Thursday evening 2 October 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
I will begin this evening with a gentleman who has not yet experienced very much from us, and has apparently not yet read the books either, not ‘Spiritual Gifts’, otherwise he would have known that.
It says here: ‘Experiencing your lecture for the first time in Diligentia, I noticed that the speaker, according to what people told me, the master who spoke through your material body, must use a crib sheet, and read out everything from that using your glasses.
I do not quite understand this, but it may be assumed that the masters did not have any crib sheet available while writing your books.
Can you explain that to me?’
From who is that?
Sir, a crib sheet?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that is what we call it.’
What is that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, which you reproduce something from.’
Crib sheet.
Then we are also learning something here in Holland.
Sir, have you not read ‘Spiritual Gifts’?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, not yet.’
There you are.
If I lose my body, my blood circulation, my heart and my black hair by means of destruction then the masters would have to give me new hair again, blue or blond or black, and a new circulation, and also all those nerves.
Is that possible?
Will I die sometime?
Someone recently said: ‘Hey, I do not understand that that Mr Rulof still has the cold.’
Well, I am not even allowed to get the cold anymore.
Sir, what lay there before us is a book of the Cosmology, and we read out from that.
But it is not a crib sheet.
If you had those books before you, it would make your head spin.
I have five of them ready for the cosmology.
And they are the first books - you can believe me or not - of the new bible, which will be written later in fifty, a hundred, two hundred years’ time; because mankind must begin in the waters.
Do you accept that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
And that begins there.
We will come back later - you did not experience that journey last years, we went from the All-Soul, the All-Life, etc. etc through the Divine All - to the Divine All, the conscious Divine All.
And now we will begin with the division of the universe with regard to the human being, the moon, the development, the origin of the moon for the human being.
Now the human being who does not yet understand and feel that says: ‘What is that now?
The moon is dead.’
And we must now begin there in these lectures, but now you get preparation, the experiencing - you heard that - from me with regard to the material, of the journeys which we made.
We cannot suddenly begin just like that and analyse the laws of the moon.
We will now prepare those people.
But I am shocked at that.
In future I will just not get any ideas into my head again about Cosmology, I now have crib sheets. (laughter)
Sir, that is a nice word, I will remember it.
Perhaps it will also be of use to me sometime.
But now, if something is written, master Zelanus has to write by means of this.
They can also do it like this.
Yes, logical.
But when they therefore, now you must listen carefully, therefore have to materialize the spirit, then he must adjust to the instrument which he possesses.
And there are strings decaying in that: the light in the eyes, this and that, perhaps muscles in order to type, and all those other things.
He must adjust to that.
And you will read that in ‘Spiritual Gifts.’
They are the spiritual gifts for writing.
Do you see?
And then they need that thing, those glasses.
Because that ...
They can speak outside of that thing, they can also do that, because - you did not experience that, sir, we experienced eight hundred, or six hundred lectures in Diligentia here, just ask the people, without that thing.
And that is much easier for us. It is much easier for the masters to speak just like that directly from the cosmos and their world and consciousness, than to have to cling to that piece of trash, those glasses.
Because that is a tremendous torment for master Zelanus.
And you see how he manages it.
He plays with that thing.
And that is very simple.
He can talk much more easily for eight hours, so directly free, that it goes from his living ...(inaudible). And now he must read out, under the orders of his master again.
And then you see, and then you hear, my old people then know what is being made of a lecture like that.
We just read out three pages on Sunday morning.
And it became twenty of them.
Do you sense it?
He looked, he continued to read, and then while reading he also starts to explain the laws, and then he continues again precisely.
And then you can hear that explanation now and again. What he then explains, that comes a while after the reading, and then he makes it even clearer for the human being, otherwise you will not understand it.
Do you know it, sir?
Go and read ‘Spiritual Gifts; then you will know all of that.
Do you see?
Someone also asked him, in Amsterdam: ‘Why do you not give lectures in French?’
He was a Frenchman.
He says: ‘Yes, that is something.
But will you understand me then?’
Well, there we go again.
But when ...
I wrote, spoke Hebrew, I do not know French - upside down - I wrote backwards, Arabic.
And the son of the lady who was there, for whom I was the medium during that time, came through, and she could already speak nine languages, and I could not speak one of them.
And those languages appeared, by means of my left hand, upside-down, backwards, French, Arabic.
I say: ‘What kind of nonsense have I got now’, and I held it like that and she looked like that in the mirror: ‘Stop’, she says, ‘Jozef, it is Arabic.’
And she starts to read it out.
And then: bevabdolebvoe.
I say: ‘Translate it into Dutch.’
And then it was her son, he was just talking to the mother.
And then she translated: ‘Mum, I was with you this afternoon at half past three.
How nice you were to the dog.’
And then she says: ‘Where was he then?’
Yes, and then he started to tell all of that.
I say: ‘But now you must also watch out because now you are already approaching telepathy.’
But that was not possible, because Arabic and French and backward writing upside-down, and Russian, she was a Russian lady, a Dutch Russian, and then Russian came.
And then someone manifested themselves, for example, and if there was writing then, it was also explained.
I say: ‘Yes, the one who is saying that manifests himself, there, who wrote that in Russian.
He shows himself, and then you will know him at once.
He says: “They called me the Mont Blanc.”’
He was as bald as a billiard ball.
The Mont Blanc.
Then she says: ‘Ha, that is granddad.’
Then she says: ‘Yes, just don’t say anything else to me.’
Look, that is proof which you can no longer ignore.
And then there was writing by means of my left hand.
And then I went to look for myself where that paw went to.
I think: good gracious me.
And then: oh so, so, so fine, and then ssst, then he gathered speed again.
I was sitting looking at that hand myself, and then that just happened.
I think: well, I do not know what kind of nonsense will come now.
But I just let it scribble.
And then I was sitting talking to her like that, and that hand just continued to scribble.
And when that hand was finished scribbling, a half-baked scar, or non-sign, or sign came through.
I say: ‘Madam, I do not know about this.’
Then she says: ‘That is: I love you.’
How is it possible?
‘I love you.’
And then it was something like that, also with a corner.
I say: ‘I can perhaps also understand that, but not that corner.’
We also had fun, sir.
Sir, are you satisfied?
You will get hold of ‘Spiritual Gifts, then you will no longer ask that.
You must not long for everything from masters now.
When they start to do that then they must do that under their own power.
I can also hammer on about that for a while, but that is not necessary.
We have levitations, dematerializations.
I was levitated by a door where people were present.
They can do everything, sir.
I once, you will not believe it anyway, flew across a street and then I walked under line three and I went through the driver, through the lamps, through the people, and I ended up like a ghost on the other side of the Laan van Meerdervoort, and I rang the door bell; the people walked away from me.
‘You look like a ghost.’
I say: ‘Yes, I was just like a ghost.’
That happened, sir.
That is not even in the books, because the people will not believe it anyway.
Then they will say: ‘How that man exaggerates.’
That happened, sir.
I experienced even greater wonders, sir, they are described in the books.
If you read ‘Jeus III’ now ...
We also recorded many things in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, but the most wonderful problems, sir, they are not even in it, because mankind says: ‘Oh well, now he is imagining that he is Our Lord.’
We do not need to do it either.
And thank God that the masters did not do it, because if you take ‘Jeus III”, there are enough pieces of proof in that.
Aren’t there?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
If you are not impressed by that, if you cannot accept that, then there will be nothing more either.
This evening Jeus the speaker is busy.
Isn’t he, Mr Götte?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It is a nice book.’
Is it a nice book?
Have you already finished it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, almost.’
A pity again of course.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, it is actually a pity that I have finished it.’
There we go again, yes.
Should I also write another few of that kind?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... past the Peace Palace (pronounces it as pisspallus).’
Sir, if I was allowed ... (laughter)
Have you also read the Pisspallus?
That is called Peace Palace, sir.
Don’t you like to think, to know what it is?
Then I could not speak any English at all, and then I did not even know yet what the Peace Palace was.
I say: ‘Yes, sir, I can speak French, German and English.’
I say:  ‘Ich hab, ja, in Schlappenburg habe ich gefahren.’
But my French?
I had to go to the Kurhaus, then he says: ‘Parlez-vous français, monsieur?’
I say: ‘Oui, monsieur, oui.
Oui, monsieur.’
And he went and sat next to me, then he wanted to chatter in French.
I was, I was exhausted with 'oui, oui'.
I say: ‘Sir, do you know Dutch?’
I say: ‘Do you know what ‘ja’ means?’
I say: ‘Well.’
‘Oh well, you are actually right too’, he says.
I say: ‘Sir, go and sit down and I will take you.
Where do you have to go?
I will not gossip away with your ‘oui, monsieur’, and ‘parlez-vous française?’’ (laughter)
I say: ‘Just give me a half pound of mayonnaise.’ (laughter)
But, sir, have you been to the Pisspallus?
Then they wanted me to go to America, sir.
But we are not talking about that yet, then you must just come back soon.
What did you think of the winter radish then?
Yes, Jozef Rulof got everything for nothing.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘Dear Mr Rulof, my thanks for what you answered at the evenings, which must be very educational for everyone.’
Would you really think that, ladies and gentlemen, is this educational?
I went to Diligentia this week, to a doctor and then I ...
Oh, I think, sometime I would like to ...
My wife wanted to know what happened there, she wanted to see the difference.
I say nothing about that man, he must just work that out of himself.
But I sat waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.
And then the evening was over, and then I was still sitting waiting.
Sir, I will take on the gentlemen.
Good gracious.
The human being and his fellow human being ...
Sir, you must all go here and there sometime, then you will be able to see the difference, that gentleman also says that now.
You get too much from me, I now know.
Far too much.
And you will not get it anywhere either.
I saw that, I had to determine that for myself.
I went to America, but that is big, people still surface there, they have this ...
Sir, they have not made it.
And here in Europe?
They have not made it.
What do you get?
The own discovery which you have there, sir.
I was brought up from childhood by that world.
And those people must still just repeat words.
They are talking about Frank Nutsing and Socrates.
I have with Socrates ... I along with Fanny and he with his goatee beard, in space, then we went to the moon together.
But he had not had that school.
Socrates also walked outside with a herd of animals next to him.
He says: ‘Because a goat gave me a universal lick.
And it was the kiss of God.
But then I did not understand it yet.’
And those people are talking about that.
Oh, oh, oh, madam, how long you must wait before the word comes out.
Just find it out.
I know now that you get far too much.
An awful lot too much.
You already have far too much from me, only from those twenty books which are lying there.
The trilogy ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ is priceless in consciousness and happiness, peace, prosperity and love; it is priceless, if you want to talk about that.
Yes, sir.
And all alone, Mr Götte, completely - you will not hear that over there, you know, that will not pass lips like that - completely alone.
That is from ‘s-Heerenbergs, Gelderland.
Oh well, I will not stand here complaining this evening.
Oh well, then you must not begin about the Peace Palace either.
(Jozef continues.) ‘I would have liked, if that is possible, for you to answer the following questions with reference to a conversation with third parties.
What is your opinion of cremation of the material as opposed to burying it?’
From who is that?
