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Sister Z. Dreckmeyer asks: ‘There are eye specialists, who can make blind people see by an operation.
Is a Divine law now intervened with?
Did these specialists get that far as a result of their own study, or is it passed on through the masters, for example, by intuition?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, we people created the illnesses, not God.
May we no longer conquer and render harmless what we spoiled in the jungle, where the laws originated?
You will read about the destruction in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
What the doctor now does, comes from the Other Side, the masters of every faculty live for that.
They now serve mankind and want to bring the ‘Kingdom of God’ to earth and make a happy creation out of man!
Do you call this: intervening in the Divine laws by the human being?
This is intervening for the good, madam, sister, nurse, you should have known this!
Or do you wish God to crush the human being to death in his misery on earth, by means of the material life?
Of course not, you must not blush now, sister.
It is perfectly simple, but you expect something else from the human being, who has proved he can think, and not this.
I know that you would really also have known the answer yourself, if you had reflected.
Where does our spiritual thinking about Divine justice remain now?
You will understand it of course and so I will continue.
Or are there any more questions about this?
I thought so, you therefore know.
Soon all the illnesses will dissolve completely, that is the ‘will’ of Christ, therefore of God.
You can accept this!
This destruction, therefore the awful matters for the human being, for the physical and the spiritual – therefore for the inner human being – has been our own destruction; we created psychopathy and many material illnesses; we already laid the foundations for that centuries ago and they are now our own possession!
A child had only half a heart, but this child lived.
The mother went with her child to the doctor.
The doctor looked at the child for a long time and then he said: ‘Listen, mother, did you not mess about with the embryo of God at the beginning of your pregnancy?’
‘What did you say, doctor?’
Did the mother not understand this?
‘I will tell it to you clearly, mother.
Did you want to get rid of this child?’
Then tears came.
‘Yes, of course,’ said the doctor, ‘you yourself are to blame for the illness of your child!’
He could follow this by and as a result of the symptoms.
And we, ladies and gentlemen, created thousands of illnesses in this way and now want rid of them.
But society does not want to and cannot accept a single law from these prehistoric states, because that same society cannot admit that we ourselves experienced the prehistoric age and have now reached the white race (see
But that destruction went with us and now we are bothered by it!
How's that for you?
Those peas do not taste nice, they are sour and poisonous as well, but we must eat them, because there is nothing else!
All of Divine nature is sullied, spoiled and squandered by us, but people do not know that.
It is only when you awaken ‘behind the coffin’, that you are faced with your own destruction and you can look back at it.
I already had to accept it and as a result of this we can explain all this destruction, also the true Divine remainder!
But now there is no longer any damnation!
There is now no last judgment!
And the bible begins with nonsense!
God is not a Father of hatred, God is Love!
And millions of other laws of life for our material life and also for the spiritual, now get to experience the spatial analysis and it is this, which you now hear and nothing else!’
Question here from M. de Reus: ‘Would you tell us something about the choir of angels?
In which sphere is it and who may sing in it?’
Jozef says: ‘If you think, that people are flying around there with wings, who are angels, I must disappoint you.
But you know this now from the books.
Of course, in the books the human being is talked about as an ‘Angel’.
However, that is the human being with his ‘love’ and nothing else.
Therefore no wings, they are in us and are bigger and more powerful!
But I understand what you mean and you understand me.
Yes, madam, the human being possesses his spiritual timbre there and we already talked about this once before.
That is the spiritual timbre of God for his spirit and we people, man and woman, also possess this.
And there, if you have reached the first sphere, you can sing and you possess a spiritual timbre and that is for every spark of God!
The human being sings there too, but about the ‘life’ and that sound is awe-inspiring.
You will read about it in the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and it is also true.
I can write a book about it once more, but this is not necessary this evening.
You should listen to the singing there, interpreted by millions of men and women, when they sing the ‘reincarnation’, or ultimately the ‘Love’!
Then you collapse, you cannot even deal with it, madam, mother.
And is this so strange?
Would we not possess the voice of our spirit there, now that we know, that God is also spirit and can speak to the life through his spirit?
You already hear it, but now we must lay open all those foundations and that is then the book: a wonderful work, the universal singing of the human being, as fathers and mothers with regard to their life, which has to represent soul, spirit, feeling and the own personality, with attunement to God, which is their own attunement and interpreted by singing!
Is it clear, madam?
If you now make sure that you can enter the Spheres of Light later, your voice will also be present for your life and you will be able to sing along.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you must sing; if you were not there and were to close your mouth, then they would miss your voice there and the whole would have no value!
And is this not also just, not honest?
It is true, children of Our Lord, that awaits all of you too!’
Another question: ‘People pray so often to God, to his personality.
How is such a prayer heard and answered now?’
Jozef says immediately: ‘Madam, mother of children, you can pray to God, when you also want to experience the deed, otherwise God cannot be reached and he will remain deaf to your prayer, therefore he will not hear you!
God is a personality!
And how can he be recognised?
You and I and all people are parts of his Personality!
This also concerns all the life of Mother Nature and the Universe.
Therefore God is recognisable by means of his life and the character of every thing as material, spirit and soul, as feeling.
Everything, he is everything which belongs to the life.
And what do you as a human being wish to possess of him by means of your prayer?
A child perhaps?
The highest, which you can ask of him?!
Yes, if you are open to this, it will be possible for your life to receive children and you got this just like that from God, the laws of which we now know and analyse, through the masters!
But if you now ask God for money, for something else, that has nothing to do with his life?
Then He is deaf and does not hear you.
You therefore cannot pray for all your feelings, questions and longings, madam, you must decide this for yourself by means of the books.
Those questions were already asked here and take us back to the prayer and the laws of God as personality, that nature, night, light, life, feeling, material, soul and spirit!
Fatherhood and motherhood are the most sacred of this, because those possibilities connect us with the evolution, as a result of which we can conquer and master His creations and personalities.
You can heal by means of your prayer.
You can also ask for strength, when you, as a human being, lay those material foundations, because the perfection for your life here, does not fall from heaven, we must devote our own life to this.
Can you now feel the universal remainder, for which you cannot and can pray?
Then I do not need to explain it to you further and I will continue.’
Question from Mrs M. de Reus: ‘Is it justified, that the human being has no attention for his immediate surroundings, because he is too engrossed in his work?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, this is also a book, a wonderful book, this is so wonderful!
If I write that book and also make a screenplay of it, I will earn money like water, but – we keep saying it – the masters explain the Divine laws and that is more necessary.
We will now go into that for a moment and then you will hear something.
I already laid foundations for this, then we understood, what we must do for society and our human unity – therefore our marriage – because this precisely is destroyed and by that, which you are asking about!
Yes, madam, it is bad, when the human being dissolves as a result of his work and because of this forgets and neglects the Divine, heavenly remainder.
But now what?
I have seen films, in which the man, dissolved in his work, therefore his other world, forgot wife and children.
Finally they were faced with divorce.
The children brought father and mother together again, it was a great film!
The human being wept, this human and yet so simple drama was so moving.
But the hearts of those two people were destroyed, nothing more remained of human unity.
It is now society, which has got the human being and by which he is ruined; mainly as a result of money!
And this applies to man and wife.
The wife, ladies, gives everything for her work, her task.
This is wonderful, but give your inner life and all your characteristics a ‘polish’ like that, a ‘wash’ like that, ‘iron’ those characteristics in the spiritual harness and life will become different, mothers.
This applies especially to the husband, when he has sunk away up to his neck in society; there now lies a task for him too in the marriage.
Yes, but now it is also the trick, that – despite your great task – you do not forget your own life ‘behind the coffin’.
This is the trick!
It is the wonderful trick!
Who can do it?
Only one human being in millions is capable of maintaining this balance, it is the great in spirit, therefore the love-being!
Just one in millions.
Therefore if the man and woman understand that the spiritual life goes before everything and is above everything and cannot become close to with money.
But if hubby wants to possess a great deal and sees and wants to experience this for himself as the only thing, then just talk, do what you want, give films and plays about this, write books, it will not help here, the human being himself is not ready for it.
Thousands of people have to accept this and thousands of men and women got to experience their destruction as a result of this; it is legal separation, which remains of it.
In short, all of you know that misery.
They are books, yes, of course, but if the human being does not want it, we will also be powerless.
I am talking my head off, is it helping?
The human being does not want to learn.
He keeps hearing that little devil inside him, which wants something different.
Yes, of course, but as a result of that little devil our life is destroyed.
