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Question from the hall: ‘Do I possess the gift for healing?
If so, how will it develop itself further, as far as the sensitivity for sensing an illness is concerned?’
Jozef looks severely at that man, his face darkens, something is coming ...
He says: ‘In the first place, sir, I refer you to both books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, in which you will read everything which the human being can achieve for healing as a result of his spiritual powers.
There the grades of feeling for arts and sciences are analysed; even the thief is analysed there and the runner, of course the spiritual ‘gifts’ ...
I will not tell you whether you have gifts, possess the feeling for healing, because I am not a fortune teller or crystal gazer.
You experience here the spiritual sciences and through the masters!
In their books it says that also a dog and cat possess sensitivity.
Then why not the human being?
You must therefore just decide this for yourself!
I have been asked this question before, the human being wants to be a healer, but never, upon my word, I do not have any healers!
Our company does not have one.
And I myself do not heal anymore!
But ... if you feel that you have powers, then pass them onto the sick person; a mother already heals by elevating her child, her love, into her life.
It has been proved.
What can the other human being achieve for a sick person?
What are you like inside?
Instantly, believe it, I could make all of you healers and I could give you that gift.
Do you not believe this?
This has already happened!
Someone in Amsterdam asked me: ‘Do you know of a healer for my wife, she has felt tired ever since her youth; nothing can be done.
The doctors do not know a remedy for it.’
I did not have a healer and did not know any healer, because this is very dangerous!’
But what did master Alcar say to me?
‘He himself will receive this gift, André, give him this message.’
I gave the man this message and he healed his wife, in as little as forty days.
But what happened now?
Did he heal his wife?
Well, people, what is the situation now?’
The answers from the hall are off the mark.
Everyone thinks that that man was able to heal his wife.
Jozef says: ‘No ... ladies and gentlemen, it is not like that.
When I tell you that you can heal then you are sent powers from me.
We are therefore busy at a distance, through you!
And in this way you become a healer.
Is that not true?
You can perform wonders through Christ, if you can represent his life, possess love.
Then this is possible!
It is now a law!
I was attached at that moment to that man and that woman.
In this way I also gave someone else the gift for healing, but I was tuned into that life day and night, but it was tremendous.
What later!
Then I could ‘drop dead’!
That man does not realise that I took him to healing for a year and a half and for that purpose I also had to give all my powers.
But there was a feeling present in that life, the life aura was conscious for healing and this was now possible.
He was an honest and good person.
But when another person could no longer accept me, that life was influenced and I could get the ‘droodles’ (get lost).
But the man had my hard toil to thank for his food and drink.
A wonderful and great existence, but I was suddenly called ‘rotten’ ... and other things and then?
First ‘infallible’ diagnoses were made.
When that person forgot the source and thought he could do it himself, he was suddenly completely off the mark!
Then the destruction started, but he continues with healing.
I now have this on my conscience?
The world would want that, but it is not like that.
When the human being falls, I do not fall!
When the human being makes ‘rottenness’ out of sacred matters, it is not me!
If the human being loves everything today and tomorrow succumbs for and as a result of this wonderful wisdom, it is still not me!
When someone succumbs, amongst all of you, who wants to be more, than he can bear and deal with, it is still not me!
When the Catholic Church gets ‘religious maniacs’, then the Catholic Church is not mad, it is that person!
But now everything comes towards and over the head of ‘Jozef Rulof’ and I can cope with that; but I will never again give a person the opportunity, to heal under my powers and knowledge.
I have my life full of that, my belly too, as many people say, when they cannot continue.
Now everything falls and the universe is ‘black magic’ ...
Also the masters?
What do those crumbs, those mites, hope to achieve later ‘behind the coffin’?
There are also healers amongst you, but I warn those people.
There are some who dare to let the woman undress, because then the aura would be easier to penetrate.
Those are devils, ladies and gentlemen!
Stay away from those people, those men and women.
I have nothing to do with them, I want nothing to do with their goings-on, I once said.
I am here to answer your questions, but ... I want also want nothing to do with any dirty carry-on, even if people in society think that Jozef Rulof does everything, knows everything, I do not want to know this, this belongs to your own circle, it is you yourself!
But what I build up here for the human being, they break off again left and right before my feet.
I see this, say something to those people and continue.
Sooner or later they do not come in here again, even if I am speaking in public!
Sir, listen, when I tell you: every dog and cat is sensitive, then you can also be that.
But who are you?
What do you want?
To serve?
I served by healing.
I gave all of myself and I had something to give, my patients know that.
There are people amongst you who got back their consciousness through me, but master Alcar and I gave everything for that purpose, our blood, we became patients, we carried our patients, we lived for our patients and that has nothing to do with nakedness and sexual carry-on, then a healer is love and a child for Christ.
Are you that?
Do you want that?
Can you do that?
Well, do good and you will see it yourself as result of your healing, I do not wish to deny you that opportunity, I am not capable of it, for that matter.
But the spiritual gift for healing lies in the street gutters of our city, the human being was not ready for this!
I therefore want nothing to do with your healing and I will not tell you and never again, whether you possess a gift or feeling in order to heal, even if I am capable of it!
The human being does not have enough love in order to heal!
Oh, believe it, I would be able to build a ‘Temple’, the masters can do that through me, but for this chaos, the human being, who betrays you from front and behind?
To build a temple for such a bunch and that for Christ?
With such a crew around me, who adulate me today and burn me at the stake tomorrow?
Come on now, did you think that we were still childish?
To give the human being everything and then to have to see that he makes bits and pieces of the universe, for the human being and himself?
They are windbags, all our healers!
I am not talking about you, sir.
I hope that you can and want to understand all of this, I will help you!
But the proof is there, I had to accept this!
There are people, you already experienced that, who heard something about me and learned as a result of the books and now start themselves.
Isn’t that something?
And when I also have to accept that there are and live people among you who follow these people, walk away from here, then I know who you are.
I am pleased, that I do not have any pupils.
Those there were succumbed.
And that is enough.
Yes, this is difficult work, this costs your blood.
But they who listen here and think that they can begin for themselves - that has already been proved through history, temples were set fire to by the very best followers of Pythagoras and Rudolf Steiner – I do not give them that opportunity!
And that type of person adulates me?
Walks along with me?
And you think that I do not know what they want?
I know everything if you want to be involved with me, but, I will let you play the fool for your own life and one day, the masters will intervene and you will be faced with yourself!
Yes, sir, first heal yourself and then begin with another human being!
Do good, sir, tune yourself to the universe, to Golgotha, then I do not need to say anymore to you.
Is that enough?
Can you understand me?
