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Jozef reads out the question from Mrs T. v. Houten: ‘In my dream five little birds were waiting for me.
They were sitting in the shape of a half arch, could not move and looked as if they were very cold.
The one on the right had pink and green feathers, the one on the left blue and white.
I knew for certain that the three others were there, but I could not see them.
They all looked fearfully at me, were therefore afraid of something.
I wanted to catch the little bird on the right-hand side, but then all three of them dissolved.’
‘Yes, madam, what is this?
I have no contact with this dream and it is not finished either, there are no spiritual foundations for it, which can connect me, in order to explain this.
Yet there is something, which gives you and me feeling and now I see your characteristics.
One already has white feathers, that is true.
We people give our characteristics colours and those characteristics can fly too, but they are afraid, sit within us on a branch and if we want to catch them, we are off the mark.
In this way the human being is busy with himself and we sometimes see our characteristics as little wings, as birds; the ‘great winged one’ in your life is the consciousness for your personality, your life of feeling; and they are thousands of birds.
If it is any use to you, I don’t mind, I do not see and feel anything else!
Well, ladies and gentlemen, when do our characteristics no longer possess any fear?
And when are they no longer cold?
When the warmth of our love speaks, the colour changes, and there is no more cold to be experienced, then they will no longer sit in an arch around you, but will flutter about and will give you back their own warmth.
You can understand this!
You must not talk to those birds outside in order to catch them, but experience them from inside and then they will come back to your life!
Do all of us not see little animals like that flying, ladies and gentlemen?
There are characteristics in us, which are still not little birds, which are still in the egg and sometimes begin to rot, because we always want to know, when that character egg will hatch.
And now it does not hatch, because we do not give that part of ourselves any warmth and then that source suffocates inside!
It is not so crazy after all, is it, madam?
And what can we say about our skunk eggs?
Wind eggs?
You now think that you possess a chicken’s egg and if you look properly, there is a snake inside it, a little crocodile, a little skunk!
But I am not talking to you, madam, this is for all of us!!
And you now know the rest yourself!’
Mr G. Vermeulen asks: ‘From the first revelations originated from the ‘All-source’, back to the Divine ‘ALL’, we experience every stage as seven worlds of transition for ‘soul, spirit and material’.
Am I right?
And when the ‘ALL’ has been reached, is there also the same state there, seven higher worlds, before the soul now as ‘GOD’ has reached the actual ‘All-stage’?’
Jozef says: ‘The things people occupy themselves with.
Believe me, if the unconscious part of society listened here, we would be declared mad, megalomaniacs, fliers and yet ... !
Anyone who has not yet read the books, does not know the masters and cannot accept, that we experience this contact and ... also believe this, if the masters had not brought me as far as the ‘ALL’ for the ‘Cosmology’, then this question would really have been aiming a bit too high, but we can answer.
Yes, I saw and was able to experience the Divine ‘ALL’.
We also see seven stages of transition there, before we have absorbed that ‘ALL’ conscious in our life and it is only then that we people are Divine Gods.
Then the human being represents God?
No, God materialised himself as a result of the life and then there is no longer a question of human existence!
And that is our ultimate goal; we will then live on eternally!
You therefore sensed that well.’
Question from the hall: ‘But the ‘ALL’ cannot be seen by the human being, can it, Mr Rulof?’
Jozef answers: ‘You see, there you have it.
Are you a theosophist?
Sir, we analysed the ‘ALL’ and we saw it.
The masters brought me there, I already said a moment ago and you can accept this!
Can the ‘ALL’ not be seen and analysed?
You are as a human being the ‘ALL’, sir, therefore as soul, material and spirit and as the personality, you are like God, even if we know that we are still human beings.
But the ‘ALL’ is inhabited.
Christ is there and millions of people along with him, who have completed their spatial cycle and have reached the ‘All-stage’.
In this way we will also have completed that cycle one day.
They also came from the Moon and continued, but they had to spiritualise and deify their earthly cycle for all the Divine laws!
And you also have the laws of the ‘All-source’ as fatherhood and motherhood.
Everything of that ‘All-mother’ lives in your lives and it is there, that we – as a result of our reincarnations – awaken.
And is this so bad?
Should this not be allowed?
If you know the spheres, you will know, behind this universe lives another and this originated because of our universe, because all life creates and gives birth and evolves!’
Mrs J.J. Mulder asks: ‘In one of the books it says: Murder irrevocably takes you back to the earth.
In the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ Lantos Dumonché puts an end to Roni’s life.
Did Lantos have to return to the earth because of that?’
Jozef Rulof answers: ‘You will read about it in the book, madam.
Roni passed over as a result of hatred and destruction, but precisely on time, otherwise Lantos would have had to make this good.
However, this means that we can be torn from our bodies as a result of thousands of possibilities, while this is then the cosmic time.
People can commit suicide, while it is still not suicide, if they help themselves to the next evolution as a result of it.
One example now: Father, daughter and son went on holiday to Germany, in the mountains.
After two days, the daughter wanted to return to Holland.
She goes back and immediately walks behind the house into the water and drowns.
The father and the son hold a séance, they have a good and pure spiritual contact.
The daughter comes through and says: ‘Father, this was my end.
Death does not know any deathbeds.
I had to go and I am now with mother, so do not worry.
Soon I will return to you!’
You see, more people pass on in this way.
And this is still not suicide, sometimes not murder either, because the soul as human being would pass on like this; they are now laws of life of the human being, built up by himself, but they are inspired by the evolution and this is called ‘dying’ here, but it is ‘continuing’.’
Mr J.v. Herwaarden asks: ‘Are accidents always cause and effect?’
Jozef Rulof now says: ‘An accident always occurs as a result of cause, such as frivolity, nonchalance, sometimes as a result of recklessness, or as a result of true bad luck, for example; this is understandable.
But it belongs to your own life and it is therefore not spiritual karma, because you mean that.
Don’t you?
Because spiritual karma and cause and effect have attunement to our past and that is making good.
An accident has nothing to do with making good.
Can you also understand this?
Then I have made it!’
Question again from someone else: ‘Of the interviews which I have heard here, the material is interpreted a bit too lightly, such as home life for man and wife and the children and especially the sexual life, where precisely the greatest dangers lie.
Because if we must live so honestly, we would go into the pit.
I also have a lot more questions, but they cannot be asked and formulated just like that.
Could the material not be put forward more during these evenings?
Thanking you in advance for your answer.’
Jozef says: ‘Sir ... it is indeed true, what you say, but first of all we have here spiritual relaxation, spiritual questions and namely about the books.
If you ask your questions like that, that we can make a comparison with and for your material life, I will go into them.
Sometimes we get those questions.
But mostly I take the question back to society anyway and I give examples, how we can materialise the spiritual laws by means of our life in society.
But if you say: ‘We will go in the pit by living decently’, I will not accept this.
What must we do then?
Do we go into a pit, when we want to experience the spiritual laws for our life ‘behind the coffin’?
Is this possible?
We are now talking about this: you will not die!
Why do people kill, there is after all: Thy shalt not kill?
And then there comes: There is no damnation!
And so on.
Here the spiritual laws are explained and then the human being knows, how he must begin with them.
What you say there, obviously means: I will see what I get; I will not take it so heavily.
Is this the way to get there, to takes ourselves to those worlds for the spirit?
Because we start to understand and know the spiritual world, we know how we must organise our material life and that is the intention.
We could also say: What Christ said is too difficult for the human being!
But because of the teachings of the masters of the light we get our own image in our hands and we can continue.
Do you have problems at home?
Children do not understand you but need your advice?
Indeed also for the sexual life?
All of this dissolves, when we start to understand the spiritual life; but now we are faced with pure physical questions and not with spiritual ones.
If you wish to go into that, that is okay with me, I will give you an answer, but the human being is afraid of that and fair is fair, this is not so simple, because the human being in society is still unconscious!
