Thursday evening 4 September 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
We will just begin again.
Begin with questions and answers.
I have the very first question here: ‘Sir, my son is being treated by Harry Edwards, the spiritual healer.
He writes that the healing mainly takes place when the child is asleep.
I am used to getting the child up at eleven o’clock at night.
Would it be possible that I am breaking some contact with this?’
Madam, you must ask sir that.
From who is that?
(It remains silent.)
From who is that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘From me.’
Madam, you must ask that Englishman that.
Because I will not do his work.
Do you sense this?
You must write to that man and ask what you should do.
I can give you an answer, it is not about that, but then you will be dealing with two people.
You must stick to one person.
If I give you advice and he says: ‘That is not correct’, then you will feel: that is not going well with spiritual matters.
A doctor does not do that either, for that matter.
So write and ask him what you should do.
That getting up means nothing, you know, it means absolutely nothing.
Even if your child were to fly then he must still reach that child, if he is in contact spiritually.
Now you are already getting an answer, it is not about that.
But just write to him and I will hear the answer from you.
I am curious as to what he will say.
But, can you understand that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Thank you.
I have here: ‘As a boy of twelve years old I already got the inclination to smoke, which has become an insatiable need over the years.
When reading ‘The Peoples of the Earth as Seen from the Other Side’ I now want to ask the question: if the astral personality satisfies itself from the earthly being, with regard to food and drink, without him being aware that this excess is a consequence of astral influence, can this also be the case with smoking, for example?’
From who is that?
Sir, what use will a smoke be to an astral personality - let’s say, I am on the other side and you too?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘What use is food and drink to them?’
Yes, but what is a smoke, a cigarette?
If you live in such an eternity ...
There will be other things which the human being cannot come off.
But to go and smoke and to smoke more under the influence of the astral world; sir, I have never heard that before.
That is not so bad.
I think that you would be better and quicker to look for the answer with yourself.
You just smoke a few less.
How many do you smoke a day?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Ten, fifteen.’
Sir, that is nothing.
I smoke five hundred a day. (laughter)
They say: a writer of spiritual books, and an instrument, may not smoke.
You may not do that.
Sir, there was smoking while writing.
Then I had to light a cigarette quickly, otherwise my heart would run wild.
And by lighting a cigarette people broke that thread for a moment, the tension.
But those cigarettes ...
The greater the material ... there were one, two, three of those cigarette ends lying there, they had all evaporated, like that.
Only in order to break the tension.
The things the astral world clings to, don’t you think?
But otherwise we would have had to stop.
There are always other means.
But five, ten, twelve cigarettes, sir, that is nothing.
But I am being the doctor again, amn’t I?
But just smoke, but not sixty.
Not sixty, sir.
I have here: ‘At the start of the coming contact evenings and the lectures by the masters we hope that many people will awaken materially and spiritually for the well-being of their own self, and learn to accept space by means of experiencing the divine laws for and in yourself.
Those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty, can find satisfaction and refreshment in the ‘Age of Christ.
The trilogy of ‘Masks and Men’ gives a wonderful picture of what the people and society are like and how it should become.
We accept that we create the masks ourselves when we kicked ourselves out of the natural harmony, and they will have to dissolve by living in harmony.
Every reincarnation brings along its own mask, and will have to dissolve precisely by means of evolution.
Question now: Is it possible that one being of this world is without a mask?
Not in my opinion, because the unconsciousness still has to awaken.’
The unconsciousness.
‘Is this not a grade of epilepsy ...’
Oh, come on.
From who is that?
Mr Berends, epilepsy.
What is epilepsy, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The border between the third and the fourth grade ...’
Sir, that is a falling illness.
(Hall): ‘Yes, yes.’
Epilepsy is a falling illness, sir.
And you want that ...
You say between the border of the third and the fourth sphere ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Grade.’
The hells?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The grade of sleep.’
Of sleep?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Of sleep.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
A grade of sleep?
Epilepsy is a disorder in the nerve centre, in the balance, between the balance centre, epilepsy lives there.
And if that now ...
I have cured people, who just fell about twelve times a day, suddenly collapsed and then they lay on the ground, on the street, in the tram, everywhere.
I once told it here, then we were talking about epilepsy.
That woman got sixteen pills a day to deal with from the doctor.
Then she asked me whether I could cure her.
And then the diagnosis was first made.
And the diagnosis lay between the small and the large brains.
So that already has nothing to do with your sleep.
I say: ‘Madam, I can help you and then you will perhaps get it back once every three weeks, but I will not get rid of it.
That nerve is too exhausted, I cannot repair that balance centre.’
Then she says: ‘Sir, if that is possible ...’
Within four months I had reduced it to once every fortnight.
I reduced it to once every three weeks and then to once a month, that she no longer fell.
And then she just stayed away, she said: ‘Because you will not make me better anyway.’
I say: ‘Madam, in the dialect of ‘s-Heerenberg, ‘the ‘droodles’.’
I say: ‘Madam, no one in the world, no morphine, there is nothing capable of bringing you that far, just go ahead.’
And then she gradually became overstrained, and this and that, and that got her going again.
I never saw her again.
But what do you mean there, sir, with your talk: ‘Is it possible that one being of this world is without a mask?
Not in my opinion, because the subconscious still has to awaken.
Is this not a grade of epilepsy?’
If you dwell on masks ...
Yes, the masks and the people, if you have thought about that ...
I was sitting in the hills in Morocco, I told you, in Turkey, and I saw the masks there of and for the people.
You can see masks and people everywhere.
But I thought about the masks there.
And if I ...
I think: if they are still sitting with me, then I will rip them off and I will kick them to pieces here, I will bury them there between those hills, then I will have nothing more to do with them in Holland.
But, sir, who is without a mask?
You have conscious masks, they are very bad, and you have unconscious masks.
You have millions of masks.
If you want to experience something beautiful and wonderful this winter, then begin in the first place by reading ‘The Origin of the Universe.’
Because we will soon begin with living and well-being in Diligentia with the origin of the moon and we will remain there until we know the moon completely.
We will experience the embryonic life to the fish stage and then we will continue.
But when you want to experience and analyse ‘Masks and Men’ for these evenings, and want to see and get to know your own masks for that, they will be the most beautiful and the most wonderful evenings which you will ever be able to experience on earth, because ‘Masks and Men’ are cosmic books.
Do you sense this?
And if you then begin to search for the masks ...
You have ...
How many different masks are there?
I am talking about conscious and unconscious masks.
Which masks do you still see, Mr Berends?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, there will of course still be enough masks which people cannot even see themselves.’
Sir, we have willing and unwilling masks, malicious, loving, you can take out the whole dictionary, and then every characteristic is already a mask.
You know one characteristic and you do not know the other one again.
There are characteristics which the human being does not show.
They are the unwilling, the unwilling masks.
Sir, we are full up to our mouths with them, with the unwilling masks.
They are masks.
If you remain with the masks - you will sense, from those three books twenty-one works can be written - then we get the masks for the character, for the personality, the life of feeling, love, happiness, marriage.
Sir, how many masks does the marriage have?
One deceives the other?
I do not know.
We stand before each other and we are wearing a mask.
Is that true or not?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
On the other side those masks must come off.
The books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ teach you that.
You get masks of different character, face, space: lust, violence, arts and sciences, lying and deception, forgery, also a nice mask.
Sir, there are millions of them.
Now God is, Christ, the hells, the heavens, insanity, psychopathy, diseases, all the diseases of the earth, they are masks.
If you know them rip that mask off at that time, or the mask will fall of its own accord at that time.
Science stands before masks.
I spoke to a gentleman from one of the radio stations.
I say: ‘Give me that quarter of an hour, sir, in order to speak about the masks and the people, about the human being and his universe.’
Then he says: ‘Sir, if I talk about that, they will kick me and you out the door.’
And the whole world yearns for the knowledge, how can people still just get to know that mask, in stead of being able to tear it off.
Who is capable of that?
We are capable of that; we do not get the opportunity.
How many millions of  masks and people are described in those ‘Masks and Men’, that trilogy?
Only just one mainly: the other side, marriage, having a child.
A child which is born psychopathic.
A woman of gratitude - you read that - who lays down a bouquet of flowers there every morning, or every week, before the Virgin Mary out of gratitude that she is pregnant and will become a mother.
That still happens every day, sir, madam.
And if that child then comes from that body in bits and pieces, and the doctor needs forceps and says: ‘Yes, child, it is terrible, but ...’
Those flowers did not help, no Mary, no God, no Christ.
And there is a woman of the streets who has triplets, as healthy as the world itself.
Then that is a hideous mask, which we know because we have twenty books which explain the laws of that to you.
‘Masks and Men’ are the most wonderful books which the masters have written.
I also have a read at them myself every day.
You too?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.
I ...’
Now we are faced with epilepsy: a mask, sir, a physical mask.
We have physical, spiritual, spatial and divine masks.
Ask this winter about ‘Masks and Men’ and we will write again, then I will begin, then we will, then we will also record it.
We have a book finished, as you know.
Are you finished, miss, with that book from here?
Is Miss Bruning here?
(Lady in the hall): ‘It is still not quite finished.’
Isn’t it wonderful?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, indeed.’
Sir, madam, we have a piece of work, the evenings between 1950-1951, don’t we?
(Lady in the hall): ‘1950-1952.’
That is 1950-1951.
We have not recorded anything from 1952.
(Lady in the hall): ‘From 1949 to 1951.’
We are now already heading for 1953.
Yes, that is so awe-inspiring, your own questions are in that, Mr Berends.
