Thursday evening 10 April 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
I have the first question here: “Here are two different opinions, could you help us to think here?”
Where should we start?
“In the beginning we got the divine spark, and with that the All-Source had carried out her task.”
That All-Source would want that.
“Now we must do the rest ourselves.
Two: We remain connected with the All-Source by means of the divine spark, which feeds us as it were with spiritual energy.”
You should hear how you contradict yourself here.
Or is that another person who says that?
First people say here: “In the beginning we got the divine spark and with that the All-Source has completed her task.
We must do the rest ourselves.”
And now we get again: “We remain connected with the All-Source by means of the divine spark, which feeds us as it were.”
(Lady in the hall): ‘They are two different opinions.’
I already thought so, you see.
Now we get the first opinion, a comparison with this life and with the whole of the macro cosmos.
In the beginning ...
You have read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, haven’t you?
You have read ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
But precisely those books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ give you the picture of the beginning of creation.
Science does not yet know that because they cannot penetrate that far yet.
They are that far that the biologist says: ‘We were born in the waters’, but why do they not descend deeper into those waters?
Because land consciousness, life, only came millions of ages later.
And then the human being had experienced the moon as a fish - we crawled from the waters and wanted to go further, but that was precisely the border and the final point of our life, and then death came there, the releasing of the inner life of that fish, that seal which we were, or sea lion; which moustache do you wish to have?
Look, madam, you are that divine spark, that is God himself.
The psychologist and the theologian still cannot endorse that - now we are standing before a theologian again - because he says: God is there and we are just people.
No, the human being, God, materialized himself, spiritualized himself, expanded by means of soul ...
First the life, that is the life, that is the All-Source.
If you speak about life, then you already have the All-Source in you.
But the soul as a separate part of that life, from that All-Source ... that life is now All-Source, All-Light, All-Fatherhood, All-Motherhood, All-Soul, All-Spirit, elemental laws, and then you come to the personality and then it is called justice, harmony.
You are that spark, so you are a deity.
And at that moment, when the first contact entered you - you were adult as cell, embryo - then the division began and then you gave a part of yourself, and the other cell too, and then new life came.
And they divided themselves again.
That has already been proved scientifically.
But people do not yet say whether that is all true, that we people are divine cores and divinely conscious.
People say: God lives in the human being and the human being is God, but then we see a shape again and that is another God, do you see?
So that God reacts and rules and leads us and drives us ...
And it is no longer all of that, you see.
Now you get the question here, that is the second question, I am already busy with that second question.
“In order to explain the first: with that the All-Source has completed her work,” yes!, “now we must do the rest ourselves.”
(To someone in the hall): Is that question from you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
We do not need to do the rest ourselves because if you already speak of ourselves, then you are already an independence, that is already no longer your life and your possession, that is that divine core, that substance, that evolution, that source, which is father and mother, and soul and spirit, that source wants to expand itself and evolve.
But the human being is already a side issue, we completely dissolve in the Divine All and are soon gods, conscious gods.
So the All-Source - now the word comes - has condensed itself in that space: itself.
Who gave us the name human being?
The bible scribes did that.
But for God you are a part of His light, of His life, of His feeling, of His soul, of His fatherhood, of His motherhood: the essential laws for evolution.
And in addition to that reincarnation.
So what is giving birth to a child for you here in the world?
We have children, but do the father and mother know why the child must be born?
Yes, you know that.
If you cannot give birth to children as a mother, and we could not create, and that would not be possible in eternal lives, that creation would stand still anyway, creation would already be wiped out.
I told you recently: be a respectable priest and a little nun; and creation will stand still.
Why are we not holy?
If you put on a garment like that, you immediately sit ‘behind the coffin’ on the right hand of God.
And then a law there says: say, oh, just go back and become a mother because otherwise you will miss out bits.
Because by being a mother we get reincarnation.
I must make sure and you make sure ...
And now we have had it again with the questions: yes, but that mother did not get any children and she did not get any children, and she wanted them; but she did not want them.
They are also causes and effects and then the personality acts.
We are not talking about that.
We remain in that divine core.
What would have become of creation if we now became religion?
Yes, then we stand.
I once talked to a father, he came to me, and there had been many who visited me, he says: do you have that.
Do you have that ...
Then he wanted to know who that Jozef Rulof was.
And then he came.
Well, then I checkmated him.
In every corner he sat, he sat thinking.
I say: ‘Sir ...’, and then it was about, then it was about, the church is immaculate, holy.
I say: ‘Sir, but your burning at the stake?’
‘Oh, there were just ten.’
I say: ‘Liar, because you know very certainly that there are hundreds of thousands of them, which have passed over since Christ, were burnt at the stake.’
True or not?
He could not come back from that?
France, Holland, Belgium, Rome, Spain, the inquisitors, good heavens, how many did we have?
How many people were burnt at the stake by a poem, a spiritual poem?
‘Oh, but there were just ten.’
I say: ‘You must confess, sir, this evening, because you are lying.
I thought that you could no longer lie.
You are lying consciously.’
Yes, a face like that.
I say: ‘This evening you will ask Our Lord for forgiveness, sir, otherwise I will stick it on your door that you are still lying.’
Then he says: ‘Now now ...’
I say: ‘Now just pray, then I will forgive you for the mistakes.’
He thought: what an impudent dog he is.
But, madam, you feel ...
Now we must do the rest ourselves?
You do not have to do anything, madam, sir.
If we had not build up any society, any arts and sciences; you can blow everything away, but that divine life takes itself back to the Divine All.
And if we do it as the laws in the space and God revealed it, as material and spirit can do it, we infallibly come back to Him; because we must go back and we will go back because those laws live in us and we can materialize them as a human being.
The prehistoric being, I explained to you here - and that is the truth - now lives in the Divine All, but then we must not go back ten thousand years, as the academics say, no, ten million years.
Because then there were already people on earth.
Because the earth and the space have already existed for millions upon millions upon millions upon millions of ages.
And those people now represent the Divine All and life on the other side, fourth cosmic grade, fifth.
And if those grades were not there ...
Every part of God grows.
Is that cosmos, that light, that space, that expanding garment for the universe, is that perhaps also: ‘I do that myself’ or ‘I must do that’?
No, that is in it, that is that All-Source.
The divine characteristics are in everything, in every tissue, in every material, and we experience them.
And if you are soon children on the other side, then you will no longer be a human being, but then you will be the spark of God, a deity as mother and as father.
Where do you learn that?
I saw that.
I will tell you everything which I saw.
If you just know that every child and everything ...
I have just had a conversation with Mrs Revallier, who spoke to the astronomer, I say: ‘Isn’t it awful.’
That moon is dead.
I say: ‘Do you have and can you ... that ...’
We have an academic sitting here: ‘Engineer, is that true, is there ...
You are an intellectual, aren’t you?’
I told it recently: I like to talk to intellectuals, because you will end up on the floor, because I will prove it to you.
‘Have you ever seen something in space, and anywhere, that death entered that space?’
That is not possible.
Now there was a beginning.
The moon is dead.
But in order to now say: that moon has accomplished a task ...
Which one?
‘We do not know that.’
And now we say: the moon is the mother of space.
‘Yes, but we are still not going that far’, and, ‘we must just wait and see’, and, ‘could that be true?’
You are standing there now.
And the moon is dead.
But the moon gave ...
Well, you will just read ‘The Origin of the Universe.’
You will now get the cosmology in Diligentia, to make you tremble and shake.
Won’t you?
The expanding universe for the human being, you will also get four lectures from Master Zelanus.
The expanding universe of the All-Source, what a film that was with vastness of aura, and that aura started to condense, and that became a rigid garment, it was light, it was life, giving birth, creation.
And that separated and, now the God comes, divided himself into myriad particles.
The All-Source lives here in the hall.
You see each far too much as people.
If only you did not see people.
I love life, but not characters.
You all look at characters and at a personality.
But look at life, and you must try to love that and it will happen of its own accord.
The human being who does not know anything ...
I spoke to people who say: ‘Sir, I do not accept that God.’
He says: ‘That one, from the bible?
Oh’, he says, ‘he does not exist.
He could exist, but he does not exist for me.’
He says: ‘This is it, the whole universe, that is God.’
Was he wrong?
There was a general in Germany, he says: ‘I pray to God, I have my God, but that is a tree.’
That man was right too: a tree is God, in a grade of consciousness.
From who was that first question?
(Lady says something.)
How can it be.
Is it so big then?
So that lady, or that gentleman, is right.
And now the second question comes: “We remain connected with the All-Source by means of the divine spark ...”
You do not need to be connected, you are it.
Do not remain.
“We remain connected.”
You are All-Source and unity, in this state.
“ ...which feeds us as it were ...”
You no longer need to be fed, you have everything.
Isn’t that nice?
You are All-Source in this state, every animal.
Do you feel?
It seems like space but it is not space if you can just see that deity.
It happens of its own accord.
Because the divine essential laws are in you.
And that is giving birth, creation and reincarnation.
You are it, “ ...which feeds us as it were with spiritual energy.”
You have the Divine energy.
You are divine, spirit, soul, life, father, mother, in this state.
The animal in the jungle also possesses it, but in that state.
A beginning came about to moon consciousness, fish stage, in the waters, from the waters; that is not us, that is God.
This is why God does not have any sins either, did not create any mistakes, they do not exist.
Murder, yes, that is wrong, we now know that; this is why Christ came.
But that man who is a murderer there, is not a murderer in his whole being.
He comes back to the earth and gives to that life which he now flung from that life too soon - he is man, he will become a mother - he gives a new body to that soul for that and that time, then it is finished again.
And soon everything will be finished and then he will continue, because he must go to a spiritual world in order to prepare himself for a new material cosmos, the fourth cosmic grade.
Imagine that that astronomer and psychologists and academics came here, ladies and gentleman, then I prove something to you, you know.
And then I will really not need you.
You do not even need to inspire me.
Because the masters awakened that core in me.
I go that far, you think that you are talking to me here, I can no longer talk outside of myself, because it is them.
And now you have a simple contact which says ...
Master Alcar cannot talk at cross purposes, can he?
I am only just the cog, the tool, the vehicle, a part of that little clock.
And he is the watchmaker.
He winds it up and lets it run and then you hear a lecture like that again, such a crazy lecture, and you also see crazy paintings.
In this way we also made the people better, with healing, with such a crazy power.
And in ‘Masks and Men’ it says: do you not want any of that crazy love?
Yes, but that is that crazy love from above, and then the universe speaks, and then God speaks in the human being, and then it is universal cooing.
How did I say that, sir?
Yes, we men like that ...
I myself, this is meat and drink to me, fair is fair.
Not you?
A herring cannot compete with it.
Yes, madam.
It is true, isn’t it?
But we will continue.
“As an electric power station must supply electricity in order to be able to put on light at home, the All-Source feeds the human being in this way.”
Do you feel?
That can all go overboard again.