I really do not feel like discussing sexual questions during these evenings, we know very certainly, how we must live and act for each other, we possess Christ in the first place for this and now also the expansive image of the Masters and their books, which show you the way, in order to begin with that other life!
And you now know yourself what your children need, you will not accept this from me anyway and I will not interfere in it either.
I am therefore here for the spiritual world, which concerns all people.’
Mr Harteveld asks: ‘If the earth returns to its first stage of before creation and all the life has returned to the ‘All-source’, will we then go to the astral world?’
Jozef says: ‘When the human being and all the life, sir, has completed the cycle of the earth, human being, animal, flower and plant already live on the other side and this universe dissolves completely; it returns to the invisible ‘ALL’ and has then become ‘ALL-energy’ again.
It returns as it came, surrendered itself and revealed itself.
But the conscious life, the human being, the winged animal, the life of Mother Nature, then represent God in everything!
You will read this in the books!’
Mr Leo Joost asks: ‘When the fertilization occurs, then the construction of the organism begins.
Now something is not clear to me.
Upon the construction the embryo receives the food and the strength from the mother.
Now it mainly needs something in order to reach cell division, cell formation.
If the embryo could not experience those laws, then the development would stand still.
It would die and would be driven out.
Now these were my thoughts: the embryo gets the glandular system from the maternal organism, among others, a specific hormone, which people then call: the cell division hormone.
The strength is in this hormone, or a working or force comes from it, which urges the embryonic cells to divide.
This force, which I would like to call it, is absorbed at a central point in the embryo and urged into working and transferred to division.
This point would then be the pineal gland, which it is said by the Masters, that this gland has its activity during the process of growth of the child in the mother.
As a result of this force the pineal gland begins with its working and in this way the cell force and division process starts, until the embryo has reached its function after seven months, as a fundamental birth stage, then this gland fulfills its own function.
The glandular system of the child then gradually takes over this and attunes to its own need again, then a while later the child is born.
If you can, I would like an answer.’
Jozef Rulof says: ‘Well, Mr Joost, this is scientific and deep again, but the answer is there!
I know what you mean, but it is not what you feel.
What you mean by the ‘pineal gland’, are the tonsils.
Master Zelanus already talked about that before.
The academics still do not know what the tonsils actually mean.
But you do not believe, do you, that there are organs present in our organism, which do not possess the least function and are therefore superfluous?
That is not possible, even the appendix possesses a function, but – that was also explained then – as a departure part for the growth and blossom process on a higher grade, therefore attunement, to a new organism, which is material and which only the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life’ possesses.
This part therefore creates a new life there and that is for the intestines the expansion, the life and the material for that become conscious as an organ and was created as such.
In this way there are organs in our organism, which purely possess the source for a higher organism, because the organism also expands and later possesses a spiritual structure; we have to accept this.
Those tonsils, Mr Joost, have the task, precisely for the time of the embryonic existence in the mother, to make sure that an organ cannot grow outside of its own sphere and is like the cosmos, the actual closing off, which we know as the atmosphere for the earth.
And I will soon prove to you that this is irrevocably true by an example.
But what is now the source of the tonsils?
What is actually that force?
How do we get to grips with that force and can that force be analysed?
Those same tonsils possess the harmonic laws for expansion, growth, blossom, awakening and we see this again in the ‘All-source’.
All the life for the universe and everywhere, where we see life, this possesses those laws as an organ, which prevents us from having got arms and legs which are as long, as the universe is deep.
The centrifugal force of the universe now lives in the tonsils, in which we see the primeval system of the ‘All-stage’ again, the legislative power of the universe and this is sun radiance, therefore fatherhood.
It builds in addition on motherhood.
These meaningless organs therefore possess the ‘Omniscience’ for expansion.
But science has not yet given this value to that part of our organism; people do not yet know the working of the tonsils!
People call them tonsils once more, but for the Divine terminology the word is now: the ‘brains’ for all the systems; therefore those organs purely possess the intellect of the ‘All-mother’, the ‘All-principle’, only for expansion, because the organs and fatherhood and motherhood possess an own structure again and are once more fed from that source, or ... now listen carefully ... a planet would expand so much, that the organism would explode for the universe.
This now applies furthermore to the womb and the genitals, for every part of our organism!
Isn’t it amazing, Mr Joost?
Yet simple again and this is the truth, because every part of our organism has cosmic meaning and has originated as a result of the universe; these laws can also be found there!
Therefore this about our tonsils.
Precisely when the embryo begins with the own working between the third and fourth month – this can now be seen for all the life of God for this stage – the tonsils curb the working, growth, blossom and expansion.
That is one source and that source therefore possesses the powers and laws of life, in order to call the Divine halt to that expansion, or we would have had heads like universes and hands like universes, but those same tonsils ensure the correct growth, to there and not any further.
If that expansion has occurred and the cells, which you talk about, have got the own division, which is therefore present again in all the life as a cell, then that source begins with the final force and this is the finishing of the organism of the child in the mother.
That happens between the sixth and the seventh month, then the growing out takes place for all the systems and it is only then that the child can be born.
But now the phenomena.
I ask you now: do you believe that a phenomenon, therefore originating from the organism, threatens us?
That therefore a physical phenomenon does not possess any own significance?
That we are being made a fool of by such a phenomenon?
After all, if a human being is sick and the doctor is searching – he has studied for this purpose – the phenomenon is science.
Is it clear?
But the reality is that we now experience a disorder or a force because of the phenomenon of a part of our organism and we have to accept this.
Now another question, before I give you the cosmic meaning for the tonsils.
When the child is born, is there then something in that youthful organism, which is sick, is dead?
Understand well, what I now mean and what the masters want to give you.
This child, as a newly born, can be sick, yes, of course, this is possible and we know this.
But we are not concerned with this.
Different disorders already occur, the babies are already sick, before they are born, but that is the ‘physical’ cause and effect and is not what we mean.
Psychopathy and backwardness are now ‘spiritual’ destruction and therefore have another meaning, are another world and belong to the destruction of the human being.
But ... there is something, which is completely superfluous and that superfluousness is dying and they, Mr Leo Joost, are now our tonsils, because they have completed their working.
And now the doctor is faced with a source of power, which disturbs those other organs and now he sees his illnesses.
How many children do not suffer from the tonsils?
Those tonsils are the source of much suffering and destruction.
Then those things are removed first!
But the doctor does not know the working of the tonsils and does not know that those same organs have already completed their working and are dying, as a result of which we see physical phenomena, which represent an illness, which the tonsils are to blame for.
And now the peculiar part.
It happened, that the tonsils were removed from a boy.
Then a growth and blossom process began with such enormous force, that this child had reached the adult stage in a short time.
The organism expanded to an enormous size and only because people had removed the tonsils.
You see now, that those organs have to represent all of this.
And now: why does not every human being have to experience this?
Now all the cells curb, what you are talking about.
Every cell, I said, didn’t I, irrespective of what that cell serves for, still possesses everything of the ‘All-source’, everything ... and now we see that all cells stop the fickle growth themselves, as a result of which we have to accept, that the human being, who also lacks the tonsils, is still protected against expansion, because every cell more or less possesses those protective powers and therefore acts!
Arms and legs, build, receive precisely that expansion, for which the cosmic balance was created and which the ‘All-source’ gave to all the life.
The brains of the human being have to fulfil an own task for the organism and in this way the tonsils were created because of this source, but the brains belong with the human being and are not cosmic organs, but the tonsils are!
In this way the masters can analyse every organ cosmically and humanly.
In this way the eyes also have a cosmic meaning for us, which you can understand.
This says that the doctors do not yet know the human organism with all the different workings!
Therefore the tonsils are removed and the same applies to the appendix.
Tonsils are therefore organs, which have already completed their functions.
