Thursday evening 27 March 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
I’ve got a nice card here from someone, it is the windmill at Zeddam, not the windmill on the Vliet (name of a river in the Netherlands), you hear, we also have one of them at home, outside.
Who wants that nice card?
From who is that nice card?
Who was in Zeddam?
Were you there, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Did you see the Montferlandseweg and the Zwartekolkseweg and Montferland and the trees and also the hut of Saint van Tien?
Did you also see the Jewish cemetery?
Yes, that is right next to it.
(Someone comes in.)
Good evening, madam.
I thank you sincerely.
I will take it along and then I will send it to that doctor there who is so good at billiards, then he will see himself.
Is that okay?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, that is fine.’
Ladies and gentlemen, I have here ‘A View into the Hereafter’, from last week, a page, you see, I have not forgotten it, madam, page 174 (in Chapter 8 ‘Real clairvoyance and the danger of seeing.’).
“When people had crucified the Christ, the black masses of clouds above Golgotha, formed by the dark, bad thoughts of the human being, ripped apart, and God’s holy light showed itself on the sky.
This is also in the bible to a large extent.
Now my question is: can the bad thoughts referred to be so compact that people see them with the material eye as that must have been the case on Golgotha?”
Madam, those masses of clouds of the space, that had nothing to do with the human thoughts.
When the Christ withdrew, took away His light from this world, this universe darkened; and that happened.
Then an earthquake suddenly came; that happened.
And He had predicted that beforehand.
And if you ...
And that is also for us.
That proves: if we take away and darken our light from the divine spatial, then people miss something of us in that divine, spiritual, spatial, true, just, harmonic, loving love; fatherhood and motherhood, soul, spirit and life.
Is that true?
That happened.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“Page 177 (Chapter 9: ‘Black magic’): Spirits of a lower order have no own will or existence ...”
This is said in connection with the black magic.
“Question: Is this will disengaged by means of misconduct and how long will that last?”
That will of the human being is disengaged for the good, you must read it like that.
They no longer have any will - it was about something else - for the good; that will was disengaged, that will was killed, smothered, that will was sullied, abused, raped, that will was completely deformed with regard to - now just get out the dictionary - truth, benevolence, being loving, friendship, brotherhood, sisterly love, fatherly love, devotion to duty, truth.
Just continue.
(A lady says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Self-sacrifice.’
Also that, madam, of course.
All of that is from that will, that human will, that has dissolved in darkness, hatred, lust and violence, destruction, sullying, rape and everything.
That is opposite it.
Do you understand it?
I also have here from you: “‘A View into the Hereafter I’, page 225 (chapter 10 ‘Cremation and burial’): Do not forget to pray for the unhappy one, who will soon come here.”
This means the man who would be cremated.
“Question: but people cannot do anything for others, can they?
People must do everything themselves, mustn’t they?”
We taught you that, but master Alcar - I told you that several times - wrote ‘A View into the Hereafter’ according to our human, material, earthly, social thinking and feeling.
So still not seen spiritually, and not spatially either and not divinely either, but followed perfectly simply, humanly.
And now we pray anyway, that means: we attune ourselves to and in the human being in to bring that human being by means of our good thinking - that can be a prayer - to another life, another thinking.
Also clear again?
(Jozef continues to read.)
“Page 214 (chapter 10: ‘Cremation and burial’): There are two purification spheres, one borders on the Spheres of Light and the other on the dark areas.
Question: do those two Lands of Twilight also border on each other?”
Well ...
Between Rotterdam and The Hague, madam, there is a long road, there are waters, and if you go off that road and you turn left there into the meadow, then you go through a swamp and ditches and suddenly you are under water, you have no hold, no more light.
And that light in us takes us upwards from the lowest spheres.
And then you have a sphere which has attunement to the Land of Hatred, then you are therefore just outside of that hatred, outside of that lust, and if you then come higher, then you will get a world of spheres, a misty state, which once more takes you to higher thinking and feeling.
Because there in that Land of Hatred, that is a brownish world, that is a sphere of brownish, dark, it is not black light, black light does not exist, but a dark state, where there is no light, nothing more, not a blade of grass, it is a barren, barren, empty, bare surface, with hills and valleys.
But if you enter that land of spheres, where that borders on the first sphere, then once more you get to see those little blades of grass.
But there is no spring, there is no summer, there are no birds, you do not hear any chirping, madam.
You do not get to see the feeling there of those people, which takes you right upwards and is cordiality, and gives a little bit of heat; there is still snapping and kicking and hitting there.
But if you still do that in words then you are still not attached to it; even if you are already attached to that snapping and that hitting, because it is finally and ultimately you.
But there is still no blade of grass to be seen there, no life, and that land borders ... that is called the Land of Twilight, it is already growing dark, I just told you, under that there is darkness, but it starts to grow dark, and the human being gradually awakens.
But they have already been there for two thousand years, three thousand years, ten thousand years; you can come out of there in five years.
But there are some who are so awesomely made of steel, so hard, and the human soul is much harder, a piece of steel can still be melted, but not the human character.
Because when the human being says: ‘I flatly refuse’, then you can do nothing more, then you are powerless.
Someone just tells me: ‘A priest comes there and a chaplain, and then I experienced a lecture in Diligentia, and then that chap says: “What does that Rulof have behind him?
Why are you bringing your good Dutch guilders there, to a devil like that?”’
And that woman goes into it, and she no longer talks to the father of five children in a month and says: ‘Just get out of here and as far as I am concerned, you can drop dead.’
You see, we still live in that.
Those people are still powerful and strong.
But your heart turns if a mother says to the father of the children: ‘Just drop dead.’
Then you could do her an injury, couldn’t you?
And those people then fight for a little bit of consciousness and are kind and conscious, but the priest and the chaplain are amongst that and they will not be released from that damnation.
Yes, and there we are now.
It is enough to make you weep until your tears run dry; but if you do it, you will not achieve anything anyway.
For four weeks the human being is not able to speak.
Would you not take those two, whoever it is, would you not take them over your knee and beat it out of them?
But then you are beating yourself.
And that in a society ...
Oh, this is still nothing: people are put in prison who are innocent, five, six and ten years; innocent people are shot down.
Then what?
Then what?
Society laughs at a human being.
We are still cannon fodder, if you want it yourself.
‘But no polonaise in my neighbourhood’, people say there on the other side, ‘if I dance, I will dance myself.’
I am really quarrelsome this evening, take that into account.
I am now busy, ladies and gentlemen, analysing your questions.
I am now copying them myself.
The lady who was busy there (mrs C.C.M. Bruning worked on producing Question and Answer Part 1), says: ‘Just give me them because then at least we will make progress.’
You should hear what is written there - good grief, when we get the money to publish that - your own questions, ladies and gentlemen, will be in it.
You should hear what is said here; then you will need nothing else if you read that soon.
And I am now so quarrelsome about that, do you see?
Yes, this evening there is no laughing.
Certainly not.
That is in the human being.
The reality sometimes lets you ...
Then you would ... a story like that from a man like that ... I already burst because of that, inwardly.
But I can sympathise with that man, I am sad about that; why can a mother, a mother of children, how can a mother be like that?
Would you not do her an injury?
Yes, now what?
Just hang them.
Try it sometime with a nice dress, madam, with a few flowers?
(To someone in the hall): Oh, what did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘... the money.’
We have nothing now with money.
You see, that cursed human will refuses.
They have with God ...
They have a God, they have a Father, they go to the church, they pray, they go to confession and they go to communion and lay Our Lord on their tongue.
But I used to say when I was eight years old: ‘But they make that themselves, that is just from flour.
They can bake that.’
And then Crisje said: ‘But Jeus!’
I said: ‘None of that Jeus, you can buy that at the bakers, then you will get a whole bag for four cents, but that is not Our Lord, you would like that.’
I will just help that man, sir, let’s just beat them, shall we?
‘They are baked flour sweets, and they want to sell them for Our Lord.’
I already told you that story once, sir.
More people did that, you know, not only me.
You read that in Jeus II, didn’t you?
Then the three of us had agreed - yes, I will come back to you - then the three of us had agreed: just bite on it.
I say: ‘I want to know now.’
And first we were praying there, confessing, all the sins gone; but I did not tell about that pilfering of course.
I say: ‘I stole a few pears, father, and I have ...’
Yes, I said anything; that is not allowed of course.
I think: yes, I will tell everything here.
Now that on top of everything else.
And the following morning then my friend went, he went there and he ...
I think: hypocrite, you do not dare; and he did not dare either.
And then me.
And when I placed Our Lord between my back teeth, I think: now the whole church will collapse.
And then I heard: ‘Dirty scoundrel, bastard and everything.’
I think: good grief, what is happening now?
And I sat and I sat, I think: I am to blame for all those people because they will drop dead of course, they will get the whole church on their heads.
But nothing happened!
The cock also crowed and I walked out of the church; but six months later I was still stuck to it, from the fear.
I could no longer sleep.
I heard every moment: ‘Dirty cad, you have bitten My life.’
And then I said to mother: ‘Did Our Lord have much pain?’
And ‘Yes’, Crisje says, ‘of course.
Then they nailed Him to the cross.’
I think: oh, she is right about that.
Because He is now between my teeth, He will not even feel that because He got much more than over there.
But it is there.
Six months later, ladies and gentlemen, I was still stuck to the fear, I think: imagine, if I get a bit bigger, I will immediately go to the chicken run of Our Lord.
And those people there, now still as mother and father of children, they say: ‘Drop dead, I am not talking to you.’
That is even worse than that.
Just bite on Our Lord.
Dare to bite Him, then He will say: ‘Oh, just wait a minute’, then you will hear the howling of the space; but nothing is howling because the flour bags are in there.
You should say that to the priest, then he will be shocked, then he will never come back.
If you are bothered by Catholics at the door ...
One also came to me, sir, I say: ‘Sir, I am Jozef Rulof.’
‘Hohohohoo’, he says, ‘then I am gone already.’
I say: ‘Thank God, get out!’
And those people, madam, they still bite on the Eucharist in the Land of Twilight.
Because the Catholics there also do that, and look for Our Lord, do not find Him and do not enter that first sphere, because they must spiritualize that will, become softer, more beautiful.
Well well, what is that to do with you, you will say.
What are you looking at, sir?
(It is not easy to understand.)
Just go ahead?
Oh yes, I said to sir here ...
What did I say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I am enjoying them.’
Oh, he ... they enjoy that if you really so nicely ...
(Jozef continues to read.)
