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I will continue with the question by L. v. Ettingen-Bernhard: ‘If children from four to fourteen years old are cremated after their passing on, will this then be an obstruction for their continuing on the other side?
The parents have decided in this and the children cannot do anything about that, can they?
Can you answer this?’
Jozef says: ‘Listen carefully, in the first place this: few children are cremated and that is just as well!
No, the child does not suffer as a result of cremation.
The more consciousness we possess for wrong thoughts and lovelessness, the more this has significance for cremation.
Therefore the more we represent the darkness, the more cremation can hit us and we will walk round with that law; I already explained this completely.
You can read about this in the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
The child therefore does not possess the consciousness of the adult being with all his evil.
As a result of this, this must be clear to you, cremation has no hold over that life, because the emotional life has disengaged itself for all that misery.
You can understand this.
There are no children from four to fourteen years old living in the hells, that is not possible!
You will also read this once more in those same books and there you will get a wonderful picture of your own emotional life and your consciousness, but also of that of the child!
There are crazy parents, who cannot distance themselves from their child and now want to keep the ‘ash’ of that little life.
The Other Side and the laws say: Do not be so gloomy, give that life back to God and his laws.
Did Christ not say: You will return to dust?
Or do we wish to know better than him?
No, a thousand times no, people of the earth.
You cannot destroy the child by your self-love and that is just as well, or all those little ones would also have to accept and experience the suffering and the sorrow because of the fathers and mothers, the mites then, the poor, who cannot and do not want to surrender anything, who want to keep everything, which is from God!
Harsh perhaps?
You keep hearing it, the human being is still so poor in spirit.
No, the little ones have nothing to do with cremation, only the adult being.
But as a result of cremation the child has also lost something and those good, loving parents do that.’
Voice from the hall: ‘But they do not know, do they, sir?’
Jozef says: ‘That is true, madam!
They do not know, but they could have known.
For that matter, Christ said it!
But they do not want anything to do with Christ, because it is this life with them and nothing else!
The human being does not know so much; people can now know everything because of the teachings of the masters, but we are now also laughed in our faces.
Is it not true?
I have been calling for so long: no cremation!
What do they say?
‘That guy is mad.’
And those societies could murder me.
I am affecting their bread and butter!
Isn’t that something?
Thank God, Innemee is still here in The Hague and those grave diggers are still on my side.
Innemee himself said, I believe: If you carry on fighting like that, Jozef Rulof, you will soon get your commission for every corpse and then you can publish the books!
Isn’t that nice, ladies and gentlemen?’
We laugh, something else is said, but Jozef is right!
‘So you see, the cremators do not like me.
But the grave diggers give the masters the flowers from their heart, we help them earn their bread and butter!
You would like to laugh about it, if it was not so serious, so we will not do that!
But fair is fair, is it not a fairground attraction in the human being?
Laws are laws, ladies and gentlemen, something ‘beautiful’ does not exist for the Other Side.
And if the human being himself deforms and ill-treats those laws cooperatively, the beating will come anyway, sooner or later for and because of yourself, but irrevocably ‘behind the coffin’!
Ladies and gentlemen, I will continue!
I now read a question by F. van Laeken: ‘Do the colours also have fatherhood and motherhood?
I suddenly understood the lecture by master Zelanus from Sunday and namely because of the example of the snow.
Is that possible?’
Jozef says: ‘Listen for a moment.
First your colour spectrum.
What is a colour seen as life?
Do you not know?
The colour itself is paternal!
When the bulb is still in the ground, that is giving birth!
And that giving birth creates something and that is the colour of the flower.
And now the difference with science, the university.
Now the flower becomes ‘she’.
But that ‘she’ is a ‘he’!
Did you not know this?
Is it not simple?
You hear it, the human being will soon have to overthrow all his own findings and replace them by the Divine truth.
This applies to so many things, to infinitely many other lives, which the human being has made a mere show of!
It is also the case for the ‘Evolution’; death is reincarnation!
It is happiness, because the human being returns to God.
But we stand at all those graves howling, we weep until our tears run dry, why?
Because the human being does not want to accept his evolution.
Of course, you may shed tears for a good friend, you have lost him for a moment, also for your child, that is obvious, it is your happiness and your love.
But if you now know, that you will see your child or friend again there, which means happiness for both – at least if everything is good in that friend and in your love, because we know the darkness and that is not so nice – then weep for a while and then continue, you yourself will have to start on it too!
But we were not talking about that now.
We are concerned with that colour spectrum and you now know all about that.
Everything which is still in the ground, is maternal.
When it gets colour, this is the change, the evolution for this life and is now, as I already said, the ‘colour’ has become fatherhood!
And what did you see now through the snow?
I know what you mean.
You now saw the cosmic birth system consciously passing by your life.
From the hazes, which reached condensation, the snow flakes then originated.
This is therefore the division of a universe, of a cloud.
This is how it happened on the Moon.
Also on earth, but now from the embryonic life.
God did nothing else!
But then life began!
And master Zelanus meant that on Sunday.
Yes, it is a good example, Mr Van Laeken!’
Question from L. de Visser: ‘In the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ on page 218 I read: Only Caiphas can now as Hitler open the eyes of the Jewish people and bring them to Israel.
He possesses the characteristics for this, he is connected to this race (see because of his blood and inner life.
What is meant with by ‘because of his blood’?’
Jozef Rulof answered: ‘There is more here, but first I will answer this question.
Hitler returned to earth, I mean Caiphas as Hitler.
Can you not feel then, madam, that the spiritual blood of all of us comes directly from the tribe of Israel?
This also concerns the material blood.
But we reincarnated, received other blood, therefore from our family, and yet, in our life – and that is for every human being on earth, who has released himself from the Jewish race – that blood still lives, because the Jewish race was the race (see for all of us.
This is why master Zelanus spoke of: because of his blood Hitler is now tied to all those miserable matters but they are in order to shake Israel awake.
And did the Jews understand this beating?
Is it not sad, that now the Jewish race (see is beginning to give itself form again?
That is wrong, because the Jew must accept the Christ.
And this applies to every spark on earth, Christ is the ‘Messiah’ for all our life!
And what does the Jew do again?
What do they hope to achieve?
To still wait, until Christ appears on the clouds?
We stem from the tribe of Abraham and Isaac, madam, and still belong to it!
How wonderful this book is for the peoples of the earth.
If only the people could accept us.
Good heavens, the things the masters gave our life and for the peoples.
Too good to be true, people say, but it is there!
We will not make it with preaching and praying, but the Jewish and Catholic church do not want to experience the true Christ; for that matter, all those religions are at a dead point.
But Adolf hit home, the Jew has something on his consciousness, it happened in Jerusalem.
If you are still a Jew, then do not be angry, I will not do anything to you.
I will help you, I have respect for your live, but what now if mankind has to accept these teachings soon?
Would you then also want to destroy me, because I, through the masters, must represent the Christ?
Was this not exactly the same image then?
This is not destruction, but construction.
After all we know how those poor people were destroyed by Hitler!
The battle was heavy, but did they learn?
No sir, no lady, the Jew isolates himself again, establishes a new state and – from a spiritual view – does not want anything to do with us and if it comes to with Christ, does not want anything to do with what will awaken him.
All of us are still Jews, but now Christian-Jews!
And because Caiphas violated the highest, this is the ‘karma’ for the whole race (see; this must be clear to you.
Yes, of course, it is difficult, isn’t it?
Christ walked on earth as one of their own race (see
They saw a rabbi in him, nothing more and nothing less.
And then it happened!
The wonders were set aside.
Caiphas and the others refused to accept him, they did not want to listen, they only leered at his life, because he knew more than they did.
