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At the following séance Jozef begins with the question by Mr Berends, someone who thinks and always asks good questions.
Jozef reads out: ‘Which laws of Mother Nature determine that the winged animal only gets those wings on earth?
That is still not clear to me.
Can you answer this for me?’
Jozef says immediately: ‘Mr Berends ... there are birds in the jungle, which represent the highest animal grade of life.
You know that, don’t you?
And because you now nod, I can already tell you: on previous planets those birds must already have reached that height, that grade of evolution or ... they would not still be here in the jungle.’
Berends: ‘I understand that, the answer is tremendous.’
Jozef: ‘But do you also know why?’
The people think.
Jozef says: ‘There is a footing for all of you.
If you think for a moment, you will know.
Not yet?
Then I will tell you, Berends.
You should have continued to think, should have followed the human development.
You know, the animal was born from the human being, but then you still have not worked it out, because now millions of laws of life charge at your life and you cannot separate those laws of life anymore; we can, because we know the grades for them.
For that matter, the soul comes to the earth from other planets.
If the jungle inhabitant can still attract life, this is, therefore for the first organic grade of life in the jungle, the proof that there are still planets, which possess these grades of feeling or ... that core of life would not be in our jungle!
Is it clear, Mr Berends?’
‘Well, that is exactly the same for the animal as a bird.
Also for Mother Nature, the flower and plant life.
It is for human being and animal!
But what you also wish to know is this: all the life now, also that in the waters, gets to experience land consciousness and wings, because this is the universe and the consciousness for the animal kingdom.
But Berends, has this been laid aside for all life?’
Berends thinks, the people think, there comes: ‘Yes’, and again ‘Yes.
It cannot be any different, can it, you say so yourself?’
And then Jozef says: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, you are off the mark!
Listen ... every material organ created own life, also the waters.
The water therefore created life, which belongs to that universe as life.
There the life now also gets to experience the highest and this is understandable.
What the academics still do not know is that there are fish which can fly; that other animals live in the waters which must possess something of the land life and consciousness and that ... now you must listen carefully for a moment, I will tell you a wonderful miracle, yet which is no longer a miracle, if you soon know ... the fish even possesses ‘light’, electricity; also the colour range of God and fatherhood and motherhood, but for the waters.
All of this tells us that all the life possesses God and can experience and is therefore God.
We see those Divine characteristics again for each stage, for each grade of life, for land and water life.
The life of God possesses wings as feeling and wings as material!
Is this not wonderful and yet simple?’
Berends: ‘Yes, if you know!
But it is wonderful, Mr Rulof.
I have no words for it!
I could weep from happiness.
Good heavens, but what a deep consciousness you have!’
‘Yes, Mr Berends, this is it: be kind and love, then you will soon also have this consciousness!
I have it now.
But thirty lives were experienced for this and I did not get them for free either.
You can also master it!’
Berends: ‘Here already?’
Jozef: ‘Yes, we are busy, aren’t we?’
Berends: ‘Then I will never make it, I know now.
Because it is too much, but it is wonderful and incredible.
I bow to your wisdom!’
Jozef: ‘May I now tell you something, Berends?’
Berends: ‘Of course.’
Jozef: ‘Bow to everything, Berends, love everything which lives, be soft, loving in this life, then you will already have the spiritual in you.
And then the life can inspire you.
Believe me, if I hit, kicked, snapped and snarled I would be powerless here.
But the life has already accepted my ‘self’.
I kept receiving the word for your life, otherwise this would not have been possible!’
Berends also says: ‘I believe that too.
You devote everything and we still cannot, but we have started, we hope!’
Jozef: ‘Now your next questions, Berends.
You also ask: ‘Does the difference of the substance of the planets lie in their working, which each of them have to fulfil for themselves in the universe and is this in order to be able to finish their task?’
Jozef: ‘Berends, you are daring.
When I read this out, the laws were already in and under my heart and I could have started immediately.
I am now a cosmic seer, Berends, instantly and at the same moment, I am one with your questions.
Is that not worthwhile, to master it for yourself?
But listen now: the earth possesses the highest material grade for this universe.
You understand that now, don’t you?
I explained it to you a moment ago and also last week.
This now determines the independence for a planet, the situation in the universe with regard to the Sun, which is fatherhood for the universe.
Because it is he, as a result of which life could condense itself more and more.
Therefore evolution of the universe.
What does the earth now possess?
Why does the life of Mother Earth have the highest consciousness for this space, this universe?
Because the earth has received its independence between sun and moon.
And this means, Berends?
People, what does that mean?
You can know, if you see yourself, feel, because the human being also possesses it.
Do you still not know?
Left and right, of and for your life, it can be seen and experienced.
Well ... just think!’
Some listeners in the hall now think aloud.
Jozef says: ‘No, madam, it is not that.
No, sir, it is not that either.
No, Mr Götte, you are also off the mark.
No, no, it is not all of that.
I will just tell you ... Mother Earth is the child of Sun and Moon!’
We sigh, we now understand it, how can it be, it seems as if a Divine conscious being is explaining the laws here.
There are people among us, who show tears of emotion, as a result of this wisdom.
Jozef continues and say: ‘Listen, Mr Berends, men and women, then you will also understand this, which is very simple.
After all, the further the planet is removed from the Sun – fatherhood – the less consciousness there is to experience.
And you can now follow what was determined by the astronomists.
Is it not simple, Berends?’
Berends: ‘Yes, if you know and are as conscious as you are.’
Jozef: ‘I thank all of you, but you hear it, this determines the conscious substance.
There is not one diamond to be found on the Moon.
Does it not mean anything to you?
Since that does not exist, because the Moon did not know this development, this hardening and evolution of the earth.
The Moon was only able to experience a quagmire in her life and for her evolution.
This is the truth, because there all the life was born in the waters and did not possess any higher evolution.
However, the academics still have to determine this!
What the earth possesses, Berends, no other single planet in the universe possesses, because this is impossible!
Following on from this, life continues and all that life, listen carefully what now comes ... is only one organism, one soul, one spirit, but it is fatherhood and motherhood!
This Universal organism is perfectly simple.
If you know the laws of this and for this, which possesses consciousness, all of this creation lies open to your life and feeling; I am now so far, but through the masters!
This is not from me!
But it is now on earth!
Is it not worthwhile, Berends?’
Berends: ‘I find it incredible.
It is tremendous!’
Jozef: ‘Humanity has not yet heard this, men, mothers.
No theosophist possesses it, or a Rosicrucian.
Those people make me out to be a black magician, they say: ‘Jozef Rulof is a magician.’
They do not possess my wisdom, because they have no masters; I do have them; this is why they would want to skin me alive!
Now your next question, Mr Berends.
You also ask: ‘There is a climatological difference.
Does this come as a result of the place, which the planets have in the universe and the distance from the Sun?’
Jozef says: ‘If you had thought for a moment, you would have known it.
I already told you a moment ago.’
Berends: ‘Good grief, yes ... it is true!’
Jozef also says: ‘But where does the source of those climatological situations for the planets live?
I mean this: the human being talks about north and south, east and west, does he not?
Is this also for the universe?
Well, Berends, what do you think?
Do you know?
If you say ‘yes’ just like that, I will have got you already.
Just saying ‘yes’ does not exist for the Other Side, because there you must be able to give the Divine answer and not anything else.
It is only then that your own consciousness speaks!’
We hear: ‘The feeling for the earth.’
Another says: ‘It is the universe!’
