Thursday evening 3 April 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
I will begin this evening with a long letter: “Dear Sirs ...” And ladies of course, “The undersigned politely requests your attention for his proposal to be described further below.
Already been tried for years by different people to bring all existing spiritual groups under one roof.
However, the proposed plans kept falling into the water.
Despite the fact that I am very convinced of the difficulties which this plan brings, I also want to have a try in that direction.”
You should listen.
“Here in the city there is a bakery whose owner is prepared to put a share of his company profits, 15, into a building account for the good of a fund for a temple in which every spiritual group could be housed.
This plan can only go ahead if both the spiritual leaders and the directors of the societies and their members completely support this plan.
Just imagine: in this temple there could be a library, an exhibition hall for mediumistic works, a film hall, the different auditoriums.”
So everything in it?
“The greater the number of spiritually thinking people who buy their bread from this bakery,” not bad, not crazy, “the sooner the ideal can be realized.
Let us all try to bring in that unity which will be very necessary in order to bring this proposal to execution.
A copy of this letter has also been sent to other societies.
Hoping that this letter may produce a favourable result, I remain yours sincerely, T.Schaminee, of Timorstraat 122 in The Hague.”
That man visited me, I say: ‘Put that in writing, then I will go into it.’
I say: ‘Then we can discuss that together.’
But I have - I also told him that - a hundred other examples.
Although of course, that would not be bad if we were to buy our bread from that one man.
I say: ‘But how long will it be before we can begin with that temple?’
And at the moment I am not at all concerned about that temple.
The people gave money for the temple, we could build the University of Christ, but that is still not enough for two hundred people.
And, if that temple begins then the masters will begin with something completely different, because then you will get your own seat in that temple, that is logical.
Because if you are not there and you let your seat be taken by another - I do not want any members yet, and we already told and explained that before - then that University will stand still for that matter.
And what do you hope to achieve with two hundred people with a little temple of a million?
But I have many other means.
But what do you think of this, ladies and gentlemen?
Let this human being - he is one of us, and he is going with this plan, that is really great - let him try, I told him, with other societies, the theosophists, Rosicrucians, spiritualists.
If that is together, then we will be as powerful as anything, and we will have a half hour radio broadcast in four weeks; as long as you are together.
Spiritualists had a half hour broadcast on the radio before the war.
Half an hour.
And then I was fuming, because during that half hour they came with poems.
I say: my God, my God, they have the possibility for a moment and now they come with poems.
And then a very sanctimonious gentleman came. And then he read out such a nice poem for quarter of an hour, and a few words for another quarter of an hour: the half an hour was gone.
I say: ‘Just give me five minutes’, but then I did not get them of course.
Now, that was also a group of people together: he may do that, he can do that, and ‘he can talk nicely’ ...
Yes, I can also do that, just give me the radio, then we will talk nicely.
How do you want to hear it this evening, in the Gelderland dialect or in the city dialect?
(Jozef speaks properly): ‘Should we ...
We will start to think differently ...’
‘Do you think we always like to question ...’
Well, then we will put a potato in our mouth and we will begin to gargle.
But do you think of this?
I said this.
Look, theatre, film, lectures, books, exhibitions.
Sir, where are you? I have the plan, the plan is already finished, for years, and is signed by the architect Van de Hoek here in The Hague.
The temple is completely finished, architectonically finished, calculated and everything.
That has already been finished for a long time.
I do not only have a great deal of people who feel for that, but there is even a film company which feels for it.
And if those people get money ...
They have already made a film, that was suspended, but they are busy building it up again, because that film has far too many nice things.
When it is that far and he comes to The Hague, I will let you know.
But that society, a year and a half ago ...
He was a banker, and he was a disciple, in Amsterdam, of master Zelanus, and he said: ‘Jozef, you have already done enough on your own.
We will also begin now, you will get one third of the film for the books.’
And that was recorded in the documents.
And the man, the director and everyone ...
(To people in the hall): Come in, ladies and gentlemen.
... the producer and everyone wanted to help, they were also disciples of ours, read the books and they are conscious, it is true, and they want to make that alone ...
What happens?
That banker becomes ill and then he calls for me, I go to the hospital, and then he says: ‘Jozef, you will get a hundred thousand.’
I say: ‘So.’
He is lying there, he says: ‘And I have already written to America, one of the greatest reporters in America, a friend of mine, from the New York Times ...’
I say: ‘I have been there.
I did not see him.’
He says: ‘ ... and he will come to Holland, we will let him come, and he must write about you.’
And all those other things.
I say: ‘Fine, sir.’
I just looked at him.
He held my hand.
He says: ‘I will get better again?’
I say: ‘Yes.’
He says: ‘Because you have done enough.
We lazy bones’, he says, ‘we do nothing. We have our hereafter, we have the spheres and we have our spaces and you are just alone.
The masters do this, and then we have nothing to say?
Can we do nothing then?
It is true, isn’t it?
My books are your books, aren’t they?
Or is that not your hereafter?
And that man had understood it, he says: ‘You will get a hundred thousand.’
I go to the lecture, because I had to go to a lecture, I say to that man who came there later, that producer: ‘He promised me a hundred thousand.’
No, I did not even tell him.
I went upstairs, I say: ‘Master Alcar, do you have any more of those millionaires who will lie in a coffin in a week’s time and now still promise me a hundred thousand?’
A week later sir was lying in the coffin.
Gone the hundred thousand for Jozef.
The film was slashed, gone a third share.
But we still have an opportunity and that is this, ladies and gentlemen, it proves that you still get that core; also this gentleman here. That is not so bad, but we have many wonderful things in order to come there, because it is very nice, that baker also just opens himself again to the good.
On Sunday after the lecture someone threw an envelope again in the letterbox with NLG 535.- for the books.
Envelopes often come here; at home I just open them.
And there is NLG 20.- in it and NLG 50.- and NLG 100.- and NLG 500.-, and so on.
Is that not enough now, that the human being knows the books are theirs and not only mine?
NLG 535.-, that is a handsome amount, but for ‘Jeus II’ there was NLG 5,000.- in the letterbox.
This is for ‘Jeus III’.
I just say it like that, I always just say it like that ...
There is no name and address on it, there is nothing on it, and I find that even more wonderful.
And then I do not see at all, and I do not want to know anything about it, because they are the orchids for Golgotha.
Do you feel it?
It is not my concern.
But they apparently know where it is going, otherwise they would not do that.
Sir, the people do not do that just like that.
Now we can get mud boats over our heads, but there are also golden coaches amongst them, you see.
And then I got a lump in my throat, I think: people, happiness, happiness, you know, strength.
I will pass it on and you will soon see it.
Look, those funds, I already told you several times, that was already a great deal, but I also told you that there is presently a power in it, a great deal.
Master Zelanus told it in Diligentia: ‘Your funds will be used for the books.’
And that is logical, isn’t it?
Why would we put that down and do nothing with it?
No, the books must be published.
And that is our possession.
The University of Christ, the Spiritual Science Society, that will gradually become, not yet in twenty-five years, but in fifty years, when the direct voice starts to speak, then that will become our state possession.
The state will absorb that word.
Because those books will go to every house, people must accept the Christ and God; the One whom we have, whom we saw ‘behind the coffin’.
And what do our books do then?
I am now busy with ‘Question and Answer’, Miss Bruning prepared that book.
And now I am typing it over because there was a lot left out, and you cannot do that.
But if you read which questions you asked there and how the masters answered them, here from this place, that is awe-inspiring.
If we were soon to have the money again for that, ten thousand, in order to have that printed.
Because stencils, I will now tell you that honestly, that was the intention, that is simply destroying the work of space.
You must make a nice book out of that: a white book with a cross on it, and a pram under it with a baby in it.
And then they say: what kind of crazy thing is that?
Under the cross of Christ a pram with a baby and then a hand behind it which pushed, a nice symbol.
That is a new life for the human being.
I now see that at once like that, the cross of Christ, a white book, a blue cross on it, and under the cross a pram with a baby in it, a hand - a beautiful hand of course, isn’t it - which pushes it like that.
And means: come to Me and you will be sure.
That is the book from here.
Sir, sir, sir, sir, yes, what will we do?
I already told you, there is even already a film company busy.
I have six scenes ready.
I have my art.
I have a hundred plates.
I may get rid of thirty of them, I told you recently, and if you want to have one of them then just come and look, if you are quick, otherwise they will be gone.
But then you will hear a storming.
But how do I manage that, that I see them one by one; that is the craziest part of it?
But it is up to you.
There is something there, and that is all for the books once more, sir, for this.
First I take care of the books, that is my task.
And other people are already busy building that temple.
If we ... those different sects, those different sides, spiritualism, I also told that gentleman ...
You will not get the Rosicrucians anyway, you will not get theosophy either; but the spiritualists, only in the Netherlands, sir, if we got them then we would already be rich, filthy rich.
But can they, who now sit there on a horse, go and sit and listen there?
Must I then approve that in that temple, I told you ...
Then we buy a temple and then all those societies come in, and then that gentleman comes, he closes his eyes and talks; a lady, and then I sit there with my nose there that she talks nonsense, sir, in our house, which has justice and truth.
Sir, ...(inaudible), then our people will already be busy sweeping them out; so that will come to nothing.
That bread, sir, goes sour under and in your hands.
And what should we do now?
That is not so simple.
But I will continue.
And wait and see what those people all say, and then you will see, sir, you will be washed ashore because those greyhounds want to experience their own orbit and want to fly.
The human being does not want to get off that horse.
True or not?
They have become something, have done something, have their séances, have this, get their flowers, get their little people ...
And: ‘Antoinette van Dijk (singer, programme maker for the radio, 1879-1975) dies, was mistreated and whipped in the concentration camp’, and if that same human being, that personality, speaks again on the radio and says: ‘And I am still alive’, they just throw that away again; but that medium continues.
And that in your house?
Do you see?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘In the temple.’
In the temple?
Sir, let us just make a market of it, then at least we will know that the peels and the boxes are also in it.
And perhaps an orange which has rolled away and we put that in our pocket, you will not get anymore than that anyway.
Yes, what should we do now, ladies and gentlemen?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘There is also something else attached to it because if you take that Mr Meinders again for the moment, who is chairman of such a Christian Spiritualist Society, in which he has brought together the different spiritualist circles, séances, and he gets a salary for that of five thousand guilders for the first year, and six thousand guilders for the second year.
I would say: that is not that bad.
But if those gentlemen there had to pursue the policy, only for the money, then they would be better to stay at home.
I, personally, would rather say: Just ...(inaudible) let them go, but they are less ripe for these laws away.’
It is no use to us, sir.
The masters are not concerned with a temple; it could already be there.
Master Alcar said: ‘We will bring the inner temple to earth.’
And that is already a great deal, sir, because temples were always built, sir, but the inner material, the consciousness of that temple remained penniless.
True or not?
And now we have the inner part in our hands.
‘But the outer, material part’, master Alcar says, ‘I leave to the ‘Age of Christ’’, that is the time which will come after us, ‘I will leave that to the human being of the society to build up.’