You are All-Source, All-Soul, All-Spirit, All-Father, All-Mother.
You should hear the human being talking, for example, if you ...
I had a conversation this afternoon with the painter in our house, I got him of course, didn’t I?
He says: ‘If you arrive behind death, Mr Rulof, what do you ask then?’
I say: ‘Where Piet Hein left his fleet.’
Then he says: ‘No, no, no joking.’
I say: ‘Where Piet Hein ... whether there was silver or gold in that.’
I say: ‘It has been proved that tin came out of it.’
‘No’, he says, ‘but I do not mean that.’
I say: ‘Then I will tell you.’
‘Do you accept the Christ?’
I say: ‘Now I agree with you.’
He says: ‘There is not a Mohammedan.
I say: ‘But a Mohammedan does not know Our Lord, he does not know Christ, neither does a Buddhist.’
I say: ‘They must first bring them to the Christ.’
‘No, that must be done immediately.’
‘And then surely into hell?’
He said: ‘Yes, if only he had accepted the Christ.’
I say: ‘How harsh you are.’
I say: ‘But let’s just stop, sir, because otherwise our house will never be finished.’
‘But, listen ...’
‘Yes’, I say, ‘tell me something else, then I can learn something.’
And then you should hear again what a terrible state those poor mites are in.
Oh oh oh, sir, oh sir, oh sir.
And then they mean it, and they are almost weeping, I say: ‘Just hold onto those tears and weep when the good and the reality speak.’
I say: ‘But sir, ‘behind the coffin’ half of mankind will go to hell, won’t they?’
‘Yes indeed, those who ...’
I say: ‘Stop, or I will throw you out with all the brushes.’ (laughter)
Then my wife says: ‘For goodness’ sake stop it, that man is becoming nervous.’
And it was true because he did not have to brush like that anymore, but he sat ... (laughter) he just sat like that ...
Oh well, just talk now and say to that human being ...
And now you also have another type which says: ‘When I am not here, nothing will exist anymore.’
In their Protestant, Reformed feeling - that is a dogmatic institution, it goes very far away - they are also right, but they do not realise it.
They say: ‘If I accept the Christ and God and I have the love’, and so and so, which the bible all says, ‘then I will sit at the right hand of my Father and then I will judge.’
And they are already judging now, you know.
Because one of them says: ‘That sister-in-law of mine she meanly ...’, not cheated, but took me for a ride', he said.
He says: ‘But she, she ...’
Oh, that good child is now already in that hell of his.
I say: ‘She ...(inaudible) already has to go surely?’
‘Yes’, he says, ‘she will never work it out again.’
And he will tell God that.
That God of theirs, listen, what a mite he is, that God of theirs sits there, and he sits there of course with a long beard, and he comes, and then he says: ‘Is that not a bit too harsh?’
Is that not a bit too harsh what you are saying there, because it is still your own sister-in-law.’
Then he says: ‘Yes, that is still nothing, you should see my mother-in-law.’ (laughter)
Then Our Lord says: ‘Just go away because you are much worse than the rest.’
I say: ‘And then you will get out, sir.’
‘No’, he says, ‘because I have here ...’
I said: ‘Oh yes, you put your hand on the blood offer.’
Madam, you cannot say anything against this.
The world stands still there.
But he was not a painter, he was a greengrocer.
I say: ‘Sir, do you mean that now?’
Then he says: ‘Yes.’
And now it was crazy, I am standing with people in the street, you come across those things just like that.
One fine morning I had to go somewhere in my street - and that is all part of it, you know, madam - and then I am standing there and I pick up one thing.
Then he says: ‘Fourteen cents, madam.’
‘Oh yes’, I say: ‘Nice apples fourteen cents.’
Then that same fellow came, that religious man comes to me a few weeks later, and then those apples did not cost fourteen cents, but then they cost twenty-five cents.
And then that conversation came.
I say: ‘You must tell Our Lord that you are cheating the people.’
I say: ‘Yesterday they cost fourteen cents and now they cost twenty-five cents.’
I say ‘Can you justify that up above?’
‘Yes, but I have to look at my people.’
I say: ‘Thank you.’
I say: ‘So the child of God must ...’
I say: ‘Do you feel, sir ...’
And at this rate you will never be finished and then you stand there and then you stand, and then you come, and then you experience an emptiness, madam, it is still so herd-like.
That is not even the pure instinct of Mother Nature anymore, but that has been dissolved and shredded by dogmas.
Now, just continue there.
And now you can begin with the theologians, with the psychologist, with the astronomers and everything which possesses soul, spirit and live, with the minister, even worse, and then you should hear that.
A good example is now walking through our country - do you know that? - that the university gets hardly any more theologians, because the student who is a bit conscious, says: ‘You just begin with lies.’
One person tells it to the other, he says: ‘Creation begins with an untruth.
And after two thousand years they still want to teach us that, and then you are released and then you must tell the people lies.’
Then that prof just immediately said: ‘Get out of here right now.’
But young people tell something to each other.
When we were children, we started to tell each other, we wanted to know where the babies came from.
But now we are that far that they said: ‘That is not God who is talking there, that is not possible.’
We are now that far.
And then you should also go twenty years further.
Madam, then they can lay down that new bible at the market, because no one wants to read it anymore.
Do you know how much money that costs?
Is it not true?
Are you also from science?
The facts come and the evolution continues and the human being awakens.
No, but that is true.
During this time we live, it goes extremely quickly, even we do not get what we would want, because these are revelations, this is a new evolution.
Every time, every war brings new feeling, thinking.
The Christ also spoke about that, but people do not believe that it is already here.
(Jozef continues to read.)
You also have here: “‘It is up to us to press the switch in order to put on one or more power points.”
Madam, you are already busy with that.
I am also busy and all the people who can release themselves from damnation, last Judgement and all those other things.
Then you are busy.
And if you tell the people a truth, even if the human being laughs right in your face, science will soon prove that we are right, because this really comes from ‘behind the coffin.’
Any more questions about this?
Clear to everyone?
Then we have exactly the same question here, even if it is put differently.
Nurse Dreckmeijer, I barely wish to ever pronounce that name, because I would have given you a much nicer name, sister.
But you do not even mind.
“The tail of the sperm represents the universe.”
The people who are here for the first time this evening think: what kind of crazy people are they?
But this is purely scientific. Ladies and gentlemen, if you still do not know it, the doctor on the radio is already talking about it; doctor Storm is also talking about it, so that does not matter.
‘The tail of the sperm represents the universe, you once said here one evening.
The knob or head of the sperm, does this represent the Divine All?”
That same little head, madam, represents everything which I was talking about just now.
(The lady says something.)
Did you have an answer?
You had already got hold of your answer.
In that same little head, which is not a head, but which possesses the All-Thinking, the All-Capacity, in that little meaningless thing, all the characteristics of the All-Source live in there as mother, father, and on and on.
Not nice?
And that little tail means: to this far, more is not needed.
If you were to tickle that little tail then that head would say beforehand: ‘Get off, because it is also a part of it, get your fingers off.’
But it is also a part of it, because that is the final ... for what, madam?
What is centrifugal power, consciousness, feeling?
And what is expansion, what is inspiration?
Everything is in that little head, in that All-Source, and then that dies completely, but that is the means of progress.
If that was not there, the thing could not stir and not move.
And that is also there in that little, little, meaningless cell.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“You also said recently: Why precisely just the three of you, master Alcar, master Zelanus and André?
When the first people arrived in the Divine All, people also speak of three people, or am I wrong in that?”
God as father, God as Holy Spirit and as son.
What is that?
Christ said: ‘Be in a group of three, then I will be there.’
What do those three people have to represent for Christ?
Do you know that?
I explained it here several times.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Fatherhood and motherhood, reincarnation.’
Fatherhood, motherhood and reincarnation, no more, and it is also not anything else.
But God as spirit, God as father, God as son is ...
Fatherhood and motherhood and reincarnation again, and nothing else.
There is nothing else in the Divine All.
Three divine characteristics go visibly over the earth and have visibly materialized themselves.
And that is God as father, God as mother and God as son, that is the reincarnation.
God as girl, that does not sound right for that matter.
Isn’t it true, Mr Reitsma?
(Jozef continues to read.)
“You also said last week: why precisely the three of you?”
There it is again.
And then I also have here: “What is the meaning of that?”
You have that too.
“Does it have to do with the contact and the division of the first cell on the moon?”
No, madam.
You will feel, now you went to the moon again, but it now goes precisely to the Divine All.
With three you have God, you have the family, and that is the father, the mother and the child.
Any more questions about this?
I have no more questions, ladies and gentlemen, now they must come here from you at the top of your voice.
Who is ready?
Who has the first one?
Yes, madam?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘May I ask something?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Why is it that everything to do with spiritual things always adds up to the number seven?’
Sir, that has nothing to do with the number seven, but they are the subsequent grades of life for everything which exists.
The number seven has no earthly meaning, but people began to trace out something of space, of the earth, or of a house, or of a staircase, and a chair, a white loaf of bread, it does not matter, in parts.
And they are the ages of the thing.
And that is also in ...
You can also learn that at the bakers, sir.
Do you know that?
There are seven grades of evolution.
Before we begin it is already grass, it is also material.
Then we must go from the grass, we must go to the grain, that is also a part of it.
But it is first milk and then flour and then we bring it together, another grade again; and then something else comes, that says ssst, and then it goes into the oven, and then it starts to expand and finally you are in that and that grade and then you have a sandwich in your hands.
And it happens like that with the child which is born and a dog which runs.
For example, you can also have runners, have boxers.
In every grade, in every gift there are now transitions of feeling.
There are people here who have love; seven different grades of love.
You have art; seven grades of art.
There are painters who never learn it, never have to learn it: if they want to accept spiritual gifts and they want to be honest, they would be much better to go into the mines, or they fly, it does not matter, but they will never reach art in eternity, because thirty lives are needed in order to achieve that, because art is feeling.
And now you must be able to experience that art, be able to experience the paint, be able to experience the technique, you must want to experience the unity with art, that takes ten lives, twenty lives; for sciences and art, violin, piano.
Giving birth and creation; transitions.
If the child is in the mother during the first days, when the contact came ...
The fertilization takes place ...
If there were no transitions?
Did you ever see a seed in the ground which came out again in two seconds?
And a flower which said: ‘Just sell me, I cost fifteen cents’
No, that does not work, does it, ladies?
You see, that are the transitions, they are the ages of unity, awakening, evolution, condensing, expansion.
And they are seven transitions of divine laws.
And if the last law becomes visible, sir, then the child says: ‘Mum, I am hungry.’
And then the tulip gets a red colour, and yellow.
And then the human being gets curls in his hair, the ladies become beautiful and the men become ugly.
But they are the grades of consciousness.
And we have them like that for the material, we have them like that for the life of feeling, and in the brains, nervous systems, and you find transitions everywhere again.
Anything else, sir?
And now you can already write ten books this evening.
They are at least ...
