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The first question, which was asked by Mr Reitsma was as follows: ‘In the book ‘Mental Illnesses as seen from the Side Beyond’, Master Alcar says: Who knows himself?
Who can say: I am spiritually normal?
Well, Mr Rulof, let’s admit honestly: We do not know ourselves and we are still far from normal spiritually, because otherwise we would have to be in harmony with the life of God.
We on this side, Master Alcar continues in his book, know normal and abnormal people, conscious and unconscious madness.
The human being who thinks that he is consciously and spiritually healthy, is the normal or the conscious madman.
The unconscious madmen, whose day conscience self is missing, are locked up in the mental institutions, although precisely these people are the most sensitive, but which also means weakness, because otherwise they would not lose their day consciousness, while the conscious mad people walk round freely.
We belong to this last group.
Now my question is: Have we, who are nevertheless sensitive according to you, already passed through that abnormal madness, or have we still to experience that stage in the next incarnation?’
After reading out this question, Jozef Rulof asked our questioner: ‘You say that you are sensitive?
But who tells you that you possess sensitivity?’
Reply from J. Reitsma: ‘You once said that to me yourself.’
We received the answer to this from Jozef Rulof.
He said:
‘Listen, sir, I will give you different examples and it is only then that you will understand what I meant then.
In the first place, what is sensitivity?
Which sensitivity are we referring to here?
What are we sensitive to?
For your daily life?
For society?
You will certainly already feel that we are now involved with different grades for ‘sensitivity’.
So grades, which take us straight to the highest sensitivity and which we finally have to conquer and master.
This question is cosmically deep.
The human being says: I am sensitive, but he does not yet know what this means for himself and for hundreds of thousands of situations, situations, as a result of which we live, as a result of which we have to do with this society and as a result of which we are part of a wonderful Divine whole.
And now you will immediately feel where I am heading and where our sensitivity takes our life, our soul, the spirit and the personality; but which is now fatherhood and motherhood for the Divine in the human being and will always be!
Now all of you can ask new questions, but then we will enter, you will not believe it, but I now prove it to you, the ‘Philosophical Systems’ for our emotional life, for arts and sciences, for everything; for friendship, brotherhood, especially fatherhood and motherhood, for writing a book, for making a painting; we now use our ‘sensitivity’ for this purpose, but this is still not what you really want to know.
I tell you, in order to make it clear to you all the things which come forward by touching the word ‘feeling’ ... and to apply this to ourselves.
It must be clear to you how complicated it is now becoming, when I tell you that we possess and can experience conscious (and you are talking about this) ... and unconscious sensitivity, so sickly sensitivity and abnormal and then the normal sensitivity for life on earth, for everything which I brought forward a moment ago.
I will now limit myself to that one grade, the sickly sensitivity; of course we are immediately confronted with the other grade and I ask all of you: Which one of you is conscious, conscious in this life and spiritually, therefore normally sensitive?
Well, just give me an answer, as a result of this all of you can learn something.’
The people think, one person after another thinks he knows it.
Wonderful questions come up for discussion again and Jozef laughs, keeps saying to them: ‘No, madam, it is not quite that!’
‘No, sir, you are also off the mark, all of you do not yet possess the normal spiritual sensitivity ... !’
‘Nothing ... madam’ ... Jozef says to someone in the hall ... ‘Nothing?
Is that possible?’
The people think again and then someone says; ‘But I would think that characteristics live in me which find attunement to something which is normal and has to do with the Other Side, even if I am not getting any ideas and I know for certain that I still have to start all that spiritual.’
Jozef looks at the lady in the hall and says to her: ‘Madam, if you carry on like that, you will actually already possess everything for that spiritually normal life, for this sensitivity; because fair’s fair, I bow my head to your frankness, then we can learn again.
But you are right!
It is certain that we people possess spiritual sensitivity for our characters, so for traits which are part of our personality, but now we are faced with our dictionary and ask questions again.
After all, what do we have of; starting with, for example, kindness, hospitality, friendship, sisterly love, brotherly love?
Does our devotion to duty possess that sensitivity, which only lays foundations for the other side in order to continue there?
What do we possess of ‘maternal love’, ‘fatherhood’ ... of ... now continue and follow the dictionary ... what do you then have for all your characteristics?
Now almost every word is a characteristic for our personality, for that normal, Christian, spatial, spiritual and Divine sensitivity, which it concerns here.
What do we have of all these characteristics, which find immediate attunement to society, the task for your life here?’
Well ... there we are now, everyone suddenly knows it.
Jozef Rulof places all of us, two hundred people, men and women, before these facts, it is simple.
He says:
‘You see, fathers and mothers, children of Our Lord ... how perfectly simple it is, but the human being does not think of that.
You hear it now, Mr Reitsma, what you attract, bring forward, as a result of this.
I can answer your question in five minutes, according to the book ‘Mental Illnesses as seen from the Side Beyond’ ... but do you then know everything?
Is it not worthwhile to now ask yourself: What use is my own sensitivity to me?
Are you growling, sir?
Are you still hitting and kicking?
Then leave here, because these evenings are no use to you.
Madam, what are you like in your daily contact?
Angry quickly?
Do you suddenly close yourself completely to something just like that and can people then no longer reach you?
Can people talk to you?
You hear it again, those are the characteristics of our personality and all of them require spiritual sensitivity, which finally takes all of us to ‘love’, is and wants to be nothing else and so gets connection with the universe, our life ‘beyond the coffin’.
Isn’t that something, ladies, gentlemen?
You certainly did not expect this?
And now the actual questions.
No, Mr Reitsma, you are not yet conscious and normal.
None of you are spiritually conscious.
Not a single person!
Even if you know a lot about the books of the masters, you are not yet spiritually normal.
We are the sick in spirit, Mr Reitsma, who can walk round in society and the real sick people, the unconscious mad people, have been locked up.
It is therefore true that all those people, all those mad people are busy elevating themselves to a higher stage for their emotional life as a result of their illnesses.
They have succumbed for society.
Now I can ask you questions again.
Madam and gentleman ... do you think that you can no longer become mad?
Are you sure of yourselves?
Do you know yourselves?
No, I can also prove that to you.
Here is an example.
Last week, in Amsterdam ... someone asked master Zelanus almost the same question.
And then people heard there: ‘Do you know yourself?’
‘No’, was the answer.
‘Will you never go mad again, now that you know all of this?’
The answer of a lady from the hall came: ‘No, I would think, now that I know all of this, master.’
Master Zelanus now said: ‘All of you are still unconscious.
If you would wish to experience these laws as André had to accept that, all of you would be faced with succumbing again.’
You see, ladies and gentlemen, this is the answer.
How sensitive are you now to these laws?
How much sensitivity do you possess for this?
It does not concern your society now, but the laws of life of God, for your soul, spirit and personality.
Of course, you have already gone through the social madness, all of you are now busy mastering the spiritual sensitivity, which now still is and means material consciousness; and cannot be any different either, because you are not yet spiritually conscious.
Is this not clear now?
Not wonderful of course, when you wish to think?
And you still have to master all of this.
Well, the sick in spirit are now the healthy people, the natural ones, because all of us, you also have to prove that, are ‘busy’.
Sooner or later you will be faced with a higher grade for your emotional life and then comes the succumbing.
Is this not true?
Then you fall, you succumb, because you lose this meaningless ‘Self’, you are busy mastering something else and that costs you your life blood, life power ... everything of your best ‘self’ and you must now conquer that.
The mad people, the psychopaths, the half conscious in this society now do that.
What are the unconscious people doing for a little task in this life?
One person can do it, the other not yet and now you see the susceptibility of the human being, the sensitivity.
For the spiritual gifts we are now faced with the ‘mediumistic’ sensitivity – if I wish to follow myself – and for that purpose we need feeling, warmth, devotion to duty, now we prove who and what we are!
And from this, sir, we determine the personality, we now give our feeling for that, what it concerns us and you here ... The Other Side ... Golgotha!
The Spheres of Light, the laws of the universe ... finally: the God in us!
Are you satisfied now?
Then I thank you.
If you still have questions about this, then I am prepared to walk with you through this society, ladies and gentlemen, because now there is something to be learned.
The masters can write philosophical books about this; certainly fifty and then we will still not know everything about it, one characteristic for the human being is so deep, for all his thinking and feeling.
Is that not wonderful?
Take art, for example.
What do you play?
Play, then I will tell you what sensitivity you possess for your instrument and to which grade of life for this sensitivity you yourself belong.
I can then tell you immediately: Stop, friend, you will achieve nothing.
Or: Continue seriously, you will achieve your goal.
Is this not exactly the same picture for the artist?
