Thursday evening 16 october 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening’
I will begin this evening with a question: ‘Dear owner of this book ...’
Oh, that is probably about Sunday, isn’t it?
‘ ...thanks very much for the reading.
In my spiritualist career of forty-eight years I have never read such a wonderful, impressive book.’
From who is that?
From which book, madam, we have twenty of them.
(Lady in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I lent the book to a friend, and he liked the book so much ...’
Which one?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The one I lent out.’
Which book is that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘‘The Cycle of the Soul’.’
Oh yes.
Like that.
Just give him that other one too, madam.
(Lady in the hall): ‘If I had them I would.’
If I had them?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I only have one of them, sir.’
Do you only have one of them?
(Lady says something else.)
But you can get them from the library, can’t you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I will do that next week too.’
Oh yes.
(Jozef continues.) ‘If you have anything else nice for me you would do me a great pleasure.’
So that gentleman is coming himself.
‘I handled it very well.’
I was advised that too, don’t you think? (laughter)
Oh well.
I have here: ‘What is the truth about hereditary?
Can a mother carry an illness which is unconscious, which is then revealed after three or four generations?’
A very good question, you can write a book about that.
‘Science boasts about the fact that an illness comes back again after three or four generations.
But are there principles for that?
I do not think so, but I know that, for example, cancer is present in an unconscious state in a human being, and then needs years in order to become conscious, if those people have long enough to live.’
Sir, from who is that?
If you say, ‘if those people have long enough to live’, you have that from me.
Because you cannot know that yourself.
Because I added then: this is a prophesy for the doctors.
Because the depth of the blood, human blood, cannot be gauged, sir, if you do not know creation.
How old do you think that your blood is?
If you ask questions about this, I do not have that many notes, then you can occupy a whole evening with this, because this is worthwhile.
How old do you think that human blood is?
I must prove everything, otherwise it will be no use to you.
And I can also prove it.
(Gentleman says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘From the moon.’
From the moon.
Do you accept that, people?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘A bit further.’
A bit further?
(People are talking amongst each other.)
(Lady in the hall): ‘A bit further back.’
A bit further?
A bit, a bit further than further.
You mean: when God had still not manifested himself, the blood was already present.
Oh, what a lot we are learning again.
No one knows it.
What did you say?
(Someone says): ‘The parents ...’
No, sir, that father and that mother also got it again, and that is your own race (see
Look, I said one evening, and your blood is that deep, that there is no man or woman on earth, almost, that you have not experienced as father and mother.
You have had millions of lives.
Just accept it.
The future will prove it to us, they are all prophesies, yes, prophesies; the consciousness of science is not yet that far.
So it is very simple, madam, we came from space to the earth as spirit.
So we did not bring any blood, certainly not.
Do you know it already now?
So the earth, the beginning of the embryonic life on the earth ...
Now you must imagine, sir, now you can go back millions of ages, you can start to talk for a half a million years about millions of ages, then you will still not have made it, the earth is so old.
We are so old.
And then back into space.
Science does not know it.
And why not?
They say: ‘Yes, it can be ten billion years, ages, but we do not know it.’
Sir, it goes back much, much, much, much further; because creation goes slowly, in order to evolve and to condense.
So the human blood began to condense in the waters.
And you can accept that, because if you cut the throat of a delicious fish, blood also comes out.
A little bit, doesn’t it, sir, just a little bit.
But it is blood.
That proves that the blood began to take shape there.
And in our state we had much more blood, because we were like a delightful seal.
You know, like that.
If you ...
Science ...
Something else, I will fit it in again, then you will immediately just come back to the present stage in order to think.
(People come in.) Those two children do not have a chair yet.
Here is another chair.
Madam ...
Mr van Rossen, get another chair.
A lovely seat next to the stove, costs five cents more.
Doesn’t it?
Yes, that costs five cents more, madam, this evening.
But science is not yet that far.
And science determines: like that, like that, like that, like that, like that.
But we must go back.
I wanted to explain that, I wanted to fit that in.
For example, if you go to a circus and you see a sea lion, and you see a chimpanzee ... they are two animals who originated from the human being, from the human being.
That means, everything was born from the human being.
Now Darwin says: ‘We originated from the apes.’
But we say: ‘Darwin, you were standing near and close to it and on top of it.’
And it originated from the human being, but that also goes back millions of years once more, but you can take it back to the present stage.
Only yesterday a child was born, and we still experience those laws, with the birth, with the attracting, with the forming of the cell, and with everything.
But every independence created life.
Not lions, but life.
Every independence.
So the watered created an organism, with what as highest consciousness?
Now what?
As highest consciousness.
To the human being.
You should feel and imagine how simply that sea lion which does all those tricks ...
After all, we can also balance like that in life, can’t we?
We fall, we sometimes land face down, but we can still balance a bit.
But a sea lion like that has feeling.
Is it the temperament?
It is feeling.
It is a juggler of the highest kind.
And does it adapt itself to human feeling and thinking?
No, it is the instinct which attunes it to that and that grade, which originated from that and that material.
The ape is just like that.
But that does not concern us now.
But I just wanted to tell you, that all of that was born in the waters.
And now you already get to see an image of yourself.
We swam and lived in the waters.
Science now accepts that, and that has now been proved scientifically: the human being must have been born in the waters.
And a lot falls.
There was an astrologer, an astronomer, the man whom we were taking about recently.
Someone came to me, he says: ‘Yes, Jozef, that is not that bad.’
He says: ‘He is coming close to you.’
But they already called that man a traitor in science.
But he is coming to that.
He says: ‘We must accept that it is like that and that and that.’
And then you come purely to the condensing of the hazes.
And Mother Earth began in this way, sir.
We came from space.
The earth has the highest consciousness for space, that must also still be determined.
The astrologers are still looking for it above with Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, in that and that house, and that and that star.
Tomorrow you must be careful or you will break your legs.
And play in the lottery.
And especially if you walk up lanes during that and that time, sir, then you will have happiness in love.
If you also meow, of course, really meow.
Coo, coo well, so that they can hear you in the city, otherwise no one will come.
But look, that is all possible.
And because of this we get to see an image of the reality and it is: the human blood originated at the beginning of the earth.
First in the waters.
That blood condensed itself, got a colour, because the tissues started to change, and finally we got land consciousness, they became animal-like human beings, hardened and everything, in those jungles, and we had human physical blood.
And from there, sir, we have had millions of lives.
How deep is your blood now?
At the moment diseases still appear here on earth in our society.
If the doctor had knowledge of space, he could say immediately: ‘Hey, come along, you should see what a strange phenomenon that is.’
And if you could now follow the development of the human organism, and you know those laws, the disease now lies open and exposed to you, still from prehistoric ages.
They experience that every day.
A doctor came to me, he said: ‘I have a patient.
Come and look.’
Then he says ...
He had a hole like that, behind here, the right leg, above the ankle.
He says: ‘I will never get it closed in my life.
I do not know what it is.’
He says: ‘You can look inside it.
Tomorrow it is this and tomorrow it is that.’
I say: ‘Yes, sir, what could it be?’
I say: ‘This can only be healed, not with cow dung, you know, but with something like that, this can only be healed with herbs.’
I say: ‘Sir, this is leg fistula.’
He says: ‘But it runs through the flesh.’
I say: ‘Yes.’
A remarkable situation had arisen, it was just like a cavity, it had closed itself again.
He says: ‘I do not understand that.’
I say: ‘Very simple, every cell gets a new space, and a number of cells are sick here.’
There was a hole, you could almost put a pinkie inside it, and it was all closed, and behind that it was becoming inflamed.
There was a wound on the outside.
He says: ‘I have never experienced anything like it.’
I say: ‘Yes.’
Now we had to go through creation.
And then I had to talk to the man for hours and hours in order to explain that.
And then we got it that far.
He says: ‘Everyday you are sometimes faced with things which we do not know, and then we give that disease a name, but they do not know it.’
What is cancer?
And what are all those other processes for diseases?
Sir, they were given a name.
And what is cancer and what is tuberculosis?
And what are all those choleras and leprosies and Hansen’s disease?
What is all that?
What is blood?
But that does not concern us, to act the doctor this evening, we are concerned with: what is it by means of which the disease reaches consciousness?
If you want to know, there is none of us who are completely, a hundred percent healthy for our blood, possess natural health.
Because it does not exist.
And why not?
Because our actual core as law of nature ...
Well understood.
So I used to have a body in the jungle, and we connected ourselves with lower grades.
I told you recently: we went over the hills and then we took a few women away from there.
Or we stole a few men.
Yes, you will probably be shocked, but they went in the soup.
We always had a delicious bone on Sunday mornings.
Then they also came again to take away our people.
Because we lived as cannibals, sir.
Or is it not true, madam?
Are you shocked by it?
You see, but behind that we gave our own grade to another organism.
And that organism did not possess our grade and natural divine attunement, because of this we fragmented our body – it was not possible to do this to our life of feeling – and because of this we fragmented our blood, and thousands of divine laws of life hardened in power, in condensing, they were weakened because of this.
Isn’t it simple?
Now it is still happening, for that matter.
If you said: ‘No, sir’, I will quickly take you along.
There are women and men here from England; he has a French woman, and he has an Indian woman, and he has a Russian, a half Russian, a half German, well, and in this way the human being goes over the world.
He says: ‘Yes, my wife is a Hungarian.’
And my wife is a Viennese, and that woman comes from Turkey.
Do we have our own grade now?
There is still no one in the world who says: ‘Say, sir, but you will not marry this life, no, you must marry her, because she possesses your grade, your own blood.’
You will sense, the human being has been fragmented to eternity.
Not only spiritually, but also, mainly physically.
And now that blood for and of the human being is cosmically deep.
There is something in that which possesses at present, in our short life, enough life force in order to remain normal, in order to feed.
But you will already notice where it is leading.
Suddenly something comes, an organ, a tissue is affected, and sir is in a mess.
‘Yes, but, look here, sir, madam ...’
‘Sir, I have only had it since yesterday.’
‘Yes’, the doctor says, ‘that is possible, madam, but you are full of gall stones.’
I have had people visit me during that time: ‘Sir, I only got it yesterday.’
I say: ‘Madam, I diagnose that you have at least three hundred of them.
That already began twenty years ago.
You do not have now, instantly ...'
Sir, tomorrow you will get pains, the doctor diagnoses: gallstones, operation.
They remove fifty, they remove three hundred of them.
Thirteen hundred of them already came out.
And did you really think that that began yesterday?
Sir, that already began when you were still living in your mother, then it already began.
A stone, a gall stone, it is as hard as steel.
You do not harden it just like that, sir.
That begins as a membrane.
It begins as a slimy thing.
And in a short time, once it starts to condense, then the lack of oxygen and everything has already disappeared in the body, then the gall begins, does not need any food, and now you get a forming of destruction.
That must all flake away, that must go from the body, it does not come out: stones.
When did that begin?
And that is still not even that bad, because that is still okay.
A gall stone is not nearly a material misery.
By what means is the gall stone built up, sir?
Cancer is much worse than gall stones.
But what is cancer?
You already feel, we now already get to see the grades of condensings.
And rotting.
Because gall stones are not rotting: they are hardening.
