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Question: ‘Do the so-called meat-eating plants belong to the plant or to the animal kingdom?’
Jozef says: ‘You can learn that at school, ladies and gentlemen, the child of yours already knows how to tell this.
Why must I answer such questions?
Yes, those plants were born from the animal in the waters and this is post-creation.
Therefore life, originated as a result of decay, as, for example, a butterfly – caterpillar-like consciousness – was born from that post-creation.’
From the hall there comes: ‘Mr Rulof, what is post-creation?’
Jozef says: ‘Then listen and you will know.
We have seven grades for the human being, as physical laws of life.
Science calls this the races on earth.
These are for the universe and our life: grades of life for the human organism.
Therefore from the jungle to the white race (see and to the coloured people, therefore India, Indian peoples, who have already achieved the highest race as organism, therefore as grade.
And now the animal kingdom follows.
You know because of the books, that the animal was born from the human being, from that first human cell.
That happened on the Moon.
When the human being got ahold of his life because of God and because of the Moon, as a part of God, other life originated from that first human cell and that is the animal, the shadow of the human being.
So apes have the first attunement to experience, but also that cell, which is therefore now animal-like, breeds in and breeds itself to exhaustion, until there is no longer a question of existing animal life.
The animal has therefore bred itself to exhaustion because of numerous grades of life – originated from that first sort – to create and give birth, with all the Divine evolution characteristics for fatherhood and motherhood, or ... there would not have been any question either of continuation, that own evolution.
Can you feel this?
But there was evolution, because the own cell possesses seven grades, therefore transitions, in order to create and give birth to new life , which we were also able to see and to get to know for the ‘All-stage’ as ‘All-Source'.
This means that a life of an animal, be it fish or bird, rat or mouse, or a life of a flower or plant, is not the first or the last and this is perfectly simple, because this life must return to God.
We have to accept this.
All the life will soon have to represent the Divine stage, which means, that the state of animal and human being, flower and plant, fish and other types of life, cannot be the present final stage!
This is the truth!
When those seven grades for all life, for whatever form and grade, for animal or plant life, also for the fish, for the own grades of life had reached the final stage, the Divine creation – therefore for God as existing creation had given the own life that space – the post-creations began an own process as a result of decomposition and decay, an own world, giving birth and creation and these belong to this: all insects for land and water life of feeling, flowers and plants.
A snake, an insect.
Water-like and land-like life, have attunement to that post-creation and we never see this in the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
Such life is temporary and has no conscious life for the ‘All-stage’!
Is this clear?
Our mouse and rat are post-creations!
For your question now: that same meat-eating plant is post-creation, because as a result of decomposition that flower originated as an animal-like being; our excrement even still creates and gives birth!
A louse is post-creation, but originated because of that world of decomposition and this means, as a result of contamination.
And contamination is decay, so that you can accept, that post-creations also possess soul and spirit and that we are now faced with the soul and the spirit, also of course with the personality of that little animal and will have to accept this.
An own louse, ladies and gentlemen, received the own ‘soul and spirit’ because of our life aura and this little animal knows exactly where it can feed itself.
You must now be able to understand this.
That cycle of life and its origin can be followed and analysed and is certainly not so deep, but it still connects you with all the Divine characteristics for giving birth and creation, because even the louse possesses those powers and forces!
Is it not amazing?
Not a revelation for your life?
I thought so too and it is only now that you are starting to understand the creation for all the life of God and not a single biologist can explain this to you, he does not yet know creation!!
It is therefore clear that that sea anemone possesses animal-like life and uses little fish, but this has nothing more to do with the existing creation.
The flower is now Divine for us and it possesses the Divine colour spectrum.
The post-creations also possess those colours and sometimes even more and more beautiful than the actual creations of God.
They can be followed and analysed and taken back bit by bit, one by one, to those existing grades of life.
Books once more!
Is it not worthwhile knowing, ladies and gentlemen?
In this way you get to know the Divine creations and especially yourself!
How deep the colour spectrum is, you will certainly feel.
Millions of animal species and post-creations originated from it.
As far as the weed, is post-creation for nature!
Now natural decomposition, cultivation, growth, blossom, but free from the existing creation and yet representing an own grade of life, which, however, has nothing to do with conscious spiritual astral life.
Because what do we hope to achieve with lice and weeds, with snakes and animal-like carry-on in the Spheres of Light?
The life is eternally deep, you can accept this.
This is why the masters know the creation, they are cosmically conscious and we, as their followers, can learn.
I pass onto you what I was able to learn myself and was able to see and then I could bow my human head to all those grades of life and laws of life, but they were exposed to my life one by one.
I now knew them!
Here is another question. ‘When a higher grade of life, therefore as a human being, speaks to the lower one, is a mental sound the expression of the emotional life?
For example, when someone is called to by a person who has passed over, does this happen as a result of contact with each other’s feelings or does the first one really speak?’
Jozef says: ‘Have you read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’?
Read and understood, what the masters say about clairaudience and about seeing, about unity from feeling to feeling?
Then you will already know, because it is that!
That is thinking and sending out, receiving and experiencing and you will know it immediately.
You absorb precisely that, which the other person sends out and not otherwise, and this is the natural telepathy and not otherwise!
It is finding the pure attunement to the other human being, being open to the feeling, sending out and receiving, which is possible, because the human being just as the animal, possesses those possibilities and he is now one with the life.’
Question from the hall: ‘Do you also do this, Mr Rulof, when you are one with the life?’
Jozef answers: ‘You wish to know, how I now experience all that wisdom, when this unity comes about?
It is that, isn’t it?
Master Alcar first laid the spiritual foundations for that.
I may and can say: I have become cosmically conscious.
And it is wonderful, if you can experience this.
This is therefore the spatial unity, the spatial telepathy, it is the cosmic unity with all the life of God!
Up to the limit of my own emotional life!
You will certainly feel that and this means, that cosmic consciousness still does not possess the omniscience, which the masters possess, but which can barely be dealt with here on earth.
The first foundations, which were laid, were for the inner life of the human being, for example, for faith, religion, for the God of love, therefore the bible, then for fatherhood and motherhood, reincarnation and so on; you can know because of the books, they originated as a result of that.
And as the very last contact, the cosmos!
We returned to the ‘All-source’, we could not go any further and higher and this is just everything!
And then the life began to talk.
I already knew the basic foundations, how those lives received the own life; the rest then followed of its own accord.
When you presented me with the question a moment ago: what is a sea anemone and: what is friendship, that anemone started to tell itself, how it had originated.
Friendship told me where the first foundations should be laid, if the human being wants to experience these foundations.
I said: for soul, life, spirit, fatherhood and motherhood; and now we can write once more and it will be a wonderful book, which was written and will be told by the grade of life itself.
And that is correct!
What is inspiration?
If the painter manages his paint, knows his techniques, he can let himself go and then he descends into that other life.
That is the complete dissolving into the art and this applies furthermore to all life; you will be able to accept this.
When you know the foundation for every thing or life, the human, the natural and the animal-like remainder follows of its own accord.
You are then as a human being one with that life, as a result of which these laws are explained to you.
And now the human being is ready for the life and now the soul and the spirit of that life speaks to the human being!
Is it not simple?
Just begin with it!
Then you will first have to lose yourself millions of times and then you must prove who you are, what you want: right or wrong.
I tell you now: one single dirty, destructive thought in you and you will succumb, that other life will knock you down, a flower is now capable of that!
I laugh at the human being, I already told you and explained to you several times, mine says, that I am not right, that I am bad, or whatever, disharmonic or a dictator, a magician or a fakir; goodness knows all the things he says.
Also the human being, who says that he cannot stand me, is a poor in spirit, but if I was not able to understand those people, the wonderful creation would be at a dead point for me and I would be completely eliminated.