They do not want to think.
What do we now wish to achieve with those other grades of life, which have completely dissolved in society, which do not want anything to do with the life ‘behind the coffin’ and shrug their shoulders, trample on spiritual science, do not want to experience any faith, any God, none of all of this; money and possession is everything for them!
That mentality cannot be reached, madam.
There are even people living among us, who have completely dissolved in their task.
Even if they hear, what they must do, even if they are now capable of making comparisons for themselves, yet that chair and table are worth more than their spiritual space, their spirit and personality, but they do not get to experience that care and that ‘will’, not that polishing, I mean cleaning cloth, polish!
This is for the woman.
You would wish, that they were not so clear.
Yet everything can go together; however, they do not do it.
The man is even worse in his state.
We can learn every day.
Two people had arguments, bigger and bigger arguments, because he did not go with her to buy something for her.
He says: ‘I dragged myself along to the town.
We were going to buy shoes.
In and out of four large shops, there were a hundred thousand types of shoes.
There was nothing there for her.
I did not say anything, but I thought: You will not pull that one on me again!’
And then the next time?
An argument, because he refused.
She was gone.
‘For a month long’, says this big man-child, ‘I did not hear another word from her.
Sulking, teasing and saying nothing, she was furious.
Would you not walk away too quickly?’ the husband thinks.
We must experience a hundred thousand things, madam, which are part of our character.
It is laziness, if you cannot stand on your own two feet and as a result of this lives were destroyed!
Form a personality!
Know what you want!
This is why it would be a good book.
But the human being does not begin working on himself anyway.
Why would you write a book like that then?
But now something else.
She attends to sir’s business.
He feels insulted, it is his business.
He curses, somewhat badly too, the word ‘serpent’ falls from his lips and then weeping, for nights, days on end.
The marriage is destroyed, he is a brute, has no feeling, no understanding, no unity, he wants to stand on his own two feet and does not give her any ground, removes her from his life.
If that man could just have said: ‘How sweet of you, dear, that is wonderful’, because she did it well, understood it, thought she could do it well and she could too.
But it was: ‘No, you must stay away from that!’
And there are millions of scenes like that, as a result of which the human being destroys himself.
Good heavens, all the things the human being is faced with and then must feel love for the other ‘self’ or the big ‘self’, which he has to do with and for which he is husband and she wife, mother.
But is she that?
Is he a man, a father, a husband?
They are dissolved parts of and for a rotten society and nothing else!
And this is the sacred truth.
There are thousands of examples now and all those little things brought a deep gulf between man and wife.
They are impassable gulfs, as dangerous as volcanoes, they are murderous, subtly destructive, because we love ourselves and not even a cat, a dog; it is money, that has our love.
If you do not want to experience the teachings of the masters and Christ, then stay away, it is no use to you anyway.
I tell you: it is only by proving what you want and by wanting to conquer those little devils, that you will continue and you will get happiness in your hands.
I have brought many people to each other, destroyed them first and built them up again by means of the laws of life.
This was only possible, madam, because both wanted, really wanted, had love and spiritual power, or ... I would have run away fast and could not begin anything, because I would not achieve anything anyway!
And this is for high and low, madam, for artists and for bankers, for academics, for king and emperor; you now know those personalities as man and wife.
I repeat, this determines art, is art and the actual everything for man and wife, as a result of which the human being can built up his other side, but does not do it, does not want to, has nothing to spare for it!
She walks away, he too and looks for something else, but they remain the same.
Sometimes cat natures and pig natures – characters – find unity.
Also families, who box, run and jump together, run a business, paint, write, row and grow things, white washers and bakers, grocers are also a part of this, Indian chief, Laplanders too, the Chinese are bothered by it, of course the Japanese too, Americans, Germans and French, Swiss and Russian, the nobility and the illiterate, the thief and the murderer.
But if it becomes homosexuality, ladies and gentlemen, it is still dirty and filthy too, in short it will be a fairground attraction!
And all of this can be conquered, can be brought back to the harmonic harness, if there is a feeling for cordiality, understanding, if there is the ‘will’ to embellish the own character towards spiritual becoming conscious.
But who wants this?
Ladies and gentlemen, I must now possess all of that, or I would be completely out of it for the masters.
I adjust and do not want to wear a white shroud and be a saint.
I must therefore return to society and you must precisely let go of that society and attune your life to the spiritual; I now have too much of this and must make sure that I do not dissolve, do not disappear from the world and from society, which the human being does not wish to understand once more; they want to see me as holy and I am and will remain a Gelderlander!
And that is also art, great art, or the other life would suffocate as a result of mine and this a gulf once more, which I must bridge, which I was always able to do, or ... I would not have mastered anything.
And I now want to teach you all of this and it is perfectly simple, if you want, if you want it together.
Because otherwise you will be powerless!
Madam, I will stop, it is a hopeless task.
If it is of any use to you, I am very grateful to you and I have not spoken to the living dead.’
Mrs de Reus now replies: ‘Mr Rulof, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I now know.
My thanks again!’
Question from the hall: ‘How does the human being as a soul in the world of the unconscious know, therefore for the reincarnation, when that birth and unity is achieved?
Does the soul know that it is attracted?
Can you answer my question?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, of course, madam, that is possible, we know those laws.
The soul ... no, I will ask the hall.
I ask you, mothers and fathers, if you want to have a child, you as mother, or you as husband, who wants this then, you yourself?’
We say: ‘Yes, of course, we want the child, don’t we?’
Jozef now says:’ You would like that, but it is not like that.
After all, if it was like that, people, then we would have the creation of God in our hands and that is not possible, God is and will remain creation itself!
The soul, mother – your question will get to experience the Divine answer – is therefore the birth.
You as man and wife are only the means and the human possibility.
If you get the feeling to give birth and to create, that feeling was already given to you, the soul is now the ‘will’!
You are now no longer a man and woman, but creation, reincarnation for a spark of God and all the life of God possesses that feeling, therefore also nature, the animal, the flower and the plant.’
Question from the hall: ‘So the human being has no own will?’
Jozef says: ‘Not in this, sir, but you are then one, it is the evolution of the spark of God, the reincarnation, which you also experienced and have in your own hands and in this way we attract new life, but it is I and it is you, who inspire the creator, therefore man and woman, and in this way the reincarnation is achieved.’
‘But’, someone from the hall says, ‘then I am nothing anymore, then I have no ‘will’, nothing actually, what is from myself for giving birth and creating.’
Jozef says: ‘Did I not say a moment ago, that God kept this in his hands?
These are the Divine characteristics in the human being, which still remain Divine and intact, or ... the human being would wipe out creation.
Is it not true, you want to give birth and want a child; millions of other people do not!
Priests and nuns refuse to create and other mentalities also refuse.
What would remain of creation, I once said to you, if all of us, all of mankind, became a Catholic priest?
In a hundred years there would no longer be anyone on earth.
As a result of holiness and chastity, we would wipe out creation and would therefore have got God in our hands.
But is that possible?
This is why the ‘soul’ is Divinely inspired for all life.
Now look at nature, at your dog and cat.
And we people are no different.
What kind of a feeling is that, as a result of which the life wants to create and give birth in the spring?
Do all those millions of birds know that, ladies and gentlemen?
No, that is God himself, it is the human and animal evolution and people still do not know that in the human being or in the animal either.
People say: ‘That is nature.’
But what is that natural urge in the human being and the animal?
It is God!
It is the human reincarnation, the evolution as reincarnation!
Is it not wonderful, ladies and gentlemen, and what does the learned psychologist know about this?
Nothing, for him it is still a natural urge, nature possesses it.
‘No’, says the Other Side, ‘it is the soul and will remain the soul, which takes itself back as the Divine spark, by means of reincarnations, as far as the Divine ‘ALL.’
It is that alone!
But I know what you are stumbling over.
Another example now, because this is worthwhile and as a result of this you will get to know your God and yourself!
If we begin to coo, at the age of twenty look out for the other life next to us, what is this then?
Well, tell me?’
And now we hear again: ‘The soul.
You say so, don’t you?’
‘The feeling.’
‘No, ladies, it is not the soul now, it is not our feeling either.
You think: The ‘droodles’, but it is not that either.
What is it, which puts us so up in arms, as a result of which our heart begins to beat?
You say love?
You do not even know yet what love is!
It is not that, sir, because human and animal love is something completely different and is outwith this wonderful problem, which is not a problem, if I give you the Divine truth soon.