But that is another centre in the organism which refuses, and that cannot stop that hardening.
Do you sense this?
But cancer is rotting.
Is destruction.
Is the destruction of the blood.
Is pure rotting.
The difference between two diseases, sir.
This hardens, and that becomes slimy .
And in one organism.
If you have such conversations with doctors, then you will enjoy them.
He says: ‘My God, you should have become a doctor.’
I say: ‘Then what?’
‘Yes, then you could have given the world a push.’
I say: ‘Not now, surely?’
I say: ‘One book for the spirit is worth more to me than ten doctorates.’
True or not?
And now sir asks:
Yes, I will not tell all of that, otherwise we will get a lecture for the doctor.
(Jozef reads): ‘I do not believe it.
But I know that, for example, cancer is present in a human being in an unconscious state ...’
‘The hereditary state’, a doctor said who was visiting me, ‘no longer exists.’
I say: ‘Since when, sir, do you throw hereditariness away?’
Then he says: ‘Well, I spoke in Zurich to two hundred and forty doctors, and there were some who agreed with me.’
I say: ‘But the rest did not agree with you, did they?
That is impossible.’
He says: ‘Everything is built up spiritually by the human being himself.’
I say: ‘Yes, now of course, since yesterday.’
I say: ‘Come on, come on, sir.’
And then I started to kick up a row with him.
I soon had him there in the corner and there in the corner, and here and here.
I say: ‘Where are you now actually?’
‘Yes, yes, now we are not yet that far.’
I say: ‘No, sir, no, doctor’, I say, ‘you can say that and you can build up a new theory, even more of those voices were heard in science, but that is not yet possible, because look here ...
Then you should also have a clean organism, pure clean blood, and everything.’
I say: ‘And where are we getting that from, sir?’
I say: ‘Sir, bleed a human being, completely empty, and give him eight litres or six litres of new blood, then the blood will still be rotten.
That means, not completely, but there is still something in it.
Your past lives in that blood, sir.
The prehistoric age also lives in that blood.’
Because we are still not so far advanced, you know.
We think so, and we have become a bit smaller.
If you see such a giant of a man, with a beautiful face ...
There was a lady here, she says: ‘I am also still in the prehistoric age, because I am so big, and my husband is just so tall.’
I say: ‘What does that matter?’
But the prehistoric being was very different.
The prehistoric being, they were giants, wild people.
Yes, if you met a being like that, sir, you would think, you would think ...
Yes ...
No, they were not devils, but they still ate you, they made cake from you.
We received consciousness, our bodies have developed, sir, but the blood in the human being is still impure because the prehistoric age, and further back, is still present.
We talked here about the blood groups, about the blood condition.
Someone had an operation and says: ‘Well, I just got blood from a Negro (see’
But I said: ‘Madam, the blood from a Negro is not black.’
She thought: now I will get spots of course, won’t I?
A white girl from The Hague got the blood from a Negro.
And she did not become black.
There is something wrong again, do you see?
No, she did not become black.
And she still feels strong, oh, only slightly different airs, because she hits and kicks a bit like that.
She looks different, doesn’t she?
Because that blood still has to ...
If the personality is a bit sensitive, very delicate, I guarantee you ...
I do not need to try it, then I would much rather vanish.
If they have to give me four, five litres of new blood then I will say: ‘Just give me from the water tap.
Then at least I will not be bothered by anything.’
And if you have that sensitivity ...
I can tell you something about sensitivity sometime.
Someone says – it was during the time when I was still at the garage – ‘Would you like a nice suit, Jozef?’
I say: ‘Yes.’
I put on that nice suit.
And I was walking, and a few days later I was already walking ... (Jozef gives an imitation.)
And then I stood like that, you know.
Then my wife says: ‘What is the matter with you?’
I say: ‘Nothing, nothing.’
And then I sat pulling at that, pulling here again.
I think: the ‘droodles’, that is in that suit.
I quickly gave it to a rag and bone man, because I almost had convulsions.
Just from that suit.
And now I must also take the blood from a man like that, sir. (laughter)
Well, that will not work, will it, that will not work.
I had been got in a bad way.
For example, we were only writing about ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
We went back to England.
I told you recently.
The whole day I was sitting like that, my wife says: ‘What is wrong with you?’
I say: ‘That goatee here’, because I lived in that time.
That goatee, I had a goatee then and a little moustache.
I say: ‘I feel a lot fatter.
And I go for lovely walks, and all those other things.’
And I wanted to have a horse, a horse.
I had my own horse, but now I also wanted to have a horse in Holland.
Then I finally just sat on the merry-go-round, and then I had one for two cents, didn’t I?
Then I went to the zoo, I say: ‘I must have a horse today, because I can no longer stand it.’
And then I got the horse out of my system.
And when I came home I was Jozef again.
I say: ‘Well’, I say, ‘that Englishman has gone today.’
But woe betide, if you do not know that, because I was consciously possessed by a previous life.
And there you are, sir.
But now also the blood from that other man on top of it, sir.
Therefore it is: you do not have that sensitivity.
And giving that blood for the human being, that all goes wonderfully too.
Later that will no longer be necessary either, because science will come that far that diseases can be conquered.
Cancer and tuberculosis, that will all be conquered.
So we will no longer be bothered by them soon.
Sir, what else do you have to ask?
And are there any other questions about this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, Mr Rulof, you just said: the prehistoric being was much bigger, much heftier.
But coincidently a fortnight ago we listened to another speaker, and he made a comparison, that the prehistoric being was smaller, that the human being now became a bit bigger, became smaller again for a period, because the suits of armour also proved that.
The suits of armour were generally smaller than from the human being of today.’
Yes, sir, that is all possible, that is all wonderful.
That is not the prehistoric age which we are talking about.
Do you know where the prehistoric age lives now?
(Lady in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘There were no suits of armour then.’
There were no suits of armour then.
But it can be seen and experienced much closer by, you can even feel him.
Don’t you know?
Sir, they get the prehistoric age out of the mines in Limburg; it has hardened and condensed.
They have become coals.
Those people are all in that, that has become pitch-black, sir.
But what they now still find, sir ...
But you will sense, that earth has changed itself round a hundred million times.
That was a heat; and then we just went on the run.
But we now kindle our stove with that prehistoric age which the masters are talking about, sir.
Sir, that skeleton is now in the coals, that has all dissolved.
The human being whom they now feel, that is a human being from an age which already belongs to ours.
But hundreds of thousands of ages have gone.
They have completely dissolved, sir.
And how can you see that?
Occasionally you also see something in nature, which is the prehistoric age, has gone, has disappeared.
(To someone in the hall): Yes?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... from the skeletons ...’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But you can see that from the skeletons of those prehistoric beings, the people ...(inaudible) must be so small.’
Sir, you have been in India, you still see really old marsh there, prehistoric trees.
We do not have that anymore in the West, sir.
But the West was just like that, wasn’t it?
We got fruits, got trees, got flowers, sir, all for these ages.
And prehistoric ages; oh, one or two bits of grit, a little thing, that still evolved, that had to be embellished, and that got a different bark, a new evolution, didn’t it?
Where did it go to, sir?
We now burn that in the stove.
That is the oil which we got, oil and gas and everything inspired as life juices.
That material got a universal possession again.
We got coals as hardening, in the ground.
What happened above ground, is now below ground.
We got gases, we got the blood and the kidneys, and all those other things.
That is now the oil with which we drive along the street, and for the ships, that is the oil; Mother Earth produced those juices.
All those millions of different organisms have dissolved.
Also the blood.
We had a few kilos of fat on our backs then.
Didn’t we?
But that does not mean, sir, that the oil originated because of that, remember that, otherwise I will be talked about again: ‘Jozef Rulof says that the human being is an oilseed cake.’
But, sir, you see it, you can now talk about ‘big’ and ‘small’; that all already belongs to this age.
Anything else for you over there, sir, with your question?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, doctor.’
No, doctor?
But I am not a doctor.
‘No, doctor’, but you cannot say that, sir.
Yes, that is not allowed, is it?
Which of you wants to know anything else about that hereditary state?
(Lady in the hall): ‘May I ask you something, Mr Rulof?
The characteristics which we got from father or mother, how do we get them then?’
Yes, also inherited.
People say in psychology, that if your father or mother has talent, the child will also get it.
Madam, we say: that is not possible.
There is some influence.
And that is very simple.
There are even people who are still under the influence of the parents up to age seventy, and they do not have that independence, that feeling, those character traits, that will to release themselves from parents.
We are still there.
I certainly still think for seventy-five percent from the consciousness, the life of feeling of my mother.
And because of that you get to experience that wonderful unity.
And the doctor says: ‘Yes, that is from your father.
She takes after mother, she takes after father.’
Madam, you have your own character, see, because ...
You have a space.
The human being possesses a space along with many people.
That is the own grade for your organism.
And that is a space.
That means, you can attract and build up in that state.
But you always touch your own grade of thinking and feeling again.
Because you have to do with those lives.
Can you sense this?
And now you attract a life of feeling of your own accord, of course, which has attunement to yours.
And then it is called: ‘Yes, she looks like father.’
You see.
And then, a child comes.
‘Well, I do not understand that child at all; who does it take after?’
Do you see?
But there is proof that we will be proved right, madam.
We have people sitting here this evening, that mother says it herself: ‘All my brothers, perfectly ordinary, normal.
I come into the world.
I am almost a Negress (when these contact evenings were held from 1949 to 1952, the word ‘Negress’ was a common name to refer to someone with a dark skin colour), beautiful curls.
Then my mother says: “If I had not been there myself ... where did we get that Negress (see from?”
A Negro child, in a blond family, where does that come from?
But then, if you are not sure, madam, you start to doubt each other.
There have already been arguments, you know.
Because there are more of those problems.
Yes, you are laughing, but it is the sacred truth.
If that mother says: ‘I know, my dear Hendrik would not do something like that.’
‘And my Bartje.’
But now what?
Where does that child come from, madam?
If I say: ‘We must go back to the jungle.’
Then the people will say: ‘Ridiculous.’
But you have something similar there.
You can go back to the Negroes (see
We get our life back there.
How deep that is.
That blood was built up, that blood built this organism up.
So in that cell of that father something raised itself up.
But, sir, now you should see.
It will be such a thick book, from that wall to here, thousands of pages, if you only want to explain how all of this originated.
And then you must go out of hundreds of thousands of races (see of yourself, first out of the whole family again, and then into thousands of families again, and again into thousands of families, in order to follow that group of yourself, your life.
And then you should see where you come from.
What is your blood now?
From where does it come that I am half blond, brown, black ...
That is European, that is this.
Recently we talked about: What are the colours of your hair?
People do not know.
Why blond?
Why brown, golden brown, auburn?
We have beautiful colours amongst them.
We can now make them ourselves.
But nature created them.
Where does all that come from?
The human blood is so deep.
And now you also think, now father thinks, and mother, even in this age: it is my child.
You should hear all the things to come, and that is astonishingly scientific and educational.
We get married, we marry, have a child, and then they say: ‘That is my child.’
Don’t they?
But it is your child, isn’t it?
Madam, there is nothing from you in that.
