Thursday evening 19 June 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
I have the first question here: ‘In the book ‘Diseases of the Soul’ an explanation is given about homosexuality.
Have all the spirits been in this stage?’
From who is that?
(It remains quiet.)
From no one?
From you, madam?
Madam, all of us ...
Homosexuality does not exist, and yet it does exist, at least, as the world means that.
But it is, as a cosmic law, that the spirit from the male organism leaves for the maternal.
And because ...
In that first grade, again, the life of feeling feels neither maternal nor paternal.
Can you feel that?
We enter the male organism seven times like that, and then we come here and then we enter the maternal one again of our own accord, and then we are ...
Then we have the organism again, a great deal of divisions and disturbances also lie there, and double genders; then you get division of fatherhood and motherhood.
Have you never heard of that?
There are many people who have that.
But homosexuality is therefore nothing else than that the spirit, the soul as a human being, goes to the other body, because we live in both organisms.
You can read that in the books.
‘But the spirit Lantos was always a man and Marianne always a woman?’
No, they met each other in that life, and as we meet each other again ...
One is a man, the other one is a mother, but we enter both organisms.
And the world still does not want to accept that but all of that will come soon.
And that is irrevocably a divine law.
That can be seen and experienced in all the organisms.
That is not only for the human being, but that is also for the animal world.
That reincarnation always continues.
‘But insanity is always often a result of an organic fault?’
Madam ...
Yes, that is possible.
But then it is not insanity, then it is a material disturbance.
But the absolute actual insanity, is possession.
Can you feel?
An insane person ...
You will read that in ‘Mental Illnesses’, you have conscious insanity and diseased insanity.
You mean here of course the diseased insanity, the human being who is crazy, is insane.
But that can also happen because of a tumour in the brain, or another material disturbance here or there in the body, in the organism.
Spiritual insanity is directly possession - can you feel? - then there is someone in there.
And then it is not so simple to get that out again.
But we are always susceptible to that.
The human being is open to that.
You should read that book carefully again.
But I will also tell you, we could also write ten books about it, then you would still not have made it.
Because every human being, every insane person, psychopathy, and everything else, is a separate book.
Now you get: every human being is different according to his characteristics.
Insanity and possession are the same thing.
If you go into that, then you will feel: one person loves this, the other person loves that, he has those longings, and according to those longings you see the possession, the action, the deed, the state, and now it is natural, every human being is different, and in this way you also get to see different complexes and problems with those people.
And they are tremendously deep.
The psychologist, the psychiatrist still does not know what to do about that.
He still does not have any ground, any foundation.
You also ask here: ‘What is the situation with the people who are born as imbeciles, mentally defective?
They cannot be accountable for their behaviour, can they?’
Madam, they are people - that is a power of feeling and an attunement - which the day consciousness still does not possess and they have known millions of lives in which they were perhaps normal.
But those people broke the divine laws.
And you will find those words again many, many times in all those books, those nineteen which there are.
But when the human being breaks a divine law?
When you break and destroy everything in life ...
And then lust and violence are still just trivial matters.
But it mainly happens spiritually.
Yes, you do everything spiritually, inwardly, that is true of course, but those cores ...
A law ... Untruth, well, then the human being is lying a bit.
But to directly destroy the life in the spirit, to murder a child, to murder a human being, then you gradually exceed this universe; and in the end, finally, you have neither life nor death; you no longer have any existence, because you have kicked yourself out of the divine, spatial, harmonic ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Harness.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Harness.’
... harness.
You have beaten yourself out of it.
And now the human being does wrong in millions of lives.
And now you enter the time that you therefore possess an abnormal life of feeling, an abnormal spirit which is normal with regard to God, but we have broken those laws.
And now at the birth ... presses ...
That tension begins in the mother, in that embryonic stage, between the third and the fourth month in the mother, that tension presses, is released, and then that spirit twists itself to awakening.
And then the material comes, the material enters a twisted state, and then you seen an imbecile, then you see a psychopath.
And that is purely and completely human possession, the human being did that himself.
You can be satisfied, we have all been it.
We all came from that grade of feeling and have perhaps messed up, deformed about ten, twenty thousand lives.
And now before; well, what did the psychologist know fifty thousand years about a psychopath?
If you read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ again, then you will see that there was a time that all of mankind, the human being who lived on earth, was possessed.
But now we have natural possession and diseased possession again, you see, that diseased possession, that is the abnormal one.
As the human being comes higher and has built up a society, we see him fall.
He suffocates in his study.
A human being learns languages; psychopathic, he is now in Rosenburg.
A mother ...
I told you recently about it.
She comes to me: ‘Can you do something for my son?’
I say: ‘No, madam.’
Sixteen languages, fifteen languages, but the sixteenth broke his inner neck.
Then he had wanted to add another one.
And now he is in Rosenburg with his sixteen languages.
He is still there for that matter.
A young man, with a head; a genius, they said.
Passed all his studies with honours, but now: Rosenburg.
You see, his life of feeling could not cope with those studies.
And they are still just studies.
Now we will begin with the life.
We live it up, we destroy everything, we are fickle, we do not know, and then you gradually get destruction.
And that from a hundred thousand lives as man and woman.
How did we let rip?
You will feel, if you look at those psychopathic institutions ... Half of mankind is still psychopathic. Even if the human being does wrong, as long as he knows it.
But now you have ...
What you read during that time there about Adolph Hitler, master Alcar says there, he says: ‘Look, this is a conscious insane being.’
A human being who hits and kicks, who does wrong, is still unconscious, and consciously abnormal with regard to creation, God, the laws.
True or not?
You should see how many conscious insane beings are still walking round.
You are standing talking to them.
But if you listen to the nonsense and the need, then those people are still called conscious abnormal beings, conscious abnormal beings.
They are conscious in this society, but they are unconscious for the other side, for their inner life, for God, cosmos.
The human being does not even know that there is a reincarnation, the soul lives in both bodies.
All those laws which we now experience are new, that is the University and the ‘Age of Christ’, that means: the human being gets consciousness at the moment.
And now we can take care of you for the whole cosmos.
If you ask thousands of questions, madam, we can now answer them.
We have made the journeys.
But if you now see, look at the world, in every country, every people, to the left and to the right of us, there are insane people.
And if you also happen to see a single normal one amongst them, then he is still in the queue for a neurologist.
The absolute, the irrevocable normal, which we say like that, they still hit things to pieces as a result of their spirit, as a result of their character.
They bite each other, do not trust anyone, slash and hit.
That is even worse.
Now the human being is busy growing spiritually, in order to bring himself to awakening, but keeps hitting: hangw, hangw, hangw.
And then what?
They continue ‘behind the coffin’, or they return to the earth.
If we are men and we must still become mothers, and we have that grade, that grade of motherhood which the earth possesses ...
The earth has created bodies, and one body is the highest of that, that is not the white race, but that is the seventh grade.
For the man and for the woman, the mother and the father there lives ...
If we have experienced those grades of organisms, that means space in nature, the earth releases us as a cosmic mother; because she says: ‘Now just continue.’
If we people had not done any wrong things ...
Well, look here, that means nothing to God, because there is no being wrong, doing wrong.
So those psychopaths are normal, finally. God did not create any diseases, any insane people, any psychopaths, any hatred, any violence, any injustice, any devil; that is the wrong, that is the destruction in the human being.
So those people are all busy taking themselves to that spiritual world, in order to bring themselves to that awakening.
Sins and damnation do not even exist.
They say: ‘You must make amends for it.’
Yes, indeed.
‘God will punish you.’
God does not punish any human being.
But the human being will still stand irrevocably sooner or later before that destruction.
I saw that.
Those books were written as a result of that.
Do you have another question about this?
You can talk on about this the whole evening, madam, because there are so many books in this.
But then I must ask questions again and then you will not think again.
No more questions?
This is universal.
If master Zelanus begins tomorrow, madam, then you will get a book of five hundred pages from these three questions.
But then we must go back to the origin of the earth, the origin of the moon, through the cosmos and then we will finally come to the human being who will begin with himself.
But the book is already here.
Have you read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’?
Madam, read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and you will have that line before you.
And it is also in there.
And now, during this time the human being is busy growing spiritually.
We got Christ, he was on earth.
But you will feel, what the chaos is like on earth for mankind, and how poorly the human being still thinks.
The human being does not want to learn to think.
They are little devils, they say.
You are sometimes despondent here when you hear the dramas of the human being.
Then they live in there, they already read books and they say: ‘How wonderful it is’, and they flatly refuse to begin with it.
How must I learn to think?
In the first place build something up for yourself.
Why is the human being always capable of talking wrongly about the human being and life and everything?
What is talk, what is gossip?
We recently talked about it.
You will not get the good into them.
Even if you were to hit it in, madam, then they will hit you away from them.
People do not mind that, but the wrong is always on the mark.
Isn’t it nice?
We are therefore open to destruction and devastation.
What did Christ say?
‘Go away, Satan.’
And then they wanted to chastise the human being, and then He wrote in the sand, didn’t He: ‘Anyone who is free of sins, cast the first stone.’
Yes, thieves and murderers were standing around Him.
‘We have this, we have that.’
You see, that is the conscious psychopathy.
If you really see faults in the human being, then just quietly and calmly release them and try together, or for yourself, to bring that to awakening.
But you will have to begin with it ‘behind the coffin’.
‘Behind the coffin’ means: if you leave that body here.
That skeleton here means nothing, madam, which the human being is so mad about.
I will soon be saddled with the gentlemen of course.
The ladies, we have ....
Have you experienced the great lectures in Diligentia about cosmology?
The human being hangs everything on himself.
Indeed, we must walk round with a little bit of frills, mustn’t we?
We may do something.
But what has worth, madam, sir, people do not think about that.