What is always ahead of us people, for the life on earth and for God, for a while?
When does the personality start to act clearly and purely for itself?
When do we master something?
When does that first begin?
Do you not know?
You do not know the life and yourself, ladies and gentlemen, and you will now get to know this.
Listen, all of you, and you will know immediately!
When we begin to coo, it is the fatherhood and motherhood in us which coos, wants to experience love, but this is not love, this is creating and giving birth.
The actual love, which you are talking about, lives in the personality and it is the emotional life and it becomes the character.
And we must prove what that is like, therefore outwith creation, as man and woman.
But, creation and giving birth happen from our life and as a result of this – now it will come – all that life in nature, the animal is so crazy, so fickle too, it knows just one goal, it possesses just one feeling, to take the life to evolution and this is God himself!
Did you already ever think of this and feel this in yourself?
Never, that is not possible, but it is this!
It is only at the age of thirty-six to thirty-eight years ... that the personality begins the own life.
And all of you know that.
If that force, that giving birth and creating for all the life, goes to sleep, the human being is capable of achieving something for himself and that is now the Sphere of Light in him and in her, the wisdom and the love.
How does the human being react now?
We talked about it a moment ago.
What is that man and that woman like for the ‘love’?
Do you see, that the love is for and will remain for the ‘personality’ and that giving birth and creating represent ‘God’?
That it is the soul, which wants us to give birth and create, that it must represent God as a result of its reincarnation and that it will inspire us on earth in order to give it a new body, so that it can continue its own evolution?
It gives, now listen carefully, its capacities back to us again, because it will soon attract us again and then we return.
This has already been like this from the origin of the very first embryonic life on the Moon and will never come into the hands of the human being, but will remain divine, because otherwise, as I already said, we would make nonsense and unwillingness out of Divine creation, we would wipe out those Divine laws as a result of our faith, priesthood, therefore church carry-on and God prevented this happening!’
From the hall the people call: ‘Jozef Rulof, you are a revelation!’
‘Sir, you are a wonder.’ ‘Everything is wonderful!’
‘We accept!’
Jozef says: ‘You see, how simple our life actually is after all, if you know the laws.
Master Alcar is a master of the ‘University of Christ!’
And you can accept this, but now know, this is Divine wisdom and you will not get that anywhere on earth.
We now represent the ‘University of Christ’, which is for all of mankind!
These, sir, are therefore the Divine revelations.
Could Paul and John experience this and pass it on?
No, sir, no, madam, they were still unconscious!
And a theosophist does not know it either, because they too, I read and heard it from their mouths, talk around it and do not know it, do not have this contact.
Krishnamurti is at a loss for words too and cannot answer you.
After our giving birth and creating, ladies and gentlemen, we come to – as was already said before – acting.
Then we make something of the personality, which is a problem once more for the psychologists.
Now that creation and giving birth go to sleep, does the human being himself not come to the fore?
So first creation goes ahead of us, fatherhood and motherhood want love and when that Divine giving birth and creating have gone to sleep, you see your actual character for the first time.
Then we have to prove, what we want and who we are and that is usually just a dirty slap right in your face.
Because then we have to show our colours as a human being for God and Christ and our art achieves space and depth, if feeling lives in us.
How deep is the human being now?
Which grades of life does the human being possess for the emotional world?
Now read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ again and you will know a lot, but not nearly everything; it is only a spiritual crumb of yourself for the Divine Personality!
And do you not see this again for your dog and cat, horse and cow, for all life?
The soul, madam, therefore forces the human being to give birth and to create and anyone who now refuses as a human being, beats up everything for his evolution and is eliminated as a result of this.
Of course we are now faced with millions of laws of life and the masters can also analyse them one by one and then we see ourselves and our Divine ‘self’ as a grade of life on earth, for body and spirit and ultimately for the soul as the Divine spark!
If a girl, I will now give you a social example, has a child and is not yet married, she is called a slut.
But for God she is harmonically one and loving, sweet, Divinely happy too, if society would understand it.
But this rotten and unconscious society makes a dirty carry-on out of this Divine giving birth and creating and the mother is called a slut.
God now says: ‘You are mine and I am behind you, do not pay any attention to all those unconscious beings, our life will continue.
Girl, mother, thanks, for me you are not a slut!’
Let the church, which cast out this life, now just call itself a slut; the minister, who recently also kicked his daughter out the door, is a poor dog!
A dog does not do this, not even a poisonous snake, but the minister does and then his child, this girl, was on the street and did not come to grief, because there were people, who understood the case and now had love from the personality, which concerns Christ and for which he did not die, but which is and will remain the Divine core!
Now, ladies and gentlemen, the mother wants to give birth.
Well, there is of course something there for the personality, who does not want that pudding?
I ran myself to death, cycled to exhaustion, you will read that in the book ‘Jeus II’ for that matter, for that love.
It is my Divine creation and I followed it, listened, just like your lark, your perfectly ordinary sparrow, your dog too.
Yes, Miesje, Mrs Ruikers from the book ‘Jeus I’, there are ‘male and female cats’, aren’t there, now you tell me more!’
The people laugh heartily; those who have read ‘Jeus I of mother Crisje’, know this story, but Jozef now also gives it cosmic depth and this is a revelation once more!
‘Believe me, when I tell you: I have already weighed up all those Socrates of this world a long time ago!
They can now come.
I will give them a lecture one by one, because I am capable of that, you hear that!
Everything can be analysed of and for your life.’
Now we see and hear Jozef Rulof speaking inspired; and he already gave it: the words, which roll from his lips, are no longer of this world; behind this personality the masters live, Christ lives, God himself speaks through Jozef Rulof and this is, as he says it, the unity with the Life of God!
Jozef now also says to all of us: ‘Do you wish to hear something else from me, something, which is a revelation for your life and character?
Something, which I had to experience myself and which is the ultimate ‘everything’ for man and woman and takes you back to the ‘Universal Love’?
Yes ... ?
No, I will not do it!’
Voices from the hall: ‘Do it, Jozef Rulof, do it!’
‘Listen then ... something else and you will know.
This is now a gift from the masters.
I experienced it, was therefore able to and allowed to follow that school of learning and this tells you: everything is true!
Do art, write, paint, become a banker, king, emperor, prince or princess, become noble and be illiterate, become a farmer or grocer, baker, flower and plant cultivator or breeder of your dog pedigrees, be learned, become a genius, a dictator, even a president ... be Soekarno, Stalin, Mussolini, a king of Egypt and if you like a Churchill, the president of France, drive in a Rolls or in a Mercedes-Benz, in a Bugatti or an Alfa Romeo, or go along the street and collect the peelings, even if you are an ash man, mayor, judge, lawyer, runner, boxer and world champion, everything, now everything – now listen carefully – of your arts and sciences and your personality, as man and woman, returns to that human ‘love’.
Giving birth and creating return to the personality and they are now your whole inspiration, your unity with each other, which concerns all of us!
So back to giving birth and creating, because those are the Divine foundations for the human being as man and woman, for our marriage, if there is now a question of understanding and the wonderful head bowing; it is and will remain that unity for our life.
Those matters, therefore those titles, noble or not, they are sparkling matters for the character and give the depth to your ‘kiss’.
Believe me now, if you remain standing at damnation, your human kiss and your love will remain ‘Old Testament-like’ and will represent a God of hatred!
Therefore, people, as a result of expansion to the Spheres of Light; I swear to all of you, I ‘kiss’ differently than all of you can, my kiss possesses universal depth!
And if all of you do not like all of this and therefore do not want to master this, then we will be faced with that dreadful gulf, madam, mother, girl, man and young man, which we talked about a moment ago.
This is Divine truth!’
Mrs Munrooy asks: ‘I was sitting in a bus, where a dog was also sitting.
It came up to me and it looked exactly like my dead dog.
The animal was very affectionate.
What is that?
Can you explain this to me?’
Jozef says: ‘After everything, which I said a moment ago, yes, madam, that is possible now and this is nothing else, than that you probably met the same species as your own dog.
Your life is open to the animal, the animal feels this and look, madam, there is then unity!’
And he immediately continues and now says: ‘I have an article here from a paper and I will read that out to you.
It is entitled: Buried alive.
In remote monasteries of Tibet, where Europeans only seldom got through, there are people, who literally let themselves be buried alive in order to get the peace of Nirvana after a smaller number of reincarnations than the ordinary mortal, which exceeds all our ideas about human asceticism.
An English traveller gave a description of life there.
