Thurday evening 17 april 1952

I will begin this evening with ... (cough) with coughing. (laughter)
(Jozef reads).
”Last Sunday master Zelanus talked about the creating powers of the universe, first, second, and third cosmic grade, which forces the mother planet to trace her permanent orbits around this creating power, the sun.
Amazing, I thought, because we were busy with that precisely a few weeks ago, that certain balls of light reached expansion and condensing in the course of time under the laws of expansion and hardening to wonderful dark accessible planets, while the creating power, which also condenses and expands, and is under the same laws, still remains a fiery ball of light; yes, even still increases in fieriness and light power.”
“The question is: was Master Zelanus referring to that last Sunday when he spoke about the burning chambers in the heart of the creating power which we call on earth the sun?
This was something new again, not yet found in the books.”
Mr Reitsma, you get that in the books of the cosmology.
If we come that far, because what we now experience is that the universe is seen like that from outside.
But now we descend into that sun.
And they are the books which must then also be written later.
But the sun is giving birth and creation.
All life possesses fatherhood and motherhood, also the sun.
In the sun it is given birth to and the radiance is creation again, and there, in the sun ... that is a wonderful melting furnace, isn’t it?
And it also has actually every planet in it again, only the earth knew it very powerfully, and still does.
In the earth it burns continually, doesn’t it?
Other planets ...
The moon did not know that, because on the moon the highest stage was a quagmire, water.
The moon did not know that hardening.
And other planets just as little.
But that moon hardened anyway, and is now rock-hard.
But there you will, perhaps that you one day, later when we come there with a rocket, if you are that and that professor, and you make a rocket for yourself ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But that is not possible.’
What did you say? (laughter)
Oh well, let’s just do what ...
They will come there one day.
They can come there, the academics, even if they have to conquer thousands of centrifugal powers and laws of attraction.
But he will not come there again.
He will come there as a spirit.
And you will perhaps see a few small diamonds lying there of four carats, one carat perhaps, which have also been transformed from that mud, by the sun, you see, into glass.
But for the rest Mother Earth got that consciousness.
On earth there is everything for this space.
We talked recently about fatherhood and motherhood of tree, flower and plant.
People told me: ‘How nice that was of that tree.’
But do you know a diamond as father and mother?
Precious stones also possess fatherhood and motherhood.
Everything, we get everything out of that, in everything you get to see fatherhood and motherhood, also in the diamonds and the pearls.
The pearls not.
Yes, you have male pearls and you have maternal pearls.
And which shines the best?
When is a pearl completely powerful?
And then they say: ‘This is one from the heart.
This one, not that one, but this one which I have here, that is a pearl which is worth money.’
You have seven different grades for the pearls.
You have, Mr Reitsma, the homosexuality in the pearls, you also have that, the unconscious motherhood.
Because the highest pearl which yields the most money is fully consciously mother.
The Stradivarius: motherhood.
The sound of the mother, for the instruments, is all motherhood.
An academic, a musician, composer, who begins about the sounds, the timbre of the violin.
I say: ‘Sir, you know ...’
On board the Veendam I had a musician like that.
That man lived in The Hague here, I say: ‘Do you know the timbre of the Stradivarius?’
‘Oh well.’
I say: ‘The motherhood of the Stradivarius?’
I say: ‘Stradivarius has interpreted the pure motherhood by means of a violin: some boards and some strings.’
And then he said: ‘That must not lie like that, but that must lie that way, here on top of it.’
And then the full sound appeared as giving birth.
But that setting of the lower lines of the violin, and this one on the outside, and here underneath, that that bulge came, that was searching.
I can teach a violin maker that.
I say: ‘Set that sound like that, then you can feel, then you will get dimensional states for the grades for the sound, how the sound expands.
It comes down to giving the violin an echo.
It is that, isn’t it?’
If you know the universe, Mr Reitsma, then you will know all the laws.
Everything, wherever you come, what you talk about, there is nothing in the world, in the human being or in space, which does not possess those same laws.
Every science lies open and exposed if you possess cosmic consciousness, if you know the planetary system as grades and laws.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Will I experience that?’
Yes, you will experience that.
You must ask about it here, then you will lie in the coffin in two days time.
You cannot deal with that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Because you must remain conscious.
I understand it now.
Mr Alcar brought me to Egypt, but what you experience there, you go through thousands of deaths and insanities and then you must remain conscious.
You must experience insanity completely and still think: I am myself, I know what I am doing.
I experienced it anyway.
I was standing one afternoon, you will read that in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ for that matter: ‘Oh yes, that is a table, that is a chair, I myself am that, and this is light, and that is the radio, and they are the cigarettes.’
I say, ‘Yes, that tastes good.’
Then my wife comes in: ‘Oh God.’ I say: ‘Nothing will happen, nothing will happen, just remain standing.’
I say: ‘I am back again, I am back again.’
Out of the insanity, the insanity of space.
To be here, to stand on your own two feet; and yet not to walk through the Spuistraat on my head.
Because that is possible, possible.
If I just put one foot wrong, then the people think: Oh, now he is insane.
And then I want to be insane, but not what they make of it.
But you can, you get here in everything, this, that unity which we talked about last week ... If you hear that roll (roll with magnetic tape, forerunner of the tape recorder), that is worthwhile, about the colour of hair and everything, and everything is motherhood, fatherhood, and the whole universe lies open.
And then I must stand on my own two feet and act here because immediately after a lecture on Sunday I must, if I cannot take over myself immediately ...
Master Zelanus says to me: ‘Get out, André.
Good, take over.’
And I go to the right and he goes to the left and I am in it.
And immediately: act humanly.
You should try it.
Then we were in the space anyway, we were floating between stars and planets.
Such inspiration and then to still make sure that he did not burst.
If that concentration between us would refuse for just a millionth of second, the blood would flow over the lips, then the heart would stand still.
At that power, that is an explosion, that is an inner shock.
Did you have any questions about this?
But you will also soon hear all of this in those three ...
No, you will not hear everything about that, but a great deal in Diligentia.
And if the cosmology comes ...
I have just two small notes here this evening.
But then we will just put it to the hall.
“God does not know any deathbeds, but in ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ we read: ‘Yes, dear Karel, you will soon fly’, Jeus said, ‘you will pick beautiful flowers for Our Lord.’
But I mean: but Karel was lying on his deathbed, wasn’t he?”
From who is that?
But, sir, could you not think through, that half the world dies in bed?
Karel was not alone, was he?
So you should have thought it through.
Half the world is lying really quietly in bed and dies, becomes free, so God does not know any deathbeds.
Now you wonder ...
Now I can feel you of course, God does not know any deathbeds but Karel died, half the world, half of mankind dies in bed, becomes free; it is not dying, we know that.
But millions of people also come to the other side and experience that evolution by means of a street car, aeroplanes, by means of poison, by means of everything, many accidents of course.
You heard that recently, a father and mother, six children, here in Holland, they are not deathbeds either; they were all burnt alive.
So you know that.
“Karel was also lying at ease; at ease, he lay dying dead at ease.
My father was seventy-eight years old, was knocked down by a car, broken, unconscious, four days later he passed on.
Did that have to happen like that?”
Sir, perhaps if he looked after himself a bit better, if his concentration still had power, then ...
But death, birth, it happens of its own accord and evolution is stronger than the personality.
There are only a few people who know beforehand: now I am going.
You hear it just as often, a gentleman near where we live, he says: ‘Wife, I am going to the room to hang something up.’
But then he sat down and then he was dead.
She had to hang that painting up herself later.
What kind of things are that?
The human being does not know it.
No, that death which comes, it has been busy with the human being for a long time.
They feel something, a phenomenon, and then you certainly do not even need to be so sharply sensitive.
And if you are sharply sensitive, you still feel nothing.
Because that evolution, that takes you in thoughts to spaces, to that and to this, and you think that it is you yourself, but you are not it.
So that evolution goes through your own life of feeling, because it must go through that source, and then you take it over, and you think: I am just thinking.
But ‘behind the coffin’ they could have said: ‘Good gracious, I already knew four weeks beforehand, because I thought about that and thought about that, and now I am there.
Now it has happened.’
And then there are thousands of other phenomena and feelings which you feel like that.
You write here: “ ...later he passed on.
Did that have to happen?”
That is all possible.
It can be evolution, can also be nonchalance on his part, that he did not watch out on the street and then you are also floored.
They will get you just like that in this day and age.
“My brother was forty years old and was taken into a hospital.
Later the doctor says: ‘Tomorrow it will be over.
Three weeks later, he passed on.
In this case was he lying dying dead at ease?”
He is already saying it himself.
He was lying dying dead at ease, yes.
“When the human being dies from heart failure, is that a law or a material disturbance?”
What is the heart attack actually in most cases?
They are the most common heart conditions, heart attacks.
That is now purely the phenomenon when the spiritual immediately becomes loose, and then it always passes over to a heart attack.
That is usually the direct natural transition for the spirit: the heart attack.
And then the human being says: ‘Yes, he was already ailing, that heart was already not good, the heart was already not good.’
But, sir, that is all nonsense because there are people walking here with one and a half hearts and with half a heart, and that is fine, they can still run.
Recently I had ... then there was someone in France who had two hearts, one on the left and one on the right.
And that man had too much love in him of course, ladies.
How pleased the ladies would be if they had a man as creator with two hearts, but it can also go wrong.
True or not? (laughter)
And especially when you have such nice weather as today.
“Once the human being is in the Spheres of Light, and he has mastered the universal love, what does he look like where now ...?
And has ...”
Do you mean: and why does ... “ ...he still have, are there still genital organs there?”
What he looks like, with regard to the genital organs of the human being, do you mean that?
You are lacking cohesion a bit.
“Once the human being is in the Sphere of Light and he has mastered the universal love, what does he look like then?”
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ...with regard to the genital organs.’
Sir, they are still exactly where they should be.
You are there absolutely as you are here.
And you will certainly not get to see them on your forehead. (laughter)
And you do not have them loose in your pocket, but they have got their universal divine place and the human being thinks and feels from there.
What is the human being actually?
You are talking about that.
(People talk at the same time.
Someone says: there is a window open).
Going against each other?
Was there a draught?
You see, madam, that gentleman knows it.
That gentleman knows it.
But from which source ...
What is a planet actually and what is a sun and what is the human being?
