Thursday evening 11 September 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
Before I begin with the questions - I have large maps here, I see - but I have a surprise for you, even if that surprise is not quite here.
Tuesday we got ... and Amsterdam has the premiere.
I just had forty of them, but they flew away, of course.
But on 28th September in Diligentia, in the morning, you will get ‘Jeus III’.
Because they are lying under the press drying.
(Claps his hands) So ‘Jeus III’ has now been published.
If you want to have twenty-five of them, then just mention that immediately.
And it does not cost NLG 17.50, because I had allowed for NLG 17.50, but we have discovered a knack, and now it costs NLG 13.75.
So that will save mother the wife NLG 4.-.
The book is worth NLG 100.-, it is not about that, you can just give NLG 50.- for a book, it does not matter, then we will spend it on something else.
But it is not about that.
So soon, ladies and gentlemen, you will get ‘Jeus III’.
And then I can just stop, because you will actually have everything.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Cosmology, will we not get that then?’
If you have a thousand guilders for me, then you will have it within six months.
It just costs a thousand guilders, madam.
Now ‘Jeus III’ has been published, that is my twentieth book.
I must now begin again to get ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, ‘Diseases of the Soul’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’ published.
Madam, they are five books, that is just fifty thousand guilders.
The cosmology, that must be something very different.
They are ...(inaudible), but another twenty-five, thirty can also be written: half a million.
If my dream comes true, I explained that to you, then I will get two million from Princess Wilhelmina.
But she has not called me yet. (laughter)
Has she?
In the morning I had lost two million when I woke up.
People asked me a question here about dreams.
I say: ‘I had a nice dream.’
And then I got ... - I will tell it for the people who do not yet know it - then I dreamt my own dreams one night; from the other side they are always different and better, then you have an immediate hold.
But I dreamt that Princess Wilhelmina - I hope that she hears it this evening - asked me: ‘Jozef Rulof, now come sometime, I have heard so much about you.
I paint too.’
‘Yes, I know that.’
‘And just tell me what you actually do.’
And I went there, with Mr van Straaten.
We came to the door.
I say to Mr van Straaten: ‘Just go to the kitchen because they have chicken soup here.’ (laughter)
I say: ‘Because we have not had that recently.’
And he went round the back, down a street, and he was received by the cook.
I think: he is well off.
And I went in.
And Her Majesty was sitting there.
I went to her, I say: ‘Oh well, madam’, I say, ‘just use the informal form of address with me, then we will be nice and close to each other, won’t we.’
I like that the best.
And then she says: ‘Well okay, let’s just do it.’
I say: ‘It is so far away when I eh ...’
‘What should we do, what should I do?’
I say: ‘I can do everything.’
And then I experienced a journey with her through the universe, planets, stars, damnation, God, through the bible.
Her head was spinning.
For two hours.
And then I was allowed to go.
And then she says: ‘You will get two million from me.’
I say: ‘I will prove to you that I will do good with it.’
I say: ‘And you will also hear from me.
I will send you all the books in the first place.
You will get a nice painting from me, from the masters.’
And then we go home.
I say: ‘Did you have chicken soup?’
Then he says: ‘No, they did not have any chicken soup.’
I think: Well, then I will also have lost my two million ...( ...). I woke up in the morning and my wife arrives with tea, I say: ‘My God, my God, go away with the tea.’
She says: ‘What is the matter with you now?
I say: ‘I lost two million last night.’
‘Two million?’
And that is my dream.
Madam, if that dream comes true, then you will get all the books for nothing in six months.
For nothing.
You will even get another hundred to divide out.
If only it was true.
How poor we are, poor bleeders.
The lady, the countess, she has a hundred and seventy-five million, she was the richest countess in Europe, that was in the paper recently.
Madam, just write a little note.
You will not get an answer anyway, you know.
But if you want to have cosmology.
Madam, let us be grateful that the twentieth book has been published.
With the people who helped, a great many helped with it ...
The books, the lectures, and everything which we do, that money is all in ‘Jeus III’ again.
And it is there.
And if you soon have a hold of that then I do not need to tell you anything else.
You also sit on a chair, I learned to drive on a chair, and Bernard will tell you it later, because he worked on the sewing machine upstairs, because he wanted to experience the drama one time.
He said: ‘Have you gone totally and completely mad?’
I say: ‘Yes, I am mad.’
I say: ‘But I will become a chauffer.’
‘I will become a chauffeur.’
And I also became it.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will begin.
Here I have ...
You will make sure, of course, that you have money in your pocket that morning in Diligentia, just save quickly, because you will have spent everything this summer, of course.
I have here: ‘I was sitting outside, on a terrace, and looked at a girl.’
Was that a man by any chance?
Was that not a man?
From who is that?
Oh, thank God, a lady.
‘I was sitting outside on a terrace and looked at a girl who cycled past.
I saw a wide violet stripe along her back.
What could that have been?
Is this an aura or is that an optical illusion?’
Madam, you didn’t have a drink, did you?
Madam, that is nothing now, you can see that everywhere, because if the human being walks in nature and you come, just a brilliance, the human being goes from shadow into light, for example, then you get to see a hundred thousand flashes.
And this is not something which I can go into, because it is nothing.
Do you mind?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Such a wide ray, along ...’
Yes, even if it was the sun, madam, then it still means nothing to me; because you can experience all of that outside.
But if you want to see something different, I will be pleased to oblige.
Oh, there is some more on the back.
‘I sometimes hear whole stories about flying saucers ...’ Master Zelanus talked about this in Amsterdam this week.‘ ...can you tell us what this phenomenon is?
Does it have to do with war weapons or is it a natural phenomenon?’
Now I can repeat the story to you.
I have known it for a long time, it is not about that.
But what is a flying saucer, ladies and gentlemen?
Jozef Rulof knows everything, for that matter?
We go from swearing to radiant saucers.
Madam, sir, what is a flying saucer?
What could it be?
The academics drive themselves mad with it and they go crazy, only because of those terrible flying saucers.
What is it now?
In the universe the angels are playing cards and then a flash flies away now and again. (laughter)
And then, if you see five, six, seven together, then they are telling fortunes, then they lie next to each other like that.
Madam, they are light reflexes, caused by magnetic fields.
Aren’t they, master Zelanus said that last week.
He gave an amazing explanation for them.
And if you wish to have that explained completely, then you must just ask him sometime, because it is a cosmic problem.
But it is to do with the development and the growth of and for the universe.
He says: ‘The only possibility which there is’, and we know that of course, ‘would be, that the other side manifests itself, a materialization’, that is possible.
So a personality on the other side, master Alcar or master Zelanus, he could let himself be seen like that in the universe by means of the powers of the universe.
You read about the spiritual plasma in ‘Spiritual Gifts.’
The condensing of the human aura, that can also already be condensed in the universe.
And that already happens as a result of the laws of nature, because when it gets a bit sultry you will get another lovely rain shower again this evening.
And then you get, we also explained that here, to see the origin of the creations again, because the creations began like that, God began with His creations like that.
First there was nothing, then hazes came and then condensings came, and then those clouds separated, and then you get the embryonic life on the moon, and the earth also began in this way.
You can see that same problem in the universe.
They become condensings.
So an astral personality could, they could let themselves be seen in millions.
And why do they not do it?
Yes, it does not concern us.
They murdered Christ because He came with divine wonders.
Wonders no longer help.
If the Messiah was already nailed to the cross, what do the people on the other side, master, or whoever they are, what do they hope to achieve with wonders?
But it could be possible, master Zelanus says.
Also the fourth cosmic grade, that lives in here, that goes through the universe like that, that could condense itself by means of clouds.
That plasma can move so quickly, master Zelanus says, in one second from the North Pole to the South Pole.
And then it is a sun reflex, which you suddenly see there, chrome.
It stands still, then the quickening has also gone there, then it is a reflection, the mirror image of that which condenses, builds itself up in the universe, and brings about laws.
They are materialized.
It is an aura, it is plasma.
It is a shadow of a real power.
And I can go on like that, he says, to infinity, and then you will still not know it, but it needs a book in order to explain all of that.
Don’t you think it is nice?
And the academics, the academics, the academics ...
And the aeroplanes follow a thing like that, and then they have it there, and then at once it is on that side.
And they just do not know how.
I say: ‘Doctor, come, then I will give you an explanation.
I have already known it for so long.’
You have never asked it, so I will not go into it.
There is still so much which I know, and you do not ask that either.
I have here: ‘Dear Mr Rulof, may I ask you,’ what is this?
‘An undeveloped child which has never learned languages before, spoke a foreign language; does not want anything to do with it, and yet it keeps coming back.’
From who is this?
Madam, that child is mediumistic.
And that child is very sensitive.
But there are two possibilities.
It can be that the astral world lives and speaks in that personality.
But I assume that the subconscious, the past life of this personality is speaking.
I have categorically been busy with Egypt in this life, I lived there.
Just read ‘Between Life and Death.’
And if I had not seen it, then I would not accept it either, I am much too sensible and too sharp for that.
But my powers are absolute, I also know absolutely when that Dectar will arise in me.
And that is always strict, harsh; because it was harsh and strict there.
If you talk rubbish in these things, and you want to sway and float, nothing will become of the human being in this area.
This must all happen at a hundred percent.
Beating about the bush is not possible.
You must always have the reality in this, or a gulf will come, there will be a hole in it, and people descend into that hatch.
Just read ‘Spiritual Gifts’ again.
Those priests were walking there in the street looking for their heads, they had their heads under their arms and say: ‘My head, my head, I have lost my head!’
That happened between that disembodiment.
He had also lost it, his spiritual head.
And now we are faced with problems.
If you hear that!
Other people have that.
You have categorically the phenomenon of reincarnation there, and you can determine by hundreds of thousands of possibilities, by means of those possibilities, you can determine that we people have lived a hundred million years and times on earth.
If the child, if the child also ...
Science is still so extremely poor, physics, psychology, theology, astronomy, biology, geology, just continue, they do not know.
And if you got a duck ...
And if you take a chicken and you take twelve duck eggs, and that little animal hatches them out, then that chicken mother stands shouting herself silly, because they cannot swim.
But those ducks know it.
Science says: ‘Look, that is God.’
No, that is that irrevocable reincarnation.
Because that duck comes back, comes back so many times to the duck mother, in order to leave that stage again later, because that is the reincarnation.
We people know little about our reincarnations, lives.
Yes, you know when ...
Ladies and gentlemen, I will place you before a fact and law which we have often spoken about, and by means of which I will let you think again immediately.
(To people in the hall): Come in, ladies.
Just sit down, there are still a few chairs.
By what means, ladies and gentlemen, and especially the old ones of mine ...
(To people in the hall): Sit down, gentlemen, there are chairs there, over there.
By what means does reincarnation immediately speak to the human being?
Science makes nonsense, animal-like carry-on of that problem, those awe-inspiring laws.
They do not know.
They do not know.
(rummaging in the hall) They do not know it there either.
What is it, ladies and gentlemen, by means of which we immediately see the reincarnation?
Mr Berends, do you have anything else?
Can I pass anything else onto you?
(To someone in the hall): Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I was going to say, by means of sleep.’
Oh sir, that is for sale in Egypt, but not any longer now.
(To someone in the hall): What was it, madam?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That child which ...’
You see, now you will experience something else again.