Let all of us just make sure that the books are there, then we will have our hands full.
And that is already a beautiful task, you know.
But in order to also make an office and in order to destroy and sully it there from left and right ...
And it concerns six, seven thousand guilders anyway; well, sir, it is clever, I have never seen it before.
(Mrs X): ‘Mr Rulof, I have a question for you.
I had someone who said: ‘Yes, fate does not exist.’
What did you say?
(Mrs X): ‘I spoke to someone who said: “Fate does not exist.”
Then he says afterwards: “But Napoleon went to Russia and that was fateful for him.”
And now I had to go under to him.’
Yes indeed.
(Mrs X): ‘Well, how can that be now?’
Madam, if I take part in the lottery, I go above my capital, then I sit on top of my fate.
(Madam in the hall): ‘No, I ...’
I have been in Monte Carlo, madam, I went there with fifteen million and I came back with nothing left.
(Madam X): ‘Yes, but who was right?
He says that I was wrong.
I say: “Then fate does exist.”’
Yes, madam, but we are not taking about a fateful temple at the moment.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, but then ...’
No, now you are not honest, now I find ... no, that is not nice.
We are talking about the temple of the University, and now you come with fate too, but I believe, madam, that you are right because it becomes fate if we bring all those people there.
(Madam X): ‘No, I am not talking about that temple now.’
But we were talking about that.
I am busy with that question.
(Mrs X): ‘Yes, but I am, I came to you for that question.’
Could you not have ...
(Mrs X): ‘I thought: Rulof knows so much.’
Oh yes?
No, now it will become even worse.
But madam, if the school teacher is busy with something, then ten can ask questions at the same time, that does not work, does it?
Now you should just ... (lady talks through it.)
May I teach you, that you have to wait a moment?
(Mrs X): ‘Yes, I cannot wait long because I have to go away again soon.’ (laughter)
Well, madam, we have respect for that.
I will finish this immediately and then I will begin with your fate.
And then we will make something nice of it.
(Mrs X): ‘Yes, I have come purposely for that, for that fate.’
Only for that fate?
And for nothing else?
Oh well, perhaps I will put a present in that bag of yours and you will still have something.
But, sir and madam, ladies and gentlemen ...
You will feel, sir, I would say to you: continue to work and try what you can manage, perhaps something will come of it.
(Someone in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You are sceptical.’
I say: perhaps something will come of it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, there were people on all sides who did not find it strange.
Van Engelen, for example, who ...
Yes, that is already a great deal.
Then you are with a mayor in the occult area.
But, I do not want anything to do with that.
We will try to make something of it, but I will present it to you, the certainty is only this: if that is possible, all the things it could be!
I will challenge all of them anyway, the theosophists, Rosicrucians, spiritualists.
I say: test me then for ten years.
If I have proved that I have something, accept it then, bow, and we will be as strong as anything.
True or not?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But they will not come.’
But they will not do it, sir, because I tell you, that Van Engelen and those others, they must all go and sit there, because it is loose talk.
And they will not do that.
What does that man want to do soon if he can just sit here alone and he can no longer get that five thousand guilders?
Sir, then he must go to the paper factory.
I do not believe that he will do that.
Then I say: sir, what do you tell the people?
Well, get that gentleman, and then you must put that gentleman down there and then you should hear what you can tell that man: you will beat him to death with wisdom.
About those spirits of those people, you are over that long ago.
Because it remains searching and a minister’s sermon.
And do you still accept that?
I showed them it here anyway, I tried it here anyway.
And they cannot do it?
No, that is not possible either, sir, if there is no good contact; and those people have no contact.
If they go into trance - you will read that anyway in ‘Spiritual Gifts’, and it has been proved here anyway, I proved it anyway by means of my eight hundred lectures, by means of my books? - if I go into trance and those people go into trance; is exactly the same anyway?
And then you must start to ask questions, sir.
Oh, there are a great deal amongst you who have done it.
And what do they get?
They say: ‘Sir, you just open your eyes again because you are still in it’, because they see that, they are familiar with that, they know that.
Because ‘Spiritual Gifts’, those two books, are as sharp as a spiritual cutting sword.
True or not?
And you cannot avoid it.
And now you can play-act, sir, but the human being who reads that, he says: but that then, sir, and this then, sir, and that then, sir?
They do not know it.
They have no contact.
They are not mediums.
Every human being has feeling, the dog and cat have it.
But gifts, sir, for the other side ...
Real seers?
It says in ‘Spiritual Gifts’, if you are a real seer, out of ten million people there are just perhaps one or two.
And did you not discover that during the years after ‘Spiritual Gifts’ was published?
Just try it.
Can you avoid that?
Well sir, neither for seeing, neither for healing, painting, writing, the direct voice, dematerializations, good grief, just try it.
But now we will begin, sir, you do your best, and we will also hear from you, won’t we?
And if we have to buy bread and it is there, sir, then that man can already order tomorrow.
Can’t he, ladies and gentlemen?
We also have people from Rotterdam here, then we will even let that man bring a loaf of bread to Rotterdam.
Madam, and then we do not have one roll every day but then we have two of them because then we have fifteen cents more.
(Mrs X says something.)
What did you say?
(Mrs X): ‘My mother also says that.’
Oh yes.
Madam, do you wish to know: what is fate?
I already say: what is fate?
Someone says: ‘I will go to the doctor because my mother is not well.’
And he just comes round the corner of the street, madam, and they run over and kill him.
And the mother was still alive after fifteen years, but the other good one, the other one who wanted to go to the doctor in order to get help for mother is just run over and killed at the corner of the street.
What is fate now?
(Mrs X): ‘Then he should have been more careful.’ (laughter)
No, madam, that was now his blissful end.
And you can go like that, if there is also an accident, then it is always ...
(Mrs X): ‘No, that was not fate, because if he had been watching out, then he would not have been run over and killed.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Napoleon too.’
(Mrs X): ‘That man says: “There is no fate.”
And then he says that Napoleon went to Russia, and that was fateful for him.
Well, then fate exists, doesn’t it?’
Yes, then fate exists.
Have you read all the books, madam?
(Madam X): ‘Yes, I have already read a few.’
A few, well, there are nineteen of them.
If you do not take the effort to read them, then I do not have the effort and the strength either to explain them to you, because I have to go to the books.
(Madam X): ‘Yes, but that does not work just like that, to just read all those books in quick succession.’
Quick quick quick ...
It concerns, madam, I can explain it nicely to you, explaining spiritually, explaining humanly and spatially, and I can explain it to you divinely.
Because that man who went round the corner, he should just have been watching out?
Madam, it was his time.
(Madam X): ‘I really do not believe in that anymore.’
There is an aeroplane, that aeroplane which went down in Germany; why did those people who were sitting in that aeroplane not quickly take that control stick, and not send it themselves to the airport?
Why did they not do that?
Do you see?
A train is hit, is that also their own fault?
Is that the fault of the engine driver who drives through there?
And there is also another man who has to change points and does not do it, and now that train flies onto the other track and immediately flies out.
Also fate?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Madam, there is no fate.
Everything has a purpose.
And everything has been definitely calculated and finished.
But we can experience a mess-up.
Is that fate that Napoleon went to Russia and succumbed for Moscow there?
No, madam, that is his own destruction.
He suffocated in his destruction and almost came to grief.
And it is like that with everything.
And now you can take hundreds of thousands of examples, and then I will fetch you ... You must put forward those examples yourself, you are now talking about Napoleon, but I do not intend, and I do not need to do it, to put forward all those examples.
And then you can get a list with hundreds of questions, and they all happened by means of fateful circumstances, then I will explain the spiritual, the spatial law with regard to life, feeling, personality, fatherhood, motherhood, reincarnation, rebirth.
With that one fateful circumstance you are connected to space, to time, to life and death, rebirth, fatherhood, motherhood, to planets and stars.
Because if fate existed, then the earth would not keep itself in its orbit and then everything would collapse, and then we would be hanging in space.
(Mrs X): ‘So he was right then?’
What did that man say then?
(Madam X): ‘Fate does not exist.’
No, madam.
That man is right, irrevocably right.
Yes indeed, that man is right.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But everything is the law of cause and effect?’
Yes, the law of cause and effect, karma.
Sir, but we do not even need to talk about that.
It concerns here the perfectly ordinary time and then there is ... Look, we know, and you also accept that: nothing happens outside of God, or, that God would not know it.
You accept that, don’t you?
(Mrs X): ‘God, God, for me there is no God, sir.
God cheats me.’
What did you say?
According to you there is no God?
(Mrs X): ‘No.’
Madam, then I will stop immediately.
If you then read those books, then you are an obstinate refuser.
And they are pearls before the chickens.
(Mrs X): ‘I was brought up amongst the saints, there was a saint in every corner.’
Madam, I too (lady talks through it) I too, yes, madam, I too and there are more Catholics who saw nothing else but Christ and holy Marys and Josephs.
(Mrs X): ‘I am not finished yet.
If anyone prayed, then I did, from the bottom of my heart, and now I no longer believe in God.’
Oh, now ...
Madam, there are mothers here who were beaten and kicked (lady talks through it), no, madam, I am talking ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, that is fine.’
... you will also get your turn to speak again.
We were beaten and kicked and we still love God, He says: because it is our own fault.
(Mrs X): ‘Oh, come on now.’
Madam ...
(Mrs X): ‘If I love someone then I do not beat him into the grave, do I?’
And God does all of that, does he?
(Mrs X): ‘God does that.’
Madam, I am stopping, no thanks, because it is impossible to say anything against this.
(To the hall): Can you say anything about this?
(Hall): ‘No.’
Madam, I am stopping, it is impossible to say anything against this.
I am terribly sorry, but it is impossible to say anything against this.
If I had someone here who says: ‘I do not accept a God and masters do not exist’, I would say: ‘Yes, sir, then just throw my books away.’
I am pleased that I have seen it and that I have that hold and that certainty, otherwise ...
I believe, against so much refusal on earth you would really throw those books in the fire again.
But a human being who says: ‘There is no God’, that is prehistorical, then you do not believe in Christ either and in anything.
(Mrs X): ‘I believe in Christ.’
Oh, you believe in that.
Madam, then I am not capable at present - and I am certainly not becoming sarcastic but it is the truth - I am now not capable and I bow immediately ...
I will not stop because I cannot do it ... (lady talks through it)
Madam, I am still speaking.
(Mrs X): ‘Yes okay.’
I can do that, but I will not do that, I am powerless because you ignore the God of all life just like that.
‘He does not exist.’
It is impossible to say anything against that.
No, I am stopping.
You do not need to say anything else.
You will just work it out for yourself now.
It is useless talking to her.
No ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... nothing to work out.’
Madam, you are hitting me ... not out of balance, but you are denying me the possibility to build up foundations, because the God of love is there.
And you have read two books or three books of mine?
That is no use to you, madam.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Why not?’
Because you still say this now.