I mean it well, but we, I then, have had a beating and we will and must love the human being in his misery, or society will be proved right, which says, that all that spiritual carry-on is just a devilish carry-on.
And we are to blame for that?
It is the spiritualists!
I can say: I healed through the masters.
I stood before and opposite the doctors and gave diagnoses by listening to the human voice.
Can you do that?
Do you have spiritual contact?
I am nothing, but everything, if I am a child for the masters, for Christ.
And did you think you could achieve this as a result of your bluffing?
Because you think: ‘That is a good job for me?’
Neither the Other Side nor a spirit of the light will accept that.
They do not need you, believe me, they have worked themselves separate from themselves and that cost blood and they do not want anything, anything at all, to do with our own misery, thinking and feeling, with regard to our material life!
Did you not know this?
Then read the books and you will know!
What kind of people are they, who stand before a sick person and now want to see ‘nakedness’?
It is deception!
It is demonic!
They are rotters!
Thieves are not so bad.
A poor person is sick and does not know what to do anymore, calls a healer and now something comes into your house!
He is a lump of turd!
He is a pile of misery!
The Other Side, Christ, God, progress, our spiritual evolution, are now sullied!
It is terrible!
It is drudge!
It is a filthy, dirty carry-on!
It is so rotten, as no murderer can experience, as neither Adolf Hitler or Stalin were able to do.
That is called a healer!
Did you not know this?
And that brute will start for himself?
Through the masters?
Yes, that is still possible in this century, because the human being cannot think.
I warn all of you by means of this.
Shun healers, go away from that area, when they start with ‘I will connect you with Christ ...’
They are not capable of it!
That is the curse, the human bluff, the megalomania, it is everything, as result of which the human being plummets, succumbs, is kicked from the embankment into a muddy ditch and as a result of which the inner and material life was and will be sullied!
You had not expected this, I can see and feel, but you must know this.
We are now faced with reality, with sacred matters.
Do you perhaps wish to heal, sir, have you already done so?
I can see and feel, you did not expect this answer from me, did you?
You will certainly not come back here, you know it yourself.
Just continue, I will soon be proved right, I will be proved right here and ‘behind the coffin’!
Because this is the sacred truth!!!
Any more questions?
No questions, then I will continue!’
The people are beaten?
No, of course there are people who think that they can heal, but as Jozef says ... do they know themselves?
Is this not the truth?
We know it, a master is standing there, who knows the laws and was able to experience all the occult laws.
We now get to know Jozef Rulof, another Jozef, which people say all kinds of things about; also natural of course, people do not know the true Prophet in their own country!
He is one and namely cosmically deep!
Who understands this life and this personality?
Who wants to serve?
Who does not violate gifts?
Every human being sometimes violates them and as a result of the possession of the other human being.
We learn a great deal and have to bow our heads to the laws.
Jozef is a human being and very ordinary in everything, perfectly ordinary, we who have already followed him for years know that, because, what would people do, if they had his gifts and his contact?
The truth?
Yes, this is the truth!
Mr Boekee asked: ‘In the book ‘Between Life and Death’ I get to know two beautiful emotional lives, therefore personalities, namely that of Dectar and that of Venry.
After their transition, they return to the embryonic stage, having stayed on the ‘meadow’ for a while, in order to see each other again as ‘Alonzo’ and as ‘Jozef Rulof’.
I can understand all of this, because their cycle for Mother Earth was still not completed.
But, I now go with the spirit Lantos in ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, then I find on page 260 that the man first stabs the woman and then himself, after which, after his transition, he is taken to his attunement.
Yet he was a murderer and suicide and free from his organism.
Can you explain this to me, I do not understand it.’
The answer from Jozef is: ‘You think, Mr Boekee, and I am already grateful for that.
Not Alonzo and Jozef Rulof see each other again, but Venry and Dectar, therefore the subconscious of me, but now I am André.
Do you understand this?’
‘Yes, that is clear to me.’
‘But I can explain to you, that murders happen, suicides too, which, despite the fact, are still normal transitions.
One example: people have contact with the Other Side.
It is a good contact, whose daughter is the medium.
The father goes with his son and daughter to the hills for a three week holiday; the mother already lives ‘behind the coffin’.
The daughter is there two days and wants to return to the Netherlands.
The father says: ‘Go, but come back.’
But the daughter runs behind the house into a ditch and drowns.
She therefore returned in order to walk into the water and to die.
Four months later she comes through and says:
‘I did not commit suicide, father.
This was my time.
God does not know any deathbeds and you know, I am happy, my own death brought me to this ripping apart and I surrendered completely.
It was death and I had nothing more to say, therefore my own evolution!’
You see, this is possible and sometimes it happens as a result of violence.
Is your death as result of an airplane crash not violence?
If you fall down, is that not violence?
Even if you were not pushed by the other person?
The human being can die as a result of violence, as a result of other people and as result of himself, these are therefore laws, acts for the shaking off of the material.
I also saw those possibilities!
Those people were precisely free, that means, they were faced with their transition and the astral world, so those people could be brought to their spiritual attunement.
I asked Lantos Dumonché – master Zelanus – about all these possibilities and he gave me the human, spiritual and spatial answer.
Is it not true ... we die, because that air pilot made mistakes.
A captain went too far north with his ship and look, the Titanic hit an iceberg and fourteen hundred people drowned, passed on too soon?
Yes, many people passed on too soon then, other people exactly on time, not a second too soon or too late!
However, the air pilot is not a suicide if he dies as a result of his task, is killed; he then dies too soon, but is free from his organism, which concerns you, because he does not think of suicide!
Do not forget, every human being possesses his cosmic depth for dying and his evolution and in this way we are faced with thousands of possibilities, which comprise soul, life and spirit, and mean laws.
Is a boxer, who is carried from the ring dead, now a suicide?
No, but that man leaves this life too soon and this applies to every sport, when the human being is reckless with his life.
I will tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, and then you will see for the first time, how deep this is.
A surgeon, for example, who does not know for definite whether he can cure the patient by an operation, is a murderer!
Had you thought that?
He is not attached to the murder, but he and the sick person, therefore the patient, ask for murder, but both do not want any death, but now they have to do with the transition anyway.
These are the few mitigating circumstances for dying and for the human being, when the death is involved and this therefore ultimately becomes ‘evolution’!
Willingly and unknowingly the human being leaves his life too soon and you can understand that now!
If we would wish to experience the laws sharply, then, believe and accept it ... society would stand still.
We all used to take part in cannibalism!
We have forgotten this, but did we not continue in spite of this?
