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Jozef begins again with the following question from Mr Berends: ‘Moses was a spiritual inspired being, which was recorded in a certain way for that time and can be read in the bible.
But is this not all materially seen?
Is this, what we now get from the masters, not everything?
We see with joy the new bible of the masters being published.
You say it yourself, the first five books for the new bible are in your hands on earth.
My question is now: Does that book begin with the important question, where the human being of Mother Earth and his cosmic unity was born?
And do we read there about the life of Christ, as the masters say it and which can only be accepted as truth?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, Mr Berends, the new bible begins at the beginning!
And that is only possible now.
I have been inspired, Moses was too, but they must not force me to take hold of a gun or club, in order to shoot the people to God, because then I will say to the masters: ‘Do it yourself!’
Moses therefore brought the truth for his own time, but that truth is now a perfectly ordinary story for many people.
It becomes nonsense, when we – according to the bible – have to accept the beginning of our life and we stand before the tree of life and see a snake.
Listen, people, did God not want us to give birth to children then?
But I will talk about that later, first I will answer the questions!
Yes, Berends, that happens; the masters can return to the Divine beginning for all life!
They are capable of that and you will feel, that is the spiritual and the Divine bible, in which God speaks through his laws, but other than the bible of now says it.
And yet, millions of people are attached to that nonsense and devote everything to it!
In this way there are also our laws and our jurisdiction, it is a poor carry-on!
Of course we then get to know Christ!
Just read the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and you will already experience that time, it is already in there.
If we had money now ... then the first part of the new bible would go to the printer, but we do not yet have the money for it.
So we will wait.
But it will come!
You also say: I accept, that the Jewish prophets were wrong, just like those of the Catholic church and Protestantism.
And then I tell you: Yes, you are right about that, because the human being was also chased out of paradise because of their thinking and feeling.
And just listen, people, what nonsense all of that is and what people now still give the human being of this century through the radio and the church!
For the listening to that dreadful hot air, the Theologian now thanks you ‘sincerely and warmly’, as I told you last week.
If you had listened to that prof, then you would know what I meant.
He is also still faced with that Paradise and if he accepts that snake and that hissing, then he is hissing himself and is talking nonsense!
We can throw that paradise overboard, men and women, word for word.
God took a rib from Adam and created Eve ... !
Adam was bored, he gets himself into a mess and into betrayal.
God tests Adam out.
Is that Divine, if we see it in such a way, to send us from the frying pan into the fire and to leer at our life like a hater?
Just laugh now, laugh, that you split your sides laughing, ladies and gentlemen, the time is now ripe for it.
I laugh at that clumsy little deity, which bring nothing more than misery in and for the human being.
Who gave the human being life ... and hit him at the same time?
By a snake?
By giving birth and creating?
Because it is that, isn’t it?
Good heavens, in which century are we actually living?
These broadcasting stations are darkness.
Day and night they talk about that nonsense and want the people of this century to still swallow that.
A child does not like it anymore!
You must listen, ladies and gentlemen.
And God said: Adam and Eve, stay away from that tree of life.
That is reincarnation, people, creating and giving birth to children.
Therefore God forbade the human being, his own creation, to evolve?
God created life and kicked it out of His Universe?
The angels chased the human being out of his paradise?
But where did those angels as people come from?
All of this is such nonsense; of course you can unravel all of this and there will not remain – according to the bible – anything more of creation.
But I believe that I do not need to do this now, because all of you know that nonsense and it is wasting energy for nothing!
And that is not necessary, we can experience something better at these evenings.
However, I tell you: all of that is nonsense, the bible begins with nonsense!
And what did the Jews make of all of this?
Even greater nonsense.
They added even more stories.
They too, you know that, created an own God for themselves and are now still waiting for the Messiah and we know him.
Theirs will never come, because he has always been there.
And that grade of life as God will not let himself be murdered on the cross for the second time!
The Jewish profs, therefore the rabbis, are just as off the mark as the Reformed and Catholic remainder of mankind.
All of them created an own bible.
One is now Catholic and the other Jewish or reformed.
It is a poor soulless misery.
Listen now, people!
At this moment I could represent God.
You see my life changing, don’t you?
I am no longer who I was a moment ago, now God is speaking!
And now you can ask me questions, as many as you like, I will give you the Divine answer.
What do you wish to know?
I am now a ‘Prince of this Universe!’
We have already proved this nine hundred thousand times!
Also by means of the books and the lectures in Diligentia.
But now it comes ... could this be the Paul from this time?
Could this perhaps be Moses?
The Jews perhaps?
What did they know about soul, spirit and life, reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood?
This is why master Zelanus can say: ‘I am the Paul of this century!’
But he works through me, his instrument, and I also represent him and even the highest masters.
And in this way all of us represent that ‘Cosmic Paul’ for this century.
You can accept this.
We give you the wisdom and can now connect your life with God and there is no flaw in that argument!
This is Divine and all those bible writers, all those Jews – those rabbis and scribes – knew nothing about this; they still had to awaken for the becoming conscious!
I can now ask: Where do the Schopenhauers and the Adlers live, the Platos and the Rudolf Steiners, the Socrates?
Just let them come, then they can sit down amongst you here for our century and they may ask their ‘questions’.
I tell you and you can now decide this for yourself: they did not know this, they still had to master this!
But we have this contact and now you must listen again ... we will continue their work.
Not the nonsense, of course not, they added that themselves.
All of us carry out one and the same task and received this from the University of Christ.
However, those men still did not know this unity with the Other Side.
What did they know about planets and stars?
About the Other Side and their God?
Nothing, nothing, nothing!
But we follow one path.
Believe me, where all of them live there is peace, now they know the laws.
I tell you now, when we, master Alcar and I, returned to the earth from the ‘ALL’, for the ‘Cosmology’ – therefore for the new bible – I stood on Golgotha for all those teachers.
I put Ramakrishna under my arm and I went for a walk with him.
Those other people there, they meant nothing to me, ladies and gentlemen!
My master saw that it was good!
What do those mites hope to achieve, understand me well ... with their ‘talk’ from that time for this, our Divine life?
They now have to accept us, me too and I predict to you that this will come!
I now represent the very highest and we have proved that to you here and by means of everything!
I saw my teachings, saw them beforehand and then the Masters started.
Read the first part of the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ and you will know.
Soon ‘Jeus II’ will be published and when you have ‘Jeus III’ in your hands, we will not need to say anymore!
Then I will also go to sleep, you will then have everything, you can then go on for millions of years!
When that last book is there, believe me, then I will stop!’
From the hall ...: ‘You will not do that!’
Jozef ...:
‘I will do that!
I have nothing to do with you, then stand on your own two feet.
You will then have everything and then I will have a rest, sleep, enjoy life, talk to Mother Nature, to flowers, plants and birds, because the human being does not listen anyway!
Therefore the quicker I finish ‘Jeus III’ and you help me, the sooner you will be rid of me.’
‘You do not believe that yourself’, ... a listener says.
Jozef says: ‘Do I not believe that?
I do not need to believe that, sir, I myself laid the foundations for this and can then have a rest, in other words, my task for this life will then be finished.’
‘But you have not yet published the ‘Cosmology’!’
‘Fine, isn’t it, that I do not have any money now, then you can also experience some of me later, can’t you?
But I tell you, then I will leave it up to you, to our mankind, to the rest of the world!’
‘You will not go anyway’, people also hear. ‘Jozef Rulof?
You won’t leave us alone, will you?’
Jozef ...: ‘Mites, can you not stand on your own two feet then?
I will tell you something else.
I believe that master Alcar already sees his ‘orchids’ this evening!
Master Zelanus already sees them too and I can also see them: You have now become gratitude!
But fair is fair, I have had enough of it.
I have done enough, the masters also say that, for that matter, and I heard that from mouths, which have to represent Divine Authority; it is the truth!
Everything comes to an end.
I can say: my blood is really in it, my very best everything.
I was not for sale in anything, I did not sell any of myself for a muddy carry-on!
I swear that to you!
And now I also understand how that woman of two hundred and sixty years still gave birth to her nine children, because this is that mad love, which that mad bible talks about; because now everything is possible, my dear people, and we earned this ourselves!
Berends, are you satisfied?’