Not physically, and not mentally, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
It could be that there is something of you in that, but then it is one in millions.
Because your child gets radiance through your spirit, there is something of you there.
This is how it gets your face .
But now and again, madam, you get to see a face, that has nothing to do with your whole family.
That does not look like anything.
And now it is that millionth great grandfather who manifests himself at the moment in the day consciousness of today.
So something comes from us.
Those cells which we possess, madam, they are million-fold, universally spacious.
And they are all people.
They are all societies.
They are all races (see
They are in that cell of ours.
Either the mother, or the father.
You attract the cell ...
We give the fertilization.
You receive it.
And millions, millions of genders live in that seed.
But the last one, which comes now, which will be born tomorrow, is that yours?
And mine?
That would be a coincidence.
Don’t you think?
And then you should ask the doctor and say: ‘Doctor, is that child now really mine?’
Yes, you may not ask it like that.
You may not do that, because otherwise he will start to think wrongly again.
No, but: ‘Doctor’, no nonsense, ‘but I heard somewhere about a crazy man’, you add, ‘that man says: ‘Our blood and our sperm are millions, millions of years old.’
Madam, it is so true.
And there are already many doctors who come and say: ‘Where is that leading?’
And then they say: ‘Well, I still know nothing.’
I had a professor doctor in Delft, years ago, in 1935, 1936, he had read my books, he says: ‘If only I had not thought such a lot of myself in my life, then I would go and sit freely and happily in a taxi, and then I would go to that man.
But I do not dare to look him in the eye now.’
That was me.
I say: ‘You should have come anyway, sir.’
‘Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh’, he says, ‘what a lot we thought of ourselves there.’
When that jabot is put on, you know?
‘Sit’, this morning.
And the lectures begin.
Yes, I have a great privilege: I saw those laws.
Who has seen them now?
Where would I get all those explanations, all those books, all that wisdom from if they were not after me?
Yes, it is really something, you know, if you get into it you become afraid.
Then you still wonder, how can it be that you can still experience society normally and calmly, very calmly, very ordinarily.
It is also very ordinary.
Because wisdom does not drive you crazy.
You cannot go crazy from this.
They sometimes say: ‘That is all black magic, you will be driven crazy from it.’
Madam, you can immediately take care of the academics who say that.
I say: ‘Sir, if only you had not started with your religion, then we would not have needed those mental institutions.’
Because how many religious maniacs are there not in Rosenberg?
Frederik puts it so nicely in ‘Masks and Men.’
He says: ‘He is a minister,’ he says, ‘how do you see him?’
Hans asks that.
Then Frederik says: ‘Well’, he says, ‘he went to look for Jehovah and he forgot a ladder.’
Did you also read that in ‘Masks and Men’?
You will laugh yourself silly when you read that.
But it is true, sir, he is now floating between heaven and earth, is a religious maniac.
For such a crazy Jehovah.
That man goes to look for Jehovah.
‘Oh, Jehovah.’
‘Prepare yourself, tomorrow the world will be destroyed.’
And that world must continue to exist for millions of years.
If only that man had come to us, madam, here, then there would be no more crazy people.
But a theologian understands it.
A theologian does not fling that away from him.
But there are religious maniacs.
A human being who looks for God has become crazy.
Don’t you find that awful?
If you live it up and we beat things to pieces, and we say: ‘Oh well ...’
That is smart, that is possible.
But a human being who prays, prays, prays, prays, prays, day in, day out, because they are pious souls, must accept, sir, that they have been beaten crazy.
And day and night, and pious, and nice, and nice, and chaste, oh, oh, oh.
And they vanish.
Isn’t it terrible?
The reality of the prayer could not help those people.
The awe-inspiring thing that those people had to accept, because of thinking and praying they have been beaten senseless, they have been knocked out of balance.
That is faith for you.
Religion, religion.
Well, isn’t it bad?
But it does not get through to those theologians because they continue with that same nonsense.
A student cannot escape that thrashing, he will begin with the bible: and there was a tree there, and a snake came, and God made Eve from Adam’s rib.
Some clay, ffft, also a puff, looking into the eyes, and: ‘Now walk.’ (laughter)
Yes, we will begin again, sir, won’t we?
They are yearning once more, madam, when I begin about paradise.
But you will not get a fun fair this evening.
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... then just miss out that part.’
Oh, the ministers.
During the war I had someone like that.
Then he says: ‘Yes’, he says, ‘but the Lord will support us.’
I say: ‘Yes.’
He says: ‘Because I am not afraid of anything.’
But two days later then he was standing ...
I come to the corner again.
I think: look there, is that that poor minister?
Then he was standing like that: ‘Oh, oh, oh’, he says, then he was standing with a woman moaning, ‘oh, how hungry I am.’
I just made a detour, otherwise I would have had to say something to him.
He says: ‘I am so hungry, I am so hungry.’
I say: ‘Sir, if only you had called the Lord, then you would have had something.’
But they did not know it, madam.
Now just miss out parts.
People speak about the youth.
You should hear them groaning.
Oh, how they let rip.
Our time will come.
Do you not believe it?
It is very busy, madam, there are victims everywhere.
The theologian: ‘Yes, he can still operate ...’
But they immediately tell him once more: ‘But, sir, is that possible now?
But the biologist says this, doesn’t he?’
And it is true, sir.
Where must we go?
‘Yes, not suddenly.
Not suddenly, do you see?
Just miss out that part, because soon you will get the rest.’
And mankind is waiting.
The youth collapses from hunger.
Such children of fifteen and sixteen, whom you can take care of so wonderfully, with whom you can talk so wonderfully, even better than with old people, adult people.
But a girl like that, who ... that madness and that nonsense, and that searching, all that groaning ...
Did you not experience those pains?
I searched and searched between the ages of five and six.
I cottoned on quickly.
At the age of six I stormed into Crisje’s house, I say: ‘And now I know it.’
Then she says ...
‘You do not need to kid me anymore, if you have another child then it will come out of you yourself, won’t it?
But we are having a girl now.’
Then Crisje said: ‘Then you are probably hungry now, aren’t you?’
I say: ‘You bet.’
Well, I was finished.
But then you should ....that groaning, that terrible searching, and that whistling, let’s say, of ourselves ...
Have you not been so busy either, madam?
I wanted to know everything.
But what a groaning it is.
No, father distanced himself.
There was recently a good Italian film.
Did you see that?
You could have laughed.
A girl says, a little girl: ‘The babies come out of here.’
She had a green cabbage, a white cabbage.
And then that searching for the baby.
Motherhood, fatherhood.
It was a great film.
At the end someone almost died, a girl almost died.
But throughout that whole film, those little children: searching, searching, searching.
Fatherhood, motherhood.
The film was attacked again.
Don’t you think it is terrible?
That film was sold out day and night.
Yes, that tells the human being something.
Madam, the blood goes that far, the birth goes so deep, that we people all live in what we already got centuries ago, and another person built up for us.
What you have today, ladies and gentlemen, if you are really beautiful and really great, be grateful with a healthy organism.
Because everything is still in it.
Because we ourselves are also to blame for that destruction.
If you are healthy ...
Creation is already moving forward extremely quickly.
There are still many sick people, and if they were no longer there, ladies and gentlemen, believe it, we would be living long ago in the kingdom of God.
But we are not yet that far.
Science, the doctors are making tremendous advances.
If atomic energy is soon used for that, I guarantee you, in fifty years’ time, yes, then cancer and tuberculosis will have been conquered long ago.
But now they are already fighting.
Sir, madam, that will perhaps take much less time, because the means are flying out of space at the moment.
We are getting wonderful, wonderful technical instruments for different diseases, and those diseases dissolve completely.
Soon we will also have wonderful, sensitive instruments.
We will soon get the direct voice and then the word will irrevocably fall from the conscious Divine All to the earth.
And then they will all just have to bow.
Another person says: ‘That will still take centuries, centuries, centuries.’
Oh, madam, that will happen in one night.
We live in a wonderful time.
If we did not live in that time, we would still not have got this either.
Anything else?
Which one of you?
There at the back.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Does the red colour of blood also have meaning for the space?’
Yes, madam.
Why are you blond and black?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, I have a ...’
You see, the attunement of blood is the atmosphere of the universe.
And that get colour.
And that is true, madam.
That is the atmosphere of the universe.
Atmospheric states.
They are laws.
Condensings which have been built up by means of that, by means of growth and hardening and everything.
The colour of the human being.
If the light of the sun and the universe had not got any radiance and colour, then we would not see it, for that matter, would we?
Therefore the blood got the same shape, the development which your hair also had, and your skin.
We have brown, we have black, we have different races (see
Indians: different blood, different people.
So, according to the Divine realm of colours, that outer and inner state ... in life force, inspiration, driving force ...
Blood is actually protoplasm, materialized protoplasm.
If you can ...
We must now start to experience cosmology, and then we must return to the Divine All and then completely through the universe, if we want to reach the human blood.
And that goes away again.
And because it goes away again and disappears, you can just accept that it has also to do with the universe.
We no longer have that colour of blood on the fourth cosmic grade.
So that blood is now more animal-like, people also call it; but do people know that?
That colour disappears, and dissolves, that will become a violety radiance soon.
The spiritual blood for the human being on the fourth cosmic grade is pink, for example.
You can see through it.
Because the organs are no longer so animal-like.
We look through our hands in a manner of speaking.
(To someone in the hall): Yes, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I asked you why the earth looked red in the beginning of creation.
And then you said: “That is still due to the unconsciousness of the earth.”
In the beginning of creation ...’
Yes, now you must ...
Fine, if I said that, madam, then I mean by that, the earth was still unconscious, that means, the earth must still begin to condense itself.
And the sun for the universe had first reached that and that radiance in power and light.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, but now you say: if we go upwards then our blood radiance also gets a different colour.
So this red form of blood, then, is therefore a sign of unconsciousness ...
Yes, madam, but I say, this universe was built up by means of three laws of life.
That is the first, the second, and the third cosmic grade, the earth.
This universe.
That is an animal-like consciousness, the whole universe.
That is not a spiritual universe; that is the fourth cosmic grade.
So automatically ...
That is the proof now, madam, that I am right, and that it must also be like that.
Because here it is animal-like; it has to dissolve.
The higher we come ... it must dissolve, otherwise we do not come out of that animal-like grade.
We do not get any growth.
Our organs do not get any growth because the animal-like essence, the protoplasm, the food is animal-like.
That is the foundation for every tissue.
And now we come higher, higher and higher.
Then we are free from wrong thinking and feeling.
Our body is now spiritually built-up.
Because you will feel, the fourth cosmic grade is free from animal-like thinking, unconscious thinking.
There is no longer any contamination, because that body there was kept pure.
There you attract what belongs to your consciousness and body.
We are going to the All-Existence, after all, aren’t we?
We always remain awake there, eternally awake.
Madam, we are already that here, you know.
If I can make it clear to you, ladies and gentlemen, and that lives in and under your heart, that you already live here eternally, you will get a divine gift.
Because then you will start to live differently, think differently.
And then a Catholic church is no longer necessary, a bible no longer necessary.
Because then you awaken God in you, if you accept here: you are eternal.
Because you never sleep, ladies and gentlemen.