He told the following: ‘Parents, who predestined their sons to the life of such monks, gave their children at the age of seven or eight years to the Lamas, priests of the monastery.
The children receive religious education up to their eleventh year.
Then they are locked up for six months in a pitch-dark cell, in order to repent.
They may not speak to the outside world and no longer have any contact with the human being, the only thing is that they receive poorly roasted barley through a small hatch.
After these six months the children complete their study in the monastery.
Then they return for three years, three months and three days to the dark cell, in order to then receive some more tuition in the monastery.
The monks are then approximately eighteen years old, they have now completely lost their will power and are already so used to the dark cell life, that they can experience the last locking up without objection, which lasts until their death.
I personally’, the writer concludes, ‘saw the cell of a monk buried alive like that.
The inhabitant had already lived in this cell for twenty-five years and had not see any more daylight during that time, heard or spoken a word.
When a monk is brought to the cell, people brick up the door behind him.
Some food is handed out to him through a hatch.
When the food remains untouched for five days, the door is broken open and the corpse is removed.’
You hear it, people.
This is nonsense!
So bad, so awful, so pathetic and stupid, it is inhuman, poor, incredible and yet this really happens.
It is in one word, demonic, bad and unfortunate!
What those great Lama priests can still learn from us.
How much do those people, who are powerful and strong for some occult laws, still have to learn?
Is this definitely not something to drive you ‘completely’ mad?
This is conscious suicide and try taking that away from them!
How fortunate we can now feel, that true, spiritual masters have come to us.
I already told you before: the masters laid foundations through the East and all of us – I certainly – went through madness and death to the astral world, to this wisdom; not this of the Lamas, but that of the Other Side and we learned as a result of this.
There are still those souls, who kill themselves in order to come there.
But is it not, as I said, enough to drive you mad?
I repeat, they are conscious suicides and the parents too, but they do not yet know that.
If you were to know, what is done in this so beautiful world, on this great earth, in order to get spiritual gain, wakening, becoming conscious.
Now compare your life with that of them and you will know.
How are the circumstances for us?
I get this out of it and can safely throw that further stupid and pathetic remainder overboard, it means nothing, because they are suicides!!!
And not only those children are that, but the parents too.
Now just laugh at the stupidity, I will not do it, because I know how the East is searching and rooting in order to get to know God, the Hereafter, to which all of them devote their lives!
We also did that and were able to do that in ancient Egypt; later, when Isis, Ra, Ré and Luxor awakened, we got true spiritual tuition and made progress.
This of the Lamas is frightening!
It is barbaric and can only still happen in the East.
You will now know immediately, that not everything must come from the East to the West, that the sober-minded West has more use for the Christ than all that misery, which people here do not want anything more to do with for that matter, but which is now, for me and for the masters then, the harsh halt in particular.
But this is wrong too, because we must begin that spiritual study anyway as human beings.
But not like that; differently and namely by means of the laws of life of God.
Such a life was not for nothing, do not think that now, because the personality mastered something and if this becomes conscious afterwards in another life, then those people are the geniuses of our society.
Those people prove it.
They have something inside, which another does not possess and arises consciously.
But now this is Western civilisation or, for example, a runner, because there is the ‘will’ for it!
It is pitiful, incredibly pathetic and even more, which all has to do with one word and is ‘pathetically abnormal’!
Sir, I will teach you something else!
But, men and women, now close yourself off, as that child begins to do and you will be ‘good’, at least if you wring the neck of the wrong as a result of your will.
Because now something good can be experienced.
You can learn as a result of this story, which is true, how it should not be done!
I have another article here, from a magazine: Three souls in one body.
People have probably heard of split personalities; those are people, it is written in this magazine, who are themselves one moment and the other moment they think, that they are a very different personality.
A peculiar story of a three-fold personality, therefore schizophrenia, happened recently to a Christine Beauchamp, a girl in Boston, who thought that she was no less than three personalities alternately.
The time, that these guests took possession of her body, lasted from an hour to a few days and all three of them had their own temperament and habits.
One of them was more or less ailing, quiet and prudish, while the second is exactly the opposite, namely vain, agreeable in her moral views and has different male relationships.
The third person, which she represented, was less complicated, namely childishly cheerful and friendly, without possessing any of the excesses of the second.
After seven years of treatment by a specialist the strange guests disappeared, who had taken possession of her frame, therefore body, and only the real Christine Beauchamp remained, who lived a normal life further.
The question is now: Is this possible, is this true, can you explain this to us?
Is there a question here of possession or is this her subconscious?
Perhaps reincarnation?
I already read the book about it, sir, in 1937.
I got hold of it and then asked my master Alcar, what he thought about it and then he explained this occurrence to me: yes, she wants to go to friends to celebrate Christmas.
She is sitting in the tram, but suddenly another lady enters her and she wants to go out.
She takes over her day consciousness and then we see her back at the fairground, the dance floor, drinking and going out.
When she awakens, is therefore herself again, she has to accept, that she is in another city in the first place and was therefore perfectly simply out on the town.
This poor human being as a girl, suffers terribly.
Suddenly the child in her is back and this child eats from your hands.
We keep seeing other personalities.
And is this now reincarnation?
No and yet this has everything to do with her, with her spirit and her personality.
This is spiritual possession, as also keeps happening to me, but then there is painting, writing, speaking and healing.
I then start to see and help the people.
For her those guests live it up and I saw that with many people; our mental institutions are full of them.
And what is now the core again for you?
That Miss Beauchamp herself is not bad or she would have been locked up irrevocably!
Her personality kept reacting and as a result of this those other personalities did not get ahold of her life completely either and they could not live it up completely through her.
She was always the restraint and therefore the own protection for herself.
Because otherwise she would have had to accept the madhouse!
The doctor also diagnosed that later.
The own personality and this applies to all of us, can therefore be the own protection.’
You reach a similar situation in the book: ‘Mental Illnesses as seen from the Side Beyond.’
The soul, which we talk about there, experienced nothing else, but that man was much worse off.
I had to fight against four astral personalities in order to make him better.
Among others, a woman lived in him, who spoke French, German, Spanish and English and who later, when we had conquered her, said to me: ‘Dirty rotter, do not take my grave away from me, I must now suck that brute empty, he also did it to me and then threw me away.’
And because that man did not want this, we got her out; master Alcar then, I was only the channel.
But what a lot I learned from that man and as a result of his condition.
I got every reaction, which the psychologists have to look for, explained immediately and then I knew that life and that multiple division, which is nothing more than possession and namely conscious possession; therefore not the ailing one, because then the human being is spiritually ill and is amongst the mad people.
But these people can walk on the street and ask you for a light for their cigarette and are completely normal, but inside them it is haunted!
We could also have written a book of a thousand pages about this, but master Alcar was concerned with the astral world and that was the intention.
Miss Beauchamp still had no demons to experience, but her personality was split as a result of the experience and now you will know immediately that, if someone comes to me with wrong intentions, I will realise this immediately and then I will say: ‘the ‘droodles’, disappear!
But up until now I have not been bothered by that, on the contrary, they are and will remain masters!
Those doctors were faced with mysteries.
If they had come to me, then I could have analysed Miss Beauchamp for them and then they would have had a conscious grip, then they could have closed her off.
They finally achieved that and then she was no longer bothered by the astral world.
Also worthwhile, but millions of people experience the same thing and as a result of this, ladies and gentlemen, we get to see and to experience the emotional life.
As a result of this the human being falls, is beaten.
We are now faced with, you will read that in my book, sick madness, that is the unity of the astral and the material human being.
Now you can be possessed by thousands of matters!
And the worst of them is the ‘sexual’, you will certainly feel that.
Now your human, social personality is completely destroyed.
You are sucked empty by those dears, the worst of which for Miss Beauchamp wanted to go to the fairground.
A bit deeper and lower now, then she will be the unconscious, but the ‘mad whole’, won’t she?
Did you perhaps not notice that?
Now and again this also happened to Miss Beauchamp, but then decently, in a very ordinary way even, with this difference, she did not know it herself and it was not she herself, it was another!
That other person made use of her organism.
World, mankind, do you not yet know all these matters?
Then read the books of Jozef Rulof, about ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ and you can protect yourself from all this misery!
Isn’t that something, ladies and gentlemen?
I am advertising for the masters.
Here I have another article: ‘According to the Waspada paper there is someone living in Atjeh aged two hundred and eight years.
This person was born in the year 1742 in the regency of Pidie in Atjeh.