What do you wish to achieve in your art?
What is the inspiration of your oil like?
What does society say about it?
Is this not your calling card which is hanging on the wall there?
Nonsense perhaps?
Just start it and you will know immediately.
These, which I was able to explain to you, are the ‘grades of life’ for our ‘emotional life’ and nothing else!’
Mr Reitsma is satisfied and everyone can bow their heads, the human being is beginning to think.
Also about this question: ‘Mr Rulof, will we achieve this sensitivity as a result of our reincarnations?’
Jozef Rulof says: ‘Yes, madam ... precisely as a result of reincarnation we will go further.
Every life gives us new consciousness.
But ... think for a moment and you will be faced again with thousands of other questions.
You are, for example, born with hundred percent Catholic parents.
Then you have to accept the Catholic Church.
Can you feel this?
You see, what will you learn then from those parents about these laws, which you are not allowed to and cannot learn, because that is devil’s work?
Now what?
I want to make it clear that the human being actually learns nothing in one life and that you need several lives, in order to master that spiritual sensitivity.
Accept it, you need millions of lives and you get them from God, because we have to conquer ‘HIS’ Universes.
So I repeat ... for that lady there in the corner of the hall ... everyone already possesses spiritual sensitivity, but dominating characteristics still have to awaken for that sphere as a spiritual world, which is the Other Side.
And what is feeling?
Do you know this?
No, I have not yet explained that.
Feeling is ... giving from yourself that, as a result of which your feeling and thinking, your deed, now here it comes ... gets spiritual attunement to the – therefore for us – Spheres of Light, not to mention a spatial sensitivity, because this sensitivity is now cosmically conscious.’
A lady now says: ‘Do the masters have that?’
‘Precisely, madam ... the masters have and possess that, because otherwise they could never have given me this wisdom.
On the other side we possess one feeling and that is, madam?’
The lady says: ‘Ultimately, love ...’.
Jozef says to her directly: ‘Wonderful, madam, that’s it and now you understand where sensitivity takes us.
A thick book can be written about it, but that is not the intention here, but there is a case for it?
Just this ... as the final word: everything is Divine feeling ... and we people and all life must master this Divine feeling and that is only possible as a result of reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood.
As a result of this, men and women, fatherhood and motherhood are also the most sacred thing on Earth, in and for the human being.
If I now wish to make it clear to each one of you what your emotional life is like, then I must analyse your personality and you are a bit anxious about that ... ’
They now hear muttering: ‘No, just start.’
Jozef says immediately: ‘You would like that, madam, but I will just not do it ... !’
Laughter; people here feel happy and know: this is spiritual relaxation, because Jozef Rulof knows the laws and sees through our life and through that of the universe.
He has proved this through his books.
Someone still does not let go of this tremendous problem and also says: ‘Well, when are we true?
When do we serve for Christ?’
What Rulof hears is enough to make your head spin and he says: ‘Sir, those are yet other problems, they have to do with this, but they are one for one Universal systems.
Well, when are we true?
Only then, when we possess that spiritual sensitivity and act according to it.
I wished that you were a ‘Kant’, then we would go into it, but then to the spatial truth, because it is there, where the laws were born, which we have to master through our lives!
Bring all your characteristics to the beaming universe, people, then you will naturally conquer that universe and it is only then that you are truth, love, justice, everything from our dictionary for your Divinity in you!’
Below are the questions from a lady, who apparently had not yet penetrated the teachings of the masters of the Other Side ...
She asked: “ ‘Pray, pray a lot’, I read in the books ‘Mental Illnesses’ and ‘A View into the Hereafter’, written by you, while you said at one of your lectures on the subject of praying: Praying does not help.’
A woman started to pray, because she still did not have any children.
She burned one candle after another.
However, she got to experience a miscarriage.
You said then: That was for her praying and for the candies!
But that does not fit with what you write in ‘Mental Illnesses’ and in those other books?
Because I see you personally in that André.
And who is that Alcar?
Is that perhaps an astral spirit?
Please explain that to me.”
And the second question: ‘At your lecture you spoke about the human being, about the first people.
That should be Adam and Eve according to the bible.
That Adam and Eve came to the world as adults.
You said: The human being developed slowly, from plasma.
‘How must that first baby have helped itself, because a newly born baby is helpless, after all?
But a mother is always needed for it?
But where does that first mother come from?
And the first father?
Mother and father are needed in order to have children.
But the very first father and mother were also babies.
How did they grow up then?’
Jozef Rulof replied to these questions: ‘In the first place, madam, you can find everything concerning your questions in the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ ...
If you cannot buy them yourself, you can use our library; there a book only costs a few cents per week.
In the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ you will also read about human development and then I do not need to say anything more to you.
If there are other questions, then come back and you will get an answer.
Because the masters gave us those books, all of you must make the effort to read them.
But on the subject of prayer, this: when – you must first ask yourself – can I, must I and may I pray?
When are we people capable of praying spiritually, spatially and Divinely, which means: when can those prayers be heard spiritually, spatially and Divinely?
If you as a human being start to experience the ‘law’, therefore the deed of creation, and want to experience this deed harmonically, so as a law of God ... , you can pray.
But now there is no ‘answer’ to your ‘prayer’, your thinking and feeling, because you are in harmony with the universe, for your spiritual life.
Now you do not need to pray, it happens!
Those are laws, madam ... Divine laws.
But the human being prays for everything and now this praying is asking ... true or not?
People ask for happiness, for some love, for all kinds of things!
Here the mother prayed for a child and she got to see her child in bits and pieces and had to accept this.
Did God not want to hear that praying, which has to do with ‘Him’, after all?
Not heard?
That is not possible, is it?
But everything is different, if you can accept these laws.
You can pray about and for everything, madam, as long as you do not pray in order to be able to keep your child if it has to die; now your prayer is not heard, because this is not possible.
Why not?
Because your child is not dead.
Life either goes to the other side, or your child returns to the earth and now there is nothing to pray about.
Now God cannot answer this prayer.
Is this something for your life?
We here have to accept these laws.
Really, madam, I am that André.
I was able to see those laws.
I was able to experience them, because I disembodied from my organism and master Alcar – that is my guide – took me to those Divine laws, as a result of which I could accept everything.
I understood then, when I could and was allowed to pray.
We do not deny you your prayers, but the masters teach us, when we are allowed to pray and can pray for ourselves.
So you can pray for all your problems, but not one prayer will be heard ... because those matters have to do with life and death, with your evolution, which now gets universal meaning and is now something entirely different!
Can you feel the tremendous difference?
Can you understand now, that we (I then), do not deny you your prayers, but you must decide that for yourself, when you can pray?
For example ...
All of humanity prayed to God to stop Mussolini from going to Abyssinia, because people were already afraid and felt consciously: that will be war!
Millions of people prayed and that little man, that Italian, still went, was stronger than billions of prayers.
Does that mean nothing to you?
Do you not understand this, madam?
Then read the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and you will get an answer to the question, why Mussolini went and why all those prayers were not heard by God.
You will hear, everything can be answered, of course, the masters are capable of that and they are now laws of life.
So if a person has to die, madam ... then you can burn as many candles as you like, that person will die!
And that is not dying, but evolution.
The soul as a spirit goes on and returns to God.
For thousands of matters you will therefore no longer pray now and you no longer need to pray for that either, because a prayer cannot bring you to the Heavens.
We people have to work and live for that.
This is the Divine answer!
Is it clear to you, madam?’
Answer: ‘I thank you, Mr Rulof, I will think about it.’
‘That matter about Adam and Eve, madam, you will read it in the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and you will now read this.
You will read then, madam ... that God does not know any nappies and that that Adam and Eve from paradise are only thoughts; it is a beautiful but naive story and is no longer capable of still inspiring us in 1950.
We have already forgotten that story long ago, it is nonsense!’
Jozef gave her all his love and that did us good.
It cannot be any other way ... as first follower of the masters he possesses love, even if people do not yet understand him.
If you feel that person, you will know what he wants and people learn that from these evenings, this spiritual unity with man and masters.
For many of us it was and is always a revelation!
We know it: he continues his fight, by giving love!
Jozef Rulof teaches all of us that!
And is there anything better to be experienced?
He makes us strong, because he himself is strong and shows where that power can be experienced.
And if the word is there, then we hear: ‘Love and you will be love!’
You can ask him what you like, Rulof does not wait a second with an answer; he knows immediately what you want, he even already helps you to think and prepare your question ... his personality acts and feels so quickly and all of us were able to experience and establish that time and again.
It is tremendous, what we get to hear and the answers of this book will also prove that for you, readers.