And now just look, it is all sensation, and there can also be sensation, why not, life must have a sparkle; being a bit crazy, that does not matter either, as long as we remain with the natural.
But people beat the cosmos, the macro cosmos in the human being to death.
And that is all insanity and psychopathy.
You will not get anything into the human being.
Even if you talk until you are blue in the face and even stone-dead, it does not work, they must begin with it themselves.
So you have ten different grades of insanity, possession, a hundred thousands for psychopathy, then you get ten million of them for conscious insanity, because there is perhaps one human being in a million who thinks absolutely spiritually cosmically normally.
And it is still perfectly simple, if we place justice, harmony and that love, that little bit of love in everything.
Then you have the certainty of the Christ.
That is our example, even if the Catholic Church and Protestantism say that we are demonic; but we are talking about the real love.
And those are the laws, that is the hereafter, that is the other side, the astral world, that is another universe, madam, and we wrote books about that.
If you want to take the time this summer - this is the last evening - then you can satisfy yourself.
A lovely seat in the sun under the tree, with a bit of cooing of course, isn’t it true?
Are there no more questions, ladies and gentlemen?
This is the most beautiful and the most wonderful problem, and the human being does not know it.
‘What is the situation with the people who are imbeciles?’
Look, you will feel, the people whom you come across at present in the real, harmonic astral world, that first sphere, there are no longer any imbeciles there, that human being knows creation.
When they arrive there, if you arrive there and you have love and happiness in you, living in you, under and in your heart, then people can take care of you there and then you immediately have the laws explained.
But anyone who still walks around here on earth, and is half conscious, psychopathic, you will feel, they also need at least fifty and a hundred lives.
Then you must see - you can already congratulate yourself - how far you actually are if you can already think normally, normally socially.
Because if you begin with the families, life on earth, in society, then we get social psychopathy again.
You will feel where those questions are going.
And then it is contamination, then it is destruction, then it is messing-up again, and then it is something else.
When is the mother, when is the man in harmony with nature, with space, for society, for Golgotha, for God, his universe?
We are busy with it.
Any more questions?
What a pity.
I have here: ‘Can you explain to me what swearing means?’
Ladies and gentlemen, if I say: God damn it!(laughter) then you will get a fright of course.
God damn it!
I am now not afraid of that at all, you see, because I know God.
And He does not damn me either.
Because swearing does not exist.
Isn’t that nice, sir?
Swearing does not exist.
I dare to say it in the middle of the city, but then they will say: ‘What a coarse man he is.’
‘God damn it!’ they will say then.
Yes, if I do it again, then they will all run away anyway. (laughter)
God damn it. (laughter)
If the priest hears us now, we will all crash down into hell.
Because you will go with me.
But, God damn it, that is not easy. (laughter)
Yes, you do not dare to do that, do you, you do not dare that now.
I dare to pray by saying God damn it.
And you do not dare to do that.
And then I will also look into the eyes of Our Lord.
Because I used to do it.
And then He came like that, He says: ‘That is not possible, is it.’
I say: ‘No, I have never seen it before.’
And then I had a master before me.
And then I went even higher, I think: now I will go even higher and now I say, shout out loud near Him, His holiness, and then I shouted: ‘God damn it!’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Oh, God!’
Are you still not afraid, madam?
There was once a Jew, yes, not because he was a Jew, but he said: ‘As true, it is true, as true as I have my wife and children, I have three of them, I will give them all.’
And he was immediately lying on the floor, dead.
He was lying of course.
And then there was a fear in him which said: ‘Now I will perish from it, because I lied.’
And then the world said: ‘God punished him.’
No, madam, he cheated himself. (laughter)
Because he lied and cheated, and he was afraid of God anyway.
Look, there is no misery and there is no fear, there are ghosts, but you do not need to be afraid of a ghost.
You do not need to be afraid of anything if you know those laws.
They are all laws.
I will just not say God damn it again. (laughter)
But, you see, that is not ridiculous at all, and the masters do not look askance at me at all, because God does not damn.
And you are the deity yourself.
How can you damn yourself?
Yes, if you let rip completely, then you can run up against the wall with your head.
But when you say that, that ‘God’ and ‘damn it’ ...
Damn it, what is that actually?
God damn it.
Yes, we must analyse that.
God is space.
God is life.
The people who experienced the lectures in Diligentia, those eight hundred lectures, and read all the books, they are perhaps not afraid any longer either.
You do not say it because it is a terrible word for society.
Because you ask whether God will damn you; and there is no damnation.
The first thing which master Alcar asked ...
Last week, when Bernard came here for the first time, then he says: ‘I am falling over my legs there.’
I say: ‘God damn it, do you still believe that?
Then he says: ‘Are you still swearing?’ (laughter)
I say: ‘Bernard, is that swearing then?’
Then I must first take him through the cosmos.
And I love it that that question is here.
Because you do not need to begin with imitating me soon on the street, you know, (laughter) because then you will still not be happy.
But, God damn it.
Yes, we are faced with that word again.
God is the universe, is stars and planets, is the animal world, is Mother Nature, that is God.
But that God damn it, that, you see (laughter), yes, you are trembling again of course, the bible created that.
That club, that whip of the bible is in that, and that takes the human being straight to that damnation.
But you hear it, you always hear those harsh words, everywhere, and then they say: ‘How that man can swear.
He is already damned.’
You see, the human being has to learn all of that.
In the future, in the spiritual world, here, on the other side you will not walk all day with God damn it in your mouth, you will not think of those things there, because it is God.
Because we will have very different thoughts there.
We will float, we will explain the laws, we will experience the laws, but God, who is infinite and who means soul, spirit and life for all the life in space, in all those universes, does not damn.
Because we people, and that macro cosmos, those planets and stars, the animal world, Mother Nature and the flowers and everything, that cannot damn itself; that is all God.
But they mean by this, sir, a man with a beard, a god with a beard; who sits on his chair, and whom Peter consults with every day, who sits there and judges and hits the people.
Yes, that god of the Old Testament.
We say, and the masters say that too, that cad means nothing.
That is much worse.
I dare to tell that god of the Old Testament off for being a dirty cad.
And he is too.
Because that god damns there and just destroys one life and he blesses the other one.
That is not possible, people.
That god never existed.
But the bible writers did not know the God of all life.
What is swearing?
Sir, we will not do it, rhyming those two words together there the whole day and saying something harsh; but swearing does not exist.
Did you think about that yourself?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
God damn it does not exist.
(Lady in the hall): ‘It is in ‘Masks and Men’.’
No, it does not exist.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Frederik says himself, you know, I like swearing, You do not swear for that matter.
Do you remember?’
They do not do anything for that matter.
You can just ...
Well, it is no fun.
You can just experience that word.
It is a word.
The people made words out of everything, out of all the divine laws.
This is just same thing.
God damn it.
Pfuh, then what?
He will not do anything to me, because it is me myself.
We are the gods who inhabit and represent this universe.
God gave us His organism: no, it is us.
And now we will curse ourselves.
You see.
If you say God damn it once, Bernard, then it does not matter, does it?
But we will watch out and count days because we will give our deity in ourselves a push, and that is not necessary either at the end of the day.
We do not have any more questions about this, I think.
But, ladies and gentlemen, do you know now, that there is no swearing?
But, just do not stand in the city, or in the church, because you will be chased away.
If we continue with this the whole evening then it will not be right either because we have something else.
But you know: swearing does not exist.
Because if you proceed to do that anyway, then you are only just making a bit of a fool of yourself.
No more than that.
But not any less than that either.
(To someone in the hall): Yes, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘But what were the commandments given for if we must keep to: you will not kill.
But it also says that you will not take God’s name in vain?
But that is one of the commandments, isn’t it?’
You see, madam, there are still mistakes in the ten commandments.
And Moses received those ten commandments, but the life of feeling of Moses is still attached to them.
You will not take My name in vain.
My dear god, my dear people, what do they mean by that?
If you start to think and you start to pray ...
We are now that far at the moment that we know: we cannot even pray for everything.
You can pray and receive strength for health, and for a thousand other things by means of which you will leave this body, this world, but when we have to leave it - and then you get a new evolution - then we will also start to pray again.
There are mistakes in the Our Father.
‘Lead us not into temptation.’
Which unconscious being thought of that.
Christ who is now a divine conscious being.
He is God himself, as Son, as Father, and as Spirit.
But the bible says again, well ...
You see, there is that man again with that beard, that is the man with the beard, that is god.
He is God as spirit and God as son ...
And now they let Christ speak as if He was born directly only from God.
And not us, we are off the mark.
We never get to see God.
We will perhaps enter a beautiful heaven here or there.
Yes, if you say God damn it then you will already have worked it out, then you will already be damned for eternity.
But also for the Catholic Church and the Protestant and the bible, we are already damned for eternity with such proverbs, and then we arrive here or there, but we never get to see God and Christ.
If you have done something bad once, you have murdered a human being or whatever, then you are damned for eternity for the Catholic church and for Christ.
Because you become, yes, you are also forgiven, but when do we get out of that eternal burning fire, which is not there, which does not exist?
And at this rate you will never be finished.
When does the theologian get divine meaning?
When he knows the life, his spirit and his soul, God and Christ.
And they still do not know anything about that.
There are even mistakes in the ten commandments.
Isn’t it terrible?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘In six days the Lord created heaven and earth.’
Yes, that still does not have anything to do with it.
Then you must go further back again.
Then you begin with the bible and then you can ...
You can put everything from the beginning aside, those twenty-six, twenty-eight proverbs, and then you finally get a little story there.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is also in the ten commandments.’
(People talk at the same time.)
It is about this: when the bible writers began, creation was already millions of years old.
And Moses got inspiration.
He did not experience any disembodiment, because then Moses would have known it.
But it was not possible.
Because do you know why not?