‘De afstand voor de zon is het’, zegt er een.
We guess ... we do not know and Jozef says: ‘You just guess, because you do not know.
You must feel it and know it, it is only then that it is your own possession and is called the ‘consciousness’!
It is perfectly ordinary, the children at school already learn it.
A boy or a girl at the High School can already talk about it.
However, I have never got hold of a book about these matters.
I come from the clay.
Never forget this, or it will be no fun anymore; I have all this wisdom from the masters!
The masters see all those climatological conditions again in the ‘All stage’ and this means nothing else but: life and death ... the changing of the consciousness for the universe, as summer, winter, as spring and autumn, therefore the being born and the dying, which is now the ‘awakening’ for the life for the next evolution.
You would never have thought of this, no High School pupil, no doctor, no academic, because you cling to the independent, that is north and south, east and west, isn’t it?
That is the existing for the planet.
Summer and winter, spring and autumn, are laws of giving birth and they are the Divine characteristics for the universe, this one, in which we live and which has got hold of the planet earth and is not of itself, because now the Divine evolution speaks for all those stages!
Isn’t that something, Mr Götte?
Mr De Wit, had you expected this?
And what do you say about it, engineer?
Is this something for the University?’
Jozef gets to hear from the academic: ‘I have already told you several times, Mr Rulof my prof can get lectures from you and he can learn something here, it will also make his head spin!
You are a great wonder to me, the greatest genius of this time!
I give you that with all my heart!’
Jozef: ‘I accept it from you, sir ... and now I will prove it to you further!
But is it not marvellous?
It is giving birth, it is creation, it lives in the atmosphere, of course, but ... it is in the earth, it is the heart of Mother Earth and its blood circulation, therefore the inner life of the earth and its exterior, thereby its spiritual aura, the atmosphere, determine the climatological laws, Mr Berends, and this is the answer to your special question.
Fair is fair, isn’t it, I can feel and see this in your life: You had wanted to checkmate me.
I tell you, just try it, I will prove to you that the masters now speak to your life!
If you had thought of that yourself, then, yes, then Berends ... you would have said it differently.
Must I believe that another book was concerned?
Is that your thinking and feeling?
I can know exactly, what comes from our books and we also know, whether you brought out a scientific book, because they come into conflict with each other and this can be experienced and felt.
But I know, because I was connected with ‘The Origin of the Universe’ ...
We will continue!
Are you satisfied?’
Berends: ‘Entirely satisfied, I thank you for all your effort!’
Jozef also says: ‘Berends, do you now know why I am so sharp and absorb these laws just like that?
Then I will tell you.
This afternoon we analysed precisely this in the book ‘The Cosmology’.
Master Zelanus and I are busy with it.
You don’t do cosmic telepathy, do you?
We are now one with the macro cosmos!
And you ask precisely those questions.
So you see, still worthwhile.
But now to continue.’
Jozef says: ‘I read something else now, by means of which we come a bit closer to the earth, ladies and gentlemen, and yet is educational for many people.
But that cosmos!
But before starting with that next question, I will add this: my master wants to say something for Berends.
Sense well what all of this means.
The academic says: ‘It is by means of day and night, the orbit of the planet with regard to the Sun.’
That is good, but ... it is ‘giving birth’ and you must imagine this now!’
And now to continue.
The question is: ‘Did you hear, Mr Rulof, that in London, New York and also in other large cities for the woman who has remained childless, in certain cases the possibility is still created by means of a medical injection of giving birth to a child?
A woman in London recently had her child in this way.
Is this good, is this not bad, is that allowed?’
Jozef says: ‘You hear it, ladies and gentlemen, something very different now.
Just last week people presented Master Zelanus in Amsterdam with this question too and he went into it deeply.
Some men in the hall were for, others against.
But that woman therefore received the sperm from a man unknown to her, who nevertheless devoted himself for a fellow human being.
You could say the same for the blood transfusion.
Very simple.
Let us treat it very simply; it is human and also natural, because cow and horse experience the same wonder.
A child is created by means of the male seed.
But now this seed is given by means of an injection.
You ask, if this is bad?
Yes and no.
I assure you that this is only just for this century.
A time will come when the woman will give birth irrevocably and the man will create irrevocably.
There will be no woman walking round, who needs to long for a child in vain, due to a lack of a life partner.
The earthly laws will change, mothers, and those laws will then tolerate, that psychologists, appointed by the state, but then spiritually orientated, can and may decide, which woman and man can go to each other.
Because then the academic will know the laws for reincarnation and then people will go all out in order to return to the harmony for the birth!
And if there are no physical disorders for the woman, if the organs possess the natural capacity for the reception, then a woman like that will definitely have her child.
Then there will be no physically normal woman walking round and longing for a child, which she cannot have, because she has no husband.
And we see precisely this happen in today’s society so very often.
But the lack can also lie with the man.
And this latter was now the case with that English officer, whose wife experienced an artificial fertilization.
The result was a divorce, because he did not wish this.
And as I already said, there were also some in the hall in Amsterdam amongst the men present, who did not approve of this.
One even said: ‘I would never have accepted that!’
And what did master Zelanus say now?
‘So, not you?
I would even have wanted to make the man happy, therefore the life, which gave the possibility to give my soul, my life, my love, therefore my wife, more love than I could, with and by everything, which lay in my capacity.
Because this is the very highest for the human being, for her and for myself!
I would even have wanted to give the man, if I had possessed those means, a house, a car, money, yes, my possessions, in exchange for his Divine possession; because you see, this cannot be bought by money.
Her husband could not create, another could.
And this now connects you with lives, with your universe, your divinity!
Does this mean nothing?’
Almost all the men in the hall agree with master Zelanus!
What does the woman now say to her husband, the officer, who no longer wanted to have her?
‘I have saved you.
I did it in this way, because I want to have my child.
But now that I know that your love means no more than the possession of my body, I am grateful to God, that I came to that.
I do not want to see you again!’
What was the reaction now?
There were many men, rich and poor, who would gladly have had everything to spare for this woman, they wanted to give their money and goods for this wonder.
Because – and it is that – here universal love speaks in and for the human being and this destroyed the pride of that other being.
Madam, what would I do myself if you and I were faced with those laws of life?
You want your child?
Well, I would have gone with you, but ... I would also want to know that unknown man, therefore the father of the child.
And think of all the possibilities!
There is a lot in this question.
But I will have another scenario for you later.’
A gentleman wanted to say something. Jozef lets him speak.
The man says: ‘Mr Rulof, I myself experienced something similar with a friend of mine.
He was not capable of creating either.
The doctors had diagnosed this.
What does he do?
He asks his best friend, whether he will give his wife and him a child.
It was begging:’ Give my wife and me that happiness.’
His friend agreed and a boy was born.
These two people were happy, deliriously happy!
Everything went really well.
And if this is not enough for you, I can tell you about other situations, exactly the same.
I now ask all these people – I am just here for the first time and I will leave this country again – is that now so bad?
Is that not, what the master here says about it?
Is this not Divine, if you can consider this as your task?
Must the human being let the mother long for the highest for creation and our life as a result of his mean feelings!?
In Paris, in London people find that perfectly ordinary.
Only for the Dutch people here, with their pathetic thoughts, that is not possible.
But their creation stands still in this way!’
Jozef: ‘You hear it, ladies and gentlemen, it happens more often and is perfectly simple.
Why not?
That officer had a poor soul life!
And his wife saved him.
But, as I already said, and I mean that: was there absolutely no one for her now?