Caiphas did not want to get off his horse and this is and will remain the ancient human history!
Do the theosophists wish to accept not me, but the masters as their masters?
No, sir, then they must also come off their horses, sit down here and listen.
But if they could accept, my God, how strong would we be then?
If I let rip at science, churches and the religions, then they will not give me a poisoned cup, but they will put me in prison and I can make do with that.
Our mankind is still like that!
But, madam, your husband was a professor and you know something about life, you have had a good school education and you can understand and accept what I now say.
Adolf Hitler gave the Jewish race (see something to think about and this was not your and not my task, but the task of Caiphas.
He alone had to use that club, because it is his cause and effect.
But did the Jews understand those blows, that Divine, that telling slap?
It was not God, believe this too, it is the ‘cause and effect’ for the Jews!
Did we perhaps have other laws to experience?
But it now concerns a whole people, the highest race (see of the earth, the first race!
Because that is and will remain Judaism!
If only you had wanted to get to know Christ!
If only you had bowed your life to his Divine wisdom, then you would not have had to wear your star!
You hear it, time and again, that the human being does not want to bow!
I am fighting against Elise van Calcar, her followers and others, because they do not want anything to do with reincarnation and therefore do not know the laws.
But try taking this away from those spiritualists?
I can shout it at them, they do not hear me.
On the contrary, I am a madman, a magician, a fakir, a blether, I am absolutely mad, people still tell the spiritualists, when they are talking about Jozef Rulof and then I will have had it.
But they are pronouncing their own spiritual death sentence by this!
We stand before those followers of Elise van Calcar, my master says and we do not come any further with them.
And yet she was good person.
Is a good person demonic, wrong?
Are all those good parents from a moment ago wrong, when they do not know, what cremation is?
Beat them to death, will you have made it then?
But you are powerless.
Yet that wisdom comes to the human being, but it is difficult.
Christ and his people did not bring those difficulties, but the unconscious human being does it!
Who gave Socrates his beaker of poison?
We now know how great that personality was!
Did you think that my sweethearts, my halfwit followers, would not have set fire to our temple too, if it had already been there?
Come on, who wants to deceive me that he or she can no longer make mistakes for all the life laws of God?
The masters do not make them and neither does Christ, but we do and this is our own destruction time and again!
Beanpoles, stalks of straw, what do you hope to achieve?
Human lice, moths, why did you not listen to the word of Christ?
And what came from it?
How much misery was not brought upon the Jewish race (see, only by refusing him?
How do you do this yourself and what do you think about it?
The human being does not yet know himself and does not wish to accept a supreme head.
People say that I am a dictator.
Is this true?
I do not wish to have to do with your life.
I let you do what you want yourself.
And am I still such a ‘Draufganger’?
Ach, ist das wahrhaftige Wahrheit?
Seek yourself and leave me alone, Christ could have said.
But where would we live then?
Unarguably something happened in those two thousand years, even if the human being still has to awaken.
And now your other questions, madam:
‘By means of which powers were the first researchers in the astral world able to follow the origin of the universe and all those subsequent stages?’
Madam, did you not read this in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’?
When those people had completed the cycle of the earth, they were faced with all the universal laws; they could connect with them one for one and as a result of this determine the soul, the spirit and the personality of those lives and in this way they continued!
Do you know now?
Read those books again, because it is said very clearly in our wonderful book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
Isn’t it, ladies and gentlemen?
You hear it, I am right!’
There is another question: ‘Can the astral being already be so altruistic in the Land of Twilight, that he thinks in that condition of others, like Moses, who wanted to return to the earth?’
‘Madam, this is a good question, thanks.
There is essence to this question.
Sometimes people ask questions with no meaning; then they like to hear themselves speak.
But where does spiritual thinking get to then?
This – you will certainly feel that – is also worthwhile and places you before a book again and namely ‘Those who came back from the Dead’.
Yes, not everyone in the Land of Twilight is unconscious.
Master Alcar, master Zelanus first had to enter that Land of Twilight, like everyone, before they entered the Spheres of Light.
This is clear, because this land – as a world – is a purification sphere.
Therefore a world of preparing for that higher attunement and look, those people also have something else inside.
But there are people living there, who have first had to work seriously on themselves.
But what is this Land of Twilight and what is it actually like?
The lowest attuned human being, from this same Land of Twilight, also has contact with and attunement to the land, which has direct attunement to the sphere of hatred; that sphere is so deep and we also experienced those seven transitions there!
Of course the people who are already starting to see the spiritual life also live there.
These people are ready to represent a task – like that of Moses.
The human being, who has the first sphere completely in him, can no longer give himself to destruction.
He has now conquered that destruction by devoting his blood.
You see from that, that Moses still had attunement to the earth then and not to the first sphere, because this latter does not yet live here on earth as a mass, even if there are millions of people, who do possess that spiritual attunement.
Otherwise it would still be miserable on earth.
But this was of course a very different thing for the time and the century of Moses; at that time people did not yet know Christ, nor his Love!
Do you understand now, madam, yes?
Then I can continue.
However, if the masters wanted to analyse every grade of life for every sphere, then they would have to write books for every transition, more and more books.
It is only then that we will know what a sphere like that is like.
But if you think, you will also know, because there are examples.
Gerhard, the coachman, from the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’ is one of them!
The main thing now is, how do we come out of a sphere?
I will not make a fuss about the Spheres of Light, ladies and gentlemen, but about the question, how I can leave those spheres.
We people just want to go higher up and you will think of course, that the human being from the Spheres of Light is already there; he earned it, didn’t he?
I will tell you then; the spheres are usually empty.
The human being who is on his way, works, goes further, further and further.
Only the resting human being, the sick, the human being, who is dead tired from the fighting, is there and has a rest, but goes on his way again.
The evolution for our spiritual existence is like this.
This is nice, don’t you think?
It is the truth, ladies and gentlemen, they do not idle and they do not sit on their own castle resting on their laurels.
They know there, that they are not nearly there and go further.
They work, serve, give advice to the human being, as I now do and that is spiritual work, with attunement to the life ‘behind the coffin’.
There people cannot tell you any different!
And, believe me, by means of every word which you get from me, I am laying foundations for myself.
My house there is already a temple; all of you help to build it and you are also helping to build a wonderful building for you and your people.
This is called, fair is fair, you will come that far because of me and all of us will come there because of the masters.
They also came there because of Christ and Christ because of God, so that God yields the profit, but our own crumbs can now no longer be scorned!
Just stop this building, because you like this life so much and because you have not yet had any of it!
You will then be faced with your own poverty!
The whole universe, millions of people on the Other Side, men and women, will laugh right in your face, because they know that you prefer to possess the earthly, which does not mean a jot to them!
What do you hope to achieve, ‘behind the coffin’?
If I want, ladies and gentlemen, I can now give you a universal beating and you will still not be angry, because you will feel, that this is and will remain the reality!
Hit yourself, pitch in, destroy that wretched ‘self’.
I tell you – the masters proved this – I, there in the Achterhoek, hit out, I did it myself and look, I have changed!
I do not want to possess anything of this miserable society.
Other people do, all of mankind is still open to it and you can buy this!
You get a human soul for only one guilder.
Add fifty cents, then you will get to experience an even more beautiful soul, because that is also still for sale!
And if you do not wish to believe it, this too: they dance naked for you, for only a mere ten guilders.
Go there and you will leave ‘drowned’, with something else and that, ladies and gentlemen, is your doctor’s certificate and the cent, it is a pile of misery!
Isn’t it?
I believe, that I have made it now and will therefore continue!
Satisfied, madam?
Completely satisfied?
Then I thank you!