Sir, have you read ‘A View into the Hereafter’?
You can already get the laws explained there.
Cremation is wrong.
(The gentleman says something.)
Yes, you are asking about cremation here.
‘My personal point of view is, that with the passing on of the spirit - soul, life - from the material body, which goes higher up, must go further ... it can occur that it also remains connected to the material body for some time.
This does not apply to everyone.
With cremation the spirit - soul - experiences the burning of the material body, which must be very painful.
Is this correct?’
Sir, that is all in my books.
You are right about that.
Just tell it to third parties.
You are irrevocably right.
I can also explain all of that more.
But we have already talked so often here about cremation.
And if you want to accept the word of the masters ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Thank you for your explanation.’
‘A View into the Hereafter’, I and II, a musician passes on, we follow that man, we see him on the other side.
Hundreds of extra questions about cremation were also asked here, weren’t they?
We went into it very deeply, and then you can really get to see a picture of cremation.
(Gentleman says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Exactly how I think about it, isn’t it?’
Sir, you have really touched the core as it is.
And all the things which happen like that, you can perhaps not know that, but you have lost your cosmic material, your plasma, for that world, you walk, you suddenly let everything go to pot, that is ripped apart, that pulverizes, you have no ground under your feet, and that is all connected to this.
But what you already sense from all of this, directly, that is irrevocably correct.
Isn’t it, people?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
You see.
I have here: ‘How far does clairvoyance and your clairvoyance go with regard to the people, the masters, universally?’
That means, that is a thing, an answer, a question for the people who are certainly thinking.
How far does my clairvoyance go?
Did you not read that in ‘Jeus III’?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... is the only thing which I still know.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Reading Jeus III, then I know it, that is the only thing I still know.’
How far does that clairvoyance go now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That clairvoyance is cosmic.
Your clairvoyance is the physical trance and not the psychic one.’
Look, that clairvoyance goes ...
In the beginning it was for healing, I saw the illnesses, and other things for the people, always for upbringing, building up, in order to help them.
But master Alcar always let me experience the core of seeing ultimately and beyond that.
And the seeing has at present, grown during those years into the divine.
Here we see divinely.
How is it possible?
And you can follow that in ‘Jeus III’ now, and in all the books.
Look, we got the clairvoyance for death.
I see through death.
I know the Grim Reaper like my mother, like you, myself.
So I already have a clairvoyance which goes from the material to the dimensional worlds, the spiritual astral.
Clairvoyance for hells and heavens; I know all of them.
That clairvoyance does not stay with the human being, on the contrary, it goes so deep, the master connected me with the cosmos, the universe, the origin of planets and stars; then my clairvoyance already became universally, spatially deep.
And then we began later with the Cosmology.
Then we entered the divine conscious direct All, and then my seeing became divine.
And I had to accept that.
I did not even want it.
I say: ‘My God, I see through all the spaces, created by God.’
And now, look, now my clairvoyance is ... I have proved to you so often, I start to see instantly.
Your question which you ask immediately brings me, it brings me to the cosmos, to the planets.
They talked here about Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, gravities, and suddenly I sit in the life of feeling of the earth.
So my seeing, my experiencing immediately becomes seeing, and then you get spatial, spiritual unity.
And now it is experiencing.
My seeing passes immediately into the experiencing, into the core and the reality.
And that is gruesomely clever.
And ... to there ...
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Consciously.’
If we disembody I am still conscious.
Only that body is asleep, but I remain conscious.
So what master Alcar can show me there, he can also show me here.
And this is why that speaking here ...
In Diligentia they must speak themselves, because I now go too far away.
Because if I reach unity there, absolute unity ...
So I start to tell things here, but there you get the unity.
Because master Zelanus, if he says, I am busy with the moon, then he is the law of motherhood, fatherhood, moon, then he analyses that law because that takes place inside him, and then he starts to see and then he can explain it just like that.
This is how the masters speak.
I see here.
But they experience unity.
Would I do that and be able to do that?
Then I would fall to the ground, I would dissolve.
And then I would suddenly be lying on the floor.
So then you get unconsciousness.
Because during my seeing I forget, I completely lose my feeling and my consciousness.
I stand there seeing and suddenly I could fall to the ground, but that is so controlled and so constructed; that also lasts for centuries. That lasts for centuries, but that now lasted for years.
By means of hundreds of thousands of phenomena - by means of the trance for healing, by means of the trance for painting, by means of the trance in order to disembody, and all those other things - master Alcar built up cosmic divine seeing.
Now if the ...
Whoever it is, and whatever the academic touches, I am still talking to Mr Van Straaten about his art, then he says: ‘My God, how simple it is.’
He says: ‘Yes, it is right.’
I say: ‘Look.’
He says: ‘Can you feel that now?’
I say: ‘No, I can see it.
I am one now, I can see.
I can see it.’
What is clairvoyance?
That clairvoyance, if you read that now from Jeus there in the garage of that little Karel, you have telepathy there; but at the same time, by means of the telepathy, they start to tell it to you, you start to see it.
I say: ‘You did that.
Then you went there.
Then you went here.’
‘No, I did not pinch, I did not steal.’
I think: I have not got it yet, it is not working yet.
Wait until it works.
But then it came.
Are you that far already?
Then that came with that Willem.
And in this way hundreds of thousands of things, sir.
A great fuss.
I even have it with a dog.
Such a little thing.
I say: ‘Go to the woman.
Are you hungry?’
I say: ‘Bark three times and then you will get food, then she will open the door.’
And then I gave him a piercing look, and then he walked so nice and lopsided, along the Esdoornstraat, and he went up the stairs, and then I also said to him: ‘Now, now, now you must go upstairs.’
And then he looked like that: oh yes, even further.
And that dog did not know it, of course, but then I had another half Fanny again.
And he went upstairs: woof, woof woof.
The door opens: ‘Are you hungry?’
And then he got some food.
Then he came back again, and I say: ‘Was it good?’
And then he came like that.
Unity with life.
Do you see?
My clairvoyance, for example, it went so gruesomely far.
And you can get all of that, I could develop all of that with you if we had time.
That means, then I would have to turn you inside out first.
And then by means of that seeing, by means of that building up, you would ...
I can do that.
I can, I can make a healer out of you, make a nice person, I can make a conscious being out of you, I can already make prophets out of you; to that and that grade, of course.
Just go there and talk about what you learned, and tell it there, and the people’s heads will be spinning.
You would experience that.
But that clairvoyance goes so far and so deep, that is very simple.
I am somewhere sometime, and suddenly someone manifests himself, I am some fifteen hundred kilometres from home, but suddenly someone manifests himself around me whom I know.
I think: no one knows that I am here.
How can that man find me here?
And then you will see now ...
Because you can learn from that, how your thoughts build themselves up; just play nasty tricks, but in the ‘law human being-spirit’ that is recorded on a film and you will carry it out yourselves.
I have all the pieces of proof of that.
I write home immediately, I say; ‘What happened to that man?
Because that man is categorically walking around me.’
I say: ‘Go away!’
He is gone.
I broke the thread.
Someone manifested himself spiritually.
I write:
‘I want to know categorically what that man is doing at the moment.
Because he is up to something with me.’
He was up to something with me, because otherwise that man would not have come to me.
And then you can learn, sir, how divine thinking becomes.
But God categorically knows how infallibly your own thoughts manifest themselves, and records your film: you considered that for this, that and the other.
And then you can say to yourself in this life: ‘Oh well, I forgave you for that.’
And it is gone again.
Sir, you cannot avoid it.
You must begin with that bit by bit.
Your talk and gossip of your husband, of your wife, even if you say: ‘Yes, I have been beaten and kicked.’
That gossip is recorded.
And that destruction is there.
And we will have to show our colours to each other.’
I have the proof of that.
I looked back: ‘Yes, now I must just tell you it.
But that was already years and years ago.
Three thousand guilders were stolen from you.’
I say: ‘You see.’
So the thief manifested himself to me, it did not even concern me, it still concerned another.
The human being manifests himself so categorically if it concerns the life of another.
And that is seeing.
This is still just natural telepathy, which you already heard something about on Sunday through master Zelanus.
That a student comes there from space.
He says: ‘Master, master, I can hear you.’
He heard me.
During the war I was able to take care of thousands of people, Jews, Christians, ministers, theologians, who were all moaning.
And then I sent back to them: ‘Can you hear me?’
‘Oh God, you are there.’
He thought that it was Christ, and he thought: God is there.
And he said: ‘Oh, now I have contact with my father again.’
And it was me.
Master Alcar says: ‘I will let something come through, then you can see how the unity becomes for us.’
And you will soon get to hear all of that when master Zelanus tells it in Diligentia.
That becomes ‘heldervoelen .’ And that ‘heldervoelen’ is sensitive mediumism, no, mediumisticism? No, that is the unity with what approaches you, with the human being, with the life.
Clairvoyance first starts to come to you, it only gets form, shine and personality when you experience and touch the true life.
Do you see?
One wrong thought in you, whether it is from the human being, and whether you are beaten and kicked, I always tell you again, you are not clairvoyant, madam and sir, then you spoil, you darken yourself.
You darken your inner life of feeling by thinking wrongly of the human being.
Even if you are poisoned, even if you are hung, then you still may not think wrongly about the life, but then you must first start to think about Who spoke there of: ‘Love everything which lives and you will have Me.’
And if you enter that life, you will begin to see and to feel; but the human being flatly refuses it.
How deep does clairvoyance go?
If a human being sees a little thing: howahuh, they walk for four days over their own heads, they are upset.
My God, my God, I think then, you should just see the other side.
You must now really see your mother.
‘I am talking to my mother.’
‘And I am writing to my mother.’
‘And mother said this.’
Nonsense, madam.
Your mother does not interfere with those things, sir.
Your mother can no longer think like that.
Because you get to see and to experience by means of the books that you must think away from the material.
But material foundations still lie in your feelings and your seeing.
My seeing always comes from that world to the earth; and not from here to there.
And now you must listen.
You can immediately sense and understand it, that seeing of that spiritual being is always barbarically material.
They always interfere again with the human being on earth.
Then they stand still.
It goes in here, it goes out there.
They do not make progress, it goes in here, it goes out there.
I say: ‘Madam, sir, let go of that, because you stand still, you lay a restrictive mark on your life of feeling.’
It goes in here, it goes out there.
Where does it go then, Mr Götte?
The ‘droodles’.
The ‘droodles’, sir, just work it out.
They do not want to.
They do not want to see, they want contact.
Madam, you will not get it anyway.
You will go that same way, sir, as all those occultists, spiritualists.
Yes, there was someone here in trance, I also experienced that, and then there was ...
There was also someone sitting there in the hall, and you will read it again in ‘Spiritual Gifts’, and he takes a little flower: ‘May I touch this, in order to give that to you, because you were so good for me on earth.’
That person is on the other side, and he also came there.
A sister was in one of them, and the brother came there.
Yes, the minister.
‘How good you were for me.’
That had to happen here in this hall, because they could not do it ‘beyond the coffin’.
They could not even talk to each other in that infinity.
They had to do that here in front of twenty-four people.
Those spiritualists.