It concerned the child, didn’t it? ...
No, it concerns your Divinity here and the mother who is fully conscious for motherhood feels that and this cannot be stopped, ladies and gentlemen, that is nature, which speaks, it is God!
Now the other scenario.
But it becomes wrong, when the human being remains pitiful.
Again such a situation.
The man is not capable of creating.
He also asks his friend, who grants his request.
His wife now brings a sweet little daughter into the world.
In 1937 he came to me.
He had read a few books by me and was in a mess as a result of this, because he was bursting with jealousy, suffocated in it, each time that he saw his daughter or his friend.
‘I am a rotten man’, he said to me, ‘a poor dog, I am suffocating with poison, I could murder my friend.’
I spoke to him, I let him see the space and then, suddenly, his eyes opened.
He then got to experience something else.
Months later he comes back to me and tells that a wonder has happened.
He is mad about the child, his wife and the friend.
‘I rewarded him’, he said, ‘with ten thousand guilders.
I do not know what is the matter with me.
Could my father from the other side perhaps inspire me?
But I was just a big brute!’
Now something else about that same man and woman.
After seven years he comes back to me and says, that he is now capable of creating himself.
I passed onto him through master Alcar: ‘Yes, that is possible and perfectly simple, because every seven years the human being changes and we get new life in us, new sperm!’
Did you not know this?
They had another three children later and are deliriously happy with their own big problem.
He said: ‘It is as if precisely that first child unites us, as if it is the love and the contact for all of us.
It is amazing, but we cannot get over our happiness!’
You see, ladies and gentlemen, if the human being can just ‘give’ our life changes and we get to experience love.
But if we refuse, then everything results in a divorce; now everything is spoiled.
Must we make jealousy of what is a Divine wonder?
Well, you know now.
How many people cannot have children, either because of the woman, or because of the man.
In such a case we men have to give, give from inside and act accordingly.
We do not then need to ask what our wife would like to do in order to have a child.
It is we men, who must give in both cases, must show love.
And if we cannot do that, then destruction comes, if the mother is a ‘fully conscious’ mother and wants to possess a child.
Because now Divine ‘Evolution’ speaks!
And do you want to stop this as a human being?
And what is the situation for the women, who remained alone and do not possess a man or a child?
Yes, there are two possibilities here: it can be that they have already experienced this motherhood completely in their previous lives and now only for something else, maybe also had to return to the earth for a task.
You feel, this has to do with the completely conscious motherhood.
And if this consciousness is still strange to you and you therefore go about without a husband or child as a result of this, you do not need to deceive anyone, or the universe, that you do not want to bear the scandal of your society.
Because if you as a mother have no husband and your child no father for society, then you are talked about, of course.
In addition, you have cares for your child and yourself.
You think now, that you cannot bear all of this, because you should then be ashamed of yourself?
No, you still lack this fully conscious maternal feeling and in order to experience this, you will have to return to this earth.
Because that is your and everyone’s spatial evolution.
Is this clear to you, madam?
Are there any questions left?
Now it is still possible.’
A bit of talking in the hall.
Jozef also says: ‘We know, ladies and gentlemen, the human being here makes a dung heap out of everything!
True or not?
Now listen carefully, then I will follow this cosmically, therefore Divinely, that is also possible.
Imagine, ladies, and you listen carefully too, gentlemen, that today or tomorrow a woman came to your husband, who said: ‘I want to have a child by you.’
What would you do, gentlemen?
Which laws do you now have to follow?
Giving yourself just like that to that woman and should your own wife accept this?
It will be rottenness then, there will be an argument, it is destruction, an animal-like carry-on!
Is it not true?
This keeps on happening here on earth.
I could prove it to you by all the things the human being comes to tell me.
Because when people, such as I, write such books, the human being stands before you with his spiritual cares and there are enough of them.
Well, let’s finish this first; then I will also give you a present, something different and then you will know it immediately!
However, I tell you, that what I am now going to say to you, is only meant for one human being amongst millions of men and women.
And it is also this situation, when people would come and ask you this as a man.
What do you do, father of seven children?
Mother, can you accept this?
Now have an argument?
Yes, here we stand still.
The father does not dare to think now; then I will do it for your life.
If this happens to you tomorrow, you will begin to think.
If you want to experience and accept spiritual laws, therefore want to follow the Other Side, then you ask that woman: ‘Why do you come to me?
Do you have no friend around you?
No one else?
Do you live in a jungle?
It is perfectly simple, ladies and gentlemen, that woman will first have to look for that life, which is ready for her; is also alone.
And if that life cannot be found on earth?
‘Then’, your husband says, ‘come back to me.
I will then get the answer from God through and from my own grade of life, I will dream the answer, I will see it, because it concerns God himself.
And now we cannot experience any longings or passion, now everything is good.
But you will find someone.
In our city there are enough people living; ask those lives for a child.
I belong to another!’
Yes, gentlemen, you did not expect this again.
I know ... to experience such a thing is a Divine gift.
And who does not want to experience this gift from God?
But now it is stay away from that, which does not belong to your grade of life, that is for another and precisely for that grade, to which that woman belongs.
If it is your own grade of life for the organic life, which stands there before you, then that inspiration returns to your personality and it is a ‘law of nature’!
And if that ‘law’ wants to give itself space and is necessary, therefore for Mother Nature, then, believe me, we as a little spark have nothing more to say and it is a Divine event!
Do you believe it?’
‘Yes’, can be heard in the hall.
‘You certainly feel it’, Jozef continues, ‘this has been ‘universally’ explained.’
Question from the hall: ‘And that other thing, that you wanted to tell?’
Jozef: ‘You see, people do not want to forget that now.
Yes, madam, I will give it to you, because it is worthwhile and explains what I just said.
And then you as woman and man will have nothing more to say!
You will then be giving birth and creation and will be rid of your little carry-on!
A gentleman from the society comes to me.
He tells the following: ‘I had to go to Paris.
I am married and have three children.
I am happy.
By friends in Paris I am suddenly faced with a lady.
She says to me: ‘I will get a child from you, do you know it?
I have already been waiting seven years for you.
And now you have come.
Just ask here, who I am and you will give me my child.’
He enquires.
The woman is a lady, a powerful personality.
She is someone to whom all of Paris bows.
‘Tomorrow I will expect you at such and such a time’, she says.
‘When I have my child, I will leave for America.
I will take care of the child and you will never hear anything from me again.
You have your task to finish at home.
However, know, I have to do with your life, after this life you will be mine!’
And what else does that woman say?
‘You will read spiritual books.
I do not know everything, but a lot about your life and you will give me ‘my child’.
You will do it!’
He said to me: ‘I did not really know what to do.
But she got her child.
She said beforehand that she would have a boy.
Since that time I have been weighed down with remorse, since that time I have loathed myself.
What do you say about this?’
I did not know what to answer and then master Alcar came, who said to him through me, to talk to his wife about it, but that he should not worry.
He would also experience something.
The man comes back to me after some time and says: ‘When I came home my wife suddenly called out: ‘Husband, something has fallen away from me!
I am not angry, I am proud of you, do not worry, I love you even more!!’
And then he also got to hear from me, through the masters, that his wife had made good as a result of him, because she had once stolen that love and now gave back to that other person, what she had taken from her in that previous life.
Then dreams came, finally everything was good.
Those two will soon get each other back.
The Other Side, ladies and gentlemen, possesses our problems.
Do not forget, all of us have lived millions of times, were father and mother, again and again.