But did you see, ladies and gentlemen, how my spiritual garden of life now shone!
Those flowers do not wilt!
I already see new ones being added for this evening.
I see one, which is called ‘Continue, Jeus of mother Crisje, I am called: complete awakening’.
That flower is ‘my own’ and my dear Crisje is pleased about it, because she gets all those flowers from me, as long as I am still here!
Crisje knows it and I will let her know, that she did not carry me and give birth to me for nothing, my love for my mother was so deep!
And that love brought me and her back to Our Lord and in this way we got to see master Alcar and then it rained forget-me-nots, lilies of the valley and healthy smiles.
Ladies and gentlemen, there was spiritual kissing.
In the way the human being understands himself and this life is perfect for the first time.
It is bliss, because all of us now go one way and only need one birth for that love.
Now the human being is open to the Other Side and this earthly ‘rottenness’ can succumb; I had wanted to say ‘drop dead’, but that is just a bit too much, because then we hit Mother Earth right in her sweet face and that is scandalous, because she gave us everything!
Do you realise that you can now write poems for the first time and that this is no longer sweet cake?
That this has nothing to do with Saint Nicolas, because if it was, we would hide ourselves in his sack.
It is true!
Do you also understand, why and how we can now think so quickly and why we can talk here?
Take part too, but release yourself from this society, just say: ‘get lost’, to this gigantic badness of this world; you may do it, because this is now your spiritual self-preservation!
You can hear: ‘I am still so young!’
Or ‘What did I have?’
Of course you are young and poor, because you say it yourself, you want this and therefore the Land of Twilight of a moment ago can now expect you.
Because these feelings connect the human being with laziness, ease, standing still.
It is the lack of the great wings and you need them, in order to be able to fly into that first sphere; however, now you are stripped of wings for that, because you already proved that on earth!
Well, dear people, now think of your own Land of Twilight.
The nicer you are, the softer, the kinder, the more loving, now go further, the more beautiful your sphere there will also be ‘behind the coffin’.
Now add another few flowers from Our Lord and you will be ‘love’!
And from those things everything and you will make the human being laugh and weep, weeping from happiness is a better way of saying it!
Did you already see those mothers weeping from happiness?
Is this not wonderful, mother?
Come, madam, just weep!
Before, when our good Miets, my little sister, who is now also already on the other side, came to me and the other brothers – we were mad about that one girl – I always said to her: ‘Brat, give me a kiss then?’ and then she flung her arms around my neck.
And Miets kissed, even if I say so myself, really good, even if she was still just fourteen years old.
We devoured her; Crisje’s boys had just one little sister.
Of course all of us kissed her and Miets just had to accept that.
Fathers and mothers, now kiss differently!
We all know it, I will get your heart out of your ribs this evening, that is also possible.
If we want that, it will happen.
Won’t it?
Because of that snarling and growling, that hitting too, because of those horrible blows, they have destroyed all your beautiful feeling and now you can no longer kiss as when you started with that first kiss!
Really, there are men sitting there weeping from happiness.
Good grief, master Alcar, can you see it too?
We get to see the emotional life of Our Lord and that is worthwhile after all!
But I must continue!
The kiss of the masters for you, leading personalities, mothers and fathers, children, greetings.
Begin with it for ever more!
With some powder the redness around your eyes – as a result of that crying – will be gone just like that.
Man of seventy, you are now a child again and that is what Christ wants to see in all of us!
It is only now that we make progress.
This is not old hat, this is the mother’s milk of the universe!’
Now a question from N. van Rossen: ‘Can people see the dying state of a human being beforehand?’
Jozef continues and already says: ‘Of course that is possible, sir.
Why not?
Many people saw that and were able to experience that beforehand, but then they were clairvoyant.
Not only that people can see the death of the human being, they can also smell it!
I could also smell the illness of the human being.
By the way, what a peculiar word ‘smelled’ is.
Smelling is better!
Don’t you think so too, linguists?
I ‘smoke’ it, my cigarette of course.
Yes, you can smell, that the human being is sick, the emotional life is so sensitive and because I was and became sensitive to so many things, I could do that too!
I also ‘smelled’ cancer and that smell was sharp, but very sweet, that smell was very sweet and with mediumistic people I could smell phosphor and that was always on the mark!
How you are laughing?
I am also laughing inside, because I am busy smoking and smelling, smelled and to have smoked.
Isn’t that something?
And now just laugh, but is smelling female?
Is this not something for science to find out?
We will immediately go onto something else, but, all of us ‘smelled’ the event ... and then Jacob had nothing more to say, he was ‘as dead as a dodo’!’
The people in the hall burst out laughing.
That suddenly happens.
You are always faced with something different with Jozef, his sayings are so colourful!
Immediately afterwards he also says: ‘And if you also want to include all the other things yourself – which we are talking about here – go into the church, now bless that corpse.
Also go to confession for the dead man or woman and burn candles.
Go and bury the life and weep a bit, but after all of this also eat your sweet cake, whisper a bit about the dead person and wish him goodnight; rest quietly, continue to lie there until you are wakened.
Then you will hear all that trumpeting and you may say ‘amen’ yourself, if you are capable of it!
Well, where do we get all of this from?
It is here, it has already been here too long, ladies and gentlemen.
You can write poems about it, write books about it too.
If you learn to think quickly, you are all writers and poets ... and you have something to say now, it is worthwhile.
But, did you see that there was one family member there, who drunk seven nips in order to wash away his sorrow and then he was staggering?
Just laugh about it, it is true!
You can say ‘amen’ again!
But then it was the evening of the day of the funeral and the human being snored, loud even, but God watched over the ‘dead person’!
If you now wish to stand on a stage, you could make the whole world laugh.
You would like that.
I assure you, you would be taken off stage, because this is mocking a dead person!
And that is not allowed, because that same corpse can think!
Yes, they would like that, but that is not true!
It is all very different!
And that is just as well, or we would still be standing at that grave, looking gloomy, wearing black jackets and striped trousers and our wives would be wearing veils.
The children, who were still in the cradle, would ask:
‘Are those old people a bit mad today?’
‘Yes, because I get nothing to eat, my mother’s milk has gone sour, she is weeping for grandmother and she is no longer here now, but where is my dinner?’’
Laugher; we all laugh loudly, because it is true, isn’t it?
Jozef continues immediately and says: ‘Still not finished laughing?
I read here again: ‘When has my cycle of the earth been completed now?’’
Jozef answers: ‘If you, madam, have made good everything for your life here on earth.
Now read all my books and there are now nineteen of them and you will know it very clearly.
Those books show you the way and you will get to know yourself!
So will you read, madam?
Then we will not have written those books for nothing and I can immediately get hold of another note!’
I now read: ‘If a child dies in the mother, is that then a conscious state for the soul?’
‘Madam, this can happen, but that is not always the case.
After all, it can be that the soul is busy releasing itself from the psychopathy and then the mother first experiences her miscarriages.
This event originates because of the soul itself, because the emotional life of the soul and the personality destroy the foetus.
Now also read the books and you will find the answer to all these questions!
All these disharmonic states fall under these laws.
Of course this also applies to the soul, which now for the spiritual life, experiences motherhood and being drawn to the earth again, but now it is consciousness!
And you also ask: ‘I just cannot see clearly before me, how the first two cells could inspire the next body – therefore on the Moon.
But how were they inspired?’’
Jozef continues: ‘Madam, the first cells, which started life on the Moon in and for that stage, gave something of themselves.
Just as much as you now receive from your husband in order to give birth to one or more children.
On the Moon there were not yet any children.
But there were also births there.
The source is still there!
We do not give you everything as a man, if we create and you will give birth, we keep our tree.