Worthwhile, Mr Joost?’
Leo Joost says to Jozef Rulof: ‘It is wonderful, tremendous, great!’
‘Then I will continue and you will just think about it.’
I have here a question from Mr J. Reitsma: ‘You were talking about Paul Brunton, whose books about eastern magic and the magic of Tibet, India, China, Japan and ancient Egypt kept us in their magical grasp when reading them.
How do you now explain that Paul Brunton, who is an Initiated after all, in both his books: ‘Higher than Yoga’ and ‘The Super Ego’ changed from the eastern mystics to the philosophy of reason?
Does he mean metaphysics by this?
Yet we search in his books in vain for the magical teachings of the masters, which are precisely reproduced by your books and represent the analysis of all life completely purely.
Does Paul Brunton not possess this wisdom?
Is he not a cosmically conscious being?’
Jozef begins with: ‘Mr Reitsma, Paul Brunton does not know anymore than you know, on the contrary, you can give him a lecture.
He is not an Initiated, nor a spiritually conscious being, he skirted around it and does not yet know the occult, metaphysical laws and because he does not know them, he returned to human reasoning, therefore standing with both feet on earth.
He knew: I will not make it through!
And if that spirit cannot do it, what do you hope to achieve here in the West?
If you should think that you can master the universe consciously, consciously succumbing will follow, which we already spoke about here.
Here, Mr Reitsma, you will receive cosmic yoga, because we have contact with the masters.
If only Paul Brunton had come to the Netherlands, then I could have taken him into apprenticeship and I assure you, he would have become a wonderful follower!
That man wanted to learn!
That spirit is open and he would have been grateful for this wisdom, but he did not believe that this would be present in the sober West.
This is why he went to the East and now the West can say to the East: Just come, we are that far!
And it came, because we prepared ourselves for these teachings at that time in ancient Egypt.
Paul Brunton is also one from that time!
For that matter, he saw and said that himself.
Now, Mr Reitsma, can you make a comparison with the books of the masters: you are capable of that.
Who and what is Paul Brunton, in comparison to you, who hear and can experience all of this?
There are many people like that, who think they possess something, imagine that they are already Initiated; they are not and I can prove this to you!
Try presenting Paul Brunton with these questions?
Then you will not get an answer and he will think: They are mad.
But we have proof!’
Mrs Jeanne Ehrhart asks: ‘I would like to know the following from you: are there ‘moons’ in the region of Saturn, where life is present?’
Jozef replies: ‘The secondary planets, which the masters speak about through our books, are spread about in the universe.
Those moons, which the astronomists speak about, have another meaning.
Sometimes those moons possess true life and then they are therefore mother planets, or have known life.
However, as the ‘Moon’ must now experience, they are dying!
And you will read this in the books: ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
I have the question here – there are more questions, I see – from Mr Veenkamp: ‘The eastern and western esoterical tradition recognised that the material body of the great prophets and Divine messengers were created by a man and a woman, who were both put into an imposed sleep.
The general dominating nature was therefore completely disengaged, but the reproduction came about under the influence of higher powers during a state of ecstasy, whereby carnal pleasure was ruled out.’
I will first answer this question.
Mr Veenkamp, fathers and mothers, do you believe this?
After all, we are faced with our own life.
We now know that Christ was born from Mary and Joseph.
I was not that Joseph, even if I have the same name, but I know it!
All those prophets came to the world from man and woman.
It is certain that we experienced those laws in ancient Egypt.
If a Great Winged one had to be attracted there, the high priests from the temple of Isis, Ra, Ré and Luxor were tuned into that occurrence.
The man and woman, who experienced unity, were not unconscious.
He and she were spiritually elevated, but the material deed was also there!
And now something else.
What does material pleasure mean for Divine creation?
That is the expression of and for particular organs.
Did you really think that God pays any attention to those convulsions, if I may call it that?
Does God have nothing else to experience and think about?
He assigned that pleasure-working to that organ, didn’t he?
Believe me, the people made something of that and that is rottenness, it is hysterical carry-on, it is also sexual pleasure, but for God this is perfectly ordinary, something obvious.
And must he rule that out, now that we know that this is the Divine division?
If that was not there, sir, man and mothers, fathers ... what would still remain of that Divine giving birth and creating?
We as creators would then say to the mother: do it yourself, it is no good.
But this is the Divine occurrence for man and woman, for all the life of God and the human being is so keen on it!
It is the joy of paradise, ladies and gentlemen and it means nothing else but Divine unity, as a result of which the division originates!
This therefore has a completely different meaning once more, but the human being has made a poor occurrence of it!
And now that, which belongs to the human being, which is of the human being, may that be experienced by a messenger and not by the human being?
Must the human being be consciously denied the division process, in order to be holy?
Can you spoil something or mess it up, sully something, if you start to experience this consciously?
Shame on you, we mess up the wonderful division process and the ‘All-Mother’ did not intend that, because she gave it all her life!
Now everything becomes ridiculous and namely the most sacred thing for all the life of God, especially for us as human beings!
Joseph and Mary were not cast off by higher spirits outside their unity as man and wife.
That is not possible!
God cannot approve of that, while they would achieve nothing by it.
On the contrary.
They had then beaten a hole in the human soul, precisely because they, therefore those higher powers, had brought the human being under their influence; this is our after all and has remained holy, Divine and pure!
In other words: even if we make a fairground attraction of it, the division is and will remain spatially perfectly ordinary, nothing can be improved about it, or deformed, the occurrence is a Divine law!
No, sir, no, ladies and mothers, this applies to me and to all of you, I am a human being and will remain so, I will not let this be taken away from me, for no prophet and by no prophet.
I would say that if people were now to say about Jozef: you are just a big dope, this could be true.
And something else too.
If you are unconscious, can you then give birth and create as man and woman?
Therefore we must be beaten unconscious in order to represent God?
It is gossip!
It is nonsense!
I will not give myself and cannot give myself, if I am unconscious.
I want to experience my own creation consciously.
The ‘All-source’ also wants this and must that ‘All-source’ therefore as God, tamper with this?
Is there not enough tampering on earth?
And then this on top of it?
It is not possible, Mr Veenkamp, it cannot be possible, but it is reasoning of people behaving in a holy way; it is the church!
Joseph and Mary consciously created a child and people could have asked Joseph this, or do you perhaps not believe this?
Millions of people ‘behind the coffin’ also ask him that and Jozef says: Good heavens, but what do those men and women want from us?
It is the truth!
I saw and spoke to Joseph and Mary.
When I asked those questions, master Alcar brought me to that reality and then I did not need to ask anything more: Jozef showed it to me and I knew it!
And now your next questions: ‘The mystical nature of their union gives the organism of the child a special immaculateness?’
You hear it now.
It is nonsense!
I have become cosmically conscious and go over the heads of all the prophets from before Christ came.
I know that my mother Crisje and my father, Tall Hendrik, did not let themselves be sold any lemons for pears, my father and mother were too human for that.
And is my organism immaculate?
I am just a perfectly ordinary creature!
You too for that matter.
All of us have to do with: where do you go in the morning when you awaken?
What thrashes about in your organism?
Are you free from the organic thing, which is called organism?
Do you not have any natural needs anymore?
When all of this is over – on the ‘Fourth Cosmic Grade’ we will be that far – you can talk of immaculateness, but we here on earth still have to accomplish those functions and that is perfectly ordinary.
But the human being wants to bridge this by talking, behaving spiritually and now they saddle the prophets with it, but this has no meaning, if you know the normal Divine laws of life!
Therefore remain normal, ordinary and you will be everything for God.
Do not behave in such a spiritually mad way.
This of mine was assigned, otherwise we would be faced with an untruth and unreal things and then it would become hot air!
I also read: ‘Christ received a vision, when he was still with the Essayers and so did Christ therefore already know, at the age of fourteen, that he had been a prophet thousands of years ago?’