If you want to analyse everything about the transitions for the human being, the animal, and the life of Mother Nature, and then the transitions afterwards of the afterbirths, a butterfly, for example, an insect, and a snake ...
The afterbirths in creation and in the waters and on the land are even greater in number than the human being, and the flower and nature and the planets and everything.
Because we have to experience bill, bill, billions of transitions of one animal-like grade as post-creation, post-creation.
Now also this, sir, we go from the jungle to the white race (see
We take a chimpanzee; before we have the actual and the highest grade, we go through thousands of ape-stages.
A chicken, a bird, a dove ...
What is the actual core, the highest grade for a German shepherd?
A dove, sir, a homing pigeon; just descend, and the animal is divided, and lacks its natural feeling and comes ... and you let go of it, it will never find you again.
But the homing pigeon is; that is the highest grade, sir, that is the natural instinct.
And in this way you can now analyse everything, because everything in creation is open to you.
Did you have anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘In ‘The Origin of the Universe’ it says ...’
Speak a little louder, then that microphone will be able to hear you there.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... explained how on Golgotha, where Christ said: ‘My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?’
‘I do not understand the explanation which it gives there.’
Sir, it is not right either.
We have treated that, master Alcar has treated that, that question has already been asked here twenty times.
Master Alcar let me experience all the first nine books humanly, if it was about the thinking of the human being.
Golgotha: ‘My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?’
Christ never said that there because He was God.
If we can already accept: God does not forsake us, it is me myself.
If I do well, am harmonic, I will continue evolving.
And that divine Personality there in Jerusalem on the cross, He also said: ‘My God, my God, have You forsaken Me’?!
He comes from the Divine All and He has not seen God, He did not know that?!
Is that not really humanly put, which now passed those divine lips?
Gethsemane, just as merry, in Gethsemane Christ said: ‘Let this cup pass from me.’
Also treated here a thousand times.
Master Zelanus has already treated it a hundred times in Amsterdam, you always have people again, who come walking in there, and ask those questions.
Christ lies there alone in Gethsemane, all those adepts of the Christ were lying snoring, in a deep sleep, one of them lay like that, and another lay like that, and Christ there alone, no one was with Him, and yet the world tells there that Christ said: ‘Let this cup pass from me.’
Sir, can you feel what the human being wanted who said that?
That was a human being, who had a look over the world, and then he also saw his own misery, but he wanted rid of that, and he now put that in Christ’s mouth.
Those bible writers were the most unhappy people there were, because they walked from the one hole which they made ... they just bury themselves again, they jump out again, they shoot and they kick and they hit; and God is saddled with everything.
And then Christ perishes from that, and then Christ is shredded, sullied, deformed.
And you keep coming across things; Christ said that.
Now, oh, those bible writers got a beating yonder ‘behind the coffin’.
Because do you know how far it goes?
Those bible writers were not appointed.
They were born for that?
No, they were sensitive beings, and they began to write.
If you want to be real, want to live harmonically, sir, madam, stay away from divine creations because we always violate ourselves.
And the word which you wrongly send into the world and another accepts, and which those people are attached to, they also restrain you, because you stay standing at that point.
It would be nice if you could just continue and leave another in his misery.
There were people here, I also told you that recently, they wrote great sexual novels for the youth, in order to enjoy themselves.
I saw four of them on the other side, groaning.
He says: ‘I will never be released.’
Master Alcar says ...
I say: ‘When will that wretch be released?’
Then master Alcar said: ‘When we begin with the direct voice equipment and we can speak ourselves and mankind will accept us.’
Every university sits here just like that, the professors are the smallest adepts which there are, you know much more, they can sit down there, the whole world can sit down - did you not think that that did not happen? - the direct voice equipment from ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, Rome and all the religions and everything, that lies there, because that voice is space.
And now there is translating, now there is analysing and then the faults appear.
And now?
Then that man from that dirty novel dissolves and can continue and says: ‘Thank God.’
But he still ... all those people ...
They will soon help him by means of that sound, by means of that voice.
We are busy once again, madam, just leave that mess because that man ...
I say: ‘I will help you, sir, if I get the chance I will help you, then I will say to the people: ‘Attune yourself to spiritual reading and wisdom and leave those dirty things, then that man will get a little life blood because you have sucked him.’
I am busy for a thousand people who have laid down their word here, sir, which I can now hit and fight against.
And theosophy, the Rosicrucians, Catholicism, Protestantism, everywhere you see lies and deception, people have messed up, raped, deformed in the most sacred matters of God, and we now stand there with the divine reality.
And I can say that because I disembody, since I was a child.
I have made a hundred thousand journeys with the masters, in my spirit.
And that is not at all strange, because if a human being is under anaesthetic ... I have had those ladies and gentlemen in my house: ‘Mr Rulof, I have read books, don’t you find that strange: I was out of it, I was lying on the table and I was standing next to it and I saw that an old man was almost knocked down in the street and I shouted under the anaesthetic, in the middle of the operation: ‘Doctor, that old man will be knocked down by the tram!’’
And a doctor has it checked and says: ‘Yes, she sees, even now she is sleeping.’
The stomach was open, but she saw.
And then that doctor says: ‘Well, from now on we must accept: you cannot cut that soul to death, because it is standing next to us and it is laughing at us.’
That doctor was suddenly convinced.
He told it to his colleagues.
Then he says: ‘Do you still go into that delirium of a child under anaesthetic?’
There they are again.
Anything else, sir?
Which one of you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, Mr Rulof, may I ask something?
The concept of infinity of the material universe, is that reality?’
Yes, sir.
Good question, this afternoon I had precisely that in front of me, we are almost finished with that book, with the questions of ‘Ken U Zelve.’
Ladies and gentlemen, you must ...
If only we had money, then I would take it to the printers immediately.
There is wisdom in this, sir, in these questions.
Here, Mr Veenkamp, I do not see him this evening, that question: what is space?
You can learn from this.
What is space?
Is there an infinite space? that gentleman asks.
Then we say: yes.
And if we had two words, it would be finished already, but then we continued with it.
What is space?
You get material space and you have spiritual space.
You have material space which determines the life for nature.
Nature does not rise above the material space.
That is an independence as space.
A flower in the ground is fatherhood and motherhood, isn’t it?
If that little plant already comes up, creation is already busy, creation, that is fatherhood.
Everything which visibly comes from the mother is creation - isn’t it? - now you get the stem.
The space of a flower is therefore here, nothing else, that is the space.
Now we get water, that far ... the space of water, of an ocean, the North Sea, how deep is that space?
You know that space materially.
But now spiritually.
Because everything is of material, but has soul and spirit and a personality, divine realm of colours, that comes back in everything; so everything is in everything, everything, everything of God, of the All-Source.
The waters now: as material you know that body.
That is a body, it is father and mother, all the organs which we have live in the waters, for the waters.
You have a bottom there, you have there, in the waters you see something floating, and that power of that water is the life blood for that organism, life blood.
If you let it evaporate you have something left, you can get salt out of it, you also find that in the body again.
But now the spirit of that water.
We already know the soul, it originated from the All-Source, that is the divine soul, condensed as water.
You are condensed as a human being, but you are also spirit.
And now we get to see the personality of that water: fatherhood and motherhood.
Good heavens, engineer, how many millions of bodies can that one body not give to all its little children - water - fish, how many species.
That is the spirit, every animal now has a spirit, the expansion of a body got millions of aspects, states, lives, material, spirit, soul, fatherhood, motherhood, realm of colours.
Electric power of a fish which whizzes past you, only just comes near you, possesses the thunder and the lightning of the universe.
The luminous fish, the elemental laws in an animal; the academics do not even know it, they say: ‘My God, my God, how we are faced with mysteries.’
Biologist, geologist, sit down and I will explain space to you and then I will come back into that fish of yours which knocked you out cold by means of its radiating energy.
Not nice?
A walk through space, and then I will come back.
We can.
Do you know how many books there are here?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘A considerable number.’
A hundred books of a thousand pages.
A hundred.
And we have them consciously in us, only for that fish, the masters.
How gruesome.
We say: ‘The masters are omniscient in space.’
Sir, isn’t it true?
We can write ten million books.
Master Zelanus has ten million books in him.
Ask him a question and try trapping him.
Now you get the soul, the spirit, the realm of colours, fatherhood, motherhood, elemental laws, lightning, thunder, hypnotism, magnetism.
A fish can hypnotise you and you will stand still.
And then you will get land, animal-like consciousness, all the grades of states of consciousness, consciously maternal, consciously human, edible fish.
A fish which has direct attunement to my spinal marrow, to my kidneys; fish which we can eat, and fish which are as bitter as gall.
And where do they originate from?
Therefore the infinity first as material, then as spirit, then as personality, and then we get to see the realm of colours, and then you still just have water.
Is that finite, sir?
Where am I heading now?
(Gentleman says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Wait and see.’
Oh, wait and see, yes.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You are asking the question: where are we heading now?’
No, I just mean whether that is finite or infinite.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, infinite.’
It dissolves, it dies, but it continues.
And then you get to see the highest species of Mother Water on the other side, and that is that butterfly fish which you get, with all the colours, fatherhood, motherhood.
And now you have it in the East, little fish live in the coral reefs, they have electricity, a thunderstorm, day, night, fatherhood, motherhood.
They have soul, spirit, life, personality, realm of colours, everything in one state, and that is the fish which goes with us to the Divine All.
Because we do not need those whales there.
And certainly not a dirty, filthy shark.
And an octopus which feels you from all sides and grips you with those suction glands, those ... we come like that: pft; be gone, be gone dirty thing.
We do not want such a wonderful, wonderful kiss from an octopus in the spheres.
What did you say, madam?
But then you get the waters.
Now the land, the land consciousness, now you get millions of species of animals.
The waters are a body.
Mother Earth is a body, gives all life divisions, expansion, multiplication, reincarnation.
How many millions of grades for the animal species do we not possess now, also with all the divine characteristics, and then also the post-creations?
And where does all that life go to now?
Is that life finite?
Is that a space?
All space.
And does that space end?
Because the land animal starts to evolve, until the animal from the jungle, and all life which belongs to the existing creation – snake not included again, that is a post-creation, originated from disintegration processes – that all starts to evolve, and the animal gets the winged consciousness.
If you see a whopper of an eagle, that is the lowest grade for the dove which you see on the roof and comes to you straight from France.
That animal evolves and now descends; it does not descend, no, that animal looks big, doesn’t it, and the dove small, no, that animal must climb up to higher feeling and thinking.
A homing pigeon is the highest species for that grade.
And then you get, for all those millions of grades of organisms you get expansion, and then you get the ...
Now we will make a leap, from the spirit, won’t we, you see spiritual consciousness for the first time.
You get the fourth cosmic grade, a new universe.
Because this universe, everything which is in here, also creates new life.
That star and that planet which we have here, and that sun, must create new life because they must also return to God, dissolve again for the Divine All.
