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The question here is now: ‘Why are there so many boys born these day?
Can you also explain this?
Then gladly your answer.’
Jozef says: ‘That, sir, is because nature is recovering and the academics know that too.
But they do not know yet what it really is.
We discussed it before in our paper ‘Evolution’.
The human being, who then already knew the Society, therefore already knows these laws.
It is fatherhood and motherhood on earth, sir, that is the ‘law of nature’ which ensures that the two Divine and most sacred laws, fatherhood and motherhood, are not wiped out as a result of a war.
If there is too much of that fatherhood and motherhood on earth, Mother Earth takes care of that herself and that has been proven by illnesses and catastrophic events, which all therefore lie in the hands of this universe and which Mother Earth and we people can change nothing about, but was like that from the beginning of mankind!
Now as a result of the wars, the men are wiped out.
Motherhood now comes into disharmony and this is once more a great disturbance for our reincarnations, the returning of the human being to God!
Those wars, sir, have done it!
But Nature, it is Mother Earth, which gave the human being those laws in his hands, in order to experience them according to her harmony and she restores this balance.
The motherhood therefore in which we live, which takes us to the personality of the earth, forces the life to create or ... all of this universe, in which we live – now the masters give me something wonderful to experience – would collapse, because the human breathing is even inspired by fatherhood and motherhood and received the own independence.
You will certainly feel it, this is a cosmic answer!
All our life is fatherhood and motherhood and the social human rest now means nothing!
Nothing, can you also feel this now?
And is this not wonderful?
Only when you know universal laws for fatherhood and motherhood, you can answer this question and you hear it, everything is actually simple, despite this wonderful depth.
You should have asked Madam Blavatsky about that sometime.
She says, that the secret teachings know it, but we say: ‘For God nothing is secret, madam, that is nonsense and you should have known that.
But you still did not know it during your life.’
‘We saw each other and spoke to each other ‘behind the coffin’ and she had to accept me!
Also other people, but we are not talking about that just now!
As a result of this, sir, motherhood, therefore the cosmic part, now takes care of this ...
You can now call it God or ‘Nature’ ... that now boys are born first and it is therefore only for the being reincarnated; because of the last war a great disturbance has originated in that!
Not only now, that we people already do not want to accept the life through ourselves, but that we have to leave this life too soon because of numerous illnesses; the development already knows victims, because of accidents and do not forget the unconscious in and for the human being, suicide.
But now we also begin with a massacre and help the destruction well for the first time!
Not only now, that we deform and rape the laws of God by means of our disharmonic life, but now there are also people, who consciously let the human being shoot, who place signatures under death sentences and, with their hand calmly placed on the living, but unconscious, human heart, declare: ‘How well I did.
I did it in the name of my God and the bible!’
Those rebels must disappear from the surface of the earth.
It is murder, butchering, just as bad as something else, which brings disturbances between life and death and the human soul – and denies all the viability for the animal too – in order to experience harmony for God and the own returning to God for our own fatherhood and motherhood and the being reincarnated for all our Divine laws of life.
Are you satisfied?’
‘Yes, Mr Rulof, everything is now clear to me and I thank you!’
Someone also says: ‘Is it therefore forbidden to demand the death penalty?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, madam, but I will talk about that next week.
I will be pleased to.
Then ask the question, the time is now up.
I wish everyone of you all the best, a good night, but Sunday the masters will speak in Diligentia, you will hear something else there.
I am still just a dope!’
We now head for home.
Men and women are silent, they think, they have heard something else this evening and that came, they know and they can also accept, straight from another world to their personality.
‘Jozef Rulof’, the conscious in spirit, the thinking person, says, ‘You are a great miracle.’
And you can accept this from them!
The following evening Jozef begins with: ‘I read the question here: Is vivisection wrong, can you answer me?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, sir, that is wrong for the universe and for God, but there is something to be said about that.’
Immediate answer in the hall: ‘Then eating meat is also wrong!’
Jozef says: ‘You must not talk, madam.
When I am ready, you will get to ask your question, or it will be a nursery class here.
Just ask that school teacher there, she would not accept this either.
So we will soon continue with your thinking and feeling.
Vivisection is wrong!
That people let lower beings, lives, serve for the human being is understandable.
But the higher sorts, they have to experience the same sorrows as the human being.
Try tearing a gorilla family apart.
The female weeps until there are no more tears.
It takes days and weeks and if that animal heart is broken – a researcher into nature recently wrote – the human being gets to see that same animal in the zoo and then it sits there, completely broken, destroyed by the human being.
However, if there was a question, that the human life would be attacked because of a surplus of particular animal species, then certain measures would have to be taken by the human being in order to protect himself.
If we were not to eat fish, the fish would come to us and this has happened several times in history, because the animal wants to experience its evolution.
Is this now an evolution?
You will hear that soon, ladies, vegetarians too and then we will be faced with the laws.
Now vivisection, the Other Side says, is for the Divine in the human being ... a mean carry-on!
I no longer accept that the animal must die in order to give me health, says the master ‘beyond the coffin’.
But can we people on earth already live in this way and think in this way?
You hear it, there are already masses of people who do not wish to accept vivisection.
And they are right about this.
It is and remains an animal-like carry-on for the human being; it is destruction.
If you definitely want to do something for mankind, why not inject yourself then and leave your white mice alone, your rat, your rabbit, your dog and cat, your apes, your I-don’t-know-what, instead of giving yourself evolution by means of the suffering of an animal?
Give your own louse an injection and your flea ...
Do you wish to know whether those serums are worthwhile?
Then do everything, but do not violate a lower conscious for yourself, the laws of God say and the human being says, who has reached the spheres of light!
What an executioning that was, years ago, is dreadful!
Now that animal gets a better treatment as a result of science and it is still bad, if you hear, all the things they manage to do with those rats and mice.
Yes, madam, sir, I do not know what you think about it, but I could no longer do it.
I would inject myself for the well-being of mankind and no animal; God and Christ and the universe, for which and in which we live, can have respect for this!
My master told me: ‘An academic came ‘behind the coffin’ and said: ‘I was that, about whom you spoke, I invented that.’’
Then the master said: ‘By means of the blood, the soul and the life of the animal you wish to hold your own and did you think you had improved yourself?’
That academic cried out, because he thought he had earned a heaven.
But there was no respect from Christ, from not a single cosmically conscious being, he had violated the animal.
And now you can talk day and night, right or wrong, the animal now serves the human being, by means of those tests the academics have laid all their foundations and now what?
It is wrong!
It remains bad!
It is vulgar for the human being as the highest being in this creation; but the rat and the mouse, also our marmot, meanwhile gifted the human being with a serum, the depth of which you do not even realise.
The academic must do this for and by means of himself and not by means of the animal, is therefore the answer from my master.
And this is the truth.
Numerous academics followed this path and felt good with it, big, strong; that is spiritual art!
There are academics, who you could behead if you see, how they torture life, but this deed would also be in conflict with everything.
I already said, there has been much change in the outlook of the academics, but the evil is still there, all the world is still involved with it.
And now the lady with her meat eating.’
‘Yes’ ... she immediately says, ‘even those terrible ‘snotheads’ are perilous.’
Jozef asks: ‘Snotheads did you say?
What are they?’
Lady: ‘They are potatoes, sir, all the poison lives in them, all illnesses are attached to them.
I never eat them, it is bad for every human being.’