Nonsense once more, Mr Veenkamp, because Christ came from the ‘ALL’ to the earth and this was the continuation of the past one, and not of that, for which the human being did not yet possess any consciousness.
All human talk, skirting the actual core as a law, you can accept that!
And there are innumerable things like that, laws, thought up by the human being, which were refuted by creation as human thinking and feeling; because then everything was already finished; it is only then that the human being began to think.
Another question from Mr Veenkamp, which is: ‘Can left and right, high and low be experienced in the universe?’
No, Mr Veenkamp, that is not there.
If you want to create, can you then experience going left, right, high and low?
Only depth; as a result of love we experience that Divine law!
For God there is therefore just one way to experience, in order to return to him, but we people made going left, going higher, going right and descending out of it and that is really human.
There is space and that space is depth, is a continuation to higher feeling and thinking and the human being is wrong about that.
Can you feel this?
Then I am finished with you and I will continue!’
Question from Mr A. den Heyer: ‘I would like some advice from you with regard to the upbringing of my little daughter Clara, who is backward according to social norms.
But she has shown supernatural consciousness several times and then she was still not backward.
For example, when my wife gave her a sweet, she asked immediately for one for other children around her, which we could not see.
That is not backwardness, is it?
A fortnight before my wife was buried she asked: ‘Who will be carried out of this house, mother?’’
Jozef says: ‘And yet she is backward?
Yes, for the social life she is now backward, but soon ‘behind the coffin’, therefore in spirit, she will not be.
But your child is clairvoyant and in what a way!
Just let her go and do nothing, is my advice to you.
Keep her at home, if you can do this, her own development will continue, she will reveal herself.
We cannot change anything about this anyway, nor give her something; the doctors cannot give her anything either!
Give her everything physically which you can and leave the rest to growth and blossom, physical awakening.
Then I will continue.
Who still has questions now?’
A lady in the hall now asks: ‘What is your opinion about and the advantage of the occurrence, when a young mother is taken away from her large family?’
Jozef Rulof replies: ‘That is not taking away, mother, but evolution!
Read the book ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’!
Questions like that are asked there and then you will know it for all the life on earth.
It is the continuing for the human being and therefore has nothing to do with taking away, they are laws!
And the human being does not yet understand them, because we find them inhuman.
Yet everything can be analysed, also this and the masters can do that; they did this through the books.
If you start to read, you will understand this occurrence.
That mother had completed her cycle, father and children must now make sure that they make it themselves and this is the Divine truth!
But you can write ten books about this, if you want to analyse this occurrence in a human and Divine way, you will certainly understand this.’
Question from another lady: ‘Mr Rulof, I exceeded the laws of God and must return to the earth.
My question is now: will I later possess this in my next earthly life?
I would not want to miss this for all the money in the world.’
Jozef says: ‘People, you hear it, a mother once again, who is not afraid to admit she has been wrong.
I give you my sacred respect, mother, madam, believe me!
Yes, if you come back, you will possess everything of this knowledge as feeling; I already explained this here before.
So do not worry.
Soon we will see each other again on earth or in the universe.
And all of this will then live in you as feeling.
And that is your life and your personality and if that awakens, you will act, as you can then and in this way you will continue your life.
But who can bow like that and that for society?
I think you are a ‘brick’, madam!’
Question from the hall from a nurse: ‘Dying people are often given morphine injections to make dying easier.
Which feelings does this have for the soul, who must pass on, Mr Rulof?
‘Sister’, Jozef begins, ‘you can now see and experience this, now that you have all of this in you.
Those injections are good.
Because that poor being does not feel his pains as much, the spirit can calmly release itself for the other side, because the pains brought disorder, it was groaning.
But now peace comes.
Did you not know this?
This is not harmful to the soul, on the contrary, it is a blessing!
The human being in this time can accept, people still did not know this before, when those deathbeds were different, like everything for that matter.
You were cut open in full consciousness then, because anaesthetic was not yet there!
You see it once more, we are progressing fast and that is understandable.
Soon we will have conquered all the misery!
It is only then that the human being will die spiritually consciously!’
Question from Mr Reitsma: ‘Can the narcotic sleep, therefore during the operation, work adversely on the spirit, the soul?’
Jozef says: ‘No, sir, that is not possible.
Yet there is a question of influence, but that dissolves; the doctor cannot arouse any disorders.’
Question: ‘Can the soul now leave the body?’
Jozef replies: ‘Yes, of course.
Many people disembody during the anaesthetic.
A woman experienced this and said to the doctor in her sleep, when he removed her appendix (the woman told me herself): ‘Doctor, look, that old man on the street is almost lying under the tram.
Oh, help, help, an accident will happen!’
The doctor looked out the window ... and yes, the old man was almost under the tram.
This woman was, as a spiritual personality, outside her organism because of the anaesthetic and the academics still do not know whether the human being has a soul.
A conscious soul then, as a human being ‘behind the coffin’.
And this woman already saw and experienced this, as a result of which she experienced that truth herself through my books and vouched for this.
This happens more often and is the truth!
However, only then, when you possess that sensitivity, or you will only experience your anaesthetic, this imposed sleep.’
Mr Götte asks: ‘Mr Rulof, what is the ring of Saturn?’
Jozef says: ‘And now you are laughing, Mr Götte?
You are laughing, because you think, I have got him now, I have finally got Rulof.
Now Mr Rulof is left speechless.
However, I tell you, if you were to ask a question, which is not to do with life, soul and spirit, the Masters do not go into that, because this is not part of their task, although they are omniscient for the universe.
No one knows it, not a single academic, Mr Götte, yet you will get the answer, here it is already – for Messrs Joost, Berends and Reitsma, the Universe- experiencers - something wonderful.
When Saturn began its own life – it does not matter what planet that is – it traced its own orbit between other laws, in between fatherhood and motherhood.
Saturn now has that orbit as a result of its location, as a result of numerous elemental laws of condensing for its own time and stage, condensed for the universe.
Nothing else happened; it is this!
But why is precisely the condensed orbit of this planet now visible?
And how can this be consciously determined, Messrs, Joost, Berends, and all of you?
Mr Götte, do I have you?
Isn’t it something?
Is it true?
Yes, it is true and what do you know about it yourself?
How do we establish that this is the truth?
I will not help you further, but you can know it.
There you are.
When I asked that question to master Alcar and he answered me back, from which we could see that, from which phenomenon, I had the answer and we continued for the Cosmology.
Do you already know it?
No one knows it?
From the orbit?
Yes, of course, I also say that, that is the answer, but there is more and that is the scientific true one for Saturn and the astronomists could know and see this, a child understands it, they do not!’
Mr Berends says: ‘If only I was that child.’
Jozef now says to us: ‘A planet is not square, is it, but round.
Saturn is round, but its ring is ... ?’
‘Good heavens’, we hear, ‘how is it possible?
The earth does not trace a round orbit, but an ellipse ... and the ring of Saturn is also like that.
You see it, this ring is not round, like the planet, but exactly as it had to trace its orbit, in an ellipse shape, and originate, when that orbit was precisely as the ring of Saturn now is; and now the masters determine its time for the universe and this is cosmically justified.
Well, Mr Götte, if you ever think that you can catch the masters, I am ready.
But it is art!
Is this true or not, this answer overwhelmed you for a moment, but this is the truth!’
Question from the hall: ‘Mr Rulof, we were talking a moment ago about anaesthetics.
I experienced something similar as a child.
When I was admitted for an operation approximately ten years ago, I felt in a pitiful state.
It was me, or I was surrounded by dreadful powers, which I had to surrender to.
There was a strong unwillingness in me and I did my best, to block it off from me, but that aversion and unwillingness remained, until I went under the anaesthetic.
