Thursday evening 1 May 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I have the first question here.
Where did I put that ... (Jozef leafs through paper.)
A great deal this evening, I see.
That is about the Nuts Savings bank.
From who is that?
About the Nuts Savings bank, Scheveningen, main office, Badhuisweg.
From who is this letter?
(Lady in the hall): ‘It says on the back.’
Madam, it also says something else on the back, I will just begin there.
“How does a human being get to know himself, to see his own faults?
We all need a bit of that.
Is there also a booklet which indicates the meaning of the strange words from your books?”
Yes, madam, the strange words from the books take you to another, spiritual terminology, and that is of course, if you read ‘A View into the Hereafter’ ...
Have you read all the books?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Not all of them.’
But about four, five, six?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
‘Also ‘A View into the Hereafter’?
(Lady says something.)
Then you must actually know all that terminology a little bit, because we do not have any strange words, but we have the pure word for the law or the state which the masters are talking about.
And then you get of course: astral life, that is spiritual life.
Yes, those words are in the dictionary to a certain extent, but not explained so categorically, because they do not yet have the meaning, so you are faced with your own terminology here.
And if those laws were explained according to our dictionary then no one would understand it, and now they do to a certain extent.
Because if you start to talk about the material laws and life, and want to analyse that, spatially and spiritually, you are faced with a very different life again.
And that life has another meaning again.
And by means of this you get here, there and there, only a just a word, in those books.
Because which words would you not understand in that?
Have you written them down?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, several, Mr Rulof.
For example, the explanation of: grades, spheres, karmic, universe, to evolve, astral, karma, first cosmic grade, for example, Venus, the secondary planets, third, the earth.
And you cannot understand all these things properly.’
But all this which you mention is perfectly simple, because when we enter a sphere that sphere is explained as a world, as a space, as a human being, and it must be clear anyway.
If people speak about a grade ...
The earth also speaks about that: a grade of technology.
And a grade of consciousness, that is a part, a particle of that consciousness.
But when this is spoken about, about a strange word, madam, then there is irrevocably an explanation with it.
Isn’t there?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
So then you must feel what that sphere means.
It says clearly in all the books: a sphere is a world, is also a grade of consciousness, a part of God, a space, feeling.
A sphere has light, has a personality, has radiance.
Yes, if that is still not clear, then I don’t know either.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Perhaps I did not read your books in the correct order.’
What did you begin with?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I would have look that up.’
If you begin with ‘A View into the Hereafter’ ...
If the masters speak about that ... If you had began with ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’, and they talk there about pinching, then you would say, well, that is called stealing; but people kind of understand that in society.
And spiritual words are also found to a certain extent, but then master Zelanus still remains in the Achterhoek and in the Gelders, because he does not go so far that he is already busy analysing the spiritual terminology.
But when you have read all the books, and you already have about ten, eleven, then it must be clear to you - and that is very simple - when there is talk of grades, then that grade is analysed, by means of which you start to understand what it actually is.
I think that the people here will agree with me.
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
It is almost impossible, because when a strange word comes, then that strange word is usually connected to a state.
And then you get the portrayal, the explanation, the analysis of that grade, a grade of feeling, a grade of consciousness.
The cosmos is divided into millions of grades and laws of life, a grade is also a law, and a law is also a grade of life.
The grades of sleep, the grades of art, the grades of music.
You begin with jazz in the jungle, and we end with Beethoven, Mozart; and for art: Titiaan, Van Dyck.
We have daubers, modern Piascos, and they take us of course to the National Museum; then I would rather sit for Rembrandt, then I will know that I am out of the Piascos.
(laughter) It’s true, isn’t it?
It’s the truth, isn’t it?
And then you get to see a grade of art, a grade of feeling, of consciousness, portrayal, for arts and sciences.
Do you have another question about that?
Is it clear?
Not yet?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Well, I will have a think about it first and absorb it, Mr Rulof.’
And I believe, madam, that you will then know it.
If you just carry on after ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and you get ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ ... ‘Between Life and Death’ is a bit more difficult because there we are in Ancient Egypt.
Have you also already read that?
You have the grades of feeling, the grades of sleep there.
See, but then there is also: the sleep is a staircase as it were, you go from upstairs, at the top you stand on the roof, that is the day consciousness for the human being, and then you slowly go down those stairs, then you get the sixth floor ...
We have few skyscrapers here in Holland, but we have houses with seven floors, don’t we?
Then we just go to the Hague wood, or we have there in Scheveningen, the Oranje hotel (prison, notorious in the second world war) looks a bit like it.
And then you go downstairs like that and then you get to see the grades of sleep, a portrayal for sleep.
And that word of grades must be there precisely; or you can say the division of sleep.
But you will feel, just to write these books is already an incredible difficulty in order to find the correct word.
But the masters are artists in that.
And the dictionary of ours will certainly change, madam, as the human being gets more consciousness, then that word ‘passing away’ will be called ... that is clear, isn’t it?
But, madam, that is not clear to the masses and the world.
Because passing away does not even exist.
There is also no dying - that dying - and beating to death, ‘Yes’, they say, ‘I murdered a human being’, but soon you will no longer be able to murder a human being.
All those words will go from our dictionary.
And then you will get both the spiritual word and the meaning.
We have so many words in our dictionary here which have nothing and have false meanings.
You do not have that in our books.
Passing away.
And if you then come on the cosmic path, that means, if you now have to do with cosmic laws and science, then you can ... half of that dictionary, which portrays: spiritual science, psychology ...
Then the academic is completely off the mark.
And then he says: ‘That is this’, but it is not that.
They have give the human being names as a body and as a human being.
If the academic, the psychologist and the doctor know the human being, then they come for the kidneys, the intestines, the blood circulation, the eyes, the mouth, womb and reproductive systems to the universal wording and the organism will get the divine meaning for every organ; that will all dissolve in time.
I have already told you several times here: We live in an amazing time; precisely, we people.
There is grumbling and beating and kicking, but history has never been so intensely experienced before and can never be so founded as precisely for this century, this 1900 and 2000.
That is tremendous.
In a million years’ time they will still speak about this time because now mankind is laying material and spiritual foundations.
Two hundred years ago we still lived in the animal-like grade of life, madam, in the unconscious.
The human being had a faith.
But such a great deal has changed in the human being, and especially during the last war: in five years of war we have experienced a revolution.
Now you get the laying of spiritual foundations.
If society, the psychologist, the academics soon have to accept all the spiritual faculties which we now represent by means of the masters, then all of mankind will stand on its head, because mankind will then create and give birth according to the laws of space, of God.
But this time is awe-inspiring.
Because we have laid foundations for wording and for words, and searched for words, we have built up a university, and that university is still unconscious for all the faculties, completely coarse-materially unconscious.
You can now begin with every spiritual faculty and then I can immediately answer you.
If you want to make comparisons with those books there, with the masters, which we now know, then everything will collapse, we will go through that.
And if you see that picture, madam, then you will feel, then mankind will get new words.
If we were to write a piece and we have analysed it spiritually - you cannot analyse it earthly, materially, socially by means of this dictionary - but then they will not understand any of it, because they have not yet heard of those systems.
Recently there was something in the paper and that was about the eel.
No one knows why the eel goes to the North Sea, to the seas.
I wrote that to that man, I say: ‘Sir, in one page I will explain the universe to you.’
This is a universe for the eel.
Whether they accept that; I do not know.
Madam, this is a spiritual-scientific revelation which I give the people, because it is perfectly simple if you know those laws.
But now that sea is no longer called ‘sea’, but now that sea is a space for giving birth.
As you as mother possess the organs for giving birth in the form of the womb; for the sea that is the space for giving birth, and that can be analysed completely, but that will take a book of five hundred pages; and it can be told in one page.
They do not understand a bit of that.
Why not?
Because not one academic amongst the whole of mankind knows anything about it.
He does not know the sea, he does not know the soul, does not know the spirit, and he does not know own independence for every insect; and then the independence for the seas.
Can you feel the wonderful depth which those people are faced with, and that you certainly cannot analyse that depth by means of material words?
Spiritual space is needed for that.
The first question, madam: “How does a human being get to know himself, to see his own faults?”
Yes, I would like to talk about that for another twenty-six years.
If you do not begin with that ...
I have people here, I get a fright and I weep every day, then you weep inside.
We have people, madam, they come here, have come here for two, three years, and now they will begin for themselves.
They say: ‘Just come to me, because I am also still teaching from the bible.’
Those people: ‘Yes, I will talk soon.’
And one person starts to heal, and another starts to do this; and then those people must know themselves.
But they hit themselves, they just put themselves aside and then they will begin with this and with that, and swing the whole human society, over to our area.
And if you then go to society - how do I get to know myself? - then we are faced with a hundred thousand problems.
The human being does not want it.
And one problem is the worst, that is that strange, horrible, awe-inspiring, animal-like, pre-animal-like human will which flatly refuses.