Berends ... :
‘Yes, Mr Rulof, if you just stay for a while, yes ... !’
‘How can it be ... well, I am still here, but we will see each other again ‘behind the coffin’ and we will continue our lectures there.’
Someone says: ‘Then we will surely not see you?’
‘Mother, what did you say?
You will see me, all of you, if you possess love, otherwise I will stay out of your way.
But we will continue, but now differently, because then I will be your master and nothing else.
I will obviously take your brotherly and sisterly love, but you have to listen, to thank and to kneel down at the feet of your masters, as I always do and have not become a jot worse off because of it.
On the contrary, I am doing well!
I look fine and feel happy.
You too, then we will continue!’
‘Hooray!’ ... the people hear.
Jozef says: ‘Ugh, is this worth a hooray?
Ugh ... is this not our ‘giggling’ too?
But we understand that sound, your timbre too and know it.
But did you think now, ladies and gentlemen, that I already accepted your lovely oranges?
Tomorrow they will be lemons!
I believe you, but I will not take it yet.
I will only go into it ‘behind the coffin’.
I do not want to be pleased about anything more.
I do not want to feel happy anymore, to later be told, that it was just nonsense!
I will not go into anything else again, I told you the last time, because then you cannot cause me any more pain!
They thought, those ringleaders, that they had nailed Christ to the cross, had killed him.
In retrospect, when the universe darkened, they saw that they had darkened and had murdered themselves!
I now know it and you know it!
I will believe all of you, but only when I see your best blood flowing.
I know it, now I have earned your blood, in all those years.
There are those amongst you who would go to the stake with me.
People said that too in the past, but when the first little hazes could be seen, they ran away and I was on my last breath!
Luckily I knew it because otherwise they would have set fire to me; but my fire extinguisher worked universally perfect!
There was nothing wrong with it and this was now my self-preservation!
I also learned this through the masters, because they brought me to Golgotha and I saw it there!
Berends, are you now satisfied?’
‘Yes, Mr Rulof, I thank you whole-heartedly!’
‘Now be even nicer than yesterday and you will have me completely!
The way is there, ladies and gentlemen, now also the fire.
Make a fire of your light, do not look at anything else, do as it were everything for that light in your eyes and for your human heart and you will get to see love of all the life of God.
Christ now stands next to you and for your life and can now protect you, that will now be your eternal prayer.
Good day, fathers and mothers from the past!
Moses, where are you now?
Which of you was Moses?
Which of you is that same rabbi, who saw Christ and then said that he had seen a megalomaniac?
Today I am ‘hallelujah’, tomorrow a ‘fakir’.
Come on, let us not have each other on any longer ...
Be pleased, that we can tell each other the truth here and anyone who does not need this, go, just go, there is something of the rabbi there, certainly something of those Pharisees and scribes, because they want to be cheated consciously!
I do not want to wear any medals from you, ladies and gentlemen, I also give you now ... the ‘droodles’!’
Hearty laughter, Jozef does not beat about the bush, he hurls the truth, he hurls love and wisdom.
‘This is the truth and anyone who does not want to hear it, just go away, Jerusalem will then be behind your life!
And that is that cursed pride’, he also says.
We accept this word, no sweet buns are baked here!
He kicks away every human hypocrisy.
Bragging no longer exists for him.
Being the first does not exist for him, we heard that.
Anyone who fits the shoe puts the thing on!
‘Which of you’, he also asks, ‘now consciously puts on this sandal?
And yet, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for your kindness!
We will continue and I now read the question from M. Heikens-Rodrigues Pereira.
Good heavens, what a nice name this is.
Who is this note from?
From you, madam?
I read first ...: ‘One of my acquaintances has already suffered from a skin disease for sixteen years.
Up until today the doctors have not been able to cure that disease.
Is this disease incurable in your opinion?
Must this patient consider it as her karma?’
Jozef says: ‘First I will tell you what it is, but it connects me with the universe.
If I did not know the universe, I could not, the masters say, analyse the nature of this disease.
Yet we can do this, although I do not intend to act the doctor here.
You know, I no longer make diagnoses, but I will now prove to you, that that gift is cosmically present.
There are people who claim that the masters took this gift away from me and it is called, that I am therefore foundering.
It is like this.
I do not do what those people want, I do it differently and now, now that they have foundered, they also want me to experience this.
But now, ladies and gentlemen, the cosmic explanation, so without me being able to see the disease!
We have no contact, but because the masters know the cosmos, they therefore also know each disease as a phenomenon.
This can be explained, because the cosmic laws live in the human organism and are still present there!
You will certainly already feel it, this is worthwhile.
Will Jozef Rulof heal again?
No, he would not be able to do anything about this; but he could do something, madam, but then the patient would go into the ground.
You already hear it, the disease itself already speaks and wants to heal under the ground.
So we now put the human being up to his neck in the ground.
I see slush, mud; mud baths therefore help this human being and cure this disease.
So a diagnosis from master Alcar after all, but you yourself cannot begin with it, my supervision is needed.
It is therefore no use to you, if you should think yourself of crawling into the ground.
Now you will get a wonderful dose of pneumonia and you will be gone!
This skin disease now takes me back to the Moon, to death, the dying off of a grade of life.
We can remain closer to home, but the Moon is dying.
That atmosphere, the first therefore for its life, is dying, the academics know that and because you also know this, I can explain the skin disease as a phenomenon, because the skin does not get to experience full consciousness either.
The blood does not penetrate those tissues and that has to do with the inner life of the human being, with the glandular systems, gall and liver, the mucous membranes ... as systems!
And because this is there, I must look even deeper and I will see into the core of this phenomenon and that means: that lady is dying in one respect; the skin suffers under it, even if she is otherwise healthy.
The final glandular systems for every tissue, therefore do not possess full consciousness, no full power of life, because material, physical disorders are present here, which, as I already said and also see, have to do with gall and liver, glandular systems and mucous membranes.
This is the disorder.
The outer tissue is dying because of this and that is this skin disease.
What is now those wretched craters for the Moon, that is for here the drying out of the skin’s surface.
It is exactly the same phenomenon.
This skin now also dries out and nothing can be done about it.
When it broke out, the masters could have intervened, but now, how old is that lady?
More than sixty?
Then she will not get any more new life – at least not this healing – and she has to accept this; it is the beginning of death.
It is the dying off of the tissue, nothing else, it is that!
Yes, then I will continue, but it is not karma, only a physical disorder.
And now I also see something and the disease says that itself again.
It lives in the blood vessels, so the blood vessels narrow and that was the precursor of this disease.
As a result of this the actual blood flow received another possibility, now broke off this cosmic circulating of the blood and now that seventh grade, therefore the outer skin layer, of which we possess seven and not four, as the academics say, did not receive any food and this flaking started!
Is this not a wonderful diagnosis, ladies and gentlemen?
Now just say whether I have lost that gift.
If I come across something else like that through the questions, I will prove it again, although I will let all those ‘screamers’ scream.
They do nothing to me.
More butter goes over my head than muck, mud, but I do not want anything to do with that slush from all those people.
I am and will remain happy.
They cannot even touch me and this is why they are certainly so poisonous.
Believe me, I saw Christ in the ‘ALL’ and spoke to him here on earth, three times already, from human being to human being, just believe it.
You can also experience it for that matter ...!
He said: ‘Just let them go, Jeus ... they will soon walk in my hands and will come under my trap-net and then we will pull out their wings, which they received from our Father, because they only do harm with them!’
Satisfied, madam?
Good, then we will continue.
Greetings to your friend!
Tell her that she should go to the pictures with that money – therefore that money for the doctor, also that for the magnetiser.
No one, believe me, can do anything about it, not a magnetiser either!’
That lady also replies: ‘This has already been proved, Mr Rulof, she was treated for three years by a magnetiser and it did not help at all.’
‘You see, ladies and gentlemen, watch out for those spiritual healers.
They take the money, the bitterly earned money, out of your jar and give you wonderful excuses.
They connect you with Christ, because, is it not true, Christ can do everything.
They tremble and snore nicely for you, show you some tears, in this way they mean it for you.
Blubbering also as real Christians, but they are not concerned with your sacred truth and not this head bowing either, they want to possess everything.