They had ... Moses ...
They murdered Christ so much later, then what did they do with Moses?
It wouldn’t go in, sir.
And now we stand just like that in the world.
If you start to talk to the human being now, and say: ‘Sir, there is no damnation.
And just walk out of the church because it means nothing anyway.
You can experience the church, you can pray, you do that, but you will not make it like that either, because you will get to know the laws.’
Sir, now go and stand and laugh at a grave and say - yes, when the human being cries until his tears run dry, it is ridiculous -: ‘Why must you kill yourself now, wreck, destroy yourself inwardly, if the one who was from you is carried towards the grave?’
When the human being is completely mad from grief, then this stimulates you inside because you know.
And now you can say: ‘Madam, there is no death.
That man will go on.
And you will see that mother again.
Yes, later, perhaps in a hundred thousand years.’
Sir, then they will certify you crazy.
And soon that wisdom will enter the Catholic Church.
Then it will no longer be necessary.
That theology there in Utrecht and in Leiden, where they study, that must evolve.
How poor those people are.
And then you must begin one day, sir.
If those questions are asked, we can go into them.
But just begin with the bible, with the beginning, and then you will get such a terrible story which stumbles here, and gets stuck there, and there we are again; we are involved with a god of hatred, of damnation, of evil, destruction.
We are out of hot water.
We are in hot water.
(To someone in the hall): Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, if the human being still has a god who lets the sun stand still, then one life could destroy the other.’
Yes, it is much worse too, Mr Brand.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Joshua was in a fight with the Amorites and it already became dark, the sun set, then he prayed to God that the sun would remain still, and the sun remained still ...’ And there you had it too.‘ ... the moon set ...’ No, they had an argument with each other.‘ .... the whole life is destroyed.’
Sir, we have bible experts here, and they have now read the books, if those people begin, they are now sitting here weeping, now that they read the bible again, because of the books, then they say: ‘My god, my god, my god, my god.
If only the world could understand this and if only the world could accept this, then you will get to know the bible.
We know the bible.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But the ...(inaudible) was destroyed, then they plundered the cities, and took the stone away triumphantly, and the people, they were women and children, because the army was already beaten, they hit them with a sharp sword so that there was not a soul left ...’
You see, they also already murdered the soul.
Yes, that bible, that bible.
And we have four hundred thousand new bibles again.
The queen got a new edition again, a new tape which twenty-six professors worked on.
Oh oh oh, and then what?
And damnation again.
They have a new edition again.
They have worked on the bible for twenty-five years again: damnation again, the same story again.
A hole came into paradise, I believe.
It was marked off first and they ... a paper, and they ... like that, all of them ran into that corner.
They can look through that here and there.
No, there is still damnation.
Sir, for goodness’ sake, where must we go?
You sink into that rattle.
They are just like rattle snakes, madam, under the grass, they come from there, they rustle a bit, and you have a divine bite like that in your neck, they have got you.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Was the bible made then in order to make people afraid, or was the bible written in order to bring the people closer to the light?’
The bible was written in order to bring the human being to God.
But when the bible writers started, then the bible was improved, by one thing after the other.
And after that time by yet others.
And the actual creation was not explained.
And that is a pity.
But it could not be done any earlier, because they would also have murdered those people again.
They knew nothing about creation.
There was no contact.
You have prophets there in the bible, they are conscious murderers.
They are taken care of, they have the divine word, but they just start to slaughter there.
Do you accept that?
Well, no one accepts that anymore in this age.
If you know Christ anyway, Christ.
Now we have ...
Now they put words into those people’s mouths there, I can imagine that, about a half-witted prophet like that, who walked there and you call him ‘baldy’, and then he let twenty bears come there, that was god again, and he let the children be destroyed; but we do not have any respect for that.
But later, when Christ came, then they put material thing again on the lips of the divine Christ; in Gethsemane, on Golgotha, here and there, what He says, there is nothing left of His divine word.
That was explained by the human being again, and according to that cursed damnation again, that injustice.
Always that punishing in it. ‘Indeed, the human being was made afraid’, the masters say, ‘we could not begin with anything.’
‘Do not do wrong.’
There was talk at that time about damnation.
‘You damn yourself, you destroy your life.’
But they dragged along, made burning hells out of it.
And now that bible has already been changed five thousand times, and still lives in an animal-like grade, because that god loves one life and the other one is killed.
(Lady in the hall): ‘God loves all people.’
Yes, yes, they say that, but one gets a present from him and the other one gets nothing: that is the bible.
There are hundreds of thousands of mistakes in the bible, untruths, with regard to the real bible, which is cosmically true.
They are laws of nature, that is the life of God as He created himself: that is us, that is the animal world, that is Mother Nature.
We, God materialized himself.
But they still see a human being; outside of the cosmos and all life, they still see a deity.
They still do not know God.
Do you accept that?
Do you already accept that?
Now you get a metaphysical leap, madam.
Now you can say: ‘Do you know it now?’
I will now tell you: I was able to make fifty thousand journeys ‘behind the coffin’, as a child we began with that.
I was released, I started to look, and when I became thirty, then the masters came and they began for real.
And the first thing I asked, outside my body, I was sleeping there, I saw myself lying, and I went out of my body: ‘Is there a fire in hell?’
‘Is there damnation?”
And then I just continued and then I got my questions, and that is ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
Have you read that?
You see.
If you start to read that, madam, then you will really be in conflict with the bible.
And then there will no longer be a beginning of the bible, because you can throw that beginning overboard just like that, because the creations were already millions of years old.
The academics, the professors ...
Professor Doctor so and so, a theologian, recently on the radio - yes, unfortunately, something is falling in this century, and that is -: ‘The story of the bile, as it is in the bible, is untruth.’
On the radio.
So we are making progress.
They must already accept that the human being was not born as it was said in the bible.
Don’t you find that awful?
Millions of people, the whole justice consciousness of our society and the world is connected to the beginning of the bible.
And there is no divine justice in that, because there is beating and kicking there.
And now in this century, professors must, the theologians, must say on the radio, that happened three weeks ago, on the V.P.R.O. (Liberal Protestant Broadcasting corporation), carefully, unfortunately: ‘The beginning of the bible is in conflict with reality.
But’, he suddenly added, ‘for us there is always’, and that is God, ‘a place in all His worlds, for every human being.’
And he just continued quickly with that, or he would have shaken the whole V.P.R.O. to pieces.
Because the people were sitting listening in the Netherlands with their ears glued to the radio.
(Lady in the hall): ‘He reacted to: The story of Adam and Eve is no longer historically tolerable.’
‘Is no longer historically reliable’, he said.
‘Is no longer historically reliable, is no longer possible.’
Can you sense it?
But if we start to say: ‘The bible begins with nonsense, but so and so and so and so ...’
They received my ‘Peoples of the Earth’.
Sir, the human being was born in the waters.
A lady came here a moment ago, with the ‘Uitkijk’ (religious magazine), didn’t she?
Who was that?
It already says there: The human being was born in the waters, slowly crawled out of them.
But Jozef Rulof says it.
They will soon get to know the moon, madam.
Read my ‘The Origin of the Universe’ sometime.
They are sold out, but the library still has them.
The human being was born in the waters.
Then you get: from the divine plasma, protoplasm, creation will begin, and God - they call that God, but it is the All-Mother and the All-Father, the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Life - started to spiritualize and to materialize.
And then they ...
Yes, in the seventh cosmic grade, that was Christ, and His people wondered: ‘What should we call all of this?’
And then the earth got a name, and it was called God.
We call it, the masters call it in the cosmology: Wayti.
What is Wayti?
That is soul, that is spirit, that is life, that is light, that is fatherhood, motherhood, and that is the Divine word too.
But this is one God, here, all those people, there are perhaps three hundred of us here this evening, but we have one God here, one fatherhood and one motherhood.
We reach universal unity for the macro cosmos and for space, for life ‘behind the coffin’.
If you walk into a sphere there then you will see millions of fathers and mothers.
They call them angels, they are angels.
You should see those beauties, those men, those wonderful men of twenty-five years, who have a consciousness, awe-inspiringly deep for this space, and can explain every life spark of God; and that mother there as the motherhood of a world like that, a sphere like that; we will soon be that together with millions of mothers and men.
We represent the All-Mother, the All-Soul and the All-life as people.
That is the intention.
Now you should begin with the bible.
What now remains of it?
Yes, those stories.
Can you sense it?
If the new bible is published, madam, we will get the new bible, I have the five first books for the new bible lying ready at home.
You do not believe it.
The world still does not believe it.
But it begins there, in the All-Source, when there was still nothing, it begins there.
We can write five thousand of them.
And then we will just follow the human being.
And now you get the house of Israel, a house originated; the human being has a house again.
And it was Jacob, Abraham and Eve and Isaac and Moses.
And that whole, whole space there together is one family.
Noah also belongs to it with his cognac and his animals.
That is one family, that is one world, that is a beginning.
And then mankind got a mind, a belief.
Because mankind was metaphysical, not to be convinced directly with regard to God ‘behind the coffin’.
So people got a belief.
The masters began to work.
The human being who entered the astral world ‘behind the coffin’ came back and saw that he was alive.
Then he started to think.
That is the reality.
And then Moses was born.
And what did they make of it during all those centuries?
There is not much left of that deity.
And you will see, I will be proved right one day.
Because they keep beginning again with a new foundation and this is something in this century, that people had to say on the radio ...
People could not say that fifteen years ago, you should have tried that fifteen years ago, madam.
Fifteen years ago.
But now they come on the radio, the professor: ‘Unfortunately, it is no longer tolerable.’
That came from the V.P.R.O.
But Mr Spelberg (E. D. Spelberg, minister who spoke on the radio) does not talk about my book, he knows: ‘That man is right, damn it.’
But woe betide.