If you get that, then we do not actually need to say anything else.
But if you still want to begin, this winter, with ‘Masks and Men’, then we will write a new book.
But then I hope to get the questions here, and then we will insist on them.
I can read those books ...
I have been asked two times: read them aloud.
Yes, then I read aloud again and then you still do not think.
You must get them out yourself, bring the masks forward.
But the best thing is: begin with your own masks.
But the human being does not do it.
Do you wish to believe, when I was outside there, I thought: why must I go back to Holland again?
You are here, the whole hall is full, you are thirsty, I think, but I asked the masters: ‘Let me just become a shoe shiner for God’s sake.
If you see this and hear that; they are not learning anything.’
I do not know.
But one falls over the other.
One sees the masks of the other.
‘And, what do you think of that?’
‘And you must see that.
Huh, what a ...’
And it goes on like that.
Never even nice thoughts about the human being.
You become unwell when you hear that talk.
And people read books and experience lectures for five years, and then that is gossip and talk ...
If you do not stop then that mask will never fall either, will it?
Is that so?
You should listen.
You will not listen, I told you, you do not follow that listening, you do not even listen to what you are saying yourself, you do not think: that is also a mask.
Because it is now still for the whole of society, for your own self and for your task and what you also do, it is still always gossip.
Just become angry.
I meditated.
What did you do during that time?
If you had really thought things through, Mr Berends, you have asked so many spiritual and cosmic questions the last few years, then you would not even have mentioned epilepsy.
Do you see?
From that I feel that you are still standing still, that you have not meditated.
After those few days that I was away, and came back again, I got thirty paintings again; thirty.
Plates, masters, Van Dyck, master Alcar painted himself.
They cost a hundred thousand guilders, of course, in order to publish the books.
We never sell.
But there will come a day when we have them.
What did you do in order to think things through?
Rip off the masks?
Sir, if you see the trouble, the misery ...
You will think: how heavy-handed you are, but it is not that, our unity, our evenings are only of use to you, if we get those masks by the throat, and as Frederik says: and put them under our feet and stamp them to smithereens.
There are some, Mr Berends, they sit up in a tree, you think that you can wring their neck and then they sit there and they laugh at you behind your back.
And do you not fight against that?
Are you not involved in that?
The human being does not step away from his self-love.
A mask?
No, sir, that is the visible one.
But the human being wants to preserve himself.
If you just explain something to the human being, and it is the truth, but it affects that personality a bit, then the human being puts on that terrible mask again, which then means and is called self-love, and then you no longer get through that.
You can talk about this the whole winter, about your note; but I will continue for a moment because I do not have many notes this evening.
And then you can ask questions about that.
What should you do?
What do you actually hope to achieve here?
I have told you a hundred thousand times: Here you live on the other side.
And not there.
You are a possession of eternity.
And the human being flatly refuses to discard those spiritual, Christian, spatial, divine masks.
On the other side you therefore live in the horrible darkness and it is nothing else but a terrible stench.
You close yourself off behind a mask and a spiritual bit of fresh air never comes in there.
Does it?
We are in a mess.
Yes, madam.
Question: ‘If death occurs because of cancer ...’
Oh, we are finished with this, Mr Berends, with this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
‘Is it not possible that one being in this world is without masks?’
Will you ask questions about that soon?
Or will I have to go and search?
Go and see?
Not in my opinion.
Is there not one human being in the world without masks?
Sir, is the human being - yes, now I will go back again, I will help you to think - is the human being ready for God with his masks; for his love, his friendship, his companionship, his task?
The servant deceives his boss, and steals hours, is lazy; the boss, well.
And just go on like that, then you are still just physically, socially busy.
But spiritually.
The human being hates someone and they do not know why.
There are people who hated me.
I could do what I wanted, and yet hatred, and I do not know why.
What is that, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is a mask.’
A mask from the past.
Why does the human being hate the human being?
First get rid of that hatred or you will never get to see that mask.
And that is a terrible one.
You must first experience and see the other side properly, and it is only then that the masks fall, sir and madam.
You still live too much on earth.
You still want to be here, you do not want to let yourself go, do not want to accept that thought absolutely: I now already live ‘behind the coffin’.
Because if you die, if you sleep, then you leave; you go to the border - you have the books again - to which you belong, you step into a world which is yours, with your masks, your hatred, your destruction, your devastation.
What do you want.
Your Catholic Church too.
I am not talking to you, ladies.
That is the Protestantism of Caiphas.
That does not sound right and that does not rhyme together.
But there is something attached to that by means of which people murdered someone on Golgotha.
And all those terrible masks, sir; masks and people, masks and people.
First you must know where the divine, the spatial masks are and where they live, if you wish to keep your hold, and then you start to pull out the teeth from those masks.
Not with a nice pair of dentist’s tongs, but with ordinary tongs from Mr Van Straaten. (laughter)
A real one like that, with oil on it.
You rip them out like that and then you wring that mask’s neck.
Master Zelanus recently said in Diligentia: ‘The human being hangs, hits himself on an eternal cosmic wall, and continues to hang because he flatly refuse to begin with himself.’
Is it not true?
Yes, how heavy-handed I am again this evening, amn’t I?
‘If death occurs because of cancer, can science determine in which grade that disease was?’
No, sir, if there is cancer, and death came, the human being dies from that cancer, then science determines in which state that disease is, because science still does not know any grades of cancer.
‘Supposing that it was still not the highest grade, can a following life still be cursed by that again?’
Pooh pooh, pooh pooh, pooh.
Mr Berends, you must learn to think.
We have already treated those cancer histories a thousand times here.
‘Supposing that it was still not the highest grade’ ... in that human being of course?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’ ... ‘can a following life still be cursed by that again?’
How do you bring that and do you connect that together again?
That human being there dies from cancer.
Me, for example.
I come back to people who do not have any cancer, sir, because that is a family matter, and I am so free and I fly, and I get a beautiful organism, perhaps I will become a girl, I will become a mother, and I have nothing to do with cancer and tuberculosis, leprosy, sir.
Why do you always bring the material misery and the material state back to the spiritual spatial laws, which are of the spirit?
(To someone in the hall): ‘Yes?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is probably a lack of thinking, which takes me myself into that state, I am willing to accept that.
But if we then want to read those books in such a way according to our own understanding, then it also appears again from them that we cannot think things through sufficiently.’
Sir, I will tell you something else.
You write and add on books yourself.
That’s it.
If you just keep to what it says there ...
Because when a book does not give any more than that ... ‘Masks and Men’, you can think through there and you can start to build up there, as much and as deep as you want.
But if you remain with what it says there, sir, then you already have enough, and then you can perhaps not deal with it again, there is so much in it.
But you will write books yourself.
I must determine myself with one question and one answer, and I was allowed to take four weeks for that.
And if I did not have that explanation, then master Alcar would not be able to continue.
I therefore have to teach you to think, this is why ‘Masks and Men’ were written, in order to make you think.
Sir, madam, the normal, real thinking is the highest possession in the world.
They are the professors, the doctors, the geniuses.
Art, if a painter does not come through the paint and he cannot imagine how it fits together, it remains messing about.
And if the writer does not feel what he writes by means of his word, and he just says any old thing, then that book is worth nothing.
When the feeling is not essentially touched by the writer, then that feeling is false, sir.
And the reviewer says: ‘Sir, that is nonsense.’
Old age and consciousness gives thinking and feeling, and that is what the human being yearns for, old and young, man and woman.
And you know it irrevocably, if you see a painter, or you hear beautiful music, you hear this, then you say immediately: ‘That is nothing.’
Or a film.
You are immediately finished with your feeling.
One person like this, the other like that.
Human feelings are different according to the consciousness; and then you get the criticism, you get the knowledge.
But when you do not get through to the things, think things through, you will not make it.
You must remain with what is in those books and not add anything.
You go just like that from the material into the spirit.
I have told you several times.
And the spiritual world is another one again.
That is the inner one.
We are that, the one who is now talking here, and is thinking.
Material has nothing to do with this.
What does that cancer from a moment ago hope to achieve, sir?
Is it clear, Mr Berends?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
And how simple it is, don’t you think?
Perfectly simple.
If you just begin to think.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘Page 171, 172, it says there ...’
In which book?
Also ‘Masks and Men’?
‘If someone does not keep his promised word, bears and hyacinths come ...’
You surely mean the hyenas?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, the hyacinths come.’
‘ ... hyacinths bite his head off.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that is in ‘Masks’, part II.’
...his legs ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘Hyenas.’
‘ ...if someone does not keep his promised word, the bears come ...’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, the bears and hyacinths.’
(Hall): ‘Hyenas.’
And hyenas, I tell you.
A hyacinths is flower, isn’t it? (laughter)
But would ... then it is a printing error.
But I do not believe that the hyacinths ...
A bear and a hyacinth do not fall out.
Sir, I think that you have been in Haarlem in the flora and that those flowers are still in your head.
But hyacinths and bears do not fall out with each other.
I have never heard those two playing a violin before.
‘ ... if someone does not keep his promised word, the bears and the hyenas come and bite his head off.
Answer: will have to show their colours one day.’
Now do you want to know what that means?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, I do not want that.
I have taken those sentences and I wrote them as an answer to others as being: is that correct?
‘ ...will have to show their colours one day.’
If someone does not keep his word, that means ...
Frederik has a tremendous figurative language, then the bears and hyacinths come ... (laughter) – You see it again, the human being is susceptible to influence (Jozef reacts to a man who coughs in the hall) – ‘ ... the bears and hyenas come and bite off his head.’