With the first word we already begin: God is a father of love. The first word which it says in those books is: love is the highest good given to the human being, love is what life does and trembling from emotion ...
And then you begin with: ‘There is no God’, madam, I could weep at that.
That is ...
(Mrs X): ‘Yes, then why?’
Then why?
Because this already moves the human being as father and mother.
Then I might as well say: my father did not exist and my mother does not exist.
Then they no longer exist either.
You only cling to the earth, to material, to this, and God does not exist; for those little tips which you imposed yourself, the God of all life must go from space.
Come come come ...
But I am stopping, ladies and gentlemen, I will go to a new question.
I am sorry.
(To the hall): Do I have the right to do that?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
Thank you.
I will continue.
Do you not need to leave, madam, now?
(Mrs X): ‘No, I will wait a moment.’
Oh, you may do that, you may just do that, but you were in such a hurry.
(Jozef continues with the next question.)
“What has actually happened when someone becomes unconscious,” here we go again, “because of an accident or spiritual shock?”
No, that is something else.
“And after recovering, has lost his memory.”
Loss of memory.
From who is that?
Sir, if a shock ...
You must listen carefully, it can happen precisely because of the shock, it can also be because of a fall.
And there are possibilities that a human being loses his memory because of a shock and because of a fall and no longer lives in the existing day consciousness.
So that shock has brought off something by means of which his life of feeling is disengaged.
That is not the loss of memory, but a disturbance has entered the normal, natural, spiritual thinking which comes from the centre of feeling, the solar plexus, that goes through the body over the back and comes back again, goes through the brain and suddenly that cannot go any further because there something is broken, brought out of balance.
Do you feel it?
And then the human being can no longer think and then they say: ‘Yes, I do not know anymore.’
They can talk, because that is still there.
Thinking, yes, no ...
And now there is also something crazy, something strange, and the doctors experienced that, they said ...
‘Yes’, someone says, ‘then I started to talk about the cows which I had, and I was there and there and there, in my neighbourhood: yes, but I no longer live here, I no longer live here.’
Then those people said: ‘You see, the memory has gone.’
Then the human being stood definitely, and suddenly, because of a shock, because of that shock, in the reincarnation, the previous life.
And they did not understand anything about that.
Happened more than once.
Is it clear?
Now I can continue of course to also follow those phenomena, but that is already no longer necessary because this is the core.
So because of the shock you can really lose your memory, that is the day conscious feeling and thinking, because you, because you do not ...
there is a little spring in that machine, a little cogwheel is broken, and now you cannot think, so you are standing somewhere.
Where are you standing?
In your previous life and nowhere else.
He says: ‘Yes, I am there, I have learned to talk, that is still there, you can still think.’
He says: ‘The thinking continues.’
Yes, but now that thinking no longer goes through the brain, through that source, but now it goes out directly from the life of feeling, and at that moment the academic, the doctor could have said: ‘My God, my God, that human being is thinking without brains.’
It quickly looks for a channel and continues.
I experienced that, you know, with a human being, with a boy who came to me and had fallen, he says: ‘I can no longer think, sir.’
He says: ‘I can talk.’
Then master Alcar says: ‘He is now thinking without brains.’
Well, we got him free, because there was a little tumour there and it pressed on it, it could not get through, and we got rid of that.
And then such eggs came out from the ears, behind those ears, we got them out, dirt out, and sir was thinking again; the channel was open again.
They are pieces of proof.
(Jozef continues to read)
“Is it possible with spiritual help to cure someone from insanity if this is caused by change, deformarion ...”
What is that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Deformation.’
Oh, deformation, I would say: I see it as an r.
“ ...deformation of the brain as a result of an accident?”
Yes, sir, you also have that again, alcoholism and syphilis, that is all possible.
But: is it possible to cure someone from these things with spiritual help?
That is not possible of course, because if you have syphilis and you are an alcoholic, you drink too many of those delicious drinks, then you cannot do that; or there must be a possibility of, say, just twenty-five percent out of a hundred, then something can already be achieved.
But if it comes to two, five and ten percent, then you are faced with ninety-five percent domination.
And how do you wish to conquer that now?
While you get nothing from the human being, because he takes his drink, he has his other hobbies.
Then you are powerless.
And when there is a question of a tumour, yes, then you should see that you get rid of that tumour.
Then it is possible to help that human being, because you have material possession, that is because of that tumour, that is that man with that shock also.
There have already been a few phenomena that the human being, the psychopath, was given a cure by means of the shock, but insanity was close by, and it came, and it was even worse.
So first the sensitivity, the psychopathy, the thinking does not continue, it is all faulty, wrong.
Then someone says: ‘Yes, and then they talk in me, and they say: “Then you should just not eat.”’
We had one here, he came to me: ‘Yes, then they say, Mr Rulof: “Then you should just not eat, you are a glutton and the whole world suffers poverty and you just sit eating.”’
That man hears that.
He says: ‘Well, then I will not eat anymore.’
And that man did not eat anymore, he became as thin as a rake.
And then he came to me: ‘What should I do?’
I say: ‘Go as fast as possible to a cafeteria to get a nice steak.’
‘Do you mean that now?
But that could be the other side.’
I say: ‘Does the other side intend to destroy you?’
I say: ‘Sir, go to the cafeteria immediately.’
Then he went downstairs, then he came up again: ‘So should I just have that steak anyway, Mr Rulof?’
I say: ‘Yes, that steak, a salad with it, something nice with it.
You will go to that cafeteria and you will have a nice bite to eat.’
I say: ‘You just do what you want.’
He is outside in the street, also comes upstairs: ‘So I must ...
Will I just do it right away?’
I say: ‘Sir, immediately, you know’, it was seven o’clock, I say, ‘now you can still go there, just keep calm and do not talk to the people.’
I say: ‘You just go on line three and then you go to the city or wherever you live, yonder, and then you go to the city, and then you have a lovely bite to eat.’
‘Oh yes.’
He is gone.
I think: Will he still come back?
I watched him go and then he was still standing thinking in the street, it did not get through to him yet.
Madam, that gets through to him, but that life of feeling, sir, cannot absorb it, that has divided and now they are powerless there, powerless, powerless.
The will to act in society is not there and our concentration camps are not full of them, but the mental institutions are, Rosenburg here, the Ramaer clinic and so on, Maas and Waal in Rotterdam, and in Utrecht they have yet another name, Bloemendaal, our insane people are everywhere.
Half of mankind, sir, is psychopathic and insane.
So many people now sit ... between what?
We know what it is.
And must still master that.
When mankind and the universe develop, sir, just listen, then the psychologist gets a hold on the human being, and then the psychopaths and the insane people heal.
But then the first phenomenon can be seen in the waters, because then the whales and the vermin, those big giant animals just dissolve, you do not see an elephant anymore and not a giraffe anymore, because those prehistoric ages - that is still the prehistoric age - that giraffe must still go to a butterfly soon, no, to a bird.
Then you should work out how long it takes before that horse is rid of its long neck.
And then, with another long neck, for example a heron, isn’t it; and: peck, peck, and then standing leering at a frog.
Before that evolution has been completed we will already be a million years further.
Isn’t it nice?
And science says: ‘Hahaha, how it is possible?
So you want to explain to us that the elephant will soon sing in a cage and be called canary?’
I say: ‘Yes, sir.’
Then he says:‘ ...(inaudible) lock him up.
Just lock him up, because that is not possible.’
But where must that life of God go?
Where do those birds go?
Does the life in the waters not get to see any expansion, any evolution?
Must that animal always just continue to walk round in those waters?
And a lion and a tiger, the real animal species on the land, the ape too, must it all remain there?
They get wings, and many animals already have them and soon they will also get the spiritual wings and then they will live ‘behind the coffin’, on the other side, and go with us to the conscious divine All.
Do you not read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’?
Is that not built up wonderfully?
(To Mrs X): Are you staying for a while, madam?
We are still good friends, aren’t we?
(Mrs X): ‘Yes we are.’
We are, that is nice, yes.
Sir, are you satisfied?
Yes, we could perhaps be at loggerheads with each other, but that does not matter, as long as you do not lose the friendship.
You see, there are people who still walk, then they say ... then I am not called ‘brat’, sir, but I am a rotter, you may not say that either, and then they go.
I say: ‘But, madam, why are you walking away now, let us talk that out and finish with it.’
It does not concern being right, it concerns a law.
And now a hundred thousand people here in the world say: ‘Yes, but it is like that.’
And then one little human being gets up and says: ‘I do not accept it.’
Until he is ‘behind the coffin’ and says: ‘My God, my God, I am alive.
And those other hundred million are right.’
But here?
You will not get it in.
And that is a pity.
And then I say it. The lady can think: do you alone know it?
I have my pieces of proof.
We have a gentleman here, I am writing about it, I am recording it (Jozef edited Question and Answer Part 1).
We have a gentleman here one evening, and he presents me with the holy Revelations of John - I do not know whether you still remember that - from the bible, bibles, complete bibles.
I fought with him, for approximately a quarter of an hour.
And I say: ‘Yes, sir, proof proof.
I have my books, I come from Gelderland, I can do nothing, I have never read.
As a child I already had it, I disembodied and then I saw the life ‘behind the coffin’.
Now you can say: “Yes, nonsense”, but I have my books, I have my wisdom, and you cannot learn that wisdom on earth because you already say it yourself: ‘It is not possible’.’
And there are people who can do that.
But if you ... the wisdom ...
Look, here they say: ‘Are you in trance?’
Good heavens, I tell you and explain to you, conscious or in trance or unconscious, it does not matter, the laws of the space.
Where does that come from?
From the word you should be able to hear that there is something here.
Because you cannot experience that word, which happens at the moment in Diligentia, doesn’t it, you cannot experience that anywhere, at no university.
So which insane person is talking there above his normal human, social consciousness?
Is that an insane person?
Now we get by means of the pieces of proof, by means of this ... Normal things which we can check, this, that, that, that ...
Now we must say ... And I say to you: ‘Have you read two books?’
And you also say: ‘There is no God.’
Yes, then you are powerless anyway.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, but you also said it yourself: “God does not exist”?’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘You also said yourself: “God does not exist”?’
I said it a hundred times ...
(People are talking at the same time in the hall.)
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... if the bible writes it, perhaps she means it in that way.’
(Jozef reacts to someone): No, no, no, no, madam, she must explain that to us herself, you must not start to search for it, she must work that out for herself.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It concerned praying ...’
It is not about that.
No, that gentleman, whom I am talking about, he says: ‘Guh ...’
Then I say the following to that gentleman that evening: ‘Pieces of proof?
Even more pieces of proof?’
In Amsterdam, you experienced that, then we had that wonderful lecture in Amsterdam, then master Zelanus went from the moon to the Divine All - do you remember? - and he stands before Christ, at that moment he speaks to the human being and concentrates on Christ, he says: ‘We are now standing before the Messiah.’
Didn’t he, that was at the end of the lecture, I believe.
And then the Christ said: ‘Have you seen one human being with these signs?’