Did we not come from the jungle to the white race (see
Do no angels, masters, live ‘behind the coffin’ and did they not perhaps kill?
Of course this is the truth, all of them went through disharmony to reality and were freed one day from every wrong step, which they could make good!
See the examples for dying and there are also thousands of other lives passed on as a result of human ‘help’, but your own evolution now determines where you go ... or free, or attached to the organism; but now it is your free will!
What the knife of the murderer does, the medicine of the doctor can do.
However, this is one law.
The human being is flung from his organism and this means dying too soon, or ... that human being continued and now it becomes ‘cause’!
Master Zelanus says it in his book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ ... Roni would experience this; Lantos therefore had nothing to do with the misery of Roni ... he also had to make that good again.
Roni returned to the earth; not Lantos, he was attached to his corpse and experienced his own process of decay; you have read this.
Every human being now possesses, I already said, his own reincarnation and acts according to his past.
We still have to master the ‘present’!
Satisfied, Mr Boekee?’
Boekee: ‘I thank you, Mr Rulof, I am entirely satisfied.’
The evening is over.
The people head for home with wisdom.
In those people something has awakened and they start to think.
You must now hear them talk:
‘Isn’t that something?’ ‘That consciousness is tremendous, that man does need to wait for a second for an answer, it is incredible’.
Jozef Rulof keeps giving all of us that proof.
He has contact, the masters inspire him and speak through his life and personality, write, paint and give wise lessons!
At the following séance a woman asks: ‘When a mother, for example, wants to meet her child in the hereafter, this is not possible, is it, if that child has meanwhile returned to the earth; that soul lives in a body again, I mean?’
The answer of Jozef Rulof is: ‘Madam, no, that is not possible.
If your child dies and that life must return, you will not see your child on the other side.
Read the books and you will also get your knowledge for this.
However, that means, madam, that we are actually not fathers and mothers for the universe, but have to represent one world there, to represent one fatherhood and one motherhood with millions of other fathers and mothers and that takes us to the ‘Universal Love’ for the human being!
The answer is: we have known millions of lives, were father there, then mother again and also child.
Can you feel this wonderful depth?
You were born in previous lives as a result of what you now call your child.
This was therefore your mother in those lives.
Your husband was probably – and that is true – your mother once, he gave birth to you then.
This is for the sober-minded human being still hot air in the universe; I tell you, it is true!
This is the Divine truth and we have to accept this; all of us experience those laws!
Children do not exist, madam, the soul as a human being is millions of years old!
Your child has now become your reincarnation.
Your child makes sure that you can return to the earth later or ... you would have no more existence.
We call that children, our children, but for God they are grades of life for reincarnation.
Now go to the Catholic Church and look at a priest and a nun.
What are those people doing now?
Other mothers will bear ten, twelve children for them, because creation continues and otherwise – if all of us, all of humanity, were Catholic priests – creation would dissolve as a result of all that sacredness and there would be no more reincarnation.
You will not see one child of yourself again on the other side, madam, mother, but millions!
And what do you still have to say now, what do you still want to experience as a mother?
If you can feel this, then we will be faced with Universal unity as human beings and now all people, men and women, are our children.
God intended this and Christ said this and this is the truth!
If your child now lives on the other side, then you will see it again as a result of your own contact and you will continue with your child.
However, I assure you and you will understand that now, that other mothers will stand before your life, who can say: This is also my child!
And then you are the own child of yet another ... and so on, until we have to do with millions of parents.
But this dissolves into ‘Universal Love’ and that, madam, is the ‘Divine Fatherhood and Motherhood’!
Isn’t this wonderful, madam?
You lose nothing, you hear that now, on the contrary, you get back your spatial motherhood, also your millions of children, whom you gave birth to and created as a result of your millions of lives, because we experience both organisms as a soul!
We are father and mother!
Because it is also God and we are Gods and have all of ‘him’ in us!’
The lady: ‘It is wonderful, Mr Rulof.
I thank you very much!’
Jozef also said: ‘Now read the books ‘The Grebbe-line’, ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’ and ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’ ... then you will awaken; you will get food for your spirit and then know it for yourself, your husband and your children, madam, believe it, all of this is the truth!’
Someone from the hall also asks: Why do the spiritualists here know nothing about it, they say, don’t they, that they have contact?’
Jozef: ‘Have you already determined this, sir?
Have you heard then, that all those spiritualists stand blethering and that they do not want to know anything about reincarnation?
You probably know Felix Ortt, the head of those spiritualists; that man does not believe in reincarnation.
A while ago he attacked me.
I was a madman, I was crazy, that could not be followed, that could not be experienced, what my masters talk about.’
But now, a while later, he publishes a book about ‘reincarnation’ and now says that ‘reincarnation’ must exist or ... our life would stand still.
First people destroyed me, attacked me and then an own product, because that same gentleman has no contact.
And there is also something else.
There, in the comer of the hall there is a photo of Elise van Calcar, a woman, who did much for spiritualism, but she said: ‘There is no reincarnation.’
And that word from this woman, who thought she knew something and had a good intellect, is literally accepted.
But I can now put the words of Elise van Calcar right again, I can labour to get reincarnation as a result of that.
Because this is the possibility for all the Life of God, in order to evolve.
There is nothing else!
I can now fight against all those believers – spiritualists – for life and death, for their own progress, because they are at a dead point.
First we are broken and then, sir, they write books and say: ‘Yes, reincarnation exists!’
This is why I have no more respect for those people.
The spiritualists forget that I am a spiritualist and that I received my contact with the masters as a result of the occult laws.
I have contact, they do not!
I have become a master in this area, I can say this, because I see the laws ‘behind the coffin’, I disembody!
And they do not.
They have to accept me and the masters.
But what do those mites, those seers on cold water do?
They want to be something, possess something, they want ‘to see’, but what they see are their own thoughts.
But as a result of that seeing and that medium act, all those spiritualists hold back this evolution for humanity and destroy more than is built up.
All those mediums – now read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ sir – do not exceed their minister’s speech and people like that, people still swallow that in this century, in 1951!
The spiritualists are so poor.
Can you learn something about people, who go into trance and play the Jew, who was murdered in Germany, tortured, beaten and kicked and yet ... still comes back and tells about her misery?
Yes, of course, that can be educational, but not, if you get to experience through such a medium that Antoinette van Dijk, who was in charge of children’s hour on the radio, was murdered in the concentration camp; the woman as trance-medium sweats blood as a result of the sorrow of the spiritual personality.
The people at that séance tremble and shake from fear because of the misery experienced, which the medium feigns.