Sir, that means that the evil in the human being destroys his own character.
Do you sense this?
They are ...
(To someone in the hall): Yes?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘So the answer which is underneath that is not correct?’
‘ ...will have to show their colours one day.’
That is very correct, sir, because they must show their colours for the good and for space, for the masks.
It is about the masks and the people, isn’t it?
So those characteristics ...
The human being who does not keep his word, and all those wrong characteristics, which mean, which have wrong faces, which have masks, which can roar, which can hurt you, and which will soon have to bow heads, tear off masks and have to show their colours.
Isn’t it simple?
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘Frederik says for fun to Hans: ‘Make sure you have a couple of revolvers, in the jungle.’
Do you feel ...
Answer: ‘Be careful, take care of yourself.’’
Look, do you want to know what that means?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, it is about that precisely.’
‘Frederik says for fun to Hans: ‘Make sure you have a couple of revolvers, in the jungle.
And the answer is: ‘Be careful, take care of yourself.’’
That therefore means, when people enter, descend into psychology, psychopathy and insanity, sir, then you need a tremendous amount of spiritual weapons in order to protect yourself, and that is: willpower, knowledge, sensing everywhere, thinking, the sensitive feeling.
They are the weapons which people need for a psychologist, for psychiatry, in order to follow that study, and to want to descend into a mental institution.
Because that is what it is about.
That was the intention of Frederik.
Just go unarmed into a mental institution.
Amongst a group of two, three hundred, like that.
Not two, four, five and ten; that is still nothing, but some two, three hundred.
As a normal person, go in there sometime.
The doctor himself already flees.
Unarmed, in a short time, sir, people who are not strong, female nurses, male nurses, who are also psychopathic.
They descend.
I spoke to people who could not cope with it.
It is such incredibly difficult, heavy work for female nurses and male nurses, also for the doctors, to live and to talk to those inhuman people, this is more horrible, and then you must be armed.
The doctor is armed by means of his study in psychiatry, psychology.
But the lay person knows nothing, sir.
And then Frederik says to Hans, sir: ‘Be careful and take a couple of revolvers with you.’
They are characteristics which you are in control of yourself.
If this, at the moment, when they both speak, if they had said: ‘Say, Hans’, Frederik says, ‘just be careful, you know, because it is not easy.’
There is nothing in that.
‘Just go in there and do something.’
There is nothing in that.
If you start to run that film, and you say nothing else, sir, then that film is, then that word is dead.
This is why it is a gem of figurative language, a tingle, a stimulus, which teaches you to think, which makes you think, makes you feel.
Every word, every sentence is a universal possession of ‘Masks and Men.’
I heard a psychologist, last year, and he had read them, a psychologist. He says: ‘The greatest, greatest, greatest work which I will ever read again in my life in the world is the work ‘Masks and Men’ by Jozef Rulof.’
A psychologist.
He says: ‘My God, my God, my God, you can read those books a thousand times, because every sentence connects you again with spirit, with space, with society, with science, with the human being himself.’
Here we are now.
‘Be careful, look after yourself ...’
‘Four: watch out for the black people and for the camel driver.
You are a camel yourself and steer your own life towards destruction.
Fantasia is a little princess.’
Well, look, my dear man.
Now Frederik is already crazy, isn’t he?
At that moment, which you write about, Frederik is crazy and he says the most silly nonsense with truth and humanity, but then we must get out the book.
If the book is here then I will need ten evenings in order to analyse that mental institution story, that day and a half when he lives there with Hans in the sanatorium, because every crazy saying which Frederik has, still has an absolute meaning.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But we can never get that out of it, can we?’
You will never get that out.
But society is totally crazy, unconscious, insane.
They are not that.
In society you meet those bears, those hyenas.
And people are unarmed there and are shot down consciously just like that by the other human being.
Is that so unclear then?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, not that.’
There it is again.
You have to ...
Those three books, that is society with the human being, learning, arts and sciences, everything is in that.
The soul and the spirit walk around you and put a feather in your cap.
Frederik adds some karma and skates around that little summerhouse.
And suddenly he comes from reality into unreality.
And then he kissed.
It was on the mark too, because the nurse became, stood and hung, and felt hypnotised.
He says: ‘I am also a hypnotist.’
In that crazy, crazy world, sir, the unconscious and conscious hypnotism occurs.
That means, the human being gossips and talks and does and acts, and there is a doctor at the head and he does not know it either.
Because that doctor says: ‘If someone dies here with me, Frederik, then we hang a card around that dead person’s neck, and then he goes straight to God and then it says on it: “If you have more of these insane and crazy people, then stop, because you are not a normal creator.
And stop sending crazy people and fools and dreamers to the world.
Who are you actually?’
He says: ‘But we still do not have an answer.’
He says: ‘Who that person is up there, and whoever he is, it does not matter, but ...’
And then Frederik said something and then he took it back.
He says: ‘But that man there, or that deity, he thinks: just work it out.
But what kind of God is that’, is the immediate reply, ‘who has nothing else to do than send crazy people and fools and sick people to the world?’
An academic says that.
They are masks, sir.
Which turn you upside down?
No, sir, that is the unconsciousness of mankind, the faculties.
That doctor, that professor Hansius, the psychologist, the great academic is powerless. But there you have the world. The whole of creation has masks and people by the throat.
That doctor still has to hang a card around a dead person’s neck and write on it: please send healthy people, or explain this created rottenness to me.
I beg your pardon?
Masks and people.
And Frederik walks next to him and then he also says: ‘If you take me for a ride, sir, I will destroy you.’
A hundred million murders happened for the good and the development of mankind.
But we no longer do that in this day and age.
But you could give them what for.
The madness, the inhumanity and the plain meaningless carry-on which you hear every day on the radio, and read in papers, sir, that is the standstill, the leprosy for the spirit.
And you will not work it out.
We have medicines and they flatly refuse to swallow them.
And they really get better.
There are no longer any masks.
And that doctor, that professor no longer needs to ask: ‘Say, God, why do you still create crazy people and sick people?’
Because then the mask falls and that same doctor looks into his own face and says: ‘Good gracious, I began with it myself two hundred thousand years ago.’
And then Mr Hans is on his knees and then he stops immediately, or there is still a little spark of sweetness in him in order to say: ‘Yes, it is darned difficult.’
Just like I am faced with here and thought: why must I go back again in order to talk again, they will not learn anything anyway.
And Hans says: ‘I will stop because I am powerless.’
I am too.
And then I came across a group of ants there, and I followed them like that, and then they became a huge pile, I say: ‘What are you doing?’
Then they said: ‘Well, we live for our pleasure.’
And then I also started with it.
Now I live for my pleasure.
Do you want to know anything else from ‘Masks and Men’?
You would like to dwell upon that, upon that Hans and upon that Frederik, wouldn’t you?
Sir, come with the questions and we will have wonderful evenings.
I will really go into that deeply, because then you will live again.
‘You are a camel yourself.’
You see, a camel ...‘and steers your own life to destruction.’
That does not mean that a camel ... a camel is still not an angel.
A camel is still a prehistoric animal.
‘And steers that live to destruction.’
That means, that state of that animal as attunement has nothing else to do than trudging, working for the human being, destruction, serving destruction.
A camel-like characteristic, sir and madam, we will beat that out now and again.
They used to do that.
Then the man took the club and then Eve got a beating, in the jungle.
In the meadow just outside the jungle, you had a pool there, and then we went and bathed again and then we forgot everything again.
But we beat those characteristics out.
And one fine morning Eve walked away.
Then Adam was alone and then no more children were born.
Then creation stood still.
And if we do not get to know those camel-like feelings, then you will feel ...
He could have mentioned, ox, crocodile, snake, animal grades of consciousness.
He could have mentioned wild cat airs, dog barking, mice, rats, lice, fleas, and so on.
They are all animal grades which can influence a characteristic of the human being?
No, which the human being created himself.
Do you still want a double hump, or just a single one? (laughter)
Those double humps ...
The world still does not know why a camel has a double hump and the other one just a single one.
You would like to know that of course.
Why does one camel have two humps, with an indentation, with a hollow, and another, you are on top of that, just has one high up bit.
If you knew it, sir, you would immediately go to Turkey, and then you would look for Noah’s ark.
Because it is the question for Noah’s ark.
Did you know that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
I don’t either. (laughter)
Well well.
‘You are a camel yourself and steer your own life to destruction.
Fantasia is a little princess.’
Sir, is Fantasia (see ‘Masks and Men’ part II, Chapter 10) not a princess?
That Frederik is a wonderful artist.
He says ‘Fantasia is a little princess.
I met her in London and in Paris, and everywhere, she danced, she sang and she shouted, she sold flowers at Scheveningen, on the left of the beach.
And he just went on like that.
Can you not also just imagine some twenty-four worlds after each other and throw them out?
Then society says anyway: ‘That man is crazy.’
Only Buziau (J. F. Buziau, comedian, 1877-1958) could tell nonsense and give wisdom.
Couldn’t he?
And anyone who does not possess it is imitation and does not earn a cent.
They chase those people from the stage.
Fantasia, sir, is a little princess, yes, indeed, she is a baroness, she is a little countess.
Sir, we make a fool of ourselves every day, every hour.
We are bursting with fantasy.
Without ground, without foundation, sir; we fly, we float, we live above our mind and above our standing.
Don’t we?
Sir, which little princess is that?
She is a peer who is anaemic,
Isn’t she, madam?
They eat sprouts every day.
Yes, indeed, you surely did not think, at spiritual evenings with Jozef Rulof, with all those spiritual books and those paintings, that we would talk here about sprouts, madam?