Then he will lose his people.
Madam, it concerns his bread.
In order to keep his bread, his job they hold back the evolution of mankind.
If they were to give me half an hour there sometime, then they could keep the bread.
I will feed myself with grass, with tree bark and frogs’ legs - well no, that is not allowed either (laughter) - apples and pears.
But Mr Spelberg may keep that bread, that honour if he just gives me half an hour, then he may do what he wants, madam, but we will not get that.
But yet they already know, that the bible begins with an untruth.
And now you could give them what for.
If only we had it.
Did you have anything else?
Will you read that now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Sir, I am not talking to you, I am having a lovely talk with that lady, hold your ...
Madam, we are talking to each other.
(To that gentleman): You must also learn that, do you know that?
Rebel. (laughter)
Madam, do you have nothing else?
Will you now begin with ‘A View into the Hereafter’?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, do you believe in all these stories about the great healing power of Jesus Christ?’
Yes, indeed.
Yes, now you are coming to something else again.
Yes, indeed.
Yes, not everything is wrong.
But it concerns: what is true about creation?
Can God have said that?
Is that God?
Or is it the people?
You must not analyse the Christ.
The Christ was divine.
But they put human thoughts on His lips, in Gethsemane, for example, which is the worst thing there is.
We are always faced with that fact again.
Christ is alone in Gethsemane, the apostles are lying there asleep, aren’t they, they were tired, the gentlemen.
It would happen.
And they all just fell asleep.
Christ had good helpers next to him.
Christ is lying there somewhere right in the distance in Gethsemane.
Who heard Him there?
There was no one to be seen in those surroundings.
And now people say, Christ implored and begged there: ‘My God, my God, let this cup pass from me.’
Do you believe that?
In Buchenwald and here in society the people were murdered and burned with cigarette ends.
During these five years of war the people have suffered physically even more than the Christ.
And they went into it and said nothing.
And if they had said what the matter was, for what they had fought, they would not have suffered those tortures; but the human being said nothing.
And that Christ in Gethsemane is sitting there: ‘Oh God, they want to kill Me.’
Because He must have said something like that.
‘They want to kill Me now, Our Lord.’
And He was Our Lord himself.
But, my God, who was ... did God also forsake Him on Golgotha too?
‘My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?’
If you wish to see it this evening, just stick to the wall here, nail me to it, I will also laugh right in your face.
No, but I will do it.
I will do it.
They ripped people’s nails from their toes, that happened; and they said nothing.
And the Christ must be so weak then?
Madam, what remains of the divine Messiah?
Here and there, and there and there and there, you can immediately say everywhere: ‘Stop, just read.
Stop, just stare.
It is true.’
Just go on
And He said ...
‘Bang, quiet: it is in conflict again here with reality.’
And at this rate you will never be finished.
Who wrote the bible?
People who were unconscious.
The bible writers were that far.
John and Peter, they were unconscious.
Peter walks next to the divine conscious God as a human being and also betrays Him, also renounces Him.
And what were those bible writers who did not even see, or know Him?
The moon, we will make a light for the night and one for the day.
They did not even know that the earth was already revolving.
When Galilei entered Rome and said to the pope: ‘The earth revolves around the sun’, then he was locked up.
They should have locked up those bible writers, then we would not have had this misery.
But, madam, that was not possible yet because mankind was still unconscious.
Now, in 1952, now we are still laughed at.
And soon, sir, madam, they will have to accept this, they are already beginning with it, there have been professors for a long time ... the biologists who are already fighting in Leiden.
There was a boy, a student of biology, and he has a discussion with a student of theology.
But the biologist has read my books and says: ‘Boy, I will fix you.
The bible begins with nonsense.
You are studying for nothing, soon they will send you into the street with nonsense.’
That boy stopped and said: ‘You are right.’
He went to the professor.
Yes, yes, it concerns a matter of honour.
If you start to say there in Leiden to a professor: ‘Professor, now the truth, or I will become a doctor, I will become a doctor.
But will you soon send me into the world with untruth?
Is the bible justified, is that the divine word when the bible begins?’
And then he must say now: ‘No.’
Because they know.
But why is the human being kept stupid, madam?
Suddenly people cannot take care of that mankind.
But gradually, push by push.
In a hundred years there will be someone on the V.P.R.O. and he will say: ‘He was right, then.’
But nothing will happen at that time, you know.
It will continue.
The animal ...
The door bell will ring in the morning: rrrt, and they will arrive there.
You should see her.
Yes, and just praying.
Did you have anything else, madam? (laughter)
And just praying.
Yes, I would like to let rip, but I am sending you home with a pile of nerves this evening, it is the last time this evening.
I will not let rip that much, but, oh, you could give them what for.
In the new season then I will really let rip, madam, about the bible.
You must then just bring the bible along, then we will begin for once.
Here we have bible experts, they are professors.
You should talk to those people.
Do you wish to have a nice conversation with people who know the bible well?
I have seen one Arie. Where is Arie?
Is he here?
Is the Heier here?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Mr Arie, ladies, stand up and look that beautiful man in the eye, he is a good man. (laughter)
Madam, he is a saint, I am just a big brute, but he is a saint.
You will come into contact with each other, and if you want to do that sometime, madam.
And if there are even more people who want to get to know the bible ...
If you do not want out of it yet: he will get you out, and he will also put you back in.
Good heavens, good heavens.
We do not have the time, but I like listening to those people.
We also had one here recently.
Thijs de Groot is also no slouch.
Madam, they are fighters.
Those people bled in order to be able to know, and then they got the books.
Now the bible lies open.
The bible also has seven different worlds to explain.
But the human being is still attached to damnation.
Sir, madam, oh, I wished that I was there, because that will be a good fight.
Are there any more people who want it?
Yes, watch out, because otherwise they will also lock him up in Scheveningen, because in Scheveningen he is already also the rebel of Jozef Rulof.
That is getting dangerous.
But he can explain the bible to you, madam.
And how?
A pleasure.
Then you will get a divine pudding, which you will want to eat more and more of.
Yes, with a nice sauce.
No, open and well, you look at the bottom like that.
We will just continue again.
‘Did you know that ...’ it says here.
‘How do the birds know when they have to fly to the south?’
From who is that, sir?
Sir, how does a homing pigeon know that it has to return home?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is the sixth sense.’
Yes, they say that, but what is the sixth sense?
Have you read ‘Spiritual Gifts’ by me?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Those two books?
Sir, both finished?
Sir, then you should know.
Then everything will lie open to you, then all those birds will lie, the waters, the eel too ...
Why does the eel search for seas in order to do something, to pair they say?
But the sea is giving birth, the sea is mother.
People call an ocean a sea.
And people call water water.
Don’t they?
It is wet.
But what is it actually, sir?
What is water actually?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mother.’
Yes, mother, yes, sir, we talked about it recently, but then we have still not worked it out.
It is divine plasma as material.
But as you see the ocean, sir, a huge sea, the All-Source was like that as soul and only as life, and that materialized itself.
Because every independence, the human being, a tree, a flower, the animal, waters, space ... we floated in space.
But that independence of water is just liquid giving birth, and nothing else.
You will find elemental laws there again.
You will find everything of the cosmos there in those waters, and that is only giving birth.
Why do the eels go again to the place in the middle of that ocean, where giving birth must take place?
What is that there in that area?
And then you have the natural instinct to give birth and to create.
But also for the protection again for cold and heat and warmth.
The animal adapts to nature; no, the animal takes care of itself, and finds and goes irrevocably to that current.
And now the human being says: ‘How can the animal find that now?’
And it is so perfectly simple.
Would you think, sir, that we, now that we know that we return to God, to the divine conscious All, that we ...
Yes, we sometimes go to the left and to the right, but then we do wrong, we were talking about that at the beginning of this evening.
But would you not think that those divine laws continued anyway and elevate us to that divine nirvana?
Every animal which belongs to the winged species, and the animal in the waters, and every grade of life possesses an own physical instinct.
And that instinct, sir, means that that animal absolutely - we now call it the sixth sense - possesses the sensing and the unity for his organism and his life.
And infallibly, sir, the heat draws the animal from the cold, and will live his time there, and will return until it is here again, because during those times the animal will give birth.
And do you know, sir, that so many birds now come from the East here to the West, sir?
(Lady in the hall): ‘In order to give birth here.’
In order to give birth here.
But why, madam, does that animal come from the East?
Now you will get the answer.
Why does the animal come back here to Holland from that heat and to Scandinavia, to Europe to give birth, sir?
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Because the consciousness of the West is higher than of the East, and the animal, the winged animal is also higher in consciousness than the lower species, it looks for the consciousness of the human being.’
Sir, you are close, but you are completely off the mark.
But this is a cosmic question, and I got it, a moment ago while talking I got to see it from master Alcar.
I do not think that you will find out.
And you will soon say again: ‘How can it be?’
How simple it is.
If I just tell you one word of it, that whole creation will lie open to you.
But you will not find out.
And the academic will not find out either.
The nature researchers will not find out.
The animal experts not, the bird watchers not.
What is it, madam?
Do you know?
(Lady in the hall): ‘For the evolution.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘For the evolution.’
Yes, of course for the evolution.
The animal gives birth.
But why absolutely to here?
(People talk at the same time.)
(Lady in the hall): ‘When they leave again, that they keep on coming back to the same spot.’
We were talking about that.
It is the instinct of the animal.
Therefore infallibly - now we will answer the first question - the animal goes to the East, to the West, to the North and the South.
The animal attunes itself.
The pigeon attunes itself to the love, to the possession, and that telepathic thread, that feeling, for the pigeon infallibly pulls that animal back.
The human being is exactly the same.
When you are on the spot once, and you take over the thought from the human being, you are telepathically one, then you are sent it like that, and that pulls the animal, the pigeon, back.
