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Question from Mr S.J. Jager: ‘Do the large disasters happen as a result of influences from above, or are they purely human failings, which cause them?’
Jozef is ready once more and immediately says: ‘Sir, in Apeldoorn we recently experienced a disaster as a result of a flying fusspot!
Do you still know?
Well, that is now megalomania!
That happened as a result of the human being, who makes bits and pieces because of his recklessness.
And so many accidents happen in this way.
Of course, disasters occur because of other laws, but then we are faced with the laws of Mother Nature and you also know them.
However, God has nothing to do with them!
Volcanoes, earthquakes too, are laws of nature and nothing else.
Then I will continue.’
Mrs L.v.d.H. asks: ‘Mr Rulof, I am convinced for myself, that I must return to the earth, I have made bits and pieces.
The question is now: If I return, will I know about what I experience now, this wisdom, the laws of God, reincarnation?
Or has all of this gone from my life?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, great mother, I have respect for your question and personality.
Courage is needed for what you now say and the masters have Divine respect for that!
Not everyone dares it.
Usually you are already attacked, if you want to teach the human being something.
Then they walk away, or they want to defend themselves.
But then they learn nothing!
We experience this every day and you say just like that, that you have made bits and pieces?
I repeat, madam, the other side is open to your life, you can continue!
The human being, who can bow and show his colours – I learned that on the other side – is conscious and continues, in other words, these people can still be reached!
And now the answer!
Yes, if you return and you are over the teenage years, then you will already know.
Slowly but surely, and namely infallibly, this knowledge will return as ‘feeling’ into your day consciousness.
And then, madam, you will act according to your feelings.
People already do that now too.
Many people must devote their life in order to be able to follow this, because the rest is still not conscious and does not thirst for that, has no feeling for the awakening.
But you will awaken consciously and when you are back here, in order to be able to enjoy life again, then, madam, you will do it very differently!
In addition, you will then look for my books, because they will still be there then, they will never die out!
But I will then be on the other side, because this is my last earthly life.
Yet we will see each other again and will return to these evenings.
When you are on the other side and may see your lives, we will descend from here and we will see ourselves again.
This is possible, because I experienced that thousands of times – through my master – and you can now accept this from me.
Even if you were to get the male organism, even then your longing for spiritual wisdom would not have changed in any way and your personality will speak!
Worthwhile, madam?’
Lady: ‘I thank you, Mr Rulof, also thank the masters, they take away every pressure from the human being!’
Jozef also says: ‘Yes, madam, they are capable of that!’
Mr Berends asks: ‘In one of the books ‘Masks and Man’ the following occurs: Frederik went to the Sphinx.
There he experienced something and he saw into the past, this is what I make of it.
But was the life of René, which now concerns me, not a dreadful mask too?
The human being must master lots of things.
Can this definitely happen by means of bowing your head?
Did René also still have to master this?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, Mr Berends, that is only possible by means of bowing your head!
Anyone who does not want to bow, is faced with the dead point and then you cannot continue either.
There are enough examples!
But René had to master his past, this would come to consciousness.
You will also read it in the books!
That also happened!
Does this not refer to the question from a moment ago?
And has something in the human being changed?
Did the pure East, which lived in René, not return to consciousness?
This now, Berends, is the Sphinx for our life.
We must descend to that life and this is only the good!
That good now awakens; if it is not yet there, then we act according to our emotional life – you already know that – then there is no question of Sphinx feeling, we live it up.
We now know the human being.
We make mistakes, but that does not matter.
Even if we have murdered, we can make amends again.
But if we do not want to confess to that murder, then what?
A murder is exactly the same as a trivial mistake, of which we wish to see no destruction.
And that is still a beating for society, for our character, for the other human being too, the kick, the blow, the whipping, the not wanting to understand, the stubbornness.
Continue and now we are faced with our dictionary again and we have to show our colours for the good in the human being and for the laws of God.
If we cannot do this – is this not simple now? – then we will be faced with a dead point!
There is no progress or decline.
This is why I can tell you, if you can bow your head, the Other Side is behind you; you will then not close yourself off and you can continue!
Further and further, because you leave an opening for the human being; the human being can then always reach you and in this way you can continue together too!
I always get a shock if I hear the human being, who cannot bow.
I know then, that this is even painful for that human being.
How clumsy the human character now becomes and also the personality.
If you hear, that one definitely wants to be right and yet has not earned it and continues to insist in order to be proved right, then that same human being is not worth a cent.
Anyone now, who wants to be right by means of hate or jealousy, is even further from the harmony, because now it becomes demonic!
And if you follow the human being yourself for a moment then you will know, for how much the human being still has to bow.
A follower of the masters now, who then still says: ‘But I will not accept that’, will irrevocably stand still for his awakening and now the master cannot continue with that human being!
When all of you are later on the other side, you will not be able to go a step further, if you do not wish to admit to your mistakes.
We already experience that here.
You want to learn something, make something of your life and you keep kicking what you have learned away from your life, as a result of one wrong characteristic.
I do not let it bother me, but sometimes I say to myself: ‘Just stop, they will not learn anything anyway, they do not want to learn anything.’
Because when I hear, how they let rip, I weep until my tears run dry.
And that wants to make progress?
I made up my mind to not go into any of your life, or you will destroy me.
I get pain inside, when I hear you speak.
Do you not believe this?
You will get that yourself too, if the cosmic laws live in and under your heart.
And then I would like to see, whether you, if you get to hear all of this, do not groan.
Do you not suffer under the ‘not wanting to bow’ of your other half?
Is this so strange now?
And then the Other Side too?
How do you want to earn and master the Other Side?
The life now becomes sacred seriousness.
Every thought is now a world, a universe, is soul, spirit and even fatherhood and motherhood, is light and justice and it finally becomes the wonderful human unity for each other!
Do you love?
Is that love, if you not wish to accept your comrade, he or she does not get to experience your agreement?
And then what else?
What will happen, if you cannot say someone is right?
Then sulking starts immediately, the withdrawing, the removing stands before your personality and if that keeps on happening, people, fathers and mothers, then there will be nothing left of your true emotional life.
You, as a human being, are still worth less than the life of a pig, aren’t you, and now we hear: pearls before swine.
Believe me, films were made because of it and they were wonderful works of art, from which we can learn.
But what do we learn?
If we want to learn, then the film can teach you precisely how not to do it.
However, the human being goes to the film for his pleasure and says: ‘Is that for me?
Oh, come on!’
Books were written and anyone who could analyse these systems properly by means of his novels, had the bestseller.
All of mankind reached for that book, but ... did the human being learn?
I have told you enough examples, but do we learn as a result of this?
The human being does not want to learn, he thinks or says: ‘Go to blazes, go to hell, you can drop dead!
I do not want anything to do with your sentimentality.’
But, always those buts again ... is that sentimentality?
Did he or she not mean well?
I cannot say enough on the subject at the moment, Berends, ladies and gentlemen, Mr De Wit.
Here is our school, for you then, because you wish to accept and experience the teachings of the masters.
Bow to everything!
Oh, good heavens, the things I will be able to make of your lives!
How beautiful all of you will become!
How wonderful, if you are like the child, whom Christ spoke about.
