because this activity passed from the material organism on to inner life.
Thus, the material organism gave birth to the instinct, and it was on this planet that man advanced to a will of his own, which he used.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
What remains in the life of feeling of the thousands of reincarnations on the second cosmic grade of life is especially the knowledge where people can find the required food:
Life was also on this planet, here man lived and returned many thousands of times to reach the highest stage.
The being does not remember anything of its experiences there, but the soul has gained all this wisdom, which is revealed in this life.
It is revealed in its search for food, and this is found, because this planet was ready to receive this life.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
First, this personality searched for its food alone and it protected itself by hiding under the ground, later it started to form a herd along with other people and to live on the land:
First she lived under the ground, now as a large herd together and in the fields.
Archives, 1945
When master Alcar showed Jozef Rulof (André) the development stage of the soul on Mars, André realized that people had still not developed a human language here:
André saw human beings.
My God, he thought, is that man?
They were worse than predators.
They were wild and savage.
They were large powerful beings, and they radiated a primal strength which made him shiver.
He saw hundreds of these beings together.
He heard them speak, but it was not speech, it was terrible shouting.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
While gathering food, the soul as a personality reached disharmonic acting in relation to its fellow beings for the first time on its cosmic journey.
This event is explained in the article ‘harmony’:
There is no death.
We just return to the material world.
We are attracted by other life and then we experience the same laws.
Nature changes, our bodies become larger and stronger.
Inwardly we reach inspiring, acting and disharmony with this world.
Characteristics awaken which can destroy me.
I see that we were in harmony with this life in the first grades of life, but the further I go, experience the higher grades of life, I am in rebellion against the laws experienced.
You will certainly feel it, now I am standing before the disharmony, I went into phenomena which do not belong to my life.
And we will determine them soon.
Archives, 1945
The disharmony consists of killing other people.
The pre-animal-like grade of feeling is characterized by cannibalism:
‘Are they cannibals, Alcar?’
‘All of them, André, without exception.
During the initial stage of this planet, they lived separately, too, as we have just seen on the last transition.
But during the many centuries which have passed, the situation changed.
The human being living here has become conscious, but that consciousness is pre-animal-like.
Anyone who cannot offer resistance, who cannot protect himself, is killed.
What counts here is the right of the strongest, because the weaker beings are destroyed.
They live close together and feel superior.
They are obeyed, and thus we see thousands of them together, who have split into various groups.
They go to war and wipe out whoever they meet.
From the beginning of their youth they have adjusted to that, and when they have come of age, the younger ones are admitted in their midst.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The people with a less strong body from a different material grade of life are killed:
Those beings, who have reached the first degrees of material development are killed here.
I already said, that they live in groups.
The strongest are their leaders, and when it comes to a clash, this encounter is gruesome.
Fighting lasts until the others have been conquered.
Then they go on, but remain within their own surroundings, of which they consider themselves the proper rulers.
He who ventures into their domain is irrevocably lost and killed.
They drag them to their camps; they skin and eat them like the animal on earth.
This happens in accordance with nature, because frying and grilling are unknown here.
Only in the third era on earth did mankind invent this, and passed on to a higher stage of development.
These beings are pre-animal-like, and knew nothing about grilling, but the material organism could digest this, as their inner organs were adjusted to it.
They all are cannibals; it is part of their lives and attunement; it is the second degree.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Yet this practice already points to a form of consciousness, because the personality learns to be and to remain strong here:
But they awaken already; because this is the first degree of consciousness, which they own.
By acting in this way, they already follow a purpose, which is to be strong and remain so, and to guard themselves from destruction.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
On the previous transition planet, the personality had still not reached this consciousness, and the physical strength was still not deployed in order to acquire food, as a result of which a peace still reigned:
Look, the last transition to the second cosmic degree.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Life on this planet is fairly quiet; on the second degree, however, pre-animal consciousness has awakened.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
There manslaughter and violence dominate, here is quiet and peace.
All this indicates that this inner human being is not yet conscious.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
On Mars the personality has reached the pre-animal-like grade of feeling.
This personality is still not so individual and specific as we know the human personality to be on earth.
On Mars the feeling is still mainly determined by the body that is experienced.
A new body gives other experiences whereby the past life has sunk back into the subconscious, without much ‘character’ still remaining.
