Dear Reader,
With the publication of this book, entitled ‘Question and Answer’, might I be permitted to mention a few special points.
It is not a literary work, but it is not an everyday type of book, which was achieved as a result of cooperation with many people.
However, the ‘spoken’ word cannot always be reproduced in exactly the same form, as when this word is brought to mankind in a ‘book format’.
For this book also wishes to reach those people who did not have the privilege of attending the contact evenings.
The aim has therefore been to accurately approach the ‘contents’ of ‘Question and Answer’, which Jozef placed in his spoken word to his ‘children’, as he liked to refer to them.
In the years 1945-1952, Jozef Rulof – known for his many books, lectures, paintings and formerly also for his infallibe diagnoses and remarkable healings, all of which he achieved through his ‘masters’ – held his weekly ‘contact evenings’ in the building ‘Know Thyself’ in De Ruyterstraat 41, in The Hague.
It’s true that a spiritual contact emerged between him and his audience, but he was also in connection with his masters of the light on the Other Side.
However, these meetings were not trance evenings.
Amongst his audience, there were of course people who were preyed by their questions concerning all kinds of subjects.
Jozef encouraged his people to put forward their questions during those evenings.
In this way, the people with questions were gradually drawn out of themselves.
The questions were posed in writing and made ready for a reply from Jozef before the start of the meeting.
In addition, questions from the audience were brought forward verbally during these evenings.
And Jozef always had his answer ready.
Furthermore, the additions to this, given by Master Zelanus, are invaluable.
This special book therefore owes its existence to the many questions from the visitors to the contact evenings mentioned.
Under the assignment of master Zelanus – whose name, dear reader, you will come across again in the books written by Jozef Rulof – I was able to classify the questions which were posed during both winter seasons of 1949-1950 and 1950-1951, as well as the answers given by Jozef Rulof to these questions.
So you will read in this book what was discussed during those evenings.
Many people were therefore filled with gratitude for the wisdom and the truth which were revealed to them during such evenings.
And ... you can approve of the contents of those answers or not ... you will never find such a book again.
I hope that the readers will be able to sense the spiritual riches of what is offered in this book and that they will want to become immersed in them.
Master Zelanus told his audience several times, through his instrument Jozef Rulof: ‘If I only reach one human being, my efforts will not be in vain.’
However, I ardently desire that, as a result of this book, many people will be reached in their innermost, because being able to give expansion to the spirit will be completely worthwhile and worth the effort of the human being Jozef Rulof and of those who, by asking and formulating their questions, contributed to the publication of ‘Question and Answer’.
The title, the subtitle as well as the cover design were produced completely according to the pointers which Jozef Rulof received as a vision during one of the contact evenings and which he immediately passed on to his audience.
Miss Rie Reinderhoff devoted her best efforts to the cover illustration.
Although Jozef's heart’s desire – to see the book ‘Question and Answer’ published during his lifetime – was not achieved, I am still convinced that the time has now come when this book can start its journey over the world.
May each of you cooperate in this and may this brainchild of many people bring abundance and freedom to the spirit for many people.
The Hague,
Autumn, 1962.
C. C. M. Bruning.