The human being is this, the human being is that.
I was reading in Jeus III this afternoon.
If only you had it.
My God, my God, people, I should have read it as André, as a stranger.
My God, my God, people, if you read that, what you get in that, then ...
If I had the book, then I would say to that lady: ‘Take it with you immediately, then you will suddenly know everything.’
Hundreds of thousands of problems are experienced, bowing, bowing completely to that and to this, and to this that and the other, the hundred percent surrender; you will find everything in that.
You will find everything in there.
And if you want all of that, in order to be an instrument for the other side ...
People who want to make progress, I can give them a school which produces cosmic happiness, a school of unprecedented beauty, of willpower, devotion to duty, simplicity, bowing your head, always just bowing your head again, always just loving again, understanding, wanting to understand a human being; at least if you can stand on your own two feet in society.
It does not matter, it is in there, what you are - and it is in all the books - but do not employ megalomanias.
If you do not possess something, ladies and gentlemen ...
There are people who did art, suddenly go under, can no longer carry on, but the human being still clings to that art, and just does not want to loose that art.
For example, singers and violinists, they can no longer get their tingling, and their strings to bring about emotion, because those fingers probably become stiff, their feeling is wrong, and then they just continue; and they destroy more than they build up.
The human being with inferiority complexes!
But that is not as bad as the human being with megalomania.
You could do them an injury.
But you do nothing, because they are children.
Adults are children.
In order to learn: how do I learn to think.
In order to learn: how does the human being get to know himself.
My God, good heavens, give me twenty-five years and then I will still not have made it.
I can teach you it in a year, in one evening.
I have already talked myself silly here during those years.
There is also a lot in the books.
But how does the human being learn to bow?
I would like that.
How does the human being learn to bring himself into harmony with those who have written those books there, the masters?
How can I come into harmony with a sphere?
You will not believe it.
How do I get to know myself?
We have people here who read and read and read, and ask questions, ask questions, I experienced it again one of these days, and then you say: my God, my God.
I say: ‘Man, do you know what you need?’
I say: ‘A good old jenever.’
I say: ‘First that will put you back on your material feet.’
People read books, people who ask questions about God and about the All.
I am still always so polite as to give those people an answer, but you should put them across your knee, madam.
People ask questions, I know, I do not forget. ‘Mr Rulof, what will happen to me if we are in the Divine All?’ (laughter)
Yes, you are laughing, madam, but people are asking these questions here.
But when madam went into the coffin two people had to carry him, or he would have collapsed.
And those people ask questions: ‘What is happening to me ...?’
They sit there like that in front of your nose, they sit there like that before you, and then those people come who are here for the first time, they think: that Mr Rulof is completely mad.
And I accept that.
And if I was not to add a joke, they would really think: there are a lot of insane people sitting there which rings like a clock.
But they think: oh, that man also makes them laugh.
Yes, when I can turn something upside down, such as damnation and the last Judgement, I am there in a flash.
But the deadly seriousness has never gone.
But here they ask questions, madam - and I will come back to you about that word - here they ask questions: what will I be like if I am on the fourth cosmic grade of life?
And what will I be like if I am in the Divine All as God?
And here they still collapse, madam, if they have to lose the one.
Then you can also drag them away from the grave.
And then society says: ‘My God, my God, you see, all hallucinations.’
Those people all live above their intellect - pride - above their life in society and the personality.
And they want to teach us something, those wretches?
They want to prove something to us, those mites?
And then the people, madam, also want me to go and whine at those people’s doors. ‘Wretches, aren’t they?
Yes, did you just put them in the ground?’
Then I am harsh.
I say: ‘What do you want from me now, me, who knows the astral worlds?’
You want to learn to think.
Here they have had it several times already, madam: how do I get to know myself and, how do I begin to think?
Master Zelanus ...
Were you with us on Sunday at Diligentia?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Madam, in the end, the master said there: ‘Learn to think.’
And is that thinking then, if you read books there, ask questions for two years, experience hundreds, eight hundred lectures, and then they also collapse?
Is that art then?
Does that man, do those people have to learn to think?
No, madam, they think wrong; they think, but that thinking is still not a possession.
Now they are alone and now they are abandoned.
Those people have not learned anything, they have not thought during all those years, they have not even been able to master a pinhead in all those years.
You are talking to herd animals.
A cow absorbs more from you, madam; if I stand before that animal with a small blade of grass, then I will get a lick which is as sound as a bell.
I much prefer to talk to horses and cows.
I am not talking about you.
Don’t think that.
How do I learn to think?
How do I get to know myself?
Well, then I must have a school.
What do you hope to achieve?
Don’t look at me so unpleasantly, sir, I have not done anything to you after all. (laughter)
What do you hope to achieve?
What do you want to do?
How will you learn to think?
Well, what is your life like in society?
What do you do?
Then you must first begin, madam, to completely follow what you are involved with, what all those people are involved with.
What is one person like towards the other?
What does one person say, how does the other person think?
Now we must first learn to think according to the task of creation, and that is: if a seed goes into the ground, that seed still means nothing before the flower is there.
I start to talk, and then I am immediately thrown out of balance by another problem of that other person, and then something goes forward.
Stop', I say then.
Wait until I am finished, and then you begin.’
No, they hear something, a story comes immediately: bliss gone, problem gone, emotion gone.
I want to give them emotion, and I want to tell them something wonderful; a story comes of twenty kilometres long: my feeling gone, my problem gone.
We do not experience each other.
So in order to learn to think we must first try to learn to sense each other by means of a conversation, and now you experience the most wonderful thing there is, if you do that, if you do this.
Because now life and death also come, reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood, personality, life of feeling.
God, Christ, planets and stars, madam, we have books about that.
If you want, with female friends, with male friends, and you have a lovely seat and you are also treated to a lovely glass of sunshine as wine, then you experience Grintzing (wine region near Vienna) and everything, and you have an awe-inspiring, magnificent journey together, and then you learn to think ... you learn to think.
Learn to finish a thought.
I now read that again in ‘Jeus.’
I have sacred respect for Jeus.
Jeus laid cosmic foundations.
André takes his cap off to Jeus because Jeus is the brick to which we all cling again.
Because when we ... on the Montferlandseweg again ...
I do not know whether you have read my book ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’?
If you have read the dialect, madam, then you will know it at once.
If you hear that then you will know at once whether you have read it.
Did you not read in that book: when I am big then I will write a book later.
Did you read that?
I will talk a bit of dialect this evening, perhaps they will understand that better, won’t they?
Madam, I was just in ‘s-Heerenberg.
I was talking about ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’; if you come into that then you will learn to think, then you will learn to feel, and then you will learn to bow your head.
And if you then come to society and soon get a hold of those other parts, and you go through hells and heavens, to the macro cosmos, and you come back again, if you have read a book like that and you talk to each other, then you must choose good people who have the same feeling, and then you can just walk through creation, and you will experience an earthly, human, spiritual paradise - didn’t you think so? - at least if you want to.
How do we learn to think?
How does a human being get to know himself?
Something else: to see your own faults.
Yes, how do we learn to see our faults?
Madam, are there people amongst us who really want to see their faults?
Yes, now we’re in a mess.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Yes, are you?
Are you really that far, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I see many faults of myself.’
If your man is standing next to you and he sees a fault, does that mean you then?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, for me it does.’
Madam, then you would get flowers from me every day.
Yes, indeed, it is worth so much.
Yes, I do not know whether I have money, it is not about that.
But if that Piet Hein of yours ...
Yes, sir, I may say that, mightn’t I?
Because the silver fleet hangs there.
But if that darling of yours, madam, sees that, if the human being as a man - I am just considering myself - sees the mother who can bow her head ...
I had them here who say: ‘Yes, Mr Rulof, I must go back to the earth, I have beaten things to pieces.’
We know definitely by what means.
Do you see?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Well, that doesn’t matter, does it?’
That does not matter.
We all come from the jungle.
I do not intend to put ourselves in the pot every week and take part in cannibalism.
But it is true, we are still cannibals in the spirit because we just eat and drink and absorb that cosmos and kick it to pieces; and we do not know ourselves.
Is it true or not?
But when the human being can endorse the fault there is no pit, no hole.
If you can do that!
We always go on about that.
I have always remained standing, madam, because it is certainly not easy, and you will soon read that in ‘Jeus III’.
All the things that poor Jeus experienced!
Then master Zelanus says: ‘Well, Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, Dante, Darwin’, and who else is there, ‘just think of it’, because they did not experience that.
There was not one in that macro cosmos.
But what do you have to do for that?
You will weep until your tears run dry if you follow that poor Jeus; poor Jeus.
If you follow it and experience what will happen if you really get to speak to yourself, and that means: the human being takes care of himself.
And if the human being then, men and women, if you have learned something this winter, then I would advise you: take care of your own life of feeling and think, think, think.
If there is really a material fault ...
We make spiritual mistakes every day, and cosmic ones, yes of course, we are only human, we are still busy.