According to the paper Abdoerachman still looks healthy.
His sight is no longer so good, but his hearing is excellent.
He claims to have died once already.
After his funeral he had risen from his grave again, to the dismay of the bystanders, who took to their heels in great haste.
Can you give us an answer, Mr Rulof?’
Audience, this is also something, which connects you to apparent death.
This is no different to apparent death!
We are concerned here with being able to know, who this long life of this human being is actually possible.
And yet this is not so strange, when you know the spiritual laws for the human organism and for reincarnation.
In a million years’ time, the human being will live to approximately three hundred and fifty.
The cosmic harmonic life number is ... approximately two hundred and seventy-five years, but that time is still materially calculated.
Now you will wonder, what is all of this?
You hear it already, we now experience the future.
They are prophets for science, which the academic will have to accept one day, because the human being evolves in his organism, therefore physically.
This can also be explained!
I hope first and foremost that what is treated and recorded these evenings will be published as a book.
I place this in your hands, to distribute this book collectively, because we will get to experience true prophecies for arts and sciences and in addition for our ‘knowledge’, the spiritual sciences!
It would really be a great pity, if all of this was lost, but I see that Miss Bruning is busy.
We will give the life to our collective spirit child of the masters.
The human being passes on too soon on earth, dies too soon, because he had been beaten by a hundred thousand illnesses, as a result of which the physical has been undermined or was broken by the spirit.
And this is the disharmony for the human being as an organism.
You understand that, don’t you, we already treated those laws several times.
When all of this is over, therefore dissolved and conquered, then the human being will live longer on earth.
This is also simple, because we are still in a physical and spiritual chaos.
So first and foremost this, because you must know that, if this expansion did not exist, as a result of which we could then not experience that cosmic time, this man would not have known them either.
But that cosmic time came about as a result of the new birth, therefore in the body.
I will explain this.
As a result of the apparent death – this is the returning of the spirit to the fourth grade of sleep for dying – the organism was given new life, a new life aura, which was fed from the cosmos, as a result of which the body originated – you also know that and became a reincarnation here.
The ancient Egyptians also knew these laws and many people lived to a hundred years there, because they mastered that possibility of life by means of occult study.
These are not stories, this is the truth.
In addition met by numerous researchers and made known in the West.
They are therefore laws, which can be conquered, because the human being is one with the cosmos, but, through millions of lives, brought disharmony himself.
Lazarus also experienced the apparent death, or ... Christ would not have been able to do anything.
Soon, when the academics know the soul, the spirit and the astral life, everything will be different.
Then the human being will not have to run away from a grave, because the dead person arose, because the doctor will then know when the human being is apparently dead and then there will be no question of burying!
Here purely the phenomenon of dying is present, the heart no longer beats materially, but spiritually a heartbeat can be detected and if that is not there, the spirit becomes free from the material systems as the astral personality and must leave the organism.
But if the spiritual heartbeat is present, the spirit absorbs the new life aura into it at this moment and therefore receives a further new existence, which is now also the reincarnation.
But now something else.
If I could have talked to that man, shortly after his resurrection from the grave, then I could have connected him immediately with this new life, therefore as a result of the wisdom of the masters.
We would have seen and felt this new life, because this moment connects him with another life.
Usually the latter, which the human being experienced, because those foundations are still there!
And then the memories come back from that life, so that – this has also happened – the human being had changed and spoke nonsense for his family members, but who was still real and true, because he felt one again with his previous life.
And there he was not a man, but a woman!
But now that same man is declared mad!
This also happened and namely in ancient Egypt, also in India, they were priests!
Also simple, because as a result of the occult study all those laws of life for the human being came to light.
And yet, everything is perfectly simple, these are not wonders, but physical and spiritual laws of life for the human being as material and as spirit!
I was able to get to know all of them through my masters.
And our wisdom also comes from them!
Now this for the apparent death.
Can you understand it, people?
A revelation once again, isn’t it, and yet naturally real.
How can it be any different, we people are cosmically deep and possess all the laws of the universe!
I will continue.’
Mrs H. Smits v.d. Wall-Perné asks: ‘It was approximately thirty-five years ago.
I was still searching and was always busy with the Divine question.
In this way it happened, that one night I was called awake.
Someone was standing before my bed in a thin white garment.
I had to get up.
Suddenly, I do not know how, I was standing next to him, I also got to wear a white garment, we rose up, had our hands joined and were in prayer, however, without words, therefore in thoughts.
It is impossible for me to tell, how wonderful everything was, it became lighter and lighter around me and I heard beautiful music.
Then we returned to the earth and when I lay in my bed again, I could still hear soft echoes.
After that time, I saw more things and everything made a tremendous impression upon me.
Is that true, Mr Rulof?
What was it really, I felt so happy.’
Jozef says now: ‘Madam, you were on the other side!
You had contact with one of your loved ones, probably a master, someone, in any case, whom you had to do with.
Was it not wonderful?
You would wish it for everyone, then the human being would know that it is possible!
And that there is life ‘behind the coffin’!
You experienced all kinds of things of course, music, the contact with that other personality, the power, which radiated from that hand, the rising up and the unity, your spiritual attunement, because otherwise you would not have worn this garment.
You therefore now know, where you will go soon, because if not, then you would have seen something else, I believe.
And your husband and your loved ones here can now say, whether you really earned this.
Your husband is already nodding, he means, she is like that.
Now, as a result of this you can both be happy.
You see, I am not the only one to experience wonderful things.
Now you can certainly also understand me, madam.
I had to experience all the universes of God in this way, as a result of which the masters wrote the books.
Do you understand above all now what it costs, in order to deal with all of this?
The human being, who gets to experience something himself, is immediately open to me and possesses respect for my task; because they know how difficult it is, if people get to see and experience the heavens, to then leave there voluntarily in order to live here on earth.
Remember this, madam, soon you will see that same personality again and then you will experience the laws of God, of which you were now able to experience and see something!’
The lady says: ‘This is why I enjoyed your books so much, Mr Rulof, and I can say as a result of this: everything is true!’
Jozef also says: ‘It is true, madam, and if mankind could agree with this, we would have made it.
But in the end it is a matter of giving the human being expansion, our fight is: to take the human being and society to the spiritual evolution, for which the masters also devote their lives!
Good luck, madam, and continue!’
Question from Mr Nies: ‘You said, that planets and stars have no influence on the human being and his life path, but the Sun and the Moon do.
But when you have conversations with the planets and the stars, then is this not the proof of inspiration and working, which is indispensable in the cosmos?
I assume, that the astrologist has his errors, but that there is also something good in them, does not seem impossible to me.
I would like to hear an explanation to this from you.’
Jozef says: ‘Sir, we spoke here many times about astrology and explained that material and those possibilities according to the universal laws.
Were you here then?
Yes, then you will therefore know what I said, but it is still not clear to you.
In the first place, we are here to examine and not to kill each other.
In other words, we are concerned with the wisdom; whether you cannot yet accept that from me, does not matter.
I will tell you again, what the masters explained to me and not anything else.
It is not the intention, is it, that we would not understand each other?
You must now accept, that I was able to make journeys outside of my organism with the masters, therefore ‘behind the coffin’ and there those laws were declared to me.
I therefore saw them!
I experienced them!
I have nothing more to believe, I know, that it is true!
If you could also experience this, we would already have made it.
What is talking about life?
With Sun, Moon and stars?
When you tune yourself into the giving birth and creating, sir, can you not listen then to the talking of the soul, if you know, that that soul comes from the universe and is attracted by your life?
If you possess that unity, this is possible.
You must want to lose yourself for that.
That is the descending to those laws of life for the soul and now that life lies open to you.
Now you start to ‘see’ and this seeing is the experiencing of those laws and is then also the connection.
Now I got to experience this through my master Alcar.
We therefore made those journeys for this purpose.
You can now talk to dog and cat, also to flower and plant, to your art, to everything which is a part of our life, therefore to soul, life and spirit, to death, reincarnation, to God, Christ, fatherhood and motherhood, to the stars and the planets.
And then all that life tells about the own existence and the own evolution.
You can now understand this and this is the truth.
I keep telling you: I got all of that through the masters.
If they had not come to me, then I would not have known about all of this either and I would probably still be living now in ‘s-Heerenberg!
Now read the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ and you will be faced with this first contact and you can then follow my unity with the astral world.
Now listen carefully.
I ask you: can a handful of material inspire your personality?
Is that possible?
You are shaking your head and it is true!