If you begin about that and you want to get to know the human being ... because I do not believe that there is one psychologist in the world who actually knows the cosmic image of the human being.
The human being thinks: he who is walking there is everything, and his thinking is everything, and his society is everything, his personality is everything.
But it is not that at all.
They are now those organs.
That motherhood dominates the whole human being, the whole life this far.
And then the human being can master something for himself.
And what the human being then masters, that is usually still nothing.
Because we are fortunate that we have got that space by means of the masters.
But the millions of people on earth who do not know the organism in the first place, they do not know what they live for, there is no psychology, there is no space, there is nothing.
But I explained it recently, after thirty-eight, forty years then the human being begins to master something of his personality.
And what he then masters is usually still nothing.
Arts and sciences mean nothing, and mean everything; you take them with you, you have your paintings, you have your nice things which have spiritual meaning, by means of art, by means of science.
But a mathematician does not see all those figures on the wall in the Spheres of Light, does he?
An technical engineer - I do not have you with your personality, sir, do I? - but a technical wonder, a genius in that and that, that all remains on earth.
Everything remains on earth.
And only that fatherhood and motherhood, which is divine, that continues with the covering.
Here the body, there the spirit.
The spirit closes off the soul again there, you feel exactly the same there.
You have only to see and to accept your personality there as you feel inwardly.
You can determine absolutely here, by means of ‘A View into the Hereafter’, where you will go and where you will end up there.
The way you are, the way you think, is the way your body is.
Just think wrongly about love and happiness and life and everything, then the body will also change, because then you get the spiritual psychopathy, the spiritual unconsciousness in the Spheres of Light, which is truth, harmony, justice, love.
And if we are just next to that reality of that harmony, for that love, then we already no longer have a normal face, then it is already deformed, isn’t it?
Those hands, which I told you about, become claws, those eyes are red-hot fire.
But I will not begin again this evening about those perms.
Who has any more questions, I have answered enough questions from this bunch of kids.
I believe that they ...
Sir, they are already full in The Hague.
You will get nothing more.
They do not know it anymore.
But then I must ask questions myself, and I will not do that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You can do it better.’
I must ask questions for you.
I can also start to ask questions, and then I will let you give the answers.
Sir, what did you have?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I had a colleague, and he was married, and his wife could not have any children.
Now that man had, in his opinion, an inner urge to still have a child in this life and with the approval of his wife he produced a child with another woman.
And he takes care of it, he gives a good allowance for that every month, or whatever.
He says: ‘I find it strange.’
He says: ‘I do not know what it is, but I am hanging on it as it were.’
Now I thought this: yes, has he perhaps something to do with that soul which he still in this life ...’
Sir, we talked about this recently, six months ago, about someone, and he also had a problem like that, and then the people had, the ladies had it ... or there was a question about: to get a child through the doctor, an injection.
You can get an injection.
A mother can go and get a child there just like that today or tomorrow.
And then someone says, then we started to talk about this and then someone said ...
In Amsterdam there was someone and he asked Master Zelanus that question, then someone said: ‘She should not have pulled that one on me.’
It was an English officer, and that mother (wife) of his did not get a child either.
Yes, he had himself examined and it was not possible, he did not have the creating sperm, he did not have the cell in him.
And then she went to the doctor, then she got an injection and then she had a child, and then he did not accept that.
But look, then she asked master Zelanus the question: ‘What should we have done?
And what should that man do?’
Sir, what you are saying there, I find it very childish.
I mean this, if I have understood you properly, that man who ...
Look, you have a big image and you have a wonderful image of yourself, you people.
But what would God think about that?
You are married and that is your husband and that is your wife, and did you think now that God, God, not a sphere, but God himself ...
You are the deity yourself, but God for the space, the All-Source and the All-Powers ...
And if a woman, a child of His, who represents His creation, cannot have a child, and she can have it through a friend, or a brother, or someone else, then that is sluttish here for society, that woman will be finished off.
Then they say: ‘She has a child of another.’
Ha, and then what, sir, if you get to know the laws of the other side.
But did you not say something about that father of that child, of that woman, who let that man pay?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, that man wanted to have that child so much.’
And he got that by another.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, by another woman.
Not his social, his legal wife.’
But you must wait a moment.
That man and that woman are married.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
She could not have a child.
Not by him?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, not she herself.’
Oh, she was not capable of that.
And then he had a child by another mother.
Whether it is another mother or another father, that means nothing of course.
And then what?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, and then with the approval of his legal wife, that went like that.
But, as far as I am concerned, I don't find it that strange.
But there were always other people and colleagues of course in the neighbourhood, who also found that strange.’
Sir, that is the conversation of the day.
And now the man and now the mother must prove what they can do.
What would you do, sir?
Yes, ladies, now we come to the inner skin.
Haha, if you are sixty years old, or seventy years old, then it no longer matters to you of course.
Does it, mothers, then it does not matter anymore.
But now you are still young and you are beautiful and now another comes there, and the man wants to have a child, and he gets that child from another mother.
Will the mother now be so big and loving in order to share the love together because ... his blood lives in it, but they have a child.
How many people do not adopt children - whose mother can have a child - because the father is not creating?
And now they just adopt a child.
Sir, there is already so much and wars originated because of that, you certainly feel that too, don’t you?
Divorces, yes.
You start to see all of this spiritually and spatially.
What remains then of our human thinking?
Then we are on top of that image, aren’t we?
That image of mine.
And that is mine and this is mine.
And they do not accept the divine core and evolution.
Why not?
Because that image of mine, that is my husband, that is my wife.
You were talking about this recently.
(To someone who comes in.)
Madam, come and sit here, we have enough space.
There are still three seats here.
But you must just come to stand before those problems; how will you act?
And you cannot start to treat that just like that in space.
You must stand before those problems; and then you can just prove what you are like inside.
Do you know all those laws?
I think, if one of you with a bit of feeling and a bit of space comes across this, that you will certainly know how to act.
But the human being, you will feel, in general the human being is attuned to: yes, that is mine, that is mine, and that is mine.
I know people here in the world who are so awe-inspiringly happy and they would not do anything and anything else; it’s that, it’s this, isn’t it?
And ‘behind the coffin’ they do not belong to each other.
Then they separate ...
But there we also go calmly to universal love.
You will feel, all the things we people must get over, if you are standing before that.
You do not need to look for it.
You must not look for it.
Logical, isn’t it?
Any more questions about this?
You can already analyse this.
But then you must have the situation before you.
To just begin about that haphazardly, that is no use to you.
Anymore questions about this?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, and then that other mother who then gave birth to that child, will she give it up so easily?’
If you ask me, madam, if you ask me, yes, look, now you have it once more, you have a good question there.
That mother who has now given that child ...
(People talk at the same time.
Some people say: no.)
What did you say?
(People talk at the same time.)
Yes, all at the same time, we will not be any the wiser from that.
If one person says something now.
That mother who gave birth to that child, by him, it is like that, isn’t it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
She must give up that child.
(More people at the same time): ‘No.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘She was allowed to keep it.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘She was allowed to keep it in this case.’
Was she allowed to keep it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, only he wanted to take care of it.
And now it will actually come, an acquaintance ...'
You see, there a nice story appears.
So she was allowed to keep it, that child was not for him.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, but he wanted to take care of it so much, he ...’
He wanted to know whether he could create, let’s put it that way.
(People talk at the same time.)
(Lady in the hall): ‘He loved her.’
What did you say?
How stupid I am this evening.
(Lady in the hall): ‘He wanted to have the child so much.’
He wanted to have it, madam, but now I hear that that mother, by means of whom he created, was allowed to keep the child.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, but he could take care.’
Yes, then he did take care of it, but we are not concerned with that.
(People talk at the same time).
We are not concerned whether he ...
As far as I am concerned he had ten thousand guilders in order to take care of that child.
He took care of it. No, madam, ruthlessness appears.
(Lady in the hall): ‘You do not understand it.’
I understand it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, I mean, her girlfriend took care of it then.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Her girlfriend then took further care of it.’
Madam, but I am saying, this material has no meaning at the moment.
But mantraps and traps appear.
You see, there you have it now.
And that means: his wife could not give birth to a child, must he then do that with ...
If that woman from above, from the creation knew: I must have a child, then she must look for that in society, but with the one who walks in front, because those men exist for that purpose.
Those creating powers exist.
But she did not need him for that.
He does not need to try ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘He wanted to have a child.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘He wanted to have a child.’
But he did not get it, she kept it.
It concerns that.
He wanted to have the child but she kept that child.
He wanted ...
(People talk at the same time).
(People laugh warmly.)
You see ...
You see, there are the problems now.
Fine, he wanted, yes, he can, he wanted ... the only thing which remains is this: he wanted to know whether he was really a man.
(People laugh warmly again and talk at the same time.)
Yes, sir?
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ .... provided clarity.’
We will put it together again.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... to talk to that man, and he says: “Yes, I do not know what it is”, he says, “but I really want to have a descendant.”
Oh yes.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘He did not do that in order to say for his name or whatever.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Not at all.
But I thought about that situation afterwards and then I thought to myself: perhaps he has something to do with that soul, perhaps he has something to make amends for to that soul, because he gave that life to it.’
Sir, so he thought that that soul which he attracted, that he was involved with that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, he did not think that, I presume that.’
He presumed that.
(Noise in the hall.)
Sir, just let me go, what are you interfering in? (People laugh warmly.)
I must have that physical out.
There is something in it.
(laughter) Now, sir, now we are almost at the end, aren’t we, so let’s begin again.
(laughter) Yes, because I have something nice, I have something nice. (laughter)
He, isn’t it true, lady ...
Madam, was it him or her? (laughter)
Yes, let’s be honest, you can really gamble a bit here.
But it was not her, it was him.
It was he.
And now he wanted a successor, a child of his, and he did not get that from her, his wife, but he got that from another woman, and that woman didn’t mind ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes indeed.’
... with his wife too.
But now wait, be quiet for a moment, now it will come ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘His own wife did not mind that he produced that child with another.
Because she felt that she could not fulfil his longings.’
He did not get a child from his wife.
They agreed, and then another mother came there, and she would give him a child.
Wouldn’t she?
But she kept that child.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, she kept that child.’
So he had a successor somewhere here, in space.
And he paid for it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Yes, that is his business.
But, sir, I can do that, and you can do that too, and then we attract four thousand of them.