Sir, can you feel that baked cake?
Rock-hard, dry.
There is not a crumb of feeling in it.
And it just goes on like that.
People, let go of spiritualism.
I also let it go.
We had to go through that first.
But for what purpose?
Table-lifting is own contact; you are none the wiser from it.
You must grow.
You must develop.
You must first try to learn to think normally materially.
You must still begin with spiritual, universal, spatial thinking.
You are still earthly socially busy, in order to think.
You talk about this, that and the other, you do not go any further, you do not become free of yourself, from that society.
And when do you want to start to think spiritually now?
Do you now think that a universal person, a spiritual astral being can elevated you from your material thinking just like that and let you see there spiritually?
That clairaudience first appears if the seeing manifests itself.
And we are that seeing ourselves?
Who is it now?
That gossip which comes there?
That nonsense which the people experience?
Yes, there are books lying there.
Does it help, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It does for many other people.’
Thank you.
Yes, then we will just leave it at that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I wanted to ask another question about this.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That person who owed you three thousand guilders, had he passed on?’
No, sir, he was walking here on earth.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘And on what grounds was this precisely seen clairvoyantly?
Did that originate from that person or a remorse of his, or as a truth for yourself, or is this development for the person whom this characterizes?’
The weapons.
Christ said, was a clairvoyant, wasn’t he.
A divine conscious being.
And Christ had things like that, he said ...
How far does this go?
I recently told you what my seeing was like about a mother, didn’t I.
Those who were here.
Today I look into those eyes, tomorrow they will have changed, motherhood will be in them.
Can you see that, sir?
Do you know who could do that?
Buddha could not even do that, Mohammed could not do that, no Socrates could, no Plato.
And only a few people could do that.
And I am not getting ideas that I am a Christ, but only a few people could do that, sir.
And this, what happened there, those things, sir, only a few people could do them too.
Yes, there were initiates in the East who said: ‘Why do you come to me with a laugh, and you still deceived me yesterday?’
Those Orientals, with that amazing language and explanation and speech, they said: ‘Child, sit down, but you are soiling my garment.’
And then the human being went and sat there and then he thought: what is the matter with him?
What kind of crazy talk is that.’
But then they had sullied that gentleman, that seer, that initiate, again and he knew that, he saw that.
And he walked ahead of those people just like that.
You can also do that with me, sir.
I can also do that.
This deception, that originates from you, even if the other person does not yet pick that up.
But this deception, that gossip of yours in society about the other human being and the destruction, that goes straight to that human being, only he does not yet know it and he does not yet see it.
But the spiritual film, the life itself, records that gossip and talk and deception and the murder.
And then you get to see your life film ‘beyond the coffin’.
Because you have to see it there.
You live in that.
But I can do it here.
And if I did not have that, you could throw everything aside.
But that development in order to see and to experience goes that far.
I say about that: ‘I will not touch anything.’
I am not allowed to do that.
There are people who heal, people who cling to things at the moment.
They think: yes, God, I can help a human being, I have power.
Sir, every dog and cat can do that.
But the danger, the tremendous danger in order to do that, sir, that is terrible, if you begin with that.
Because you do not know the laws.
You do not see.
Yes, yes, a little bit, oh yes.
And who should hear what hot air comes from there.
And what nonsense.
They feel a calling as healers.
I just always warn the people.
Because they run aground anyway.
You destroy your personality.
Because people start to gossip, start to tell: ‘There’s another megalomaniac.’
Isn’t it true?
And if you quite simply take the books, and you want to learn and you do your best in society, then you will get your spiritual foundation.
And that is worth more than all your laying on of hands.
Because I, sir, madam, I am grateful to God that I no longer need to do that.
And then they sometimes say: ‘Gosh, what a pity that you no longer heal, that is much nicer, isn’t it?’
Yes, indeed, nicer.
I drove myself into the ground as far as infinity in order to carry those people, and later you get them again; that is still not bad, I was able to cope with all of that.
But, sir, what you pour into those people today, they destroy tomorrow again themselves.
That’s it.
That went to bits and pieces in me.
I say: ‘My seeing, my healing, my love, and carrying those people does not mean a jot to me, because the people do not believe it.’
Madam, by means of one snarl, and a kick, and a being broken, some talk, and all that gossip they destroy the powers of mine again which descend there in love into that human being.
And I saw that.
I think: my God, my God, my God, when will I get out of that?
Nice, isn’t it?
And I was a tremendous healer.
With my seeing?
I had the name in The Hague: yes or no.
If he says: ‘yes’, you will get it.
And if it is ‘no’, it is no.
It was strict, wasn’t it?
No, sir: true or not true.
I stood before four, ten, twenty doctors, and they could show their colours.
And it already happened in Christ’s style, then I became completely afraid.
I think: now it will be okay.
What is clairvoyance?
What is feeling and thinking?
What is wisdom, what is disembodying, and what is everything?
I reached the universal grade with all those gifts.
And I do not have any gifts, ladies and gentlemen, because I still have nothing in my hands, only what I learned.
And I give you that.
Master Alcar has the gifts in his hands.
He sees.
He hears.
He paints.
He writes.
He disembodies.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘He actually let you awaken.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘He gave you the image then of that finite form for which you had to awaken.’
He showed me that I had been deceived.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is what I mean by that.’
I see people who come to me, and then I have already seen how they have gossiped about me.
Yes, sir.’
‘Fine, sir.’
I think: you should see hypocrites like that.
I will watch out for myself when saying it.
But I can say it just like that: ‘Sir, but what a dirty hypocrite you are.’
I say: ‘Because you told it there yesterday and now you still come here to me with a good excuse?’
Sir, the human being dares everything.
But they also came to Christ in Jerusalem.
And they come to initiates, come there with a lovely excuse in order to see how they can set fire to those temples.
Pythagoras’s highest pupil set fire to his temple.
The best pupils of Rudolf Steiner set fire to his temple.
The higher the human being comes, sir, the more dangerous the human being becomes for this divine possession.
If you think that you have already made it, you are completely off the mark, because you have not made it.
I will not make it if the masters are not there, now.
Because I learned, I can make progress with that.
And if you start to read all those books, and you know them word for word, then you will have a nice word in you in order to give, to present that to other people who still know nothing about it.
Then they say: ‘What kind of do-gooder is that in the spirit?’
You can do that.
But if it now comes down to going even higher, sir ...
You see, I am still an instrument.
Still, still, still.
And thank God, again, that I do not have any gift in my hands.
Sir, I could not have dealt with that.
It is already awe-inspiring what I have to deal with, experience.
But if I had that in my own hands, sir, then I would have been destroyed in two months’ time.
You go to pieces, because you cannot cope with it.
But if ...
Just follow it there.
Anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Thank you.’
I have here: ‘With reference to the lecture from last Sunday morning in which you the master gave us an oversight of the lectures from the last season,’ ...yes, that was something, wasn’t it?
‘And also announced that what this season would start with, namely that the All-Mother would begin with her task, the moon then, let’s hope that many members of the audience will precisely get to know themselves and begin with themselves as a result of that.’
By means of the Divine All?
By means of those lectures?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, those lectures will have a great influence for different people, that they must start to think themselves, even if they thought differently.
It brings us precisely and points to a means, it actually gives us the means in order to be able to reach for yourself.
I am of that opinion.
And if it was not true, them there would not be so much of an audience here, of course, who went and listened to your words and there would not be so much of an audience in Diligentia in order to ... to those lectures ...(inaudible). Leaving out how they still think about themselves, but that must still awaken.’
We don’t look bad, do we?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, I don’t think so.’
We don’t look bad,
They also say: ‘If you go to Jozef Rulof, he has the most people.’
I do not know.
There are people who go and look everywhere.
But we always have people.
Oh well.
But, sir, the Cosmology in Diligentia, it is tremendous, that is theology which you get there.
So: who can deal with all of that?
And it must happen because the masters record that extra, the society will have those reels (reels on which the lectures were recorded during that time).
We already have, Mr Van Straaten already has a ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Fifty-five.’
Fifty-five lectures.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘From Diligentia.’
From Diligentia alone?
Of an hour and a half.
So you can listen fifty-five times, you can listen to those lectures for fifty-five thousand times, then you will still not know everything.
And that is already lying there now.
And this season added to it.
They do that for something.
But did you really think now that I would ask the people: ‘What do you think of it?
And is it any use to you?’
If they start to think, start to think properly, as I would want it, then I will say: ‘My God, my God, my God, is that not too heavy and too much?’
But it is recorded for the University of Christ.
And you have twenty books there now, and then you can make a decent thrust, because you can read them and if you accept that, then you get growth.
There is still no spiritualization, because I see too many ups and downs, I see too much destruction again for the human being himself.
Today they build on themselves, and tomorrow they say four things, and you say: oh well, there we go again.
And then, sir, after two, three, four, five years ...
Yes, do you have an idea of the human being who is busy working on himself?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I certainly have an idea of that, if I have to recall the example for myself.
Even if it was so slow.
And that was also recorded a bit for every moment, for every day or evening, that will have to awaken, even if we are still not susceptible to that at that moment.’
I told you one evening, and there were perhaps people who thought: what a brute of a man he is.
Because I said: ‘I want nothing to do with you.’
And they did not understand that.
But, sir, the infallibility of that is that I ... also your thinking and feeling ... Because I hear so much, and then you would say: the people are not learning anything, absolutely nothing, not in any five and in any seven years, because they just do not let go of their cursed little longings, and they just do not let go of those cursed things, they do not begin to think; no, sir, they do not want to have anything extra by means of which they possess something.
They also want to have those gifts.
And they want to have contact.
They will never get that.
And then you wonder: why did we begin with that?
There are people who are really worth it.
And why do I want nothing to do with you?
Sir, then I will still walk round with your thinking and feeling, and then I will just fragment my situation.
I do not want anything to do with you because I love you, I once said.
And the masters taught me that.
And that means, sir: I do not interfere with your thinking.
But I do not think wrongly of you either.
Because now I do not need to think wrongly.
Just muddle along.
I will continue.
And it is up to you what you make of it.
You have the possibility here.
And this is why I can say: ‘I do not want anything to do with you.’
Sir, I am open to life.
But I still may not connect myself to those characters and personalities.
I once did that.
And if I do that, I always get a slap right in my face.
Because that happens ... and, boom, they are already lying down.
Another moment ... and, pom, they are lying there.
They still cannot be true, do good.
They still cannot do it?
No, sir, because that strength and feeling is still not there.
Someone came to me, and he laughed at our people.
I say: ‘Sir, are you that far?’
‘Oh, it cannot happen to me, those people are all crazy.’
I say: ‘So.’
I say: ‘Sir, what are you involved with?
You are involved with stoves, of course.’
He also happened to be involved in stoves.
I say: ‘But when you let go of that stove and you begin to do a study in Utrecht in philosophy, then you will go crazy.’
I say: ‘Then those ups and downs will come.’
I say: ‘You will lose that stove.’
I say: ‘But Our Lord and God has more worlds than just stoves.’
I say: ‘You say: “I am so strong, it cannot happen to me.”’
I say: ‘Sir, just begin with a study about cosmology and psychology, psychiatry, theology.