You will go back to a lovely sleep again soon, of course.
And then: ‘Oh, how well I slept.’
And you are sleeping now; but your spirit is eternally awake.
Can you still follow it, girl?
Well done, just remember it.
You can soon have a nice talk with mum.
With a cup of tea, and a biscuit.
Get dad too.
You are and will remain awake.
On the fourth cosmic grade.
You must experience that life.
We experienced those lectures, after all.
I experienced those journeys.
Yes, people, how can you still stand it here?
I went for walks with people from the first, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sphere.
You should see a human being from the first sphere.
You should see such a sacred mother there.
That woman here ...
My Crisje, she was seventy-four.
You saw that ...
Those big holes here in that head – did you see that on the photo? – a love came out of there, and a wisdom, I became afraid of it.
We just called it like that.
I say: ‘It is like Crisje has two holes in her head’, those eyes were so deep.
I say: ‘God, God, God, how beautiful that human being is, isn’t she, how beautiful that soul’
When I came home, I sat for hours looking at her secretly.
Then she said: ‘What are you looking at?’
I say: ‘But it is okay for me to look.’
That fourth cosmic ...
That is now.
I want to tell you this.
Crisje is now already, I also saw her last week, on Sunday morning she was standing on the stage, madam.
Did you see her?
She was standing there with Tall Hendrik, with master Alcar; Miets was there too, others were there too.
She often comes to have a look.
Because the Tall One is proud, isn’t he?
The Tall One says: ‘Look, look, look.’
He says: ‘But I said it to Crisje, I will take them to the stage.
But I have one of them anyway.’
Then Crisje says: ‘Yes, he did it without you.’
They do not quarrel there, but now and again an excuse.
I looked the Tall One in the eyes like that, I winked at him.
I say: ‘You should see that, Tall One.’
Yes, we are now both disciples.
I say: ‘Come up here.
I am still here, you are there.
Come up, come up.
Come on, then we will talk a bit, in the real ‘s-Heerenberg dialect for a while.’
But you will sense it.
Crisje is now twenty-seven, twenty-eight years old.
You see a young beautiful radiant being.
You also see your father and mother if they have had that happiness, that love, that feeling, if they grew.
How beautiful a human being is then, isn’t it true?
Oh, how wonderful a human being is then.
And now we go to the second sphere, the third, the fourth.
You should become involved with those royal personalities.
And now a being from the fourth cosmic grade.
I saw the human being there in the Divine All, sir.
I saw the All-Conscious being.
So the human being here on earth, by means of the universe, by means of this macro cosmos, the other side, the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth, the sixth, worlds, enormous universes created by God, the human being now lives in that, and says: ‘That is all mine.’
When someone heard that, he said: ‘Well, what use is it to me?
What are we doing there?
Is there also a drink to be had there?
Is there also a drink to be had in the Divine All?’
I say: ‘Yes’, I say, ‘but of sulphuric acid.’
He says: ‘But do we also need shoes, a suit?
Are there also tailors?’
The ladies say: ‘Is there also a hairdresser?’
Madam, we have a garment.
We have the sandals, don’t we?
We have ‘Masks and Men.’.
You know exactly how you build up a sandal, a garment, a spiritual garment.
You should see a spiritual garment like that.
Not that tog of mine in ‘Jeus III’, because that is still nothing.
Master Alcar has a much more beautiful garment.
But I am still wearing a nice white shirt.
Don’t you think? (laughter)
(Lady in the hall): ‘Well.’
I already have a shirt.
But that radiates.
Your wisdom lies in that.
Your motherhood lies there, fatherhood, space, your consciousness.
That is in that face, in those eyes.
You should see such a beautiful being.
Madam, sir, we do not sleep anymore, we are not sick anymore.
We do not eat and drink anymore, because our breath of life is our food and drink.
How wonderful it is becoming.
I was treating a woman, she had not eaten for seven years.
I still know it.
Her sister says: ‘You are lying.
You are lying.’
Then she says: ‘Come and visit me, because I will drive out those lies.’
And then she had already been visiting for three months, and she still did not eat.
Then the sister was in hospital from fear.
She said: ‘Well, do you see it now?’
‘Yes’, she says, ‘sir, but that is not possible’.
She says, ‘Yes, I am becoming afraid.
And she does not eat anything and she does not eat anything.
A few drops of tea.’
That lady lived for seven years without food.
I talked to the doctors.
I say: ‘Sir, here you have a wonder of the world.
I can explain it to you, if you just begin first.’
Madam, every doctor laughed right in that woman’s face.
Those people were impossible to deal with.
Nothing could be given to those people, those people said: ‘That is all rubbish, they are lies, it is deception.
Just go away, we will not go into that.’
But I looked after that woman for a year and a half, with her husband there.
She only lived under my power.
I say: ‘Be careful because now you will start to hiccup.’
If you just come in the neighbourhood ...
I say: ‘Now I have already had enough.’
‘Hukgh, hukgh’, she already began.
Half an hour, that was nourishment, because I made that stomach work.
There was nothing in it.
She could not eat.
But she was alive.
Remained alive.
And now this ...
I asked master Alcar: ‘What kind of diagnosis is that?’
‘Here we already have an organism which has attunement to the fourth cosmic grade.
And that organism was already fed by the fourth cosmic grade.
So there were cells in that organism which already had to do with the fourth cosmic grade.
Still no connection, because she was inspired by it.
Do you have proof that it is possible, because that woman should have died, should have died.
Yes, madam, we go higher and higher.
And our blood becomes pink, always has a colour until the human being has a golden flow of life water in him.
Because you know, madam, lady, why we still do not have ... - we have Greek gods, those beautiful men, but that is still not cosmic beauty – but by means of the skin, the human being is embellished?
If you want to see great beauties as a mother then another flow of blood must come, another feeling and thinking, then the spirit must outshine the material.
And it is only then that the mother is beautiful.
Which we men, we witches’ cauldrons look at, of course.
You should see them leering, madam, the gentlemen, I mean.
Anything else, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, sir, thank you.’
You are welcome, madam.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, is there no danger for us in a blood transfusion?’
Yes, sir.
But they asked me the question here:
‘What would you do?’
I will never have a transfusion, sir, or ...
Yes, if it is necessary.
I do not intend to be selfish.
For example, I break my arm this morning, I lose my arm, I lose blood, and if I am sensible, then I would hold onto that hand myself, then I will shut off that blood, that vein, oh well, now I definitely need blood because of an accident or whatever.
If I get a normal illness, sir, well, that means nothing to me, does it?
If I am ill, I am really ill, because that illness means nothing to me, as an illness.
It is possible ...
I do not long for pains, sir.
I am not such a megalomaniac who says: ‘Well, there is something festering, or burning away there, and it does not matter to me.’
Well, that is nonsense, you must experience that.
I just as well as you.
Oh well.
But it concerns that blood transfusion.
If it is not necessary, sir, I will not accept it.
But you are not in that world which I am in.
You cannot think and surrender what I can.
You cannot experience what I feel either, because every human being is different.
You must act according to your own consciousness.
Do you feel it?
If you have not seen that of yourself ‘beyond the coffin’, you cannot start to live according to those laws either.
So you are still a human being here.
And if there is a blood transfusion, and you need it, then just let yourself be given blood, nothing will happen.
And now the thing comes which you ask, and that is: can that be dangerous?
And now I will tell you this, in the first place, and that man says that again, he heard it here, and that is true, I had to accept from the masters: every blood which you get is in that and that grade, to this far, consciously working.
If I take one drop of blood, then I will have, so in that drop of blood, millions of powers which ... directly to cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy ... all the diseases of the world can still be present in it, in that drop of blood, because it lives in that.
The doctor is now so far at the moment that he can see that that blood is completely pure to those and those grades, then you will get it.
You can perhaps not even experience the day consciousness of this blood in two hundred years, you will not become that old, he says that, this gentleman.
So you get blood for fifty, sixty years, for thirty, forty years.
Sir, the blood is thousands of years deep.
So those few hours which you live with that blood from another, is not dangerous.
Do you sense this?
But now ...
What is the cosmic time for the human being as a body?
People say here thirty, already forty, we now already have fifty years.
But the human being can become two hundred and seventy-five years old.
According to this cosmic calculation a hundred and seventy-five and then you already go to the spiritual organism.
Because we cut off the body, for that matter.
There is not a cell left in our body which is not sick, it is abnormal, it is contaminated.
Our life expectancy is no longer cosmically responsible sir, because we have made soup of it, made soup of it ourselves.
We made soup of our life expectancy.
We ate it, sir,
We committed murder and arson.
Those lives, those divine laws of life for that organism ...
There is not one left on earth who does not live in destruction.
And this is now the early death for the normal being who does not fly with rockets, not a aeroplane pilot with a thousand and twelve kilometres, they all know: they will perish.
We are just walking along the street, do our best, are afraid of this, watch out, and we still pass over on time.
Sir, for the body we go at least seventy years too early, and for the spirit, for our life of feeling we are millions of years too long on earth.
Because we could have possessed the heavens long ago if we had not began with cause and effect, disintegration and destruction.
Sir, we all take the place of the human being who needs our body.
Isn’t that nice?
There is not one human being on earth who does not already walk here a few million years too long.
What does science know about it?
But how wonderfully simple and just it is, don’t you think?
We are now all still busy paying off debts.
Sir, there are some who are making debts.
And I now want to warn the human being about that.
This is why I talk so much.
Do not add any debts for heaven’s sake, sir, madam.
You are all ready in discredit here – you must settle all the debts for God and Mother Earth.
No, we are also making a mess.
Now you should look at the gentlemen and the ladies.
They are poor devils.
Poor in spirit.
They do not know, they do not know it, they live and think that they are it.
Sir, there lies the misery.
They are standing on top of it.
How fortunate that is, isn’t it?
If you know nothing, then you are as poor as a church mouse.
And if you sit down together, man and wife, and you start to look at all of that calmly, how nice a conversation becomes.
Oh, sir, then she is pleased that you come, because she has discovered something else.
‘Beyond the coffin’ we are like children, and here we flatly refuse.
From the beginning I have been, no one knew that, but I have been fantastically yearning for that master, when I got the first blow.
When will he come back?
When will he come back?
Just give me another push.
The tremendous yearning still, if a human being tells me something, then I am all ears if I do not yet know anything about it.
This is growth.
Sir, you can accept the blood, as I say, so I will just not expand too much, you can accept it, you must accept it if it is necessary, because you cannot spoil or experience it, because your time here is too short.
But the doctor does not know that.
Anything else?
Which one of you has another question?
No questions?
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘About the rib question ...’
About Adam’s rib?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Oh yes.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is bothering me a bit.’
Yes, probably.
Do you also collapse so often?
But this is why those men are all troubled with their backs.
Do you sense this?
You cannot hear any man at this time who is not complaining about his back.
That is that rib which we have lost.
And those ladies just walk there, don’t they, and they just do things, and they say nothing.
And they just exhaust us.
And we have lost one rib, madam.
Do you have any sympathy with us?
Sir, what is it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... upon the birth in the mother, isn’t it true, that it is destined that you will come into the world as a man or a woman. ’Yes.‘ ....and that that rib already in the foetus ...’That rib has gone.‘ ....more or less present, isn’t it?