This life of now is the continuation of our past.
You do not believe it, but there you are happy to be able to make good to another and what does material love mean now?
Nothing, it is ‘Universal love’!
Here ‘reincarnation’ decided ...
This was making good, nothing is capable of stopping, of destroying this wonderful process.
But that mother was ready for that!
She stood spiritually above all the material feelings.
Now she did not need to return to the earth again.
Where did her feelings come from?
She was a priestess from the temples of ancient Egypt, ready for Universal love!
Do you perhaps call that sad?
What does society say about this?
You will certainly feel that, if his wife had not possessed these feelings, only misery would have remained from it, a big hole, in which they would have disappeared.
And then nothing would have remained of all that beauty!
In this way I could tell you all kinds of things, because the human being comes to me with spiritual problems and I can also learn from that.
I was grateful for it.
All of this is worth thinking about.
To fulfil human longings just like that, that does not hold true!
But there are now the possibilities of creating children, also the University, ladies, is open to your lives.’
A lady from the hall asks: ‘Is this not dangerous, Mr Rulof?’
Jozef says: ‘Dangerous, did you say?’
Lady: ‘Yes, I mean for the own grade of life.
Who tells us that that unknown man is healthy, for that matter, you know nothing about him?’
Jozef: ‘So, so, is that it?
Yes, but the academics do not need a jungle inhabitant for that!
You will therefore get a child of your own white race (see, because you mean that, don’t you?’
The people here find it a ‘fine mess’ ... and it is also something strange.
‘Where is life taking us?’ the ordinary person wonders.
Jozef also says: ‘You see, people, all the things the academics can manage to do with us.’
A gentleman asks: ‘Is that not a disturbance for the karmic laws, Mr Rulof?
I mean – the masters teach us that – that a human being will attract and will meet the person with whom he is involved for this life.’
Jozef says: ‘I sense what you mean.
Yes, you would say, now karma means nothing more and neither do cause and effect.
But there is more to experience here.
That woman lived in her disharmony, not that officer.
She got to see that life as creator and he was not capable of creating, but he did not know that.
If those people could have waited a moment – you heard the example – she would probably have received a child from her husband.
Then this too: in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ you can read that one day the time will come that society will take over our karma.
Then the state will make sure that the woman receives her creator, because all the powers will then be tuned into life and death and reincarnation, so that harmony will come again between ‘life and death’.
A lady asks: ‘Is this not a disturbance for the soul, because her husband would have attracted another life, another soul?’
Jozef says: ‘This is a good question, madam.
But if you think about it, then you will feel that there the mother is attracting and not the man, because the sperm from that other man is only the means, in order to give her that happiness.
This mother gets nothing else to experience but universal laws and that is understandable.
Is it clear?
Are there any more questions about this wonderful problem?’
A nurse asks: ‘Is this not exactly the same event, as when the human being gets a blood transfusion?’
Jozef says: ‘Approximately, yes ... madam ...
But that blood transfusion has yet another meaning.
People have also asked many questions about that and that is also educational.’
Someone says: ‘Do you wish to tell something about it, Mr Rulof?’
Jozef: ‘Ask the questions and I will give you an answer.‘
The man asks: ‘Is a blood transfusion good?’
Jozef says: ‘For you, yes ... why not?
For me that is a very different matter.’
Questioner: ‘Why for me and not for you?’
Jozef: ‘Because, sir, death means nothing to me.
I have spoken to life and death.
Death no longer has any meaning for me.
If I could stay alive by means of a blood transfusion, believe me, then I would rather take death, the transition, because I would not know what to do anymore with the blood of another human being in me.
I am so sensitive and also my organism, that I could not experience that torture.
You and millions of people hang onto life, not I.
I have the eternal in me, you do not want this yet and this is why you take the life here, your blood transfusion.
Not I, or the masters would have to order me to do it and even then I am lord and master of this situation!
I can decide for myself what I do with my life and not the masters.
This is why a blood transfusion is good for everyone, who has still not taken possession of his eternal life.
If you can accept me, I will also say this: I am finished with this life.
What you now hear from me is profit, the masters also say that, for that matter!
You cannot decide to just leave now, because then you will be faced with suicide.
Not me anymore, I have received life and death in my own hands, I can leave, when I want this.
And yet I am free from the organism.
You see, that is something entirely different!
I return here from a sphere, which is the spiritual everything for my life and decides this task.
And that task is finished.
I could already have left in 1940, you will read that in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’!
But I am still here.
If I want to go now, then I must tune myself into this.
I will then sink back and will disappear from here quickly.
But as long as I still have the inspiration to fight, I will still be here.
Yet soon the universal time for disappearing will come, the departure and then I will go back, to where I came from; but you still have to master this!
This is why I am strongly opposed to blood transfusions.
I do not accept it just like that, I would rather leave here then.
That begging for a bit of life and existence is nothing more for me.
Believe me, I am separate from the life, completely free, all of you are still asking!
And as a result of this you must accept the laws of your life and do what you can, in order to keep this life and therefore do not end it yourself.
Do not go against science!
Is this not a just word?’
The questioner continues: ‘So you are not against blood transfusions?’
Jozef says: ‘No, sir, of course not!!’
Someone else now asks: ‘Is a blood transfusion also not dangerous for the human being?’
Jozef now says: ‘Listen, people, I will tell you something wonderful.
Do not forget, every faculty is still in its infancy.
You cannot experience your blood transfusion, otherwise – believe this, because this is the sacred truth and the doctors can also learn from this – otherwise you will be injected with the cancer or tuberculosis from another human being as a result of your wonderful blood transfusion; however, because you leave here too soon, the blood cannot develop itself or you would experience something different.
Do you believe me, sister?’
The sister, a nurse present: ‘Yes, of course, it is a revelation to me.’
Jozef continues: ‘The doctors examine the blood and see that it is good for your life.
But ... your whole ancestry lives in that same blood.
You must go back lives, if you wish to be able to experience and see the true core of this blood.
The doctors diagnose the day consciousness of the blood and this means, the first grades of it and it is now a question of seeing whether there is nothing present in that blood, which is fatal for your body, brings destruction.
But ... they cannot yet gauge the depth of the blood.
Because those cores live in the third and the fourth grade for the blood, that illness lives, that destruction and does not reach full development, because, as I already told you, your life here is too short.
However, if you had two hundred years to live, that blood would reach awakening and it is only then that we can determine which blood you have received.
Pure or sick.
But no blood in the human being is free from all illnesses, I assure you of that.
You can accept this.
Is it worthwhile, sir?’
‘It is wonderful, Mr Rulof.
I had really not expected this.’
Jozef: ‘Then I thank you for your question and you see again, the ‘University of Christ’ also knows those laws.
The masters can explain them to us, it is the sacred truth!’
Someone else now asks: ‘Is giving the cornea, therefore the light from our eyes, to a blind person also good?’
Jozef says: ‘Also a good question, madam ...
What would you think about this yourselves, ladies and gentlemen?
Is this not worthwhile?
Is this not the most beautiful, therefore the most wonderful, which you can give the human being from yourself?
You help a human being with light in the eyes.
Someone in Amsterdam at the lectures asked master Zelanus the same question.
Master Zelanus asked her: ‘Would you do it?’
‘Yes’, she said, ‘I would do it.’
‘Well’, said master Zelanus, ‘then I will tell you something.’
First Jozef Rulof asks the question again to the people here in the hall.
‘So you would give your cornea to a blind person?