Therefore, we gave something of ourselves and then we died as cells.
We went to the astral world, that is the world for reincarnation.
And when our children were big as a cell and started to mate, we returned to them; without us they would not have been able to give birth.
We were therefore the inner life for that new one – given birth to by our children – cells!
Is it clear now?’
‘Yes, Mr Rulof, thank you very much, it is now completely clear to me!’
‘And now also this, you ask too: ‘The cycle of the soul has been completed, if we as a human being have experienced the highest organism.
But I do not sing and cannot sing.
Is this something to accept for myself, that I must still return, in order to receive and to experience that highest organism?’’
Jozef now says: ‘Madam, I thank you for this question.
Few people think of that, after all.
You experienced the evening of course, when we were talking about the voice of the human being.
Then I understand it.
You would never have been able to come out with this question otherwise, from which I can deduce, that we are learning something after all and this gives us something to think about!
And, ladies and gentlemen, what do you think about it yourself, if you can still remember that evening and have not forgotten the rest?
Isn’t this something?
You did not think of that, did you?
You hear it, the human being thinks further and that is worthwhile.
We were talking then about the alto and the bass, the tenor and the soprano and also about the baritone and the mezzo-soprano and we said, that the human being possesses those voices because of the pure fatherhood and motherhood and that it is not anything else.
Well, do you not know?
But you could know if you reflect for a moment.’
After answers to this from the hall, Jozef Rulof says: ‘No, madam, it has nothing to do with your emotional life or with your consciousness.
Not right either, sir, your love says nothing now.
Neither do your brains or your learnedness, but what does the problem itself say?
I will help you and then you will remember.
You will then say again: yes, and visibly, audibly, you will sigh.
Is the voice so meaningful for creation, madam?
Yes, it is for the human being, because if you sing well, you will earn money.
You can let other people, who love songs and singing, enjoy.
But it not what it is about.
Everything is about fatherhood and motherhood.
And now – you will work it out later anyway and you will recognise it immediately, if you know the answer to your question from me and the masters – I tell you: you can already have made good, madam.
Because of the first grades for the highest race (see you cannot even experience the very highest.
If you have made good, you will continue on the other side.
There is also another problem.
Imagine, madam, mother, lady, sister – that is all possible too and for you alone – that you have not yet made good and you do not yet possess the highest organism, can you not experience it now by means of your cause and effect?
Another such trick question, such spiritual predicament, ladies and gentlemen.
What is it now, Mr Berends?
You do not know and you cannot know either.
I believe that none of you know.
I will just tell you then.
After all, you are now called back to all the corners of the world.
You therefore return to French, German, English and Indian people.
But which of those people belong to the highest race (see, possess the highest organism?
You now meet a fragmentation and it is now one in millions of possibilities, that you possess that voice and that timbre.
But it is possible, or ... the negroes would not be able to sing!
Can you feel where that one question now takes us again?
Do you understand it, madam?
Then you will get ‘full marks’ from me again, because it is not simple!
You can think, mother, and for those, with whom you are involved, it is a great happiness, of course, if they at least want to be open to your feeling.’
The lady replies to this: ‘I am not understood, sir!’
Jozef: ‘I believe that too!
And that is now your misery.
Isn’t it, madam, mother?
In this way all of us become lame, but it is your cause and effect.
Soon you will experience your own grade of life on the other side and it will understand you and be open to your life.
Now you must try to make yourself understood anyway.
This is our life now.
Many people experience what you experience, but you are very sensitive.
I am also sensitive and yet no one will get me down.
You also try to remain standing in this life, otherwise you would no longer be here!
Are you satisfied now?’
Lady: ‘Entirely satisfied, I thank you for everything!’
Now the last question: ‘Is a blood transfusion and giving the mother’s milk for another child, if the mother is not capable of it, dangerous?’
Jozef says: ‘We have already talked about blood transfusions several times here.
I will not go into that so deeply now, but I will tell you, if you still wish to live here, then take that blood.
But if you prefer to leave, then refuse to accept that blood; then you will certainly not be a suicide, or your body would not be sick.
You hear it already, madam, this is for yourself and is not bad, of course not, thousands of people have a new life to thank for it.
You must do everything, in order to keep your organism healthy.
And when you need blood and you were to refuse, no academic can help you any longer and you will live against the social and scientific grain and that is wrong.
There is therefore no question of danger!
I once already treated this spiritually and cosmically and that will soon be in our book.
You will read it and then know, how you have to act; for now I will therefore give you this: it is not dangerous, on the contrary, it will give you new life, it is the possibility, for keep you for this life!’
Lady: ‘But, you say, if you prefer to die, then refuse.’
Jozef: ‘You hear it now!
I am already attached to your life and your question.
Yes, madam, if you know the Other Side and you have life and death in your own hands – as I now possess this, but that is also another problem once again and already explained as well – you will probably decide otherwise and you will refuse to accept blood.
But then you must be cosmically conscious and you are not that!’
Lady: ‘I already understand it, Mr Rulof, and thank you!’
Jozef says: ‘Now the answer to the question of the mother’s milk.
If the mother does not have any food for her baby and refuses to use the milk from another mother for her child – because she thinks of T.B. and she is right about that – there will probably be something to this.
But the doctor says, that the mothers, who think like this, are mad and childish, because it is examined beforehand, whether that milk is good and pure.
When your baby needs milk, mothers – I will now give you the answer from the masters immediately and you will hear, that they agree with your doctor and do not go against science – then follow the advice of the doctor, because he should know.
He will not give your child any wrong mother’s milk, he will give your baby healthy milk - so pure - free from T.B.
But there is something else to be said.
After all, we know!
I was once called to a mother like that, because her husband knew me and had read my books; so was open to the Other Side.
The child was not well, it was vomiting.
‘What can it be?’ the father asked me.
First an infallible diagnosis was made by Master Alcar.
Then he saw that the mother was the cause, that the baby had to vomit.
I passed on what I received from my Master and said: ‘Did you have an argument?
Did you have to tell each other the truth?
You wife lives under it.
It is her kef and her poison!
Give the child ordinary milk and the disorder will be gone!’
They accepted it.
They tried it out and the child was no longer vomiting!
They had had a real argument and it was that suffering of the mother, which the child received and drunk; therefore inspiration for the material, which influenced the milk of the mother for her child.
Those people bowed to master Alcar and the disorder dissolved.
Madam, there is so much.
But what you are concerned with: can the baby catch an illness by drinking other mother milk?
You are surely asking for someone else?
Then say that she must leave this to her doctor.
It is certain, that the mother milk for the third and fourth stage possesses diseases, because if T.B. lives there, the mother milk also possesses that; just as much as we have to accept, that cancer and other diseases can also be present there.
I also once explained this for blood and said then, that the human being has no time to experience those diseases, because many lives are needed for this.
This means, that the milk cannot call up any abnormal phenomena for the child, because this child, therefore this baby, would have to take that milk for two or three hundred years.
If this was possible we would only be able to experience the grades of life for the mother milk!
This is now a cosmic answer, madam.
You hear it, the masters are capable of telling you and explaining to you exactly, because they know the human organism, they know the grades of life for the blood, the soul, the spirit and our emotional life!’
‘Mr Rulof, you are a revelation!’
‘Dear mother, I accept it from you.
I thank you, but these flowers go back to Our Lord.
I, ladies and gentlemen, am still just a big dope!
See you next week.
Did I give you something this evening?
Then I will place the word again at your feet.
I greet you sincerely and warmly!
There is no minister’s whining.
Sleep well!
Do not forget your flowers.
Give everything a colour, give everything in and of your life radiance, consciousness.