Of course, there are already some, who possess this feeling, or it would be a pitiful state on earth.
And that is the happiness for the human being, we therefore have it in our own hands!
And we do not get a single footstep for free, because we must represent God in everything.
And what does this say now?
That we must master everything of his personality.
Become ‘Light’, ‘Life’ and ‘Love’ through your word.
Become first a friend for each other, the good comrade!
It is only then that you can continue!
It is crazy, but if I start to talk about the ‘human being inside’, I keep seeing tears.
Then just weep, mothers, that is good and wonderful.
However, woe betide, if there is also sentimentality!
Because then it become a childish carry-on and we and you see through it.
This means nothing once more; we fall then, because we are comedy acting!
It is beautiful outside, nature possesses everything, but we are not ready ‘inside’ for that ‘outside’, for the natural life experience.
We destroy everything, it is sad, there is no longer anything human, it is enough to make you weep.
The amount of things the human being argues about!
It is infinitely deep!
And that must go, ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to go higher up and wish to bring yourself into harmony with God, the Other Side!
Then you do not destroy.
If I had that school – I already told you once before – then I would begin by putting right all the matters of our society for your life and we would only begin these teachings after five years, because it is only then that those foundations for this would be ready!
Because you keep forgetting to experience and embellish your life here and that is the most necessary thing of all!
You read the books about love, but you say: ‘Get lost!’
You want to experience me and you say that I am a fakir, a magician.
Accept me first for everything and then criticise.
Then you can see, whether you can get me, sooner or later I will collapse and I will fall, you think.
But now you will fall yourself and then we will have a look at that matter.
It will now be bowing, as a result of which we can continue after all and namely together.
It is not nice to continue alone, you want to tell the other person about the beautiful things, don’t you?
But ... take the truth and only the truth to that revelation, otherwise we will be standing on desert sand!
‘How did you think of that?’ someone says, ‘what did you mean by that and that?’
Let the human being defend himself, explain his situation and only then it is said: Can you understand, that we people can make mistakes?
What is making a mistake?
‘Nothing’, says Christ, say the masters.
If the personality can bow, it becomes evolution and nothing has happened!
Or ... we succumb once more and then it is wrong!
This is how the people on the other side live and they have to accept this.
Now I pick up millions of matters and can experience them.
I go further and further and lay new foundations for myself and for the other life, with which I am involved.
Then, ladies and gentlemen, that is our love!
Our happiness and our understanding!
In this way we are completely one.
Of course we cannot yet experience the perfect here on earth, when we are involved with cause and effect and the other person possesses a lower consciousness.
But if the will is there, everything is possible!
This does not apply to those, who do not want to experience any law, that is obvious.
Because now there is fighting, hard too, there is hitting and kicking hard.
The human being is even ill-treated himself, because the man or the woman do not know anything about laws.
It is clear, that life is one battle for those men and women.
It is the battle for life and death and namely for wisdom, for awakening, for peace, quiet and love.
I tell you now, if you still have to experience that, just carry on, soon you will get to see your own grade of life and that is your happiness.
If you are not the one to hit, you are therefore the one who possesses the feeling to make something of yourself, then you just do that for yourself!
Soon you will be faced with yourself, for that matter, and that other person will also be faced with himself.
Together you will then feed the ducks, that cooing, ladies and gentlemen, is spiritually deep!
Where is all of this taking us?
To love!
But what is love?
People say, that no one knows!
Oh, come on, I can explain the material, the spiritual, the universal and the Divine love to you.
I was able to experience those laws and I saw the universes for them; through this, therefore through me, the masters wrote these books!
What is love?
In order to explain this, we need ten years together, if you wish to understand both yourself and love.
However, it can also be explained in one second: Love everything which lives, therefore everything of the human character and you will be love!
Even if you are beaten and kicked, continue to love the life, which you are involved with, because it is only then that you prove, whether there is love in your life.
I do not love the human being, ladies and gentlemen, I love that life!
I do not want to love one human being, because then I will be one-sided!
I love life and I proved that.
I lose the human being, that personality, but not life!
Oh, if the human being wanted to understand this, then we would have made it.
It is society, learned and unlearned people say, but is this the truth?
It is nonsense!
If someone wants to murder another person, hits, kicks, sullies the friendship, is it society then, which does this?
Examples enough, you hear, but is it any good to you?’
‘Yes’, we all cry, ‘continue, Jozef Rulof, we are learning from this!’
Jozef says: ‘So, despite everything, you are learning something?
I tell you, you will learn more from this than from and through your questions about the universe; if this was not there, all your deep questions would mean nothing.
I am not talking to one person, this is for all of you!
For myself too.
What did my master say?
‘If you want to experience the universe, André ... then first experience the universe for your characteristics, it is only then that you can continue!’
Am I lazy?
Do I groan quickly?
Do I have a devotion to duty?
Am I a friend?
I must ask myself those questions; how many there were!
But they had to be experienced, before master Alcar could begin with his actual journeys – for you and for mankind.
But ... I am a child, I can listen.
I can move by means of the good, understand the human being in his suffering, but I do not let myself be taken in by the human comedy, by anything.
If the human being thinks he can make a living by ‘doing nothing’, then I think: ‘First work yourself to exhaustion, I had to do that too.’
As a result of the complete devotion and the hard working of the human being the Other Side is elevated!
Is it not true, that there are people, who, if they see a good film, leave the cinema with tears in their eyes ... while another life says about it: ‘What a rotten film that was!’
What kind of crazy thing is this?
Are all those men and women crazy, are they comedians?
I tell you, I understand those ‘weepers’, because I was there myself too.
The rest of all those hundreds of people were cold and the living dead; they still do not have a sensitive heart, not a grain of sensitivity for the life of the human being and his struggle.
I say, I experienced, I wanted to see that and then ... I knew.
Never those cold ladies near me, just give me that old one, she was weeping like mad!
Isn’t it true, ladies and gentlemen?
Is being nicely dressed something special?
I already know you by your taste, your clothes and now also that light in your eyes, people?
And then what, if you start to show your inner self by means of your ‘go to hell’ and ‘good gracious’ and the ‘damn’?
If you still have something harsh to say, then first give the ‘droodles’ ... !
Yes, you are laughing again, but it is deadly seriousness to me.
When you already have to lose the human being because of the money, therefore he prefers the money to spiritual justice and awakening, then that’s you!
I will just stop, I am becoming boring, you know it yourself – and you do not need me for that.
I am not here to read the lesson to all of you, but to explain the laws.
And yet these are laws, these laws mean more than those of the universe, because these are the foundations for it, for later, for ‘beyond the coffin’!
And then we will not have talked rot this evening, will we?
It is ‘cooing’!
I hope that the questioners are satisfied.
Then I will continue again.’
Mrs Th. Walther asks: ‘You told us here, that your task on earth is already completed, but despite that you wanted continue to write even more books.
If you were now to commit suicide, would you then also be attached to the material body?
If not, why not?
And does this also apply to other, higher conscious people, because they live on earth, don’t they?
Jozef says: ‘Madam, this is a remarkable and beautiful question.
Do you also wish to know from me, how I took life under my arms?
Come and visit us in four weeks’ time ... and you will know!