But then I came to myself again, I was sitting calmly in nature and a moment before that or later, I do not know exactly anymore, I was in a dark tunnel and I was sitting in a train and then I woke up.
That tunnel therefore came to an end and is that wakening up from the anaesthetic?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, madam, that was awakening from the anaesthetic, from the sleep.
The sleep was now that darkness and your fear was the unknown, the operation, nothing else.
But you see it: we receive phenomena as a result of the anaesthetic and that is the truth, because the sleep is unconsciousness.
The returning to the day consciousness went through a tunnel, which you must see as the grades of sleep!’
Question from Mr Berends: ‘Are there people in the first sphere, who still do not want to accept reincarnation?’
Jozef says: ‘That is no longer possible, Mr Berends.’
Mr Berends: ‘Then I will tell those spiritualists something else.
I have already done that, for that matter; I will look here and there.
That medium said: ‘No, people do not know that there.’
You hear it – and I had also read that in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ – how those people deceive themselves with something, act the medium and are not that anyway.
All those, who claim to be mediums in The Hague, are not, I now know that.
Your answer is spiritually pure, because in the first sphere the human being is spiritually conscious, after all!!’
Question from Mr Veenkamp: ‘Is it possible to give an indication how people can come to understand the word ‘space’?
Space as infinity!’
Jozef replies: ‘If you descend into the mother as soul, have received contact with the earth, are born, this is the space of and for the birth!
But the space for the space, therefore for the universe, is the experiencing of that space and the conquering of the universe and then you continue.
The Space as eternity, is the ‘ALL’-stage for the human being, for the winged animal and for the life of Mother Nature, where all this life must represent the Divine consciousness.’
Mrs A. Uithol van Dijck asks: ‘I read in the paper about a horse, which suffers from attacks.
Is that possible?
And if so, are they the same kind of phenomena as occur for the human being?’
Jozef Rulof says: ‘Madam, all the life, which has brains, therefore the animal and human life, can possess these phenomena.
They are, you will certainly know that, material disorders, which numerous people are bothered by.
This is also the case for the horse.
People hear a lot about that for horses.
It is usually those animals, which once got a terrible fright.
I know of such a case where we lived in the country.
A farmer had a horse like that and at the most unexpected moment the animal lay on the ground.
The farmer later always knew beforehand, when those phenomena would come; he had got to know his animal.
Piet, as the horse was called, had once been frightened by a fire and these phenomena came six months later.
And how can this be explained now?
It is a disorder between the small and the large brains, but it has to do with the emotional life.
This horse then behaved just like a small child, looked for the farmer, whinnied, was different to normal and very clingy, a moment later it went through its knees, then it was that far.
Kind, soft words were the medicine for the animal and it walked on again a moment later!
Good heavens, how the heart of the horse raced then.
You could follow, as it were, where the attack crept to; when this had worked itself out, then you also saw, that the animal became calmer.
The human being acts differently to the animal.
The animal accepts this state, the human being does not.
The human being thinks, the animal too, but the human being wants to resist, the animal does not.
In truth the human being takes care of this phenomenon in the wrong way.
If the human being surrendered completely, there would be no fear, then everything would go differently.
The doctors determined this!’
Mrs Devis asks: ‘There was recently a gentleman, who told my friend and me, that we had already known each other in the sixteenth century.
He said that we were attracted to each other again as two friends because of that.
Is that possible?’
Jozef says: ‘Of course, that is possible, but I think, madam, that that man is just presuming something now.
After all, you must be cosmically conscious, if you want to be able to see back into your past.
Is that man like that?
No, we will just assume this, there is no certainty.
The intention is good, but now we can put everything up in the air and do not know it.
Therefore you were a man then and a woman now, she too?
Or is she now a he?
If the world were to hear us, people would laugh.
Yet all of this is the truth, but it regards certainty!
However, usually it is the own grade of life for the feeling and the personality, so that the human being feels and possesses spiritual affinity and we can accept this.
But, where are all my mother-in-laws, whom I knew during hundreds of thousands of lives?
Where are all my mothers and fathers and where are all my children now, at this moment?
Where do they live?
If you feel this, it must be clear to you, that we must have spiritual and physical contact with millions of people on earth and that is the sacred truth once more.
We meet so many people, from whom we know, that we could love them and who assert that power of attraction on us.
There is something in those other people, which connects you with those lives, but you do not know, what it is.
Then you must be able to see infallibly and namely into the past, which you can never do under your own power, even if you are sensitive to it, because the past has closed itself off.
But a great deal of people received phenomena, saw themselves again in those places and knew exactly, what a city like that, where they had never been before in this life, looked like from inside and outside.’
Mr J. Rijsdijk asks: ‘Can you give me a correct explanation with regard to what happens to the soul after death?
It now concerns the last judgement!
According to Catholicism there are three possibilities, namely hell, purgatory or heaven.
Or do people reincarnate?
Is there indeed a mortal sin, as a result of which hell is open to us?
Also, when people fail to attend mass on Sundays?’
Jozef answers: ‘In the first place I ask you to read the three books ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
You will know then that what you now ask is all nonsense.
There is a hell, which is a dark world, but there is no question of eternal burning.
There is also a heaven, that is the Spheres of Light, but there is no damnation.
Anyhow, just read those books, they were written precisely for that purpose.
And whether you do not go to and never go to church again on Sundays, means nothing, I do not go there either anymore.
Yet I was brought up a good Catholic, but I no longer accepted all that misery, when I was eight years old; and in this way I got into an argument with the priest.
You will read that in the books ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’, in which those laws are also explained.
You can accept that!
No, sir, no worries, just work it out for yourself, read and then come back, then I will go into that very deeply.’
Mrs Brands asks: ‘When the human being loses a leg or an arm as a result of an accident and yet sometimes complains of the pain in that lost body part, what is that then?
Is that not imagination?
My friends said, that it was because the life aura of the human being still has attunement or connection with those removed limbs and we could not understand that.’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, that is not the aura, but the spiritual leg itself.
My brother Bernard felt more pain in the leg which he had lost than in the material right leg; the left, which was run over, kept reacting and he could not even sleep because of it.
Therefore those limbs are still there, you have your arms and legs back again ‘behind the coffin’.
I will tell you a nice story about that, experienced by my master.
My master was expecting a friend, who came over.
And that friend, master Alcar said, was missing his left arm.
My master collected him from the earth and put him to sleep.
When the man awakened in his spiritual attunement, the Land of Twilight, Master Alcar was standing before him and asked: ‘What did you discover now?
And how do you know that you died on earth and that you entered the spiritual life?’
Immediately there came: ‘I have both my arms and that cannot happen on earth after all, I experienced the most wonderful revelation of my life.’
It is true, madam, the human being, who takes leave of the earth, will enter light or darkness, will possess the spiritual organism there and in this way will know, that something wonderful has happened, as a result of which that human being is suddenly convinced of and for his eternal life!’
Question from the hall: ‘When I was a young girl, I dreamt that I went to Voorburg and bought a paper there, in order to look for a post.
I read three addresses.
When I awoke the following morning, I wanted to convince myself and the three addresses existed.
What is this now?
I knew nothing about spirits.
And my post was good, I therefore did not even want to change.
Is this not crazy?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, that was a dream of the future and this is possible.
Millions of people dream and experience real phenomena, are warned, receive inventions through their dreaming, other people even know, which horse they must bet on in order to win, yet other people are warned about an accident.
That is well-known and it has to do with your own consciousness and your task, your emotional life.
Every human being possesses sensitivity, or we would not be human beings, the animal also has it.
You hear it, madam, you can dream into the future, see things which you will experience tomorrow for the first time and that is the natural telepathy, the pure emotional life of the human being and of every animal.’
Someone tells and asks: ‘Today it was announced on the radio that the death penalty was carried out on Van der Waals.
The pardon was refused.