Then ... now listen carefully ... , because that same Antoinette van Dijk spoke a week later on the AVRO and said: ‘I am still alive!
Yes, I have come through!’
Now what!
That is the present-day spiritualism and that is nonsense, they are mad people, sir.
Those people think that they possess gifts and drag the Other Side through the street gutters of the city.
And what can be said about the human being, the men and women, who begin there with the medium with groaning like that and to still accept that?
Do those people think?
They are psychopaths, sir.
The whole spiritualist world in the Netherlands, just work it out for yourself, is psychopathic.
We are laughed at.
I fight it, that is my task.
For this purpose the masters wrote the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ ... but those mediums do not like what is written there.
Because now they do not have any gifts, they now possess nothing, we see through their deception.
But is it not pitiful?
Now read those books and you will be ready for those people and then give them your healthy and natural beating.
But have respect for the Spiritual Gift of the human being, who has contact.
Then you will experience something special.
However, this proves how unconscious the spiritualists still are and wish to remain.
You will not get them away from their table-dance, but those lives stand still and they spoil a great deal and in this way they will soon have to make good, believe this too.
‘Behind the coffin’ there is a spiritual club waiting for them.
This is now a ‘law’ ... and which law is that?
The ‘law’, which hits all of them, shall and will hit, because they have violated Divine laws!
I know those laws, sir, and I possess gifts, but it is the masters.
I possess nothing, I am still just a big dope, but if you were professor Einstein, I would challenge you to a universal duel for life and death, soul and spirit.
Yes, for the spatial dimensional worlds, which the masters will analyse bit by bit for your life and then they will be proved right for millions of life questions, they will convince you!
And what can those spiritualists do?
Nothing, sir, they only follow their loved ones.
They just want their loved ones passed over back, they do stand on their own two feet.
That is not love anymore, because, the human being ‘behind the coffin’ must shake off our life and then enter the own ... the Universal independence again, but all those spiritualists do not want to know anything about it.
They are and will remain children, even if they are people of ninety years old!
They become awkward people, because they cling to this contact, which you can indeed have, you hear it, do not go too far and all those spiritualists did that and still do it!
As a result of this spiritualism has become so ‘rotten’ for society and people declare us mad.
Who is mad?
Well, I do not want to lose this madness, for any kingdom, for anything, for anything in this world.
Because this from the masters is the eternal, but what those spiritualists possess, is nonsense, this is a rotten society and nothing else, in which they live and will die unconsciously!
Satisfied, sir?’
‘I thank you, Mr Rulof, for these words, I accept you irrevocably, it is the truth!’
Jozef also says: ‘Then we will continue, sir, I thank you too, because now we can talk and analyse those laws.
But if you were one of those people, believe me, then you would think: Drop dead ... Jozef Rulof, I will not deny myself anything through you.
We have also had those people here.
They went away.
Nothing remained of their gifts.
Those people do not think of bowing their heads and they have nothing to do with the Other Side, they live now and do what they want themselves, but I already told you, ‘behind the coffin’ there is something and they then have to accept that and they have to bow themselves for that purpose.
They do not come a step further and that law forgets nothing ... because ... ladies and gentlemen, it is the human being himself!
He has violated the evolution of Christ and that is really bad!
What we, the Masters, build up, those people consciously destroy.
How strong would we not be here in the Netherlands, if the spiritualists wanted to accept me!
Then, believe it, we would begin to build tomorrow, we would already build the ‘University of Christ’ tomorrow.
But it is precisely the spiritualists who destroy, sully everything, who sing, see, go into trance, act the medium!
And that is the worst thing there is!
They do not like me, but they read the books and tell you with their eyes closed, all the things to be had on the Other Side.
They literally quote those paragraphs and now you are not able to say: ‘That is plagiarism.’
Those people now keep themselves going as a result of the book by Jozef Rulof; but I hear that immediately, because they say it differently and now I know that they are also busy doing good, now they do something good, because sooner or later the men and women walk away and listen in Diligentia to the masters and that, sir, has already started!
But is this not a shame?
I get all those men and women off their horses, they can now listen and the gifts are gone!
Those people also live here, amongst us.
There are people here who think: Now I can do it as well.
They start to magnetize, want to help people and ask for money.
They are too lazy, to do anything else.
They are not suited to this work, but must I call these people to a halt?
I do not have the right to do that.
But something else, sir, ladies and gentleman.
Now Jozef Rulof is rotten, bad.
Those people must be able to rehabilitate themselves and they can do this by saying that I am ‘rotten’, am bad.
I left with my own cashbox! Because they are too lazy to do other work.
They make me black and bad and want to earn?
Can you feel what kind of devils they are?
And those people are there, sir, I can do nothing against them, I was able to experience that myself.
But I do not want anything to do with rabble like that.
Just let them go, let them do what they want themselves, I tell you, this life will pass by and then they can represent their dirty carry-on in the darkness.
All those screamers and defilers will soon be faced with this work and with the masters, only then with God and Christ!
That will come!
And because I know that it is true, I reconcile myself to everything and am not angry at that type of person; they are children!
But darned dangerous children, if you wish to know.
They are demonic!
That type of person thinks that this work is so easy.
Well, if they can make the same thing of it as I do and have done for the masters in all those years, they may have it from me; I will then act the chauffeur again and tell the people that there is a God of love.
Now and again – I also experienced that – you also come across a good and spatial conversation in the street.
In the street, you sometimes meet all kinds of people, don’t you, sir!
If you have anything else to ask, I will go into it.’
The questioner says: ‘I thank you, this is also the truth!’
Jozef also said: ‘Read the books, sir, and you will no longer need me.
This is the objective of the Masters!’
A lady says: ‘I saw the film ‘Life begins like this’ and I find this film a revelation for man and woman, if they can sense it.’
However, as a result of this film, the following questions were put to me: last Thursday you talked about the man as the creator and you said that the man walks next to creation, stands next to birth.
But there are a great deal of men who have lost their heads, during the time that the giving birth of the woman takes place.
Is this only as a result of their feeling of fear, that they then possess?
Many men – another question – usually consider the wonderful division of mother and child from nearby.
Yet there are men for whom soon nothing more remains in their ‘self’ of this wonderful event, although the soul of the man is still both male and female.
Is this the reason why they cannot feel any of the birth?’
Jozef Rulof said: ‘Madam, I thank you for these questions.
Men, we will really get it, I will show myself and you naked, I will now not leave a single hair on your bald and hairy head.
The mother now places us before the Divine reality and I assure you, madam, madam, mother, that I will not spare myself, I will give myself completely!
You will have fun with this.’