Jozef: ‘I do not dare to claim that, madam.’
Lady: ‘How many things are not made from the potato?
And the human being eats that; it is even worse than eating meat.’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, that is going too far!
Many vegetarians also go too far!
Never heard of them.
You are touching on something, madam, which will give them a lot of pleasure; I cannot get that word out of my concentration-feeling, it has started snivelling there and I can no longer make any progress.’
Jozef continues.
Laughter, the laughter is hearty.
He says again: ‘No, do not laugh now, but I mean ... snotheads.’
There is laughter again, it has got to them and now everyone laughs, it is fun.
Jozef now says: ‘I must first tell another story, before we are rid of those snot jokes, or the human being will not settle down.
You hear it, madam, what you have now unleashed.
Listen, people, those snotheads or head snivellers of this lady have now done it, but, do not forget, that this food is the food of the whole of Europe and many other peoples.
And is that wrong?
Are you not going a bit too far, are you not losing the existing and is this not becoming a hobby?
May we make a principle of human food or should it be different?
That from you is not on and I tell you honestly, I like nice baked potato, boiled too, delicious.
It has never given me snot, on the contrary, madam, I have continually fed myself from them and I look good, don’t I, gentlemen?
I do not dare to ask the ladies this!
But, madam, where did you get that from?
Is that because of a study?
Science is certainly not behind you.
Is that an own discovery?
Then I tell you this, madam, you surely find your snotheads irritating for your organism?
For millions of people your ‘snothead’ is a natural food and good as well and if there was no potato, the masses would be made to sit up.
Wouldn’t they?
I do not believe that you will find many people on your side.
The human being here eats snivellers or head snivellers, snot peepers, red and white, what is the ‘snothead’ called again?’
Fair is fair, there is something to this and Buziau would lap it up, would have made something delicious of it for Henri ter Hall and then the people would have enjoyed it, which hopefully you can take.
Well, let us just enjoy your ‘snivellers’ ... and then we will forget it.
I do not support you now, I find this something for yourself and nothing for another, madam, because the masses see and consider the potato as the first food and need it and to which I and really all of you as well, have to bow our heads.
But are you satisfied now with this answer?
Well, now what?
You see, if I deny you something, it is not right, even if you can take it well.
But the truth is, madam, that your conviction is for yourself and not for another.
This is my answer to this and this also applies to the vegetarians!
After all, I was able to heal numerous people.
I therefore also let you hear the facts now.
A lady comes to me for healing.
My Master makes the diagnosis; and do you know now, ladies and gentlemen, what the Master says?
You will not believe it.
‘Eat steak and quickly, it is only then that we can help you, because you are undernourished!’
She did not accept that.
She went to the doctor.
From the doctor back to me, because the doctor told her exactly the same thing: Completely undernourished, as a result of vegetarianism!
And now we know that vegetarian life is possible for thousands of people, but for other people, you see, it is not.
And this latter case is not for one human being, but for many people, who were faced with physical deterioration.
These people then had to return to their old recipe, to start to eat meat again.
Their organism needed it and another no longer does!
‘If you do not do that’, I said to that lady, ‘then I cannot help you.
Then just leave!’
Now what?
These are proven facts!
On the other hand, I know people who cannot see, or eat meat because of the nature and it is them!
On the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life none of us eat meat anymore.
People asked me, do you still eat meat?
I said: ‘I do not know.’
But people did not believe that.
When we experienced the books and returned from the Heavens, I could not eat anything at all anymore and the master had to descend into me in order to eat; I therefore ate in a trance.
A while later it came out again anyway and this means: the further you come from the earth, the more spiritual your organism also becomes and refuses the animal food!
My answer is now and that is therefore personal: Never say to a human being: ‘Do not eat meat.’
If those people go into it, it could be that you have sent those people to the grave as a result of your good advice for you and from yourself, because they urgently needed those life juices for their organism!
And the doctor can also tell you this, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the truth, it is all personal and is not for your neighbour.
Therefore let the people do what they want themselves, but do not say, that it is fatal for them, you must just prove that!
There have already been many battle fields produced for that too and the human being has argued about that.
For one person eating meat is good and for the other wrong.
Therefore everyone decides this for himself.
Now something else.
You do not eat any fish of course, madam?
Well, if I tell you, that the fish was born from the human being, can you accept this?
The ape and all animal life was born from the human being and now we see, what we once talked about before, Mr Berends, - I have not heard you the past few weeks – that the fish returns to our organism, that the ‘perfectly ordinary tuut’ ... the chicken, has now transformed our spinal cord into a delicious egg.
Which science still cannot accept, because the academic still does not know the human being and the animal.
The academic still has to learn and to recognise the types of meat as edible and inedible grades of life, which means nothing more than that the animal wants to give back to us and can give back to us what it received from our life on the Moon!
Did you also see that in your thinking and feeling, Mr Berends, when you experienced the waters?
I got to know these laws through the masters.
We made thousands of journeys for the cosmology only for those laws, therefore in the waters!
Now you can establish exactly, whether you eat the best sorts of your own life, when you know these laws and possibilities and you can follow the evolution of and for yourself.
Now the fish is your own life, madam, and you can eat them, or ... Christ would never have violated those lives!
However, if you know better than Christ, then go ahead, I will go nowhere with your thinking and feeling, the masters do not do that either, they bow to Christ!
The fish originated as a result of my kidneys, spinal cord, the glands, as a result of my blood.
We even know fish, who possess the menstruation and therefore still possess fully-maternally the human characteristics!
Take, for example, the ‘ray’.
Now we are faced with a part of our life, which we gave our own ‘self’ as organism, which took place on the Moon!
And that ‘turbot’, ladies and gentlemen, is from myself; God is so deep, the human being too.
But the academics and you, who spurn the fish, are completely off the mark!
Had you expected this, ladies and gentlemen?
Is this not a spatial answer?
Tell me, where you can experience this on earth and I will tell you, that academic may get my head and may do everything with it.
What I may now tell you, you will get straight from master Alcar, this evening – as a Divine gift – and comes from the ‘University of Christ’!
Jozef smiles ... the human being before him laughs, still feels, despite not being right, carried and admits that this is a Divine answer.
All of us accept this, the two hundred and fifty people here!
‘Even if I am not a fish connoisseur, I can analyse all the fish of the waters for you and tell you, from which parts of us they received their own life, Berends, and now you see that Mother ‘Water’ also possesses a wonderful organism and her independent fatherhood and motherhood too, because the fish will prove it to you, by means of their soft and hard roes!
Mr De Wit, you know – as captain – and I also ask this to other people, what is a water fly?
What is a water flea, an ink fish, a jellyfish and so on, a crab, etcetera, etcetera.
These are post-creations, to which the snake – which lives on the land – also belongs and such a great deal of other species of animal, but which the masters know, because they have to represent as human being the existing creation as man and woman!
And that is the consciousness of the masters, from whom I received this wisdom.
What does it mean, when an animal in the waters possesses oily life, therefore whale oil, Berends?
Also post-creation?
Because that species cannot be eaten.
What is it?
Do you not know?
You can say: post-creation, you guess at it, but I know, I know that whale and the other species, also the sperm whale ... and all those millions of lives in the waters!
Is that something?
Yes ... that is something and that is the Divine creation, but a whale belongs to creation, but received the consciousness as a result of our glandular system and gall system, by means of which that animal gives us oil and feeds the gall!