Do not care a jot about all that heavenly trumpeting for your last judgement.
You received that knowledge this evening and we trumpeted very differently, didn’t we?
This trumpeting will soon lull you in sleep!
You will start the rest tomorrow!
Good luck!!!’
Question from Mr J. Reitsma: ‘In the wonderful book ‘Between Life and Death’ we read that Venry and Dectar divide themselves by means of a strong will and concentration, as a powerful weapon against the seven high priests of Isis, who could disembody, but were at a dead point.
Also Jeus of mother Crisje, as young as he was, possessed the gifts to divide himself.
This appeared, when Jeus, sitting on the school benches, divided himself.
He was partly in the woods, while, being at school, he still answered when he was asked something.
The question is now: Who divided himself, the soul or the personality?
Fakirs and magicians build up a second personality.
Is this based on the same laws of division?’
Jozef says: ‘Not the soul, Mr Reitsma, but the personality divides itself, because your personality of now, is the possession of your emotional life built up by millions of lives.
The state in my youth was in the hands of master Alcar.
He wanted that, not me.
Even if children have those same phenomena, they are dreaming then.
For me this was the ‘experiencing’ of something else, because of the will of the master.
You now know how the human being is made up and I do not need to go into that deeper.
In ancient Egypt people knew a lot about these laws, as occult foundations, laid down and experienced by themselves for that study.
Now everything is different, because Master Alcar has all those laws in his hands.
I can therefore not disembody under my own power.
This is the wonderful gift, which Master Alcar has in his own hands, but which the human being in ancient Egypt mastered, so that that human being came so far as a result of his own study.
If you read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ – you have already done that – you will get to know all these possibilities and it must be clear to you!’
You also ask: ‘Do you wish to tell us your point of view regarding the dogma about the canonization of Mary by the pope?’
Jozef says: ‘This is really Catholic.
You heard it, many worshippers did not accept this and it is now also too late in the day, but the church needs a stunt like that.
What do the masters say about it?
That the Catholic church should not canonize Mary because the pope does not know Mary.
Mother Mary give birth to Christ in a natural way and Joseph and Mary had more children.
If the church changes that immaculate conception will Mary no longer be holy?
Because this is what it is about.
This means nothing, Mr Reitsma, nothing!
Mary is in contact with the fourth cosmic grade of life and must continue her own life.
Because she and Joseph still had attunement to the tribe of Israel, Christ descended into her life and she gave birth to the ‘Messiah’!
This is for Mary as a mother of course already a universal event and that canonization has nothing to do with this.
As I said, the Catholic church needs a stunt!’
Question from the hall: ‘So Mary gave birth to Christ according to the laws for every mother?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, madam!
Mary and Joseph as man and wife were capable of giving birth to children and Christ returned to earth by means of creating and birth giving organisms and that is already Divine.
What does the church still wish to make of it?
So no one who thinks believes that story from the church anymore.
And that is the holiness of the church.
Immaculately conceived ... is for the church something holy and would be Divine?
Can you still get over that?
You see, in this way the church has canonized so much and it is nothing else but its own product, the unconsciousness of the church and the club behind the confessional box!
If that was no longer there, even more people would leave the church, because then it will become too ordinary, too really human.
And that’s it, but the church does not wish to touch this.
Read the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and you will know.
For the masters everything is perfectly simple and also for us, because those laws are also ours.
Aren’t they, we are father and mother, so were Joseph and Mary!
Why does the church say nothing about the sisters and brothers of Christ?
And believe me, I saw that, master Alcar brought me to that reality, there were brothers of Jesus ... who were dopes; they also still have to take their own lives to the universal consciousness and this is also perfectly ordinary once more!
I will continue with the next question.
Mr Berends seeks it again in the ‘Origin of the Universe’ and asks: ‘According to physicists the Moon has a certain influence on the different nature and life processes, among others, on ebb and flow, sleep-walking, restlessness, etcetera, etcetera.
Furthermore practice in agriculture has shown that it is better to sow with the rising moon than with the waning moon.
Sugar cane, cut with the rising moon, has a higher sugar content than the cane, which is cut with the waning moon.
Now my question: Does that influence come from the moon itself, or is it for a hundred percent the influence because of the reflected rays of the sun?
If the latter is the case, is there not a certain truth in the claim, that the astrologists are right, when they say, that the universe can inspire and serve the human being and that the planets also have a certain influence on human being, animal, plant and flower, the life of Mother Nature?
Is that power – each with a different wavelength, a different potency and a different line of approach – still absorbed?’’
Jozef begins with: ‘How can it be, Mr Berends, what is a line of approach?
If you can explain that to me, I will continue!
Did you just get this from yourself?
I feel and know, what you expect of me and I will answer you.
In the first place, the Moon has an influence on all the life of Mother Earth, but not spiritually, but only physically and you can accept this.
The astrologists are therefore right about that.
But the inner life for the human being and the animal, therefore everything, must master the life as evolution by means of fatherhood and motherhood and we do not need the Moon for this.
So you feel that?
Then I can continue.
We will therefore not finish this.
But, I already asked you some time ago, when we were talking about astrology, can material, granite, ground, inspire you?
Only now by means of the radiance from the Moon?
Yes, if it concerns your body, so not spiritually, because, in ancient Egypt we healed the human being by means of the rays and powers of and by means of the Moon.
The Moon received those powers in its turn from the Sun, but we did not yet know that at that time!
You will read about it in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’!
So you already hear it, sir, if you talk about sugar cane: this is possible.
Rudolf Steiner also gave the example and did a lot for the farmers.
That cane and all the other life can be inspired by the Moon as a driving energy and therefore the rising moon is driving.
This is my answer to this question!
It is therefore very simple: if the laws speak and you sense them, as the farmer does this, that Moon inspiration is growth, blossom.
And now what, Mr Berends, why now?
I can now give you a different answer, because now the sugar cane itself is speaking.
Do you know this too?
There is now something which gives us the answer and then we are faced with the rising, the giving of the Moon powers and the waning, the disappearing of that power, which the sugar cane will now explain to us.
I will tell you, what the sugar cane says: I put myself to sleep with the rising moon and therefore now retain my sugar content.
Now that the inspiration from the universe comes to my life, I retain my soul power and spiritual drive; with the waning moon I give myself completely, which is giving birth and creation.
And because I received my soul because of the Moon, I react to my Mother and you as a human being now see the phenomenon!’
Berends says: ‘Your answer is amazing, Mr Rulof.’
Jozef: ‘Thank you, sir, you hear it, I am a cosmic seer and instrument, you now experience that the sugar cane spoke to my life and consciousness.
Is that any wonder?
I therefore give you the pieces of proof, that it is not nonsense, as the masters say: ‘We are one with all the life of God!’’
Berends also says: ‘It is a revelation!’
Jozef also says to him: ‘But I have no understanding of a line of approach, sir, and this has nothing to do with it either.
This is why I started with it and knew immediately, that this word comes from somewhere else and cannot be from yourself, nor from me; you will not find it in our books!
So, Berends, the Sun gives light and power to the Moon.
Rudolf Steiner and all those mystic great ones did not know, that the soul of all the life on earth, so therefore for nature, for water and because of this for ebb and flow in particular, was born on the Moon.
As a result of this the Moon can therefore give her own life physical powers.
But we must earn and master the power for the spirit by means of our devotion!
Isn’t this great and a very different thing to what the astrologists think about it?
They are close by and yet completely off the mark!
But Berends, sleepwalking and restlessness have nothing to do with the Moon, they are already human phenomena and they belong to our character and not to the Moon!
Also clear?