But why?
(To the sound technician): How many minutes do I have left?
‘Another three minutes.’
Three minutes.
Then we will continue with that soon.
But why?
I will really tease you before the interval.
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... the highest organism ...’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because the white race (see has the highest organism.’
Yes, the white race (see has the organism.
But is that pigeon also the white race (see
No, no no no.
That pigeon has no Dutch people and no French and no Belgians and no Germans.
And it has to do with acclimatising.
But what is it actually?
What is there in that heating process?
Ladies and gentlemen, if you just learn to think, if you just learn to think.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Nature.’
What did you say, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The law of nature.’
Yes, madam, it is a law of nature.
But why does that bird come, all those birds, why do they just come back to us in the summer?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because the bird is the animal which possesses a higher grade in order ...(inaudible) to rise.’
Yes, madam, but it is not that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The heating of the animal in order to brood is in its way in the East.’
Sir, you have worked it out!
It goes too fast in the East, ladies.
If the animal has to brood there, and it is part of it, then that animal will have attunement to those laws.
Why do the Eastern birds have that?
It now concerns those animals which come here, for that species, they find attunement to our climate, and in the East it goes too fast for those species.
They would lay the eggs there, and would already hatch of their own accord after twenty-two, twenty-four hours, but then it goes too fast.
So fast, ladies and gentlemen, that creation is not there.
Because you come back to yourself again, and with the birth of an animal, of a human being, of everything it goes slowly towards that awakening.
And that cannot be too cold and it may not be too hot, it may not have too much heat.
Because then you get the direct rotting.
But that rotting, an egg which the bird has already been sitting on for about ten days, also starts to rot, but that is still living giving birth.
And that smells too, you know, but that is still not complete rotting.
A rotting process is something entirely different.
But it goes, for our European species it goes too fast in the East.
And now the animal comes, the animal must in order to give birth, the swallows and all those other species, and the storks too, must return to our climate, because in the East, sir, the stove is always red-hot.
Because they are not only born there, but they are baked there too.
Look, it is about: what does that little animal have to do with as an organism?
What is acclimatisation?
To which laws of life do these animals belong?
Because we have northern animals, we have southern animals, eastern animals, and we have western animals.
In other words, sir, and this is the last answer for this: the animal which belongs to the West, will also give birth and create in a western way.
And the eastern animal, just go to Avifauna (bird sanctuary in Alphen aan de Rijn), there you will see so many eastern animals, which do not lay here because they have been taken from their harmonic natural life and instinct.
And now they see very little eggs.
Don’t you think that is nice and simple?
Isn’t it simple, Mister Professor?
Isn’t it simple when you get to know the laws and see that the North has polar bears?
True or not?
And here in the West we have hens.
The East has sacred cows.
Yes, they are also there.
And if we go there, then we come to the South Pole, and it is also cold there.
And it is also cold there.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you know this evening, before you get tea, the difference between a sparrow and an elephant?
Then I welcome any answers.
See you soon.
Ladies and gentlemen, we also have here ...
Oh yes, in the first place: we will come back the first Thursday in September, that is the fourth, I think.
If we are not away before that time, you will see.
Yes, we do not know yet, you know, you will hear about it.
Perhaps you will come here for nothing, I don’t know, I said last week: I am going to Turkey, I want to go to Morocco, because there are also some people there who can be reached.
Those Dutch people get far too much.
But, ladies, according to the teachings of Hendrik and of Bartje we will come back on fourth of September.
I have here: ‘This is still an unresolved issue.
You know: How do birds know when they must fly to the South?
This is still an unsolved question although there is a modern theory whereby it is announced that birds are sensitive to the changing of the light and the length of the day when autumn comes.’
You see, they are already close, and that is acclimatisation, that is the constitution of the animal.
The grade of life of the organism with regard to Mother Nature, the West, the East and the South has, possesses instinct and that instinct takes itself to the cold or to the heat as the body needs that.
Is it not perfectly simple, sir?
And then we also get: ‘And that they likewise can sense in spring the fact that there is more light and a longer day, when the sun climbs higher.’
That is already change of climate.
They sense that?
No, sir, that body itself sends the life as an animal back to that attunement.
It all happens inwardly.
The life finds attunement by means of the organism to that climate, to East, to West, to North or South.
And now you have the different types of organisms of course.
One grade, in one species of animal winged life there are perhaps a thousand species, in one grade.
And those grades all adapt themselves again.
If you now get to see a transition, for example, then you get that animal in Norway, for example or already a bit behind in Germany, against both the cold and the heat.
And when you now know creation, and you know that evolution of animal and human being and nature too, then everything is also open to the biologist, sir.
Do you not believe that?
When he knows creation as God, as the All-Source created this, and how those bodies manifested themselves, then you can analyse and determine the life, the soul - the soul of course - and the feeling of the organism.
And that is for the waters and the animal in the woods and on the land.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘However, this theory has a few weaknesses.
She does not explain, for example, how birds who overwinter in the parts around the equator, where day and night are always the same, could know when they must leave for the North.
Has one of our readers ever heard another explanation?’
From who is that?
‘General electric news service.’
From who is that, sir?
Is that a magazine?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is in our house newsletter.’
In the house newsletter.
Sir, these questions take you ...
It is too much, it will be some fifty pages.
And under fifty it will still be no use to you because you must go right through nature.
You must, if you take a swallow now, then you must be able to follow the attunement of the swallow and the ducks.
Where did those ancestors, those prehistoric parents of those animals live?
Then you must go back in order to follow and to analyse the becoming conscious and the awakening and the evolution of that organism; it is only then that you can explain why those birds still have the natural instinct.
A bird has it, for that matter, a bird always has it.
Because a bird has not split up its inner life.
No more than a snake and a crocodile and the other animal species in the jungles.
But that is becoming too much, otherwise I would react to it.
Any more questions about this, ladies and gentlemen?
Have you already been purified a bit from the swearing?
How we let rip, sir, didn’t we?
But if you have think ...
Are there no more questions about this?
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I recently had a conversation with someone and he ... the laying space in Indonesia ...’
What is the matter with that man?
‘ ... he ... the laying for a chicken, which actually belongs here, but they are also kept there, aren’t they?’
You can move an animal, sir.
You can take a chicken with you to India.
But then the chicken has ...
Here it is again, we are talking about winged animal species and now you come back to the human being again.
And now the human being, and the animal, can live somewhere.
But the animal is just as miserable as the human being.
If you take a pair of chickens to India, then they must also still acclimatize and then they get warm snot.
I once heard someone, he says: ‘How can they have snot in India?’
But they had snot.
That chicken must acclimatize, but that animal has attunement again to the human being, because the chicken belongs to the human being.
And then you can say: ‘What kind of nonsense is that?’
But - if you can accept that - all life originated from the human being.
The chicken was born from our liver and spinal marrow.
And there are other species.
So of course the chicken has that power, that feeling for that space; that organism can deal with that resistance.
And yet there are many who succumb.
But we are talking about the winged animals.
A chicken also has wings, but when it comes higher it comes up against the barbed wire anyway.
I mean to say, we get the free nature, the natural instinct.
But the chicken is already separate from that natural instinct.
Because that animal adjusts completely to the social being the self of the human being.
So we were not talking about that.
We were talking about swallows, ducks, other birds, storks ...
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Sir, if there is an albino amongst the birds is it often rejected by its own species, because it does not have the natural camouflage?’
It is exiled, sir.
‘Is that disharmony?’
That is already the danger, those parents already know: they will be lethally wounded anyway, or whatever.
Sir, if you go into nature, wolves, lions, you hear it so often, I am always interested in that,
If you go to the North Pole with the penguins and the polar bears; there is a weakling amongst them, sir, it goes into the water and then they suddenly know it ...
The Eskimos hold the children under ice-cold water and then they suddenly know whether it is one who will live long.
But otherwise the child goes into the ground.
It is like this: they determine it themselves.
A mother dog feels that: there are two amongst them who are weak, do not make it anyway, or prickles, aren’t they ...
A pedigree animal, we say a woozy one, a bastardised one, that is already the division of natural consciousness, so divisions of the instinct, then you get a bastardisation.
Sir, it does not matter to that mother whether eight or ten are born.
But the actual good pedigree, sir, a sheepdog, for example, will bite such a weakling to death just like that.
Takes it out of the nest.
What is that?
Own protection.
You will sense it.
And there are millions of feelings, phenomena.
And science, the biologist, the nature expert is still powerless because he does not know the life of feeling of the animal and the organism and creation, space, the world of this animal.
But every action of an animal, you would think that that could not be analysed, you would think that an animal does that and that, just like that?
Does an animal not have feeling?
Why does an animal throw the weak children out of the nest?
What kind of false friend is that, that cuckoo, which just lays its eggs in another bird’s nest, that lazybones, which lets a little bird be tortured there?
And that young - that was in that magazine recently - that young cuckoo crawls there, he is still completely bald, crawls and throws until those other eggs out of there: he is alone there.
The young cuckoo kills the young.
And then sir grows up, and then sir also has the space.
What kind of crazy instinct is that?
And then the young cuckoo sits there, and a sparrow like that, a wood pigeon like that just has to feed that big cuckoo.
And he swallows everything, and father and mother do not care, because the animal is being taken care of.
What kind of parasitism is that?
You can analyse everything, sir.
Characteristics of animal and human being.
But do you not have anything else this evening?
I am finished, who has any more questions?
Here we are now.
Yes, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I recently heard on the radio about the northern lights, does science still not know what it is?’
They know that, they know that, madam.
Science knows: it is a division of cold and heat.
Science knows that.
Did that man say that they did not know?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That they were searching there, because the radioactivity was increased because of that.’
Yes, madam, but the academics, the physicists are so far that they - I heard it myself for that matter, they were talking about it on the radio university, last year - that they can very certainly give that and that explanation about the northern lights.