But if there is a fault and you cannot bow, then a big hole will irrevocably come.
And you cannot conquer that pit and you cannot jump over it, because there is no levitation, no one helps you, and you are powerless before that one personality; you do not come one step further.
And that continues, that continues for years, years, years, the human being continues for years.
‘Yes’, that mother says, ‘I must just forgive that.’
Or he says: ‘I will just forgive her for it.’
But that love, that tremendous love from the time when we began to woo, isn’t it true, when we looked into each other’s faces, and then that trembling inside came to the fore, from that moment faults and pits came.
And from that moment on we already had to bow our head a hundred thousand times to something, but we were not have able to do it.
And that is still there now.
How do we come to stand before each other with a clean slate?
Then we are all sandpaper.
Yes, how do we come to each other free, pure in thinking?
And if you want, and if you can do that, then all that deep, wonderful past will go away and you will lay new foundations in this way, madam.
The books, the novels, the films have proved that and the plays: at the end of the day that bowing and human feeling come, and we continue again.
Two people now on earth - even if they are still from the Catholic church and Protestantism, Jews or other sects - two people now on earth as man and wife can represent and experience a paradise if they can bow to each other.
And then you get to experience more and more depth.
Then you start to say: my God, my God, what a dear, don’t you think?
What a bliss.
What a beauty; even if you are eighty.
I once let slip to someone: ‘Old goat.’
Yes, I think: My God, my God, what have I done now?
Because that fell from my lips, ‘old goat’; and it was a lady! (laughter)
And just like that, I say: ‘Yes, indeed, old goat.’
I think: my God, my God, Jozef, if that lady does not understand that then I will be out of it.
But society said it.
Because I saw it very differently, because first I saw that old goat and then I saw that beautiful youthful child in this personality.
But that did not pass my lips because we suddenly ran away from each other.
And that lady went home with that ‘old goat’.
She did not sleep that night because she says: why would that man say ‘old goat’ to me?
But that is society.
And that also came from that society, because if a human being is old, then they are really an old goat.
I think: there is something to it because society is eloquent.
Our life said ‘Old goat.’
And it went through me, I think: not very nice.
But I quickly wrote: ‘Madam, did you understand ...’
I say: ‘Now I will give an antithesis, then you can be pleased, because you are such a young thing.’
Not ‘young boy’, but a young thing.
The blossoms appear.
You are just like an unmarried tree of life with blossoms.’
And that’s what it was now.
I think: how is it possible?
If the human being really begins to think and to feel, madam - because people think here - then the human being gets, then the human being becomes like the tree of life from ‘Masks and Men.’
You have not yet read that, have you?
(To someone on the hall): What are you laughing about, madam?
(Lady says something.)
Did they hit your nose?
Surely not?
If you start to read that and start to experience and feel that, then the human being will stand right in spring, in the blossoms; not red, white and blue, but the colours of the rainbow.
And then you will get space.
Yes, then they understood that.
But the human being, old and young, is old, colossally old, because the human being cannot think, because the human being thinks wholly and completely next to creation.
Yes, that is the truth.
We do not think according to creation.
And now we are faced with that little word of Socrates: how do I get to know myself?
How do I learn to think?
If you were to present me with those problems in the new season - if we are still here - if you were to present me with those problems in the new season, and I really started to analyse them we would write a new book.
The first one is finished, from 1950 to 1951, ladies and gentlemen.
If only we had a banker in our midst, then it would go to the printer immediately; because it is worthwhile, you know.
Your questions are analysed in this.
Madam, that book is even more useful than all those twenty which I have there.
How do I learn to think?
Because they asked those questions here five, six, seven times, and they are now recorded, and they have been analysed beautifully.
But for every question ...
If you want, madam - what can I earn? - then I will just ask the masters it, then I will begin writing a book of a hundred pages for you tomorrow.
‘How can I learn to bring myself into harmony with God’, a book of three hundred pages.
‘How can I learn to bow’, a new book.
‘When am I truth’, number three.
We never ever have to begin about love, because that is the seven hundredth.
But the human being begins immediately: How do I become ...
Who is now so insane to say and to ask in this mad society: how am I loving, when am I love?
When am I that?
And what is love?
They are two books once more, that is a trilogy, in one cover.
That is the coarse-material, material and the spiritual love.
We will just not experience the animal-like because we know them like that in society, you can experience them everywhere.
True or not, Mr Joost?
(Gentleman says something.)
Are you serious?
(It remains quiet.)
Are you serious?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I would say: yes.’
Oh, thank you.
When we can write those things, madam; then you will get those books.
I had also yet thought of that this afternoon.
I have been idle for two days.
I have sat on the terrace for two days.
I have given almost a hundred lectures this winter, I have written five scenarios, made a hundred paintings, and then also typed out a book of four hundred pages and then I rested for two days.
And now I am bursting with inspiration once more.
I could begin like that with them if the masters wanted that; then I would write seven of those books this year.
One every week.
Then we would have twenty-five of them.
But who has money?
Where do those bankers live?
We have ‘Questions and Answers’ by Jozef Rulof, here in ‘Ken U Zelve’, in 1950-1951.
If only we had it, the money, then that would also go to the printers immediately because it is worthwhile.
We have treated that here together.
Say, ladies and gentlemen, could we not finally begin now with the forgery business?
But then we must make it so that they never catch us.
But, woe betide, if I could do it.
If they told me: ‘Begin with it’, I would do it immediately.
Because they will never get me anyway.
And then we would just publish our books at the expense of our society.
How they would just put us all in the Oranje hotel prison, what fun they would have.
But, madam, who has any more questions about all of this?
How do I get to know myself?
How does the human being learn to bow.
Bowing is everything.
Bowing is everything.
You have to ...
If you do not learn to bow ...
What are the first foundations for Socrates?
How do I get to know myself?
Sir, what is the first foundation for that?
Yes, Mr Götte.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘To know what your origin is and what you live for.’
No, no no no, you do not need to read any books at all.
It is not working: where the origin lives and what you are and what you are like; I have just told you it already: first bowing to everything, to suffering, to sorrow.
The people whom I speak about, who have read everything and still collapse when they have to accept the loss - which is not a loss - they do not bow to the truth; they are the mites, the wretches.
Is that true or not?
Yes, but you must ...
You can say, you stand here now, you are having a nice seat together, you still talk to each other, but if you cannot bow to that death, that Grim Reaper ...
You know all that, and you know the laws, and you have already been ‘behind the coffin’; yes, indeed, you would like that.
Now you must all soon, one by one, prove what you can do, now we want to see that.
I will certainly not stand and weep with you at the grave.
For me the human being gets his spiritual ‘wings’; he does not yet have Great Wings, because they are still broken-winged.
You only get the Great Wings and the spiritual ‘wings’ if you prove to me ... if the proverb by Socrates has and will get meaning for your life of feeling and personality: how do I get to know myself?
The first foundation of that is: how will I learn to bow to everything?
And the Protestant must do that, the Catholic must do that.
And then I met people during the war who had more and a thousand times more than you here, and everyone.
I do not know how you must act soon.
But we have already got and seen it from many people, who did not collapse, and stood before the firing squad and were shot down.
And people read books here, they master something, and bow to nothing, sir.
They do not think, they think completely off the mark.
They just go around it.
Oh sir, they talk there in society, and then they have: ‘Oh sir, just go away.
Your wife is dead?
Oh sir, just carry on.’
His wife is alive, isn’t she?
‘Yes, your wife is alive, sir, will I tell you something?
Do you want to read books?’
After four months they have to prove it themselves, sir, and they collapse.
Boasting, sir, there in the office.
Sir, if you come to the other side and you stand there and you want to convince people and you have not yet proved it yourself; sir, that sphere will not even be there.
You do not even have another side, madam and sir, and no hold and no bottom under your feet, because you had to first prove that here, and you have to prove that there, and everywhere, by bowing.
And you hear those people talking every day in their offices, and there is someone there who walked round with suffering and sorrow and misery.
And how did you think now that I learned to think when master Alcar began with me?
Just to overawe the human being: I know everything, I have been on the other side, I write books, they paint, and I may disembody, and I fly through space?
Oh madam, I must first still be able to experience a perfectly ordinary dose of scarlet fever, a lovely dose of pneumonia, in order to prove that I can bow to a delicious slap right in my face, now in the lungs.
Yes, isn’t that the case?
The human being asks what he will be like in the Divine All and forgets what he will be like here in the truth.
If you begin about cosmology, we are now talking about the cosmology in the Diligentia, about the universe, about the universe ...
Madam, every thought is universally deep, master Zelanus says and the masters say, and that is the truth.
Prove first what you can do.
We can boast and shout and make a fuss.
If you read ‘Jeus III’ soon ...
The human being wants to imitate me by possessing gifts.
I wished you could do it, and that you could really do it; then you would get everything free from me, if you do it just like that.
But in one week you will be completely finished, out of society, then Rosenburg will expect you.