I can also do that now and you too.
Yes, but sir would like that, of course.
And then we go over the earth there like that and then we go to twenty, twenty-two, twenty-three, every mother can attract you.
And then I have four thousand of them, sir, but that is now true what I am talking about.
He should have stayed away from that, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘He, in his opinion then ...’
Look, I want to analyse this, this is why I am holding on to that.
He says: ‘Oh yes, there is a mother for that.
Why not, why not?’
But I will also tell you, sir, I had one child; it was still-born, I fought for it and did everything, and that was really something for me.
And that did not occur to us.
How many million people say: ‘Yes, we are sorry, things are great, but we do not have a child.’
Yes, if that man or that woman, all do not have any children, now just start to search for the mother or the man; do you feel what kind of chaos and pandemonium we will enter?
There will no longer be a limit and no longer any hold.
And now we enter the laws: that man should have stayed away from that, he should have surrendered that.
I can create with thousands of mothers, but that is not my karma and not my world.
Because if I start to create, we will attract, irrevocably; I have nothing to do with that, but it will come.
And now you say, he thought: perhaps I am involved with that soul.
Sir, then I will perhaps attract two hundred thousand of them.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘At least, that is a conclusion which I drew from it approximately.’
You see, I want to get that human part out of this in order to let it come forward cosmically.
And then he should quite simply have surrendered that, and I must do that, and everyone must do that, millions of people must do that.
And now he can say: ‘I am involved with that child ...’
But if I had also got that child, and I absolutely wanted to have - that could mean a law, that still does not need to be lust, it concerns a wonderful, sacred thing, a child, a new life - then I could have spoken to that mother and said: ‘Look here, will you give me that, but then that child will be mine.
It is harsh, but come to me calmly, go for a walk with the child.’
It will already become a chaos if those people do not understand each other.
‘But that child will then be mine, please, because I want to be the father.’
And then that would have been nice.
Now he can soon also get it into his head: perhaps there is also one between heaven and earth whom I will attract.
But if he earns forty guilders a week, then he will not come with it. (laughter)
Because then he will not even have a pair of old clogs for those children.
But you feel, that is in it.
But he should not have done that because it always goes ... that creation, sir, that is not for the creator, but that is always for the mother.
If that mother had said: ‘I want to have a child and you cannot give me a child’, and she had said: ‘And where it comes from, it comes from ...’
Because a hundred percent motherhood wants the child.
That is not for the child, but that is the giving birth.
And that evolution drives that personality towards it.
And what does society now say - now look through that -: ‘That woman has deceived that man by having a child by another.’
And God says: ‘My child, it is fine like that.’
But society destroys this life.
But the creator does not give birth.
The gentlemen would like that.
But the mother is capable of saying: ‘I want a child, you cannot do it, our karma is like that, and now I want to have a child.’
And then I have to, if this is the real feeling, then we have to bow as creators to the power of the mother.
And then we must possess the love in order to be able to take care of that life like that, men.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It is incredible.’
(You can hear the silence.)
You should hear the fusspots.
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Was that man that far that he could take that thought that he would attract a soul and that he was doing a good deed with that?’
Mr Götte, tomorrow I will get it into my head: I must give birth to children everywhere in the world.
Here in Holland I will already be in prison for two weeks.
And then I go to Germany and then I go to France.
Our Lord will send me to all mothers of twenty, twenty-five years. (laughter)
Yes, then we will look great, Mr Götte, which you ... there ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Was haben Sie dann ums Herze?’
Was haben Sie denn?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Ums Herzen.’
Ins Herzen!
Nicht ums Herzen.
‘Drinnen ist es, tief wie die Seele brennt ’s, wie der Teufel sagt,’ someone said that in Germany.
But it is about that.
You see, sir, he wants to put us on the wrong path.
There is still something to it, isn’t there. (laughter)
Madam, be careful with this gentleman.
He is already beginning to doubt himself. (laughter)
Sir madam, do you have any more questions about this?
Because I have finished talking.
But sir, it is possible, you see.
We had a situation here recently and then it was the mother.
I is always the mother.
Imagine, when the gentlemen got that into their heads and Jozef Rulof started to proclaim these teachings.
‘Well’, he say, ‘that is a nice mess there.’
But you will feel that he - I want to have that out now, I dribbled with it for so long - that man should not have done that.
Because the giving birth, sir, and attracting always goes through the mother first.
Even if the man has contact with it.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you now understand your children?
If that face is like yours then you have attracted that, but now you get one of mine, with my face and then there is no understanding.
But then you should watch out, madam, that soul, the one child is like this, and the other child is like that.
And the mother has a wonderful child, and this child can achieve everything, and that child can achieve nothing.
This child, they can put up with more from it, and this child is like this, and this child is like that.
But here you also get the making amends of the children towards each other.
And then one looks like the mother and the other like the father, and then the father attracted and also the mother, but it goes through the mother, but the father is involved with that life.
The father knows that soul.
So the mother gives birth for herself, and also gives birth for the man.
So two different karmas are busy there.
The creating karma and the maternal karma.
We have never talked about that before, have we?
(Hall): ‘No.’
Only just about one karma, but the mother attracts her lives.
If a mother has ten children, you see ten different children.
It looks like father, it looks like mother.
And now you get: mother attracts and the man attracts.
And they are two different worlds.
Where do we come from?
Where did we live before this?
She perhaps in Russia or in France or somewhere else, and then we just come together infallibly from that cosmos where we gave each other the first rap.
Usually it is the natural spiritual karma.
Every wrong thought which we have given the human being to bear, so spiritual karma, means: there where I began to destroy and the human being wept one tear for me, I must take that back and change it into happiness.
Otherwise you will not enter the first sphere.
This is why I am so keen and so anxious to give a human being that and that.
If they do not understand it, I can certainly perhaps attack you a bit harshly; then I say: ‘It will happen like that.’
But you will not enter the spheres before that tear has gone.
Don’t you find it honest?
Because that ...
They have also beaten and kicked you.
And now the mother must, or that soul, that personality must make sure that those tears, that suffering from previous ages, lives, is transformed into love.
And then that personality gets happiness, and now you can absolutely see it, because the suffering, the sensitive person always get the beating.
So they are the tears.
Every rap, kick, which you give, every snarl, just say it, just experience that, that is still, if you start to feel, if you start to understand something about eternal life, that sensitivity, then it is still a harsh word or a destructive thing, then it is a dagger in your heart, isn’t it?
A human being can weep about that, can’t he?
And now the stealing of another’s life, you can steal a human being.
Can you feel it?
They call that pinching in ‘s-Heerenberg.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘They used to.’
Yes, they used to.
Last week we had it, then we were busy with cannibalism, and then we did not need the soul and the spirit, then we went to the bones, the meat.
But the human being steals like that, and you will just have to make amends for that stealing again.
And in this way you have hundreds of thousands of things which you see again in the human being, in that child.
But the outlines are: mother attracted it, father attracted that soul, and then it goes through your life of feeling, sir, and then the child looks like father.
Isn’t it amazing that you can absolutely distinguish those two worlds from each other, because you have the maternal face for the human being, the boy looks like the mother.
And the girl looks like the father, and then the father is involved with that child.
Because then the inspiration from the past comes, from ten, twenty, thirty thousand years, comes back, and that reveals itself, because that is that unity, and by means of that unity that soul comes back; and that father does not know it, he thinks: I will have a child, won’t I, and he has already been connected with that life for forty, fifty centuries.
And the foundations were laid there for that attracting.
Did you have any more questions?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘According to biological science the opposite gender is produced., that means, that also occurs in the case of divorces, that people presume that the girls, or the women, are produced by the father, and the boys by the mother.
Is that true?’
Yes, sir, that is gossip.
You know anyway that the soul gives birth to itself because the soul as a human being - as the human being, you know? - goes through fatherhood and motherhood.
Imagine that the man would have that in his hands and the mother.
Then we would already have something of God.
But we will never get those divine foundations in our hands.
Imagine what nonsense that biologist talks.
The father attracts the girls and the mother the men.
What a science that is, isn’t it?
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘So you are saying: that is not true.’
Sir, that is not only not true, but it is gossip, I told you, nonsense, rubbish.
That is someone who does not know space, who does not know the divine giving birth and creation.
But we have, but you will read in the books, you will get ... then he could say, then we could ask: ‘But, sir, who brought homosexuality to earth?’ what you call homosexuality.
That is half-conscious from fatherhood to motherhood, who does that then?
Also the man here on earth?
So then we are also to blame for those homosexuals who walk around here.
That is unconscious motherhood and unconscious fatherhood; that dirty word must go from the world.
Just like that horrible word: ‘he is dead’.
No, he is alive!
And just like on the grave: he is resting in peace, and she too.
And she flies and flaps, and she is gone.
That is nothing which is lying there.
Is it?
All out of the dictionary.
That dictionary of ours is not right.
But we have, but the human being discovered that dictionary.
They used to be just scribbles, sir, in the stone age we only just had a story like that, and then we knew that: oh, to the right, to the left, you will find me yonder.
We kept making signs, and that became writing.
What all did the human being discover for himself?
You should imagine what with regard to soul, spirit and life ...
If people speak: the feeling in the human being.
Yes, that is pure, that is true.
But now you come to other explanations.
People say: the eyes.
What is an eye?
Yes, they know: they can see.
Brains, they do not know what that is once more.
They say: the brains must be there, otherwise you cannot think.
But now the brains are just a side issue again, they are off the mark again.
The brains under the crown of the skull have a very different meaning for the space which we have made of that by means of the word.
Sir, what are the brains for space?
What are the brains?
We spoke about this recently.
What is the power of the brains with regard to space?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Feeling.’
No, sir, no, space.
By what means can you determine the brains of the human being in space?
And then you will say: good heavens, how can it be.
(To someone in the hall): Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The brains only pass on the feeling.’
Yes, that is true, but I am talking about space.
Where does that live?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The atmosphere.’
No, lady.
No, madam.
Now they will not know it again.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The milky way?’
The milky way, brrr.
The milky way.
Sir, do you know what the milky way is for you as a human being?
The corn on your little toe.
(laughter) That is also your growth.
And the milky way is a growth.
They are the crumbs of that universe.
Do you not have a few warts somewhere on your body, for those little crumbs?
That is something of the milky way on your organism.
That is attached to your body, sir, isn’t it, but it has no meaning, they are post-creations.