When master Alcar shows André the inner life of a man on Mars, the face of the past life can no longer be seen in that, as that is indeed the case on earth:
André looked at this human being; he lay down to sleep.
He was entirely naked and hairy like an animal.
His body was large and strong.
A giant on earth was a dwarf as compared with him.
You see, André, this man has the male organism, but I see more and I’ll let you see that.
I’ll connect you with his inner life.
You will see the past because I remain connected with him.’
André observed.
He saw a scene and he understood what it meant.
It was the first material degree of man on this planet.
He knew those material degrees; there were seven of them.
‘Do you see this condition, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar; is this the first material degree?’
‘Splendid, André.
Now look at this man.
Inside him resides the animating life, which has been in the first degree; he has discarded that life and organism.
The inner life returned into a material organism hundreds of times before it attained the highest material degree for this planet.
That being passed away and we see inner life again, but in a different organism.
But there is more and I’ll show you an other life.’
André observed again.
In front of him he saw a mother and child.
The mother carried this young life and nursed it.
‘What does this mean, Alcar?’
‘This means that the soul has descended into the female organism.
Look well and feel that this is correct.
On this planet we can only feel it; on earth we can observe it because inspiring life has passed into an essential being, which means that we recognize inner man.
That is not possible here, because inner life has not yet acquired the spiritual attunement.
The outward appearance of man is recognized by his inner life; but it is not until on our side that we see that animating life is the image of the material organism.
If the inner life has lived in an other life, we can see this, because the material face is related to inner life.
We therefore recognize that other personality and know it has to do with an other life.
That, as I said, cannot be seen here, it can only be felt, but what we can observe is that this being in front of you possessed the female body in its previous life.
This mother, André, is one and the same being as inner and inspiring life, what now lives there in the creating organism.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
When the soul experiences the maternal body, that gives feelings of care for the young life:
The child rests against her breast and she nurses it until that young life has sufficient strength to move about, when the mother will leave this young life and it is independent.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
This can already be seen as a first grade of maternal love:
This is love and this pre-animal-like love must awaken.
This feeling will become stronger as man has a higher material attunement.
Consequently, everything is in the process of formation.
When young life has reached mature age, it will go its own way.
The mother no longer bothers about it, although it is part of her own life, but she is not aware of it.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
It is the love which the mother animal also feels:
Deep human love still has to be born and awaken.
But do not try to take this young life away from it; it would attack and kill you if you wanted to deprive it of its happiness, which it feels as animal.
During the first few years, the young life is nursed directly by its mother, just like on earth; this has remained unchanged, although on earth the physique has developed to its highest degree.
Here, too, the young life receives that mother-strength, but later it feeds like the fully grown beings and satisfies itself like the predator in free nature.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
When the soul as personality acts in a disharmonic way, its personality lags behind in relation to its body, because the body still functions in complete harmony, all the organs work together in a harmonic way:
For I can see that the soul created disharmonic laws, which we already spoke about.
She wants to dominate.
Did God mean this?
And yet, what is the soul life of the Earth like?
The physical is also far ahead of the material there.
Archives, 1945
Also on earth, the soul will experience the pre-animal-like grade of feeling as first consciousness, because the soul evolved to that consciousness stage on the previous planets:
The first grade of life, the first human consciousness of the planet Earth is pre-animal.
Archives, 1945
In relation to the pre-animal-like body on Mars, the body on earth can be called a jewel:
So follow the life of the Earth and you will be able to answer these questions.
The material organism is supernatural in comparison to this monstrous garment.
On Earth it is a work of art, here it is animal-like.
Is this a human being, this monster?
This jungle existence is nothing human, nor can it be compared to the stage of the Earth, because those grades of life do not feel any different, have more intuition, the organisms also got space, are embellished, everything about that organism evolved.
Archives, 1945
In the time that the first souls lived on Mars, the earth had still not reached condensing:
Now back to the material planet; and we see that for this age the Earth is still invisible and that she still cannot begin with her task, because we and the animal are still not that far.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
All those who live on earth have already experienced Mars:
Have we, who now live on earth, been like that?’
‘Not only you and all of us, but also those who have already reached the Divine Spheres.
All have been here and had to follow this route.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939