“A spirit who goes immediately from the earth to the third or fourth sphere,” hmm, that is really one, “will hardly feel anything of the cremation, but they will miss something upon arrival in a sphere and be bothered by that.
How long will this discomfort last?”
I know what you mean.
The more feeling, and love, sensitivity in the spirit you possess, the less you will be bothered by the cremation.
I explained that to you recently, you can receive that power of the corpse, that is the bottom, that is the substance for the ground on which you stand on the other side, which you can now receive in only a millionth of a second and it does nothing to you.
And why not?
And why not?
Which one of you?
It is also in those books that you read in the evenings - are they yours?
‘No, madam’, it says.
And Jozef says: ‘No, sir, you were there, but you are completely off the mark.’
It says it just like that.
Why now, madam, can you suddenly receive that?
Which one of you?
No one?
(Lady in the hall): ‘... are rid of earthly feelings.’
Because you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because you are rid of your earthly feelings.’
Because you are rid of your earthly feelings, yes indeed, madam.
No, because you now have a spiritual consciousness.
And that consciousness absorbs everything.
You are therefore rid of the earth.
But your love ... the human being who loves, cannot be destroyed and there is no shock to bestow.
A human being with spatial feeling is suddenly faced with a situation in which people say: ‘Yes, I do not dare to say.’
I say: ‘Just let me fix that job.’
Someone was dead.
‘Hahavuvuvu, now we must ... father and mother ...’
I say: ‘Let me do that then, sir.’
I went there.
I say: ‘Madam, happy?’
‘Yes, sir, it is going well.’
‘So, madam.’
I say: ‘Imagine that you were instantly brought a message, madam, and there was also a bit of trouble and a human being starts to prepare you: the human being jumps in the water, but he will come out again.
The human being wanted to hang himself and someone cut through the rope.
But a human being was suddenly knocked down by a tram and then everything stood still, and then our happiness lay under that, then you will get a fright.
But death is not dying.
Death is evolution.’
‘Is my husband dead?’
I say: ‘Yes, madam, he is now lying sleeping peacefully in the bed, but do not get a fright because death is evolution.
He has had an accident.
Another did not dare to tell you, now they have sent me to you.’
Phew, I was rid of it.
She is thinking.
I say: ‘It is going well like that, madam.
Quiet, calm.
Just make a strong cup of coffee.’
‘At least you understand it, Mr Rulof.’
I say: ‘Yes, madam.
Do you also know me?’
‘Yes, my son reads your books.’
‘Yes, madam.’
‘But I didn’t want to get started with them.’
I say: ‘And now you must get started, mustn’t you?
Are you not collapsing yet, madam?’
I say: ‘You must not do that, because you will see him again.’
‘How happy I am to see you, because I never believed it, I thought that you were a man, like that and that ...’
I say: ‘No, madam, I am only forty years old.’
And she got a bit of a fright.
But he should have done that sometime.
Mother continued to stand on her own two feet, calmly went to the hospital, also talked to father and then she said farewell and said: ‘And now I will also read books.’
Because now she would see him again between that ditch which lies between The Hague and Cologne, that bit.
Did you have anything else?
Where does that suddenly come from?
That gushes up here just like that.
I am reading that and that comes up.
How can it be, don’t you think?
Oh yes, I was here, madam.
So that shock which the human being experiences in the material, and possesses love ...
Another, for this life, collapse and weeps and weeps and is moved and tears and tears and tears, but the human being who has the first sphere and possesses love, says ...
And the Catholic and the Protestant can also say that if they are great and really have that God.
Have you read that about Crisje?
Thirty-nine years old, then our Tall Hendrik went, and there Crisje was with seven children.
‘Well’, Crisje says, ‘what Our Lord does is good.’
I think: how can it be?
Who can do it?
And then it began.
And then you read in part II: ‘Tall One, just bring a juicy knuckle bone for Sunday for the soup for the boys because they have no more food.
But you cannot do that, Tall One, you can break violins, but that is no good to us.
But you cannot bring a juicy knuckle bone for the children and Crisje.
The ‘droodles’ with your violin playing, Tall One.’
I laughed right in the Tall One’s face when I was fourteen when he came back from the other side, I say: ‘Play something, but your playing, your screeching is no use to mother.’
Because then I was a match for him, wasn’t I, then I was a match for him.
Then that big Tall One was just a chicken to me.
But you did not see eggs from the Tall One because they were all wind eggs which he laid on earth.
And ‘behind the coffin’ he said: ‘Jeus, now I know which world you looked into.’
I say: ‘Yes, if they had said that at the time, then that would all have been nonsense.’
Everything is nonsense, the love of a human being is nonsense.
Or that man now says: ‘Wife, I am the father of the children’, all nonsense, you can drop dead.
And if you are that and you have that, madam, then you cannot receive that as a shock, suddenly those millions of laws and powers; then you stand before your little meaningless self, and then the spiritual moths bite your garment to pieces.
What are we actually talking about this evening?
I get all of that from the evenings which we now experience.
That is the deadly seriousness, madam, just believe it.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“Page 209 (chapter 10 ‘Cremation and burial’): People hear the person who was cremated screaming: ‘Executioners, murderers.’”
Yes, madam.
“But he had decided that himself.”
Hadn’t he?
“My own answer to that could be that he did not know that he had died.
Is that correct?
But he added: Is that honouring someone?”
(Jozef:) That man, that musician, who was cremated there in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, madam, he saw that they were going to burn him alive.
And everyone who is cremated alive sees that, or dead, because the human being is stuck to his organism if he has that attunement.
If you are coarse, brutal and you hit, and drag the human being through life by the hair, and rape, and all those other things, then you are stuck to that body, because then you have no light.
And you are not released from that organism just like that, that happens gradually.
You then experience the shadow as it were of a real rotting process for suicide.
Because all that breaking and destroying, that takes you to that great deed, that great will: suicide.
And how many of those small and big things for destruction do we not have in our soul, in our head, in our spirit, do we?
Then you are almost busy committing suicide, because you have already almost committed suicide with your inner life.
And they are all sparks which splash off your soul, go from your personality, and they break you ‘behind the coffin’.
And of course by means of the cremation; and then you have to shout and to suffer, and then you say: ‘Dirty scoundrels, stay away from my body, murderers!’
But you wanted it yourself.
That is cremation.
(Lady in the hall): ‘... they wanted that themselves ...’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘... they wanted that themselves anyway, they decided that themselves.’
Yes, ‘I wanted it’; but if you then do not know what that law is like.
Someone wanted to become a boxer.
And then someone says: ‘Come on, I will teach you it’, and then he began and then they already beat him so that he went blind in one eye.
And then he says: ‘But I did not want that.’
Then the other one says: ‘Then you should not have boxed.’
And there are thousands of examples in life.
Someone wanted to learn languages, he took on sixteen of them.
Then that mother says: ‘If only he was a baker.’
The seventeenth took him to Rosenburg (psychiatric institution in The Hague).
And he is still there now.
That lady came to me: ‘Can you do something for him?’
I say: ‘No, madam’, that one was just too much.
Sixteen languages.
What do you want to do with sixteen languages?
It is megalomania.
Learn to love, madam.
Learn to be in harmony with the infinite and with this place.
We talk about that in that book. Are you lazy, are you dirty, are you filthy, are you idle, are you bungling, messing up, wasteful?
Madam, then first lay those foundations for that other, and make sure that you come into harmony with your house, your husband, your children, those will then be the spiritual foundations for going upwards.
To learn languages, do art and let your wife go hungry as a painter, that is the greatest, the deepest murder there is.
Isn’t it?
And if you approve of that, well, then both of you go and do art, but do not annoy another life.
There are people who do art, you should see that stuff they manage to make, but they want to have art.
Well, they have art; not food.
Hahahaha, don’t make me laugh; eight thousand debts, they go to the welfare, but they are artists.
Sir, just go away.
I told you it.
An artist comes to me: ‘Mr Rulof’, I had to treat someone there, ‘come and look.
What do you think of my art?’
I say: ‘Yes, sir.’
I saw sixty of them, and not one finished.
That woman is standing there, three children, those boys are looking.
I think: they are hungry.
And I do not need to ask him because he was like that.
And she was this.
I say: ‘Well.’
I say: ‘Sir, may I tell you something?’
‘Oh yes, of course.
I say: ‘It not about that at all, sir.
But they are not finished.’
I say: ‘Finish one and see that you get money for that thing, because that woman is hungry.’
‘Did I not say that, Hendrik’, she says, ‘and then you kick me out the door, and then you say: “You are destroying my inspiration.”’
‘Yes’, she says, ‘yes.’
Just like that man who was tinkling away at his piano.
He already started at nine o’clock in the morning.
And that rattled, the neighbours went crazy.
It did not concern him, he had to play.
He had to loosen his fingers because he had to play in the evening.
Oh well.
Yes, he only gave lessons, but in the evening he did not go through with it once more, but he had to give lessons.
He had to keep his fingers supple.
His art!
She had been to him four times: ‘But husband ...’
‘Leave me alone!’
And he chased her out of his studio where his piano was.
At twelve o’clock sir comes: ‘Is the food ready?’
Then she says: ‘No.’
She did not say ‘eat’, but: ‘Just devour those keys because I had wanted to ask you: “What should we have to eat today?”’ but now it is too late.’ (laughter)
Then she says: ‘Is that harsh, Mr Rulof, that I did not say ‘eat’ but said ‘devour’?’
I say: ‘No, madam, you should have given him ... no, you may not give him cow dung, you should have sent him into the meadow and should have said to him: “Husband, for goodness’ sake get a bag of grass, at least we will still have some greens today.”’
‘But what did you earn?’
‘Oh yes, let’s see, where is my wallet’, he says.
‘You never had it, husband.
If it is in your pocket then I will know enough.’
And then he says: ‘Well, just go and borrow it, the grocer will give you something and the butcher too.’
Then she says: ‘We still owe four hundred guilders.
What should we do?’
Oh oh oh, and when the council put him out of the house then he started to shout.
And the landlord was a cad, and was a crook, he was a rack-renter.
Yes indeed, that landlord needed him.
That landlord said something very simple and the human being in the city does not understand that.
He said: ‘I must also eat, sir, I have nothing to do with your art, I cannot eat from that and you not at all because I see, you are a walking corpse.’
Isn’t it true, sir?
That is all in the book about those evenings which we had here.
I will tell you exactly what we experienced.
Also become an artist, madam.
Go and mop, go to a madhouse and help mad people.
Madam, that is the nicest art which there is.
(Lady in the hall): ‘They do not want me.’