If you have had to do with me for ten thousand years, you would still not know it!
The human being, who associates with me day and night, does not know me!
But I know that human being!
And that is simple and only means, that I am the instrument of the masters and therefore live in thousands of worlds.
I have hundreds of personalities in me and you do not and that means, that you cannot know me, not in ten, not in a hundred years, or you would also have to be able to experience this and then we would be one!
Now comes the crunch, what I am like.
But you already know this a bit.
I am not out, madam, to hear from you, how you see me, or want to see me.
I know that.
Because I know you, know your consciousness and now you stand spiritually naked before me!
What do you hope to achieve from me?
Which personality do you want to experience from me, madam, mother, man, friend?
Which one?
The painter perhaps?
Come on.
The writer?
Just come, I can tell you all about that.
The healer?
That is a wonderful personality!
Do you wish to experience the seer?
The psychologist perhaps?
I received all of those characters. I mastered them!
Do you wish to experience and see the André-Dectar in me?
Which friendship do you wish to give this human being?
Do you wish to stand before this human being and personality with unwillingness, therefore with not being willing!
With contradiction perhaps?
Lies and cheating?
What do you now hope to achieve?
What do you wish to give this personality of your love?
Which love do you wish to experience by means of this personality?
That of the earth, that of the spiritual world, that of the universe perhaps?
What do you wish to experience of his serving, his love ... his thinking and feeling, arts and spiritual sciences?
What do you wish to know from this universal professor, because he is that!
What of the talking here and in Diligentia, therefore directly from the spiritual ‘gifts’?
Does it still not make your head spin, madam?
And there is all of this!
And now people have said: ‘But that poor girl from Vienna’.
Also true?
Is that the case?
Madam, ask her!
Because for society, some people say, we live like cat and dog.
Also true?
They would like that, you see, they want to take everything away from us.
Because they do not possess it themselves!
And now the truth!
Madam, I pick up all of that!
I am nothing, I am a friend.
A moment ago did I not say: ‘I love life’?
And I conform, I give myself completely, I am like a child and then it is happiness.
And now this, madam, and then I will believe, that you would want to possess such a fakir and dictator for yourself, if I tell you: I am writing for your life!
I dedicate all my books to your life, because you are my inspiration, my love and my life and our happiness!
I speak for your life, I disembody for your life, I heal the people for you and for myself ... we enjoy ourselves by means of the spiritual science.
I am kneeled at the feet of your love and your personality, if ... you also love me, because otherwise you will not get to experience or to see anything from me, I will not let myself be kicked!
And now all those gifts, madam?
The master ‘behind the coffin’ has them in his hands, but I was able to master some of them and this now lives for you, we received them together, because you are from me and I am from you!
Or do you assume, that I am talking swivel and telling nonsense here now?
And now your question.
Listen, you have read in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, that I could already have died in 1940, in order to return to the other side.
Master Alcar told to your life in them, that I lived in the ‘first sphere’ and then returned to the earth, in order to do this work and this task.
And now I am here and you know, what has been achieved.
I am therefore free for my character from the lower spheres.
Do you understand this?
Then I will continue.
I have therefore conquered those worlds for my unconsciousness; for my own life – for the laws of Mother Earth, therefore – for cause and effect, whereby the karmic laws also come before murder.
Completely conquered, or ... I would not have been in the first sphere.
A few centuries ago I was an academic in London, an astronomer, you were able to read that.
I now therefore returned for this task in my present life and in 1940 that task was finished, the books were on earth.
Then I could have returned to the other side.
A human being now already kept me captive, therefore not only the work, but even the human being detained me!
And if you now believe, what the people tell about me and also about those, who are involved with me, then I will tell you the following and you will know immediately!
Do I not yet love the human being, life, enough, I ask you, now that you know, that I could return for myself to the spheres of peace and quiet, therefore love, but did not do it?
Yes ... what does this imply for me?
I suffer here, already feel the sorrows, when you say a harsh word; and can I then cause a human being misery?
Am I not ready then, in order to take care of that human being?
Can you experience your love so deeply, as I already do and can because of the laws of my own life?
Well, madam, I disembodied three times, I had to reach a decision.
You will maybe think now: Is that so bad to return to the earth and to continue this wonderful work for mankind?
No, that is not bad!
That is nothing, absolutely nothing!
But master Alcar told me something else then and I already knew that from ancient Egypt, because it is there, where we succumbed!
Master Alcar spoke to me: ‘Soon, André, I cannot and you cannot go any further.
The cosmology will break you?
Not one human being of the earth has got over it yet!
Come along and I will prove it to you.’
Then, ladies and gentlemen, we visited the greatest temples on earth.
I now saw thousands of Initiates succumbing!
Not one Initiate made it through.
Life, therefore the depth of life, cannot be endured, dealt with, by the human being on earth.
That wonderful life drives you mad, hits you, therefore destroys you as a human being, because the material is not yet equal to it.
Now what?
I made three journeys then.
Master Alcar left me alone in the Spheres of Light.
Oh, if you could have seen that!
The mothers of the first sphere, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh sphere and one mother from the fourth cosmic grade were with me.
I saw their garments and I was one with all those wonderful lives.
And that, everything up to the ‘fourth sphere’, belonged to me!
We took a walk and spoke to each other about life and about reincarnations.
I now also saw where they had lived on earth.
I saw men and women, who all wanted to return to the earth.
They begged God: ‘Give me that task, I will no longer succumb, come on, Father, may I?’
And then I knew it!
I said to my master: ‘What they can do, I can do too!
I will return here?
No, I will continue on earth!
I will then just succumb?
I will stand up to the laws of the universe, master!
I do not wish to succumb for this life!’
And that is all very well, you can therefore say that, but prove it!
Friends of mine heard me groan; it is a pure groaning, ladies and gentlemen, if the laws speak to your life and your personality and you just have to deal with all of this.
But that only came later!
I had experienced the second journey and stood for my body with next to me another life, therefore my wife.
I looked at this life, which was sleeping peacefully, did not know anything about my struggle and did not feel anything about what hung above her head, because I could have died in only a few minutes.
Then I thought: ‘Good heavens, what will that life, that child, do?
In ten minutes she will be in trouble, misery, her husband will be dead!
And I can see her weeping.’
You are already weeping from happiness too, I see ... and that does me good now ... only because of that I can stand it now.
I see her struggle and misery and look my Master in the eye.
I see my whole life and that of her passing before me, I see the birth of our child again, her dreadful pains, I see a ‘mother’ sleeping there and that life belongs to me, or I would not have met her.
‘What will you do, André-Dectar?’
Jozef has nothing to say now, this concerns André-Dectar and they must decide!
Jozef would not have left then, but André-Dectar!
I said nothing, descended into my body, but would disembody again.
I had not yet made any decision, I knew, what awaited me, I now knew, what was asked of me – if I stayed.
That, for which I would remain on earth and return, thousands had already succumbed to that in ancient Egypt, because they did not have five percent of this consciousness, which André-Dectar got to deal with and to experience.
On the day of the third journey people did not feel anything, but I did.
My wife felt nothing and this was not possible either, because this only concerned me.
We spoke about all kinds of things.
There were words, there was no understanding.