And we all know Rosenburg here in The Hague, that is a mental institution, a psychiatric institution.
But the human being wants this, and the human being does that, and the human being does this, and the human being wants everything; yes, from another person!
But when he comes to stand before that coffin, that dying of a characteristic ...
Ladies and gentlemen, is it true or not, if you can understand each other and you can bow your head with each other, and you really watch out so that you do not experience any disturbances, then you will have a heaven as a paradise.
And then you certainly do not need to be rich, then it will really not matter whether you have money.
But then a walk in nature is worth more than a theatre, than a big dinner, and a cinema, and a car, madam, because standing on your own two feet in Mother Nature and the unity, the seat, and the conversation, and the laughter, and the feeling of that fine soul next to you because you understand each other ...
Yes, now we’re in a mess.
And now that lovely natural cooing comes back.
And if you are then sixty, seventy years old, madam, then you will coo much more consciously and more lovely and more spiritually than the time when you were twenty, twenty-one years old.
Is that not true, Dante? (laughter)
He was sitting fidgeting and now I just suddenly ...
(Jozef continues.)
If you can experience that, madam, and the bowing ...
(To someone in the hall): Is that water from last week, sir?
Was that really only put down just now?
Oh yes?
I thought that it had been here for a week.
I never drink otherwise, because it is very dangerous, you get scarlet fever from that, do you know that?
If you can really do that, madam, and you go into that human being, you descend into that human being, you really talk to a deity, a living God and you renounce that Herman, that Nico, or that Pietje, and Klaasje, and Kees - and whatever all those people are called - and we are not concerned with ourselves, but we still see each other as life, then you will experience paradise.
But did you not know all of that?
I am certainly not telling you anything new.
But, madam, I have been busy with this for some time, I hope to be able to fill the full hour with this because this is worthwhile.
If you begin with that ...
We have been busy with this many times in the evening, and I have not only explained it coarse-materially, materially, spiritually and spatially, but we also got the divine explanation and the analysis.
Is that true or not, people?
And what did we do with this?
I get the pieces of proof every day.
And then they also want me to start to cry?
Then I say to the human being: ‘You need two old jenevers in order to save your nerves.’
Then I have respect for the Catholic and the Protestant who goes to the graveyard a bit bowed and broken and lays his loved one down there and says: ‘Yes, when the last judgement comes, we will see each other again.
Rest in peace.’
But the human being with his ideals and with his megalomania, to ask about: what am I in the universe, in the All-Stage, madam, and to bow here to a perfectly ordinary person, a naked Grim Reaper still cannot experience and cannot give, they are the biggest mites which mankind possesses on earth.
Is that true or not?
We fly, we charge, we grow and we do that only just in our thoughts, because when the reality stands before us and masters release us on the ocean ...
We certainly do not float, because we drop like bricks downwards.
And we have no foundation; because if we have a spiritual foundation, then we do not even ask for those things, because then we take them back ourselves to the earth.
It is not true then, if people come here for the first time and they hear that questioning and they were to meet those people, then they would say: ‘Do you see now, they do not lay any foundations there, they are kites.’
I can teach you a great deal if you know when you have to bow.
The cosmology which we now get in Diligentia is a universal gift, a Divine gift, those lectures.
On Sunday morning I run into someone’s personality there, he says: ‘Oh, what we actually get now, they are just little snippets because we already know all of that.’
I say: ‘Yes yes, you are saying something there.’
Now I had wanted to put that man over my knee, but I do not even do it.
I could carry it round for four years.
And then I will give him the carpet-beater.
But the human being who possesses insanity, megalomania, says: ‘Yes, for us who have experienced all of that, there are also a few snippets.’
While we are talking about the laws of expansion of the universe, which no professor in astronomy knows, they are analysed for you there, and that costs you NLG 1.0.
But there are also some people here now who say: ‘Oh well, oh, there they are now and then also a few little snippets.’
And they say that right to my face.
I told it to master Zelanus, I said: ‘Have you heard it?
For those and those people you have no cosmology, you have only just a few snippets.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘God, God.’
God, God, God, I thought to myself, how will I still make it to the stage?
Would you not chase those people out of Diligentia?
What a cursed megalomania, madam.
While I am weeping there ‘behind the coffin’ from emotion about the power of that analysis; which no astronomer can do.
No academic on earth gets what the human being gets there in Diligentia.
That is also something like that.
You see, madam, people, men, a cursed megalomania arises in you, and it says ... it forgets that you are just still mites, I am too, just the same, with regard to the masters, who explain there the laws of God, of the universe just like that, from the origin, from the All-Source.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... to get a person like that on stage for five minutes.’
Mr Götte, they used to be my friends, my brothers, and then I just said nothing.
And then they no longer know themselves, and then they no longer feel themselves, and then there is no longer any respect, no longer any longing, and no longer any thirsting.
Sir, these mites rise above Christ’s head.
And those mites, they asked Christ, when He was still on earth, those impudent minded - the simple, the real Christians who sat in Gethsemane crying until their tears ran dry - they walked along the road, they sat there: ‘Is it really you now?
Well, say something?’
The Christ looked back like that and walked on.
He said: ‘There is another one of them.’
Did you really think you could snap at Christ and ask: ‘Say, is it now really you?’
And I immediately made a comparison and then I say: ‘My God, my God, I should have tried that and should have said to master Alcar ... while I almost collapse from emotion on Sunday mornings.
It is so wonderful.
Am I mad now or are we all insane?
Are those lectures there not revelations, sir?
(To someone in the hall): Yes?
(Gentleman says something.)
Am I mad or are you?
I stand weeping ‘behind the coffin’.
Master Alcar, the highest masters are there and say: ‘We are now capable of’, because it has never happened before, sir, in the world, ‘we are now capable’, madam, that is to you again, ‘of analysing and materializing the cosmos by means of a word’, which was never possible before, because there are no academics on earth who know where they must begin.
They do not know which words they should use for heaven, for expansion.
They say ‘expansion’, but they do not even know what expansion is.
They say: ‘Yes, if you begin here, and you walk on a road to Russia, then you come to the end there, that road grows.’
No, madam, that is life itself.
The growth of this plant here is the awakening of the personality; that is the greenery, that is the stalk, the stem, and then probably a little flower.
Megalomania, that the people still dare to fly here over the masters’ ‘wings’, over their cosmic consciousness, and say: ‘Oh well, now and again there is a little snippet in it for us.’
I would want to knock them out the door, but I do not do it.
Do I have the right to do that, yes or no?
You could do them an injury.
That boasting, madam, already, we are not even talking about ourselves yet, what we can master for ourselves.
But now what they get from the heavens.
Now just continue with your books and read all of them, and if you then have no respect for the person who put that together ...
I do.
I could not do it; I come from ‘s-Heerenberg, from the clay, madam, I had not learned any Dutch, and I still cannot do it.
But there are twenty books lying there and I still have five of them.
I also have the cosmology which we are now busy with, and which we can talk about for a hundred million years.
And yet there are still people who dare to say to my face with regard to the masters: ‘Now and again there is also a little snippet for me.’
Do you not believe?
I placed it in master Zelanus’ hands, I say: ‘Mister Zelanus, just take it because then I will be rid of it, thank God; because I am giving those people a terrible beating, I will never look at them again.’
Because I will first teach them to bow, madam, to be grateful every day that you may get to know this work and these books and that space.
The tremendous gratitude in me to be able to carry and to be able to deal with all of this is already spatially deep, because I succumbed in that humanly and I succumbed in that spiritually a hundred thousand times, but I stood up again, because I bowed my head.
Not because I could not cope with it; no, because those laws beat me to pieces, madam.
But because I could bow in everything - not only for day consciousness, also for subconsciousness - master Alcar could continue again, there were no holes.
And now I am still simple.
But they are boasters, the screamers, the destroyers, the megalomaniacs.
If you met one of them amongst you, then put your hands round that spiritual neck, because soon they will be grateful to you for it.
I would not even talk about it, but the person who said it, can hear it now, and then he can consider, and then they can consider what will happen if the beating ever came.
Get to know yourself, but do not go a star too far, not a gram of feeling too far in you, because you must earn that gram.
And if that gram of feeling is not in you, ladies and gentlemen, and you stand before the law in order to prove what you can do and what you must do, then the succumbing comes, and you collapse.
Is that true or not?
You see, you learn a great deal from this.
If the human being can already fritter away the laws like that and just put them in his pocket as if there is nothing the matter, my God, my God, then go back to ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and tell me then what you possess of that.
Is that true, Mr Koppenol?
If you ask: how do I get to know myself? then descend into yourself every moment.
At the moment I am ...
What is my holiday?
What is my thinking?
I think every day: my God, did I perhaps beat things to pieces?
I consider every day whether I have made mistakes and whether or not I have bowed, otherwise I am not yet ready for the masters.
Did you really think that you could earn that for NLG 2.40 and for hard slogging with physical hands and feet and head, madam, those books, this work?