The milky way is post-creation.
I do not think that you will ever guess it, sir.
(People talk at the same time.)
I will let you think for a moment.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The All-Source.’
The All-Source, you say.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The ether.’
The ether, sir.
You are close by, but it has nothing to do with it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The atmosphere.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The atmosphere.’
Sir, even worse, even further from home.
And you will soon say: ‘How can it be?’
You, engineer, you ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘The firmament?’
The firmament.
Yes, we are talking about the universe, that is the firmament, but it is not that.
Sir, do you know it?
Do you know it, sir?
No one?
My adepts are sitting there now.
But we can ... we have not finished talking here.
(Lady in the hall): ‘That is of course.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The solar system.’
No, madam.
No, lady.
Now, what is it?
We are stuck.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Whatever you do ...’
Mr Berends, do you know it?
(Mr Berends): ‘No.’
Oh, he is not yet that far.
We can always ... something ...
(Mr Berends): ‘There are even more people who do not know it, so let me also be one of them.’
Well, but we thought that you were already that far.
(Mr Berends): ‘No, sir.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The restraint in order to take care of the life of feeling?’
No, sir.
(Lady in the hall): ‘The genital organs?’
The genital organs of space?
(laughter) Madam, the genital organs of space, that is the sun and the moon.
No, it is not that either.
What are the brains of space with regard to the human being?
You should see what the academics still have to accept and change into feeling.
They say: it is feeling, isn’t it?
You see, we have not nearly started with cosmology.
I will just go to the Golden Head (restaurant in The Hague), then I will come back soon.
I think: if I live another five years on earth, then you will still not know it.
And then someone will come, then I will perhaps be at the corner of the Laan van Meerdervoort and then he will say: ‘Please come back because we know it.’
On the other side, you will get lectures, and you will say: ‘Master, I am that far.’
Then he will say: ‘Then I will let you sit an exam.’
And then he will say: ‘In which time, how far was the earth when the sun was in that and that stage?’
And then you will see the sun, then you will see a sort of violet light and then the sun will appear there so weakly in the sky.
‘How far was Mother Nature on earth at that and that time?’
And then André-Dectar said: ‘Then the earth did not yet exist.’
‘I thank you’, master Alcar will say, because it was not possible.
And if you say: ‘Yes, so and so far on the earth’, then you will be completely off the mark once more.
There is just one answer.
Here also.
There is just one centrifugal power in space and that is the expanding and stopping, the expanding of feeling and the stopping of those planets.
It is only then that you get attraction and rejection.
Attraction and rejection, that happens from the point itself, the planet itself.
Can you feel that?
Rejection and attraction, the moon possesses that, the sun, the planets, and the stars.
But it is the centrifugal power which takes care of everything there, so the brains must deal with and pass on our life of feeling as centrifugal powers.
Isn’t that nice?
Another question?
You would never have worked that out, would you?
And can that not be sensed immaculately and purely?
They are the centrifugal powers.
So our life of feeling must be able to be taken care of as a centrifugal power.
And who is that again, sir?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Solar plexus.’
Solar plexus?
We transmit from there.
And what is there also?
What is now immediately in harmony with those centrifugal powers for the brains?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The nervous system.’
The nervous system.
And then you get ... blood circulation means nothing more there, but the blood circulation lies under that.
And if we now go off the boil, we as people, and those nerves, then that goes boomboomboomboom, then the heart starts to beat.
And in this way you get those atmospheric disorders in the human being.
I like to talk about that because then you get to know the body.
Then you get the kidneys, then you get the blood circulation, the nerves, the glandular systems.
Ugh, ugh.
And then you start to understand for the first time how many unnecessary words the human being has to learn.
in order to become conscious for space.
Then you can throw half of your dictionary overboard if you start to see creation.
For example: there is no more death, that is now called: evolution, I will continue.
Continuing is death.
What kind of misery does that word ‘death’ not have on earth?
‘My mother is dead!’
And we say: ‘No, sir, she got ‘wings’, she will continue, or go back to the earth.’
Imagine what a difference.
Millions of people look at the grave and lay down flowers there, wonderful.
In twenty-five years’ time there will still be a few bones and the rats will already have dragged away something under the ground.
That is still just material and now we will work that out spiritually.
What is spiritually true about that?
That last judgement, for example, what things from a faith and a religion do you have to throw overboard if you want to be in connection with God, and it is that, and I would not be able to talk about it if I had not seen those laws.
I have been ‘behind the coffin’.
I can see those laws, I am telling you directly what I myself experienced.
Because what I saw ...
I cannot be bigger and more spacious if I had not seen that and that; I have seen that cosmos, I have seen the Divine All.
We are that far.
And what must go overboard now?
A great deal.
Very little will remain of it, for people know nothing at all for soul and spirit.
If people speak about the life of feeling, yes.
If people have: cordiality, then we also know what it is, can you feel it?
Loving, devotion to duty, well, wonderful, but that goes to the character.
For the character we have discovered wonderful words.
Why, sir?
Because they are close to us.
If I give you a slap, and you have not earned it, then you will say: ‘What a brute.’
That is harsh.
That is wrong.
Do you see?
And if we start to steal, then I am a pincher, and that is not right either; then that word pinching or stealing is in its place.
But now we go to the spirit, to the soul, to the life of feeling, and then you should see what goes overboard.
The sun is now she.
They do not even know a flower.
The moon is she, yes, a planet.
But the sun is also she, and the sun is father.
This space is so perfectly simple.
Yes, perfectly simple, sir.
You can analyse space dead at ease.
It is life and death, you now hear the lectures, it is life and death, it is expansion, it is fatherhood and motherhood, that is the whole space, life and death.
There is no life and death, evolution, fatherhood and motherhood and reincarnation, evolution.
The planets have that, we have that, all life has that.
Space is so perfectly simple, if you just know the divine foundations, and the transitions.
Yes, now what?
Anything else?
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, with the ending of our course over the planets, would that also be the end of the existence of sun, moon, etcetera?’
If you end there ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, no, if mankind, isn’t it true ...’
Yes, sir, you read it, in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ we also go into that.
But, you will feel, from the last part, those last two pages ...
Master Zelanus says: ‘I must write two hundred thousand pages about this book’, we could have written seven works about this, but that is not necessary because it only concerned: To explain Adolph Hitler and that war, and that God does not wage war.
‘The Peoples of the Earth’ is a book, that has still not been analysed spiritually and spatially for the human being.
That means, people have not yet analysed space by means of that book, and not yet analysed the human being, this is only just the history of mankind.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... a general history.’
A little bit of history as laws of nature, divine laws.
And now we get to see Christ.
Now we get to see what happens behind the veils.
But now we will begin.
Now soon ...
You still have here ...
I was in Avifauna at Easter, then you see an ostrich, after the prehistoric age, an elephant, giraffe, all those big animals, whales, flatfish, octopuses, everything; an octopus is a post-creation like a prehistoric animal.
And you also have such small octopuses, they crawl like that on the street.
You also have them here, here.
We talked about it recently: the human being does not even know his own louse.
Nor the flea.
What consciousness does a little animal like that have?
And how do those lice originate?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Pollution.’
But it has a soul, it has a spirit, it has a life of feeling, it has a personality.
From who did that personality come?
I will prove to you that the post-creations infallibly possess feeling.
And there is ...
Why is the human being disturbed and divided in his feeling?
A post-creation, an octopus, a louse, a flea, and all those animals, a rat, a mouse, a butterfly, you should see those beautiful butterflies, a post-creation possesses motherhood, fatherhood, in one state, light, life, love too.
A post-creation possesses the Divine realm of colours.
You should look at a butterfly like that, that is a post-creation.
In the hereafter you do not see any butterflies, because they originated from rotting.
A snake has just as much meaning as those wonderful, beautiful butterflies.
You should see those thousands, millions of species in the East.
Here they do not have so many of them, we have a little bit here, a little bit of specks, and a little bit of white.
Haven’t we?
A bluebottle sits there in the neck, and then you immediately have a lump.
All those insects: post-creations.
But that can sting, that even has electricity and everything in itself, such a small dead fly, such an itty-bitty thing, just touch it, you have something like that, tomorrow we will be walking like that.
What kind of poison is that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Malaria.’
Where did that poison originate, sir?
What is poison?
Why can an Oriental, a magician say, if someone has been bitten: ‘Well, this far and not further, just close off the lot; this can just become inflamed, that does not matter.’
Poison can be killed and everything can be killed, but we are not talking about that.
All those post-creations ...
You see, if you know space, know the universe, you will find the highest conscious product of creation in the first place: the man, the mother, the human being.
And then we get the animal world, those millions of species of animals.
The hundreds of thousands of different ape species which originated from one grade.
Every grade, an ape, has seven branches, transitions, before you enter another, lower grade again.
And in this way there are seven times seven, so forty-nine different species, which all give birth and create and represent an own world, and give birth to, create new life.
Just go into that.
Then you will see such apes, so big, and you will see them almost half the size of a house, those gorillas.
Ape people are still nothing.
Those he-men who take a sky-scraper in their arms and crush it to pieces.
Yes, sir, which questions will I get?
What do you want to know about creation?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘From the post-creation, does a destruction of that spiritual life also exist?’
Nothing can be destroyed for post-creation, even if those animals eat each other, that means nothing.
A lion and a tiger, they are conscious animal species.
You have seven conscious existing grades of creation.
That means: we have our seven grades from the jungle to the white race (see
And a tiger has seven different transitions; and then I come back to the meowing in the house, then it is the cat.
And the cat has one line with the tiger.
That is the wildest species.
And then I go from the jungle, from the lowest grade ... now that lowest grade is the greatest.
Can you feel this?
The lowest grade of fish in the waters in a whale, that is the largest species, that is the lowest grade for that animal.
Until the butterfly appears.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘A whale is a mammal.’
A mammal, I say that, that mammal-like, prehistoric must go in order to become another animal.
Because the mammal in those waters cannot go higher either, and it remains there, but it must go higher, and then you get that wonderful species, which is just as big, sir, not bigger, and that is the normal fish with butterflies and colours and everything, with light, electricity, and then it goes past you, and then you just stand still.
Everything of creation lives in that little animal, with motherhood and fatherhood.
And the prehistoric must dissolve.
Now I come to the question for Mr Götte: How long does that take?
That must all dissolve, that gets existence.