Our intestines as systems gave animal life and had to create and give birth to animal life, in this way every cell of our organism – when that independence started and we therefore had come out of the waters – had to build on its own life.
And this became the fish in the waters and all those lower species, until there was nothing more to create; then that giving birth was worn out and that creating and giving birth finished, which we now also have to accept for our life, but not for Mother Nature.
Why not, ladies and gentlemen?
Which of you feels it, knows it?
You will learn to think as a result of this.’
We now hear left and right the human being seeking like a child.
Jozef hears all kinds of things ... but he keeps saying ... ‘No, madam, it is not that.’
‘No, it is a bit like it, but it is not that either.’
‘No, it is still not it.’
‘Yes, madam, I said that all life is finished, the creation is finished, but there is still one thing and you do not feel it now and all of you overlook that, but it is the answer and that is?
Berends, do you not know?
You, Mr Götte?
Listen then, I will tell you and then you will say: ‘Good heavens, och, och, it is so simple.’
‘Well, now listen carefully, the waters are finished.
The human being is finished, also the universe.
You can discover a new star now and again, but the universe is finished.
It is just a side issue if you discover a star, fatherhood and motherhood is ready, is finished.
The Divine creation, you heard this from the masters in Diligentia, is finished and now it comes: Mother Nature, therefore flower and plant, not yet; this life can obtain the spiritual grade and in this way we will get to see new flowers and plants, precisely those, the spiritual of which already live on the other side!
The life in the waters can no longer change.
That life is finished, the human being too.
The human being will embellish himself.
Not everyone as a man is an Adonis.
I look good, but I am not an Adonis, I now have to put up with my snub nose, but I see here other gentlemen.
I will not swap with those figures, I find myself really handsome, is it true or not ... gentlemen?
You have small and large, fat and thin, as thin as a matchstick and too much fattiness, big noses, fat chins, etcetera, etcetera.
This can become embellished over the centuries and will become embellished over the centuries and that will happen.
But the organism is finished, only Mother Nature is still capable of giving birth to and creating new flowers, because Mother Nature only started her giving birth and creating a short time ago!
Is this worthwhile, ladies and gentlemen?
Madam, your snotheads also came to the existing laws and can no longer change.
This can be seen and experienced because of the laws of God, if you know the grades for fatherhood and motherhood on a cosmic attunement!
And our masters know them!
Therefore those, whose school I was able to experience, are cosmically conscious, since I was born in a village and not in your city.
Because the city would just have taken all of this away from me!
If you have a holiday soon, take a walk in our place in ‘s-Heerenberg over the Zwartekolkse and the Montferlandse road and you will probably also experience something of that.
However, I tell you: my brothers also ran in those woods, but they did not experience what I experienced.
What I experience, is not of this world!
Try saying now, that Jozef Rulof himself is jabbering, writes books and is not in trance!
I tell you, now we speak by means of direct contact.
You have not even noticed, that I sunk away, was elevated by master Alcar.
Yet this happened a moment ago.
Yes, madam, did you see something?
Then congratulations, because it is true and it was true!
And now I am out of it and it is amen, it is over.
The universal contact has been broken and now I feel, see and stand again as Jozef Rulof before your life.
A moment ago you became acquainted with André-Dectar and it is they, those two.
I, Jozef, am the city one for the cosmology!
And ‘Jeus’ is the farmer from Gelderland.
But just try saying that, when we are here, the masters say, who have sacred respect for ‘Jeus’, then we talk ‘in dialect; and explain the Divine laws in dialect.
And then you also have to accept and to experience those lectures!
Because ‘Jeus’ is ‘of mother Crisje’ and what is from her, belongs to Our Lord.
Did you not read this in ‘Jeus’?
Is this not the truth?
You hear it, everything has meaning and it is worthwhile!
Ladies and gentlemen, I will continue.’
A lady comes back to her question from last week and now asks: ‘May the death penalty be applied?’
Jozef says: ‘Of course, that is not allowed.
What do the ‘Ten Commandments’ say?
You are talking about the death penalty.
Do you not have a God and not a Christ?
It says in the bible: ‘Thy shalt not kill.’
So whatever else you find in the bible, is from the botchers of that bible, from the human being, who squandered the word of God and Christ.
It therefore says: ‘Thy shalt not kill’, but why did they take the lives of, among other people, Mussert and that poor Max Blokzijl?
That Blokzijl is not ‘poor’, I do not accuse that life, I found him and Mussert dopes, but to still take the lives of such unconscious beings?
They should have sent those men to the coal mines!
They could have made them work day and night if necessary, until they are fit to drop, but they should not have killed them.
Do not kill any human being, or you will violate them; but give them the opportunity to make good their mistakes.
Christ meant that and nothing else!
Who gives you the right to kill a human being?
To pronounce the death sentence?
You can make this good again and you must return to the earth for this.
What are you now, if you have achieved the highest for the earth and for a people and yet say, although you believe in God: ‘Those rebels must just go!’
Did God say and mean that?
Christ perhaps?
The bible?
Yes, but the bible writers made that of it themselves!
Oh, people, all those members of the national socialist movement were stupid idealists!
I also have them here amongst my audience.
How I warned those gentlemen and ladies!
Let them speak.
I can see the tears coming into their eyes again, because they know that I was right.
Wasn’t I, darlings?
I love you, because you have proved what you wanted; however, the unconscious remainder have not.
So do not shout at those idealists, who do not have to do with violence, because ultimately everything was the school of learning.
We now know, that human being had to show his colours.
For many people I could have prevented this showing of colours, but they were mad, knew better and ended up in a concentration camp as a result of that!
You see, ladies and gentlemen, the masters take care of you.
I am not a master, but I received it for all of you, in the right for all of mankind.
Now you have got anyway, what you wanted to fight for, but what did Christ say?
Why did you not think about Christ?
Did he not say: ‘Take up the sword and you will perish by it?’
Had you forgotten that?
Has mankind forgotten this and does it think, time and again, when it is faced with signing death penalties?
Hang me up, but I will still call out: All of you are unconscious beings!
There were people among them who held séances.
The Other Side said according to them: ‘Yes ... everything is good.’
I said to those people: ‘Have you gone completely mad?’
They said: ‘You should have come to us long ago, but now you are off the mark.’
It was impossible to talk to them and yet?
I thought, but that mad Piet, that madman, yes, what-are-they-called-again, I had almost mentioned names and I do not want to do that.
But they are here, wink at each other and they now agree with me!!
In a big way, isn’t it true, Mientje?
Father and mother?
I am right, because we laid the book ‘Peoples of the Earth’ in your hands and this proves, that I fought with the masters against Adolf and against all those devils, but for Christ!
Is that not spot-on, girls and boys, children?
How do you kiss now?
What do you still have to say?
Do we not love you?
Did we leave you standing at the door, when you returned one day and knocked?
Asked: ‘May I come in, Jozef?’
How did we weep together at this reunion?
I will stop, I see tears and that is not what I want!
I greet you, I will go onto something else ...
But it was good and educational, let such a human being come one day and say: ‘Hail, Notary!’
‘Hail, Nico’, ‘Hail Bram’?
Go away, convulsers, do not ruin my life any longer.
And yet, people, all the things we learned.
When you followed those madmen, I used my time in a different way.