I thought and what did I think about?
There was unity.
It is crazy, but I am now going to tell you about a great wonder!
On that day, ladies and gentlemen, it would be a wonderful book ... I experienced human help.
And she, from whom the help came, she did not know it!
Later, when I could tell her, I asked her about it, she didn't know it!
And now you get to see and to experience the wonderful beauty of our life and you will know that we can no longer make any bits and pieces and that the people, who gossip about our life, do not know, what they are saying!
My wife comes to me.
I ask her: ‘What is the matter?
How affectionate you are today.’
‘Brute, just kiss me’, she added.
She keeps sitting before me, talks like a child, does not know, what is the matter with her.
Only I know.
I knew, she felt something, will start to feel something of what hangs above her head!
And that continues like that, the day passes, she was sweet.
Without knowing it she fought for her life and happiness, to keep me, because my death here is her loss and misery.
She did not know and I look, follow everything.
And suddenly I see something else.
It came from afar to me.
I talked to master Alcar about it in the spheres, but you will hear that in a minute.
We are back in the spheres, master Alcar connects me with the mothers of all the spheres.
Why, people?
You will never guess, or feel it.
Because he wanted to place me before the highest, which can be experienced: the Spheres of Light as ‘mother’!
And by placing me before that, I had therefore something to conquer and saw that happiness.
I already said, up to the fourth sphere is mine.
I had earned this as a result of the books and the struggle, it came into my life consciously.
I talk with the mothers, I live in the spatial love and I must now give that up!
I must now say goodbye to that and return to where the beating awaits me, the ‘being broken’!
I lived in this wonderful difference, I saw Our Lord and His Paradise and I had to go out, in order to descend into the mud and a filthy stinking dung heap, in order to forget that and set it aside.
For what purpose?
In order to serve humanity!
To love mankind, to help bear the life of Christ!
And then I knew!
I greeted all of them, got to see the love of everyone and went with my wonderful master Alcar to ancient Egypt.
Then I experienced the wonderful book ‘Between Life and Death’ ... which you now ask questions about and do not know, how this came to earth, even if master Alcar told something about it.
Then I said to him: ‘Anna was sweet, she was a child, but I saw you!’
And then master Alcar looked me in the eye and said: ‘Yes, André-Dectar, I sent her to your life, did you think it was bad?’
You see now, a human being did not understand himself, but was love.
But this love was from another person!
And yet I returned!
I am still here and I came through the Cosmology.
Can you understand at all, what this cost and still costs?
Then you are already helping to bear it!
If I now tell you, madam, that that work is also finished, you will know, that I can do what I want.
If I now go into the water – because I would grant Mother Water this and therefore give back my life, so her life – I will go straight back to my earned sphere and will have nothing more to do with this earthly life.
I conquered those laws, life and death for the earth lie within my reach.
I am it myself!’
The people now call: ‘Jozef, you are not going, are you?’
‘You will stay here for a while, won’t you?’
‘We will prove to you now, what we want.’
‘We want to help you bear it!’
To which Jozef says: ‘I have enough with three good ones from you!
And they are there.
Yes, I will still remain!
I will remain until I can no longer stand it.
But, it will take a lot to destroy me!
Madam, are you satisfied?’
The lady says: ‘I don’t know what to say, Mr Rulof!’
Jozef: ‘You heard it, I am busy with you.
You now know me too, you now know, what you have to do yourself.
This too!
If you hear, that they want to break us, then go away.
Do not laugh the human being in the face and say nothing.
You cannot talk to a consciousness like that anyway!
But the spheres now speak, everything can talk and I earned that by staying and fighting.
Is this magic?
Black magic?
Can you feel, how poor those people still are?
Who is the human being, who says: ‘I have still not had anything from this life; this life is so heavy for us.’
Who is that, who speaks like that to himself and his self-love?
Those are the weak in spirit, they cannot take such spiritual föhns.
I tell you, I have had to deal with cosmic hurricanes and I was still laughing.
Do you now believe, that I possess something of the ‘Mohammed’ from the books ‘Masks and Men’?
When we are all ‘behind the coffin’ and we have to do with each other again, then I will tell you the cosmic remainder of that.
It is quite enough for this evening.
We will go to sleep!
We will now think and start a new life and ... fight.
Ladies and gentlemen, I already said several times, also this evening: ‘Fight one, do it for yourself.’
Now for the first time – after everything I have told you – you will understand, that this is possible!
I fight on.
I gave everything, devoted all of myself and it is only then that I saw my sphere, my temple there, ‘behind the coffin’ and I also saw you and for this purpose you give all-of-yourself, for the life of God!
Master Alcar is a wonderful spirit of love!
Do it too and you will have light, life and love, peace and quiet ‘behind the coffin’!
I tell you, do it!
There you will live and see your own temple!
And if that other temple, of him or her, is also there, ladies and gentlemen, and those two then melt together, that is the Divine ‘Father’s House’ for both of them, which Christ spoke about.
I saw and experienced this there.
It is the truth!
Also this, madam.
What do you now wish to experience from André-Dectar?
Are you already ready for that?
And did you think, that that personality is still open to that love of the human being as material, with his desires?
If it is love, yes!
Because this is the most wonderful thing, which the human being can experience.
But are you sure of yourself?
Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot devote any of this to anyone, because it is from the universe, it is from the spheres and no longer from this world: so no one gets to experience it; I am already no longer here in feeling!
Master this and you will be a revelation!
‘Until this far’, master Zelanus would say, because it is true!
Also this, madam.
If I want, I will go in ten minutes’ time, if I want, but I do not want to yet!
Millions of laws till keep me captive and speak, ask: ‘André ... will you stay for a while?’
Therefore everything was set aside for this!
You do not hit me, you hit yourself if you do something wrong to me.
You do not snarl at me, but at yourself.
But it hurts me, because I know, where you will end up behind this life because of your snarling!
Just try kicking and say: ‘Damn!’?
Make the ‘droodles’ of it and you do it soothingly, if you cannot conquer yourself anyway.
But it is and will remain the same thing, you say something, in order to say something and you should have remained silent!
Fair is fair, had you expected this?
Do you now know, what we are all faced with?
The books and the laws teach us that.
And anyone who is still a churchgoer, Protestant, Reformed, well, they are also the living-dead for the life now, even if they pray.
If they were also to possess the universal love, then, people, they would also fly to the Spheres of Light.
Because love is everything and possesses everything and this is the truth once again!
Now the people are such, that, if you want to teach them, they do not want to bow.
They definitely refuse to awaken.
You want to teach them something and now they must bow, but they cannot.
You are now not the good, but the evil spirit.
They do not understand you for that matter and say: ‘Drop dead, go to hell’, or they walk away from you.
Hundreds of thousands are divorced, because they did not want to accept.
And they go and defend themselves at their lawyer’s, also want to be proved right, but the human being with love in himself now says nothing more and thinks: ‘Just go, I will now no longer hold you back, you do not want it anyway!’
And you will not be proved right in this life, but soon, there you will have to show your colours and that is for Christ, it is ‘Golgotha’!
If you therefore tell about your life, your thinking and feeling, I also think, I sense you exactly and then I know it!