It does not concern this work but it concerns our inner life, our spiritual personality ‘behind the coffin’.
You should also tell there ‘behind the coffin’ soon when you come there: ‘Oh well, here is master Zelanus, isn’t it?’
‘Oh well, well, now you can no longer teach me anything because I have learned everything on earth.’
Oh well, do you see?
‘Oh well, I already told you then: ‘There are also a few little snippets for me, but there is no more to it.’’
Well, which sphere do you represent at the moment as a grade of life, madam?
I am warning those people.
If I hear it one more time, I will chase them away from me, from my neighbourhood, because I ...
If I hear that from society, that means nothing to me, but you must not say it here again, at least if I want to have to do with you with regard to masters, God and Christ.
As far as I am concerned you are destroying yourself and you have a megalomania which raises you above the human consciousness of this world; it does not matter to me, you must prove it sooner or later.
But I would find it such a pity for you if you started to consciously fragment the obtained consciousness.
Isn’t that true, women and men?
(To the sound technician): Well, how many minutes do we still have?
Madam, I have been busy with you for the whole hour and I would like to carry on with it, but I also have a lot of questions after the interval and I must answer them.
Do you do something else about that yourself?
Then we can close this roll (roll with magnetic tape, forerunner of the tape recorder).
Because it is worthwhile because the human being learns from this.
Do you see?
If you know that and you can accept it then you must just decide for yourself all the things you know about the macro cosmos.
I told those people, I say: ‘Yes, what you know, I know that.
You know that the fourth, a five and a sixth cosmic grade exist, don’t they, and then the Divine All comes.
In other words: those masters do not need to tell us anymore because we know that four, five grades exist.
And soon we will be in the Divine All.’
Look, there you have an All-Inhabitant like that.
They are All-Inhabitants, they already live in the Divine All and no longer need anything, they are cosmically conscious here.
Let them go and sit there then I will ask them a few questions, then they will be out of there immediately.
Did you not think so, engineer?
Ladies and gentlemen, you must not blame me because I am only just helping you.
Sir has the tea ready.
See you soon.
Madam, are you satisfied?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Thank you.’
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will continue.
I still have a great dealt to tell about that one question.
Has that lady gone?
Oh, is she there?
But, a next time, madam, because it is tremendously deep and you can analyse, experience and everything a great deal by means of that.
You just ask a lot of questions on a note then we will also go into that.
You will get another four lectures after this one, at the end of May we will stop with this.
So then it is still possible.
I have here: “When the moon started her division,” you see, there we go again, “and the human existence started, the material organism came, the cell,” that was still, well, already an organism, “the cell by means of expansion to the fish stage: which was the highest organism for the moon.
Now my question is this: when the soul life continued, to the second cosmic grade, Mars, and to the third cosmic grade, the earth, did this also start as a cell and grow to the human organism?
How did the first cells originate on the earth?
Did the soul then condense itself, or did the earth also first divide so that cells originated which attracted this soul life, as the earth also experienced this process as the moon?”
From who is that?
Sir, we have already been talking about it a hundred thousand times here.
And I also saw you that evening, so you should know it.
But you do not know it either.
The moon began as cell life ...
What is expansion?
We were talking about the expanding universe, on Sunday.
Have you understood what that is?
If you experienced that lecture from Sunday - you were there, weren’t you?
You experienced all of that, didn’t you? - if you experienced that lecture, you should have known it.
What is expansion?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is also growth.’
Well, it is not that, that is the material expansion.
The human being now enters the mother.
We are married, we reach unity and now you give the mother your cell; that is the moon, you are the moon this evening, as creator.
But it is also the mother.
Now that cell expands, it starts to grow, with the feeling.
So that child now comes to earth with talent, that was not possible on the moon, that is still not even possible in the jungle.
The jungle inhabitant has instinct there, natural instinct.
But on the moon the cell took, so the spark of God ...
The moon started to divide by means of myriad cells.
So, you feel that, God in the universe ...
The moon as mother came about by means of that dividing.
In the first place the universe separated by means of fatherhood and motherhood - we experienced that, didn’t we? - divided itself, separated itself by means of fatherhood and motherhood: the sun and the moon.
Now the sun is creating and the moon mother.
So there is only just being a mother in the cosmos and fatherhood.
So that moon ...
That whole universe, there are still millions of cells there, but they have nothing to do with fatherhood at the moment.
In that space in which that sun lives ...
If we now start to analyse cosmology at a macrocosmic attunement and start to speak, talk, then I would have to ask you the question: what was the depth of the creating power like at that moment?
Gradually the creating power absorbs itself - that is the All-Source as father and mother - it absorbed itself to unity; so those powers which were in that environment ...
But that universe was millions of miles far - in a manner of speaking - already filled with divine plasma.
Wasn’t it?
And that was suddenly absorbed together.
And that absorbing - Mr van Straaten, I will tell you, as a technician, something nice - had the same depth as a grain of sand which you drop onto the water and you look and see how far the circle goes.
A sea, that is the Divine All, I drop a stone there, into a still sea, and now I will see how far that expansion goes as vibration.
But in South America and in Paris and in Spain and in Russia they know nothing about it, they do not see it either, and yet that is water.
So that All-Source ...
Is that not beautiful, simple?
That All-Source absorbed that together, and then fatherhood and motherhood came, therefore, and that became the moon, a tremendous body, much more wonderful and bigger than the moon now is, because that was compressed together, that was a fluid.
How was that compressed together?
That was soul and spirit at that time, only divine spirit, All-Soul.
The moon represents the All-Soul; you also as a human being, a dog and a cat, and every life represents the All-Soul, only not the post-creations, because now you get to see those grades of development again.
The moon divided.
That splitting up took place exactly as in the universe.
You heard that from Master Zelanus.
But we will begin in the new season, just after that - and then you will know all of that - with the origin of the human embryo, and we will go through the whole winter again from the moon stage as far as the Divine All, and we will follow the development of the human embryo as All-Stage.
And then we will stand in the Divine All, and then we come to stand before Christ.
We will make that journey after this.
And then we will begin with how the soul originated.
And then we will begin with how the personality originated from the moon; and we come through the animal-like instincts.
Do you now know, madam, how many books do we still have to write?
A hundred thousand.
The moon divided itself as cells.
That was not any bigger than the palm of your hand, a million cells, you could put them on your finger like that, even now.
One cell in the man as creator represents millions of cells, one little cell, which you cannot even see with your eye.
The moon divided, and now we get ...
So the moon divided as an embryonic life and that is therefore a cell as light, as life, as fatherhood and motherhood, as soul, as spirit, everything, from the All-Source, in the moon, because it came from there.
We absorb so much, that we can create and give birth, and then we reach the adult stage, that is the being adult in order to create.
And then - you know that now - then that one cell divided, then two cells came together, because fatherhood and motherhood are in that cell, and then those cells went, whoosh, next to each other like that and clung to each other, that took a while, that closed itself together like that, and then that had reached maturity, and then that became free; and then there was one new cell here.
By means of that life and this.
And then that started to grow, then we passed over - do you feel? - then the dying for the first cell came; and then these were our children, but they were still together.
And what happened now?
They started to grow and separated, that from you and that from me.
That separated, and they were two cells, from you and from me.
And that must give birth, that must give birth, and that becomes adult.
And what must happen now if this wants to, can give birth, we ask, the Divine All now asks when we were there with master Alcar and master Zelanus for the cosmology?
What does this cell now ask?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The part of itself.’
That comes back, because this part is not capable of giving birth if I am not there, because then that part is precisely lacking in order to create and to give birth because that is not possible now.
And then we come back and we experience death, reincarnation, rebirth, again, in the second stage as life.
Clear now?
That same thing happened on the moon, on the secondary planets and on earth, and on the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth, the sixth, up to the seventh cosmic grade.
Is it clear now?
You must remember that together, you can talk quite well with each other, and then you will start to expand.
And what is expanding?
You have material expansion, but it is not about that.
That roundness of a planet ...
An earth is big, but for space also a cell as planet.
That gigantic Jupiter and Venus, Saturn, Uranus: they are cells, they are parts of the organism universe.
That means nothing; and that means everything.
But the expansion, now spiritual, for the earth, is, that we as human beings come from the jungle to the white race (see, and we now have achieved the organism, the highest which the earth gives us physically.
Even if you are still that stupid ...
Stupidity does not exist in creation.
If you talk about stupid ...
‘What kind of cows are they?’
‘What kind of stupid people are they?’
No stupid people exist for the cosmos, there is only unconsciousness.
Stupidity does not exist.
Sins do not exist either.
Everything is evolution.
There is no damnation either, sir, madam, that does not exist either, because God cannot damn himself either.
You will feel, we already take care of millions of laws of life as problems for the human being at the moment, can analyse them according to the divine independence and reality, harmony, justice.
And that is for all the grades of life.
What is spiritual expansion?