That that rib will be more or less present.’
Hahahahaa. (laughter)
Yes, now I must really laugh too, yes.
Gosh, gosh.
So, yes.
(There is hearty laughter.)
Mr Götte, you can talk nonsense, but, you surely dreamt the whole week about Gabriel?
So you mean, that that one rib which we are missing, according to the bible, we already miss that in the third and the fourth month in the mother.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It’s true.’
Do you know what that is due to, Mr Götte?
During that time the mothers always get those knocks.
Then that rib goes ...
Then that comes out, see?
But what makes you think that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, that is eh ...’
But you thought that the mother got that rib during the third and fourth month, didn’t you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, no.
I tell you, that must be present in the mother then.
You have women who cannot give birth to anything else but female personalities, and you have some who can give birth to boys, don’t you?
And therefore: that whole set is then present in the mother.
Isn’t it?’
Mr Götte, you are bringing a nice story back to reality.
Are you taking me for a ride, or what are you doing? (laughter)
Because I do not believe that you do not know that.
Are you really fooling me?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, no, no.’
Do you mean that?
Is it deadly seriousness?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, you know.’
Then you will be put over my knee this evening.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well done.’
Mr Götte, that story of Adam and Eve from the bible is the biggest nonsense which mankind can experience.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I know that.’
So what do you want now with that nonsense with the mother in that third and fourth month?
You are talking about that, aren’t you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I am not talking about the third and the fourth month, I am talking about ...’Yes, it does not matter.‘ ... the begin stage of the embryo, which the embryo alone determines: man or woman.’
But you are bringing ...
We were talking about that rib.
And that rib also came between it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But that is also in the embryo.’
No, then we must first take out that rib again.
Sir, the soul ...
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
What did you say?
Will it be okay?
That is absolutely nothing.
That soul is already prepared in the world of the unconscious and knows whether it is mother or father.
But not in that third and fourth month.
Then it was just too late, do you see?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘We were not talking about the third and fourth month, Mr Rulof.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I was not talking about a third or fourth month.’
Oh well, but in the mother then.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘In the mother.’
Yes, yes.
Now I will go back.
When you want to give birth to a child as man and wife, is that from yourself then?
Are they your feelings and is that your love?
We once talked about it here one evening.
I was at loggerheads with a theosophist.
And then he says: ‘Well, I will not accept it.’
It is a pity that that boy has gone, because we could talk back and forth so well, because then we learn something.
Is it you who gives birth to a child?
Mother too, and father?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Normally speaking, yes, isn’t it?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
But it is not you, you know.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, probably not.’
No, it is God himself.
It is God.
I will now let go of the human being.
God himself gives birth to himself through the human being.
Because we are gods, as human beings.
I said something nice here one evening.
If the child, if we as a boy of fifteen, sixteen, seventeen years, start to yearn, start to coo, is that us now?
Can you see how stupid the human being still is.
But also how beautiful.
Are we that?
If you want to start to kiss, sir, madam, is it you then at that time?
And why not?
Then they think: that is us, isn’t it?
But the world says: ‘Are you trying to kid me that I did not kiss yesterday evening?’
I say: ‘Sir, it is not about that.’
‘Did you give birth to a child?
Did you get the longing to go into that being one?’
‘Yes, that is me.’
Sir, it is not you.
No, sir, the personality as feeling pursues the deed of creation, which is God.
You must still earn all of that, sir.
You will never get hold of that, for that matter.
You will never get hold of that.
Never ever.
You say, sir ...
What does the human being still have to learn?
What is the psychology of the space?
The spatial psychology says: that is God himself.
And then you only experience the shadow.
And that is the truth, sir, because you will never get hold of God’s creation.
If the human being feels that, animal, flower and nature, and those buds spring open, who is that?
That is God.
As what?
As father and mother.
Yes, sir.
Yes, you must warn that man, because I am almost there, otherwise I will have to chase you into the darkness.
But you will feel, Mr Götte, the soul is already – and now it comes up again: the Divine spark split itself as myriad parts – so the human being is, no longer in the hereafter, but in the world of the unconscious, the world for reincarnation, the human being is already prepared as embryonic life, because the human being has experienced motherhood, for that matter, and now goes automatically to fatherhood.
That is all ready.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is also the idea, Mr Rulof, why I thought that it must be present in the mother.
Because we are a personality, and then we are man, then we are woman.’
How often, how often are you now a man in life?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well ...’
Or did you think just once?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Just as many times ...’
According to creation you have been seven times ...
If there were no spheres, sir, you would not have seven transitions either, the grades of sleep would not be so deep.
No transitions: then you could also go immediately from motherhood to fatherhood, couldn’t you?
But that is not there, sir.
Because you have full-blooded mothers, a hundred percent.
And that is begging, sir, in order to experience that; that is the real motherhood.
But that is not the personality, that is the body itself.
That is that body which is a hundred percent mother.
And now we must master that as spirit and feeling and personality.
And now we stand outside that divine physical love, and we stand before the Messiah, Golgotha, because now we get to see and to experience the universal personality as love.
Do you feel that?
Do you know how many books they are?
At least a hundred.
I can analyse a hundred books, by means of the masters.
But, ladies and gentlemen, a cup of tea would be good.
There you are.
Ladies and gentlemen, I will continue with: ‘The past few weeks there was quite a lot put forward by you that we must learn to think.
I once read that not everyone can reach the same spiritual height because this is linked to the birth.’
No, that is linked to your life of feeling.
‘Often I have to acknowledge to myself, that, when I want to think about something precise, the opposite thought occurs, for which I have no other name: being empty.’
It is that too.
‘Can you explain this to me again?’
From who is that?
Sir, I believe that here amongst us, all these people, there is not one who can think spiritually.
And why not?
They can do it.
There are twenty books lying there, in order to learn to think.
But Sunday ...
Were you in Diligentia on Sunday?
They are reading them like novels, sir.
Also here.
That lady there, master Zelanus says, that is you, but they read them as novels.
Because, but then they should have, then they should have known much more.
If you ask me a question from one of those twenty books, I will be ready immediately to continue.
Do you not notice that?
So I have all the twenty, and also thousands of others, in me.
And now the masters.
But I must think.
And what is thinking now?
You begin with something then something enters you, and at once you are distracted, aren’t you?
I can start to write books at the moment, I sit down here, we start to write, then you can play jazz, and you can all shout, to the left of me and behind me, sir: we sit down, and I no longer hear you.
We disengage ourselves so much.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Can that be learned?’
Yes, you can already learn that in four weeks.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Can you help me with that?’
Then you must teach for an hour in the morning and the afternoon and in the evening.
And then we will talk, talk, talk.
Why do we make such a fuss in society?
I already said recently: let’s buy a nice castle in the country together.
Today the men work and tomorrow the women.
Tea in bed, ladies and gentlemen, we come in the morning, we have cake and we have everything.
‘What do the ladies want to eat this afternoon?’
Only just thinking, thinking.
We do something, we make a few potato patches, pieces of ground, also a little zoo.
Well, Poeldijk?
A few grapes and all those other things.
A few cucumbers, winter radish – do you like winter radish, madam? – winter radish, cucumber and all those things.
We have food and drink.
But Frederik van Eeden wanted to begin with it, a beautiful paradise for the human being in order to think.
We must eat and drink in society.
We start to divide ourselves.
He has this, he does that, he does that.
And no one is content.
If you work for yourself or for your boss, you can do something.
You can think, think, think.
But you can – we do not need to have it – you can think, learn to think, sir, by means of everything.
And then you must begin ...
I have talked to people, sir, they will never get an answer again from me in this life.
I have had to cut them out that far.
I try it thirty times with the people, and then I give up.
I always try to come back again to people.
The people come to me, talk, talk; they do not know.
I say: ‘So’, and then I just listen.
If they do not come, then I follow.
No, they do not begin; then I leave it too.
I stop.
But I try it often.
I think: well, look, look, look, what did they make of it?
If you warn a human being, I told you once, they get cross.
If you point out people’s faults, and you tell them the absolute sacred truth, they get angry.
You take something away from them.
A human being who really warns a human being, you cannot take anything away, because that is love, that is awakening, that is wisdom.
What does a professor do, sir?
What is theology?
What is psychology?
What is pedagogy?
We are pedagogues for each other.
When do we begin to think?
Sir, this is what the human being keeps on stumbling over.
The human being flatly refuses to think.
And you must begin with it.
You listen.
But you do not come here for nothing.
You do not read the books for nothing, do you?
And that does not mean, sir, that I have more feeling than you.
I have more feeling, but you can teach every dog and cat something.
I have a lady sitting here, Mrs Van Straaten, who could train a dog for the people.
I say: ‘If you have that, you can do more too.’
Her dog was the highest in the Netherlands, sir.
That lady was sitting there.
Just look at her, she could do it.
A hobby?
No, sir, she was one from feeling to feeling.
If you can teach a dog to think, then you can do it yourself too,
Can’t you?
And that is the truth, sir.
You can also teach a cannibal, an Indian, if that man just feels that you have his interests at heart.
Every animal is trained, sir, a lion and a tiger, and everything can be learned.
And the human being cannot do it?
Oh, come on, you flatly refuse it!
There are instincts.
I will not say that we have to do with cow people.
Herd animals, people say, that is a herd animal.
Oh, madam, who is not it, sir?
Just don’t go getting any ideas into your head.
But do not talk about the herd animal instinct.
About a Protestant, Catholic child.
If you call that herd animal, a human being who experiences the Christ there by means of a faith and thinks: it is true.
That is the most sacred thing there is.
I do not destroy the Catholic church like that.
Christ is really in that.
But you can ... Him ...
If it concerns those and those things, then they go, the human being himself again, then they start to darken the human being.
There are things which are wrong, because the human being starts to ask, to ask, to ask, to ask, and now the human being cannot ask, and now the people do not wish to think, and now you can say: ‘Yes, that creature, that feeling accepts just what the priest says.’
And it is like that for Protestantism, and it is like that for the whole of society.
It is not only the faith.
And now you say: how do I come now ...
I am thinking, and at once something comes and then it drifts away from me just like that.
Sir, you will get it back.
Get it back.
Get it back.
And what is it now which you are thinking about?
Are they bad, deep problems?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Are they really problems by means of which you enter space, have to enter?
Is it psychology which you are thinking about?
Perfectly ordinary earthly things.
If we begin a football match together this evening and you are the referee, would you not be able to whistle to us when we do wrong?
Not now just like this: pff, pff.
Can you not do that? (laughter)
We will play draughts.
Have a game of draughts, sir.
Take something, and then they say: Yes.
Hold on.
That is a study, you must bring those brains to heel.
Perhaps you always used to think from nature, in another life, and now you are always walking out of it.
Out of the normal.
Now you have to go back to the normal.
And now you can begin with different things.
Especially with draughts.
Take a boar, and someone else: and concentrate.
Then you can directly and immediately determine how deep your thoughts go.
But you will not become a Piet Roozenburg (world champion draughts in 1948, 1951, 1952 and 1954), but never mind.
Because those fellows think twenty sets and a hundred sets ahead.