If one fish was to remain in the waters and it did not have evolution, then God would be unjust for that matter, and that is not possible, is it?
So that sun cannot go away before that time.
That moon starts to reduce, it becomes smaller and smaller, it becomes smaller.
But in a hundred million years’ time you will still see the moon on the space.
And then a time will come that the moon has disappeared, but then puts itself ... imagine, you should just pull that away from there, then that space would collapse!
That is just the same thing if you were to put on the seas, if you put a hundred thousand ships on the North Sea, then just believe it, sir, then the water would not come so high, because the centrifugal points of the water, that is the hold of the water, would say: ‘Yes, I will hold onto that’, so then you must get that.
And then the water would perhaps go over the promenade, because of the pressure of those ships, but if you suddenly take out all that earth, what will remain of that water?
Nothing more.
And if that moon was to disappear from the space, then that whole universe would collapse.
But that gradually starts to expand, that starts to spread, and if that moon during that and that time ... if a planet is that far, then it is already, then it is already ...
Under and around the moon lies the aura ready once more to sew that garment, that creation together, in a manner of speaking, that is a garment, and they are all laws and powers, that sucks in together like that, only that moon is in between that.
If it goes away ...
A meteor falls away, that attaches itself like that, and then you get real cosmic disturbances
If that sucking comes, then you see something shake, and then that is a hurricane-like power in the universe and a thundering like I don’t know what, and a suction which is gigantic, which is macrocosmic and which we as human beings cannot even measure.
But that forms itself.
With the planets that cannot happen.
But a time will come that the moon is really gone and then there will still be people on earth, then the waters will already be empty, then the body will be spiritually conscious for the human being, there will no more animals, no more cows, no more horses, that will all gradually dissolve.
You will not see any more eagles in space.
You will feel, Mother Nature will embellish herself, every animal will come to higher consciousness, and the human being too; this space will die out completely, but the other one will be ready.
The new universe for the human being, which is the fourth cosmic grade, is ready; they are all ready, the fifth, the sixth, and the All is ready.
We people live in the most awe-inspiring time there is, not for spiritual consciousness, but all the life in space and on earth is now laying the foundations for the future being of ten million years later.
And that human being will no longer be sitting here.
You must start to ask me this evening: What will we experience in the year forty-five thousand and twenty-four, at nine o’clock on Wednesday morning?
Ladies and gentlemen, there is tea.
Then I will explain it to you.
I get silver ten guilder notes like that.
(Gentleman says something.)
Saving ... for the summer sales.
Oh, that thing (audio recording) is already on.
They will find it in Amsterdam.
I have the first question here again.
“How are children born who do not look like the father or the mother,” you see, the human being thinks, “and those who also have very different characteristics?”

From who is that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘From me.’
From you, lady?
Madam, do you not know it yourself?
Do you not know it yourself?
Do you not know it? (laughter)
But, sir and madam, yes, here we have people, they know that, you see, they know that.
Which of you knows it now?
Where does that live?
(Different people in the hall): ‘Ancestors.’
(Hall): ‘Previous lives.’
The ancestors.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The great great ancestors.’
The great great Indians.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
You see, now you get today, I am the creator ...
This is why I told you, I asked you a moment ago: ‘Sir, do you know yourself?’
And the mother too, does the mother know herself?
In that little seed, in that little egg of yours, mother, seven hundred thousand ages live.
The jungle is still in that.
And if you get an ape now like that, now, and you walk here with a city face, then you wonder: good heavens, where did that come from?
Then the man suddenly said in that and that city: ‘But that is not mine, because that does not look like anything, and then also red hair; that is the neighbour there.’
Yes, sir, but that does not work.
And it was the neighbour, and that became an argument, and the child looked like the neighbour.
Then she says: ‘I have often looked at that neighbour, but that is allowed, isn’t it?’
Looking is not committing a sin.
‘Yes’, he said, and then he was busy analysing the bible.
But looking, it says in the scripture, is already wrong, isn’t it?
And in this way the people already destroyed themselves, only because that child was red and was brown, or was green, and it looked like something.
But, father and mother have a lot of children, and then suddenly one comes who does not look like anything.
And just believe it: the soul and the spirit is an own personality.
But now you already get the past, from so many ages and centuries you get a grade of feeling back, and that is a millionth particle of this small cell, and that is conscious, and it goes ahead, and then father can ...
That is no longer father for that matter, because that man which you have, he is not that; from which source does he create today?
Not from the present stage, because it is not even from him, that must still become conscious.
The present stage, madam, that is in the ground of the man.
That comes, if you must come back to the earth again, that will only appear for in seven thousand and seventy thousand years’ time at the earliest, because thousands of years will already pass before the man on earth comes as a creator again, and then you will get, from that and that source: that little seed in us is conscious; and it now goes, because it is conscious ...
Because you cannot get the third grade up.
So we always draw from the past; this seed, the creation of the man is already millions of years old.
That of you, which is now built up, madam, if you must return, will perhaps come back to earth after seven centuries, and then it will look like him who has been gone for a long time.
Every child, all of you, your fathers and your mothers, they mean nothing because day consciousness is rare, one in a million children.
Look, those who look exactly like the father, do not have his spirit.
People say: ‘You look exactly like father’, and have the character, and now you get spiritual influence, influence of feeling.
But here the cell as seed creates the image of the father, and that image was conscious now, and becomes the twin brother of the father as it were.
I knew a father with a son of twelve years’ old, the father was brown, here a Dutchman, got a brown facial colour, with lovely curls, there was purely an Arab in him, but that boy also had it, absolutely.
He says: ‘What do you think of that?
It is not a twin of mine, it is my child.’
But later, when we began with the cosmology, then you could look back.
I say: ‘Yes, this cell is now conscious’, and it has brought forward a state, and that resembles.
And then we go through the glandular systems again, and what is the blood like?
In the cell, that cell that is a ... people call that the sperm cell, that cell is the creating power of the human being, isn’t it?
We have that.
You have the reception, but it is also in there.
That cell as material has no meaning, but those glandular systems still live in that material, the brains, in that material, in that trivial, trivial material, that little bit, which you cannot even see, a whole creation lives; even with the diseases, with the diseases and everything else, the awakening must still come.
The doctor and the psychologist still do not see what they stand before when they see the human being, the mother, the man; creation, giving birth, evolution.
We have here: both parents blond, both blond. And the academic stands there again, he blond, she blond, nice blond children, they get a jet black child; then it was the neighbour again of course, wasn’t it?
He knew, and they knew that they had not been in contact, because they were there and there and there, but he still did not trust it, he says: ‘Was there perhaps not a hawker in the neighbourhood?’
Then she says: ‘What are you talking about now?’
He says: ‘Yes, you should see that, that child is jet black.’
And now the human being must go to a school and say: ‘Sir, from that and that time, from that and that age the material came and that is yours.
You only just passed it on, sir, because there is nothing there from you, really not, not from you and not from your wife.’
Isn’t that nice?
What did the doctor know now about that man?
What do they know about the colours?
Last week we were talking about the hair, but what do you know about that cell, sir, about those features.
What do you know about that?
Does the human being know himself?
Does the woman know, does the man know himself?
Sir, the school in the future will be: how the human being, the human being here ...
That pathetic human being in this society has millions of problems, and searches and searches and searches and searches, does not know himself, not for God, not the other side, still stands on that horrible damnation, that meaningless word damnation, still stands before a God of hatred and revenge, and then they should begin sometime about the body, the wonderful body of the mother and the husband.
What lives there in that man?
You think that you are a human being, men, because you are that shape, but that is not it at all, in your deep creation lives the core of your personality.
And they are your organs in order to create, they have everything in the world.
You are just nothing, you are walking next to it.
You can become an engineer and a doctor today, you know something about the life, but you know nothing about creation and giving birth and cosmology; you do not even know your wife from inside and from outside.
We do not know the life of feeling, we stand before each other and say: ‘Why is she doing that now?’
And: ‘Why is he doing that again?’
We do not know cosmic contact, we do not know any unity, that unity of ours is nothing else than that the mother of the space in us awakens, and we just have to obey.
And we think that we are it, but it is the reincarnation of ours, otherwise we would be completely child-like.
Yes, ladies, I am talking to the men, you know.
You can say something to the man, but you may the ladies ...(inaudible). (laughter)
Sir, do you know it now?
Madam, do you know it now?
And they are pieces of proof, here we have a lady, people often come here, she was with me last week, then she says: ‘Don’t you find that strange?’
I say: ‘Yes, madam, I understand you.’
Then she says: ‘I am just like a Negro.
They still say: it is something which stems from a Negro.’
She had curls like the Negro, also brown.
‘And all my brothers are from The Hague and white and so.’
I say: ‘Yes.’
There you have it.
I recently gave the image of the doves.
Two red doves where I live there down below, that gentleman says: ‘Do you understand that now?’
Then I hear them talking, but you cannot talk to those people.
And then I am sitting there on my terrace, then I look down and then he has it: ‘Yes, you should look, there are two beautiful red ones coming, a jet black one is coming out.’
He does not get it, he does not understand it.
I have already talked to that man about that ...
‘You should hear him above.’
I think, I will say nothing.
I said nothing.
But it was with a capital N.
I said: ‘The ‘droodles’.
The ‘droodles’, sir.’
But then we get two beautiful red doves; you should see those colours.
Sir, but you have there: you see the same spots and prickles and hair of the dove in the human being.
The dove, the birds, not the sparrow, it remains in its evolution, you do not need to send any starling there, nature searches itself, it does not go to the next grade, they remain colour by colour, little body by little body.
But the human being has so many depths, the human being went to red, blue, green and yellow, didn’t he?
Then it is logical that a black one like that comes with a blond wisp, which we talked about last week.
(Lady in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
You can buy it for fifteen guilders, but creation also has it, doesn’t it?
I saw blue in Avifauna  with a green radiance, those animals also had the radiance, a bird from South Africa, violet blue with a green crest.
It radiates.
But in the dove world you see the best.
Then they get two red ones, a jet black one comes out also with a prickle.
Yes, that something else from father Piet Hein, or what are those doves called?
Hendrik or Jantje?
And then they say: ‘Do you understand that?’
He was breeding like that.
He bred, he went from the red to the black.
Sir, you will never get hold of that.
I was talking to a tulip grower, I say: ‘Sir, which grade do you wish to divide?’