The men already grin, it will be something, we feel and Jozef begins: ‘You no longer need to sense that film, madam, it places all of us before reality and you can now see the soul and life of it, experience the material, if you are open to this wonderful miracle.
Yes, the men, who are now afraid, are mites!
They are big mites!
They are so childish, trivial and measly, that you would want to let them do everything in order to achieve that the mother, who gives birth, has respect for that piece of consciousness, but she cannot do that now, because that same man leaves her alone behind in her battle.
Such a mite has nothing to prove and cannot give the mother anything, madam, mothers, they are still just crumbs!
Good heavens, how I have longed for that in my life, but I did not get to see it materially, but spiritually.
Master Alcar brought me to numerous births, in the Netherlands and in France, in London and New York, of black, white and brown.
I had to experience those births for the soul as a human being, for reincarnation, and I can therefore talk about it, even if I have not yet seen, not been able to experience this miracle in my own home.
But to me it is a miracle.
When we experienced our child – you will read everything about it in the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ – I experienced the contractions along with my wife, I was so one with her during the event.
I had those same contractions in me and I could say down to the last second: ‘Now my daughter has been born, I am rid of the contractions, but my child is dead.’
I would have wanted to lie down before the bed of the mother, madam, as a man, as a creator, to cherish her, but there was no question of fear and trembling in me.
I already said, they are mites, they are children as adults; those grades of life act like that!
Of course, you say it yourself, other men are no longer so measly, not so petty, they stand next to their wives and carry this wonderful miracle through her.
What is the reason why those first ones act in this way?
It is unconsciousness, mother, madam, and nothing else; everything lies here; all those pathetic feelings of the man, the creator of man.
Well, men, you can now defend yourselves; I bow my head to this word, this mother is right, but I do not want to be a poor soul!
Madam, have you heard how the reformed church rebelled against this wonderful film?
The mentality of the Old Testament is still like that and all those men are like that, who succumb as a result of their wives.
They are therefore not yet men, but still children!
No, those unconscious beings do not feel anything of the mother, anything of her pregnancy or the birth of the child, they stand next to her with empty hands!
Which of you, men, showed consciousness and can give this feeling to her as mother?
Well, mothers, if your husband was able to do this, then give him another big hug this evening, then say honestly: ‘You are not a poor soul to me, are you, creator?
You gave me everything!’
Is that true?
It does not concern me, you understand that, but ... men, women, you would say ... look for yourself, there are white noses to be seen amongst you!’
Laughter, it is fun, the people accept it, even if the man stands analysed, as it were, in the hall.
Jozef also says: ‘Is this not the most wonderful thing for the man, in order to prove who he is and what he can now do for the mother and for himself?
Yes, they now all say, I was not like that.
But man, creator, you walk next to creation; we have no contact with God, but the mother does!
Or was it perhaps only curiosity on your part?
Did you not then stand empty-handed looking at the mother?
The mother knows this ... you see, they already nod their heads and say I am right, in retrospect, that from you was still just nothing for her.
You stood there and looked at another world, which was not yours, because you had no contact with the mother, no spiritual unity.
You hit and kicked; one growl already hits us out of the motherly giving birth and this is the halt for this wonderful event, which is God and means love!
Am I right, mothers?’
‘Yes, yes ... yes’ is heard from the women, ‘you are right, it is true!’
‘Well, men, now honestly admit what you were able to experience of this sacred miracle of the universe for yourself and for your love, the mother?
And what were you able to experience of the things which you get to hear from me, through the masters?
Were you also able to listen to the beating of the child under your living heart?
No, you didn’t, did you?
So there we are.
I heard the beating, because I knew the laws and had to do with them, that is why I wept until my tears ran dry, when I got to accept: your child is dead, you saw it yourself, pass it on to the mother, but I had also already told her all about it and now we were one, in everything, one for the giving birth and the creation, it is wonderful and it will remain wonderful, it is Divine!
Yes, madam, the man has immediately forgotten this again, but what is the situation for the mother?
If you were able to give birth to a child – you now know – this is a going higher for the earthly life; as a result of giving birth the mothers enter a higher grade of life.
And we men, because we only create, walk next to creation.
Become a priest, sir, and you will walk even further away from it.
Become a ‘nun’ ... and you are chaste, pure, but poor in spirit, poor, spiritually penniless.
You then neglect creation, reincarnation, and this is even worse than feeling nothing of it, ladies, mothers, men, children.
In this way the human being continues, madam.
Later, on the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’ – that is another Universe, it can even already happen here on earth – the man is one in everything with the mother and she with him and they experience God together!
What do all of you have to experience of that Deity?
What is it, Mr De Wit?
Laughter, it is frankness!
We are now all one, Jozef takes all of us to that unity and the human being here hangs on his lips and completely absorbs his word.
And it is a revelation again.
Where can you experience this miracle?
They are spatial lectures and all these men and women already accept this!
A completely different question comes, as Jozef lets us hear.
Miss Rie Reinderhoff asks: ‘When the artist has given the highest for the earth, as, for example, Titiaan, Van Dyck, Beethoven, Rembrandt and has elevated his feeling, is all of this therefore a preschool for Divine wisdom, which is the highest?
After all, they came to the earth as masters, but dissolved completely as it were as a result of their art and are now ready, in order to receive the wisdom, a stage to the highest consciousness, which the human being will achieve as a spark of God.
That art finally dissolves, for this universe.
Have I understood this properly?
May I have your answer, for which I give you my thanks.’
And also this question: ‘On the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’ we experience spiritual art, but on earth this is still material, isn’t it?’
Jozef went into these questions as follows: ‘Your question, Miss Reinderhoff, takes me to something completely different.
And you have not thought about what I will now say, but this has universal meaning for us earthly people.
You ask whether the art of the masters is a preschool for the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’, the following Universe, after this, to which we belong and which we will conquer one day, in order to return to the ‘All Source’!
You know that and you have read it in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, but the astronomists cannot yet accept that, those universes are still not known.
But that does not matter.
We know that our universe has created another and new Universe and that is clear to us, because all life will return to God and our universe still cannot be the Divine ‘All’!
But do you believe me, when I tell you, that we on the ‘Fourth Grade of Cosmic Life’ no longer need all the arts and sciences of the earth?
Beethoven no longer needs to compose there, because then the human being is one with God at a spiritual macrocosmic attunement.
There is no longer painting there, because the life can do this better and we as human beings are one there with Mother Nature, the frescos by Mother Nature can no longer be improved upon by the human being.
The human being on earth takes part in art, but the people in the Spheres of Light and on those other planets, of the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’, take part in spiritual development and enrich themselves, by getting to know the laws of God, by mastering these laws.