And master Zelanus pierces himself into the Christ and the lecture is finished, and I have the scars of Christ in my hand.
Do you remember?
Then master Zelanus took a flower there, and he had analysed the motherhood of it, and then there was a lady who said: ‘I will give a thousand guilders for the flower which master Zelanus had in his hands.’
Then master Zelanus says: ‘That flower is not for sale.
We will not do that.’
And then the people saw the scars, then they wanted to kiss my hands.
I say: ‘Madam, go away.’
Master Zelanus takes over me again, he says: ‘This is nothing.
This is perfectly simple, I have concentrated too deeply.’
‘Can you now convince yourself’, I say to the gentleman here during that evening, to the hall.
I say: ‘Do you now have the pieces of proof, sir?
That is stigmatisation.
Then you still have nothing of God, even if those phenomena are there.’
When I think about it for a moment, it starts to burn once more.
I say: ‘Sir, that is stigmatisation, that is an occult phenomenon.
Is that God?
No, sir, still nothing.’
But now, what a fuss would another not make, who has stigmatisation there from Christ?
Take Thérèse Neumann.
A saint?
Sir, a sick, a perfectly ordinary sick being, who get the signs of Christ there every year.
She kept on suggesting that strong, ladies, and you can also get that tomorrow if you ... that will work in a year’s time.
We have the pieces of proof, don’t we?
If you disengage that hand, then it will already be paralysed in two weeks’ time and in four, five months’ time it will be dried out, won’t it?
That is all human concentration.
The masters are like that, thank God, that they are not for sale for that thousand guilders, because he touched that flower, because we would already have been filthy rich and then that temple would also be there already, sir; only because of the sensation.
And now what?
And that gentleman says: ‘Yes.’
I say: ‘No, sir, that does not mean a thing to me.’
How can you now convince the human being?
You must discover that for yourself, I cannot give it to you.
Even if we explain the laws, even if we have the wonderful art, even if we have books; it all means nothing.
It now concerns, what you make of it yourself and we lay the foundations.
Another question about this?
(To someone in the hall): Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That artificial shock which people use in the different clinics, they can never have that effect that the patients get better from that, can they?’
Yes indeed, yes indeed.
I am not a doctor, but I have had doctors visit me.
And then he says: ‘Jozef ...’
He had also read a few books, a nice man, they are not all obstinate, refusing.
He says: ‘What do we achieve by means of the shock?’
I say: ‘You must now know the life of feeling and the personality of man and wife.’
‘How deeply can you apply the shock?’
I say: ‘I will give you the pieces of proof which you achieve and see.’
I say: ‘You set the shock to that and that atmosphere and ...’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Is that steam pressure or electrical?’
No, it is a diathermia.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Diathermia.’
And you get that current through you; that is nothing else than that the nerves absorb it and draw up the life of feeling with it.
So you are under your day consciousness, and now your life of feeling must, by means of the reaction of the nerves and the other systems, the life of feeling must go along, and that give you the shock.
Then he says: ‘Where do you get that from?
That is infallibly explained.’
I say: ‘But now the rest.
Now I have an illness in me and that is sleeping, wakes up because of that reaction.
Two days later: kidney disease.’
‘Also happened’, he says.
I say: ‘Also something else.’
I say: ‘Someone comes, he had a bit of stomach acid and was this and was that, but it was still sleeping.’
I say: ‘Stomach disorder, immediately.’
‘Also happened already’, he says.
I say: ‘Someone got haemorrhages, blood.’
‘Also happened already’, he says.
He says: ‘We almost no longer dare to use that dirty thing because nothing but accidents come from it.’
I say: ‘Why?
Because you do not know the organism in the first place, and cannot see from inside what is the matter there and there and there.
Then you do not have the mentality and the consciousness of the nervous system, and now the life of feeling comes which must take care of all of that, and you do not know that at all.’
A lady gets a shock, everything is going really well, two days later she is walking in the street, falls to the ground: unconscious.
They have had her there for four weeks: unconscious unconscious unconscious.
What happens?
Here a disturbance originated between material and spirit.
The strangest things occur with the shock.
(To someone in the hall): Have you not heard a lot about it, nurse?
And then that doctor says: ‘And you are not a doctor?’
I say: ‘No, sir, I can tell you immediately by means of the light in the eyes of the human being, and by means of other possibilities I can tell you: adjust the shock that far; give that.’
I say: ‘No more, because you will destroy something there so terrible.’
I say: ‘That is a reaction.
Is exactly the same as cremation; that is downhill, and this building up.
That is the shock and now you will just begin.
I am not a doctor, sir.’
But I can calculate that shock with regard to the human being.
Do you not also read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ when it concerns cancer with ... not uranium but with ...’
(Hall): ‘Radium.’
... radium.
But a wonderful thing, which I have experienced myself.
Someone, a mother, she has the radium hangover, they call that the radium hangover, a good hangover.
Cancer was diagnosed in the womb, now the womb has been burned.
Completely burned, sir.
And a pain!
And they call that the hangover, but they were the tissues, they were raised by the radium until there was no normal tissue left.
The life juices had dried up.
It is just like a wet cloth which you suddenly throw there into a fire.
What remains of it?
And that is the radium for the cancer.
(Mrs X): ‘But there is something for the cancer, which is against that, isn’t there?’
Madam, we are not talking about that again, we are still talking about that.
(Mrs X): ‘But you are talking about cancer?’
Yes, we are talking about cancer, but we are not talking about those problems, we are now talking about radium, about the healing method of that.
You must learn, if I may teach you something, that if we are talking about bread, we are not talking about oranges.
(Mrs X): ‘But you were talking about cancer.’
Yes, madam, but you are going another path.
You would be a good writer, because you went from one thing to the other.
And you do not analyse the one thing, but you immediately add another problem, and the people do not understand that.
(Mrs X): ‘A book full like that.’
A book like that?
But it will then hang together like dry sand and no one will read that.
We are now still talking about the radium.
Then we started to heal that woman and then she says: ‘Sir, how cold that is, how cool that is.’
And then the human magnetism was ...
I experience that, ladies and gentlemen.
Now you should see what a human being can actually do when it is tuned in perfectly: then the magnetism of mine became stronger than the radium and she cooled down and she became ...
After four, five months I had her out.
Because then the organs became free from the radium, and then they got new life again and then she coped with it, then it was gone.
The human being is even stronger than that incredible radium, by means of which the world stood on its head, do you remember?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
No, sir, the human, universal divine vitality as a life aura is divine if those laws penetrate to the point and the possibility where it has to go, which it serves for.
I have experienced a hundred thousand things myself by means of the healings, by means of which radium and everything went off the scene.
And then she talked to that doctor.
Then she went to the doctor.
‘You just say from me that he burnt you well and truly.’
I say: ‘Then he can challenge me.’
Then he says: ‘Well ...’
And when she told it, then he became angry.
And then that gentleman came.
‘Oh yes?’
I say: ‘Let’s talk.’
I say: ‘Am I right?’
But I was proved right.
‘Yes, if you do not mention my name.’
He says: ‘Because then the whole hospital will be destroyed.’
I say: ‘I should actually grab you, friend.’
I say: ‘I have nothing to do with you, I may not even heal, so you can also say this.’
‘Oh well’, he says, ‘it is study.
We do not know it.’
So little, sir, that the shock is calculated, so little does the doctor know the strength of the radium.
Yes, there they go.
Did you not hear the moaning in society of those thousands of people who were given radium therapy and by means of which not the cancer but the cell and the tissue were burned.
Stupid, is this stupid?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It is recognised at the moment by medical science.
The doctor in my place had had a congress in Den Bosch, he explained himself literally what you had already explained years ago ...’
There are more like that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That the radium affects the healthy tissues ...’
Well now.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... the atomic bomb, ...(inaudible), the atomic energy, which a few years ago you already ...’
Yes, then they had a very different radiation.
But the doctors already say themselves: ‘It is life-threatening.’
Anything else, Mr Berends?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, but they can ascertain ...’
But is this worthwhile?
In the evening, if you read that later from the book, ‘Questions and Answers’, then you will say: ‘My God, a medical professor is standing before us.’
And I also just have it from master Alcar, I have nothing myself.
And if he was off the mark again, that God of love would not be there either.
Fair is fair.
It is art.
(Mrs X): ‘Well, may I also say something now?’
Madam, I will tell you something, if you come here in order to smash the place apart then I will also have you put out.
Yes indeed, because now you are becoming annoying.
(Mrs X): ‘Why?’
You must wait and see.
(Mrs X): ‘But I am asking ...’
You must wait politely, madam.
(Mrs X): ‘But I am polite, I am asking whether I may say something, amn’t I?
And you are impolite, you say: then I will have you thrown out.
I am polite.’
Yes, if you continue to go on like that, you will be outside within ten minutes.
I am busy with that gentleman, there, with that gentleman.
Because now you are interrupting.
But what did you have?
(Mrs X): ‘Yes, look, it is already over now.’
You see, also human envy, then we have nothing.
‘It is already over now.’
(Mrs X): ‘Yes, that is very important.’
No, madam, it is not important, it does not mean a thing to us what you are talking about.
(Mrs X): ‘Why not?’
No, madam, because you do not even remember yourself.
(Mrs X): ‘Yes, I remember it well, you know.’
Ladies and gentlemen, I will continue, and I have the question here from Mr Reitsma.
“Last Sunday, while in Diligentia, listening to the inspiring speech by master Zelanus, I noticed how strongly master Zelanus aimed the attention at the figure of André-Dectar as an instrument, the link between the other side and mankind on earth, which brought us a wealth of cosmic wisdom.
Before, according to the books, a pupil of master Alcar, it was as if the rolls were reversed now.”
“Question: Was André-Dectar the Great winged one in this stage?”
Didn't you experience the first lecture in Diligentia?
When we, when the first ...
Did you not experience that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Not the very first one.’
But you have already heard it for many years - you have experienced six, seven hundred of them, Mr Reitsma - but you have already heard it for many years.
If you, you must listen carefully, it is all not pride, not for me, not for you, but when a child is inspired by God, then God speaks in that life.
And then you, and professors of the world, just have to listen.
Do you feel?
And if you must accomplish a task with other people with regard to, let us say, the justice here for society ...
You are judges, and you get ...
And then you must go and sit down as the apostles did that ...
I also saw that moment, then Christ was gone and then they said: ‘Come, we will sit down.’
‘Open yourself’, John then said to Peter and the others: ‘we have made mistakes, now open yourself and anyone who gets the word will be inspired by the Christ.
Because I do not accept ...’ John said.
Because they moaned when Christ had gone.
And Peter who denied Christ there.
Johan did this.
And when they were sitting together, and when John said ...
I saw that moment, master Alcar said: ‘Go along, then I will show it to you.’
Then John said: ‘We have beaten things to pieces, Peter.
And we doubted.
One of us betrayed Him.
But anyone who gets the word ...
I do not accept that there is still doubt in you, because, Peter, we must make amends for this and we will make amends for this, open yourself and anyone who gets the word will be inspired by Him.’