Therefore one wrong thought, something of hatred, jealousy, misunderstanding and not wanting to bow, already knocks me out of this Divine and spatial unity.
I will then have no unity anymore, I will be out and my life will stand still.
Now the people want, you must listen, ‘me’ to think, as they think and feel, but if I do this, then I will be out once more and I will stand still, in other words: they want to take me back to the unconscious thinking and not even to go upwards, which would cost everything of themselves as effort, which they therefore do not feel like.
But now I am called the dust thrower, the person, who does not want to understand them, who is nothing more than a dictator.
But I want to teach all of you to think and you have to accept that, or ... we will not come any further.
But then the resistance begins and then I am powerless!
In this way one after the other left me: however, all of them are right, or at least want to be right.
However, I saw that, knew it, but let them go to pieces, because I know the laws for the spiritual and spatial thinking and was able to master these laws through my master Alcar.
Not honest perhaps?
You must want to discard your own thinking, because your thinking is earthly, social and has noting to do with the spiritual thinking.
Master Alcar had to teach me that first and I could do it, because the master had laid the foundations for this.
What, ladies and gentlemen, are those foundations?’
Voices from the hall: ‘Because of your contact, of course.’
Jozef: ‘Yes, madam, of course, but it is not only that.’
Voice from the hall again: ‘Because of your feeling, your feeling as a medium.’
‘Yes, sir, but now what?
It is not this!’
‘Because of your attunement to the Other Side?’
‘Yes and no, but I want to hear one word from you and nothing else and it is only then that we will be faced with the Other Side.
Then you will also know, but it already proves that you cannot think!
I will tell you, you can know, all of you.
Because of loving life, ladies and gentlemen, master Alcar laid his Divine foundations for this unity.
It is thirsts, hungers to be able to waken.
Devotion to duty, friendship, the real one then, we already talked about it, all of this takes you to the love for the life and I became that; all these foundations were laid because of healing.
Now one wrong thought from a healer ... and he will be out, will never be it, because then there is no love in that life for the laws and the patient.
It can be deception, even sexual carry-on!
Strange perhaps?
It is not that, everything becomes simple, when you just start with it yourself.
You cannot walk round it anyway, telling tales will not help you, you can fool the human being, but not the life, because this keeps itself closed to your emotional life, you can then get the ‘droodles’.
Did you not know this?
In this way I got to experience more and more new laws.
Master Alcar continued and in this way we achieved the ‘ALL’ stage as a human being.
I was therefore able to experience from the earth to the conscious ‘ALL’, those journeys were experienced during the last months of the war, as a result of which we wrote the cosmology!
Do you now understand, that I could have written twenty books for the human being, for the philosophical systems?
But the people do not wish to think, as they must think.
And if there is not this head bowing, then I will be powerless.
Worthwhile, Mr Berends?
Mr de Wit?’
Berends and De Wit answered: ‘It is tremendous.’
Jozef laughs a bit, he knows, the human being is saying something.
But he says to Mr de Wit: ‘I accept it from you.
I must have a think for Mr Berends, I hope that I can also accept him later for the full hundred percent.
Don’t I, begin and you will already have made it.
I will continue, I have here for the first time: ‘How do you explain the fact that a dog, whose master had died, refused food and died a few weeks later?’
Jozef says: ‘Did I not tell you and explain to you, what spiritual friendship is?
Well, so you already know, because it is now that!
It is the unity of human being and animal!
Love, cordiality – I do not need to follow all those characteristics again – is now the sorrow and the loss for the animal, for this dog.
Other animals also have this feeling and die!
Secondly: ‘That a canary died of homesickness, because it came second place after the birth of a child in the family?’
Can you see it now, people?
First this little animal received everything, it lived because of that love; then it was out and died.
First everything of love, but without that love – once experienced and tasted – is the collapse, destruction, the loss for this animal.
Sometimes this also applies for the human being and then the succumbing also follows.
These are the laws for love, ladies and gentlemen, and they are infallible.
The animal dies quickly, the human being with a higher and more expansive consciousness can make progress.
If there is no more expansive love present, then the human being is also faced with this dead point.
He now goes to pieces and succumbs, falls back, behaves in a crazy way, becomes mentally exhausted, goes to the clinic and then what?
An animal also has this, it results in the death of the animal!
Thirdly: ‘Why do the masters call the earth the only planet in the universe, where there is suffering?’
Jozef says: ‘The earth possesses the highest consciousness and therefore also the deepest conscious suffering in the universe.
On other planets there is also suffering, therefore not humanly conscious, but animal-like conscious.
This is something else, but you heard it a moment ago for your canary.
Death comes, but the suffering of the human being on earth is deeper!
Fourthly: ‘How do you explain the fact, that we are continually drawn to the earth, in order to experience cause and effect, which means suffering and sorrow?’
Jozef now says: ‘I know what you want to hear from me.
But this is deeper.
After all, you want to know, why this is so necessary?
The earth does not actually attract you, but the human being does this!
Can you feel the wonderful difference?
When it is therefore said ‘The earth pulls you back’, this is in essence the human being, with whom you are involved and to whom you have to make good.
It is only then that the earth releases you and you have paid your accounts.
Now there are also accounts, which you can make good and pay on the other side, because you earn the life there, which is the way to return to God and which helps you, to come out of the misery, which was created by you.
It is only then that you are spiritually and materially free from Mother Earth and you can begin your own life!
Then I will get another question.
‘Fifthly: In the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ you were on Golgotha with master Alcar and along with you many other spirits, who brought flowers for the spiritually illuminated cross on Golgotha.
Those flowers – it says in the book – were cultivated because of suffering and sorrow and he, who had suffered the most, also had the most beautiful flowers.
Now I sense that more intense or less intense suffering definitely depends on the attitude which the human being takes with regard to the suffering.
But that the human being must completely conquer himself, so that there is no more suffering, is not possible according to our teachings, is it, if I am right?’
Jozef: ‘You have not understood this properly.
This means: the human being, who has experienced deep suffering, created the most wonderful flowers and this now means for us: by bearing our sorrow and by receiving in love, the human being builds on himself and he gets ‘Orchids’ in his hands.
And Christ accepts that!
If we therefore hit back, then we therefore do not create any flowers.
The human being, who therefore can and wants to accept a beating, gets a hold of something and this is the unity with the life of God.
Those are the flowers, created because of his suffering and sorrow and Our Lord can also accept them, because people can place those flowers at Golgotha.
‘I understand it completely and I thank you for all your wonderful answers, Mr Rulof, it is a University!’
‘You see it, what we keep talking about here: do good, even if you are beaten.
Do I not always say this?
Do not argue, do not walk away from your friend, give love, do not gossip about your friend and do not make life bad, do not knock that crown from a head, but build one by means of love and you will cultivate ‘Orchids’ for Christ and yourself!
And that is the own Golgotha in our life and we must master this!
Is this not acceptable now?
Is this not everything?
Is this not the realistic comings and goings of the human being, for man and wife?
It is motherhood and fatherhood for all of us!
And we come that far as a result of bowing our heads!
It is love and it will remain love!’
A lady asks: ‘How does the soul enter the mother?
Does the mother experience a disembodiment during the fertilization?
And is this for all life?
I mean, for every motherhood?’
Jozef says: ‘No, madam, you and your husband do not disembody in order to collect that soul, it comes to you of its own accord and you are found infallibly by it.
Before you were born, so even before you lived in your mother, all of this was already taken care of and in this way you are now attracted.
That means: we attract the life, which we have to do with as a result of ‘cause and effect’!
God – it is Mother Earth – first gives us the seven grades for the human organism to experience and this also happens infallibly.
It is only then that we begin with making good.’
‘You say: ‘This happens infallibly’, what is it which brings about that infallibility?’
Jozef answers: ‘Madam, these are the spiritual laws.
But you still do not know anything now.
But you can see and experience this.
The jungle being cannot attract you and me.
