Thursday Evening 9 October 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
Isn’t that nice, ladies?
Oh, what a darling.
I will give that to master Alcar this evening.
I still have half of a question here from Mr Berends.
Are you here?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
And I will also read it from the beginning, then we will know where we left off.
‘With regard to the lecture last Sunday morning, in which the master gave us an overview of the lectures from the previous season, and also announced what this season would begin with, namely that the All-Mother would begin her task, let’s hope that many of the audience will get to know themselves precisely because of this and will be able to begin with themselves.’
And then I said: when we experience cosmology through the masters in Diligentia, that means, the building up of our planetary system in which we live, we live in space, we float through space, then I wish to analyse those planetary systems – I was also assigned to do this for that matter – by and in the human being, because all those laws and powers live in the human being.
And if you then wish to think in order to ask those questions, you can do that wonderfully if master Zelanus gives you an idea there of universal macrocosmic thinking for the human being on earth, which you have already begun with, then you will also get a tremendous idea.
(To someone in the hall): Madam, there are four nice seats here, right in front of the podium.
(To someone in the hall): The ladies are not going to sit next to sir again.
Sir, that is suspicious, you know.
Then we get the analysis for soul, life, spirit, feeling, personality, fatherhood and motherhood for our society, because then that is of use to us.
Do you remember that?
I said that.
And now you begin again: ‘Dectar was an initiate in the temple of ancient Egypt, who wanted to get to know the laws of the universe by means of meditation, under his own power, and achieved a certain level for that being an initiate.’
Do you understand that?
Because if you now take the difference – but that answer will also come – with now, well, then ten, twenty lives have been completed again.
And also temple again, temple, temple, temple, study, study, study.
And then finally the human being gets his feeling, his thinking, and we reach the laws of life of God by means of which we live.
‘Question: How must we explain that in his subsequent lives Dectar never reached that height again, and finally as André-Jozef had to bring forward the knowledge of the occult laws again ...’
No, that is written here, ‘brought the occult laws forward as André-Jozef.’
Had to bring, you can add.
How must we explain that, Mr Berends?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I saw it like this: the astral consciousness of that Dectar ...’
Just call it spiritual consciousness.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ...the spiritual consciousness of Dectar will have to return once again to cosmic knowledge.’
Must come, not return.
Because in Egypt, ‘Between Life and Death’, in the book ‘Between Life and Death’, Mr Berends, we only just have contact there.
The Egyptian culture is so awe-inspiring, that we have made a faculty of it.
The Egyptologist ...
In 1940 professor Scheurleer came to me, that Egyptologist.
He says: ‘And my students come to me again and again and say: ‘Go to Jozef Rulof, professor, because you do not know it either.’
And then they had already read my book.
And professor Scheurleer is continually faced with that Jozef Rulof.
And finally he thought: now I will visit that fellow.
He was not well.
I say: ‘Come in.’
I say: ‘Good day, professor.’
Then he says: ‘Do you know me?’
I say: ‘Sir, I have never seen you before, but it is you.’
He says: ‘Yes, it is me.’
I say: ‘Sit down.
What is it?’
He says: ‘I am not well.
People say that you know everything.’
I say: ‘Yes, your nerves are a bit muddled.’
I say: ‘That Egyptian material, those mummies are following you.’
He says: ‘But, then just give me little power from you.’
I treat him.
He sits down nicely like a small child.
I say: ‘Now you must put your learning aside for a moment.’
‘I will do that.’
And he was a particularly beautiful, sensitive being.
Just like a little child.
When we were finished he started to talk.
But my patients came, I say: ‘Professor, you must leave.’
He says: ‘I will do that.’
He was gone.
But exactly on time, not a minute too soon or too late the professor was standing in front of me at half past three.
‘Will we talk straight away?’
I say: ‘We will talk.’
It was already nice and cold, beside that little stove like that, he and I were crouched down.
I say: ‘That baxcillus ...’
He says: ‘You must not say that, you are far too liberal, that is called bacillus.’
I say: ‘Thanks, professor.’
I say: ‘At the garage I gave a boy twenty-five cents.
Because then I said.
Then he asked me: “Boss, where did you go?”’
You will hear that, that is that Willem there in ‘Jeus III’.
‘Then I said: “To Diligentia, they were giving a recittal there.’
Then he says: “Boss, that is called a recital.”
That was a boy of fourteen.
Then I said: “Here is twenty-five cents for you.
I say: “I come from the clay, I want to know it.”’
But I will listen.
And then master Alcar already said: ‘Listen, listen, just listen, then I will not need to do it; from outside.
From inside, that is my work.’
(To people in the hall): Sit down, ladies, gentlemen.
Good, we reached the Egyptology.
And then he had shown his colours, that he did not know all of that.
He says: ‘For four years they have been driving me mad talking.
If only I had come sooner.’
One evening, one afternoon he comes, and says: ‘Last night I had a wonderful vision.’
I say: ‘Tell me.’
He says: ‘I was standing like that in Egypt.
I am an Egyptian, because I saw myself there’, he says.
I say: ‘That is possible.’
He says: ‘I was standing there like a giant, as high as the cosmos, and I stopped the Italians.
And they did not come any further.’
I say: ‘So.’
I say: ‘Now I do not have a vision.
I am not in contact at the moment.
But now I immediately place my own vision against it.
A prediction for you, a prophesy.’
I say: ‘I am German at the moment, and I will overthrow you all.
And that will happen soon.’
Then he says: ‘Then my vision is not worth another cent, of course.’
I say: ‘No, they are your own thoughts.’
Sir, madam, six weeks later the Germans came.
And then professor Scheurleer was turned upside down with his Egypt.
And then he says: ‘Gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh, if only the world knew what you know.
Because you said that.’
I say: ‘Yes.’
I say: ‘Because I have finished ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
Do you see?
It has happened.
We talked and talked, for six months.
He had been better for a long time, he says: ‘May I come then, then I will pay you for that hour.
Only in order to talk.’
I say: ‘Just come.’
His daughter came, just as yearning as he was.
He says: ‘I have more unity with my child than my wife, than with the whole university, because the soul, the human being who is open, who wants to learn to think, that is a wonderful concert, if you can experience that together by means of the word.’
He says: ‘and then we hear and feel the silence of space.
Don’t we, child?’
‘Yes, dad.’
I think: What nice people they are.
I talked to him until he was crazy.
He says: ‘I will use all of that at the university and when they are all crazy too, my colleagues, then I will say who my teacher is.’
And he did not get that opportunity, because eight months later sir was lying in the coffin.
I say: ‘Watch out, if you want to do that, you will have to be quick.’
He says: ‘Am I dying?’
I say: ‘But death is not for you, is it?’
‘No, but then I must ...’, he says:
‘Are you serious?’
I say: ‘Work it out for yourself.’
But three weeks later, suddenly sir was gone.
Then he came back to me.
Within five days, sir, madam, master Alcar brought him to me, and then he sat in my chair and next to me with his hand around me.
He says: ‘I am able to experience how you write your books through the spirit.
Because I am there.’
Just like that Rosanov whom I told you about.
Do you need even more proof?
You have a hundred thousand pieces of proof as a result of ‘Jeus III’.
Learn to think.
Scheurleer is still alive.
I also saw him this afternoon.
‘It is going well, isn’t it?’
I say: ‘It is going great.’
I say: ‘What are you doing these days?’
He says: ‘You should look.’
Then he was sitting on Mars messing about.
‘I have made a slide’, he says, ‘from Saturn.
I now know the ring of Saturn.
That is worth more than Egyptology, getting to the bottom of those mummies.
I slide down, and hundreds of millions along with me, and then we fly like that, if that Saturn swerves a bit, to Jupiter, Venus and Uranus.’
He says: ‘The ultimate thing lives in my heart and in my consciousness.
What do you think of it, Jozef?’
I say: ‘Tremendous.’
I say: ‘But I can also do it.
I also made that slide once.’
A slide, after each other like that.
Do you know?
So, your legs in front of you, men and women, with some hundred thousand after each other, and then just on our sides, sliding through Saturn just like that.
That is the game of the universe.
Yes, they are there now.
That is even better, sir, than a fairground attraction.
Isn’t it, Bernard?
We will go to the movies this evening, ladies and gentlemen.
And this is also a movie show, this, all of this.
With the slides of Our Lord.
Do you see?
And then we came as a matter of course to that Dectar, to ‘Between Life and Death.’
He ate that book, he read it twenty times.
Could I ...
And that Dectar just carried on again.
And then he was called something else, and something else, and something else.
And then the West, Crisje, finally came.
Because I entered Crisje as Dectar, and not as André.
Can you feel that?
Dectar was the being of feeling.
I was hundreds of thousands, millions just before that, before this age.
You will get that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
For this age.
I had the feeling as if, not even a little gram, a millionth of a gram, a millionth power in me to finally not succumb – you will now get to know that through ‘Jeus III’ – to not just collapse for a moment.
And to not jump from the roof, and to not destroy myself, because the universe spoke.
Sun, moon, stars, the life of God was talking.
And did I just have something – enough – more than those other millions, who lived under the first sphere?
No, who still had to go to the earth in order to experience another life.
Can you feel that?
And then we came to England, and we continued, then we were on the other side, and then I was consciously born for this work.
Now I can ... you, when that feeling became conscious ...
Now there is something nice coming, and you can experience from that, people, that you have your own growth in your hands.
And that is cosmology.
I always hammer at this point – if you do not want it yourself, then you must decide for yourself – you can get what I possess.
And that is awe-inspiring!
That is a happiness, people, and a love and a space and a personality.
I only get happiness from everything.
I also make space, rest, peace, happiness from everything.
If you give just one wrong thought to the human being, to your wife, and to your husband, and you do not want to understand them, then you will also be faced with a complete darkness and a standstill, however far you are.
And you will not get it.
Here you must always be able to take care of everything, a thrashing, your beating, the gossip of the world.
Because what does it matter to you, you cannot be murdered.
You must be able to take care of everything and it is only then that you will experience and feel what the Christ, the Messiah, wanted and experienced in Golgotha, during His journey.
And then your heart goes outside, your blood runs away.
That little feeling when I arrived in the Land of Twilight, and Van Dyck, when the sister came to me, that is so real as if it is happening now, that was all experienced.
‘You died on earth.’
I say: ‘Don’t make me laugh.’
Because there is nothing wrong with you.
You talk like that.
You are still wearing your own suit, ladies.
Only the perm has gone.
Your nylons are gone.
Your shoes.
You can see yourself there like a drowned cat, forgive me.