And then it was John himself.
Then it began.
And if you must now make the journey for Christ, or that, or that - and there are a hundred thousand together here on the way - then you are the master, and you are the initiated and you are a cosmically conscious being, Mr Reitsma, and if the human being comes inspired out of the corner and we feel and we know: this is not more of himself because this represents the divine, universal justice and the harmony and the love, then we listen like little children, and then you just have to accept it.
And when we went back to the universal, almighty divine, to the pre-source, the begin stage of the creation and the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light - we experienced that - then master Alcar said: ‘When we come outside the atmosphere of the earth, and the spheres, then we will all be under inspiration and then you will be capable, André-Dectar, of representing and being able to receive the divine All-Consciousness, because then your word will be law and divine.’
And now it comes, that Cosmology which I have, that did not come from the other side just like that, sir, that was ordered by the highest masters in the Divine All.
No longer from the other side.
That Cosmology which I have, they are the first five books of the new bible, that is no longer from the other side.
Sir, what you experience on Sundays in Diligentia, that is divine All-Consciousness.
And now André suddenly said: ‘Master Alcar, is it clear to you?’
And he can ask that, because master Alcar was now an adept.
And master Zelanus is now the adept of the masters in the Divine All.
And André got the inspiration; you will soon hear what André tells.
Because André explains there at that moment the whole universe for harmony, fatherhood and motherhood.
And we should have went on for another four pages, that inspiration of André went so far.
And then you should hear, and then you should say whether that André is really a prince of space and a Great winged one; otherwise it would not pass his lips, would it?
After all, they say that Jozef Rulof is insane.
But you can also do that.
If you are soon there, then that is for all of you, you will all get that.
But just try imitating me there like that.
You should hear what also comes, five books are ready, you should read them.
When you have read that, sir, those five, gosh, oh, you will not need anything else, and then you will have all the universities in your pocket.
Only we do not have any money.
It will come.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... exactly on time.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It will come exactly on time.’
What that gentleman there says.
I will slave away slave away slave away, I will search search search.
Sir, if I have to have the million in a fortnight’s time, it will come into my house, then it will be lying on the table, then I do not even need to look at it, because the work is busy, you hear it everywhere.
We had a lady here one evening, she comes there, I think: what kind of colour is that?
Then she says: ‘Sir, I was on the boat on the ocean and I already heard about you there.’
We also experienced that here.
‘I already got two books there and then they said: ‘If you are in The Hague, then go to there and there, and you will hear Jozef Rulof.
And now I get, what I did not find in Egypt, in British India, the temples, I was with initiated, with the very greatest, and they did not know it, and here in The Hague I hear it.’
We got that here.
Do you also remember?
I happened to read it this afternoon.
I think: did I say that?
Yes, we said that.
And in this way you get space, evolution, expansion, and whatever else?
Whatever else?
I will finish this and then we will have questions after the interval, directly from the hall.
So prepare a few soon then we will continue.
(Jozef continues with the question.)
Here I have: “Must I compare this to Ancient Egypt and the temple of Isis?”
Mr Reitsma, then they were still just little children.
But in the temple of Isis?
I saw myself there.
Another says: ‘What a fuss, what a misery and what a pride.’
But I saw myself as priest Dectar walking in a habit, with the Great winged one next to me, and then we went to the king, to the pharaoh, and then we came back.
He, Venry, says: ‘A time will come, Dectar, that you will not only represent a small temple, but mankind.’
And now there are just 3800 years between.
But we have the ‘winged ones’.
And lives were needed for that, and lives were ready.
And then we came to the other side, then we were first astronomer, collided with regard to divine laws and planets and stars, went to pieces.
And in the hereafter, ‘behind the coffin’, directly from the Land of Twilight, Master Alcar came and said: ‘And now we will take you, with the masters, to the moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and if you know that ...’
After a hundred and fifty years we knew that, and then we became will power, as Moses asked that, could do that, I was born again and mother Crisje came, and then I opened my eyes in ‘s-Heerenberg with the universe in my pocket.
What Master Alcar now does is nothing else but that universe, which we experienced together on the other side, with Master Zelanus, the three of us - and why the three of us? - he now only awakens that.
We have only now brought the Cosmology to earth and that is the new time for me.
Because with the ninth book, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, I should have died, because, master Alcar said: ‘Not for the books and space and the masters and Christ and the other side, but because you will succumb.’
And then I disembodied - I also explained to you, you have read - three times, and then I came back, back again, and then the angels came and the people, the people, the people, the people of the first and the second and the seventh sphere, up to the mother of the fourth cosmic grade, and she looked me in the eye and she said: ‘André, everyone on the fourth cosmic grade would like to have that task.’ C2467
And then I said to myself: what they can do, I can do too.
I came through it, but the moaning continues because everything talks now.
If the child talks in you, mother, is that not emotion?
And then the God of all life must talk to you sometime!
I have become cosmic giving birth in wisdom, and that is much worse, because I am standing on top of it, I live in the middle of it.
And you still carry it inside, and it is still unconscious.
Understood, Mr Reitsma?
That is all lying ready for you.
And then you can say: why me and why not another, why not us and why you?
Sir, the Spheres of Light are inhabited.
The Divine All is inhabited.
But you all become a Peter and a John, because all of you will be the apostle of Christ.
You are also it.
And we must all talk one day, talk talk talk talk ... think think think think ...
And if you then begin - mother, now I do nothing to you, you know - and if you then begin and say to the space and all the life: ‘God does not exist’, there is not a God either who can inspire you, because you hit Him away from you like that.
You see, now I can continue to stimulate, but it is no use to me.
But you are not angry at me here, are you?
One more word, ladies and gentlemen, then we will have a lovely cup of tea.
(To Mrs X): On me, you may ...
Have a cup of tea on me, madam?
One for the road.
(Mrs X): ‘No, I will do that at home.’
Nice, nice and warm there, nice, with a packet of peanuts with it. (laughter)
Biscuit, biscuit, biscuit.
Biscuit - sir, do you have biscuits? - a biscuit with it.
(To the hall): I also have a little child here.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“But,” mister Reitsma says, “where are those people from our midst who sullied and soiled that André-Dectar by claiming that this child is proud and a bungler in comparison to Ramakrishna?
Did master Zelanus not say that he can now give a lecture to all the great mystics and that the East envies him?”
This can no longer be destroyed, Mr Reitsma, thanks, and I will prove it to you.
They will not destroy me, ladies and gentlemen, because we have contact with the masters on the other side, with Our Lord and Our Lord even further and deeper.
Just let them come, sir, and if there is a question of inspiration, sir, then I will talk to you until you are stuck to your chair this evening.
Now first just have the cup of tea because we have no more time.
See you soon.
(Mrs X says something.)
After each other, madam, first tea and then coffee.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will continue.
Zweite Strophe.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“Can people in the first or second sphere get a mastership by means of study?”
From who is that?
“Can people in the first or second sphere get a mastership?”
Madam, then you are already it.
But how do you get a mastership?
By reading books?
Yes, don’t you?
(Lady in the hall says something.)
Madam, you are completely off the mark.
How do you get mastership?
I have talked about it often here.
When are you a mistress?
By painting, sciences?
Everything of society, you are a Rembrandt, a Titiaan, a Beethoven and everything, but you say: ‘Drop dead ...’
‘Mach dass Sie fortkommen hier.’
And then the left hand raised and something else too, then you will know exactly what the score is.
Are you it then if you say ‘Heil Hitler’?
Are you it then, madam, a master?
By what means - by means of all arts and sciences, every faculty of the earth, you will feel where I want to go - can you get a mastership?
(Various people in the hall): ‘By means of love.’
If you speak all the languages of the world and there is no love for ‘behind the coffin’, for the Spheres of Light, and it is called justice, harmony, madam, then you are nothing, Christ said.
So you are already a master and you become and you remain cosmically conscious, you can experience your life spiritually consciously as a human being, and then you are a mistress and a master if every action and deed and thought has attunement to that first sphere, and then you are it.
Is that not honest?
So, and then you say ...
You do not need to read.
You can read, you can read all the books, you can absorb all the sciences, and if we do not begin to break that little devil in us and to break his previous neck, then that thing will continue and we will be in disharmony.
And then you can soon say: ‘What does it matter to me, I will also come there’, then you will be at such a standstill as when you say: ‘That God, just prove to me whether he exists.’
And you do not believe me, but if you just say to one, to one: ‘Yes but ... oh, now wait a moment’, and you then also want to daze and dominate, then you are once more not in harmony with reality.
(To a lady who has a tickly cough): Madam, here is a nice drink for you.
Will you drink a little?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I have already had a sip.
I have a tickle.’
Did you swallow a lump?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No.’
Otherwise we must get that thing out again of course.
We have enough operators here.
(Jozef continues.)
But then you will not get any consciousness and any feeling.
Because by means of that real thinking and serving your consciousness starts to expand as feeling and you will get the mastership in harmony and justice and love in your hands, that exceeds everything for all the spaces of God; and they are the divine foundations for and in the human being, which you now lay yourself by means of your serving, and you do not even need a book for that.
Do you?
Theology, this book ...
We are now talking about theology.
And then you should just begin with society.
If you now want to be something and you grasp a bit too high with your hands, and you do not have it, you do not possess it, what do you do then?
Now you should be a spiritualist and you should imagine that you are a master, or you are an artist on the stage, then they will tell you it, then the critic will say: ‘See that you leave here quickly, pupil.’
In Diligentia one like that comes (Jozef sings something solemn), and then he plays and then that critic says: ‘That caterwauling is no use to us at all.’
And then you are a caterwauling cat.
And if you now go to the sciences, then you must prove it, because you will not get your title in Leiden, you will not become a doctor.
But something which the human being can grasp and hangs between life and death, as the mediums do that here, and then they say something, and then they just blink and then they also announce something ... but they hold back the evolution, they do not know it.
And it is in ‘Spiritual Gifts’ anyway, they violate Christ, because Christ brought evolution and now they bring lies and deception.
The human being who violates mediumistic gifts is badder as the human being who commits a murder of the material being; he can still make amends.
But now it concerns mankind: you hold back millions of people by means of the word which you give as a medium, and which is deception, and by means of which the good is destroyed.
I am fighting - I told you recently - against Elise van Calcar, I do get them out of the hall here.
And she says: ‘Destroy everything.’
Blavatsky (founder of the theosophist movement, 1831-1891) also says to me: ‘Destroy what I said there.
We were first nature, then animal and then human being, André-Dectar, it is totally wrong.’
I say: 'The theosophists do not want me.'
Mary Baker-Eddy (founder of the Christian Science, 1821-1910) came on Golgotha to me.
I came to America, I say: ‘How many mediums do you have here?’
Then they said: ‘Well, perhaps twenty, thirty thousand.’
I say: ‘You do not have one real one.’
‘How do you know that?’
Mary Baker-Eddy had to come to Holland in order to record a message in ‘Spiritual Gifts’ with master Alcar, she said: ‘Go to the doctor first if a hand is broken, and then you can pray.’