I experienced the cosmology then, this, the laws of which I now explain to you and for which I received the human ‘right’; also this, your tears and this is just enough and Christ can make do with it for now, for this and for your life; these are the pearls for all of your hearts, they are ‘sweeties’!’
Some listeners show tears ... the human being knows it, they are beaten with Divine truth and yet carried again by this love!
And look, world, we have respect for this, the cosmically conscious being is speaking here!
Jozef also says: ‘No, madam, no death penalty, you hear that now.
Anyone who does that anyway, does not possess a God of love and we have no respect for them either.
I was born in the ‘clay’, good heavens above, how happy I am now, that I am not of noble birth, or I would have had to plant ‘Orange blossoms’ in front of the door of our little house and those blossoms discolour my life.
And now ‘whitish-black’ becomes ... bluish-hell green and greenish-insignificant grey, yes, really grey before my eyes and before yours, because we lack the Divine inspiration and then everything is living-dead ... as a result of which the human being no longer knows himself and just lives it up ... demands the death penalty, doesn’t he ... it is wretched!
I am happy, oh, my God – this is now my prayer – that I am not a royal child, but ... I was a ‘Prince’ of the Universe because of André-Dectar.
Is it not true, are these answers not royally conscious?
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and if you still cannot accept this, I will just carry on and it will be proved to you by the laws of God!
Satisfied, ladies and gentlemen?
Greetings to Mussert.
Ask him, if you should meet him between life and death, or soon, when he returns to the earth, whether he still wants to be occupied with the earthly human development.
But then he will say, consciously now: ‘Count me out.’
The word of Napoleon is also like this now, of Mussolini and of millions of other men and women, who wanted to make history, but now cursed that progress in order to say later: No, it was not that crazy, what Adolf said: one for all – and all for one ... that happens now.
Because all those mad peoples now reach the actual unity.
Yes, how can it be, Germany is helped by the peoples of the earth.
But when Jozef Rulof said it?
No, he is a spiritual madman, we do not like him, that just makes you crazy!
But the truth is the truth, the masters are proved right in everything, always, because they fight for Christ!
And ... God finally received the profit ... because the human being, who was broken, experienced the death penalty, will never take part in that again.
He has now learned that it should not be like that!
Is this not the reality, ladies and gentlemen?
Now read the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ again and you will know even more; you will be stronger in this life and for your other side!
Do not forget, we already experienced this in 1939 and the masters then already recorded this in this book.
In 1940 everything was ready, those books were there, of which we made one book, which lies in your hands, as the gift for your life and your struggle; it is the Divine truth!
More questions about this problem?
I believe that, we now know ... applying the death penalty is committing destruction and no one has the right to do this.
They will have to give those same lives a new body, but they will have to return to the earth for this purpose!’
I read here: ‘Mr Rulof, I wanted to ask you and if possible an answer, please ...
How must we learn to think?
Is our thinking wrongly tuned in with regard to our life and all that other, with which, according to the teachings of the masters, we are involved with?’
Jozef says: ‘From whom is this good question?
From you, madam?
Yes, madam, that is a good question, because you are busy asking yourself: how must I think.
In the very first place, madam, I tell you, if you come ‘behind the coffin’ later – now listen carefully, what I want to give you – you do not need to be afraid.
You will make it, you are ready, you wish to bow, because you feel that the thinking of the human being on earth means nothing.
I could write a book now, more and more new books, for the sole reason of analysing the question ‘how must I learn to think’!
It is so wonderful, so deep, because your question is connected to God, Christ, soul, spirit, the universe, to all those life questions of the human being, but which the human being does not want to begin with.
We will begin with the everyday, madam.
Are you in harmony with yourself at home and with what you have to do there, ladies and gentlemen?
Are you wasteful, lazy, dirty, therefore filthy, selfish and meddlesome, talking a lot and always off the mark?
Snapping and growling, gossiping and chattering, hating, deceptive?
You hear it already, it places us again before our dictionary and we must experience the pure harmony of that.
The answer for this is: reach social harmony by means of your thinking, the harmonic thinking and you will lay foundations for your spirit and personality.
Your question, madam, comprises at least twenty books.
Do you believe this?
They are books of unprecedented beauty!
Books about God, Christ, the laws of Mother Nature, your soul, your spirit, your fatherhood and motherhood, friendship, brotherly and sisterly love, church, religion, arts and sciences, and so on and we will still not be finished this evening at twelve o’clock, there is so much to discuss now!
Where should we begin?
I tell you, learn to think for the good.
Learn to think, as Christ did.
Never think wrong of and about the human being, even if you are faced with hatred or with the thief.
But go from that life, you must not want to have anything to do with it.
The human being must decide for himself what he does, as long as you are not wrong!
I had to learn to think, or master Alcar could not have achieved anything with me.
And do you wish to know how I think?
Yes, then I will give you my own view and I assure you, it was good for me.
I obtained cosmic unity by means of my thinking!
Does this still not say enough?
In the first place you must ask yourself: Do I still have gossip, hate, envy, dissatisfaction, jealousy, lousy carry-on, laziness, wastefulness, megalomania, fuss, fuss about nothing, boasting, false thoughts, dishonesty, lust, quarrelsome feelings in me!???
I can go on, but this is enough for the time being.
Start to wring the neck of all those wrong characteristics, kill those feelings which drag you down.
Are you not nagging, can you surrender something, or do you remain attached day and night to one little trouble?
Can you forgive the mistake, can you bow to the other truth?
Then these are good foundations, on which you stand and you can begin the spiritual construction!
And that, madam, takes you to the love, which possesses seven grades, therefore transitions, before we have reached that spiritual unity as love and we have mastered those foundations for our character.
And it is only then that we enter the other side, of course Golgotha.
If you wish to start this, then first read the spiritual books, but ... with reading alone you will not come one step further!
The masters taught me this and proved it!
Do you do art?
Can you accept, that people break you, if the connoisseur of your art is right?
This also applies to all things!
Now, madam, finish off one single thought.
Where must you begin?
I will help you.
Can you believe what the Other Side brings to us?
If I tell you, my word has now become ‘law’, this means, that I give you the spiritual truth.
If you can accept those words as power and spirit and soul, then we can continue.
There are people here, who have experienced many lectures, have read all the books and – that has already been proved – still succumb!
Now we are already faced with this situation: which is the truth of yourself?
How deep are you in your word?
Does your word have spiritual meaning, therefore already obtained a spiritual foundation?
Can we, can God, can Christ, count on that?
Not true perhaps, madam ... Peter, who walked next to Christ, let the cock crow!
That same cock crows for us.
Yes, madam, perhaps for our whole character, and now you know immediately, what I mean and what we have to do for ourselves.
For how many hundreds of thoughts and sayings does that cock from Jerusalem still have to crow for us, in this society, for Christ and our spiritual life?
What remains of us, madam, when we are faced with that reality?
Nothing, at least very little!
The human being accepts me and therefore the masters.
If I would have doubted the word of the masters once, I would have stood still and the Master would no longer have been able to continue.
He said: ‘You must start thinking towards me and not back, therefore not socially.
Of course you will soon return to your everyday life and it is only then that you will begin to think spiritually for the material life, therefore according to the truth!
Lay first foundations for your friendship, your wife, your husband.
They must also begin with it, because tie of friendship lead to love; in this way marriage gets spiritual meaning!
Is this not worthwhile, madam?
I did this.