You do not need to make a fuss then, to flatter either, I know your spiritual mistake and that is now, what we are involved with!
And with nothing, nothing else!
People, all of us have to make good, therefore me too!
You now know the purpose of our life and that is, that you will awaken as a result of it, or the masters would not have brought this Divine truth to earth!
I was able to see everything of and for myself and knew then.
In this way you are strong.
Aren’t you?
The knowledgeable human being is strong!
Those, who do not yet know death, weep until their tears run dry, we do not weep.
We say to each other: ‘See you later, dear, we will see each other again there.’
Anyone who can bow his head, will come that far.
Because if you sit in your icehouse there day and night and eternally, you want to experience something else.
And that is also there!
It is you, ladies and gentlemen, who then stand before a life like that and then you only have to look.
You do not need to talk anymore, you only put out your hand and, believe me, then it is eagerly taken.
Then man or woman can be reached!
Then they weep; but that of the earth is gone, because you now belong to another.
One single wrong thought from those, whom you want to help, and you dissolve before those eyes, because Our Lord now reigns and he cannot approve, that people still hit, kick you there.
It is he, who now stands before him and her and looks and not one human being, but a child, can stand those eyes; surrender, bowing life of feeling, but not the feeling, which wants to hit and kick, because that lives in the darkness and you cannot be reached there!
Is it not simple?
I will continue.’
Question from W. Dahmen: ‘If the body dies, then the disorders connected with this cease to exist, as, for example, stomach and bowel disorders and all other illnesses.
Does this also apply to the spiritual illnesses, madness and psychopathy?
Does this perhaps happen as a result of reincarnation?
Can you answer me?’
Jozef says: ‘If people are blind, this blindness dissolves.
You already said, all the material illnesses dissolve.
That is the truth.
But the spiritual illnesses belong to the ‘unconsciousness’.
Now you will certainly already feel, it is obvious: we also have to master the consciousness for there.
Sometimes this can happen for the other side, but then you have already completed your cycle of the earth for this state.
It is also possible, that you have to return to the earth for this purpose.
But what is now the best for your life and personality?
What do you say, madam?
And you, sir says: ‘On earth’?
Yes, on earth life is quicker to take to that higher grade of life, because the organism gives you other and namely material laws to experience, which you can no longer experience on the other side!
After all, by loving, we awaken; therefore material unity and motherhood, gives us the spatial physical awakening!
And you cannot experience all of this on the Other Side!
So be pleased, if you can return to earth, because here you will get to experience ‘everything’ for your inner, the spiritual and material and that will take you back to the ‘conscious’ life!
Now also read the book ‘Mental Illnesses Seen from the Side Beyond’ and you will know!
That therefore, sir, your returning here, your reincarnation, will take you back to the social consciousness, this life, and then you will be physically in harmony again with the life on earth.
Thank you, then I will continue.’
Question from Mrs Beijersbergen:
‘The soul reincarnates from the Moon via her secondary planets to Mars and via her secondary planets to the earth.
Now the question is: where does that soul come from?
Who draws those souls back to the earth?
Were those souls born in the jungle and how did they enter the material body?
Or were they first born in the waters?
It concerns the very first soul here.
Can you answer me?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, those are ten questions.
And you have jumbled all these questions together as worlds.
That does not matter, but I must tell you, otherwise it will be no use to you.
In this way we will learn to think!
After all, the jungle belongs to the earth and the very first embryonic life of ours belongs to the Moon.
What do you want now?
We find ourselves between millions of worlds as a result of your question and you fly from one world to the other and mean one question.
Is that possible?
No, you already feel it, but I will answer you.
Now you can also experience the very first soul – and you mean that now – of and for the earth.
Because you mean that with your question.
Is it not true?
So, mother, you will read the book again ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and you will go further.
But, when the universe was that far – you also read that, didn’t you? – the astral world was also ready.
And that has now happened as a result of Sun and Moon – as father and mother for this universe!
When we as human beings had come so far, that spiritual earth attracted our life.
We were exactly that far now, as the earth had received an animation and spiritual condensing by means of Sun and Moon, because the earth is a child of Sun and Moon.
And now we could start with our further life.
Then we took precisely enough of the ‘Soul’ earth to us as spirit, which is now already meant materially and we started on our embryonic life on earth.
It was therefore we ourselves, madam, we were attracted as the first life for the earth, therefore for the spiritual earth.
And by nothing else, because in this way the following stage of life started for all the planets and in this way we took possession of the planet.
Do you understand it now, madam?
Then I am also satisfied.
But who wants to ask a question about this problem?
Many people jumble up the laws and do not work it out now.
Anyone else?
Can I not earn another five cents, ladies, gentlemen?
Then I will continue.’
Mrs Luyken asks: ‘Is it possible that, when a mother ‘sends back’ her still unborn child, she must later return to the earth in order to give a body to that soul again?
And is it then possible, that that same mother is also capable of being able to do this during this life?
So, that she can attract that same soul again?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, it is a wonderful question!
In the first place, therefore your first question: is that possible?
She must return to the earth, in order to give that soul a new life.
So you now know that.
Yet it is possible, that that mother later, still in this life, will attract that same soul and therefore gives her life the ‘life’!
But, madam, one in millions of mothers experiences the latter.
Because, if a child is sent back, you think of course: ‘Something was broken.’
And that is true.
But what concerns me, is this, but now we are faced with psychopathy and this means for your question: that life as soul was not yet ready for the earth!
If a child is therefore born again for that mother, it is usually not the same soul, because it is not possible, that that soul could suddenly conquer all that unconsciousness.
The being one with the mother for a while cannot give that soul this higher consciousness, lives are needed for this purpose.
Do you understand this, it is quite deep.
Therefore I will ask my question.
You say yes, you understand it?
Well then: why can that soul life not return to your life for the second time?’
The lady replies: ‘Because, as I was able to hear from you, then psychopathy is speaking.
If this was not the case, then that child would have been different as a soul, and the birth would have been normal.’
Jozef: ‘Wonderful, madam.
It is true.
What we are now talking about is this: if the soul has come to the mother and she is therefore pregnant, does she then know, whether it is a conscious child?
No, she does not know that.
But if that mother now sends the ‘life’ back, what kind of consciousness does she then possess?
Can the harmonic life, which it is a question of here, be sent back by the human being?
I wanted to explain that to you a moment ago, that this is not possible, because otherwise we people would have life in our hands.
Now a soul comes to you, which is therefore disharmonic and the mother, who ‘sends’ this life ‘back’, thinks, that that she herself does this.
However, in reality this is nothing else but the returning of that soul to the world of the unconscious, ladies and gentlemen, or ... that soul would be born somewhere else.
I can therefore say: you do not attract this life back again.
Only one in millions of mothers experiences this.
But then it is something very different, but it is not possible for the psychopathic life!
Now also this.
If you have listened properly, you will feel that the human being can actually not make any mistakes in that.
Because such souls must return anyway.
Now it is therefore not committing a sin, not breaking a law!
First something else, which follows this.
Say, that the mother carries the child and therefore also accepts it, then what?
If this is true, madam, we will be faced with the psychopathic phenomenon, therefore a grade of unconscious life for the soul as a human being and we now get to see this, as the child grows.