And the gentlemen, I do not need to talk about that at all, because they look horrid.
Much worse.
Ladies, you win again of course.
Because your light, your life, your world is according to your feeling, consciousness, acting, thinking.
Your world, your space.
And if you think wrongly for a moment, then you can absolutely not be in the harmonic light, in that spatial justice, legislative powers and forces, thinking and living; because you are not in the harmonic unity for that thought.
Such as God spiritualized and materialized His own life by means of the universes, by means of the human being.
They became planets.
That became the human being.
That is Mother Nature and that is the animal.
Then the sister came and said: ‘Do you have your mother here?’
I say: ‘My mother here?’
‘Yes, mother is here.’
But mother and father had to go back to the earth, they could not find them.
Then they saw in my aura that that mother and father did not live in the hereafter.
That question also already lies under this.
They saw in my state, that those parents of mine ... That was the direct contact, because I got my aura as physical aura from father and mother.
Is that clear?
So the conscious spirit there, that master, saw in that, that my parents were back again, still lived in the world of the unconscious.
Perhaps they are now sitting on the throne of Russia.
Search me.
Where will they live?
It does not interest me a jot.
A bit harsh, isn’t it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
It becomes a bit harsh for the ordinary person in the street.
If you say: ‘Yes, look here, people, you show off now with your wife and your husband, and you are rich, but they are just goods on loan.’
Other cosmically conscious beings said that.
And that is true.
Christ also said that.
‘What you possess today, will no longer belong to you tomorrow.’
And it is like that for the whole world, the whole of mankind, everything which you have.
The Titians, they could take their art, their feeling ...
Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Beethoven, Bach, Wagner could take their feeling with them, but not their art.
Can you feel that?
Everything remains on earth.
And when I woke up, I said: ‘Yes, but I have my friend, he died.’
And that was Anthony van Dyck.
And you will read it, he could go like that through the bushes, through the palm trees ... but they are very beautiful trees, with flowers on them, and quiet, and the birds were singing.
He had already sent ten birds to me.
I think: What are those beautiful creatures doing there?
I was sitting there on such a nice bed.
You can also experience beds there, because you lie in Mother Nature, a feather bed of power and energy.
And those birds chirp, and sing: that was him, he had already sent them to me.
And there we are.
And then we began with the research.
First my death.
Then my lives, five, six, seven lives back.
The last one as an astronomer, as a result of which I went to pieces.
But we take care of all those astronomers at the moment.
Because the Galilei’s lived, they now live on ‘beyond the coffin’ and are spatially conscious.
We immediately clung to Galilei and said: ‘Show us the way.
How did God create all of this?’
Then we went back to the origin, the first beginning, which we will begin with on Sunday, in three, four week’s time, of course, because you will first also get the introduction in Diligentia.
And that lasted a hundred and fifty years.
A hundred and fifty years.
Always travelling.
So I know the journeys on the other side.
Before I came here, I was there.
Then we reached, through the fighting, through the thinking, through helping the people, we reached the first sphere, in a hundred and fifty years.
And during that time the yearning grew, the yearning to build up, the awe-inspiring yearning, the crying out, we immediately devoted our blood in order to give the human being this, because mankind on earth is unconscious and lives in the chaos, and does not know that we live.
That awe-inspiring yearning of Moses when he came there ... Who is Moses?
No one knows. Moses, who crawled into a mother, descended into the womb, into that wonderful temple for reincarnation, lay down next to the egg .
And after three months he was pushed out of there completely, and he lived next to it.
Because that cell from that mother was for another, not for Moses.
You read that, didn’t you?
Were you not standing there weeping?
Psychology, the faculty, the psychologist should hear me, and soon they will have to accept that it is all possible.
That is God.
Who are we then?
Who are we then?
And what happiness does the human being get now?
Dectar experienced that.
But then I was called Dennis Lefton, then I was an Englishman.
Oh well, that is very simple, when my first lecture came to America, then they said there to my brother: ‘How many years have you been living here, Antoon?
Then he said: ‘Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years.’
‘Well’, he says, ‘then you cannot speak the English which your brother just spoke.’
And I only had to take a few of those shoddy words from the book.
Master Zelanus says: ‘I will get it out again soon.’
‘Don’t you think ...’
And I got a potato in my throat.
What did you think of it?
Just like those real Englishmen.
With a pout like that, don’t you think, sir?
Really, really, really that old one.
I think: how is it possible?
Then my brother says: ‘Do you not have any nerves at all in your body?’
Because I fell asleep a quarter of an hour before the lecture.
It was so nice and peaceful there.
I did not think about America.
And did not think either that I had to give a lecture about reincarnation.
I thought, I sat in a corner: gosh.
You should have seen it.
I thought: nice, I will go and sit in the corner.
And at once I dozed off.
Then my brother comes, then he says: ‘My God, he is sitting snoozing.
And you have to come on!’
I say: ‘Come on where?
For who?’
I say: ‘Good gracious, yes, I am in America.
I have to give a lecture, in American.
That is true.’
Well, I went onto the stage.
And I was standing there.
And then we began.
‘My sisters and my brothers ...’
How is it possible, I will never forget it.
‘First of all ...’
Sir, I am not just saying any old thing to you here this evening.
But then that potato came up from the past.
And then during that little sleep there, which I just experienced, master Zelanus had taken my life of feeling and personality back to a few hundred years ago, to England.
And he got his English from there.
And that is true, people.
When master Alcar was writing, and took me along to his house where he painted, and when I came to him, during that time that I ...
He said: ‘You will experience the proof.’
He says: ‘You will go along and you will see it soon.’
Then we had made that journey for ‘The Origin of the Universe’, the third part, second part.
Then I came back, and I was in the time of Dennis Lefton, of that Englishman, I live in there again, I was walking round and round in the house there in the morning.
I say: ‘I would like to have a nice horse.’
Because I was always a horse rider, I had my own horses.
And I suddenly wanted to have a glass of wine.
And the suit I had was no good.
I had to have something else.
Then that other half of me says: ‘Now it will be nice.’
I say: ‘Yes.
But if I think back for a moment’, I say, ‘then I will be it completely.’
I am not aware of anything, sir, madam.
What are all the things you can be influenced by?
So what kind of laws, what kind of lives, what kind of psychology do you experience?
I was sitting here the whole day just messing with that chin of mine.
She says: ‘But what are you doing, it is already completely red?’
I say: ‘That goatee here, that goatee is bothering me.’
Because I had the itch again as the mother felt that in ‘Masks and Men.’
Then she said: ‘Doctor, you will perhaps find it strange, but when I was carrying my child I had an itch here on my chin.
And then I said to my husband: “We are having a boy”, and it was a boy.’
And then Frederik said: ‘’Did that woman know, did that child already know in that mother’, and it goes that far, ladies and gentlemen, ‘did that child already know in the mother where you can buy the razor blades when you are old?’
Cosmology, people.
But where did Dectar get all of that from?
I was born as Dectar, sir.
That was the point of feeling, the power, the world for master Alcar, because they checked that, and they were able to follow that: that is finished.
And when we came to the other side and prepared ourselves for the macro cosmos, it was to that state, then it went that far, he only had to open, present everything again.
Otherwise I would already have succumbed in ‘s-Heerenberg, sir.
So André, no, Jozef Rulof, drew his strength from there.
Jozef Rulof dissolved, we got Jeus, Jozef, André, Dectar.
Four personalities.
But you have that too, sir, madam.
Today you are called Mientje or Anneke, but in a fortnight you suddenly have those strange airs and graces, and then your husband no longer understands you because then it is: Mrs Anna.
(Jozef talks with an upper-class accent.) Then she says: ‘I want something else.’
Then something high, something noble appears.
And then you say: ‘Say, where are you getting those strange thoughts from?’
And if the husband does not understand me then and she does not understand it, then that reaches consciousness even more strongly, and then we have an argument.
Then she says: ‘Go away, skinflint.’
And if the woman is not strong in her love for the family, then she looks at the other one who does have money.
And then we say: ‘What a miracle that is.
She walks away just like that.’
Sir, but it could be her past.
Because she does not understand herself.
Now you will think: He is justifying everything.
But the human being is that deep.
Anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Society still does not want to accept such a thing.’
But society cannot accept it either.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, of course not.’
The psychologist says: ‘The human being is on earth for the first time.
When a child is born that is for the first time.
Because God always makes new souls.’
The psychologist is powerless and cannot accept reincarnation.
Mankind is so poor and naïve and narrow-minded, sir, and the faculty of psychology and theology.
‘How must we explain that in his subsequent lives Dectar never reached that level again and finally as André, Jozef, the knowledge of the occult laws appeared?’
You know that now.
‘When André had experienced his journey to the universe and went back into his material body again, he felt himself becoming older because he had experienced the divine soul.
Does this mean, becoming older, becoming more conscious, therefore knowledge?
Is that correct?’
Mr Berends, this is the knowledge.
You already became as old as the hills for the naïve unconscious society.
All of you.
When you have read the books then you will already be there, then you will rise out above the consciousness of all of mankind, then you will already end up in an awe-inspiring world.
Because you know a tremendous amount.
I said recently: you will learn nothing.
But I must accept.
You keep on hearing this, and you keep on hearing that human being, and then I think: my God, where do they get that from?
Where do they get that wisdom from?
And then it is from me.
He says: ‘I just told it to someone.’
And that is true.
If we wanted, if the masters wanted that, then you could send men and women as prophets over the world to the human being who is under you.
Take that into account.
Then you will reach the divine sage, or an initiate, or another priest, and they would turn you upside down through their knowledge and feeling and thinking.
But you could take care of someone really far like that.
You can take care of millions of people and be a master because of that.
I guarantee you that.
Just act it out.
You should sit sometime, I told you recently – but you will not do it anyway, or will you perhaps do it? – sit hand in hand next to each other, and look into the lights of each other’s eyes, and then say: ‘Wife ...’
At least if you are together.
If you are alone then you will search for it somewhere else of course, then just come to me.
Then you stand at the door and then you must leave again, unfortunately.
But then he says: ‘Wife, what all do we know now?’
‘Yes, husband’, ‘we know this, we know that, we know so and so, we know that.’
You should see what a list that becomes.
Incredible, sir.
You should read other books sometime.
You should go to other people sometime who say something.
And then you will be able to see the difference.
I told you last week that I did it myself.
Good heavens, good heavens, good heavens, I suffocated there, of course, I could not stand it.
Because I must wait too long for a spiritually true word.
And I am throwing divine consciousness around here the whole evening.