Therefore from that world of millions, the world of the unconscious, of the reincarnation, that jungle organism attracts the soul for itself and no other than precisely that life of feeling therefore as soul, which belongs to that jungle grade of life.
And now I mean that a jungle inhabitant cannot attract any Beethoven, any Rembrandt, any technical or spiritual genius.
That is not possible and we have to accept that.
But this means that every grade attracts the own emotional life.
This is furthermore for the soul, when we are faced with the ‘karma’, therefore when we begin the ‘making good’!
And wherever you live now, we only attract that soul, to whom we must make the most amends and who is ready for the birth.
God no longer has any worries about this, that happens of its own accord and these are laws, therefore laws of unity, laws of justice, for the harmonic return to God; if not, then we would never become free from our mistakes.
And that is not possible of course.
Whether the animal world also has this, madam?
Yes, but now only for the evolution process.
After all, the animal does not have human faults, knows nothing about hatred, that evolution has remained pure, we have only sullied our own one, because we do conscious evil and wrong things, not the animal!
But imagine that wonderful universe for the soul.
Millions of souls are nothing now.
They are millions of ‘worlds’ for the soul of every organism, animal or human and yet you only attract the life, which belongs to you.
I saw those millions of worlds, madam, and can give you the Divine truth as a result of this.
So deep is the world of the unconscious, the reincarnation, for all the life of God.’
Question from the hall: ‘Where does the spirit now live for all animal life?
Also for the human, for the world of the unconscious?’
Jozef replies: ‘Where, people, Berends, – you are going quite deep – does the soul live, the life for our chicken?
Does the chicken also have an astral world?
A world for the soul?
And then the fish?
The dog and the cat, the cow and the horse?
Do you also know these laws?
No, but the masters keep all those worlds separate from each other: they connect with one of these worlds and now they only see that world and nothing else.
But where does the soul of the chicken live, Mr Berends?
Do you not know?
Does no one know?
For your dog?
Not that either?
Does the dog have an astral world?’
Someone from the hall lets herself be heard: ‘Yes, because master Alcar writes that in the books, doesn’t he?’
Jozef: ‘Precisely, madam, it is true.
We therefore know that the dog must also evolve and must experience the highest in the animal world, namely the winged sort.
You will already certainly feel, there are millions of worlds and for every animal there is a world for the soul and the spirit.
It becomes something else, when we are faced with the astral world.
But our chicken, people ... does not possess a single world for reincarnation, the chicken got that world in its own hands and has now become one world.
And in addition, it possesses the condensing and hardening laws.
What took millions of years for the universe, before a planet possessed that hardening, now just takes a moment for the chicken.
After all, if the egg is laid, it is soft, but the outside membrane, which is the atmosphere for the chicken, hardens in only a few seconds.
This small life, from which you eat your ‘chicken soup’ on Sundays, now possesses this!
The ‘ovaries’ possess the astral world for the chicken!
Therefore those same ovaries now possess the ‘All-source’; therefore just like all the laws of God, but with the independence for fatherhood and motherhood, otherwise we would not have known that remarkable cock!
That that cock also received meaning for ‘Jerusalem’ is of course something completely different, as you know.
The chicken now possesses fatherhood and motherhood, it lays and creates, but the fertilization comes later, as a result of which you see that all the life of God possesses those essential Divine laws.
And that is fatherhood and motherhood and the reincarnation for all life.
But is it not natural and yet simple, when you know creation?
It is only now that you can enjoy your own life and every second is a world, a world of pleasure, a world of happiness, because we, as the highest life, created those lives and now enjoy our human unity.
All the winged life, which possesses the ‘All-source’ – therefore the ovaries as a world – possesses the macro-cosmos and also experiences this for the own evolution, in order to also achieve the highest for God in this.
Therefore in that inner egg of the chicken, the soul and the spirit for that animal also live and this also applies to all the winged species.
But for the dog this is different once more, also for the horse and the cow, because those grades possess a different attunement and are closer to the human being as creating and giving birth.
You can therefore follow this.
But they became books, ladies and gentlemen, which the child at school would enjoy more than all that prehistoric misery, I mean now: what does it matter to us, whether there was copper or tin in that barge of Piet Hein; tell me something about the life, give that to the child and we will evolve.
However, I tell you, soon the child will get to experience this and then the human being will get to know and appreciate his God and his own creations.
If this speaks, believe me, the inner life, the spirit, the personality, will never get enough of it, because this is Divine.’
From the hall people ask: ‘Why is the horse closer to the human being than the dog?’
Jozef says: ‘I said for giving birth and creating and you can understand this.
After all, a horse does not have ten children, neither does a cow and that means that those animals attract their life and now possess a pure reproduction, as giving birth and creating.
A dog gives you more lives to see and this has another meaning once more.
It is lower, has a lower consciousness, even if the highest species of dog is close to the human being, with regard to thinking and feeling!
This applies furthermore to other grades of life for the animal world.
If you wish to think, you will reach universal thinking and that is a great pleasure, ladies and gentlemen and then you get to know all these laws.
Because thinking is the unity; by thinking cosmically, you will reach that state of purity and then all the life can speak to your personality and this now becomes happiness for the human being, the love, the unity with God!
It is wonderful pleasure, I said, happiness, incredible happiness, to experience this unity with the life.
All of you must begin with this.
Do you know the pleasure of experiencing and writing a book?
It is a wonderful pleasure, it is also incredible happiness for the painter, the sculptor, the musician, in order to create; this is ultimately – love!
And ‘consider’ the life ... good heavens, can you feel what you still have to consider?
And where your happiness now lives and what now becomes your love, if you wish to begin with it?
The human being, who only just wants to experience himself, only that unconscious world of thought for his garden, house, chair and cupboard – of course, it is part of it – is and will remain poor, naturally and spiritually poor.
And ... which love, which friendship does one human being now give the other?
That is cosmology, ladies and gentlemen, and you have to master that, because all of you must begin with it ‘behind the coffin’!
Now, madam, you will reach universal unity and this is for the giving birth and creating the unity with the life of God, which the attracting obviously belongs to.
You will certainly feel it, the ‘womb’ is motherhood, as deep as the universe, because the human being and the animal possess those Divine characteristics.
The life is sparkling progress.
Had you expected something else?
By loving life you come that far.
This must be clear to you!
Life is beautiful, life is wonderful, you will read in the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’.
And it is true, if ... you wish to learn to think!
Good heavens, people, ‘behind the coffin’ it is your world, your sphere, your love.
Also here already, because you are already on the other side, your feeling and thinking is not any different there than you do here and want to make of it!
But can you now see your deity before you?
Those worlds for all life?
And the astral meaning for all that life?
The divine infallibility takes back you to all those people.
I said: it is the law!
We fly to all the peoples on earth, but one couple of people attract us and look, now we can begin with giving and making good.
What are you like now, madam, sir?
Did you get something for free from that other human being?
Then that other has to make good to your life; the human being, who is beaten, is the person making good, but those millions of other people must also begin with that.
It is now obvious that there are men and women, who want to serve and if a couple like that, two people like that are together, there is happiness, peace and quiet.
You now know the grades of feeling for our inner life and the personalities, they can be seen left and right, those men and women!
The fact that the dog bring seven, eight children to earth, is because the dog only has to take care of its own evolution, otherwise the creation for that animal species would die out and this would have happened as a result of the intervention of the human being.
Then there is also that disharmony of the human being himself, as a result of which many mothers will give birth to several children.
If this has dissolved, then every mother will give birth to two children, one for herself and one for her husband.
No more is necessary now and cannot be attracted either, because then there is harmony on earth.
Because then there is no longer disharmony as a result of passing on too soon, which all our suicides and wars are to blame for.
I already explained that to you and you can accept that!
I will continue.
To follow all those laws of life, therefore to analyse them piece by piece, is not the intention now and we do not have any time for that either.
