Thursday evening 12 June 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
I also have a letter here from last week, and a question from Ettingen-Bernard.
Who is that?
And you ask here: “There is a Mr Borgman living in Amsterdam, who has an institution for radiation treatment.
Sir ... Madam ...”
Is that Madam?
“Sir says that he is a doctor ...”
That man is not a doctor; if that man already acquires a title then there will not be a lot left of the human being, or he must have acquired that in two years, in five years.
I know that man, when he was magnetising in 1938, 1937, he was great, but I do not know about afterwards.
I know that he was very expensive, I also know that, because there was a cashbox there when you came in there,“ ...but he calls himself an occultist.”
He was also that, yes.
Now the occultism has probably been put aside, and now he will begin with therapy.
“He has many, a great many pieces of electrical equipment and radiation lamps and one piece of equipment is unique in the Netherlands.
And people say he shrinks tumours and growths with that, even cancer growths reoccurring in the beginning stage.
He makes his diagnosis without the patient having to get undressed,” that on top of everything else, “and then treats them exclusively with those different pieces of radiation equipment.”
But if you are a doctor, you may do that, isn’t that true?
“Also with a magnetic treatment.”
You see, that is the old one now.
This person used to magnetize.
“Now my question is: do those special pieces of equipment exist, and can you attach any value to the above?”
Madam, when that man magnetized he was a hundred percent.
But then I must go back to 1934, 1935, 1936.
Then that man was really good.
First class.
A hundred percent.
But what later ...
If you have gifts now, and you are really good, what do you hope to achieve with a piece of equipment, while you can do that with your hands, with that life aura?
What can a piece of equipment do, however strong, madam, by means of the radium?
And that happened several times, that my aura was stronger than the radium
(A piece of text is missing here, the subsequent text is right in the middle of a completely different subject) ... aura which touched the soap bubble.
And that soap bubble, if you make a soap bubble from some soap and water then that soap bubble has already condensed for millions of ages.
You cannot even look back into that astral, rarefied, divine, soulful; I cannot say soulful now, you must have Goethe for that, soulful.
(The introduction to the question is missing here:) That point and that core, the animal world originated from that.
Question: “Then the animal is therefore actually inspired by us.”
No, the animal is ... by us, from that cell, from that divine source ...
So God gave, the All-Source laid everything ready in the first stage - (there is barking) there he is again - father and mother began in that universe: the moon as mother, the sun as father.
It started to divide itself, we now got to experience the cell life, we separated in the first stage and no more was needed for that, because it is our and was our first birth as a human being in the embryonic state.
So then the animal world began by building up, mothering and fathering in those same, by means of those same laws, and millions of grades of animal organisms emerged.
(It remains silent.)
“Did Mother Nature originate from the discarded skin of the animal?”
How did Mother Nature originate?
What are sand, and granite, and stone actually?
How did all of that originate?
Can you follow that evolution?
Perfectly simple.
The waters on the moon ... that was one quagmire: water and mud.
But that was all living mud in the first grade.
The mud which you now get from a ditch is post-creation, is also absolute mud.
But that mud there, that mud, that sultry life in there, in that juice, in that sediment, that was still not water, that water was all fermenting organism, growing motherhood and fatherhood.
(To someone who comes into the hall): Just come in, madam.
Growing fatherhood and motherhood in everything, and that started to expand until the last one originated, and the soul already began to be born on the moon for the fly and the louse and the flea, which you now have, and the crocodile and the snake.
The post-creations are also inspired by the moon, had to cover a cosmic path by means of the moon in order to get inspiration on earth.
Otherwise that flea would certainly not know that we were people.
But he knows it.
Is the flea he or she?
(Someone says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘She.’
But it is a he, because he bites terribly. (laughter)
“Did Mother Nature originate from the discarded skin of the animal?”
So by means of that rotting process people finally also got post-creations there.
For what?
For what now?
When all of that had wasted away, had lived it up, what followed now?
Now you can write a book about creations, creations, creations, creations, creations.
And then something else came.
What was that?
That is now Mother Nature.
Condensing came in nature, in those waters.
That water started to condense.
That water already created the soul in the first place for itself and the life again for the fish, all the fish we now have in these seas.
But that life, that awakening process and growing process for nature became the condensing of grass, greenery.
Condensed aura as material, as water, as slush, as mud.
And life started to grow in that again; and the greenery, nature appeared.
Because what you mean by nature is the life on the earth.
But now also the life in the earth.
What is on top of that is just a little thing.
But you should cross that globe.
You will probably not believe it, but I made journeys through the earth.
I saw that fire, and diamonds of a thousand kilo there; only you cannot get them above the ground.
Gold, silver, everything can be analysed, because the living aura for that gold lives in the cosmos.
And Einstein is right about that.
But just let him come.
The dimensional worlds for silver, gold, uranium.
What is uranium?
I can explain that to you this evening.
You do not need to go to America for that, to those atom experts; I can explain to you what uranium is.
You probably do not believe that, do you?
You would really like to know that, of course.
Oh, I didn’t think so.
It will cost you one guilder per person this evening. (laughter)
Now I want to earn money; then at least I will publish another book.
Isn’t it true, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, indeed.’
Piet Hein is also here. (laughter)
Sir, remember, we will not let us ... will we?
And we take care of it ourselves at the moment.
Madam, then that development began.
Then we gradually got the blade of grass.
And if you do not believe that, madam, then just go to the East, you will just make a sea voyage, and the further you go to the East, you will see that begin stage again as greenery, as post-creation.
The very latest grade is still present in the waters.
And the captains say that: if you go into those and those waters you will come out of there green.
And that is just like a film.
That core is still - even if we have got trees, got hardening, got growth, expansion - that first grade is still present in the waters.
And if you want to take the water in the ditch, and you want to crystallize it, and you have a good microscope, then you can still see all those things.
And then you will see, as the academic already says, millions of animal species.
And the water itself ...
What is water, ladies and gentlemen?
I explained that to you recently ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Blood.’
... to Mr Berends.
That is blood, but it is even more.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The womb for ...’
Yes, it is also that.
You see, now I was seeing and now I have lost it.
I was seeing.
Now it has gone.
I am therefore not a good seer because it has gone.
But it is not about that.
Then I will just begin again with that lady, I will come back to it.
What is now as the ultimate core, what is water now?
We have seen blood, life aura.
The seas, are also a mother, are the giving birth for all animals.
But everything emerged from that water, everything was born.
And if you then, where we were a moment ago, look at the seas, then you will see that first absolute stage again, because when I went to America, I absolutely paid attention to it, because I asked the captain: ‘Where do we enter those waters where that briny green can be seen?’
Then he said: ‘Then you must have patience, tomorrow morning, in a day and a half we will be in that area.’
And then I also saw it.
Then I started to check that myself.
What is water now?
What is growth now?
And what is growth and blossom now for the animal kingdom?
What is water in itself?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The material breath of life.’
Material divine breath of life.
Blood, really blood.
Water is, if you drink that, then you drink the All-Soul for the material.
Water has soul, spirit and a personality.
What is now the personality of this water?
What is the ultimate limit of human blood?
What is the outer limit of the light in the human eye?
You see, now you come back for everything to the cosmology, the divine law of life, and everything can be analysed.
If you just let this (glass of water) evaporate, madam, then it goes back to this here. (Jozef breathes aloud), and you breathe that water in again.
And you now understand that there are initiates who only come like that (Jozef breathes in) and can live?
Yes, you say.
Yes, she says.
She nods, she calmly nods ‘yes’.
Now we will continue.
“So then the animal world is, and Mother Nature, material inspiration.”
Yes, indeed.
“So then the animal world is, and Mother Nature, material inspiration.”
No, madam, it is not that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Inspiration for the material.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Inspiration for the material.’
Then Mother Nature is ...
Where is the spirit of Mother Earth?
What is actually inspiration in the waters, the spirit of the water, the breath of life of the water?
And what is here ...
“So then the animal world is, and Mother Nature, material inspiration.”
Is that possible?
You should hear what kind of word changes the world.
That does not exist here, because that is not possible.
“So then the animal world is, and Mother Nature, material inspiration.”
No, the animal world, and Mother Nature, is life, soul and also spirit.
But not inspiration.
It is spirit, soul, personality.
From the material things we see the personality of Mother Earth and Mother Nature; but now the soul, the life and also the spirit.
And that no longer inspires, but that is inspiration.
That is life, soul and spirit.
That life is growth, blossom.
And that is then the inspiration which you mean.
But that must not lie on top, but that must be under it.
And that is divine driving force.
That is divine evolution.
That definitely goes back to where it came from.
And suddenly - it is that now - that whole great space also dies out here, with that little earth as a spark.
The human being too.
But the human being continues.
And then we have completed our cycle of the earth.
The earth disappears.
The human being does not realise, madam, how wonderful the human being is as life; not yet as character, as personality.
But as life I have so much respect for life, but not for the character and the personality: we must just await that, that will come later.
But originated as a living source, from that deity - the human being is a deity - represents Mother Earth, with soul, spirit and her spatial, cosmic personality, God.
God gives us a place in order to experience that earth and in order to enter an evolution soon for to go there, or back to the earth, so that we get this space in us.
Nice, isn’t it?
Not simple?
But simple.
Yes, she is nodding again, the lady.
Yet it is simple.
“So then the animal world, and Mother Nature, material inspiration.
Is it because as a result of this that they have a lower consciousness and build themselves up and adjust to the material?”
What do you mean by this?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I cannot put it so well.’
No, madam, you are in it and you are out of it again nicely.
And now you must not go so far.
But you must ... a very little thing ...
You are clinging to cosmology here.
And you see what happens now.