‘Go door to door’, someone said, ‘and talk about Jehovah.’
But you no longer need to do that because we no longer accept that.
And now it just comes down to: how real am I?
When will I come with stones, when will I lay foundations for thousands and thousands and thousands of other things?
When will I be in harmony with my house, with my people, with society?
Sous l’etoiles de Paris; what is it called?
Bonjour, monsieur.
(A lady says something.)
Yes, I can also say it in French, madam.
(There is warm laughter.)
And in Russian.
Blast, now I am also making them laugh this evening, and I did not want to make them laugh anymore.
I say: I am now becoming really serious here for once.
From the tree people get to know the children, and then the branch goes to the right and to the left, but it is in the ground, inside.
We will continue.
“Page 209 (chapter 10 ‘Cremation and burial’): People heard the person who was cremated ... ” I already told you that.
“Is that honouring someone?”
No, madam, that is not honouring someone.
When the human being wants to be cremated then he must also just bear that misery.
What do think, what do you say, mother?
And if he does like that, that hygiene ...
Here in The Hague they have Morti Mata Mutu, did you already read that in the paper?
‘Be cremated because we will take care of you.’
And they do not know what they are saying.
Yes, there was someone at the door, then he says: ‘Oh, am here at Rulof’s?
That man is taking away our bread, because the people have signed up to be cremated, and then we come there and then they have changed it.
Because they now let themselves be taken to Eykenduynen (graveyard in The Hague).
That is your fault, sir.’
I say: ‘Do you not have anything to eat now, sir?’
I say: ‘Sir, then you must see that you get a sandwich.
But not from me.’
Yes, they follow me in the street and say: ‘Dirty thief, you have taken the bread from our mouths because you do not want people to be cremated by us.’
I say: ‘Well, just call me names, I don’t mind.’
I also have that on my conscience.
And the undertakers come again: ‘Thank God, Mr Rulof, that you are still here, because soon we will have ...’
(There is warm laughter.)
I had a visit from Mr Innemee, he says: ‘Mr Rulof, a share in the profit?’
I say: ‘Just give me twenty-four ...’ (laughter)
I say to Mr Innemee: ‘Just give me twenty-four percent, then at least I can publish my books about life and death, then I will advertise for the new and old Eykenduynen (graveyard in The Hague).’
I say: ‘And your laboratory there, will get honour, you must decorate that with red, white and blue, then they will know exactly that we also represent the Dutch colours.’
And then Innemee said: ‘I will make it up to you, then you will get ten guilders from every coffin.’
I say: ‘Thank you.’
But I still have to see it. (laughter)
I am always being taken for a ride.
Charlotte Köhler (1892-1977, Dutch actress) said that.
Did you see that, Pigglemee, that film?
‘Yes indeed’, she came to the intellect, ‘Oh, what is it, we are always being taken for a ride.’ (Jozef speaks properly.)
Then she wanted to say it nicely.
I always do that too.
He laughs again.
I wanted to come here this evening with quarrels, and now we are sitting here, we are sitting screaming and chuckling and giggling.
I did not want to make you laugh.
Why are you actually laughing?
Sir, are you also laughing?
Surely not?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It is healthy.’
Is it a healthy laugh?
Yes really?
Then I will continue.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, madam.
(Lady in the hall): ‘If you have to reincarnate anyway, does the cremation still interfere?’
Do you not see that those burns from the past are still on your back?
Madam, if you look carefully, you still now have all those burns from the last cremation from the prehistoric age.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, but does that not leave any traces or what?’
Now I will tell you real nonsense, spiritual nonsense.
You are burned in the jungle.
You probably do not believe that?
Then they made soup from you.
And that soup still burns in your life, madam.
Sir, you probably do not believe that?
You do not?
Do you dare to tell me here that we did not take part in cannibalism?
Have you lost the taste for a human hand here, a ...
This is the tastiest, they say, this. (laughter)
(Lady in the hall): ‘The mouse?’
Did you know that those inhabitants of the jungle say that the inside of the palm is the tastiest?
I thought this.
(There is warm laughter.)
The cheek, a nice fat cheek.
A cheek is delicious. (Laughter)
I placed master Alcar before those laws, he says: ‘Come along, then I will show you, because they also ate me once.’
He says: ‘And then I will show you the highest master, he used to be chief there in that and that time.’
I say: ‘You are not serious, are you?’
He says: ‘Come along.’
And then we went to the jungle.
He says: ‘I will now make contact with the space and then you will see one of the highest masters in the seventh sphere, who was chief here.’
And then we came from that life, we saw that, and then we went straight to the seventh sphere, he was one of the highest masters, and he was a chief there, then they just had one in the pan.
I say: ‘How is it possible?’
Sir, no kidding.
He says: ‘We see and experience all of that again because we did it.’
I now also have great worries because I ate my mother-in-law during that time, (laughter) my brother, my sister.
Not from our own people and our own grade, but we always went over the ridge of that mountain and then we went and stole a human being.
On Sunday mornings we had soup with bones.
Just like that film ‘Grassy meadows’.
On Sundays we get a cigar in the sky costing twenty-five cents and we eat fish.
And there in the jungle we wipe out whole families, madam, and that fire still lives in us.
Do you not believe it?
It is so serious.
And then you can make fun of it, but we all took part in cannibalism, we were then nicely burnt once, like that, by means of nature, we fell in somewhere and we came into a blazing cauldron, we were burned by water and fire; and it happened to us thousands of times.
But we do not remember it.
And then this cremation is still nothing, because that happens in only a few seconds.
But it is all true.
You can laugh about it, but it is all true.
The jungle still lives in the human being.
(Jozef continues to read.)
‘In the books people read: On the fourth cosmic grade people do not eat meat anymore,’ there it is again, ‘but we do not do that anymore in the first sphere anyway.’
Madam, would you still like a nice plate of soup on the other side?
A nice smoked herring?
We have them smoked, in vinegar, marinated, nice plaice.
On Sunday morning at ten o’clock, when Peter rings the bell, we run there and then we get delicious ... (laughter) a delicious fried flounder.
A cup of coffee with it from the Land of Twilight.
And if we go even lower, madam, we will be standing on the border of evil again and then we will drink our jenever again.
The lower you come, madam, even lower, and you already get animal-like poison, that is real whisky.
Master Alcar says: ‘André, just go on a bit because in the heavens they will have fun this evening, we are already waiting for you.’
I believe that immediately because they do not have any nice stories anymore there, do they?
He says: ‘All the heavens are waiting, millions of people, men and women, are waiting for Buziau (1877-1958, Comedian) as Paul of this century because we want to laugh again, laugh in a healthy way, fun.’
That means: to draw from the wrong, the abnormal, the reality and to put a mask on that reality, back to the human being, to society, to lies and deception, to admiralty.
And then what - I told you last week - if you are mayor of The Hague, what good is that to you ‘behind the coffin’?
And then what if you are a general, you can run and fly, you are a minister of social affairs and you have the money in your pocket, like our Piet Lieftinck (minister of finance), and you do not know that half of Our Lord, and you also share that out and you steal from Him; you are as poor as a church mouse ‘behind the coffin’.
And if you then want to feel that nonsense, then you will know exactly where all those learned gentlemen go to.
This is as far as I go, I am finished with you.
Satisfied, madam?
I will get ten cents from you this evening.
(laughter) Add five cents.
For every note from you ten cents, so this evening I have earned more.
Five cents, I wanted to go a cinema on Sunday, madam, five cents, come on? (laughter)
Madam, will you take me into your house for half an hour, then you will never have misery again.
I will make coffee for you, but I will let the milk boil over.
When it expands, I will come and collect you, I will say: ‘Madam, the expanding universe is in the milk.’
And then we will have nothing left, then we will have nothing, then we will have nothing left. (laughter)
Now you should that ...
Are you here this evening for the first time?
Then I will stop it.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“What is the reason that even high spirits do not agree with each other about reincarnation?
In England they do not believe in it.
And in our country not nearly everyone.”
So, are you trying to deceive me that they are high spirits?
From who is that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I meant: they already squabble there.’
Yes, madam, reincarnation ...
If you hear the spiritualists: ‘Reincarnation does not exist.’
Engineer Felix Ortt (writer, publicist, 1866-1959): ‘Jozef Rulof is a madman.’
He is writing about me again: ‘The prince of space is completely mad.’
I am the prince of space, he read that somewhere.
I say to him: ‘Sir, give a royal, spatial answer.
And then will I not be the prince of the house, and you neither, sir?
You will also become that.
If you can really interpret the words of Christ and can pass them onto the masses and the people, society, for soul, life, the spirit, fatherhood and motherhood, rebirth, then you will be a prince of that space.’
And Felix Ortt says that I am mad because he does not accept reincarnation.
But his spirits say that I am mad; and mine have unveiled the space, they look behind all the veils of life and death, fatherhood and motherhood, Mr van Straaten, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh cosmic grade, the Divine All.
And they go even further and return and make a journey with us - now in Diligentia - to the divine conscious being and let you stand before life and death, which is for ever and ever.
How did I say that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Nicely.’
What did you say?
(Woman in the hall): ‘Nicely.’
From who is this note?
(Lady in the hall): ‘From me.’
Madam, that spiritualist world is stuck to the word of Elise van Calcar (writer, spiritualist, publicist, 1822-1904).
(A portrait of) the lady is hanging there who said: ‘There is no reincarnation.’
And now I have met them on the other side.
Now you should hear, and now you must not be angry at what I am saying.
I said: ‘So, hag, what are you doing near me?’
She now lives on the other side, she was a good person, she was a nice person.
Have you never heard of the clairvoyant Mrs Akkermans?
She did not believe in reincarnation either.
Sometimes she did, but then other times she didn’t, then suddenly didn’t again.
If it went against her it was wrong again.
But Elise van Calcar brought here under spiritualism ...
There were, well, approximately fifty, sixty thousand people in the Netherlands.
Her word was law, and spiritualism took over, they believed in the mediumship, in the thinking and feeling of the human being, and then everything was at a standstill, because she was accepted: reincarnation does not exist.
And now I can ...
I came to the other side, I say: ‘Master Alcar, take me immediately to Elise van Calcar’, I say, ‘and there are also a few whom I must fight against, because I want to put them across my knee here.’
I say: ‘I am now opposed to the Dutch spiritualism, I can connect the human being with God and his reincarnating, with all his lives, the peoples of the earth, and I am now powerless against Elise van Calcar because they have accepted her life and her word.’
Could you not do her an injury?