They treat you, because they do not want to accept that they cannot treat this.
In your eyes they are now small.
I was big and strong and I had that name here in The Hague, believe it, when I could say to the people, also this lady: ‘Nothing can be done about it, madam, nothing.
Do not be afraid, but I cannot give you that new life anymore!’
They, those healers, can, lady, sir, but then it concerns your money.
They are fusspots!
It is an empty carry-on!
They are quacks, whom the human being is warned about, because they even do it under the guise of ‘Spiritual Society the Age of Christ’.
I will wring your spiritual neck, in order to, if you want to experience the brazen, in order to walk behind my wagon.
I do not want anything to do with all your ‘healing’; all of you now know!
I will come back to it now and again, because what I told a moment ago, already exists and I will wipe it out.
I will not let my life’s work be sullied by those cheats!
Those healers deny the human being his ‘insulin’!
That is wrong, they say, even if the human being loses his arms and legs and his life because of these cursed healers.
And if they still do not know it, this is murder!
It is murder!
You murder the human being by violating him, because you make a healer of yourself, but ... do not possess the knowledge and the contact.
I was not a healer, I could not do that, it was Master Alcar!
And if he had wanted to murder the human being, I would have told him: ‘Look for another, please, I do not want anything to do with your dirty carry-on.’
I just mean, because of this I was confronted with the truth.
I saw that master healing through me.
I was and I will always remain the observer.
But in this way there is spiritual contact and you are connected with masters for the healing.’
From the hall it is said: ‘There is not one, who healed like you!’
Jozef says: ‘A bit too dramatic, but I may say, I have still not seen all these gifts together ... in the human being, including that for healing!
I still have to get to know that human being.
And why?
Because, if you also possess all those other gifts, you also know the Divine healing for the soul, which God and Christ and the masters are concerned with and is namely the ‘yes’ for everything!’
Again from the hall: ‘When will we experience this?’
Jozef says: ‘Now, ladies and gentlemen!
I heal you materially and spiritually anyway; if you wish to master this, you will heal yourself!
And now the masses too, which the masters are concerned with.
But my gifts are still there, or I could not have told you a word about all of this.
It is the contact, isn’t it?
Anything else?
I will continue!’
Question from Mrs Gerhards: ‘An acquaintance of mine had a baby.
The child did not eat anything for twenty-four hours and then the mother saw the baby going completely blue until at one point even its little cheeks went black.
The child was then immediately taken to hospital, where it died half an hour later.
Its heart was fine.
After a medial examination of the parents, they appeared to have the same blood group.
However, they already have three children, who are all healthy.
How can this be explained?’
Jozef Rulof reacts immediately, which always affects all of us, so that we wonder, with whom this personality is connected and how marvellously his life reacts to the laws of God and the explanation of his masters.
Because, we know, this is a tremendous spiritual contact, there is no longer a question of doubt here, it is therefore great, when we now hear: ‘Madam, this is a perfectly ordinary phenomenon.
This is the universal passing on for the soul, nothing else!
This life would therefore immediately return and continue life on the other side or return to the earth, but I do not believe that, because this event points to consciousness.
You always think that the human being must become old in order to then die!
But becoming old is usually a standstill for the universe.
Only the birth for the human being, therefore for the soul, is evolution.
What we can learn on earth, means nothing; after all, the Divine laws are not experienced by the personality, but by the soul as a Divine spark.
Can you feel this wonderful difference, madam?
A book can also be written about this!
It is therefore cosmic dying, continuing the own evolution.
I can explain this to you by means of numerous pieces of proof – examples – but then we experience the human being as the ‘particle’, the ‘spark’ of God and we see everything differently.
There is of course no longer a question of dying and passing on too soon; for God there is no passing on too soon, but there is if we people put an end to our life here!
Is this clear now?
I thought so too!
You must now also accept that that same blood group, which the doctors make such a fuss about, means nothing more either, because the other children are in perfect health!
The academics still have to master all of this, it will come that far.
Do not forget, every faculty is only now laying foundations.
The spiritual cosmic foundations belong to the Kingdom of God, then the human being will become omniscient for this universe!
The masters are omniscient, therefore the people, who have reached the Spheres of Light and have got to know the Divine laws there.
There are seven types of blood groups in and for the human being and this is very natural, because there are also seven different grades for the human organism.
Every grade is divided again into seven transitions for the same type.
You can compare this with your arrival in the first sphere.
If you can namely enter the first sphere, then you do not yet possess this sphere completely, this is clear.
It is also the position with those so-called blood groups.
They are steps of development and those transitions – this is what the masters call those grades of life – expand and it is only then that we reach the highest blood group in the human being.
If the same blood groups come together, then they do not quite possess enough reactions and evolution, because we also experience creation and giving birth in them.
This is actually everything, which it concerns here.
Satisfied, madam?’
Mrs Gerhards: ‘I thank you, Mr Rulof, I will tell her!’
Question from Th. Beijersbergen: ‘Would you be kind enough to answer the following question?
Where did the human voice originate for the first time?
Was this perhaps on Mars or in the jungle?’
Jozef said – again just as quick for this unusual question – : ‘Do you wish to make a music and voice educationalist out of me?
You will experience it, this question will also be answered cosmically by the Other Side.
Then our educationalist can also master this, learn from it, because he does not know these laws.
We experienced the first crying, ladies and gentlemen – squealing for our life of now – in the waters and later we also let our sound be heard on the land.
When the human being had freed himself from the waters and lived on the land, he started to roar and scream.
And all of this later became our voice, the human timbre.
On the planet Mars – if you can accept this as the truth – we only roared.
Because those people, on whatever secondary planet of Mars they lived, did not have a human timbre either.
And why not, ladies and gentlemen?
Yes, there the ladies and gentlemen are sitting there again and do not know?
Come, come, it is not that bad, you should know!’
Someone says: ‘Because we did not yet have those timbres?’
Jozef says: ‘I already said that, madam ... but what is it?
Just listen, because there is a lot to say about this and then you will feel how deep the human being is and, in addition, how simple everything is after all ... if you know!
I can now therefore leave those planets alone and just take you back to our own jungle.
There, people, are the first grades of life for our human race (see
From there – you will read this in the trilogy ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – we begin with our human life for the earth.
And now the answer to my question: Why not?
Those people still possessed the animal-like attunement for the organism.
And now you know for certain.
I see that you are shaking your head, it is true.
Therefore the lower we now descend for the human being to that grade of life – this now has nothing to do with the negroes (see – I will mention that later ... help me to remember, then I will not forget, because I am faced with hundreds of thousands of possibilities, in order to explain some of it to you.
Now those people, therefore those jungle inhabitants, the lower the grade of life, the less they possess the power and the development for the vocal cords and the adult timbre.
Their organisms are still animal-like and can therefore still not possess the human timbre of us!
Is this not perfectly simple?
But you did not know and yet, it is present in your life.
Gradually the human being climbs up to the natural timbre, which belongs to one grade of life and the higher we now come, in the development as soul, the more beautiful the human voice becomes!
We now know the alto, the mezzo-soprano, the soprano, the bass, the baritone and the tenor.
There are sometimes people, who have three voices.
This can also be explained, because the voice gets to experience all those timbres again, which now therefore belong to the organism.
The human being says: I received a wonderful gift from God.
Yes, that is called being from God ... but the human organism possesses that possibility and one in hundreds of thousands of people possesses that highest grade of life for the voice and this is the seventh grade for the human organism!
Now something very special for all of you and then you will feel that the masters are spatial educationalists in everything and have something to teach us.
The alto is now the actual maternal noise, therefore the voice and for the mother, who has to represent the female for motherhood.
In this way the bass is the actual male, therefore creating voice, the noise and timber, which only reveals the power as creation and can be nothing else.
Now listen.
If the man is completely naturally one, his organism has the natural attunement to Mother Nature, then the voice of the man has to experience the creation as an organism.
We have therefore been divided by a great deal of transitions.
If this is not the case, we will make it on our own and namely by means of those transitions, to the actual creation, this unity for Mother Nature and this is the timbre, which possesses and also has to represent the bass.
The alto, I already said, is the maternal voice, the timbre of the pure maternal organism and one in millions of mothers experiences that.