Who with the sharp feelings can analyse this?
“So then the animal world and Mother Nature are material inspiration.”
We analysed that now.
“Is this the reason why they have a lower consciousness?”
What do you call low in creation?
Do you mean that Mother Nature and the earth possess lower consciousness?
(Lady says something.)
But you write it.
What do mean then?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The human being is the highest conscious.’
Yes, but you are also talking about Mother Nature here.
Or are you talking about the human being again?
You also have here: “Did Mother Nature then originate from the discarded skin of the animal?”
By means of all that rotting and expanding - I explained to you a moment ago - Mother Nature was born, in the waters.
Mother Earth was born in the waters.
And gradually, which you now call earth ...
First you see that astral globe here, don’t you, but in that water, in that astral globe you got condensing and a little bit of water, by means of that expansion, that were separations.
The life juice separated as the soul continued as spirit and as spark.
By means of every giving birth, madam, we detached something.
And that can still be seen in the mother now.
If you perhaps want to know what the amniotic fluid means for the mother, then I can continue with that.
Now Mother Nature is therefore no longer any material inspiration, but she is giving birth, she is life.
“And is it now because of this that they have a lower consciousness?”
Lower consciousness does not exist in the creation for the earth and her life.
We speak of lower consciousness and unconsciousness, and actually we must also already throw these words overboard: there is only just evolution.
But in order to depict the social, in order to know with what people and what reality we have to do with for the cosmos, God, Christ and the space, we speak by means of our dictionary and we talk about consciousness and unconsciousness.
And that is not there; at least not on the other side.
On the other side you have light in your eyes, and you have feeling.
And that feeling attunes you absolutely as you experience things harmonic just as they are created.
Do you feel that it becomes even simpler and that we can determine the light in the human being’s eyes by this means?
It is obvious now, say the masters, that ...
“Is it by means of this that they have a lower consciousness and build themselves up and adjust to the material?”
No, that material does not need to be adjusted, because that suit which you have today, madam, that garment, that organism, is cosmically measured for you.
And you are your own tailor.
You do not have a gram of consciousness in your organism more than you possess in feeling.
If you want to speak about harmony: what does it mean now when we meet a psychopath?
He deforms his organism.
Can you feel this?
A psychopath is therefore the creator of the perished organism.
That twists itself into a thousand curves and cannot think normally.
So when you already think wrongly - we always just hammer away at this - and when you just want to think wrongly about creations, about this and about that, then you are also busy deforming your spirit.
And if the body then ...
Yes, the body also already gets something of it, because then fire comes from that face.
And if you go even deeper into that, that little lip already stands still and the eyes no longer get a shine, no longer get a light, and then the human being is busy destroying himself spiritually and physically.
Isn’t it, mother?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
‘Yes’, she says.
Yes, it is true, that is true.
Now we will just continue again.
“We were attracted as a soul by the earth and absorbed so much of her soul as we needed for this mother planet.”
You see.
Yes, madam, you must not try that on the other side anyway, this.
I am not criticising you, you know, but ...
If I came to master Alcar with a question like that, he would say: ‘Just go back for half an hour.’
If I was not ready for a journey, in order to ask questions, then leave it, then he would also stand still.
I had to learn to think, to learn to ask questions.
Now you start to ... so awe-inspiringly ...
This is a volume.
What you write here, I would need five books to explain that to you purely.
That is the whole cosmology which you possess.
And why so far from home now?
“We were attracted as a soul by the earth ...”
We were attracted.
So the earth was ready.
When we came from other planets to the earth, the earth was finished as an astral globe, and we began, we took over so much as we had in feeling and consciousness; embryonically again, no more than that.
Not such a lot, but just a millionth part like that. You cannot even see this here, what is now attached here (a drop of water), that was still a million times too much for the embryo which we were as a human being for the earth, in that stage.
The human cell as an embryo is so trivial, but still with all the life of feeling and consciousness - and do you accept that - that we already mastered ourselves.
Didn’t we?
Didn’t we?
Madam, you must accept that, because it still happens in the mother.
Because if you now see the human cell as an embryo, then you still cannot even see that thing with the microscope, and it lives.
And that is now illness, that is now fatherhood, motherhood, that is feeling, that is talent, that is also in it, we add that ourselves.
But that material core of the creator, the man, for the mother, is a millionth thing of a drop of water.
And that has, when it expands, that now has tuberculosis and cancer in our world, and also all the diseases and miseries of the life of feeling.
That trivial, tiny little cell, which is universally spatially deep, you cannot see that, has everything.
Now we will continue again.
And that began on the earth, and absorbed so much earth aura, earth life, earth spirit; so that is not earth, but that is the third cosmic grade.
So we took so much from that evolution in order to continue our life, and we began with a new life, a new organism, a new evolution, and went to the astral world again, the world for reincarnation, and came back to the earth again, were attracted again; and in this way the earth began her evolution, for us.
For us.
Is that clear?
Do you mean that?
Yes, look, if we were to really ...
If we were to really want pleasure from this then I must talk to you, talk until you know it.
Do you see?
Then we would be busy for months, until you have that absolutely, and then you will be conscious.
And then you will also experience some hundred thousand births, then you will also descend into that mother, with that soul, and then you will suddenly know it.
And then you will remain locked up in that mother for nine months, with that child, and then the child is born, and you take the wings and you go away again, and then you know the birth.
And once you experience that then you will know the whole of creation.
For animal and human being.
For planets and stars.
“Four: We were attracted as a soul by the earth, by the mother planet, and absorbed so much of her soul as we needed.
Question: Is the material body then inspired by this absorbed inspiration?”
You see.
You lose yourself in this, completely.
The next time you will not ask such deep questions.
“Is the material body now inspired by this absorbed inspiration?”
Is that possible?
Is that possible?
Can the material body be inspired by this absorbed inspiration?
What is the inspiration now of and for the material?
What is the inspiration?
What is the inspiration, ladies and gentlemen, of the embryonic cell, even if we are talking here about the first life on the moon and on the earth?
What did you say?
(Someone says something.)
Well, I cannot understand you, madam, you are talking too quietly.
(Lady in the hall): ‘The primal source.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘The primal source.’
The primal source.
So the divine soul is the driving force for the organism.
Yes, that is good.
Isn’t that true?
The divine core in us absolutely gives you a new life.
And we would also have known harmony, justice in all those millions of lives if we had not looked at that darkness.
But the divine core ...
But you have read in ‘A View into the Hereafter’: people live there in the darkness like jellyfish on the beach.
That is terrible, isn’t it?
You can, we can make ourselves into jellyfish, madam.
And then there will be absolutely nothing left of our consciousness, because we deform everything.
Every wrong thought is already the deformation of the divine harmonic spirit for the human being.
Do you understand this?
Every wrong thought is the deformation of the divine harmonic spiritual human being.
This is God, we are gods, now we must accept that.
But what did we make of our lives now?
Winter radish with sugar.
And that is also good, madam, (someone in the hall coughs) if you have a cold that is also great.
But that divine core in us takes the human being from that jellyfish existence back to reality.
Otherwise the human being will remain a jellyfish.
Didn’t you think so?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
There you go already.
So that divine core, that has been proved, crawls through granite, madam.
A seed on the ground, a blade of grass, a blade comes up like that through those hard stones, or next to those stones and penetrates that and goes through that, irrevocably, I saw grass growing through asphalt.
And that had to happen, that poor little seed, it had ...
The human being says: ‘How can it be?’
But that blade of grass made asphalt, concrete tear?
That has been proved.
That unconscious divine cell in us is so powerful.
It is still unconscious, unconsciously divine, but it forces that jellyfish existence into quickening.
And then the human being wakens again as a life of feeling; he has to continue, whether he wants to or not.
Damnation is therefore laid aside again.
The Catholic church must hear that, that the jellyfish existence comes back from the hells to God and is divine, even if that takes about ten centuries, that does not mean anything either.
I can already tell you this evening: you can let rip in life as loudly as you like, madam, you will get out of it again.
Because your divine spark ... We have kept ourselves too long here on earth, you will endure it here, but you will not stop your divine attunement. Your divine spark goes straight back to the conscious Divine All.
Because God represents himself by means of the human being, the animal, and Mother Nature.
“If we are therefore in harmony with this absorbed inspiration,” You are talking about absorbing again, “ is only then that the soul of the earth can let go of us.”
No, madam, you would like that.
“If not, is it because of this that the earth holds onto us?”
When we have experienced everything - you must know that for that matter, because we talked about that several times, if you have read and absorbed everything - what still keeps us here on earth if we have experienced that highest organism?
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Murder.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘No.’
Yes, you are talking so slowly, that thing cannot hear you.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Murder.’
Murder, arson.
Yes, madam.
We must ... We have been here at least millions of centuries too long.
The other side can prove that to you.
We have from the jungle ...
I made nonsense of it, but it is really like that.
We began there with eating people.
And what else then?
We slaughtered them.
We did everything.
And now in this society we still destroy each other, don’t we?
You still cannot get it in, because then it has always succumbed again, succumbed, succumbed, succumbed.
It is very difficult.
It is extremely difficult to assure you now of that core.
And what is stopping us here now?
We have piled up destruction upon destruction.
The human being who imagines that he is already it, is nothing.
Just do not forget: we destroyed worlds, worlds of beauty.
We consciously destroyed human organisms, a cosmic gem of magnificence of creation, and let them be eaten by the ants.
We not only killed the human being by means of pitch, madam, but we cut their eyes out.
We ate those hearts, we lapped up that blood, and because of that we are still here.
Just do not imagine anything.
Even if you are wearing a nice suit, for space you are walking naked.
I too, just as good.