Then you will already be, you will definitely already be a religious maniac there yonder in the distance.
Sir, master about ten languages, and you will already succumb because of the language.
But you will only keep and possess nothing else than stove consciousness.’
And then he ran out the door.
He says: ‘You will never get a coal from me.’
I say: ‘I do not need it either, because yours do not give any fire and any heat.’
Yes, they were stone-dead, sir.’
And he was gone.
He says: ‘What a cheeky scoundrel.’
I say: ‘Yes, if you say that mankind is crazy, I will begin with you.’
I say: ‘Prove it.’
People say: ‘Jozef Rulof is crazy.’
I say: ‘Come here, let’s begin.
Let’s begin with who is crazy.
What is the word crazy?’
Puh, puh.
Yes, sir, just continue.
What does the human being learn in Diligentia and here?
Sir, I turn the cosmology of the moon outside in you here.
And you can analyse here in the evenings what master Zelanus tells there under the orders of master Alcar and even higher.
And then you get cosmology.
In Amsterdam master Zelanus gives cosmology by means of the question and answer evenings.
And then you get social, spiritual, spatial cosmology.
You want to make progress.
The human being says: ‘No.’
I am not getting annoyed, but I find it so intensely sad if I can see how the human being who is on this path messes up his life of feeling.
We begin with something, we learn to think.
Sir, you cannot think.
You cannot think spiritually.
Yes, you can already lay foundations a little bit, a few, in order to learn to think spiritually, and that is called: there is no death.
So you already look ‘beyond the coffin.’
Don’t you?
Now, now we will begin.
But another stands before that grave.
So that is already abstract thinking.
You have concrete phenomena in your hands by means of the books, by means of the lectures, these evenings.
You can expand yourself, your life of feeling.
And then together you get, I tell you it so often, with friend and girlfriend and sister ...
Yes, then you must only look at the spiritual, you know.
Because one person wants to put and help the other person onto the horse again, and one person wants to convince the other person how deep they are, and ultimately they have nothing at all.
Then one person says: ‘I will explain it to you.’
He was completely off the mark.
He had got it now and again and then close by, but he was off the mark again.
In this way one human being here of mine, already starts to develop the other one.
And I had them here, sir, they sat there, and they now do it themselves, can also do it now.
They set up a doctrine for themselves.
Go ahead, sir.
Go ahead.
Yes, and now we are in a mess.
How must we begin to think with regard to the cosmology?
Do you not think now, sir ...
They are not crazy upstairs.
But did you not think now that I wondered during all those years: my God, my God, what will we begin with now?
About cosmology.
And the human being does not even know himself.
But now the nice part.
I learned it, I saw it.
Master Alcar, can you see it?
Because you get to know the universe, you finally get a cosmic foundation, and you begin here to change your life in this society and to take it to that space, into embryonic and cosmic attunement.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, indeed.’
Good heavens, do you have ...
You can begin with a radish and dry bread, without butter on it, but then you must love that life of those radishes ...
I loved those radishes, still do now.
Because what nice children they are.
And if you start to think how a flower is born, you will know all of that now.
But first start to follow the things which really possess cosmology, start to follow them.
(To someone in the hall): You are involved with electricity, aren’t you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, a little bit.’
Sir, if you take hold of a thing like that, and you think: if I add another one, I will fall down dead on the street.
What is that?
And you work it all out.
I had to go through the garage, through the machine, I had to take the engine apart which I had never seen, and put it together again, by means of the unity of the spirit.
It lives in the earth, in society.
You only become beautiful now if you begin here.
And then I tell you again: yes, my people, you live ‘beyond the coffin’ here.
There is no ‘coffin’, no death, your unity is here.
And it appears to be so extremely difficult to learn to think in a spiritual, real, concrete way.
I must go back, very far back, if I want ... as a boy of fifteen years old ... and then I will still not have made it, I must go back into aunt Trui’s garden, on my back, I have to go back there, in order to learn to think as mother and the others thought, because mother also went too far.
How will I get to see and to experience myself by means of the cosmology?
Yes, then those lectures in Diligentia will be of some use to you, because that is divine philosophy there.
By means of nature science.
Isn’t it?
The highest, sir, which you can get on earth by means of the masters, because it cannot be experienced anywhere on earth.
Nowhere, I know that now.
Don’t you think so, engineer?
Anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, not for the moment.’
Oh, not for the moment.
Yes, I cannot say much, sir, can I?
Oh, how I could, when I come ‘beyond the coffin’ soon, and all of us, well, then I will get you, just wait. (laughter)
Then you must come near me again with, with, with eh ... yes, indeed.
But then we will have something to tell each other, sir.
And you will go soon.
Oh, the great happiness.
I had people here, here, they came here, and now they are gone.
And here: ‘Oh well.
Oh well, I do not know, you must just prove it.’
And they have passed on for six months, and then master Alcar let them look into my house like that.
Then he says: ‘You must not talk to that man, because he used to sit in the hall there.’
I say: ‘No.’
I say: ‘Still doubts?’
Oh, yes ...!’
I say: ‘Just tell that to Peter.’ (laughter)
I say: ‘Because I am writing.’
He is gone.
Well, where to?
There goes that poor human being.
He wanted to tell me what he really knew now.
Gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh.
I had to beat him to death here and then he still did not believe it.
And then he comes to tell me about that joy, from that world?
Sam, Sam, little Sam.
Happy, sir?
You will be able to see it soon.
You will read it anyway, the banker came back, didn’t he: ‘Ooh, I.
Yes ...!’
I say: ‘Oh, sir, tell Our Lord that.’
I say: ‘Are you having fun now?’
I say: ‘Now your one and a half million will just go to the boss.’
And he still has to tell me that.
The human being, sir, the fanatical knowledge in order to devote everything to this.
We must build it up with money, mustn’t we?
I got twenty books out of this under my own power, with some help from the people the past few years.
People, who laid down notes, in here, and threw them into the letter box at home.
All that money is now in ‘Jeus III’.
We published twenty books.
Do you know what that costs?
Someone recently published a book.
He had walked himself to death, he says.
‘I ended up in Antwerp’, he says.
‘You know what that is, because you are also faced with it, aren’t you?’
I just wrote back to him: no, sir, because I published them myself.
‘With ten cent coins and twenty-five cent coins.’
‘Then how, sir?’
‘Yes, I do not know now either how it came together, sir.
But I still live on the second floor.’
‘Are you Mr Rulof’s servant?’
‘No, sir, I am Mr Rulof’s wife, yes.’
They just think that we live in an avenue, in a castle, a palace.
They call our address there the Esdoorn Avenue.
But it is still a street.
And that is the human being for society.
That is the human being who wants to learn.
That is the human being who is starting to grow?
Oh, oh, oh, oh, sir, we can write a hundred thousand books about and of the human being and ourselves, by means of which we learned.
What do you want?
To ask questions about society?
For everything: do you feel now, if you have finished ‘Jeus III’ whether we are ready to be able to answer you?
But I was not that either in 1938.
And then I was already, in my feeling ...
‘A professor’, they said.
I already had them under my thumb in 1933, who wanted to be under my thumb.
You will read that.
The learning, the intellectuality of The Hague wanted to have me under their thumb and I had them under my thumb myself after six months.
I say: ‘Madam, my word will become law.’
And then I still had my cap almost hanging over my face, my driver’s cap.
But how could they, how could a douarière (noble widow), how could she accept from a taxi driver: yes, it is like that.
‘And not like that, but like that, madam.
Yes, madam.’
Do you recognize ...
Take the politeness out of life and out of society, out of your divine attunement, sir, and it will not be: ‘Yes, madam’, but it will be: ‘Yes, lady.
Yes, indeed, lady.’
How polite that child is.
Become polite.
What do you want to talk about, sir?
About cosmology?
It is about politeness, justice, harmony, understanding, longing.
You say: ‘I will not do it.’
And I don't want it.'
It means nothing to me.
The other person says: ‘I am thirsting, I am thirsting, I am thirsting, I am thirsting, I want to awaken.’
Man and wife.
One says: ‘No, I am not interested.’
Yes, they live here on earth, here you can still say that: ‘I do not accept that.’
Because we are rivetted to each other by a spiritual cord.
But ‘beyond the coffin’, separated and free from the material, if the human being has experienced and finished his cause and effect, then you should come to me, to me, and say: ‘I do not want to listen and I still do not want to thirst.’
Do you feel, that you, when you refuse to be nice here, to be just, to thirst, to be hungry, to enrich yourself, that you instantly, at the same moment, already lose your love whom you love now, for God, for space?
Because it continues.
Here you can say: ‘Yes, you would like that.
You would like to fly, but you continue to sit here.
You will sit here.’
And then the man says: ‘Yes, you do not want it, then I will just continue to sit.’
But then that man thinks: woe betide, if I enter the ‘coffin’ soon.
Then I will go out of it.
And then you should command me: ‘Become a Catholic.’
I also experienced that.
That the giant succumbs in this life and that that little thumb there as mother, that means everything, and that great strong character perishes from that.
‘Yes’, he says, ‘why would I just argue every day?
I just admit it.’
You should also try that ‘beyond the coffin’.
If you refuse to think here in the direction of your cosmology, men, women, then you will also get to see your spiritual halt ‘beyond the coffin’, in your astral infinity: and that is poverty.
And here they say: ‘Oh well, what does that matter to me.
What do I have to do with that moon, there, with that space?’
And the moon is in you.
Because that is the embryonic life for the human being.
And the human being says: ‘What use is all that wisdom to me?
What good is it to me.
I do not even have a decent amount to eat.’
There is also something to it, isn’t there?
Look, the difficulty is this: the human being already has enough in society for his food and drink.
True or not?
And the very highest which you are now, and can do is, as a man: sir, prove what you can do if you have children and a wife and a house.
Prove what you can do.
And then you should see the lazy bones.
Harsh, gentlemen?
Then you should start to act that gentleman, who says: ‘Oh, well, I am sated with that.’
And there is still so much for building up a household.
Sir, just think, plod away, just collapse nicely from tiredness.
There are men, who have still not collapsed in their whole life.
Is that true?
And now we go, now we must begin, sir, first to build up, bring into harmony your own self - and that of your dear mother, men, women - to think according to eternal unity and love.
But, how do I get immaculate, pure food and drink?
I earned my living in everything, ladies and gentlemen.
I could have become a millionaire with playing football, if I could also have done that.
But you will read that at the end of ‘Jeus II’, Jeus never goes onto a football field again.
I never saw a football field again.
And I was one of them, sir.
I thought for fifteen football players at the same time.
Sir, clairvoyance?
They ran there with the ball, I ran forwards, then they said: ‘Where is that idiot going again?’
But in two seconds the ball was with me and then I went: poom!
It was a goal.
I was standing exactly at the place where the ball came.
I knew it.
During that time with running?
I ran here in The Hague, if you begin with that; all thinking.
Then we came to The Hague with 1800 soldiers, from Arnhem and Amersfoort, I was number one in the marathon.
I showed all those generals ... I outran all of them.
Because I had built that up myself, that real running of a horse, you will sense, those horses keep going for hours, and they never lose it.