But you now know: learn to think and that is and will become your own happiness for the worlds of God, which represent your own ‘Kingdom of God’, after all!
I have the question here: ‘Which possibilities do magnetic experiments offer me, especially with regard to healing the sick?’
Sir, do you wish to heal?
Then read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and you will know healing for yourself; all the spiritual gifts are explained in those books.
You also ask: ‘Why are my disembodiments unsuccessful?’
Jozef now replies: ‘Do you wish to disembody, sir?
Consciously, therefore disembody yourself?
Well, then I will warn you!
I tell you, if you do not want me and cannot accept me, Rozenburg will be open to your life.
And Rozenburg here in The Hague, you will certainly know that, is a madhouse!
And I tell you now: you cannot do that!
You think now: I would like to see that, you shrug your shoulders, because you want to experience, possess that; I repeat, you will go mad!
I will soon be proved right.
If you do not want to listen to me, then just go ahead!
Not one human being in Europe disembodies consciously.
I cannot do that either; my master has that most wonderful of all the gifts in his hands, as all the other gifts, for that matter, I am only an instrument!
All those mediums, who are in trance, disembody!?
But they are not released from their organism, because they do not possess those gifts, the feeling!
And yet they say that they are out of their bodies, a spiritual personality comes to their life, doesn’t it!?
But he knows nothing about all these laws and must therefore be an unconscious being.
They are own thoughts and nothing else!
And you want to leave your body under your own power, conquer life and death by means of thinking?
You will destroy your nervous system, sir, and achieve nothing; an occult school is needed for this and there is not any in Europe.
You need thirty lives in order to come that far.
It is certain that there are people living in Europe, who are occultly gifted, but now it is the ‘possession’ from the past life.
And if you do not possess those feelings and that knowledge, sir, you will not be it either, or ... your emotional life would say it itself!
Therefore you are not it, because you ask me: why not?
If you can disembody, you will already know it!
Ramakrishna had it, magicians did not even have it, or any fakirs.
Read the books and travel the world, if you do not believe me and you will get to know that truth!
I repeat, if you continue with this, your nerves will be destroyed and you will end up in a madhouse, because you cannot experience all those millions of worlds, you need lives for that purpose!
Read those books and you will reach head-bowing, because the law of ‘gifts’ will tell you and then you will also understand that I am right.
I will not deny you anything, I will give you something!
It is perilous to want to see ‘behind the coffin’.
I did not want and never wanted this myself and never understood either that it is so difficult.
And the difficulty is that the human being who disembodies, must deal with the life of the Other Side with those millions of laws of life, while still in the material organism, and this is the division of the personality.
Now you must be able to deal with and analyse everything here and keep going, not make any mistakes, not be broken, be strong inside, be able to bear everything predominantly sensitively and yet consciously.
You live in hells and heavens at the same time, depending on what you will experience there.
Once free from the organism, you cannot return anymore and this became fatal for numerous yogis, fakirs and magicians.
It became their fall, therefore the dying here, or they went mad or psychopathic – therefore spiritually sick – because they had lost the power over their organism.
They were attacked by thousands of astral personalities!
Who can deal with all of this, if there is no master, who takes care of you and brings you through all those spiritual worlds?
My master told me: ‘You will not get all the gifts in your hands, I must keep them and you will never disembody under your own power, because that is succumbing.‘
If the Masters did not want us to disembody, nothing would happen either.
And yet we conquered the universes.
But the struggle continues, you may not weaken the developed concentration for a second, or you will be lost.
However beautiful everything becomes or can be, sir, if you want to look ‘beyond the coffin’, this earthly life will be destroyed, because you did not receive those gifts and are therefore now faced with your own struggle.
I bow to the masters and tell you from the bottom of my heart: I am nothing under my own power and advise you to wait.
If no one comes, who releases you, then never try to achieve it yourself, because you will succumb!
The great Ramakrishna succumbed many times, he walked into the ‘Ganges’ and wanted to make himself one with Mother Water: water is motherhood and if his first follower Vivekananda had not got him out, had not saved him in time, Ramakrishna would have drowned, not consciously, but unconsciously, because he no longer knew that he still lived on earth.
This also happens to me, there is always danger for this life!
You dissolve here, there is nothing more of your own life and personality, the character, which still finds attunement to the earth.
All those feelings have had to make way for the astral laws and this is the dissolving, the being released from the material laws.
But you still live here and you have to act for this life, but you have then lost this acting, because the whole inner self is spiritually attuned.
If Ramakrishna has made a journey, he could sometimes not talk for weeks because of his emotion, the spiritual life had completely taken him by surprise and when he wanted to talk, the blood ran over his lips.
It becomes pandemonium, if all those millions of thoughts cannot be conquered.
I also had to prove this, otherwise the master would stand still!
I was told beforehand that I would succumb for the Cosmology and that was understandable.
I am still here, I was able to keep going.
The worst is over and because I made it through, it is now possible to answer all your questions.
Otherwise I would not get a word over my lips now and I would fall unconscious to the ground.
Sick madness is now no longer possible, but I walk into the water just like that and then this is the mad thing for society and it is so true after all, but perilous!
If you do not wish to believe this, I already said, then just go ahead and try it.
One thing I know for sure, you will succumb irrevocably!’
From the hall people ask: ‘In view of the fact that visions and such like were spoken about several times, I want to add mine too.
One evening, when I was cycling home, at a certain moment I was at home without knowing which way I had taken.
I did not think about it any further, until one evening in the cinema my girl wanted to put on her glasses and they were lying broken in her handbag.
At this moment I knew that I had experienced this occurrence that evening going home on the bike, only unconsciously.
Does this have a meaning?
What is this and what use is it?’
Jozef says: ‘You heard a moment ago, what I said for disembodying, didn’t you?
Well, you were disembodied in thought, but you were still in your organism.
You were cycling home and that was already very dangerous in that state, because your realm of thoughts was divided then and this can only land you in a hospital.
What use is it, you also ask?
You could have ended up under the tram or under a car.
Those things happen every day as a result of thoughtlessness.
It is not anything else.
Nevertheless it gave you, as you say, a vision, a picture of the future to experience.
This is possible, because at that moment your life was divided and passed over to the gift of ‘seeing’!
But, sir, watch out, or you will also be faced with accidents, you are sensitive to this and then those things can happen.
You already see it, my information is based on the truth, because I am divided this evening for millions of matters and namely for those of our other life, and the masters warned me about this.
It is crazy, if I now tell you, that I want to return to earth and have to do everything for that and also accept everything in order to experience it.
That I sometimes behave really madly, want to be cheerful, is my hold and my protection in order to stand on my own two feet here.
The human being, who does not possess this, wants out, but then thinks unconsciously for this life.
But now accidents happen.
Most people experience their accidents, because they thought wrongly and felt divided, forgot the material here and it happened there!
Death or a serious accident and ... it is our own fault once more!
Will you watch out, sir?
Then all the best.
I do not hope that we will read in the paper today or tomorrow that they had to bring you somewhere with your bike; you must not want that.’
It is now asked: ‘How must you deal with all of this?’
Jozef says: ‘I already spoke about it several times and it could become a thick book.
Master Alcar told me a lot about Ramakrishna.
Sometimes he wept like a child and namely day and night, he had so much pain because of the human being; only because he saw and experienced that the human being hit bits and pieces and did not want to understand the fellow human being.
Sometimes he lay down naked on the earth, now sought comfort and support from Mother Earth, naked on the ground, neither cold nor heat did anything for him.
The earth as spirit is capable, better than any human being, than any help, of helping the spiritually or cosmically conscious being.
He clung to everything, in order to keep going.
And finally he could also do this, because he dies of a terrible illness and namely cancer!’
People now ask: ‘Could that man not heal himself then?
A power like that must be able to do this, mustn’t he?’