Yes, it is like that, madam.
I wept tears here in this house.
I told you about it recently.
Then society came here, a lady is sitting there, she also talked here about: God is love.
This lady is also a medium, and was standing here: ‘Do you remember, Jozef?’
I say: ‘Yes, I remember.
But those spirits of yours did not rise above their talk.’
Is that true, madam?
They did not know cosmology, you must also accept that anyway, mustn’t you?
Just ask me a hundred thousand questions about cosmos and about millions of laws; I will get the answer here immediately.
And I saw that.
But you did well, you see, you brought those people to the awakening, you gave them a school.
And you can be pleased about that.
You also have that.
You remained simple, you are a child of Our Lord.
We also talked about that a moment ago, another who really wanted titles: ‘I would like to be reincarnated in a countess.’
But Our Lord does not have them, He does not have them.
Madam, spiritualism is at a standstill because the spiritualist does not accept reincarnation.
I can now fight like a wild duck, I devote my powers and I am standing here in the Netherlands.
The theosophists still do not even know it, they say: ‘Yes, now and again, that is not for everyone’, so that God is an unjust one.
Not for everyone.
Every insect is father and mother and pupates and becomes a butterfly and reincarnates.
And the human being does not, the highest being for creation?
Well, there we are.
If theosophy, if the Rosicrucians and the spiritualists were to come to me, then ask me for ten years here and ask questions, now test me if you really want know something, now test me for thousands of possibilities.
Here we also have academics; let the engineer, the doctor, the metaphysician, let the theologists, let all the psychologists come and test me here and then finally give me a yes or a no, because then we will work it out: this is dying in a murderous way, this.
Yes, they want to see chairs dancing and knocking, but there, by means of that knocking they knock us to the unconscious, to the madhouse, to Rosenburg, because those knocks, they are no longer any use to us, we want the word, the pure conscious word, we now want to change, we want to awaken, we want evolution.
True or not?
And then you stand again, then you stand before Elise van Calcar, who has already passed on twenty years ago, we still sit here with Elise van Calcar in our stomachs.
And now is she spiritually conscious there, in the first sphere?
She would like that!
I asked her: ‘Are you happy?
Still tears here in the spheres?
Weeping from poverty?’
I say: ‘Madam, weep for your own megalomania, for the boasting which you knew, which you gave to mankind.
But you did not know it.’
That was boasting.
That was megalomania.
You must first say something then, ladies and gentlemen, if you know it.
Then you may say: ‘It is not possible.’
I saw my things, I saw reincarnation.
When at nine months old, I was lying in my cradle and I made the cradle move myself - that happened, you will read that in ‘Jeus of mother Crisje I’ - then I was suddenly seven years old.
Where did I get that from?
That had to come back from a previous life, I was not there yet, was I?
Nine months, I was lying in my cradle, next to the cradle, I am seven years’ old, I look at Crisje, I think: I will frighten her.
I kick.
‘Oh’, Crisje.
Once again.
I look into the eyes of master Alcar, I say: ‘May I?’
‘Ugh’, Crisje said, ‘my Jeus is bewitched.’
I say: ‘Yes, you would like that, I will tell you later, when I can talk.’
But I could not talk yet, sir.
Not reincarnation either?
You see, they are pieces of proof, sir.
What did I come to The Hague with?
With universal consciousness.
Madam, that all lives in that windmill there near the Montferland.
Go there, ladies and gentlemen, just go to the Zwartekolkseweg and the Montferlandse, but go through our Plantation.
But my brothers also walked there and they have exactly nothing.
‘Johan, do you know?’
‘No, I do not know.’
‘Do you know, Johan, how children are born?’
‘Just work it out for yourself.’
I told you last week: now he comes to me.
I say: ‘Why did you not see anything on the Zwartekolkseweg, Johan?
I write book by means of that, I paint, I talk to people.
I have got a nice job.’
I say: ‘I will not swap with your job for the postal services.’
And then Johan said nothing.
He cannot say anything either, for that matter.
Madam, this is misery.
Because of this the world is standing still.
The spiritualist read ‘Masks and Men’.
Recently in Amsterdam someone says, he says: ‘Felix Ort is writing about Jozef again.
He has to have that Jozef.’
Then my wife says, and other people, she says: ‘Oh, what does it matter, he does not know anything.’
He says: ‘He is now talking about the prince of the space and about reincarnation.’
He says: ‘But the spiritualists all decline his papers, because they want to be rid of his prattling.’
And now he says: ‘That is Jozef Rulof’s fault.’
He says ... A sailor comes through as many as sixteen times, who has already passed over sixteen years ago, and is now still drunk.’
And those people have finally read those books, ‘Spiritual Gifts’, madam, and it says there, master Zelanus says: ‘If you, your husband, you are a man, aren’t you, you are a woman, and you have been nice and drunk sometime, you had a wonderful party this evening, and during that party - you were a bit dizzy - you died, you got heart failure and had passed over.’
Then he says ... Who was drunk now?
The body.
But that sailor, sir, he has been coming back for sixteen years and again and again, and then the medium comes; then they already see from the face that she is drunk and then: Cookah.’
Then she begins, then she also has to vomit, because otherwise they will not believe it; then it is not real, do you see?
Real vomiting, and then a few drops of jenever in the mouth, then it is even more real and then she acts the drunk.
And then they sit there: ‘Oh.’
And then they just talk to that sailor, because that sailor flatly refuses to begin with his life, in order to begin a new life, because he does not want to lose that drunkenness, sir, ‘behind the coffin’.
And then those spiritualists say: ‘But now I have read a book by Jozef Rulof and he says, the master says: “The body is drunk and not the spirit”, that is not right here.’
And then they began to think and then they said to Felix Ort: ‘You are talking nonsense too, because you do not know it either.’
And then they got into an argument and now he must have me.
But, sir, ‘Spiritual Gifts’, master Zelanus says, take this with you, ‘read that and you will have a spiritual sword in your hands.’
And yet those spiritualists go - those mad spiritualists, sir, aren’t they, they are all mad - they now begin to think.
And if they now know what is in those books ...
‘I was brought up as a spiritualist.’
And then they say: ‘He destroys everything.’
Yes, the trash in that holy spiritualism.
There are no more drunks on the other side, the body is drunk and not the spirit.
We do have spiritual psychopaths on the other side, but not drunkenness, ladies and gentlemen, because that does not exist.
Am I right, sir?
And those spiritualists accept that.
Is it not so, madam, that I am now still standing shouting and shouting again.
And we could have built a temple for Christ, a University, together, with our fifty, sixty thousand people.
I had to make sure every day that I had a hundred and fifty thousand books for the masters.
And now and now and now? ... this whole universal, beautiful, wonderful, spiritual contact has been sullied by the spiritualist, Elise van Calcar.
Isn’t that a pity?
Am I perhaps attacking her?
No, sir, no, madam, on the other side you want the truth.
I saw them, I say: ‘Master Alcar, I should have heard that for years, ‘where does she live?
Does she already live on the other side?’
He says: ‘Yes, we know her.’
Everyone who pronounces just one word for Christ, is known on the other side.
And then I went to that old one.
She remained old.
A beautiful person.
Beautiful personality.
And sir, she remained old.
I say: ‘Master Alcar, what is that old age here?’
He said: ‘Because she is stuck to untruth.
The human being passes that on.
She cannot develop now.
She remains old, she remains earthly.’
Those cursed thoughts which she gave space to here on earth in our spiritualist, spiritual society, they keep her pressed to the earth, she cannot rise out above her inner life.
That untruth which she gave to the human being now keeps her out of the first sphere, madam, because you cannot enter the first sphere, which is reality, with such misery and such aftermath.
And where does Elise van Calcar live now?
Where does the King of England live and all those emperors and kings who were really good and loved?
And they started to murder, they let the human being murder and they signed death sentences; and where do they live now?
In the first sphere?
They must come back to the earth in order to become a mother in order to give those lives a new body.
And now Elise van Calcar, I say: ‘You are in the mist, aren’t you?’
I say: ‘Did you really think, madam, that I still had respect here for your devastation and crushing and destruction and that I sympathised with you that you are not in the first sphere, where you could have been?’
Did you really think that I would sell my mother and tell her she was right, if she has untruth; if my child is wrong and that I just give another child a slap in the face because it is my own love?
No, madam, that is no longer possible on the other side.
Elise van Calcar has to accept her own poverty, just as the writer of dirty novels.
They are still read.
I saw someone sitting on the other side weeping and moaning.
He says: ‘My soul is weeping away and I am not making progress and I do not want to make progress, I want to serve for Christ, but those cursed books of mine are on earth, the young generation, the girls and the boys read my lustful literature and I cannot be freed from it, they keep drawing me back to that dirty, filthy, smutty trash which I gave to them.
I will remain dead, living dead.’
Is that not true, sir?
I asked those people why they did that.
He says: ‘Yes, I did not know any better.
I thought I was doing something.
I thought that I was giving the human being something.’
‘No, sir’, he says, ‘it is much more nasty: I wanted to eat and drink, I was too lazy to do something else and this is why I started to write, I had a talent and I wrote dirty, lustful rubbish.’
Do we still have another minute, madam?
Sir and madam, it is done.
(To the sound technician): Sir, we must have light, we feel like a cup of tea.
It has already happened, sir, the time is up.
See you soon.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have here: “The undersigned was part of a little club, ladies, with that, because of that ...”’ oh, there it is again, oh, it will take a while of course, but we will get there, you know.
“The undersigned is part of a club of ladies, who had a conversation about the laws which you try to explain to us.
We also came to the area of artificial insemination.”
Who is this from?
“It concerned this fact: if it is a law that a woman cannot give birth to a child, can this not take place by means of artificial insemination?”
You also heard the drama because science makes cold steel of us.
Human love will mean nothing more soon, for this time alone, because I determined it yesterday, we dealt with that here.
The questions and answers of the building ‘Ken U Zelve’, and the human being gets to know himself there.
Madam, you can be injected and then you will have a child.
And now you ask: “We came to the area of artificial insemination.
It concerned this fact: if it is a law that a woman cannot give birth, can this ...”
Of course not.
If you are not capable, your ovaries, and the possibility of your inner maternal life finds itself in a disorder, you cannot be fertilized; not by your doctor either, because it remains exactly the same.
(Lady in the hall): ‘But it is about something else.’
No, why?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, what it also says.’
But this is the first question.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
“Could some other abnormality of the woman be to blame for not getting pregnant and this will be the case for artificial insemination,” I already told you, it is not possible, “of course from the own spouse.