Just listen again, because the rest of all those millions of women experience a divided voice organism and can therefore not represent that alto; they have been divided and cannot bring that timbre to expansion, that possibility is not there now.
Is this not wonderful and yet, again, so natural, that we have to accept this.
But the educationalist does not yet know the laws for this.
The soprano now, takes you once again to something else.
What does the soprano wish to tell you and the mezzo?
This must mean something, mustn’t it, ladies and gentlemen?
And that is the truth; I will also explain this wonder to you ...! But it is not a wonder, but only ... well, now what, Mr Berends, Mr De Wit?
Just say it.
You hear it, we are faced with a wonderful book and if we could give that to mankind, it would be a marvellous gift.
Which of you wants to write it?
I will give you the material and you will work it out.
In this way I had wanted to and could have given many people the material in order to achieve something for mankind, but they have no desire for it once again.
But you see it, the University of the masters is inexhaustible and this world will have to accept that one day.
We now lay a few foundations.
Do you know?
What does the soprano tell us?
What do we now come into connection with?’
A lady says: ‘With reincarnation, Mr Rulof.’
‘Madam, you will now get ‘full marks’ from the masters, because it is true.
You mean of course the changing of fatherhood and motherhood, don’t you, the transition of the soul to the maternal or the paternal and look, the alto changes into the soprano.
The organism of the mezzo is not yet that far advanced.
Therefore first the mezzo, then the soprano, because the soprano takes us again to the tenor and this means, that the human being will leave the maternal organism and will enter the male organism.
By means of the human voice and by means of the timbres you can therefore determine exactly, that the soul is busy evolving and this evolution decides the timbre of the voice.
We possess millions of timbres, but they are divisions of the actual voice, the natural timbre!
Is it not wonderful, ladies and gentlemen?
I thought so too and you see and you hear it too, the masters know everything and are omniscient for this, our universe!
I told you: One in millions of people possesses that wonderful natural voice.
Caruso, for example, was one of them.
But this is why this is also so wonderful, he possesses both the baritone and the tenor.
This is possible, because he has just left the baritone.
By means of his birth therefore as a physical ‘law’, he received this, as a result of which he had already come into that other transition, which gave him the tenor!
As a result of this he possessed his wonderful capacities and this can be explained and analysed spiritually and scientifically.
The master can do this, because my masters are conscious in that.
They possess the cosmic consciousness and that is therefore their omniscience for the laws of God.
Now present this question to your mediums and you will then only get an answer, if there is contact and you will really be involved with a medium as instrument; otherwise all those hundreds of thousands of women and men will be lost for words and will not be able to give you the answer, because they are not mediums.
Read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and you will know!
But is this not wonderful and yet simple, Berends, ladies and gentlemen?
Thank you, I thank all of you.
I also know, it is tremendous what the masters possess and we people, men and women, cannot be grateful enough, that we may experience this!
The rest of mankind can now get lectures, but we will not yet be accepted.
Try asking the theosophical teachers?
I tell you, they do not know.
They have no masters, they are searching themselves, know only that, which received the life-light because of other people, but they still do not like me and that is a pity, because we can give this wretched mankind something wonderful. They are Divine gifts!
So, dear lady, who asked the question, the human voice contains everything, but belongs to the organism and not to the soul, as the theosophists say and claim, although I know, what they mean, when they speak about esoteric possibilities for the soul as a human being, which is true and means, that the human being ‘behind the coffin’, in the Spheres of Light, also possesses the spiritual timbre, which has attunement to that life and consciousness.
Finally all of us will have to possess the natural timbres there, but they will then be spiritual; the spirit also possesses an own timbre!
But these are not direct Divine gifts, even if they belong to the human being.
Nature, Mother Earth gave them to the human being and that is a huge difference.
You always hear: God gave me a wonderful voice, a mercy.
But that is not a mercy, that has been laid aside for all the life as a human being.
Any more questions?’
Voice from the hall: ‘Mr Rulof, now the negroes (when these contact evenings were held from 1949 to 1952, the word ‘negro’ was a common name to refer to someone with a dark skin colour)?’
Jozef says: ‘Can you still not feel this?
The negroes have already reached the perfect organism, they only represent one blood group and are the coloured people; coloured people, who must therefore represent the wonderful voices as timbres, because those organisms take them back to the natural reality; however, our white organism has been divided.
It is because of this that the negro has such a wonderful voice.
Now just follow the human being on earth and you will see that one in millions of people possesses the natural timbre and now we hear those people singing with a pure, clear, undivided organism.
And there are only a few of them, because all of mankind has been divided.
But, Berends, you are somewhat quick with coming out with cosmic mysteries, where did that division actually begin?
Because there is also another division and it murdered everything, that division completely destroyed the human voice.
And if that had not happened, then you would have heard a voice, which would make every piece of stone split.
A voice, like thunder, a voice, as mankind does not possess now and will never know.
Yes, it will come back for a while, I see now, the timbre now says so itself and I have to pass it on.
What is it?
I do not believe that you can guess this, even if we have already spoken about that several times in order to analyse other laws, which are now also for the human voice, because it happened there.
None of you know it, feel it?
It is also difficult, but you see it once more: the omniscience speaks to your life.’
A lady also says: ‘The feeling is not there, Mr Rulof?’
‘Yes, madam, that is true, but you have not worked it out yet.’
The people in the hall also think.
Jozef listens and he already says: ‘No, Mr Berends, it was not spoiled by diseases, you have therefore not worked it out.
But I can see it!
I am connected to this wonder; the voice itself now says it to me and it wants to be experienced.
Can you still not feel it?
If that had not happened, ladies and gentlemen, the human voice would have been as strong as a powerful thunderstorm.
I will be proved right by all of you.
You will now say: ‘How can it be, that I did not think of that.’
You have to accept once more that, as we now speak of Divine unity, that we are then ‘naturally’ one; and the masters can prove that this is possible.
These are not excuses, it is reality.
I can talk to all the life of God and that life then tells me of the own evolution and then I know it for definite!
No, madam, so I will repeat: it is not the feeling.
It is not homosexuality either, but it does have to do with division.
I will tell you.
You actually already know the answer, you could have read it in the trilogy ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
First this, and then you will know, how wonderful those books also are and that the masters can write another thousand by means of those books.
You know that it says there that the human being in the jungles – it was therefore us – divided itself.
There the first grade connected itself to the fourth grade; the sixth grade gave birth to a child from the third.
As a result of the division of grades we not only lost our own core of power, therefore the pure cosmic resistance for our bodies, but in addition the natural timbre.
In those books it is also explained by master Alcar how the diseases originated.
Now you will immediately know it.
Is this not very natural again?
This therefore says, that we people also gave away our Divine natural timbre to that other organism.
The children, which were born, later also set off and created and gave birth.
This now – dear people – divided our natural timbre, otherwise each of us would have had a baritone or a bass or an alto of course too, therefore a voice, which then allowed the human being to split hills and granite by means of the voice.
This is no longer possible now.
What we now possess of a voice is only a part of the full hundred percent, which possessed the actual Divine harmonic voice as timbre.
This has therefore been fragmented, therefore gone!
If you now sometimes hear a beautiful voice, then that voice, madam, is just a hundredth part of the Divine reality!
If we people had not fragmented ourselves in those jungles, then that full power would still be there.
As a result of that fragmentation, the diseases also originated, because as a result of that unity with that other – lower and higher – grade, we people completely gave away, therefore fragmented, our Divine natural unity.
Now we can no longer stand the cold.
Then we lay in the water in the middle of winter and were not bothered by that.
We can also no longer stand the heat, because our bodies have weakened.
Does the present-day educationalist know all of this?’
From the hall there comes: ‘No, that is not possible.’
Jozef also says: ‘It is true, I thank you.’
A lady asks: ‘Mr Rulof, what happens, if you speak to us and explain the laws, are you in a trance then?
It is so incredible, I have never heard such a thing before in my life and I have seen something of the world.’
‘Madam, I am now not in the deep trance, but I now possess seven grades in order to speak.
I tell you, I am always connected with my master; it is he, who connects me with the laws.