However, that does exist for your organism.
Now the word comes: How does some material or earth, stone, granite, therefore the material with all its characteristics, as a result of which the planet Earth originated, inspire your inner life?
Is that possible?
This is why the astrologists are now on the wrong path.
However, we know what astrology can serve for and I will now explain this to you!
A sick woman came to me with a rash on her arms and body.
It was a very unpleasant illness and nothing could be done about it.
I had to make a diagnosis and got that from my master.
This woman could have been cured, if her heart had been able to cope with it, but that was not the case.
We could then have put her in the ground and let her be cured by the earth, now therefore by the material.
Such a thing is possible and has happened several times; priests from ancient Egypt used this method of treatment.
Now the material can therefore serve for curing, but, I ask you: would the lady have changed inside as a result of this?
No, after all, that is not possible!
And now the astrologists seek it in space.
I now know that the earth possesses the highest consciousness for this space, the earth therefore as material and ground, from which it was composed.
The Earth, as a planet, therefore had a very different development than Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Mars, the Moon and the stars, because the Earth got a place for this universe between Sun and Moon – the Father and Mother for the universe.
This is clear, isn’t it?
Well, what do those less developed planets, which possess a lower consciousness than the earth, want to do now for the human being and the earth?
The earth?
Yes ... because the Earth as a planet and as material, as an organism therefore, receives powers from the Sun and also from the Moon, but this all applies to the material and not to the spirit!
And do the astrologists now wish to receive and experience ‘inspiration’ from that material?
If I am one with those systems, this can be compared with what I can experience here, when I experience the music of the artist and know, what Beethoven and other composers meant and then we speak of unity with the arts!
This means and that is clear, that I, even if the master, the teacher, inspire me and say, how I must play my violin or how I must hold my brushes, I must still master his art!
He is not capable of giving me his art.
And this also applies to the universe!
The astrologist says that he lives under stars determined by him.
Is this now something to inspire?
Can that star as a meteor or something else give me and you knowledge and inspiration, if only the human being is capable of it and we know, that God cannot give us anything for free?
Can a piece of stone and some earth now inspire us for arts and sciences and protect us from death, the astrologist also accepts that, now that we know that death is evolution and there is no death?
Why does the astrologist make such a fuss about death, if it does not exist anyway?
Why does he calculate death?
For I experienced that with someone, who would perish according to an astrologist, if he would go on a trip that day.
This man went anyway, under my responsibility and nothing happened.
What did the astrologist say later?
Yes, a mistake had crept into his calculation and that was a pity.
But do pities exist in the universe?
Can you calculate the human being, who is God?
Yes, that is possible if you know the soul and the inner life, but earth as material and granite and gas balls, sir, they mean nothing for your soul and spiritual personality, but they do, as I already said, for the organism.
But that does not concern us, or the astrologist.
It concerns here the spiritual inspiration and this is why what the astrologists claim is nonsense!
The zodiac is a human invention!
That thing says something about the human character, that is correct.
But what does my character hope to achieve with regard to the Divine systems?
This, sir, is the human personality and I will also explain this to you.
The human being, is feeling, life, spirit and soul and possesses the character, which is now the personality!
God also has that!
And we got it from God.
And now we are on earth with regard to God with all those feelings, life, spirit, soul ... but act through our personality, which only gets expansion by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
Therefore that, which we now master, is our social possession.
That is what concerns the astrologist.
He now wants to calculate that.
And he makes a horoscope for this purpose, doesn’t he, which now gives a calculation for our life here, as personality.
Now listen carefully, I will now give you the cosmic answer ... but he cannot calculate anything about the soul, life, fatherhood and motherhood, which is God and as a result of which the universe was created, because those are the Divine laws, and he does not know their existence, nor their soul nor their spirit.
His calculation is therefore nothing else but social sensing, which the fortune teller can also do and sometimes with lucky strikes, because she is telepathically tuned in again and now takes us to the spiritual gifts and comes closer to the truth than the calculating of the astrologist.
That does not have any hold, because he does not know life and death, the soul and the spirit and has no hold for the zodiac, because the zodiac does not possess any Divine foundations and was invented by people!
This is just as certain as that the first words of the bible begin with an untruth and are in conflict with the Divine truth; this also applies to the astrologist!
Is this not something completely different?
I therefore repeat: the star and the planet can inspire the human being for healing, but now it does not concern the spirit or the inner life, that is completely outside of it and this cannot be reached, because the human being must master that and earn that through his millions of lives!
Satisfied, sir?
Then I am pleased, because you can think.
‘Behind the coffin’ and soon here, the masters will be proved right as a result of the laws of God or ... everything would be injustice for us.
Then one person would have everything and the other nothing and is this possible?
Astrologists calculated, that that man and woman would have a boy and look, it was a boy, but thousands of times it was precisely a girl!
You hear it, it is a lucky strike.
But a lucky strike is not Divine knowledge and is not universal unity, or soul or spirit.
It is natural telepathy with the bringing together of figures, a last quarter of an hour too, but nothing will remain of that if the laws of God himself speak, which we as a human being, the animal too and the life of Mother Nature, have to accept.
Rosicrucians do a lot of astrology, millions of other people, academics, but also illiterates do astrology and accept it.
A lady asked me: ‘Do you not do astrology?’
I said: ‘No.’
‘Yes, you see, that is a pity now, I would not have got a kidney disease if that and that star had not been in that and that house.
I also told the doctor that.
Can you do something for me?’
I said: ‘No, because your kidney stone must be removed, madam.’
And the doctor laughed right in her face, he also knew better.
Father, grandfather and great grandfather all had had the same disease.
Perhaps the stars too?
‘Madam’, I said, ‘calculate your stars and you will be better.
I can do nothing for your health, you can calculate it, can’t you?’
If that star, if that planet had only been there, then I would be better.
And then I would not have been able to perish.
But now we got a flat tyre and hit a tree.
But, ladies and gentlemen, the garage hand knew more than the astrologists.
He said: ‘Sir, it is too hazardous to make that journey with that tyre, because I can already feel the inner tube, you will have accidents because of this!’
But the astrologist driver knew better, the figures had proved it to him.
‘Yes’, he says to his fellow travellers, ‘we are fine, our house looks good.’
We whitewashed our house – I tell you now.
But the garage boy knew.
It was the tyre and as a result of this they now lie with arms and legs in splints in the hospital.
Everyone has to laugh heartily at that foolish hairdresser.
There he is now with his astrology.
We can show by means of numerous pieces of proof, that the human being has found his hobby, but the masters say: ‘Astrology will never be science.’
And that is not possible either, but palmistry and graphology are, because this has to do with human reality!
Astrology hangs in the universe and will never get a hold, ever!
The astrologist cannot calculate any death, because he does not know the inner life!
And what he wants to calculate, has to do with the personality and that, ladies and gentlemen, drowned in this rotten society and can only be got out of it by means of fatherhood and motherhood, that means, by means of reincarnation for the human being as a soul and now not as a spirit, because the spirit is also an organism, which shrouds the soul 'beyond the coffin'.
And these are also laws of God for the human being and for all the other life!
Now also this, ladies and gentlemen.
You hear all kinds of things here and you will get a spatial answer to every question.
Imagine, that mankind will soon have to accept all of this, because all of this has been proven scientifically.
What must this then be for the masters?’
From the hall it is said: ‘They are the geniuses, the cosmically conscious and you are too, Jozef Rulof!’
Another says: ‘What I hear here, sir, what I learn and what you tell us, if all of that is true, then you are the greatest spiritual ‘genius’ on earth for me!
I want to tell you that!’
Jozef also says: ‘People, this is the truth!
One day mankind will understand this and we will be proved right!
But I will move onto something else.
I have the question here: ‘Does the mission have the right to exist?’
Jozef says: ‘Now you thought of course, that I destroy that mission and what is connected to it.
No, sir, no, madam, fathers and mothers, this is necessary!
Because of what the Catholic church and Protestantism do – even if this could happen very differently – foundations are laid for the jungle emotional life and people elevate the human being to God, which is the most necessary thing for everything, which mankind can experience.
They now get a different consciousness, don’t they, a faith too.
If the Catholic church did not want to dominate now and not, just like Protestantism, confront the human being with damnation, if no Catholic unity and domination was pursued on earth – that is going too far, but that church wants to possess this, if it was possible – that mission work would also be necessary, because the human being on the other side does it too.
Millions of shining souls descend in to the darkness, in order to also bring those people there to the light.