This has already been proved.”
Did the man inseminate her anyway?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, it has already been proved that the woman did not become pregnant in the normal way but she did by means of artificial insemination.’
Then that man was absolutely not capable of inseminating her, otherwise it is not possible.
(Lady in the hall): ‘From her own husband she was then, she became inseminated.
(Lady in the hall): ‘By means of artificial insemination.’
From her own husband?
(Lady in the hall): ‘From her own husband.’
And it could not be done like that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Not like that.’
That is possible, because then there is ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘... with the woman.’
Then there is a material disturbance, and then the doctor helps the cell of the creator, the sperm, to go straight to the maternal cell. And otherwise it gets stuck here or there.
No more than that, that is the only disturbance.
That is possible.
That has also already been proved, you know.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
That is possible.
But then there is therefore ...
As a result of a material disturbance, you can get science as an aid, that is very simple.
But when the man does not possess the cell ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, not then.’
That is not possible.
(Lady in the hall): ‘That is not possible.’
We also know that now.
(Jozef continues to read)
“This was the point of my intense discussion because ...”
You had a nice discussion there, madam.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes indeed.’
“... because two of the ladies did not even agree with this.”
(Lady in the hall): ‘You did not read what it says before that.’
(Jozef continues to read.)
“Should there be some abnormality of the woman to blame for not getting pregnant, then this will be the case for artificial insemination,” but we have dealt with that now, “of course by her own spouse.”
You can also receive another insemination.
“This has already been proved.
Did she create a law herself?”
She did not create any laws and she cannot do that either.
“This was touched upon.”
(Lady in the hall): ‘That is exactly what it is about, about this point.’
She can, you can, if you ...
You are capable, the doctor says: ‘You are fine.’
The organs are all good.
Your husband cannot do it, and it does not get through to the maternal cell.
That is only because of a disturbance in the organ, in the tube which goes to that temple of the mother.
Now that cannot be done under the own power and now the doctor will help you, that is possible.
And that is very simple.
And you dealt with that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That is exactly what it is about, about this cardinal point whether people can create an own law by something, I am namely not ...’
You can do nothing, you can only help creation, no more than that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Exactly.’
And that is already a great deal.
So then that doctor is not that crazy when he does that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, exactly.’
If I give him my sperm and you get it, and I cannot reach you like that, and that sperm of mine must ... on that long path ...
Because that takes a long time, that is a very long path for that small millionth cell.
You cannot see it with the naked eye, gentlemen, that is just like a little snake, and that is just like a tadpole, as we call that where we come from in the country, you know, a little fish with a big head, and that is very small; and that little tail, madam, that is the universe.
And that swims to the mother and then on the way it cannot swim any further, because an island arises, for example, and it attaches itself behind that in that womb, in the fallopian tube, the ovary, and then you get a little hill there, for example, and the little animal cannot get over it and it is stuck - nice? - and the mother does not have a child.
And now that doctor says, I see that, madam: ‘It is fine; then we will help you.’
Very simple, it gets through, it goes over that hill, and perhaps another abnormality, there could perhaps be a hole in it and the little animal falls into it - it is a little animal, a little human animal - and then that little animal perhaps drowns on the way, or it remains too long, the strength has gone, there is no more drive, the whirling has gone, and remains there and then nothing happens.
And people did not agree with you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, indeed.’
But this is a nice conversation, amongst ladies that is a nice conversation.
You can also do that with gentlemen, because at least then they learn something.
These are the most wonderful problems which the human being can analyse himself, because it is you yourself.
You do not need to act improperly because they are the divine fundamental laws, they are already talking about that on the radio.
But this is the very, very first thing which a human being must know.
But you are right, madam.
But you cannot create a new law.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, it goes even further, I am also asking about that precisely.’
(Jozef continues to read.)
“This was the point of intense discussion.
Because two ladies did not agree with me.
We people cannot interfere in the divine law, can we?”
Yes, you can do that.
The descending of the soul into the maternal body, you cannot do that.
But you can break that law.
“But we have nothing to say about that, do we?”
But if the mother now says: ‘I do not want a child’, and she chases the foetus away and she murders the embryo, then you break the contact with the space, with God, with evolution, with the rebirth, fatherhood and motherhood and everything.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, but it was not about that.’
It was not about that.
So that is the conscious murdering, that is murder, that is a real murder to the soul.
No, you cannot do that, you cannot change anything about that.
At least if you do not interfere.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“We would have liked an answer regarding this.”
Do you have any questions about this, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, it is completely clear to me, I thank you.’
Thank you, at your service.
Which one of you?
No one else?
What a lot the people know.
I also have here: “If we do wrong ...,” We also dealt with that here from a to z., “ ... with eating meat, fish and poultry, this is also God’s creation, isn’t it?
There must be killing for that, does that not go against the laws?”
From who?
I want to have that name.
Madam, lady, we dealt with it here one evening and then we talked about brats and about reincarnation and about moth heads - do you remember? - those potatoes.
And we talked about eating fish and eating meat.
Is it wrong, madam, that you have to slaughter a cow and a horse and another type of animal?
I have had vegetarians visit me and then the people said: ‘Are you also a vegetarian?
I say: ‘Madam, what are you coming for, for me or for you?’
Then she says: ‘It is wrong, isn’t it?
Will you help me?’
I say: ‘You look fine.’
Nervous, thin, pale.
‘Yes’, she says, ‘I do not feel well.’
I say: ‘That is possible, madam, you are completely underfed.’
She does not accept it.
Then my master came and then he said: ‘If you eat a steak and potatoes and plenty of fat, then I will help you.’
‘Haha’, she laughed right in my face.
I say: ‘Go to your doctor.’
She goes to the doctor and the doctor says exactly the same thing.
She comes back to me, I say: ‘No, madam, I will not help you.
The steak will do it now.’
Vegetarianism, madam, it is good for the human being to do without because the body lives in that stage, because we have different grades of organism.
And that means: the pre-animal-like, the animal-like, coarse-material, material.
And we already have the core of the spiritual garment in the white race (see and that is the vegetarian, the natural, born vegetarian.
And those people must no longer eat that and they do not need it any longer either, as a child they are already afraid and dirty from meat and all that fat.
But do not say to a human being: ‘Leave that.
And that is wrong’, madam, because the fish, madam, was born from our organism.
The delicious turbot, madam - where does that come from? - a plaice, a freshwater fish, or every fish, all the life which populates the waters originated from the human being.
Also the animal of the land.
But we no longer eat any apes today.
And now you can start to talk, I will place you before everything, I will checkmate you for every question, spiritual and cosmic checkmate.
I only admit to you: anyone who can and wants to be vegetarian, do it, because then the body no longer longs for the other.
But what was the cow born for?
Just like that?
We need that milk, you no longer need to eat that meat, but that milk ...
But there are also bodies ...
The cow and every animal, the animal which comes to the human being, the chicken, the egg, all the winged type of animal which the human being eats, originated from the human being, got an evolving organism and the Great Wings from the human beings, but was born from the bone marrow, the kidneys, the nervous system, the blood - not from the brains - the mucous membranes and the glandular systems; and for the waters, sir, from our spleen, the whale, the octopus and all that type.
I saw that.
I made journeys, thousands of pieces, in order to get to know the waters, as independence.
And why is that protein from a turbot, a plaice, and just carry on, which you can buy in the shop like that ...
A pike and an eel, and all those other things, originated from the human being, and if we do not eat them, madam, then they will appear on the beach today or tomorrow, and then they will ask: ‘Please eat me, because we want to evolve.’
And now you.
Can you not take it?
And if you would like ...
We have had people here, I talked about it for an hour and I was finally proved right at the end of the evening, you were there, sir, weren’t you, sir?
Because I prove to you where they come from, where those types of animal originated, because we see our own proteins again in the animal.
Because we were born in the waters, and we went away from the waters; we got land consciousness.
But Mother Water, that is motherhood, produced own life through us, because we left the cores for that behind.
I saw that.
The masters took me there, because I refused to eat, I could no longer eat, I came from the heavens, we had made that journey, and then the master says: ‘Now we will begin, the food is ready.’
I say: ‘Oh oh, God, in God’s name, do not let me eat, I cannot see any food.’
I think: when I think about food, then I already vomit.
I had been in the heavens, I came from the fourth, the fifth and the seventh sphere, and then I had to return to the earth and then they put a meat ball down in front of me there.
‘Well, just begin.’
I say: ‘Oh God’, and then master Alcar had to put me in a trance and he had to eat because my body needed that.
He says: ‘Your body has not reached the vegetarian grade.
Because if you had reached that then you would have long ago, because of these laws of the space you would have succumbed long ago.’
He says: ‘You were born with Crisje and that body still needs animal food.’
Which grade do you come from, madam?
Do not laugh at another who eats meat, and eats that and eats this, and if you are a vegetarian, then be pleased and happy, but do not advise the human being to do that because you deny the human being that food precisely; by means of your advice, madam, you take the human being straight to ‘the coffin’.
And then the human being looks: ‘Oh oh, dirty, ba.’
I say: ‘Oh yes, madam?’
This lady came to me, and I could no longer help hundreds in the years between 1930 and 1940 because they were undernourished and they had ...
‘Yes’, the other says, ‘there are enough oils and enough of this.’
Madam, that must be animal blood and food, that has been proved in society.
The academics can tell you it; they are not nonsense, this is truth.
You need that because your body still possesses an animal grade.
And you do not know that yourself.
Even if you are a white race (see, we live in animal grades.
There are bodies which irrevocably need that meat, because it was also born for it.
And if we did not need it, did you think that God would not have let it originate?
It is a pity that that cow, which always gives such extremely good, nice, wonderful milk, must also give that steak.
Our chicken, all her life that poor animal lays the magnificent wonderful egg, upside down, sunny side up, what is it called again over there?
And that tastes like I don’t know what, hard-boiled and pickled, how would you like it?
And when it has stopped laying and it begins to cackle sadly then we wring its neck, and then it goes into the pot.
Yes, and then we eat chicken soup.
Do you also still eat chicken soup, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
There it is again, do you see?
On Sunday master Zelanus says: ‘The little bantam hen says: mmm.
It knows it, it is no longer laying, ‘I must tell Hendrik that ...’ and then the story continues like that.
You think of course: nothing becomes of it.
And at the end of the chapter ...
I laughed until my sides split when he wrote that, didn’t I?
And at the end of the chapter he says: ‘And on Sunday we will eat chicken soup.’
Crisje says: ‘What should I do now?