So that sun has created a new sun and the moon a new moon as mother planet; secondary planets, stars, and everything, nebulas, milky ways; everything comes back again, then we get one harmony, and that is the evolution for this constellation.
Here in this universe there are three grades in one grade.
That is the moon stage, mars, earth; they are three grades, different.
Now you get that independence in one source.
And now I will prove to you why.
After all we go to eternal day consciousness and working.
Then there is no longer any night at a higher stage, no longer any sleep, because we will be awake eternally.
But not only spiritually, but also consciously in day consciousness, this, physically.
God is material and God is spirit and God is reincarnation.
So we enter an ultimate stage in which we represent everything, and then we can continue to do.
We get a beginning here, but we go back again like that.
Now I will make a leap to the Divine All and then you will get to see seven transitions again in the Divine All before you are truly divine as the All-Source, are, as light.
And if you and I, you go from that space, then something darkens in there, because you are gone, we miss your light.
Every spark of God is like that as a human being, as an animal - but especially of the human being - living light, living light.
If we are no longer there, the space darkens, and then we say: ‘Oh, Mr de Wit has gone to the earth, he will come back soon.’
In a manner of speaking.
Then we go higher, seven grades, until we really possess divine consciousness.
Because, I explained it here one evening, if we enter the first sphere - and if you do not believe that, then I will lock you up immediately - when we enter the first sphere, then you have not yet experienced that sphere.
Because that sphere is also deep, and then you will also experience transitions again.
But now much more clearly.
If a human being hates, he does not yet have the hatred of the satan in him.
And if a human being does wrong, then he has still not broken the laws of God.
So then you have seven transitions for hatred.
He does hate, but that is reasonable; but that one there, that hatred is demonic.
And now you get to see the grades of hatred as worlds, as darkness, as unconsciousness, and now all those millions of characteristics of ours, we represent them if we are all dark, unconscious, in that state.
And then we get seven transitions in the hells, as they are called.
But they are also spatial and infinitely deep.
And we come out of there because that darkness becomes light again and the Spheres of Light open, which the human being has opened in himself.
So now we come from disharmony to harmony, and now light speaks, justice, love.
Do you not find it interesting?
And now I could keep on going of course.
What is infinite?
God, the human being.
There is no end because the end of this life is a new reincarnation, a new birth, for material and spirit.
The material comes to material, dissolves again, Mother Earth absorbs the material from our body, that remains in the aura of Mother Earth.
It cannot go to God just like that.
Isn’t that nice, ladies?
That aura of our body, which therefore dissolves by means of disintegration, completely, as far as the bones, remains hanging in the sphere of the earth, cannot go to the fourth cosmic grade because there you have a very different death.
And until the earth dissolves, that aura of her children also dissolves, because it remains in the sphere of the earth, in her orbit, in her atmosphere.
Imagine what an evolution.
A human being must master that, the human being masters that and the human being gets hold of that because we are mother, are father, reincarnation.
You are not trying to make out that we end up here ‘behind the coffin’ already in the Divine All, with God?
Then this universe must already be the All-Stage.
Would you think that there in the All-Stage, that it still thunders and creaks there and everything, destroys, an earthquake and everything.
Do you know what an earthquake represents, ladies and gentlemen?
On the fourth cosmic grade why do you no longer have - you cannot prove that yet of course, even if you drag academics into it - why do you no longer have any night?
There is no longer any night.
Because those suns which are here, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Seven planets.
Mother planet.
One, two, three, four, five, six: mother planet.
And now the sun comes, and those planets just continue, and they come, ring, that light from that side, and then they come here, they continue to turn, revolve, but there is no more light, only at a millionth of a second, a weak shadow, because the mother planet stood there in that and that grade.
We go to eternal light.
How can you still sleep?
How can you still be sick?
How can you still wage war?
In the Divine All we no longer make any cannons, sir.
Now something even nicer, here, the technical wonders, sir, are only just for the earth, not for another planet, another space.
Here we need aeroplanes, that will soon no longer be necessary; we will levitate ourselves.
If the lama priest can do that, I read that the day before yesterday in our little book, that the lama priest levitates himself, then he says: I must go there and there, to those and those masters, and that is just fifteen hundred kilometres away, but they are there in half an hour.
The lama priests can do that, they levitate themselves.
What do we do now at a higher stage of cosmic consciousness?
We no longer need any aeroplanes, do we?
We go purely ...
God stands there as material before us and we people become just like that, because we no longer need the laws of levitation as gravities.
We have them in our pocket, we have them in our spirit, in our ability to concentrate.
We know the laws.
Isn’t it clear?
It is going there.
What does the world know about that?
A bit more about that space, and that infinity?
Now you can imagine the rest.
Isn’t it interesting?
Heard in Leiden, sir?
If I come there, they will chase me away within half an hour.
And perhaps there will be one who is honest and will say: ‘Just let that man talk.’
Would they still chase me away?
Smiles ... smiles.
I see people here so often, for example just the same thing whether you ... and you know that just like that, sir, then an intellectual comes in here, the man thinks that I do not know him, I happen to know him, and then I go into it, I start to talk, I think: you should see him smiling.
I think: Yes, I know you, but you do not know me.
He thinks that he knows me, but he does not know me.
I know him.
But he had the intellect, not me.
And now he will accept that from a dope like that from Gelderland?
From the clay?
Did you have anything else, madam?
Did you have anything else, Mr de Jong?
You have been gone too long.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Later.’
Later, oh.
Madam and sir ...
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘On the fourth cosmic grade ...’
Now they go to the fourth cosmic grade, sir, you see, would we not go to the fourth sphere, Mr Götte?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It was only out of interest.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘There were so many questions asked here, whether there is water.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, water.’
Did you ever see anything originate, can anything live without water?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... precisely.’
What is water?
What is water, sir?
Now I will grab you.
Yes, you ask ... recently that gentleman had - established this afternoon, I laughed, I thought about you, Mr Götte - one evening we were here and then they also had so many questions, and then that gentleman suddenly came out with: ‘But, Mr Rulof, what is the ring of Saturn?’
I think: Hahaha.
I say: ‘Now you want to checkmate the masters.’
He says: ‘Yes, sir.’
And then he got an answer there.
It is wonderful.
Sir, but what is water?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is a giving birth element.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘The material breath of life.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Condensed breath of life.’
Condensed breath of life.
It is still not that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Life aura.’
They already say that here, madam.
But what is aura, ladies?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Radiance.’
Radiance, they say.
No, madam, aura, spiritual radiance is aura, that possesses all the characteristics of the All-Source.
And what is water, Mr Götte?
(Lady in the hall): ‘But water is mother?’
Yes, but then we are still not there.
(Lady in the hall): ‘The All-Source.’
Then we are not there.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is an element in which to live.’
Yes, and by what means do you now live - let us just put an end to this - by what means does your body live?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘By means of water.’
By means of water, sir, no, sir, no; yes, if you have a lot of water then you have kidney trouble.
No, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘A kind of filt ...’
You would like that, sir, but it is not that.
Water, sir, a lot of water then we drown and then we have kidney trouble.
And then we have heart trouble.
But it is not quite that.
How strange, they cannot get into it.
(Lady says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The blood circulation.’
Not the blood circulation.
But it is the blood.
Water is life blood for everything.
For the human being, we have our different blood, but if there was no water in us, madam, then the blood would no longer have any meaning.
But the essential source for our body is the life blood.
For us and for the animal.
But in the waters ...
And that is true, you know, because all life in nature possesses only life blood, and that is water, and that water is blood, pure blood.
White blood, natural blood, and in this way you have blood with seven transitions, and then you get the blood from a tree, the blood from a plant, the blood from a snake, from a snake, from a bear, from an octopus, from a lion, from a tiger; and now it becomes animal-like blood, coarse-material blood, natural blood, spatial blood, blood as aura.
But it is and remains blood.
Water, Mr Götte, is life blood for that organism, and is body ...
So the whole water is one blood, one life power, for those animals.
And those kidneys and those eyes of that water and that nose and those respiratory organs, we do not see them now, do we?
We do, we have respiratory organs here, but they are also in that water.
And how do we recognise them now, biologist?
What is the breathing for that water, for that blood, sir?
Good question.
Cosmically deep.
I checkmate the academics like that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘For the fish.’
I am now seeing cosmically.
(To someone in the hall): Yes?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘For the fish.’
For the fish.
But how can that be recognised that that is really life blood?
Do you see how smoothly it is going?
Smoothly, that is nice, so paf paf, then it comes to me like that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That life blood has oxygens, nutrients ...’
And how do you recognise that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘From the fish whom you meet.’
Now, you are close, but you are going to the right again, you should have carried on, sir.
What is it, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Bream.’
What did he say, a pike?
(laughter) Aren’t we just guessing?
What is it now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Clarity.’
No, clarity means nothing.
What is the clarity of that water?
(Someone in the hall says something.)
What is the clarity of the water?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The state of purity.’
It is not that.
But remember that one thing which I mean otherwise it will be some journey.
That is the spirit, that is the consciousness of the water.
Because is it not true, when we get muddy water and we start to purify it and everything, then you get clear consciousness, so the consciousness of the water.
We now have grades of water, seven grades, because there are oceans which are surprising ...
I saw it in Hollywood, I looked twenty metres to the bottom, you could see the fish swimming there.
Twenty metres down.
Sir, the salt of the sea.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The salt of the sea?’
The salt in the waters is the atmosphere for the breathing and the purification and everything.
What the lung, what the planets have in the cosmos ...
If there was no salt, if the water did not have that atmosphere, those oxygens, then it would be so rotting, rotting.
And now you have fresh water, but it is also in fresh water.
Because what is fresh water, and the different between salt and fresh?
What is sea water and what is fresh water?
What did that fresh water get?
Fresh water rots.
And sea water, if you put it in there and there, it goes off much quicker, than white healthy water, our water.
If you come to places in the body of ours and you were to bite and you were to absorb something then it is bitter.
But ultimately you can never experience that: because that arm starts to expand, it dissolves, and then you can taste something, but here lies the example, it comes from the inner life, that is the source.
In this way the oxygen capacity - the lung, the lung system of the waters, is the oxygen - is the part of that water, in order to not make that rot, so it is the breathing, it is the life, originated from the cosmos, in the thing, that is so that it cannot die: so a nutrient came into it, into the waters, by means of which the water remains alive.
But now we go away from that sea, away from that body.
This week I also had something nice, you must remember that, about the eel, I will tell you about a great wonder.
If those arms (of the river), those body parts start to move and then you come from the source of life and then you get the ultimate.
And how do you see that again?
That must change, that water must get a different colour, a different taste as it were.
And it can be seen in the whole of creation, sir.
The root of a tree lives in the sea.
And that tree comes out of there, and then it is wood, and it is so thick.
But when spring comes, greenery comes.
So something is happening in that tree.
It is under the ground, it comes out, and is another world again, it branches off, and when it is that far, greenery comes, but if it goes even further, we see colours, blossoms, and that is also in the waters.