Yes, Willem III too, you know. (laughter)
Willem III too.
And anyone who does not want to know it, and anyone who does not want to know it: there are no human beings in the world at the moment, however holy they are, who have not destroyed other people, even if they put crowns on their heads, we all walk in our own constructed trouble and misery.
And if we can already sit down, madam, you are approximately the oldest lady here I think, then we must already be pleased that someone tells us, takes us by the hand and says: ‘To the right.
And now be careful because there are stones lying here.’
The blind man is grateful here in the world, but we are spiritually blind, madam.
Do you not believe it?
And then they say again: ‘To the right.’
And then they say: ‘I will just cheer you up’, because then you go over a ditch, and that ditch is a hundred thousand metres deep.
You would drown.
And then we must just surrender and then we jump.
We already get those lessons.
Another human being goes to pieces and is powerless to look in a brilliant heaven, but then they look at damnation and a last judgement, and a god of revenge and hatred.
Don’t they?
And we who already know that, are not omniscient, but we who get the way and start to feel a hand, beat those hands from us and also put a dagger on top of them if necessary and then that spiritual hand is nailed to our self: we want to have it like that.
Don’t we?
We do it like that.
Yes, sir.
Or it is ...
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I said: rather not.’
What rather not?
Yes, but we do that every day.
Rather not, someone says there.
Rather not.
Oh, you mean, you would rather not do it?
Rather not do it, like that?
(Gentleman in the hall); ‘Not do it at all then.’
But we are talking about that now.
The human being, the human being, the human being.
And if we then enter those worlds, madam, which you are talking about ...
“When now in the world of the unconscious we have to go back to the earth, there must be something anyway by means of which that feeling is wakened.”
Who awakens that now?
You see.
You must just think about that seriously.
I will give you those letters and then you can also look into them.
You will get lines this evening, you know.
I will put down what you must battle out.
But who awakens you in the world for reincarnation, madam?
I already explained that here a hundred times.
And you experienced it.
But it does not appear to be easy to absorb and to remember that.
Who has this, who awakens this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yourself.’
(People talk at the same time in the hall.)
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The divine spark.’
The divine spark awakens that, and you are that yourself.
(Someone says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The earth.’
No, sir.
No, sir.
There is just one law.
Yes, you see, you can start to talk about laws with that and that and that, but then there is also a core.
What is it now?
(Someone says something.)
Your thread?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Birth.’
Yes, it is also birth.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Cause and effect?’
Not that either.
That too, that later withdraws you, then the law emerges and it is called: cause and effect, and karmic laws.
Then that law is even stronger than us, because that is called karma, but that is the human being whom we have murdered; and that human being says: ‘Hey, just wait, you also owe me a life.’
Hahaha, and they already fight here for a little bit of love.
But then a soul like that says: ‘You also owe me a whole life, and then another one, and another one, and another one, and another one.
Say, pay today.’
Do you know how people in the cosmos can pay the debts, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Lives.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘By the lives.’
What did you say?
Only by giving a new body to the human being.
They are the divine accounts.
And by means of love, love, love, yes yes.
It is full here this evening.
The core of earth has nothing more to do with it, because we completed the cycle of the earth and now that soul attracts us whom we have hit right in the face.
And she says: ‘Come back.
I am here, you are on earth, I must have my body.’
And you end up irrevocably by the Indians, by the blacks, by the Russian, by the Norwegians, by the Swedes.
You speak French, German and English, sir, you get all the languages of the world for nothing; as long as you are born with the mother who speaks French.
And that takes you out of that vastness and says: you will descend infallibly-: ‘I want to be inspired, I want to have a new life.’
Isn’t it nice?
Look, they are the laws, madam, ladies and gentlemen, which the human never ever gets hold of.
They are the divine essential laws which you can experience.
But divine justice is still infallibly there.
And the academic, the minister, the theologian says: ‘Yes, God works infallibly with the human being.’
No, madam, God has nothing to do with that, that goes infallibly from soul to soul; and we cannot get hold of that.
Because the human being with whom you are involved will be born.
Here on earth we people now say, if you get a beating from each other: ‘I will just go away, then I will just leave you.’
Sir, finish it for God’s sake.
Because you cannot meet one human being who does not belong to you.
What kind of justice would that be if we had to do with people whom we had absolutely not seen in those millions of ages.
Sir, you have experienced everything which is here in the hall, you have had to do with that and with the whole of this humanity, because mankind just originated by means of one father and mother.
And that means: that is the God as father and the mother, as All-Mother in the human being.
And we are all attached to that.
Because in the All, along with millions, we are one father, one mother, and then there is no longer any question of Gerritsen and Jansen and Abraham and Nico, sir, then we have lost the names, and then we have lost the family, because we have just one universal love.
Haven’t we?
And then we all become Our Lord, Christ.
Because she will be like the Christ, and he too.
And he is God and she is God.
And both of us represent space.
And here they are people.
Today one person went back to the Divine All so many thousands of years ago, and on the other side he had to call them together and say: ‘Come here, gentlemen.
Have you seen who they got me there?
Today it is called ...’
And if you enter there, and want to accept ...
No, ladies and gentlemen, then it is no longer called: I will see whether there is still something living there for me.
An art to select a beautiful life of feeling in this world.
But you will never get rid of your accounts.
And the human being who starts to search ...
Someone was with me, he says: ‘I flatly refuse it any longer!’
I say: ‘Sir, go, you have plenty of money.
But do not forget: you will take yourself along.’
And because of him another person broke her neck.
And he wanted to look for something else.
And she wanted to look for this.
No, sir, madam, we must fight it out together, and make something of this evolution together.
If it concerns what you mean, then I can add something to it.
Then we come to a universal state of purity.
The beating which you get today, you must be grateful for that if you have laid the laws for the wrong thing.
The law which we have to accept as a beating, good heavens, good heavens, it is psychopathy, craziness, it is cancer and tuberculosis for this West, and the worst thing there is.
Isn’t it?
And you can also write a book about this again.
“Is it then,” you ask again, “is it then the sperm which becomes conscious, which gives us that feeling there?”
You are just spoiling things.
Now it is also still the sperm.
“Is it then the sperm which becomes conscious, which gives us that feeling there?
Does the material inspiration of this one sperm have the inspiration in it of that discarded body of that life for which we must go back in order to make amends from that life?
The same therefore applies to the egg.”
That cockerel is also there of course, but he is not there now.
‘Does every sperm and egg then represent a life of ours?”
Can you get anything out of that, ladies and gentlemen, I can’t.
I am really sorry, madam.
You can think well, but now you have bitten off more than you can chew.
Did you expect anything different from me?
Are you sorry that I am shaking you up a bit?
Then you are already a hero too.
Because most people do not even want that.
Then they say: I will just not ask any more questions, that man will finish you off.
I am not finishing you off.
But we must ...
Honestly, it is all Greek to me, I cannot be any the wiser from it.
This is going too far for me.
(To someone in the hall): Not you, Mr Götte?
It is not far.
It is close-by.
You had almost taken along a good question too.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I hope so.’
Yes, I have more.
Let’s see.
Otherwise I will get a beating again.
Madam, you continue and you will work it out for yourself now.
I have here ...
You see, we are also sometimes faced with things, then it becomes too much, and then you can no longer analyse that.
I can analyse it, but then I must go through the whole of creation, and then I must lay foundations there, foundations here and there, and then we hold onto that, and then we must go through the animal world, and now you go to reincarnation, you go to rebirth; thousands of books stand on this.
Is that true?
And now, just don't bite your nails to bits.
“The body of feeling ...” people ask here, “‘A View into the Hereafter’, page 72: the body of feeling is the essential divine, the human being should develop that in order to be able to pass over into a higher state of existence.
This is said for the disembodiments.
How can people develop that feeling?”
That is a good question.
“By reading books and following lectures people do not achieve that, as you already said for that matter.”
But madam, did I say that?
Can you not decide that for yourself that you do not learn the least thing by means of lectures from me, and by reading the books?
(Lady in the hall): ‘You also said that recently.’
I also said it.
We learn by reading books and all those lectures ...
But do not imagine that I pay any attention to it.
But did you think now that I really believe, madam, that you learn something, only by means of lectures and by means of those things?
It is enough to make you despair, I said that several times, in order to explain all of that, because we are still crazy, we are so wretched, we people: we hit and kick and do even more.
How can you bring this life of feeling, that divine core, which this lady is talking about now, how can you bring that to awakening?
Do we not already have twenty, thirty rolls of that?
And have we not spoken about this for three years?
Did you not know that?
Did you really not know that?
You know, madam, I will prove it to you that you know it.
(To someone in the hall): Well?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘By serving.’
By serving.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ accepting.’
By serving.
We must come into harmony with the divine laws, and that is: harmony, benevolence, justice, understanding, universal love.
Which of us has that?
If you really have that, then you expand, and you need nothing of the world, no wisdom, no books, no masters.
But they have broken their inner neck and why would they not warn us then: do it like that, do it like that, do it like that.
‘Master Zelanus has achieved more with his books than we have with our cosmology’, master Alcar says, ‘because he could warn the human being against suicide.
Yes’, master Alcar says, ‘master Zelanus got that honour to tell that life, because I also committed suicide somewhere’, he says, ‘and twenty times.’
And everyone, you, everyone!
(To someone who enters the hall): Come in.
Do you see?
Suicide, madam, takes the human being to destruction, only to a state which you deny the life for a time.
That is suicide.
In which ever murder you are in, live in, and which ever murders you committed, you will come out of that again sooner or later, madam.
By means of one murder, by means of one murder - we kill a human being - we stop our creating, giving birth, divine, harmonic path.