That, madam, what we talked about a moment ago: how do I get to know myself?
Is that not worthwhile now?
I gave you the examples, I said something like that in passing, and then the people ask about the All and then the people ask about this; I appreciate that, because that gentleman and that lady, they have read all the books, they have already experienced three, four hundred lectures, haven’t they?
So they make a study of it for themselves and think.
And if you act according to this and if you begin with this, then you get evolution and space, then the human being is beautiful; but do not fly out above your independence if you cannot represent that.
Is it not true?
And now you must follow and analyse the boasting and that megalomania in society sometime, then you say to yourself: how happy I am that I am nothing.
The more you are now, the less feeling there remains of it.
I also said here: What are you then if you are the mayor of The Hague, and an admiral, and you have nothing of that ‘behind the coffin’?
Do you know it?
You just continue with it and then you will know of your own accord how that is attracted.
So you are attracted by your own life.
That is for all the planets, that is for all the life, for a dog, for a cat, for an animal, for a lion and a tiger; all life is no longer attracted - that word can already go - no, sir, that life has given birth to and created itself for reincarnation.
There is no longer any question of attracting.
If you meet your child here on earth and it is psychopathic, that is no longer attracting, sir; no, sir, that is your own misery from before.
Is that not honest?
Or God could be an unjust person.
But that is not possible.
You, we no longer have to do with attracting, ladies and gentlemen, we only have to do with what we ourselves created.
Not only for our body, cancer, tuberculosis and all those leprosies, but also for our life of feeling.
Isn’t that honest?
Do you see?
And that now becomes expansion.
What is spiritual expansion now?
The experiencing of an organic grade, madam, the experiencing of an organism, and that body brings us of its own accord to the highest thinking and feeling; in the jungle the instinct, for our society already Golgotha, Christ and God.
That is the spiritual growth.
And if you want to experience that growth, you must bow your head, I said a moment ago, for everything which you start to experience as a human being in society, because if you cannot accept the truth, you do not grow, then you are definitely at a standstill.
Is that not honest?
And do we not experience that every day, sir?
Well, say something?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I say: yes.’
Oh, thank you.
I like whole-heartedness, do you see?
I really do not like that keeping quiet of men.
I always shout.
Then just say warmly to the universe: yes, it is true.
(Gentleman in the hall): 'It is like this.'
Thank you! (laughter)
I have here, something a bit different, the questions will correct themselves.
I have here: “If a master wants to return to the earth and is born, he is no longer conscious of the spheres, I read in the books.
You once told me that my daughter, who saw a vision, that she will soon leave this earth.”
Did I say that?
“Only a master can experience such a thing, you said.”
Madam, I could never have said that.
From who is that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘From me, yes, perhaps the question is not good, but you said that.’
If you, if a human being must therefore experience a vision, must he also be dead at the same time?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No.’
He must just go at once.
(Lady in the hall): ‘The vision was, that she would pass on, do you see?’
Now you are adding something else, you see.
If a human being sees that the other side manifests itself before you, it can mean the transition.
That is what I mean.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, she was told that, she saw that.’
(Lady in the hall): 'She experienced that.'
And that happened?
(Lady in the hall): ‘And that happened.’
You see, if people show a child that, that has irrevocably a wonderful meaning, because a child knows nothing about those laws.
And then that is a contact which is as sound as a bell.
It indicates the time and usually the hour completely.
And now you say here: “Now she passed on at the age of fourteen.
Did she come back again into her same sphere in which she lived before she was born on the earth?
And was she conscious again of everything, of the spheres in which she lived before?”
Madam, have you read ‘The Cycle of the Soul’?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
You see, if you have now experienced something like that yourself with your child ...
And master Zelanus says there: ‘I was born in China, and I became free, and Emschor immediately collected me again, because I knew, I was already awake ...’
In order to experience dying on earth, no, in order to undergo that evolution, because he was conscious in the mother, and you also experience that later, and I experienced that thousands of times here, for a moment, in a few seconds, Master Alcar had to show me that.
But every human being will soon be capable, for you, of consciously undergoing birth and reincarnation, so we go consciously with that cell which is attracted as soul, we remain awake, and we grow up in that cell, in the egg of the mother, we reach expansion, physical expansion, and we remain spiritually awake.
And then master Zelanus concluded ... as my child also experienced that.
She said to me, when she was seven months she said: ‘André, I will go back to where I came from.’
And then I walked with the little material Gommel to the graveyard, but the inner, the spiritual already looked at me as a conscious human personality and was a master.
I was now standing there for my child, and that child remains, and we remain one ...
I saw my child again after those years, but then I certainly do not stand before a child, because then I stand before a spiritually, cosmically conscious being.
Because she only came to the earth in order to experience the being born, the reincarnation.
And your child also experienced that.
And that child, who experiences this, madam, goes back to the sphere, and that can be within a few hours if the consciousness has reached the third sphere.
The first and second sphere does not even have that, but the third and the fourth ...
And then you go back just like that, as if you are going for a short walk, and you are adult again just like that, and you take your possessions from before ... from just a few hours, madam, because there was no time; having been for those nine months, and perhaps a hundred years in the world for reincarnation, means nothing.
You go there, you fall asleep and you wake up again; and you are in the spheres again.
And then the master must, if you had fallen asleep then, the master must bring you back again to that state in order to show it to you consciously.
But if you experience that - and millions of souls experience that, now still on the earth, that keeps happening to children who die at an early age - then that child of yours experienced the birth in you, and the awakening in you, and the growing and expanding physically and spiritually, and goes back to the Spheres of Light.
You can make do with that, madam, because that is already an extraordinary thing when the human being gives birth to a child.
And it comes when the human being has had contact with many beautiful lives, or it would not even be possible.
Then you do not attract any spiritual consciousness but material destruction, psychopathy and insanity.
Isn’t it true?
I have here: “In ‘Spiritual Gifts’ for example - read pg. 96, part I - master Zelanus writes: ‘The occult laws take you between life and death, you must become empty, then the own will is put outside of your intellect,’” you see, “‘and then I can, master Zelanus, take away the life aura, then spiritual unity follows.’
Question: What does master Zelanus mean by taking away the life aura?
Why does he take that away now and how does he do that?”
Mr Reitsma, if you read ‘Spiritual Gifts’ properly, then you will read it for levitations, ‘direct voice’, dematerialization and materializations, won’t you?
I experienced ‘the direct voice’, I myself had it, all those gifts ...
I have nothing.
Master Alcar has that.
But by means of my feeling we first build on - you will soon also read that in ‘Jeus III’ - the physical trance, physical, and if that is deep ...
If the doctor puts you under anaesthetic, he still cannot even ...
Then the astral world still cannot even take away your aura, because you must go even deeper.
That will of ours is so deep.
As what, Mr Reitsma?
The will of the human being holds onto the life because the life is will and the will is life.
How do you wish to lose your will and your life?
If I want to speak here and I must give the books and I must receive all of that, then my will and my life must go, or they cannot reach me.
And you will soon read that in ‘Jeus III’, how the physical trance and that psychic trance are built up.
But you already read that in ‘Between Life and Death’, you read that in ‘Spiritual Gifts’, because they began with that in Ancient Egypt.
And now you still ask, while you get all the explanations there: how can I take away that aura?
Sir, read it again.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That theme comes ...’
Yes, do you wish to have that?
Yes, sir, then we are finished, you see; just try it, but then Rosenburg will be open to you.
I must still be awake in everything, sir, in my deepest subconscious and think, otherwise I will be irrevocably lost for the other side.
If I still had faults in my subconscious, then they would already have got me tonight.
Just believe it, sir, I am, I am completely open and no one can reach me, only master Alcar.
But now I have got knowledge, space, space, and now I must just prove what I can do.
But in my subconscious I am not bad, because I was in the first sphere, and I saw that, and no one will take that away from me.
And then you can say that I am a brat and a rotter, and that is up to you, but I come from somewhere where there is peace, quiet and harmony.
And otherwise I would not have been able to do with work.
With one foul characteristic Jozef would most certainly have been in Rosenburg.
Because that one would be just as much as for another who only has society, sir, because I came to the space, and that one, if it is not calculated and safe, would have completely destroyed me.
But that physical trance, sir, the nerves must be free from your will, and the blood circulation, your life blood, your life of feeling must be completely disengaged up to the last limit, where your thinking begins, if the masters want to take away the aura from you.
What you write here, that is about metaphysical gifts, mediumistic gifts, about the ‘direct voice’, dematerializations.
Why would they take away the aura from you, sir?
If they take away your aura, all the aura, then you will also be immediately out of it tonight.
Do you know how many grams of aura you have?
How many pounds and kilos do the masters have to take away from the human being?
If you ... the life aura ... if you ... that ...
You are one aura, you live by means of the aura, that is the time of life, that is the life as time for your life on earth, and that is life aura, that is life juice, that is the life milk of the All-Mother by means of which we people live.
What keeps you alive now?