I first want to know what you would do, ladies and gentlemen, before I tell you what the masters think of this.
Would you do it?’
Many people want to give their cornea to the blind human being.
Then Jozef Rulof says: ‘Master Zelanus said: ‘I would do it, if the human being’, he spoke to a follower of ours, ‘does good with my light, is love, therefore is able and wants to serve the life as a result of my light and wants to serve, does not make bits and pieces, is not snappy, does not murder, because all of that is possible.
All of that comes to me and I now have to deal with that in the spheres.
If I was to give someone light and that person commits evil with and as a result of my light, then I would be weighed down in the spheres with misery.
Precisely that personality does it and I am attached to that, it is my life!
Is that human being, that personality, love, yes, then that human being can even serve and help me as a result of my light.
But woe betide, if bits and pieces are made, when that human being destroys, then I will get to experience all of that and that is not very nice.
I assure you, it is misery!
I will therefore not do it!’
What does that lady say now?
‘I will not do it anymore, I take my words back.’
Then master Zelanus also says: ‘You must decide for yourself.
I will now give you the spiritual reality and that is the truth: as a result of those people, you will experience trouble, spiritual misery.
The human being, who is not capable of serving, of loving, can murder as a result of your light.
You give the human being that now, by means of your light, your doing good.
And that gives the human being the opportunity to destroy, to hit and to kick, which did not used to be possible for him!’
You hear it, we people see everything from our own lives.
But for soul and spirit, for the other side, everything is different.
The human being does not know himself and knows nothing about life behind the coffin.
Will you still give your light, madam, sir?
You will certainly think differently about it, won’t you?
I tell you, I once wanted to do that too.
And if I know for definite that the blind human being does good, is kind, you can get my blood, my heart, my brain, everything from me, even now, if you want.
I devote everything to Christ and I mean it!
But not for destruction!
I give nothing to destruction, because I give another the opportunity to commit evil and that will follow me.
I will be attached to it.
They are laws, which we as human beings cannot escape!
And no one thinks about this.
This is why the human being is therefore unconscious!’
This is tremendous ... the men and women already say: ‘I will not do it!’
Who can say a word against this?
Who wants to upset the laws of spirit and soul for those of the material?
A child understands it.
‘This is truly a spatial answer’, Jozef also says to the people and it is true!
All these evenings are educational, the hall is therefore always full.
The human being awakens, they are spiritual lectures.
We go back home with a wealth of wisdom.
Love enters the people and Jozef Rulof gives us that as ‘Jeus of mother Crisje.’
It is a revelation!
At the following meeting Jozef Rulof reads out the following question: ‘Mr Rulof, are the spiritual laws not a bit too strict for we material people?
I have thought about everything, also about the giving of light from our eyes to the blind.’
Jozef says: ‘That does me good, sir, if you learn to think.
No ... it seems as if the laws are strict for the material human being, but that is not the case.
Is it so strict to do good?
It is written: ‘Thy shalt not kill’ ... and what does the human being do?
Is it so difficult, to love life?
I see it every day, sir, now and then people come here, who make a bolt for it again a moment later.
They cannot bear this harshness; nor when I talk about the Catholic church and its damnation.
I must be a bit softer, they say!
But as a result of that cursed damnation millions of people suffer.
I do not intend to squander the Divine laws, sir, I tell you, what life is like ‘behind the coffin’.
And if the human being cannot bear that, does not want that, he must not come here.
No, everything is the truth.
Is it strict if I say: there is no death.
The blind human being, sir, lives in disharmony.
God does not strike the human being with blindness.
The human being did that himself.
Those compassionate feelings for the blind have the same power for your child.
When that child cannot be kept away from the stove, you also say, just burn yourself then, then at least it will be over.
And is that not harsh too?
You can give thousands of examples like this.
But the ‘law’ is and will remain there, and that means: our spiritual life is different!
No, the life is not harsh, but you yourself are harsh!
You do not wish to bow!
You do not want anything, you want this social life and nothing else.
If you could give the human being your feeling and you knew that the human being would murder as a result of this, what would you do then?
No, then you would not give that human being your feeling.
You teach someone to develop his feeling for art, sir, and if that other human being is just like a madman, if he hits and kicks as a result of his art, then you did not teach him that, did you?
What do you say to me now?
Sir, that happens every day.
I spoke to a pianist, a teacher.
That man said: ‘The most rotten thing of all is that you are always faced with that megalomania of your pupils and you just have to swallow that.
But if you were to do as you feel inside, you would kick all those pupils out the door, because I give those stumbling people precisely that, as a result of which they pull out another person’s eyes!’
And that man felt it, suffered because of it.
He saw that the pupils hit things to bits and pieces as a result of his art.
He also said: ‘This is the most ungrateful thing which can be done.
You cultivate rotten characters.’
And this is the truth!
Someone was not murdered by his pupil, but still ended up in a ‘prison’ innocent as it were.
As a result of the art?
As a result of jealousy!
It became destruction.
That man is the good educationalist, sir, the being of love.
That man suffered because of the rough character of his pupils.
This teacher had wanted to achieve more than just art, he wanted to give the personality something.
But he was not capable of it.
When that pupil possessed art, this life hit out left and right and the educationalist just had to swallow it!
Does half of humanity not suffer as a result of this?
What is harsh, sir?
What is strict, sir?
The laws place us here before the spatial reality, therefore before God and before nothing else.
Is that harsh and strict?
No, sir ... it is weakness, the human being does no to wish to change and bow his head, that is what it is!
Is it harsh if you teach the human being, that your own child is also from another mother ‘behind the coffin’?
And that you must love all life?
Is it harsh, if you hear that human love dissolves in and up to Universal love, which is Divine?
I repeat, is it not worthwhile, to experience the life as God created it and as we now know it?
More people said that, sir.
But all those people still do not feel what they actually have to learn.
Is it harsh, when God says, when Christ says: Just let that go and you will have my Kingdom?
Is it harsh, when the masters say: Do not kill!
You will not kill.
That is murder.
You murder the life of God.
Leave it.
Do not take part.
Let the unconscious people decide that for themselves, you will leave it!
Is it harsh, when the masters say: Stay away from what another possesses; finish this life, even if you are beaten and kicked?
Yes, that is harsh, you are beaten and kicked.
But ... sir, all of us here know, that we have to make good and that we do this for ourselves.
We now rise above all that earthly carry-on and make good!
Is this still harsh?
Strict perhaps, when you know that you hit things to bits and pieces in a previous life, shattered hearts, deformed and raped and are now raped yourself?
Is that strict and harsh?
It is paying bills, sir, and all of us do that; anyone who still does not want that, will be faced with that human being one day anyway and will make good, it is bowing!
And we do not bow for someone else, but for ourselves, it is therefore ourselves!
Is it so harsh, what Christ said?
This society does not yet like me, but I predict to you: soon society will accept all of this, because this takes it to ‘Spiritual Justice.’
The one which is there now still does injustice.
Or do you wish to deceive me that the court represents Divine justice?
Everything, sir, in our society is rotten, darkness!
And we want out of it!
We want nothing more to do with that weakness.
We no longer groan.
Here there are men and women who want to make something of their lives!
They devote all of themselves for their love.
But they no longer let themselves be hit, kicked.
You can come to us in love, because otherwise we cannot be reached and I teach this to the human being, because you have to accept, what Christ brought and the masters received from him.
We will therefore go to ‘Golgotha’!
Is it not worthwhile, sir?