That path, that means, that is a path, here we stand, now we start to walk, and now we commit a murder: wham, we close off that path like that and wander back from that harmony.
We no longer have any forwards and backwards, no left and no right.
We stand at stop, we stand still.
How many times do we not commit spiritual murder?
It is true.
Now we are in a mess.
And then you can say: ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.’
We are in a mess, now we are in a mess.
How does our divine life of feeling exist, that divine core in us, by what means?
Now, just begin, now you can go through the whole of society.
Just remember this, ladies and gentlemen, then you can play ten reels.
This is now the core, the core question for all our lives.
In order to go aimlessly, to just say: ‘Well, I will get you’ ...
If the human being does a wrong deed, then space already breaks down.
We hit on top of it and then we think: perhaps it will help.
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
For the third and the fourth time you can already no longer do it, because then you hit your whole being and your whole space away from you.
You can shout and bark and punish the human being; the father, the mother can still punish the child, but you can no longer punish adults.
How do we get our life of feeling to expand?
The lectures in Diligentia are about that now, about the origin of the universe.
If the universe could not have done that, we would not have any space.
Now begin!
Now begin: how do we awaken that?
Yes, by serving.
Which of us serves?
Which of you, who in society serves?
Every human being is still paid for his serving, because he must ...
No one has yet come to the world who got the millions of space for nothing.
We must all work for that.
And you are still paid for your job.
Well, sir?
We are first concerned with food and drink.
And then we go and look for a house and other people also look for a car and a Cadillac and a telephone and butlers and servants, and for millions, crystal.
Huh, the people are walking around with diamonds.
Just beat those things away from you first.
Adornment, noise, fuss!
Sir, anyone who is simple for space does not even want that nonsense.
Away with it.
Because that just makes a puppet show out of us, that means, we are now already on show.
How do we wish to materialize and to spiritualize our life of feeling in order to reach harmony with that space?
Madam, where does your divine spark live?
Where does your divine spark live now, Mr Berends, ladies and gentlemen?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Here, in us.’
Here, in the throat probably?
Yes, the divine spark is in the throat.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Really?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘In the solar plexus.’
In the tonsils.
In the solar plexus, you would like that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘You are it yourself.’
Yes, madam.
If the life of feeling speaks, then the divine spark speaks in a pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material grade.
Which of us can already speak spiritually now?
Speak spiritually?
Which of us acts spiritually, directly in attunement to that astral spiritual world, for harmony, benevolence, justice, love, fatherhood and motherhood?
Which of us?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, we cannot do that.
But you asked: Where does that divine spark reside?’
Well, where is that now?
Which of us awakens it?
Awakens her?
Who can do that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, we are not yet that advanced.’
And it is still there, because there was just One who said: ‘If you want to bring your divine self to awakening, you will go over My head and through My life.’
And we flatly refuse it.
Who was that then?
Mohammed perhaps?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The Christ.’
Do you see?
If we hold onto Him, that same Christ, if we hold onto Him, and you will not kill, and you will love your fellow human beings as yourself ...
But the human being suffocates in his own meanness, his stinginess, and in everything which we have here in society.
We are busy a thousand times: first me, me, me, me, me, and another thousand times me, me, me, me.
And then we start to see whether that brother or that sister of ours still has food and drink.
Isn’t that true?
Yes, and that is also very clear, sir.
If you come to stand before the spiritual law, before the real divine harmony - we also learned - then you do not need to help anyone, because every human being takes care of himself, also has to take care of himself.
You have experienced several times that you just spoil the human being again by means of that gentleness.
And then you would be better to accept the beating, sir, than to interpret a mealy-mouthed life of feeling and to go around that.
Just tell each other the truth, then at least you will have a spiritual law in your hands.
But leave it.
Stop it.
Sir, where does our life of feeling live?
How do we get our life of feeling to materialization - that is the harmony for society with everything - and how do we get it to spiritualization?
And you yourself stand, man and wife, before the philosophical systems of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Emanuel Kant, Jung and Adler and the rest who will still come.
(Lady says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That is really something.’
Who said: that is really something?
Is that really something?
Madam, it is nothing.
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle are geniuses of the world, but they did not record the spiritual grade for the real divine, spiritual, spatial thinking, and did not lay foundations either, because Socrates was still not a genius in the spirit.
We have theologians here, madam, they are the poorest of the world, and they know the bible, they can tell you a nice story, how those names - what is he called, Ibrahim and Damascus there, far, far, far back - how they lived and how they walked.
And then a pile of hatred comes towards you.
And that is then the possession of a theologian.
Are you trying to tell me that those people are spiritually divinely conscious?
They still have the bible.
Yes, indeed, we also need that.
But they have a  god of hatred and a god of revenge, and ‘just break down’, a God who damns.
He who destroys one life there and says to the other one: ‘Watch out, children, just go and stand behind me, I will first destroy five thousand.’
That is that nice god from the Old Testament, that cad.
They should hear that.
We have had people here who could not take it that I called god, that god at least, a cad.
A real thinking life of feeling no longer accepts that.
So if you want to awaken divinely spiritually, madam, that damnation must go.
Because then you will go to pieces sooner or later.
Because then you say: just die.
Just go and be damned.
Just put that man in a red-hot oven, and she too, because they stole two pieces of fruit.
They walked along paradise, they were thirsty and hungry, picked two pieces of fruit for each other and they went to prison.
Ugh ugh.
Justice of the Netherlands and mankind.
Madam, where does the feeling, the divine life of feeling live now?
You said there: that is the life of feeling, isn’t it, the solar plexus.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
You would like that.
It does not live there.
Because the solar plexus, sir, the solar plexus as feeling belongs to the human organism and is subconscious, isn’t it?
Because it cannot be seen for that matter, can it?
Doctor Tenhaeff, our parapsychologist, says: ‘That is divine consciousness.’
No, sir, that belongs to the day consciousness, because we feel and think from inside, and then it passes our lips and then we say we want from inside.
But that is still not the divine spark!
What is now the divine spark in the human being?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The soul.’
(People talk at the same time.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Fatherhood and motherhood.’
Fatherhood and motherhood.
No, madam.
(Lady in the hall): ‘The soul.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The eyes.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The eyes.’
The eyes.
No, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The feeling.’
No, sir.
(Lady in the hall): ‘The life.’
Yes, madam.
The life.
The life, which no one has in their hands.
Because when that life begins in the mother, the divine spark is busy, at the first moment, in the first moment, in order to inspire and to drive that embryo, and that is the divine life.
That is not feeling now, only the life.
Because everything is ultimately only life.
Madam, my compliments.
The divine core, madam, the divine life of feeling is in that pinkie, in that hand, if we do not pinch, and do not come like that in order to just gauge each other eyes’ out.
Because you must always make sure that our fingers are delicate and sensitive, but oh dear oh dear.
(Sound technician): ‘About three minutes.’
About another three minutes.
You are all the divine core, madam, it lives in your feet, even a part of your corn, in the grey hairs, in your neck muscles, your blood, your life.
What keeps you alive here on earth is the divine core.
And now ‘behind the coffin’, madam, what is it there?
So the spirit as a human being is the casing of that life ‘behind the coffin’, as a human being, and has eyes, teeth, nose and hands and legs and feet.
But the divine life again, which lives in everything, is the soul as the divine spark in attunement for the human life of feeling as man and wife.
The life of feeling is therefore the personal feeling and thinking in order to give ourselves form by means of the word.
Because even if we were blind and deaf, madam, we would still be alive and life would still go on.
And if you now meet a deaf person and someone who is completely blind, madam - a harsh word - then you will still see that the life is eloquent in that deaf mute and that blind person, that love as feeling is present there, and the life speaks as a human being at a divine attunement.
These teachings become perfectly simple, this wisdom, if you feel that we attune our hands and our legs and our garment, the eyes, the senses especially, the watching and the expanding to the spiritual grade of ours, for our inner possession.
But we draw from the life in order to give form to the life of feeling, that is the solar plexus here under the stomach from where we think and feel and act.
Isn’t that nice, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, indeed.’
Well, this is how far we are, you probably got a fright, because the tea is ready.
It is still dark but we must stop, we still have one minute.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will continue soon.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have a very long letter here.
I will read it out here.
It is worthwhile to a certain extent.
The lady is here, and the person from whom this is, will hear that, but there is something to it.
“If I am not asking too much time from you ...,” I hope that the people also wish to accept that, “ ...then you would do me a great pleasure by reading this through.
It concerns my path of life.
Why I am putting this letter in your hands, is the reason why I want to ask you a few questions about it.
I would not like to do it on Thursday evenings because I never speak to anyone about it and do not want to know it.
I hope that therefore a verbal answer ...,” So then we will just do it in this way,“ ... to get a verbal answer from you if you have a moment for me sometime, in the interval, for example.”
But that will take too long.
“My family,” now it starts, “my family on my father’s side was wealthy and very prestigious.
My grandparents on my father’s side were stupid enough to teach their children that they did not need to work, because they were rich.”
Stupid, yes, indeed.
“The consequences were terrible.
Father went into the wide world and did not think about anything but his enjoyment.
Yet he was a great artist, but he only painted when he felt like it.
In the middle of the world of pleasure he got to know my mother, a beautiful woman.
She was a daughter of a great artist, who did not play under his own name, he was a member of a theatrical company, which used to be well-known.
He married my mother in America.
Five children were born from that marriage, three brothers and a sister and I, the youngest.
My father did not know the value of money and it was therefore not so long before his money was finished.
Then he went to Amsterdam, where his rich parents lived, in order to just get some money again.
He got this, but under the condition that he would leave for America again with his wife and children.”