I was just like an old runner.
I could do that too.
Years later I was faced with the general, he said: ‘I know you.’
I say: ‘Sir, I know you too.’
He said: ‘Are you that brat who let me run to death in ...’ (laughter)
I said: ‘Yes, general.’
Then I had to treat his legs, because he had varicose veins.
I say: ‘You don’t look so good.’
He says: ‘Don’t you think it is awful?
We played sport, man, my God, you never left my life, because I can still see that deer running.’
I was just like a deer.
What are you laughing at?
I am still that now, you mean. (laughter)
Sir, by means of those things you get thinking, thinking, thinking.
I am not talking here for my living.
I will make it anyway.
Tomorrow you will see me standing at the market with flowers.
The people say: ‘Yes, but Jozef Rulof talks there for his living.’ Hahaha, I almost said: ‘From your buttons which I will get in the evening.’
But that is not true. (laughter)
Oh well, there are still a few potato peelings there.
Aren’t there?
I will not insult you anyway.
Last week someone put three hundred guilders on top.
That is nice, isn’t it?
But they are not buttons.
From who?
I do not know.
I thought to myself: human being, that gossiping of yours will also get value.
That cackling of Jeus of mother Crisje, the speaker, that will get meaning.
People throw a hundred guilders just like that in the dish.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, they would almost give up a button for it.’
What did you say?
What did you just say? (laughter)
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That you could give up a button for it.’ (laughter)
But you do not need to give up a button for that, do you?
Why, sir?
But I just mean, sir, when you begin, madam, then begin for heaven’s sake with your cosmology in society.
Learn ...
There it is again.
Watch out, there it is.
Learn to kiss spiritually.
They cannot even do it.
They cannot even do it.
This is why I really do not like that begging.
But, sir, there is something to that.
Master Zelanus once said in Diligentia: ‘How deep is your kiss?’
There are now married men and women sitting here.
Madam, how ...
Oh no, yes, they will tell me that:
‘What do his ones taste like?’
No, eh.
It is going there anyway, isn’t it?
Like that? (laughter)
Just like in the film.
I still do it like this.
Then I first make a good pace like that, of course, a real pace, then I enter the divine, spiritual harness in order to attune myself to that love.
Don’t I?
I told you recently: ‘I make my wife laugh at least four times a day.’
I made her laugh at least ten times this afternoon.
And she was laughing about one thing all morning.
I now think: too much actually, because tomorrow is another day. (laughter)
But we have fun, we have happiness, because we talk, we analyse.
I make sure that my things are finished, she too.
And there is a lack of that in this society.
The human being does not know his task, is too lazy, is too this.
I am tired.’
What tired?
Tired, what is tiredness?
Finish reading ‘Jeus.’
I have conquered thousands of tirednesses.
I do not know any tiredness.
After five books, my wife came, we are finished with the ‘Cycle of the Soul’: ‘Are you still busy now?’
I say: ‘We must also write a postscript, child.’
You should listen.
‘Those who Returned from the Dead’ was finished.
Four days later, a short time later master Zelanus came with ‘The Cycle of the Soul.’ Then that was immediately finished; experienced, written and prepared.
That was not so simple, sir.
Have a rest?
Haha, during that time the disembodiments continued.
Then my wife said: ‘What will you do now?
You will have a rest, won’t you?
You will have a rest, the book is almost finished.’
Sir, we did not even make an extra cup of tea because a life child was on the earth again.
No fuss with it.
No hoorah.
I was walking there, I think: gosh, I have another one, I have another one.
It will be published soon.
Then the people again: ‘Oh, master Zelanus, talk, nice, isn’t it, it is here again.’
He says: ‘We still have a few days, then we will continue again.’
And then, the following morning, sir, after ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ ...
The publisher said: ‘Give me a photograph.’
Then I had to go to the photographers quickly, get a photograph quickly. And then we began again, the journeys were made, through insanity, psychopathy.
I say: ‘Yes, I must also have a postscript.’
And then that postscript came to lie so high, because we also wrote five books at the same time.
After each other, six books.
In two and a half months, three months ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Diseases of the Soul’.
Also the trilogy of ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
Experienced, written and published, sir.
And not a moan.
But a moan inside.
Very much from inside, Mr Berends.
And you will now read that in ‘Jeus III’.
And if you understand that, then you will begin at the beginning: how do I prepare myself in society, for my wife, for my husband, in order to lay spiritual foundations so that we will also be comrades, sisters and brothers ‘beyond the coffin’ in the eternal astral infinity.
I do not talk easily, gladly, about comrades, because then we will soon be with the Bolsheviks and there will not be much left of it ...(inaudible) ...and then the word is already healing.
Ladies and gentleman, it is the interval, the tea is ready.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will continue again.
I said a moment ago: in society you must build up everything.
During the interval someone told me a story, I have already heard ten, twenty of them in my time.
I have told something about that during the years that I have been busy.
People who would kiss the masters’ feet, who have promised us cows with gold horns, stakes.
You can now say it, fine: ‘I will go too.’
‘Wonderful, you must know that.’
People who showed their blood.
A time came, ladies and gentlemen, then the masters also went into that.
Someone also told: ‘I will devote my blood, my life.’
And one evening, it was in 1934, 1935, it was still young, we were only just busy.
What was it?
Four years, five years.
One evening I come and stand before the people like that, I say: ‘Before the cock crows you will betray me three times.’
‘Is that for me?’ he says.
I say: ‘I do not know.’
I say: ‘Yes, I can also hear it, that it was said.’
I come again the following week.
I stand before those people again: ‘Before the cock crows you will betray me three times.’
‘But good heavens, is that being said to us?
We do not betray the masters.’
And we do not do that.
And we do not do this.
And we do not do that.
But those people enter a state that sir does not have a job, and now he can get a job for the Catholic Church, and a good job, and the masters went there, and Jozef Rulof.
There are people here amongst us who stand in society, and had a wonderful task.
The priest, the Supreme Court finds out that those people are going to Jozef Rulof; on the street.
The cardinal, and the bishop are involved.
Because they know: Jozef Rulof is a spiritual rebel.
‘Get out, you also come there.
Get out.’
And then they are out on the street.
They are put on the street just like that.
And then they lose their post because they listen to Jozef Rulof, because they read a spiritual book.
The Catholic Church still has such power in its own circle.
But the people who still have the word there in their hands are so narrow-minded and insane.
We live in the twentieth century and the human being can still not do what he wants.
He is still led by his religion.
And then I can say here ...
They will fling that in my face, of course: ‘Mr Rulof, you are one to talk.’
Yes, sir.
‘What do you think, what do you think of this story?’
And then I get to hear the next story.
The people devote their lives.
The boy says: ‘I am sick.
I will go to that sanatorium - and I do not want to be there - because then I can still read the books.’ And the doctor who lives there will already betray him, he will betray him.
We have someone here who is Catholic and who reads the books by Jozef Rulof. ‘Get out’, they said.
And now me.
And now you.
And then the people say: ‘You are one to talk, sir, you are up to your neck in it, to your throat, to your mouth.’
Yes, sir.
Protestantism, the Reformed Church is no longer like that.
Although you already also hear there: ‘What are you doing?
And why are you reading that?’
And if the boss knows that, who is an elder in the church, well, I would like to experience a morning in that office, from inside in that man with regard to you.
And then there will not be much left of you.
Nor of me.
And for a moment in the evenings, when the gentlemen are together - what is that hour called, when the elders talk to the minister? - then you are analysed, and then you will also leave, you know.
And then you will say: ‘It is easy for you to talk.’
And: ‘If we stand for that in society ...
We fight for life and death.’
Yes, I can only tell you this, sir, madam: what are you actually doing here?
You sit here.
And then we go and look at the earth from that world, and ourselves, and analyse the laws.
It is up to you what you make of it, it is not about that now, but we were talking about society.
You must do it in society.
And then we will certainly not be finished.
And then you will get, just like the little members of the NSB national socialist movement, the little NSB members, you know, they were not NSB members, you will first ...
They no longer dare it, but otherwise all those Catholics would be, they would all be burnt at the stake, would go into the dungeon, just like Galilei.
Because they read a book by Jozef Rulof.
No, just like the little NSB members, you will, then you will just be completely kicked out of your job, and whether you have a wife and children, is not important, whether you are sick, it does not matter: you no longer follow the church.
If that Catholic from last week is here, then he will say ...
Well, now just eat more, which you began with, from that beautiful golden thing.
Because this is exactly the same.
But people ...
And what does that man say?
What does one of them say, what do ten of them say?
‘It does not matter to me, now I am out of that misery, thank God.
I can begin with a new life.’
And our mankind is, our administration is, our government, the church is, the religion in Europe is so poor, sir and madam.
The human being, the church, the theologian is unconscious.
They only just have a herd animal: ‘If you do not do that, you will be out of it.’
Now that man is standing there, and that woman is standing there. And I have already heard that hundreds of times.
I say: ‘Yes, madam, yes, sir, I cannot do anything about it.
You must decide that for yourself, of course.
But one thing, I can tell you that: you are rising out at the moment, and namely above the heads of the Catholic Church.’
But you do not have any food and drink for that.
I cannot give those people any food and drink either.
I can only just dissolve your spiritual hunger.
And then I will have a wonderful rye bread, you know.
A rye bread which was built up by the pure corn from the spatial cosmos, sir, and, if you take a few grains from that, you will have food for ten thousand years.
But that stomach of ours, that material stomach, and the landlord, isn’t it, a piece of property, and now it begins.
Who still feels like spiritual awakening, spiritual consciousness, thirsting, if you do not have any food?
Hahahaha, how low by the ground we come to stand.
And that is the reality.
To experience cosmology, sir, in the material, means: yes, to act like Paul, and to admitting: I am reading a book about the universe by Jozef Rulof.
Sir, during the years that I have been busy more than a hundred people have already been kicked out of their jobs because they read my books.
But we are still that far.
But what should you begin with now?
And lovely big tasks.
‘Get out.
We do not tolerate this.
You do not think along our lines, but you are actually a traitor.
You have become a heretic: get out!’
The bishop is involved.
Hahaha, the priest did not even have anything to say anymore.
The bishop already had to come here.
‘Do you read the books by Jozef Rulof?’
They should know how many priests whom we already have in our midst now, from outside.
Oh well, the Catholic Church feels shaky, feels unsteady.
They already throw the people onto the street who just read a book.
The human being may no longer think as he wants to.
But by means of this we stand with both feet in society, ladies and gentlemen, then we must make something of it, and then you must start to say something, and that is: human being, prove who you are.
Do something now.
No cock crowed for you at this moment.
But, nice, isn’t it, if that minister or that priest stands there, and: ‘God blesses the human being.’
But tomorrow, sir?
The day after tomorrow, sir, I must pay rent.
And: ‘The Father will take care of you.’
‘Because I have been, by means of that and that I have been chased from my job.’
But it was still in the harness of the Catholic Church.
‘But you will also be taken care of.’
But it did not quite happen.
The priest had forgotten those prayers.
He wanted to pray for him and for her too, but it did not help.
