Question and Answer Part 2

Jozef Rulof



In the period 1949-1952 during contact evenings in the ‘Ken U Zelven’ building in De Ruyterstraat in The Hague, Jozef Rulof answered questions from the public.
Many of the questions were about the content of the books which had already been published.
Other questions were about the themes and questions of life and death occupying the public.
The questions and answers were first recorded in writing and worked out by Mrs C. Bruning, who was appointed by Jozef Rulof for this purpose.
Jozef Rulof altered and added to the records until he was satisfied that they were a well-considered entirety, which you will find in part 1 of Questions and Answers.
Later the contact evenings were recorded by wire recorder (the forerunner of the tape recorder).
The text from these sound recordings was typed out.
In order to give the reader as complete a copy as possible of the original spoken text, parts 2, 3 and 4 of Questions and Answers contain the text literally spoken by Jozef Rulof.
The editors are aware of the fact that these books do not contain fluent texts in good Dutch.
The main purpose of these books is therefore to provide already advanced readers with study material to further enrich their spiritual knowledge and insight.
Parts 5 and 6 of Questions and Answers contain the answers which master Zelanus gave to the public during the contact evenings in the Sarphatistraat in Amsterdam.
These parts also contain the literal spoken text.
Some of these questions also concerned the lectures which master Zelanus gave during the same period in the ‘Diligentia’ building in The Hague, and they are recorded in the three parts of the ‘Lectures’.
During these evenings the speakers constantly repeated that the answers were intended for people who had read all the previously published books.