No, if the spiritual ‘Law’ speaks, we bow.
The human being here must now know for himself what he wants to make of his life.
I do not want anything to do with that.
I only teach you what lives ‘behind the coffin’ and is for here, nothing else, but that is actually everything!
Do you have anything else to ask, sir?’
The questioner: ‘No, I thank you, I will think about it!’
‘Well done, then I will continue.’
I have the question here: ‘Is the last judgement also significant for the other side?’
Jozef says: ‘Now, madam, you must prepare yourself for a fairground attraction.
You will now be allowed to laugh, because when people ask me that question, I already tremble.
Listen, first the reality.
A last ‘judgement’ does not exist, madam!
If you do wrong here, you will immediately be faced with the judgement and those are the consequences for your deed.
Can you feel this?
Then I will continue.
Therefore, what the Catholic church says about it, is nonsense!
Now imagine that fairground, which I mean.
Imagine, that the Divine Angels begin to hoot, because that happens, after all!
They hoot for all of us and then we get up from our graves and must show our colours.
But, madam, what happened in all those millions of centuries?
Millions of organisms, therefore skeletons, frames, are gone, have dissolved.
There are people who now no longer possess a body and yet, the Catholic church says this, for that matter, we get up from our graves and must appear before God.
Do you still believe in this nonsense?
We no longer have a single tooth in our mouth, our mouth is also already gone, in order to call ‘yes’!
Others drag my head, there is an argument, because the human being must search for his legs and arms.
But time has dissolved our arms and legs.
This now, madam, is the fairground attraction for this last judgement of the Catholic church!
I really have to laugh heartily at that!
And if you cannot take it, I cannot help it anyway.
You hear it, the people now laugh themselves silly, but ... it is happiness, because they already know that that nonsense belongs to the past for all of them!
Do you still believe in the story of ‘Adam and Eve’, madam?’
Lady: ‘No, not that ... ’
‘You see now, is this also harsh?
Is this not frightening?
To still hear in this twentieth century that the human being must get up from his grave and then must appear before God, must show his colours?
Those bones mean nothing, madam, but your spirit does and that is free from that grave, it continues and it has eternal life and is immediately faced with the wrong of itself!
That is something else, it is better than that carry-on from a priest!
But if you wish to listen for a moment, there is something else and that is the truth!
You can now already hear the ‘hooting’ of the Angels of God.
The ‘Master’s now hoot and say: Get up from your tombs of darkness, get up and begin your spiritual life!
Christ also said that, but the church made meaninglessness of it, this misery ...
It is nonsense!
I can already see myself ... you too, a big argument about our bones, they run away with my left leg, with all those bits and pieces and I cannot and you cannot approve of that, can you?
Another human being walks around with my head and I with the legs of another ... I already see humanity appearing before God.
God will say: ‘ood heavens, Peter, what a pile of misery we have created.
That can no longer be sorted out and our children are right, that they now have arguments, we should have prevented this happening, Peter!
Gabriel ... just lower your wings, I was wrong about that!
Do you believe this, madam?’
We laugh loudly, they can hear us outside ... it is shrieking!
Jozef says: ‘You see, madam, I warned you beforehand.
This is it.
The people now laugh right in the face of the grave and the hooting.
It is certainly not about your question.
Making frills of this, madam, is sullying the Divine truth even more and darkening it for the human being.
You must want to experience this spiritual madness, the church is to blame for everything!
And the sacred seriousness is not lost.
It is this, what I say.
I got to know the laws for that!
The people are made afraid, but anyone who has feeling, releases himself from those frills and still walks out of the church one day.
I was brought up a Catholic, but when Father spoke about that and I said: ‘Pull the other one, not a single person believes that anymore’, then they knocked me from the bench and I knew it!
Read my book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ and you will know about this drama!
Are there any more questions?
No one? Then I will continue.
I have here: ‘When do we know something from our previous life, sir?
Can you tell me something about that?’
Jozef says: ‘Who is this question from?
From you, madam?
Then listen.
For everything in this life we are the incarnation of our previous existence, madam, we have numerous pieces of proof.
I myself are therefore it as well, but what I now do, was built up many lives ago in ancient Egypt.
You can read this in my book ‘Between Life and Death.’
There is someone amongst you, who told the following ... anyway, tell yourself, sir, what you experienced, then all of you will hear that it is not me alone.’
A gentleman says: ‘Gladly, Mr Rulof.
As a boy I once asked my mother: ‘Did we not used to live there and there, mother?
Was there not that and that in the middle of the street, also a pump?’
What did my mother reply?
‘But son, then you still lived in me, you still had to be born.’
I therefore saw something, which I could not have seen and yet I knew exactly what it was like.
I still had to be born then.’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, there is of course something else to say about this.
This still does not prove incarnation, for that matter, the child is one with the mother.
Just read my books ‘Masks and Men’ and you will get to see another picture.
There are many other situations, which have to do with this.
There is a doctor living in Sweden, who puts the people under hypnosis and takes that man and woman back to the past.
He lets the woman look back and suddenly she says: ‘I am now a man; I am married, there are my wife and children.
I am called so and so and I have a farm.’
After researching this information at the town hall everything was confirmed.
One and another had been in the newspapers and there was talk about it.
This doctor says: ‘I received the proof from 150 people.’
Now decide for yourself what you think about it.
But science cannot yet accept this.’
People also asked the master this question in Amsterdam and he said: ‘You are now drawing from your previous life.
You can only use that, which you now master after this life.
That means, you still have to master this life.
You now draw from your previous life, your French, your German and your Russian probably, you have talent, that is also a part of it.
Because, when you come to the earth, you still know nothing about this life.
You therefore have to master it!
Where do your countess airs and graces come from?
Received just like that?
All of this belongs to your previous life!
We see arts and sciences again, madam, as a result of our emotional life.
We built up all our characteristics as a result of many lives.
And that goes slowly, we learn almost nothing in one life.
At least for the good.
Experiencing the wrong, that happens of its own accord and does not cost any blood, or effort!
Is it not true?
And then what, madam, if you are now a woman, possess the maternal organism and you look back in a previous life, in another existence, I mean, and you see yourself there as a man?
Just try looking into that other life.
That is not so simple for you.
But I look back into these lives, in which I was able to give birth to my children as a woman.
This is still nonsense for society, but soon the human begin will have to accept this, because this is the Divine truth.
We are now so far ahead of the masses.
The spiritual sciences are still at a dead point, but we already analyse them and this now happens through the masters, through this contact, that they have built up for themselves.
And is it not human and perfectly simple, now that we know that the mother experiences creation as a result of her organism and we men walk next to creation?
Has this only been laid aside for you?
Also something else.
Is the jungle inhabitant obliged, to keep on returning to that dreadful existence and will that human being not experience our white race (see as a soul?
Then God would be unjust, madam, but I have seen and experienced those laws; that human being must also return to God and experience the organisms of Mother Earth, which are ‘races’ (see for the academics on earth, but for God the ‘grades of life’ for the material existence, our organism.
And now everything is different again and can be understood, because all the life of God experiences fatherhood and motherhood and has to represent ‘HIM’ as father and mother!
Now you are a woman, soon a creator again, madam, but it is not so simple for you to see through that, you need the cosmic ‘seeing’ for that purpose, a contact with those, who live on the other side.
The universities, you see, still stand on and before a dead point.
The human being laughs at our wisdom.
Why does that man laugh and that woman?
Because of their stupid ‘self’, because of nothing else!