They are completely off the mark again.
(To someone in the hall): Did you have anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The personality.’
Didn’t I know it, you do not think, sir.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Characteristics.’
No, sir, you were close, but it is not that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘By means of the coloured people.’
By means of the coloured person?
Who said that?
Yes, madam, but it is not that.
Well, we also talked about it last week.
They are not learning anything.
But it does not appear to be so simple.
Does it?
You just leap like that into a law of space and then you should know it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Jozef?’
Yes, madam?
(Lady says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... grades of feeling ...’
Yes, it is not that.
It is ...
If I say it again, then they will say: ‘Oh.’
But you are now learning to think like this.
There is a very sharp phenomenon by means of which we must accept reincarnation, even if science does not know how to gauge, to see, the foundations, then they say: ‘Oh well.’
What is it?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The homosexual.’
Didn’t I know it, there you have it.
And do you not all say again: ‘Yes, there you have it, yes’?
The man who lives in the body and has just come from motherhood, does not know what to do with the organism.
They are poor people.
People say: ‘Animal-like carry-on.’
Madam, we were all that.
You are just out of it, I too.
And everyone.
We are just out of it.
Who wants to kid me here, as mother and father, that you are a hundred percent man, are a creator, and a hundred percent mother?
It does not concern the creator, who just walks off the mark, we men walk past and next to creation.
It is the mother.
Men must get much more respect for the mothers.
If they are nice, of course.
But we see those feelings again with the child, later.
With children it can already be seen quickly if you know that look and that reincarnation, those laws, then you can analyse everything with the human being, with the child.
But those laws are there.
And reincarnation lives in them.
And if you now ...
Then people say ‘homosexuality’, that is the transition of fatherhood to motherhood.
Can you feel how sacred that state is of the human being who lives in there?
We once had a man like that here, he says: ‘Thank God, that is a weight off my heart.’
I say: ‘Yes, sir.’
Just like the swearing, recently.
That gentleman says: ‘Oh, oh, oh, how I let rip in my life and now I have just not sworn.
Yes, Mr Rulof, the masters will get flowers from me.’
I say: ‘I believe it.’
But that man there is ticked off, yes, where is it leading? If the human being surrenders to his feelings and they are so ...
They cannot help it.
They are still a hundred percent mother and walk round with a creating organism, and do not know what to do with it.
The Dutch language and science, the dictionary says: homosexual.
Now the man, and the mother, now they are suddenly branded.
And we are all it.
Everyone has to go through it.
Because they are the seven grades for fatherhood and motherhood.
Science still knows nothing about that, sir, and they still do not accept that either.
And soon when it is that far, and psychology becomes spiritual and spatial and divine, then they say: ‘My God, in 1952 they already had lectures about that.’
The books are already there.
Homosexuality does not exist, because it is the transition to the sacred fatherhood and motherhood.
Madam, are you learning something again this evening?
(Lady says something.)
Is it worthwhile?
And now those gifts.
From the personality ...
We all know French, German and English, we know all the languages on earth, Chinese, Japanese and everything.
But those languages live in us.
From the beginning when our eyes opened, reincarnation, the last one, left us.
People with a gift for languages, people with a hobby for languages, they learn languages.
A boy in our street, when I was still a chauffeur, a son of a butcher started to learn languages, within four, five years he could speak sixteen languages; and he could cope with them, because he remained with both feet on the ground.
Sixteen languages in five years.
A son of the butcher.
The butcher said: ‘That boy of mine has a gift for languages.’
Madam, sir, and it is like that for art.
One person does this.
Mozart crawled to the piano, and he does that.
I used to be thinking, even if my brothers and my mother did not know it; my mother knew it, Crisje knew it.
And another person has this again, that is reincarnation.
But science says: ‘The human being as soul comes to earth for the first time at birth.’
We are in a mess.
That is how deep and conscious psychology is now.
A psychologist, if that man is a doctor and also a professor, then he is still up against a brick wall, he does not know the human being, does not know himself.
And you never get to know the human being.
Psychology is now still quite simply material, but he still does not even know the material, does not know the body, because then he would already no longer speak about homosexuality.
Then you say: ‘Oh, child ...’
I received thousands of people, I say: ‘Madam, you are not that, and sir is not that either.’
I say: ‘ Now you must try to attune your feeling there and there, in order to be a mother, a real mother.
You must try to have a child.
Then you will immediately go a step further, because that birth - do you feel?
That immediately brings you to the beautiful, wonderful; by means of the child, you will get motherhood, feeling of course, consciousness as a mother, by means of that birth, by carrying that child.
Isn’t it wonderful?
Perfectly simple.
And those academics remain stuck, and those academics do not know it.
And in this way the spiritual sciences are still crumbs, they must still lay the first spiritual foundations.
Spatial foundations, a divine foundation is called - just lay a divine foundation this evening - this is the divine answer, spatially divine, and that is called: you are father and mother, I live myself, because the soul, which is the human being, is God.
And that soul says, God: I live in both bodies.
Now you should listen to the radio sometime, take the bible and then you must listen and read.
What does Mr Spelberg, Dr Spelberg, and what do the Catholics, what does the professor, doctor, clergyman, know about God?
Madam and sir, they are still sitting alone in that paradise.
Yes, but I will just not go into that this evening, otherwise you will laugh a lot.
They are still sitting with that snake and that pear tree; they were not apples, they were pears. (laughter)
They were lemons.
There were also red, sweet and bitter ones and Adam knew exactly where the delicious one was with a reddish colour.
He was not such a dope after all.
But it is not about that.
The academics are still faced with those laws and do not know it.
The academic is penny, penny, penniless.
Humanly unconscious.
And he speaks about God, and they talk about space.
Madam, this is purely a reincarnation.
The subconscious arises here.
If, look, and you can notice it ...
How old is that child?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Eleven.
It is actually ...’
I thought so.
But you can notice it as ... If the other side works - now you will get sensitivity, because that feeling is already there - then there is now also a question of influence.
And then you can be in contact.
And in there ...
Look, and now I am like that: I would have gone completely crazy if I did not have any restraint for myself.
There are people who come to me during those years and if they were like that, that, that, then I thought: how is it possible, if you have read all those books.
And I still have a hundred thousand in me, never mind master Zelanus, then you must say: ‘How can you bear it?’
People say to me: ‘How can you bear it?’
I say: ‘Madam, I have a restraint.’
And I do not go crazy, you go crazy, not I, you go crazy because you do not think.
I will carry on thinking until I have worked it out, one thing.
And when I am through with it, madam, it is possession.
Then I become more spacious.
Then it does not bother me.
I must always makes sure, master Alcar said ... - he gave me so much to learn - until you are rid of everything.
People call that meditating, experiencing again.
And now you will begin with yourself.
Is that voice, that language ...
This is how I think about it,
Is that language capable of serving and helping me?
Can I earn something with it?
Then that language will go overboard, then it is no use to me.
And that is your will.
Isn’t it?
Perfectly simple.
But there are people who want to write, and they want this, also in this area.
I say: ‘Madam, if you want to go crazy, just carry on.’
What do those things mean if they bring you misery, don’t you think?
How many spiritualists are not in the mental institutions?
And they are there now.
Yes, yes, and then they just write:
‘Yes, he says: “Yes, I will look after my child.”’
I say: ‘Surely into the madhouse?
Does he not say that too?’
We must learn to think.
The worst things, inwardly, spiritually, which we feel and experience, can go.
We must first ask: what do I want?
Which love is presented for me there?
Which I can find just like that on the street, does not mean a thing.
People must fight for love and happiness, people must fight for consciousness, people must think.
And if people say: ‘I will begin with it tomorrow.’
Tomorrow is the other side.
You live here on the other side!
There is no tomorrow in the cosmos.
Someone says: ‘Tomorrow we will begin with it.’
But tomorrow you will be crazy, you will be poor, tomorrow it will no longer be necessary: now we stand before Golgotha.
What do you want, what do you wish for?
Your word, your mouth open, and I know it: your visiting card is already on the table.
Isn’t it true, engineer?
What did your prof say about that?
He did not know that, did he?
(Gentleman says something.)
Do you feel how simple it is becoming?
I can also continue with it, but then it will become a difficult lesson.
Are you satisfied?
Tell that to those people.
(Lady in the hall): ‘May I ask you something?’
Yes, indeed.
(Lady in the hall): ‘About master Alcar. If there was no master Alcar present in this case who can say to me ... (with a raised voice): “And then still wants to come.”
Perhaps I have not understood you properly.’
You see, if you read ‘Spiritual Gifts’ ...
I have a master Alcar; yes, madam, I had to do something of this world apparently.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Oh well, I may ...’
Every human being is mediumistic, sensitive, everyone.
I can make instruments of all of you, I only do not do it because you do not want to think and you will not do what I want anyway.
I can make of you, I told you, I can instantly make of you, in a second I can make you a healer, and a cracker, just as strong as that man from England, just as strong as I experienced it myself.
We went over it, and the wound, such holes in the legs, like that, were closed.
You can do that too.
If you do want I want and what they want.
But you have no faith.
You will say: ‘I want’, madam, but then it is still not from inside.
And then you say: ‘I will.’
But then there is still a hold inside from before which does not want to go along.
And in this way the human being, the personality, is fragmented.
You live in day consciousness.
Do you know what my happiness is, madam?
I have nothing.
But you all have something.
And you must be nothing in this, want to be nothing, then you will become something.
I am beaten and kicked, slandered and gossiped about and talked about; but they do nothing to me.
There are people who, if you look at them and just say something: rang, the books lie there.
Seven years of study go overboard like that.
They are all affected.
Madam, I should take them over my knee.
But I will take myself into consideration.
I say: ‘Come here, you need a beating.’
I have been beaten and kicked so awe-inspiringly, not kicked, yes, gnawed at by master Alcar, he said: ‘Yes, should I let you become childish and crazy?
Then this, or I will stop.
Do you want to think?
Then I can continue.’
I say: ‘Yes please, what should I do?’
‘Then: this and not anything other than that.’
A fortnight with one problem, day in day out.
If I do well, if I do that well, will I come through it, will I get through it?
Then onwards again.
That poor master Alcar had to cavort with me like that.
But I was able to do it.
I can listen.
I can do something.
And I also want to do something.
And then in the first place: I do not want to think wrongly of the human being.
The human being is a divine life for me.
That character does not mean a thing to me.
And that personality which is there, whether madam is now that or that, and sir is that, it means nothing to me.
That is all life.
We live like that on the other side.
They are masters, and that was Christ.
And now people say: ‘Yes, but we do not have a master Alcar.’
You have Christ instead of master Alcar, what do you want?
Yes, we are in a mess now.
You must learn to talk to the Messiah, madam.
I can talk to Him any moment.
Do you not believe it?
But not to that Divine All there just like that.
But then I have Him here, then I see Him here as a human being, as He lived here, otherwise you will not get Him.
And then you must not begin with a formal address; then you must say: ‘Say, how are you?
When you were here as a little child.’
You cannot talk to a child in a formal way, can you?
Because now Christ is a child.
And then you see Him.
And then it comes of its own accord, then you see Him of your own accord.
It becomes so wonderfully simple, but so sacredly moving, madam, that you look God right in His face every day.
As long as you begin with it.
Nothing can be done with the human being if the human being says categorically: ‘I will begin.’