Now he and I are one – I was therefore able to master this as a result of this wonderful contact, which master Alcar already started when I still lived in my mother and which was therefore only for himself and still is – this unity now becomes the complete dissolving with and for the life of God.
Now that life starts to tell itself what it is like!’
Madam: ‘Do many people possess this feeling, this contact?’
‘Whether many people have this, madam?
Read all the literature, which mankind possesses, you will not find this anywhere!
I must accept and I also had to do that on the other side for the masters, that I am now the continuation for everyone, who already did something for the University of Christ, which Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras for the mystics – also Blavatsky – in short likewise ancient Egypt, belonged.
But now, madam, we experience the very highest and this is for all mankind until the end of the earth.
No one will get over this, this is not possible, because this is the explanation of all the Divine systems and laws!’
‘It is tremendous, Mr Rulof.
It is a pity, that science does not want to accept you.’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, it is, madam, and that sometimes makes you sad.
After all, I have the happiness and the sciences for all the spiritual faculties in my hands and cannot get rid of it.
They must accept me as their master.
Can the church do that?
Now the pope becomes a pupil of the masters.
Is this already possible?
It will come, but that will take a while.
Read the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, madam.
You can read there about a wonderful instrument, the ‘direct voice’, which will come.
When it is that far, the churches and every sect, also science, will listen and the human being will get Divine lectures from the other side, which are actually already given now in Diligentia!
You hear it, madam, where you come from, they do not have it and yet, it is said that the Initiates live there.
You come from India, don’t you?’
‘Yes’, says the lady, ‘I already convinced myself there and I can assure you, I did not hear that there.
I heard the ‘greatest’ there, received lectures from them.
They came to our home and we visited them.
I tell you honestly, they do not have what you possess.
Good heavens, they can take a place here, like me now.
I thought that I already knew something, but now I know that I still have to start with it.
I want to possess all your books.’
Jozef: ‘Thank you, madam!
Continue and I will prove everything to you!
But when I stand here I am Jozef Rulof and André-Dectar!
He is therefore the instrument of the masters.
Of course, I myself also know a lot, but if you ask such questions, the instrument in me reaches spatial unity and it begins; the Master connects me in a millionth of a second with those laws of life and then – always a revelation again for me – the life speaks and wants to be experienced.’
Lady: ‘I envy you!’
Jozef: ‘So do others, madam, who get to know me; for the rest of our poor society I am still a fakir.’
Lady: ‘Those people do not know what they are saying.’
Jozef: ‘It is true, madam, but try proving this now.
I already challenge the Initiates from the East.
I also challenge the Theologians, the psychologists, every spiritual faculty, to a universal duel, but they ignore me and therefore the Masters.
Mankind is not yet that far and we have to accept that once more.
Come to Diligentia, madam, as long as you are still here and you will hear the Masters speak.
There I experience the deep trance; here, at the contact evening, grades for unity and this is and will therefore remain ‘inspiration’, division of personality.
If I go too far away, therefore as a personality and namely under my own power, then I collapse here and am unconscious.
But this is taken care of by master Alcar and he built this up for his work and wisdom and in this way I became his instrument, all of which you can read in the books.
Now begin with the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’, that is this city Jozef, but ‘Jeus’ is the dialect of Gelderland for the city one, who explained the voice to you this evening as André-Dectar and if you wish, will explain all of Divine creation, because we know God!’
The lady also says: ‘It is difficult for you?’
Jozef: ‘Yes, if only because I am bursting with happiness and I do not get the space.
That is the difficulty, the battle, to stick it out here.
Because you will certainly feel, we think from the other side towards the human being and you from your life to the other side.
Master Alcar has therefore completely released me from the earth and my material life.
It is now possible, that he will explain all the laws of God through my life.
But for me, in these unconscious masses, this is painful!
This pain, madam, came because of the wisdom and you will all get to know that pain.
Won’t you?
The sensitive people are beaten, even just by a snarl, by harshness.
Well, I am spatially sensitive and then to have to live in this dismal society?
If you meet me one day, madam, and I am walking on my hands, then think only: the masters will know for him.
Yes, they know everything, they know what is best for me.
Because to deal with all of this here, is awe-inspiring.
And yet, just ask the human being, who knows me, you will never hear me groaning or complaining.
I do not want anything to do with complaining, but I assure all of you, ‘behind the coffin’ you will first get to know me better and then all of you will say: My God, ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’, how did you stick it out there!?
And this is now my spiritual art.
And then this also.
You are not afraid to make friends and to meet people with whom you have contact?
I may not allow myself this anymore, because I keep getting to accept the beating.
I see the human being and I know him immediately, so that I do not begin to take up the contact.
Sooner or later they will run away anyway and then I will have lost that love once more.
Do you understand this?
That must be clear to you; you have seen and were able to experience the Initiates.
All of them are afraid of the human being, not of life, nor of death, but of that love; today we get love and tomorrow we go out the door and that is and will remain terrible.
I do not want to lose anyone, no one, but they go and that is really painful!
You let it prey on your mind and no one can understand you.
I therefore hide all that wisdom now; here you will hear something from me, in Diligentia too.
The books and my art give you an idea of it.
But, madam, who and what I am, I cannot show anyone that, because there is not one human being living on earth, who can take care of me.
If I do it anyway, so if I let myself be seen, then I will get those terrible slaps, because I do everything differently!’
Lady: ‘I understand this completely, all the Initiates also say this.
I tell you, sir, Rulof, the East would want to receive you with open arms!’
From the hall it is said: ‘Do not take Jozef away from us, madam!’
Jozef: ‘You already hear it, madam, they do not want to miss this anymore.
But I also know – the masters tell me that – the East is still not so conscious.
People are open there to this teaching, but people still have to master this cosmic contact!
I was born here and that means: the sober West must now awaken!’
The lady also says: ‘You know, where I heard your name?
And that will probably do you good, because it proves that your teachings are spreading.
I heard about you on the boat.
A lady said to me: ‘If you go to The Hague, then visit Jozef Rulof.’
Through her I have already read a few of your books.
You hear it, your teachings are spreading.’
Jozef: ‘But you speak good Dutch, madam, and you are not Dutch!’
‘Yes, I learned that, I know another seven languages.
But that means nothing, just give me what you have, then I will be rich!
Good luck, Mr Rulof!’
Jozef again: ‘I thank you, madam.
I will make sure I am strong and that will then be spiritual art.
I will not succumb!
And you, madam, you now know what the human voice means.
It is worthwhile, isn’t it?
I also wept until my tears ran dry, when I was able to experience all this from the master, I found it so wonderful, because it proves to us, that we as human beings actually already possess everything and are Divine!
Now life become good, it is beautiful, if we make something of it for our personality!’
Question from Mr Berends: ‘In the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ part ... it says, that the Eskimos live in the fifth physical grade of life and they cannot go any higher.
But, Mr Rulof, in that case they would stand still in their evolution and that is not possible, since every being must experience the material seventh grade once, if the inner life wishes to receive the highest one day.
The inner life for the Eskimos is also one with the material, natural organism, while for others, therefore who do not possess any natural organism, therefore of the fifth grade, the soul starts to awaken.
What is the explanation for this?
Perhaps it is simple, but do you wish to go into this?’
Jozef says: ‘All the things you explain to me and have to tell me there, Mr Berends, is the mangling of those laws, I cannot make any sense of it.
You are completely off the mark.
The Masters never said such a thing.
An Eskimo (see goes further and must go further, death takes him to that sixth grade and later to the seventh, to the brown and the white race (see
You did not understand that.
You could have understood that, because it is written differently in the book and analysed naturally, but you yourself are including other possibilities.
More people do that, but now you have irrevocably reached a standstill, which we now experience once more.
What you feel is namely this, that you and those Eskimos cannot attract any other inner life, than your own grade of life possesses.
Is this not the case?’
Berends: ‘I know now, thank you.’
Jozef also says: ‘Just read those books and you will see, that I am right, because now that we know all of this and it comes to you, it must be clear to you that the masters cannot make any more mistakes in that.
The law of life itself takes them to the next stage; this was shown to me, but when you start to write books yourself, you will become stuck and that is not the intention anyway.
I will continue.’
Question from L. van Ettingen-Bernhard: ‘The spirit is the Divine spark!
The soul is the human being with good and wrong characteristics.