But then you cannot stand it.
You also write here: ‘What does the All-Experience still has to be materialized mean?
And reincarnation still has to be materialized?’
Yes, sir, we have to spiritualize and materialize the All-Experience.
It is already ready.
Take that into account.
You can experience the All-Consciousness as a material world.
I saw that.
How did the fourth cosmic grade of life, a universe, originate through this universe?
The other one created a new one again.
That has to happen anyway, you are not in the Divine All here at the moment; because if you possess, can experience, real love, and you would be in the first and second sphere ‘beyond the coffin’ soon, then you will see that that is still not the Divine All.
Because there are also still people lying there who are sick and have to rest – who were beaten to death because of their lives and lie down to meditate in order to deal with all of that which they had to pick up within a short time there, received through their masters.
But what we are concerned with is this: Jeus became Jozef.
The city one, isn’t he?
And every contact ...
You will soon hear that in the cosmology, then André says to Jeus: ‘When you played football, Jeus’, we are not involved with Jozef now, he has to do with the city here, ‘when you played football, did you see then that up in our attic, when Teun was playing with matches there, that there was a fire there?
Or was that me?’
Then Jeus says to André: ‘Was there a fire up in our attic?’
Then he says: ‘Oh, you do not know that.
That was my life, my contact.’
‘Which of us two, Jeus, found that money in the woods?
Then Jeus says ...
‘I went to the fair’, André says, ‘with the guilders and quarters which I had.’
Then he says: ‘Did you find money in the woods then?’
Then André says, in the Cosmology, people, take that into account: ‘Jeus, that was the contact for our new personality.
You have to do with it, but I would become that, André-Dectar, now.
And Jozef, the city one, he must take care of all, and deal with all of that.’
He says: 'Sometime we must ...'
If you read the Cosmology soon, sir, a thousand books could be written about that.
He says: ‘We must show some consideration for that Jozef.
If you have some money sometime’, he says to Jeus, ‘then do not spend it on sweets, and let him smoke that cigarette.
Because he has just stopped smoking, so that the masters could draw, could scribble with a pencil.’
I not only ate radishes and bread, but I gave my cent which I had.
I stopped smoking.
Because I did not want it?
No, because I did not have the money.
Because those cents were for the masters.
When I had to go out with a rich count, with the people, and we got five guilders, like that: ‘Chauffeur, just have dinner too.’
‘Yes, sir.’
And then I bought a piece of sausage with a roll, and the rest was for pencils.
I wanted to go hungry for this, sir, madam.
Because the more you go hungry ... you do not need to do it, but the will shows that real character lives in you in order to make something of yourself.
The fanatic feeling to want to serve, to want to make something of yourself, that the human being can say: ‘But what a great person that is, you want to steal that woman.’
Then you still do not need to have her.
‘And that is a man whom you can love.’
Because do the people not say that: ‘That is a nice guy’?
An old man is walking in the street, sir, they say: ‘He is a great person.
You should see that nice old soul.’
I say: ‘Yes, he is really something.’
‘See, that follows, that walks ahead of you as a matter of course.’
If you want to know whether you are developing, sir, madam, then you must never start to ask yourself.
But then you must wait and see, I also experienced that, until the human being from the country says: ‘So and so.’
That will come to you.
When we had to make the first diagnosis for the healing, then master Alcar said: ‘Ask for nothing and do not advertise.
But in five years’ time we will get our own words back.’
And then I already had so many people, because the people brought my words back, my talking, my thinking, my acting.
And then, if there was just one little mistake, sir, on my part, then all those people would have been overboard again.
One wrong thought from the magnetiser.
I say: ‘I can make a healer of you.
Yes, sir.
If I see that you are infallible love in the spirit and in your life of feeling, ‘then you will be it’, Christ said.’
And then you will be it, we will be it.
And then a dog and a cat can heal.
Men want to possess love, men want to build up a character, men want to be good: they are still clumsy oafs.
Yes, hit it away from me here.
I will prove it to you.
Because the word which the human being says, is his feeling and personality, and if you listen to that, you will hear them for one year, two years, three years, four years talking easily, and then it is over at once.
Just a bit too much.
They succumb.
And sir, then you can say: ‘It is just a little thing, it is this’, but your whole personality has gone.
You must wait for four, five years again – you have to hear how that life grows, but our wrong parts too – until we can prove again that we remain standing at that moment, and do not succumb.
Is that true?
And it is only then that it has become our possession.
I saw that on the other side.
Not nice?
Difficult, isn’t it?
Sir, I met the nicest, most wonderful people, they never did anything to me.
But in order to be able to conquer all those little pieces of trash, I know that I must wait a life, because I can never accept them again – as I still love them, as I loved them – I can never accept them again.
Why not?
Because the life is needed for that, sixty, seventy, eighty years, in order to conquer such a small trashy wrong characteristic, to prove that the spiritual foundation lies there.
And if you succumb again, and we say: ‘Get lost.’
Yes, yes.
If you do not accept it, it does not matter.
But, woe betide, if that personality speaks.
We say other things sometimes.
I still just cling to ‘the ‘droodles’.
Because they do not understand that and yet it also says everything.
Fair is fair.
I have told off the nicest people.
I say: ‘Sir, the ‘droodles’.’
Then he says: ‘What is that?’
I say: ‘Work that out for yourself.
I am saying nothing.’
There was once a farmer, who had two chickens, a white one and a ...
Mr Berends, just continue yourself.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘A black one.’
No, I don’t like black.
But you have another ugly card here.
I will really prod the ladies of this year under their hearts.
And the gentlemen too.
I will make something nice of the gentlemen.
I will make something nice of the human being so that the neighbour says: ‘Wife, what is the matter with you?’
And if you then meet the neighbour, and say: ‘Good day, sir.’
‘Good day, sir.’
Then he will say downstairs: ‘That fellow upstairs is crazy.’
He will say: ‘Politeness goes out the door here.’
But imagine that you could take care of all of that.
And I had to do that.
I had to be able to do that.
‘There may not be anyone’, master Alcar says, ‘who has anything to say about you.’
And some dirt was still flung at my head, sir.
Something fantastic, that I was standing in the street laughing, just when Prince Bernard was brought in, when he got engaged to Juliana, then I was standing at the Groenmarkt.
And people, what a noise, and I was just busy with the universe, and I heard my master and I looked at space, I saw nothing of that whole carry-on on the street.
And suddenly I heard: ‘André, what are you doing?’
Then I was standing almost in the middle of the noise and I went along with it, without realising it.
I say: ‘They have got me anyway.’
I did not even know anymore that I lived here.
I was just walking around dreaming.
Dreaming of space, rarefication.
And oh, oh, oh, sir, if only you could have gone along.
And then to stand on the street, like that, I was standing like that at the Groenmarkt.
I began to look like that, and suddenly I dissolved, and: ‘Oh, oh, how beautiful it is, isn’t it?’
And everyone thinks: that man also has happiness from this here, doesn’t he?
I almost had a carnation in my jacket.
Yes, but that did not belong to that time, sir, but that belongs to this time.
I have here: ‘Dear Mr Rulof, is it possible that someone who has killed another person still has attunement to the Spheres of Light when passing over into the hereafter?’
Good gracious, Mrs Zwaantje, nurse Zwaantje, don’t you know that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I cannot imagine it ...’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I cannot conceive it.’
What can you not conceive?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That you still have an eternal life.’
Have I not talked about this a hundred thousand times?
You are not getting old, are you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I am old.’
You are not old.
Who is old?
Eighty, ninety years, madam, that is not old.
There is no being old in the universe.
Your body, your organism, your temple becomes a bit gruesome.
Gruesome, not even that either.
But did you not know that?
Did you not know that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No.’
Well, then I do not need to send you over the world either.
(Lady says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I am not going yet either.’
If you do not know that, then we still have no prophets amongst us.
Because you have already heard a great deal.
Madam, that is not possible.
And why not?
If the murder really means transition by the human being and for the human being, as you have read in the ‘Cycle of the Soul’, then it could be that a murder even pushes this away and the human being ... just before his time, for four hours, or fifteen hours, or four weeks, or twenty days, two years ...
Then you are, then you have committed that murder, but then the human being is in his world and must go back, but you must make amends for that for twenty days, or four weeks too.
But the first sphere, madam, that is a very different world.
I just said, that is the world of harmony, of divine, spiritual unity.
How do we wish to enter there now with strangling hands?
With clay on our feet?
A human being comes there wearing a beautiful white sheet and is covered in blood like a butcher, and then someone up there says: ‘Where do you want to go, friend?’
He says: ‘I want to see the Christ.’
Then he says: ‘Is that because of the pigs you slaughtered?’
He says: ‘No, I slaughtered a lot of people.
And I did it in His name, because they did not want to listen to Him.’
And do you know who that was, master Alcar said to me.
You will never guess that.
And that butcher came there.
A human butcher.
Who do you think?
(Someone in the hall): ‘Hitler.’
Oh, Adolf Hitler.
You must have that good old Adolf again.
Is he not saddled with enough?
No, it was not Adolf.
Who do you think it was?
(Lady in the hall says something.)
(Lady in the hall): ‘A pope.’
That was indeed a pope from Rome.
Because he had forced thousands and thousands of people to the stake who passed on a spiritual poem with a spiritual inspiration to mankind.
Because the human being who was burned at the stake by Rome, never forget it, they are all walking with crosses on their heads.
When Frederik van Eeden came to visit me he said: ‘I was also burned at the stake, and now I am checking up on all of them, one by one.
I know exactly where they live.’
The whole divine remainder, sir and madam, are still screaming in the Land of Hatred and Darkness.
Because there is still not one who was really able to represent the divine All-Laws.
Because death is death?
No, sir, damnation is above their grade.
And if you talk about damnation, madam, you cannot be God, because God does not damn.
And because you think wrongly, and because you send that into the world, and prevent the development of the human being, the sorrow ...
Because there are masses of people who have become religious maniacs because of your damnation.
And that suffering and sorrow is also for you, and you will have to hand over to all those people one day, in order to take care of them, to bring them to the divine state of purity as God delivered all His souls for Mother Earth.
Do you know who I was when I came?
Because I could say something when master Alcar began.
I say: ‘Prove it to me.’
I say: ‘Because I do not intend to tell lies.’
He says: ‘You will disembody and see the worlds.’
Because there was feeling in me, because of Dectar.
I say: ‘Prove it.’
I was so fantastically critical. I had to be that.
‘Prove it.’
And I got my proof.
And I cannot talk outside of those laws, because it is true.