But the human being is still fragmented.
They do not lay any foundations for that character.
Isn't that true?
The human being strong?
‘Hooray’, they say, ‘and I will do this!’
And when it comes down to it, boom, they are lying there.
Do not trust anyone.
I only trust life.
Master Alcar had to trust me.
Do you know how many beatings I had?
You will read that soon in Jeus III, that real fighting, fighting in order to be able to conquer stars and planets.
I am not a heaven attacker.
But I am an attacker of the universe, and I got through it.
You should not ask me ...
Sometime, when you have finished ‘Jeus III’, then you must ask me sometime, then you must start to ask questions sometime: ‘How did you get through it?’
Well, then your blood will run away in the evening here.
Nice, isn’t it?
You say: ‘I am no master Alcar’, madam, I did not even look at master Alcar anymore at one point.
I said: ‘I do not like you anymore.
I will go further, higher.’
And then they called in the universe: ‘On earth someone has awakened who will begin a fight with the Messiah.’
I say: ‘And you can drop dead.’
I say: ‘It concerns life and death here, a man who must die, and he has a wife and a child.
And I want to die for that.
Because He said: “Anyone who wants to accept Me will receive Mine.”’
I said: ‘Did He say that?’
I said: ‘Master Alcar, what did you say?’
He says: ‘Yes, then I must take you along.’
I say: ‘No, He must come himself.’
I say: ‘Did a Christ live in the world?
Is that human being, Christ no longer interested in Jews in Jerusalem?’
Madam, if you go and fight like that one day, then you will have a stroke.
Tomorrow you will have heart failure, because you are not sure of yourself.
I am.
And then He came, Christ came.
‘Did you call Me?
Jeus, Jozef, André, do you still know Me?’
I say: ‘Yes, I know You.’
You will soon get to read, to hear that.
That is cosmology, madam, you can hear that in the cosmology.
But then it was about the entire universe.
Then it was about ...
I say: ‘Am I an instrument or not?
And if you think that I am, then I will go past you, because now you must become the Boss himself.’
During the war they wanted to send me to Germany, I told you that, that will also be in ‘Jeus III’, and then I just sent a note into space: ‘Just work it out today, tomorrow I am going to Adolph.
We will begin with ‘Spiritual Gifts’, because master Zelanus told me that, ‘or I will go to Germany, because children of Our Lord also live there.’
What do I care.
Yes, I will go, I will not go into hiding, I will not do nothing for four, two years, three years.
Sitting writing in a little corner?
No, I will attack Adolph if it is necessary and also Satan.
And then the devil, I am him myself.
You see, and then I sent to the angels ...
I say: ‘Master Alcar, just figure it out, you are messengers of Christ, masters; prove it!’
And then they knew it, millions heard it in the spheres: André is busy and he is challenging master Alcar.
At half past ten.
And one second later Dr de Ruyter already came into contact and he heard: ‘Go to Jozef Rulof.’
Just like me before: ‘Go to The Hague, go to Johan, go to Bernard.’
‘Go to Jozef Rulof, go to Jozef Rulof, go to Jozef Rulof’, and it was fixed; and at half past three he stood before my nose.
And then I went to bed, then I had leukaemia.
I got eggs and milk from Hitler and I was well off, madam, the heavens had blessed now.
But it will just stop, don’t you think?
If you have faith and want to receive knowledge, and you want to start to do something for it, ladies and gentlemen, then we will also soon enter the masks and the people, and then the human being will reach awakening.
Do not go to a master Alcar, madam, because he is mine.
And he cannot help you, because he says: ‘I have my hands full with one.’
Because that Jeus was terrible.
I was too rebellious and too wild.
I was almost bursting inside from power.
And then I just walked out of the garage, across the boulevard, then I came back, then I was a bit tired, and then I had restrained myself again.
Now we do it with wisdom, now they do it with paintings, with the books, and with everything.
Nice, isn’t it?
Do you know enough now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof?’
(Gentleman in the hall): May I also ask a little question about this?
You said a moment ago: if mother gives birth to a child, that her state of feeling is increased by this.
But what is the situation now with someone who possesses the male organism and possesses material characteristics for that, how must they look at it in this life: does he continue and does he remain like that because he cannot go any higher, as opposed to that mother?’
In this life?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘In this life.’
Look, ladies and gentlemen, now we will go to homosexuality, of course.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, it is just for a short time, you know.’
You have seven grades of fatherhood.
You are not ...
Let’s say now that you, Mr Berends, are in the highest grade, you are still not finished with the earth, Mother Earth still holds you captured, that is the cycle of the earth, the planet must experience you completely as a mother.
Do you understand that?
So then you go here (Jozef is possibly drawing on a board), you get seven lives as a man, and suddenly you come here, and then you go back, then you have to leave, and then you already no longer have that creating power. Because you go from the mother organism of your own accord, the maternal consciousness, you leave that of your own accord, because you are descending, you therefore go from creating to, descending, and then you stand there.
Now you can say, now you are a man, still a man, here you are still a man, and now I go like that, because you are a mother here. This is fatherhood, this is motherhood, that is the cycle. This goes like that, good.
But I begin here, because here is motherhood, and then you come here, and then you have become a father, and you are still a mother, you still feel like a mother, because those twenty-seven hundred lives, those seven lives which you have had as a mother, that does not know you out of yourself just like that: that is a law of nature.
And that must gradually bleed out, that must dissolve by means of the creating, the creating in and for the organism, which takes over the life of feeling, you, you as a personality, and then you now live in that body.
Gradually you come out of that, and then you become a complete mother - do you feel it? - and a complete creator.
Then those feelings of being material go, that’s it, they go away from you, because that maternal feeling gradually dissolves and you become a man, a creator.
And now you get seven lives again, seven transitions, those are the transitions, that is the universe, secondary planets of a planet, that is exactly the same from the moon to secondary planets, you pass into that and then you really get that universal divine creating feeling of life, then you are, then we go absolutely to that dear fatherhood.
That real fatherhood is the serving for the mother and the children.
Do you sense this?
So the father and the mother now serve for the reincarnation, for the new life.
And those people are bothered by that.
Do you sense this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
And those are half conscious beings in fatherhood and motherhood.
The world says: ‘They are animals.’
They are not animals.
I do not look down on those people.
Those people are like I am, just the same, I have just left that.
Look differently at those people.
They must not make any frills and any fairground of divine laws.
There you have it now.
Don’t you?
Society spits that out.
Society kicks that, and the people admire that.
Sir, we still have a little thing in us which radiates towards that, don’t you think so too?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I think so, yes.’
Well, just come out with it.
If we are really it, we are father and mother, then it is already wonderful, sir, but we are just two seconds from it and have walked out of it; by means of the life, by means of reincarnation.
Can you sense how wonderful those problems are, but how simple it actually becomes?
I experienced those laws, sir.
I can explain them to you.
I have made a hundred thousand journeys with the masters.
Yes, it is something, if you imagine all of that then you will say: ‘My God, my God, my God, how did we bear it.’
Oh well, it is here.
No one will take that away from me again either.
If you begin, you will also get it.
But do not succumb because of a harsh word.
There are people who feel so affected, pfft, like that by means of a little wind.
And that fights for Christ, ‘and we devote everything to it’, and then a little wind comes from that side: pfft, it is gone.
Those are fighters then.
What use were such dreamers to Our Lord?
Peter, Peter, we also talked about it, and John and Andrew. And they are so holy at the moment.
I spoke to Peter, I say: ‘You were also a good one.’
‘Yes, I had not made it yet.’
I say: ‘Walking next to the Messiah and then also renouncing Him.’
I say: ‘I am also that kind.’
I saw John, saw Peter, saw Paul, saw Andrew, I also saw Judas.
For Judas I fight even harder than for Peter, because Peter succumbed.
Not Judas, he says: ‘I betrayed the Most Sacred thing which I had’, he hung himself.
Master Zelanus gave you the lectures. What should I also say?
If you enter those laws, madam, sir, then God will be next to you, in you.
Then you will really live happily.
And then there will be no more misery, and then there will be no more being wrong, then there will only be love. You start to ... the wrong, the destructive, the gossip, the talk ... Love says: ‘Get out, out of my door, Satan.’
Because the destructive takes you ...
It is only if you already listen that you will be of the same stroke, the same grade.
No one needs to come to me.
We did not need to do that before with Crisje.
If you came to mother gossiping: ‘Bernard did it again.’
‘Then you must have started it’, mother said then.
‘Yes, mother, I started it.’
‘Didn’t I know it.’
Yes, and if there had to be a beating then we just held up our elbows, and then she also hit herself, that poor woman.
Then she says: ‘Yes, I cannot get through that.’
And then you just did it like that. (laughter)
‘There is a gallows rope, then it was ...’
Ladies and gentlemen, I will begin now.
‘Dear Mr Rulof,’ you see, I am already dear too. ‘I want to thank you and the masters for the love and the patience shown to your audience and questions.
I am really sorry that you are so disappointed with regard to our thinking.’
Yes, I am, irrevocably.
Not for everyone.
‘I have been to many lectures in Diligentia and evenings in the ‘Ken U Zelve’ building, and have also often reread your books.
But now finally I am beginning to sense the depth to a certain extent.
Now do not become desperate.
I am doing my best.’
So I have got one after all, I see.
‘I am still in my material body and I find it very difficult to think abstractly or in the spirit.’
From who is that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘From me.’
From you, sister?
Do you call ...
What is abstract?
Do you think abstractly?
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... but you long for that ...’
Madam, you cannot even do that.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No?’
No, you cannot do that, you cannot think abstractly.
You can paint abstractly, but then it is still not like that.
People call, the world calls that abstract.
But what is abstract?
(Lady in the hall): ‘That is not material.’
Madam, sister, that is half-waking abstract.
If you have a crazy person – do you sense? – he is still conscious in his state.
But if you want to have the abstract then you must also be even more crazy than crazy, and then you will still not have made it.
Because the actual abstract is the astral real.
Do you sense it?
And then it is still real.
But do you have that?
You will sense again, that word has space, possession, space.
The actual linguist does not even understand what abstract is.
People do not understand, madam, that when people speak about death, and dying, that there is no dying, and no death either.
Do you sense it?
In this way I can take away half of the dictionary from you.
Away with that word, because dying does not exist.
Dying does not exist.
There is no dying.
There is no damnation.
And then we can continue, and then God will finally get light for himself.
Because He says: ‘Mankind in The Hague or in Holland, or wherever, gets a new dictionary, My dictionary.’
Because it is still no use to us.
What people made for the literary world, the faculties, the universities, sister, that is all still half-waking abstract, there is not a grain of reality in that, nothing of truth can be experienced there.
Nothing, nothing at all.
 Der Mensch stirbt auch.
Did I not say that last week?
This is why I remained for a moment with that word abstract.
But I will not go any further into that abstract.
But if we continue with it you will see what a word is, a word.
You must first learn to understand words, and to analyse words.
When the human being, that disaster, when the human being writes letters, then they write like that, that when I start to read: I think: are they really that?
Madam, you do not understand yourself what you write, because you have words there, they do exist, but it is not that.
You do not even know the language.
I come from the clay from Gelderland, and I must teach the people from The Hague the language.
I have never ever had a page in my hands, but I feel the reality of the word.
They brought me up like that.