And the body contains or encloses both.
The task of the spirit is to bring the soul to perfection?
May I hear something about this from you, please?’
Jozef says, immediately as always: ‘Listen and you will know it immediately.
It is not the spirit which is the Divine spark, but the soul!
The soul is the Divine part.
The spirit is now the spiritual closing off of the soul.
And the personality is our emotional life, which we have mastered in millions of lives.
Yes, the organism here encloses the spirit and the soul, but the spirit encloses the soul for the astral world and this world is therefore our spiritual life!
Is this clear now?
Now read the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and that of ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and you will know.
The soul does not possess any faults, the spirit does, because there is also still the personality of that ‘spirit’, because the spiritual personality lives there again on the other side.
Our mistakes live in our feelings.
They are actually not mistakes, but it is unconsciousness and not anything else!
We must master those Divine laws.
This is possible as a result of fatherhood and motherhood.
‘Mr Rulof, I thank you!
Also this, sir: must the division for all life, therefore every being, male and female, plant, flower and animal, also happen?’
Jozef: ‘Yes, for all life it is fatherhood and motherhood.
The flowers fertilize themselves!
The human being also often helps with the fertilization of the flowers.
The child already learns this at school and you know the laws for this.
I therefore do not need to go into this.’
‘For every grade of life there is fatherhood and motherhood, so for all life?’
Jozef: ‘Yes, for all life, the trivial insect possesses it; the louse also has it, but this is something entirely different.
Ladies and gentlemen, is the human louse father or mother?
You do not know that.
I can explain it to you, because this can also be seen and experienced.
This also applies to our flea, for all the life of God.
There are also species of animals, which can take themselves to giving birth and creation and what kind of species are they?
You know, don’t you, ladies and gentlemen?
A caterpillar, for example, makes a butterfly of itself and now flies, but by means of fatherhood and motherhood.’
Berends says: ‘You are inexhaustible, your consciousness is tremendous, it is wonderful, incredible, but you have it!’
Jozef: ‘Thank you, an orchid like that does the human being good and it is also real, otherwise I would not want your orchids.
But, ladies and gentlemen, I send them to master Alcar, he will get them from me and we will lay them at Golgotha for Christ!’
Mrs H. de Jong-Cafourek asks: ‘When master Alcar withdrew from your body on Sunday – after the lecture – it became dark for me.
Now I want to ask: could I have seen that or was it just imagination?
Then I ask you – and I do that with fear in my heart – to tell, what master Zelanus looks like.
Is that allowed?’
Jozef: ‘Of course, madam, that is allowed.
I will tell you something about his wonderful personality.
In the first place, you saw that darkening well and I would rather hear that, than when the human being talks about golden light and about scarlet cloaks and so on.
This is really wonderful.
You saw him going, he withdrew from me and what is obvious, also all his light, because he is a shining shape.
This, madam, is beautiful, my compliments, because you tell it in all simplicity, what you saw!
Master Zelanus looks approximately like, for example, your famous film actor.
Have you heard of Leslie Howard?
Yes, well, master Zelanus is dark, has flashing eyes and a large consciousness, he is now the first follower of the highest masters and the speaking trumpet for this universe and of the University of Christ!
He is a bit bigger than I am and slim.
You know him from the ‘Cycle of the Soul’, but now he is of course very different and you would not recognise him.
I will give you another example.
Since a few weeks I see myself ‘behind the coffin’.
I always live there, even if I also talk and live here too, I am there more than here and all my life of feeling is there.
I was once on the other side and I saw the passing on of many of you.
They asked immediately for Jozef, or for André, when they came there, because they knew that I had already passed on before.
One of the followers of the Masters brought a few of you to me.
But I was there with other masters.
Then Master Alcar said to one of you: – I know who that will be because this will therefore happen soon – ‘André is amongst these people, amongst the Masters.
Who is André?
Which one of all of us?
I am master Alcar, but who is master Zelanus and André?’
The man, therefore the human being of the earth, does not recognise me.
I changed there.
I saw myself and I saw that, when I was twenty-two years old on earth – I therefore also saw that myself and in this way I could make a comparison – I had those features for a moment.
Approximately six months later those features had disappeared again.
The men and women looked me and also the masters in the eye, but all the masters seemed to be approximately twenty-five years old and were cosmically conscious.
The man and the others too did not know it.
You will also no longer recognise the spiritual Lantos Dumonché.
This is the reason for my example.’
Someone from the hall asks: ‘Which of us was it?’
Jozef says: ‘It is all of you.
My best friend does not recognise me there.
My dearest being does not recognise me anymore there, neither do my brothers, because my consciousness is then my face and that is something entirely different than this, which you now see.
I never want to lose that again, not for any millions or for whatever, because I was able to see myself and everything for my life there and that life is eternal!
If you should ever come into contact with people, who think that they could possess this, that Jozef and André, then tell them that they are going about with castles in the air.
I will devote this wonderful thing for nothing of this false world anymore, for no one, because I get nothing back for it!
And is this understandable?
There are people who think that they are married to me and I do not know it myself?
Therefore these few words.
They would like that; I do not blame those people.
But you would say!
They are longings, but when they are gossiped about, it is me.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, nothing more would remain of my spiritual possession, for which I fought.
We can hear this talk every day!
No, ladies, I am not talking to you, but there were some.
But they are not worth a marmot.
Now what, if there is a question of cosmic unity?
You know now, lady, what master Zelanus looks like?
I gave you this comparison, but Leslie Howard is still coarse and ugly in comparison to master Zelanus.
And then to know that Howard is an Adonis for the earth.
This actor was a handsome man, millions of women were crazy about him!
All of us will see each other – ‘behind the coffin’ – again.
You can accept this, even if some of you must return to the earth.
I can also see that.
Yet we will then see each other again and then we will continue!’
Question from the hall: ‘Which of us must return?’
‘Madam, I would not tell you that for a million.
If I was to tell this, I would destroy your life.
You would then be faced with a dreadful thinking and you would not be able to deal with it.’
Again from the hall: ‘That is understandable, better that we do not know everything, we know too much already anyway!’
Jozef says: ‘You can never know too much, if you do not succumb under it at least, ladies and gentlemen, because then it becomes difficult!
The difficulty does not lie and does not originate through this knowledge, but the difficulty is, to deal with that wisdom here, which I already told you about; it is that!
If you remain simple, it is possible, but I hear so much.
Now the people already hit each other, because they learn something and master something.
Then what, ladies and gentlemen, if you became spiritually conscious?
Then you would start to make demands?
I am not allowed to do this, or I would already be gone.
But you do it and that becomes bother, megalomania.
As a result of this consciousness you must be able to carry the human being, that is the intention.
What am I, if I am a general or mayor, I told you last week and I have none of that love?
It is also the same with art, I told you, but what you would make of it then, is destruction, is bother.
You then crush the other human being to death.
Because you know something?
You have mastered something?
Many people do that and I would like to give them a beating.
The human being who associated with me, does not experience any bother from me.
Ask those, who should know.
I will not crush them to death, they do not feel and see anything of my consciousness.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to make myself understood and if I cannot do that, I will not be worth a cent for the Other Side and then it will be fuss and bother.
Must the masters crush us by their wisdom, as bragging?
They are love and comrades.
They are like our fathers and mothers cannot be.
They are father and mother at the same time for you and so is master Alcar for me.
However, if I was to go against him – this is of course something else – then I would be powerless and he would close himself off to my consciousness for a moment and then I could no longer reach him.
The masters live like this, they are open to all life.
And Christ was like that too, when he lived on earth.
Did you want to make something else of it?
Then you will be wrong.
There are people who, because they once asked a good question, now already crush those to death, with whom they are involved.
Then it is called: you know nothing, I know.
So bragging once more!
Did you think, that I did not know this?
Sooner or later, if you continue to come here, I will take everything away from you anyway, because you do not yet have it in your possession.
You still have to master that love.
Will you then become mayor of The Hague and you will be something?
Become a general and you can give orders!
For the spiritual life you are and will remain a wretch!
Is it not true, mothers?
Of course it is.
But you are also bothered by it.
Or you will prove the opposite ... then we will worship you!