Just the same.
I have someone here amongst the audience, Arie, he cultivates tulips.
I say: ‘Will I tell you about the reincarnation, explain, about the tulip?’
I am not a tulip expert, but I know creation.
And then I explained that to him one morning between eleven and twelve o’clock.
He says: ‘Just go to Lisse, Jozef, they can learn from you.’
I say: ‘I understand that.
Because they know the reincarnation, they know that they must do seven years in order to get a new type.’
Seven years.
I say: ‘But then they will also be wrong because they must ...’
Where is that first grade?
This tulip has seven times forty-seven years ago ... He recorded that pedigree of that tulip, just as for a German shepherd; it is recorded and then you can look back at the colours, find them again, you can see them again, just like for the doves.
The flower has exactly the same thing, seven grades, madam, live in a tulip.
If you buy a tulip, madam, you have a tulip of seven years old.
And perhaps even longer.
Because if they leave it at one grade then you can continue to cultivate.
Do you sense it?
You always get the same colour.
But now we will divide.
I say: ‘Yes.’
‘What can I do, Jozef?’
I say: ‘Then you must ... that and that grade ...’
I say: ‘But do you know the past?
Do you know the reincarnation of that?’
‘No’, he says.
I say: ‘Then you do not need to begin with it.
Perhaps a colour will come out, which you do not know at all.’
‘And the beautiful one’, he says.
‘It all fits perfectly.
Look, if I have a whole piece of land, and then I start to look: every year one, two, three new colours come out.’
He says: ‘Nature did it itself.’
But Mother Nature did that, isn't it true?
Now the human being helps to divide.
Last ...
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘How do you explain the law of Mendel then?’
Of Mendel?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.
Always one in four.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mendel was that monk, wasn’t he, who ...’
Mendel, a philosopher.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, he had ...
‘With high growing peas and low growing peas, he crossed them, and then he discovered something unusual.
What he namely discovered ...’
Yes, he was close by, Mendel.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, but then he discovered one thing’, yes, ‘that it was always one in four.
He also did it with cows, for example, a belted cow and a red bull, then three belted cows kept coming, one red, three black.’
And sir, do you hear that question?
But do you hear that question, ladies and gentleman, by sir?
(Some people say: ‘No.’
Others: ‘Yes.’)
You must say it a louder, then you will all know it.
And Mendel was no slouch, was he?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Then you will all know, if I tell you, then you will all know that Mendel can learn from you when he asked that question.
And then you should say that so loudly that those people all hear that.
Just do it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The same thing?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Of the four off-spring', yes, 'of a ...' belted cows, 'yes', two cows, 'yes, correct.'
A spotted cow and a red one, ‘a spotted and a red one.
Or a black one, for example, that comes out better, a black cow with a red bull.
Then three black cows come against one red one.
And if that continues - a cow has approximately twenty-seven, twenty-eight calves in total, doesn’t it - then for every three black ones there will also be one red one.
Now we start to cross those children further, always with those black cows.
Then three black and one red keep coming out.
And you sometimes see it amongst the people with children too.’
Yes indeed.
And what is the cause of that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But always three with one.’
Three that race, and then a red one?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Four in total, of which one like father ...’
And three like the mother.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
But you get the division.
But between the third and the fourth grade, do you feel?
But what is happening here in those grades?
In the first place ...
Now you must imagine what that Mendel would have stood for if he had know creation, where he goes.
In the first place you also get homosexuality, motherhood with the animal, because you have bulls and cows.
So fatherhood already creates the own hair, the space, and the face, the fatherhood.
And motherhood also creates it.
So you are already tied to that motherhood and fatherhood.
Because you do not know, you now do not know at present whether that calf which is coming will be a cow or a bull.
There it is already, you already do not have that world in your hands.
So that world already continues.
If you want to mix, want to divide with those two types, then you will already be powerless anyway, I am powerless before it, because there fatherhood and motherhood go first.
Can you sense it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that ...’
And now you get the giving birth for attracting, that is between three and four, then you get that division, transition.
You can still help cancer between the third and fourth grade and otherwise not anymore.
But the birth for the animal with colour already comes from the third and fourth grade to awakening, and then you already get the change, to see the change of colour, but not in five, six and seven, they do not react, they show nothing.
So it cannot be anything else than in the third and the fourth month, because, mothers, then the kind reveals itself in the mother, and then you get your little man or woman, creation or giving birth.
Do you sense it?
So in that third grade ... also brings three subsequent grades of evolution, because the fourth, the fifth grade is still not there.
So you cannot get anything else than three for that world, three and four, and then you also get to see that for people.
After the third giving birth the child is different, the hair is different.
Father and mother are black, the child is blond.
You also have that in the animal world.
So Mendel, if we were to talk with Mendel, this evening, then we would say: ‘Mendel, just stop because you will never make it.’
Because creation itself presently determines - your division does not help at all - because that does not let itself be knocked out of balance.
Even if you remain with red ... just put a green one in between, then you will get another world.
But when?
Now that man thinks, he does not know creation, he thinks: ‘Well, then I will get a jet black bull with a white one ...’
And now they get: red-white in the first grade to the third and the fourth grade, so giving birth again, creation again, because this: I just told that lady there, the man who now creates does not give his seed from now, but from ages ago.
That is the third and the fourth grade, reaches evolution, consciousness, and that can descend to the third grade and then we get: which colour do we get now?
That is for the cows, that is for the dogs, that is for the cats, that is for all of nature.
So Mendel can get a lecture here.
And Mendel was someone.
And is still someone.
Do you feel how that opens?
Do you understand it?
You can analyse that Mendel, you can analyse Schopenhauer, you can analyse all the great ones, Kant, Jung, Adler, Socrates, Plato, the university here for philosophical systems, ladies and gentlemen, if you start to think properly, and you come to talk with those people then you can act the professor there, and they say: ‘Good heavens, how did you get that wisdom?’
You can presently analyse, by means of this knowledge you can analyse every reaction with regard to fatherhood and motherhood, every life.
Yes, you learn that.
I said it recently, just start to talk to each other; and you will see how much you already know.
If you sit quietly and your daily task is over and you are man and woman, you are with your friends, do not talk about that horrible, dead society, there is nothing to it, but just begin about life, then you will reach thinking.
There are people, six, seven together, they have evenings when they read the books, and then they say: ‘Look, we got that out of it, and we get it from master Zelanus.’
Now you get: those people can give lectures.
Master Zelanus recently said: ‘If I was to prepare you ...’
In fourth months he prepares a human being.
He says: ‘But then the mothers are more use to me than the man.’
Then someone said: ‘How can it be now?’
The mother is more a prophet now than the man.
Sir, the man has messed up the prophetship on the earth.
There are five thousand fathers there, the whites, and there a hundred million evangelists; and one is even more unhappy than the other one.
Now see a real mother on the path for space, she achieves more than we do.
This age asks for the evangelist, the Paul as mother, and not as father.
If she was free from home and she did not have to give birth you would send the mother over the world, she would achieve more than a man.
Didn’t you think so, mother?
We men messed up the bible, we messed up creation, we messed up everything.
We are clumsy oafs.
(Lady in the hall): ‘What bunglers.’
What bunglers, aren’t they, madam? (laughter)
Yes, what can we hope to achieve with those bunglers?
Garlic has more consciousness and meaning than the personality of the human being.
Did you also know that, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, it stinks.’ (laughter)
No, madam, you may not say that word, that has a personality as smell and radiance.
Lovely, don’t you think?
Tasty, sambal with onions.
Sir, did you have another question about that, about Mendel?
But can you feel how wonderful it is?
He also brought it.
Now we say, but it is logical, ladies and gentlemen, but it is logical, giving birth, but father and mother are black, a blond child comes.
And then there comes: ‘That child does not look like father and mother.’
Then they say: ‘How strange, isn’t it?
But then you come back in the family, and then that image purely appears, and that is between the third and the fourth grade.
That means: we can ... the first ...
The day consciousness, that has already gone, because I am that, and from me, if that child looks like me, yes, wonderful, then we have, then fatherhood dominates here.
Do you sense it?
That is all fatherhood, but fatherhood as source, material source, with that and that contact and inspiration, and then we already sit between three and four; if it is a bit deeper, then that comes, a bit deeper, outside four and five, then that large family appears.
That whole family lives in that.
Yes, great grandfather, perhaps even also the characteristics, character traits; then that cell is, that was a living cell, has become a human being, goes to sleep, that human being went away, lives in the human being because it had originated from that source.
Then the human being says: ‘The characteristics ...’
You get nothing for free.
No, but you can be under an influence.
And then you often hear people say: ‘That child is just like great grandfather because he also smoked the pipe like that.’
Or he had those character traits.
And then that cell as material is still fertilized because it is the seed from the great grandfather, then that seed is still fertilized from that personality, that just takes seven months, and seven years, seven years and then the child starts to change and then an own personality already appears; but then that material is also influenced.
Because it is from that man.
We now give birth to children, that seed comes back to earth in ten thousand years’ time, your child’s children will still give birth and create, ladies and gentlemen, and it is only then that your own face will appear, then you appear, then they say: how can it be?
You get wonderful seed, gentlemen, because your seed is now spiritually influenced.
How that world of ours will soon expand, don’t you think?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Hopefully.’
What did you say?
What a consciousness those mothers will give to their own life.
Our seed is inspired by the University of the space.
Don’t you like that, madam?
How will the future human being understand and absorb and deal with all of this?
Soon someone will say to me: ‘Jozef, what will the earth and The Hague will be like in five hundred thousand years’ time?’
I say: ‘Yes, just write a book.’
I can begin like this: ‘The human being in five hundred thousand years’ time.’’
In the first place the human being in five hundred thousand years’ time will know everything which you know.
There will no longer be any schools, ladies, we will not be at school anymore.
No, we will just let the children walk and stroll and we will explain it by means of nature.
We will be at school, but that school will now be a space.
In ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ - have you already read that? - you go over the space ...
The children will soon no longer belong to you, father and mother, because those children get the state consciousness first.
And then the children go ...
The state takes care, there is human universal unity on earth, the peoples of the earth have reached unity, we go to China, Japan, we must first, up to fourteen years, we must get to know the peoples of the earth, the children of the space, the planets.
You get to experience cosmology, a child of fourteen years, a girl and a boy, they are already almost cosmically conscious at that and that time.