Jozef: ‘You see, people, if such illnesses are present in our organism and the cancer has reached the fifth or the highest grade, then I can and he could not begin anything.
And then we very simply pass on!
We are not ‘übermenschen’; we have to do with the laws of the organism and if the organism is sick and cannot be healed, we also pass on!’
People also ask: ‘What happens then, if a man like that is one with the earth?’
Jozef answers: ‘What will happen then?
We will then seek the nourishing of Mother Earth, she is our Mother and can give us strength, it is her spirit, I already said!
And that strength takes away the inner, therefore spiritual pain and Ramakrishna was bothered a great deal by this.
Because master Zelanus followed Ramakrishna – you will read this in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ – he knows every phenomenon of Ramakrishna and he knows exactly, how far he has come.
That man has not been further, or higher than the Spheres of Light and then already succumbed!
And now space?
Therefore the universe?
Our ‘will’ to serve and to love must now conquer everything.
But one harsh word defeats us completely.
But you will probably get over this.
We too, but this is the spiritual sorrow and that takes us to the carrying of all the life.
Now it is the art to throw it off you now and again and to still keep it.
The masters want it like this, otherwise we would succumb every day and this is a standstill.
In other words – what’s more, you read this in the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ – after the spiritual experiencing we are released for a moment.
Which did not happen to me.
There was not one day that the masters did not work.
We have been consciously and hard at work since 1930.
And now continually further, continually deeper.
If you get ahold of the book ‘Jeus III’ soon, you will understand it and you will know what was dealt with.
If you ever come across me on my head, then only think of the laws and say to yourself: well, that ‘Jeus’ has got it now, it will probably be okay, otherwise it would not happen, for that matter!
As long as you now see that we are still socially conscious and do not do really mad things, there is nothing wrong, because I have to watch out for that.
But fair is fair.
It is difficult!
But you do not get anything for nothing, this is also the truth.
I had thousands of deaths to spare for it and now do not wish to lose this for all the money in the world.
All of you will have to begin this one day anyway.
There, of course, ‘behind the coffin’!
The following question is: ‘Does cosmic consciousness have anything to do with clairvoyance or mediumship?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, this is all mediumship.
Cosmic consciousness means that the human being has all the gifts of the universe in his hands.
You will read this once more in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
But ... the Master keeps the gifts in his hands, otherwise you and I too as an instrument, would see too much and that excess would make you or me succumb.
You will see, won’t you, I do not want to see anything.
However, I have become seeing; I now look through the life of every material law, for the organism here, for human being and animal and for the universe!
And this therefore became the completely dissolving for the universe, as a result of which the masters wrote all these books.
If we did not have to write those books, master Alcar would have continued anyway, he would have had to continue, because he opened me completely and there must be experienced.
Sitting still and doing nothing is now already dangerous!
You now sink too deep into the life .
If we paint and write, then nothing happens.
Now we talk and this talking demands everything and nothing is capable of influencing me for anything else.
What do we do now?
Just go to the fairground now and again?
Does that still interest me?
What is there, which can still actually interest the human being in this state?
A wonderful conversation with people, who are open to the teachings and the laws, is now the highest happiness, which can be experienced.
I am cheerful by nature, bright.
I was not like this, I would already be drawing my last gasp and I would suffocate in all those worlds.
As a result of my cheerfulness I now make leisure out of all those wonderful laws, as well it can be, but now and then one little law turns my leisure upside down and then I am up to my neck in the astral world and in that for the universe.
And if you invite me to a party, madam, sir, it is I, who makes the fun and not another, because I make something out of everything, I do not waste that time and furthermore it is my relaxation.
Always make sure that there is this relaxation.
A dog, a cat, sometimes gives you that too, nature of course, sometimes the most perfectly simple things of the day.
It must be the tingling truth, otherwise I am deceiving myself!
And whatever I now go and do and want to do, the master is always watching!
He tells me: ‘Go ahead, Jeus, Jozef, André-Dectar.’
By means of these four different personalities, of whom André is the instrument, this is decided and we all experience something.
I know this of course, but no one can say that he knows one of them, because that keeps on changing.
But if dialect is spoken, you see your ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ and he can joke.
André-Dectar often clings to Jeus and this means for me: just go back into this Jeus, André, and accept that relaxation.
Then no one sees anymore, that there are so many gifts present.
But they are lying sleeping, just like those other personalities.
We therefore have to watch over them now!
This is why dealing with all the wisdom is difficult and you will certainly understand this!’
Someone asks: ‘If it was not God, who inspired the prophets, but the masters of the other side, then how do you explain that Christ was the first Master?
Christ was born much later, wasn’t he?
Jozef says: ‘Read the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and you will know everything!
The masters laid the foundations for Christ!
And when they were ready, Christ came to the earth!’
The following question is: ‘Can you also tell me how it is that everything in nature is rounded off?
There is nothing about the human being, animal or plant, or it possesses rounding.’
Jozef now says: ‘Sir, everything expands and expansion cannot be square or pointed.
Well, a blade of grass, for example, is pointed, but it possesses the definition of and for the universe, which is round, is deep, infinitely deep and round and all life became like this too!
Because Sun and Moon and all the other planets are round, obviously the life as an embryonic organ is round too, the prehistoric giant also possessed that rounding and this is perfectly ordinary!
And this can be seen and followed for all life!’
A lady says now: ‘This week I saw Indra, the well-known hypnotist from the radio.
When he puts the people to sleep, he whispers something in their ear and then he puts his hand over their face.
Finally he puts his hand over their backs, then they wriggle a bit and are totally asleep.
And during that sleep he can make the people do the craziest things.
Is this dangerous?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, madam, this is and will remain dangerous.
Putting under hypnosis is different, every hypnotist has his own methods.
I do not like those tricks, because it attaches the human being to something, which those people sometimes never become free of again.
Did you not read in the paper recently, that a girl remained under hypnosis?
Her whole nervous system was destroyed, she is now a wreck and yet people may apparently play with people in an imposed sleep.
Woe betide the human being who is not released!
He can be completely destroyed for his life and is no longer himself!
That is all very well for sick people, sleepless people, but even then it is dangerous, because those people get too much of a good thing and then lose themselves.
This is the ultimate danger!
I find it a pathetic carry-on and cannot help it, but freaks are made of people because of hypnosis.
It is a different story, when those hypnotists, who earn a living from it, have their own people.
That is their own business.
But they are definitely not stunts, you experience reality there.’
Question: ‘Can you hypnotise, Mr Rulof?’
Jozef replies: ‘Do you wish to sleep, madam?
Well, then I will tell you: you will sleep.
And then that sleep begins to come.
I once did it and then I got a considerable beating from my master.
Someone asked me: ‘You can’t do that, can you?’
I said: ‘Yes, you see, if you feel that sleep coming, you will go to sleep peacefully, very peacefully, and then you will not know anything anymore, you will then sleep peacefully.’
And the man was already sleeping!
We let him sleep for an hour and then, a blow in his nose and he was awake.
We did not make him do any tricks, but my master was there immediately and I got a beating!
We have used those powers a lot for dying people.
The magnetism put those people to sleep, but in the natural, peaceful and healthy sleep and that is entirely different.
Now it is healing!
The human being who could not die, which was a torture for that man or woman, to whom we were called, was put to sleep by my master, but in the magnetic sleep.
Then they sunk away, fell asleep and quietly left the organism!
I was able to experience this several times and then it is a blessing!’
Question: ‘At the last lecture by master Zelanus in Diligentia the Master spoke about his followers on the Moon.
What about it and what does he mean by that?’
Jozef says: ‘Master Zelanus has millions of pupils and on the Moon the laws are explained to them.
When he is finished here with his lecture, he leaves immediately, because under master Alcar’s orders he no longer has to protect me, that has been conquered and he therefore has something else to do.’