So the people here in Holland thought: here is something for you, but take to your heels.
Then we will not be bothered by that.
“Because a marriage to a daughter of an artist was inferior in their eyes.”
That is already a bit old-fashioned of course.
“This happened.
This money was also spent.
Father started to drink, and it ended in suicide.”
Well, he got his full share.
“Then misery came into our family.
Mother was not capable of taking care of five children.
She tried, but it did not work.
A brother of mine died from want.
Mother was meanwhile living in Amsterdam again.
Mother asked my grandparents on father’s side for help.
This decided it.
They wanted to help, but on condition that she gave up her four children, signed a document, that she would never get in touch again ...,” What cads they are, “ ...because we bore their name ...”
The thing people used to do for a name.
Shake, Schaakspire said ... (laughter)
Yes, he is called Schaakspire, isn’t he, Shakespeare, Shaakspier, Schaakspier said: ‘What is in a name?’
But what is now a name in this world?
But they used to commit a murder for that.
Yes, now a little bit too, you know.
Because if you are called Tietlatoetlata, then you apparently have more to ...
No, not anymore now, no, not anymore now.
No, that has gone, the last war ... the nobility ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘Wrung its neck.’
Killed, yes.
Yes, harshly put, killed.
Barons and counts mean nothing anymore now, because we now look at the human being.
But before, isn’t it so, sir, that meant a great deal. They also still want a little bit of that: I am that, with feathers on their coats.
It does not mean a jot to us, sir.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Barons and counts, that used to mean a great deal.
That also appears here.
Where were we?
“This decided it.
They wanted to help but on the condition that she gave up her four children.”
It is bad, isn’t it?
“To sign a document, that she would never get in touch again.
Because we bore their name, you see, they wanted to bring us up in our position.”
That used to be really bad.
“But she had to go back to America.
She made this sacrifice for the sake of the children.”
But it is still really bad.
“When my mother had left with the money needed, they put us in an orphanage.
And we were paid for, but they did not bother about us apart from that.”
Also very Christian, you see.
“We had to find our own way.”
Well, that lady has also experienced a lot of things.
“My oldest brother, who had known father and mother, went to sea.
Especially a lot to America in order to look for our mother.
He was mad about us and just like a father.
He perished at sea young.
My other brother died of bone cancer.
And my sister, who also went to America later, died in deep misery.”
What dramas, what dramas.
“I married young, but everything which we undertook was beaten from our hands.
We worked hard together in order to my children ...,” so that lady is also married again, “ ... In order to give my children a good upbringing.
We managed this.
The little bit which still remained, good home contents, were all lost with the war.
Our house and everything gone, bombed in Arnhem.
We got compensation, but very little, everything was expensive etc. etc.
But I live in one room in my children's house and live from Willem Drees (prime minister during the period of reconstruction after the second world war; during his time the general pensions act was introduced, as a result of which all people received a state pension from the age of sixty-five).”
You see, ladies and gentlemen, that we must do a little bit for Willem Dress?
We vote for Drees. (laughter)
He may give me a bit of commission. (laughter)
Yes, he should know that, that good old Willem.
That Willem is not that bad, don’t you think?
He just, for example ...
Oh, there are dramas.
Another drama this week.
Oh, yes, there are nice things for Willem Drees, but also wrong things.
He cannot watch the people and see what they do with their money.
There is a man who draws from Willem Drees, he has a wife and children, but he is busy analysing the lottery in order to let the Dutch Government plummet.
He says: ‘I will make something of it, and then I will play out the whole world.’
You see, a fantastic madman.
That man has never done anything decent before and now lives from benefits.
And tyrannizes the human being and breaks down, is a sadist as it were, that bad; but he gets benefits.
You see, now it is good for one person - and there it is again - and it is wrong for the other person, because this man should be sent to the mine, he should be made to work on the land; because a bit too well thought by means of benefits, ladies and gentlemen, that goes ...
We will soon hear that, and then you will hear and experience what the human being makes of that.
And Willem Drees has, then that government has, in any case the members of the N.D.A.P. (members of the Social Democratic Labour Party, since 1946 the ‘PvdA’ labour party), isn’t it true, they meant well, but the human being makes a mess of things.
If you hear the dramas which are also ... by benefits ...
So by means of benefits they get the opportunity again to destroy another life again.
If you hear the dramas, madam ...
But here it is a bit different again.
“I live off Willem Drees.
It is okay, but frugal.”
That is to be expected, madam.
“The children are on their own a lot, I hardly see them.
I have sometimes said something about that, then I got as an answer: ‘Oh, that is the way these days.
We have our own family, and you are old.’”
My God, my God, if you think about this.
Where is the love now: child and parents?
If you look at all of that, and you start to look into the astral world, and you start to compare the human being ...
We know, we do not have anything to do with each other, we only have to finish at the moment what we possess.
Are you a mother, are you a husband?
Finish your life nicely, you must begin with that soon; own blood does not mean a thing if we do not have any feeling for each other.
If we do not have love for each other, what does feeling mean then, what does brotherly love mean then, sisterly love, what does the child mean for the mother?
During the war, we experienced, there was an officer, I knew that man - father and mother wanted nothing to do with Adolph Hitler - but he is with the NSB national socialist movement, he comes home, he is fierce, he says: ‘Now you must tell something’, and then he was wearing his uniform, he says: ‘then I will rule here.’
Nineteen years old.
The father says: ‘Hendrik’, he happens to be called Hendrik, ‘I also have a nice present for you upstairs, and you will enjoy that, and your boss too.’
‘Are you serious, father?’
‘Just come with me upstairs.’
The man goes upstairs: shoots him in the head like that.
He says: ‘Wife, before we die from that, he will die from that, because that boy is capable of doing nothing else but wrong things.’
He shot his son in the head like that.
That happened, madam.
How many murders did not exist from fear, during the war, when the parents had to swallow that dear son and dear daughter stood before them with revolvers: ‘This time is for us.’
Oh, if you start to write the books about that ...
But most people no longer want to hear it and they are forgetting, but it is terrible.
I happened to know that situation.
The son who came wearing his suit:  ‘Ich bin Sturmführer.’
And father immediately said: ‘Then I will beat out that storming.’
He thought it and went upstairs and shot his child stone-dead.
He says: ‘I gave myself up.
And I did that and did that.’
He was later acquitted.
He says: ‘Because the whole house would have perished from it.’
But how many people were there who had to violate their child because they still went and protected that child, didn’t they, from the accidents, the trouble, the misery?
People had taken a son into their house.
There was hatred in the boy, they were Jews, and that boy grows up, turns twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two.
So those Jewish people took on that boy.
But then Hitler came and Mussert began, then that boy betrayed the Jews straight away and they were then sent to Dachau.
And he is with his money, because they had money, he was concerned about the money, and he was immediately ...
But he betrayed his Jewish father and mother, his foster parents.
Oh oh oh, if you hear the dramas.
Another mother comes to me.
‘Sir’, she says,’ I brought up my child.
I am yours in this life ... I have read the books of the masters.
And he is going to school.
I think: yes, I must let him learn something anyway.’
And she sends him to a Catholic school, he gets religion, he becomes a hundred percent Catholic, and now mother can drop dead.
Now he is twenty-one years old, he says: ‘Go away, you are damned and you are also a witch.
You read dirty, filthy, demonic books.’
The priest also told him something, and mother is already lying there.
Where did the love of mother and child go to?
The priest says to a lad of twenty-one, twenty-two years old: ‘You are right, just hit her right in the face because she is demonic.’
Because the mother reads spiritual books.
Yes, madam, where is it leading?
Where is it leading?
(Jozef continues with the letter.)
“The children are on their own a lot, I hardly ever see them.”
Madam, just be happy that you do not see them, because you already heard it, if you were perhaps in too much contact with those dear children ...
Perhaps they are sweet and good, then already be grateful and go your own way.
I once said something about that.
Then we got: ‘Oh well, it is like that these days.
We have our own family.
And you are old.’
Get out of the street, sir.
My God, how happy I may be that we fought like that for my Crisje.
What a revelation it is for mothers and fathers who can say: ‘At least my boys do their best.’
One has this, the other has that.
When the human being ...
If you read ‘Jeus III’ soon, then it begins: today many children are being born.
Yes, Crisje has already known it for such a long time, she is losing her boys, they are going into the world.
And now master Zelanus is already starting to bombard, he already begins on the first page and he say: yes, today perhaps one and a half million, or a million, five hundred thousand children will be born.
Very simple.
But what will they become?
How will they grow up?
I went into the world.
Jeus goes into the world.
Johan has gone, Bernard has gone, Jeus is now going.
The others will fly away.
But what will become of the children?
Such a dangerous city, madam.
When I went to the city and Bernard too, then mother said: ‘Boys, boys, boys, be careful, because the devil lies there.’
But we were searching, madam.
And then I came and was walking through the city here - I will just add that story here - then I was searching for the devil.
And then we went back to Crisje later and then I say: ‘Crisje, I have still not found him.’
I say: ‘God knows where he is, but I do not know.’
We could not find the devil.
But what becomes of the human being if the human being is let loose in the world and has his own life in his hands, madam, and they grow up and they say: ‘Oh yes, mother, father, that is our time, you are so old’?
That is lack and want of some cordiality, a little bit of feeling.
He stands on his own two feet, when the child has gone into the world, and you no longer see your parents. Oh well, perhaps that person is, the person who has that, an ‘outsider’, people say.
But what is it now if your mother is still there and you get a kind word from your mother ...
Yes, there are also those among them who are not so sweet.
There are some who are never satisfied and you can never do anything good for them, they just continue to cry, it will also be cancer, and then the children say: ‘Clear off, because you are also denying us peace.’