How often does one person or another say after having experienced a contact evening like that: ‘It seems as if Jozef took the questions from our thought, from our life, my unspoken feelings were interpreted so truly.’
And this is the truth.
Because the answer passes his lips unasked.
He then immediately goes deeper into it and first takes all of us, if we think too far, back to our life and through society.
Then back again to the masters, for whom he has sacred respect – which you can establish again and again –, further through to the universe and it is only then that you get your answer, if you can deal with it.
But you can ask questions again and in this way Jozef Rulof goes further with you and gives you answers through his master!
Unasked for and asked for, there is always the answer, which keeps making you bow.
Good heavens, you think then, what a lot I have to learn.
This is really tremendous!
Question from Mr Leo Joost: ‘Is the ‘Divine All’ for us, as ‘soul’ the end?’
Answer from Jozef Rulof: ‘Yes ... and that end is then the Divine Source, which is the ‘All’ for the human being!
This end is therefore eternal working and is evolution!
There your Divine-human life begins, because you remain a human being.’
Leo Joost now asks: ‘And you were there, I once heard you say?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, incredible for your life and also for the people of this world, but I have been there ‘three times’ for the books about the ‘Cosmology’, sir, and I can therefore explain the ‘Divine ALL’ to you, for your life and your personality as a human being.
During the last months of Second World War we made those journeys.
Five books about the cosmology are lying ready.
If we have money, they will come to birth and then you will get to know your ‘ALL’.
On earth, therefore here and where the human being also lives, he is busy, taking himself back to the ‘ALL’.
You are therefore on your way.
And you will get hold of that ‘All’ as a result of fatherhood and motherhood, your reincarnations.’
Leo Joost: ‘I will do my best.’
Jozef also says: ‘Master Alcar works for the cosmos, master Zelanus for the Other Side and is the first follower of master Alcar in that universe.
I am their instrument for the earth and nothing else!
My books give you the proof of it.’
Someone now asks: ‘You come from the first sphere to the earth, if I have understood that properly.
So you received this task there?’
Jozef says: ‘I earned my task ‘consciously’, sir, and I was not given it or gifted it, I was precisely in front of hundred of millions of people.
When you read the book ‘Between Life and Death’ by me, then you will get to know me regarding the Temple of Isis; there we started this work.
Perhaps you went another path precisely at that moment.
We went through the mystics to the metaphysical laws, therefore the occult teachings, to the other side and there I received a new life, in order to bring these teachings to earth.
You will also get that soon if it is necessary, I tell you now, because no human being will get over this depth again, these teachings of the masters, because this – you can decide for yourself by making comparisons with the teachings of other sects – is the very highest, which the human being now gets to experience.’
Jozef stimulates everyone by his word and his wonderful personality, his awe-inspiring inspiration.
And everyone determines this for himself, we keep on experiencing it.
The lady with the question about ‘praying’ also says: ‘If I hear this, Mr Rulof, then you are also busy praying.’
Jozef immediately says – does not wait a second – and is so inspiring ...: ‘Precisely, dear mother ... this is now praying, real praying, I now pray cosmically and no minister, priest or cardinal can give this, because they do not know the laws.
I am busy sending out, to do something for myself and for you and as a result of this I get to experience the laws of God and pass on that wisdom to the children of God.
This is therefore spiritually-cosmically experiencing and that is praying: we ask for nothing, but receive everything.
But for that purpose, in order to be able to experience this, I went through ‘life and death’.
We went like the priests through madness, in order to get to know these laws.
Read the books and now get to know yourselves, also me and the wonderful masters, our dear master Alcar and master Zelanus!
‘And is this not prayer?
If you want to hold onto and continue to hold onto this word, mother ... madam ... then you will rise above your prayer from yesterday and experience it.
It will take you to higher regions and back to your child, your father and mother, to everyone we have known through our millions of lives.
Half of mankind now still prays to a God of ‘vengeance’ and ‘hatred’, that wretch from the Old Testament, but he is for all of us – therefore for those, who accepted the masters – inexistent, a madman, a cad, a I-don’t-know-what!
If you cannot take it, that I call him a cad, then just leave.
I tell you, fathers and mothers, the God of all life has never spoken as a human being, so the writers of the bible in the Old Testament therefore talk ... nonsense!
And all that praying will not help you, is now nonsense, wasting your own life powers.
I tell you and ask you this evening: Waken up and learn to think!
Do not remain herd cattle any longer!
‘And you, madam, I thank you again for your honest, human questioning.
Do not think, even if you have only been coming here for a few weeks, that all these people are conscious.
I will soon give you proof of that and then I will confront them with the questions and they will not know.
You may also laugh at this, madam, I do it too.
When I hear about all that nonsense, I must cry and laugh, but because I cannot cry for those stupid masses, cannot howl, I laugh right in their faces, but ... in our Gelderland way ...
There you understand laughter better, because the people there in the country can put up with more than all those city ‘giggles’!
Are you not walking away yet, ladies and gentlemen?
No, really not?
Then we will continue and l can show the masters that we are finally beginning to get to know ourselves a bit and want to start to bow our heads, because a moment ago I gave you the sacred truth.
And yet the masses do not want to hear it.
Because, woe betide, do not touch a personality.
I tell you: what if you are mayor here in The Hague, if you are admiral and have golden medals and possess nothing of that emotional life which we talked about this evening??
Well, does it mean something, gentlemen, ladies; another ‘sweetie’ like that, this means a sweet thing, from the masters and Our Lord?’
Question from Mr A. Harteveld:
‘Here the question of self-knowledge ...’, Jozef Rulof continues.
‘What is self-knowledge?
Is self-knowledge not the greatest treasure, which the human being can master?
May the human being be prepared for fathoming himself?
How many people would there be who know their own inside?
Is the human being aware of the power, which lies locked up in his inner self?
What are the silent powers of the human soul?
Does a standstill or decline in life exist?
Sometimes it seems to me as if I am standing again at a point, where I started.
Or is this sham?
I always have an inner struggle as a result of this.
In this way I see the struggle between the individuals and between the peoples and races and against nature.
The human being does not see himself faced only with the spiritual, but also with the material things.
In order to be a happy human being, we would have to possess the secret to know exactly which place we must give to the soul and to the material.
I only know that the spiritual is of a permanent nature, has eternal value.
Must people make this material subordinate to the spiritual?
But that is not easy.
As a result of this I have reached the conclusion that we are in a poor state, our self-knowledge then.
The majority of people just live recklessly, because we do not know the invisible powers and ourselves.
Are we not pitiful people, since the highly desired treasures lie in our immediate vicinity?
And we cannot understand them, feel them, cannot or do not want to experience them?
Is that not terrible?’
Answer from Jozef Rulof: ‘About all these special questions, the following: In the first place, sir, now listen carefully ... your soul does not think ... you yourself think, because you are the personality to think.
For all the things you ask me there is a thick book.
They are the philosophical systems again.
And do you wish to hear something about them?
Do you wish to know what Kant, Socrates, Schopenhauer would say about this?
Then this is possible, because we now enter the University, the philosophical study for life and death, so for our being on earth, for life in society.
So now: what is self-knowledge?
Self-knowledge is, as I learned from the masters and that is the reality, precisely that, which I make for myself and for my life on earth; therefore in harmony with the universe; for my spirit, my feeling, my personality, for fatherhood and motherhood, reincarnation, God!
Self-knowledge ... specific, therefore tuned into the highest laws created by God, Mr Harteveld, takes us to the reality and if we are capable of experiencing and following that reality on earth for our task, our inner self awakens and only that belongs to the soul and expands, therefore spiritualizes.
And this is the fight, which you are talking about.
That costs your life blood.
Your dear everything!
Your deeds will get spiritual inspiration and your life will be tuned into the love of Golgotha!
Is it not true?
Had you wanted to make something else of it?
When you now feel love for life and can give that and can of course walk your own path, then you have nothing more to do with that chaos, in which we live and life is beautiful, wonderful, great.
You have taken hold of your own evolution.
And that is your next question.
You are now happiness.
But man and woman do not know themselves.
They do not know for what purpose they live here on earth, but this passes.
We live for our Divine, we represent God in everything and are now people of this century, of the white race (see; the jungle inhabitant also comes that far!
You do not stand still, sir, because you received your life again.
Can you feel this?
You were able to experience a new reincarnation since you are here on earth again; that of society is just a side issue and means nothing now.
I therefore said this evening, if you are mayor here, then what, if you do not possess a gram of feeling for all of that, which you talk about?
I can therefore say to you: self-knowledge is everything for the personality; now you finish a thought.
Millions of people live on earth, who do not finish anything and continue to walk round with the damnation and cannot begin with the own questioning.