Yes, indeed, but sprouts are tasty.
I never eat them, it is not about that. (laughter)
‘Fantasia had mixed colouring.’
Yes, sir, that is all wallpaper, that is all covering, that is a wardrobe, sir, which was bought on tick.
That is hanging full, sir, and that dresses itself and that sways and that floats and that sways and that dances and that jumps and that sings and that plays the piano at nine o’clock in the morning, and there is never coffee at eleven o’clock.
That is fantasy.
Do you have any of that, ladies?
Yes, the gentlemen also get a smack, you know, the gentlemen are all bears.
Which gentleman is sitting here with two humps, like a camel, (laughter) in his feeling, in his mind?
Madam, does he also perhaps not have two humps?
Is your wife also here?
Madam, just say it, do you also sometimes see those two humps?
There are men who already have the one hump in America and the other one in Russia.
There are so many holes between them, that that wife can never sit and have a nice rest on them. (laughter)
That camel goes through its knees, sir?
No, it is not capable of carrying those dear people.
Well, to put it honestly, that is not so bad.
Camel-like men, ooooch. (laughter)
Sir, who are you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘If that camel goes through its knees, it is thirsty, isn’t it?’
The only thing which is true: they always have water with them.
And can ...
Yes, they are inhabitants of the desert.
What a lot of camels we have walking round in The Hague.
Everywhere you go you see camel men. (laughter)
Or, Mr Berends, is that one camel with that one hump perhaps the lady?
Then there is something wrong with creation.
Oh well.
I also have here: ‘She had more arrows to her bow which she shot when it was necessary.’
That is that Fantasia, that little princess.
‘Eight: We kissed so that my wife died in the meantime.’
Isn’t it terrible?
‘We kissed, so that my wife died in the meantime.’
Yes, you see, Mr Berends, you just pick holes everywhere, and then you find something once in something, but that follows ...
Then we must have the book with us.
If you have that, if you want to have the explanation and everything for that - because that is crazy talk there, but has meaning at that moment for his crazy behaviour, do you sense this? - and if you now want to analyse this, and you want to have the word for that, then you must bring along the book and then I will read it and then we will get the nice part out of it.
But you must not rip those few sayings out of that whole context, then I will no longer have any hold either.
I know what it refers to, but then it is no use to you, because no one understands that.
Is that true?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
I can make something of it, but that is not the intention anyway.
‘We kissed ...’
Well, fine.
Nine, that is eight and nine.
‘We buried her and placed her under hackles.’
Hahahaa, ‘we buried her’ - that wife who then died, in ‘Masks and Men’ - ‘was placed under hackles.’
What are hackles?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I understood that here precisely in that state in which it was described, a mask was ripped off here.’
Yes, that is also a part of it.
I heard that you have been in ‘s-Heerenberg.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Yes, not you, but other people.
And those people stood there before the hut of Saint van Tie’n and only people who had hung themselves were buried there.
And that is therefore, that man who hangs himself, the man who thieves, steals, murders and does everything, he goes over the hackle.
Isn’t that nice?
‘We buried him under the hackles.’
You see, under the mud, under the gossip, where the human being comes from, which the human being walks round with, by means of which the human being awakens and goes to sleep.
Frederik does not call that the destruction in society, but: we placed the human being under his own hackles.
And he is lying there now.
Until how long?
Isn’t that nice?
(Gentleman in the hall); ‘I would not have got that out of it.’
You will not get that out of it either, because you have to think about that.
The human being goes over the hackle.
Where does that hackle-like word come from?
That means, that the human being is talked about, gossiped about.
But when the human being disengages himself from society, you get a grave under the hackles from the Catholic Church, because you nailed the cross to it yourself.
You gave yourself for society - you must not commit suicide - a visiting card.
And Frederik, who is so naïve and child-like, he says: ‘The human being lies under his own hackles ...’
Would you also have got that out of it?
Isn’t it nice?
They are ‘Masks and Men.’
I was scared and laughed myself silly when he said all of that, because I was standing next to that and I think: gosh, gosh, gosh.
Frederik van Eeden wrote that.
‘What happened to you?’
He says: ‘Well, I had finished a play, that was also fantasia, and also a book; and they destroyed it.’
And they are his very best works, but he did not get through it.
But here he can live it up a bit in ‘Masks and Men.’
It was a wonderful contact when we started with that.
And precisely during a nice time of struggle, of destruction and devastation, a strange product came to earth.
Isn’t it nice?
The masters made use of it and created a trilogy and placed the human being under his own hackles.
There is something in it for everyone.
(To the sound technician): How many minutes do I have left, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, I estimate about seven minutes, or ten.’
And a mask passed on.
Yes, after that a mask went away.
‘The pointing of Napoleon ...
The rising of Napoleon?’
Napoleum ...?
‘Napoleum tails do not cost anything.’
The rising of Napoleums, Napoleoms.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Napoleon’s tarts.’
His tarts.
It says tails here. (laughter)
The rising, can a tail rise?
Oh no, a tart can.
‘The rising of Napoleon tarts costs nothing and they are tasty.’
What is that again?
That was all at the time ...
That was all said and written at the time when Frederik is in the mental institution with Hans.
Wasn’t it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
‘The rising of Napoleon tarts costs nothing.’
Because the human being destroys, the human being destroys himself, and grows.
Napoleon grew.
He calls that a tart, his life was like a tart.
He grew sky-high, to the sky, and ended up in Moscow in the cold winter and froze.
It costs nothing.
That is your own business.
‘And are tasty?’
Sir, the answer is: if you do that, then you are busy, that is already the answer, improving yourself at the expense of other people.
And if you want to accept and want to begin and want to experience the life by means of the destruction, by means of the devastation, just like a Napoleon; sir, what will remain then of all those spiritual and spatial masks?
You will sense, that Frederik in his state there with Hans, in that crazy world, he says things there which are always normal in the madness and represent reality.
But you must get that out of it yourself.
He says nonsense there, and speaks reality, but still has the world in his hands.
And then you can think.
Then you can take a month for one page, precisely one such chapter.
Because I tell you, those ‘Masks and Men’ have at least twenty-one other books in them.
You can write twenty-one works, thick works, thick books of seven hundred and fifty pages about them.
What do you still have to ask about this before the interval, Mr Berends?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I also have something to ask, and it is also connected to that, to everything which it says there.
It says namely; from a conscious insanity, a sickly insanity in psychopathy.
Those things are also described in ‘Masks.’
And an explanation is given for each one, when it is one and when it is the other one.
But now we know from Frederik that he went into the mental institution consciously.
Now I have tried to get that out of it.
What was the cause here why he actually wanted to go to the mental institution in order to experience and try to examine all those crazy people or to want to become much more mask?
What are the causes here of those different people who are there as so-called crazy people.
Is that correct?’
Yes, there is a lot more to it and it is much clearer and simpler.
Frederik descends, he goes into the mental institution with Hans in order to get to know those crazy people.
And Hans does not know them with his study.
And when you do not want to experience a crazy person, you will not get to know him either.
You must become crazy; and yet remain conscious.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Is that possible?’
Well, but you experienced that ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Frederik.’
But that is shown here by means of that book.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Is that also possible for another person?’
But I can behave as crazily as I want this evening, and I will not be crazy.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Not in the mental institution or in the mental institution?’
If you want to have nonsense this evening, and you say: ‘Well, sir.’ and then I will give you, at the same moment I will give you the wisdom.
But I can start to act like a dancer this evening, even if I do not achieve anything; I will not do those learned steps, fair is fair, but I will dance anyway.
And who says now that I am crazy?
Am I crazy then if I now get airs and graces sometime?
Have a lovely dance this evening.
I will introduce myself this evening: I am Paganini.
Wind up the violin, I will begin.
Will you play the organ?
Then I will play the violin.
We can really do that, just as Paganini did that, only you will not hear it, you must feel it now.
Who is crazy now?
But now I go into that crazy person, really into that crazy person, and I want to get to know that man, that woman, that human being in his thinking and feeling.
And that is now the psychology for Frederik.
That is the descending into the psychology, into the madness, because if the doctor, the psychiatrist does not descend he will never get to know that patient.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But the result was, of Frederik van Eeden, that he got about five, six people out of that mental institution.’
They are still doing that now.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But that was a goal of his.’
But he got a few of them out.
Didn’t he?
He ... them by means of hypnosis ...
And they still do that now, so much can be achieved by hypnosis.
But Mr Berend’s question is: What is psychology, what is psychiatry, what is consciousness and unconsciousness?
The doctor as prof is unconscious.
The psychologist is unconscious.
The doctor is a half unconscious crazy person, or conscious.
And there are the sickly ones, that means, the human being who has lost his normal day consciousness as social feeling and has dissolved in that.
And then people speak nonsense.
Who says that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The abnormal person, the outsider says that.’
A human being comes there, a mother, I have had those patients, those people visit me anyway, a boy, a boy who knew fifteen languages, and with the sixteenth, and with the seventeenth then he broke his inner neck; and suddenly he goes off the human stage and says: ‘Aha, and I am the poet, I will ... you ...’
‘Blimey’, mother says, ‘what has happened now?’
Five hours later he was in Rosenburg, and he is still there now.
He learned too much.
He did not know his limit.
And now he was reciting poetry.
And he suddenly became Napoleon.
And he stood on the stage, and he entered Jerusalem, and then he spoke Hebrew, he could also do that, and then he was an old Jew, a priest.
Is reincarnation perhaps speaking there?
Sir, after the interval we will talk about that.