Slowly but surely I rose above this own character, because I accepted the laws of the masters.
And what do the people do?
They want to enrich themselves and have nothing to spare for that.
The ‘ounces’ of feeling of those people are completely finished, the ‘will’ to continue is unconscious.
Now it costs blood and they do not want to devote this, because this is too difficult, the material life is easier.
And look, the destruction by means of that lazy carry-on begins.
They look for a way out, do not want to bow, do not want to know that they are weak and in this way we are faced with the unwillingness of the human being, the succumbing!
There are people here, who continually say: ‘Yes, but!’
But there are no longer any ‘buts’, we have to accept this and if you cannot, then your emotional life dominates, your character, well, what is it?
Your laziness, your hesitation, your restraining feeling, your complaining, your nagging, your stumbling progress, your leisure, because it is that!
And if you cannot keep up, you seek it from someone else.
You want to defend yourself.
You do not wish to let anything come on your personality, people may not show you those faults.
You already react immediately and in this way we also still have this and now the people stand opposite each other like mules.
No, ladies and gentlemen, do not grin now, I do not intend to let you smile now, we are now experiencing deadly seriousness!
The masters also have time to smile humanly for a moment and to say something nice in the life on the other side.
They do not walk with their heads directed at the ground either and can sometimes have their fun like the people, but then spiritual fun.
However, if it concerns their own heaven and their grade of life and they have to represent God, that fun stops and they use the polite form of address, even if they are talking to their twin soul!
That is the truth and understandable as well.
Christ could also do that with his apostles and we also have to learn this!
If you – man and wife – wish to bow if you are wrong, you can go further again.
I had to accept this, for that matter, I had to master everything, which we are now talking about, in order to serve and be an instrument.
Now you do not walk away from each other.
It is now obvious that two are needed for this.
If one does not wish to bow for the other, then we already stand still and we cannot go further.
But if you stand alone in society, then you can also go further, now we do it a bit differently.
You say: ‘I will continue.
I refuse to hate, to kill what was created by God.
I refuse to be lazy, to tell lies, to be pathetic, which we are talking about.
I do not want anything more to do with those pathetic thoughts, I want to move forward, to make something of myself.
And that happens now precisely, because I am not understood.’
You see, everything you do, even if you say: ‘You need two for that’, you still do for your own life and another has nothing to do with that.
If you just follow your ‘will’ and lay foundations, even if you are still beaten and kicked every day, you do it for yourself and for no one else!
And what does the human being in society say of you, when people get to know you?
‘You can talk to that life.’
Did you really think, that master Alcar could have given me something?
Did you think that you should be grateful to me?
I want nothing to do with your gratefulness.
Understand well that this is a side issue, which we will also follow later.
I mean, that I bring the human being to a new life for myself, do something for the human being, which ultimately only concerns myself and not you!
That is then the foundation for myself and for your life.
I, madam, try, if I can, to make myself loved for the universe, for God, for all life, for which I do everything and want to give.
But I do not intend to serve hyenas.
First of all, this ... I do not want to be involved in murder, or with deception, lies, dirty carry-on, destruction.
I want to lay foundations for the other side ... I must experience, spiritualise what only the Christ meant and brought to earth, not that, which the Catholic church and Protestantism made of it.
For this purpose I received and now you received this wonderful contact and as a result of this we are a century ahead of all those dogmatic people.
You can accept this!
I do not want to be involved with politics, because that first of all takes me to a stinking abyss!
And now further.
I try to see only the beautiful in and for everything, am always ready, to take care of the human being and the life, if it is possible.
But I am powerless before hundreds of facts because society is not yet that far.
I have to bow my head to this, always bow again, but I think and namely in the direction of the masters, of Christ!
Can you already feel, what you have to imagine, madam?
And this is not nearly everything.
I already told you beforehand, books can be written about this and the masters are capable of that, because they already mastered this long ago.
‘How difficult it is’, someone says there in that corner of the hall.
But it is not difficult, you are that difficulty yourself and you still do not wish to clean up!
I find everything easy, one day you will also feel this, but then you will have laid foundations.
And, ladies and gentlemen, people fight on earth for this and the human being wants to see and find this in the other human being, but has nothing to spare for it himself.
All of you want ‘love’, don’t you?
That makes life beautiful and true, but ... what do you have to devote to this?
Your laziness?
All those things which I mentioned?
This low destructive carry-on in your character?
Then your love means nothing more and we are faced with walking away, divorce, aren’t’ we?
But you will not find it anywhere, you cannot escape, nor avoid yourself!
People do not like me, you hear say to the left and to the right of me, people find me a fakir.
Well, say it honestly now: would you not like to have such a fakir around you, who can teach you, give you everything, everything?
I do not have any demands myself, but I think I may ask, to also be treated humanly.
I paint for your life and receive wisdom.
I experience you everyday at home by means of my lectures, I will kneel at the feet of your personality, if you do not kick me to death, do not annoy me in a strangling way, do not turn me upside down and get me out of my chair, in which I am having a seat, in order to think, how I can give my best for you, I take care of your life, inspire you, and what do we get back for that?
Yet I am a fakir for many people, they cannot cope with me.
But I tell you: I have never hit one being out of my life ... never, because that is not possible!
When they left, walked away, this was because of their odds and ends, they had completely polished off their ounces, therefore that feeling, as a result of which they had to prove, what they really wanted!’
To the left and to the right we now hear women in the hall saying: ‘Just give me a fakir like that, I want to live and die for this.’
And this is the truth.
It is the human slander, which keeps on destroying the good and the progress!
Jozef continues and gives us happiness in the thinking, when he says:’ You see, ladies and gentlemen, now you have touched on something, which connects all of you with the other side, the Spheres of Light!
Do you have any more questions?
It is obvious that I am not nearly finished speaking about it.
We have not even started yet!
Love, people, even if you are beaten and kicked, I know your misery!
Believe me, you will soon do it for yourself anyway.
The human being, who hits you, believe me now too, is not your ‘twin soul’, at least not he, who with you, has to represent God.
We have boxers, runners, cyclists, footballers, thieves.
There is also the ‘whoring and stringing’, to make it clear to you immediately and all of those are ‘twin situations’, therefore from the animal-like and pre-animal-like grade of this attunement to the spiritual, which concerns all of us and the universe.
I tell you, if you are provoked, beaten, kicked, lied to and cheated, if you have to do with animal-like feelings, this is not your spiritual attunement, for which you want to fight.
I also tell you, carry on consciously, the one who belongs to you ‘beyond the coffin’, ladies and gentlemen, is also busy.
But perhaps, your husband, your soul, lives in France, Germany, Italy, America, it can also be in China, in Japan or India ... ; do it for your life, fight for this happiness; soon he or she will come back to your life and you will be one for eternity!
And it is this!
This is the answer of Christ and the masters, ladies and gentlemen, people cannot deny you this.
Now that saying: you need two for it, therefore dissolves!
You are expanding yourself and also the life, which belongs to you, continues, or will begin with it!
You see, dear people, this is universal thinking!
And I do that and I want that.
I do not dread anything.
I work, I do not know tiredness and I do not want anything to do with it either.
I do not bother about calling: ‘But what a lot you do, just stop, have a rest!’
I get my happiness and my rest by means of my task, my work, serving for the other life and this is already laying spiritual foundations, that takes me back to the Spheres of Light, to Christ and to God!