Why do you not do that?
Well, well, they are in a mess.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘ ... or think in the spirit.
I am now reading about Gerhard the coachman again, in order to convert his thinking.
And he was shown everything bit by bit.
Gerhard was told: ‘You must make comparisons from the spiritual to the earthly.’’
And I am now learning that.
And can you not do that?
Make comparisons with the spiritual.
If you already get a fright here, sister, from something which is reality - but people now say it, and it is the truth, and you do not accept it - what do you wish to begin on the other side as spirit, you are now from the material.
You stand before those foundations, that cold wall, that space, that is a space, that is a world, it is completely cold like a north pole, because you are also cold here.
Warmth does not come from the human being.
No warmth and no love and no space lives in the words, in the thinking, it is all: hangwangwangwang.
Listen, then they are so great and: ‘Just stop it.’
And then you get a snarl, and then you could give them what for.
Not me, I no longer hit.
Then you hit yourself.
Then you could give them: ‘Child, child, child, child’, but then they are eighty and sixty and seventy.
‘Child, child, just think what you are saying.’
You must first learn the language and learn to understand the language.
In our house they said: ‘Yes, you would like that.
You are completely mad.’ (laughter)
‘You must make comparisons from the spiritual to the earthly, and he could see.’
And can you not do that now that you have read all those books?
You live on the other side.
I come from the other side, I must return to the earth, because of all those punches from master Alcar, I - you must read that soon in ‘Jeus III’ - I lost my earthly feeling.
I think: I will have nothing left.
You will sense, those Egyptians, a great deal of them succumbed, because then they were here and then they could no longer return, because you can no longer return if you begin with this.
You can listen, you can read, you can always return, because you are still here.
But I had to leave.
I had to disembody, I had to go.
And then I got so much spiritual space in me that I had no more breath, and then we had to continue.
And then we came to stand before ‘The Origin of the Universe’ in 1940, and then master Alcar said: ‘I must stop, because you will conk out.’
He said it like that: ‘You will conk out, you will succumb.’
I say: ‘Oh yes?’
He says: ‘I can bring cosmology.’
But no one has yet been over this.
No Socrates, no Plato, no Egyptian.
Because just work it out, there are still stones which have to represent that pantheon, a wind, a night, a deity.
No sir.
Yes, it is ...
They were close by, sir.
A deity: a stone, a piece of fire, and a piece of light, they were all gods.
And it is God.
They were close by.
But that was categorically God.
So that went too far.
And then they succumbed.
Because they could not go any further.
And then they challenged me.
But I have nothing to spare for that either.
Otherwise I will give a lecture and that will all come soon.
Ask the questions yourself when you have got hold of ‘Jeus III’.
But then we began to think spiritually essentially, according to the laws.
‘I live here.’
‘I am here on earth.’
How do you think every day?
‘I am still on earth.’
‘I live in society.’
‘That is my wife.’
You would like that.
‘And that is my husband.’
You would like that.
Everything you have today - I can already begin - that is obtained possession.
Do you have a nice wife, sir?
Then you will perhaps lose her soon, because it could be that she belongs to another.
We have had millions of lives.
I can go to counts and queens, I say: ‘That is my grandmother whom you have there, I am still involved with her.’
But they do not believe you, Mr Götte.
And in this way everything is borrowed possession.
You now live for the construction.
I live in infinity.
It does not matter to me if I find my whole family dead in the street, because I will get over it, because I know: they will get ‘wings’.
The human being stands by the coffin and weeps until his tears run dry, and puts on a black top hat and says: ‘Yes, huh ...’ (Jozef makes crying noises.) What did you say?
I say: ‘Don’t make me laugh.’
At the graveyard by Tall Hendrik I sat laughing myself silly, because he was not dead, he was standing there himself.
And in the church I got: ‘Just blow your nose, Jeus’, van aunt Trui.
I say: ‘There she is too.’
‘Just wipe your face.
I, I, I know ...
Father is standing there himself.’
And father looked at his own corpse.
He says: ‘And it will also be consecrated, and I should have had it.’
And then he knew at once how deep the Catholic Church was.
Madam, just think about that.
But first I will read out that letter.
Feel how wonderful that is.
I can begin with a hundred thousand problems, and then I will let that ... only by means of a few words.
And then I will tell you wonderful things, and then we will suddenly write a book.
But I must finish that letter of yours.
There is so much attached to one word.
‘You must make comparisons from the spiritual to the earthly’, just dwell on that, then you can learn, ladies and gentlemen.
I will make writers of all of you.
If you have money and publish it yourself, of course.
I also did that.
But you must start to work.
We began with ten cent and twenty-five cent pieces in order to publish a book.
We had fourteen hundred guilders saved and then that chauffeur from Mouton (the publishers) and then he says: ‘That is also blood.’
I say: ‘Yes, that is blood.’
‘Hooray, the first book has been published.’
And I gave seven hundred of them away, I was rid of them at once again, in two days.
And then master Alcar said: ‘If you continue like that then we will never make it.’
I say: ‘Why?
I am rid of them!’
‘And where is the money then?’
I say: ‘I do not have any money.’ (laughter)
And then I just had another three hundred.
Well, madam, how do I get my money back?
We had to begin again, I had lost it.
Instead of those people starting to help me, I saw nothing, did I?
I was so happy that I was able to share out my books.
And later I had to stop that - it is true, then you stand still - because we had to continue.
With ten cent and twenty-five cent pieces, cents.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘Just have a bit of patience.
And please do not feel so disappointed,’ you also say after that.
‘I have many questions, but they still do not fly so high from the earth, it mainly concerns my profession.’
I have nothing to do with that, madam.
‘I cannot think any further, because I do not want to get any ideas into my head yet.’
What is that again?
You are becoming God.
‘I do not get ideas into my head that I am flying too high.’
If you fly too high you will fall anyway.
Yes, the people get misery from that.
If the people here ...
Someone comes to me, years ago ...
I no longer see those people.
They have left here long ago.
They do not stand it so long with Jozef Rulof.
That man asked me one evening: ‘May I also attend the sessions?’
Then the masters began to speak.
I say: ‘Yes, goodness, why not.’
That man comes home: ‘And now you must say something.
I am now the boss!
I am allowed to attend.’
I say: ‘What are you allowed to attend?’
Then he says: ‘What happened?’
I say: ‘Is he crazy?’
Then sir got megalomania in him, because he was allowed to be present at the sessions by the masters.
I say: ‘Sir, you will leave again.’
And he left.
You see, then they immediately take the sword in their hands and then they just slash.
Then they are put on a pedestal.
Do you see?
If you walk round here in our kingdom with such tin medals, madam ...
How do those people walk, like that?
Well, if I come across a dignitary such as an admiral, a general, I always do that: pfft.
I say: ‘Sir, that is blood.’
‘I am an admiral, can’t you see that?’
I say: ‘Sir, I have no respect for those dirty, filthy, sticky things.’
I say: ‘Nor for the carnations anymore.
The carnation of Our Lord is also already contaminated.
Those two million are attached to it.’
(Jozef reads.) ‘I still cannot go any further, I must learn to think.’
And now I will continue.
The people who are here for the first time this evening, will think, of course: that man is completely crazy.
Completely crazy.
But I will get them.
If they have patience, of course.
‘I would like to know what rheumatism is.’
Here, that is a nurse from the hospital.
‘People in England discovered painkilling injections ...’ Now I will learn Latin.‘ ...butazoladinine, butazolidinine,’ isn’t it true?
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Butazolidinine.’
But why do they not say it in Dutch?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I don’t know.’
Neither do I.
But why must we now, why does science put ... Oh, then we will not understand that, of course.
Then it is not so bad when you read what is in it.
But then poison comes out of it, of course, doesn’t it?
‘But people can no longer fight the cause of the illness.’
You now want to have a diagnosis, of course.
Then you must talk about rheumatism later.
If the masters approve of it.
Because I can analyse cancer, tuberculosis, rheumatism can also be analysed like that, you know, madam.
And then you will also get examples and questions.
But we are not talking about that now.
‘Could you tell me more about that?’
Soon, later, when we are that far.
‘Does magnetic radiation have a healing affect from person to person, or rays from particular metals?’
Madam, just read ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
‘Everything which people do for another, people do for themselves.’
Yes, indeed, madam, but not if you steal twenty-five guilders from the human being.
‘Something was taken from me here, and I got nothing back for it and this is not the intention of the teachings of the masters, is it?’
What do you mean by that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Just continue to read.’
Oh, thank you.
‘May I quote an example?
Before when I had washed and taken care of a new mother and her baby, and she said then: ‘Oh, how wonderful to be so refreshed.
And how nice the baby smells.’’
Yes, they smell lovely.
But why, madam, don’t you know that either?
There are mothers, many mothers.
Why does your baby smell ...
What does your baby smell of, madam?
And what kind of a smell is that?
I can explain that to you.
(Lady in the hall): ‘I can’t put a name to it.’
Can you not put a name to this?
Madam, you can put a name to everything.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, you can, but I can’t.’
If you go to the graveyard, madam, what do you smell then?
And if you feel the morning dew, madam, what do you smell on the land?
You smell the new birth, the new life, uncontaminated life.
You smell more astral than material.
That flesh is still uncontaminated.
And by what means, madam, nurse?
(People talk at the same time in the hall.)
Because the child has not yet had any meat and any animal food.
Did you not know that?
And now you get to smell the radiance of a baby, and then we say: ‘Oh, how lovely they smell.’
Yes, madam, you now smell the pure innocence, yes, indeed.
A great deal can soon brew in the spirit, you could have a psychopath.
The psychopath as baby, madam, radiates differently, I experienced that, I had made a diagnosis, I say: ‘The child will become psychopathic.’
After five years they already saw it.
He says: ‘Why, sir?’
I say: ‘ I smelled it.’
I smelled it.
Smoking is not smelling, is it?
Smoking is smoking, then we have to do with cigarettes.
Madam, nurse, isn’t that interesting?
Make a doctor of me, and we will have fun in the hospital and we will learn.
If only I had the chance.
‘Before when I had washed and taken care of a new mother,’ ... Let’s also sing its praises.
(To the sound technician): Do I have another minute?
(Sound technician): ‘As far as I am concerned you do ...(inaudible).’
Oh, how wonderful that is.
‘Before when I had washed and taken care of a new mother and her baby, and she then said: ‘Oh, how wonderful it is to be so refreshed.
And how nice the baby smells’’ ... Mother, has that all been like that for you?
‘ ... I got a grateful warm feeling inside me.’
Yes, it figures.
‘But now I keep having to think: just do not get any ideas into your head, mother and baby.
I am doing everything for myself.’
So, yes, I am also busy here for myself.
But if you do it, madam ...
I can say: ‘Madam, I have nothing to do with you, I live for myself, I am also doing it for myself, everything ... you do not need to thank me.’
I did not thank the ladies last week for the flowers.
I walked away just like that.
I think: do they understand it?
‘Hmm’, another person says, ‘the rascal did not even thank me for my roses.’
That did not happen this time, but that used to happen like that.
Madam, why do you give me flowers then if, in the intensity of teaching you something, I forget to say good day?
What can that good day be now?
You see, there it is again.
You do that for your child, for your mother, for a hospital, friends, the bliss passes over to the mother.