Because children’s’ arms have rotted, sir, by means of the Christian Science.
And then she came to me - did you not read that in ‘Spiritual Gifts’? - Mary Baker-Eddy did not have to go to America to be with the Indians and with all those great mediums, no, she had to go to the Esdoornstraat 21.
I say: ‘You do not have any mediums, otherwise they would surely have heard her.
Or did you not think so?
Or is the message of Mary Baker-Eddy only for the street gutters of the city?
Do you feel the seriousness in this?
And what does Mary Baker-Eddy do now?
Hundreds of thousands of people still walk there and they pray: only God can do everything.
Yes indeed.
But where do the sciences remain?
And that father and mother were Christian Science for a hundred percent, but the girl of eight years old walked into something, arm out of the socket, broken: pray, pray, pray; that pain goes away again because the God of all life hears that and cures that.
And after two weeks that arm had rotted and the parents were deprived of parental rights, because they were completely off the mark.
Mary Baker-Eddy has that on her conscience.
That mistake follows her and says: ‘Here!
Imagine that she could experience the first sphere with this destruction, then lying and deception, destruction also live there.
Now the human being violates gifts.
And now it does not concern one human being - a murder, madam, is not as bad as this - but it now concerns Holland, Belgium, Japan, the peoples of the earth take it over.
And do you know that the Christian Science has created churches over the whole world, that we also have one here on the Andries Bickerweg?
And they pray!
Can you pray if the human being has a broken leg?
Then the other side says, and then the masters say and Christ also said: ‘Go to a doctor and have it set.’
Is that not honest?
Now Mary Baker-Eddy is attached to her own mistakes, Blavatsky too, because I will not get it out again.
There are theosophists who no longer even accept that, they say: ‘We were born in the waters.’
Since my ‘The Origin of the Universe’ has been published, since 1939, a great deal has happened and a lot has changed at the theosophical centres.
(Lady continues to cough.)
Madam, how pig-headed you are, just have a little water.
Do you see that you are being pig-headed again?
(The woman says something else and Jozef makes a noise back.)
Yes, you can at least cope with it, but woe betide if you cannot cope with it.
Because we were right, weren’t we?
(She gets water.)
Now it will go away surely?
Just keep it with you because it can still come back.
Madam, I am been talking the whole evening and I never look at water, how strange that is, isn’t it?
We can talk for ten hours.
If you take water as a speaker then you can certainly have a barrel pulled up because you will not stop.
Imagine, that is also spiritual art again, master Zelanus can talk for ten hours without water.
But he says: ‘Then three drops of water are enough for me.’
Because one drop possesses space.
But it comes back as foam.
If I talk too long foam comes, it is just like snow, and as soft as silk.
It is wonderful.
But we were not talking about that, madam.
We were talking about the question: how can I be a master in the first sphere?
Madam, then you will get that of its own accord of course, if you already have the love, the expanding, the cordiality.
The human being will say to you: ‘What a good person that is.
He is always true.’
You are friendly, polite, benevolent, loving.
And the old person becomes young again and the eyes start to radiate.
Yes, and life gives you a kiss.
And then it becomes still, it becomes really still.
Madam, people want that even if they are more than ninety years.
But it is remarkable.
As long as there is still life in the human being, the human being longs for love, cordiality and the real friendly companiable.
And now you can experience the dictionary: what do we have of real friendship, sisterly love, brotherly love, all those other things?
What do we have of that?
In what do you want to achieve the mastership?
By what means?
Cosmic consciousness?
If you soon get ‘Jeus III’ in your hands, then there will now be a photograph at the end of the book, and at the beginning you will get to see another photograph of me and my Crisje too and also something else, and then that is at the beginning of ‘Jeus the writer’, that is me, but it is not me, but it is still me.
And at the end you get - listen - ‘Jeus the thinker’, you already read that in part II, there was also ‘Jeus the seer’, there is also ‘Jeus the healer’, ‘Jeus the artist’, there is also ‘Jeus the painter’.
Because you always get Jeus this and Jeus that there, and Jeus this, that and the other; but at the end you get this: ‘Jeus the thinker’, ‘Jeus the seer’, ‘Jeus the healer’, ‘Jeus the teacher’, ‘Jeus the speaker’, ‘Jeus’, we already have the writer, it is now ‘the artist’, and then you also get ‘Jeus the teacher’, ‘the master’, ‘Jeus the psychologist’, ‘Jeus the cosmically aware’ and ‘Jeus the Great Winged One’ for the University of Christ, and you experienced all of that and then you say: ‘Yes, really, it exists.’
And they are ten gifts; I do not have one of them, but it is the masters, I was only a channel.
Don’t you like it?
From the clay, sir, it can be seen from ‘s-Heerenberg, from the Zwartekolkseweg and the Montferlandse, the trees speak about it and said: ‘Just go, Jeus.
Disappear here.’
What did you say?
When I was in the garage - madam, and it all comes to a head - when I was in the garage, and the garage was built up, with a few boys, and five cars, then master Alcar suddenly said: ‘Just leave that mess lying and follow me.’
And I left everything in the lurch.
I came home with nothing, I say: ‘You may also have that weekly money from me because I now earn from Our Lord.’
And I walked away, and I left everything in the lurch, I say to the boys: ‘Just keep the mess’, my shares and everything gone, ‘because I am going to work for Our Lord.’
I say: ‘Next week I will earn twelve guilders, by means of the sick, and then seventeen, and the third week twenty-four and then we will just go to twenty-seven and thirty like that and then it will go even further.’
And I say: ‘Tomorrow I will get three patients: a lady who has a stomach ulcer, and that lady has it there, and that gentleman cannot sleep.’
And they really came.
I say: ‘And then the next morning I will have, tomorrow afternoon those people will come and they will have this and they will have that, and then a mother will come with a girl and a boy, and then that gentleman will come again, and then that woman will come.’
The people came on the run, then we still had to get them, but it was already there; and I saw.
I say: ‘And then we will continue and then we will write books and then I will make paintings.’
‘Hahahaha’, they said, ‘don’t make me laugh.’
‘Paulus Pielus’, they said.
They said ‘Paulus Pielus’, and then they went with a stick along the wall - you will read that soon - in the garage.
And then I had those gentlemen ...
You experience great wonders there in that book, and only, madam, because I could always listen.
I have never doubted.
It is a lot to me.
As a child I already saw ‘behind the coffin’.
But did you think that the human being believed that?
I also had it with a gentleman a little while ago, then I say to him: ‘Sir, that cursed doubt in us destroys the justice, harmony and love - the happiness, the marriage of the people - for each other.’
And that doubt is always there.
Are they still not enough pieces of proof?
Madam, but I will tell you one thing, be careful with spiritual gifts and prefer to do something else.
And stay away from that.
You can help people, talk to people, but always attune yourself again to that which you feel about it: if I tell you, I will at least not be centuries off the mark.
Because otherwise you will dig a hole for yourself.
Is that not honest?
I experienced, I saw that.
And then you rise up, then you can do what you want in society.
Be good, be life, be sweet, be soft, then the first sphere will lie open and ready for you as a wonderful temple - just step into it - and many paths lead there, in order to be able to receive the human being and you.
Did you have something else?
It is like that, isn’t it?
You can never avoid this, we always talk so razor-sharp towards one thing and then we stand before the law.
I used to wonder: ‘Master Alcar, where are you going?’
In ‘A View into the Hereafter’, then he had to receive me as a child from the bible.
I say: ‘I do not know that bible.’
He says: ‘But we have to do it, otherwise the people will not understand us.’
But later he continued and then he flew through the cosmos and at the end the divine point came behind hit with the exclamation mark, and then you had nothing more to say.
Did you not experience that here?
You always experience that anyway.
A divine exclamation mark always comes anyway.
There is no longer a question mark behind it; we go through this.
Nobody else?
Then I have this here ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, if we carry the doubt in us then our personality and the soul life must also really walk next to each other, and not walk in each other.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The soul life is the spiritual self, and the material self ...’
Now you must listen carefully, Berends, I taught you that the soul is God.
So there is no doubt in the soul.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
No, it is not the spirit either.
But it is the personality.
Because that body of yours does not represent lies and deception here, but what lives in it.
And the spirit is the covering again for the soul and your life of feeling on the other side.
So the personality ...
Now you will begin.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘So in the personality, in our own personality the doubt lives.’
... doubt lives.
And what is that doubt now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I would like to say that this is a product of all those previous lives.’
No, sir, just leave it closed here on earth.
There is no doubt, but it is unconsciousness.
You can just throw that word doubt overboard.
But, now something clings from that day consciousness, and that space, and those previous lives, something clings to your day consciousness and gets connection with the personality; and now something can be said about doubt, but ultimately there is only unconsciousness, because we take care of psychopathy and insanity, and all the diseases and everything by means of that, or God would be wiped off the map.
Do you feel?
Then God would be a deformed being after all, a hater, a God of revenge.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is not possible.’
No, sir.
But the doubt for love and justice ...
The human being says: ‘But I did well, didn’t I?’
Yes, in which grade did you do that?
And then we will search and finally it will appear, that it is one and all unconsciousness.
You must not be angry at a human being who does wrong.
But when they flatly refuse if they are standing with their nose on top of it, and say: ‘I want to be right when it is white’, well, that is even worse, that is even worse than doubt.
‘It says that here, that is white.’
Then they say: ‘No, that is black.’
‘And you just want to be right anyway’, they then say to each other.
Then one flatly refuses to learn it, to possess that flexibility, to say: ‘My God, my God, he is right.’
No, then they do not want to be attacked.
Then they want to protect themselves, sir and madam, and that is the saddest thing in the Land of Twilight because you will never get that out.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is demonic.’
No, it is not.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No?’
No, sir.
Demonic, no, sir.
But that is so suffering and grievous.
You do not get that out them out of that Land of Twilight, because in the first sphere you stand before reality.
And there it is no longer: that is white, if it is black.
No, sir, that is blue and there is no other colour anymore.
And then we do not need to say: ‘Yes, will that be the case?’
No, you must say: ‘If you say it, it will be the case because you possess the reality of the first sphere.’
Where does that first foundation actually come from?
Should it not be a human being from a state who has really experienced justice?
But that is the final part for the systems of Socrates, when he asks himself and in Athens at the market, and says: ‘What is justice?
What am I if I am happy?
What kind of crazy feeling is that?’?
They still cannot analyse it to this day.
I can do that, Schopenhauer, Kant, just stand up, then I will tell you where the feeling is happy and possesses the reality of Him who created us.
Sir, that is the first foundation for the harmonic unity with life.
And Kant did not know that, because Kant did not know for that matter how deep life is.
And Schopenhauer does not know it and Socrates still did not know it at all during that time.
Those cores live and we lived on the other side, but a human being destroys them because the human being says: ‘Sure.’
I am standing there.
If you cannot bow, you will never come out of that sphere.
And then the human being says very quickly afterwards: ‘Oh well, then I will see again.’