Exhaust yourself for the good in and for the life, but do not be a doormat for the lazy, but idle human being.
Do not let yourself be abused, be hit, do not let yourself be sucked empty, ladies and gentlemen, because we live among parasites.
Which of you still has to do with that?
Then run away from those people and use your eyes properly.
See, who is prepared to receive your love.
And also see them, who are still out to suck you and your people empty, because those people are too lazy themselves to lift a hand and to do something for their own snotty ‘self’!
But you must find that out for yourself!
I have no time for that, I have something else to do now.
If we had a school and I saw you day and night, yes, then I would give you lessons, I would let you do it spiritually.
It is only then that you would want to give your whole life, because, ladies and gentlemen, then we would experience the Spheres of Light, during our material life, the ‘Kingdom’, which is already there, because it lives in all of us.
The Divine spark, which we have to represent, possesses everything of God!
Is this not also for the Catholic and the reformed child on earth, not for every sect or Religion?
You now see, what we come to be faced with.
Someone once said about another, a good person: ‘She is a bitch, she is a slut.’
But she was not a slut and not a bitch!
Then I hit out, delivered a blow, but I am shocked by this.
I will never do that again!
Even if the human being asks me to just lift up the spiritual whip.
Today they approve of that, tomorrow they will hit back and then I will be left with the misery.
I did that, in order to show the human being, that he now sullies himself, hits, kicks and deforms, but those people were still angry too and when master Alcar said to me: ‘What did Christ do?’
I wept until my tears ran dry, because those people destroyed another life just like that and did not think that they were destroying themselves, therefore the own inner self, isn’t it, for ‘behind the coffin’.
I will never do that again, because I gave myself that blow.
I stumbled over myself.
This hitting is destruction, even if you do it in order to save the human being; even taking someone good to task is wrong, because you keep hitting yourself!
Sometimes you would want to deal with the human being in a heavy-handed way, in order to hammer in the good and real.
I tell you, do not do it, you will be hitting yourself anyway, because you descend to that harshness and the Messiah did not mean that.
He remained love in and for everything, soft and kind.
The masters had to accept this and we will also make sure that it now becomes our possession!
Your hands itch sometimes, but, just try doing something back.
You would want to tear the human being from his life in order to prevent him doing any more harm, peddling such talk.
You would like to suffocate that harshness in the human being by means of your life and blood, but that won’t work and that is not possible either.
You just have to bow to those characters!
However, know – and this is the only thing for you and me – ‘behind the coffin’ a human being like that still says: ‘If only I had raised the spiritual whip.’
But we know, I know ... yes, of course ... then you would get your way, but ... I would also be in that misery, that brutal carry-on and then I would have lost myself and my sphere!
For what?
To do you a favour?
In order to give you happiness, that I am now also in that spiritual misery?
And it is that, ladies and gentlemen, from which I learned and from which mankind must learn.
We sometimes do things for our love, which hit you, which consciously destroys you and then the ‘right’ from us, is proved wrong.
Then, it is true, we accept and protect our own blood, don’t we, and that is that cursed self-love!
Then the child is proved right by the father and the mother, the husband by the wife and the other way round, but the neighbours had to put up with that cursed baiting of ours.
But we do not want to see that, do not want to know anything about it; my wife, my husband is proved right and that is now that blow; we experience our own collective dung heap!
And nothing else!
Yesterday I also read the following: a school boy runs home and says: ‘Father, that brute hit me.’
The boy even has a bloody nose.
The father leaves, to go to that other father!
The mothers also interfere in it and what did it become?
A fight for life and death!
Three people are lying in hospital as a result of this event.
And now the truth.
That boy was a brute, such a boy, who always provokes and teases.
Always brings out the false and mean.
The teacher said that and the children at the school also said that.
But the father did not want to see this, because it is his child!
And now that same boy finally got to see his bloody nose.
If the father and mother had been willing to listen, they would have wanted to place their own blood under the spiritual ‘law’ or would want to see in front of the Divine mirror, then that same father would have taken his child across his knee and as a result of this this child would have learned.
Now the evil in the human being is served, isn’t it?
But there was also the school master and the pupils, because they told the true circumstances, otherwise those parents would have also been victorious about all those good thoughts in the human being, which sometimes happens.
What now concerns us and that also applies to the adults, that the child is also proved right by wife and husband and then it is called: You can drop dead.
Because she is still my wife, or: he is my husband, or it is our child.
And in this way we are faced with that cursed self-love, which digs your own grave for the life on the other side!
I will never agree with that, even if you are my sweetest mother!
Even God would not be in the right, if he was to do wrong!
I withdraw and think: Work it out for yourself, I refuse to accept those lies, that self-love, I will not agree with you, even if my friends are there!
I expose your life and if I get misery, then that is dearer to me than showing my false ‘self’.
Because the human being knows, as a result of this I would throw myself away.
Is this harsh?
Precisely by acting in this way, ladies and gentlemen, we know, what we mean to each other.
And this is the laying of foundations, for truth, for love!
Am I perhaps wrong in this?
Did Christ not teach us this?
What do the laws of life and death, for soul, life and spirit, your personality, your fatherhood and motherhood say about this?
I believe, that we must continue with this, because this is educational for all of us ... ’
‘Yes, do it’, people call to Jozef and he does it and we learn.
It is a wonderful evening for all of us.
‘And then also this, people.
Look at yourself and you will know.
All of our society is one ‘giggler’ ... !
I am a general ... ha, ha, ha ...
I am a clerk ... ha, ha, ha ...
I shaved and washed this morning and brushed my teeth, ha, ha, ha ...
Just snigger now ... because it will become that.
I have become head of the office, ha, ha, ha ... so no longer a human being, but a cowherd ...
I am a prince ... ha, ha, ha, ha ... more giggles.
And I am a king.
And I have a little brother, a little sister, a father and a mother.
I have such a beautiful dress and wear pearls and diamonds, beautiful shoes, ha, ha, ha.
But such people have nothing of the sandals from the books ‘Masks and Men’.
They only see themselves, always giggle, laugh at everything and nothing, do not know seriousness and do not know anything, when and why they may laugh.
They cannot understand that and they see this seriousness – which has to do with God and our life – as dullness.
Well, it is that fuss, which has meaning for the human being in this society.
I was up early this morning, ha, ha ... one person says.
I cook every day, haaaa ... ha ... another person says.
But, they do not know what lives in them!
That does not mean anything to them either, they are vainly conscious, but they do not know that either and just keep on giggling.
If you point it out to them, they become angry!
Ladies and gentlemen, can you feel this?
The human being giggles at everything and there is nothing to giggle about now.
But this is the character, the empty meaningless carry-on of this society, which tries to give us a God of hatred and revenge every day for a good God of love.
If you are not capable of discovering all of this for yourself and you continue to ‘giggle’ ... the Other Side and the pure and great love will be gone from your life.
You still want to experience and possess that great love, but you will not get that from anyone, because your love, your personality, your character, even your children are one big ‘giggling party’ and nothing else!
Someone came to me and said: ‘I will no longer tolerate that ‘giggling’, I will get divorced!’
I listened to all of this from that man and I had to bow, even although I told him, that he had not met her for nothing and he had to make good to that life.
He said: ‘I can no longer stand it – I am suffocating in that giggling, I will do everything for her, but I am leaving, I want to make something else of my life.’
And do you know what that man possessed?
Three million.