The human being is still stupid; no, it is not that, there are no stupid people on earth.
The human being is ‘unconscious’ and this is something completely different, because ‘stupid’ does not exist.
All life is universal and Divinely deep.
Is the human being ‘stupid’ if that same human being can give you a child?
To be stupid for this life, our rotten society, madam, is not stupidity for God and his universes.
So you see, we put everything right, we see through every law of life, which science still cannot do and for which it still has to awaken.
Now just laugh at something, which you do not understand!
People laugh at me too, madam, but ... let them laugh, those poor in spirit, because they are that, they are penniless in feeling, because they still have to master this feeling for God and the laws!
Christ also experienced that, when he spoke to the human being ... but was not understood.
The human being made darkness of all his Divinities!
And this is also the truth!
Anything else, ladies and gentlemen?
More questions about reincarnation?
Hundreds of thousands of questions charge at my life and you do not know of any more questions?
If I can still earn five cents, then gladly.
Which of you still has a question about this problem?’
A lady asks: ‘When does our life here end?’
Jozef says: ‘When we people have first experienced the organisms, which Mother Earth created for us, and then have made good our mistakes, our murders and therefore all that destruction.
Then we enter the astral world and we are then faced with our personality.
The books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ will explain all those laws for you and place you before your own world.
You can then determine infallibly by means of this your own inner life and the sphere, to which you then belong!
Anything else?
Then I will continue.
I will read the next question here: ‘Sir, should people suppress the social feelings in themselves?’
Jozef says: ‘I know, madam, that many people carry out social work.
Many people get their hiding, you surely know that too and stopped.
I tell you: no, you must not suppress that, because those feelings take you to the spiritual construction, not only for yourself, but above all for the masses, with whom the masters started.
But ... this work also takes you to a pile of injustice, misery and I do not want anything to do with that; but everyone must decide for himself.
There are also people living amongst us who are socially sensitive and keep on wanting to help humanity, but there are already so many institutions built up in our country, that you do not need to add any; that is no longer necessary.
And ... that work is not so simple.
It is wonderful to help the human being in this horrible society, but you will keep coming across a great deal of deception, true or not?
We know that destruction!
Do not go too far.
There are people who want to do this work and cannot make a cup of coffee at home, are unsuited to other work.
This means: begin with yourself first.
I know people, who want to do something for other people, are socially tuned in, keep on rooting about in it and are and remain in disharmony with all kinds of things for themselves and with whom no life can be experienced!
That hits and kicks, that wants, despite the shortcomings, to help another and ... goes to pieces of course!
They think they are doing something for the masses and thereby forget themselves, are impossible, are more than that, scream and have a big mouth, have their mouth always full of: I will sort that out!
And spiritually they disappear in their own misery.
It is trouble.
And they then need another to be pulled out again.
You see, I am not talking to you, but I know those people.
Those men and women should first have taken themselves in hand and when that character is ready, then go on your way and do something for the masses, but first lay those wonderful foundations for yourself!
Can you accept this?’
Lady: ‘You are right, it is true!’
Jozef: ‘Then I thank you.
I now read ...: ‘What is homosexuality actually?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, is this note from you?
I thank you for your question.
Homosexuality, which people know in our society and which exists, does not exist for God and for the universe!
Did you know this?
Do you fall short here for the first time?
Then listen.
Listen carefully now, then you will get other ideas with regard to those people who are abused, kicked and hit, but which people are also right about, because the human being now starts to sully himself.
But homosexuality – science does not accept that yet – is only the returning of motherhood to fatherhood and the other way round, that means, that the soul-as-human being must experience both organisms.
The human being comes from, for example, the maternal organism, madam, and now receives – for this life – the male organism and therefore no longer possesses full motherhood.
That human being therefore now lives as a woman in the male organism and that man does not know what to do with his feelings.
The human being still has to master this because he returns, therefore reincarnates.
A woman now therefore lives in the male organism and still feels maternal, as a result of which she still therefore seeks the man.
But for society the man seeks the man.
If the soul comes from the male organism and if it is a woman for this life, then that human being no longer possesses the full paternal consciousness, but still feels like a man in the maternal garment and therefore also seeks the woman.
That is actually everything.
These grades of life therefore explain themselves, because he and she do not yet possess that natural grade of life and attunement for creating and giving birth.
Did you not know this yet, madam?’
‘No, Mr Rulof, this is new to me, but I understand it.
And I am pleased to hear this from you!’
Jozef: ‘Then I am pleased again, lady ...
It is understandable that the world still does not understand this mentality, science does not yet know what to do about those people, madam ... because the academic does not yet know the human soul, the spirit, the emotional life, reincarnation.
Does not know that the human being as the ‘Divine’ soul has to experience both organisms!
This therefore takes us to the ‘unconsciousness’ of the academics and the masses!
But, always those ‘buts’, the human being as a homosexual is now to blame himself.’
Someone else now asks: ‘May you then break such a marriage for the universe, the laws of God, when you are faced with those feelings, Mr Rulof?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, this is something else entirely.
Usually the homosexual personality does not want a normal marriage, because it does not understand himself or herself and life.
I knew a woman, who was a half-conscious mother.
There are seven stages of transition for fatherhood and motherhood.
In between this lives the half-conscious motherhood.
Amongst hundreds of mothers there is probably only one, who experiences motherhood for the full hundred percent.
The other grades therefore find themselves under this half-conscious state or precisely above it.
Don’t they?
One wants to possess her child irrevocably; the other says: ‘Well, it is here, but it really does not matter to me, children are just a bother to you.’
However, that first mother fights for life and death in order to be able to possess a child and is now a full-conscious mother, she therefore lives in the highest grade of the seven, which we have to experience as soul.
In this way there are also men, who do not possess the full-conscious creating and to whom it does not matter whether they marry.
There is not that need?
No, those men do not yet have the natural conscious emotional life for the unity for creation and walk next to creation.
They are therefore unconscious for the plan of creation and this now means, what I am now talking about!
They are the grades for fatherhood and motherhood, in which we now meet millions of men and women, who all therefore represent for themselves one of those seven grades of life for creating and giving birth, but on the border of the third and fourth grade of life live the homosexuals.
They are men and women, who still have to master that feeling, which is therefore completely natural.
This has nothing to do with filth and dirty carry-on, as long as they experience their emotional life normally and do not make a ‘fairground attraction’ out of it, which is the correct word for those grades of feeling.
The woman now, about whom I spoke and her husband, who is homosexual, still love each other.
She comes to me and asks, what she has to do, what she can and may do; she read the books.
I gave her this, therefore through the masters: ‘If he refuses to give you a child ...’, I will now further answer your question, madam ‘... then you have the right to divorce, because he is holding back your evolution and this is dreadful, when you understand and get to know your life as soul and spirit and as mother!’
Of course that man had no interest either in our teachings; he did not want anything to do with it, therefore those feelings were not there either.
If those feelings are there, believe me, and numerous people have proved that to me, then they reach spiritual contact and those feelings lacking can be conquered.
Now they reach spiritual unity and spiritual construction, friendship, love by means of the wisdom!
But that was not there.
I said to her in the name of master Alcar: ‘If he refuses to read the books, to master something for himself now and he also refuses to create, you will know immediately that your sacrificing has no meaning and that you are now consciously messing up your own life!’
She understood that and she would talk to him.
She talks to him and gets him that far that he comes to me.
I now received contact and could explain the laws to him.
The man loved her a lot and did not want to lose her for anything.