A lady asks: ‘Are there perhaps astral beings at those lectures, I mean in Diligentia?’
Jozef says to her: ‘Yes, madam, sometimes very high-up personalities.
Believe it, when I tell you, that recently, when master Zelanus was speaking, I saw that John, Peter and also Paul from the bible were present, so that they could and were able to convince themselves of what master Zelanus as the Paul from this century has to bring.
And that is also the revelation for them!
Good heavens, if I was to tell you, who all was there, it would make your head spin, not from fear, but from happiness, from emotion, because all those wonderful people still live on the other side, are really alive!
And what master Zelanus does now, just believe it, was their work.
But now it is his task for the ‘University of Christ’!
They also did that work after Christ passed on, you know that, for that matter, and they brought the human being back to God.
And because what master Zelanus brought to earth through me, is awe-inspiring, masters can be seen many times and they follow everything.
If you knew, the people who saw all of you, have seen you sitting there, because they can do that!
And if you wish, you can soon be a follower, because you already want to improve yourself.
You are thirty and there you get to see and to experience the spatial reality; this is the truth!’
Question from Mrs P. Revallier: On the course about planets and stars, etcetera, people told us the following: the earth makes various fluctuations in the universe and is therefore forced out of its orbit.
The most severe fluctuation is because there are cracks in the earth’s crust.
The Sun always draws her back into the earth's orbit by means of his magnetism.
I said then that the Sun could cause those fluctuations as a result of attracting and rejecting.
Is that correct?’
‘Madam, it is obvious that the Sun has an effect on all the planets and still does this, because of those radiating forces the earth received movement.
But a earth crack like that means nothing for those fluctuations, because those powers were brought about by means of the spiritual space, as it is also the spirit for us and all other life, which carries the material and gives movement.
The academics still have to prove and found this.
And then the question by you about cosmic rays?
They are spiritual and science does not yet know, what this is!
Of course, the foundations are still lacking for this and they can only be determined by the spiritual universe.’
Mrs Revallier also says: ‘What I also heard, is the following: On the Sun there are air bubbles, which explode with a thunderous noise.
This noise cannot be heard by the human being.
The explosion of those air bubbles can be seen on photographs.
Now they make pieces of equipment at Philips, in order to pick up this noise.
The air bubbles have a lifespan of one minute.
At an observatory in America there is a telescope, which penetrates space by one and a half billion light-years.
These cores connect at high speed and become one and then create other bodies.
I do not know what those bodies are called.
Then I said: ‘You see that the whole universe is one giving birth because of connection, because of unity, therefore expansion, radiance.
Everything is fatherhood and motherhood.’
‘Oh’, the speaker then said, ‘that is from the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’, but it is difficult, to come forward with this.’
They therefore know about your books and their content, Mr Rulof.
It is understandable that they browse in them, but they do not accept it, they want to determine it themselves and that will take a while.’
Jozef replies: ‘Yes, madam, it is true, but they will have to begin with it one day.
As far as those air bubbles from the Sun are concerned, that is the giving birth and creating on that planet there.
It is the own evolution for the Sun energy, which keeps on going.
They want to listen to the sound of this, which is possible.
Why not?
But then what?
It is nothing but bubbling there, the melting of energy and this is Fatherhood for the universe.
The Sun itself takes care of those laws, as a result of which we experience the light and this will continue, until the last star has served this universe and the human being has reached the Spheres of Light.
What is cosmic radiance for the human being, for the astral personality?
If you receive an inspiration and have picked it up purely, that is also cosmic radiance and the planets likewise have this between them and come forward as a result of the centrifugal forces and laws of life for all the life of the universe.
The masters have not yet analysed those laws and that is not the intention either, because master Alcar has to follow soul, spirit and life and fatherhood and motherhood and reincarnation and nothing else.
Of course they know those laws and they can explain them.
The astronomer also still has to lay his first foundations.
The spirit of the universe radiates those life forces and this is clear, but it is not so simple to see into it and it takes us to the spiritual telepathy for the universe.
And this then becomes the receiving of those emotional worlds, which the academic wants to experience!
Satisfied, madam?
Then I will continue.’
Mr Reitsma asks: ‘How do I get to know myself?
There you have the question, which keeps occupying us.
Paul Brunton, who is close to you, has written a new book about this, entitled: ‘The Secret Path’, in which he reveals a practical method, especially suitable for the Western human being, in order to get to know himself.
He calls this process ‘transfiguration’.
Paul Brunton wishes to achieve this by:
a) self-analysis
b) a daily ten minute concentration
c) a breathing technique and body yoga, as fakirs, magicians and yogis practise this
The dedicated pupil must bring his thoughts and feelings under control, which, according to Paul Brunton, can be achieved in a few years by means of a strong will and the daily ten minute concentration.
Then, according to him, intuition comes forward, which prepares the way for the pupil to his Divine ‘ego’.
Now my question is: Can this be achieved in one life in your opinion?’
Jozef says: ‘You will read in the books how you get to know yourself, and then you will already have begun with it!!
What are all the things you already know about your life?
And Paul Brunton has not yet achieved this; at least he does not know our laws and does not possess any spiritual contact either.
He can sit down here and listen and learn through the masters.
There are no secrets for the cosmos, the masters can now analyse the life and as a result of this you will get to know yourself!
What do you want to achieve with all those methods, Mr Reitsma, with that concentrating ten minutes a day?
Nothing, if your concentration does not always continue, your life is not tuned into the books.
You have it much and a thousand times easier than all those yogis and fakirs, because we continually possess the contact and they do not.
They must now try this under their own power and will not come further than they possess in own feeling and consciousness!
You will read this once more in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts.’
Do good and then you will continue and love, what you can love and the Spheres of Light will be open to your life.
As a result of the lectures by master Zelanus you will already enter the ‘All’, but now you already want to master that ‘All-consciousness’?
First master spiritual feeling, that is enough for this life; then the spatial, but you know that too, we already talked about that; you therefore know that difficulty!
To achieve what Paul Brunton talks about requires thirty lives.
And he knows that too.
No, because of our books we do not need anything more, because the Masters explain the Divine laws to us, it is only ‘beyond the coffin’ that the mastering of those laws of life will come and you already know that too.
And what do you hope to achieve by means of a breathing system?
Spiritual expansion perhaps?
Spiritual awakening, a higher love?
Come on, don’t make me laugh, that is all very well for the East, not for our life, because we know, that we must make it by means of hard work and serving and not by anything else.
Then just follow an occult school, because then you can learn something and those are the occult laws.
But the masters have them in their hands for my life, they brought me that far and then we knew it!
Then I thank you.
I will continue.’
Question from Mr M. Frederiks: ‘I had a nervous illness at that time.
The doctor took me to Rozenburg.
I spent two weeks there, but it was dreadful there and the doctor said: ‘You will never be better.‘
And now I am as right as rain, it could not be better.
My question is now: What kind of fusspots are they, those doctors, who kick you into a deep pit just like that?
And they do not know it, that appears to be the case so often.’
Jozef replies: ‘You have already experienced it, sometimes they are off the mark and say something, as a result of which they kick their patients even deeper into the pit.
They are not doctors, they are miserable people; who does that, as a loving human being?
No one, but they do!
You hear that more often and then you are incurable.
A magnetiser once made a person like that better and the doctors still did not believe it!
Those academics gossiped, destroyed, they are certainly not darlings for you and for the rest of mankind.
The true doctor, therefore the good one, would not have said this, he does not utter those words, even if it is the truth, that the human being will not get better.’
Here is the question: ‘There is a child in my family who has epilepsy.
Is that astral influence?’
Jozef says: ‘No, it is not that, this is a material disorder and nothing else!
And in answer to your question, whether this child may use medicines, I tell you: yes, of course, you must leave this completely up to your doctor.
The doctors, the specialists for this illness, can do a lot now for this and namely for the good!