See you soon.
Ladies and gentlemen, what did you make of the masks?
But I would first like to give the human being who has not been here before and has not read those books: what are the masks and the people now for the human being here on earth, in this society, at this time?
I would advise you, as I said, read those books, read them twenty times, you can read them thirty times.
God is a mask.
God is now still a horrible mask.
Because there are hundreds of gods in space for the human being.
People do not know that one God.
There is just one.
I saw that One, you can all see Him.
He divided Himself by means of myriad sparks, by means of planets, stars, suns, human being, animal, flower and plant, night, light and darkness.
He is only life, spirit, soul.
He is ultimately only Love.
And we have a god of hatred and revenge in the Old Testament; people still love him now.
The ministers in the world must learn that God is love, they do not know God.
The faculty of theology is still running now, in the twentieth century, is crippled.
If you go to Leiden ...
There are people walking there, students of mine, who have read my books, and they are studying to be biologists.
And there is one amongst them who is going to be a doctor, and he says to his fellow student minister: ‘Soon I can explain to you that you are sent into the world with untruth.
Because the bible begins with untruth.’
What the bible says in the beginning is in conflict with the divine reality.
And that is in ‘The Origin of the Universe’, in ‘The Peoples of the Earth as seen from the Other Side’, in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, in all the books you get to see and to experience the God of love, space, the God of fatherhood and motherhood.
What are the masks for the people?
Christ is a mask for the human being.
What happened in Jerusalem does not comply with reality, because people want the Christ to have died for the human being.
And that is nonsense, because people murdered Him consciously there.
A mask.
Socrates got poison to drink when he came with: ‘What are you if you feel happy?
Where does that feeling come from?’
And he went even further, and then he could drink his cup of poison, because he, Socrates, a child of space, corrupted the human being.
Galilei was killed in the Vatican.
When he said: ‘The earth revolves around the sun’, then a certain Clemens said: ‘Over my dead body, the sun revolves around the earth, and you will stay away from it!’
And then Galilei was in a dungeon in the Vatican for seven years.
That is representing a God there.
His family then. The one who is there now, will no longer lock up any Galilei’s, because people have learned, also for the Catholic Church.
And they know now that he human being was born in the waters, began with the first life as embryonic cell life, from the All-Source, created those planets and stars.
By means of which the universe originated, people know that there, but people still do not let go of that because then the church will fall.
What are you actually doing here?
This is a crazy person who is speaking.
But a crazy person with cosmic consciousness and knowledge, because that crazy person was able to see it consciously.
Or it is still not for sale in the world.
What I give you are prophesies.
People are already coming to that direction.
There are even more masks for the biologist and the geologist, and especially for the theologist and the theologian.
We have the masks for psychiatry, the psychologist, the astronomer; the astrologists lied, because they do not have the truth.
It is all still: would that be possible, and would this be possible?
Astrology is not becoming a science.
Now just kill me again now.
But you will soon experience it, you will get the proof, because science will gradually lay those foundations anyway and then people will say: astrology does not have a mask, because the human being now makes it himself.
The astronomers do not know the universe, because the sun is a fatherhood; and the moon, as mother planet, and the others who created life, are mothers, are sparks of that divine motherhood, and the astronomer still has to get to know that.
The human being is beaten here on earth and does not know why: a mask.
The human being goes to a universe, to a spiritual astral world, and the human being says: ‘Would that be possible?
Not one of them has ever come back.’
But people do not feel, people do not see that they live in the reincarnation themselves of thousands of millions of lives, people just gossip away.
The bible talks about a family who lived there, and it was called Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
And the bible also talks about two people who experienced a paradise there somewhere, when creation began, with lions, snakes, rats and mice.
Our louse from The Hague was also there, because Adam said one morning: ‘I have an itchy head.’ (laughter)
And then Eve said: ‘How is that possible, we are protected, aren’t we?’
He says: ‘There is something the matter with us.’
And really, then they caught the first louse there.
And then they did not come there just like that, but then they blew them, pfft, out of paradise.
And they were free from faults, sins and wrong thinking.
Because Adam should not even have thought about those lice antics.
Because those were already lice antics which he thought of and felt.
Because God cannot create any nits, that is not possible, is it?
Because the human being lived in the immaculate, pure, crystal-clear natural and had still not polluted himself.
Well, where are we heading again now?
What are masks, ladies and gentlemen?
The human being who has still not learned, does not know all of this, he wants to know: ‘Will I live ‘behind the coffin’’?
‘A View into the Hereafter’, three parts.
I will advertise again for the masters.
If you know that, and you can accept it - I also had to accept it, because I saw it - then you will begin to experience the hereafter ‘behind the coffin’ by entering the heavens.
And then you will make journeys through that spiritual astral space.
And then you will begin with ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, you will get to see death there through different people, who came beforehand to tell me: ‘I will die tonight at half past three.
I will be gone!’
The Russian priest Rosanov came to me at half past six in the evening to tell: ‘I will die tonight at half past three, André, Jozef.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful’, he could not speak very good Dutch.
But that ‘wonderful’ sounded so tremendous.
‘I make journeys now.
Oh, everything, people, world must know, oh, books truth, books truth.’
I saw him one more time.
He says: ‘Yes.’
I say: ‘Do you know it now?’
I say: ‘If I go a bit further, the cups of poison will already be waiting for me.’
The human being is too lazy, the human being is too stupid, the human being is too unconscious, in order not to learn.
Do you think that these people are really crazy in The Hague, in Amsterdam, in Holland, that they flatly refuse to get to know God?
To really get to know the Christ?
That the Christ came from the moon, just like us, and that there is no other Christ than the human being who has reached the Divine All and now has to represent the God of all life there?
In the very first place you will begin by laying foundations, I told you, and talk to each other sometime.
You are here in that eternity.
That society, ladies and gentlemen, does not mean a jot, even if you are that beautiful, even if you have so much, that does not mean a jot to me.
There are people who want to give me five thousand guilders, and I do not even want them.
And I can also publish a book here from the evenings in ‘Ken U Zelve’; but that is not possible, I do not have any money.
But I still may not even accept from those people.
We are so crazy, that we refuse to accept five thousand guilders in order to publish the books.
‘No’, the masters say, ‘just take care of yourself.’
They are such cheats.
(A lady says, sounds like high Dutch): 'Huh.'
(Jozef imitates the sound): Yes.
The human being must know and accept that you live here, then there will already no longer be any mask for death and for your eternal life.
Then you live in that reality.
Then you lay foundations.
Then the gossip and loose talk will be dissolved.
You now begin with reality.
You must begin, I must too, begin with: that which I do, I start to think, and I enter and experience the foundations, the grades of that. And now the philosophical systems come, now we are faced with Socrates: when am I truth?
When do I have friendship?
When, when?
If I doubt?
If I have something to say about the human being?
If I think wrongly of the human being and life?
You want to make progress, you want to develop yourself; I talked myself silly during the evenings last year, last winter, and also in Diligentia.
We gave some hundred and fifty lectures.
And what did you absorb from those evenings?
Were you really meditating during these three months?
What do you do for each other when you are working for the human being?
In the very first place for yourself.
Destroying something?
Are you not beginning to lay any new thoughts in order to tear off those old masks?
If you do not give any good thoughts to those masks, then you will absolutely not tear them from your spiritual face, your little face.
And then they will continue to stick to you.
Should I teach you here, and it is the best thing, I think: how can I learn to think?
You do not think.
How do I learn to think.
Well well.
The human being who has still not read those books ... The human being who is faced with masks and people, God, Christ, reincarnation.
You have been on earth millions of times, people.
The jungle, those black people there, those coloured people, if you go to Africa, where there is such a battle about those black people: only for ‘whites’, and that for the ‘blacks’, then you would put the ‘whites’ in the ‘blacks’ and send the black people to Our Lord.
Those white people forget that they come from the jungle themselves.
But science: they are races.
We will go one day from our world, society, to look at the human being in the jungle.
And the God of love lets those there under the leaves of the jungles’, live in that fear, amongst that snake and crocodile life, for that human being there is no hereafter and no God of space and a white race (see
Those people are damned in that eternally.
Yes, indeed.
But those people come to the white race (see and represent ... that will just take two million years, then that jungle inhabitant will be mayor here of The Hague.
That will just take ... he just needs two hundred thousand lives for that, in order to be mother and to be father, and finally he can go to the university here in The Hague and Amsterdam and in Europe, and he will become minister of finance.
He too, if it is still necessary.
Yes, the world will not end, madam, but then we will have the seven heads of the world, because in ‘The Peoples of the Earth as Seen from the Other Side’, just read it, it says ...
We will get the unity for the peoples of the earth.
Hahaha. They said that in 1940.
I say: ‘Germany will be helped on its feet again.’
‘Now you are crazy.’
And now you ask Holland and France, and America: ‘Do you also still have soldiers for us?’
Jozef Rulof was crazy at that time, the masters too, when we gave those lectures in Diligentia.
Master Alcar began the 1946 with the evening: ‘I will tell you prophesies from the University of Christ.’
You will read that soon in ‘Jeus III’, the lecture is in that.
And now the wonders are here.
Germany is being helped by the whole world.
And Adenauer is being received in England.
And he should have tried that in 1946, then they would have captured him immediately.
And the German gets a helmet on again.
Hahaha, he gets aeroplanes again, and they make a soldier of him again, sir.
Can you feel how crazy the world is?
And do you think that I and another person, who for his hereafter, who meddles with the masks, will think for those crazy people?
And for those fools?