When these things happen and the punishment was earned, are those, who carried out the sentence and those who place the signature for the death penalty, involved in that situation?
Do those people not create any cause and effect?
Or is that Divine law, as a result of which those people punish?
Is it possible for you to give an answer to this?’
Jozef Rulof says: ‘Yes, v.d. Waals was shot and those, now listen carefully, who refused pardon, are the murderers of this life and will get to make this good!
Irrevocably, because Christ said: ‘Thy shalt not kill!’
But the human being does not think of this, but this is murder!
All of them attune themselves to this murdering.
The judge must make amends for that one day; of course Van der Waals is faced with his own faults.
We do not have the right, to kill the human being, so that we still experience animal-like law here, which is not of God, because he will treat the human being in ‘love’!
The judge of our society is a spiritually unconscious being!
I would not want to possess this task for all the money in the world.
You now have to do with injustice and not only that!
You now hear: become king or queen and you will be attached to the misery of the human being or you should have stayed away from it.
But not a single judge accept that; that human being thinks that he does good for God!
But where are we now with the Divine law and with the ‘Ten Commandments’?
Casting them aside just like that, because a child of our people forgot himself?
Does the mother, who possesses love for her child, do this too?
Is that possible?
Must that be done?
Why do they not give all those ‘runners’ a chance to better themselves?
Is that not possible?
Is it not that, which we learned through Christ?
And do you think that he, who demands the death penalty and that he or she, who signs the sentence, are not attached to that?
I do not want to be a judge or king here, if I have to act, as they do, therefore against the laws of love, which were created by God and for which Christ came to the earth!’
Question from the hall: ‘Mr Rulof, do you know, what the following phenomenon means?
White ants are threatening the Vatican and especially the library.
People do everything, in order to stop those insects.
Where do those white ants come from?’
Jozef: ‘Yes, madam, I heard about it.
I will tell you.
Those are reincarnated priests, who came to the other side and then were faced with Christ.
Christ said: ‘Go back to the earth and make damnation illegal, ‘I’ never wanted that!’
And now, madam, all the white ants eat away at damnation, they cannot be stopped, because God did not want that damnation and Christ did not come to the earth for this purpose!
And master Zelanus says: ‘Just look, they have a bald patch on their head, they can be recognised by that!’’
Laughter, the people do not calm down, they feel that Jozef is joking.
And then there falls: ‘Madam, just let them, it is not crazy, but you would say, those white ants.
They want to go straight to the library, just let them eat away at damnation, then we will have nothing more to do with that misery of the Catholic church.
And fair is fair, that damnation does not exist either!
You must laugh about it, why not too, madam, but those Catholics with their damnation!
Last judgment?
Eternal damnation?
That must go, that must go out!
Then the Catholic church can go further and higher, now the people who begin to think leave the church.
It is a stunt, madam, truly, Our Lord sent them back, in order to fix that job for him, because they cheated millions of people by this; only priests are suitable for straightening this out again.
Now deadly seriousness ... and you will certainly understand that.
That with those white ants is of course phenomenon!
It looks a lot like becoming ‘old’, those papers there smell musty and the ants want to eat something else now and this is why they eat the animal-like carry-on out of the Vatican.
Yet it is not that silly, I hope, that this little army achieves its aim.
If those white ants also had a white cross, with some flags, then this would be a Divine wonder again for Rome, but this was not quite possible.
I am not making a fool of Divine matters, but that eternal damnation, ladies and gentlemen, must go, the human being suffocates in it, because God is not shown to the human being as a Father of love, but as a hater, a murderer, a God of revenge and violence!
And is that possible?’
Someone else now asks: ‘Is going to confession still necessary?’
Jozef Rulof says: ‘Madam, you must decide this for yourself.
When you read my books and can accept the word of the masters, you will not only walk past the confessional box, but also walk out of the church.
Why do you not confess directly to Christ?
That is possible, but you must want this yourself and consider it completely.
That man there behind the grid can no longer help us and we know it, he cannot forgive us, we must make this good anyway, you will learn this from the books!’
Question from Mr Straaten: ‘The masters have treated the question: ‘Must we pray?’ more than once and analysed the laws and possibilities of it for the human being.
I will first tell you my own experiences and would like an answer.
When I was three years old, I had fits of nerves.
The older I became, the more the number of fits increased.
When I was twelve years old, it happened, that I had four to five fits a day.
I could no longer stand it.
I then said to my mother, that I wanted a minister, in order to pray for me.
My mother was surprised by this, but made sure that the minister came.
Ds. Posthumus Meyes, the Dutch Reformed vicar in The Hague, came and asked me, what was the matter.
I said to him spontaneously that he had to pray for me, because the doctors and professors could not make me better.
I told him that I wanted to get better or die, I could not live like that any longer.
He then said to me: ‘But you must pray yourself.’
‘Yes’, I said, ‘but you can do it more nicely than I can.’
‘Then we will do it together’, said the minister.
After the prayer I never had another fit again.
This was therefore a miracle for all of us.
Later you explained this to me in a different way.
I would appreciate it if you would also explain this problem to the people present here, which I thank you for.
I would also like to add this: the minister later often talked of this miracle in the church and told it to his congregation, especially if he saw me in the church.
He said himself that he was affected by this prayer and, of course, for him it was definite that praying conquers everything.
Mankind must now know that this is not true!
The masters taught us it in a different way, which we must accept.
Pray for sick people, it is called and yes, sometimes there is real help, but not always and then the human being gets to experience his struggle.’
Jozef replies: ‘All of you know the laws for life and death and the laws for our own ‘karma’; for cause and effect as well.
Examples enough in order to accept that praying does not always help and that we must decide for ourselves when we can pray.
A girl had to die; ‘had to’ said my master, because this life continued.
And this was not accepted by the parents.
On the contrary, they did everything in order to keep their child of seven years old.
I said: ‘Nothing can be done about it.’
The child died and continued on the other side.
Another example.
A boy of three years old had to die and return to the Spheres of Light.
Prayers were sent up and masses were said, but it did not help.
I have had to accept this and was able to determine this several times through the masters, when I was healing.
Now something else.
Lourdes ...
Many people go to Lourdes, there were people this year, who died there, but they came for healing and for nothing else!
It is a huge problem for the human being.
Other people became better instantly.
And this situation, Mr Van Straaten, is yours!
You experienced this miracle yourself, but this is not a miracle, this is the ‘will’ of the human being!!
You healed yourself by tuning yourself into the prayer; by the ‘will’ all or nothing, you gained control of those nerves and they then listened to your will.
This is possible for a ‘fit’, but not for tuberculosis and other serious illnesses and yet, we sometimes see the healing come in these cases as a result of the ‘will’ of the human being, who can ultimately conquer everything!
Another piece of proof – I can gave you hundreds of them – as a result of which emerges, that the ‘will’ to live, can deal with and conquer everything.
I come to a sick man.
He is suffering from breathing lumbago.
It is the back and he cannot move.
At the same moment that I come to him, in order to help him, his three year old son walks over to a paraffin stove and would burn himself alive.
I suddenly stood where I was like a corpse and did not lift a hand.
My master accomplished this, he stopped me.
The man rushes out of the bed, grabs the child and throws him away from him.
I catch the boy and then the man lies down.
He says to me: ‘You are a fine one.
Did you not realise this?’
I told him: ‘You are better, just get up, it has happened!’
And yes, he gets out of the bed and no longer feels any pain in his back.
That pain had completely disappeared!
He was healed!
Then he asked: ‘Did you know this beforehand?’
I said: ‘No, but my master acted and let me stand there; I could not lift a hand.
He therefore saw this occurrence beforehand.
Of course, he would not have let it come that far, if you would have had another illness; now it was suddenly possible!’
Did this happen as a result of praying?
It is the ‘will’ of the human being!
That works suddenly and that always happens suddenly.