Therefore, you need a doctor and a good one as well and nothing else!’
Mrs Frederiks asks: ‘We live in England, have been here for three months now and follow your lectures, also read your books.
Now I wanted to know, if it is possible; can we not experience and follow these lectures in London?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, in England everything in this area can be experienced.
What we possess here in the Netherlands, people also have there; only ... not this which we have, but theosophy.
There are also plenty of spiritualists; spiritualism is also really orthodox there, just like here.
It is: singing and following the bible by means of the spirits and this is standstill.
You must just follow it there and you will see, experience, that it is true, you will not become any wiser from it.
These teachings cannot be experienced there, because we represent the world by means of the books and you can accept and understand this by reading them.
I also have here from you: ‘I dreamt that I was going through a long tunnel and when I was through it, I was faced with a fence and could not go any further.
Behind that fence I saw my sister, who has passed on.
I asked: ‘May I come to you?’
Then she said: ‘No’, and I got a shock.
What is this now?’
Jozef now says to her: ‘This means that it is not yet your time; she therefore sent you back to the earth and that is everything!
But you now know, that she is still alive and that is very nice at least to experience it yourself.
This can be and is possible because of visions and dreams.
But those dreams are impressed on your life by the Other Side.
Your sister only wanted to let you know that she was alive and this is quite enough, you do not need anymore and you will soon see her again.
More people have had dreams like that!’
From the hall it is asked: ‘What is old age and is this a mercy?’
Jozef says: ‘I would wish to place all of you before this question and not one of you will have the answer.
Well, who knows?
Is it a mercy?
Ten, twenty different worlds charge at you and only ask for one answer.
What is old age?
A mercy?
No, it is not that.
And yet, just ask an academic, everyone will say that it is a mercy.
True or not, people say, that the human being gets this from God.
Is that true?
All of you call out: Yes!
But that is not true and I will explain that to you.
Ladies and gentlemen, now listen carefully, it is a Divine answer, that I receive from the masters. It is our evolution!
You can understand this.
But when I say that it is your ‘cause and effect’, or your ‘karma’ will you believe it then?
The spiritual and physical laws determine your old age and this therefore has nothing to do with God.
We are now faced with our own life, as man and woman, father and mother and now our ‘karma’ calls us back to the earth, exactly on the cosmic second.
It therefore gives us a new organism and life and it is not a second too soon or too late, we are exactly on time.
That people become old, is standstill or peace, the preparing for the next stage as well, but means, that our karma, or our cause and effect has not yet reached working, or ... we would already have been finished!
And this is correct, because soon, when everything has been made good and the human being is in harmony with reincarnation, we will be longer on earth, will reach a higher age, because that is also there.
I explained to you several times, that all those early deathbeds mean disharmony and not one human being on earth dies at his cosmic time, leaves, because every human being is already here too long and lives in disharmony.
Wonderful, Mr Berends?
So it is; you see, everything of the human being has meaning and there is nothing, which does not have an explanation, it is the life itself!
Yes, madam, this is worthwhile and completely just.
Therefore people, who become very old, experience peace and now you can say: if the law of ‘karma’ is on the way, ‘cause and effect’, then they suddenly nip out and then continue!
And if the latter phenomenon, therefore dying and passing on, is in harmony with the laws of God, then this is perfect unity with reincarnation, with fatherhood and motherhood.
We are that far on the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’!’
I also have here: ‘I read a description in an American magazine about the sinking of an American submarine.
A fire broke out in the submarine in question as a result of an explosion.
The first officer suffered very serious burns in an attempt to extinguish the fire.
When he wanted to leave the boat with the other people, he realised that he could not climb the ladder with his burnt hands and feet; yet he tried it, but in vain.
As a result of this he shut off the path for the other people.
But since the man was not capable of doing anything, he began to pray.
He therefore prayed for help and suddenly he felt encouraged, he floated upwards, but did not understand this.
People now think that his prayer was answered by God.
What is this, Mr Rulof?
I thank you for your answer ... Quarles van Ufford’.
Jozef says: ‘It is nice story!
Mr Quarles, this is levitation.
That officer was sensitive and therefore could be reached by the Other Side.
As a result of this the levitation was achieved and then the human being floats.
The astral world is capable of that because of the mediumistic powers in the human being.
You will have read this in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and you can safely accept it, it is nothing else!
You see, everything is possible, but ... it is the Other Side!
And if there had not been any mediumistic power present, the other people and he would have had to accept death.
There are so many submarines which go down and do not come up again.
Why do those people not get any help?
Then it is not possible, other laws dominate and you can understand this.
Now and again we hear about these possibilities, but the human being can then be helped!
And because he prayed, he attuned himself to higher thinking and feeling and then there is spiritual unity!
Is it clear?
Then I have something else.’
Question: ‘Last week a member of my family was crushed by a train.
Now I really wanted to know: is that engine driver to blame for that?
Or did it happen because that person was daydreaming?
He had already been seeing spirits with square heads for some time and they were in league with Adolf Hitler.
They were sitting on top of the church, he saw those beings everywhere and he was bothered by them, could no longer sleep, was completely mentally exhausted.
In bed, he said, he was attacked, as a result of which he lay down in the room in front of the stove in order to rest and then those spirits were gone.
Can you understand this?
Now and again he had a stiff drink, because, as he said, then they would not have so much of a chance.
‘Not too much’, he said, ‘only just to give myself something strong, then they will not get me.’
Isn’t that crazy, Mr Rulof?
But what is all of that, we experienced all of this with him.’
Jozef replies: ‘In the first place that man was intensely mediumistic and therefore vulnerable to the astral world.
He was an emotional person.
But he himself took himself to the other side, naturally or unnaturally and this means, on time or a bit too soon.
That engine driver is not to blame!
That man had nothing to do with that!
He was now careless because of his sensitivity, as a result of which the astral world pestered him.
And now you know for certain, millions of people, men and women, still find themselves in this situation.
Thousands of buildings are full of these sensitive people, they are possessed and are attacked, because they are spiritually sensitive.’
Someone from the hall now says: ‘We are now starting to understand for the first time, what you have to deal with, Jozef Rulof.’
Jozef says: ‘Thank you, madam, it is also true!
And I already told you several times, what it means, to have to deal with this.
Yes, of course, I am helped, because we are faced with a tremendous task, but I must then conquer all those worlds and offer resistance.
I told you, how simple it is, that we, sensitive people, walk into the water just like that and unconsciously do something without reflection, but then it has already happened!
But the sensitivity of this man is after all still his own life, he must just deal with this sensitivity, just like you, but nothing from that other space, nothing, you are only attacked.
That man knew nothing about life and death, he only sees spirits and they are also there!
But the ‘law’ of death, evolution, now connects you with millions of powers as spiritual laws and worlds, which you must then experience and deal with.
And now I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen: anyone who does not yet possess this sensitivity and nevertheless thinks he can say for himself: ‘I know for sure, that I am sometimes out of it, but am no longer bothered by it, I have surely already conquered those laws’, then I can tell you, that all of you still have to begin with it, unless you have really conquered that sensitivity.
But is this true?
Why do you never experience anything then?
Because if you are sensitive, you must experience something.
You are still tight-lipped, and this is not any good fortune, but your own protection and when you want to open that, because you think: I want to possess gifts – you hear every day about that misery, a moment ago a lady also told me about the kind of misery she had experienced as a result of this longing – then you are faced with astral misery, which you cannot deal with and Rozenburg will then be open to your life!
Isn’t it true, the first sphere possesses that spiritual sensitivity.
This is a very different thing on the other side.
Then you are in your own sphere and world and amongst your own attunement.
Here we live amongst good and evil and you have to prove what you want.
One wrong thought, I told you several times, will already break my inner neck and then my master can already no longer reach me again.
Just one and I will be out and will be open to that misery!
And now the human being, who does not know himself and yet possesses this sensitivity?