Oh yes, that white one is no longer laying, I must tell Hendrik that.’
And then another wonderful story comes.
And at the end of the story he says: ‘And on Sunday we will eat chicken soup.’
What did you have?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I wanted to ask: Why was no animal born from the human brains?’
Madam, who says that, that that is not possible?
But then you must also prove it.
You say: ‘That is not possible’, but just try proving it.
You can say: ‘That is not possible’, now prove it.
If I say: ‘It is not possible’, I must prove it.
The master taught me that.
He says: ‘If you say: “That is not possible”, you will have to prove it for God, otherwise you will stand still on the other side.’
Why is that not possible?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because it is the intellect.’
You are close.
Just go a bit further.
(Lady in the hall says something, it is incomprehensible.)
That is well felt, madam, full marks.
But why?
Go a bit further.
You see, everyone has feeling.
(To someone in the hall): Yes, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because it is the restraint of the life of feeling.’
(Another lady in the hall): ‘The soul.’
Yes, that is also already something, but it is not that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘It does not have to do with the feeling or intellect.’
No, it is a little organ, a means, but it is not an employing organ.
Brains do not secrete any materials in order to feed the body.
And those materials as organs, which feed the body, have created another life; brains are dead.
Brains already belong to the after-creation.
Isn’t it wonderful?
Everything, sir, which possesses viability in order to give birth and to create ...
But brains do not have that, brains are a dead material which only receives a feeling and sends it on, or we would burst because of our thinking, but that is not an inspiring material.
Brains are only the mattress on which we sleep.
Isn’t it wonderful, sir?
Tell that to your prof.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘He is already dead.’
He is dead?
Oh, then he will learn it yonder.
But madam, do you feel, brains ...
But we are talking about vegetarianism.
From the kidneys, from the glands, precisely from the spleen and the liver, those substances which give that stomach everything in order to digest, blood circulation, mucous membranes and everything, madam, they have created new lives, and especially for the spinal marrow.
The turbot originates completely from the spinal marrow, and from the milk of the cow, and also the egg of your chicken.
(Lady in the hall): ‘And the mussel.’
And the mussel.
Because every organ, madam, grows, and evolved and created seven new organisms from that one cell.
And now you get to see different grades of organism.
That is the cow.
A horse no longer.
Our intestines have also created life and then we come to the jellyfish on the beach, and the octopus and the snake on the earth; a dull tortoise, also has tasty soup.
Because every grade again, however animal-like, madam, the snake, also created life which ... in the highest grade and in the very first viability ... for us ... and then it is the snake in the waters and then it is not called a snake fish, but then it is called the eel.
And what is that long thing called?
Sea eel.
And then the snake in the waters is dangerous, but it crawled out, and left something behind in that which was the first thing from that grade and continued building life.
I saw that.
I know a snake and an octopus, just let the biologists and the geologists come one day, then they can get cosmic lectures.
But I have not studied.
What are we talking about this evening?
What have we been talking about all those years, sir?
Yes, oh if you read that now, what it says there.
Madam, are you still a vegetarian?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No.’
You want to know it alone.
(Lady in the hall): ‘I thought, it is wrong to kill them.’
Yes, that is the human being, do you see?
But when we kill ...
I tell you, Christ said to His apostles, the fishermen: ‘You will throw down your nets there and then we will catch.’
Why did he have four hundred thousand fish killed if the Christ possesses a Divine love?
If He knew it and did it, what do we people still want?
And we people: ‘I do not like fish.’
Killing fish is animal-like, that is also murder.’
And the Christ murdered everything there.
And we go over the Christ with our thinking and feeling?
Come on.
Just take Him and then you will be certain.
And that fried, sir, at twelve noon or in the evening at half past six, yes, I would leave that lady’s potatoes for that; she is not there this evening.
This afternoon a smoked herring and then I say: ‘Oh, I will get my liver, not my kidneys, but I will get my liver back.’
I say: ‘Boy, you have lived long enough now.
I let you expand, I gave you my soul, my spirit, I gave you my brains, but now I have you in the pan again.’
What an outsider I am, don’t you think?
Do you have any more questions about this, ladies and gentlemen, because I have nothing more.
(To a lady in the hall): Yes, madam.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, it is actually just as bad to kill an animal in order to eat as to kill the animal for some tests with medicines.
I mean everything together of course, not to torture an animal, there are so many means to do that painlessly, no nasty things.
By which we only ... for ...’
Yes, look, the lower the consciousness for the academic, a louse and a flee, and a rat which devours your rooms there and everything ...
Now, if you give the rats the possibility, madam, then we have no more roads and no house anymore, then the rat is the boss, is that also good?
And that is real vermin, because a rat belongs to vermin.
But have to ... the vermin as rat ...
A guinea pig no longer, madam.
Why not?
A guinea pig is also worked to death and tortured.
And with a rat they say: oh well.
But those beautiful guinea pigs ...
What does that guinea pig originate from, where does that guinea pig come from?
And that already has an existing creation.
And a rat is an post-creation.
But then you do not need to consciously gauge out that animal’s brains and the light from its eyes with something burning in order to see whether those life juices can serve for the human being’s light and head ...(inaudible).
But if you see that picture there of that lady: you cut open a rabbit there, and it is still alive.
And then they let an ape lie with its stomach open so that they can see the heart beating.
Those filthy executioners.
And then they must see that heart beating; it is still beating.
If I was standing there, I would give him a blow with an iron on his head and would say: ‘Sir, I will save you, then you can no longer do any harm in this life.
I will just destroy you there.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Rap rap.’
Rap, rap.
One for its head and one from behind, sir.
And then Our Lord said: ‘Well done, Jeus.’
When I saw Our Lord, He said to me: ‘André, you can make my people, all my children, laugh.’
He spoke English, Our Lord.
I say: ‘Yes, Father.’
He says: ‘Tell my people, my children on earth, I have My life.
They have not killed Me, all the people in Jerusalem, they killed themselves.
I have My life, My own life.
And Peter and holy John.
But holy John and Peter live in the first sphere, not in Rome.’
How did Our Lord say that?
Did you have anything else, sir, can I get rid of anything else this evening?
‘Give on earth my wonderful righteous smile’, He says to me.
But I will translate it into French in a minute.
He said: ‘Give my children on earth my righteous smile, because I will also laugh sometime.’
Did you ever think, madam, that Our Lord sometimes interpreted a smile?
I saw Our Lord smiling - yes, holy, isn’t it - in the Divine All.
Then He came like that.
Just this, like that, those eyes.
I say: ‘I will die for You.
But I will not let myself be destroyed as they did to You.’
Did you have anything else?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, this gentleman asked you a question last week ...’
Threw a question in the letter box?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘You had a question from him last week.’
Sir, just say it, because I have taken everything into my hands, I took three out of here and I did not see your question.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘My wife was lying in the hospital next to a lady, that lady had a dream, she saw that the Christ was terribly beaten and worked to death; and she experienced that so strongly in the spirit, that she herself was blue the next morning ...’
Wait a moment, help me to remember that I am telling you something directly.
Ask me something soon, I have a nice story for you.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘And her body hurt ...’
It is just coming up.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘She had to be transported, but she could no longer stand up on her own.
And then the nurses lifted her out of bed and they put her on a stretcher, and they transported her like that.
And the doctors were faced with a riddle.’
I think that she, now that she became sick, that woman ...
She said: she saw the Christ being beaten.
(Lady in the hall): ‘She dreamt that the Christ was nailed to the cross, and then they beat Him so terribly, and then she wakened up in the morning and then she was completely black and blue.’
Madam, that is a picture that she must have experienced in Jerusalem during that and that time, otherwise you could not dream those things.
You can dream them ...
Is she very Catholic?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, very much.’
Then I do not believe a word of it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘I saw it.’
Harsh, isn’t it, madam, just so direct: then I do not believe it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, I saw it, I was lying next to her.'
Yes, you saw it, madam, but then it is the Catholic church which gives it to her, then there is no reality in it.
But if you are not a Catholic ...
It can be centuries ago.
But then it must be quick, because the Catholic church only came after Jerusalem, two thousand years ago, then you have not yet had that life.
Because if you have lived there in Jerusalem and have seen how the Christ was beaten and how He was tortured and you also stood there amongst those people: ‘Crucify Him and beat Him’, or you stood amongst that and say: ‘Oh, my dear God, it is He, and now they start to murder Him and now they start to whip Him, now they spit right in His face’, and you have seen how they nailed Him to the cross, because they could all see that, then you were there, madam.
But if you come from the Catholic church and you are stuck to it, then it is something which you got in your youth from the priest.
(Lady says something, it is incomprehensible.)
You see, this is why I ask you immediately: is she Catholic?
How quick, don’t you think?
I told you something one evening here, then you asked me: Is hypnotism good for people, in the hall?
Then I say: that is the most rotten thing which the human being can do.
The worst poison.
That is awakening something in the human being which the human being must keep and you cannot take that to consciousness, that is perilous.
One person does not feel anything and another one does.
Have you read in England, that a girl there started to scream?
And now she is psychopathically ill, because of the hypnotist.
Was I right, sir, recently?
Thank you.
That is what I was concerned with.
I say, there you have it.
But if I say it here ...
And society?
Well no.
That hypnotist sits there: ‘Eyes closed.
Can you feel me?
Push, push.’
And then I was also sitting in the Karseboom (hall in The Hague), I say: ‘The ‘droodles’ with your pushing.
You will not get me.’
And half the hall was sitting there with those hands.
I say: ‘Madam, loosen those hands: loosen.
Just loosen, sir: loosen.’
Then he says: ‘Stay away from my work!’
I say: ‘Go away, sir, what you are doing, that is all misery.’
Then a lady there came onto the stage, she had to bathe there.
She had to bathe.
‘You are at a lovely beach and we will have a lovely paddle and the sun is shining and you see the people.
Can you feel the water?’
‘Oh’, she says, and then the skirts went up, then the people were allowed to see the knees.
I think: you should do that to my sister or my family, then I would get you off the stage.
The woman there is being sullied.
And the human being, they make freaks out of an old human being, out of a learned human being, out of a good human being there on the stage.
And society here approves of that.
They should break all those hypnotists.
Now in England you get a girl there, he said to her, she had to really scream ...(inaudible), now that child is lying screaming from the shouting, because that hypnosis was stamped into the life of feeling and will not come out again, because it has attached itself to something and now he cannot release it again.
In England it is now forbidden.
But the hypnotist does not know what he is awakening.
I can explain it to you because I know the life of feeling of the human being, I know the spiritual gifts.
