Thursday evening 25 september 1952

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
(Hall): ‘Good evening.’
I can now assure you, on Sunday morning you will get ‘Jeus III’.
Just take your money with you because we have enough of them in Diligentia.
‘Jeus of Mother Crisje III’ will be revealed on Sunday morning in Diligentia.
In other words: you can get started again.
They have already published it in Amsterdam, they have already asked the first questions there.
That is not ingratitude for The Hague, but it went like that, didn’t it, it went just like that.
I have the first question here: ‘Mr Rulof, would you answer the following questions for me?
In one of your first books there are paintings depicted with the signature ‘Master Alcar’.
Were those paintings not painted by Anthony van Dyck?’
From who is that?
(It remains quiet.)
From who?
Madam, master Alcar never painted.
But under his guidance, under his control other paintings came.
That is true.
I now have some at home which were made by means of his feeling and art.
On the plates.
I have real Van Dyck’s.
Not his pieces which he made here during his life, but all symbols and other images, incredibly clever and beautiful.
‘In your previous lecture you made it clear to us that there is no point to praying.’
I did not say that either.
Did I say that?
You see, that is too harsh again.
‘In your books you write that a prayer reaches the mentor once in a while.
Your Crisje had also went the way of the cross and got an answer by means of a vision.
So a prayer therefore had an outcome here.’
Madam, you can pray every day.
In the first books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ we, the masters, precisely go into prayer, that prayer is everything for the human being.
I prayed during the first years, that my ribs broke.
You will not believe it.
But I almost burst from tension, and only because of my praying, praying, praying, praying.
I only asked for wisdom, strength and love.
And I was given all of that.
Later I saw that it was me myself.
When we had to begin with the cosmology the social earthly feelings such as thinking, God, Christ and everything, by means of the books which we experienced, the hells, the heavens, were founded, and we reached cosmic thinking.
And from that moment, madam, I never prayed again.
Never again.
I do not need to do it again either.
I know, by means of the journeys which I was able to make, I saw the heavens, the hells, the planets.
There is no longer any grade and any law in space which we did not experience.
You will perhaps find that megalomania, but we have the books, which can prove it to you.
If you know all that, then you will know life and death.
You will learn to understand your life on earth, your will, your feeling.
Because if you want to pray, madam, people, then you must be assured that you must devote you yourself, for your prayer, must devote a hundred percent of your life of feeling for that which you pray for.
I want love, the human being says.
The human being prays for love.
Who doesn’t?
There is a girl walking, there is a boy walking, well, if that boy is very religious, and is sensitive, he will, as a Catholic, as a Protestant, he will also pray, secretly.
A wild person searches, he does not pray, he says: ‘I will find it.’
He goes to a football club, or joins korfball players, and picks one out.
Is nice, and it is already done.
But there are people who surrender it to God, and pray, pray, pray.
Now it is possible that that child already also ... and then it is a prayer, then it is answered, by means of her thinking and feeling, because she attunes herself to love, she therefore sends something into space which, by means of her feeling - and that is irrevocably a divine, spatial, spiritual law - by means of the life which has that same attunement, is received.
(To someone in the hall): There are more chairs here, sir.
... is received.
(To someone in the hall): Madam, you are sitting nicely next to each other, so ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘We always sit next to each other.’
There it is already, madam.
You should have heard what we were talking about.
You see, there you have the strength, the telepathy, the unity.
‘We always sit next to each other.’
In the heavens you will never let go of each other again.
But here they sometimes say: ‘Now just get lost.’
In Dutch, in its wonderful way, in its beautiful way, if you add something nice.
Madam, the prayer goes into infinity if you want to experience that prayer.
Last week we were busy and then I said: ‘Attune yourself to that prayer.’
Go into it.
There are millions of problems, and then I got three, four of them ... and the rest are sitting there, listening, waiting.
Have you never been in trouble, that the human being do longer knows what to do, and that you go upstairs and: ‘God this?’
Now we will begin, it is such a thick book if you only analyse prayer.
If you belong to the Catholic Church or the Protestant, dogmatic thinking, then you should listen, madam, sir, to all the things God is called for.
‘Give me the sacred strength to do this task well.’