He gave that ‘giggler’ almost everything and left.
He became a coal merchant ... went to do something else and then married a kitchen maid; he started a new life.
He would have suffocated in that last one!
In this way we ‘giggle away’ our most precious, our attunement to God and the laws and make a fairground attraction of it.
We do not know.
Yet something hammers, continually, the other human being can drop dead?
If this was the case, I would say: ‘The ‘droodles’!’
I said to someone, in order to teach that human being and because it was a pity: ‘Do not giggle like that when you are in front of people.
They laugh behind your back.’
She became angry, she became red.
From shock?
No, I touched that personality.
But what do people call this life: laughing Gerritje ...
But that Gerritje is a woman in this case and there she is on her last gasp in the gutter, with her character, her motherhood, her being a mother.
This ‘love’ does not mean a thing, this personality is a ‘giggler’.
The human being hears it and you can learn from it.
But no, people become angry, people stubbornly defend themselves and now you are faced with an empty carry-on and you can take to your heels.
I got the most beating from the human being, whom I wanted to teach something to, precisely from those people.
I do not wish to see pupils again.
I cannot teach them anything, when they do not wish to lay aside that cursed ‘giggling’ about nothing.
I now let them suffocate, giggle, but my inner ears are locked for those men and women, I no longer hear them.
And I had wanted to give that to that gentleman, whom I spoke to, but he succumbed in that empty, meaningless giggling!
Am I right?
Are you not a giggler?
Thank God, it is only now, my lady – you asked this question – that we begin to see the seriousness of our life and want to accept it.
That must be present in us for everything, or we will giggle away the Divine school!
The human being laughs at everything, even at Divine sanctities, because we experience that every day.
In this way they find me a fakir, a magician, a brute, because I want to deny them the ‘giggling’!
How do we learn to think spiritually?
First banish all those futilities from your character, that empty carry-on for our personality; we must begin with the deadly seriousness.
Lay new foundations for all those characteristics one by one, precisely by means of the reality, the seriousness of our life for all the laws of God!
This evening you are listening like children, you are so sweet and that now comes to me as a pure radiance.
But now at home kicking and hitting and showing that you are lord?
Husband perhaps, wife?
Show yourself to be a child for him, Christ!
Do not hit, do not kick any longer.
You will learn nothing and I know that!
Be love for the other and if he does not wish to stop the ‘giggling’, then close yourself off and begin for yourself with that serious thinking.
Only give an answer if you have to, then you will lay foundations, because not a single person will accept that silence of yours.
And now an example.
A woman comes to me and says: ‘That husband of mine is a brute, it is day and night kicking and hitting, snapping, I am just like his maid servant.’
And it was also true!
Now what?
Do you wish to conquer him, lady?
Good, then from now on you are only just a maid servant; he is king there.
You now serve.
Before you still demanded, that must now go too, you have nothing to demand.
What did you say?
‘Must I act the maid servant for my own husband?’
‘Yes, madam, if you cannot do it, then I cannot help you.’
She does it.
After ten days the husband asks her: ‘Say, have you gone off your rocker, you are behaving as if I am an emperor.’
And now she said exactly what I had told her.
She replied: ‘Have I done something wrong, husband, father?
Then I will change that, father, dear, just say it, I will do it, I want to learn something from you, husband.’
And he started to think.
Three days later she hears from her husband: ‘Good gracious, Loesje ... but what a big brute I was.’
The man already saw himself.
Now that he was sick, he started to think.
Every time he heard: ‘Dear, do you want me to make something nice for you?’
Ladies and gentlemen, that same man could no longer stand it.
Of course, the core was there, because if it is not, then you will not reach that depth.
In order to master this, you need several lives.
If that core had not been there, I would not have put her in that situation.
That would be a hopeless task and pearls before swine!
But he sees her, he starts to think and that rough and harsh market gardener changes, because he sees and can experience her love.
Now ... years later, it is still the same.
No, he will not become a spiritual person of great character just like that, she is not that either.
But I confronted these people with their own ‘giggling’ and then they heard themselves!
And he did not accept that; he knew then that he himself was a pathetic product and started to think about something else.
Precisely about that, about being man and wife.
He had beaten the pure male in him to death in all those years, abused, kicked, deformed it, giggled it away!
In this way I have brought up my patients and I am still busy.
But if you do not wish to begin with it yourself, then you will get the ‘droodles’ from me and you will find this again in the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’.
Now decide for yourself what this word means; I do not know, but what would you make of this added sound?
The ‘droodles’!
I mean by this, ladies and gentlemen, all of this takes us back to our so ‘beautiful’ society, which can be beautiful, but which the human being has made a dung heap of.
Do not let yourself be giggled at, deceived, do not go into that meaningless fun, you are throwing yourself away, your ‘being human’ is gone.
Then female beauty means nothing more, even if you wish to act the lady, the madam.
The real human being does not laugh at what is ‘giggling’ for your social life!
Another lady comes to me.
I do not go into this life, because I see the character and am already prepared.
I therefore wait, until she starts to show her true character.
The people, who know this character, now say: ‘What a good person she is, isn’t she?’
The lady says herself: ‘If only they knew, who I am.’
I say nothing, but I thought: ‘Prove it and we will know immediately.’
But she could not do that.
The human being says: ‘Isn’t that sweet?’
I say nothing.
‘Is that not real?’
I ‘see’ that realness.
‘Is that not incredibly sweet, not beautiful, not wonderful?’
Is this really a woman?
She seems to be from the hair, the face, the bosom.
Or would there be something else behind that? I do not know.
You would say, ladies and gentlemen, something nice must be added now or it will become too heavy ... won’t it?
What was brought by us for that woman was a wonder for the first time.
This lady was not considered as number one by us.
But it was suddenly called a leftover carry-on and the masters and I could drop dead!
Did you not know that?
I saw through all of that.
And because this happens every day, I will not go into any of you.
I do not want anything to do with your life.
And yet I am now open to all of you and give you everything.
But there is now no question of coming first, wanting to be number one.
And there is also this, that I talk to people whom I wish to talk to and do not let myself ‘be willed’ by you, so that I also make my own contribution this evening and now you know for later.
And these are also pieces of proof, ladies and gentlemen.
Leave me alone, I will do the same for you.
To me you are life.
I do not want anything to do with Peter, Jan and Abraham, even if you think, that I am for sale, because I already hear you say that.
I tell you and we can prove that: I am not for sale, you will not achieve anything with me with your money; I mean: because you cannot do this either for yourself and your own hereafter.
After all, later you will also stand behind your coffin and you will have to devote your own self.
Can you feel, madam, who asked me this question, that this life of mine is difficult and that I can still make it very easy?
You can do that too and the masters taught me that.
Master Alcar said: ‘Do you wish to love the human being?
Do you wish to do everything for the human being?
Then make sure, André, that you stay out of the life of the human being, it is only then that you can do something and you will get to see and to experience their love.’
And fair is fair, ladies and gentlemen, there were crumbs left over, because everything is not a battle.
How can it be, dear children of Our Lord, there was also delicious pudding and that came from the heavens to my life.
Someone once asked me: ‘Mr Rulof, have you something against me?
Have I done something wrong?’
I said: ‘What did you ask?
Whether you had done anything wrong?
That is not my concern, madam.’
But I suddenly felt what it was about.
I did not look at that lady when she came in, did not say anything to her, did not nod good day to her and this is why this life felt cast out.