You see, I believe that you can accept the masters and it is in this way that this is and will be the truth for you, because now you can understand how technical wonders came, or how Rembrandt van Rijn experienced his art and the child Mozart crawled to the piano and played.
As a result of this it possesses gifts and the mother gets to bear those organs, or nothing would exist!
We and all of life would not be there!
You can also write books about this.
You see, it goes deep, because every thought possesses Divine depth and no one can deny you this.
Also sacred, Divine truth!
Yes, sir, if you think through the things, therefore the material, and lay foundations, your thinking will receive spiritual value and meaning.
I have also now answered that question and you can make do with this.
True or not; worthwhile of now making something of it?
In this way the human being starts to think.
But self-knowledge is actually: bowing your head ... bowing to the laws of God, as a result of which our personality awakens, gets another character!
You talk about living it up ... live it up completely and descend into another world, which is completely dark.
Is that the intention?
Learn to think and go into the things of the universe and you will learn to see, feel, your actions will become different, there is a change immediately, there is now no question of despairing.
Continue to accept damnation and you will be faced with a dead point, also accept the Old Testament and you will be poor in spirit, above all continue to stand for ‘the last judgement’ and you will judge yourself, it is a dead point!
But ... the masters teach us, how to have to think and explain the universe to us, life beyond the material, the wonderful Hereafter!
Is that still not enough?
You, sir, represent God as the human being!
You cannot damn yourself, that belongs to the prehistoric ages.
Your soul is the ‘part’ which is God.
Can you feel this wonderful unity with everything?
Spiritualize your thoughts and you will rise out above this material nonsense.
Further you will read everything in the trilogy ‘Masks and Man’ and the other books; we have twenty for you.
Do well and give space, spiritual feeling to all your feelings and you will conquer every grade of life.
Satisfied, sir?’
Questioner: ‘Thank you, Mr Rulof ... I will start.’
Question from Mr Veenkamp:
‘I will continue, ladies and gentlemen’, says Jozef Rulof, ‘Mr Veenkamp asks: In the book ‘Mental Illnesses, as seen from the Side Beyond’ I read: People fought for their earthly body, so that at one moment there were hundreds of demons in him ... but in part II of the book ‘Masks and Man’ it is written: A demon sits in that aura.
My question is now: Does an astral being have the same measurements as the material body of the human being on earth and can it transform itself at its own discretion and make itself very small, for example?’
The answer from Jozef was: ‘Yes, the astral world can be one with us, material people, you will read that in the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
All my books give you an example for this contact.
But ‘transforming’ is not spoken about, that is not the word.
Because there is only a question of the same attunement of the astral being and the material being here on earth.
He has changed pathetically and I will give you an example of this later.
First your actual question.
Yes, thousands of demons fight there for one human being here.
Therefore thousands of astral people, men and women, seek enjoyment in the sphere of our earth and find their people for that purpose.
But such a person, man or woman, dies from that, therefore dies here on earth, they charge at that life and suck the life juices away, because the human being of the earth is like a newly born there, the human being has not lived it up, but possesses attunement to those grades of life and is only lust and violence; it is animal-like carry-on.
If master Alcar had told and explained everything about the darkness, the hells then, ‘behind the coffin’, then you would not even have been able to read those books, life there is so frightening, between and amongst all those men and women, who do not want to experience anything else than dirty carry-on, life is now so horrible that the human being on earth still has no concept of it.
Do not forget, every human being represents millions of people of his own grade of life, therefore types of people.
The Other Side calls that one grade of life.
And they suck you empty first, because you belong to that type.
Then they do not transform themselves, they charge at you and want to experience you.
Only now as a result of sexual carry-on, you also have organs there, the spiritual, which I will tell you something about soon, just a little thing, or you will not sleep peacefully tonight and I want to prevent that happening.
‘Masks and Man’, now says: a demon sits in that aura.
Yes, the astral personality completely takes over the day consciousness of the material being.
In addition, the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ gives you a good example, the example, when the first people had completed their cycle of the earth.
But that was not experiencing evil, that was only exploring and they were one with the material being.
That is already so old and possible from the moment, that the first people had left the material earth and could begin their spiritual continuance.
So anyone who can give those astral lives something to experience, so anyone who is open to destruction and lusts, those people are attacked on earth and certainly fall into the hands of the astral personality.
If you just live it up in everything, which you can experience on earth, then they follow you in your feeling and thinking and in this way these feelings reach unity.
How much evil can you experience on earth?
Oh, people, if you think that you are already bad, that is still nothing in comparison to what I am talking about now.
You can exceed the laws of harmony for God as a result of evil, you will read in the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
And that is possible, until you lie down there as if you were a ‘jelly fish’ on the beach.
So you almost have no life left anymore, because you sullied life so deeply.
The astral being can connect itself with those on earth, who possess the same longings and characteristics as a human being, because otherwise they cannot be reached.
I, for example ... my situation, I am always open to the spiritual world and if I was to really do something wrong, my master would be powerless immediately and he would no longer be able to reach me for his thinking and feeling.
People speak about ‘black magic’, but they do not know what it is.
They know nothing about the astral world, because the human being still has to lay these spiritual foundations for that spiritual life.
Now speaking of human ‘deformation’, Mr Veenkamp ... this is now possible, if the astral personality already deforms itself here, because it has brought its Divine attunement to brutalization.
That means, now listen carefully and you will know ... that you as a human being gossip ... ‘deform’ your mouths away ... because you talk badly of and about your fellow being, the life of God.
However, God never meant this, Christ also talked about this.
I saw people there, men and women, who had lips, on which you could almost place the earth, those people expanded in such a way as a result of their false, dirty, beastly talk about the life of God here on earth.
Can you feel what this means?
Now such a Divine ‘particle’ of our organism ‘deforms itself’, because we give this particle form as a result of destruction and now this part destroys itself.
I saw women there, oh, mothers, do not be shocked ... who were so dirty, filthy, passionately unhappy, that they could no longer be recognised as mothers.
You see, that is ‘spiritual deformation’, but now as a result of the character, the self-destruction, the darkening of the personality.
That is the sacred truth.
Our hands, ladies and gentlemen, are no longer hands there, but inhuman claws.
A wild animal does not even possess ones like that.
Our emotional life as destruction and inhuman brutalization, created new organs?
No, those organs received another personality.
Gustave Doré was close to it, when he illustrated the spirit as a human being for the book of Dante.
Yes, ladies, the men will soon also get their turn ... there you do not have a perm, your hair hangs like ... well ... you are already scared ... like that of drowned cats.
You see the mothers there like this, not wearing any dresses, they are rags, built up as a spiritual aura.
Their disgusting thinking and feeling brought them into that state.
I will not go into it anymore, you will no longer sleep, if you possess those powers, think about it, then I tell you: every wrong thought deforms your spiritual, wonderful organism, as mother and father!
Could it be any other way?
Dear people ... do good and you will give form to your inner life!
And the gentlemen?
You should see those sunk away, collapsed, worn-out thieves and murderers there.
They are no longer people, those men of creation, but devils in evil, vampires, there are no words sufficient to illustrate this child of God and ... the human being did this himself!
The horrible stench of the human being, who went under spiritually, ladies and gentlemen ... is already frightening, if you have to experience that.
And I had to get through it, because the masters want to warn the human being for all this destruction.
Gossiping is the worst thing there is, because gossip affects ‘Christ’!
Gossip and speaking evil lay foundations for the masses, the human being prefers nothing better and it is the ‘icing’ on the cake; it is the thing people prefer the most.
Start to follow the human being in his thinking and now watch out: he prefers to hear gossip, he does not absorb good things so easily, but gossip, he never forgets that!
You see, I saw this on the other side.
I have more respect for a conscious murderer than for a chatterbox, a ‘gossip’.
That is spiritually dangerous.
The human being who kills, is still not bad in himself, among them live children who forgot themselves for a moment, but his personality as a whole is still not a murderer, ladies and gentlemen.
You immediately throw the whole personality overboard, if the man or the woman has done something wrong, not I!
I love people, even if they are murderers; one mistake, l believe, does not yet destroy the Divine.
You have a lot to learn.
To learn that you must love the human being, but as a result of one mistake by one of your own, you continue to saw, until there is nothing left of that person.
Is that love?
Did you ... , but what am I saying ...’
‘Continue’, someone in the hall says ... ‘it is worthwhile’ ...
Jozef immediately continues and says: ‘Did you, I wanted to say, already turn yourself inside out in order to see what is good and wrong in yourself?
The human being is not bad, people on the other side say; the human being experiences his evolution and falls, falls of course again; he will fall thousands of times.
And must we attack that person in the back?
You want to give love to all life in society?