And if it goes there and there, it changes into the salt, it reaches freshness.
But the source of the sea lives in that freshness; only, it has gone to a higher stage, a branching off; they do not live in the source.
This week I read in the paper ...
I do not know whether you also have the ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ in Rotterdam?
I had wanted to write an article but they do not accept it.
The academics say: ‘We do not know.’
Science says: ‘We do not know.’
An eel in the waters crawls back, that great journey of the eel, and goes to the sea - and they do not know why those animals go to the sea - and they die for that.
Now I have told something nice this evening about the waters, sir, now you must really know it, then I can tell you, then I can tell the world ...
If you listen carefully now, ladies and gentlemen, this is a prophecy for the world, I have already known it for so long, Master Alcar showed me.
Everything originated in the waters.
That eel cannot originate in a secondary arm because that animal is an independence for giving birth, but finds the peace ...
(To the sound technician): How many minutes do I still have?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Three, four.’
... finds the peace, and the giving birth principle, and the entering, and the accepting and the receiving, happens precisely in the giving birth of the sea, and that is the womb of the waters.
Because the mother is water, water is giving birth, is mother, so that mother must possess a motherhood somewhere and a womb; proof, that the human being has it, and all life has it, must also be a place somewhere in the waters where that actual giving birth lives.
And the animal can only just divide itself there, nowhere else, because it gets the food there for the giving birth - it makes itself in those childbirth contractions ... and that is the egg-cell of the mother and the sperm of the father - and the animal becomes ripe there.
It cannot be ripe if we are unconscious, or we live there and there ...
For the human being it is of course something completely different because the human being has it in his hands.
But we people forget that it lives in our body, but we forget that that sea cannot be any whirlpool, that that sea has a heart, that ocean, it has a space as heart, as life, as everything, all those workings, but it already has absolute divine characteristics for the giving birth of all her life.
And now that eel must go to that place, and that is profuse, that lies so deep, and that is only there, you know.
I can show the academics where those places are, because you can smell it.
I was on the boat, then I had told someone something, who said: ‘What are you looking at?’
‘I am not looking, I am smelling.’
And then I felt myself, and then it was dangerous, ladies and gentlemen, then I felt myself on the giving birth of the sea.
And I had to forcibly hold myself back or I would have jumped overboard like that, because the giving birth was sucking me off the boat.
I say: ‘Help’, and I am gone.
I said honestly, ladies and gentlemen, quickly had an old jenever, and then I came back to the world, otherwise I would have been a goner, because the mother of the sea would have pulled me over the boat.
Do you believe it?
And the captain said: ‘How pale you look.’
I say: ‘I got a fright.’
I say: ‘I don’t begrudge you it.’
Then he says: ‘Then you will also get a Manhattan from me on top of it, because what you are telling me is fantastic.’
And then I told him the story about the eel, sir, the eel who starts to give birth in the heart, in the giving birth of the sea, because the sea is a body, the sea is the mother for that animal, because that animal originated from that giving birth there.
Write it to the New Fatherland, then they will laugh at you and laugh right in your face.
Because they do not know.
And people do not recognise what they do not know.
I can immediately prepare that article, and the same also for the salmon, and the same also for the eel, and the same for all animals; the animal on earth and in the waters.
But, sir, this is cosmology, and that is still not known on earth.
But don’t you find it perfectly simple?
Is it now perfectly simple?
Because the sea is still a body, the sea is still mother, and the seas is father, isn’t it?
(To the sound technician.)
Sir, you are driving me mad, I will stop.
Ladies and gentlemen, the tea is ready, because that man is making you nervous.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will continue.
I have here: ”Can someone, if he is a man on earth, for example, can he meet his twin soul as a man on earth, who is at that moment on earth also a man?“
From who is that?
Sir, that is possible, because I am your twin soul. (laughter)
But do not come near me. (laughter)
Sir, we have seven grades, it concerns divine motherhood and fatherhood.
And that unity - you will read that in the books - we had that until we started to do evil, and wrong things consciously.
That does not mean ...
Then we were still not conscious in that, but we started, for example ...
We have had a time, in the waters, then we could not rape any divine laws.
Those laws still did not even exist, those laws were there, but we did not have the means, the possibility, the feeling to set fire to a house, for example; you cannot do that in the waters, can you?
In the waters you cannot just commit a great burglary?
But we were able to do that later.
If we had not built any houses, we would not have embellished life like that, then we would not have been able to do so much evil either.
Oh well.
We left the moon.
We became human beings, first we were hardened in the jungles, we were still in the jungles, until something conscious came around us and we started to understand: I would like to have that.
And I took that.
That was still from the human being, but that was already human stealing.
That was already human stealing, wasn’t it?
Last week you had fun.
But then we started to make soup from the human being.
We went over a little hill and took away an old Indian there, no, a young Indian, a girl or boy.
And then we had soup made from arms on Sundays and our chief only got the buttocks, palms of the hand, and ear lobes.
Sir, that happened.
We were in the jungle and then we took part in cannibalism.
Then we violated the life of God unconsciously and made soup from the human being.
That still happens, sir.
Am I perhaps talking nonsense?
It still happens.
We were so crazy about New Guinea, but if our public servants went a bit deep into the jungle, they went into the pot.
We want to give New Guinea consciousness.
There are already people there who have a doctor’s title.
I heard them on the radio.
I think: Now you should hear those people, they are all not just Papuans anymore.
But he says it himself, sir: ‘If we come over those mountains, we will go into the pot.’
They still smack skulls, scalpel, then they come with a big head of hair of a person from The Hague on his coat and then they say: ‘I have got another one.’
That still happens there.
Whether that is right or wrong, is not important.
But we broke a divine law because of this, we took the human being’s life, unconsciously, we did not know.
Now we have Christ, the bible, and now we know: you will not kill.
Yes, they also know that.
‘You will not kill’, Christ says.
And if I have to do army service and I do not kill then I will go to prison.
If I say: ‘Yes, but Christ said; “You will not kill”’, then they will say: ‘That’s another of those madmen.’
And then I must go before the queen and the court and everything, I must shoot.
So I have become a conscious murderer now.
Conscious, because Christ said: ‘No’, we know that now.
But we did not know it there.
Everything continues up to that time.
We committed one murder after another, but we must go infallibly to the highest race (see for the earth.
Isn’t that true?
Otherwise we will never come out of that jungle.
You will read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe.’
But on the moon, we dealt with that a moment ago, we were division and division, divine core as embryo, and gave one life to the other one.
And from that giving of mine and from yours new lives originated.
And that is now that actual core which belongs to me and to you, by means of which we became father and mother.
They are now those twin states.
Can you say twin souls?
Yes, souls originated from one source, from one cell.
From two cells, they came together, because they wanted to condense themselves, then we gave something, something else, and that became a new ... that separated, and that was one cell, and that ripped apart, divided, so that was a part of me and a part of you, that was my birth and your birth again, which attracted us again.
And when we were there, we died, then a new evolution for the animal kingdom came again because that cell had still not finished growing from us, because only a gram, a millionth of a gram had gone off.
Because if the father now gives birth he still has material for millions of children.
Is that not true?
So that was in it; it still is, the human being still carries it.
We were attracted, got a new life because - by what means?
They also asked that here again, I will give you that image, then you can see that we finally just go back again to that core - because then those two cells of ours reached adult consciousness and wanted to create.
But there was something missing from that.
And it was only then that unity came.
Who was that now?
Can a cell create which has everything of God at ninety-nine percent?
That must be a hundred.
Mustn’t it?
And I was that hundredth and you.
So at the moment those cells were almost home and ripe, ssst, we were attracted, I in my part, and he again in that part, and then we fertilized the cell of ourselves.
And then we were one and a new life began, but we had a new life.
So we had to come back because our part still lived there, those little children.
Don’t you like it, don’t you think it is perfectly simple that a child can create new life?
And that is in it, sir, you know, God as soul, God as spirit, God as colour, even in our cells, in our sperm, in that little embryo, which you cannot even see, there is cancer, tuberculosis, hatred, lust and violence, that whole personality.
With that material, it is in that material, that is the divine cell, but the soul enters it, and everything, in that soul, in that meaningless spark is the whole deep human being.
That must all just awaken.
Don’t you like it?
That happened.
And now we continue, we have more lives; and in this way a fish stage came, new planets.
When, you can ask, does the human state continue?
It lies behind this.
Our thinking does not mean anything for that matter, we will soon make mistakes now, but it does not matter, but one thing continues: because we kept giving birth to new life, we must return, so I get a new life.
And now we definitely evolved because something had remained behind on the earth in that ...(inaudible).
And that brings us to the highest species, because there is no standstill, we kept getting a new, higher grade.
And in this way we came, and in this way the jungle inhabitant will soon come to the white race (see
Because you do not accept that those people there in that jungle must remain under the ground, whom we, whom the human being here, our West and East - the coloured people also have that - look down at so much (the speaker mentions the fact that in 1952 many people from the West looked down on the inhabitants of the jungle); then they say: ‘They are all animals.’
You cannot compare yourself anymore with an inhabitant of the jungle, because you now have the white race (see, but they are exactly the same sparks as ours, we also lived there.
And now you get to experience all the physical laws, because that is God.
You cannot mess anything up there, that continues.
And then we have been a father, been a mother, now I am perhaps a little bit ahead, a bit later, because you did this and you did that, and I did the other, but then we got our body, then we stood before the karmic laws.
And how far must we go back now?
If you now see a Negro (when these contact evenings were held from 1949 to 1952, the word ‘Negro’ was a common name to refer to someone with a dark skin colour), then you must say ...
Soon you will call the negro names (Jozef refers to the fact that in 1952 some people curse and look down on the human being with a dark skin colour, which Jozef himself does not do, as appears from the following) ...
If you could explain that to those people, ladies and gentlemen, who look down on a Negro ...
I did not do it; in Hollywood I sat down, in Florida, and I sat down precisely on the bench for the Negroes, and there was the bench for the white people, wasn’t it?
And I do not see that: ‘white’.
I think: What do I have to do with ‘white’?
I sat down by ‘black’.
Then those white people came, they went: so.
I say: pft.
I did that. (laughter)
Then that man said: ‘So.’
I say: ‘So, sir.’
Then he says: ‘Yes, sir.’
I also did the same thing. (laughter)
Now, he thinks: he is insane.
I think: och.
I say to my brother: ‘What, what?’
Then he say: ‘Look, you are sitting amongst the blacks.’
I say: ‘Well, now he is getting good, now I will really begin.’
I gave ...
I say: ‘Would you like a cigarette?’
‘Yes yes.’
Now, I say: ‘A nice smoke.’
And he: ggrr.
What a hatred lies there, sir, in that south.
Oh, in South Carolina and there, and the further you come: only for whites, only for blacks, and only ...
I say: ‘How can it be.’
And I was walking amongst that.