Madam, you do it for yourself, but that mother gets to see it, and she will soon begin too.
You now have it for yourself.
If you get to know the laws on the other side then you will not want anything to do with thanks and construction, and ‘sir’, and ‘oh, Mr Rulof’, and ‘oh, Our Lord’, Our Lord wants nothing more to do with that.
He says: ‘Just remain perfectly ordinary, and just accept Me where it began.’
And then we will learn.
You must most certainly be pleased if you can help the people, that is your possession.
But it likewise radiates over to that other mother.
Don’t you think so?
And if it is not the case, madam, she will have to begin with it one day anyway.
And you do not need to ...
You do not need to make such a fuss and boast, madam, nurses, that you did that.
I am not getting any ideas into my head because I can talk here and I can teach you that.
There are people who think that they enter a lane, a castle and that they see a professor.
And then I come to the door with a fallen face, and say: ‘Sir, what is the matter?’
I do not have horns.
‘Well, I wanted to thank you for the book.’
I say: ‘Sir, just don’t do that, because there will perhaps come a time, then they will be lying in a corner, and then you will stamp on that work.’
But they also did that.
We had flowers, four and five hundred roses in a basket like that, and years later, madam; och, gone flowers.
Why do the masters not want any thanks?
And why does Christ not want any thanks?
He says: ‘Soon I will go anyway, soon they will think differently about Me.’
‘I am dirty, I do not accept you.
I want nothing to do with you’, I said here one evening, but I mean it.
You can get me anyway, because you have me.
But I will wait and see.
I will wait a few years.
Five years, seven years.
Now I am already taking a hundred years for it.
On the other side, madam, you will have me immediately, not here anymore.
Because you do not want to go with me.
You are afraid of ...
You say ‘yes’, that you want to, but just let a cloud come, with a stake behind it; haha ... then they run.
I have seen so many of them running.
Madam, do you believe in castles in the air?
Make spiritual ones of them, with reality, and give them radiance and a little path.
(To people in the hall): Come in, ladies, then you will also hear something for two minutes.
And then you will get to see and to experience reality.
I said last week: ‘Let’s begin with the characteristics.
Let’s begin by making reality of ourselves.’
Learn that one day and you will get to see yourself differently.
And then the masks will be lying on the ground.
Isn’t that educational?
Reading books?’
No, madam.
‘A hundred lectures?’
No, sir.
‘From the masters?’
‘Oh, come on’, master Zelanus says, ‘do you think now that I can accept that they possess that happiness?
Just you do it.
We will make cosmology of it together.
Then we can receive them for a ‘behind the coffin’ and then we will begin.’
And otherwise, keep your mouth shut.
Then you will get a nice sheet around you.
Mmm, the colours are already lying at the tailor’s, the spiritual tailor is already waiting for you.
And then one person says: ‘But can we also get fried fish there?’
I say: ‘Yes, indeed.’
Because he likes fish.
I say: ‘Yes, on the border of the Land of Hatred you can eat fish, you can also still drink jenever.’
Madam, isn’t it like that, there behind those bars?
You can see everything on the other side.
But all of that takes you to a very different personality if there is no love.
And then we have to do with Jan Satan.
I will just finish it.
‘And I find everything so egotistical, everything which you do for yourself.
And egotistical or self love has no meaning in the spheres.
Where is my wrong thinking?
I have more questions, but enough for the time being.
Sincere thanks, ...
Sister Zwaantje (little swan).’
Are you related to the swans, madam?
You aren’t, are you?
Look, if the human being ...
Sister, you have, if you do all of that, the highest devotion to duty, the spirituality which the human being wants to experience on earth, is the hospital, is fatherhood, motherhood; at home the mother for the children, is exactly the same thing.
But if you are in the hospital, madam, accept them.
You can make films of them.
Take me with you one morning, let me act the nurse there.
You will see, within half an hour I will have them crying; if you add something which they still do not know, if you say something for which a dog and a cat stroke you.
Dog love, madam, he dies with the boss at the graveyard.
And why would you not be able to reach a human being like that who is already broken away in a hospital, why would you not be able to reach them?
But you have read my life, my life, when I was in the hospital, when I became Sientje, haven’t you, in part II, ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje.’
Well, I already had ...
The whole hospital did not eat me, but almost devoured me.
And all the little nurses were round the bend.
And why?
Because I did not know any misery.
What is being ill, madam?
Illness can cure you, can make you grow.
And the nurse and the doctor who were walking round there; and you with your feeling and the knowledge which you have, can give those people something.
And then they will say as a matter of course: ‘What kind of human being is that?
What kind of a personality is that?’
And then you already get something back.
And in this way you grow.
And in this way you become beautiful inside.
What else did you have?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Well, but you do it all for yourself.’
Well, yes, I am also busy for myself, madam.
And you are also getting something from it.
You are growing.
I do all of that here for myself.
And you are also beginning to give your own child, your fathers and your mothers something.
I have twenty-four of them sitting here, mothers and fathers, and children from previous lives.
I have two children here, who come straight from Turkey.
And there are also some who still have the lineage of the Hindus.
There are also Negroes (when these contact evenings were held from 1949 to 1952, the word ‘Negro’ was a common name to refer to someone with a dark skin colour), but they are white now.
Madam, I will develop them.
Because it is my blood.
You all have to do with your own core on earth.
You can no longer avoid the human being, because everything which Europe possesses and everything which belongs to mankind, stems from your blood, from your life, from your spirit, not from your spirit because that is an own attunement.
And now you do that for yourself.
You do all of that for another too, madam.
You must not get an inferiority complex.
I just eat that, just eat that gentleness, I do it too; because ultimately it is fun for me that I can give you something.
Yes, there is satisfaction in that.
But I must not get ideas into my head.
Ladies and gentlemen, the tea is ready.
Ladies and gentlemen, I will continue.
I have here: ‘Jozef Rulof, a strange question: When Elsje and Erika ...’
We are talking here about ‘Masks and Men’, the people who have not yet read those books will not understand any of this, of course.
But if you are interested then you must just start to read.
W‘hen Elsje and Erika, later Frederik and Anna, went to Egypt with René and Karel, who looked after the house then, the castle?’
Mr Koppenol.
What do you mean by this, Mr Koppenol?
Where are you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Here.’
Did he crawl into a corner there?
Looked after the house, ordinary house?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... Frederik, ... castle.’
When they were disembodied?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
And they slept there?
Sir, so many people disembody; then they dream, but something also happens.
And they have been out of their bodies during the night while asleep, they experienced something else there, of course; under supervision.
That is supervised.
The spirit itself, the life of feeling of the human being while dreaming ...
And whatever happens while asleep, there is still always so many percent in that state, in that body, which watches over something, watches over a great deal.
What is that now?
When you sleep, ladies and gentlemen, and you are dreaming a lot and you make journeys ...
In Ancient Egypt ...
I also experienced that, when I left my body, then something always remained, something in that which continued to watch out. You have all read that, you know.
We needed a lot of help because we started to touch the laws consciously.
We went to the moon, to the hereafter, so then you start to think consciously, and then even more feeling must leave that body in order to be able to experience that in the spheres. Because if you come there at five percent you will not see anything, then you still have your eyes closed.
And the more ...
If you go over the fifty then your eyes awaken, open.
So the life in every cell of your body, heart, blood, brains, that takes care of and watches over the castle, that castle, that body.
Is it clear?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Now you suddenly know it.
You could have known that.
‘After all they were travelling for a few months ...’ Then they were travelling materially.
They went outside physically.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Indeed.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Indeed?’
Indeed, yes.
Then they all went on that journey.
And then they did not have to watch out, then they perhaps had an old man looking after the garden, a night watchman in the house, to prevent break-ins, and during the day ...
Karel ...
Karel had quite a bit of money.
And then they went on a journey.
Then they put the double lock on the door and then the shutters went down and the Wolff family was on a journey.
Did you not know that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, I kept thinking that ...’
Yes, see, now you must stick with what it says and then you go with him to Egypt.
They made a journey together later.
First Frederik with René, and then the gifts were released, there was contact again.
Exactly the same thing which master Alcar did with me, ‘behind the coffin’ from there to here, he awakened that then.
Now no longer by means of the East, but now by means of a chair, by becoming a chauffeur, because that was the most wonderful foundation, you will read that soon, by means of which he got me.
Because when I went and sat there ... that nonsense on a chair, he could also have done that differently.
But they were the foundations for Egypt.
He placed his spiritual foundations by means of that in order to get me.
Because then I could do it outside of the normal - you must read how master Zelanus analysed that - outside the normal in order to enter the abnormal, in order to become a chauffeur.
He says: ‘Jeus just does it differently, the other way round.
He walks forwards backwards.’
And then I learned to drive on a chair.
But that chair was a car.
If you read that chapter and you get into it then the whole world must already be convinced by that incident, that I sat on a chair.
I can still see Bernard sitting.
‘What are you doing now?’
I say: ‘I will drive tomorrow.
I will become a chauffeur.’
Ha? (laughter)
I say: ‘Yes, I am allowed to here in your room, amn’t I?
You just go and work.’
And I was on the chair: vrrrrvrr.
Oh dear God, he can no longer cope with the city.
He is going completely crazy.
You must just read that.
But master Alcar continues, I met him on the Weteringkade.
I say: ‘You can also talk in dialect.’
‘Yes’, he says, ‘I can also talk in dialect.’
You should hear that, you should read that, how wonderful that development was.
What difficulties they had with us.
Yes, the feeling of Egypt was there.
And Frederik with René, that is exactly the same thing, but they just went to the East.
There was an initiated person there.
I can ... hypnotism and all those other things with you ...
I told you recently: hypnotism is dangerous.
Have you read (the magazine) Vizier?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
I say: they must not carry out that nonsense with a human being.
Now you see the danger.
And I already told you that last year.
That is extremely dangerous.
There are already victims now.
The court is already intervening.
Playing with the human soul, my God, my God, where is that leading?
And then you should look at such a charlatan standing there.
‘You are asleep.’
I can put you all to sleep if necessary, those who are sensitive.
‘You are asleep.’
And then they let a child like that cry and dance.
‘There is fire, there is cold’, and another person pays.
And they laugh: Hahaha.
And they do not know why they are laughing.
Because accidents happen.
Society must first teach the human being that they do not play with divine fire.
But Frederik and René went on a journey, later they went materially, the door shut, a lovely trip to the Großglockner. Turkey.
And then they came back and then they opened the door again, and that is the material core.
Then they were there.
Then you must ...
You were busy for a while with René and Frederik in the spirit and then the family appeared, didn’t they?
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘If the day consciousness is asleep, then we have nothing more to say for the earth, or we would have to dream aloud, but now during the day.
In relation to that question we know that everyone possesses something of those personalities, which we experience as characteristics.’
You mean the whole family there.
Karel, everyone.
‘If the day consciousness is asleep, then we have nothing more to say for the earth, or would have to dream aloud.’
You mean: when the human being is asleep ... the day consciousness in sleep means, the human being lives in sleep.
But the spirit never sleeps.
That spirit is eternally awake.
Because if the spirit was to go to sleep, sir, what would happen then?
Then dying comes immediately.
The spirit never sleeps, because the human spirit keeps the life of feeling awake, and the life of feeling takes care of the blood flow.
So you can, yes, dream.
My little sister Miets always dreamt aloud.