Begin to yearn.
But you cannot even do that.
But, madam, sister, a murderer does not enter that first sphere, or he will give back the life of those people to whom he denied life by means of motherhood.
You know those laws.
Just read ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ now and the other one.
Did you have anything else?
But you knew it, you know.
Well, we have Mr Berends again.
‘After the planet earth had accepted its form of existence, and the hardening had taken place ...’
(To the sound technician): ‘How many minutes do I have left, sir?’
(The sound technician): ‘Another quarter of an hour.’
Another quarter of an hour?
‘ ... different ages as an evolution process originated.’
‘Question one: By what means did those ice ages originate during that time?’
By what means?
Sir, do you not know then what the North Pole is?
(Gentleman in the hall: ‘I could compare the North Pole and the South Pole as an imaginary line which goes to the centre of the earth ...’
Oh, imaginary line, through the centre of the earth.
Sir, it is not that.
Otherwise it will take so long, then we will have lost that quarter of an hour again.
No, sir, it is not that.
But from what, from what do we see that?
By what means?
You can still see it now, sir.
You hear and you read about cosmology.
We have also already talked here about that state.
It is all gone.
Isn’t that nice?
I still know every word which I spoke during all those years.
It is recorded.
And you no longer know it.
Don’t you know it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
No one?
Does no one know?
Really not?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Has it something to do with the sun?’
Yes, madam, you are already close.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... heat rays are in the slanting direction.’
It is that, but it is not that either.
She is close by, this lady.
The sun was not yet that far.
And then you therefore had cold, cold.
And when that started to evolve, you got the shadow.
Then you got the building up of North, South, East and West.
Because that all still had to be built up, sir.
There was just one state in the universe, one heating up age, then everything burned.
Then they said: ‘Yes, then there were still no people living on earth.’
But we saw, when that evolution came here.
And that is also true, sir.
Why does it still belch there and not here?
And why does an island suddenly come again from the ocean?
Isn’t it true?
Did you read that?
Evolution, sir.
Because of the ice ages and the cooling down, another seven subsequent ice ages and seven subsequent heating up ages, hardening ages.
Because the earth has the same heating and growth and atomic process as the sun, as half-waking material life.
And it is the sun now which radiates the light, but Mother Earth has that inside.
Do you know it now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, partly.’
I suppose so.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, partly.’
So because the universe condensed, you got to see different ages: cooling down and heating up.
That is clear, isn’t it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Thank you.
Do you also believe that, sir?
You can experience that in your steel.
The same laws.
Take me on tomorrow as manager, sir, then I will earn a bit extra.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Just come and start tomorrow.’
I got a job this evening!
Fine, sir, I will give you the proof, sir, that the steel has the same laws of life as God condensed and created, gave light to, in all His bodies.
I will tell you exactly, sir, when your steel has absolute hardening.
You know, not me.
But I will tell you from the light of the steel.
Don’t you also do the light?
A little bit?
(Gentleman in the hall says something.): ‘Yes, of course.’
Oh yes, but I did not yet know it.
I told you it now.
Oh well.
Yes, but I do not accept that just like that, that costs two fifty. (laughter)
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I just pay out once a week.’
Will you also put a twenty-five cent piece in the dish?
This evening it costs you a guilder.
Well done, sir.
We will continue.
‘Question one: How did the ice ages originate during that time?’
We have that.
‘The masters from the other side can record one thought in a painting, so materialize it.
A thought can be spiritual or material.’
What is that?
What do you mean by that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, just continue to read.’
Now we are going just like that from the ice ages, ladies and gentlemen, to a painting.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No ...’
No, sir, I will read it out for you, just wait a moment.
‘Question: how did those ice ages originate during that time?
The masters from the other side can record one thought in a painting, so materialize it.
A thought can be spiritual or material.’ Yes, we know that too.
‘Question two: What is a thought?’„
‘And where does the source of the thinking lie?’
At least now we are getting things which are worthwhile.
Read it out again, madam, otherwise we will not know it.
‘What is thinking?
What is a thought?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It is about that.’
Do you not know that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Feeling.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Not about some ...’
This is why those people talk so loudly, madam.
The men cannot think for the mothers.
And the mothers cannot think for the man.
We just talk at cross purposes, and we are nothing else but harsh, narrow-minded and naïve.
You must also materialize the beautiful, charming words, sir, by means of thinking.
And you cannot even do that if you do not know your life.
Do you accept that?
This evening if you ...
What is thinking, sir?
What is a thought?
What is the thinking for the thought?
If you have thoughts, sir, have you already made it, or are you busy thinking?
What is a thought?
Is that the future, the past, or do we now experience the present stage?
What does the thought mean, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It is the expression of the life of feeling.’
Sir, a thought is reincarnation, is the past.
I have thought.
Now the school mistress and the school masters will agree with me here this evening.
I have thought.
So, now you must first start to think whether that thinking connects you with the past, the previous.
You can go back ten thousand million years now.
I have thought.
What is a thought?
One word already goes that far.
What is thinking?
Am I in harmony with God, with the universe through my thinking?
Mankind cannot think.
The human being does not know what he must begin with in order to think.
We just talk aimlessly.
What is a thought?
(To someone in the hall): What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Concentration.’
A thought is concentration, madam.
You see, this is now the school of philosophy.
Gosh, gosh, gosh, I am also becoming a school teacher.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘My thought is about that ice age.’
Yes, but, sir, we are not going to the ice age now.
Sir, we are sticking with: what is thinking?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, it is about that.’
No, but not too far from home.
Let’s just take now: what are a pair of clogs?
And what should I do tomorrow?
And what will we do this evening?
And what are we talking about this evening?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘We are also talking about ice ages.’
Yes, but that is too far from the Wagenstraat.
Let’s be close to the Venestraat this evening, at the Groenmarkt.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Otherwise we will end up in the All-Source.’
Otherwise we will end up in the All-Source.
People all want to go back to the source where they came from.
And then someone asks: ‘What will I do later when I am God?
Then what?’
I say: ‘I can tell you that immediately, sir.
Every morning you will get pea soup with pig’s knuckle.’
And then they got a fright and ran out the door.
I think: I am done with that for the time being.
Yes, sir.
Peter was with me recently, he says: ‘André ...’
No, it was not Peter.
It was Gabriel.
That is for the break then, and then we will begin with it.
What are you looking at?
He says: ‘André, how is mankind getting on?
Are they already thinking?
God sent me to the earth in order to have a look.’
I say: ‘Well, pft’, I say, ‘but something has broken off there, and they no longer accept that.’
And I told him something like that ... (Jozef whispers something.)
I say: ‘Just say it.’
And he was gone.
He had such wings.
After all, Gabriel had those big wings.
And he gone.
I watched him, I think: ‘How that man can fly.’
And he went higher and higher and higher, released from our atmosphere, higher, the cosmic grades – I could follow him like that – and between the sixth and seventh cosmic grade, Gabriel could already laugh and laugh, and he once swayed to the left, you know, a sea-gull does that too.
And then they take flight and then they do that.
But God, God himself, the Father, he stands like that on the divine paradise, He thinks: is that not Gabriel there?
Then He says: ‘What is he laughing about?
He is laughing.
And how he is bouncing.’
And those wings went up and down so that Our Lord must have thought: there is something wrong with that Gabriel.
And finally he arrived there bouncing.
Have you ever seen a gull dropping?
And then you suddenly come: wham. (laughter)
And then the wings start to rub like that from behind, you know?
And Gabriel rubs like that with his wings.
Then Our Lord says: ‘It is taking ages this time for you to calm down.
‘And then He says: ‘What were you chuckling about on your way?’
Then Gabriel says: ‘Yes, I was laughing, Our Lord, because ...’
Then He says: ‘What is the matter?’
He says: ‘Well, I spoke to someone there who is fighting hard for You there.’
He says: ‘But, there is something the matter.’
He says: ‘What is it, Gabriel?’
He says: ‘Our Lord, the men have lost a rib.’
‘What did you say?
Have they found that out?’
Talk is spreading across the earth that the man has lost a rib.
And this is why so many of them collapse.
They are tired too quickly’, Gabriel says.
Our Lord stands looking like that and leaves.
He says: ‘So.’ The following morning Gabriel comes; he takes care of Our Lord ...
(To the sound technician): How many minutes do I have left? (laughter)
Then ...
Well, be quiet then, ladies and gentlemen.
Then he stands like that, he comes with the soup for Our Lord.
Our Lord also eats soup, you know.
Not chicken soup, but divine soup.
Because those people must still eat there.
I will laugh myself silly if the theologians hear us this evening.
Then I will be burnt at the stake.
But I am already on it.
And that Gabriel ...
Our Lord has a taste, He says: ‘It is delicious, Gabriel.’
Then he says: ‘What are you doing pacing up and down?’
Then he says: ‘Nothing, nothing.
There is nothing the matter with me.’
Gabriel left.
Then he says: ‘Hahahuh ...’
He has such a soft voice.
‘Hahahuh, huhuhuh.’
Gabriel is usually howling inside.
And then he interprets the whole animal world, for example, because Gabriel knows everything.
But that continues for four, five, six, seven days, a fortnight, three weeks.
And Gabriel comes in the morning again, he was a bit late, it was already nearly eleven o’clock.
Then He says: ‘What do you want, Gabriel?’
Then he says: ‘Well, You are not saying anything.
You are not talking.
And it is a chaos on earth.’
Then Our Lord says: ‘Gabriel, don’t fuss.
Don’t get angry, Gabriel.’
He says: ‘Because soon the Eve’s will also come and then they will say: “We were not born from Adam, because that is nonsense.”
And then everything will come together.’
He says: ‘Gabriel, we really created a chaos there.
This is why there is also always war.
They do not know it’, He says.
‘But we do not need to prove it to the people, Gabriel.
Just let them work it out for themselves.
And when they start to do that, Gabriel ...’ And now it comes, and then Gabriel had his fun after all, He says: ‘Because by means of this I make them all think.
Because that hole on the left side, where I took out that rib, is always itchy.’
Ladies and gentlemen, and now we will have some tea.
Ladies and gentlemen, I will continue with the same subject from just before.
Not about Gabriel, of course.
But: ‘What is thinking?’
Where should you begin?
Thinking is, now it will come ...
This is why God, to just come back to that, took away the rib from the man, because, that is always itchy, that is the inspiration which always awakens you.
This is why the man, the woman, look for divine wisdom; fun.
But: ‘What is thinking?’
If you have really read ‘Jeus I’, Mr Berends, then you must already know it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Evolution.’