But, sir, now I will come back, there I saw a white person sitting there, in that Negro.
I think: oh, you used to be in France.
And then I attuned myself to that man, he was a boy of eighteen years’ old and there a girl.
I say to my master: ‘Where did they live?’
He says: ‘Just look, one from Norway, one from France, one from Germany.’
I saw Europe again in the Negro.
Because we go back to the moment, sir, where our soup cauldron started to boil and we began with the first human titbit, cannibalism; our first karma began there, and that tore us apart.
And then I go back.
And if you have also eaten from that, sir, then you go precisely with me to that grade and then you get a new body ...
(To someone in the hall): What did you say?
(Someone says something.)
You should imagine how that goes: that lady talks to someone - that lies like that in that line before me - and I am out of it, I am completely out of it.
If I do not attune myself to it like that ...
But that lies just in my line, I look through that, I see that talking, I think: that is ...
See, that is disharmony; that should happen in Egypt, then you would already be burnt alive.
You become nervous from that, then you tremble inside, oh well, it does not concern me.
So you begin from there.
And then you must imagine, sir, how many of those people we stole, baked, in one life?
And we had millions of lives, from that time.
We ate millions of people consciously.
And later they went, they twisted its neck, we murdered them with a dagger, we were - the war - shooting.
We have already been living six hundred million years too long on earth, because long ago we would, if we had experienced the harmony of God, ladies and gentlemen, we would have had the Spheres of Light long ago.
But now we are still here, we take the place of another life, because we created cause and effect and nothing else.
And now I am here in a life - now you have reincarnation, don’t you, fatherhood and motherhood - and now I am just out of it, I am still in it, I am two lives ahead of you, for example.
That is possible, isn’t it?
I can be ahead of you by one life even, a whole incarnation as a mother.
So I suddenly stand before you - and I experienced that, sir.
There were two friends - and no homosexuality, sir - that was being holy and they had a love ...
They are alone, strange people.
You also have that with brothers, a love, sir ...
Well, take the pure wonderful universal love of Vincent van Gogh and his brother.
Those two, Theo, if you talk about Vincent van Gogh they also mean Theo because Theo was Vincent, and Vincent was Theo.
That is already in the art.
But there was also brotherly love, universal love, perhaps even more.
But now we suddenly stand before us ...
I also experienced that, people.
Sir, what is that anyway?
I come there, and I could crush that man to death.
I ask my master: ‘What is that?
Then he says: ‘My God, I am married, I have a child, I am mad about my children, but it is as if, when I came to stand before that life, something in me opened.’
I think: my God, my God, I know that.
Reincarnation, sir.
That man stood before his soul, as a man.
And now you have the state of mother and child.
I have seen a mother and child: twin souls.
I have seen two sisters: twin souls; one must return.
I have those laws ...
For the jungle child it was already no longer necessary.
You can only just see those laws for the coloured person, the East, who have experienced the adult natural highest organism of Mother Nature.
You do not need to go back into the jungle, because you know: we must first go to the body.
But for the spiritual laws you can go back and then you stand before sister and sister, and brother and brother, and father and mother, and man and wife.
Every grade of life possesses its twin state, its own core.
But the divine soul, do you feel?
You can never ...
There are people who have it, I even know people here in the hall, they have it, man and wife.
And that is butter, good butter and good butter, creamy butter and creamy butter, but there is certainly not any margarine in it.
And that is one feeling and one thinking, and one gentleness, and one understanding, and one love, and one this, and one that, and it is all fits exactly.
And then one person can certainly think more deeply, that is possible, but they met each other here.
And then you should see that, sir.
Och och, is that not the kingdom then which they are talking about?
And you can have that as a man, brothers, sisters, friends.
There are women who also have it, they do not know it.
And that is close to homosexuality.
And if you descend even deeper ...
I once also said to someone ... I think: yes, that is conscious homosexuality there like that.
And then master Alcar says: ‘Now look even deeper, then I will show you something nice.’
I think: how can it be?
Woman and woman, twin souls, now one of them must go back soon.
You can already see the man who is in there and who must come back soon; gets a new life, dies.
And then you must die, quickly, then you have achieved the creating organism - haven’t you - because you go further as man and wife.
And then one of us there must ...
Because for the fourth cosmic grade I am a mother again, you father again, I mother again, I father again, I mother again, I give birth to you, and you give birth to me.
And God also does that.
He gave birth to himself from motherhood to fatherhood.
And if you start to learn to understand those laws, sir ...
And now you are here in society, and the human being wants to experience something now in society.
And now I can understand that you are beaten to death to the left and to the right by the human being, the man by the wife, and the wife by the man; they do not understand each other’s character, not socially, no love, no cordiality, and not this. So the personality is far behind, and when that is there ... Yes, sir, now we get the grades.
Someone who said: I am not that, I am not that, am I not this, am I not that?
I say: ‘Sir, twin souls in running.
Fanny Blankers-Koen (athlete, several times Olympic champion, 1918-2004) and her husband both run as hard as each other.’ (laughter)
Huub van Dam boxes, but his wife boxes just as hard: twin souls in boxing.
Male and female painters, piano, sciences, both, man and wife, one life, one thought, one soul.
Soon in the future: you are a coal merchant, and I want to draw at school.
Sir, then you should make sure that you get a wife who also wants to be a coal merchant - I am no use to you - then the characters already come together a bit and then we get peace and quiet on earth.
Because it is true: you do art, sir, and the wife says: ‘Yes, if only he had done something different, then I would have food.’
An argument, sir, everything is destroyed.
But now that same madman is sitting next to there as man, and wife.
And both live in there - there are no more arguments, sir - they do it with a few raw potatoes and have enough.
They begin with raw food, and in nature you can get all kinds of things, that costs nothing.
Only if you go to the butcher; they do not earn that.
The milkman, they do not earn either.
No one wants those daubings?
But they still enjoy art, sir; that is not an argument, that is not destruction, is it?
With those delicious ointments they have a great sleep, get up again and talk in nature, depict everything.
Sir, a precious, wonderful harmony, and unity in art.
And I am a potato peeler and she also feels for it: also twin souls.
Why not, madam?
And I am an acrobat.
You should see that unity, sir, of two acrobats, a boy and a girl.
That wife and that man who ... together there ...
I have seen two people in the circus, I sat weeping, I think: God, God, God, how nice that is.
Someone looked at me, and said: ‘Are you weeping?’
I say: ‘Yes.’
I say: ‘You should feel how he looks at that woman and she at him, and if they take hold of each other’s wrists and she makes that gigantic swing; the people are sitting there trembling.’
But now I wanted to talk to those two people, I say: ‘Do you love him?’
‘And you?’
‘Hm, do not come near her!’
Madam, the sharper, the more difficult life becomes ... and especially acrobatics, who are hanging there, and who give their life for a bit of art, in order to eat and drink, don’t they?
You should experience that man and that wife.
Sir, I walked out of the circus there with a deep bow, I think: God God God God God, my God, what does society have of it?
The unity of man and wife.
You should see, a Strassburg (circus), you should go there.
Do you wish to experience people, do you wish to enrich yourself and if you really want to see something of society, then go to an animal tamer and also become it: ‘She is an animal tamer and he is a tamer.’
But that love of those people: one thinking about the animals, sir, that gives you the creeps.
Doesn’t it, sir?
You should hear Strassburg about the horses, and you should hear her.
And then that animal gets a kiss on its behind and then he has done his best, and that animal looks for a moment, and he nods like that and she nods.
I look at those two people who are walking in the ring there, he and she, and then to the horses.
I think ...
And that all happens just like that.
You should feel the psychology of those people ...
You should see two clowns together as man and wife, who talk nonsense, silliness, make the human being laugh; and they go out; hand in hand.
And then they go the room: ‘Oh, dear.’
And then he devours her and she devours him; by means of a kiss.
Madam, look, then you will weep.
And that, twin souls, sir, that becomes character for the first time, that becomes: in art they are already twin souls, but who says that they are it for God?
It could be that she continues, another way, after this life, and he too; then they go out again.
Is life not beautiful?
Is life not deep?
Is life perhaps superficial?
If you want to get to know it you should look carefully at the people, but then also look at the arts and sciences.
And precisely at a clown which makes you weep while his wife is operated there.
Sir, I am your twin soul, but I only ask you: leave me alone in this life, because you will get a beating from me if you come near me because I want to work.
Good day, you know, dear. (laughter)
Yes, I also came across a man recently, as a twin ... I say: ‘Give me a nice cigarette.’
He says: ‘I haven’t got any left.’
I say: ‘Then, the ‘droodles’.’
Oh well, there must also be something else to it ...
(Jozef continues to read.)
I have here: “‘All human laws must deviate for the voice of the conscious’, my doctor once said, who helped his brother out of his unbearable suffering, at his express wish by means of codinovo” ... codinove?
What kind of stuff is that?
“Condinovo tablets,” that is natural ... “and to give three morphine injections,” I also read that drama in the newspaper, “where upon the death of the patient followed.
In this case will the doctor also be charged with murder?
The patient suffered for eight years from a very serious lung disease.”
Ladies and gentlemen, if you stand before you mother, your brother, your loved one, your wife ...
That has happened several times in society.
In France we have that ...
Recently in America, they removed that man - a patient, he says, well, he still had two weeks or three weeks to live, a serious cancer patient
And they first removed that man from his profession, took away his title.
But after two months he was allowed to begin again.
He also had: cancer; yes, assisted death.
From who is that?
Sir, now you want to know whether he is responsible for God.
And then, for God and the laws of nature I must say: you must stay away from it.
Now you are, as a doctor you are the murderer of this patient.
Now you can be pleased that this life only another two weeks, another four months ... and then it passes on.
But how can you make amends for those four months of lifetime?
And then you would, if it happens normally ...
Another can already solve it.
Look, you are lucky of course, you can have happiness if that woman or that man carries on to the other side.
If that soul has to come back to the earth in order to get a new life, you will also go back.
But that soul goes back - do you also feel that? We have barely treated that here - but you will feel, if that spirit, that soul must go back to the earth, you must also go back, because you are attached to that time, and it must be made amends for here, not on the other side.
Because you have flung the soul and the life of God there from the earthly time and you cannot compare that with the other side.
But if that soul, that spirit, that wife, carries on to the astral world, now you can do it, you do not need to make amends for it, because the spiritual consciousness lies behind that, if that spirit possesses happiness.
But now it could be your brother, and now you can sympathise, but an enormous evil can live in that, and he could have made mistakes, and then the darkness sits next to you, not the world of the unconscious, but the unconscious world, the hell then.
And then you can descend into that, if you then have light later and you go yourself, then you can descend into that in order to wake that human being and to pull that human being out of it.
But now because of that deed, with your sympathy, you are attached to thousands of laws, because really, ultimately you must stay away from that, because whether that is sick, and not sick, and has pain ...
And God does not know sympathy, because the human being experiences his cause and effect here, that is disharmony.