That is really something, you know.
The art of a chess master is thinking, isn’t it? -: thinking.
Everything is thinking, thinking, thinking.
Anyone who does not want to think, sir, does not possess any love either, he is empty.
And you all run aground because one person does not want and cannot think for the other person.
You can think according to your feeling.
But I also tell you: if you can teach those tricks to a whale, not a whale, but a seal and a sea lion, and a wild cat, a tiger and a lion and an ape, and everything, and a dog, and a cat, and a rabbit, and a pig ...
A pig.
Someone had trained a pig.
He says: ‘Piet, come on, we will have a drink.’
And then Piet went, a pig weighing three hundred and fifty pounds, that was at our home in the country, and then Jantje arrived with his pig.
‘Lie down, Piet.’
And then the pig lay down.
Someone says: ‘How can you get that into the pig, Jan?’
He says: ‘He listens to me.’
The pig.
That was a pig consciousness.
But the pig went with him, and listened.
What is that?
One from feeling to feeling.
You can bring an animal to heel.
Why would you not be able to do that with your own life of feeling?
And that is for everything, sir, that is God.
Now you get the grades, the space.
A painter who cannot imagine his paint, cannot daub it on the canvas either.
A painter comes to me, and then he says: ‘Yes, if only ...
I can do that, and can do that.’
I say: ‘Sir, then you must not start to daub, but then you must first start to think.’
If I was an art teacher, sir, then they would not get to see a canvas for the first six months.
I would say: ‘Think first.’
Because it all costs money which they are daubing away.
Such thick daubs, ten and twelve guilders’ worth of paint goes on there, and they still have nothing.
But we must sell that thing.
We must live from it, sir.
We mess it up.
But why do we not think before that time?
Why not before that time?
Someone filming.
That man made a scene thirteen times.
I walk in there.
I look round like that, I say ...
They thought: but that man knows nothing.
I looked round like that, I saw those pieces of film everywhere.
I say: ‘Sir, I know your consciousness.’
You have not seen anything yet, sir.’
I say: ‘It is lying there in the wastepaper basket.
All film.
Used up.
That is all for nothing, sir.
For nothing, nothing, nothing.
Thirteen times.’
‘Oh well, thirteen times.
Hollywood does it twenty times.
We thirteen.’
Sir, thirteen times so many guilders.
Sir, that film cost two hundred and fifty thousand guilders.
And seventy-five thousand guilders were wasted on film alone.
And I could have warned them about that.
Later they had to accept me.
I say: ‘Are you the director, sir?’
He says: ‘Yes.’
I say: ‘Do something.’
I say: ‘Do you want to see it, sir?’
‘Fine, sir.’
I say: ‘I will act something for you, sir.’
I say: ‘You are the lady.’
‘Are you also playing, madam?’
Oh yes, I will begin.
And do you know what I began with?
Suddenly just like that.
I say: ‘Why did you take me for a ride yesterday?
You were not at home.’
I say: ‘I came home, and you were not there.
Where were you?’
And those eyes start to blink, I also had her under hypnosis.
She became snow-white.
Then that man says: ‘My God, what is happening?’
I say: ‘Pff, nothing, sir.’
Then she says: ‘What is that?’
I say: ‘Just hypnosis, madam.’
We play like that.
I say: ‘You are bringing something inside.’
I say: ‘You have to knock.
You are a housemaid.
Just knock.’
(There is a knock.)
‘Come in.’
I say: ‘Do you do that like that?’
I said to that man: ‘Now you will film, of course.’
Very nice.’
I say fourteen times: ‘Once more.’
I say: ‘Sir, why do you not let her do it like that first until she bleeds to death?
At least that does not cost any money.
Sir, Hollywood has given up that long ago.
Gary Cooper and all those others do not let themselves be filmed to death.
Neither does Greta Garbo.
She says: ‘Oh yes, twenty times?’
They have discovered in Hollywood, sir, that the first and second thinking meant a hundred percent consciousness on the film, and the action, and the character, psychology, and then they had everything wrong.
All money, money, money, money.
And you can teach society that.
Psychology, thinking.
I have hundred ...
I have gifts for writing, painting and healing, the masters, but what I got for myself, sir, there is no artist, no psychologist anymore in the whole world who can take me on.
I know that.
That is not boasting, I will prove it to you.
By means of thinking, thinking.
I finish everything.
You must begin with a small thing.
What is a pear?
Fine, now you are already coming to the cosmos.
A pear is a cosmic product.
If you want to analyse the life juices and that tissue, sir, there will be nothing left but ...
Then what?
Do you know it?
Cute face?
What will be left of it, madam?
Everything, the divine soul comes out of it again.
Isn’t that true?
Out of everything.
But that is too far away.
But begin with perfectly ordinary earthly things.
Sir, the beautiful, spiritual social thinking is in the first place already – we think for that, and the masters wanted that -: what is friendship?
Are you trying to kid me that you possess something of your being a companion for the human being?
You are a companion for the human being, and you take that friend for a ride: ‘Biscuit.
You do not see that, you know, sir.
If the ladies begin then they have this and that.
I think: oh well.
Yes, I am taking part in telepathy.
I know it immediately.
But you can do it too.
We are busy ...
If you really get spiritual friendship, sir, then that is much higher than the human marriage.
Because we are no longer companions for each other.
Because we have lost this, and lost that, and lost that, and lost this.
I want to take you back to the beginning of the time, but then we are in another problem once more.
We loved each other then.
And why not now?
Why can you not talk to each other, now that you have become older?
People cannot talk to each other.
They have no time for it.
They work themselves to the bone in society, are dead tired.
‘Oh, child, do not talk to me about that nonsense.’
And the spiritual thinking is your consciousness, sir.
At the office you will get the sack today or tomorrow, because that boss of yours immediately realises it.
Everyone sees it.
Everyone feels it.
That is crazy, isn’t it?
We therefore make our life of feeling.
Now I cannot begin to put forward a thousand of those little things: how do I learn to think?
Now you must give me the problems, then we will analyse the psychology for thinking.
What is stumbling in you?
By what means is your life of feeling diverted, steered away?
By what means?
It becomes a haze, you cannot hold onto it.
And now you must gradually begin.
Because if you do that with force, you will only get heartburn.
And later a stomach ulcer.
Now you must also take it easy.
Because it does not even work with force.
Without effort.
As you learn a language.
There is a language teacher sitting here, ladies and gentlemen.
Last week I had an advert, he had put it in my head, do you see?
He, yes.
That cost him five guilders for that matter, that advert this evening.
But if you want to read French, German and English, then you must go to that man there, that good old Jean of ours, who practically burst in Bezuidenhout, and has such a wonderful character.
I say, because it is he.
If you ever, ladies, young ladies, French, German ...
Spanish, too, isn’t it?
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
Oh no, but French and English and German.
And then he will just teach you French with: pourler-quoi de Paris.
Or what is it called?
And then he starts to learn to think with you.
Because he squeezes you into that ‘Oui, monsieur.’
Bon- ...’
Just like that ‘Peace Palace’, something like that. (laughter)
He begins so fantastically, and then you must hold onto that, and by learning something, you get grounds in order to learn to think.
Your spirit, your life of feeling does not let go of that again.
I know what that is, sir, because it is absolutely connected to weaker nerves, here and there in the brains, and it is spiritually connected to previous lives, by means of which the human being was not able to think of more than one thing.
And that was either this, or that.
And walking like that.
(Someone in the hall): ‘Huh.’
What did you say, ‘huh’?
Yes, madam, then we think ourselves out of creation, and out of the normal.
Just go and see a nun like that, such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful nun; they are the living dead.
Not from inside, you know, because, puh ...
From outside.
There is nothing more alive.
If you go to a hospital like that, then they will think of you as a mummy.
You are not a human being.
At least not as a man.
They think of you in a mummy-like way.
But behind those eyes they see something else.
Crazy, that we realise all of that, madam, don’t you think?
But how do I learn to think?
Now we can learn to think humanly, physically, socially.
We can start to think spiritually.
I imagine, I feel millions, billions of processes, and I have experienced everything, experienced, experienced, expanded, finished from a to z for the cosmos, for the soul, for the life, for the life of feeling, for craziness, psychopathy, for the planets and stars.
I am so heavily cosmically loaded, sir, there is not one wrong thought in me which could disturb me.
I am as empty as anything.
I am completely empty, empty.
In the ‘s-Heerenberg dialect: completely empty.
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘How can you think if you are empty?’
How can you think then if you are empty?
Madam, you are all full.
You are a thousand times full of something which you do not finish.
There are so many fantastic things in you, which we as man and woman ...
The nicest thing there is, man and woman.
The greatest mercy is to learn to think.
The greatest mercy is marriage.
Marriage is so fantastically great if you ...
Of course, there are some ...
Yes, there you have it again – two are needed for that.
But when those two start to think in this area, with our books, with the masters and space, and you start to talk and you have friendship, companionship, you value each other, you have respect for each other ...
‘Yes, just throw it away.’
One person says: ‘Go away with that rubbish.
I do not want anything to do with that crazy person.’
The human being is in a mess.
And then it is also true, then you are also alone.
You must begin alone.
But then you can also be busy alone.
Because you live in eternity.
And no one takes that away from you.
You can continue.
And then you should see how far one is behind the other.
The human being does not want to think.
But the human being who does not want it, is at a standstill.
For thousands of things, sir.
All problems.
You do not finish your life of feeling as materialization for society, for that and that and that and that.
Well, isn’t it the case?
And now, sir?
Now what?
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... every day ... divinely thought ... and you have your activities ...’
Is the greatest happiness which there is.
You do not need to do anything else on earth than think, think well, think wonderfully.
But how do you wish to awaken, how do you wish to get growth if there is nothing else but gossip, nonsense, destruction ...
You should hear how a human being is thought of.
Such a person is talked about.
Isn’t he?
Is that awakening?
If you wish to get awakening then you must walk the creation as God spiritualized and materialized the things as material, as people and animals and flowers and plants.
You take it back from the earth to Him.
And then life is beautiful, sir.
Because everyone says: ‘What a good person that is.
You should hear that man, that woman.’
And then the human being is really beautiful.
And is that not the bliss, the peace, if you sit down in that chair?
Then the other person feels your peace.
And now coo, sir, don’t you think?
Anything else, sir?
This is thinking.
The gentleman who asked the question, put force behind it, finish the things.
You are reading the books, aren’t you?
Have you read all of them?
But still about four, five, six?
Do you understand ‘The Cycle of the Soul’?
Can you remember if you read that?
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘None of them’
Yes, I think ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I cannot deal with it.’
Yes, sir, but they cannot all do that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I do not want to read it like a novel.’
Do you wish to deal with that?
Do you wish to experience all of that?
You are playing the Frederik a bit in those books.
Be careful, sir, or you will get your blow today or tomorrow.
No, no one can do that.
No one can do that yet.
They cannot do that here.
Because then you would have to write in that book, would have to experience, and you would possess that personality.
You already go too far in your thinking.
If you can read ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, you read what it says there ...
And then we are talking about ‘the coffin’, about the murder, you go into the ground with Lantos Dumonché, don’t you?
And you feel that.
Then you can always follow it.