But what does the Catholic church want?
If it was possible, to make all of mankind confess and force the only religion for them on mankind.
And is this the only religion for mankind?
Is there no higher idealism?
Was Christ not the spatial and Divine communist?
Now the Catholic church does not wish to accept any reincarnation.
And Mary experienced the immaculate conception?
But this is not true, just as other dogmatic matters about God, which are not true, but people want to force the human being to accept things, which are untruths according to the universe, which millions of people also no longer want, because they got to know a different God by means of the sciences.
But the church would like to experience that absolute power; then no one would have anything more to say and would not be allowed to think anymore either, would they?
Then thinking would be done for the human being.
And we know that!
If the spiritual universe was also in their teachings, then life would become more beautiful, also more powerful.
But sooner or later all those black people (when these contact evenings were held from 1949 to 1952, the word ‘black’ was a common name to refer to someone with a dark skin colour) will walk out of the church anyway, because they can no longer accept a God which damns either and then we are faced with the empty, meaningless beginning!
But despite this the mission is necessary, because it gets the unconscious human being out of the empty, meaningless.
And as a result of this the first foundations are laid for God, Christ and the heavens!
But, ladies and gentlemen, there is still purgatory and the eternal burning in hell; and this is a pity!
It is only a pity, even if we know, that an end will also come to this!
I will continue and read out: ‘Are we people necessarily in disharmony with the Divine laws?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, no disharmony can be experienced.
This means that we follow and have to experience our own evolution, the laws of which we do not yet know and therefore experience wrongly for God and Christ, the heavens and our life in society; it is this and nothing else!
But I sense what you want to know.
God did not create any disharmony.
That is ‘life’.
Do not forget, we originated and lived in the waters, appeared from those waters and are now human beings.
What did we do in all those millions of years and lives?
Committed mistakes?
Oh come on, what are mistakes?
That you still cannot understand your life?
That we have not greeted the-God-of-all-life enough?
Stole apples?
So thieving?
Yes, we are murderers, but we know that we will return to the earth in order to give that soul a new life and then everything will be straightened out again.
Is this still disharmony?
You live only with your wrong thinking, but you will change this thinking and namely aimed at the Divine harmonic laws of life for fatherhood and motherhood, therefore for reincarnation, for our harmonic life in society, until we know and have accepted: you will not kill, you will love as Christ said and meant.
It is true!
You hear it now: we will make good every wrong deed and put right every wrong thought and then there will no longer be a question of disharmony, because now we experience our own evolution, we return by means of life to God!!!
Is this not just?
Had you wanted to make something else of it?
This is Divine justice, people, fathers and mothers.
We make good what we did wrong and we no longer go to hell.
That is nonsense and would be Divine injustice, which, however, cannot be seen anywhere in creation, or experienced.
Then I have something else.
The question is: ‘Can you tell me, what is left-handed?
Is that degeneration?’
Jozef now says: ‘Whether left-handedness is degeneration?
You must ask the academic that one day.
This is probably true for him.
The masters say and the laws explain that the human being, who is left-handed, writes by means of his heart and not by means of his intellect.
This phenomenon is ‘maternal writing’ for the spiritual laws!
Is this not a real, a spiritual answer?
Maternal writing means, that we have to listen to the powers of the heart.
The emotional life surrenders itself, it has to listen.
If you now resist this, then you will be faced with disharmony, because there the organism works in a dominating way with regard to the creating power, which the personality, therefore the emotional life, possesses.
You sometimes hear: listen to the voice of your heart and people mean by this what you know.
But the left-handed person experiences something very different and namely this: that the pure creation must now speak and this is motherhood; the love now becomes the Divine core in the human being.
Left-hand writing is therefore, that the emotional life listens to the dominating powers of the organism and this is the human heart and those laws take us to motherhood.
Had you expected this?
Everything can be analysed once more, if you know the organism with the soul and the spirit and the emotional life with regard to God and his laws of life, because, ladies and gentlemen, this is a law for writing and is perfectly simple once more!’
From the hall it is said: ‘Yes, if you know!’
Jozef smiles and continues.
‘Here is the question: ‘When someone has committed suicide at sea and is not buried, how does he or she experience the process of decay?’
Are you not buried, if you commit suicide at sea?
And did you think, that there was no decay present now?
People, learn to think.
However, I will now tell you, that water worm, which takes care of our process of decay, is a very different one than that of Mother Earth, therefore our grave.
Did you not know this?
We can be irrevocably assured that the worms are in the form of a shark or another great animal species from the waters and this is then our grave.
But we are digested by the gastric juices of the animal.
And those juices obviously have a different smell.
The stench of the decomposition for human being and animal is therefore different for the material, earthly grave and even surprisingly better.
We experience strange capers in the stomach of our shark, because we continue to see and experience, until we are digested and then we are released.
But not released from the waters, because we remain in the waters and connected to the place of suicide, until our actual life on earth would have ended.
Then we return as a human being to the world of the unconscious in order to begin a new material life, or we will continue to live spiritually on the other side.’
A lady in the hall now says: ‘That is not so bad then.
I mean, that digesting in the stomach of a shark.’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, have you never heard of Jozef in the stomach of a walrus?
That was me, madam, and I can therefore tell you all about it!
I am turning Jonah a bit upside down , but you would say.
Yes, there is something to that, mother, if we did not have to do with those miseries, because this suicide also closes us off from the normal evolution process and we have to accept this.
Just read the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ and you will know.
But I know what you mean.
You think: it would now be best to be buried at sea, because that becoming acid in the stomach of a shark is not as rotting as in the earth.
Did you not think this?
Well, madam, in that sea it is bad for your astral life, because we now do not get any physical life aura as a result of the decomposition towards us in the spheres, therefore no powers, which are coarse-material and therefore spiritual after all, which form part of the material there, which must serve us in the astral world as the ‘bottom’ on which we walk.
We now miss that and this is why that decomposition is different to that which the earth can give us.
In other words: we live on earth and not in the waters and this has spatial and spiritual meaning for all the laws of our organism and spiritual continuing!
So, mother, we go into the coffin again and accept those laws; what is for the fish must remain for the fish and what is of the earth, the human being must keep.
And this is obvious once more!
I can write a thick book about it and also analyse all those whys and for what purposes, but this is the core, which everything is about and you can make do with this.’
Mr Berends asks: ‘From part III of the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’, the chapter about the Pyramid of Gizeh, I wanted to know the following: is the word Pyramid in the dictionary or was this name given by the masters, in which the material life and the spiritual life were meant?
If the priests from that time possessed the great wings and could be used as an instrument for the Other Side, then my question is: how is it possible, that so little has remained of those spiritual gifts, at least in Egypt?
If the Pyramid is a Divine wonder, which I do not doubt, and the birth of Christ and his life and the crucifixion was recorded in those wonderful buildings, how must people understand this?
Was the pole star said to shine on the Pyramid at the birth of Christ?
Another question: when the planet Earth still had to materialise, it was already laid down then, that the rocks in that area would come, therefore with a preconceived aim and plan?
Another question: ‘How was it possible to place those lumps of stone weighing thousands of kilos on top of each other without there being any mechanical aids available?’
And Berends also asks something else: ‘How many years do people need in order to accomplish such a Divine wonder?’
Jozef says: ‘Well, well, we have made it.
And now the first question, Mr Berends.
People themselves gave the name ‘Pyramid’ to that building and this can be explained, because the thing is the construction of many stones and now becomes a Pyramid, but for the space, not for the universe now, but for the Other Side, is something entirely different; and now listen: is fatherhood and motherhood and reincarnation, for which the Sphinx and the Pyramid serve!
Therefore, the ‘life’ of the human being at a Divine attunement is attached to the Pyramid and is the spiritual core for this building!
It is now also obvious that the masters recorded the coming of Christ by the building of this wonderful temple.
For that matter, you will read this in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe.’
A thick book can also be written about this occurrence, but master Alcar did not find this necessary, the masters were only concerned with the spatial knowledge, the life after death and of course the spiritual becoming conscious, for soul, life and spirit, whereby the astral personality comes and then you see the human being ‘behind the coffin’ and for God, the ‘ALL’ stage!
As far as the pole star is concerned, which once shone on the Pyramid, the following.
The light of the pole star reflected on the Pyramid.
This was possible, because the Pyramid was covered with a marble plate, which closed off the present image.
However, in the course of time this plate was destroyed, as a result of which this phenomenon dissolved.