And Teun also had a lot of that.
And then we sat down beside Miets and then we heard here the whole day, then we heard something which she had prepared.
And the next morning they said: ‘Say, you must still prepare that, mustn’t you, yesterday.’
Miets: ‘Then they told on me.’
I say: ‘No, you talk in your sleep.’
Because we were all walking.
Bernard walked so high up, then he fell off Bosman’s roof, then he was getting a ball from there.
And Hendrik sat on top of the roof catching pigeons, in his sleep.
Just read ‘Jeus II’.
Master Zelanus says: ‘How strange that is, they do not know the human machine.’
The human being on the street is awake and dreams.
And the human being asleep is awake and is sitting on top of the roof and does not know it.
Hendrik says: ‘That black one, he does not want to come in.’
What he experienced during the day took place in his sleep.
And that is perfectly simple after all.
But science does not yet know, the psychologist does not yet know what happens at that moment when the human being talks in his sleep.
They just do not know where it comes from.
They say: ‘Yes, it is the personality, the life of feeling.’
But they do not know either what the life of feeling is.
It is here: they do not know that, it could be in the back.
No, sir, it is the brains, the brains which think, for the academics.
Oh well, now they are completely off the mark, because it is the life of feeling.
Master Zelanus said it on Tuesday evening: brains, ladies and gentlemen, mean nothing, because the brains take care of the life of feeling - and it is true, I was able to see all of that by means of those disembodiments - the brains takes care of the life of feeling and send it on, or we would burst as feeling ...
When we begin to think, that is so awe-inspiringly strong.
If you touch a certain thing with your thoughts, sir, then this whole building will collapse.
Only as a result of thinking.
If the vibration of a sound, engineer, isn’t it true, touches the fundamental, a castle collapses.
By means of a sound like that. And what is the thinking then, the thinking of the human being?
But they do not know it, they say: ‘That comes by means of the brains.’
But the brains take care of the life of feeling, send it on, fragment it, send it left, they hold back that pressure, there are nerves there - if you lose balance, you should see what happens there, because we know all those little veins and those little nerves - and then it goes on, and then it goes back again, over the back, to the stomach, and in this way it comes back, and then you get the sound, the timbre on the palate.
And if you are singer, sir, then we can immediately say whether you sing from your throat, with your feeling or by means of your brains.
And this is how it is.
And if you sleep then it is in operation.
Otherwise I could not have dreamt my two million. (laughter)
And everyone dreams, and everyone has something in his sleep.
The human being remains alive because there has never been a standstill in the human being.
It is really something.
And if you come tonight now after midnight the whole of The Hague will be lying snoring.
And half of the world will be snoring.
They call that snoring.
You must go to sleep with your mouth shut, then you will not snore anymore.
But the whole world is asleep, the world says, and no one sleeps there actually, only the brains and the nerves sleep, but the human being himself is always eternally awake.
God too.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Also in the world of the unconscious?’
Madam, there is no world of the unconscious.
‘In the world of the unconscious’, in the cell life, you mean.
If the human being enters a world in order to be attracted again, then you are in the first stage of thinking, for what?
Madam, you are now thinking humanly.
But you are not thinking for the birth.
And that is also for a hundred percent.
In the embryonic life, madam, it is exactly the same thing.
If the child enters you as an embryo, it starts to live; that is exactly the same as the world of the unconscious.
The world for birth, in order to return to the earth again, is exactly the same thing.
That child thinks.
That personality thinks at a hundred percent, as an embryo, for the birth.
Is not asleep.
Otherwise the foetus would flow away and you would get a bleed.
If that life no longer thinks, madam, then the life will flow away like that.
But there is never a standstill.
The human being is never without feeling.
We are eternal quickening.
Sleep means nothing, madam.
Sleep is good for the legs, if the legs are tired; like that, rest.
(Lady in the hall): ‘If the human being passes over from the fifth or the sixth cosmic grade, then the human being must, then that soul must completely consciously ...’
Madam, we will come back to that later because I am busy with Mr Koppenol.
I will just not go with you to the sixth cosmic grade.
Mr Koppenol, are you pleased?
Here they snatch it from under your nose just like that, don’t they?
Will I begin with that lady?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Oh, you see, but then you will pay twenty-five cents more this evening.
(Jozef continues.) ‘When Frederik comes out of the mental institution, has got to know himself ...’ Yes, just a little bit, you know.‘ ... he says to Hans: ‘Be a bit affectionate to the people, give them a bit more love.’
Does that mean, that he must give those inner crazy people a bit more freedom, must show them something of society?’
Mr Koppenol means, and that is in ‘Masks and Men’, if you come amongst the crazy people ...
Frederik is amongst the crazy people, amongst the crazy people of Hans, that is a professor, a psychiatrist, and that friend of his, ladies and gentlemen who do not yet know anything about this, he locks himself up with those crazy people and gets to know them.
And he comes out of there and he says: ‘Be a bit affectionate and a bit nice to those people.’
But, madam and sir, if you stand there as a doctor, you do not know how you can give your love to those people.
Because you must make love and affection child-like, such as those people are, and then they start to feel it.
I will prove it to you if you bring me into contact.
I have had people like that.
And do you know, when I came in and I had to treat them, and then they looked like that, and then I behaved as if I was crazy, just like a child.
And then they also started to smile.
I say: ‘It is nice weather outside.’
Boom, then I had got them.
I say: ‘Calm down, I will not do anything to you.
I will only settle you down.’
Then I had that big person, then that person awakened.
But I had to become a child first.
Then they understood me.
And then the contact with those people was wonderful.
Big people started to cry, say: ‘Talk a bit more to me, because they cannot talk here.’
I say: ‘No, here they just drivel, here they just snarl, here they just gossip.’
The human being thinks, when they say: ‘Darling, how are you?’ that you can help the human being.
No, sir, no, madam, that ‘darling’ and that ‘dear’, that is so old and so dry and so stale.
Sir, do you have nothing else than ‘dear’ and ‘darling’?
No, you must ...
Madam, is it not true?
You must be able to tell each other wonderful stories with something to them when you become old.
Really go into your second childhood.
Look, those two ladies of twenty four years old are already beginning to chuckle.
Eighty, isn’t it, madam, eighty, isn’t it?
Almost eighty?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Sixty.’
Madam, I am not talking to you at all.
I am talking to that dear grey haired lady there.
Almost eighty.
Close, amn’t I?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Just guess.’
Not me.
Why would I ... you ...
You may not ask ladies how old they are.
I say thirty-four.
(Lady in the hall): ‘I am not a lady.’
You are a lady, yes, indeed, I know you.
But we will continue again with Mr Koppenol.
But what is it, sir, to be nice to crazy people?
Become childlike, become something else sometime.
Become ‘not normal’ and be not normal to crazy people.
If you want to be a definite carer, then the doctor says: ‘He knows what to do with those people.’
But he does not know what that man gets up to.
That man says: ‘Sir, I have also become childlike.’
Become childlike again.
A male nurse from the mental institution comes to me, he says: ‘Mr Rulof, what is that now, I have read a few books by you, and now I understand myself.’
He says: ‘Then someone comes, the doctor: “Do not go in because he will attack you, he will kill you!
And sir does nothing to me.’
When he comes, then that strength already disappears.
He says: “Something radiates from that man.”
He says: “Sir ...”
And what did Our Lord say?
That gentleman went and stood, he says: ‘Oh well, just kill me.
I will not do anything to you.’
He let the snake feel that he was not a snake.
He stood there and looked and became childlike, became a child.
And then the crazy man who was sitting there said: ‘Good gracious, that is not a danger there.’
The doctor, the human being in society, everything is a danger for the human being, for the crazy person, for the patient.
The mentally ill, sir and madam, he was broken by society.
Everything in society are snakes and bears, according to ‘Masks and Men’ and Frederik, they broke those poor souls.
There is no longer a childlike, immaculate, pure, naïve word to be thought or felt.
The human being thinks that he can achieve everything with his ‘dear’ and ‘darling’, sir, madam, that is even older than your own life, that means nothing more.
If you want to reach those people as that man could ...
He says: ‘Doctor, I am becoming childlike, I do not know.’
Yes, something came from that man, which Christ spoke about.
He says: ‘Become like a child, and you will have God and you will have Me.’
That was a child like that, who stood before an adult who was broken.
And the lion, the tiger does nothing if you can stand stock-still and become a child.
Those explorers say that too.
He says: ‘Sir, stand still.
Do not think anymore.’
And the lion wanted to take a leap, but walked around him, also looked like that and thinks: that is not alive anymore.
And you can reach a crazy person in this way.
And Frederik said that to Hans.
And Hans thinks: well, a few apples, a cigarette.
Sir, they do not realise that anyway.
But if you want to make them human again, then you must begin, Mr psychologist, where the first destruction began, and by means of which those people were beaten.
You must lay the first foundation again there, in order to alleviate that, in order to bring that feeling upwards and to awaken it.
You must have the medicines of your spirit for that.
That is what Frederik meant.
Well, and did Hans have that?
Do the psychologists have that?
Hahaha, with medicines and poisons.
A psychologist goes into his mental institution.
He is ...
A boy from Leeuwarden comes to me, he is head supervisor of the mental institution, doctor and psychologist, he says: ‘I know nothing about this, Jozef Rulof.
Talk me crazy, I just have an hour.’
And then I talked him crazy.
He says: ‘And now I know my Napoleons a bit.’
Because he had twenty Napoleons in his home.
Today they were farmers and they were milking the cows like that, that was from a previous life. That man came from an office, he sat talking the whole day about nothing else than milking cows.
I say: ‘Now you have got hold of an old Norwegian.
He used to have a dairy farm, of course, and is milking now.’
Fifteen cents a kilo.’
Then he was a grocer again.
Then he was a grocer again: ‘Fifteen cents, a kilo of milk.’
I think: well ...
During that time.
He says: ‘Would could that be?’
I say: ‘Sir, during that time they still weighed the water with stones.’
I say: ‘That is one from old Jerusalem, of course.’
‘Well,’ he says, ‘now it is going too far.’
I say: ‘Well, just work it out for yourself, sir.’
All of mankind lives in one human being.
But I am going to Mr Koppenol.
What are you actually concerned with?
(Jozef continues.) ‘He says what that means.
Does that mean that he must give those inwardly crazy people a bit more freedom?’
Freedom, sir, you know it now, it does not help at all.
‘To show something of society?’
They were broken, destroyed by society.
Society, our wonderful, beautiful, conscious rotten life, rotten society, that makes the human being crazy.
Catholicism makes religious maniacs, and the bible too, madam.
The bible makes religious maniacs.
There are more religious maniacs in the mental institution than normal ordinary social crazy people from the street.
People from the fairground do not go crazy easily.
People who take part in God go crazy.
Sir, why?
Because they do not know God.
If they accepted us then there would no longer be a God who damns the people and makes the people crazy, because the fear in the human being makes them crazy.
How is it possible?
If no religions had emerged, madam, then there would not be any religious maniacs either.
The faith is so beautiful now.
If there are no more religious maniacs then the minister speaks his justice, and universal reality.
But then there are no more crazy people.
But he is still nuts himself.
He is consciously making jokes.
All those Spelbergs, just say it, are conscious theologians?
Yes, indeed, they are insane in their human talk.