You see now, you connect the personal for the human being with that of the universe, the Moon, and that is not possible, because we only experienced the fish consciousness on the Moon and nothing else!
Also clear now?’
Berends: ‘You are a great wonder and I am very grateful to you!’
‘Thank you, sir, then I will continue again.
Or are there any more questions about this subject?
You hear it, ladies and gentlemen, you get cosmic answers just like that and they all come of their own accord ... will you try it too one day?
Also this and now you will hear again, that the laws wish to speak, because the sleep now says: ‘I never walk, it is the human being, who walks because of me, but then the human being along with me – as a law of life for the organism – is in a mess!’
Is this something beautiful?
And we, ladies and gentlemen, can bow once more, because sleepwalking is nothing more than nervous exhaustion of the personality!
The sleep cannot walk, it is we!
I thank you, beautiful sleep, if the academics could accept this from you, we would be a lot further and they would be sitting here listening respectfully.’
Someone from the hall now asks: ‘So there is no mercy for the receiving of Divine gifts?’
Jozef says: ‘No, mother, madam, that exists for nothing!
We people must master everything.
Were you here, when we were talking about the human voice?
Then you will certainly understand it.’
Lady: ‘I understand it now and accept it, because this is the only justice for me, because otherwise one human being would receive everything and the other nothing and God cannot approve of that.
But I read the word ‘mercy’ after all in your books!’
Jozef says: ‘That is true, master Alcar also speaks about mercy there, but that is seen from the human thinking.
What we are talking about, already belongs to the cosmology and we must earn all those gifts honestly and by giving our blood for them!’
Question from M. Schuling: ‘Sir, when I read in the book ‘Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life’, I am faced with the question: If soldiers and civilians die during a bombing and such like, how do they stand in relation to these laws and this sentence from the book?’
Jozef says: ‘When you are torn from life by a bombing or another accident, this is for you an ordinary dying, but now, of course as a result of a shock.
But the experiencing of Theo from the book ‘The Grebbe-line’ now, is purely spiritual science.
He wanted to experience this and now the human ‘will’ is tuned into the event.
Your will is asleep for this, so you do not experience this and you cannot experience it either.’
Questioner: ‘It is already clear to me, I thank you warmly.’
Jozef also says: ‘Everything, which we do as a result of our conscious ‘will’ and with our spirit, so want to experience for the life on the other side, also happens and that is also for our life on earth.
But what is not conscious as a result of our will, cannot react on top of that; this must be clear!’
Question from Mr Reitsma: ‘In the key to the books ‘Masks and Man’ we read, that René and Frederik – that is the truth and the love – go together inseparably.
But Frederik feels one with Anna, the knowledge.
When people feel, that Frederik is the strong magnet and can connect himself physically with Anna and yet something within him refuses and he says about this: ‘Then I would have to divide myself and I cannot do that for René’s sake’, the question arises in me: which key is Frederik using here?
After all, all the life of God evolves and expands by means of division.
Anyone who refuses to divide himself, is sponging, as master Zelanus and you keep saying.
And that is not clear to me.’
Jozef: ‘Mr Reitsma, thanks for this question, it is worthwhile.
First of all this.
Anna is not the ‘knowledge’, but the full, natural, maternal surrender for and in the human being.
So not the knowledge, because Anna has not yet achieved that, but, if you possess those characteristics – and the powerful personality of Anna possesses them – you will go further and further and you will get the love and the truth of your own accord!
And they are Frederik and René, but what they possess in feeling, that Anna from ‘Masks and Man’ still has to master.
But how wonderful these three books are, if you hear, all the things that are in them.
Aren’t they, Mr Reitsma?
And now your next question.
And you will therefore understand, when I tell you, that Frederik and Anna were too old to create and to give birth; at the end of the book you get to see the approximate age of both people and this was therefore no longer necessary.
That therefore concerned the physical love, but Frederik said about this: ‘If I was to divide myself, I would no longer feel René and I may not do that.’
And that is true, he would then have completely experienced Anna and as a result of this no longer experienced René so deeply, because in that case his feeling would be divided, would have become love, as a result of which he would tear apart his feeling with little René!’
Reitsma: ‘I understand it, but I did not yet get that out of it.’
Jozef: ‘However, it is true.
And incredibly beautiful and true, because Frederik knew, felt and experienced this, but put the help for René above this, because they both – he and Anna – loved spiritually!
But Frederik uses the ‘Golden Key of Life’ – René; that key for and of the universe, the Life, the awakening, therefore spiritual sciences for the human being!
Frederik therefore hints here at the higher love and wants to experience that with Anna, they are already one in everything, they understand each other.
Well, you can write another ten books about ‘Masks and Man’, this trilogy.
They are the most beautiful books, which we have written as spiritual novels.
Master Zelanus says about them: Those of mine are still only children in comparison, even ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, although this book is wonderful, is felt and wanted greatly by everyone, but the ‘Masks’ are Universally deep as human books and therefore so incredibly beautiful!
Because the ‘Masks and Man’ analyse the human personality and for the human being all the ‘Masks’, this work did not get ten out of ten from the masters, but from master Alcar and the highest masters a hundred ... and this is now understandable.
Thanks for your questions, Mr Reitsma!’
The question from Mr M. Dahmen is: I have heard you expressing several times: for me only that from the bible, which Christ himself said, has any value.
Likewise you taught us several times, that God cannot condemn anyone because of his unfailing love.
However, when I study the words of Christ and more especially his parables, then I still keep coming to the conclusion, that all those parables show a remarkable similarity on one point, namely the absolute separation between ‘accepted’ and ‘rejected’, which appears patently obvious from, for example:
The five wise and the five foolish maidens.
The good and the evil seed in the field.
The pure and the impure fish, etcetera, etcetera.
In these parables it is taught unmistakably, that, among others, the sheep, the wise maidens, the good seed and the pure fish are collected for entry into the Divine glories, but the goats etc etc are collected for total destruction in the fire.
Christ himself therefore warns about the exclusion, destruction, damnation to be expected.
Can you give me a clarification, what is true about it, I am seeking!’
Jozef is suddenly a different person, if you see him listening and thinking like that.
He says: ‘Mr Dahmen ... do you believe that Christ represents the highest in the ‘All’?’
‘Yes, of course!’
‘Well, if the masters – still people from the Spheres of Light – can no longer speak any untruths, because they know the truth and they have mastered this, because they have reached the worlds for this, then do you also believe this?’
‘Of course.’
‘Can Christ, who came from the Divine conscious ‘All’ to the earth, then talk such nonsense and give that to the human being on earth?’
The man says: ‘But then what?’
Jozef: ‘Then what?
The writers of the bible mucked that up and added that.
They put so much into the Christ’s mouth which he could never have said.
Take, for example, the event in Gethsemane.
The apostles were sleeping, Christ was alone, but the writers of the bible say, that Christ sighed: ‘Oh, Father, let this cup pass from me!?’
But who heard this?
Who heard Christ uttering these words, I ask you now?
Can he have said that?
So who did the writers of the bible get this from?
You see, there are many wrong images about Christ and the laws, which they put in Christ’s mouth.
Could Christ have talked nonsense, he, who is a Divine conscious being?
Or must we now accept, that Christ was an unconscious being?
What is now more acceptable?
That of the writers of the bible or of Christ?’
‘That of Christ, of course!’ Mr Dahmen replies.
Jozef now says: ‘You see, Mr Dahmen, I wanted to have you there first and now you are faced with the nonsense of the writers of the bible.
And they were people, people, who felt as you now do and as everyone, who does not know the laws, but they are now explained by the masters.
Christ said about this: ‘People will come, who will explain more than I.’
And they are now the masters, who bring their wisdom to earth through me.