And do you wish to deal with divine laws nonchalantly while you are busy reading books?
You are man and wife, are you then, for goodness’ sake, still prehistoric, do you come from a mental institution?
That hurts me.
Because I pull a fast one on the Spheres of Light.
God, Christ, and the whole business.
Now that does not matter to me, but there are people with you who are involved with you, and now one wants to go forward and the other one says: ‘Drop dead.’
Oh well, he does not want to agree, he does not want this.
My God, my God - have you read ‘A View into the Hereafter’, sir? - if you refuse to bow, sir, do you not feel the sphere, if a little bit of harshness is added, where are you going?
And is it not sad that there are still people here who say: but I am doing wrong.
The people say: ‘You are doing wrong, you may not do that, you may not do this.
Why are you doing that, sir?’
‘Who says that?’
And then they go against it.
I couldn’t care less: if I then have to be contaminated and gossiped and talked about, and it is me, then I will see, then I will think: they are right.
But it means nothing to me, sir.
I will work it out.
The one who blackens my name, is the black one; woe betide, if it is not me.
Hahaha, then I have the whole universe standing next to me.
And Our Lord is then so close by, then He places a hand on your shoulder and then He says: ‘Continue and do not bother about that destruction.’
What did you want to know about that, Mr Berends?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘About the last thing.’
Still a bit about the last thing.
Look, I am warning you.
And it is no longer warning, I have see the other side.
People, it is worth a lot more that you suffer from hunger and that you do not possess anything and never speak, because then you cannot do any wrong.
Because every wrong word, think about it, is a foundation against us, and you have to get over it.
And that first sphere must be bare and pure, because we can ... those grass blades which slowly come out of the ground there ... that is the new life, that is the awakening, that is the purity for life, we have to bow to that, and be truth, benevolence and love, Master Alcar says, otherwise you will not come one step further.
And if you then sit here in order to improve yourself and you want to awaken, then I always beg you - and it gets through to the human being with the lectures of Diligentia about cosmic consciousness, the origin of divine fatherhood and motherhood - why do you not begin with that?
I can crush a man to death from love, not a woman, sir, but I kiss a man who has love just as seriously and spatially.
Christ also said that: ‘Do not go to My sister but go to My brother.’
And if you do that ...
You must first want to play out that the people say: ‘What a nice man he is.’
I did that.
And five years later the first answer came back.
Then master Alcar said: ‘The people must say that themselves.’
And if I now a bit ...(inaudible).
Then I was a saint, then I was a superman and an incredible being.
But when I started to build along the road, then I was a demon, wasn’t I?
But that is now the honour; that mud, that is the honour.
I do not pay any attention to that and then I do not get angry at those people.
But consciously go directly against divine harmony and they just want to have the word, just have the word, and they say that black is white ...
Do you know why I was so quarrelsome last week, madam?
I was not quarrelsome, but I was cosmically inspired.
I could have broken down the whole building here, I had to restrain myself, because the sorrows of mankind charge at you, and then you are faced with that powerlessness, while I am a cosmically conscious being.
I can now give every university a lecture.
And then I almost burst, and then you are no longer quarrelsome, no, then you hit reality from behind in the human brains until the life of feeling says: to here and not further, I can no longer deal with it.
You get that.
And then inspiration?
Madam, you bleed dry if you start to see the reality.
I am always bleeding.
And then you start to understand Our Lord a bit sometime, why He was beaten more, because He could not reach mankind - He also knew that for that matter - then (by means of) that whole crucifixion.
Because the human being in the concentration camps has suffered more than the Christ.
They pulled the nails from the soul of those people.
I have respect for those people who have said ‘no’.
But for what purpose?
For Adolph Hitler?
For Mussert?
For this cursed society which is completely rotten?
We are cheated from in front and from behind, treated unjustly, the people had given their blood for that, and when the war was over they were put on the dike, but the rascals are still sitting on their horse.
Then just give me Mussert because he was still honest and Max Blockzijl also.
But unfortunate dopes, unconscious beings, but such real little children.
They were not only pleased with a gold medal but also mit Gamasche: Heil Führer.
I came back to ‘s-Heerenberg, madam, in 1942, I came back to ‘s-Heerenberg in my land of birth, and then the members of the NSB (Dutch national socialist movement) were walking there: like that.
I come to the elite, that is at Heining, that is a nice café - I never came there because they were too boasting for me - only dignitaries came there, the mayor came there, well, a child of the Grintweg was not allowed to come there, they chased him away.
But when I came there, I already had about twelve, fifteen books in my hands, and then they started to bow a bit and: ‘Gosh, there is something in that Jeus.’
And then I went in there, and the elite of Mussert was sitting there.
‘So’, I say, ‘what is the matter here in ‘s-Heerenberg?
Blast, all the people are raising their hands, but what is that?
Are they insane?’
I say: ‘And they have all bet on a white, on a lame horse, that horse will soon collapse.’
And then my friend said, he was a big shot there, a son of the tall Van Bree, he says: ‘If it was not Jeus, I would not have been able to do anything for him, I would have put him in prison.’
But it was Jeus.
I say: ‘Willem’, when the war was over, I say: ‘Willem, you should have done that, then I would have pulled out all your hair.’
And when I came back after the war, he said: ‘Jeus, Jeus, what fools we were, weren’t we?
We did not know it.
Can you forgive us then?’
I say: ‘I was not mad at you, was I?’
But that happens every day, madam, and then white is black.
And that hits you from that first sphere, ladies and gentlemen.
Because how can you, I told my people here who had read my books, how can you devote your life to a wild carry-on while Christ said: ‘He who takes the sword, will perish by the cross.’
And they had knowledge of the bible, you know.
There were some there who had séances with the ‘masters’ on the other side and they said: ‘It was good like that.’
I say: ‘Stop that nonsense, you have nothing.’
But they did not want to lose it.
Do you know when they had lost it, madam?
When they were in the concentration camp.
Then they had lost it. Jozef was right.
And if I now say: ‘Hold your tongue, and do not talk so stupidly, and be nice, and agree with the human being and bow your head’, is just the same as putting up your hand for all those Musserts and those Hitlers.
And you still do not even need that from me, if that voice from space comes, and you just go and look at Golgotha, ladies and gentlemen, is still not that spiritual divine voice which says there: ‘My child, which example did I give you?’?
But you do not flatly refuse to do it: you refuse point-blank.
You do not say: ‘Yes, that is that little devil in me.’
But lives are destroyed because of it.
A man said: ‘Yes, I cannot help it; then something arises in me again and then I give a growl again.’
I say: ‘Yes, sir, they are those rotten devils which are in you.’
I say: ‘Yes, sir, but your wife and children are already taking their last gasp.
It is already no longer necessary, you have already completely destroyed them by means of that little devil.’
Lives are destroyed because of those cursed little devils.
If you know consciously, sir, that you murder yourself spiritually every day because of those cursed character traits, why do you not stop then?
And do not destroy a human beings’ life.
I see it every day, I hear it.
Do you wish to develop spiritually and hit away from you left and right, so that the human being says: ‘But, my God’?
Heal the human being, and the human being must say, to the magnetiser, which then happens: ‘Sir, why do I have to get undressed?
Do I have to get undressed, sir?’
Yes, they want bare skin.
They do not want to see nakedness but they want to see bare skin, the magnetisers.
Dirty, filthy, smutty thieves.
Is that happiness?
Is that it?
Just keep your hands off spaces.
I believe, I will just hang myself, then at least I would still have something to make amends for, if I have to search for it there.
Isn’t it true, sir?
And it is that, just believe it.
Madam, do you know it now?
We are still busy with your question.
That all works ‘behind the coffin’, that continues, and if you do nothing ...
The people from the time of the war got their school.
If you know something and you have strength and you can give the people something, then remain perfectly ordinary and do it even simpler than the earth into which the potato goes.
Because do you hear whether Mother Earth speaks to her crops, and perhaps groans and makes a fuss?
You should see soon what I saw on the trees again, and you hear nothing about that: that continues infallibly and surely.
And if we have that harmony, madam, and you say to the human being on the street ...
A human being comes up to you on the street and she says: ‘I am not well, madam, I have not been feeling well recently’ then you say: ‘Madam, attune yourself to the space and it will be gone.’
But if it is really a lump, and a tumour, and you cannot get rid of it just like that, not by means of any medicine, then it is the doctor and he says: ‘I will open it and make it disappear.’
And then you have to give yourself to that again.
But law is law.
Harmony is harmony, and the harmony takes you to the divine systems, which possess justice, the first of which Socrates opened and exposed as the foundations for the university of now: by means of which a Kant, a Schopenhauer and an Adler and a Jung originated, and who still do not know it, because feeling is feeling.
And for Freud everything was homosexuality and sexuality, nothing, nothing else, because Freud knew nothing about the hereafter.
And he was a world famous professor.
Wasn’t he?
Any more questions about this?
No, lady?
Questions, you have other questions?
How did I say that again?
I have here: “To my teacher Jozef Rulof.”
Well, will I just take it?
“After a few lectures with doctor Reinmond I was at the observatory in Leiden in order to admire Mother Moon and other constellations through the telescope.
It was a wonderful moment to see Mother Moon so close by me.
It was as if I could lay my hands on her.”
I am quite prepared to believe that, madam.
“I greeted her very gently and gave her my kiss in my thoughts.”
Oh, that was nice, wasn’t it?
From who, Mrs Revallier?
Where are you?
At the back in the corner.
Was that kiss not delicious, madam?
And then also looking quietly, you should have sat for a few hours, and looked.
I would have wanted to sit next to you then, hand in hand, and then to talk to Mother Moon for a moment.
Haha, to make a nice flight from here; and that is possible, madam.
Isn’t it great?
Do we not become a little bit emotional inside, if the space starts to speak?
I experience that every day, madam, and now consciously.
Then the moon ...
The moon now says: ‘I am dying, André, but go and look back to a few years ago, they are millions of ages for the academics on earth, but look into my youth when I was six, seven, ten, and when I still had to begin with my first cell life as embryonic existence, and then feel afterwards the kiss of my puberty and you will have my love and you will know.’
Now I am already starting to write poetry, I can continue like that.
And then they say ‘write a book’, madam, it continues like that, and then I dictate twenty pages freely; pure Dichtung und Wahrheit.
And a poet must go and sit down for that.
And then they say: where do I come from?
And then we are one with the moon and the moon starts to speak and tells cosmically consciously how she felt and experienced her motherhood, fatherhood, soul, spirit, life, light, space, justice, harmony.
That still continues, and in the morning we have a book, you do not have to do anything about it.
And the people still speak of inspiration sometime.
I have become it.
I no longer need to ask.
If you are unity, the life speaks.
Or am I perhaps jabbering?
Are we jabbering, engineer?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, not yet.’
Thank you.
I just look at you because then I still have a bit of a lecture in front of me.
Also Leiden and Delft.
And if he frowns, then I will give him a push on top of it and then the eyebrows will go down again. (laughter)
I like to talk, it is much more difficult to talk to you, to the ordinary being.