Every day mud passes over our life and you think that I would want to murder those people?
I love those people, not their gossip, of course not, but ... they will be faced soon, I know that, with their own deformation.
They deformed themselves ... I do not take part in it, otherwise I lose my own situation on the spot!
But do you not know all of this, ladies and gentlemen?
Did you really not know this yet?
Come, come, you will read our books and everything is in them!
I have no respect for thieves and murderers as a human being, but with regard to ‘gossip’, destroying a person, this false talk is a worldly carry-on.
The masses, I told you, take it over, but now your life and personality becomes an expanding whole and you can soon clean that up again.
Here is an example ...
I was with master Alcar on the other side, where we saw a writer, who wanted to go higher up.
But ... his filthy novels are still to be found on earth.
Boys and girls read his filthy carry-on!
What is now the matter with him?
He wants to go higher and start a new life, but on earth people read his poems, filthy carry-on!
This now stops him.
He keeps hearing this enjoyment – for him now groaning – coming to him and then this human being is disgusted with himself.
He wants to go higher, but that enjoyment of the human being on earth takes him back into that filthy stench and that carry?on!
Is that not a torture?
And how many of those writers still live on earth?
You see, it is like that.
The human being does it himself, but it is in conflict with the Divine, spiritual harmony and this is of course misery, darkness, destruction, standstill, sir.
Other people now prevent your development unless those books disappear from the earth.
And just try doing that!
But is it not universally honest?
Well, the masters can still write thousands of books through me and then they will still not have told everything about the spiritual and material life, the human being is so deep!
And then what, I ask you.
What do you wish to achieve, what do you wish to do with yourself for this and your next life, men, mothers, children of Our Lord?
You are not cooing enough’ ... laughter in the hall ... people read ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’, people know what Jozef means ...
‘Well’, he says and makes the people laugh.
He now gives them a stimulant to relax a bit.
It is art, we feel that, who can do this?
‘You are not ‘cooing’ in and towards the right direction ... become more childish, fathers and mothers, and do not bury yourselves, but ‘kiss’ each other differently.
As a result of this knowledge damnation has gone.
This kiss, which you can and want to give each other, dear sir from a moment ago and last week, has been inspired by your emotional life and the good for everything!
But break your little personalities through the middle and make something good from it and do not be afraid, that people will look at you.
Believe me, I am standing here completely honest in front of you and I am no longer looking for words.
Nature, life, the soul of every thing, the spirit, God, wants to speak through that spark and I therefore open myself to it and can tell you something nice!
Live yourselves, men and women ... do not allow that astral personality one gram of your own emotional life, do not let yourself live it up, do not wish an accident upon those unsavoury people, they have ruined their lives and want to continue with this through you, even if you do not wish to understand your fellow being.
But remain stubborn now, short, be harsh to your other ‘self’ ... and you will be faced with a pile of misery, soon, ‘behind the coffin’ and then you can see yourself!
You now wear nice shoes, nice clothes, your hair, your appearance is cared for, but now the inside as well!
If you think falsely, what will happen then?
Everything of your organism and of your spirit now suffers from that deformation.
How many characteristics do we people still have to bring to that spiritual normal embellishment, to the unity with the laws of God, which possess life, soul, spirit and your personality?
Well, talk about that this evening and tomorrow with each other and you will get to know yourself and each other better.
Bow and allow each other to make a mistake, you can learn from that.
For me it is no longer an art to play the saint, but I flatly refuse that, I want to be an ordinary human being here on earth, my hat over my eyes and along with my ‘dialect’ ...
My Gelderland slang is worth more to me than all your city ‘giggling’ ... your obstinate refusal to accept a human being.
Now become real ‘friendship’.
But you cannot do that, ladies, gentlemen, the human being is afraid for you and you are also afraid of him, true or not, all of mankind is like this!
And you want to be free from those demons, believe me ... make sure then, that you love people.
That does not mean that you must carry them on your shoulders, the human being must take care of himself, everyone must experience and finish his own evolution and you have to get to know this for yourself.
I wanted to have a school.
And, ladies, what do you think, what would I begin, in order to teach you?’
Everyone is now talking, there is laughter again.
Relaxation ...
Jozef Rulof listens ... and says:
‘No, madam, I did not teach you anything about the universe.’
Everyone thinks, ten, fifteen, think of spiritual development and then it is said ... by Jozef ...
‘No, ladies ... I would teach you first, the best way to peel potatoes.
I wanted to teach you that we people must not mess materially with the matter of Our Lord.
And only after that we started to lay spiritual on those material foundations.
I cannot accept any of you as a true spiritual follower, because you do not yet possess the feeling for this, but I assure you, if this was possible, then – people, children of Our Lord – you would experience something wonderful and we started, not as Krishnamurti did ... but differently ... on the material construction of the human being.
Only afterwards we started to think, feel and act spiritually.
Because ... say it honestly to yourself: when you nibble off something from your Divine spark, in order to materialize that ‘feeling’, so that it has meaning for the spiritual astral life, therefore for the first sphere ‘behind the coffin’?
Ugh, it is difficult?
Life is beautiful, it is wonderful, it is great, if you make something of it yourself, the Divine powers live in you!
Draw from this, ladies and gentlemen, then you will be a child of ‘Christ’!
Can the Catholic Church teach you this, Protestantism, perhaps another sect?
Yes ... if the human being did not just deform everything.
I do not shout at sects, nor at the Catholic Church – I was brought up Catholic myself – but I lay new foundations and now something breaks from these church teachings, which are ‘fringes’ and ‘frills’ for other sects.
If you can accept this from this evening ... ?
Because it is true!
Mr Veenkamp ... pass all of this onto your own love ... , now ‘coo’ differently and do not walk any longer with your head to the ground, raise yourself up, because ... you and I and all people are Gods!’
The people clap from a feeling of gratitude to Jozef Rulof ... then he gave as his last word: ‘Did I give you a little thing this evening, ladies and gentlemen?’
‘Yes!’ the people call to him, ‘you gave us everything!’
Jozef now says: ‘Listen then ... all of this is from master Alcar, Anthony van Dyck ..., my master in the spirit.
I come from Gelderland, the Achterhoek, our beautiful ‘s-Heerenberg, to your city ‘self’ and tried to give you what I was taught.
I assure you, if you think that I possess something, then do as I did and the treasures of the Heavens will lie within your own reach, because God is and remains Love!
Also this: ‘coo’ differently ... tomorrow you will walk differently, you will look differently, you will see everything differently and you will say to yourself: ‘What a big brute I was yesterday!
Now I will begin, my ‘love’ has never seen me like that yet, now I will give everything.
But – of course ... there is also that ... I already hear this ... – ‘you need two for that’, the human being says, who is alone.
But then I also have something for your life ...
Read the book ‘Masks and Man’ ...
Just feed the ducks and within five days there will be someone else to feed the ducks.
Creation will change for you, because you have changed for everything, which we talked about this evening and the ‘kiss’ follows ...
Also this, a ring now has no meaning ... but your word does!
And this word is now spiritually experienced!
Spiritually responsible!
Goodbye, people!
See you next week!’
Mr Veenkamp begins immediately and says at the next Thursday evening (there are always new people present): ‘Mr Rulof, you talked about all those wonderful matters.
But I thought of the astral personality as a measurement, a universe.
How must we understand this?’
Jozef looks for a moment and now we see his great personality when he says: ‘I thought that people did not want to learn anything.
Now I have to accept after all that you think things through.
Thanks, sir ... I am happy because of this.
Well, a measurement is a universe!
If you now wish to listen carefully, – I will not go into that deeply, because I have many questions this evening, as I see and namely about the cosmos – you can feel, that everything from your personality gets a ‘measurement’.
That is universe.
We, the masters, have our own terminology and that is clear, very natural.
For example: people say about the ‘Moon’ that it is a moon.
But for God the ‘Moon’ is – therefore like a planet – the ‘First Cosmological Grade of Life’; it is ‘All-Mother’ for this universe!
You call yourself ‘human being’ but for God you are a grade of life.
Who invented that word ‘human being’ and gave it to us?
The human being!
It was the writers of the bible and they knew themselves and not the Divine creation.
The human being and all life has its grades of life for God; if Gods are spoken about, the human being is omitted.
Well, a measurement is a sphere, a world, a personality, is the soul and the spirit, like a universe and like the character of the human being; is the word, the thinking and the feeling ... is everything; a temple for happiness, is ‘love’.
And to gauge this is also a universe, but this takes us as a human being to the ‘Divine Harmony’, the justice, to everything, to fatherhood and motherhood and becomes for you a ‘measurement’, but it is Life.
It is God!
Do you know it now?’