Because if this soul life is still not ready now, then, now also believe this, the soul itself leaves before the birth and then we experience one of those human, spiritual laws.
But the destruction of the ‘foetus’ remains murder!
Despite the sick spirit of this life, the human being has violated this and must therefore make this good!
Do you feel, people, how deep this is once more?
You see it.
But what concerns me and the masters is this: you have to do with a life like that, otherwise it would not come to your life.
You will not send it back either, or it is violating the Divine laws.
And that will remain so, because you are now disharmonic.
A soul, which must be born and is already ready for the earthly life – all the psychopathic grades belong to this – comes to earth.
That cannot be stopped!
If you do not wish to accept the life, another mother of your own grade is prepared, who wishes to give birth.
And now this, ladies and gentlemen.
The soul attracted by you was perhaps still not so deeply psychopathic, but you refused to receive the ‘life’.
And now you will have to make this good anyway.
But then your life as soul is much worse, barbaric; it is even possible then, that you will attract the very worst; this can even be a soul, which does not actually belong to you and is also of another, even worse mentality, but which comes to you, because you did not want your own karma!
Can you feel this too?
Is it not just, my people?
I thought so too and we now get to know this, because you ask these questions.
I will also tell you this: your questions make the evening!
If you get a life, mothers, then accept it.
Do not send it back.
What later then comes to your life is even worse, more unhappy; it is more awful than your own karma.
Because you cannot attract something better than your own consciousness, unless you give birth for the Spheres of Light, as my good Crisje did and other mothers, who gave birth to a child, which had something to bring to the human being on earth, therefore for mankind, as we now experience!
Also clear?
It is worthwhile, isn’t it, mothers?
This is universal knowledge!’
The questioner also says: ‘I am very grateful to you, Mr Rulof, that you explained it to me like this, I thank you for your efforts.’
Jozef also says to her: ‘You are welcome, mother, child of Our Lord, but your happiness is mine.
Can you now feel, people, how we can already carry each other?
This is why I will stay a while, I can get something off my mind, I hear and feel now, we are making progress after all, we are still useful here!
And my compliments for your thinking, madam.
You are learning now; if you can also bow your head, you will be an inner beauty.
I give you this from the bottom of my heart and they are certainly not empty notes.
My God, men, how tremendously beautiful a mother is, even if she is eighty, the spheres now shine from her eyes and it is for the man as creator, love!
And is it not this, for which all of us, men and women, live?
Look, they are weeping once more, the genuineness of and for this is now felt.
This, people, fathers and especially mothers, also the youth, gives you happiness of this life; now you can continue!
Did we learn something this evening?
Are you satisfied?
Then I thank all of you for your ... what is it called again?
Oh no, I thank you sincerely and warmly.
I believe, that all of us have now earned that sincerity and warmth, you and I, because we were children!
And anyone who wants to call us madmen, must decide that for himself.
We were spiritually one this evening, from soul to soul and from feeling to feeling, weren’t we?
And it is that, as a result of which we will go to sleep, hand in hand and if that other hand is not yet there, then take that of the spirit, you can go higher and higher, ladies and gentlemen.
I would advise you, take that of Our Lord, easily, dare it.
If you are open to ‘Him’ in this way, you will also feel his Divine hand, then you will be one from heart to heart, with God!
I gave all of you my ‘orchid’ and this was one from the Spheres of Light!
Good luck now, see you next time!’
There was loud clapping, Jozef smiles, lights his cigarette and also says: ‘We are back on earth ...
This also tastes good, therefore I am not yet a saint!
People, people, this means nothing, this is also from God.
As long as you do not smoke too much and are not a steam mill, everything will be fine, but you also still have to learn this!’
Mr A.v.d. B. asks:
‘I. How do you now consider the ‘Revelations’ given to you?
If standing on one line with the revelations once given by God, beginning with the creation, reaching its peak in the completed work of Christ and closed off with the descent of the Holy Spirit, in other words: the so called Holy Revelation or revelation of the ‘Kingdom of God’?
II. As corresponding to revelations, as given to the Apostle John ... last book of the New Testament, therefore as a supplement and explanation of the said holy revelations?
III. Is your view not biased spiritually with neglecting of the material?
The human being, for example, is not just spiritual, but also material?
Can you answer me, I am searching for an answer.’
Jozef says: ‘Before I give you an answer to your questions, sir, I must first treat the following.
For last week Mrs Walther asked:
‘And does this also apply for other, higher conscious people, who live on earth for that matter!’Which we did not answer then and in order to return to the question, I can say: If the human being therefore has a task to fulfil for life and death, has therefore returned for a task and if he has completed this, he no longer has anything to do with death.
But this is therefore only for the human being, who has already completed his cycle.
Is it clear, madam?
Then I will now answer the questions from the gentleman.’
‘Sir, your questions have a great deal of meaning.
Have you read my books?
Then you would no longer have asked these questions.
At least if you can accept my task and work.
We possess spiritual science here.
And I received that science through the masters.
If you wish to know how this happened, then first read the books ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’!
I have received twenty-five books up until now and was also able to experience this on the other side.
It already appears from this, that ‘John’ never experienced this and could therefore not know it either.
This now, from me, through and from the masters, is irrevocably that, which Christ spoke about.
This message represents those revelations and therefore gives an answer to all the questions concerning God and his laws of life and namely from the origin of creation.
This is why books were written.
As I already said, I was able to make those journeys from the earth with master Alcar.
Therefore on the other side, I saw every law of life of God, which was written about.
I received the wisdom of this in my hands and brought that to the earth.
If you cannot accept this, then I will be powerless and we cannot continue either.
The Apostles did not experience this!
Not one of them!
Neither did Paul from the bible!
This was not possible either for that time.
However, now the ‘Age of Christ’ has started.
And this now tells you, that the Other Side explains the laws of Christ and God.
There is nothing else.
Can you accept this?
Must I perhaps give proof?
Well, there are thousands of pieces of proof, but will you accept them?
I come from Gelderland and have learned nothing.
Read that book and you will know too.
In Amsterdam the master gave a lecture through me.
He brought the human being into the ‘All’, where we were faced with Christ, because the ‘Messiah’ lives there now.
Master Zelanus concentrated on his life and then something happened: the ‘scars’ of Christ manifested themselves on my organism and master Zelanus showed this to the audience.
He said: ‘This means nothing, I concentrated too strongly.’
There were people, who wanted to buy the flower, which master Zelanus had in his hands during the lecture and the fatherhood and motherhood of which he analysed, for a thousand guilders.
However, he did not go into it.
Does this mean nothing?
Nothing ... you cannot convince the human being by this and we do not intend to either.
We have other pieces of proof: in the first place the possibility, that the masters speak themselves in this time, write and paint and can still do so much, as a result of which and for which we must bow and which we have to accept.
This, this wisdom, sir, is the very highest, which the human being can experience on earth.
And mankind will have to accept this one day!
We know the hells and the heavens, the cosmos too.
We know exactly, where we are going, when our dying will come later and then we will enter a new evolution.
Will you start reading?
Then I will be pleased to answer your questions.
Begin with the books ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ and when you have read them, ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and then continue.