Oh, sir, do your best and then God will no longer need to do it.
Do it.
Someone said: ‘You should know who I am.’
I say: ‘Madam, sir, prove it, and I will know it.’
And space knows it, and everyone knows it, if you just show yourself by means of that love.
But megalomania enters us, you see, we do not know God, not the world, not life, not motherhood, not fatherhood, life and death, not reincarnation, not the heavens, not the universe, we know nothing about ourselves, not your love, what we will pray for now?
Well, what do you want to pray for now?
That you get a beating here in life?
The human being, the man, the woman gets a beating, by means of marriage, is deceived, is weighed and found to be too light, and what else is there?
And God did that again.
Or anyone who is a bit liberal says: ‘No, I am it myself.’
By means of these thoughts you get universal feeling and the higher you think, the deeper you get through to the laws of God, the clearer your thinking becomes.
And what all do you want to know about this, madam?
I always like to go into it when it is about prayer.
My Crisje went the way of the cross sixteen times, because we know that, she went and prayed day and night.
Every morning to communion.
The priest said: ‘Crisje, that is no longer necessary, you have nothing more to confess.’
Yes, what now?
She says: ‘I did wrong ...’
But we experienced that.
‘I did wrong.
I gave that woman two fifty’, you read it in ‘Jeus II’, in ‘Jeus I’, ‘and she drunk the money.
I don’t know.
I may not say that it is like that.
Do you know that?
I thought wrongly about the people, father, I had to confess that anyway.’
That is the word, the feeling for God, for space.
If we are like that, if we already get those examples in us to awakening, ladies and gentlemen, then we no longer need any priest and any cardinal, any pope and any God for that, because the human being attunes himself to harmonic thinking, wants to be good, and then this thinking is prayer.
But a prayer has personality.
You can send up a prayer, you can send up a thought, and then they are spatially harmonic, but there are also some who categorically want to know, for something else, to ask something else, and they want to have change in that.
Someone says: ‘Yes, I see my child there, and she is actually so terribly rotten, it is a shame that I say it, and harsh and rash and wild, and that just hits and kicks, and now I have already been praying for years, but there is just no change.’
Madam, you can pray yourself to death, it will not help you.
People pray, people pray, people pray, people pray.
During the time when I was healing, I stood before the dying, people pray, people pray, people pray.
The priest comes, she doubted for a moment, someone came there: ‘Just call that man.
It does not matter!’
Yes, then it was called: whether you are bitten by the devil or by Christ, it remains the same thing anyway; because it concerns the healing of your husband, love.
Yes, and then I came.
I say: ‘Madam, nothing can be done about it.
Your husband will die.
But there is no death.’
What did you say?’
‘Yes, there is no death.
Your husband is not dead.
Your husband will not die.’
‘Oh, God.’
‘Yes, he will die here.
This will happen, but that which you now love, and that inside which you do not know and for which you pray and for which candles are now burned, that will go, and this will remain here, that will die, but not the rest.
That inner life, which is God, that will not die.
That is the divine attunement.’
Yes, then I was out of it again, do you see?
There you are with wisdom and you cannot use it.
You see, madam, I will not go too deeply into my mother now, but she was ... she surrendered herself to that.
And now you can experience a prayer, and now a prayer comes into harmony with what you pray for.
And if it is karma now, is cause and effect - and now it will come - then you will feel it immediately, then you will feel it of your own accord, then you already attract that personality to you.
And then the Tall One said to Crisje: ‘And now Wageman can’, they called him baron van Niekshausen there, ‘now Wageman can come.’
The Tall One buried his coffin.
You should read that book again.
There are people ...
Because master Zelanus begins there in the beginning so absolutely wonderfully, and then he shows us a wisdom there before our eyes, before your heart, before your life and your soul, and then he is talking about: ‘Oh, Crisje, then you should go to The Hague, what does it mean, in the city, the people there separate every moment.
And there’, you should hear, ‘the human being sells himself, every second, Crisje.
You can buy the human being there for a nice bicycle, for a grocer’s shop.’
Should the human being go and work for another?
There is a father here, we have people here, a man says, for example: ‘God, God, God, if I get married again then I must have one from Jozef Rulof.’