Why do you live, why are you still not dead here?
Why have you really still not died here now?
And why does one person die early and the other person late?
Why must a human being become eighty years old, sir?
Did you already ask me those questions here?
No, you didn’t, did you?
No, but I will not explain them for you now, you must just think about that yourself, otherwise you will not learn anything.
You can also ask millions of questions, and then you will still not have made it.
But what you are talking about here, that is about taking away the life aura for manifestations, and you are not talking about that now, are you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But I think so, the life aura is theory to us, we cannot imagine it.’
No, but your whole source ...
If your arm rots, sir, begins to decay, your life aura comes back, do you understand that?
You are only just a ton of water, you are no more than that, also with salt and other particles of the universe, also some pepper, oxygens.
And if that evaporates, your life cell for this life evaporates.
And if that cell ...
You have never asked me before, sir, where that cell lives in the human being which is then the food for your existence; no one has ever asked me that yet; you see, because you cannot think in that source either, because that is cosmology.
We have not yet talked about personality; yes, indeed, but not about the cosmic personality.
What do you master of God as personality, how much of that do you have?
How much feeling do you have of the divine feeling, in harmony, justice, love, fatherhood, motherhood?
How much feeling of that divine process of giving birth do you already have now as mother and father in you?
Can we still write books?
Sir, what you are talking about, that goes to the spiritual gifts, and we are not talking about that.
That is all in those two books ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
What does master Zelanus mean by taking away the life aura?
Why does he take that away?
What use would it be to him to suck you empty tonight?
Because if he took so many grams of feeling from your life this evening, sir, then you would go through your knees tomorrow.
If a human being works hard, sir, does he then tire his body?
Yes, indeed.
But what does he lose by means of his work?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Aura.’
Aura, sir.
You evaporate for a moment, no more than that.
You can tire those muscles, but you have given those muscles power and that power takes you back to the life aura of those muscles and systems; and they have lost their aura by working hard.
Do you wish to get to know the human being?
Do you wish to learn a very great deal next season?
Verstehen Sie das?
Verstehen Síé das?
Nein, ik hab es gegen Sie. (No, I tolk to you.)
Verstehen Sie das alles?
Little, some ...
No, little that is Spanish, but etwas, nichtwahr, etwas. 
Oh well. (laughter)
You see, Mr Reitsma.
And it also says here: “ ... life aura takes me to page 131, part II, of ‘Spiritual Gifts’, it says there: however, healers must know that they are giving away their own life aura by the laying on of hands.
And that it has not nearly been proved whether their own aura is healing.”
Sir, there are healers who already begin ...
If you want to be a healer ...
I explained it to you several times, I can give you the gift of healing instantly this evening.
You do not believe it.
I was already able to do that several times.
In Amsterdam I had the most beautiful and wonderful example.
One evening a gentleman comes to me, and he says: ‘Jozef, do you know a healer for me?’
I say: ‘I do not know one who is good in order to do that.’
I thought of someone, I think: oh no.
Then master Alcar suddenly says to me: ‘He will be it himself, because he is a good person.’
And I say: ‘You will do what I do, what I say.’
His wife had been tired, tired, tired, dead tired for thirty years.
She had been to twenty specialists, and it does not help, it does not help; and eating eggs and drinking milk, it all does not help, dead and dead tired.
A deadly tiredness, always, what is that?
There is something wrong there.
Do you know what, sir?
What was wrong, what ailed this organism?
Not the human being, but this organism.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ...succeeding aura.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Too little aura.’
Mr Götte, this body had too little aura.
And so that body did not build on vital stages, that body, those nerves were not a hundred percent vigorous because the source in there got too little.
So there were material disturbances by means of which it could not be absorbed.
And they are in the first place the mucous membranes, blood, spinal cord at present; now you go to the astral material systems, first mucous membranes, spinal cord, blood, glands.
Then he got hold of the gift instantly from master Alcar, and within three weeks that woman was no longer tired.
There is proof here because there are many people who know them.
Those people were also here in the hall last week.
That woman had become bursting with vitality.
But what happened now, sir?
I can give you the gift of healing.
But then I stood behind that man for six months, because I had to steer.
Then I said: ‘You will get the gift of healing from me, under the masters’ orders’, then I was the one who had to put him to work, no, he got the power from me.
And then I was stuck to sir day and night.
And when he was ready, I say: ‘Thank you, sir.’
I say: ‘Did you do that well?’
He says: ‘I don’t know.’
I say: ‘No, sir, I can still say it to you: it was me.’
I say: ‘And if you come even higher, then it will be master Zelanus, won’t it, as first adept of the masters, and then you will get master Alcar.
And if he goes even higher; sir, then it will be the Christ.’
There was a little lady in Amsterdam, she had to have an operation - I told you that - with an awful tumour of four, five pounds.
The doctor says: We will operate tomorrow morning.’
But during the night she was screaming from the pain.
And she had read all the books, she thinks: My God, my God, André was on Golgotha with master Alcar.
Why would I not attune myself to Golgotha now?
Sir, she grabs the book and places it on her stomach, on the tumour, the third part of ‘The Origin of the Universe’, falls asleep, and in the morning the tumour of four pounds has disappeared.
Sir, you can experience those wonders every day, if you are open to them yourself and if our life of feeling really gets through to that truth.
Because we want to pray, but we do not have the power, sir, because all that unhappy part which is part of our subconscious and our life of feeling restrains the real unity and the prayer of the human being.
Doesn’t it?
So that prayer or those feelings for recovery do not even rise above our own heads.
Because, sir, we are broken inside, we are lying and deception and lust and hate and destruction and jealousy inside.
And this is why it does not help you, but it does for another person.
And then one person says: ‘Yes, that God is harsh.’
Lourdes, sir, people go there in order to get better, but more of them die, sir, than those who get better.
One, yes, if they perhaps have a stroke of luck in Lourdes, sir, then the Catholic church shouts it out for the whole world, but the four hundred and ninety five thousand who must return home broken and beaten and kicked with their tuberculosis and their cancer and their paralysis, that is not talked about.
But I can explain those laws to you.
Do you see?
How much life aura do you have now?
I can make a healer out of you, sir, if you really do what the other side says, and do not think away from the masters, and away from the Christ.
There are some here, who start to heal just like that. ‘I will just connect you with the Christ.’
But they want to see nakedness; lust and violence and brutalisation.
And that person says just like that: ‘I will just connect you with the Christ.’
Do you not sense that horrible boasting?
And that brutalisation?
They learned here and they now do it themselves, they can do it even better than I can.
They heal.
Do you wish to heal, sir?
While every insect can prove to you that you are lying and deceiving.
And do you then wish to give the aura from yourself, sir?
Which stinking, destructive, brutalized aura is that which you give there to a patient?
You only just suck them dry.
I can honestly go with two fingers raised, and say: ‘I have carried my patients.
I loved them.
I wanted to die for my patients.’
I also died for my patients.
Sir, they could not even look at me anymore, then they already began to weep.
All the years.
And when I was healing, sir, and then I was happy, and then I was one, I became illness, but I also took over that illness.
Oh, sir, madam, now healing is the most beautiful and the most wonderful thing there is.
But I am pleased that I no longer need to do it.
Yes, indeed.
I have tasted and eaten all those sanctities, and I am now pleased that I no longer need to do that.
Do you know why?
(To someone in the hall): What did you say?
(Someone says something.)
No, sir, what I contribute to that today, tomorrow they knock out again themselves by means of quarrelling and hatred.
You are powerless with your healing, because you bleed dry if you are stuck to an illness.
I saw them who snarled at the mother as a child, I say: ‘You can now get the ‘droodles’, I will not come back again.’
‘Why not?
I am doing so well.’
I say: ’If you love her, I will heal you.’
And then she got to love the mother, then I had healed the girl’s character, healed the body, and the mother too.
I built them all up.
I did not help any human being, sir, who hated, and who destroyed.
Yes, indeed.
I say: ‘Master Alcar, may I refuse?’
Then he says: ‘You may refuse, because the Christ gave us the example.
He said: “Let the blind just heal the blind.”’
And if you want that, sir, then you will be an apostle for healing tomorrow.
But there must not be one single fault in you.
Not one own will.
You must always ...
You must not just say: ‘I will connect you with Christ.’
Sir, they are demons who say that.
I never dared to say that, that never passed my lips either.
And I experienced wonders, sir.
I experienced wonders, do you see?
I came to the Rijswijkseweg ...
I can tell you about thousands of healings like that, we can write about them in the books, ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
I come to the Rijswijkseweg: a child of twelve years old with such holes in her leg, the right leg, that you can see both bones lying so open and exposed.
Eight years, it had already began from the age of two, in and out of hospital.
I come there, I look: master Alcar, doctor Franz, the highest masters from the seventh sphere.
‘André, will we do wonders today?’
I say: ‘What?’
‘To give that leg flesh?
Will we just put that aura in condensed flesh?’