Those disast ... they are not disastrous at all, because those people feel as happy as anything.
They have everything.
They have everything.
Sir, the world is topsy-turvy.
No, the human being is still unconscious.
He does not even walk on his legs, he springs.
He does not know that he is really walking in the divine harness, sir.
You are still completely off the mark.
There is one thread from space where Jeus found his money.
You should have taken me along, then I would have taken you to the place, I would have pointed you to the Hunzeleberg hill.
The impression of those sixteen guilders and cents is still there in the wood.
The divine thread lies there.
There is only one thread from God to be experienced.
It is only then that the masks fall, for soul, spirit, life, personality, for your arts and sciences, your divine eternal hereafter.
They are the masks and the people.
And do you wish to learn something?
Then begin to tear off those cursed things, or you will never learn, you will learn nothing.
Your own whip is waiting ‘behind the coffin’, because you talk, you gossip, you think badly of the human being.
There is never even a good, loving thought for a fellow human being.
‘Even if you want, even if you are not involved with the people’, master Alcar says to me, ‘think well of the life of God, or you will not make it.
You will stand still.’
Mother Crisje gave us the example, she said: ‘You must not think badly of the people, otherwise it is you yourself.’
Then you live in a devil, and then you are evil.
Always think good.
Even if you are faced with a thief and a murderer.
Then what?
Then what if that human being there destroys twenty-four people?
If you want to experience the unreality as reality, ladies and gentlemen, then join the army and start a war and you will get a hundred thousand atomic bombs in your pocket at the moment in order to destroy people.
If you have to go to war, if such a simple soul, such an innocent simple crazy soul from here stands ordering you to start shooting, then it is allowed, also for God, and there is also a bible expert there, who has come from Leiden or here or there, with the divine principle on his chest and in his pocket, and says: ‘What you are doing is good, because you will defend your people and country.’
Dirty murderer.
That is the divine word which you get.
Do you want to know something about that?
Do you want to learn?
Where do even more masks live?
The whole of society, every hour, sir, is a mask.
Because there are no hours and no time for space, we live in eternity.
What will you do if you begin to learn to think?
What will you do if you are young, are a mother, are a father, are old, and love stands before you?
Quickly, quickly just quickly bite?
There is no thinking, nothing is experienced.
Now you must begin to want to tear off those millions of masks.
Well, I am not preaching this evening, you know.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Just continue.’
Yes, indeed.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘On the contrary, he is good.’
Sir, yes, Mr Götte.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I also meditated during those three months, and then I came to the conclusion that it is just better that you do not come back again to this earth, because you keep on bumping your head, and that it is endless to be interested in that, and that you are just better to look for another sphere where you do not meet those obstinate people who cross you and bother you.’
Sir, you say: ‘I also meditated ...’
And do you want to come back here again?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I want to come back sometime, a life in a million or so years, perhaps it will be a bit better.’
Sir, I also want to go back another fifty lives with this feeling and consciousness.
I have ...
You live here in paradise, but you do not have it, you do not see it.
This is the hereafter, I discovered that by means of a million possibilities and pieces of proof; no, had to accept.
Whether I live here or there ...
Yes, I am imprisoned here, I cannot fly; we go there to the moon, in one second we are on Jupiter, Venus, Saturn.
That is space, that is happiness.
You no longer need to eat there.
That cursed food and drink is the greatest misery in this world for me.
But back?
Oh, sir, to just collapse by working hard; isn’t that wonderful?
To enjoy art.
We started immediately this month, when I came back, I received thirty masterpieces.
I have now finally got hold of things which master Alcar, Anthony van Dyck, made himself through me.
And to sit and paint for that ...
And even if I was a road sweeper, sir, the knowledge, the glad feeling that I can no longer do it, is also happiness.
Megalomania, sir?
Being in harmony with thousands of things is the violin playing of a Paganini, is the thinking of a Socrates, and is the cycle for the universe of a Galilei.
Sir, that is the highest art which the human being builds up for himself and which you can experience every second of the day.
A wonderful conversation with a fellow human being, your own wife, or your husband, or a friend, or a brother, or a sister, about creations.
There are some people amongst us who go in the evening, they go home hand in hand, they go to sleep.
Talk about it, think about it.
‘Good night, child’, and then they go sleep.
And then in the morning they get up with that space, with that hereafter.
Just imagine that now, you must taste a cup of coffee like that from a woman like that.
Yes, men.
There is no more substitute in that.
If those noble, beautiful hands carefully touch that and say: ‘Have a taste.’
And all that bliss and that harmony too.
Or they are upset by such a thing.
Well, it never happens to me.
The other conversation, that you can experience so harmonically.
Yes, a lady comes to me and she says: 'Sir, I have read books by you.
But if you then come home and my husband is lying in my bed with another man, then you do get a shock.'
I say: ‘Child, how well you still look.’
I say: ‘Madam, I have such awe-inspiring sacred respect.’
And then that poor child started to tell me things, I was just back, there was also such a drama.
I say: ‘Just sit down, just tell it.’
I think: ‘My God, my God, woman, how great you are.’
‘Yes’, she says, ‘when he saw that I was standing there, then he just knocked me to the ground at the same moment.
He had wanted to kill me of course.
My boy, made so crazy, stands up to me; I also have two girls, thank God.’
But there sir goes.
Yes, now what, what still remains of it?
That is no longer a mask.
That man there has homosexuality.
He would have been much better to go to sleep with a tree, then the tree could have explained space to him, but then he could have hit his head, of course.
Then the tree would have crushed him a bit, and then he would be liquorice, and the tree would have remained alive.
But then I start to think.
If you are told the dramas, then the human being says: ‘Ghee, how can it be?
Just get away.’
No, then first I will enjoy myself.
And then I will go see how the human being thinks, how he talks, how he deals with it.
And then I can give those people full marks.
She says: ‘I am a wreck.’
I say: ‘Child, light, your life light as power and energy, that now still radiates from your eyes, from your personality.
You already have a hundred.
Remain standing where you are and continue.’
And if you are then so beaten, physically and socially, and you then also go to the spiritualists, and they take you from dry land into the ditch, and you get to hear the nonsense in trance, then you just collapse and then nothing is right anymore.
And that lady also says: ‘Do you also have books for me by means of which I can improve myself?
I still love that man, because he does not know any better, it is he.
And now that I know homosexuality, now that I know that the man goes from the male ...’
The creating power, gradually the personality lives in there seven times as spirit, and then passes onto motherhood.
Then the human being has suddenly entered a body and does not know what to do with it, still feels creative and is left there with a maternal organism.
He is now in that grade, he has become a man and still feels a mother.
He has come from motherhood and becomes a man.
And if you know that then, people ... And now you perhaps say: ‘Those pigs, those villains, isn’t that something?’ then you quite simple say afterwards: ‘I was that yesterday too.’
And now I start to think and then I think: my God, how pleased I am that I am out of it now.
Because this is unnatural anyway, if you come home and he loves a he, he loves a he.
Yes, it is feeling, and the laws are not any different.
Society destroys these people.
I do not, because we know the grades of these masks.
Those masks have been ripped off for us because the human being as spirit, as soul, the soul of God as human being, I will put it like this, lives in both organisms, because otherwise life would be at a standstill.
The mother has the contact with God, because the mother gives birth and we create.
You can only say to these people: ‘My dear man, you must not do that.’
But who can do that?
But if you can then say: ‘I gave him my blessing and my happiness.’
And say: ‘Just leave me alone, for goodness’ sake, and I am pleased that you did not kill me because you would have just gone to prison.
I will just leave quickly, you know.
You may keep everything.’
And this child goes there, and she says: ‘Now I am standing there, I no longer have a roof over my head, I have lost my husband, my child, I have nothing left.
And do you also have books for me by means of which I can improve myself?’
Ladies and gentlemen, that lady is here, and that lady still knows nothing about what you know; but do you also have that feeling?
That is already the spiritual wealth of a wonderful motherhood and a personality which can stand on its own two feet and act, but does not hate, does not destroy, does not devastate, those people no longer have any masks.
If one of us just gets something near him, if a gentle wind just blows past those people, then they already burst from envy and they say: ‘Who will open a door there?’
Love the human being and you will awaken.
But how must you begin with that?
(Gentleman says something.)
What did you say?
You are afraid of reincarnation.
Sir, you are talking about the heavens, you want to attune yourself to spiritual happiness.
Sir, that lives in yourself.
If you do not want to and she does not want to, then there is nothing more to be said.
And if she wants to and you do not want to, sir, then God stands between you and the human being, and Christ also, only you do not see them.
And then you get the sensitive one who wants to, who thirsts and hungers, the spatial slap.
And that is then a hand on the head - and you can read that again in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ which says: ‘Well done, my child, just continue like that.
I am with you.’
Let him, and her, just destroy themselves, we will continue.
The courage, the battle for life and death which, for the human being, is waged with the unconscious child ...
There are women here who have to fight in order to read a book and in order to come here.
‘Is that you again with that rubbish from that crazy man?’
‘If you do not stop, I will hang myself’, one said.
Then she says: 'Well, then just hang yourself.'
And then she came home in the evening, then he was sitting having a nice old jenever.
He was right too.
Who would not agree with him in this world, but the other one said: ‘Do you see, how false, isn’t it?’
Start to talk to each other, ladies and gentlemen.
You want to read a book, you are interested in a red cabbage, a carrier pigeon, a pigeon, a dog and a cat, you have hobbies; but first make a hobby of your God, and let that mask fall.
Love God if you love your hobbies.
Love the hereafter, sir, madam, your reincarnation.