But if you have read ‘Jeus I’ and ‘Jeus II’ ...
When Jeus thought of the true Christ separately from the stone statue in the church - do you still have to ask me this?
You read books but it is actually all gone - the nicest proof lies in that: how does a human being, how does a child learn to think.
With the curls on my neck, out of the sawmill and into the sawmill, to the boiler.
Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking.
I think through day in day out and finish something.
You do not finish anything.
If you had really read ‘Jeus II’, you would not have asked me that question.
It is such an incredible pity that such books are not read.
Because you only race through it in order to hear the story.
Don’t you?
But just dwell on one sentence.
‘What is thinking?’
Jeus began: father is dead. That fantastic thinking.
Father is not dead. Because I saw Tall Hendrik lying in the coffin.
He was standing next to me when he came ‘beyond the coffin’.
Father is dead.
Father is not dead.
‘Hahaha, Tall Hendrik is lying in the grave.’
Then I said to Crisje: 'But he, he is dead, isn't he?
But the Real One is not dead.’
And it is not Our Lord who is in that statue, and not Mary either.
You can lay flowers in front of the statue.
That is also possible.
Then you go to the Real One.
You can do all of that entirely differently.
With the curls on my neck, twelve years’ old, it began, sir.
And if you now read ‘Jeus II again, then you will not ask that question: what is a thought?
A thought: what is God?
Here comes another question.
What is God?
What is Christ?
What is the human being?
Even more simple: how are your children born, sir?
Do you know that problem?
Now you also know so much more from us: in order to give birth to the child – because you do not even need the soul – I have to do that and that, and you get a division for creation.
Now you continue.
Now you already know about soul, spirit and life and feeling and personality.
You will read that in the books.
You know about the hereafter.
You know about the world of the unconscious, reincarnation.
You go back to the embryonic life.
A huge problem, a huge thought, a world, a space, it is God.
How am I born?
Consider all of that now.
But also consider: how do I come into harmony with my husband, with my wife, with my friends, with society?
And that is much more necessary, because that is also a part of it.
You can think that through, then you will be the genius.
And then you will reach growth.
You materialize something.
The task which you do, can only originate, and only gets space when you think things through.
Someone quick ...
A man says about him: ‘You can now use that man everywhere, that man who thinks.’
Another person says: ‘Yes, I have already had ten of them; they were good for nothing, they were too stupid to live.’
A person like that goes out the door and does not earn anything.
‘I have been given notice.’
Oh, oh, oh, that does not exist for me, sir.
I am so terribly hungry to learn something.
But I never forget anything again.
Because I experience it.
You do not experience it.
You can say the same thing a thousand times; people come back again with questions.
That proves that the people do not want to think.
It is such a great pity if you do not want to think.
You tell them the most wonderful things; and tomorrow it is gone.
The day after tomorrow?
It is no longer there.
And you must begin with it, I tell you.
You cannot avoid it.
The human being craves.
Craving is a thought, is feeling, and feeling is thinking.
Why does a human being not crave?
A gentleman comes to me in the interval and says: ‘Yes, I am always without a thought, I cannot think.’
I say: ‘Oh yes.’
Then I could have taken him immediately, but I had to go.
I say: ‘Sir, what is this?’
I say: ‘How is that born?’
‘In India.’
‘Good, sir.’
‘In the ground.’
I say: ‘That is a kind of herb, no more than that.’
A leaf from a tree – we will stick with the tea – that is prepared, we throw water on it, and now we drink it.
And now you can follow even more.
What will happen now when I have that in me?
Now I will follow that evolution of that water, that tea.
You will soon know it.
But then you will still not know it.
Because the whole of creation lies in that at the moment.
All the hydrochloric acids of space lie in that.
All the planetary systems are represented by the kidneys of the human being.
Because the kidneys of the human being purify the body.
And that is Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and other planets.
Like the plant for the aquarium they purify the life breath of the macro cosmos.
Now I can go that far; I immediately just move from that tea to the spatial tea, to the spatial purity, the cleansing process for the spatial life breath, that organism, because it is a body.
The astronomers do not know that.
What is thinking, sir?
Now you must begin first of all, and I have already told you that a hundred times: just go and sit down in front of the dictionary one evening, and do not read all those books in one go.
Read them in one go, but then begin at the beginning again.
I also had to do that.
And then you will begin, then you begin: ape.
The A from ‘aal’ .
And if you come a bit further, sir, you stand before the ape.
And you say: what do I have of that?
An ape.
‘Haha’, I say, ‘Darwin, I know all of that.’
I can now say that.
Before that I did not know it.
But now we will begin.
Isn’t it?
Oh no, because there are still so many of those A’s: ape-like, anxious.
Well, just continue.
What do I have of anxiety?
What is anxiety?
‘Achterlijk’ (backward or retarded).
Do I have that?
I am no longer ‘achterlijk’
I do not have any anxiety anymore either, because I know death, I know my life, I know society, I know my reincarnation, I know God, I know Christ.
There is no longer any anxiety in me.
Just beat me to death, sir, it does not matter to me.
Anxiety, that they rob me?
That is up to him, I have nothing anyway.
Now we will begin, sir.
What is being anxious?
What is anxious?
What is an ‘angeltje‘’ (sting) in our heart?
An ‘angeltje’?
With the P of Pietje, neuter, or feminine, or masculine?
What is it actually?
What is an ‘angeltje’?
What is an ‘aal’ (eel)?
Well, and now we will begin: A, B, the B of ‘boos’ (angry)?
Am I bad?
Barst, bast, bark (crack, bark, barque).
How nice, don’t you think?
And yet there is a lot to it.
Just consider that.
I had to do all of that.
What do you have of that, of that, of that, of that?
I think: merciful heavens, all the things I have to do.
That began in 1930.
Not in order to learn a language.
I was not even allowed to do that.
I was not allowed to learn a language.
I was only allowed to feel a language.
I was not allowed to take it into my head, because then master Alcar would stand still.
Then I would have messed things up.
Now we will think.
And then I finally come ...
And then after that we come to a thought.
What is thinking, sir?
Experiencing the thing which you are talking about.
From the beginning to A.
From A to Z.
Now you can begin – and that is your happiness – for your body, for your soul, your spirit.
You cannot imagine your soul anyway, because that is the God in you.
Then that gentleman will soon get an answer.
That is the God in you.
You will begin to analyse all those characteristics, by means of thinking.
Finishing something.
And what you thought up, sir, it is so amazing, that is the same thing as the language teacher forces into you.
Repeat: A.
And then you are sitting there.
And finally it happens of its own accord.
‘Yes’, you say then.
Not in Dutch, but in English.
Don’t you, sir.
You have difficulty with it.
Well, slabberdewasky.
What is it, sir?
What is a thought?
Sir, pick up ‘Jeus II’ this week again.
Pick up ‘Jeus II’ again, and then you must look.
The philosophical systems were analysed there.
Because a thought, sir, analysed on the path upwards and to the astral world, is walking the path of Socrates.
Do you accept that?
By means of that the philosophical systems emerged, and the people built a university of it.
By means of thinking.
Who am I?
What am I if I am happy?
What is being happy?
And then Socrates said, he asked the human being: ‘Mother, you are happy, but why are you so happy?’
What is love?
Do you know that, what love is?
I once told you it here one evening; when we began to coo for the first time, I said, then we thought that we were cooing, but it was not us.
Because the God in us cooed.
Creation, evolution.
And we walked behind it.
Didn’t we?
When is it cooing, is the love for and of the human being, possession, madam, sir, possession?
And then we will soon get to see that our love speaks, madam, for which Christ came to the earth.
And then it is: love each other, love another as you love yourself.
And now it goes to cordiality, to benevolence, understanding.
But not the wrong and false thinking about each other.
That is a psychopathic, satanic and devilish carry-on.
But we do it.
We do it day in day out.
If I say: ‘I am going, I have to go away for six months.’
Then they say: ‘Well, I would like to see how he comes back.’
Then I am already knocked to the ground.
But I am going.
Because I am trusted?
No, the other one loves me.
The human being does something, and then we say: ‘Oh, yes.’
Yes, there are people who do not have that.
I say: ‘My dear child, that is true.’
We must first try to have complete trust in the human being, in everything, for everything, whatever we do.
And we must prove that, and that is only because of cordiality and love.
But not because of the body and the organism, sir and madam, but precisely when we stand on our own two feet and have to materialize our thinking and feeling in society, the task.
Now we stand before spiritual love and it can even remain spiritual forever and into eternity, because I can prove all of that to you. It has nothing more to do with physical love, because that is soon dead.
Mr Berends, will you begin with ‘Jeus II’ again?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
‘What is thinking?
What is a thought?
And where does the source lie?’
You are that yourself.
You are the source.
Your life of feeling is the spiritual body for your material, your day consciousness, your personality.
When I start to think – I am now talking, and I am talking about you, and I am talking about myself, or I am talking about something else – then I draw that from my source as feeling, because of the millions of lives which I have had as man and woman.
And that is now my personality.
You have an own personality.
And that personality shows itself by means of your feeling, that you do not possess that, and not this, that and the other.
You flatly refuse to be loving, and cordial, gentle.
You do not have the feeling.
We know, we have conscious and we have unconscious psychopaths.
But the human being who walks in society and with whom you associate, who are sitting in the tram like that, you see those people everywhere, they hit you right in your face just like that if you simply approach them; and that is the conscious psychopath, the conscious crazy being, because that human being hits himself towards divine disharmony.
And that is a crazy carry-on.
Do you accept that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
But you cannot avoid it, because it is true.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Just like that doctor who entered the hereafter.
That doctor in ‘Jeus III’, who ...’
Yes, something like that, for example.
Well, there is a club waiting for him.
Not from me, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘From himself.’
From himself.
He clubs himself.
That man who came, I told you one evening, he came to me again after seven years.
The doorbell rang.
‘Haha’, I say, ‘what are you doing here?’
‘Do you know me?’
I say: ‘Do you know me?
Doctor Rademaker, from the Fatherland.
I say: ‘Sir, come in.’
He wants to sit down.
I say: ‘You will sit there.’
I say: ‘You will sit there, sir.’
He wanted to sit there.
I say: ‘Here.
You will sit here.’
And I sat down, I looked into his face like that.
I just let him look in the sun.
Then he was already eliminated for me.
That is also a great power, do you know that?
I hit everything upside down in the world, the greatest personality, when I put him in the light, and myself in the shadow.
Because he is sitting blinking like that.
And I just look from the shadow to the light.
That is much easier, very simple.