I say: ‘What?’
Sir, the girl’s foot was lying there; across it like that, and the leg was closed and healed.
There some water and here water, magnetized water, and within a week the legs were okay.
The woman became afraid, the mother became anxious because it happened too quickly.
I say: ‘No, madam.’
I once went into the Metropool, the cinema, and the girl was sitting there, twenty-one years old, a gorgeous child: Oh, Mr Rulof.’
I say (talk quietly): ‘Shut your mouth.’
‘Oh sir, just look, just look?’
I said: ‘Yes, it is better, isn’t it?’
Sir, instantly!
And hundreds like that.
And then master Alcar said: ‘We do not intend to act like Christ.
But it is necessary.’
Why, sir?
Because we still got more aura from space in power - a thrust - and feeling.
And if you want that, sir, only just want to be truth, and loving and loving, then you will also get books, then you will also get art, then you will also get wisdom.
Sir, I can show you grade for grade as a foundation how that developed itself in my feeling.
And then I was one with the illness.
I became pain.
I became a kidney stone and a gallstone, and they left of their own accord because that aura of mine went in there.
Yes, through master Alcar.
It was never me.
It was them.
Do you also wish to have that?
Do you see?
Is aura healing, sir?
If you wish to be a healer, then I can start to talk about this for four weeks once more.
There are people amongst you who sometimes put out their hands, but people, do not do that, do not do it.
If you are not sure of yourself, do not do it; because oh God, oh God, if you see yourself ‘behind the coffin’ and you see that mud went from your hands ...
My God, my God, the human being is walking around with that.
You would want to kill yourself, but you cannot do it.
Have I not said a hundred times: do not violate spiritual gifts.
Because you no longer violate a mediumistic gift just like that in order to look, in order to see, but you stop the development of Christ.
You are involved with mankind, the evolution of millions of people, and that goes straight to the Christ, who was destroyed, murdered on Golgotha.
That is: if you say a word here against another.
That is: if you want to start to heal, sir, want to give an aura to a patient, if you really possess pure love, sir, then the flow of your aura will already begin.
If father and mother love each other with regard to the children and the children also love the father, the child can heal the father, and the mother; and the other way round.
Isn’t it true?
And then I can make healers of you.
But I will not begin with that again, because I have made something of it, and now I can drop dead.
Fine, sir. Wonderful.
I worked for years in order to give the human being that power and now I can get lost.
That is their business, just go ahead, ‘behind the coffin’ they will see how many reckonings there will be, sir.
Not from me, but from someone else.
And that is all true.
Boasting, you can deceive the human being with something, sir, you can tell the human being: ‘Oh, I am so wonderful and beautiful.’
But not one person will believe that.
But you can still do it with nice frills and all those things around you.
Human boasting.
If people say to you: ‘I will connect you this evening, I will just connect you with the Christ’, then you will just slap that man and that woman in the face and say: ‘Go away, devil, because you cannot do that.’
That human being does not even exist.
I know the space, I know the Divine All but I cannot do that.
Christ himself can do that.
And no master can do that either.
Master Alcar cannot even do it, because he cannot take the fourth cosmic grade in his hands, he must first earn that.
But such a botched feeling from the earth says to another, inane, unconscious being: ‘I will just connect you with the Christ.’
You could do them an injury.
And that has read books?
That has accepted masters?
And then the masters and the Christ could, and the books, they could all get the ‘droodles’.
They can do it?
Now just let them beat themselves, I don’t mind.
But that does not mean five cents on the market.
On the market, sir, and on the street stones of the universe you cannot even get rid of your powers.
But you can to unconscious beings.
You also say here ...
Yes, we can continue with that healing, but what use is it to me?
“Can the healer test himself?”
Sir, yes, there you have it again, hundreds of thousands of questions now charge at you.
Can you not test yourself?
Do you not know that you cannot connect the human being with the Christ, do you not know that?
And that other boasting which is added?
What happened to humility?
You must really know whether the other side and the macro cosmos steer and inspire you there, you must see that.
I will not dare to explain a word of that macro cosmos if I have not seen those laws.
You get everything from me which I have seen myself.
And then the patient gets that certainty.
(Jozef continues to read.)
“If the patient is dead tired after two hours of treatment and must go and rest immediately is that a piece of proof that the magnetizer is not good for his task?”
Sir, there are hundreds of thousands of phenomena which I gave.
I had to send one person to Scheveningen in order to show him the beach and then another half an hour to go home.
Half an hour to go home, to have a seat, and then out in the street again.
And I let another one sleep for twenty-four hours in a row.
And he could not sleep for three days, sir.
In which grade of feeling do you live and what do the systems need?
That is a book in itself.
Are you satisfied?
I have here: “Dear Mr Rulof, this is the third lecture which I am attending.
I have of course a great ...”
(To the hall): Is that that lady who just left?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, that is me.’
Who are you then?
Oh, madam.
That lady was also here a few times.
“This is the third lecture which I am attending.
I have of course missed a great deal,” You have not yet missed anything, madam, “ but I also hope to catch up.”
You can do that too.
You are here for the first time this evening?
Two, three times?
If you really have this in all states, if you therefore have the feeling, we are talking here about harmony, about unity, about devotion to duty and bowing our heads, if you have all of that, madam, then you will perhaps be ahead of hundreds of thousands of people in the world this evening.
You do not need to catch up with anyone.
(Lady in the hall): ’No, I do not mean that.’
No, madam, but I am just telling you that, you see.
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ...explained.’
Madam, I am just telling you that.
They can tell you about the hereafter, and if you have not read that, they can also do that to you, but your feeling means more, if you have it, than all the explaining of those books; because then it is you yourself.
I am just giving you that.
I know what you mean.
You will catch up with that wisdom because if you read those books then you will already be a long way, there will soon be ... we have nineteen of them, and this year we hope to also place the twentieth book in your hands.
You also have here ...
(To the sound technician): How many do I still have?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘About three, four minutes.’
About three, four minutes.
I also have here: “ ... to catch up.
For me, I have thought deeply about everything which I heard and read and I would like to ask you the following, perhaps stupid,” I have dissolved that once more thank God because there are no stupid people, “ ... to ask stupid questions, but questions important to me.
Perhaps I am looking at the things mentioned below in the wrong way: God began with His creation by dividing himself, by means of which we finally originated as we are now, got hold of.”
Is that correct?
“So we originated from God and we represent Him.
According to my feeling this then means, that we were united in God before creation, therefore divine.
If we now finally return to God again and will of course be divine again, are we not just as far then?
Why must we then go to the earth?
God had an intention with that of course otherwise it would not have happened.
Can it be the intention that we are consciously divine at the end of our cycle?
Were we conscious that we were united in God before creation?
We now know nothing about our previous lives.
If God is eternal, therefore no beginning and no end, we originated from Him and therefore have to represent Him, we are also eternal anyway.
Is there even a beginning for us?
Why were we ultimately created as people, because if we were united in God before creation, what were we like then?
Am I perhaps going too far?
I cannot work it out.”
I understand that.
Madam, I thank you sincerely for these questions.
But I will read them out to you, you will get all of them.
In the first place ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, ‘Mental Illnesses’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, and then you go onto the ‘Grebbe Line’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, and when you have read all of that ...
Have you read them already?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No.’
Madam, then you will get all the answers to your questions.
But if you have only been three times ...
You have been here three times?
Then I compliment you on your thinking.
You really think well because your questions are humanly sharp.
And many people do not have that.
And you have not read much either?
(Lady in the hall): ’Yes, two books.’
Only two books?
Ladies and gentlemen, you are just comparing her to yourself, and then you can feel there is someone here who thinks things through.
And you will get an answer through the books.
Did you bring a few this evening?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, I have two of them at home.’
Which ones are they?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Masks and Men.’
Oh child, you should not have started with that.
(To someone in the hall): ‘Do you still have ‘The Origin of the Universe’, Mr Wim, Mr van Agthoven, do you have ‘The Origin of the Universe’?
But child, then first take ‘A View into the Hereafter’ with you and just leave ‘Masks and Men’ alone, because they are cosmic novels.
But there is also one thing: you may read them from me.
Because there are people who know nothing about all these things, they find ‘Masks and Men’ tremendous, and they are also tremendous.
Because our people just wish to look behind the masks immediately; because they learned a lot after all, didn’t they?
But these ‘Masks and Men’, ladies and gentlemen, they were written in such a way that my pupils, even if they have experienced seventy thousand lectures, who do not yet understand it in the beginning, they must see the masks analysed for this purpose.
Just continue.
But then read ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and the other books.
My compliments again.
Ladies and gentlemen, did I give you something this evening?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
I also have two letters from Mrs de Visser?
Mrs de Visser, may I begin with them next week, or I will go home with you and finish it, then you will sleep ...
Just next week, don’t you think?
Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your benevolent attention, and ...
(Hall): ‘See you next time.’
No, good night!
(There is clapping.)
Good night.