If that husband of yours does not want it or cannot do it yet, then just place him before the facts and give him a ‘nothing out of ten!’
If you want to make something of your life, then do not make a fuss about this, which you hear and get to experience here; if that wonderful love is not there, you are not worth a cent for your life ‘behind the coffin’ and here on earth people suffocate in your life; you will then be a bragger, an empty and bothersome fusspot!
You will then no longer be suitable of receiving anything.
Your personality will not be able to be reached now, as a result of which you will never be a spiritual follower, never can be, because you still hit!
I will continue!
I have a question here from J.A. Prinselaar, which, although, I believe, it was already asked before, is still of great importance for everyone, who accepts the teaching of the masters.
The question is:
‘We keep hearing from you and Master Zelanus, that we first have to take care of our family and a social position, in order to also gather as much knowledge as possible by reading the books and listening to lectures.
But, if our social position brings us into conflict with the teachings, then what?
If, for example, a judge, a professional soldier, a bailiff and other people were to accept your teachings and like all of us were to also demonstrate the theory from the books and the reading in the practice of everyday life, we would become stuck and go to pieces in society.
And then we would not know what to do anymore.
What should we do then?
Also this: what Theo from the book ‘Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life’ did, was not correct in my opinion, but untrue.
By going, he led his superiors to the opinion, that he was going to do his duty as a soldier.
And this is a problem in my opinion, which all of us will be faced with one day.
What do we do, if we do not wish to become a Peter, do not wish to renounce these teachings and as a result of this Christ?’
Jozef is ready and says: ‘Mr Prinselaar, thanks for your good question.
You think good.
What you must do, you do not yet know, but I will now explain that to you.
One thing ... if I was to be a judge and I was to act according to the Universe, then I would be immediately out of society.
Do not make any prison warden of me, because I would release all the prisoners.
Make me your minister of finance and I will give you currant loaf and chocolate milk every morning; I will then have enough money over to be able to live with all of you, but I will then be in the heavens.
I will then live in the Kingdom of God and is that possible?
Make me a bailiff and I will run away from your life. I do not want to have that cursed job.
I do not want to be a policeman, not a general, I do not want any of all those jobs, if it connects me with the hateful, the destruction, the injustice.
I do not want any of all of this, because it places me before the destruction, the injustice for human being and animal.
I could no longer do this.
Christ taught us to love all life!
But now you!
I am outside of society.
But I was in it, I was a taxi driver.
You are better off today as a taxi driver than I was then.
You are sir, I was a tramp of the night, always on my way to earn something.
We were almost never free.
In 1922 that was already ... driving day and night.
And yet that life did not destroy me!
Must I steal if another does this?
Must I be unjust, act the bailiff, if I can peddle flowers and also earn my money with this?
I do not need to analyse this, sir.
I place you before the teachings of Christ and then you just have to do, what you want yourself.
But I understand you.
Well, what do we do now?
However, I tell you ... if you are faced with the cock, it is up to yourself, whether you let that animal crow, because no one can help you.
And you will have to prove one day, what you want.
This is definite and is Divine!
And to now get round it?
Theo, from the book ‘Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life’, was right, sir!
You have felt this wrongly.
He did not go into the army in order to fight, but he wanted to know, what happened to the human being who bursts.
Did he now lie to the soldier, his superior, because he could not explain why he wanted to experience the army, the evil – that murdering?
Is this wrong?
This is completely outside of that chaos, that mess and this is the good in the human being; we learn as a result of evil.
I am placing you before the only correct fact.
I therefore do not need to expand on this, you know now.
If it is possible, sir, ladies and gentlemen, now listen carefully, to fool the ‘devil’ for the good, is that wrong then?
Is that not the way to do it?
If your child cannot listen and definitely wants to burn itself, keeps walking to that stove and if you cannot stand this any longer as a father, what will happen then?
We already brought up this scenario before, for that matter: then just run up to it, burn yourself good and well, then this provoking and not wanting to listen will be finished for good.
And see, the child now knows it for all his life, that stove there is dangerous.
This happened by means of something harsh, sometimes unjust too, but no judge would disagree with that man and you do not either.
However, this means, that I pull a fast one on the devil as hard as I can in order to experience the good through him.
Something else: if Satan thinks that he has got me, he is completely off the mark, because I know what he wants from me and now that same devil can drop dead.
A harsh word for a satan perhaps?
Come on, you know what I mean and it is also true!
Theo therefore wanted to know something.
Was that superior taken for a ride by him?
Now that we have to do with murder?
No one here accepts this, sir.
Should I, if I do not want that – even if I was in the army – still obey those superiors in everything, if I see, that it only concerns murder?
This is what I think and everyone here with me thinks: if something was to happen, you will not have got me.
And if I now want to do service in order to experience something by means of that rotting destruction for the good – for Theo now the life ‘behind the coffin’, so psychology – then the whole military carry-on can drop dead for me.
I want the good and also do it.
That is the word!
The word, which says spiritually: just pull a fast one on evil, if you are faced with the devil; just let that cock crow for him, because that devil has already drunk your life blood several times, but this is now over.
You must now therefore decide yourself for your social life, what you want to do.
All of us know it: for God and Christ we must now show our colours and that is difficult, because we must think of our food and drink and our household.
But, sir, if there is someone in the office later, who wants to steal from the boss along with you, what will you say then?
Then you will refuse.
And carry on like this, until you have built up a different society for yourself.
You have to take care of that yourself.
Why did you become a milkman or something else?
Why are there so many artists?
Because all those people do not want anything to do with this rotten society; they already sought consciously or unconsciously for something, as result of which they had nothing to do with all that misery.
This is clear, because it is your misery.
You are now stuck with this job, but both of us, sir, have been drivers.
Now I am no longer a driver, because I got a job from Our Lord.
You also have another job now, but you are in society.
However, it is a thousand times more difficult for me than you: I am faced with hot fires, sir.
I was already faced with thirty-eight million guilders in 1938 and refused to accept them.
That happened and yet I said: ‘The ‘droodles’!’
You can read this in the third part of the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’.
And because my life now means something, I met the people with those feelings, who would like to devote everything in order to get this, therefore me; but I am not for sale, I already told you several times and I meant this example then.
But there are more of those goddesses, but we are not for sale.
This work and this task, believe it, is for all of you the teachings and worth more than all the gold on earth.
You therefore know now!
I know that it is difficult for all of you, but is this the truth?
Is this not self-deception?
The human being does not want to experience any depth, he wants social ‘giggling’ ... because that is it.
I already told you several times: ‘Did you really think, that I walk day and night looking at the ground?’
The masters do not even do that.
Christ also had his smile ready.
When the deadly seriousness comes, then act, but now with regard to the teachings.
You kick a cock like that from and out of your life.
Become a baker, become a milkman, but do not add any water to the milk or the cock will already crow!
Become a lawyer, just take part in dirty dealings and now the cock will no longer crow, but it will be Golgotha.
For you the universe will then darken, but only because of the own destruction.
Such people are merciless.
Is that it?
You can decide for yourself the best.
The prehistoric human being also freed himself from his darkness and did not even have our possibilities; he reached the Divine All completely alone.
I saw that and you can accept that.
We cannot escape it anyway, we must go on and act spiritually consciously according to the laws.
And if we make mistakes, well, they are to be learned from.
But if you want to and can still bow your head and you dare to accept a mistake, then the Other Side will be behind you and will help you.
When you refuse to bow, no Golgotha, no master, father or mother can help you; then you will be faced with, now clearly said in the ‘s-Heerenberg dialect ‘completely alone!’
If this is enough, I will continue.
Good luck now, sir, laugh, just laugh.
Dare to laugh society right in the face, that dirty mask.
But do not show it consciously, or the misery will already be there, do that ‘from inside!’
Just as Frederik says in the book ‘Masks and Men’.
We people must do that from inside and it is only then that that injustice cannot wash over our life.
Just cheat, if the devil shows you his cards, but add the ‘hearts’ of Our Lord, the ‘king’.
If necessary, take ten of those cards, because otherwise that devil, that brute, will still win from you!
Place him before his own fall, let him – therefore evil –break his neck.
Not the human being himself, because then you will be tied to murder and that is not the intention, never has been either.
But you understand what I mean and that is what matters now!’