I had something else to tell her and namely what I already told here this evening.
I said: ‘Why are you interfering in my business?
Why are you following me?
What should I watch out for?
Why do you want me to follow you?
Why, madam?
I will tell you something else: You are searching for something, you want to be something.
But you will never get that from me, my own wife does not even get that, because then you are seeking me as you want to see me and I have nothing to do with that.
We are not yet that far with each other!
I will leave you alone, let me go too.
But, madam, you want to sit in the first place again?
Is it not true, you demand something, you ask for something, you want to be greeted?
But you come here, because you want to learn something?
You want to go deeply into this work, you are not coming because of me, are you?
I tell you, leave me alone.
But now I give you everything after all, madam ...
The good people – therefore those, who want to experience the masters here and are ready for the teachings – who possess everything for this acceptance, therefore when there is nothing else, as a result of which they will succumb – I have them and I do not need to talk to them.
They are no longer children!
Should I perhaps, even when we go out, therefore on the street, keep on greeting the sisters, fathers and mothers by taking off my hat?
Do not make me laugh, madam.
Do you come for me or for the teachings?
Then leave me alone and do not seek me any longer.
I leave you alone too anyway, do what you want.
I do not want anything to do with male and female friends, that cursed carry-on.
If you still want to be this, you will get the first beating, madam.
Do you wish to accept this from me?
Yes, of course, but I do not want any pupils ... do with your life what you want yourself.
Let go of me, let me go.
I keep on saying it, I want nothing to do with your life, because I am now saddled with you and I refuse that!’
It is like that at home too, ladies and gentlemen, for all of you.
Are you not seeking your wife too much, your husband?
Can you stand on your own two feet?
Do you need another, therefore your half, for all kinds of things?
Then you will never learn!
Those men and women have a ‘cockroach’ consciousness, they squeak in the dark and in the light, beg, complain, never see anything nice, because they themselves darken that fun!
If it is not true, then just give me a beating, but I will be proved right by Heaven and Earth!
‘Will I put this on, husband?’
‘It is up to you.’
‘Will I put my hat on, wife?’
‘What did you say?
It is up to you.’
‘Will I just hold artillery exercises, wife?’
‘What did you just say to me?’
‘I mean, will I just put on these shoes, dear?’
‘The ‘droodles’ ...’ I hear the pure human being, who stands on his own two feet, saying ‘walk naked through the city if you want, but decide for yourself what you have to wear.
It is the month of August.
Your windy winter is over, your winter coat is hanging drying.
Put on what you like.
Live for yourself for once and let me decide what I want to wear’, is the argument of every year, is the empty, meaningless talk of man and wife, who do not possess any own feeling and never even begin to work on that independence.
They are the sweets, the funny people, that is the inspired human being?
What do you want from me?
Now work this out for yourself, I have no more time, ladies and gentlemen, we must reach a decision!
For goodness sake, just stand on your head.
Walk once like Fanny Blankers-Koen can.
But if she or you do it too much, you really want to be a human being, first decide for God and for your marriage what is more necessary.
And if you then know it and you have taken your Divine decision and you still want to run for the world – yes, for what actually? – and you do not want to leave it, even if I see that the world is ‘giggling’ about you, then I will decently lay you across my knee and first knock it out of you.
I will break your legs, woman ... because I want to see more in you than the walk for a blind mass, a stinking world.
I want to see you as a human personality.
I want to see golden medals of your love and for your motherhood and not anything else.
Or you can get the ‘droodles’!’
(Miss Bruning:) The people in the hall laugh, Jozef is right, it is as if God is speaking to us.
Everything is the sacred truth, we must agree.
Jozef also asks the lady, who asked the question: ‘Are you satisfied with this, madam, mother?’
The woman says: ‘You are priceless, Jozef Rulof ... I thank you and also the masters from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful answer.
I am weeping from happiness and will never forget it.
Since this evening I have started a new life!
I say it as you say it: I was just a big brute!
But from now on I will begin.
I have got my ‘self’ back, my life, my everything.
I will make good, you have taught me this evening.
My God, my Christ, I will begin and I will now bow!’
Jozef also says: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, on Sunday the masters will speak again.
Also follow that, because I am just an instrument.
However, I assure you, I had to conquer all of this, otherwise I could not have given it to you.
Just hit me.
Do you want my blood?
However, I will not devote myself to your ‘gloomy giggling’.
I now ask for everything and God does that, Christ does it too.
It is Golgotha in the human being!
Kill the Caiphas in you, also the Adolf Hitlers and the Napoleons.
They have now taught us that it could not be done like that.
Haven’t they, ladies and gentlemen?
We see lights.
Make a large light for yourself from your childish personality and for your people.
You will then stand on the wonderful foundations for your life ‘behind the coffin’!
See you next week.
I thank you for your kind attention.
That academic on the radio would say: ‘I thank you sincerely and warmly.’
Just laugh!
Whether he possesses that ‘sincerely and warmly’, I do not believe any of it.
They are also excuses.
Nothing else!
If it is not that, well, it is up to him to prove it to us.
But I tell you: he does not possess this feeling, because that theologian talked about damnation, about the last judgement.
And that is unconsciousness.
I now know that his – I thank you sincerely and warmly – is nothing else but empty talk and otherwise, I repeat, prove the opposite, doctor, prof.
We no longer believe you!’
Jozef receives his warm clapping from the people, our hearts have been opened, it is up to us to make everything of it!
This is a lecture!
We get a Divine lecture in the De Ruijterstraat 41, in the building ‘Know yourselves’!
If this does not become self-knowledge, but ... it will become that!
I will devote myself to that.
It will become the spiritual and spatial self-knowledge and we get that from Jozef Rulof, a child from the Achterhoek, but the instrument of the masters!
Jozef, it was a wonderful evening!
These evenings keep giving us something else and as a result of this I now get to know you, my master.
I listened, for me there was everything there.
I started not wanting to see any more people and it is crazy, it is working, I am no longer in a mess with the human being, good grief, but how simple it is!
Thanks, also thanks to the masters ... if they want to accept the humble thanks from a human being.
I promise them that I want to work on myself.
Your pupil says this ... Miss Bruning!
I thank God, that I may write down all of this, may prepare it for the printer, because this is the school of Life for all of us and as you say, for all of humanity!
Yes, it is that!
I believe I may already say: I am starting to think differently and I will file it away myself, Jozef Rulof.
One day you will perhaps read what I sometimes add for myself.
Is that allowed?
I know through you yourself that it is allowed.
Therefore this: I will not sully your lessons of life, never!
I am now so grateful to you and the masters.
Do you know?
Then I will continue to fulfil my task and I will prove to you, that I do not wish to be an ungrateful person!
Anyone who listens properly, must feel that you, Jozef Rulof, that you throw your life blood at us and give this to the human being.
You stand there naked before the human and Divine court and you are love, precisely because you do not wish to follow the human being, because we want the human being to see that we are attractive and that is what I got to know this evening.
It can be experienced and seen in and around your life!
Good heavens, the things we wretches still have to learn ... you are inexhaustible!
The omniscience speaks here and we experienced that.
Believe it, Jozef Rulof ... the people say that, they were able to see and hear it.
Is it not that?
It is that, which the world is waiting for and which people can now experience.
But which people still do not want to hear, because we have still not learned anything in two thousand years!