What Paul got to experience for his time, was still unconscious, because he did not have any spiritual contact.
Now the masters do it under their own power, because they know the laws.
Or now everything would also be sullied again and twisted, but they have prevented that happening now!
And now further: what are those foolish maidens?
They are prostitutes, the women, who do not want to be a mother.
But they are not damned either.
What are pure and impure animals?
Ink fish and snakes, skunks, lice, fleas, in short all the vermin, which cannot experience any heavens and for which we now explain the laws!
What is pure fish?
Which we can eat!
The rest in the waters and also the life of the land, is and will remain post-creation and those writers did not understand that.
Yet Christ was able to bring the state of purity to earth now and again, but now it is his word and they could not make a mess of that word.
So there are still millions of wise and foolish maidens living on earth, you know them now!
And that of the good and the evil seed in the fields takes us back to the human being.
That is the human being, who wants to experience lust and nothing else and spoils his seed!
Or do you wish, that Christ had talked about the ‘little weed’?
And this is still true for you?
Another parable from Christ?
If you cannot accept the books, you will stand still and I will not be able to help you.
This is also the Divine truth: Christ did not succumb on Golgotha and did not call out: ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?!’
That is nonsense.
We do not shrink from any death and now Christ?
We no longer doubt God; so Christ then?
Is that possible?
Is that true?
I tell you, they not only dethroned Christ with all those words, but nailed him to their cross again.
And this is it, the truth!
They now make a pathetic human being again from a Divine conscious being and that is not possible, we do not accept that, Christ is greater for us!
The writers of the bible and your minister beat Christ, kicked him, but I repeat, if you cannot accept this, then keep your bible, because then, what we explain, is not for your thinking and feeling.
Fair is fair, we are not doing anything to you.
If you listen carefully, we do more than your minister, because we explain the laws to you.
If you do not believe this, sir ... I will be proved right soon ‘behind the coffin’, now I cannot help you!
If you should be interested in talking to bible experts, there are some amongst the listeners, who know the bible; they devoted their lives, in order to reach the knowledge.
But try beginning something with them?
There is Mr Thijs de Groot, there Arie den Heijer.
They possess a knowledge of the bible, which your professors – theologians – do not possess!
I have never read the bible, I was not allowed to read the bible.
But I fix you before every law, also before the bible, because I know the creation and only now understand properly what the masters wanted – or ... the bible would have completely broken my life and that was not the intention, so the masters prevented this happening!
Read the books and then come back.
You will then have the wisdom in you in order to analyze the bible and then you will see everything differently.
Now you will get to experience the true Christ!
I will continue with a question from Berends: ‘On the planets’ – you hear it, we cannot get Mr Berends away from his planets – ‘and for the transition planets, therefore states, in which the highest state of the first, is the lowest of the second transition, the organism becomes more and more perfect, until Mother Earth is also absorbed into the process, in order to receive that, for which she is suited.
The winged animal species are born on the third cosmic grade – the earth – and not on the first or second.
Which life laws of nature are they, or is this the highest cosmic consciousness for the winged animal species?
Do people find the winged animal species on the fourth, fifth and higher grades again?’
You have asked many questions about this, Mr Berends, and now I also understand, why the people, who come here for the first time, say: ‘Those people are completely mad.’
Because that emotional life does not yet understand what you are asking.’
Berends says quickly: ‘Then they must just read the books, then they will understand it too’, after which Jozef says to Berends again: ‘That is true, but you must not ask a hundred or a thousand questions at the same time, in order to get just one answer, because this comprises a thick book and I will prove that to you!’
The second question is: ‘The substance of the earth differs to that of other planets.
Does this difference lie in the working in the universe, for which they must finish their own task?’
Third question: ‘Is the climatological difference due to the place, which the planets have in the universe in relation to the Sun?’
Jozef says: ‘Fair is fair, Mr Berends can think, even if he spoils various things, he is busy and wants to master his universe!
My thanks for that, Berends.
This too, also give this universe to your character and I will make a wonderful follower of your life and personality.
If you do not want this, then it is up to yourself.
I keep telling you, if the human being has love, the masters will be ready for your life or you will soon go to pieces anyway.
Mrs Berends, is he very sweet?’
Berends: ‘We are not talking about that now!’
Jozef already prepared: ‘Agreed, but you would say.
But I hope that you wish to understand me, it is for yourself after all.’
Berends: ‘And we are grateful for that!’
We see Joseph suddenly changing.
We hear the incredible contact, which he possesses as an instrument of the masters, materialise, when he says: ‘If I wish to explain the planets and their transition stages to you, Berends, then I would now have to make a cosmic journey with you and this is not possible.
However, you ask so many questions with these few sentences.
But the more the life developed – so went further from the Moon – the more the organism grew and expanded!
On Mars we already experience winged animal species, of which science does not know any law and about which it will therefore be proved later, who is right.
But all life originates from the waters and goes further and higher.
It is only on earth that the animal life received that independence and this is the space for all the animal life and you can understand that now.
Is it now clear, Berends?’
‘Yes, Mr Rulof, I understand it!’
‘The substance now for the planets is different to that of our earth, because every planet has its own task to fulfil for this universe, which Mother Earth possesses for the fatherhood and motherhood of the human being.
And this is now the difference, yet the planets experience this for the laws of condensing, which are taken to consciousness by the Sun.
A planet, which is further removed from the Sun, cannot possess that condensing and I can now prove this to you.
But how?’
A lady in the hall answered: ‘By means of the feeling and the consciousness.’
‘Yes, madam, you are close, but it is not that!’
‘By means of the grades for the body and the material, Mr Rulof’, a gentleman says.
And Joseph says: ‘No, sir, you are also completely off the mark.
Berends, what do you now know about it?’
‘The soul of the human being and the life of the earth?’
‘No and yes, but it is not that!
How can I now prove to you, that the substance for the universe, is determined by the Sun, ladies and gentlemen?’
Various voices at the same time: ‘By means of the Sun!’
Joseph says: ‘Not all at the same time.
I do not mean that of the Sun, I already said that.
But how can I show this definitely as proof and that I am therefore right, if I explain the laws just like that?
Understand properly, now the life itself speaks again and that explains these laws to me.
What is it?
Do you not know?
Then I will tell you and then you can shout ‘oh, yes’ again, it is so perfectly simple.
Now listen: the life says: ‘In the prehistoric ages if I was not so strong as Sun, what did my life on earth look like then?’’
Berends: ‘Good heavens, now I know.’
Jozef: ‘I thought that too, didn’t I?
Then the Sun did not yet possess that power of now and the life of Mother Nature also looked different.
It was bigger, but not as strong as the life is now.
Mother Earth still had to experience a tree, material, granite and this is now the answer to your question.
Because what is now removed from the Sun, does not possess that same substance.
This is the Divine answer, Mr Berends, and you can bow your head to it.’
Berends: ‘It is tremendous, I am very grateful to you!’
Jozef also says: ‘And with regard to the climatological difference, that must now be clear to you.
The north and the south, the west and the east possess their own climatological working and this is the truth!’
Berends says to Jozef: ‘You possess the wisdom of a hundred universities.
I tell you that and all the people here say that.
We bow, you know that for sure, because you ‘earned’ that!’
Jozef: ‘I thank you.
Only by bowing your head – if you can also do that – can the life speak to your personality and then millions of people will know everything about God and also understand – now Mr Dahmen also gets a thrust – what from the bible is true, or nonsense.
Christ had wanted to give this knowledge to the human being and this is why he said: ‘Others will come, who will explain more than I.’
This is the truth, because the human being, who, at that time, when Christ was on earth, had already reached the Spheres of Light, now speaks through us and that is Universal contact; you will read all about it in the books!’