Veenkamp says: ‘It makes my head spin ... ’
Jozef: ‘You have a think about it and do not forget anything, talk to your loved one, your wife about it and you will then have a cosmic conversation ... then also a Divine pudding and you will have your ‘sweet’ ... your awakening, your happiness, your spiritual ‘kiss’ to experience.
And is that not what it is about?
Bye now, Mr Veenkamp ... how did I say that?’
And at the same time, as if nothing has happened, he continues.
Question from Mr H. de Jong: ‘In the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ it is explained that the war from 1940-1945 would be the last one.
What is now happening in Korea?’
Jozef is already prepared and says: ‘Look here, the frequently asked question.
This question keeps coming up for discussion.
Will another war come?
Have you read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’?
Why do you not accept this then?
If the masters were proved wrong, because that is what concerns you – I already heard that and the false people would like to see this, because this is the ‘kef’ I believe and I have to accept that – and if a new war came, then everything would no longer have any meaning!
True or not?
But I can tell you something else soon.
You will probably accept this from me, when I say: Our Lord changed his mind ...
The people have forgotten 1940-1945 again, all those millions of people need another hiding.
They learn nothing ... now what?
Does that not make sense?
But ... there will be no third world fire, sir!
Now I could stop, but there is something else.
It is worthwhile going into that.
How disbelieving people are.
Jozef Rulof says: ‘There will be no war.’
At that time we gave a lecture in Diligentia about ‘Indonesia and us’ and then master Zelanus said that India would irrevocably be freed.
From the balcony someone shouted: ‘Dirty Bolshevik!’
But India was freed.
Now what?
Shouting about and destroying what you do not yet understand?
The masters were proved right.
What is the world like now?
In 1940 the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ was finished!
Did everything not turn out infallibly?
Is the fighting in Korea a world fire?
Did you read that book properly?
Does it not say: you awakened the animal-like consciousness?
And that is Russia; these children of nature still have to awaken.
Stalin chooses eggs for his money ...
And does he not choose his eggs?
No, Stalin is not as stupid as Adolf Hitler!
He will do it differently.
And the way the world now looks, the masters already predicted beforehand, but this of Jozef Rulof has no meaning.
Every people gets its own ‘independence’.
Also Korea!
Is this sufficient?
If you think for a moment and read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ again, then you will understand everything and you do not need to be afraid.
Finally I will say this to you: You cannot escape the laws for your life!
Then what, if you walk away here for the Russians and you break your material neck on the ship, with which you wish to make a bolt for it?
Did you really think now, that Stalin can do anything to me, if I want nothing to do with him?
He may even shoot me dead, sir, but he will not get me dead.
He shot himself from the Divine Harmony, not me!
And there is so much to think about and to analyse, but I do not have any time for that this evening and this is not the intention either.
You do this yourself, if you wish to learn something!
The peoples of the earth now get their own independence!
We now see that happening!
There is no more to it!
And is this still not sufficient?
Just go back fifty years, sir.
How much has not happened in that time?
It is tremendous!
That is now the masters, they bring prosperity, happiness, awakening on earth and we can now master all of this ourselves.
Tonight you will certainly sleep well?
Then thanks be to God ... and there is no question of a world fire.
If that really had to happen, believe me now, then Christ would have come to earth too soon, but that is not possible, then the masters would have no more meaning.
Only then you could say: ‘There is something wrong in the ‘Divine All’, but no one accepts this and no master, because Christ will know!
Won’t he?
If a world fire comes, nothing more will remain of a faith, sect or religion.
The Bolshevik murders everything, which has to do with God and Christ, even if people say that Stalin has a faith.
Did you not see that, sir?
Do you not hear anything and do you not read any more papers?
I do, but not that misery; only this ... and then I look behind the personality of Stalin, but now from the other side and that dismal little man with all his fuss and violence means nothing more: the Grim Reaper is only there for him.
It is stupid violence!
It is stupid talk!
It is a decayed carry-on!
It is animal-like roaring!
And that wants to fight against ‘Christ’?
Christ is Divinely conscious and ‘He’ did not know it?
He came too soon to the earth?
Must His love disappear from this world?
That cannot exist!
Anything else?
Nobody with anymore questions?
Then I will continue.
Satisfied, Mr De Jong?
Then I thank you.
But ... do not go to Canada, if it is not necessary, stay here.
You were born here and nowhere else and here is your universal place for the ‘present’ ... your future will soon be under discussion!
Goodbye, spark of God!
I will continue!’
Question from Mr Berends: ‘Flowers and plants were born on the Moon, I read in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
The question is now: must these flowers and plants as a product of nature likewise evolve and pass into the third and fourth cosmic grade of life, which the masters speak of, in order to become a more and more beautiful colour?
In order to come into harmony with the universe?’
The second question is: ‘How did fish originate?
The animal lives in the waters.
Many species are still totally unknown and will probably, before man gets to know about their existence, have passed into a higher state; for example, the deep sea fish; and the same difference, that is present for land animals and the instinct, would also be present in the fish world?
I also want to see the fish, like there are land animals, which were born from post-creations, therefore that they originated from the post-creation.
Is this correct?
Can you give me an answer?’
Jozef smiles before he gives an answer and we already know: now something comes which the human being, who experiences these lectures for the first time, does not think about.
We keep on experiencing this wonderful, this real human thing and he heads straight for something else, but does not forget the questions.
Now he utters: ‘Mrs Berends, is your husband always so deep in everything?
Does he also place this depth, as a result of his thinking and feeling, into the everyday things, which you get to experience?
Well, well ... Mr Berends, that takes me to a thick book, you dare, but I am ready.
Madam, does that same husband of yours, place space into everything, so that you can carry him and he gets those wings again?
This is quite enough.
Mr Berends, I hope that you can appreciate this.’
Berends says: ‘We will not talk about that’ ... and the people shriek with laughter ... and this is joy and happiness for all of us!
Jozef now says: ‘Berends ... what is post-creation?
You must first know that.
You people, who are here for the first time this evening, this concerns matters, for which science, the biologists, still have to lay the first foundations.
That means that we now have to answer questions which actually contain scientific prophesies and I want you to understand this, so that these questions will be of use to us.
The answers are so tremendous, which I can already feel and see in me!
We will begin now with the first questions, Berends.
Yes, plant and flower life only got the actual colour here on earth from God.
Here that evolution was brought about and not on the Moon; all life there lived in the waters.
Is it clear, Berends?
Then I will continue.
Then new planets came; you will read this in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
You also now know how this origin from the ‘All Source’ took place, don’t you?
Fine, then I will continue.
We know that seven grades of life were born from the ‘All Source’, before God manifested himself as material.
When those seven grades of life had become material, the actual creation was finished, but ... the lowest grades of them started the actual evolution.
Now some examples, or you will still not understand it.
Everything dies, you know that, you all know of that happening.
From dying new life emerges and this new life now belongs to the post-creation.
We are therefore now talking about the dying of those lowest grades.
For example, we never see all the insects, also those beautiful little butterflies, again on the other side, because those species of animal belong to the post-creation, just like snakes, crocodiles and for the waters ink fish.
In addition, all that small matter, which does not possess a grade of life now, which finds attunement to the actual fish species.
Do you understand this, Berends?
Thank you, then I can continue.
In this way lives, therefore organisms, live in the waters and on the land, which belong to the post-creation, which you are talking about.
And this is land and water consciousness.
Millions of species of little creatures and animals were born as a result of the post-creation, of which we do not see a single inner life again on the Other Side, because what would we do with lice and fleas there, to just make it clear to you at once.
Isn’t that something, madam, there you are free from your material ‘lice’; if you do not possess any spiritual ones, gentlemen, because they are much worse!’
Laughter, we feel Jozef; the wisdom is tremendous, which falls from his lips just like that.
An engineer remarks: ‘Mr Rulof, my prof could not have told me it like that.’
Jozef replies to him: ‘I thank you, sir.
Just let him come then your prof can get a lecture here.
It will also make his head spin!
Jozef continues.
His thinking and feeling is not disturbed for a second; this thinking and feeling, this personality is wonderful.
‘I was talking about lice, ladies and gentlemen, and about our dear flea, but is this not our own creation?
So you see, that every little material creature, or every living cell, originated and born from the past life, will also give birth and create itself.
This is now the life of and for all those post-creations.
You therefore know this.
You now ask, whether those flowers and plants go to the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’ – therefore a new universe, originated from this universe, in which we live?
Yes, of course.
This is easy to understand, because all life must return to God, therefore the life, which belongs to the actual creation!
Flowers, plants, Mother Nature, the animal and the human being, return to the ‘All’, because all of this together is ‘GOD’.