So he wanted to do everything.
And see – they received their child, first a boy and then ... by groaning another girl, because that conscious inner feeling to create is not there ... ladies and gentlemen, fathers and mothers, that is not consciously present; the natural power for it is lacking.
This is the groaning which I mean, but all their thinking, therefore also by him, is tuned in, in order to conquer that and they received their second child.
Because he has become a father, his inner life changes and ... I was able to experience this, they received a good marriage, built up by means of friendship and the human ‘will’.
The human being, ladies and gentlemen, who still gives into those unconscious feelings, is completely the physical homosexual, who, however, still possesses the spiritual foundations, as a spiritual core, because they are and remain spiritual!
Doctors talk about homosexuality, don’t they, but, if the masters were to write those books – they are not there yet, but I assure you, the human being would only get to know himself then and he would know how he now has to experience his reincarnation.
However, we do not have the time to write those books.
All those millions of people, ladies and gentlemen, who live between the normal, natural and the abnormal, which has nothing to do with ‘abnormality’, therefore represent their own spiritual problems.
They do not now possess those problems as result of themselves, therefore as character or personality, but they received them by means of Mother Nature, which character and personality have nothing to do with; but those feelings are sullied by means of their acting and experiencing!
You know the dramas, all the things that can happen, but that is therefore the human being himself and in this way he received the name ‘homosexual’ and something else too, which God and Mother Nature do not wish to know anything about.
Also the animal, the flowers and the plants, ladies and gentlemen, and the universe also possess homosexuality, which – now comes the answer – is nothing else but unconscious fatherhood and motherhood!
You could call Jupiter, Venus, Saturn the homosexuals for the universe, because they also possess unconscious fatherhood and motherhood.
Once more the academics do not know that, that awakening and that knowledge lives on the other side and the masters gave that to you, through our wonderful contact!
What do you say to this, madam, sir?’
The human being says to Jozef Rulof: ‘It is a revelation!’
And it is true.
‘Is it not perhaps true’, Jozef also says, ‘the laws of God do not know any destruction and sexuality; that is the creation of the human being!
But, ladies and gentlemen, if you now feel this, you will look at those men and women differently.
All of us are that as well, which of all of you is a conscious father and mother?
Just say something, ladies and gentlemen?
Which of you is naturally conscious for fatherhood and motherhood?
Do you dare to say?
Then I will analyse you completely.
I will then ask a few questions, by means of which we can prove what your grade of feeling is like.
Because full natural motherhood is one with the earth and the universe.
And that life, ladies and gentlemen, emanates the universe and I can see it now!’
I will now tell something else and then you will know it immediately ... but something else ... I love all people, but those grades of life must stay away from me, if they want to experience something else, because I am not a funny man either.
And all of you?
Ugh, how far removed this emotional life is from the normal natural!
Millions have to bear this.
I told you, the animal too.’
A lady says: ‘Then I understand my little dog this evening ... ’
The people laugh loudly, she laughs too and now Jozef says:
‘Yes, madam, I understand that too, there are dogs and cats, which just came from the normal and now sit before you like the living dead and you certainly have one of them.’
Laughter ...
Jozef says again ...:
‘They are there, madam, and people now call that: sweeties ... or: darlings, little poodle of mine ... tasty ... how sweet you are, but we know the core of that life and in this way we also determine the character and the emotional life of your dog and cat.
This wisdom, ladies and gentlemen, comes straight from ‘behind the coffin’ to us and yet the people say ‘death is death’.
But I tell you: those are the living and we are the living dead!
Am I right?’
‘Yes’, the masses call ... Jozef says: ‘Then go home soon and look properly at your cats and dogs and now forgive them that sexuality – their ‘homo’ – because we were also that and still are, in all our thoughts.
We do not believe that.
But have our thoughts already reached the spiritual normal, natural, expanding, inspiring sensitivity?
If you hit and kick, snap and destroy, babble and gossip, ladies and gentlemen, you also represent homosexuality, because ... you are unconscious and spiritually abnormal, aren’t you ... and this takes you to that world.
Now you can determine for yourself, that a public woman is not so bad after all ... but again: she experiences too much of her good ‘self’ and this takes her to something else and this is now conscious, spiritual decline, which has attunement to the personality.
But, ladies and gentlemen, homosexuality is therefore physical!
Wonderful lectures, ladies and gentlemen?’
‘It is wonderful, Mr Rulof, ... incredible, why does the world not wish to accept you?’ ... the people call to Jozef.
And he says: ‘I do not need the world.
But if the spiritualists and the theosophists, also the Rosicrucians wanted, believe me, then we could give the world something else and we would receive unity amongst millions of people for one grade of life.
But when you and other people run away again soon and just give your place again to other people, therefore have enough of all this wonderful, it is too heavy for yourself, what do you hope to achieve with that unconscious ‘world’?
Do not forget, I have received that proof.
I have known a hundred hallelujah callers and where are they now?
I know people, who will soon start for themselves.
Then they know enough from me and now they want to try themselves.
What do those mites do now?
Be master?
They may receive it from me, I said, you a bit sooner, if they are able to and do just like that.’
From the hall: ‘No human being can do that!’
Jozef: ‘I know that too, because if the masters stop, I will be powerless.
Because they have the gifts in their hands.
And what do those mites hope to achieve?
Because you know, you see, that they are there, that megalomania is present.
Those folk do not want anything else than to break other people and to earn money; I assure you, I will not become rich from your quarter and your ten cents.
If you cannot bear this, then just leave.
You say so much about me, let me also say something about you, then at least we will get to know each other.
Ladies and gentlemen, now something else.
I thank the human being who is capable of anonymously throwing five thousand guilders into my post-box and then running away.
I thank all of you who feel, that we are concerned with something else, that we, now I was able to earn honestly from you.
After all, we have proved it to you by means of 750 lectures, the books and our art, you know that, but I thank you for that and it is the proof, that you have accepted the masters and the teachings.
But let those, who think they can do it too, first prove this.
And if they want, we will ask those people our questions.
What do we see now?
It concerns money!
I am not for sale, even if the human being thinks that we are ‘extremely rich’ ... I do not want any houses of 45000 guilders, any cars, we are not for sale.
But try explaining that to those clowns!
If there are still people who want to begin for themselves, ladies and gentlemen, the masters will be faced with the unconscious of the human being and we still have that now and Christ also had to accept that.
Those traitors must stay away from me, they nailed Christ to the cross and they want to do that to me too, but they no longer get the chance for that, I want them one by one!
But I will beat them by means of wisdom!
I will let them see the battle by means of this fighting and will not say one word about any of them.
And there are already thousands of them; all of them succumbed?
I do not know.
They had just had enough of this Divine pudding and wanted something else.
But it is this and not anything else!
I will never get enough of it and probably not you either, but be careful; I do not believe anyone anymore in this and that is the best; then we do not need to say anything to each other again either.
‘Behind the coffin’ I will be proved right, the masters will be proved right and you have to bow your head to all of this!
It is our people now and not the world!
I really have to laugh, when I hear all that gossip, that the human being in this society flings at our heads.
I love those people just like those fully conscious homosexuals, but I find a homosexual a brother, also that woman a real sister.
What can I hope to achieve with this world?
Nothing, ladies and gentlemen, because those masses are not yet ready for this.
However, now the masters lay the foundations for their future, but people do not yet understand that.
If you are satisfied with this answer, then I will go a bit further.
I see, I still have a few minutes.’