Just read the books, so that you will and can know, what your life is like, but stay away from the occult law, to experience contact with those, who have passed on.
You will then open your inner life and other people will descend into it and we experience influence or possession!’
Someone in the hall asks: ‘If the human being possesses that sensitivity, is it then perilous to drink spirits?’
Jozef says: ‘Understand well, madam, the nervous system of this man was ready to boil over.
Because he gave something to those nerves, that stimulated and also numbed, there was no longer any question of spiritual domination at that moment.
A bit too much and he would not have exercised any more power on the systems and then they would have got him precisely.
Now that drink is medicine for him and if he has taken it for that purpose, it is not bad, if the spirit remains dominant.
Therefore the personality!
Do not forget, the spirit is dominant, the nerves have to carry that cartload of feeling and get no stimulant.
Now a drink like that is medicine for that man.’
The lady, who asked these questions, now says: ‘He also said that, Mr Rulof.’
‘You see, this is not the worst thing.
Whether you drink wine or spirits, sip a glass, means nothing and is sometimes good as a medicine for the material systems.
When we started with the ‘Universe’, had experienced it and then wrote the books, master Alcar said: ‘Get a good bottle of wine, then we will drink it together, but not before I say: ‘now!’
And at ten to ten in the evening we drank the bottle of wine.
Master Alcar drank with me and sent precisely that power of the wine to the systems, not a spirit got a drop of it.
And if I have to take something in order to give those systems something, whatever that situation, the master must experience this, because he has got hold of me and must take care of those systems.
I myself am not even capable of this, because we are connected to the cosmos.
Food and drink, everything for those systems, is under control of the masters.
Only that, which has regard to my personality, concerns me; the master must watch over the rest of the organism and spirit, or ... he would destroy me and my garment and then we would be on our last gasp!
I could never stand that stuff.
But in 1942, after writing and experiencing all those books, I also got to know those medicines and sipped them and liked them.
But inside I heard ssssssssst ... and those were the nerves, which were at boiling point!
Oh, people, the doctors prescribe a old jenever, the man has to drink two of them every day.
If you see me sitting somewhere one day and I have that drink in front of me, this is medicine, or I drink goat’s milk just like Ghandi and this is once more for him and not for the other being; the human being must decide for himself, what is good and wrong!
Now that we are talking about this anyway, the following: People keep asking me: ‘How do you actually live, can you cope with this life?’
You see, that is the trick.
But Ramakrishna could not do that!
He was worshipped by his followers, I am not.
I must write the books myself, he passed something onto his followers now and again.
I am here in the horrible society, he lived there in peace and quiet.
I had to conquer thousands of difficulties, he did not and he still succumbed!
I tell you honestly, I also stood before his Ganges in order to make myself one with that mother, because the ‘Motherhood’ of the universe and the water called and spoke.
I then walked onto the beach and into the water up to my knees, I did not come any further, because all of the universe was then with me, the masters, because they knew what was the matter.
This is not weakness, not searching, not nonsense, but pure unity with all the life of God; and now a fly is capable of denying you life, because then you are and become a fly.
And then you have already lost this life!
And in this way I also walk under a tram, sir, I cycle unconsciously, but do not behave in a crazy way.
But I have dissolved and am one with all those millions of worlds.
Do you still remain yourself now?
Just try it?
And yet, if you do not get to experience it here, it will come ‘behind the coffin’, but then there will no longer be any coming to grief, no spiritual tram, which knocks you down.
But you consciously feel the pain-inside because of this knowledge, you also groan loudly and this is then your spiritual awakening!
I did not get this consciousness just like that.
I had to give – and I still have to give – everything every second and that is tremendous!
And now to decide, what is necessary, how to act, that is my task.
I believe that I have come through okay this evening, up until now, and I will laugh right in the face of anyone who has something to say about me; soon I will be proved right anyway!
Right for millions of thoughts, which you still have to master.
It is only then that all the life of God speaks to your personality!
And then also this, ladies and gentlemen: wine is sun energy and grain is food; but now make sure, that they do not conquer us, you can also give your systems too much of a good thing and that is now what we are faced with; the rest is all very well, it is the truth, or it would not be there!
You can also do this by eating an orange, lemon, dry food, vegetarian food, a fairground, some fun, happiness is the best of all, as a result of cordiality and understanding, which rises above everything, obviously because of love!
Understand what I say, this life and the next, as a result of this two people are destined, they are man and wife, two emotional worlds as a unity and they can deal with everything; because of motherhood the human being can conquer universes and this is that wonderful love for man and wife!
Is that not true?
And I have always clung to that and that is the best thing.
Working, serving, understanding, appreciating everything of the other person – if it is good, – or you talk it out and then you can continue; then the masters can keep on coming, because we people are ready.
This is why the masters always say: ‘Make sure there is harmony and sleeping; peace at home, or we cannot work!’
And did you think that we would have got so far together, if there is no question of understanding?
Loving unity bridges everything, ladies and gentlemen, and this is clear, all of humanity shouts this at you!
This is why the human being wants to experience his harmony and his love for his task, whatever it is, also for art or science.
This is the truth, but once more, too much of that destroys you and namely thoroughly, you will be destroyed, if you cannot control yourself in this!
If the man had known of this sensitivity, of all of this, that train would not have got him, madam, you can accept this, because all of this is the truth!
I will continue with the questions from Mrs Koene: ‘Last week you replied to a relevant question that the soul enters the newly born organism unconsciously.
But how is it further?
Is the material, therefore the body, an unresisting vehicle?
Is the church baptism necessary?
How can we people love God if we still fall short with regard to fellow creatures?
I would like an answer.
I have only been here a short while, in case you think that I am stupid; I still do not know your teachings.’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, do not ask ten questions at the same time, but one and the first one is cosmically deep.
That means, not because of the questions which you ask, but because you will not be able to deal with my answers immediately anyway and that is not the intention after all.
The soul, madam, awakens the emotional life again, because the fertilization begins to expand.
Can you feel this?
Then I will continue.
Therefore because life awakens in the mother, the soul has to go along and now growth and blossom comes and this is awakening for the inner life!
But it is only at the age of thirty-eight that the human being is adult and completely conscious.
Now you can therefore master something outside of the organism; before you had to experience your growth and blossom for the organism.
Is this not simple, madam?
This is very natural and in this way we see the child awakening and then the human being.
The soul as human being, therefore as the personality, is busy mastering something of and for this new life and you only achieve this by feeling love for all the life of God.
Now your question: is the organism an unresisting vehicle?
No, madam, that is not possible, after all!
However, the organism awakens for the child and your organism also experiences this, because of the soul, the spirit, the inner spiritual life, because that is the soul as a human being!
And our organism expands, first for ourselves and then for the giving birth and this is for ourselves again anyway, because the child gives us the possibility to return to the earth!
Can you feel this?
Then it does me good and we can continue.
How do you wish to reach God, if we beat the own life?
How do you wish to get to know God by kicking your fellow creatures?
Read the books, madam, and you will then know, all of us first have to love the life of other people, which is God, madam; our fellow creatures represent God and they are Gods for his universes.
You therefore do not love your fellow creatures, but God, the spark of God as human being and animal, flower and plant and this is the spiritual awakening for the human being.
You also ask: Is the soul completely unconscious, when it lives in that world, before birth comes?
Yes, madam, the soul has returned there to equal harmony and that means: it has gone to sleep, in order to attune itself to the birth.
And this birth in the maternal organism, therefore the fertilization, is the beginning of thinking and feeling, of blossom, growth, awakening, or ... the soul crushes the embryo and then we get to see miscarriages, which such souls experience.
This is for the soul as human being the returning again for creation, therefore the first contact for material and soul as embryonic life, as a result of which the emotional life awakens again and the human being begins a new life!
I believe that I have made it.
I will therefore continue.’