It is a collision between light and darkness, and heat and cold.
And they are that far.
But in order to build up the first foundations ...
They did not used to know either what a rainbow was.
And it is heading there.
Can you sense it?
It is North and South, and West and East, come into a collision.
And they call that the northern lights, but it is the final part of that and that quickening.
Of how many millions?
What happens in that macro cosmos if those northern lights are seen?
What is the matter, madam, when you are there in Iceland, at the North Pole, and you get seven, eight months of darkness, four months of daylight?
What is all of that?
Did you think that they were not that far?
They are a long way now.
Before people looked at those natural phenomena, now they are explained, because the human being gets to know, well, the quickening, the origin of that.
What is it like in the North?
What is the centrifugal force for the North, for the West?
We talked about centrifugal forces of the macro cosmos recently, but that is also in every insect again.
The macro cosmos is in the most insignificant grain of sand.
So you get everything materialized again; you see that again in the micro cosmos.
A bit far from home, don’t you think?
Is there anything else?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, why does one person die early and the other late?’
Hahaha, now you are having me on.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, you said it yourself recently: why do you not ask that.’
Yes, but do you not know what that is then?
You know that.
Why does one person pass on, does he die, early and the other late?
In the first place there is no dying, madam.
And there is no one who goes too soon or too late.
(Lady says something.)
No, but that is there now.
So there is no swearing, there is no damnation and there are no sins, and no one passes on too soon.
It is possible.
Because of nonchalance, because of recklessness you can pass on a bit too early.
But your real evolution, so that is the divine continuance, nothing can be messed up about that.
Do you know who that is?
It is about that now.
I will therefore take you from the human thinking to the divine.
Nothing can be fragmented from the divine evolution, madam.
Even if you commit murder after murder, even if you live it up and you commit arson, lie and cheat, and you can live it up as much as you want: nothing can be changed about it.
The human being passes on too soon, and not for God again.
Isn’t that nice?
But what is it due to?
I explained it to you recently, I explained it to you at least twenty times.
What happens now if the human being passes on too soon?
Is there then a question of passing on too soon?
Yes, indeed, a human being is murdered, a human being is knocked down by a tram just like that.
A motorbike rider, we talked about it, he is driving at two hundred kilometres per hour, he knows absolutely: he will go.
Those aeroplanes now, those jet planes, the people who have to go and sit in them and must soon fly at two thousand kilometres per hour murder themselves, they pass on too soon.
They pass on too soon.
But that is humanly passing on too soon.
And we did not talk about that.
I will therefore go now from the human, not the spiritual, but to the divine evolving and nothing can be fragmented about that.
But where does that live now?
Where can you see and experience in that wonderful world of the human being, where can you see and experience that law?
There is nothing of God, ladies and gentlemen, you can ...
I will just say it this evening, then you can experience a lovely holiday.
You cannot mess up or fragment anything of God.
You just live it up; you cannot destroy, cannot darken the divine core in you.
You cannot do anything.
Nothing can be messed up about the divine core in you, this is now cosmology.
This is why: swearing does not exist, there is no damnation.
And even if the human being commits so many sins: sins do not exist.
How holy we are becoming, don’t you think?
But just begin with it; you will be faced with your own deeds soon anyway.
You cannot escape that.
And where those people live, we did something to each other at present which has to do with God, has attunement to the divine reality, harmony, justice, then we come to face each other in a hundred thousand years’ time, and we will infallibly make amends to each other.
And yet God did not punish us.
But where does the law of God lie when we speak of: ‘Why does one person pass on early, too early and the other one does not?’
And it is not there, and yet it is there.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, I do not mean too soon, I mean: why does one person pass on soon ...’
Yes, it all remains the same.
Too early, or early.
Too early is already, that already takes you to destruction.
But why does one person pass on late?
And why does one person pass on early?
Madam, there is no, in the first place no late in the cosmos, in space.
And there is no early either.
(Lady says something.)
Yes, madam, but it is not due to that.
(People talk at the same time.)
We are talking about this: why nothing can be messed up about the divine law.
I pass on because of a motorbike, I am driving at two hundred kilometres per hour.
I am having a nice box and that man hits me one under my chin and I fall down, I fall down dead: and gone.
Too early.
But not for God.
But what happens to that personality now?
Why, you must listen, why can that human being not be boxed, flung from his divine harmonic life?
But it happens.
And yet it is not like that.
I want to take you there.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because the soul cannot be destroyed.’
No, madam, it is not that.
But can you feel this?
You must listen carefully, I explained it to you here.
We think humanly.
But because of this you learn to think.
We think humanly, it is a human problem.
The human being passes on early and the human being passes on late.
That is all evolution.
Because there is no passing on, madam.
So that passing on already does not exist.
Why does someone go away too early, away early, and another person late?
Early and late do not exist in the cosmos, for God.
There is only eternal continuance.
Even if you do such wrong this evening, you are still busy moving forward.
Isn’t it nice?
Now we will really tease the ladies tomorrow.
Don’t you think so, sir?
Piet Hein, watch out.
Now watch out.
‘Watch out’, someone says.
‘Watch out’, and then I looked and then there was something lying there.
And then the earth was trembling.
‘Watch out’, we say now.
But where does it live, madam?
You can now start to see the problems, humanly, spiritually, spatially, divinely.
And now this, I will connect you absolutely and directly with the divine event and there is no being early, no being late.
And there is no damnation and there is no sin.
There is nothing more.
There is only God.
Isn’t it nice?
But where does it live?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Is that in connection to our life aura?’
Yes, it also has to do with that, but it is not that anyway.
(Lady in the hall): ‘With cause and effect?’
Also madam, but it is not that either.
Do you see?
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Karma has not been yet.’
Yes, sir, but it is not that. (laughter)
Yes, sir, but it is not that.
What is it now?
I explained it to you.
You read books, you read ‘Spiritual Gifts’, oh oh oh, ‘A View into the Hereafter’, and they still do not know it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, madam.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Do they remain in the state that they ...(inaudible) pass on anyway?’
Yes, that is heading that way now.
Now we will go on that path.
I will just help you now.
You must watch out.
Someone passes on too early because of nonchalance, recklessness.
But now you must listen, that human being, that spirit is not released from his earthly state, and still remains caught in that sphere.
So there is no change for God.
Only the human being has beaten and kicked himself from the day conscious life.
And no more than that.
So that divine law still continues.
You finish your life in that sphere.
And when the end comes, madam, then the aura has dissolved, then there is your time, we call it time; no, then the birth and the fatherhood have been experienced and the soul as a human being continues in order to reincarnate.
That is the divine law.
So nothing happens.
Only this happens: we only just bring misery home.
We beat and kick, we destroy the divine harmonic unity and the light and the love and the cordiality and the benevolence, the going hand in hand with God through our life.
We destroy that.
Now we are in a mess, aren’t we?
Now we are in a mess.
And then there was evening, (laughter) the fourth day, ladies and gentlemen, and God said: ‘So be it.
It all fits exactly.’
But we are left with the misery.
And at the same time we were chased out of paradise.
Then we were out of it and the snake also said to us, madam: ‘Ssssss, pt.’ (laughter)
And then an angel came from heaven with a glowing sword and said: ‘Get out, rascals.
Go away.’
We are beginning to be rebellious again this evening.
But that is not okay.
Ladies and gentlemen, then it was the fifth day. (laughter)
But then we did not have a street, not a country, we had nothing more, because we were eternally damned then.
‘And by means of pain and poverty and misery you will give birth to your children.’
As if that had not been happening for a long time in paradise. (laughter)
It concerned the little children.
And when we were outside, we got the answer for the first time.
What kind of strange Lord was that, wasn’t he?
First we were sitting nice and ...
Oh no, was it you or was it me? (laughter)
There was just one Adam and one Eve.
And now we have a hundred million of them.
All sins.
They are the scapegoats of paradise. (laughter)
What fun they will have with it in heaven, now that is like this.
How nice it is, isn’t it?
Peter said: ‘Oh oh oh, Our Lord, what a chaos they made of it.
I am a hypocrite of course, because I renounced the Christ.
But I changed it, didn’t I.’
But that paradise there, oh, what herd animals they are there.
Oh, oh, oh.
Och och och, you should hear the drama.
Do you not have anything else this evening?
Because we were in paradise, yes, I took you there.
Listen to the snake hissing, it hisses under my heart, madam.
(To someone in the hall): What is it?
(Lady in the hall): ‘It says in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ ...’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘It says in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ ...’
No, madam, no, if you know how the Spheres of Light originated, and you really love at a hundred percent strength ...
Madam, then you would not even be sitting here any longer.
Then you would be there a long time ago.
But we are all busy awakening and evolving, in order to learn something, in order to master something.
You all experience a purification sphere.
Do you mean that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes but, I thought ... in the ‘Grebbe Line’ ... but then you awaken in the first sphere, don’t you?’
You can do that.
One in millions of people will have that attunement.
And they are also truly extraordinary lives.
And what do you want to know about that?
(Lady says something.)
Oh, do you also know that?
If you now read ‘A View into the Hereafter’, madam, then you will work it out for yourself.
The human being wants to read.
Someone gave another person a book, a lady. ‘Oh’, she says, ‘what do I have to do with that childish carry-on, there is nothing, that is no style.’
And then that master asked me: ‘What should I give that lady?’
I say: ‘Sir, nothing.
Absolutely nothing from us.’
Because ‘A View into the Hereafter’ is childishly explained and written.
And are you trying to deceive me now that you are already adult in the spirit?
You are not that, no one is that.
But that lady found that style too childish.
And that was written so wonderfully childishly, that a writer said: ‘I wish I could do that.’
But the human being can no longer think childishly.