Is it clear, Berends?’
‘Yes, I thank you, it is tremendous!’
‘Then I will continue.
That life therefore comes into harmony with God and the own universe, but as a result of the plant life and origin.
These are your first questions and now to continue.
You can now already answer yourself how the fish were born.
I will not go cosmically, therefore not too deep into it, which would be possible, but I tell you now that all life would create and must give birth.
But now the water?
The water is ‘motherhood’, Mr Berends, is mother for all life; also we people were born in the waters.
But from our life the animal kingdom received the own existence.
From the human cell, Darwin, now all of you listen carefully, because now something wonderful will come ... the ape was born and not the human being from the ape.
Then we had already experienced our first life as a cell, but had even more energy in our organism in order to produce life, but this was no longer necessary, because this experienced a decay and look, a new life came into being and that became the animal kingdom.
The ‘ape’ first; and also this life began to give birth and to create and when that ape no longer needed any more life for itself, something else came forward and namely another, lower consciousness, life, personality, another form of life.
Even deeper back and look ... the post-creations appeared.
But then, Berends, the fish had also received the own life; Mother Water gave birth for herself; in this way the fish was born from ... well, ladies and gentlemen, do you not know yet?’
A voice from somewhere in the hall says: ‘From the human being!’
‘Exactly, madam ... ‘full marks’ for you.
It is true!
But, Mr Berends, that life crawled from the waters, just like we had done this.
And now we see life coming on the land with those same laws of giving birth and creating, until the own species has dissolved and then the post-creation from that decay can begin.
Until – what you are talking about now – the animal gets the actual wings, the highest for all the animal life.
And this is for us as human beings feeling!
Read the book ‘Between Life and Death’ now ... and you will be faced with your great wings.
I now fly with you through Divine creation and this is the consciousness for the human being, for all of you!
Is it not tremendously simple?
And those are now millions of worlds, Mr Berends, and all those millions of worlds lie ‘open and exposed’ for the masters, because they know the creation and God and I get this materialized for your life!
Which academic, as a biologist, sees through creation?
No one can do that, but the Other Side can, with which you are now connected.’
Berends: ‘It is tremendous, Mr Rulof, and I am very grateful to you.’
Jozef: ‘Are you taking into account, Berends, that despite this, I come from the Achterhoek and was never able to read one book?’
Berends: ‘That is exactly what all of us have respect for.
Believe us, we have respect for the masters and for you!’
‘Then we will continue, Berends, and I am already grateful for it, I do it for you, but ... I also see my own flowers growing and blossoming in my garden of life and, that is now your question, Berends, they possess on the other side the spiritual wealth of colours of God; they also return to God and will represent him in the ‘All’!’
Berends: ‘It is wonderful!
In one word, you are a miracle!’
Jozef: ‘For how long, Mr Berends?’
Laughter ...
Jozef says: ‘Too much at once for my personality is not good either.
After all, I do not know what you think about it but I used to have more of those people shouting hallelujah, and where are they now, now that there is something wonderful to be learned?
They are gone, anyway, I believe you!
But I am not yet there, Berends, I will give you everything which the masters have shown me.
For that matter, remember this: the ‘Moon’ created the inner life for all the life of space, this universe, with the Sun as Fatherhood.
The Moon gave itself and divided itself for the life of God, she is therefore a Divine substance!
Every material organism, however insignificant, still received the soul from the Moon!
Is this clear now?
And then that life continued, because planets came, but all those other planets only served for ... now, for what purpose, Berends?
Well, ladies, what is it ... ?’
Berends knows and says: ‘The organism for that life.’
‘Exactly, Berends, only for the organism.
The soul came from the Moon and this now applies for all the life of Mother Nature, the animal kingdom and the human being!
The inner life was therefore created on the Moon for every spark of life of God, which we meet here on earth.
That life has travelled a cosmic path!
We have known millions of lives.
And now an animal, a flower, a plant, a universe?
Everything creates and gives birth; as a result of this universe the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’ was born and is already finished.
Yes, believe it, I saw that.
The ‘All’ is now inhabited by the human being; Christ came from there back to the earth!
And now the academics.
What do those academics see of the Moon?
Do they know the Moon?
They know nothing about all these creations, ladies and gentlemen, but the human being does, who has left his coffin and is conscious there.
And I got this wisdom from those hands.’
‘Wonderful’, two hundred people, men and women, think.
They can really accept Jozef Rulof and they already want to carry his life, this is a Divine lecture!
‘And as a result of fatherhood and motherhood’ ... Jozef goes further ... , ‘all life receives an independence and creates, gives birth and now we see the universe and God again in that life with all its characteristics.
What is now one life?
How do you now see your own ‘chicken’?
Now all of you look at those grades of life and analyse them.
Well, Berends, a new lecture will begin; we now experience that independence and that world also lies open and exposed to us.
After all, our ‘tout’ – this is Gelderland slang for chicken – gives birth and creates and ... now listen carefully ... condenses its giving birth in a few seconds, for which space, as the universe, needed millions of centuries.
And look, the egg possesses that hardening, the shell around the giving birth and creation comes from one law of life, one independence and that means: all life ultimately also possesses all the laws of God and can use them.
The atmospheres no longer have any meaning now for the human being, the human being and the animal posses them themselves!
It is they!
Is that not art, Berends?
Try saying that the masters are mad and I will leave!
I can analyse creation for you, Berends.’
‘It is tremendous, Mr Rulof, I have sacred respect.’
Jozef: ‘Madam, will you remember it?
If he should ever let rip, you do not know, after all, then tell him that he must feel respect again for those small insignificant things, because, Berends, I am telling you this in order to help you.
You can think well and this is why I am giving you my everything, so that you will learn how you have to think and it is only then that the space in us reaches awakening.
Not angry at me, are you?’
Berends: ‘Just destroy me, I am enjoying it ... ’
Jozef: ‘You see, people, it should be like this.
We learn like this for the first time!
We may ask everything of and about God and analyse it, if we do not wish to forget our ‘orchids’ and those are the characteristics, which soon want to possess space.
Give the present everything and just let space wait – say the masters – or connect your life with space, but now in and for everything, as a result of the love in the human being and for the human being!
Then spatial questions have meaning.
If there are people who come and listen here for the first time, that we are talking about suns and moons and forget the very first thing in ourselves, they say and they have the right to it: ‘Stay on the ground floor, people, you are flying.’
And that was true and it is also true for me, the masters also say that.
We may ask questions.
But woe betide!
If we forget the everyday matters and take no notice of them, that is our fall.
It then becomes megalomania!
Am I right?
‘Yes!’ the audience called out.
Jozef says: ‘Of course ... !
And now something else about your questions!
You asked ... the life of the depth, the fish in the depth, dies out and the human being does not know it.
You must listen for a moment, Berends.
I am now asking you – it lies on the surface of your own life and can be seen – what do you know about your depth, have you seen and known yourself as a fish?’
Berends: ‘No, of course not.’
Jozef: ‘Does that mean something then?’
Berends: ‘I already understand it, nothing, thank you!’
Jozef: ‘Thanks, so ..., Berends, ... that depth fish comes upwards and will soon represent a different type and be part of that stage or it will die out there and is post-creation!’
Berends: ‘I thank you, everything is wonderful!’
Jozef: ‘We have known millions of lives and we do not know.
However, that lives in us, our fish gills are also there.
Just ask the academic, he can explain it to you.
We were once like the fish and are now human being; we once lived like a wonderful mad seal, sea lion, ladies and gentlemen, in the waters and got a ducking.
Do you still remember, madam?
Then you were not called Marietje, but you were a grade of life.
Do you now know why an animal tamer can do and achieve so much with a seal and a sea lion?
You would still want that now, but I also see more questions.’
Berends quickly asks: ‘Say it again.’
Jozef Rulof laughs and answers him ...
‘All life now for the animal kingdom, sea lion, ape, other types, especially the ape and the sea lion, the dog ... were born from the human being and therefore possess the first grade for their own birth of the human being, as a physical and inner life, as a result of which the human being can raise that consciousness.
And now something else.
A dog, for example, the German shepherd, is a breed.
But for creation that breed is the highest grade for one breed and so it can be understood, why all those other breeds cannot be made to accomplish those feats, because those breeds, Mr Berends ... just say it?’
Berends and other men and women mutter: ‘Yes ...
Yes ...
Now what’ ... and Jozef says to them ... ‘Because those animals lack the highest feeling for that and must still master it.
And that means, gentlemen?
Well ... just think quickly ... I will just tell you, but it will take too long ... that all those species of animal – and this also applies to all life – must reincarnate, back in the material life, become mother, be father and they are yet other laws, which we also possess and for which we broaden our life; also the animal, a flower and a plant, all of this universe.