But now you also want to feel what he experiences.
Well, that does not work.
You see, now your thinking is already going too far, now we are already learning something, you are already going too far now.
You are already asking too much now.
And there are ordinary things, and they are put to the side like that?
No, you hold onto them.
Because what Lantos Dumonché experiences, sir, if he is lying there and those worms eat his eyes away, they rot away, there is rotting in them, do you want to experience that?
Then you will go raving mad.
Look, now you are already going too far.
Much too far.
Because they are the occult teachings, sir.
You live, you are now – now it gets good, you must listen – now you are at the bottom, normal actually, and now you want to be buried as it were, because you must experience a rotting there.
You must not follow that, must you?
It is already shaky and slimy and loud enough there under the ground if you hear Lantos Dumonché screaming there.
For heaven’s sake remain on earth in that book.
And now your thinking is certainly not that childish, because now you are already a good bit on the way.
Can you feel that now?
Now you are already going too far.
So now just talk ...
Now I have already been able to make it clear to you this evening that you do not think too little, but you are already going too deep.
If you ... all of that with yourself ...
We have had people here who wanted to play Frederik, and in the space of a week they were in the Ramaer clinic (psychiatric hospital).
You must not do that.
You must ...
I say ...
You will not go crazy from this, if you do not want to possess what I am.
That is not possible.
Because then I will put all of you on a chair, and then we will pass ourselves off as drivers in a week’s time.
There are some who can do it, but then I must have the people who cannot do it.
Then I would like to see whether you are also a driver.
Because now you become a car.
And if you want to die now, then you will become, then you will go through death.
And do you want that ...
Do you also imagine that?
Do you also wish to go through that?
What will happen now if you are asleep?
Do you also think about that?
And you cannot hold onto that, can you?
Sir, be pleased that you cannot hold onto that.
Because otherwise you will instantly, suddenly, if you hold onto that, and you are in that, you descend into this, you will instantly be lying on the ground, and then you will be unconscious.
And the doctor who picks you up will say: ‘That man has epilepsy.’
But you had sunk away from your day conscious feeling and thinking for a moment.
Now you are even more than the rest according to that, than a hundred thousand other people, sir.
You are learning.
We are learning something, can you feel that?
You come forward here with: I cannot think, I cannot hold  onto it; but you are going much too deep, much too deep.
Remain with the day consciousness.
And then you will see how simply you think.
And then you can determine, follow and experience the power of your life of feeling, your will, your thinking, yourself.
Anything else?
Is it clear to you?
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What I say, must be clear to you.
If you now think again about thinking about that and that, we are not talking about that.
What I tell you, if you follow and experience the things to there and there, then you must not even want to experience, and want to follow the other side, and the spirit, and the life of feeling of a tree, and from all the other things; you cannot do that.
That is an occult study.
Do you understand this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
I mean that now.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But last Sunday, after the lecture, then I come home, and then you want to continue thinking about that, you want to get it back again, but it does not work anymore.’
Sir , no one can ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... but why is that?’
Sir, I do not believe that out of the two hundred people ...
No sir, I do not believe, I know for certain that there is not one person – that is not possible, sir – who has that lecture completely in himself.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Too much is said, sir.
It is not you alone, no one can do that.
You will not let go again of a few things which have touched you.
Sir, if you also truly absorbed everything which we told there, the masters, then your life of feeling would break, and your nerves would not cope with that.
You do not grasp what you read in that book either, sir.
All those books are also new for you, and are always new, just read.
And then you discover more and more, because you get more and more out of it, because there is also more in it – you throw a novel aside just like that, it is lying there – these books will never die, either, they will remain new.
But that of that lecture, sir, reflecting, sir, you cannot do that.
When I heard it on Monday evening, I thought: my God, my God, how wonderful that is.
Did I say that.
I can also say it.
I experienced it spiritually.
But I wanted to hear it materially.
Well, madam, I said: that roll is worth a hundred thousand guilders.
If mankind gets to learn that again when we are no longer here, sir, you can ...
Then they will be willing to give a ticket of NLG 1.10 in order to listen to that.
What is on that is possession for mankind.
It is wonderful.
And do you think now that I have that whole lecture by master Zelanus in me?
I only draw back as feeling, what he has used from me, and I get that back, otherwise there would be a hole in it.
I know what he is talking about, I see what he does, and what he says.
But now I do not even need that anymore, sir, because I have dealt long ago with everything which you get there.
So I can just sit there relaxed now.
I already draw from my past, I already sit on the past.
Because that cosmology has already been experienced, has already been imagined.
Because he is tied up, isn’t he?
You hear that.
And then you will see how I thought as André.
But everything, in that and that, sir, no Mr Van Straaten can do that ...
(To someone in the hall): ‘Can you do that, sir?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, no.’
And they all give you that.
They cannot do that, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That machine (the wire recorder) can, it can do that.’
It can, yes.
But the human being cannot do that.
Now you already see, what you are thinking, the others cannot even do that either.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Obviously.’
Now you see it.
You are certainly not so backward, sir. (laughter)
If I may put that button in your jacket this evening, sir.
That costs a great deal from a psychologist.
Do you have any more questions?
Now we will begin calmly.
Not too far.
Taking it easy, like that.
Which of you, ladies and gentlemen?
Oh, I have something else here.
I must stick that together, I see.
(Jozef reads): ‘At the festival ...’
Was that put down here by someone?
‘ ... for sacred music, the Perucia, Mascine inaugurated ...’
What is that called?
‘ ...Masciné, that is ...’
Who put that done here in bits?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Sir, I did that.’
‘ ...inaugurated a new ballet, in which Christ’s birth, death and resurrection are enacted.
At the general rehearsal for a papal committee at the Vatican, the original version was criticized since the representation of the message of the angel Gabriel, which was accompanied by kettledrum rolls and a flourish of trombones, was considered inconsistent with the Christian humility.
Mascine altered his ballet in accordance with this.’
Yes, should you also make Christ dance?
Should you make the birth of Christ and the life of Christ dance?
I think, if I was a priest, or a cardinal, I had something to say in Rome, well, I chuck out that ballet idiot with all his dancing ...
As if you could not make other things in the world dance.
Sir, come with your ballet.
I want to let a tiger dance this evening.
It comes out of the jungle like that, and I make it angry and everything, in action.
And then you can tremble and shake, only because of the movement.
But that is ballet, isn’t it?
They can act out the whole of nature, they can act out a bird in flight.
Well, what are those dancers called?
Anna Palowna?
The dying swan.
That is art.
And now a megalomaniac like that makes the Christ dance.
Don’t you think that is terrible too?
Is there nothing else in the world?
Rome should have thrown that man out the door.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ...official.’
Rome is now, neither the pope nor the cardinals say: ‘Sir ...’
Yes, a man like that can do what he wants, of course.
But a bit of criticism of that ...
I think this is absolutely destroying Christ again.
Making Christ dance!
If you make a film of His life, and you want to bring to the people how He suffered and what He meant, then it will be worthwhile.
But you do not make Him dance.
How in God’s name do you wish to make Christ dance?
That is a curse.
The human being no longer knows, sir, what he should begin with.
Just take one of them who goes from flower to flower, a dancer, and skip about the stage, and really make yourself like a bee.
How I could teach the ladies something, couldn’t I?
They would like that.
‘Komm mal auf, bitte.
Jetzt wirklich stampen .’
Yes, just look, hop, hop.
It is taking too long for me, you know.
I have something else.
No, we will not make a dancer of Our Lord.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, may I ask something?’
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘At that time I myself thought about those Passions ...’
Mattheus Passion?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ...that was discussed, but I still always had the impression that it is not appropriate to represent the Christ there ...’
There is in the Mattheus Passion, if you hear all of that ...
And then Christ is standing there.
I heard Willem Ravelli (bass baritone, 1892-1980), nice, wonderful.
And then the Christ sings.
Wonderful, wonderful.
I have an alto singer, who sung the Mattheus Passion, before the war, in Amsterdam.
Then she says: ‘When I read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and ‘The Origin of the Universe’, I could no longer sing it.’
What do you think of that?
‘Because then I knew the reality and now I would just stand there spouting lies.
And a suffering, and a suffering, and a suffering, and searching, and all suffering.
You see, Bach interpreted him dogmatically in the world.
Solely from the life of feeling: bible.
And now in the Christ there is ...
Something else can be put in there.
If you had experienced Him and you had written the music by means of which the betrayal of mankind came into it.
Yes, then that is no longer groaning, but then something entirely different comes out of it.
And now it just remains.
Do you see?
And they are already meddling with that, you know, because they feel themselves: there is something to it.
Every year the Mattheus Passion is no longer that experience which it was fifteen years ago.
Do you already know that?
The people are already starting to say: ‘Yes, God, well, no, I have already heard it often enough.’
But divine art, sir, will not die out.
There is a pressure on the Mattheus Passion, a tremendous pressure, a dying process, because of which the human being during this time says: ‘But, my God, the Christ did not die there for the sins of the human being.’
And then that lady says: ‘When I heard the first lecture of master Zelanus in Amsterdam, I immediately ...’
With Willem Mengelberg.
Then she says: ‘I do not sing anymore.’
She sung it during that time.
Then she says: ‘Oh, oh, I am suffocating inside.
I can no longer get that groaning of Mary Magdalene over my lips.’
Then she says: ‘Because it is too ... that and that comes there.’
And then I looked at her.
And then she says: ‘Then I walked away.’
Because of the books.
And it is true, sir.
That woman could not sing it anymore.
Why not?
Because she did not feel and experience all those years: there is something sticking to that.
People sent the Christ there to Golgotha as if the Christ, the Messiah had to bring a sacrifice there.
And they quite simply betrayed and murdered Him.
But that is not in that.
And Bach could not get that either.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘So he was actually lying.’
Bach was sitting on art, but he was not sitting.
I was once asked: Why was Bach still so unconscious?
Bach was so far, he buried himself in art.
People saw him slaving away there, he was already on the other side, people saw him thinking, thinking, thinking there: if I can interpret that life of the Christ.
But Bach still did not have any cosmic consciousness.
And the Mattheus Passion was only interpreted in a biblical way.
That is still just dogmatic art.
The Mattheus Passion which you get later, sir, it comes there with betrayal, and then you should hear the Christ.
If then you go and stand opposite the world and Pilate: ‘And why do you not want to accept Me?’
That is not that note and that stave, and that timbre.
Sir, that is a sound, that belts against the cosmos.
And then you get psychology, art.
Then you should let those voices grow.
And now half of the world says: ‘Oh well, no, you are becoming so scary.
They come home, it took four hours, feeling poorly, hunger, they are also sitting nibbling.
And, oh well, what remains?
What remains?
Everything is at a standstill.
Anything else, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Those voices already conflict with the reality.’
Yes, for you, but still not for the theologian who attached himself to the whole case, to the whole event.
That man who: ‘Hohoho ...’
You should hear, that organ, no other sound comes out of it.
Oh oh oh.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You get something from that.’
You get fidgety from that?
The ‘droodles’ too.
Yes, that is, look, the people who experience that here for the first time, say: ‘They destroy the Mattheus Passion there.’
No, madam, no, sir.