And the child of the bible is a child, but a child of the other side is even more childish, because then the Christ said: ‘Let the little children come unto Me.’
And if you start to read that, madam, that childish talk and questioning, if you give that consciousness for yourself, everything, everything, everything of your character and our society, the people, the animal and space, then you will enter that first sphere, and you will be in harmony with all the laws of God and life ‘behind the coffin.’
Let us just begin with it.
Don’t you think?
What did you say just now?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That I am very busy.’
Oh, you are busy with it.
Which one of you?
Yes, sir
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘What is our blood and our heart like on the fourth cosmic grade, may I know that from you?’
Sir, just like brandy. (laughter)
Yes, you are laughing now.
I do not mean that fire in the brandy, but I mean the transparency of that material.
It becomes more and more rarefied.
And in the seventh cosmic grade, sir, the human being no longer possesses any blood.
But not any more on the fourth cosmic grade.
(To someone in the hall): What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... no longer a heart?’
You still have a heart there.
What will your heart be like in that world?
What is the intention of your heart?
Yes, what is the intention of that?
What did the All-Source, therefore God, mean by your heart?
Why do you have red blood here in your veins?
(Gentleman says something.)
Because you are of noble birth?(laughter)
Because you are of noble birth.
Yes, sir, then we have blue blood.
But it no longer means anything in this age.
No, sir, because you still have an animal-like attunement.
You are still a mammal. (laughter)
Ladies and gentlemen, however beautiful you are, you are still just a mammal.
(To someone in the hall): What did you say?
You are a male mammal, sir.
But science really says, and that is the truth: we still belong to the mammals.
But when we get spiritual wings, sir, here it comes, then your blood dissolves and your blood changes, because your blood, the human blood, still has the animal-like attunement.
You still suck the milk from your mother.
Now you want to drink the cosmos.
And we are busy with that, sir, but we are really mammals for God and space.
Did you know that?
(Gentleman says something.)
Called a deity.
Yes, we are gods.
But as a natural attunement, for the organism, sir, we are mammals.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... are still a swearer.’
Yes, we are not talking about that now whether you are swearers, a thief and a murderer, we are not talking about that, that is something else.
But your body, sir, still has the animal-like attunement.
And when that changes ...
Your question is: ‘What is our blood like there?’
Sir, what does it matter to you?
It is perfectly simple, if you go back to the divine, your eyes change; your body no longer changes, well, you only become more beautiful.
So you will be as the divine quickening is, which keeps the balance between your life of feeling and the heartbeat of your tick-tick inside.
You do not understand that of course.
But that means: you will be quickening, giving birth and creating.
And as your life grows with regard to space and planetary systems, higher and higher, your organism changes.
And soon you will no longer have any red blood.
And there is no question of blue blood, of course.
Do you know it now?
No, I thought so, sir.
But I will not go into it either, because it is too far away for me.
Sir, what does it matter to me what kind of blood I have later.
It does matter to me who I will be there, spiritually.
What does it matter to me, sir, what I, what I will be like in the Divine All, if I just feel the Divine All in me now.
What does it matter to me, sir, whether I enter the darkness or the first sphere, sir; I know how I will come out of there.
You just keep talking about the first sphere and the second sphere and the heavens.
Sir, I never do.
Later when we go out of there, I do not even want to go there.
Don’t you find that strange?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus said in Diligentia: we will all go to the Divine All.’
Yes, sir, you will go there.
But do you know who lives in the heavens?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Your brother.’
Listen ...
No, sir.
Listen, those who are spiritually finished and dead tired, they live there, the sick people.
That does not mean that they are physically sick.
But those who meditate inhabit the heavens.
And the spiritually sound are on the earth, in space, in order to bring the human being back to God.
Or do you want to be lazy there too?
Sir, I do not care about a heaven.
I do want to have the heaven inside.
Because when you have it, then you do not want to go there.
No, you start to search for it amongst the unconscious being, you want to experience the human being, and because of that you bring your heaven to consciousness.
Master Alcar and master Zelanus are still away.
‘I am going to my house.’
Yes, sir, but then they will perhaps be at the North Pole and they will learn nothing there.
Once you are ‘behind the coffin’, in the first and the second and the third sphere, sir, then you cannot lose hardly anything else of your life.
You are no longer understood for the earth as a conscious being from the fourth and the fifth sphere.
Who can reach you now in that world, in that astral world, in that infinity?
Did you think that I would sit down and look at my flowers and go for a walk there?
I have seen millions of men and women there.
I say: ‘Lazybones, what are you doing here?’
‘Oh, someone is saying something there.’
‘Yes, sir, someone is saying something, someone who comes from the earth, and is conscious on earth.
Lazybones, why do you represent the heavens?
What are you getting up to here?’
Listening to music, to Mozart?
It is possible.
Looking at the flowers, being one with the flowers?
What did you think, sir, how the heavens are inhabited?
Sir, they are sick people.
No, they are no longer sick, they are tired, they are meditating.
They are busy mastering creation.
But that is still a standstill in any case.
The highest consciousness, sir, that goes to the unconscious being, that descends into dark spheres and tries to reach the human being there, by means of the work, this is how master Zelanus managed to be the mouthpiece for the University of Christ.
He was in the darkness for nine centuries, he couldn’t care less about luminous spheres.
Because his world awakened and grew in him, while walking, while thinking and feeling and acting.
What will you do tomorrow?
(Gentleman says something.)
Fine, sir, but be careful, now you must watch out so much.
If you want to stand on the street tomorrow, want to go to work and you cling to the human being who is not ready for that and you say: ‘Sir, do you know anything about the hereafter which Jozef Rulof proclaims?’
Then they will say: ‘Vroooh’, sir, ‘police!’
Then you will already be in the ...
Sir, if the human being comes to you, then you can tell something.
You just walk, you just walk, but then you must not go and look for the people in the church and not at the confessional box either.
Do you know where the human being can perhaps be reached, sir?
(Gentleman says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘On a sickbed.’
On a sickbed.
You are now putting on a very high hat.
But higher than high.
Which the world still does not know.
Then you are a bit noticeable, sir.
Yes, why not?
You do not walk upside down through life, but you put something on, and then you are noticeable; from inside, you must just wait and see.
But you are doing something.
Take, for example, a ladder and a broom with you, and you act the spirit chimney sweep.
What would you think of that?
Then someone will say: ‘Sir, what do you mean with that ladder?’ and then you will say ...
What do you wish to do?
(People talk at the same time.)
Then you will say: ‘Sir, that ladder means: in order to climb up to God.
And the broom: in order to sweep you clean.’
Then you will go into the madhouse again.
No, I do not know it.
Sir, if you meet the human being in nature and he is fishing, and you walk there and he clings to you, then do not wait too long if you feel that he is open and give him the word, a first stimulus.
But do not go too far, because then the human being will already feel cheated and lied to.
The human being does not want to be bothered by our teachings and by cosmic wisdom.
Sir, people do that differently on the other side.
A human being has to shout for that.
And if you get a person shouting like that, sir, then give all the powers to that human being, and then you can talk and then it will go in.
Then you will just begin.
And then you are busy in the darkness?
No, sir, then you still have light.
But in those hells, read ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, it is not so simple there, sir.
Because you must now be conscious for destruction and brutalisation and that sucking dry, because they suck you dry there and you must remain yourself.
But here it is still not an art.
But what I am concerned with is this: the Spheres of Light are inhabited by those who meditate.
Behind the fourth sphere, sir, that already no longer comes back to the earth.
Even if master Alcar gave his teachings and his wisdom, that is from the University of Christ, but that fourth sphere is already preparing itself for the fourth cosmic grade, for a new material universe.
But the rest goes back and looks at earth, in the sphere of the earth - only the earth can be reached - or there is a human being to be shaken away, because as a result of this the human being grows.
I have said here once or twice, it is a hopeless task to teach the human being, but if you begin ...
You will also begin with it.
I saw my house there, my space, flowers are already coming in there, sir, from another person, because of another person, I can pull them from the ground, but they come back again themselves, because you are also busy.
And that goes from me to master Zelanus, and from master Zelanus it goes to master Alcar, and then it goes higher and higher until God ... the Christ absolutely gets the profits.
And it is not honest, because He gave everything.
Did you have anything else?
Which one of you?
Yes, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... if Christ was as a human being on earth in order to make us divine?’
Yes, indeed.
Read ‘The Peoples of the Earth.’
Have you finished that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
It is in that.
Christ was born on the moon as a human being, as we people, with His first people, they are the first embryos which reached spiritualization and materialization because of that growth, He started His journey, and He was the first one, with those people, who entered the Divine All.
He was exactly a murderer like that and a cannibal like we were.
A psychopath, an insane person.
He experienced motherhood, fatherhood.
God did not create any other worlds, other people, because Christ belongs to us.
But the university, the theologian and the theologists still have to get to know Him like that.
For that study, for theology and divinity, madam, the Christ is God’s Son, He only just came directly from God to the earth in order to bless mankind.
No more than that.
And Christ said: ‘Before you were, I was already there.’
Christ is speaking about reincarnation, that He was born there and there into the house of Israel.
He is talking about that, isn’t he, Arie?
There you have the reincarnation of the Christ.
And the human being says: ‘No.’
But the Christ went through the macro cosmos, from planet to planet, was just as unconscious as we are, and then you can talk with the Christ as brother of the earth, and sister.
And then you certainly do not need to address him formally.
I addressed him informally and then I heard Him, I saw Him.
Then I got the answer.
And then He came.
It concerned Himself.
If that was not there, the whole cosmos would not have meant a jot to me, I would have thrown the books of master Alcar in a corner, I would have said: ‘First an answer.
Otherwise I will stand still.’
I also stood still.
And it went further than master Alcar could bring?
No, it went straight around the Messiah.