Question from Zwaantje Dreckmeijer.
Jozef begins: ‘Good heavens, mother, woman, sister, what a strange name they gave you, was there nothing else?’
The questioner, a nurse, says: ‘I like it, why is it so strange?’
Jozef: ‘Dreckmeijer?
Is that something like mud, dusty stuff perhaps, can they not give the human being something else, you will now go round all your life with that name.
Just like in our house a lady on the stairs.
She is called: ‘Treurniet (Do not mourn)!
And there is also the name Naaktgeboren (Born naked).
But that is not what it is about just now, we must answer the question and I now read: ‘At an initiation evening by master Zelanus, it was said, that a lumbar puncture, this is the draining of spinal marrow fluid, is destruction.
Will you give a further explanation about this?’’
Jozef says: ‘Sister, you will certainly still know that master Zelanus was talking about the danger of this puncture, which is a torture and becomes dangerous, when the doctor is off the mark.
Paralysis can result, which the academics write about, therefore even bring forward, what is wrong and what is good.
Master Zelanus now says to me, that then it was asked: ‘Is that good, because you hear so many wrong things about that.’
And ... it is the truth.
Many doctors don’t believe in it anymore.
They have gauged the human being, but they did not determine anything, because the possibility of making a diagnosis is still very small.
Yet if only they dared and now those patients sometimes get to experience dreadful consequences.
Don’t they?
You should hear those patients.
Paralysis can result, if the surgeon touches the human centre of balance for the organism and the central nervous system.
This is the danger for the human being.
Now do you wish to know from me, what they can make of it?
That is not the intention, because then I must make diagnoses and the masters no longer do that.
But the possibilities are explained as the ‘law’ of and for the organism.
For a particular illness, mostly for exhausted states, this treatment is applied.
You know that, because you have to do with it as a nurse.
But is this complete destruction?
Did master Zelanus say that?
He says: If the doctor is off the mark, fatal consequences result ... this treatment is then not universal.
This means, that the doctors cannot yet say, whether they can make a diagnosis by means of that treatment and it therefore is and will still remain searching!
The universal diagnosis is now truth and therefore science.
This still belongs to the ‘treating’ of a patient and does not mean anything else either!
You also ask: ‘After every war more boys than girls are born!’
But were you not here the last time, when we talked about that?
This phenomenon was also explained in our paper ‘Evolution’.
But you know it suddenly: Mother Nature restores itself.
The motherhood of and for Mother Earth makes sure that we can give birth and create, or ... the creation – our evolution – would stand still.
Mother Earth – therefore as mother – takes care of this and this is ‘nature’ for the academics!
Satisfied, sister?
Then I will continue.’
Mrs Vasse asks: ‘My daughter heard you for the first time in Diligentia on Sunday.
As soon as you started to speak, she received a strange experience and she saw a thick haze in and around you.
Her question is now: How can people know, whether they are influenced by an intelligence?’
Jozef says: ‘So she wants to know from me, whether she saw it properly and whether that happened from the Other Side?
Then I tell her, that she must first read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, then she will understand, what can happen there.
I do not know what she saw and whether she saw that happening.
But in that haze there is something busy and it can be seen, because master Zelanus comes in that state.
But usually it has then already happened.
Many people see something happening on those Sunday mornings and all of them have their own experiences and see light.
Recently someone saw that it grew dark around me and she saw, that master Zelanus left.
This is the truth, because master Zelanus withdrew his personality and his light and left.
She saw that.
But the haze, that your daughter saw, does not mean anything in particular.
It does not immediately indicate an object, a phenomenon and I cannot answer now, because she does not give me something to analyse.
Is this clear, madam?’
‘Yes, sir.’
Jozef also says: ‘She will probably see something else later and then I will hear from you or from her, when you are here and then you will get the answer.’
Question from Mr Ton van Otterloo: ‘In a magazine, it says that, when a föhn is blowing, this has such a strange influence on many people.
Worse is that many people cannot extract themselves from the strong influence of this notorious wind.
They become anxious or are bothered by depression.
Other people are touchy, they cannot concentrate, because the mental capacity decreases.
However, sufferers from rheumatism, asthma, heart diseases and such like are no more bothered by their complaint than otherwise.
It was likewise determined that several other complications occur during a föhn.
The feared wind is expressed in an even more wretched form, namely in suicidal tendencies.
What is this?
Do you know?’
Jozef says: ‘Mr van Otterloo, you already say it yourself; different people are bothered by it, but not every human being!
And that means that the human being with a strong willpower, concentration, is not afraid of that föhn and in this way that wind cannot reach him either.
This is the answer.
The weak human being reacts differently and this is understandable, because he lets his head hang.
We also experience that here.
When the south-wester, our famous hurricane, was blowing, it had already a hold on the human being.
The people said then: ‘I am tired of it, I think it is really bad, I am becoming nervous because of it.’
Other people felt severely stimulated by it and now there is the devil to pay.
Another person said, as I do: ‘A lovely wind, we have a good storm!’
You should hear the fishermen about it!
And are those fishermen not right, when they say: ‘Oh, come on, mother, is that so bad?
For what?
Can the wind change anything about your life?
Nothing, say, mother!’
But there are some, who become sick because of it; it is their nerves!
Other people laugh at it.
And that is the perfectly ordinary human being, the natural human being, with the stronger character.
Now your particular questions.
A suicide attempt therefore lies behind it.
That is all personal!
The personality now reacts and namely as a result of the wind, the storm, that fall wind, but that same fall wind does not wipe out mankind.
The human being must accept this and just resist this.
Then that ill famed storm of ours and that fall wind no longer have a hold on our life.
But you already know the human being!
One succumbs because of catching the cold and the other visits the North Pole for fun and the good part of it.
That sufferers from asthma and heart diseases are no longer bothered by their illnesses than otherwise, comes because – now listen carefully – in the first place their own clinical picture is then dominated and they are attuned to something else as a result of that fall wind.
They even feel their illness less, Mr van Otterloo, because they are not particularly thinking about it; the föhn has thrown them from that concentration.
What is therefore good for the one human being and can work beneficially, hits the other.
That personality then succumbs and then thinks of suicide!
Because this little föhn is there!
But do not laugh about it, ladies and gentlemen, that same little föhn is murderous and hits your life.
I think, that, if we had this föhn in our west, millions of people, the weak in spirit, would have to be take care of, because they would succumb.
The influence is so terrible, which batters your personality, that you would then have to prove, what you can and have to devote for yourself, with regard to these laws of nature.
I once saw a film with Zarah Leander in the leading role.
It was also about a föhn like that.
One person succumbed, the other remained standing and finally it resulted in a divorce!
People there also wanted to commit suicide.
Finally the human love conquered the föhn and the man went off with her!
Not nice?
And now this from the books ‘Mask and Man’, Mr Van Otterloo.
Frederik tells Erica and Anna about Mohammed.
Mohammed – you will know the story if you have read the books – made a journey through the desert.
Then such a storm started to blow that the human being became afraid and thought he would have to die.
Suddenly Mohammed calls to the hurricane: ‘Stop!
We want to continue.’
And look, the storm had disappeared.
When Frederik had told his story, Erica asked: ‘Frederik, do you mean that?
Did Mohammed have so much power, that he could quieten down a storm?
Is that not like what Christ did?’
And what did Frederik say then?
‘Yes, indeed, but from inside!’
And does this not fit with what we are now treating, so that everything will become really human again?
After all, the human being must prove what he can!
Satisfied, Mr artist?’
Van Otterloo: ‘Yes, Mr Rulof, I thank you sincerely, I understand it.’