Read in particular ‘The Peoples of the Earth’; as a result of this wonderful book much will already be clear to you.
Are you satisfied, sir?
Then I will go onto something else.’
Mrs D. Gerards asks: ‘There is a woman living with me, who has just had a baby.
The baby was born with only a thumb on the left hand.
Is this a material disorder?
Or had this to do with cause and effect?
The doctors do not know of an explanation.
Please may I have your answer.’
‘Madam, this has nothing to do with karma and is therefore a material disorder.
There are more people with physical disorders, I suddenly think of the Siamese twin.
This is not karma either!
Everything, which appears to be physically disharmonic after the birth as a result of nature, has attunement to organic disorders.
All disorders, which have to do with the inner life, belong to the unconsciousness for the human being and is psychopathy.
Our psychopaths belong to this grade of life.
Can you feel this?
Where this came from for the baby, is of course something else.
We find this again with the mother, between the third and fourth month this disorder occurred and has to do with the growth and development process.’
Question again from this lady: ‘Blindness and other phenomena, a hunchback, for example, is this also the same?’
Jozef says: ‘Blindness takes us back to other laws.
What is blindness?
We also experience maternal, therefore physical disorders for this.
German measles and other illnesses, picked up during the carrying of the child, work on the life light of the child.
And there is so much, which can connect us with the physical laws and which we have to accept.
However, blindness, madam, takes us to the spiritual karma ... !
Cancer and tuberculosis take us to the physical karma, which all the serious illnesses belong to, but which is now nothing else but family karma; we get to experience those illnesses as a result of the birth.
This is therefore earthly, I mean, the human being has this in his own hands and created it himself.
As a result of our birth we now experience misery, because the parents possess those miseries.
This is also extremely deep, not so deep, that you cannot understand this, but they are the laws of life for the blood.
It is the attunement, for and of the human organism and that same organism was built up by the grandparents and those phenomena manifest themselves in our organism and this means: family karma!
Is this now clear?
But I already said, there is so much, which we experience on earth.
The true ‘karma’ therefore takes us back for our inner life to those people, to whom we have to make good.
We will then get from them for free, what they also received, but this is now your attunement, the unity with your parents and for them this is the unity again with their parents, as a result of which the illnesses manifest themselves.
Those Siamese twins are therefore a material disorder.
The doctors can explain this.
They would have been ordinary and normal twins, if those disorders were not there.
It is for the masters – and this is therefore the cosmic answer – that the cell did not divide itself at the moment, that the fertilization took place.
Those cells were not free, they were two cells from one cell.
Now they look like each other like two drops of water.
I was able to experience this ‘behind the coffin’, when my master also explained those laws to me!
I am not an academic, but just let the doctors come, I will answer them!
Isn’t this nice, engineer?
Yes, it is worthwhile!
Are there any more questions?’
The lady also asks: ‘Does that hunchback also belong to this, Mr Rulof?’
Jozef says: ‘This, madam, can be the fault of the mother.
You know the spraining during pregnancy, don’t you, as a result of which numerous phenomena occur?
But this is not spiritual karma, even if that human being is now beaten for life; fair is fair, I find this the worst thing there is.
Blindness is not so bad, but the hunchback no longer possesses anything.
And yet?
Who feels himself the worst beaten?
For bodies, madam, who have received something abnormal at birth, this abnormal is still a ‘natural disorder’, because we people, therefore souls, when we begin our making good on earth, just have to accept, what we received from our parents.
They also have to accept this!
We are now faced with human, natural and spiritual cause and effect and with karma!
And this is once more a wonderful book, ladies and gentlemen, and we could start it immediately.
But the money!
Oh, if I could do it!
Give me help, so that, through the masters, therefore in trance, I can read it out just like that, and when you have written it down in shorthand, we will get another thousand books, but now I must do everything alone.’
From the hall: ‘Can we not help you then?’
Jozef answers: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I could do everything alone, we write really quickly, in a fortnight a cosmic book is finished.
But the money!
And now there is something else.
In fifty years’ time we will have the ‘Direct Voice’ on earth, a piece of equipment, which you read about in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
When that is there, the peoples will have to listen, then they will be dictated to by the masters and then the laws will be explained.
That means, that we will no longer have to work our guts out; our twenty-five books will be enough!
The masters say this!
And is this perhaps not true?
It is now quite enough, but we could write thousands of books, the masters are inexhaustible!
I will continue.’
Here comes a question from Mr Reitsma: ‘Master Zelanus writes on pg. 149 of the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ the following: China consciously entered the house of Israel.
China wants peace and quiet and to be in harmony with infinity.
My question is now: how can this be explained?
Is this fanatical China already that far?
Must I accept, that Israel will fight against Israel?’
Jozef says: ‘China, Mr Reitsma, is not yet that far.
Even if it says in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, that the peoples of the earth will come to Israel and Japan has been conquered and must go with us, this still does not mean that this country is conscious for Israel.
This time will prove it to you.
You must want to see this space.
Slowly but surely the peoples will reach unity.
You were already able to experience it.
Do not forget, that the peoples of Israel are represented by the tribes of Israel from the bible.
They, who now come to Israel, still have to awaken for the spiritual attunement and earn this.
The China of Tsjang Kai Tsjek and the communists will also experience that it is that spiritual core.
And that, sir, is happening now and is the fight for life and death!
Japan is now in a different way, but the core of this is again, that the East will also reach unity and that all the peoples will get that independence.
This is now happening, you can follow this.
The final unity for all the peoples of the earth is Israel.
But those peoples still possess their own necessities of life and their own character.
If the masters themselves speak through those instruments, believe me, it is only then that all those peoples will have to bow their heads, because they will then be faced with spiritual science and they will have to accept it, because the proof will be there then!
What we therefore experience, is the reaching unity of all the peoples by means of world unity, it is only then that they begin with spiritual unity and we have one God on earth and not ten thousand!
It is only then that ‘spiritual’ peace and quiet comes.
And this again takes the peoples of the earth to ‘the Kingdom of God’, because they now possess one God and then life on earth is worthwhile.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, then back here and you will all have your ‘Rolls’!
Worthwhile to live here then.
But then, Mr Reitsma, these laws will be explained on earth and nothing else, nothing, because it is this!’
Mr Reitsma: ‘Thanks, Mr Rulof, I am satisfied.’
Jozef replies: ‘At your service, life of God, thanks too, you always ask good questions.’
Mrs Luyken asks: ‘Can you give me an explanation for the following?
My daughter heard you for the first time in Diligentia and as soon as you started, she had a strange experience.
She saw a third eye above your head.
Is that possible?’
Jozef: ‘If your daughter had seen everything, madam, then she would also have seen a fourth eye.
Those are the eyes of master Zelanus.
But what she saw, the orientals often argue about.
It is the concentration field for the master, who speaks and she saw that as an eye.
My compliments, madam, this is truly ‘seeing’!’
Question from Mrs H. Smits v.d. Wall-Perné: ‘My husband and I live in a bed-sit.
One evening I went to bed early.
My husband wanted to read the paper for a bit.
After a while I looked round the room and I saw myself sitting in my own chair.
I thought I was awake and I saw everything clearly.
How do you explain this?’
Jozef says about this: ‘Madam, this is a thought disembodiment and nothing else!