And I would have had no work to do for His world, for His space, I would never have received an answer.
Did you think so?
He would not have been interested at all, then master Alcar’s books, the books of the masters, would have gone in the fire.
But I had to have an answer.
And then I understood, I saw that several times, that this was reality.
I saw the hereafter.
I think: but now it concerned the Christ.
And if you really want to hear Christ then and it concerns His life and mankind, and Israel, madam, then He will be standing next to you in five minutes’ time.
But it must concern reality.
And our shouting and our praying and questioning does not help you anyway.
Because you do not touch His life.
And now you start to pray, and then you can continue to pray for a thousand years, and be so holy, you will not touch Him, madam.
Because you must go through cannibalism, you must go through the universe, you must travel that long path, and then say goodbye to the earth, build up the hereafter, the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh, and then you enter the Divine All, and you can reach Him there.
But then you must walk that long path, that cosmic path, you must walk that, otherwise your questioning and searching and begging will not get through to Him, because you walk, you go around the laws.
Do you sense this?
If you want to experience motherhood from Christ, mothers: tomorrow you will have the answer why you cannot have the child.
But then you must go as a mother to the Christ and experience and speak to Him as All-Maternal consciousness, then you can feel a prayer.
And if you are in that ...
This is why I am not afraid to swear, because swearing does not exist, I know the Christ, I know God.
I know all the laws, through the masters.
I am from the clay.
Are you not forgetting that?
I am nothing.
I am only an instrument.
But because I was it, and because I became it, I experienced that cosmos.
We are no longer afraid of anything.
I will not go too early, not too late.
For me all those miseries for the human being have been dissolved.
I know them.
There are no longer any ups and downs.
Disease, what does a disease matter to me, if I have to die from it, sir ... I will not die from it.
I will also tell you: you do not need to ask for pains and tortures.
Because that is stupid, isn’t it?
That is also insane overconfidence, megalomania.
We are not talking about that.
But for a dead ...?
And to do something for Christ, if I can achieve something with that, my God, take away my light, take away my kidneys, take away my blood; what can I get for that?
Surely in order to let those people there now in society have frills?
Oh, how wonderful it is if you give a human being your cornea; yes, indeed, in order to later cut the light from the eyes of another human being there by means of a word, by means of a beating, by means of a kick, by means of misery, by means of grumbling.
Who gives me the certainty that those people do nothing else with my light, with my cornea, than goodness?
Then you can get thousands of eyes from me.
Yes, I am a bit crazy to make a human being even worse by means of my sight.
That is attached to it.
What can I serve for Our Lord?
The human being says: to devote my life.
Yes, indeed, yes, indeed.
What will happen to my good things which I - which another person wants to use up and wants to give for good will - which I want to give for good will, but not for destruction?
Isn’t it true?
Another question, madam?
Because we were on the subject of the Christ a moment ago and then it is becoming interesting.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, I also wanted to ask something.
If Christ began like we did, I will just say, how could He be so far ahead of us then and we are still unconscious?’
But my dear child, how far ahead of the people in the jungle are you?
People still live there, do you not know them?
(Jozef drums on something) The whole day from eight in the morning to twelve o’clock at night.
Yes, sir, just laugh, why don’t you, make me black and I will show you an Indian dance. (laughter)
But I will shout just like those people: ‘Hoohoohoohoo ...’ (Singing a bit) (laughter)
Sir, it takes millions of years before that jungle there, those beautiful black people (when these contact evenings were held from 1949 to 1952, the word ‘black’ was a common name to refer to someone with a dark skin colour), those beautiful people there, who decorate themselves with shells like that, it will just take a few million years before they possess your white body.
Madam, now you are being proved right anyway, there is a beginning and there is an end, isn’t there?
And yet there is an injustice.
Because one person is already far away and the other one is still not far away.
Why did God not suddenly create himself, suddenly create all those lives?
Is there a too early and a too late?
Is there a beginning and an end?
If you can accept that there is no beginning and no end either, then there is no too early and no too late, and no early and no late, but then the jungle is just the same, exactly the same as the white race (see, the brown kind and black one.
Then you now already live in the divine stage, madam.
But you do not believe that yourself.
Mothers, ladies, mothers, children, you are goddesses.
Bbrrbrr. (laughter)
They would like that, sir, wouldn’t they?
And the gentlemen are gods.
Yes, indeed, no one accepts that.
Yes, the person who is very nice.
Human gods.
Can you sense where I want to take this?
We are it.
But just outside the door and from the silence of paradise, and our lips begin to chatter.
Pugh, we say then.
Madam, we have not made it yet.
But there is no beginning and no end.
We are busy evolving.
Christ is not too early there‚ because the other side is inhabited.
The Divine All is already inhabited.
And now you can talk for millions of years, about millions of ages, then we will still not be in the Divine All.
From here, from the earth to the fourth cosmic grade, to have to experience and to end that, madam, already takes a hundred million lives for you.
And then I may also continue to talk for a few thousand years about a hundred million organisms as mother and as father, and then I will still not have experienced the fourth cosmic grade.
And I will still be in the beginning and the end.
But what would you think of that, madam, we will soon get one life on the fourth cosmic grade, and that will take approximately, according to earthly time, seven hundred thousand years and four hours. (laughter)
Yes, madam, in one life our life lasts seven hundred thousand years and four hours and five minutes according to our clock.
But there is no longer any time there, and there is no longer any end there, because we go to the sixth, fifth cosmic grade, we go to the eternally being a human being as God.
And then there is never an end anymore.
We are always young.
How annoying that is becoming.
How annoying that is becoming, madam.
Always looking at that same face in the marriage, always that same mother.
There is never an end to it.
That becomes annoying.
Don’t you think?
(Someone says something.)
No, but I am asking that question.
Someone once told me: ‘Well, then what?
Then we are in the Divine All.
Always the same thing and always nothing more than that.’
I say: ‘Sir, it becomes annoying.’
I will ask you that question again: it becomes annoying, sir.
Sir, madam, will we just not stop?
What do we people have, still in these animal-like grades, materially, unconsciously, what do we already want to know now about the universe?
The All-Source?
The masters explained the laws to us because we must get to know that infinity, or there would be a standstill again.
So you get the wisdom explained completely divinely.
But who are we in the Divine All?
I can explain it to you.
I saw those people there, and then we are wind and rain.
Everything with science which got consciousness, elemental condensings, laws of growth, heat, cold, soul, spirit, life, fatherhood and motherhood, flower, nature, that all became infinitely deep, and had soul, spirit and a personality.
We are quickening, we are giving birth, we are growth and blossom.
We remain that eternally.
And if we did not have that consciousness, that whole universe would also dissolve before our eyes.
But another person has made it, and we have not yet made it.
Madam, sir, our first sphere, is that ready for us?
Let us begin sometime - we must stop soon - let us now start to think about all those lectures during these five minutes.
You have had another hundred this winter.
But begin now this summer, when you go home soon, because I will greet you immediately.
And then we will say: we will have a holiday.
We will start to think now.
And that is the meditating for the other side.
What did you learn?
Is your character, is your friendship, is your love, is your willingness ...
What kind of characteristics does the human being have in him?
What do we long for?
For a man whom you could be crazy about?
For a woman whom you could be mad about, men?
Just throwing yourself away like that while you do not know the score, what awaits you, happiness or health, trouble.
Sir, madam, what did we learn?
What do the masters say?
For what purpose did master Zelanus balance himself by means of the lectures in Diligentia?
Why did he plod away like that in order to make it clear to us and why did he explain that cosmos?
You can say: what do we have to do with the cosmos?
But, ladies and gentlemen, every characteristic which we handle wrongly, we darken for the macro cosmos; because a characteristic is universally divinely deep.
When do we begin with the truth, the reality, the love, the justice, the wanting to serve, the wanting, in order to get to know ourselves?
The wanting to know: who am I?
For what purpose am I here?
What will I do?
Then you will not be walking around crying when your mother or your father goes soon, then you will say: ‘See you later, child.
We will see each other again soon.’
Yes, soon.
It could be that the one in question comes to the earth again or dissolves in the world of the unconscious, and then you come there and then another mother is standing there, another father; you are a child of your child, and a mother of your mother, and a father of your father.
And there are millions of people like that, sparks of God, who take care of you there and say: ‘What did you make of your life?’
What will we begin with now during these summer months, this year of 1952, what will we begin with now?
Did I give you something this winter?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
Yes, they say again.
Ladies and gentlemen, then leave me alone soon.
I hope that I have taught you something that you will now leave me alone.
If you want to have books you must be quick because I am leaving.
Now I am leaving.
Now I am going to Morocco.
I am going to Turkey, madam.
I will talk to the sultan of Turkey.
And I will give him spiritual consciousness.
Perhaps I will come back with a few Turkish jokes, who knows, (laughter) for the University.
Ladies and gentlemen, there are no more questions.
And we must stop.
I wish you all the best this summer.
Love everything which lives.
Take care.
But do not swear. (laughter)
Because then the people will say: ‘You see what you learn there.’
I only just explained that swearing to you.
But you will not become cheeky now and also say it one more time, because that does not sound right in this society.
We are a bit harsh, you see.
Ladies and gentlemen, all the best, with some life, some soul and some spirit.
Begin to learn to think normally for yourself.
Stand on your own two feet.
Talk to each other, analyse the books for each other, go and sit down and ask space to be able to elevate you in this loneliness, that will become lonely, in this silence, in that meditating, and I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, you will then hear next to you: ‘Well done, my child, I am also here.
And then the voice from space will fall in the middle and under your heart.
And then you can kiss too.
Ladies and gentlemen, fathers and mothers, all the best.
I thank you for your kind attention.
See you later.
Blessings and love.
Make something good of it.
No, it is fine like that.
Good day.
(There is clapping.)