‘And let us pray for this day.’
Goodness gracious me, how it made our Lord busy today.
‘And let us give thanks, we will kneel down.’
Oh, sir, I would like to talk to you humanly, spiritually, spatially for half and hour.
But then you would be rid of this god.
And now the mental institution is full.
Are you learning a bit, madam?
Yes, really?
Did you not know that, that there are so many religious maniacs?
The human being went crazy because of god.
How is that possible?
You are not going crazy.
The people say: ‘You must not go to that man and not read those books, then you will go crazy.’
But who is crazy now?
Hahahaha, what a lot the mayor of The Hague still has to learn.
Oh, oh, oh, and Professor van Dijk in Leiden.
Just let him take off his top hat, because he has still not earned it.
Those medals which he got for his learning do not mean a jot, madam.
I would rather have a bag of chips costing twenty-five cents at Scheveningen, they mean more to me than all those gold medals.
Because then I will have the potato in me, a piece of nature.
Yes, where are we heading?
That is also something from Frederik.
Well, sir, just continue.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘But then the crazy person who will soon get an earthly life knows something or in any case more about the material life and he learns how he will behave soon.’
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Koppenol, we went right through insanity.
And if you have not yet experienced it, then you can also become it soon.
Do you think, ladies and gentlemen, that you are free from psychopathy and insanity?
Even if you still talk normally at the moment?
Follow me and try to be this instrument; then you will be crazy in two weeks’ time, then you will lose reality.
You must not start to live above your standing.
If God, if the space in you starts to speak, and you awaken, sir, then it will happen of its own accord.
And then it is already bad enough, because then you must fight.
But then it happens of its own accord.
And what it says here: the human being still has to awaken.
I also told you it last week, have you forgotten that from last week?
Do you know God?
You will get to know Him.
You will no longer go crazy in order to look for God, for Jehovah.
‘And the world will perish.
Be quick, and surrender, because the earth will disappear from space.’
Yes, indeed.
That child of Jehovah which follows and accepts is an abnormal being, because that does not happen.
The earth will finish her task.
The earth will not lose her possession.
The earth will not collapse.
Then a hole will come in the universe, and then God will have no more transitions.
Then there will really be a question of destruction, but that is not possible.
Now the Jehovah people.
The human being in day consciousness on the street, sir ...
Can you think normally spiritually?
Begin with me, then I will tell you immediately whether you are thinking wrongly.
You have read twenty books, you have read ‘Masks and Men’ twenty times, thirty times, Mr Koppenol, you say, you have attended eight hundred lectures in Diligentia, haven’t you?
You can already think.
I set you thinking this winter.
I say: just talk to each other at home about all the things you know.
And what you know then, that goes into you, to a little corner; and then you will begin with what you do not yet know.
Then you get rid of all that biblical, religious, worldly, social madness, that untruth, that nonsense.
You should hear - I taught you - how the people talk abut spirit, about God, about death, about birth, about child, about science; all wide of reality because they do not know.
And now you go to university and they are talking again about a god who damns; and that is a professor.
Knock him off his chair immediately, because he is not it.
And now it is 1952, and we are talking about the cosmology, the real, one God.
There is just One.
And there are another hundred thousand living on earth, and they are academics.
Sir, hahahaa, I will laugh right in the face of an academic like that.
I will say: ‘Sir, don’t make me laugh.’
There was a gentleman, a big gentleman, an academic, a theologian on earth, and then they were not allowed to say anything at home because he was thinking.
‘Dad, dinner is ready.’
‘I am thinking!’ (laughter)
When he died madam said: ‘Finally, now we can begin with our lives.’
They were slaves for thirty-five years, because the prof had to think.
Now he has been forgotten anyway, because he had nothing.
Life is riddled with cancer like that.
Riddled with cancer?
Yes, sir.
The prof thinks.
I do not have respect for anyone, sir, when he talks wide of God.
But when it is reality, sir, then I will immediately kneel before you.
I say ‘Thank God, we have a foundation again.’
Isn’t it true?
If you talk to each other - yes, I must finish that - if you really want to be happy, sir and madam, then learn to tell each other something true, which really possesses reality.
And then you should see.
Just begin with art now.
About cleaning the house, cooking food, we already know that too, but now begin with the sacred matters which are in you, which live in you, with the spirit, with the soul, the life of feeling, the personality.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, who are you?
Who are you?
You will think I am cheeky, of course.
But I can prove it to you.
And I will just continue again.
‘Then the crazy person who will soon get an earthly life knows something ...’
Yes, sir, you know that too.
When that crazy person was crazy, he goes crazy for the second time until he has reached reality.
By means of how many thousands of characteristics does the human being go crazy?
There was a human being, there were millions of people, they are still in Rosenburg, they loved.
And the boy left the girl, and now she is already forty-five and says: ‘And he left me.
And he left me.
And he left me.’
And she will never get out of there again.
Because it was he alone, there was no other one.
And she went crazy because of the broken love.
How many thousands of people, men and women, are there not.
Men, yes, there are not so many there, it is usually the little mothers.
The men, those, those, those, those ugly men, (laughter) they run, they build on a new meadow and buy themselves sheep; well, then you will certainly know it.
I do not need to say that they buy cows, but they buy themselves sheep.
But those poor little wives who are beaten there ...
There are also one or two boys there, they are very sensitive, but mostly girls, they are beaten then and then go into the mental institution, and then they are there, for the whole of their lives.
Have lost love.
Hahaha, what is love?
‘That boy deceived me’, and then they collapse, because of love.
Another person is there because of loss, that gentleman had lost twenty thousand guilders.
‘I have a slum, I have a slum’, but she still had twenty-five houses.
Sir, that woman is still there, I knew her, only because of the loss of a few houses, because of the war.
‘I have nothing left, everything is gone.’
A gentleman lost his wife, his children, during the war. ‘I have nothing left, everything is gone.’
But we were also there, the neighbours, the people, society, there were still millions of people, and there were also some very dear ones amongst them.
No: ‘I have lost everything.
I have nothing left.’
Mental institution, Rosenburg.
And now I can continue.
When are you crazy with your whole personality, sir?
You can experience thousands of lives, and in every life you are still crazy because you must take all those characteristics to the spiritual reality.
And if you do not yet possess that, Mr Koppenol, then you can still always succumb.
Did you not know that?
Is it clear?
How many times can you go crazy?
And now you will begin, sir, with this study: I am truth, I am love.
For who?
(To someone in the hall): You are interrupting.
You may not even whisper here, madam.
No, but the feeling came to us and then we were standing still.
But how much is there in us which possesses reality?
And those other characteristics are still capable of descending, then we have to fight the battle in order to bring them to the spiritual harness, the spiritual harmony.
And before we have them sir, then we will already have succumbed a thousand times,
Won’t we?
Won’t we?
Sir, that is the human psychology.
What do I make of myself?
Now a theologian talks, now I can start again, he says categorically: ‘That is God’s word, and that is the truth.’
Sir, wars originated, because one ...
Luther said: ‘It is true’, and the Catholic Church said: ‘It is true.’
And Luther said: ‘No, it is true.’
And when Luther was thrashed, sir, then we still stood before the bread, and we broke the bread and we drunk an earthly wine; and there was still a god who damned.
And yet Luther waged such a terrible battle, and that good old Luther, you should hear that Lutheran Church, that good old Luther suffered such a lot.
For what?
For nothing, sir.
Because the human being, the Lutheran faith is still standing on damnation.
There is also another hell too.
And there is an eternal burning.
And now that poor ...
What did that poor Luther actually fight for?
Why did that man make such a fuss with the Catholic Church?
Why did he not let Catholic be what was Catholic, and Protestant?
And now there is also a Lutheran faith.
But are we any wiser from it?
Did growth come because of Luther?
Just imagine, sir, all the things which appear when you know God and space.
That must all go.
And, sir, if you are still not conscious in that space, you have the metaphysics here, you have spiritual science here, then you will go crazy again.
Because you will die from it, you will not come through those foundations, and you will go to pieces again with your faith, your feeling, your school.
You will become something again, you just want to fly a bit too high again, you just want to act like Paganini and you cannot: quack, there is another person lying there again.
For a bit of art?
Sir, do you know what art is?
If you see the lights in the eyes of the human being, then it is art.
If you want to be clairvoyant, sir, and you categorically touch the life ...
Do you wish to know how clairvoyant I am?
Then I will give you a nice piece of proof this evening.
There is still a follower of me somewhere.
I was talking one afternoon to a twenty-one year old girl, one afternoon, years ago, I look into her eyes like that, we talk, are talking about the books; beautiful, beautiful child.
She comes to me again the next day, she needs something: a few books.
I look into her eyes again.
She says: ‘What are you looking at, Jozef?’
I say: ‘You have become a mother.’
‘Can you see that?’
I say: ‘Yes, the eyes have changed.’
They did not even have that clairvoyance in Ancient Egypt, ladies and gentlemen.
She had become a mother that evening.
Yes, indeed.
She had had a relationship.
But the eyes had changed.
I saw that.
Then she says: ‘That is wonderful.’
I say: ‘Yes, I am talking about my clairvoyance.
It does not concern me whether yours is wonderful.
But my clairvoyance looks through the day consciousness.
I go straight to your motherhood, and your eyes are maternal at the moment.
You have lost the being a child, no, you have become more beautiful.’
Sir, that radiance went to my heart like that.
That is clairvoyance, don’t you think?
Then she says: ‘How wonderful it is.’
I say: ‘Yes, I will get full marks from master Alcar.’
But perhaps two in the world can do that.
But then you must first lock yourself up in loneliness for eighty and a hundred years, then you will come back to a natural face, and then all those social feelings go, because, sir, if you have them in you - and I also live in society, but I can still do it - if you have that society and all that mess and all that uncertainty in you, how do you wish to start to see a state of purity?
How do you wish to be purely clairvoyant?
And you can do it anyway.
You can all start to see clairvoyantly if confusion has gone from you.
I said something else like that.
That is not from me either, madam, you know, Socrates used to say that.
Oh well, I am here: ‘In other words, the human being who suffocates his feelings, stands still for the inner life, does not learn himself anything about life either, but we would say: What a neat and tidy person he is.’
You mean this.
We have here in society, and the human being looks at that, these are volumes again, you have people who never do wrong, always on the mark, everything is great, everything is beautiful.
And if you meet those people after twenty, thirty years, forty years, madam and sir, nothing can be said about those people, then they are still, they have never done anything wrong, because they have a strong character, but then they have not changed in any way.
A devotion to duty, this and that and that, and they are honest through and through, and they have a faith and they go to church, and they pray, just look at those faces, those people do not change.
Do those people change?
No, sir, that life only passes in a religious and dogmatic way, they learn nothing.
But now just go to the market and talk, as society says that, with a fishwife.
And then she can rattle away, but experience comes from her.
Why did Christ go to the lepers and the worst people?
He says: ‘Those who walk there, they think that they are it, but they are not it.’
It is true.
Sir, if we talk about that, well, then I will analyse all of you.
And if you say: ‘Oh, I have such a good kind soul.’
I say: ‘Sir, what your happiness is, does not mean a jot to me.’
That one there who lives in a beauty wearing a wonderful garment, a lady like that, frills like that ...
Madam, is that beautiful?
Oh, madam, what does that earthly carry-on mean?