And this is something completely different than we experience here on earth.
Yes, all the arts and sciences remain on earth.
Every science – you will not believe this and think carefully now, then you can ask other questions soon – remains behind on earth and only the human being continues as the inner life.
What is this now?
This is your spirit!
And now we are immediately faced with ‘Love’.
If you have no love for the life of God – you now know those laws – then you will experience darkness!
The saying: The greater the spirit, the greater the beast ... takes us to that attunement.
Therefore anyone who does not possess love, is penniless as an artist on the Other Side.
The less we now achieve in this life for society, the better, if our capacities take us to that darkness.
I have seen the other side.
I now know that all this ‘achieving’ on earth usually means the own destruction for the human being.
Every task, whatever it is like on earth for the human being, now only serves, in order to make something of the personality, but this is and will remain only a material event.
We still do not get spiritual consciousness as a result of this.
Can you feel this?
You are an artist yourself.
If you kick and hit, cannot be approached, what will you be then ‘behind the coffin’?
Miss Rie Reinderhoff said: ‘I understand it!’
‘Well, all those great masters created art for the human being in his material, earthly thinking.
That art is not spiritual.
Should you not believe that we will soon no longer need these technical wonders, even if the human being thinks that he can overcome universes by means of this, then I tell you, that we levitate ourselves on the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’, therefore fly there materially as human beings, without wings, but as a result of our inner powers, because we have conquered that material.
And ... if a ‘lama priest’ can already do this here on earth, would the human being on the other side, who is cosmically conscious, not be able to do this?
We go from planet to planet there, floating through the universe as man and woman and possess that universe.
Is this still not enough?
Do you understand now that all the thousands of technical wonders dissolve and that they can only be used for the human being on earth?
Can you feel this?
Do you wish to experience the spiritual-harmonic human being this evening, do you wish to see yourself as a spiritual-just human being, with Universal Love?’
‘Yes, please!’ the human being from the hall calls to Jozef and he says: ‘Then listen, because I will be proved right by all of you.
We possess illnesses here, not anymore there.
Here we steal, not there!
Here we murder, there we love the life of God in everything.
Here we get divorced, not there.
There we possess our ‘twin Soul’, as a result of which we represent God for all his laws.
Here we are unconscious, there conscious!
We possess mad people and psychopaths here, not anymore there.
Here we have art, there we are spiritual art!
Here we must eat and drink, there we no longer have to eat, or drink, ladies and gentlemen, there we feed ourselves through our life breath.
I can prove this to you, because I have already had a patient, who has eaten nothing in seven years and could not eat anything; she already lived there through her life breath.
There we no longer need policemen to watch out for us, here we do, because the whole of humanity is still materially unconscious, spiritually poor, we now evolve for the spiritual!
Just imagine that wonderful life!
It is very simple – if you know the life on the other side – the human being returns to God!
We need sleep here, not anymore there, we now go to the eternal being-awake!
And I can continue in this way and it is obvious, that all those technical wonders are only for the human being in this state and have no meaning for the spiritual, inner life.
We people will conquer all those wonders, which are not wonders!
Therefore all those masters, madam ... who have done something for the earth, created art for the human being, but on the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’ the ‘Life’ is art and no paintbrushes are needed anymore!
Anthonie van Dyck is my master.
He says in one of his books, for that matter: ‘If I can bring one human being to spiritual awakening, I will have earned more than in that life, in which I was a master in art.’
And it is true!
Your question therefore gets this answer: those masters only created for the earth and for nowhere else and this applies to sculpturing, music, to all the arts.
We no longer need to write there, because the human being then knows himself, is cosmically conscious.’
Someone says: ‘Is life not very dull there?’
‘What did you say?’ Jozef continues, ‘Where life becomes dull?
Do you still not know now, after reading the books, what you are, do, ‘behind the coffin’?
On the other side you are light, of course life, you feel, you are father and mother, elemental power, you represent God there, because you are that!
If you ask: What do we do there? Then I ask you: What is God?
Does God get bored, now that we know that God is eternal working?
And that is then the human being.
If you were not there, madam, sir, this universe would darken.
What are you now?
No spark can free itself completely from this Divine whole.
All the life has to represent these universes and this is the human being and all the life as ‘GOD’!
What do arts and sciences now mean, now that you are everything, are the power, as a result of which planets and stars also trace their orbits?
This, fathers and mothers, is the human being for God!
What is a book now?
You are not able to face me.
Do not do that, I am only everything if I possess ‘love-feeling’, or I will be nothing!
Arts and sciences mean nothing, if the human being does not possess love.
Did Christ not say this?
Is this not the truth?
I have no respect for the human being and his art, if he belongs to that grade of feeling, which hits and kicks and abuses.
What remains of our art, if we destroy the human being as a result of this?
When people kill themselves as a result of their arts and sciences?
Do you wish to experience a prophecy from me?
I can connect you with the year 9024 ... if you wish and then you will see for yourself.
What is the earth like then?
As it is now, with a bit more natural consciousness.
That means, that there are no longer any elephants, or lions, or walruses to be seen.
Those organisms will have disappeared then, but the spirit of those lives will then sing a song for us, because those lives will then belong to the winged species.
And then the human being?
Radio and technical wonders then pass on the laws of the masters to you.
The masters then speak from the other side.
You read that in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
That becomes the ‘Divine Kingdom’, which the human being has waited for since ‘Jerusalem’, therefore since Christ.
And that will come!
That will come irrevocably!
Then, fathers and mothers, the human being no longer has to slave in such a way, life enriches itself, we evolve, everything evolves, also Mother Nature!
There will be no more wars then, the human being will no longer kill!
Between heaven and earth there will be harmony, therefore spiritually; the human being will get his cosmic time to experience for his birth and will not have to wait so long anymore, before his reincarnation becomes materialised.
Everything changes for the better; therefore spiritual awakening for all the life on earth!
Many of you would already like to be on the other side, but understand properly, men and women, we now live in the most wonderful time, which can ever be experienced on earth.
We, believe it, lay the foundations for all the systems for the human, spiritual future!
And this is clear, if you want to revive your prehistoric ages, because we lived there.
We come from the jungle, we have experienced millions of lives and are now busy awakening spiritually!
Nature evolves, all its life, we too, but this universe will dissolve completely one day, because the human being and all life will then have conquered this universe.
We return to God in order to represent him there, in the Divine ‘All’, because we are Gods!
You see, I live there, the masters gave me that and they were able to show me that.
I was with the masters three times in the All.
I experienced the first books of the new BIBLE – you will probably not believe that either and it is still very simple – and they are ready.