This space, sir, madam, belongs to you, love that and start to think, or you will never make it.
If you soon go and stand in the coffin there will be seventy-five clubs waiting for you.
Not from the satan, nor from the devil, nor from Gabriel, nor from the god of hatred, not from a Christ, but you put them around there yourself, because you are already walking in it.
You flatly refuse to think, to accept, you do not want to experience anything, you remain standing stock-still before the divine reality and still just say: ‘No!’
‘Drop dead’, the people say.
Recently someone asked me, you were also there: ‘What is swearing?’ And then I said: ‘God damn it.’
And then the people said: ‘Oh, how harsh that is.’
Then not one walked away.
But swearing does not exist.
There were also some: ‘Thank God.’
I do not need to say God damn it every day.
That is a word: God damns me.
It is not swearing, because I am only asking myself whether He wants to kill me, and He cannot kill me because I am God myself; yes, not a divine personality.
Tomorrow it will be spread about again and then they will say: ‘Jozef Rulof says: he is God.’
And then they have not understood it again.
But swearing does not exist.
And there were people who say: ‘Thank God, I swore myself silly during that time of life, now that I am already sixty, and I have just talked at cross-purposes to it.’
He says: ‘My God, a weight has gone from my heart.
I shouted and swore at everyone.
And now I did not even swear.
Jozef Rulof, you will get a hundred guilders from me.’
I say: ‘Just give it to your priest’, (laughter) I say, ‘then he can also make a new indulgence for you, because you are still not sure anyway.
You will not get any indulgences from me.’
But, ladies and gentlemen, the mask ‘swearing’ fell off that evening.
I also thought, I looked into master Alcar’s eyes, I say: ‘Will I chance it?’
‘Yes,’ he said, ‘just sputter away.’
And they said ‘Brrrrrr’.
Well, I was harsh, wasn’t I?
God, it just sounds so ...
Will I do it again?
Not me.
He said, she said, and many people said: ‘Good heavens, I swore so much that sparks were flying.
Is it really true, Mr Rulof, that swearing does not exist?’
I say: ‘No, you are a deity yourself.
You represent God, you are God yourself, people do not exist.’
I say: ‘How can you damn yourself now?’
I say: ‘Yes, it is a harsh word, which the people do not understand, and it goes back to God, to God, but people do not know God nor that damnation.
Because there is no damnation and God does not damn any human being, he cannot damn himself.
An awe-inspiring mask fell again that evening, by means of my swearing.
And then the people said: ‘That evening taught me the most.’
He says: ‘I will never swear again.’
I will try ...
In the spheres you do not walk around either saying: ‘Say, just sod off’? (laughter)
If you enter the heavens and a mistress or an angel passes and says: ‘Say, just beat it.’
No, then ...
How do people talk in the Spheres of Light?
Yes, ‘let’s pray’, people say in the Catholic Church and Protestantism.
‘Let’s analyse the holy gospel this evening.’
And then people begin: ‘Your holy light ...’ and just tremble and weep.
And I just went to have a look, and just see, and just wait, and not one ray of light came from the church because the human being did not know God.
And you only touch Him when you interpret His light by means of your words.
Isn’t it simple?
And all that talking does not help you at all.
Masks, masks, masks.
You may not swear.
People also think in the Spheres of Light.
In the Spheres of Light, the masters, the women and the men who float through the universe and who have completed the earth, who have experienced their cycle, they go hand in hand from planet to planet.
And sir and madam, and now you would like to know of course what we are talking about.
There has not yet been anyone amongst you who was able to have a cosmic conversation with me, and then I started to sense myself.
There has not yet been anyone amongst the people, as long as I have been here in the world, who could imagine and experience a spiritual conversation with me, because then you must begin with yourself.
If you want to know it, if that one false foundation has not dissolved, you will never get a new one.
And spiritual thinking brings you growth, gives you contact, gives you unity.
But then the hatred must go, the gossip must go, the wrong thinking must go, then the human being must want to live in harmony for himself, his task, and not interfere in the life of another human being, because that is putting pressure, that is calling a halt to the other person.
If those people were to hear you, they would stand before you and pull you from your own happiness.
Don’t you think so?
But you still cannot be touched, you still cannot be pulled, because you are still unconscious?
No, they are the masks.
You talk ignorantly, unnaturally, you talk completely off the mark.
What am I actually talking about this evening now that we are beginning for the first time?
I am moving far too fast.
Amn’t I?
Did you have another question, sir?
You were afraid to go back to the earth?
You meditated?
Sir, I will ... a hundred thousand ... I do not need to go back again, I cannot even go back again; but I would like to go back again in order to be a real mother.
Not a man.
That men carry-on is nothing.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You said this evening at the beginning ... why do I have to go away again now?
And that touched me precisely.’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That you had to go back again, and sit and talk to those people; that was little influence from them.
But it is still a great deal which comes from that, that is not such a little bit.’
From where, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘From the word.’
From this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
It is nonsense, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I understand that.
But ...’
If you say so.
I do not believe you anyway.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes ...’
Sir, I don’t expect anything from it.
But I am busy.
Master Zelanus said to me recently ...
I said: ‘What a fuss you are making’, then he said: ‘I am not busy for those people, I am busy for myself.
And it appears that the people are still interested in it.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You bet!’
But when you really want to begin with your life, with this, what we are talking about ...
Sir, I am not a dry farmer, I have never been dry.
I always have fun.
If you see me, I am dancing.
I can behave in a silly way, in a happy way.
A happy universal, spatial joy lives in me.
And why not in you?
This life is not difficult.
Sir, if you talk about death, and reincarnation, then they say: ‘Oh, that difficult carry-on.’
Sir, I know death, and I talk to the Grim Reaper there at every moment.
Because he is not there.
He says: ‘They put a black empty hat on me.
And they put a hollow mask on me, a skull’, the Grim Reaper says that, ‘with two holes in it, without teeth; there are four lying out here and the rest there.’
A skeleton, that is death.
Hahahaha, the whole world still stands looking at death.
If you see those lorries driving along the street with those bodies in them, I say: ‘Haha, another one is going there to his evolution.’
Or back to the earth, or to the darkness.
He has perhaps, she has perhaps beaten things to bits and pieces, that is their business.
But she is out of that, the soul, she gets wings, and life continues, because there is no death.
And is that sour grapes?
Does that bother you when you speak about death, which is and means life
Are you talking about insanity, about diseases?
Madam, talk about society, talk about your work, but include your reincarnations, include the universe and you will get space.
What were you thinking about that you soon, free from your organism, those double legs, that old and the beautiful and wonderful castle in which you live, which, if you are free from that, you speak about, if your spiritual eyes open and you look into another world?
About gossip?
‘I will also get ten guilders from her and from him.’
‘Say, they are also living beyond their means!’
You can no longer do that in that astral world because no one lives beyond his means there, because you are not released from your position.
If you sit in the bananas, you will also slip on them. (laughter)
Yes, indeed, ladies and gentlemen, I saw the world, I know the people, I know the cosmos, I know soul, spirit, life, psychopathy, insanity.
I know all the - you will find that strange, but just read my books, and if you want to talk to me for a thousand years, then I will prove it to you - I know all the races (see and all the faiths and all the religions of the earth, I know the one God who exists, I know him.
And I also looked into His eyes a moment ago.
He says: ‘Just swear once more.’
He said: ‘Because it is not me anyway.’
And then you speak natural nonsense.
But when you enter that temple there and want to think, the things which are real and not supernatural at all, but essential to your daily self, your sleep, your rest, your peace, your happiness on earth, sir, begin then: who is the one God?
Not that book which a minister wrote, ‘The God whom you do not know.’
Because when he came to the last word, he still did not know it.
We know God, we know Christ, we know space.
We know all the diseases, all the miseries.
God does not do that, the human being built that up himself by means of his destruction.
We know psychopathy.
We know theology, we know arts and sciences, astronomy.
The University of Christ, I told you during all those years, has and possesses everything, if you just begin with it yourself.
Ladies and gentlemen, are there any more questions?
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘This possession is generally, at least what we are now learning from the masters, is generally for ourselves, because you can almost never get it off your chest with another person.’
If you can get it off your chest ...
There are people who fuss and boast.
I am now busy in public, but I will not run for a human being.
I used to do that.
I carried my patients, and talking, talking, talking.
I learned how to do it.
I will also tell you something.
If you begin with that, and you know something from those books and the hereafter and yourself, then do not tell it in the streets, but really wait until the thirsty person comes, because then it will hit home.
Before they will just always certify you insane.
Do not make Jehovah teachings of yourself, because those Jehovah teachings have false foundations.
The world will not burst.
And the world will not end.
And God will not let that universe burst because the people live so badly, because the human being is God himself.
And the earth will continue to exist until the last spark possesses that spiritual space and divine reality as a foundation and attunement to His life, His spirit, His soul, possesses His fatherhood and motherhood.
It is only then that the earth will gradually dissolve, such as the moon fulfilled her task, and she will die.
If the earth burst at once, then there would be a hole in the universe and then creation would really be destroyed.
Because no other planet can deal with that suction, sir, that all happens of its own accord.
We talked here about gravities and laws of the universe.
Why is the moon dead?
Sir, did you have anything else?
Where do you wish to begin with these lectures?
Just back with nice things?
I will tell you nice things now and again.
But I am really angry, you know.
I am cross.
Yes, cross in a different way.
In the spheres they are also cross.
If you do not want to start to think about that, they will just leave you.
Here we can still talk, day and night.
But no one will order me any more there.