But I do not accept ... because I know that lady, I was able to look her in the ey, she is a sweet person, and then you are just shoved aside by your children again.
When the human being gets a little bit of cordiality, a little feeling, they sing it so nicely on the radio: ‘Oh give each other, for young and old, some red roses.’
Will we just sing that song?
Give each other some red roses.
But they have no feeling for it, no power for it, no will, they live it up, they live for themselves, the parents who gave birth to them ...
And what did it cost the parents before a child is adult?
How many debts and bills must we pay only just for the nappies which we, which we, which we ...
Yes, just say it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Have sullied.’
What a sorrow and a heartache that was for a mother if we had sore tummies, and we were in some pain, then she was in pain, then she had this; and that all goes into the coffin.
What a wild animal the human being actually is.
You must stamp in a little bit of love in the first place: do not forget your parents, because they gave birth to you.
A mother is such a wonderful thing.
Thank God I can say: ‘I never, never, never forgot Crisje, not for one minute.’
And that is a certainty and a prettiness.
Tall Hendrik even came to me and then he said: ‘Jeus, mother needs something else.’
And then a letter went again.
And then they sat crying.
And the dog which was still there, another dog, also knew that something was coming.
Because when the postman came - he hated that - when the postman came to the door, Crisje said: ‘That is strange’, she says, because she cannot stand that man, because he once kicked that dog - it was just a little thing - but when a letter came from The Hague, he did nothing.
She had discovered that.
And the animal was like that, a dog, even more intelligent, had more feeling, has more feeling perhaps than the human being.
Now you could write a book about this again.
But I will just continue.
(Jozef continues with the letter.)“The children are fine, but ice-cold.
Isn't it true?
And we just live together like that.”
That lady still has her husband of course.
Madam and sir, also with the greetings from Our Lord, just be happy that they stand on their own two feet.
Imagine that you also had that misery.
We want to have it nice, and we want to have the feeling and the happiness and some cordiality, some understanding for each other, but if that is not there ...
Even if you kill them, madam, it will not help you.
“Now you will say: why must I know all of this?
I can never talk to anyone about it.
But everything is sometimes so difficult.
I do not want anyone to know either.”
This letter, this situation is just the same again as the lady who came there with that other question.
People hate, people are so cold.
The children are cold.
They push a mother out the door.
There is so much to say about it.
I experienced mothers, but when you saw and experienced that tyranny of those old people then you would chase them out the door.
Nothing was good, they started to live on the nerves of the children: ‘And I would do this and I would do that’, and they just could not rest, they wanted to have attention, and they also wanted to have something to say in the domestic life of their children.
And that did not work of course.
And then there were arguments, and at the end of the day the police also had to come.
And the old man went to the old man’s home and was neurotic.
That gentleman came to me, he says: ‘Sir, is he not a good person then?
We do everything.’
But there was something there which really wanted to say something and finally became tyranny.
We do not need to follow the dramas in society.
Then there will be no end to your writing, you can also write a thousand novels, because there is something in every household and family.
Isn’t there?
“I can never speak to anyone about it.”
Madam, you can stop everyone on the street and then they will tell you the misery and then you can tell the misery, and when you have finished telling then you must go away again alone.
The best thing is to just put it aside.
This is something very different of course.
“I do not want anyone to know either.
Now my question is: Will I see my parents again?”
Yes, indeed.
If your parent ...
Now it will come.
“Will I see my father, my mother again?”
That man lived it up, when he is on the other side, then you will irrevocably see that man again and then he will perhaps recognise you as a child, you were still young, he must make amends for what he did.
But this would not have happened to you if you were not involved with that father and that mother.
Do you feel?
So they attracted you, you are born, and you lived by means of them.
What do you have to make amends for, and what do they have to make amends for?
What would you experience through them?
And what would they experience?
The father treated it lightly, he used up his money, and he went.
The mother did something wrong.
Even if I had worked myself to death and even if I had done this and that ...
But fair is fair, that was perhaps some twenty years ago, twenty-five years, thirty years, the times were different then.
But that father whom you are concerned with, madam, that father must make amends for that.
But your mother, that mother did a terrible thing for the sake of authority, wants..
Those parents, so those grandparents, of that man; they forced her to give up the children.
To me she is not a hundred percent mother.
Because the mother - a tiger and a lion and a wolf do not even do that - does not give up her children.
But there are mitigating circumstances, that mother believed that those parents of her husband said: ‘We will take care of the children.
You cannot do it, let us do it.
And then we will give the children everything.’
But when she was gone, they were put in a orphanage.
And we know that too.
Now it changes a bit, but that is still a life of terror; and of tyranny, I do not know that.
But if you hear those orphans like that from before, we also often have a few sitting in the hall, if you hear those dramas from those children, that is more than awful.
But that mother probably did it in order to save her children, because she could not do it.
But to absolutely give up the children ...
Because you must hear what now comes.
They forced her to give up the children, and that mother now went to America, she handed the children over to the grandparents, those grandparents quite simply put the children in an orphanage and paid for them.
“But they did not bother about us otherwise.
We had to find our own way.
My oldest brother, who had known both father and mother, went to sea, especially a lot ...”
Oh, I already read that.
I must continue on this side.
Good heavens, what a lot, isn’t it?
Now I cannot make it out.
Oh yes.
“She made this sacrifice for the sake of the children.
When my mother had left with the money she needed, they put us in an orphanage.”
I already have that.
I am upset by it myself I think and I do not know what to do with it anymore.
“We were paid for, but they did not bother about us otherwise.
We had to find our own way.
My oldest brother, who had known both father and mother ...”
But I have read that. (laughter)
Where is the end now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘On the other page ...’
Yes, yes, I have that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Other letter.’
Other side?
No, madam, I have also already read that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘On side.’
Oh, then I must probably end here.
“Now my question is ...”
Oh yes, we have it.
“Now my question is: will I see my parents again?”
Yes, madam, I explained that to you, you will see that man again, and he will make amends.
And your mother will learn that she should not have done it like that.
Because at the end of the day, if you are a mother then you fight that out for yourself.
She thought, as mitigating circumstances she thought: ‘I will just do it, then at least my children will have a fair existence.’
But you see it, people just put those children in an orphanage and they were paid for.
No more than that.
“Will I see my parents again?”
Yes, madam.
“It is as if I am attached to them.”
We all are.
Do we have love in us now?
Because that lady writes here: “I feel an intense love for them.”
How is that possible?
Now you have been beaten by life in this way by these people.
Fathers and mothers, you do not need to hate your mother, you will not be able to do that either, because that mother apparently did it with her best feelings.
Your parents-in-law ...
The grandparents are to blame because they did not keep their word, and they got rid of, they freed themselves from those children who did not know their position; and that is the whole question here and the whole problem.
You, that lady says here: “I long to see them.
I forgive them for everything.”
You can also do that.
“Who was to blame?
My family or my parents?”
All of them, madam.
Those grandparents are megalomaniacs.
That is certainly that nobility, it had in the ages, we talked about that a moment ago, a great deal to say, but nowadays, today nobility means and a good position means nothing more if there is no question of feeling and harmony, because this is not a spiritual position for me.
Is it for you?
This is perfectly simple, they are perfectly ordinary inferior people.
Because we certainly do not need to look for it in the position, because rich, poor, learned and illiterate thieve, steal and pinch just as much as the other human being from a different people.
True or not, sir?
I believe that there is more stolen in that world than in our factory.
A miner and a human being of the street, a labourer, we are all just labourers, they have no opportunity to pinch.
Do they?
Yes, there are some.
There are some who want to earn a living from stealing, thieving.
That is their business.
But the human being who is affected by megalomania and breaks his word with regard to children and people, those people have no faith, they have no God, they have no Christ.
Perhaps they also go to church.
And then the Catholic church did it again of course.
But when the Catholic church says, and the human being teaches: be good and do not do wrong, love everything which lives - because the Catholic church says that, doesn’t it? - and the human being flatly refuses, is the Catholic church bad then?
There are religious maniacs, ladies and gentlemen; and is the pope mad, crazy?
Are those teachings crazy?
There are people who go round the bend with us, now and again you see the human being becoming unsteady.
Is that me then?
Yes, but I am saddled with it.
They say that.
Recently there was someone who had also gone round the bend a bit, then they said: ‘Yes, that is Jozef Rulof’s fault.’
And someone else said: ‘Yes, that is also Jozef Rulof’s fault that you are so bad.’
But she wanted the man go downwards and the man wanted to go forward, wanted to go upwards.
And now we are all crazy.
Me too.
Jozef Rulof did it.
But this is why I say: is Rome crazy if there is a religious maniac in the world?
They are all going too far.
They want to get to know God themselves, and then they go too high - and then just read ‘Masks and Men’ - and then they usually forget their little ladder and then they hang between life and earth, and then it is called at once Rosenburg or Maaskant in Rotterdam.
Isn’t it?
(Hall): ‘Maasoord.’
Maasoord is also a mental institution.
Yes, you have here ...
We have a prison in every city, but also mental institutions, sir.
This mankind is still that conscious.
And we are crazy?!
We now know: there is no death.
We say: do not murder, do not kill, do not hate, do not lie, do not cheat.
Be sweet, love everything which lives.
And then we are crazy.
There is no damnation and no last judgement.
But then you are crazy.
But the Catholic church says: you are damned, you know.
Money on the stairs, then nothing will happen. (laughter)
But we cannot do that.
We stand with an open vizier, with open cards, our cards are lying open on the table, we shout: the Christ did not die for your sins, but He was consciously murdered there.
And then we are crazy.
Do you see?
Who is crazy now?
Who is insane now?