The human being will get to know his God and himself.
And that God and those people will then be cosmically conscious.
Can it be any different?
Do the peoples of the earth not reach unity?
Do you not see then, what will now happen on earth?
Become an artist or an academic, become powerful, become a genius, if you do not possess love for the life of God, you will remain spiritually penniless.
It is your life, it must be your feeling, your spirit, your personality for the Divine systems.
Or you will belong to the darkness.
What does your art and mine mean?
What am I, if I just live recklessly, make bits and pieces?
Nothing, but I do not want to lose this again, I do not want to lose this wonderful possession for anything on earth.
I have seen and was able to experience the other side and that gave me the ‘will’ to devote all of myself for your and my awakening!
Is it not worthwhile?
Now look at all those artists.
What are those people like?
I could give you examples, but you can do this yourself.
Murders were committed as a result of art.
As a result of a madman like that, who wanted to be something and could not do anything.
And other people completed disengaged themselves for the spiritual life as a result of their writing, their technical art and sculpting, they succumbed!
And what remains of that?
Our fatherhood and motherhood, ladies and gentlemen, that is the most wonderful thing, which you can experience.
Be nothing and you will be everything as a result of your love!
Are these not the ‘orchids’ for your own life?
Now look at the human being.
What does a fusspot like that hope to achieve?
I laugh right in the faces of all those men and women, when the simplicity is sullied by their art and gets lost.
I have the universe as art in and under my heart and the masters taught me that.
If I murder, hit, kick, deform, whisper and gossip about the life, therefore about the human being, then this is my inner self, even if I am right, I am and will remain the gossip, the destructor.
But did you not know this?
Am I telling you something new now?
You have this in your own hands.
Do you perhaps hear me talk ill of the people?
I will take myself into consideration, because then I will have lost my harmony, my happiness, my unity with the masters and the life of God.
I want to be love and nothing, nothing else.
As a result of this every living cell of my organism and my emotional life awakens!
Finish this life properly, just let the human being hit.
You know, if you hit back, you hit the consciousness of your life away.
And is this the intention?
I know, there are men and women here, who must fight in order to come here.
There are people amongst you, who are dragged by their hair through the house.
The man says: ‘I do not want that trash.’
He, who says this, is of an animal-like consciousness, because he kicks and hits.
And what does a mother like that do, a man like that, if she or he wants to enrich themselves spiritually?
Now you are faced with your universal fight.
You must want it yourself and know what you want.
No one can help you, but all of this awaits you one day ‘beyond the coffin’ and there – once those lives are there – they will call out: ‘They should just have used the whip, I was demonic!’
But what did Christ do?
Did He hit back, when people spit right in his face, hit him, whipped him and took him to the cross?
He did not say a word and bore it and this means: if Christ had hit back, he would also have sullied his Divine consciousness.
A God does not hit, does not kick, does not deform, does not sully, a Deity remains ‘love’!
We must therefore be able to preserve universal harmony in everything.
It is only then that we master that universe.
They can say what they like about me; I tell you, I loved too much, I gave the human being too much love and the life suffocated in this.
However, this is better than that I hit, kicked.
Believe me, I am no longer capable of this and that gave me this incredible consciousness, the unity with the life on the other side, of God!
Miss Reinderhoff, this life is therefore the preschool for the next, the other side.
Be kind and you will be inspiration.
But ... if you hit and kick, what will remain of your art?
Is this perhaps not true?
May people say of you: you can talk to her or him, you are carried by that life, you can learn something from that life; it is only then that some loves comes into our life and the personality and it is your happiness ‘behind the coffin’!
Do you now know yourself?
It does not matter who you are and what you do, be kind and you will have everything.
Do not long to experience any art, do something else, if you lack the feeling for it and you are everything.
The masters have respect for the human being as love, not for the genius who hits, destroys.
It is the human being with natural love and it has always been.
Did you know this, people, children?
Did I give you something?
Then we will continue.
But, Miss Reinderhoff, people, mothers and fathers, art is wonderful.
What can art give you?
Associate with artists, experience them.
If they now also possess true friendship, therefore love, the life is worthwhile, it inspires you, it carries you, there is no monotony.
Then you see colours, it is music, but it becomes a universal prayer, when man and wife apply that art to themselves.
The artists, whom I meant before this, deformed the life, because they did not yet possess the pure feeling for their art.
Now imagine on the other hand the farmer from the country with his feeling for nature, the rural consciousness, this means everything!
Art takes the human being to love.
This is also art and namely the highest art.
Is this not true?
The human being, as a reformed person, as hundred percent Catholic, for ... – now listen carefully, then you will learn something – (that person) can only give you the kiss as man and wife, which also represents the consciousness of that human being as feeling and that is the ‘damnation’ from the Old Testament.
Now the spiritual kiss.
Now a kiss from an artist and then to experience the love of the human being, which is universally deep.
Is this not what every human being longs for, which every human being wants to experience and possess?
Because now, as a result of art, that love is universally inspired and everyone wants to possess that love, ladies and gentlemen, don’t they?
But we do nothing for that.
Our life is like that.
Therefore as a result of art, the human being can master higher love and it is also the purpose of the masters, for that matter, of God.
This is why Mother Earth received art!
Say it yourself now: does the life not kiss according to the own grade of feeling and the consciousness?
We now know that we have to finish our life.
We do not yet ask for that spiritual kiss.
If you search for that kiss, what will happen then?
No, you have still not earned that love, or you would already be that far.
Therefore working and finishing, as a result of art and our everyday life.
If you give all of this spiritual harmony, believe me, you will be a genius in spirit, because everything for our life and existence possesses universal depth and will soon be your feeling and thinking ‘behind the coffin’.
You can write books about this, but the masters do not have the time for that and we already have enough books.
In fifty or sixty years’ time Mother Earth will possess the ‘Direct Voice’ equipment and the masters will speak themselves!
But I tell you this, soon my books will be in every home, they are eternal, I know that, so that I also give everything for them.
I will devote my best blood for this wonderful unity for man and woman, our love for this life and for the ‘ALL’ in the human being!
Miss, are you satisfied?’
‘Completely, Mr Rulof, I thank you!’
‘Are there any more questions?
Or do you have enough for a week to think about?
Then I will continue.’
‘Mr Berends asks again’, Jozef now says.
‘You are far away from home’, he continues.
(Mr Berends wrote:) ‘There are planets which inspire the human being.
Stars and planets do not know any deception, that is only on earth.
In the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’ I read: If I only reach one human being, I will have done more than an artist with all his paintings.
And you explained that a moment ago.