Did I not tell it here one evening, ladies and gentlemen?
Now it has happened, I am proved to be completely right.
And we have even more like this between heaven and earth, life and death, sir, the laws of which the human being does not know and says: ‘Bvvv.’
Soon ‘behind the coffin’ I will get my spiritual club and I will be proved right.
Do you believe it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Thank you.
Yes, I have been talking to you all evening; but politely. (laughter)
Someone said in the interval: ‘Now that Mr de Wit has gone, now you have, there in the corner we have the rest.’
I say: ‘I will find another one.’
I must have someone with whom I have contact, otherwise I will just be talking here in space, what do you say, Mr de Wit?
Will you say that to Mrs de Wit, madam, sir?
Did you have anything else, madam?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You also had a nice story for us.’
Sir, I have just told that story.
That was about the hypnosis.
I already told you it.
Ladies and gentlemen, give me something nice because we still have time.
(To someone in the hall): Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You just talked about drunkenness which is not on the other side, but in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, there in those hells, they also drink there, don’t they?
Do they not get drunk?’
No, that is spiritual poison.
They sullied themselves.
That only burns.
In the hells, you will not believe it!
On Tuesday evening master Zelanus frightened the people in Amsterdam.
Then someone says: ‘What is lust?’
Well, you cannot find any words for that.
I cannot do that.
I cannot do that now.
Then he lifted up a little veil, which is actually lust.
He says: ‘The masters write: you can transgress laws, can’t you?’
And then he let the people feel for a moment how a law is transgressed.
Then the people says: ‘It was as if the devils came into the hall.’
And they also come.
‘Are you still not afraid, sir?’ he says.
If only he would leave, because that was dirty, I saw that aura building up.
He says: ‘The hells are here now.’
He says: ‘And that is just a little thing.’
Sir, what is spiritual fire in the human being ‘behind the coffin’?
What is lust ‘behind the coffin’?
You will not believe it, in the Land of Twilight you are not attacked; but, woe betide, madam, if you have to do with hatred, and sir.
You are still here on earth, you have not lived it up, even if you go into society a thousand times and you experience the underworld, ladies and gentlemen, you cannot indulge the body because it is universally deep, cosmically deep.
So you just have little nibble from it.
And then you come to the other side, your spirit comes there and it has nothing, it still has everything from the space.
And then men and women come towards you and then you are deliciously spiritually raped, madam, and there is no end to it, sir.
They take away your life juices completely until you are lying there, completely sucked empty, and then they let you lie for a moment, you recover again because your divine spark takes you back to the normal, to the thinking and then you grow again and then you grow again and then they come back again, sir, and then you are spiritually raped there.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, this is on the earth, it is still as bad as the people ...’
You cannot experience that here on earth, madam, even if you had a harem as a gentleman, with forty ladies, and then you let rip as the human being does not want to and cannot let rip, madam, then you will still not live it up; because this is all spiritual.
Living it up spiritually, madam, if the human being still walks ...
Then you must have no more brains, no more light, have no more eyes, have no more intestines, have no more heart, have no more blood circulation, you must be able to indulge in all of that.
That must dissolve.
That blood must change and that must become a stinking water, it is so bad.
You can do that in the spirit, but not in the material.
Can you do that here?
That is not possible, is it?
That’s it.
As a spiritual personality you have attunement to hatred, to destruction, to kicking, to hitting, to murderous devastation in everything.
The human being can let rip considerably in the spirit, and then you feel: you will definitely get to see your own kind there, and there are millions of them.
Ladies and gentlemen, waken up and be loving, then you will no longer have anything to do with that soon.
I flatly refuse.
I saw them there, ladies and gentlemen, I walked for months and months being nauseated by those people.
My food: the stench of the darkness was in it.
And there the spirit.
I say: ‘Master Alcar, no horse would stand that, would it?
I can smell that stench of the darkness.
The heavens, yes, what do the heavens hope to achieve if you have shown me all the rottenness of space?’
‘You must get through it anyway, André.’
I could no longer eat, I could no longer drink, I could no longer see, I could no longer sleep, I sympathized with every human being.
If a human being was just harsh, then I already got a fright, I think: oh, another one like that who does not know himself and who just hits and who just kicks.
And they believe ...
‘Oh well, would that be possible, and is that true what that fellow says, that he was there.’
I say: ‘Sir, can you not feel it then, was there not a Christ who said: ‘Love everything which lives, or the devils and the satans will come to you’?’
But they do not believe the Christ either, because that is not possible.
It says there: you will not kill.
And then they have a God and then they pray: and I do it for God, and I have been put on a throne by God.
And they sign death sentences that sparks fly.
And then also: you will not kill?
They laugh right in the Christ’s face, right in ...
(To someone in the hall): What did you say, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘They hit Him in the face.’
They drink His blood every day.
Nice, isn’t it?
Well, you will all see the hells and the darkness.
Soon you will say to me or to yourself: ‘They should have used the whip.’
But, sir, the human being flatly refuses it.
I experience it every day.
A human being who has committed a murder and was so rotting in twenty years, my God, my God ...
‘I love you’, the Messiah says, the masters say, but stop, stop.
I can kiss a man if he stops hitting, hitting to death.
And now a mother who says there, there you have that again: ‘What is possessing you?
Drop dead as far as I am concerned’, to the father of five children.
Then he says: ‘How long must I take?’
Then she says: ‘As far as I am concerned six weeks.’
God, my dear God, woman, what can I make you happy with, not for that husband and not for the children, but for yourself because you are hitting yourself.
Imagine that that poor miracle, it is a miracle, immediately leaves, is standing there in the Land of Hatred.
‘Just suck her empty, devils, until she knows, until she stops it.’
Have you got your way now?
Because the human being is becoming so harsh.
Then the human being says: ‘Strict.’
There was one like that sitting there a moment ago, I say: ‘That nonsense?
Someone showed me portraits there, drawings.
‘It is the very highest, which they told me.’
I say: ‘Madam, just go away with that nonsense, a child of eight years old can also do it.’
And the masters said that.
Should I start to lie, should I say: ‘Yes, it is beautiful’?
She says: ‘It is the very highest which there is.’
I say: ‘Madam, put a cross in it, then it will at least be something.’
But there was no cross in it.
And now they walk away.
Well, just walk away.
If I say: the other side is spiritually conscious and the Christ, He gave himself, He did not die for the human being, but they murdered Him.
And if you demand a death sentence again, then you hit the Christ from Golgotha ...
But He said to me: ‘They have not killed Me, André, but themselves.’
They have killed and murdered themselves, but not Me.
I say: ‘Our Lord’, when I saw Him, in the Cosmology, I say, ‘do You wish to accept that I want to give my blood, my brains, my light for You?
But not for any human hyenas and for any lion and tiger consciousness and for any lion and tiger feeling.’
I say: ‘And the people who come to listen to me, Our Lord, I will teach them that; they may beat and kick, that they do not hit back; in this way, they will be that strong in their life light, because space originated because of this.’
You are strong, yes or no?
‘Do not let yourself be kicked’ and ‘do not let yourself be beaten.’
Just let yourself be tortured; he just tortures himself and she tortures herself, sir.
‘Behind the coffin’ there are hundreds of millions next to you and they say: ‘Just hang them’?
No, sir, then she says: ‘If only they had beaten me to death when I said: ‘Drop dead.’
I sometimes also say: drop dead, but then I do not mean it, then it is usually a meat ball.
You thought that the world and mankind ...
‘You should be rough and harsh sometimes’, they say.
Yes, for what purpose?
In order to go against something.
Then they are saddled with even more sins, the human being.
But I also no longer do that.
Once I caught myself.
I say: ‘Master Alcar, I was with people, I could not help it, but I gave them a slap right in the face because they sullied Christ and you and the books and everything.’
He says: ‘Do not hit, André, because you are hitting yourself away from my contact.’
I say: I will not do it again either.’
I say: ‘If someone touches the books I will attack them.’
I say: ‘Just murder them now, just throw them into the stove, just sully them now; just gossip about me, just talk about me, just destroy Our Lord again and make the heavens completely crazy.
But I will do nothing to you, I will laugh right in your face.’
But I no longer hit.
I will take myself into consideration.
I do not want any hatred, madam, I do not want any yapping, any destruction, I do not want snapping and snarling, and if you do that to me then I will perhaps says: the ‘droodles’.
Oh well, then perhaps you do not know either.
But the human being carries on, the human being hits, the human being kicks, and whether you shout or whether you say everything and know everything, the human being will not believe it.
But soon ‘behind the coffin’, ochohohoh, I laugh there, on top of a mountain, I will sit under the life tree of space and I will throw rotten apples.
But there will be not one from which you get a life juice; and you are dying from thirst there, just believe it.
My own mother and my own brother and my own sister ...
I am not capable of taking an apple and of throwing them there.
I say: ‘Eat and drink.’
No, just hit it.
Sir, ‘the coffin’ is nearby.
It can happen this evening.
And then will you have one foot in the grave?
No, sir, then you will have both feet ‘behind the coffin.’
In a spacious life in which you hated, cursed, snarled, growled: ‘Bitch, brat, drop dead as far as I am concerned’, you sit in that muck.
I will stop it, I will not do it.
Do you want me to start to hate?
Haha, sir, just murder me, just destroy me, just throw me under the tram, I will take myself into consideration in order to hate you, in order to tell you something.
Yes, I am crazy.
I will have myself, because of your provoking I will have myself beaten from the spheres.
Because Christ gave us the example, how He stood before the Caiphas and Pilate.
And then Pilate said: ‘Whip Him’.
Then the executioners came and said: ‘Wraem.’
And that poor good Lord said nothing.
And the Peters and the Pauls who were sitting there said: ‘He is now our Boss, He is our Master, he is the Christ, He lets himself be beaten, He does nothing back.’
Lift a hand, then He would have spoiled His divine space, by means of the human being.
Yes, He was crazy.
I refuse point-blank, I will not do it anymore.
I do not say: ‘I flatly refuse’, sir, you can say that to your family in The Hague, I am not a professor here, not an intellect, I have that anyway, but I refuse point-black to hate, beat and kick you.
Yes indeed, sir, I will kill my personality for your pleasure, in order to become stuck to your rottenness, I will start to hit and to slander you, madam; yes, I am crazy.
This is how I now think about my own life and about that of the human being.
And if you do not wish to know and do not wish to learn it, well, must hit out, ‘behind the coffin’ you will get to see your own club.
(Lady in the hall): ‘People will declare you insane if you do not hit back.’