Who was to blame for this?
Everyone, madam.
The grandfather, the grandmother, those megalomaniacs, the mother too, the father too; the father who just lived it up, the mother who gave up her children.
That is not possible that a mother who is a hundred percent conscious gives up her children.
There are of course mitigating circumstances here, because she thought: perhaps they will do something with their money for my children.
But her motherly love should have prevailed.
Don’t you think?
They are all to blame.
And you will see all of them again.
But then what, ladies and gentlemen?
Then what if you see each other again?
You will perhaps no longer belong to each other.
We have millions of fathers and mothers.
And then what if I stand before the nose of my brother and my little sister?
And there is Hendrik, and there is Bernard, and there is Johan.
I say: ‘Oh yes, are you here too?’
Are you here too?
Does that mean so much now?
I have already known that world for so long.
That is father, that is mother.
I went with Crisje ...
Crisje passed on, and then master Alcar released me - all of that is only just in the Cosmology, unfortunately - and then I made that journey with her during the war.
She was released.
Master Alcar said ...
I had to release myself completely for the Cosmology: Crisje had to die in me.
That means: I had to let go of her completely, because I was one with Crisje, and now that had to be free‚ otherwise I could not have experienced my cosmology, because I had to give myself, be open for a hundred percent.
So Crisje had to die in me.
I had to give up Crisje.
Master Alcar said: ‘She will pass on in a few years’ time, you can ... her ...’
And when Arnhem was closed off then I knew it, I thought: now I will not see her again.
It did not happen either.
But when she passed on ...
Now you will get a nice picture; but you will already read it in ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, the coachman there, and other people, they stand for each other, father and mother, and then you are divine sparks.
That father and that mother, they had to go.
That sisterhood and brotherhood have gone.
We get universal love.
And now one person wants the other one out of the world.
Must you learn something?
That cursed family illness of ours: ‘And that is my child.
And that is my father.
And that is my brother.
And that is my nephew.’
To me those people are all the same.
When I came ‘behind the coffin’, master Alcar released me, the Tall One stood over there, I had nothing to do with the Tall One, that father was not even allowed to say good day to me and I was not allowed to say it to him; it concerned Crisje, because that bond had to be broken, I had to give myself to the Cosmology, and that motherly love had to go.
I got it back later, you will feel, it went downwards for a moment.
That Cosmology of the masters went before everything, above everything.
Then Crisje came and then we embraced each other, I say: ‘Crisje, Crisje.’
She had already become younger, was four, five, the following day after her transition.
And then we first made the journey to the hereafter; said nothing, hand in hand, through, I knew the way, and she felt that I knew the way.
We looked back at the earth, I say: ‘First to the sphere there.’
And then we were allowed, then we released ourselves there.
Master Alcar says: ‘Go, and we will follow you’, and I took her by the hand and then we released ourselves from that sphere, the astral world, and I went through the material cosmos.
I say: ‘There is Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Uranus, and there is the moon and there is the sun, mother, Crisje, the laws of which I know.’
And then she did not have Jeus, then it was a very different one.
I say: ‘But I will just forget it, otherwise you will not even know me.
And then I forgot it, didn’t I?’
I say: ‘But we are going ...’
And then we started to speak Dutch, and then we started ...
French, German, English came.
I saw her past, I saw where she came from.
I now saw other things absolutely by means of which she had attracted me.
That is a law, isn’t it?
Then I saw that law.
I say: ‘And now we will talk in dialect, and straight away infallibly, Crisje, I will now put you on the Grintweg and in your own kitchen where I was born.’
And then we went over The Hague, and to Rotterdam, and slowly, from the cosmos, we descended like conscious rockets with spiritual wings, and then I brought mother like that, first straight to the Grintweg, and then I made a turn and then I went to the grave of Tall Hendrik, I say: ‘The bones are lying there.
The bones are lying there, mother, because there you have father’, and then Tall Hendrik came to her, and then he took her hand and then he looked into my eyes, because he could not cope with me.
I say: ‘Good day, Tall One.’
And then we looked each other in the eye and I say: ‘Yes, you used to give me a slap, but you should try that now.’ (laughter)
‘Now I have something to hit, now I can explain the laws to you, even if you have been on the other side for forty years, Tall One, you do not have that.’
And he must accept that.
I stood before Crisje as a child.
I stood before her, she had to accept me as her master.
But the love for the human being and the mother is still there.
And then we checked all those things, and then we went back to the spheres.
I brought her ...
At that time she had already made her purification.
Do you feel, a purification.
Another one lies there like a wet rag, like a drowned cat in a dark world, has drained, boozed himself away: that human being had hatred, lust and violence.
And, in order to release herself from the earth, this soul makes a universal journey at the same time, goes back with her own child, sees the universal love of Christ and space.
And the father floats behind us and can take her over from me after ten minutes, after four hours during that night.
And then we bow to each other, I say: ‘See you.
I will now give myself to the laws of the University of Christ.’
Now, father also wanted to see me off, the Tall One, I say: ‘I know the way.
I do not need you.’
That was not hatred, but we got that stimulus, and then master Alcar came, and master Zelanus, and the three of us went back.
I definitely released myself.
And before I had reached the earth Crisje had already died.
I had put her in the hereafter, I released and experienced her there, she could accept her Tall One.
And then she got her journey with her real soul, Tall Hendrik, and she could begin with her universal tour, a journey of thousands of centuries.
‘Bye, bye, mother Crisje, (kiss), with greetings from Jeus, and also from all your children.’
And then Miets also came, Miets, I say: ‘Miets, look at Crisje flying.’
She has a beautiful dress now, she no longer wears clogs, sir, there were sprigs of flowers around her head, and she did not need medals because now she had her beautiful cross, and she had that beautiful blue silvery garment.
She was really wearing sandals.
My God, my God, my heart bled dry from joy and happiness when I came back.
I say: ‘God, people, I saw Crisje last night.
She lives on ‘behind the coffin’, I was able to make the journey.’
I danced through The Hague the whole day.
And less than half an hour afterwards when I was then free on earth master Zelanus say: ‘Are you ready?’
I said: ‘Yes, I am ready.’
Then I forgot her completely.
I no longer thought about her during that time, during those years - I see her now and again.
This work continues, I have a look now and again, she has been to many lectures, she had experienced this and experienced that, she saw and experienced all of that, but there is only one purpose in me.
I say: ‘Crisje, step aside.
Get out of me.
My thoughts go straight to space.
There is nothing more to whisper or talk about on earth, you will know now: we have to work.’
And did you think now that mother Crisje would come and stand next to me: ‘My boy, Jeus, I want to talk to you’?
And then I would say: ‘Get out!’
But that is consciousness, that is understanding, that is knowing what the human being wants.
That is knowing how you live and what you could do; but that is feeling, that is cordiality, that is understanding.
Look, ladies and gentlemen, if you have all of that, if you see those laws and you have experienced them, then you can give an explanation how all of this can be taken care of.
Then, what it concerns here, you will see your fathers and experience your mothers, but you will cheerfully calmly let go of them spiritually, because everything which is here is father and mother, is a sister and a brother of you.
‘Yes’, they say, ‘then just give me a few cents, I have nothing to eat.’
Look, now the people present me with the fact again, then they say: ‘Yes, but you love the people.’
I say: ‘Yes, madam, but I am working myself to the bone.
Why are you not doing anything, sir?’
And now we must make sure, we also experienced those problems again, now we must make sure that we do not give the human being too much of a good thing, because then we make them lazy.
Because that cosmos was never lazy.
And God had to give everything for one law; laws and powers were created for one body of the human being, and the human being must earn that.
And anyone who is too lazy to look at Our Lord, the masters say, they must just learn how they can and will awaken in that state.
Will I see those parents again?
Madam, what are parents?
This is why I am telling you this story.
Parents and sisterhood, brotherhood are universally wonderful.
But if there is no love, no contact, no feeling, no unity, madam, then another mother is worth just as much to me as that Crisje, and that other mother, that other woman, that other man has just as much to say for my life, for my feeling.
‘I can give a stranger much more than my own brothers and my own sisters and my own mother and my own father’, another person says.
And that is true.
And on the other side you are no longer blood from blood, but then you are blood from one father and one mother, and that is the God as father and the God as mother in you.
How honest, isn’t it?
And then everything goes overboard.
Of course you see those fathers and mothers again, but a mother, madam, sir, you have had millions of lives, what does this one life mean now?
And what does a bit of hatred mean and what does a bit of destruction mean, and what does a bit of misunderstanding mean?
You will work it out anyway.
You are experiencing misery at the moment?
I can tell you: you will work it out anyway.
Just finish that misery and you will continue consciously ‘behind the coffin’, and you have made amends.
Haven’t you?
Yes, it is not so easy.
It is not so easy to look and live beyond your parents and your brothers and your sisterhood and then to experience the contact directly for which the Christ came to the earth again for ever and ever and said: ‘Do not kill, love another as you love yourself.
You will not kill.’
Good heavens, good heavens, we can now turn the whole of society upside down because we still live in conscious murder.
There is still a bit of war amongst the people.
And if another one begins again ...
Now in 1939-1945 the whole world was on fire, and we have just forgotten those wars and those corpses and those dead people again.
And if they want to today again, sir, then the atom bombs will also come, then we will do it even better.
The human being is still not learning.
No, sir, the human being is not yet that far in order to learn.
You cannot even kill them and throw them in prison in order to say - they do it-:’ I will lock you up, because you will learn.’
We are still involved with pre-animal-like and animal-like grades.
How do you wish to explain to Stalin and his people that there is a Sphere of Light and that the Christ was really on earth?
My God, you cannot even convince Judaism, you cannot convince Jerusalem.