And I soon had him blinking.
He says: ‘A cigar?’
‘If you have a good one, because otherwise I will not smoke your rubbish.’ 
Then he says: ‘What a cheeky monkey you are.’
I say: ‘Sir, if you say monkey again, you will be sent out.’
I say: ‘Do you know me?’
I say: ‘Ugly wretch.’
I say: ‘Ugly run-away minister.’
Because he was first a minister, you know.
I say: ‘Did you want to slate my book? And do you know want another book from me?
What are you doing actually?’
‘Yes, I wanted to read ‘Between Life and Death’ first – they told me – but I cannot buy it.’
I say: ‘Haha, poor church mouse.’
I say: ‘Sir, I ...’
‘Your books will continue.’
I say: ‘Yes, sir, did you think that you could throw me out of balance?’
‘Well’, he says, ‘I have respect for you.
And they said, they said ...’
I say: ‘What did they say?’
‘Yes, that you are never lost for words.’
I say: ‘So, gah.’
He was in a mess.
My wife says: ‘What are you letting rip about?’
I say: ‘He will get a beating today.’
Sir comes to me, into the lion’s den.
I say: ‘Sir, who sent you here?’
I say: ‘Here are a few second-hand books from me.’
I say: ‘You are not worth new ones.
Otherwise you would get those ones.’
I say: ‘But there is a club waiting for you, sir.’
Man, man, man, I did not give that man a beating, I told him the truth.
I say: ‘I only want to warn you, sir.’
I say: ‘Stop with your dirty filthy pen if you do not know God and Christ, because you are murdering yourself.’
And he came back to me.
When he went somewhere else again he said: ‘Well, you have to tell me again that he is a dope.’
He said that to that man who told him: ‘Just get those books from him.’
He says: ‘My God, my God, how that guy let rip at me.’
I say: ‘Just send that friend of yours too.
Sir, I am not afraid of you.
I know you.’
‘Do you know me?’
‘Inside out, sir.’
I say: ‘Because you are just a big pile of weakness.
Renouncing Christ.’
I say: ‘You used to have a bit of inspiration, and then you started to mess about with that pen.’
‘Do you know me?’
I say: ‘I read all your fantastic stories, sir.’
Good grief.
Sir, that man ...
There you have it now.
What did you think?
If I am truth, if I really possess reality and there is a hereafter, sir, and you destroy that here, then you will bring all those thousands of people who have read that, you will bring them back to God.
And that is your club.
And that is not so simple, sir.
You will be beaten bloody, sir.
The blood will flow away.
I saw a gentleman there, I told you, he had written a dirty novel, and he was now on the other side, and a good person now, he had already experienced his battle.
I say: ‘Is it bad?’
‘Gosh, gosh, gosh.’
Sir ...
Master Alcar says: ‘You should hear him groaning.’
I say: ‘What is he then?’
‘A writer’, he says.
Sir, you will go anyway with your dirty, filthy, satanic, lustful, hateful inner self to the other side.
But you will enter that world with your book.
And young girls and boys who read it and others read it too, and all that dirty mess will follow you.
Did you really think now ...
That man started to get rich, he was well-off here, and then he came there and then he had nothing, then he sat in own filth.
Because of his book.
Or did you think that people also still read there?
And did you really think – that is the spiritual murder – that it was just given to you?
If you get rich on earth by means of the suffering and sorrow of a thousand others, sir, ‘beyond the coffin’ you will just have to make those thousand others rich again by means of your spirit.
Is it not fair, madam?
‘He is as hard as a brick’, they say.
No, it is the justice of God and the universe.
That man too, that very great gentleman.
Master Zelanus says: ‘Give him a good beating.’
Yes, sir, I will hardly mention any names, because I have much more of them.
But I can, I can just mention him because he, he ...
Perhaps he will learn from it.
And if he comes here I will defend myself.
I will say: ‘Sir, sit down there, then we will start a fight.’
‘The grade of a thought depends on the grade of the life of feeling of the personality.’
You see, that Berends in there, is in that.
‘The grade of a thought depends on the grade of the life of feeling.’
He does need to add that grade of the life of feeling.
He just says: the thought comes from the life of feeling to the personality.
You say it yourself.
You see, you are always in it again, and you go out of it again just like that.
‘Every growth gives a victory to the thought.
Is this correct?
Every growth gives a victory to the thought.’
A growth of the thought gives you a victory, if you have the dictionary with you again and can finally say: I gave my thoughts spiritual space and light and love.
And then your life of feeling grows, then that thought grows.
You can experience a divine thought today.
And only then, sir, madam ...
When do you release something from your divine self?
When do you withdraw something from your divine soul and ...
Because that soul, that divine being – that is the human being – in us, we are that, we must awaken that.
So if you flatly refuse now to learn, books mean nothing to you, and you are not that interested in making something of yourself, you also stand categorically in a little, little circle, and you do not come out of it.
Is that true?
You cannot avoid yourself.
You must want to expand yourself back to the Divine All.
Your thought must first get spiritual foundation, inspiration, expansion, an own spatial character.
Every characteristic, every thought, each word, the smallest thing must get and possess spiritual attunement.
Perfectly simple, isn’t it?
Isn’t it perfectly simple?
Is it so difficult to be cordial?
The people do something.
They say: ‘Leave it for heaven’s sake, because you will be destroyed.’
Physically and spiritually.
Spiritually, into the mental institution, and physically you will get pop-eyes.
You will dissolve here.
Your day consciousness will leave you, then those eyes will still shine.
But just look into the eyes of a psychopath now, and a crazy person.
When they stand before you, they see nothing, they are day-consciously blind.
And it is true.
That means: if you just come out of the harmony of space then you will already get pop-eyes.
Your actual natural light, for the day in society here, becomes hazy because you become hazy inwardly, and the eyes do not get any inner light.
And an academic also says that. ‘We think by means of the brains.’
Your feeling is the light of life for your eyes.
You also have those people who look very sharply, then you must watch out, sir, when such a strong power comes from those eyes.
Now, then just be careful.
Then the people say: ‘Just look at those cat’s eyes.’
But I have come across cat’s eyes, that was the love itself.
Then they said: ‘But what is that like now?’
I say: ‘Well, you must see that now.’
What now speaks in the eyes of that woman?
Those cat’s eyes?
The feeling?
The personality?
And then it was art.
With a small and a capital A.
But it was art.
And then it was also clumsiness, that was also there.
Because the human eyes interpret millions of characteristics.
And you can see through that anyway.
I see through those millions of lives, I told you recently.
What is my clairvoyance like?
I see, if the state of purity of the girl or the boy disappears, then I see in the eyes whether he has become a father, and she a mother.
You cannot do that, can you?
‘In my opinion the thought is an expression of the inner life.’
‘The grade of a thought depends on the grade of the life of feeling ...’ You know that now too.
‘Every growth gives ... the expansion of the thought ...’
Also correct.
Here it comes.
‘Question: Can people connect the speed of the thought with the speed of the earth?’
Years ago Einstein placed mankind before a problem, and the whole of mankind laughed behind his back.
And I said here in The Hague: ‘Einstein is right.’
And then there was a doctor visiting me, and he said: ‘You just have to prove that one day.’
I say: ‘First work it out for yourself for a week, and then I will get you on your knees.’
And a week later he came back, he did not know it.
I say: ‘How stupid you are.’
You say it: expansion.
Einstein said: ‘If you travel a hundred kilometres by train and I am walking next to it – a hundred kilometres, and I am walking next to it, I am not sitting in the train, I am walking – I will still arrive at the address quicker than you with your train at a hundred kilometres an hour.’
Yes, we say in ‘Masks and Men’, from inside.
But the world did not think of that.
That was the spiritual restraint.
From inside.
Don’t you find it nice and simple?
And then Einstein said, he turned the whole world upside down, the whole university, he says after three months: ‘From inside.’
Frederik also said ...
What did he say again, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... that journey, that storm, is about the storm.’
You see, now they have got it anyway.
Now they have got it.
Then Mohammed came, didn’t he, that journey ...
And when he told Erica ...
That evening was tense because Karel had to go to the patients, then a child came into the world, or a woman died.
And when he had told that whole story, that he was in the desert with Mohammed, and when he was finished talking he lit a good cigar, he sat down to think like that, Frederik.
‘But’, Erika says, ‘are you serious, Frederik?’
Then Frederik says, like Einstein: ‘Yes, Erika, from inside.
The storm was struck down from inside, and we continued.’
And the Christ said that anyway.
Didn’t he, Mr de Groot?
Are you fine?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Excellent.’
Ladies and gentlemen, if you still want to talk about the bible, then you also have a real talker there, a wonderful bible expert.
There is also one sitting over there.
I have wonderful bible experts here.
Wonderful people who know the bible and now read the books.
Mr de Groot, I also read your story this week, that first one which you ... here ...
That is also wonderful.
People say: lectures, lectures, lectures.
Yours is wonderful!
Sir, we still have them.
I started to read it again, I think: now just look.
Someone asked: ‘Can that not be put down on paper, sir?
And is this not possible?’
We had to tear up a thousand lectures from Diligentia from the masters, because what do the people say: ‘Pfftt.’
Good remains good, sir.
If only you had a thick book of that, don’t you think?
If only you had listened to years ago.
Is that true? ...
You will get a kiss.
If only we had three, four books today.
Don’t you think so, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, indeed.’
Thank you.
But I often think about it.
‘Can people connect the speed of the thought with the speed of the earth?’
Oh, sir.
What does the earth want with us.
I fly, I am on the moon in a millionth of a second.
I am now on the moon, now, now I am there.
What do you want to know about the moon?
I can hear her talking.
‘Oh’, she says, ‘André, will you come to my heart?’
I say: ‘Yes, I am just giving a lecture there, but I will still go to you.’
Do you know that I was once talking here one evening, that body was talking, talking, talking, and that mouth too, and I was in space with master Alcar.
And this just continued.
Then he checked something.
He said: ‘If something was to happen to that heart, then you can also continue in that way.’
Because they sometimes went too far in Diligentia, so that Mr Van Straaten thought, when I came off the stage: he will die immediately.
Yellow, green, blue.
That blood circulation had to begin again.
And then we could take care of it because of that.
Sir, you can move through the whole universe in a millionth of a second if you know how you should move forward.
Otherwise you will just go to pieces again because of your own unconscious thinking.
Is that true?
And now you must learn: to walk spiritually, to think spiritually, to fly spiritually.
From inside.
Another such philosophical system by means of which the laws of relativity originated.