Yes indeed, but then you will be gone.
This society kicks and hits back.
I will no longer give you the chance to hit me.
I will only hit back at you with wisdom.
A mother who loves, she does not say to her child either: ‘I will murder you.’
Crisje loved the most difficult one in our house.
She said: ‘He is just like you are, also my child.’
But Gerhard was difficult.
But the mother will not murder the child.
And hits back.
They provoke you to hit, madam, because the hands are now itching.
And only ...
Would you not hammer the head of an academic like that, in order to cut open an ape there - you should see that anxious face of that ape - in order to cut it open there.
‘Here, ugly human ape, have you had enough now?’
But then you will also have a murder on your consciousness.
Because you stay away from the life, even if ...
Then you can put the whole world in prison right now because the scum steals.
They suck your heart empty, madam, they want to have your soul and your spirit.
Johan de Wit will also know that.
But, the ‘droodles’, Mr Lieftinck. (laughter)
Am I not really quick, this evening?
I am very quick, because I am thinking as fast as lightening, sir, it is simply gruesome.
I have never ever drunk water from you, this evening I am drinking now and again (from the beaker of water which is standing ready).
Do you have anything else?
Then I will leave it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, you were just talking about dreaming, I am bothered a lot by nightmares, does that have something to do with your previous life?’
With your previous love?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Life.’
Yes, your previous love, then you have also got hold of the life.
Yes, you have healthy and you have really unhealthy nightmares.
To experience dreams is wonderful and nice, but when everything is jumbled up like that then it is terrible.
Then you do not sleep well.
And they always follow you and they never get you, because you are always running, aren’t you?
There is something to it.
But I have no hold, madam, because if you really write down that nightmare, then I will unravel those nightmares, because I cannot step into them just like that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘I am being chased by two lions ...’
And they never get you, do they?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, I wanted to flee, didn’t I.
But I had to go downstairs, that was so strange, a staircase in a thick wood.’
Downstairs in a thick wood, even worse, that is really a nightmare.
‘When I was finally at the staircase then that staircase had gone, then I fell and then I woke up.’
And then you woke up?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Then I woke up.’
And the lions were gone?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I got up for a moment and I went to sleep again and then it began again, then I was pestered by spiders, such ...’ Such whoppers, real spiders with a cross on their backs.
Cross spiders are dangerous, do you know that?
Madam, these are real nightmares, but those nightmares have meaning, only I have no contact, I cannot analyse them, I cannot explain them, because you ... me ...
I do not know what happened before that.
Because those lions ...
I have also had those people visit me. We find those lions, madam, those lion characters somewhere again, and then someone with a lion character was certainly chasing you.
And when you came to the bottom of the staircase, and you fell, then it was over at once.
But that continues.
And the spirit builds on the jungle ...
That is a jungle, you know, madam, because all of this society is a jungle.
But nightmares are dirty, that is terrible.
Someone recently told me a story.
Then she says: ‘I always start to scream at two o’clock, and then someone is chasing me.’
I say: ‘Then you must stretch a piece of rope over the road, then he will break his neck.’ (laughter)
Then she says: ‘But how can I do that in the spirit?’
I say: ‘Madam, like that in the dark.
Here is the rope.’
Now no joking, but that is possible.
I never joke unless I also have holy seriousness, do you know that?
Someone says: ‘Someone is always following me who wants to get me.
And that has already been going on for fifteen years.’
I say: ‘Sir, then I will make him fall tonight.
I will help you.’
I say: ‘You will just go to sleep at two o’clock, not any earlier.’
I say: ‘And that first deep sleep, you will then sleep at half past one, half past two, three o’clock ...’
Because he was a patient of mine.
And that man’s nerves were destroyed, only because of that not sleeping.
And always, when he fell asleep, then two men were chasing him ...(inaudible), they wanted to have his wallet, his money, and then blackmail.
I say: ‘Sir, in 1921, 1922, I can see the winter, November, what did you do then?’
And then he was the casualty for that blackmail.
And that followed him; he was into something, he gave the opportunity and he was shocked by it, and that kept hold of him.
I say: ‘It is you yourself.’
Oh well, we stretched a spiritual thread over the road.
I say: ‘That road.
What is that road like?’
‘Like that and like that and like that.’
‘Good, and where do they come?’
Then they are standing behind those trees and then they come and then they run and then I have to go.’
I say: ‘And they will fall there.’
And then we stretched a spiritual thread, with master Alcar, and then they fell, they fell head first, ended up in a ditch, thought that they had drowned, because that was also a part of it, and the more the shock of those beings was, the deeper the shock in him also was and then he screamed, and then he could hide during that time and when they came out of the water, and then they ran off and could no longer find him.
From that moment he was rid of his nightmares.
It cost him two fifty, that treatment.
And he had already lost five thousand guilders to the psychologist, but he was still not rid of that dream.
With me it cost two fifty.
By means of that spiritual thread.
(To someone in the hall): What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘My husband also has nightmares, but this week he almost strangled me, but I woke up. While I was asleep I was also holding him like that.
That ended quite well.
Even more things happened, but you also have that with nightmares.
He does not mean it like that, I think.’
.He does not even know it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, he never even knows it.
No, because the other day when I told him, then he says: ‘No, I wanted to get up.’’
So in his subconscious he is loving you delightfully with his hands at your throat. (laughter)
Madam, the only thing you can do about that is give him a good smack on his nose.
Like that, wham.
Not with a club, but with a little slat, whack, then he will get a fright and that fright, that fright ...
Yes, it is sometimes necessary.
That is not hitting, but that slap ...
If he does that, then you do: smack! ‘Yes husband, for the good.’
And that fright will stop him from reaching out his hands.
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ...(inaudible) at night he also sees something, then he gets out of his bed ...’
Yes, he is mediumistic.
I had a lady, who took part in spiritualism.
And: ‘Yes, yes.’
‘And it is so nice.’
And finally ...
I say to her husband: ‘Make her stop, sir, because that is nonsense what you have there.’
Oh well, they just continued.
After four weeks I had to come: ‘Mr Rulof, please come because my wife is round the bend.’
And she was sitting there: ‘The Holy Spirit is coming and when we see him then the world will see ...’
I say: ‘Yes, there you have it again, it is the Holy Spirit again.’
I say: ‘Sir, may I have a bucket full of cold water?’
Then he says: ‘What do you want to do?’
I said: ‘Only a bucket of cold water will help here, my strength will not help her.’
He said: ‘Yes, but I will not be accountable for it.’
I say: ‘Well, the neighbours are bothered by it, but I need a bucket full of cold water.’
And I put her under the jet like that, and not under the powers of the master.
But a bucket full of cold water could have solved it.
‘And if you do not want it, sir; in two days’ time she will go to Rosenburg.’
They did not want it.
And I only wanted to give her a shock, by means of cold water.
Two days later she was in Rosenburg, and then she got fourteen shocks, and then she had still not made it.
Because of that, she also wanted to be a medium.
You know the dramas; it is no wonder that our things are lying in the street gutters of the city.
But your husband is naturally sensitive, and he, his subconscious, is naturally busy, because we have had a hundred million lives.
What are his nightmares about?
Then he is busy with his battle, madam, and then you lie there as a loving mother, and then you are nicely strangled.
Nice, isn’t it?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, but he sometimes does it more.
Yes, he is not awake ...’
But it is miserable enough.
But it is not misery, it is the past which is speaking in him.
But be careful, because you will be strangled.
Because if he experiences his unity with that state in which he lives, by means of which his hands reach out and relax, then a great number of people will be strangled.
It can also be dangerous.
But you know now what the score is.
If he strangles you then you will get your ‘wings’.
And he will be left with the misery, because the court will not believe it.
It will say: ‘You strangled your wife.’
And then he will also go to prison.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, but I would not let it go that far, then I would go and sleep in another room ...’
Yes, you will not let it go that far, but imagine that he gets the chance to strangle you, then it will be over.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Then it will be too late.’
Look, and now there is a possibility.
If you come to me now, if you came to me at that time and you have to have a diagnosis, then I will ask master Alcar: ‘What is needed here?’
Then he says ...
If I cannot do it, then you will go to a doctor and then you will have him given something for his nerves so that those nerves calm down.
Because the nerves start, and then his control has gone, his concentration, which is now unconscious, and then the nerves start to act and those nerves are also in his hands and the life of feeling is also there, and then he already grabs; and he does not even know it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, but something from the doctors has no hold on him because his nervous system is not working.’
No, but it is the nerves, in order to calm them ...
Yes, I have enough remedies for him if he wants that.
Let him go under ice cold water.
Let him begin calmly this summer, and let him continue like that for a while.
When I had ‘The Origin of the Universe, then the master put me for two solid months, in the evening at half past eleven I could get undressed, then I had to go under the cold tap, in the middle of the winter.
The master says: ‘Because your nerves, André, they are at boiling point.’
I had to earn my things, ladies and gentlemen.
It was certainly not so nice to go under the cold tap every evening.
But the flames were flying off my organism.
The water was immediately blazing hot, there was such fire in my nerves.
And I never had a headache, just once.
And then we also talked it out.
Do you want expansion?
Then expand your will and never be lazy.
I said: ‘I do not want anything to do with laziness, and with tiredness not at all.’
I have now got a hundred paintings, beautiful wonderful plates.
I will soon have thirty of them for you, if you want one of them for your house, for your family ...
Well, then they say of course: ‘Not too expensive, of course.’
‘Not too expensive again?’
But they are for ‘Jeus III’.
What did I say a moment ago, before that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Jeus III.’
For ‘Jeus III’, yes.
But it was not that.
No, I have lost it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Paintings.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘About the plates.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Those paintings.’
Yes, I was talking about that.
But there was also something else.
Oh yes, I remember again, sir.
I remember again.
No, I had not even said it yet.
We made a hundred of them, I am now writing once more, I have almost finished half a book again, but I am not tired.
I never get tired.
I want nothing to do with tiredness.
Because the human being is spatially deep and the human being can exhaust himself seven times, I experienced, wrote that during the war, we have now finished twenty-five books, and I would also begin with twenty-five, but it is no longer necessary, because the masters say: ‘Soon the direct voice equipment will be on earth and why would we work you to death now?
Now just enjoy Mother Nature, talk to a flower and a plant sometime, because the human being does not listen anyway.’
But that is not true, because you are also here this evening, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen, see you on Sunday morning.
The masters will be speaking there in Diligentia, because I am still just a big dope.
Sleep well.
See you on Sunday morning.
(There is clapping.)