The Jews begin to make a club of their own race (see again, and wait for the Christ until He will appear on the clouds and say: ‘I am your rabbi.’
Yes, that was the Other One too, but they did not accept Him.
And that was coincidently the real Messiah, whom the Jews were waiting for.
How do you wish ...
I will go to Jerusalem tomorrow and I will say to Ben Strauss there ...
What is that man called?
There was a Ben Strauss where we lived, he was also a Jew.
I say: ‘Ben, the one you nailed to the cross, that was the real Messiah.’
My God, then they will murder me there.
Hahaha, then I will attack the Jewish faith, and then I will be killed here or there.
Don’t you think so?
How do I wish to convince mankind that a divine core lives in the human being which has to bring the human being himself to the awakening, to the evolution?
And when you tell the human being: ‘My God, just leave that.
Do not hate and do not kill the people, and do not be so nonchalant and do not tramp on sacred matters’ ...
‘What does that matter to me.’
They do not have it and they step on your corpse, on your feeling, sir, on your father, on your mother.
And they step on the Messiah.
They step on their own deity.
And if they can make Wiener Goulash from them they will do that too.
They will make a Wiener Goulash, a Wiener Schnitzel from your soul, madam, and they will sell it for zwei Mark fünfzig.
Not for a shilling, but for zwei Mark fünfzig.
Madam, will you see your fathers and your mothers again?
You will get a bit of an idea, what it is like.
But you knew that.
You will see.
“Do they have to make amends to us?”
Oh, madam, why, why?
Yes, they do not have to make amends to you.
‘Do they have to make amends to us?’
The human being, madam, sir, who does wrong makes amends for himself.
Can you feel this?
If you are beaten and kicked, madam, then you have nothing to make amends for, and the other one cannot make any amends to you.
He can, later, but then you will already be further.
And that gentleman and that lady who still hit and kick and who hate and who destroy, well, they will have to begin with their own battle one day, and they will make amends for themselves.
And if one day in a strange country, during the night when it is dark, before a large wood with snakes, crocodiles and dangerous creatures, if you meet a human being there, and he asks you the way, sir and madam, then you do not say: ‘Just turn left’, then you know that in five minutes they will have already lost a leg because of a crocodile like that, or will be bitten by a poisonous reptile like that, then you do something for yourself, then you try, even if there is danger, to take those people through those unfamiliar woods and darknesses, because then the spark of serving lives under your heart.
And then you have little bit of love for the things that live.
Don’t you?
If that begins, then you will stand differently in the world and then you will be busy awakening.
“I hear you speaking about mother Crisje so full of love.”
Madam if my mother had not been good, then I would have left her, and I told you that, and if that had not been pure ...
I will also do what I can for everyone, but I will also let you die if I see - and the masters taught me that - if I see that you still just love destruction.
Then I will let you die just like that.
I will just let you walk under a locomotive.
I will have you gassed, and I will have you hanged.
I will also ask you: ‘Which rope do you want?’
I will have you hanged if you flatly refuse to leave that which takes you to that cursed dark world in order to break you consciously and suck you empty.
Why would I still help you?
Sir, the sooner you are broken here the better it is.
Is it not harsh that you have to talk like that?
But the world is like that, and mankind is like that.
Sir, we saw it during the war.
‘Leave it, child, because it is dirty, because Christ said ....’
The people have the bible, and the fathers and mothers, the whole world lay in the church: ‘Oh God, my God, just do not do it, child, that is dirty, those people do not want the good.’
And the child went anyway.
Yes, the child went anyway.
And then the father said: ‘Ding.’
But he closed off a life which should have lived it up, because that soul will come back again just the same.
And that father must also go back to the earth because he murdered a life.
He has become a conscious murderer.
Because he wanted to protect his son from destruction, people say here: ‘Then just destroy them before it is too late.’
The other side says: ‘Let them die, just let them let rip because they must live it up anyway, they must see that they are wrong.’
Sooner or later the human being will get the beating from space.
Won’t he?
The club, sir, for those, a human being ...
You must read that soon, the first book of mine which was published, ‘A View into the Hereafter’, was destroyed by a doctor here, he had to have me.
Sir', I said to him ...
Seven years later he came to me, that daredevil, he wanted to sit down there, I say: ‘What do you want, sir?’
‘Do you know me?’
I say: ‘You?
‘Well, I am being received well here.’
I say: ‘Sir, I will soon throw you out.
I do not want anything to do with your type of people.’
I say: ‘Do you know what you have violated?’
He completed destroyed my first book, ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
Another person gave a great review.
I say: ‘Runaway minister.’
I say: ‘But something else, sir, let us accept that I am a crazy spiritualist.
I am just making something up.
But imagine, doctor, runaway theologian’, I checkmated him like that, I could say everything in my house, ‘imagine that this will come from the University of Christ one day and it appears to be the truth, which club will there be soon for you ‘behind the coffin’, which you put down there yourself by means of your filthy, stinking, poisonous pen?
You enjoy yourself, you live by means of the blood and the sweat of another, dirty cad.’
He was sitting there.
Then he wanted to go and sit there.
I say: ‘No, you will sit there.’
‘What is that?’
‘You will sit there.’
‘Do you want a cigar?’
‘A good one, sir, otherwise I do not want your rubbish.’
That was a doctor, from the Fatherland (Hague newspaper).
Perhaps you know that big shot, that minister who walked away.
He destroyed me.
‘But sir, you took away the light of Christ from hundreds of thousands of people there.
I happen to know that my work possesses certainty and astral, spiritual, spatial, divine meaning; and you must just destroy that, sir.
Just sully that, just destroy it, just fling it away; you are sullying yourself.’
Must the people make amends for that? the lady asks here.
Must those people make amends for that?
If you violate sacred love in the human being and for the human being and for space, for his spirit, for his fatherhood and motherhood, for Golgotha, God, if you violate that, ladies and gentlemen, will you not have to make amends for that sooner or later?
Now violate spiritual treasures one day which possess real meaning.
Did you really not think that the pope, Clement, whom Galilei threw into prison from the Vatican and closed his mouth, and the human being who poisoned Socrates because he brought wisdom to earth, did you not think that those people will be beaten by that one day?
And that they must make amends for that?
Yes, indeed, sir.
That is a terrible torture, because they walk with the feeling ...
There are people who have the feeling that the whole of mankind is at their heels.
What I told you about recently, that man from the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia).
What kind of people are they?
What kind of a feeling is that?
What kind of a feeling is it that you want to carry the whole world?
There you have something, which the masses hit and which will also take care of the masses one day.
Sir, do you feel, a hatred and a destruction of one human being is not that bad, but when it becomes millions, becomes thousands, then that is a cosmic pressure.
And then it crushes you to pieces inside.
And then they stand there, they walk for eight hours in the sun looking for a book, like that man in the Dutch East Indies was looking for my books.
And then he stands there, he cannot carry on, and turns round, and he is standing before it.
And then God is also there and the laws are also there, and say: ‘Boy, you are standing on top of it.’
But then, a year later, I also told you that one time, a year later it is called: ‘Would that be true?
I cannot believe it, it is too good to be true.’
And then I said: ‘The ‘droodles’.’
Now just continue walking.
“How is it that I do not have any feelings of hatred?”
Be grateful, madam and sir; but love, just hold onto that love in you and surrender it, sooner or later everyone will have to make amends for his own mistakes.
“If you want to explain one thing and another, well, I thank you for it.
If you want to do it in public, then do not mention any names.”
Madam and sir, I hope that you have understood me.
And that you are satisfied, because there is still a lot more to tell about it, but just read ‘A View into the Hereafter’, and all the other books and then you will have made it.
I have another minute and then I can also deal with this, those questions also came during the break.
“Does a human being have a responsibility for what he votes for?”
Yes, madam, that too.
From who is that?
So you have the election time in you.
Madam, we talked about it last week, I said: ‘Willem Drees gave the old age pensioners something.’
If he wants to do even more good, why would you not vote for him?
The other people will not get our vote either of course.
But does he have a touch more?
But you must just decide that for yourself.
Do it, look for the good and the true.
We do not know yet whether they are good, even if legislation was passed which represents goodness and responsibility and justice.
We will just surrender it, but decide that for yourself with your family members and your friends.
Is that good, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That was already decided.’
Has that already been decided?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
What are you doing then, madam?
Oh, yes, we said, we will vote for Willem Drees, but that is up to you.
“Mr Rulof, where are the Spheres of Light?
Could you give me an answer to this?”
From who is that?
Madam, how can you ask that.
Read ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and you will have worked it out, and you have them in your home.
You can also read them at night, if you get sleepy after midnight, just put them under your pillow, then you will be lying on top of them.
And then you will get rest, peace and bliss.
Ladies and gentlemen, did I give you a little something this evening?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
Then one more lecture, see you next week.
(Lady in the hall):  ‘Just one more lecture?’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Just one more?’
Just one more, madam, and then I will have a bit of laze.
Madam, sir, love everything which lives and ... no, you do not need to coo for me this evening.
But start to think differently about the things which you thought yesterday and last week.
And add a little bit of feeling and some red roses.
And if he and she are laughing, there will be unity and then something wonderful, always something beautiful will come from space ...
(To the sound technician): Is it already finished, sir?
.... always something loving, always a blessing, and a beauty - yes, that thing (the tape recorder) makes me afraid, and almost takes me, it would like that, out of my inspiration - then from the Divine All, the Spheres of Light, a core and a hand come and they say: ‘Well done, my child, continue like that, love everything which lives and I will be with you.’
And that is Our Lord.
Ladies and gentlemen, see you next week.
(There is clapping.)