When people ask the priests in Lourdes, why God gives one person healing and lets the other die there, people do not get an answer.
And fair is fair, there are illnesses, which you cannot conquer just like that as a result of human ‘will’.
Those illnesses are too deep: you would have to conquer the whole sick organism at once and no one can do that!
Even if this happened with paralysis!
Your situation, Mr Van Straaten, is one of the thousands of them.
Your ‘will’ could do it.
Or must we accept that God is unjust?
That he listens to one person and neglects the other human life?
Is this not his child?
No one accepts that.
This is why you therefore healed yourself and many people can do that, it is simple-natural.
You devoted everything and conquered those nerves, as a result of your inner sensitivity, because you are sensitive!
A gem of a ‘healer’ lives in you, you know that for certain!
Pray for your illnesses, because, you will now hear it, it awakens your ‘will’.
But if the rest of it is not there, which Mr Van Straaten devoted, the all or nothing – because it concerns that – your praying will not help, because you leave it up to God alone and the people do not want to understand this.
But it is this!!
Do you accept this, Mr Van Straaten?
No other explanation can be experienced either, it is this!
This becomes unity with the universe.
It is the unity with yourself!
And it becomes ‘will’ ... and that will, ladies and gentlemen, can move mountains.
Did Christ not say: If you had a faith like a mustard seed ..., you know the rest, then what?
Then mountains would walk away, which means: the human being possesses a Divine ‘will’, but it still has to awaken.
We people want to receive and experience everything for nothing, but those powers and laws live in us.
But when something is broken, your ‘willing’ will not help anymore and then we have to swallow that wear and tear!
Something which is broken, remains broken, because we lack the material reality, this is clear.
This is why one person gets healing in Lourdes, the other does not and he then feels beaten.
If his faith is not strong, that human being also loses that too and there is nothing left, nothing, only emptiness!
I repeat, why one person and not the other?
I hope that this is clear to you.
There are enough examples to show that it is the human being himself who can heal himself for thousands of possibilities!
Another example of a case like that of yours.
A boy of sixteen years old is terminally ill.
No doctor, no sisters and brothers can help him.
The boy is completely paralysed.
One night he crawls to the sea and lies down in the water.
He does not know it himself, it is the urge within him, which forces him to crawl there and he feels that no one may see him.
Suddenly he jumps up, he has been healed!
What is this?
My master explained that situation to me.
No one was allowed to be there, those other people would have disturbed him in this state.
They would only have made him wretched in this contact, which came about by means of the Other Side, and then he would not have been able to give, be able to devote, all of himself.
Was this a miracle?
No, it was the own will, with the help of an astral being, who knew that it was possible.
There are thousands of possibilities and all those people get help, when the universe, or the astral personality sees and feels that that human being wants to get better.
Therefore by devoting all of your will, the miracle can happen of inspiring and giving strength to those paralysed muscles and nerves!
I have the following question here from Mrs M. Reinderhoff: ‘Does the speaking and singing of the parrot point to heightened feeling and a higher grade of intelligence?’
Jozef says: ‘That species, madam, senses the sound and possesses the possibility of imitating it by means of the organs.
Not only the parrot is capable of it, many birds in nature imitate others, or can do it!’
Mrs Schuling asks: ‘The husband of my girlfriend was killed in action on 12 May 1940, at 3.45 hours at night.
Every year she now wakens up at that time, either out of herself or sometimes by her children.
Does this mean something?’
Jozef Rulof replies: ‘Madam, this means, that occurrences which have meaning for our life, never disappear, if we have still not conquered, have not completely experienced the occurrences, and have not banished them from our thinking and feeling.
The moment, which hits us as a result of sorrow, that we cannot surrender, that moment keeps on reacting again and this has to do with ‘occult’ laws.
If you want to read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, then this will also be clear to you.
It is the beaten ‘will’ for the human being.
It is your loss, it is your love, it is your thinking and feeling which reacts exactly on time, because you hold onto that time yourself.
You hold onto that time ... because you do not want to release inside what is your possession and your life.
As a result of this you are continually faced with that shock as time and – that is clear after all – has to do with your emotional life; it is that.
A magician awakens exactly on time, who let himself be buried for four weeks.
Those laws are analysed in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
Which can be explained with thousands of examples.
Here is another example, which I was able to experience myself.
A mother comes to me and asks what her feelings mean; she always wakens up with a fright at the time, that her daughter perished in another country as a result of a pile of misery.
‘Did I sense that too deeply?’, is her question.
‘And how do I become free from that situation?’
I had to make a diagnosis and gave her the advice:
‘In the first place you surrender everything.
Your daughter lives on and you will see her again.
If you cannot do this, then you will never become free from your own longings and those feelings will continue to make your life here bitter.
And if you can do that, then you must try to experience that misery day and night, every hour, because that misery of your child must now die!’
And believe me, ladies and gentlemen, that must die, or you will never become free from your occurrences!
Months later she comes back and says: ‘I am that far, this time I slept through, the time approached and look, I remained calm.’
Because she, as a human being and mother, carried that misery in her day and night and then the moment came, there was nothing else to experience and she no longer felt that she had already dealt with it before.
Another example.
A lady comes to me.
She cannot – she told me – be in an enclosed space.
If this happens to her anyway, then she gets the feeling that she is suffocating and she runs out the door.
There is nothing to be done about it, the doctors say.
Even though they stuffed her full of medicine, it remains.
Now what?
I got to see the diagnosis and her past life.
This soul as a woman was also mother then.
And in that life she was burnt alive.
Precisely because she had felt locked in and because she did not see any way out, she lost that life.
And now her situation is exactly the same.
The psychologists say: half mad.
We say, through the masters, burnt alive once.
And who is right now?
Nothing can be done about it!
Nothing and yet?
If I had had to heal her – which is not possible, because who can make her experience that same situation – I would have had to let her feel that same fear again to get out, what is in there.
It is only then that she would be herself again.
It is only on the other side that all these phenomena will dissolve.
And ... also believe this and accept it, here every phenomenon is a law and this means, that the human being has once experienced that misery and we see this again in the emotional life of the human being.
Since the doctors still cannot accept reincarnation, they are powerless and just send those people away, or give those patients medicine, but it is the spirit and not the material!
In this way I can analyse thousands of human situations for you, because each phenomenon has to do with our inner life.
Ladies and gentlemen, this goes so far and so deep, that you cannot believe it.
You heard the explanation for the healing of Mr Van Straaten a moment ago.
This was his healing.
But what do you say to this: a man, a caring father, passes on.
The mother weeps until her tears run dry.
When the man died, the clock suddenly stood still.
Who did this?
The human ‘will’ was engaged at the moment of dying.
But now about what the woman experienced.
When the time was approaching, when the man had passed on, the clock started to tick more slowly and the clock stood still down to the second.
Then the woman said: ‘My darling is here!’
And he was also here and the standing still of the clock at the precise moment was a spiritual greeting of her loved one from the Spheres of Light!
If the astral personality can do this, then what, if we are faced with the human hallucinations and the natural, therefore healthy ‘will’!?
Can you feel what the Other Side and the will of the human being can move?
And how perfectly simple all of this is anyway?
And her husband can do that!
That is the unity with the clockwork of the clock and this is once more, if you possess the light of the other side, perfectly simple!
Then I will continue, but you can read many books once more about all of this!’
Mr A. Brand asks: ‘In the wonderful books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ it says: God is Spirit!
However, the Spirit of God had to accept a world of existence, which is the ‘heaven’ built up by the first people, therefore the kingdom of the spirit for the human being.
What does this mean?
May I have your answer?’
Jozef says: ‘You say it already, Mr Brand, God is Spirit and we people also got that Spirit of God, but that is our casing for the soul on the other side.