Mr N. van Rossen asks: ‘Have I understood properly, when I read in the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ that, when the human being had experienced the fish stage, he could not continue physically, but spiritually and that, when those secondary planets were finished = although still astral, therefore spiritual - but condensed by Moon and Sun, they had reached the same attunement of the soul as human being?’
Jozef says: ‘Mr van Rossen, my compliments, it is true, you have understood well.
If you continue like this, you will get to see the universe completely open in your life.
This is thinking!’
The second question is: ‘Was there once already a paradise, therefore a true paradise; is that possible?’
Jozef says: ‘If you think, ladies and gentlemen, you will now work it out.
There was really a time when human being and animal lived together in harmony.
One life left the other alone.
But then it happened.
It was the human being, who attacked the animal and when this continued, therefore the animal also reincarnated, there was also the fear in the emotional life of the animal for the human being, because the emotional life of the animal had not changed in any way.
Then the fight for life and death began.
The writers of the scriptures did not feel or see that.
There was therefore a time – before the human being became conscious of his power – that peace and quiet ruled; the writers of the scriptures made the story of the paradise from that.
On the Moon and on the secondary planets there was a state of peace and quiet; therefore a paradise state.
On the planet Mars the animal-like destruction began and how?
It is perfectly simple.
Before they were still children; the human being and the animal did not yet have those powers and forces.
Centuries later, when all that life became adult, the blows fell and the human being killed the animal!
Now the animal is afraid of the human being.
But we also see that when the human being gives himself completely for the animal, therefore completely honestly, the animal also gets its self-confidence back and then there is harmony again.
The animal tamer, everyone, who gives himself completely in love to the animal, builds again on the state of that former paradise, obviously reached more unity with this life!
Is it clear, Mr Van Rossen?
Then I thank you for the questions.
I will continue.’
I have here from Mr S.J. van R.: ‘If it is not asking too much of your gifts, the undersigned cordially requests that you inform him, where his son is at this moment, at least his spirit or soul, which only passed on recently.
If possible, what task was he given, possibly in accordance with his capacities and characteristics.’
Jozef Rulof says: ‘Sir, I do not go into such questions.
I am not a seer here for your loved ones, I am here to explain the laws for your life to you and for nothing else.
I can therefore not help you.
My masters never wanted me to give myself for that and if they had wanted that, I assure you now, then I could have earned riches, so many people want the contact again with those, who departed from them.
But master Alcar said: ‘We will do something else.
We do not want to shred all these wonderful gifts.’
The books and the spiritual art were namely born from these gifts.
Even if that spiritual art is just a side issue, then this is in order to reach the masses.
If this was different, then I would only have become your slave and nothing else.
I know, the human being is tied to his loved one.
Now read the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, sir, and you will know exactly, where he now lives.
But do you know his inner life?
In the Netherlands alone there are already fifty thousand spiritualists.
Those are people who will never come any further.
They only want the contact back with their husband, wife and children, but to read something about that, they do not want that, they remain unconscious.
I will tell you something nice.
A mother had to deal with heavy blows.
When she came to me, with the same question, I gave her the following in the name of my master.
‘Read, read a lot, read all the books of the masters and make yourself sensitive to the Other Side.
It is only then, when you know and possess that sensitivity and you are a good person, that your pure love will be a wonderful instrument and your loved one can probably come to you through your dreams or a vision and give you back the own contact.
And that, mother, is possible.
But I cannot be an instrument for you and for all those other mothers and fathers, because then the masters can do nothing with me, then we will stand still.’
And what is better?
That those same masters want to take mankind to this spiritual awakening!
Even if you put a thousand guilders on the table – the people have done that several times – it is and will remain no, it is not possible!
More mediums experienced this.
When a hundred guilders was laid on the table, they succumbed.
And when another five hundred guilders is added by the human being, who remains behind in suffering and sorrow and possesses money – because he has everything to spare for it – the mediumship started to darken.
Those mediums no longer listened to the Other Side.
But those masters did not intend in any way to earn money from their 'seeing'.
But those mediums wanted this and now they were faced with destruction; the money therefore made their gifts fade; nothing more remained of their seeing!
No, because they cannot ‘see’, the Other Side sees.
However, that spiritual form withdrew, did not want anything to do with that carry-on, but that medium still thought he could see and told his own nonsense to the poor human being of the earth.
In this way, sir, I have seen numerous good powers disappear, but it was their own fault.
And you see it again, this life is different than that of all of you and yet simple; as long as you do what the masters want, nothing wrong will happen.
On the contrary, you will go higher and higher, I was able to experience this, I received wisdom as a result of this!
If you now start to read, sir, because I feel that you know little about these matters, you will get attunement on the spheres and then your son can descend to you and possibly later – if he does not have to return to the earth – impress a vision on your life and you can make do with that.
This is now the only possibility to build up a contact for yourself.
All those spiritualists refused this contact and still run to male and female clairvoyants and give away their money for utter nonsense, because those so-called seers just talk nonsense!
And if you still want to go to those people, then I advise you to read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ first.
You will then be prepared and then you can already ascertain their nonsense!
So, sir, now read or mourn.
You will not only get wisdom for your life through those books, but also revelation, peace, quiet, yes, the universal love in your life will come back, which concerns God and my Masters.
Surrender everything, your son has returned there in his spiritual independence, he has to learn there.
But the human being on earth wants his loved ones back.
Is that possible?
Is that allowed?
Must that happen?
But people do not want to see this, do not want to accept this.
So understand, that human being on the other side does not return to your life just like that, because he is faced there with other laws of life and namely those of the spirit.
And they forbid him to seek contact on earth, or we will learn nothing!
It is as a result of this that all those spiritualists remain at a dead point.
They want to talk to father and mother – through the cross and board and through the mediums – but I already gave you the example and that is the truth.
You can try it, it is also certain, now and again there will be a lucky strike, you will get a message like that from your loved ones through those mediums.
But you will not get everything, because they are not instruments.
The human being on the other side is faced with his laws and leaves you and me alone, because we – as they also did this – have to finish our life!
And because the human being does not want to give this up, spiritualism has become what it is now; you see all these sacred contacts again in the street gutters.
The human being himself on earth, all those fathers and mothers and those people, who thought they possessed gifts, made a dung heap out of it.
I did not do this, I did not succumb, I saw the drama happen and did not want anything to do with it.
But those mediums are gone.
All of them succumbed, but I am still here!
Who will be proved right, the spiritual right?
Christ and the masters!’
Someone in the hall now asks: ‘May people call up spirits?’
Jozef says: ‘Why not, madam?
Just do it and you will see and experience what you attract to yourself.
I assure you, a pile of misery.
Did you think, now that you know this, what I just said, that the spirits let themselves be called just like that?
Come now, do you do this here too, can you be called away from your life just like that for and by everything?
Read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and you will know.
Those wonderful books were written for precisely this purpose!
Great dangers charge at your life, madam.
You must experience it yourself, but there are few mediums to be found, even if every human being is mediumistic; you will also get to know the laws for this, if you read those books.
You cannot force life on the other side.
I have nothing to force for and through my masters; they cannot be forced; I have nothing to say and I never need to ask one question either, because the master knows what I must ‘know’ and that is all he passes onto my life.
Did you think that those lives were open to sensation?
I would earn thousands by painting in public.
Do the masters do that?
I could publish all the books, if the masters went over the world with me and painted, but then I would be and they would be show painters and our wonderful unity would lie in the street.
It would then not mean a cent.
Or is this perhaps not true?
Not a single gift of mine is contaminated by sensation, now remains spiritual happiness, clean and pure, madam.
I do not like that sensation, because everything from the Masters is too sacred, your Divinity and your Christ have to do with that.
Yes, of course, we have painted for our people, but this was a gift and nothing else.
When we painted in Diligentia, there were seven hundred people, it was sensation!
When master Zelanus said: ‘Come on Wednesday evening, then I will explain the laws to you, it will be worthwhile for your life’ we did not see any of those sensation people, they did not want to know that!
You see, do what the human being here wants and you will be a sensation being.
But it is not for me, I have never succumbed for money before, or for bragging, for greed or pleasure.
It has cost me my blood and I do not let any herd animal drink this!’