I mean this now.
Can a star or a planet, the human being, therefore also the artist, not inspire?
Jozef replies: ‘No, Mr Berends, that is not possible.
Did you experience the lecture by master Zelanus in Diligentia about ‘astrology’?
Well, your question takes us to astrology and I can tell you in the first place: astrology will never be science.
However, the astrologists do not accept this.
Millions of people take part in astrology and think that true science lives there.
There are enough examples, which show that astrology is exactly the same as what a crystal gazer gets out of that crystal and a psychometrist experiences by feeling an object.
You can read about it in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
Here is an example.
A man comes to me.
The man says that he has been brought into confusion as a result of an astrologist.
He must go to Berlin and to Turkey for business and that astrologist told him: ‘Wait for a while, accidents will happen if you go.’
My visitor also did astrology, which explains his question.
Another businessman does not bother about ‘zodiacs’ and just carries on.
I said this to the man: ‘You go!
If anything happens, I will take everything for my account.
Nothing will happen!
What does your astrologist want anyway?
Death is evolution!
There is no death!
What does your fear and his being right also mean, since death is not death and it means the highest evolution for your life?’
‘Good grief’, the man utters, ‘I will stop, it is loose talk!’
I gave him another example.
Listen, sir, then you will know it immediately.
The bible begins with an untruth, you know that.
When the bible writers started the bible, creation, the human being too, was already millions of ages old.
Because the bible writers knew nothing about the origin, they wrote down an untruth and gave it to the human being.
But those bible writers are not God!
Well, who made the zodiac?
God perhaps?
The human being did this.
Which of all those astrologists now knows creation, that Divine beginning – which we people are connected to anyway – and where the foundations are and were laid also for the life, to which we now belong.
I ask you, can our life be calculated, now that we have to accept that that same astrologist wants to warn you about death and sends your life into confusion, sir?
‘I understand it’, he said, ‘I will go.
Thank your masters.’
The man went on his trip and nothing happened.
What is astrology now?
Can gas balls inspire us?
Those astrologists do not know themselves and the universe.
The astrologists were furious after the lecture by the masters and could have skinned me alive.
Yet, you will experience that, we are proved right: astrology will never be science, it is the seeking of the human being.
Palmistry and graphology will become science, because our organism originated from nature, by means of Divine laws of life.
Astrology is only human play with the universe!
The earth, Mr Berends, possesses the highest consciousness for this space, our universe.
But the astrologists do not know this.
What wishes to inspire you now?
A piece of granite perhaps, some material, some earth?
Can you feel this nonsense?
I know that the human being who feels his ‘rocking horse’ broken, thinks: Is it only you who knows it?
I know nothing, sir, madam, I only pass onto you, what the universe itself says about it and has to say.
And now everything is different!
I will not deny you your hobby, on the contrary, I will be proved right anyway, because I can also explain these laws to you; and then everything lives in the human being.
We must earn that inspiration here on earth and now it becomes self-knowledge, or reception by those, who live ‘behind the coffin’ and are spiritually conscious.
But no material can inspire you, no gas ball; and they are Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and other planets.
They do not possess the human attunement of the earth.
They do nothing else than make sure that the universe does not darken and this means something else completely, than the human being on earth wants to make of this by means of astrology.
The biggest mistake of astrology is that the astrologist wants to warn the human being for death and that is not possible.
What now remains of it?
But this proves that those learned men do not know creation, the universe, life, soul, spirit or human being and now just calculate, everything is up in the air; yes, there will be nothing left of it!
The masters will also be proved right in this.
The future will teach it, but meanwhile they would like to murder Jozef Rulof; he is destroying everything of course.
Is this destroying?
Can you now feel, Berends, men and women, you are not dopy after all, that the masters know everything about this universe and were able to master it?’
Berends: ‘It is tremendous!
I accept it irrevocably!’
‘Then I thank you, sir.
But you can follow all of this, the books will explain every law of life of this universe to you.
For every question by you and for your life, we now possess the books and the masters brought them to earth through me!
Astrology is nothing more and nothing less than the emotional life of our fortune teller, she sometimes also has a lucky strike.
But tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and namely for the universal laws of life of God and this universe, she and all those astrologists will be completely off the mark!
But the life wants to know and attaches itself to something.
However, how many people are not consciously deceived?
It is certain that there are priests in the East who know more about this, but now it becomes a different contact and it is a unity with the laws of God and that can be spot on!
Astrology has no value for the questions in your life – I would like to tell the people – in addition, dying is evolution.
You cannot escape your own karmic laws, you are attached to your own emotional life; and happiness, love and wealth are not for sale.
Why do all those astrologists make such a fuss for the human being?
Because, ladies and gentlemen, they take hold of the most difficult thing which can be done and experienced, but they cannot count themselves rich.
They live by means of those unconscious in spirit!
I repeat ... and you will know immediately ... why do they not calculate their own wealth?
Then they would not need to make such a fuss in order to get food and drink!
But they cannot do that, they are not capable of it.
Not one astrologist is capable of enriching himself by means of his calculation; he has no ground under his feet and hangs continually in an empty meaningless universe, it is hot air!’
Laughter ... there are also sour faces to be seen, the astrologists amongst the listeners do not give up yet.
Jozef says: ‘I admit, ladies and gentlemen, that it is not such fun, when you have studied for ten years and another knocks that possession and life purpose from your hands in only five minutes!
But, I repeat, do not be angry, they are only laws of life, the Cosmos will prove you or me right.
However, I tell you, I devote my life to this, which I received from my masters, because I saw it.
I know Sun, Moon, the stars and the planets and myself, as soul, life and spirit and the astrologists do not yet know that!
Mr Berends, neither star nor planet can inspire you; if that was the case, you would bury yourself in the earth and come back with that inspiration and then tell us what the earth as material has to say to your personality.
I tell you, we would bring you out as a corpse.
And that would be your end, because you closed off your breath of life!
What is now the zodiac for us?
Who invented that thing?
That was priests.
The zodiac, really, that is true, has to represent your character.
This evening the astrologists will say that I am ‘ram-like’, but then I will tell you immediately, you are completely off the mark, because I am not a ram and not a fish either.
I have conquered those stages, my character has nothing to do with the lion of Leo and nothing to do with the consciousness of a stupid lobster.
I have become a human being, ladies and gentlemen, and all that other still belongs to the prehistoric age and is nothing else!
It is a carry-on!’
Stamping in the hall, because this is a lecture.
The people leave, they almost succumb under this wisdom.
Jozef Rulof only laughs and also calls to us:’ Goodnight, children.
Sleep well!’