Let me ... inwardly ...
Let me look into those eyes and I will know it.
No, sir, those riches mean nothing to me, even if you have ten million, because you are penniless.
Aren’t you?
What wisdom.
But does it not lie on the street, sir?
You only have to see it.
And I can also continue with this.
But you must sort out those people yourself.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘When Frederik tells about his introduction to Erika and Karel, he says: ‘We made a journey.
I got to know them on the boat, Karel and Erika, with the fjords in sight.
Does that refer to the time from before the spiritual birth of Karel?’
No, sir, that refers to the dead bare North.
They went to the North.
To Denmark, to the fjords.
They were categorically making a journey.
And that is still not so old, that ‘Masks and Men’.
I can also show you people, I can also connect you with the people who now still live from that.
But it has to do with reincarnation again.
If only you knew everything, don’t you think?
But you do not know everything.
If you give me a million, I will still not tell you it.
If they say it up there, yes.
Then you would be surprised, sir.
And then you would be so grateful, to know it, wouldn’t you?
But you will not be any the wiser from it.
Do you become wiser from that if you know everything?
Oh come on.
Now, I have again: ‘Frederik says: ‘I made many friends in my life, and keep them too, although I have not won any good acquaintances from that, paid many bank accounts etc.’’
He did that too.
Do you know what that means?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘He keeps having the wrong inclination ...’
He spent a lot, and they all deceived him.
He paid his bank accounts and he also got a slap on his neck, later.
Now I am faced with the question: ‘If I spend money I perhaps do not even have the right to do that, at least, I have started to realise what I am doing, but that also applies then to everything.’
If you give people money, give the people goods, give the people this, you will lose them just like that.
You can buy a human being for two guilders, ten guilders.
If you ... the people, it is harsh, it is terrible, but that psychology ...
I was extremely suited to a social task, and especially to social work, because I saw through your lies.
The human being gives, the human being does, Frederik too.
He says: ‘I learned from it.’
But you are beaten by it, because you lose your people.
I made friends, but where are they?
Sir, what is friendship?
Can you keep friends?
Can you have them for eternity?
You have me irrevocably for eternity.
But you still walk away from me.
I have never yet chased a friend away from me; they always walked away.
‘I love’, I said, ‘you, your life.’
Your character does not mean a jot to me, sir.
And just be pleased, otherwise I must pluck, and I pluck, and I pluck, and then there will be feathers left.
I say: ‘So.’
Yes, you cannot endure that every day.
Sir, why would we not do it like that?
You must learn to think like that in order to come into harmony with the whole of this society.
Sir, I am afraid of friends.
I am so afraid of friends, sir, madam, because I lose them again.
And that is terrible.
You lose them again.
And this is why I would rather have not one.
I have brothers; I do not have them.
Just let those sweet things, those dears, live.
They sent me away irrevocably, but they sent me away themselves.
Do you sense it?
I do not come to your house in order to talk, sir; I am always busy with you anyway, even if you do not see me.
And friendship is so spacious.
You do not need to see each other.
You may be pleased actually, yes, after you have the lectures: you will see each other again.
Start to think.
True friendship, sir, spiritual truth, and so on, the dictionary comes again, that must all get a spiritual foundation.
And it is only then that friendship means something.
Master Alcar said to me in the beginning: ‘Do you wish to conquer all of that at once?’
I say: ‘Yes, please.’
‘I can do that in one flick’, he says.
He says: ‘Love life, then you will have the friend of your own accord.
And if he pulls a fast one on you, you will see immediately if you are being deceived.
The friend does it.
As long as you do not do it.
Then you will have him immediately.’
Sir, to manage to be good for three years is not easy.
To be the friend for four years, five years, ten years, twenty years, to really be a friend, madam, sir, spouse, madam, you have not had that for a long time, because you probably said something to each other during those years.
And then the friendship went away.
Love, hahaha, the friendship was already gone, and it already no longer had a spiritual foundation.
Do I wish to bring you together as man and wife?
Then I will first teach you to experience friendship again, because friendship, sir, for this world, is higher than your love.
Do you not know that?
Because we no longer have any friendship for each other.
Because if I ask him or her, she will say: ‘Do it yourself.’
And for a friend we walk ...
When we are young, and she looks, we at least ...
Oh, sir, I stood for five hours, six hours in the rain in the evening, but they should try doing that to me now.
Soaking wet, and I loved it, sir.
A cold, in bed, sick for a fortnight; I remained standing.
You should tell that to each other again after forty years.
But that’s it.
That’s it, that standing there.
Do we still have any of that real thing?
Of that real crazy love, Frederik says somewhere in the book.
Who does not want to experience this crazy love?
We are all crazy, sir.
If you experience the love of Frederik, real pure friendship, sir, if you experience that, do you know what society says?
‘They are crazy.’
Sir, even if you walk round in a black suit and wearing white shoes, then they say: ‘That gentleman is already walking with a sheet on.’
Then we become abnormal.
Real friendship, ladies and gentlemen, does not even exist anymore, because everything has been sullied.
But what are we like?
We are busy building up a friendship.
Do we have that?
Do it yourself.
Whitewash your walls yourself.
I have here an extremely large material thing.
(Jozef unfolds it.) From who is that?
Sir, did you do that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Did you do that using your own knowledge, the books by us?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Sir, we have a catalogue for you.
I can bring along a thousand of them for you on Thursday.
Someone from Haarlem did that.
And I checked them.
And he did it really well; the spheres, the hells, and everything.
And we have ...
We can bring them along.
We do not have the lectures in Diligentia yet.
But we also have them there.
Our people know the origin of the hells and the heavens, and the planetary systems, don’t they?
Mr Giebels from Haarlem made that, and we have that.
But now you want to know from me whether it is absolutely correct?
We already have it, and that was prepared completely by the human being.
Look, sir, if you want to draw this, then I can irrevocably give you the correct one.
If you read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, then you will have it.
And have you read those books?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Just began.’
You have only begun?
Have you read all three?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, one.’
Sir, then I will not even read this.
Because then you will soon write differently again, do you see?
When you have read those three books, and also the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, hells and heavens, then I will see whether you have made it, because you have not made it yet.
And now you are already giving me an analysis, while another two thousand worlds lie behind that.
Isn’t it the case?
Yes, I must wait until you have the whole.
You do not have that now, of course.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Oh well, there you are.
So you must have the three parts, ‘The Origin of the Universe’ is a trilogy, and if you then give a chart of that reality, I can tell you, yes or no.
You have still not made it.
‘The Origin of the Universe’ material, material, many times.
Many times, two, many times.
What is that?
Secondary planet, earth.
Many times.
Do you mean many millions of lives by that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Sir, that is all correct.
But that is in that book.
So you give me something which I know myself, and what I experienced and wrote myself.
Now should I get that from you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.
I am only asking whether that is correct, that view.’
Now you want me, you have written here, and now you want to know from me whether you have understood that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Then it is something else.
(Jozef continues.) ‘Is the information next to this correct?
If so, were there two to seven, already male, female beings present on the receiving planets ...’
You see, the ladies and gentlemen who have finished reading it can already answer you.
‘ ... present in order to receive the material soul?’
Well, sir, just talk to all those old ones of mine, and they can give you a lecture.
Isn’t it nice, ladies?
They are already cosmically conscious beings.
They can give you a lecture, sir, ladies and gentlemen here, and they will take you with them and they will explain everything.
Do you wish to talk to the people?
I will point them out to you.
Isn’t it nice?
But you must ...
You will sense, you will get part II, that already tells you, and part III says it completely.
So you will ...
What did you say?
So you will read.
(Jozef continues to read.) ‘Sir, the description of the Temple of Love reminds me of the great Hindu building.’
Yes, sir, there is something of that.
That is also there.
But have you already read ‘A View into the Hereafter’ too?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
You see, sir, now just begin with ‘A View into the Hereafter’, then ‘Those who Returned’, ‘Diseases of the Soul’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘Between Life and Death’, and start with ‘Grebbe Line’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘Spiritual Gifts’, and then come back to me again later, then you will irrevocably get an answer from me the whole evening.
Is that fair?
Thank you.
Yes, now Mr Berends is not getting a turn this evening, because I should have had him.
But, Mr Berends, you do not begrudge the people anything, do you?
I will take that with me and I will also have a look at it at home.
But Mr Berends was, you laughed, but Mr Berends was right last week.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, that is true.’
It said ‘hyacinths’ there.
But I already said it.
I said: Bears and hyenas ...
That is there again later; and snake areas and snake pits, do you remember?
But bears and hyenas, and then you take that out of context, and then I no longer have any contact. The bears and the hyacinths. I think: well, I must know whether it is that or that. But then the hyacinths have that meaning and then we come to the sweet and the evil.
Then the flower is the sweetness for the human being, the character.
(Lady in the hall): ‘But Frederik said that to Hans when he had just ... in that ...’
Yes, and I say about that ...
What it now concerns, that is that crazy state which Frederik experiences, he mixed up the whole world.
And now we must follow Frederik in his insanity, but also see the reality.
And then you need the whole chapter.
Mr Berends, do you accept that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I will have to accept that.’
Sir, have to?
I honestly give you back your nice things.
But I get mine too, because you must not rip it apart.
Was the book from you here?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
I have not read from it this evening, of course.
Do you want that next week?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, very much so.’
Then we will begin with it next week.
Then I will deal with this first next week.
Is that okay?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, very much so.’
Just continue with it, also establish nice things.
Then we will get a very nice core from it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that is precisely the intention.’
That is the intention.
And then we will learn something, of course.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Most certainly.’
Ladies and gentlemen ...
(To the sound technician): How many minutes do I have left?
(Sound technician): ‘A few minutes.’
A few minutes.
Was I able to give you something this evening?
Did you feel a little bit of what I mean?
If you also begin with it, ladies and gentlemen, you will be certain ‘behind the coffin’.
Do not long for earthly things.
It is nice if you have a car, a beautiful castle.
It is great if you have one and a half thousand in the bank, and you will certainly feel, and you do not have anything to eat here.
But I can prove to you, ladies and gentlemen, dry bread - you will read that soon in ‘Jeus III’ - with radishes, earned honestly, by means of which my gifts were built up, I now consume that and it gave me spiritual possession.
But I am talking again about something which you do not know yet.
When you have read ‘Jeus III’ soon, then I will come back to dry bread with radishes.
Ladies and gentlemen, the people always think that I am rich.
This morning someone came, he thinks: well, that Jozef Rulof lives there up a lane, he is a writer, he has already written twenty books.
And then he almost broke his neck over my ash buckets.
Isn’t it terrible? (laughter)
He says: ‘Sir ...’
Yes, I say: ‘Sir ...’
Recently a woman came to the door who said – how rich are you? – ‘Are you sir’s servant?’
‘No’, she says, ‘I am Rulof’s wife.’
Oh, also a disappointment again.
And then I appeared, and then it was completely over.
Then he sat there, and then he says: ‘Now, this is nothing either.’
‘No, madam, we are still nothing and we have nothing.’
Ladies and gentlemen, sleep well, and see you next week.
Do not become anything either, then you will be everything, exactly the same as Our Lord was and by means of which He gave everything to the people, then you will have the soul, the spirit and the hereafter.
Ladies and gentlemen, with a kiss from space for this evening.
(There is clapping.)