But Mengelberg also said in his years here, he says: ‘Yes, there is something which we will never get over.’
And then they said: ‘Professor, what is it?’
He says: ‘We are attached to the bible.’
Because Mengelberg was a half theosophist.
We are attached to the bible.
He could not say it all because then they would have flung him out of the concert hall.
But they chased that great genius of ours out of the country.
Then mankind will ...
That is just like something again from our sacred chaste consciousness.
Mengelberg said: ‘I am also playing the devil; it is art.’
And he had played for the nazis, and then he had to go.
And then they slaughtered him.
A scandal.
Tomorrow it will happen again.
Sir, if you pretend to be a prophet, then they will hang you here, then you will enter the Oranje hotel.
Because we are so pure here, so chaste.
We have traitors to our country, yes.
And they let those great geniuses, just like Rembrandt, starve.
And now they barter with his art.
For ten and twenty million.
Is it not a scandal?
He and his poor Saskia got tuberculosis.
And mankind now still eats his blood.
You should read that cursed sucking and that sending round, flinging his art back and forth across the world!
Does that not make you sick?
Then the real Rembrandt is immediately standing next to you.
He says: ‘Poisoners!
I could not pay for my house, I was put out of it.
My wife has purely starved to death.’
Yes, and now ...
And that stumbles along at the moment, and forgets everything which happened.
Is it not a God-awful divine spatial scandal, that they blamed our Willem Mengelberg, who played devil and child and animal ...
He says: ‘Art is from God.’
And then they blamed him for playing for the Germans there.
‘Art is art’, Mengelberg said.
And because he played, he had to be banished.
Now he is dead.
And now he also leaves behind a house and so much money for the artists.
They also squandered his trumpets.
What nice people we all are.
Don’t you think?
Oh oh.
Just give me half and hour, then I will drag along the whole of Holland.
But I will not get it.
What do we have here?
Something else nice.
(Jozef reads): ‘On Tuesday the Roman-Catholic archbishop of Milan, cardinal Schuster, warned the Italians against the dangers of Protestantism.
He said ...’
Now we will probably get another war with Luther.
‘He said: ‘The unity of our people is endangered by religions from abroad’.’
You see, last year when, or two years ago, the theologians came together here in Amsterdam from the whole earth – do you remember that?
I was in America then – the Catholics did not come then, because they did not need it, because they have the only faith, the sanctifying faith.
I was also brought up a Catholic, so I know something about it.
But they got nothing from us.
We did not have any money.
I had a visit from a lady, I finally experienced that happiness, ladies and gentlemen, I can say that to that cardinal.
I had a visit from a lady, who said: ‘Mr Rulof, I am coming with flowers for you, for your masters then.’
I say: ‘What do you mean, madam?’
‘I have read a few of books of yours, ‘A View into the Hereafter’.’
I say: ‘Come in, madam.’
‘Well, I want another few books.
But do you know what happened?’
I say: ‘Just sit down.’
Then she says: ‘My husband and I are strong, hundred percent Catholics.
When he died, my husband left ten thousand guilders behind for the church, for masses, and all those other things.
I  was not amongst them that much, so he could do that as a full-blooded person.
I had nothing to say in that matter anyway.
Oh well.
But now he is on the other side.
And what happens now?
Now I get hold of a book of yours.
And I start to read.
And I sit there like that on my own.
And I think: gosh, I should have had that in my hands when he was still alive.
Because then I would still have those twenty  thousand guilders.
Now we have lost them.’
But guess what?
She has just finished two books.
The priest comes.
‘Good day, madam.’
‘Come in.’
Then she thinks: Now you will get to hear it.
Then she says: ‘Yes.’
‘How are you?’
Then she says: ‘Well, I am fine.’
But she felt ...
She thought: it will come.
Then she said: ‘What are you holding back, Father?
Just say it immediately, then it will be done with.’
He says: ‘Well, a few more masses have to be said.
He is not quite there.’ (laughter)
Then she says: ‘Father, is he perhaps hanging with one leg outside heaven and the other in heaven?’
Then he says: ‘It is true.’
She says: ‘Then he will just have to continue to dangle there.
You will not get another cent from me.’
Then she says: ‘Mr Rulof, I would like to come and bring that to you as thanks for reading your books, otherwise they would have got me again for twenty thousand guilders.’
She says: ‘But now not another cent.
I think that I will now charm a smile on his face.
But not another cent from me.’
Then he says: ‘Then you are possessed by the devil.’
And then he saw a book there, and then he says: ‘Are you reading those books, by that beast?’
Then that lady says: ‘Do you know that gentleman?’
‘Yes’, he says, ‘we know that devil.’
Then she says: ‘Well, then that gentleman is on the right track.’
Because Rome knows that Jozef Rulof lives in The Hague.
Isn’t that nice?
Every morning the pope gets ready there ...
Every morning when he wakes up, and I have convinced one of them, I am pulling at his robe. (laughter)
And every morning and every night, at seven o’clock in the morning, then I crawl up there, and then I pull on something.
There is another soul of God for me.
Madam, that is not hatred.
But that is about an honest fight.
And there is one Christ between him and me.
And who is right now?
I do not damn, he does.
And I am crazy?
Oh well.
But, madam, I do not have any burning hells.
I have a God who is just.
And if you commit a murder, madam, you will just go to prison.
You will serve your sentence.
You will get a new life, people say in the universe, and you will make amends again.
For the church and for the pope are you decomposing, burning to all eternity, until there is nothing left of you?
No, madam, that is not possible.
Because they have a separate fire there.
They have a fire there in which you burn, which never burns you, but you still remain in it.
Someone once came to me, then he says: ‘Yes, one thing, and then I will be finished immediately: is there really fire in hell?’
He says: ‘Because they do not come out of there.
I only just want to know how they lit that fire.’ (laughter)
And the other person who came, said: ‘Sir, but what kind of fire is that, because you live there, you burn in it and you never burn.
Because you are burning eternally.’
He says: ‘There is something not right about it.’
No, sir, there is something not right about it either.
Because there is no fire.
Only your fire in yourself, your spiritual feeling.
But I now go to that curate.
A battle of Luther comes there.
Oh yes.
(Jozef reads): ‘ ... the unity of our people ...’
Of which people?
Of the Catholic people?
... endangered by religions from abroad.
We are also a part of that.
‘The warning of the cardinal was published in the Vatican newspaper ‘Observatoire Romano’.’
Yes, that is possible.
‘He mainly dealt with the increase in the number of Protestants in his own archbishop’s diesis.
Protestant propaganda amongst the Catholics is repeatedly based on slander and libel towards the ecclesiastical hierarchy.
According to the cardinal.
The cardinal urged that the government pay attention to the serious dangers which he had mentioned.
There is a difference between freedom of conscience and press.
Those foreigners are waging a disloyal propaganda, according to Schuster.’
Dat is der alte Speerfach, der Schuster.
He was probably a cobbler.
Schuster is a cobbler.
„According to Ruiter, because of the publication in the ‘Observatorium Romano’ the article tacitly bears the stamp of approval by the Vatican.
Oh well.
And it just goes on like that.
We will get another war against Luther.
Luther began with Protestantism.
I had an argument with the Lutheran being in America.
I say: ‘Yes, yes, it is all wonderful, all nice.
My brother was also one.’
I say: ‘But you still live on damnation.
And now start to think.’
There are people here amongst us who have to experience that same war in themselves.
There are Catholics, Protestants, theosophists, Rosicrucians ...
We have all kinds.
But many Catholics.
People, just take an anvil, no, not an anvil, well, just hit on it.
Take an example from me.
I was brought up Catholic.
We had already discussed the fight for life and death as children.
Here, that boy there, that Catholic, says: ‘I have been an altar boy.’
You should hear that man talking, there, that father of five children.
That is a whining feeling.
I let that boy, that gentleman, talk last week.
You will laugh about it, won’t you?
We laughed, didn’t we?
But do you not feel that horrible distress which that man experienced before he could say: ‘Now I know it.’
His whole family calls him crazy because he wants to grow.
He thinks differently.
You must not ridicule that enormous struggle of the human being.
‘I still cannot ...
Yes, imagine that I do wrong.
Today I must go to the church, and I go to Jozef Rulof.’
Oh, oh, oh.
Yes, now what?
Just do not take it away from them.
Let them go to the church.
But do not let them force you either to have to think prehistorically again.
Give each other the space then.
Tell each other how she felt it, how he felt it, how he experienced that again, and you will still have a kingdom.
Gradually the Catholic Church will dissolve in your own consciousness.
Just make something nice out of it.
And that is only just thinking again.
How do you receive the human being?
How do you experience that?
War with Luther.
Why did Luther materialize such pandemonium?
‘Luther, oh, that poor Luther suffered so much’, they say then.
I heard a lady like that, a woman of twenty-four or twenty-five years’ old, on the ‘V.P.R.O.’ radio, you have those Luther afternoons there, you know?
And then she teaches those little children.
‘And oh ... and that good Luther suffered so much, children, and let’s now sing together for him.’
And then they sing a few psalms, the children have to sing nicely for Luther; a few psalms for Luther.
And then she started to tell: ‘He suffered so much, our poor Luther.’
But, dear God, why did he begin with it?
We are still stuck with his damnation.
Luther did not give us a hell without fire.
Look, those people, that history was built up, there are still people at the moment who serve for destruction.
And then they have God, God, God, God.
The Catholic Church again.
A cardinal, who meddles in Protestantism at the moment.
It is his God again.
And that God of Luther is not the same?
Madam, sir, there are millions of gods on earth, and they all have a tiny bit of it.
And the Real One, they stand on top of him.
He lives here.
How do you wish to love God, the human being, space, yourself, your lives, if you destroy the faith of another?
I always put something in its place.
I do not ridicule Catholicism.
I do when they say that Hendrik is still dangling with one leg outside heaven.
Because that directly concerns the money.
I learned and I had to accept that I cannot possess a Kingdom of heaven with candles, madam.
And praying?
I told you, there was a baron in ‘s-Heerenberg and he had, I believe, half a million, because the whole area belonged to sir.
And then we came back later, from the city, after so many years, I say: ‘Crisje’, my mother, ‘are they still praying for that baron there?’
‘Yes’, she says.
I say: ‘Well, then he will be in the Divine All, in the heavens.’
Then she says: ‘Yes, we are also starting to get bored with it.’
Every Sunday morning a holy mass for baron Van Hugepoot .
I will never forget that name, Van Hugepoot.
I say: ‘Now ‘poot’ (Dutch for plant) him somewhere else, then he will get leaves.’ (laughter)
Oh well, oh well.
But, ladies and gentlemen, look, what is it about?
It is about the reality, it is about one God.
And our one does not damn.
He is neither Catholic nor Protestant.
He is a Buddhist.
He is a Mohammedan.
He participates in Islam.
He knows the Koran.
He knows the Jew.
Our one possesses life, spirit and personality, is a Father of love and justice.
The human being will and must accept that One some day.
What did you say, sir?
Have I said enough now, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You have for me, you know.’
Oh, then I may stop, ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your good feelings.
I hope that I gave you something.
See you next week.
And now: learn to think differently.
Thank you.
(There is clapping.)