And if there was no disharmony, that man would not have an illness either.
But there is something to it.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“I worked with a colleague and that man suffered heart loss ...”
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Hair loss.’
A heart loss is not possible of course.
” ... the man suffered hair loss, after four months his head was completely smooth,“ like a billiard ball, natural, ”but it was remarkable, it grew again, first light blond, then it got its old colour again, dark blond.
I sometimes wonder: what meaning does the colour of hair have?”
They have never asked that here before.
How can it be?
We have red, black and blond and grey people.
We have one red one this evening ...
What is that, sir, madam?
Why are you jet black and that one, look: golden blond, red, gold blond gold?
And then the lady says: that is false.
No, that is real.
I would also like golden blond ...
Yes, you can now get all the colours, that costs you ten guilders.
Last week I had one sitting somewhere, I looked, I suddenly stood still on the street, I walked outside, or I had to go somewhere, I looked, then that lady thought: what a cheeky man that is.
But now I knew the blood group and the people.
I think: but that is false.
That old one looked at me, she could have ripped me to pieces.
I think: but what kind of colour is that?
I stood like that, I stood like that in front of that woman ... (laughter)
If you had seen me standing then you would have had: oh, Jozef is discovering something.
But she did not accept that, so: ‘What do you want?’
I say, oh yes, that is true, I say: ‘Madam, I have done nothing, I was only looking at the colour of your hair.’
But that was still cheeky, wasn’t it?
Then that man says: ‘Go away.’
I say: ‘Sir, I will tell you what is the matter.’
Because I was between life and death for the hair, but it was as false as anything, sir.
But what is that actually, sir?
That hair loss of his is a disorder in his blood, sir, that of that man, that is a blood disorder.
And that blood disorder, it sorted itself out again.
How old was that man, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Twenty-nine.’
Yes, then he was standing just before the final time, because at twenty-one, twenty-two it already begins, they are the transitions of seven years, then you get new blood, new this, new that, in the body; and just over that border, with another few months, you get new food and then it is possible, during that and that time, that you get new hair.
It is because of that.
And sir, the colour of hair is the core of the blood.
And that goes so terribly deep, until you get the spirit of the life.
The Egyptians and the Orientals, before in older times, said: ‘You must watch out for her’, then they saw a redhead like that, ‘because she is livid.’
And then they thought: that has been built up by hatred.
These days in The Hague we think: what a dear, you should see that face, what a dear.
(To someone in the hall): She has no demonic hatred, sir, that is not possible, is it?
No, not true, that is not possible, is it, sir?
Is she a good child?
Great child?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Oh, now, then we will just believe it.
But this is the blood group, the blood core, and the blood possesses spatial depth.
And then we must go through all the planets and stars again, to that and that grade where the colour of the blood starts to form.
The hair of the human being is so deep.
And if we have it very close by, sir, and I will tell you that we have to go through the cosmos, and that it is in the blood.
Not in the body, not in that bone.
Because why does the Chinaman have black hair, the Japanese man black hair, the Oriental, all black?
Because the higher we come the more rarefied and more spiritual our blood becomes, and then we get the colour.
Sir, where do they have black eyes and black hair?
And why does the human being have blond hair and blue eyes?
Isn’t it simple?
Did you not know that?
Ask the academic, sir, what the colour of hatred ... with  ‘ir’ instead of ‘tred’ of course.
How quickly a human being can be mistaken, sir, don’t you think?
Hatred, and we are talking about hair.
An ‘r’ of Rulof.
And the hatred of Theodoor.
But the hair can change.
And if you ...
(To someone in the hall): What is it, madam?
And if you come from the jungle, the colour starts to change.
The Eskimo (see also has it for a moment, that that that ...
And then you come higher, the blood becomes different, the animal-like blood, coarse-material blood, material blood; and that material blood has already changed the radiance of the eyes, of the hair, the skin.
And do you now wish to deceive us, madam, that it is perhaps the spirit, and that it is a glandular system which has changed that skin?
Can you feel how deep this is but also how perfectly simple, that all those systems lie open if only you know the creation for the human being and space.
Not nice, engineer?
Everything becomes simple, don’t you think?
It seems extremely deep, but it is not that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is with everything which you know.’
Yes, Berends always says: if you know it, if you know it.
But look, when master Alcar took me along: ‘First the human being ... bible, is there damnation?’
‘Last judgement?’
‘Is God a hater?’
‘Did He live as a human being?’
I say: ‘Then you will have to prove it to me.’
Then we began.
And now everything is open.
A Chinaman, Indian, all nice and black.
Have you ever seen a blond, light blond Indian - of ours, Dutch Indies (Indonesia) - and light blue eyes?
What a strange child that would be.
Jet black with blue Dutch eyes.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘There are sometimes albinos.’
Yes, sir, but what is an albino?
In America I saw a white Negro (when these contact evenings were held from 1949 to 1952, the word ‘Negro’ was a common name to refer to someone with a dark skin colour).
Yes, madam, a yellow, light yellow colour.
Then my brother said, Hendrik, he said: ‘You do not need to look far, he is an Italian, a half Italian.’
He says: ‘If you talk to him, you will hear: father Italian and she is a Negro.’
But the Italian part was in him.
And that is possible.
And sir, who is right now?
Now you would think: well, that gentleman knows everything and that is nonsense.
But why does that child already have a yellow colour, why are those eyes ... that child also had yellow eyes.
The white of the eye was yellow.
And why do we have the white?
And when you go lower, sir, you must look how that white changes.
What is that?
Only the skin?
What feeds the skin?
What is it that gives the skin colour?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Pigment.’
Yes, good, blood.
Good, pigment, good.
So I am absolutely right, it is in the blood.
If you want to analyse absolutely everything then I can ask another question for you.
And if you then ...
Because what is actually the colour of the hair if you go to God?
Because it also lies in the creation.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Another grade.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... grades.’
Grades, yes, but it is not that, madam.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Blond.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Blond.’
No, madam, it is not that, yes, blond is blond, but I do not mean that.
Because God lives in the hair, in the colour of the hair.
I actually said it, didn’t I?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘A grade of consciousness.’
A grade of consciousness, sir, you are completely off the mark. (laughter)
No, sir, it is not that.
What is it now, ladies, we are standing on top of it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Quickening.’
Sir, who said that?
Madam, you will get no marks because it is not that.
I wanted ...
Don’t you think now?
And you will just say soon, it is simple, you will only say: oh, how can it be?
Sir, can you sense it?
(Gentleman says something.)
Are you serious?
It is perfectly simple.
They are people who have already experienced seven hundred lectures - I have not see you so often here - and they have read twenty books of mine, experienced seven hundred lectures, and I talk about it every evening, but then you can ...
I say: everything lives in a cell.
And now they still do not know it.
(Lady says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The realm of colours.’
Who said that?
Possession, is that not a colour then?
I am grey, what is this?
No, I am not grey, I am show-white, show-white.
The Divine realm of colours represents the human being.
A dove, a little dove, they are also colours, hairs, feathers.
That is: the Divine realm of colours will reveal itself in the human being.
You should see a human being in the first, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth, and the sixth, and the seventh sphere.
I saw the Christ with his divine hair style.
I saw the human being, ladies and gentlemen, I explained one evening, and that is not only about the colour in the human being, but I saw them there with a spiritual perm.
But I also saw them, they were just like drowned cats.
A pity that I say it.
But the earthly perm had gone.
They arrived there, such hands, claws, those beautiful lips which we used to kiss were so wide, you could place the whole world on them.
And those hands which had shook our hand, madam, there was sludge there, the poison of a snake was in them.
They were no longer hands, they were claws.
Strange perhaps?
You must not think that you have that, you know.
That is all yonder, below.
We have nothing to do with that.
Yes, it is some state.
But higher and higher and higher, then you get to see the Divine realm of colours, sir, by means of hair style, and every human being will represent his own state.
And now you say of course: then we are all perhaps black in the spheres, and all white and all grey and all blond, blue ...
What did you say?
Yes, gold, real gold.
Ladies and gentlemen, now we get the blood core and now we get material hair and we get spiritual hair.
I already said: the perms here, ladies ...
Yes, sir, but you have a bald head.
The ladies still have hair, but we do not even have anything.
We no longer have a perm, no more skull, nothing more, because we are the creation, and we should have behaved better, sir.
What do you say about this?
So you do not even need fat and things there, not a hairdressers either, sir, because we no longer have any hair.
We have lost our hair, we men.
Otherwise they will get talked about this evening, you see? (laughter)
But we now have spiritual hair there.
And by what means is that spiritual perm built up?
Isn’t it logical?
By means of the power of the spirit, the love of the human being and the personality, you will radiate light.
And now your hair radiates another colour than of the other person, because you have more wisdom, you have more, deeper justice and deeper harmony.
And the more that harmony lives in your heart, in your soul, in your life, the more beautifully, the more wonderfully your hair will get back the radiance of Our Lord.
Madam, is that not wonderful?
And is it then not perfectly simple that the human being who hates and rapes the life, that he no longer has a perm?
He comes up really unconsciously and animal-like from a world and that is - a pity - put harshly and in an ugly way, just like a drowned human being, a drowned cat; where we live they say a drowned rat, but you may not say that here.
You may not start to talk about a drowned rat here.
You may not do that here.
No one hears it.
No, there is no one here.
But it is true, because the deeper the human being descends into the lowlessnesses and the lusts with regard to the space and the divine laws, lower, lower, lower ...
Madam, it come that far that the human being is no longer a human being, and then the human being lies there just like a jellyfish on the beach, has exceeded life and death and everything.
And then there is no longer any colour at all of the hair, no more black, no more brown.
Sir, what is this if you are grey, what is that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Faded.’
What? (laughter)
(Someone in the hall): ‘Faded.’
Sir, I will tell you something now, sir, that is faded ...
Someone said, an academic says: ‘It is wisdom of life.’
He says: ‘You may also say that to my brother because he is as stupid as an ass’, and he was show-white.
Someone I know comes to me and I say: you should see that man, you should see what beautiful silver-white hair that man has, hasn’t he?
But he is a real mite.
So that does not add up.
They say: that is awakening.
Sir, in 1940 Adolph Hitler came and then I had experienced the creation, and experienced the war, by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, and then I was still not even grey.
Here I no longer had ...
I already soon, I already had salt and pepper, how do they call that?
But then we made the first journey for the cosmology, ladies and gentlemen, that began in 1944, didn’t it?
I already had grey hairs.
And in the evening I went away, in the morning I came back: I was snow-white.
This was ...
My wife awoke and then she says: ‘What happened to you?’
I said: ‘Child, nothing, I have only acquired a bit of wisdom last night.
My roots could not stand it.’
I came back white.
I had acquired so much during that night.
But we also just went ...
Then I have that first lecture in Diligentia ...
The All-Source, pre-creation, All-Mother, All-Soul.
I came back white from that journey.
What did you experience of that in Diligentia?