But perhaps the priest thought - when he still apparently ... for those people who had lost their jobs because they had fought for the church ... - perhaps Our Lord is too busy?
And will it come in a few months time, in a few years time?
And perhaps, madam, when sir is dead.
That is also possible, isn’t it?
But what will we do?
You are faced with a fact here that you not only already get the difficulty of beginning with each other, because another said: ‘Yes, two are needed for talking and for thinking.’
People immediately call that the family, of course, man and wife.
Women, men, we talked about that many times.
That is not like that in the Protestant Church, because there they are both Protestant, they are both sitting on the bible.
Their kiss is also biblical, sir, and damned too.
That kiss, ‘as long as he does this’, then that kiss is already damned too.
The one I give today has no universal meaning.
Sir, I just have to be wrong and I am already eternally damned too.
That kiss and that love is so deep.
We are not even talking about that.
But we are concerned with this.
That it is certainly not so simple to develop yourself, now already with regard to society, your task, your job which you have.
If you are free from that, and you have your task for yourself in your hands, then you can do and make and break what you want.
But there are still people who are dependent on their faith: and they are now out on the street.
That is really bad.
And now you must just prove what you want.
The people who could do that, they say: ‘Oh well, now I am out of it, we will see.’
Fine, there are also people who perished who no longer got a job, and then it happens.
By means of the teaching.
‘Yes, all the things I am saddled with.’
I say: ‘Yes, sir, but you must work it out for yourself anyway.
I can only just give you spiritual food.’
But now I ultimately bring, someone said, the human being from dry land into the ditch.
Because they lost their job.
‘No’, you say, don’t you?
If you lose your job tomorrow, sir, with the government, that task which you have, then say to Willem Drees that he is also completely off the mark.
Because I do not accept that from him.
Oh well.
There are people who now say: ‘If you want to experience that development, you need two for that.’
Man and wife.
Yes, that is the perfect on earth, if he longs and she longs, and she sits there and he sits there.
And he says now and again: ‘So, can you feel it, child?’
And she also does it for a moment.
Then the orchids are awakening.
Yes, now they look at each other again, do you see?
Then they think: yes, I happen to have it.
But, madam, sir, if you have that, just do not show it to us, because there are millions of people who do not have it.
Fair is fair.
Someone says: ‘And now you say: “Develop, develop, develop.”
And: “Thirst and thirst and thirst.”
‘But I cannot get rid of anything.
If I just say one word, then there will already be an argument.
Because she cannot bear it.’
And it is him there.
And he says there: ‘And should look into and read that.’
Then she says: ‘Oh, oh well, but that is for you, but that is not for me.’
And now we stand before the grades of feeling, you were already able to read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’ to a certain extent, but in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ you will get the grades of feeling for marriage.
What we talked about last week is just a perfectly ordinary materially broken marriage.
You have, the beginning ...
Yes, the animal-like is already there too, because if we have two thieves and two murderers, and all those other things, they are animal-like marriages, animal-like people.
No, they aren’t, are they?
A thief is not an animal, is he?
No, then they are pinchers.
He pinches and she pinches.
And now we will begin with spiritual things, that does not work.
But I experienced it, and that is true. Now you get in every society - I was once up to my neck in marriage - now you get hundreds, thousands of grades of marital states in society.
And now every marriage is its own separate world.
True or not?
And that is, now you get to see the grades, a book can be written about what it says in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, and then you get to see the grades for the human marriage on earth.
And if we now both boxed, sir, she in the ring and me in the ring, yes, then we could at least also compare our bruises in the evening.
But now I do not box, and she does; or he does not and she does.
We take part in fencing, we take part in running.
Fanny Koen (Fanny Blanker-Koen, Dutch athlete, won four gold medals in 1948 at the Olympic Games in London) must be surprisingly happy because her husband is the trainer, isn’t he?
At least they have something to talk to each other about.
A minister should be sitting next to them.
Yes, that is possible, isn’t it?
Or a gardener, a perfectly ordinary sensible gardener.
A man who deals in bulbs, and his wife says: ‘Yes, but I have to go to Belgium, I have to run the hundred metres today.’
Then he says: ‘Yes, indeed, and my tulips?’
A farmer with his cows, and she just wants to study and she wants to write poetry.
She stands on the stage in Diligentia, in the Schouwburg in Amsterdam (Jozef begins to make theatrical gestures): ‘And the life came, it sung, and it gave me inspiration.’
‘Yes,’ he says, ‘but the cows are standing here with their udders full of milk, and they cannot get rid of it.’ (Someone laughs) Arguments, sir!
Yes, you are laughing at that, madam, but the world is like that, isn’t it?
Society is, society is a wallpaper paster, he has been busy with elevating a thing, a palace, but he forgot his paste. (laughter)
He says: ‘Where is my brush now?’
The human being will get married, in the future ...
You have read books, but you do not ask me anything.
I must always begin again myself.
You do not think.
There are a hundred million questions in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
Did you think ...
That book is already so old, now already since 1940, since 1946, then it was published, that is already seven years.
Did you think that one person had asked a question about ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ here?
Never happened.
In Amsterdam we gave a lecture about it.
In Diligentia eighteen, in the beginning.
The grades of marriage, sir, the grades, the grades of life of Golgotha, the grades of life of a proverb.
How did you put it a moment ago there?
Why did you say that like that to me?
He gets a fright, or she gets a fright.
Why can you not say that now?
Someone comes to me, then he says: ‘The only thing which I always suffocate in, and then I could give her what for.’
I say: ‘Why are you making yourself angry again?’
He says: ‘I am sitting there.
My office is here and then they can walk to it just like that.
But then it is called from yonder in the distance: FOOD.’
He says: ‘I cannot hear it, because that machine is on, and the girls are busy.’
And at once that door is thrown open: ‘Can you not hear anything?’
‘Well, I certainly did not hear you, child.’
There was also a radio on.
Then that man comes to me, then he says: ‘What are philosophical systems?’
I say: ‘Do you need to know that from me?’
He says: ‘But I have read a book by Socrates.’
I say: ‘How would you do that?’
‘Yes’, he says, ‘I would do it like that.
When it was finished I would walk calmly over that place, I would knock, I would say: ‘Dear man, food is ready.
Are you coming?’’
And then he obviously says, of course: ‘Child, come to me, we will eat together.’
Now, like that.
Sir, Socrates, lives in between you, between you and her.
Only the food is ready.
Golgotha, madam, Our Lord.
Our Lord was walking with the apostles along the street.
Then they walked through the meadow, and then someone there in the distance said, who saw that group there, he says: ‘What dopes they are there.’
He says: ‘Now they have that man there in white ...’
That was the Messiah, that was that Rabbi, because they looked at him as a rabbi.
Imagine, Christ is walking here, is walking like that.
Who said there at that time: ‘That is the Messiah’?’
And now you see a human being there like a Messiah.
Then he says: ‘Now they have already warned four times and now He still does not hear that Judas has the food ready.’
And then Christ turned around, then He says: ‘Why are you bothering with Me?
You are bothering with me.’
And then Christ looked at that man, that human being, he was a man of about sixty years old.
Because it was good there, and it was wrong there, right next to Christ.
He walked amongst the people, and you could just start to shout.
Master Alcar showed me all of that.
‘Why did you call Me?
Why are you disturbing Me?
I am not eating today.’
Why are you waking Me?
Why are you disturbing Me?’
And then the apostles said: ‘We should have watched out for that.’
Then Christ says: ‘You cannot even do that.’
‘And why not, Master?’
‘Because we are walking in the destruction.’
The human being does not think upwards.
He told them it so nicely.
But if it went into the world then Christ said that in metaphor, according to nature.
And that is absolutely and exactly the same thing, sir, as we say that: ‘Ha, hey.’
Why, sir, why, madam, do we not do that differently?
Why do we not lay the philosophical systems, like Socrates?
They talk in society, madam, about high philosophy, but that is this.
That does not need to be learned.
You will learn that like that at home.
Do not bark, do not shout.
‘Do not make of your mouth’, the masters say, ‘any gossip.’
You only got the mouth in order to feed yourself, but not in order to speak evil.
And now you should see our chatterboxes, sir.
‘Get away from me’, someone said.
Sir, if you begin with that, you lay cosmology, then you begin.
And now your life of feeling is like that in that world if you leave this castle, you will stand there on your own.
And then I will give you a picture of what you now have.
You are harsh?
You do not want to understand?
You do your work?
But that is all for the earth.
Is that good?
But why can we not experience each other by means of kindness, understand and bowing.
And if you let go of this ...
Here you still have light, here you have sun, here you have light.
But there you stand in a jungle of darkness, believe it and accept it.
Here you cling to light and society, we go to the cinema, we go home again, we have food and drink, if you are hungry you eat something; and there you are materially feeling , you have no spiritual foundations, because not one thought is absolutely spiritually, spatially finished, is not in harmony with that world, because that is the spiritual world.
So you must bring and take your feeling to growth, if you want to be in harmony with your astral self, the infinity in which you live.
And now you have ...
Every word now gets attunement to that world.
I am walking.
Oh well, that is no one’s business, that is up to you.
We live together, we talk to each other, we work for each other.
You do not need that.
You work for yourself, you make sure that you earn a living.
Are you lazy, are you this, are you that, are you still it, indifferent?
You will feel, where is it all leading?
What do you want, who are you, what are you doing?
For this life, food and drink.
But now the spiritual remainder comes.
And that is now – Mr Berends has gone home – the cosmology for you.
And that is not now, that is a universal consciousness; your personality gets a spatial meaning.
And now you can, Socrates began with that, you can make a spatial consciousness from a little thought.
Socrates was standing there, and said: ‘If you are happy, madam, what do you feel then?
What is that?’
No one knew it.
And then he went to the man: ‘What do you feel if you are happy?’
‘And what is love?’
They do not know.
No one in the world knows what love is, sir.
No theologian, no psychologist.
You have to be an initiate for that.
You must have unity with space, with the macro cosmos, with planets, suns and stars.
And who has that?
What is love?
Do you see?
And then we stand before ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, before the grades of the human marriage, and Golgotha.
And now every thought and every action goes, which goes outside your body, outside your food and drink ... and also if you manage it and you say: ‘Yes, the ‘droodles’ , do it yourself.’
That is not good either.
If he says: ‘And what are we having to eat today?’
‘That is none of your business, do it yourself.’
And if they are standing there talking, sir, for a whole hour, and things are burning upstairs ...
Yes, then what?
And now you must ... and that is the strange thing, sir, and we always just want to go to that cosmos, and we always want to go to the hereafter.
Master Alcar says: ‘Keep them a bit away from us, because they are flying too far.’
We must do it here.
Who are you?
What do you want?
What will you begin with?
Now you can, I have said it a hundred times, you can experience a conversation, so tremendously beautiful, because then you reach unity.
But the human being has no feeling.
She has it, he does not; there it is he, and there it is she.
And there it is they together; yes, then it happens of its own accord.
Wonderful, sir, then you can already pick up more in society.
Can’t you?
And then you start to think spatially.
You see and you feel the people differently, every day.
You start to descend into that human being and you start to experience it spatially, because you go, from your spacious feeling you start to talk to the people.