And then Einstein began to think for something else.
But he had got the whole world.
But not me.
But not me.
Now we will continue again.
‘If someone causes his death by means of recklessness, is this conscious suicide?’
Yes, sir.
‘Just like someone gases himself to death?’
No, sir, that is something else.
I went to the cinema this week, and a man goes there with a boat and flies over the water at three hundred and sixty kilometres, and a moment, just a moment, just a moment, the things goes bang, and he flew out of it and had broken his neck.
That is suicide by means of sport.
But that man was not looking for death.
So he is not attached to the rotting at the moment, but he flung himself too soon from his life.
And now he gets to experience the image which Lantos Dumonché experienced when he was released from his skeleton.
Is that not fair?
But if you enter the murder consciously, and you say: ‘I will kill myself’, then you are also attached to your body, because you are thinking directly from that body.
Another man is flying, he wants to experience sport.
An aviator also experiences that.
And it becomes recklessness.
And there you go, you say it yourself: ‘I have been too reckless.’
Because you know in advance, all those jet pilots will be destroyed.
They are all ...
Those boys, a boy like aged twenty, twenty-three, who flies there, he could perhaps reach the age of sixty, seventy, and now he has been walking for sixty, seventy years on earth, in the sphere, because he is not released, because the earth does not let you go to the world of the unconscious, you remain in the sphere of the earth.
And for sixty, seventy years he does not live in the real one, and not in the visible one either, he lives in between life and death.
And now they just drift through there.
You can meet a hundred million of them there.
Walking, shouting, completely alone.
No one next to them.
That satanic suffering, sir, madam, of a boy, of such a young man, an aviator like that, that man who ... with his boat, the motor sport ...
How many people do not fly and drive themselves to pieces every day, because they want to take part in sports.
That suffering for sixty, seventy years, you have to listen now, no mortal, nothing, nothing, nothing.
Just close your eyes and go into a darkness, and just walk, you can, you do not collide with anything, because there is nothing there: you have disengaged the life, you have disengaged yourself from the spiritual world and the material one.
Imagine that.
You therefore enter a non-existent world, which possesses nothing.
You are nothing either, and you have nothing either.
But you are now there for seventy years.
You go completely mad there a hundred thousand times, only from thinking.
But you wake up again, and then you just begin again.
That terrible suffering of a human being who tears himself from life by means of sport and everything, by means of such a thing, that is ...
Master Zelanus says it himself, he says: ‘Then you would rather have the rotting of your own worms in your eyes, you feel them, and you experience them consciously’, he says, ‘because that is even more torturous because you have nothing.
You are beaten and kicked from the front, from behind, from left and right, and wrenched apart and you can do nothing.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.’
He could already have written that too.
But then ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ would have become so big.
Sir, also fly ...
Take a boat.
And also fly a jet plane.
Just fly two thousand miles, sir, then you will also be the first dead.
You are just ...
Someone flew two thousand miles an hour yesterday.
Even faster than the speed of sound, sir.
He was also the first to spatter.
Not me, sir.
That mother: ‘Huhu, oh, what misery!’
And flowers, flowers, flowers.
Oh sir, I cannot help it, sir, but I walk through it.
I say: ‘Is there a death?
Did he fly himself to death?’
‘Yes, yes, what a situation, don’t you think?’
I say: ‘Yes, now just eat winter radish, then you will feel that you are still here.’
Do you sympathise with that?
Sir, sympathy does not exist.
But a human being who absolutely consciously destroys himself, who disengages himself consciously for everything, for each divine law, for spirit, feeling, personality, light and life, and wants to kill himself ...
Sir, madam, go ahead, what does it matter to me, as far as I am concerned do it this evening.
And now I will give you something else, then at least you will learn a little.
A human being here on earth, a human being does not want to listen, a human being flatly refuses it.
I have warned people a thousand times ...
I say: ‘Come on, leave it.’
‘Woman, don’t do it.’
I say: ‘Sir, you will be destroyed.’
‘No, oh, out with it. That gossip.’
Four months later: destroyed.
‘Yes but, I could not do it.
But it was me ...’
(Jozef makes a strange noise.) He is awake.
(Jozef makes a barking noise.) Awake?
Now he will never fall asleep again.
You see.
It does not matter, does it?
Sir, I sometimes did it to Mr de Wit too ...
When I barked like that in the evening ...
When Mr de Wit was here, and I suddenly barked ...
I think: by talking I put him to sleep, because something emanates from that, doesn’t it?
And I barked once like Fanny the dog and he never slept again.
Four weeks later he was still sitting looking like that.
I think: that Fanny has more consciousness and power now than I do.
But it is true.
But that is a help, do you see?
But you heard me.
From a distance.
From inside.
From inside.
Sir, do you now know what it means if you fly yourself to pieces physically, go to pieces?
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
How nice it is.
Go and box.
I also like to see them.
If only for the technique of that thinking of those people.
It is, I say: ‘Hey, oh ...’
A rib open, half an eye gone.
I say: ‘A pity?’
I say: ‘Sir, as far as I am concerned they can hang you this evening, what does that matter to me?’
‘Harsh, sir?’
I say: ‘Just go and chop wood.
But do something else, sir.’
The sensation of the human being.
The human being perishes because of sensation, sir.
That is all suicide.
But the difference is: if you categorically put pressure on your body, on your spirit, and say: ‘I will kill myself because I cannot stand it anymore’, then you will also be attached to that body.
Clear, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Well done.
Now, where was I now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘At the last question.’
Thank you.
‘If someone causes his death because of recklessness ...’
‘ ... who gases himself to death.’
Just the same.
Then it is the same.
‘So the soul remains until the body enters the natural death.’
That too.
‘But this is entirely different ...’
Oh, they have got ‘Jeus III’ there.
‘ ... this is entirely different to Irma from ‘Jeus III’.’
See, didn’t I know it?
...(inaudible) now she will also get a beating.
‘Because Jeus wanted nothing to do with her and she still gave a hundred percent love,’ puh, ‘she went to the astral world because of her own weakness and completed her life for the earth.’
Do you not feel, sir, that my whole being is now lying naked on the street?
Someone said to me this week: ‘How harsh you are.’
I say: ‘Oh yes?’
I say: ‘Sir, I would let my Crisje die if she was wrong.’
And I would also let my brothers die.
If they want to be right, and it comes down to it, I will let the human being die.
Because I do not begrudge them awakening.
After all, I know the human being and the law, don’t I?
I know the human being and his laws.
And if I say yes, then it is yes, sir.
I am not for sale, sir, by means of love.
I am if you destroy me yourself.
That first has to die with me.
Everything has to die, sir.
A thought too.
A love also dies.
People can talk about that, sir.
If you ...
Remember, I will tell you once more and then it is done.
Once more.
Love: wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
A hundred thousand times, once more, once more, again, again.
But is it not true now, sir, madam, because you have to listened to that truth, you have destroyed your contact.
You have lost that true love, that trust from before, because you only have distrust left.
You have completely fragmented your own naked sacred self for each other.
Because she does not believe in you, and you no longer believe in her.
Because it is only just talking, talking, talking, talking, talking.
All the nice things which give the human being trust, and the divine spatial unity, have vanished.
And that begins with the first love, sir.
I am so grateful at the moment, and later.
But you read that, didn’t you?
What a wonderful person that master Alcar is.
Because I was like a mummy for love.
Go away.
Too dangerous for me.
Hey, money.
Yes, indeed, to probably cut my throat, don’t you think?
I’m out of here.
Catch me doing that.
No, sir, my word is law, my word is: yes, yes, yes, yes.
And then you can die.
I have nothing to do with you.
With no one except with: my word is ‘yes.’
And then they found me harsh?
I say: ‘Sir, that has become my possession.’
You should ask master Alcar, or master Zelanus, what that means.
But you do not keep your word.
If you see the weaklings: ‘Oh well, oh well.’
No, sir, then you are gone once more.
I no longer grant you a thought from me if you have pulled a fast one on me, on my thoughts and my love.
Not cheated, but pulled a fast one.
Then you will not get me again.
I will continue to love you, but I will no longer be available, sir.
Because I know it: you must first give me that proof.
You can, I told you ...
‘I love you’, but they do not understand that anyway.
And that is Socrates.
That is Christ.
That is the universe.
I love you, sir, all of you.
You will say: ‘Yes, he is doing nothing, all words.’
Yes, indeed, sir, yes, indeed, madam.
I will prove that to you ‘beyond the coffin’.
I love life, sir, but the character?
Yes, that is something entirely different.
And if I love life, sir, then I take care of the character, then I take care of that personality.
But you all stumble over those little characteristics, over those little personalities, over that snarling.
Yes, of course, of course.
Over that snarling and snapping, and that kicking, that not wanting, that not wanting to expand, you stumble over that.
What will I care if you do not want to expand yourself.
You do it all to yourself.
Did Christ not say that, Mr de Groot?
You see, these are the philosophical systems, you can take every word to the Messiah.
Did you think that the Messiah had the sorrows of the world because the human being flatly refuses to spread His word?
He also had to make that journey and earn it himself, sir, didn’t He?
You come that far, when your child is ready soon, and has  reached the years – don’t you know it yourself, madam, and mother? – then you can get the ‘droodles’ too, she will do what she wants anyway.
And when they die, sir ...
Thank God, I have got people that far ...
A child stood before the father with a revolver.
He says: ‘Isn’t it terrible, sir, lying, cheating, stealing everything in sight; sent to prison.
Now sir is serving three months again.’
Parents, I had those people here.
‘But you taught me, sir’, that mother said, ‘that I will not be destroyed by it.
Otherwise I will also be destroyed, from sorrow.’
I say: ‘Mother, do not do it.
Do not go into it.’
She says: ‘I learned that he has an own personality – sir, how can I thank you? – by means of the books which I have read.’
Madam, then it is worthwhile that I continue talking, chattering even longer.
I say: ‘Do not be destroyed by the suffering of another.’
But the human being lets himself be destroyed, even if it is not worth that.
The mental institutions, ladies and gentlemen, are full, only because of broken people.
Hahaha, just go away.
I will not go into your snarling, into kicking and beating of the world.
The human being ...
Come on, sir, you will not destroy me anyway.
I will continue to love you, sir.
I will continue to love that man who hits and that woman who kicks, but I do not want anything to do with them.
I say ...
Yes, I will just not continue to sit in that dung pit, sir, in that darkness.
I will not associate with that every day.
I will continue to fly onwards in that space.
Yes, indeed, I will sit down beside that misery, on a chair, and just talk, pushing.