The pole star is nothing more or less than a star for the universe, which connects north, south, west and east and therefore received a task for this universe, but because of the human being, the astronomist, it took shape, because he could cling to it.
And now the cosmic answer for the pole star is that North, South, West and East created an own life.
Therefore the centrifugal laws for the universe, created own life, as a result of which we now possess those millions of constellations.
Not worthwhile, Berends?’
Berends: ‘It is tremendous!’
‘Then the moving of those stones.
We still finds places there – however, many places were flooded by the seas – where those pieces of stone can be found, which the Pyramid was built from.
Those stones were rolled to the building place and then elevated, therefore hoisted, until the particular height was reached.
Such building lasted approximately seventy-five years and shorter, according to the size of the work.
I believe, that your questions have been answered, Mr Berends, although there is still a great deal to tell about this.
Of course about the Sphinx and the Pyramid as fatherhood and motherhood for the human being at a Divine attunement, which the life of the ‘Messiah’ also belongs to, but which is also once more for the human being, because Christ has to represent the ‘ALL, which we as human beings must master.
All of this is something entirely different than what people nowadays want to make of it, you will certainly understand and also different than the book ‘The Stones Speak’ says about it, Berends!’
‘I am very grateful to you, Mr Rulof, everything is wonderful for me and I believe for all the people here, the only truth!
‘I have another strange question’, Jozef immediately continues. ‘Can you tell us something about friendship?’
‘Ladies and gentlemen, what is friendship?
What is your friendship like?
What does friendship mean?
What do we achieve by friendship?
Is there still friendship on the other side?
And why not?
We will now treat all of this together.
Friendship is the first foundation for love, but there are a hundred thousand other foundations for that spiritual love, which this friendship is a part of.
Friendship is and will remain brotherly and sisterly love, not maternal and paternal love, because then we would immediately be involved with those other foundations, which represent ‘love’ and you know a great deal about that yourself!
And it is obvious now that every characteristic possesses grades and in this way we also now see seven grades for friendship and namely: the pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, therefore social friendship, then comes the spiritual, the spatial and the cosmic, which connects us directly with the Universal Love!
If you wish true friendship, then you will be faced with all the own thoughts, which represent our dictionary, which these are a part of: cordiality, kindness, devotion to duty, especially faith – anyone who cannot accept a friend, does not believe him and that is not friendship –, also affection, truth, cheerfulness or purity.
Especially honesty and so on, all have to do with that friendship and are foundations of the character, which connects us people to the Universal Friendship and finally becomes ‘Love’!
It is in your hands how you must now give and want to experience that friendship.
But ... which friendship do you want to give and to experience?
From the human being, who gossips with you, who does not know the spiritual friendship?
Who are your friends?
Point your friends out to me and I will know you, someone said.
And this is the truth!
Is your friendship dominating?
If it is true, very natural, then you will stand before love with your friends.
Man and wife, who do not possess any true friendship, now do not experience any love either, do not have any real contact and any unity to experience, because friendship is the most wonderful foundation for love!
In society there is of course friendship, also for man and wife.
It is not usually there and there is no contact, no unity, no feeling either, nothing; as man and wife, they have not yet laid those foundations, they suddenly started to ask for and want to experience everything and in this way little remained of laying foundations.
Such marriages run aground, everything now runs aground, because there is no unity.
Did your friendship only come about because of your hobby, because you breed rabbits, breed pigeons?
Is that your friendship?
Did you build up a card club and is this your friendship?
Was your friendship therefore built up because of society?
That is possible, but is and will remain coarse-material and has nothing to do with the spiritual friendship.
Can you already feel it, madam?
Was your friendship attuned to rushing around in the town, does she have the same taste as you, for your hat, your garment?
Is this your house and garden friendship?
Therefore grades, of development and emotional life, with regard to friendship, ladies and gentlemen, and you will have to think about this.
The higher we now come, by means of arts and sciences, the more the human friendship will change and now she will determine for herself to which grade of life she belongs.
Won’t she?
And we cannot get away from it, we have to show our colours for this.
This is infallibly certain!
Believe me, friendship becomes a philosophical system and Kant and Schopenhauer can now also tell you this.
Anyone who knows the Other Side, knows, how that same friendship is constructed and with which foundations we are involved.
The life is deep, ladies and gentlemen, and you hear it, the human character experiences expansion, the human friendship takes you to the Spheres of Light, to the universe and to Golgotha, because it possesses those connections.
And you must now ask yourself: who am I?
What kind of a characteristic do I still have to learn?
All of this, ladies and gentlemen, are the foundations for your spiritual life, the actual love lives behind this!
Everything of that characteristic and we will have made it!
I had to experience and master all of this, because otherwise master Alcar could not have done anything with me.
And now the Universal Love, now characteristics, which form part of the core, which is friendship.
A thick book can be written about this.
For example: if there is envy in you, then you will not come any further.
If there is no room in your feeling and thinking, you cannot give, then you will stand still!
It has now reached a dead point!
And so on, you must continually seek expansion, therefore towards love.
Characteristics of cordiality, understanding, being able to bow to the truth, granting a thought, it already becomes extremely difficult and we still have to do with those little foundations, which are still not friendship and as a result of which the human being sees and gets to know this personality.
There is therefore a natural friendship, which connects us to all life, but which the human being and also the animal do not want, because that friendship was already beaten to bits and pieces in the prehistoric life, was destroyed murderously, because the human being was like that, which consciously and unconsciously brought down every foundation by means of hatred and destruction.
That friendship, you will certainly understand, is our unity with all the life of God.
Peoples no longer have any friendship, because the faith for that unity was completely wiped out by wars and other matters.
Isn't it true?
You cannot get away from this, the animal has completely lost the friendship for the human being, unless we can return to those natural foundations and then we will get to experience our contact again and this is the natural foundation with the life, for friendship!
Every thought for society now stands for friendship, or ... we will no longer have any life, any harmony.
Everything now happens according to systems, the boss stands above the human being, his servant, because now everything is money!
Ladies and gentlemen, do you wish to experience and finish this thick book of five thousand pages this evening?
Because your friendship is now deep for all the existing, your society, for your husband and your wife and children, brothers and sisters, for father and mother!
What use is it to us?
What is our feeling, our willing, like?
And have we already started it?
What is the friendship of the doctor like for his patients and of the magnetiser for his sick?
We will continue, to the spiritual friendship, which must connect us to the true love, otherwise our life will not get any meaning!
Madam, sir, what do you want?
Friendship is sacred regard, respect for the life and for the Other Side, for God, Christ, for the human being, for all the stars and planets!
And this now becomes spatially deep.
Respect for the possession of your friend is a foundation of great meaning, truth, there must be no domination, or we will kick each other out the door once more and then our friendship will be ‘on its last gasp’!
I will just stop, it is becoming boring.’
‘No’, people in the hall call, ‘continue, Jozef Rulof, we are learning from it.’
Jozef says: ‘So, is that so?
You are learning from it?
Did you not know this?
Is this new to your life?’
From the hall: ‘We have not yet thought about that in this way, this is new to us, because we do not think.’
Jozef says: ‘That is the truth, sir, madam, you do not think!
If we flatly refuse it, are purely too lazy to attune ourselves to each other, or to finish a word or a thought, we will never make it.
Friendship does not wish to be cheated and demands that every thought is first finished with those with whom we are involved.
If I do something wrong, make mistakes, should you then first turn to strangers in order to analyse there, what is good and wrong in and about me?
True friendship talks things over and begins with the analysis, which will then connect us with love and keeps Christ and Golgotha in mind!
But a judgement is already pronounced and then we have nothing more to say and at the same time the friendship is once more on its last gasp!
One of two friends is going somewhere.
The other friend asks: ‘What do you want there?’
‘Oh, just to talk a bit, he asked me to come.’
The first one already feels: it is wrong, the friendship is gone, I will soon be deceived there.
And yes, the man returns.
The other one say: ‘It is strange, look at the state of your jacket, spat upon, it is mud, you are covered in the sludge of another, good heavens, how bad that is, how inhuman this is.
How did you let yourself be influenced like that?’
The friendship has gone!
There is a hole.
It is a dirty carry-on now, there is no question of stealing and thieving, but the friend listened to destruction and everything has vanished!
This foundation has been completely broken and nothing more can be changed about it, the human poison does everything.
Now just stop, just put an end to this or there must be talking and that honesty is not there.
School children, what do you actually want from me?
I have something else here and will therefore stop, you are just beginning to think now.’