And then you are no longer so harsh.
If you start to feel that, and you then go in the direction of Golgotha ...
Good, good, good grief.
Who goes with his thoughts to Golgotha?
Who places them there on scales of Jerusalem?
On that Jewish carry-on, on that rabbi consciousness, society says.
We know that it is the Messiah, that it is Christ.
But who now places his thoughts there.
Because our thoughts, our life and thinking, our feeling, every day, all those words, those thousands of words, even if you are at cross-purposes, you are involved with each other, they are weighed on Golgotha.
Yes, madam.
How mad we still are, don’t you think?
Who are you today?
I already see the people walking soon, then they do it wrong again.
Someone also wanted to begin:
‘Come and see’, he says, ‘what is happening now.’
I say: ‘Fine, sir, I will come and visit you.
He had begun like that: ‘Hubby, what would you like now?’
Then he says: ‘Well, just give me a nice short.’
Then she says: ‘Oh yes, shall I just put it down here, hubby?’
The he says: ‘That has been happening to be for a month already.’
She had already been in a heaven for a month, she thought that she should just say.
But in the evening she could no longer do it, then she just smashed everything, because she could not stand it.
Then she says: ‘Yes.’
She had thought: you must just say it.
Then she learned to talk really poetically, she thought that it was due to that.
But it was not due to that at all, sir.
Madam, it was not due to that at all either.
It is only about bringing harmony into the thing.
Yes, then I must associate with people every day and then you must teach them that.
And perhaps I will also do it myself ...
I will be careful, but perhaps I will also break my neck over myself, who knows, but you must ask that one over there, of course (he probably means Anna, his wife, who is sitting at the book table). (laughter)
But I am also trying to bring myself into harmony.
And I got it very simply – I can explain it to you just like that; if something is said there then I still had a word to say, it is not about that – then the master said: ‘Look, you will start to think in my direction, and it is only then that we will come any further and that we will be in harmony, and then you will lay spiritual foundations there for your material.’
And then I always just thought in his direction, how they would do it.
‘And cling to Jerusalem especially’, he says, ‘because our battle goes to space for life and death.’
You should just read ‘Jeus III’.
And then my thinking started.
‘I do not want to think wrongly.’
And then you should see, sir, in a small household of people, two people, or three people, what kind of awe-inspiring problems you can experience there, which mean nothing, and yet possess cosmology, because that thought grows.
It becomes material, it becomes harsh first, spitefully harsh, and then it becomes material, and then you start to do it differently again, and then you start to do it spiritually, and then you start to do it spatially, and then you already go over Golgotha.
Didn’t you, sir – there are some here – experience that in the concentration camp?
Did you not learn how you must start to think with regard to society?
Yes, you want spiritual consciousness.
I told you last week: a young girl comes here, reads my books, there is also a boy sitting there.
I say to that father: ‘She should finish that.’
Then she says: ‘You should read that book.
I also read it, I love it.’
‘Hahaha, huhwhuhuh ...’
‘You should read this.’
‘Come with me to a lecture.’
‘Hahaha, I have my own world, oh no.’
Once more, once more, once more.
Then she says: ‘I do not like him anymore.
Because I am now already alone in the world.’
And soon when we have finished speaking, no, when we have experienced our circle, sir, what will remain of that?’
What do you want to experience together today.
She said: ‘Say, friend, look for something else.’
That girl was already cooing in the spiritual grade.
Don’t you think so, Mr Götte?
And there it is the boy, and there it is the father, and there it is the mother.
But the elderly need it more, and require it more than young people do.
Because the human being older than forty begins to think for the first time.
But I do not intend to deliver a sermon this evening.
If you wish to learn to think and if you wish to make something of yourself, then you see already, you are already standing before society.
If you are involved with a Catholic, you will be talked about.
And if you want to begin for yourself and your family, then I will also say to that one ...
Because that man said: ‘Yes, two are needed for that.’
And there you have the destruction, sir.
The different grades for marriage.
In the future, I told you, and that will happen irrevocably, because psychology will go that far, the government will say later in fifty, a hundred years’ time, if I am getting married: ‘Just come to us.’
The mother gets to know the cosmology.
Then there will no longer be any servicewomen in the navy, sir, madam.
You should see that pathetic motherhood in the paper this week.
I say: ‘Madam, be careful, otherwise you will also be operated upon at once.’
I would like to send them to the hospital just like that, I say: ‘There is a nice task there.’
No, she starts to act the soldier.
The woman starts to act the soldier.
The mother starts to think for murders.
‘Attention’, one of them said, she was a captain.
I was driving along the street once, I cannot help it, but I do not like those people.
I like those people, I like that life, but those characters ...
Then I got out of the car.
Oh God, the number was noted down.
I say: ‘Oh, come on.’
The woman is acting the soldier in this century.
Next to it it says: girls required for the hospital.
Hospitals no longer have any nurses.
There we are.
In these times.
No, they become soldiers.
Servicewomen in the Dutch navy, they become captains, soldiers.
They sit there wearing a blue marine cap, with beautiful blue stockings and grey jackets.
And the woman is standing there amongst hundreds of soldiers, officers.
Listen, they are going along to the front.
Isn’t it nice?
To serve?
Are you trying to kid me that a grade, a grain of sand from the Messiah lives in there?
If the mother starts to understand for what purpose she is on earth ...
In order to act the soldier?
We are not talking about that.
But you live in society.
You should look around you, and determine your task, your thinking and feeling.
Sir, how difficult it is becoming.
That is for the human being who always wants to be in that space going to those planets.
Bring me back to society along with yourself, and I will make a human being of you.
I will teach you to think.
You will get to experience a gem of a life.
You will also choose a very different boy; and the boy a girl.
You will start to ask questions before the accidents happen.
Is it true or not?
And that is the highest skill for this life.
The university, the psychologist, cannot give you that, because he has no space.
You will get it here.
The books tell you it.
(Gentleman in the hall): 'Mr Rulof'?
What did you say, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But we were lucky enough anyway in society, that those Roman Catholics who were turned out into the street, who are penniless, that they are not penniless, God took care of that in the running of things?’
What are you talking about?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘About those Roman Catholics who were turned into the street because of your books, who are penniless, that they are still not completely penniless, in connection with the social welfare ...’At least Willem Drees is taking care of that again. ‘That is in the whole world.’
Yes, that is already ...
You can say want you want of the parliament, but the government can still not live as we would like that.
I told you: ‘Yes, make a Minister of Finance out of me’, and every morning in bed you will get: bread, currant loaf with tea.
You will not need to do anything all day, only at one o’clock I will call the men and women, and then we will work for each other for a few hours.
And in the evening you will go to the cinema delightfully together, or I also have a theatre for you. (laughter)
Haha, yes.
Say, yes.
Yes, madam.
Make a Minister of Finance out of me, then there will no longer be any prisons.
I will say: ‘Boys, now you must promise me that you will not do any wrong again.
Twenty-five guilders, currant cake, just run wild.
Just come and get the rest tomorrow.’
Madam, I would also have money left.
Because today another hundred and forty million would go away for cruisers.
I would almost say: ‘I will write myself colour blind every day.
Now give me that two million from then, from that hundred and forty million for so many cruisers, they are just mine hunters, then I can give the world art, science, wisdom and love.’
But I will not get it.
Sir, they do not believe me.
We are that poor.
I am still mesmerizing them in that direction.
But I still do not get that two million.
Sir, that man gets assistance from Willem II, doesn’t he?
Yes, but he is called Willem II.
Because we first had Willem I.
There was recently an American, who ...
Then she says: 'But what kind of man is he anyway?'
I say: ‘Oh, that is Willem the Silent.’ (laughter) ‘Yes, that is Willem the Silent, he has already been silent for a thousand years.’
I say: ‘You must have Willem the Talker.’
Then she says: ‘Where is he then?’
I say: ‘Then you must walk up that square.’
And then I just sent her to Jan de Wit. (laughter)
I say: ‘Yes, what can that Willem the Silent teach me’, I say, ‘what can that Willem the Silent  and the Silent and Willem the Heart ...’
We are not any the wiser from it because we still live in a chaos.
Because Willem the Silent was also just a Protestant.
Yes, a bible expert.
‘In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, just knock that man’s head off.’
Yes, sir.
And with his hand on the bible.
If I lay down my hand, then you will struggle, or just kick.
And then one person was hung, and then someone put his hand on the bible.
I will punish justly in the name of the Father and the Son.
I think: oh, oh, oh, a nasty piece of work.
Do you know where Willem so and so now lives?
In the Lamgroen (district in The Hague). (laughter)
I have here: ‘Honourable Mr Rulof ...’
Since when have I been that, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Since yesterday then.’
Oh, thank you.
‘It is perhaps worthwhile to take a close look at the pieces from the Haags Dagblad daily newspaper, 7 June last.
After which those who have read the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ or ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ can draw a parallel with what it says there and the academic Englishman Hoyle, who so-called disturbs the astronomical circle.
Of course with the greatest respect for their technological mathematical sciences.’
Of course.
Well, let’s see.
‘Growing sun would swallow up the earth.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘So.’
Yes, now they say: ‘Yes, Mr Rulof, Jozef Rulof just says: “That is nonsense.”
Prove it.’
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you still think like that. But I will not agree with you, I will never agree with you again in this life, if it concerns that.
And it is sometimes that, then I say to myself: ‘Master Alcar, well, you are going too far, because I will not agree with the people again.’
And now an astronomer says something like that.
And now we will explain the planetary systems, sun and moon, in Diligentia.
And we will say what the situation is.
But then they will still say afterwards: ‘Who can prove it?’
Yes, a prophecy.
And then Jozef Rulof is ...
Well, I am not yet it.
But, woe betide, if I am proved right soon.
Just wait.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That will come.’
Yes, sir, you are saying that again.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘Is the earth a child of the sun?
‘No’, Fred Hoyle says.
And when people ask this English astronomer whether he can briefly say how the earth originated, he replies in two sentences.
There was once a star which moved around the sun and at a certain moment exploded with tremendous force.
The explosion was so intense, so intense ...’
Yes, sir, I can imagine that, because even when you hear a stove explode, then we already walk out the door.
But now the sun.
And that explosion was so bad, ‘ ... so intense, that the debris from ...,’ (laughter)
Yes, that comes from the pan.
‘ ... from this star was flung away.’
The debris, do you see?
Haha. (laughter)
The debris far from ...
Oh well, I will begin again because it is too precious, it is too precious. (laughter)
‘There was once star ...’ he does not mean the star of Bethlehem, I am not talking about that,‘ ... which moved around the sun, at a certain moment exploded with tremendous force.’
Yes, that is possible, isn’t it?
Because you can see it next to this.
Just look.
‘The explosion was so intense that the debris from this star was flung away far into space, with the exception of a thin wisp of gas ...’ (laughter)
That was probably the dying winter radish.
‘ ...wisps of gas from which the planets emerged as a result of the condensation.’
And now we know it.
The biologist of today says: ‘The human being was born in the waters.’
Yes, sir, we know that now.
But how?