And then the girls and the boys get the analysis of fatherhood and motherhood, the soul which is attracted.
The state takes care of every karma, there is no longer any cause and effect.
You start to fly, you go to other peoples, the aeroplanes are ready for you, that technical wonder.
Yes, madam, would you not want to come back?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
You will no longer be lying in the pram soon but you will be standing on top of it, you will fly with the pram into space. (laughter)
That lady who asked last week, or a while ago: ‘Yes, but how did the first people originate?
You spoke about Adam and Eve, but they were also children, and then there were still no children’, that woman says, ‘those children had to have a new nappy, didn’t they?’
That question was also asked here; and that is true, that woman thought it through.
She says: ‘Everyone his own image.’
She reads the bible.
Fatherhood and motherhood, Abraham, Adam, Abraham, Eve, Jacob, Isaac, Herman, Gerrit, Piet, who were they actually?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Adam.’
Adam and Eve.
Then that lady says to her husband: ‘But you should listen, Herman, how is that right?
Adam and Eve, they are old, but they were also babies, but a baby must have help, there must be a hot cauldron, with a nice new nappy, mustn’t there?’
In paradise Our Lord did not even talk about nappies.
He forgot half of it, madam.
(Lady says something).
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘They did not have that in the jungle either.’
No nappies?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No they didn’t.’
But yes, in the jungle they no longer needed any nappies, they jump into the water there and then they are clean again.
But do you not feel what that lady thought about?
Adam and Eve were also children.
And how did those children, who were given birth to anyway, how did they put on their own nappy?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘They didn’t need that, did they?’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘They didn’t need that, a guilder is more than enough, isn’t it?’
Yes, but sir, do you not sense, a child of one minute old, that has not had any food and that must die.
The bible has forgotten all of that.
But the human being does not think it through.
Those children like Adam and Eve, they must have been a child.
No, God created people.
(A lady says something).
We are not talking about that, madam.
But that lady was thinking like that, wasn’t she?
And she came like that, whether that was necessary or not, does not matter, but she said: ‘How were those babies now able to help themselves?
Because’, she says, ‘did Adam and Eve not have to be a baby?’
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, they were not babies.
They were immediately big.’
Were there not any babies?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No.’
So those nappies were not needed either.
Then the bible is right. (laughter)
Then the bible is right, there were no nappies.
Eve did not even have, did not even have, did not even have, did not even have ... (People laugh warmly.)
I mean Adam, Eve had everything, but Adam ... (laughter)
Adam sat there and he did not even know the time of day.
Then Eve said one morning: ‘It is getting dark, Adam’, then he said; ‘What have I got to do with that, I always just see one thing.’
Then she says: ‘Adam, what are you talking about this time?’ (laughter)
He says: ‘I would like a nice packet of cigarettes.’
Well, they were not there of course.
It did not concern, ladies and gentlemen, that tree of life there, it was not about that at all.
There was a tree and then God said: ‘There is one tree and you must stay away from that.’
And then Adam looked at that tree - Adam, yes, Adam - and then he looked at that tree, and then he had thought I think for months and months and years, he says: ‘What would that actually mean?’
That beautiful fruit from that one fruit tree.
Well, and then: ‘Adam, stay away from it!’
They were peaches, apricots.
Those red plums in paradise must have tasted good, sir, do you know that?
You had male plums and maternal plums.
And you had male peaches and maternal peaches; the male ones were yellow and those maternal ones were with a red colour.
Because Adam still did not have any consciousness, he was still pale.
But finally one morning then a pack of cards like that blew into that paradise (laughter) and then Adam started to shuffle and then he laid the card for Eve and half an hour later they knew perfectly ... (laughter)
And then Adam says to Eve: ‘Will I lay the card for you?’
Then Eve says to Adam: ‘I already no longer need you because I have a silver ball, I know exactly what the score is.’
And then Eve became clairvoyant.
And then they had an argument, sir.
Then they had an argument.
Yes, but it was a good drama.
They could not talk any French, German or English, there was no language.
They spoke to each other, people said.
Adam never went to the church on Sundays.
No, because they say: ‘God creates the church of Christ, the church of God.’
But Adam did not have any church.
He did not have Protestantism, he knew nothing about Buddha, nor about Mendel, sir.
There were cows, but they have never seen a real cow because they went to the waters to drink.
They did not know either that a cow gave milk.
They would have been just as well to milk a snake because it also had milk.
Yes, you are laughing, madam, but that was all there in the world and that lived in paradise, yes indeed.
You must really ... that nonsense one day ...
You should make a play of this, then the people would laugh themselves to death.
If you begin: Then a pack of cards blew into paradise, and then Adam laid the card for Eve, and then they were sitting there quietly one morning and the sun was shining, and God saw, and said: ‘Adam, now you have a nice game, now get to know Me.’
And someone must have sat behind there with a few nice pieces of paper from the Haagsche Courant newspaper and he wrote everything down. (laughter)
And then the walking over the earth began and they became pieces of paper, that grew and that became the bible.
Oh, how they would murder us if they heard that. (laughter)
I do not know but if you see that fairground attraction there of Adam and Eve; Our Lord made a nice figure there and cut a rib from Adam and said: ‘Plaf, ooh.’
What did you say? (laughter)
(Lady in the hall): ‘He blew.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘He blew.’
He blew.
And he made a new ... and ‘Adam, I will give you guidance’, God said.
And he cut a rib from Adam; it happened like that, left rib, wasn’t it?
He had more intelligence.
And then, in that real clay, madam, in that real sand, wasn’t it, first put it in the mud properly, and then kneaded it together.
I now understand, ladies and gentlemen, why we have sculptors in the world.
They also always sit there like that groaning with that clay, and then they start to plane, that was the real creating of paradise.
Madam, it cannot be anything else, can it?
But, if that sculptor just took a rib from his Eve, then that sculpture would live.
And then God said: ‘Ffftt.’
And look, Adam’s Eve opened her eyes, and said: ‘Nice man of mine?’ (People laugh warmly.)
And then Eve looked at the colours in the eyes, then he said: ‘My dear, we have everything for our ... come on, then we will go for a walk.’
Yes, then they went for a walk, ladies and gentlemen, through paradise, of four thousand years long.
And when they came back ... because paradise was big, you know, it was not just a bit of meadow like that, and it was not marked out either, you could go through, there were trees everywhere.
There you had peaches, and there you had plums, and there ... (profuse laughter) and there you had, and there you had ...
I do not know what I am saying; if we now still belong to the church then we will walk away, I always walk away myself.
But, madam, I could go on for hours like this, and then I will come out with all that nonsense, because this is all nonsense.
And you can just talk about it like that.
We also had a few of those people here once, and they could have murdered me, because then I was talking about the last Judgment.
Do you wish to hear that drama? (laughter)
But the paradise where the tree was and where Adam and Eve were, and God said: ‘And you will stay away from this tree’, and then they were not allowed to have children, because Our Lord thought: then it will be dangerous because then they will have arguments.
And then Adam and Even experienced the space, the divine unity, and then a child came and then those two poor people were flung out of paradise with an angel with a fiery garment.
(Various people in the hall): ‘Sword.’
And a hundred million people still believe that.
And then they say: ‘And it was like that.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘And there was no one there.’ (laughter)
You see, this lady has something of Eve from the real paradise.
Because there was no one there.
That’s it exactly, madam.
But where did we come from then?
And where did those millions of Adams and Eves in the world come from?
That is divine creation.
That is the evolution.
That is the reproduction process.
And the bible says: ‘Adam, you have more intelligence than Eve, stay away from that tree of life.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But what came first, the chicken or the egg?’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘What came first, the chicken or the egg?’
They were both there at the same time.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well done.’
They were both there at the same time.
There was never a chicken before the egg, and never the egg before the chicken.
Adam was the first, but if you look properly in that paradise then Eve was sitting long ago there somewhere peeking at some fruit, she must have been there already.
Yes, otherwise God could not have given her that consciousness, could He?
But what nonsense it is.
We are now living in the year 1951, 1952, well, what does a year mean?
Creation is bill, billions of ages old, madam, sir, and on the radio there is also, recently, that professor: ‘And I thank you sincerely.’
I think: Man, you have talked nonsense to those people there and now you also want to thank them sincerely.
For that nonsense.
He was talking about paradise; they had asked him a question about paradise, whether it was really like that.
And now you had that professor doctor, you should have heard what nonsense he talked about it.
And I say: ‘Huhuhuh.’ (laughter)
Oh oh oh oh, and now we are living in the year 1952.
If I really want to gauge whether you really have feeling, madam, then I will start to prattle.
I have chased enough people away from here like that with that image, because it is no use to me, they will never work it out.
Those people must still not begin with this.
Those people must still sit in paradise with that cloth, with that leaf on their back (laughter); we were born naked in paradise and two weeks later they had already put an old shirt around us.
How is that possible?
Then we had to crawl into a tree, otherwise life would be too dangerous.
Oh oh oh oh, in 1952 they are still talking about an angel with a sword of fire, and Adam ...
They walked away like that.
You should see Michelangelo, he painted them like that.
And that poor Eve, yes, she was just nice and pregnant when she left.
And God chased them from his place, from his paradise for creation and giving birth.
What a miserable situation.
Oh oh oh.
What did you say?
(A lady says something).
And he chased and he hit: and you will give birth to children in pain!
And it was He himself, it is He himself, he hit Adam and Even there into infinity.
Those children were chased harshly and brutally from paradise.
Nice story of the bible.
And we must still accept that now?
Then you should hear the minister, Protestantism, Reformed church, Catholicism, and then they must also include the last Judgement and then you will also get damnation, and then you have the hell, you have the eternal burning, and then you just go to hell; you never come out of it, because God is so divine that he just lets his children burn there.
Even worse ...
What is then the paradise, madam?
That is still nothing in comparison to what came then.
And Adam and Eve had forgotten themselves, they were not allowed to touch those sour apples.
Well, I will not let myself be made a fool of anymore, I will just pick out that sweet one if there is one.
That colour ...
Are you still fooling yourself that you carry a rib from Eve and she one from you?
Yes, then it is here somewhere.
Ladies and gentlemen, did you have nothing else, otherwise I will go to the old Judgement this evening, the last Judgement.
If you come to the other side then the masters will say: ‘Slash that thing to pieces, André.