Give me the intellectuality, because then we have foundations and then we continue, and then it is a huge success.
Now it is much more difficult, you hear that there, because you do not need to say to an engineer and a doctor and another person: ‘God does not exist.’
That is not possible either.
There are no academics in the world who say ...
Well, if they have lived it up then they can say: ‘God no longer exists.’
But a decent learned being of this twentieth century with a doctorate no longer says that anyway, that is not possible: ‘There is no God.’?
(Jozef continues with the letter.)
But now we will just go to the moon again together, madam.
“I greeted her very gently and gave her my kiss in my thoughts.
When I got off my viewing chair, I went to the assistant who gave us an explanation.
This gentleman stood for his doctorate.
‘The moon is now dying, isn’t it?’, I said, ‘and is now a hard mass.
There was never life on the moon?’”
(Lady in the hall corrects Jozef): ‘Was there.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall adds): ‘Was there never life ...’
I said that.
“‘Was there never life on the moon?’
‘No’, he said, ‘there was never life on the moon, it was always a glowing mass of fire.
She is now hard with mountains of 5000 metres high and deep craters; but still a glowing mass.’”
How can it be.
“‘No, sir’, I said, ‘the moon has fulfilled a task in the universe, I told him how we and the animals originated on the moon and were born from her.’
He did not understand any of this, he did not know anything about this either, he said.
I asked doctor Reinmond whether it was true that the sun spat out planets.
‘No, the planets originated by means of other powers and forces.’
I asked the other astrologers: ‘How did Saturn get its ring?’
‘Science’, he said, ‘believes that one of the nine moons which float around Saturn, divided, and fell onto Saturn.
And in this way the ring ...’”
Now you should hear, now those people talk about gravities and centrifugal powers and pushing back and driving off and now they know: if you fire off something big, that it will fall down because gravity lives here.
How will a planet like that be able to release itself and to just fall on the other.
Gone universe.
Isn’t it true?
But those academics say that.
I do not understand that those people continue to be at a standstill.
Now they want to search for something and they talk themselves off the map.
“‘No, sir,’ he said, ‘it is not like that either.’”
Now I must go back again.
Oh yes.
“‘ ... divided and fell onto Saturn.
And in this way the ring was formed.’”
How can it be, that is a house on a house and then a ring originated, and in that ring a chimney and it was smoking.
Okay now?
And downstairs there was a human being and she was baking rolls, but the human being who had to eat them was not there.
“‘No, sir’, I said, ‘it is not like that.’
I also told him, as master Zelanus explained to us during one of his lectures.
‘You want to explain this occult’, he said.
‘No, sir, there is nothing occult in the universe.’”
Well done, madam.
“‘How do you know this then from Saturn’, was his question.
‘I am a pupil of Jozef Rulof.’
‘Oh so, yes, I have heard of him.’
After a bit of discussion about that subject, I asked: ‘Do you believe then in a fatherhood and a motherhood in the universe?’
‘Yes’, he said.
‘Oh, now, then just read the books of Jozef Rulof and you will know it.’
Of course I did not achieve anything with the three of them.
I hope that the brochure which I sent them will work further.
With my story, I wanted to confirm how rich we are with our spiritual science, even if we are still just little mites in this area.
Yet we can say: we are happy with that science which the University of Christ gives us, with which of course I honour the masters and their instrument Jeus, André-Dectar, of mother Crisje.
All mothers should be called Crisje.”
Madam, thank you very much.
“Those two words glide from your mouth just like that.
My mother was also a dear, you know, she was a second Crisje.”
Madam, thank you very much, also for your things which you do, because I know that anyway, and I will only say this, I will do my best and finish the work and if I do anything wrong, then just hit me on the head with a strip of iron.
But I do not believe that you will get the chance for that.
Because if there is something and the people say ... then come to me first ...
Don’t they?
During the time when they started to shout like that, then there was someone with me, a gentleman came to me, he says: ‘You were somewhere, sir’, in order to see whether there were still lights, but they were no longer there.
‘Can you still see mine?’
Then he says: ‘Yes, they are still there.’
I say: ‘And now get out of here, dirty scoundrel.’
In other words: look at your own things and do not have the impudence to look into my eyes, sir, you are an egghead.
Sir and madam, let us first get the butter from our head, and then you will have the right to look into the human eye.
With whom was I involved?
He was gone.
‘Good gracious’, he says, ‘a masterly beating.’
‘No, sir, the truth.’
Ladies and gentlemen, madam, thanks, the University of Christ challenges science.
But when they now sit, you are all from Leiden and Utrecht, and I explain: what is the moon ...
Have you not read that in ‘Masks and Men’ - and have you not read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’? - when René awakens there and the minister, the astronomer, the psychologist is there, and then they must just ...
My God, my God.
And then we must actually begin: is there life ‘behind the coffin’?
Is there reincarnation?
And then you can go through the bible, it will take twenty-five years before you are through it, you will not get that analysed, they are standing there again.
Does doubt come?
No, sir: God’s word!
And God said: ‘I will make a light for the night.’
I once laughed myself sick.
I will just add something.
I go to a watchmaker, and I go inside and there were two standing fighting there, with words.
There was the watchmaker and there was another one, he was there; and then in between the work he got bible study.
I was standing there, I was standing watching, I lit a cigarette: ‘Sir, carry on, I will just wait.’
Then that man said: ‘And then the Lord said ...’
I say: ‘Sir, carry on.’
‘Are you also Protestant?’
I say: ‘Yes, sir.’
And I went and sat like that, and I joined my hands and then he felt: it is fine.
And he is busy.
And at once he said something, yes, then my hands flew apart, I no longer had contact with myself and then I had to laugh.
‘Are you laughing?’
I say: ‘Sir’, I say, ‘yes.’
I say: ‘Look here ...’
‘Are you also interested in the bible?’
I say: ‘Sir, of course, of course, of course, it is God, isn’t it?
Yes’, I say, ‘but what you are saying there, that is not right.’
‘How do you know that then, sir?’
I say: ‘Who are you?’
‘I am a parapsychologist.’
I say: ‘You are lying.’
I say: ‘You must say, you do parapsychology.
Because if you are a parapsychologist, you are a doctor, and you are not that, otherwise you will not work with the bible.
A parapsychologist has something to do with the bible, but that is not his study.’
I say: ‘So you are boasting with a title, which you do not have.’
Then that watchmaker says: ‘Are you lying then?
Then I do not want to hear anything from you again about the bible.’
He says: ‘Do you also work with that bible?’
I say: ‘Yes, sir.’
I say: ‘I want to take part in it, but then that first must all go.
All of this, for example.’
‘How will it be possible then?’
I say: ‘Sir, God said: “We will make a light for the night and a light for the day.”
And the moon gets the light from the sun, and the earth makes night and not the moon.
Who is that now?’
‘Do you know the bible?’ he says to that man, the parapsychologist.
Then he says: ‘You know nothing about it.’
I say: ‘Sir must put that away, that must all go, because before the bible began creation was already millions of years old.’
Then he says: ‘But who are you then?’
I say: ‘I am called Jozef Rulof.’
‘Are you that man from Diligentia?
Oh, oh, blimey.’ (laughter)
I say: ‘What do you have?
What is the matter now?
Sir, but I have not done anything to you.’
‘No, my wife, the whole of The Hague is talking about you, we talk about you every evening.’
I say: ‘That is me.’
‘Sir, I have already been to your house.’
I say: ‘Sir, I have had that clock repaired five times already, I am that same one.’
‘But I did not know that.
Are you that spiritual rebel then?’
‘Yes, sir.’
I say: ‘Can you still repair it?
Just say honestly, because there are no more watchmakers.’
I say: ‘But that will go for me.
And you are not a parapsychologist’, I say, ‘and now I do not want to know anything else, sir, but where Abraham got the mustard from.’
I say: ‘And then Abraham got mustard, he was still standing on the damnation and at the last judgement and then he did not even make any progress because he had to die.’
Then he says: ‘I do not understand any of that.’
I say: ‘I thought so too.’ (laughter)
Ladies and gentlemen, madam, that was a very nice story, but you come across that every day in society.
Do you have another question for me?
And then that watchmaker says, when I came to him the next time, six months later, and then I had explained one thing and another to him, then he says ...
I already knew him during the war, and then I told him: ‘Sir, it happens like that, it happens like that.’
‘Are you serious, sir?’
I say: ‘Yes, sir.’
It all came true.
The war has been over for four days, sir, then he was once more afraid that a third one would come.
‘Sir, there will not be a war, will there?’
I say: ‘No, sir.
Keep yourself together, sir.’
‘There will be no war, will there, Mr Rulof?’
‘No, sir.’
‘Will there be no ...
The Russians will not come?’
‘No, sir, no Russian will come.’
I say: ‘But do you know what there is, that is a very different Russian, and it is much more dangerous.’
I say: ‘You say that you are a child of God, don’t you?’
He says: ‘Yes, I am.’
I say: ‘Sir, you lie that you suffocate from it because you doubt like the night, because God can tell you it, but you do not hear Him.’
I say: ‘Sir, just ask Christ.’
‘What did you say?
I say: ‘Yes, sir.’
Four days, just a coincidence again, I leave the house, I am walking: ‘There will not be a war, will there, Mr Rulof?’
I say: ‘Sir, the ‘droodles’.
Go home, go to Abraham and ask how he got the mustard.
And then you will hear, sir, that he will send you straight to Utrecht or to Amsterdam or to Delft.
He says: ‘Sir, that only just comes from the bay leaves which we mixed together with some vinegar and something else, and then a label on it, and you eat that.’
Then he says: ‘I do not understand any of that either.’
I say: ‘Sir, you feel, you are a walking doubter.
And you will not get God and any Christ.
And you will not get anything from the bible either, sir, because you accept damnation, you accept a God of hatred and revenge, sir.’
I say: ‘And you no longer see that in my house.’
I say: ‘And that is really scary, sir, because my house is haunted.’
And in no time, in a second he was downstairs. (laughter)
And now, if he just sees me, sir and madam, then he makes a detour.
He gets a fright if I come near him, but then he is a good deal further and then he says: ‘There will be no third war, will there, sir?’
‘No, sir, there will be no third war, because Stalin is not so stupid and dopey as Adolph was, because Stalin, it says in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, chooses eggs for his money.
Ladies and gentlemen, was I able to give you some fun this evening?
Then I thank you sincerely.
And that is from the prof from the radio again.
Ladies and gentlemen, sleep well, and a little more gentle cooing towards each other will give you the foundations - or will we wait a moment? - for the first, the second, the third and the fourth sphere on the other side.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is something in Crisje, Christina, but when you do not have the feeling inside, you can never radiate the universal, and she also had that.
If you have all of that, you will be ...
Do you know where Crisje now lives?
In the third sphere, with Tall Hendrik, and they earned that honestly with their blood.
Ladies and gentlemen, the kiss from Crisje.
(There is clapping.)