So an embryonic stage began under its own power, that embryonic life was the human being, and that was on the moon, and that was a planet.
And now that academic puts, puts this forward.
There was a sun which spat it out.
Here they also say: ‘The earth first once, one morning, vomited out the moon.’
I say: ‘Then the earth must have eaten a bad rollmop.’ (laughter) ‘Otherwise it is not possible.’
You can curse and grind that science, sir, because nothing remains of it.
Because this man is completely crazy.
I will prove that to you.
I let myself be chastised for my teachings; he should try that, he should say that.
In my opinion I say: ‘Well, I will be proved right anyway.’
Listen, we have even more, it is worthwhile, sir.
We can also have fun.
The human being must experience something. (laughter)
Fanny Koen says that again, that was not Fanny Koen, that was Corrie de Honk, yes, material.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘For a long time the tone in this respect was set by the theory of Hoyle’s fellow countryman Jeans.’
Jants, Jeans, hey, Jeans.
An 'e' and an 'a' is a Jean.
Yes, at least I am learning something again this evening.
‘That ...’
What did you say?
‘That the planet, the material from the sun was ripped by the power of attraction of a passing or colliding star.’
How is it possible?
So with noise, and real hitting and kicking and shouting they went: ‘Go, get out’, (laughter) an earth originated anyway.
What an unfortunate mess that must have been at the beginning of creation.
God says in the bible ...
And it is true, isn’t it?
Sir, are we making a fool of that now?
But that is not true.
We are not making a fool of that.
Because look, I am holding onto one thing: God said: ‘We will make a light for the night, and a light for the day.
And it was so.’
And then it was the fourth day.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘And it was good.’
And it was good. (laughter)
God created heaven and earth, suns and stars, and that all happened in harmony.
One condensed the other: the elemental laws, and the centrifugal condensing ages.
The heart chamber and the blood circulation of the universe, the brains, the personality, the life of feeling, that was God, and that grew, gradually, and that took millions of years.
And now a sun like that comes there, in its place, in that universe, that revolves there, and that is all attuned to each other.
But once the earth gets rollmops to eat and she vomits out the moon.
And that spurts ...
Now you must listen, if I throw my glasses, yes, I do not dare it, (laughter) if I throw my glasses in the air, well, then I can buy a new pair tomorrow, because they say: bang.
They fall back, broken.
And that earth spat out the moon, also something like that, also something macrocosmic.
Sir, and that did not come back, what did you think, that just went away. (laughter)
That just started to trace its own orbit.
And that did not pay any more attention to the earth.
And it was so.
The fifth day. (laughter)
And then Adam came, no, it was Eve, she said: ‘But I am also here.’
Yes, thus, this far, and not further.
We can go further.
Sir, what a performance I could make of that.
Just give me a hall in the Scala, then I will make you laugh, as you have not laughed in ten years.
Only because of the wisdom.
Because I know it, because this is ridiculous.
I could act like Buziau.
No, I will act like Newton, I will act like Galilei.
Because I know it.
And I will hit the present day Galilei’s right in the face like that.
Like that, wham.
But off the mark, you know, madam.
I will eat a few rollmops and I will chase them into space. (laughter)
The statistics have shown it.
But they had a little miscalculation of a few million ages.
And then it was the sixth day, sir. (laughter)
End of the earth.
Come on.
Oh no, I am still not there.
That would be a pity, that I was to keep that from you.
When I have read it, sir, you must help me.
‘Hoyle also puts forward that the colliding, or close passing ...’ no, but that is new, ‘ ... of two stars in the universe is a great rarity, while, on the other hand, the double star is a frequent phenomenon.’
Madam, you should see that ants’ nest in the universe.
There is, if you enter that space ...
Have you ever seen an ant hole?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Well, that crawls over each other, into each other.
But I could also have said it differently.
A pancake which is never cooked, if you see that, all of those moth holes, you will sense, and yet every hole is closed off.
And it was like that in the beginning of creation, and later, millions of ages later, those stars were, they were on top of each other like that, and yet they could already no longer get each other.
Can you sense that?
And that grated close to each other.
Every star, mister engineer, you can grasp me. And that gentleman can also get me ...
When the centrifugal powers – the heart chamber from the universe – began, there came in every little thing ...
In every material part there lives a heart, soul, spirit, God. Centrifugal powers, elemental condensing laws, created by God, were given to the thing as independence, that is fixed.
Isn’t it?
Now you must ...
That began, and that already had working instantly.
The embryo in the mother already makes sure itself that it does not grow attached to the mother, and that grows and the embryo takes care of the waters in the mother, so that it continues to float.
And those academics say, they have to cling to ...
If a little star like that shot past there close by, it would crash into the North.
And then a block of ice like that would rip apart?
No, sir, then one planet would spit out the other one.
The seventh day. (laughter)
Gosh, gosh, gosh, oh, oh, oh, and that is an academic.
‘Hoyle also puts forward that the colliding or close passing of two stars in the universe is a great rarity.’
My God, my God, my God, sir.
Sir, come here, which time does this refer to, what did you just say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Heaven knows.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Heaven knows.’
I know it, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Oh.’
I know that.
And if I present you with a fait accompli, then I will say: ‘Sir, do you also know it?’
I once talked about it here.
To which time does that refer, sir, what you write there?
Sir, then I checkmate you.
To now?
Yes, that is possible.
No, sir.
That goes back millions of years.
I say: no sir.
Because do you know why a star lays a trail, sir, a star created itself, and a meteor hurls through space, and races and flies?
Do you know that?
During that time there was still no death, sir.
This is why I ask him, during what time is that, sir?
Prehistoric ages?
Let’s have a look.
Yes, it was possible, a star already died then, because that is death.
That is attracted by the other suns, it is ripped from its orbit, everything which is ripped from the orbit, sir, is death.
When you die, you are only ripped from your orbit today.
And then you collapse, and you leave.
Your body goes into the ground, and that is death for you, you have died, but you get ‘wings’.
Because the spirit of the sun, and the star, and the meteor, returns to God.
Does he know that?
Up to which time, which time are you talking about?
Nice, sir.
I would like to talk to those people.
I will not get the honour, of course.
End of the earth.
And it was so.
Remember that, Mr Götte.
‘Not only the origin, but also the destructionof the earth comes up in Hoyle’s lectures ...’
I am going to London, I will leave you in the lurch.
I want to visit that man.
Then I will say: ‘Sir, I am doctor, professor, astronomer Djioe Djioe.’
Who says that I am not a professor?
And then I will begin with him, and then I will checkmate him.
And then I will say at the end of our conversation and fight: ‘Sir, I do not agree, I come from the clay.’
He will not believe that anyway.
‘Not only the origin, but also the destruction of our earth comes up in Hoyle’s lectures.
That end will take place in about ten million years’ time according to him.’
Well, then we can go on for a while yet.
‘And the sun will be the female perpetrator.’
The sun is not a female perpetrator, but the male perpetrator.
Because the sun is he.
Radiating light is creating.
You say that that is sun, but the sun is the fatherhood for space.
And the earth is the child of sun and moon.
Why would the father, the father of space is the sun, sir, why would the father destroy his own child, while that was all created for each other?
Is that possible?
Because he does not know the universe, because he stands before a sun and because he says she to him, he does not know it either.
Because the terminology of God means that the sun signifies fatherhood, and a planet which possesses life brings motherhood to growth; and then he is already checkmated, he must accept that.
Yes, sir.
That is not boasting, sir, that is only annoyance, because you have it.
And I made those journeys.
You cannot believe it, you will see it soon.
Then you will say: ‘My God, my God, Jozef Rulof, how could you stand it here?’
I made those journeys, I know the planets.
I know that the sun is father.
And now you stand before a cosmic academic, an unconscious being, but he is a professor for the earth and he says this.
(To the sound technician): Do I only have three minutes left?
Good heavens.
Please add on another quarter of an hour, please?
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘The longer this process lasts, the temperature of the sun will continually increase.
By the time the sun has consumed approximately one third of herpresent supply of hydrogen, the climate on earth will be too hot even at the poles for every form of life which we know.’
Sir, you are on the way to a certain extent, but it will not come that far, because the sun, the earth, our atmosphere in the West is growing, gets to experience spiritual radiance, our greenery is becoming far more beautiful, and the North Pole is changing, of course.
But that?
It will not come that far.
Because that would be the destruction for this divine universe and the human being.
And that is not possible.
Because the last embryo will return to God.
‘Even later the oceans will only contain boiling water.’
No, sir, even later the oceans will dry up.
They will not boil away, sir, they will dry up completely.
That will slowly dissolve.
Why, sir?
Because the ocean will also die.
The water will die.
The oceans will soon be like a quagmire.
The water will rot.
There will come a time, sir and madam, that the oceans, in millions of years’ time, that the people are on water; that everything is rotting and stinking in the ocean, because Mother Water is dying.
Isn’t that nice, sir?
Is that not better?
Because it will die.
The animals will dissolve, they will get the ‘wings’.
The human being will go to the other side.
Nature will change, all the life of God will go to the Divine All, the waters will die, you will see everything change.
You got a little idea about the end of the earth, the end of mankind in ‘The Peoples of the Earth.’
But we could write ten thousand pages about that.
What can you teach those academics?
Not much.
And it just goes on like that.
‘Contain boiling water ...’ God, God.
‘ ... will be destroyed.’
‘With increasing speed the solar system will grow until the closet planets are swallowed up one by one.’
‘First Mercury, then Venus, then the earth, Mars, and, according to Hoyle, probably the last planet which will experience this fate, although he considers an even further growth possible of the sun to where Jupiter is situated now.’
So that good, wonderful, beautiful sun, which we have now and which gives all life growth and perfection, life, that will just swallow us later again anyway.
We will get life, but the people from later on, they will no longer have a life, because the sun will swallow up that human being.
Where do we live?
People, do we live under Stalin?
Bah, no.
We are well off, aren’t we?
We are really well off, because the human being ...
Let this be my last word then, sir, then I will also make something nice of it, and then we will go home.
I just have five minutes left, sir.
I just have five minutes left.
Who has to be the last one?
Who will receive the last word?
What will come of it now, sir?
What do I wish to say now?
Do you already know?
The human being at this time grumbles, hits and kicks, and the human being steals, robs, murders and commits arson.
Madam, sir, just do it, because the God is not love, the God is unjust, because He will soon let the planets, the stars, animal, human being and Mother Nature disappear completely from the universe.
He will swallow us.
God, the father will swallow us.
We are not badly off, ladies and gentlemen, that is not for us, that is for in millions of ages to come, for the human being who lives on earth in millions of years to come, sir, he will not be murdered or swallowed by the Nazis, and by other things, but by sun, moon and stars.
And if you make a nice dream of that tonight, sir, well, who knows, you will get another word, and then you will dance for joy along the street tomorrow, and even this evening, because then you say to yourself and your wife and the children: ‘Children, dear wife, we must be happy that we belong to this century, and not to that other crazy one, which will come later, because then we will be consciously raped and eaten by the universe.’
Ladies and gentlemen, I do not know what use this is to you, but I will say: see you next week.
And thanks for your attention.
Did I give you a little something?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
(There is clapping.)