Beat that Old Testament to pulp.
And make of that paradise there, before, before, before, make a divine happiness of that.’
And I am doing that now.
That one lady is afraid.
What is it? (laughter)
(Lady in the hall): ‘You were talking about division, I saw it one afternoon from a flower petal ...’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘You were talking about division a while ago, I saw it from a flower petal, from a ivy leaf, with a fatsia, the leaf was the same as from the ivy leaf, but there were five points on it.’
All of nature is like that.
You have the flower world.
In nature, in the jungle you have the plant, you should see, ladies, that plant, they say cactuses there, and other flowers, and other plants, that plant is red-yellow in the core and then it comes to here and it does not go further, then you have the third evolution of the plant.
Then another colour comes, the plant is like that and the plant is like that, and then the flower comes out of it, fatherhood.
But in that plant there is now fatherhood, motherhood in colour.
Do you sense this?
And in this way you can go through all of nature, all of nature comes to lie open for you when you know the cosmic grades of life for giving birth and creation.
Any other questions?
Then we will not go back to paradise again.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Yes, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘In a lecture master Zelanus says: in the beginning of creation the earth was round, was the earth already a permanent substance then?’
No, in the beginning of creation the earth was visible, because you could already see that astral globe like that in space.
(Lady in the hall): ‘It was still a globe then ...’
It was an astrally, materially inspired globe, life.
So that life, that firmament of the universe which ripped apart, was only directed at fatherhood and motherhood, but millions of sparks still lived there.
And where can we see and experience those millions of sparks as a human being, by means of which the earth originated and other ones?
What is the earth now?
If we create and give birth, mother and father, we also have a universe left in us.
And they also reach development if we create and give birth.
So that child of ours - now it is human - also starts to create and give birth and gives us evolution.
So for the planets: the first motherhood and fatherhood which radiated and sent light out into that space, so by means of which around that fatherhood and motherhood planets and parts of that divine light were inspired.
So that astral life - they were those globes, people call it globes, but they were particles of God, weren’t they? - that already got radiance because the moon began with condensing.
And that sucked ...
So that whole space, in that and that area, everywhere, millions of cells lived here, also cells, a planet is just a cell, they absorbed that fatherhood and motherhood.
And when we were finished, so the life of the moon, we went further and were precisely in harmony with the earth, then the earth was finished.
But the human being as life had now got a personality.
So that soul which we now attract - don’t we? - also has a personality.
And then we absorbed, we took so much aura, life aura of the earth into us, and it was half-waking material.
(Lady in the hall): ‘And is that the red colour?’
Yes indeed, because, madam, why, why do you talk about red colour for the earth?
What is that?
That means, that was her spiritual radiance and the green only appeared after the hardening and the materialization.
Don’t you think that is very simple?
And then the earth began to radiate differently.
Because in the macro cosmos you can see the radiance of the earth.
And, madam, how much radiance can you now see as colour of the earth?
If you are above the earth, then you can ...
The masters can do that, I have also ... on every journey I saw it, I looked back, then you see the earth as an ellipse, then you see it at an angle, just like the moon, then you see half of it dark.
If you go away at night, in the evening then you see the earth, then you see the earth half darkened, half in light, the earth is almost never rid of that darkening, they are just a few hours.
Then just go over the world, then you can already know it, if it is night here.
And then you should look at the time on the earth, then you can calculate exactly from the space how much time the earth can be seen completely, that is almost a few minutes, a few hours, then it is dark again.
Can you sense this?
And that just continues, it closes itself off, and you never see the moon like this, almost never, as a full-conscious body, there is always darkness and light.
But that is once more for the later ages.
So in the beginning you had, the child of the moon and sun, and the other planets got power and consciousness and radiance as the fatherhood and motherhood for the space got consciousness.
And consciousness is for the space, madam?
Mrs Revallier?
What is consciousness at this moment of the space?
How can you establish the consciousness of this space at this moment?
(People talk at the same time).
(Someone says): ‘Radiance.’
What did you say?
What did they say?
(Gentleman in the hall): 'The sun.'
(Someone says): ‘The light.’
The light of the sun is the consciousness of the space.
Just go back millions of ages, then the earth was as red as the last second in the evening, when there is still light over society and over the world, for us then, and also a weak radiance as light, so when the sun comes under the sea yonder, then also reflects the space, and the deeper, the more speed the earth gets and begins with the night, the rotation ... then the sun sets, but then the earth is busy doing that.
You can experience all the states of the beginning of creation, madam.
I can tell you exactly when the sun is twelve o’clock, one o’clock, two o’clock.
Then I can explain all the creation ages by means of the sun light, by the time and the hour, by the light of the sun.
Now we just keep going back millions of years, and if it is then night, madam, then we must also go back millions of years because this night is conscious.
The night for the earth is still conscious, because the night of the earth has consciousness, is giving birth, and conscious giving birth, isn’t it?
If you want to experience the darkness of before creation, madam, you cannot even still experience that in the waters, even if you descend a thousand miles into the waters, then you will still have light in the water.
Why, sir?
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Then the water is also conscious.’
Everything is conscious.
Everything has light, and everything has life and that life was materialized and spiritualized.
So you cannot experience the actual night of before creation anywhere.
You cannot experience the silence of before creation either, and yet, if the academics descend three hundred metres into the waters then they already become afraid, only because of the silence.
Silence no longer exists.
And why is that again?
How can you establish that again?
If there was real silence, ladies and gentlemen, then we would also have less hearing.
Because the hearing of the human being is at attunement to the power and the consciousness of the life around us.
You hear, sir, according to the consciousness.
You hear purely according to the life of feeling which the body possesses in consciousness.
Because an inhabitant of the jungle hears very differently than we do.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But sharply.’
And why, sir?
What is hearing actually, sir?
Our hearing, our cosmic hearing aid, sir, has been shredded.
Because we hear by means of our feeling.
Those things which are there, those flaps, and all those other things, they mean nothing more.
But the inhabitant of the jungle also hears extremely keenly, because he also to one ...
You can get it back.
Because we have seamen here, we have sea people and we have animal people, who say: ‘Oh, that is that animal, that animal has that and that’, because he knows that law.
‘It is being followed’, they say, ‘by a falcon, just look, there it: ‘Oah, oah.’’
The hearing of the human being, he knows that law.
But we people have been shredded in millions of feelings with regard to divine creations.
We have let go of creation.
We have social consciousness in us.
But our pure natural instinct has gone, in millions of things.
It is perfectly simple.
Anything else, madam?
Let the two of us just continue.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
We do not have much more time.
(Lady in the hall): ‘We talked recently about Saturn and that that ring ... then you said: they are the three transitions.
But Saturn surely also has seven transitions, doesn’t it?’
They also have that, madam, if you ... every orbit of Saturn ...
I had with madam there, she says in Leiden ...
Or was it in Amsterdam?
In Leiden?
(Lady in the hall): ‘In Leiden.’
She said: ‘Why does Saturn have that ring, like that?’
‘Yes, we do not know that.’
They do not know that.
Someone asks me it.
I say: sir, you should see how wonderful.
The planet is round, absolutely round, just like that clock there.
But the orbit which the earth traces is certainly not round, that is an ellipse, isn’t it?
And then you should see, now the master says, master Alcar said: ‘How can it be seen’, he asked me that when we were busy with the cosmology, ‘Why can it be seen, André, that the orbit which the planet in that and that, in that and that age traced ... that has materialized, that is ...’
If you blow hard, for example, and you attract the power of the cosmos ...
But that is a cosmic movement which attracts those stars and planets, then you can see ...
In the winter our breath starts to freeze, that was frozen, that condensed, not frozen, but condensed.
So human aura, a quickening of a human being can experience condensing by means of material.
The earth rips apart because the life of feeling of the earth experiences that quickening.
A globe from outside, that with those lines, that is the inner expansion which bursts open from outside.
Saturn has in the beginning from that and that state, then Saturn entered that and that line, in between moon, sun and stars, and in that and that grade ...
For the cosmos you also have North, South, West and East.
But now it is not North, and now it is not South, and now it is not East, and now it is not West anymore.
(To someone in the hall): ‘What is it now, sir, for the cosmos?
(It remains silent).
The human being says on earth - I will first explain this to you - that ring, that orbit around Saturn is therefore the orbit which the planet got and rotated around the sun, around herself.
So that orbit of Saturn condensed into mill ...
Now we must go back, millions of years back, then the sun, Mars and all those other planets were, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, and all those organs, they live in a state of construction.
And that was the first moment when milk started to harden.
And then you ...
For example, do you wish to know it, madam?
Then just take some milk and just hit that - but then you must also go back into the cow - but now just hit then you get condensing, then you see it slowly condensing.
And by means of that working which you do - that power is in it, isn’t it? - you start to condense it.
What is that?
That is working and that working takes you to centrifugal powers.
Yes indeed, it takes you to East and West, South, North, into the space; but for the space no South, North, West exists, sir.
And what a fuss we make here about South, North and West.
They talk about Egypt, about: the Pole star was above Egypt.
Sir, what is a Pole Star?
The human being, the academics, just let the astronomer come now, sir, what is that Pole Star?
You call that Pole Star, you call that Great Bear, sir.
No, sir; giving birth, creation, life, death, that made the Pole Star.
And own life and death condensed a planet, a star, which does not represent any North and any South, sir, but giving birth and creation, motherhood, fatherhood, reincarnation.
And in this way they said there: that star is there and there and it is called Pole Star.
That Pole star, sir, in the space there is no North, no West, no East, no South, in the space only just fatherhood and motherhood can be experienced and nothing else.
And then you get the grades of fatherhood and motherhood, the laws of expansion, so that planet yonder, it stands just outside of fatherhood and motherhood and gets half-waking consciousness, and they then call that here, in the human being they call that homosexuality.
So it was built up by means of the radiating power, outside of the organism; because aura and life plasma was still present‚ there it had to condense itself.
And in this way you can analyse the constellation, those millions of stars which are so close to each other there, you can analyse them bit by bit.
But then South, North, East and West go off the map.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
From the map.
And then you enter the cosmology.
Because the human being discovered that again: Great Bear, and Piet Hein, and what they call there.
They all got human names, but they have other laws, and they are from God himself.
Ladies and gentlemen, was I able to give you something else this evening?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
Then I will say goodbye.
See you next week.
Thank you for your interest.
(People clap.)