Therefore the soul becomes closed off there by the ‘spirit’ and that is the Spirit of God, for the human being the spiritual astral life.
We possess three bodies, actually two, one for here and one for there.
Here we live in the material and there in the spiritual world, for which our spiritual organism closes off the soul, because the ‘soul’ for all the life of God is the Divine core in us!
Yes, it is true!’
Question from Mr Th. Beyersbergen: ‘A client of ours has had rheumatism for some time now.
A friend of his says: ‘Put chestnuts in your pockets and you will get better.’
Is that true?’
Jozef replies; ‘Sir, that is possible.
There is hardly any oriental, who does not carry a product of Mother Nature in order to prevent illnesses, because this is possible.
But, because we westerners have released ourselves from those laws of nature, these things no longer help us, with one or two exceptions.
In nature a herb was cultivated for every illness and that is understandable.
But our chestnuts are western and our emotional life in particular no longer reacts now, so that only sensitivity remains and that is everything!
Can you feel this?
Not so badly thought up, it can help.
Now another short example, as a result of which you will get to know that phenomena.
I was in the army and we had to go on long marches.
The boys destroyed their feet with walking.
Not I and why not?
I filled my pockets with fresh grass.
And later it was hay.
My sweat was absorbed into that grass, I did not have any pain, but those boys did, because the material, which otherwise eats away at our bone system, draws out of the organism and into the grass.
There is no more to it!
Then I can continue.’
Question from Mr Maartense: ‘Last year I dreamt that my wife did not feel well.
And in the morning she was not okay either.
I went to my work, but I thought: Soon she will be in hospital for her appendix.
An hour later it was the truth.
What is this?’
Jozef says: ‘Sir, this is the natural and pure telepathy, your unity with your wife, brought about as a result of love.
If we now have Universal love in us, then that is the sensitivity in order to dream such things and matters before they happen.
But it was your wife, who gave the truth and the proof during her sleep!
You see, you took over the diagnosis infallibly.
You could be a healer!!
And a good one at that!
That has been proved now.
You also ask: ‘I went to visit my wife in hospital.
When I was sitting there, I became unwell.
Two days later I also had an appendix operation.
What is this?
Our unity?
Did I take over her illness?’
Jozef says now: ‘This is deeper, sir.
This goes to influence and because the appendix ‘spiritually’ destroyed by our ‘self’, this is the truth; the appendix no longer has a material function to perform.
You can get appendicitis instantly.
I could have explained your condition to the doctors, I could have told them beforehand: this is what his appendix is like, not inflamed and yet sick.
You were spiritually sick as a result of this occurrence and this situation manifested itself on your appendix and then you felt the phenomenon!
That thing was removed, but I could have healed you!
In this way we now see that we people can be truly spiritually one and that we can help each other, because we can take over each other’s illnesses.
What we can take over, we can also conquer; these are laws!’
Mrs To van Houten asks: ‘Soul and Spirit!
I have asked a question about this several times and yet I still do not know it.
Must I understand that the Spirit transforms everything for the feeling, which is still the soul?’
Jozef: ‘Madam, the soul is the Divine part in us and you are that yourself, as God also is!
But the spirit, I already said before, closes off the soul, that is the body for the soul and you yourself are the personality, but you react by means of your emotional life.
Is it clear now?’
‘I thank you, Mr Rulof, now I know it!’
Mr Van Rossen asks: ‘Many people, who visit the lectures, find it strange that there is no praying or singing here.
Why not?’
Jozef Rulof answers: ‘Do you wish to takes us back to the Catholic church or to Protestantism?
Those people must not yet leave their churches.
They must not yet accept this from me, they are not ready for it.
We do not pray here and do not sing either; if you wish to begin with that, I will leave and you will never see me here again, because I know that I will not make it with praying and singing.
These are spiritual relaxation evenings and nothing else!
And we have no church here, no minister hours, we live and think differently, our thinking and feeling is ‘Universal’!
Just say that to all those people.
I will never begin with it and if the master would have wanted it, I would immediately stop.
But the masters showed me it and I now know it!
Here we live as sisters and brothers together, what you wish to make of it outside this building is your own business, the example is there!
And that example is explained here Divinely and this is why we do not sing, we listen!’
Mrs Bruning asks: ‘God was not there yet and yet God created.
This with reference to what master Zelanus told last Sunday about the ‘All-source’.
It is in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
Now my question is: was the energy present in the very first haze, produced by the ‘All-source’?
I cannot work this out very well.’
Jozef says: The ‘All-Source’ is Mother and this motherhood was for the beginning of creation: aura, therefore protoplasm!
Everything can be seen and experienced in that energy as protoplasm, as a result of which ‘GOD’ could start with his life.
Therefore ... the ‘All-source’ is now ‘GOD’ and ‘GOD’ is the ‘All-source’.
This word of God now represents all the life of the ‘All-mother’, as soul and spirit, fatherhood and motherhood and all those other laws of life, which we were able to get to know through the books and the lectures.
Is it clear now?
Then I will continue.’
Question from the hall: ‘With our passing on from the earth we leave all our material possessions behind.
Also the arts and sciences?’
Jozef replies to this: ‘Everything of your personality as feeling goes with you, but science remains behind, you will only keep the knowledge.
And that knowledge does not have any worth, if you do not possess any love, then you will certainly understand!’
Mr P. v. Wingerden asks: ‘Was Lazarus really dead?’
Jozef Rulof says: ‘No, Lazarus experienced the apparent death ...
You can accept this, because the masters explained those laws to me, because otherwise Christ could not have done anything either!’
Mrs Luyken asks: ‘My parents had a shop.
If I was lying in bed, I could still look into the shop and then I saw a monstrous being standing there.
Once I saw that monster with a large knife and it wanted to murder my father.
Then I began to whine and to shout and the nightlight was allowed on.
But the monster, it was a being with terrible claws, did not go away.
When people talk about sinister things in my presence, which have to do with murder and destruction, I leave; I cannot stand it.
What is this now?
Jozef says: ‘You experienced something similar of course, otherwise you would not have had this.
What you saw, is the evil of this world, that is a monster!
You are sensitive.
It is certain that you once lost the life as a result of those monsters.
Therefore this fear.’
Mr Reitsma asks: ‘Is religious mania demonic possession?’
Jozef says: ‘Read the book ‘Mental Illnesses as Seen from the Side Beyond’ and you will know.’
Mr Reitsma also asks: ‘And does this also apply to madness and psychopathy?’
Jozef Rulof answers to this: ‘Read the book ‘Mental Illnesses as Seen from the Side Beyond’ and you will know all these laws and then if there will be something else, which you do not understand, then come back and I will go into it more deeply!’
Mr De Wit asks: ‘Every human being has his twin soul!
Now I thought: if my twin soul does badly and makes really bad mistakes, as, for example, Adolf Hitler, then what, if I, her twin soul, have not taken part in that evil?’
Jozef says: ‘A good question, Mr De Wit.
You must then, when you have arrived in the Spheres of Light, wait for your soul.
But there are possibilities and namely these: you can help to carry and help to make good your soul, who is still on earth.
This usually happens like this.
I could also write a book about this.
Of course, it is natural and simple, because you cannot go further alone.
There one life holds onto the other one, but does not destroy the other one.
But one of the two cannot go further, is now a disharmonic state.
It is only then, when the life, with which we are involved, has made good, that we continue together.
Then there is another question.’
Here comes the question: Mr Rulof, what happens with these evenings, is the spoken word not recorded?
Jozef Rulof says: ‘Sir, you see miss Bruning writing here.
She records everything outside of the wire recorder and Mrs Veenkamp will type everything.
Soon we hope to be able to give you this book in your hands.
If there is money, it will quickly go to the publishers.
And ... it will be worthwhile!
Let us hope that it comes that far.’
With this, dear reader, we will close the book about the questions and answers in the seasons 1949-1951.