Everything lies open to the masters, Mr Berends and for me now, or do you also think that I do not possess any spatial contact?’
‘You are a great miracle, Jozef Rulof, and both all the people here and in the world must accept that one day!’
Jozef: ‘Thank you, really, we will prove it to you!
And now we are not even talking about the wealth of colours for the animal, illuminated fish, the power of radiating fish, electricity, they are charged, the masters can explain that to us and that is possible, because we now experience cosmic lectures!
Can you now feel, Berends, that the ‘University of Christ’ can write hundreds of thousands of books?
Master Alcar and master Zelanus can do that, they know so much, they are cosmically conscious!’
Berends,also says to Rulof: ‘And you are not far off it, I believe.
Good heavens, all the things we people still have to master, but, we know that it is possible, you’ve got it already!
Thanks for everything!’
The next question is from Mr Thon, who wants to know: ‘If people commit suicide and the material remains are cremated, must the soul then experience the process of decay, while the remains are already burnt to ash?
If suicide is a law, is the spirit then free from the material?’
Rulof answers him: ‘A good question, Mr Thon.
The trilogy ‘A View into the Hereafter’ tells about cremation.
When you read those books, you will know the laws, but I will go into that a bit deeper.
No, if you are cremated, there is no longer a question of a process of decay.
You will probably now think, then cremation is better, you will soon be done with all that misery, but, what will happen then?
If a suicide is cremated, which can happen as a result of a ‘request in a will’, can’t it, the organism is burned, but the soul is now attached to his fire.
If you do not understand this, then this can be explained, when, for example, you follow a murderer, who suffers as a result of his ‘remorse’, so terribly that his spirit cannot deal with those sorrows and yet continues to belong to life.
That man walks round with his misery, he cannot free himself from it, that human being experiences it.
We remain ‘behind the coffin’ as we are here, in other words, nothing has changed on our inner self.
The fire now brought about by cremation is dreadful.
You are spiritually burnt and that cannot be cured, the human being must cure that himself, by beginning a new life and of course making good all his faults.
Gradually the scars disappear, received as a result of cremation, but before he is freed from it, five hundred years have passed by and it takes longer before the human being is back again to the harmonic laws of God.
Can you feel this?’
Question: ‘But cremation dissolves everything, doesn’t it?
And if the human being must immediately return to the earth, then what?
Is the soul not free from that fire then?
Then the soul descends into the world of the unconscious, doesn’t it?’
Jozef says: ‘You can think, sir, my compliments.
But it is not like that either.
You have read and that is what concerns you, when you must return to the earth, the human being dissolves in the world of the unconscious, that is reincarnation.
And then you would be free from that fire?
But, have you read the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, sir?
Did you not read that Lantos Dumonché was attached to his body and then had to wait until his normal life would have ended?
Do you have that?
Well, the suicide, who is burned free as a result of cremation, walks around with those burn marks until the time, the normal, Divine harmonic time for his evolution takes him back to the earth again and then he can begin a new life.’
Thon also asks: ‘And does that take so long?’
Jozef replies: ‘Understand well, sir, we people, that is what it concerns now, have kicked ourselves out of the harmonic laws of God.
We did that ourselves.
The human being now, who is in harmony, goes before us.
Those people receive their new organism earlier and this is understandable.
As a result of this the disharmonic human being can wait, wait for a long time.
Yet he will get an organism one day and he will be drawn again by man and woman of the earth and then a new life will begin.’
A lady from the hall says: ‘Wonderful again, because that man can make good again.
There is no damnation!’
Jozef immediately says to her: ‘You see, madam, you sensed that well, it is true!
Where does the church now remain with damnation?
Is it still not awful enough that we people have kicked ourselves in this way out of the Divine, harmonic laws?
But all of this does not concern God, the human being receives his new organism, returns to the earth and can make good and continues again!
Is this not worthwhile being able to know?
Does this not give us the feeling to begin again anyway?
How many people do not give up their lives, who say of themselves: ‘I am destroyed anyway, damned, there is nothing good anymore about me!’
And that must be banished, the human being can make good, what he has done wrong through his millions of lives.
And the Divine laws prove that.
I saw them, I tell you, what I was able to experience there through the masters and this is the Divine truth!
The church damns everything!
But just let the church damn itself and not forget, how many people threw themselves on the stake, but the church does not want to hear anymore about that.
Is that perhaps not murder?
You see, how wonderful our life is, if you know the laws.
Even as a child I could not accept that and I got into an argument with the priest.
He did not believe either in damnation, he admitted to my mother, but added: ‘Can I change Rome, Crisje?’
Just read the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’, then you will start to ask questions yourself and to think naturally!
And this as well, Mr Thon.
Because in the case of cremation nature is denied the evolution process, the human being is faced with laws created by himself and they hit him, torture him, deform him in such a way that his sight and hearing perish and he loses his natural life!
The human being has invented so many things on earth, which are no longer Divine, of which he thinks: it is better like this.
But may he leave ‘soul and spirit’ alone, because they have to experience other laws and they are still Divine!
What do you actually destroy as a result of cremation?
Which life juices do you deny the spirit?
Or do you think, when you go into the ground – so have died here – that the spirit has nothing more to do with the organism?
Listen, then I will explain these laws to you and you can accept them.
It is the Divine truth, I have seen those people and was able to experience the laws.
We as people absorb the coarse-material life aura of the organism and that is the material, which serves us on the other side in order to give us the ground under our feet, otherwise we would sink away and we would have no more existence.
We only get that material completely – it is therefore an aura – when the organism has reached the seventh grade of decay, then we absorb that aura and this already starts when we have left the organism.
Can you still do that if you have been cremated?
No, as a result of one law, now burning, the human being denies himself, the human being destroys, his continuing existence, the source of life and existence, he destroys spiritual foundations, which he now lacks and as a result of this he wanders round like a soap bubble, does not have any ground under his feet.
And this happens as a result of cremation!
In this way every human being has to experience his own laws, but for his evolution, his Divine attunement.
What does the academic know, the human being, about the Other Side, the soul, the emotional life of the human being?
But why does he want to do something for the soul, if he does not understand it, deforms it, lets it go to seed, abuses it, burns it alive?
Because that is what it is, isn’t it?’
Question from the hall: ‘And what is it like for someone who is burned by an accident?’
Jozef says immediately, as a result of which we keep on experiencing his tremendous consciousness again: ‘You mean burning as a result of an accident, madam?
Now the spirit is immediately free, because the inner life did not want any suicide, for that matter.
The organism can burn as far as the bones, the spirit now feels, as he inwardly possesses feeling for the astral world.
Therefore right or wrong, whether there is love or hate in him, and that is then his attunement.
If that life must return to the earth, then the spirit gradually dissolves and enters the world of the unconscious.
It is only then that the human being experiences his laws consciously, when the personality also wants to experience those laws as the ‘own will’ and he can, this is clear after all, no longer be released from himself, that is his thinking and feeling and his decision!
The human being, who experiences a fatal accident, experiences a spiritual shock.
Now a process is completed for the life aura, namely the taking on of the physical aura, which otherwise takes months, in only a few minutes and this means for inner life and the personality, the shock, and the personality has to deal with this!
Is it not natural and yet very simple, madam?’
Lady: ‘I understand it and I thank you!’
Jozef also says: ‘Anyone who possesses love, men and women, cannot experience any misery, even if you are suddenly torn from the body, your attunement will of course receive you, you have laid foundations for your inner life and no law nor human being can deny you that!
That is your possession for life ‘behind the coffin’!
But we were talking about hells and heavens, about good and evil, passion and violence and also about being in harmony with the laws of God, weren’t we?
Now decide for yourself what you will now experience, you can do it, as a result of the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’; it is there that you can experience your own attunement.
You can now determine your sphere as a result of those books.
Can’t you, ladies and gentlemen?
Are you free from hatred, deception, lies, snapping and snarling?
Do you not possess any foundations for your spiritual life, as a result of which we are faced with our ‘dictionary’ again and must possess all of it for the good, the harmonic laws of God?
Well, is our friendship spiritually responsible?
Do we have love in us?
Attunement to the Spheres of Light?
Did we not talk about that, when we treated those laws together?
Decide now, where you will stay after this life, where you have attunement to and you will know then, where you are going and what must be cleared up for our spirit, our emotional life and the personality.
Just understand it, you are universally deep, the human being is wonderful, because the human being is a Deity!
If there are still inferiority complexes in you, then I hope that you are now capable of throwing them overboard, of embellishing them as a result of this knowledge.
All of you can now make progress, now that you know that you have to represent God in everything!’