I can prove this to you!
I know all these laws.
Because, if you had really disembodied, therefore had been out of your organism, you would be able to explain it yourself.
This is not true and therefore means, that you were still in your organism after all and from there, therefore from your rest, your bed, you saw that, which is an image of yourself; you attuned to the past.
You saw yourself, yes, of course, that is possible, but you experienced this event a moment before and your thoughts went there and in this way you saw yourself there again.
I now think about my youth and see myself walking in the woods.
I am now walking there and talking to my dog; we are running too and yet I am still here, but I see it very sharply.
Can this now be seen?
This is a thought disembodiment, or a transfer of your thoughts to the event of then and the parapsychologist calls this: seeing in time and space!
But it is nothing else than this event; you returned to the past.
It is therefore not clairvoyance.
And, madam, all those fortune tellers experience this and it is nothing special.
But they ask their money for this and you are consciously made a fool of.
Read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and you will get your answer!
In this way you can experience your whole life again and you can also see yourself, but it is from yourself and not from the Other Side.
It is therefore of course not a spiritually occult phenomenon.
Satisfied, madam?’
‘I thank you, I accept it, you are right!’
‘You also have another question, madam, and it is also interesting.
You write here: ‘In the book ‘The Stones Speak’ it says that in August 1953, God will judge his enemies on mount Sion.
How can you explain this?’’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, that same ‘Stones Speak’ makes one mistake after the other and does not have a single spiritual meaning, which I will show you by mean of numerous pieces of proof!
You can also see and feel the mistake.
Can God destroy and damn his ‘life’?
No, you already see it: also that Englishman, Davidson, is completely off the mark!
And namely as a result of many of his sayings.
So in the first place: because he says that God will judge his enemies – therefore people.
Is this not really humanly said?
Can God hate his ‘life’?
That is not possible and now nothing comes true of all that talk.
It means nothing, because that same Davidson knows neither creation nor God.
He knows nothing of what we now experience.
That man can get a lecture here!
Also Major Van der Vecht, his representative in the Netherlands.
You must now listen carefully, I am not destroying anything, but I am giving you cosmic proof!
That mount Sion is still there of course.
But how does God wish to do that?
By means of an earthquake perhaps?
By means of the plague or cholera?
By means of leprosy maybe?
Cancer or tuberculosis?
If that was to happen, Davidson could be proved right by me and by thousands of his followers.
But this does not quite happen!
You will experience that.
Or must we accept that God beats the human being my means of his illnesses?
That is not possible either and shows work of man, destruction of ourselves.
Our books tell you about that.
As a result of this, madam, that book ‘The Stones Speak’ is only a human calculation.
I find this work really pathetic!
After all, if you wish to explain mankind by means of those calculations, nothing will remain anymore of anything, because you will not have any cosmic proof, therefore no foundations.
And also this!
‘The Stones Speak’ begins with the beginning of the bible, is built up in a biblical way and therefore not according to the laws of the universe.
And now it comes, madam: the bible begins with an untruth!
What does Davidson hope to achieve?
For him a big hole has been beaten and that hole – it is a cosmic pit, into which he falls and will not come out of again either – now consists of millions of ages.
As a result of this he could have analysed the Pyramid, but he now does not possess a single law of this, does not even know those laws, which is this tremendous empty hole.
Now all his calculations are based on an untruth, he therefore has no cosmic hold for his calculating, no proof and no foundations and in this way nothing comes true of all his predictions.
He will have a lucky strike now and again, but there is no certainty.
But our fortune teller can do that too, when she says: in 1953 I can see this and that.
Watch out, because now a lucky strike can be experienced, because you can always guess something!
But, madam, ‘The Stones Speak’ wants nothing to do with lucky strikes.
The foundations now, for you and me, are: that Davidson and Van der Vecht are unsettled with their study.
Davidson is not a cosmically conscious being, does not have any spiritual contact either, but gets everything for his study from the bible and now wants to explain the tribes of Israel, but he is faced with his great cosmic hole and then loses his balance.
His teachings disappear and his book too.
You will experience this.
It is perfectly simple, because he is completely off the mark and does not know the Pyramid!
In 1938 I already passed on the feelings and the wisdom of the masters towards ‘The Stones Speak’.
I therefore talked through the laws of the universe.
And the events, which had to come true, according to the predictions of Davidson, did not come; even if a little lucky strike could be seen now and again, which, however, had nothing to do with the actual core; all his followers already know this.
Therefore the universal basic principle, madam, as a result of which Davidson’s teachings fall and completely destroy themselves with regard to the Divine truth, that he still possesses a God, who can damn and can destroy his ‘life’ and this is irrevocably in conflict with the God of love, whom we know and who is God!
No one who knows the laws of God as love can accept the book ‘The Stones Speak’!
The biblical God no longer has any meaning for this century.
Even if the human being of the Reformed and Catholic church still does not wish to accept this, evolution will prove it anyway.
We already have that science in our hands.
As a result of this Davidson destroys himself and his theories, so that ‘The Stones Speak’ are null and void!
Is ... I should say, because it is just one book.
If only we could speak to those people.
If only we could convince them; such powers, collected together, would make all of us strong for this life and mankind, but they do not want it.
Then that same Davidson would have to sit next to you and listen, but he does not want that and neither does Van der Vecht, they do not accept that; they want to do something themselves and do not possess any universal contact, but will soon have to accept, that they are completely off the mark!!!
Is this not the word, madam?
Is this not the truth?
Is this not what Christ said, ‘love’?
And can God still settle with his enemies then, does God have enemies?
And is that teachings?
It is nonsense and nothing else!
The human being will say one day: do you know everything?
I know nothing, the masters know it!
What is now true and what is not?
That of Davidson and not what Christ said?
The masters of now say that they have to follow Christ.
Can you feel, madam, how wonderful this – our contact – is and what our wisdom means, if we are faced with all that human thinking?
It is for them: bowing, but they do not yet want that.
It is the wisdom of our masters and mankind will prove it by means of its evolution!
Also this, madam, and now I say: if only we had that money, all the things we could do with it!
Then mankind would get real, pure wisdom from the masters and then it would get to experience love and happiness by means of spiritual science; then we would all make progress!
A new bible will be published again.
That costs millions and the money is there.
Twenty-five professors are working on it, out of love, it is a Divine task, they say.
And yet they are faced again with damnation, they are not bringing anything new.
The God of hatred appears in a new cover and you can now buy that!
That will soon be presented to the Queen and is the Queen also happy with this?
We are no longer and millions of people are no longer, because the God, who damns and is not there, is always brought to the human being.
They are lies!
And that is called a ‘Divine’ task for the human being?
How much money is squandered for those church values, which no longer possess any reality?
Mankind is not yet that far, but it will come and then the masters will be proved right, in the Divine task, which the masters will accomplish.
Also Christ, the Better and the Other one, whom we already know.
That Christ of ours did not succumb in ‘Gethsemane’!
Our one did not ask: ‘My God, why have you forsaken me?’
People also placed that in Christ’s mouth, but he never said it!
Was Christ perhaps an unconscious being?
No, madam, no one can accept this!
Satisfied, madam?
Then I will continue!’