I will only go to the one there who really thirsts for a hundred percent.
This is why Christ said to the apostles: ‘Follow Me, I will make fishermen out of the people.’
But that was a mistake, wasn’t it?
If you start to analyse the divine Christ and divine wisdom ...
I can give you the spiritual answer here, I can give you the spatial, cosmic answer and the divine, and then we will be faced with wonderful words which Christ did not even speak.
And He said to Peter and John and the others: ‘Follow Me’, and they abandoned their households.
And if we do it, we are bad.
We must finish our task, even if we are beaten and kicked.
They are people, they have a marriage such as wild people in the jungle do not experience.
He hits her and she hits him.
She tyrannises, she lets the food burn every day so that he suffocates from it, and he does that.
And yet we say: ‘Finish that task.’
And Christ said: ‘Come, follow Me and I will make fishermen out of the people.’
And I can tell you this evening that He never said that, because they followed Him themselves.
There is something to that.
If you bring the divine core in you to awakening ...
Someone got, or bought, a dish from the masters from me.
And that is the Christ above in space, and under a ... it looks just like a nut, and there is a diamond in that nut, a pearl, a core, and two people under that, and that thing means: get everything out of the core and you will get Me; on a little porcelain dish, it is priceless, but it is there.
Get the core out of everything for your spirit, for your personality, for your fatherhood and your motherhood.
But get to know each other.
Look each other in the eye sometime.
But when you see wrong things, madam, your eyes do not shine as a mother.
And this means absolutely nothing.
Even if he plays the piano so well, even if he can run so well, and even if that cigarette and cigar taste so good to him, ladies, if nothing speaks from inside, nothing swirls, you will never get him on a spiritual chair.
Pvvt, you are that; me too, you know.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I am a brother of Mr Götte.’
You are from the infant corner?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I am also a brother of Mr Götte.
Yes, sir, me too.
(Gentleman begins to say something.)
Are you not a brother of all those other people here?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I ...’
Sir, your grandmother and your forefathers from France are also sitting here.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But I wanted to say that your teachings, your divine teachings, which you possess, and I have very little time to read your books, I have not read much either, but it is enough for me, I do not need those books of yours for that, only your divine teachings.’
In order to sit here?
Sir, but then you are missing a great deal.
Why do you not have time to read?
What are you also doing?
How old are you, twenty-four?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I am seventy-four.’
And you have no time to begin with that now?
What do you do then, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I did not do much about reading.
I worked a lot.
I have read sometimes, but not those teachings so very ...’
Look ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... not the bible teachings either, but your teachings ...’
Do you wish to believe, sir, I get much more depth and feeling, precisely from the bible experts.
If there is a bible expert sitting here, sir, and he gets hold of the books, those people are searching, and the really thirsty ones, the hungry ones, they get the laws there and they know that God does not damn.
I had them visit me, they were lying sobbing before me, men, a father of four, five children, who said: ‘My God, my God, I wandered over the whole world, and now I get from a boy - who came here to the mental institution of Socrates, ‘Ken U Zelve’ on the Ruyterstraat - and he says: ‘You are looking for God.
Sir, now people know the bible and now people start to read that Christ is different, and God is different and those people enjoy themselves more deeply, get more because they can make those comparisons.
And then it is a pity that you do not read.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I find, your teachings are enough for me and now ... goes ...’
Yes, but, sir, my whole teachings are twenty books and soon you will also get a great deal more.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I understand all of that.’
But they are my teachings, this talking is just nonsense.
I do not expect anything at all from it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But your teachings are made of gold, I find, serious, and beautiful and divine.’
I certainly do not accept it, you know.
Sir, I am not walking in that conceitedness.
If I was to accept it, sir, then tomorrow I would lie, no, tomorrow I would laugh, I would be lying nowhere, but, but oh, (laughter) but then I would already have bats in the belfry.
Sir, ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’.
Just become like that Rosanov, just play Jeanne sometime, who went through the ‘coffin’ and came back again.
Just go through the heavens and the hells with the masters, sir, then you will soon know how it fits together.
And on the other side, sir, everything which comes from Holland at the moment ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘They are your teachings which you give, sir, that is everything for me, there is nothing more wonderful.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, may I clarify that?’
Yes, madam.
Did you get it back in Scala (theatre in The Hague), madam?
I sent my whole world there.
(Lady in the hall): ‘I heard you barking.’
Oh well.(laughter)
I wanted you to know that I was there, and at once I started to bark and then I thought: the brat will know that I am here. (laughter)
But, madam, you played wonderfully, only at the end they ...
Yes, Bijleveld should have given you a new dress.
But what was it?
(Lady in the hall): ‘This woman was not conceited, she simply wanted to stay.’
But you should have had a beautiful dress, you were standing there so nicely in a corner.
And at the very end - yes, I started to criticise again, didn’t I? - the play was wonderful.
But I thought: oh, now give us that shade.
They all had a new world now, and only you did not.
Oh well, what was it?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, I found it nice that you were there, I also wanted to say that.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘And your wife, of course.
But this man is my brother.
And I understand very well what he means.
He has suffered and put up with a great deal.
And now he hears you speak, and now he feels: I did well.’
Well done.
But you see, I understand that, of course.
But I would also like to give him that other present.
And precisely now, seventy-four.
Do you smoke, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Smoke?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Very little, you know.’
Sir, it is not about that.
But I mean this.
If it becomes a bit cold soon, go and sit at the fire, quietly with a book and a good cigar costing forty cents, and then have a puff now and again, and then that spiritual fair also, sir, then we will be physically, materially, spiritually one and we will make a trip through space.
Sir, who will do anything to us?
And then you will also enjoy yourself.
Then you can hear a pin drop.
And then just lie down quietly and have a think, and then you will enter the spatial, human sleep, and you will feel yourself gently carried in that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... I also had the same thing.’
But tomorrow I will no longer be here, sir, and then you will not hear anything anymore.
I will die tonight.
Tomorrow you will have to do it yourself.
Raff.(barks) (laughter)
You see, they are ...
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I have one page per day.’
Are there more questions, ladies and gentlemen, we still have a few minutes.
Then the first evening of this season, of 1953 will be ...
(Hall): ‘1952.’
What did you say?
How well you know that it is still 1952.
They know that.
But what does that 1952 now mean and say?
Ladies and gentlemen, you are already mill, mill, millions of ages old and you do not even know it.
I am an eternal being.
Do you dare to say that about yourself?
I was somewhere, and then my sister-in-law says ...
A woman came, she was still following me there in Vienna, and she had heard about me:  ‘For the love of God, I want to see and speak to that person.’
Then my sister-in-law says, who still cannot accept that, she said: ‘Sie stirbt auch nicht.’
I say: ‘What?’
She said it so surprisingly nice.
She says: ‘Sie ist auch eine die nicht stirbt.’
Because she still does not know it.
And then we started to talk.
I say: ‘No, if you read this and know that ...’
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I came to Vienna when I was still a chauffeur, and now I am a writer, I have become a painter, I was a doctor, I have become a psychologist, I have become a teacher and a cosmically conscious being and I have ‘wings’.
Those people no longer know me.
But we were very nice and it was very beautiful, and it was only a pity that they destroyed Vienna so much.
Oh oh oh oh.
Just look at the misery of the war.
But the war in you, if you do not understand and do not want to get to know the human being and the life and your spirit and your character and your personality, and you do not want to bow to each other when the good must and will speak with regard to - the lectures gave you that - Golgotha, reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood, then that is much worse than atomic bombs and Napoleons.
Yes, we are in a mess now, aren’t we, grey, old, ugly, beautiful.
Ladies and gentlemen, life begins, every second of the day you can lay a new foundation for millions of laws of life.
You can build a temple where you can soon live ‘behind the coffin’, from this organism, this castle, and there are paths which the human being will walk, which you will receive if you are open to the human being here.
And that certainly does not mean that you will carry the human being with money and everything; let them work themselves and let them think themselves.
Doing good, ladies and gentlemen, is only possible when you have brought the Socrates in you to awakening and Galilei; and now the masters, master Zelanus, master Alcar, Ubronus, Damascus, Cesarino.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘When will the lectures in Diligentia continue again?’
On 28 September the lectures in Diligentia will begin (see ’Lectures part III’) about the cosmology of your own life.
We will stay, I think, for fifteen lectures, fifteen weeks, fifteen lectures on the moon.
We will begin with the origin of the moon as embryonic life, and we hope that we will be able to experience the moon as a fish stage at the end of 1953, to then continue to the secondary planets, to Mars.
And then we will stand before Christ, as a human being, through this universe, then we will go from this universe to the fourth cosmic grade, sir, the fifth, the sixth, and then we will come as a human being with Christ, as the first people who brought and took that universe to light, we will come to stand before our divine personality.
But that journey alone, sir, that is already two such thick books.
And that can still not be told in a book, but if we have to experience that evening after evening, every morning, in an hour and a half, you will sense it, then we can only tell you about that journey of the cell life to the fish stage on the moon, we can, astronomically explained, we can give ten thousand lectures, and then we will still not have reached the fish stage.
Master Alcar ...
If you have not been here before; there are twenty books for you.
Master Zelanus and master Alcar could write another hundred thousand books.
And I for myself - that is not boasting, because I will prove all of that to you - I have already brought twenty thousand of them to awakening in me, and I tore the masks off all of them.
I am not afraid of tiredness.
I am also not afraid of love, because I love men and women, I love the human being, I love life.
See you next week, ladies and gentlemen, sleep well, but also begin with it, and now tear at those masks.
I love you.
(There is clapping.)