Mmm, really pushing.
Sir, I laugh at everything.
There are no worries for me.
What is misery?
‘Yes, if you couldn’t do it’, they say.
Yes, thank God I do not have tuberculosis, otherwise I would be in the hospital of course.
And then I could not talk, I could not work.
There are people, sir, who have accepted the battle, the beating that they have a sick organism.
There is a good boy there, who was bombed at the Bezuidenhout; lost an eye and an arm, and he already had an arm and a leg.
Completely destroyed.
And pushing, pushing, pushing for six months, and then he said: ‘God, I know it, I am pleased that I have been destroyed, because now I begin to think.’
And now you should hear the gratitude of such a beaten, kicked being, because of Adolf Hitler.
Just continue to curse that Adolf Hitler every day: it is him, it is him.
But also just think about your own cause and effect, on your karma.
And for those people, sir, I have respect.
They always have me; if they do not beat things to pieces again, they will always have me.
Then you have God, you have the masters, you have Christ.
Do not come complaining to me, sir, if it is not so and so, because I will not get any impetus from inside.
And you are just like that, you know.
You are exactly the same.
Because you also say to the other person: ‘Just stop it, and just grab hold of life.’
The weak will awaken.
And the psychopaths will also go to work one day and bake bread for the other people.
Now they still eat it.
We must take care of ourselves.
And you cannot help each other.
Can you?
You must begin with it yourself.
How I am babbling again this evening.
(Jozef reads): ‘If someone is in the physical trance, has therefore disembodied, and the material organs are just working at twenty, twenty-four percent in order to maintain the body, and this body was to be touched, accidents could happen.
Is this connected to the fluid thread?’
Sir, that is connected to your blood circulation, your brains, your heart, your liver, your gall and everything.
Because that person is suspended animation, and you give it a shaking.
I was with Tenhaeff in Amsterdam, and then he had a half unconscious doctor next to him, a neurologist from Haarlem, Dr Franken.
And I lay there in a trance, and then that doctor was sitting, he already wanted to have me back ...
‘Wake up’, he says.
And I was ‘beyond the coffin’ with master Alcar, I say: ‘Look there.’
Master Alcar flies into that organism and holds onto those systems, along with Dr Franz, the highest one there.
I slowly waken up.
I say: ‘Cad, stay away from this body.’
And then Tenhaeff comes, then he says: ‘Did you touch that body?’
I say: ‘Chase that unconscious being out the door.’
I was lying in a steel chain.
He says: ‘Did you touch him?’
He says: ‘Yes.’
And then they examined me thoroughly; then I just had a little spot here on the right hand side of my chest, which was still alive.
But he put an arrow into my mouth and I could no longer swallow, nothing more.
That was now twenty-five percent.
But that had to stay alive.
But it was even less.
And then they raised my trance twice as deep as normal sleep.
So I had two sleeps deeper than the normal sleep.
He says: ‘You are the greatest wonder of the world.’
I say: ‘Yes.’
‘We will continue, Jozef.’
I say: ‘Yes, as long as you do not have an argument.’
A week later, I think I told you that, then Mr Tenhaeff already had an argument with a neurologist here.
What is he called?
Who should it be now: he or she.
Because they were both on the look-out for the professorship.
Then they had an argument.
I say: ‘Good day, sir.’
Then the war came and we did not hear anything else.
But I was the phenomenon, the wonder for the world.
Do you hear anything about it?
He lied with everything.
He denies everything now.
He does not know Jozef Rulof.
Yes, he knows, but the spiritualists messed him up.
Mr Berends, see you soon.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Thank you.’
I have here: ‘The undersigned would like ...
Is and was Jesus an intermediary in order to reach God?
If so, to what degree and how?
If not, what is or what was He then?’
Sir, you can read that by means of all the books which we have, twenty of them.
Have you already started?
Not even one?
Then, sir, I will not give you an answer either, because I demand from you, if you want to do that, that you start to read.
I worked myself to death in order to get them into the world, in order to deal with them, and if you then want to ask me those things, then I can say to you: ‘Now just read that first.’
Do you think it is really lazy of me?
Otherwise Mr de Groot can help you get started.
And there is also another one sitting there.
Then just tell, Mr de Groot, in a biblical way, what the Christ wanted.
And then just place ours next to it.
(To the sound technician): Do we have a quarter of an hour left?
Do you wish to have a nice evening, sir?
Thank goodness, great.
But bring along a nice packet of cigarettes for sir, because he also smokes cigarettes.
Don’t you, Mr de Groot?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, indeed.’
It doesn’t cost money, does it?
Just a nice little cigar.
A nice little cigar, sir.
Do you also smoke?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘A little bit.’
Well, then give him a nice packet of cigarettes.
The wife will take care of the tea, Mr de Groot, won’t she?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Sir, go to him.
No, fair is fair, but then you will have an evening, sir, of unprecedented spiritual enjoyment.
Then he will tell you who the Christ is.
And then you will come back to me.
Then you will get the cosmic, divine from me – yes, Mr de Groot can also tell that – the divine Christ.
(Jozef continues.) ‘Since we are from God, and God is omniscient ...’ Also something else for Mr de Groot.‘ ... what kind of meaning can God have had to place us on earth as human beings, seeing that we were without sin in the beginning?
So God knew that we would sin.’
Ugh, ugh.
Other people come a cropper with that.
Sir, there are no sins on earth.
Mr de Groot will do the rest.
But there are no sins.
You can murder and commit arson, sir, we talk our way out of everything again.
You should imagine how just God is.
But there are no sins.
You cannot even commit one little sin.
Even if you steal everything you can lay your hands on, you cannot commit a sin.
Even if you lie and cheat, even if you are a demon, you have never committed one sin before, sir.
Don’t you find that strange?
Now I am a bit crazy this evening.
Sir, there are no sins, there is only evolution.
Because if there was sin – isn’t it true, Mr de Groot? – we would be attached to the punishment, but it does not exist either.
God does not punish.
How can he talk about sin?
They all put that on Christ’s lips.
How can God talk about sin if He knows that He does not need to punish anyway?
If I break my neck, I do something wrong, I kill myself, I now fly with that motor ...
Before, I was sitting – I got a nice picture – I was having a lovely seat outside looking at nature, and it all becomes hazy.
And I am sitting alone, back a bit, I think: how hairy I am becoming.
And then I was sitting on an old tree trunk from before.
I see myself back in the jungle having a nice gnaw on a human bone, then I was a cannibal.
And it also tasted good too.
Sir, I was a murderer, because I ate the human being.
We all did that.
We still do it.
And I have not been punished, because I should already have been damned for eternity, fair is fair.
But there is no damnation.
Can you sense where we are going?
There is only evolution, sir.
God began by embryonic life in the waters, and later we eat them as fish.
Like that.
And then outside the waters.
Land consciousness, water consciousness.
And during all those lives we ate, drank, destroyed animals, ourselves too.
And then we ... of sins and snake nonsense, sir, and of trees with apples, with a bitter and a sour and a brown taste ...
No, sir, we were not born from clay and some breathe of life either, sir, but many millions of years ago we were swimming.
Just like tadpoles.
Weren’t we, Bernard?
Tadpoles, we fish for them where we come from.
Then we were in the waters, sir, and then we continued on the land.
And the human being originated in this way.
But there are no sins and damnation.
Because we make amends again, sir, for murder, the wrong thought, because we experience the maternal body, and we are creating.
We give birth to those sins again on earth as material human being.
Don’t you think that is fair?
And then God does not need to punish.
But I will not go so far with you because you flatly refuse to read the books.
I have already seen your face here several times, I think: he reads a lot of books, but I must now accept that you do not do it.
(Sir says something.)
You have only been here twice?
Well, but then I have observed your face well.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Sir, will you read?
Yes, it is up to you.
(Jozef continues.) ‘If I have understood correctly God is love.
Love does not damn.
What is your opinion of the Flood?
And the sign, the rainbow, that God will not let the earth perish again by means of water, but by means of fire?’
Have you seen the film ‘Grassy Meadows’(1936), sir?
Then it is time that it appears again.
God had an argument with Noah about three barrels of brandy. (laughter)
That happened.
Noah says: ‘Yes, sir, yes, God’, he says.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, sir.’
Yes, sir.
And Our Lord is standing at the table as a big Negro (when these contact evenings were held from 1949 to 1952, the word ‘Negro’ was a common name to refer to someone with a dark skin colour), lovely curls here.
And Noah, that little man – they were all Negros in that film – says: ‘Oh, but with those three barrels of brandy, that long journey ...’
But when will it come to an end?
Then he says: ‘Now give me four of them.’
‘No, Noah, three is plenty, otherwise you will be sloshed every day.’ (laughter)
And sir, that is also part of it, Mr de Groot knows that too.
(Jozef reads): ‘Last Sunday I had a conversation ...’ the last example, ‘ ...a conversation with a nurse from the mental institution.
‘She told that, to the astonishment of doctors and nurses, a boy and a girl came into contact with each other, resulting in the birth of a child ...’
Huh, so two crazy people?
‘ ...which is even more crazy than the parents.
The child is now three years old and is often put in a straightjacket because she is so wild.
Mother is not aware that she has given birth to a child, she called it ‘her little sister’.
The doctor from the institution told that the passion of craziness was more animal-like, which does not occur with normal people.’
He is right about that.
‘And that the parents were much to blame for this wretch.’
Not the parents.
‘I was curious and asked: ‘In what regard are these parents to blame?’’
For nothing, madam.
‘Because the parents and ancestors are drunks, and there were cases where they wanted to get rid of the embryo with poison, and it did not work.
Question: Should these crazy children attract a soul?’
From who is that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘From me.’
Madam, those children did not have to attract a crazy soul, but they attracted a world in which they live themselves, they themselves.
So their own grade is already abnormal, it is unconscious, and now they have attracted an even more unconscious life of feeling.
Because you can so attract so badly, madam, which as a baby of four, five months, could kick everything to pieces, if it could.
So you can experience seven different depths as worlds for craziness and psychopathy.
So it is not strange at all.
And it would have been much nicer, of course, for the world, if that child, if those two crazy children, or those unconscious children, that boy and that girl, had sent a Beethoven to the earth.
But that is really not possible now, because those people attract their own attunement and world.
It is a nice case, it is a really thick book.
Listen, my dear people, did I give you a little something this evening?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
On Sunday morning the masters will speak, and then you can listen to something, sir, madam, because Jozef Rulof is still just a bungler.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, see you next week.
See you on Sunday morning.
(There is clapping.)