I came back white.
I say: well, then you will experience something.
And then they became grey again, darker, two days later, then I had dealt with it, then they became darker again.
But that intensity, that space, that wisdom, that consciousness; that hair could not take that, the body also had to go along.
My heart did this: boom boom boom boom.
My nerves were tense, everything was at full power.
Because the creation, the cosmology, the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Life was in me.
I had seen that.
And then I had to go back to the earth.
And then I awoke in the morning, I think: gosh, they were as dry as a cork ... they were just like sandpaper, all the juices were out of them.
My body was completely exhausted in one night.
Exhaust yourself, sir.
Have a good illness, a serious nice, delicious illness, madam, you should hear ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘An illness.’
Yes, in order to get colour for your hair, but that is nice.
And you will cut left and right by your operator and you will suffer a lot, then will you not come home with small white colours?
Then you have experienced something inside, and feeling changes; this is the dying of tissues, nothing else.
That you are white today, madam, only means that your hair roots do not get any more life juice.
And that those tissues, those channels, and that is a grave, and that is a giving birth, also a giving birth, that hair ...
Those doctors talked about that and that.
A hairdresser wants to bring new hair.
And then I would have wanted to go to that academic, I say: ‘Sir ...’ that man, that wonder which we had here in the Netherlands a while ago, who gave the people their hair back, I say: ‘Sir, now you must first begin to open the womb again of that hair, because the cell is giving birth and it has closed itself, sir.’
If that child can still get a child, you will get new hair, but now that giving birth is no longer there.
A cell of a hair, madam, the root of a hair is giving birth, that is mother.
And the hair is the father.
And now he must place a new womb in that cell, then that cell can give birth again and that is the expanding of the hair.
And he wants to deceive the world that he can create a new womb for the hair evolution with a lubricant.
Madam, did you hear that?
Is that not a revelation?
If God is in everything anyway as mother and father, then why not in the hair growth?
It is also in that, isn’t it?
And that hair has the realm of colours, but also fatherhood and motherhood.
And then a fusspot like that comes, a learned Figaro like that: ‘Hahahihi ...’
Yes indeed.
I say: ‘Sir, you are like a woodpecker.’
Do you know that a woodpecker also does that, hahahaha?
But then at least that little animal also sings, I say: ‘Sir, stay away from that bald ...’, oh, no, you may not see billiard ball, ‘that bald head. Because the motherhood under that crown of the skull ... that and that grade of the skin tissues, in the third grade there are also seven tissues, seven skins, and in that and that grade where the giving birth must be ...
Did you think about the surface, sir?
You should pull out a hair, there is a thing attached to it, isn’t there, and the root is also in the skin, there is another root in the tissues, that channel has no nourishment.
Why not, sir?
Because the womb does not live; because a new cell must come there, and that feeds the hair.
And if that dies, it falls out like that.
And you can already ... that ...’
Sir, what is a heart attack?
Do you wish to know science this evening?
What is a heart attack?
If you get a real fright and you get a really bad fright: ‘Oh’, that says.
Oversupply, isn’t it?
If you get a real fright, the hair of the human being falls out; that also happens.
Dying of the heart, of the heart chamber of the hair.
The heart has a heart chamber, evolution, blood circulation and everything.
Doctor, come on, and I will explain your own skull to you; you can look in it, but I look through it just like that.
All space.
Cosmology is for everything: for your hair, for your nails.
Sir, you have broken nails, you have this, you have that, your skin is flaking off, just come to me, then I will tell you where it comes from.
Every science lies completely open to the master on the other side because they are omniscient for God in their space.
Isn’t it nice, madam?
I recorded this afternoon, yesterday, that question of yours, that was also nice.
Do you know, then we had that question of yours one evening - I believe that it was you - with that nice one, when you saw that apparition.
(Someone in the hall says something.)
Yes, but we are not talking about that now.
Do you have another question, I am finished with this.
I like to look into the eyes of a human being sometimes, then I want to have the feeling: yes, it is true.
I was so incredibly grateful and pleased, that I collapsed in the morning from joy and shouted: ‘Hooray, I was in the Divine All last night.’
I did not dare to say it, then they say: ‘That man is insane.’
But I was in the Divine All.
And then I saw people, and then those lights in the eyes changed, and then purely for me there entered: ‘Oh, go away, madman.’
And then you should see the human being, the human being who feels that and can also see that joy, experiences the unity with space; those people got tears.
And I saw that immediately.
Sir, I am finished with you.
Now you know exactly where the hair comes from.
But what is that then, ladies?
I saw a lady yesterday afternoon who had jet black hair and a blond curl at the front.
She was walking here with a blond curl.
And then she sat there.
I say: say, oh.
I think: well, if I had one like that then I would shave them bare because she walks ... (laughter)
Yes man, do you accept that?
What kind of portrayal is that?
I like it when a lady dies her hair black and she is white.
What does that matter?
But nice grey hair is also beautiful.
Nice white-grey is beautiful.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, I know a young woman ...’
From that tuft here?
Are you coming back to that tuft?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No.’
No, I must first finish with this because they do not know what that is.
That costs ten guilders at your ... (laughter)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That is dyed.’
Do you really mean that, madam?
Is that dyed?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Surely not? (laughter)
I got you.
But that does not matter, does it?
It is dyed, sir.
That curl is not real.
Sir, that is not real.
No, sir, oh come on, the hairdresser did that.
Did you not know that then?
But madam, what were we talking about?
(Lady in the hall): ‘An acquaintance, a young woman, she has white hair and red eyes and the child too.’
Red, red eyes?
That is all organic.
White hair?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Completely white hair, and that child of hers too.’
Yes, now you have seven million grades and different blood groups.
That goes back to the deepest of the cosmos.
Your personality now also speaks, the shine, the radiance and everything.
So you get the ...
Now we must first see by which father and extended and extended and extended and extended and extended family you were born, you come from?
Where is that blood group of Italy with France, Spain, with that and that?
Where did that happen that it came together, because that man also has his own grade.
And in this way we still mess up, every day, our natural blood.
So it is not strange at all if you see people with white-blond hair and jet black eyes.
You get that.
We have people here in the hall, men, father, and mothers, are incredibly European, a daughter, well, just a grade lower and she is black.
But she has the head of hair of the Negro; it just looks like the curls of a Negro woman (see, a Negro woman, you never need to come with a perm.
That lady is sitting here, she has been to see me, I say: ‘What beautiful hair you have.’
Then she says: ‘Yes.’
I say: ‘Yes, I see that, you do not need to tell me anything.’
I say: ‘But are your father and mother like that?’
‘Yes, and I have this, and my other brothers and sisters are normal.’
Where does that one child suddenly come from?
It is in that line.
So you get millions, thousands, let’s say thousands of different colours of hair, eyes, and you can take all that back, and that has an independence, but now we come before a chaos of lines, because where does your blood ultimately come ...
You have already been busy yourself for millions of years and your family has been busy for millions of years.
And that has all branched off and branched off and branched off and branched off.
Where is the actual colour now?
You will not find it here again.
And that we still have black with blond eyes and this and that; madam, that is also a revelation.
But that revelation also lies on the surface again, or the human being would look like I don’t know what.
Can you feel it?
And by what means are all those characteristics for the hair, for the eyes - for the shape, we know - but by what means are all those characters, that light, that radiance, the colour of the hair, why can that still all be taken care of?
By means of one thing.
And who has that now?
And then that does not lie ... then they are not ten books, but I can record it in one sentence.
They are also at least ten books of a thousand pages, sir, in order to analyse the colour of the hair, and those different types of race (see, of the people here in Europe.
You should see the people.
I always look at people, then they think: what does that man want?
But a human being is a universal wonder to me.
I look at a woman, I look at a lady, I look like that, and then they think ... That woman?
What does that woman matter to me, I am looking at the nice hair, at those colours, at those eyes.
And then I see the grade, then I see the branching off, then I see the family, then I see the past.
I see millions of worlds in one human being.
If they start to shout I am gone quickly of course.
Engineer, where does that whole core live now?
You are an academic, I will just cling to you.
Because, will I get it out?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Not from me either.’
Ooo, not by me either ... (laughter)
Madam, why do we still see the human being as a normal being, and not with red hair and white eyes and jet black?
You said it yourself a moment ago.
But you said it!
But you said it.
I will just say it: the power of the human organism goes first, and white is white.
And it will bring all of itself to the highest stage.
So you have shredded that, and shredded this, and shredded that, and shredded that, shredded fifty times, but they are still shreds.
But you cannot shred the body, because white remains white and black remains black.
So that body dominates, is dominant for the nice things which we got out, and then we went from here to an Eskimo, or went to an Italian wedding.
But the Italian is also in the white race again (see
And then we went to a Danish person or we went to an Englishman, from here, we did that, you know.
English with Dutch, and Dutch with German, and French with Norwegian; that all remained white.
But we shredded ourselves, but white dominates.
And because of that we did not get red eyes and not green ones; you can see that in the South.
I have, also in Florida ... One morning I come, I was with my brother Henk, I come there past a lady, then I say: ‘Henk, just look’.
I say: ‘Gosh.’
I almost got my face slapped.
Then he says: ‘Hey, do not do that again here.’
I had said: ‘God, my dear, I have never seen a person with eyes like the sea.’
Sir, clear blue radiant eyes, I have never seen anything so beautiful before.
Green and blond.
But, dear God, you should just do that.
I got a fright.
I got a beating from master Alcar:
‘André’, he says, ‘do you wish to be murdered here?
Do you wish to go to prison?’
I say: ‘But master Alcar, it is so beautiful, so wonderful.’
He says: ‘Yes, that is ...’
And then I also quickly asked him something.
I say: ‘Where does she come from?’
He says: ‘Look ...’
Because one day, ladies, gentlemen, we will possess the eyes and the colour of Mother Sea, and then they will be bright green.
And then it will be the green so clear and radiant as the water of the oceans.
Just like that.
That was already one of them.
It is time.
Don’t you like it?
Ladies and gentlemen, be polite, be cordial, be loving and you will all get green radiant lights in your green eyes.
Mr de Jong, if your eyes start to change and they become green in colour, then we say: he is rising.
But we will just not be finished with it in this life.
Don’t you think?
Ladies and gentlemen, did I give you something this morning?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
See you on Sunday ... yes, it is in the evening, isn’t it ...
Madam, do we perhaps live in the evening?
If we have people here for the first time, then they say: ‘I will just not go there again because those people are talking about the morning in the evening. (laughter)
And about the morning and about the night.’
But we now already live on the other side, because the human being - anyone, anyone - already lives in the infinity, because there is no death, you continue.
In the universe there is no night and no day.
Yes, in the universe it is always day, so always morning.
Ladies and gentlemen, on Sunday morning master Zelanus will talk about the expanding universe, you will get another four lectures.
You must experience that, ladies and gentlemen.
Because Jozef Rulof is still just a big dope.
I thank you.
(There is clapping.)