I say: ‘Then you will be far from happy.’ (laughter)
There are women and they want there ...
I will take myself into consideration because I will not bring any people together.
But, woe betide, woe betide, how I could answer that prayer, and what happiness I could give those people.
There is a man sitting there, he has two, three children, his wife has died, and there are those wonderful nightingales walking round here, and they just want to do good, they just want to do good; but just place them before the facts with that household there.
They get a man as an apostle; but I will just not say who it is, otherwise they will perhaps also chance it.
And then they will look for it there.
‘And I will work, and I will serve’, and then they want to have a man, then they want to have love, and ‘I am just walking and I have nothing to do, and I pray that I will get a friend and a companion too.’
Madam, I could put it together like that, and you would have the most sacred in the world, but I will take myself into consideration.
If there is something the matter, I will get a club on my head of course.
‘They have kept me on my toes my whole life’, Buziau said.
Oh well, if you attune yourself, tune into prayer, madam, and you want to experience something which touches your inner life, then you are busy attuning yourself to higher will, thinking and feeling.
And if it concerns divine matters, for which you are now in harmony, so not cause and effect, from inside ...
You ask for a child, or you ask for something else, and that is not possible now - so you pray for nothing, because it is not possible, there are disorders in your personality, it has to do with reincarnation, you can pray for a thousand years - first those causes and effects, those karmic laws must dissolve by means of lives, and then your prayer will get strength and it will also be answered.
We have had lovely evenings here.
How we laughed.
The ladies were laughing in the first place, then they were also talking about love.
Then Frederik says in ‘Masks and Men’: ‘Yes’, he says, ‘I know it now.’
And that is true.
‘The human being prays for love.’
Do not search for it too far away, but search for it with your own life of feeling.
He says: ‘Then I went outside, with a loaf of bread costing twelve cents under my arms, and I went to feed the ducks.
Two days later she was sitting next to me.’
‘Do you also feel like that about ducks?’
I say: ‘Yes, madam.
You too?’
‘Nice, those little animals.’
‘Yes, well, the following morning I came for coffee.
I got coffee.’
And then we went to the cinema.
And then we went to play cards, or Black Peters.
What is it called, it doesn’t matter.
And the engagement was imminent.
It happens very simply.
It costs a loaf of bread, it costs twelve cents.
But the people look for it somewhere else.
(A lady laughs.)
What are you laughing about?
It just costs twelve cents, a dried up loaf of bread.
You can get that for eight cents, a bag full.
But now the art of throwing, madam. (laughter)
The art of crumbling that thing.
Crumble yourself until there is nothing left.
And sift the wheat from the corn.
And you will be happiness, life and radiance, love.
You should see those faces.
Madam, did you have anything else?
Did we have nothing else?
No more questions about this?
Do they all know now how they should pray?
Madam, pneumonia occurred because of that.
Father said: ‘Pray!’
And mother said: ‘But, husband, it is too cold, the children will get a cold.’
‘No’, he says, ‘God will look after my children.’
And two days later they were both lying in hospital.
Then he looked up like that in the morning.
Just like the doctor, the psychologist, he says: ‘Another psychopath in the world.’
But that same father was never able to believe in God again because the children got pneumonia because of praying.
There is something to that.
For the Protestant church and the Reformed Church you kneel down in the evening.
And it is nice, if the fire is on, because that fire means nothing to Our Lord.
‘You do not need to freeze first for Me’, He says.
Because that prayer will get ...
It does not concern material outward appearances, but it concerns your feeling.
And we need a different warmth for that.
But now teach that to the dogmatic child, then you will prevent many illnesses this winter.
Do you see?
And if you then possess those spatial feelings, that consciousness, you will feel, then father will get growth, and mother, and the child too, and the children too.
They will start to understand each other, life will become beautiful, because the children will say something to father, and mother and father will have read books and they can answer: ‘Just do not be afraid, because Father, the God of all life does not damn.’
And now just pray again.
There are still enough here who pray.
We have people here, madam, they come here, and so that God will just know that they mean well, they just also go to the church in the morning, then this falls away again.
And that is nice, because the Catholic Church has nice hours, nice minutes.
But that incredible certainty, that spiritual growing is not there.
But I have more respect for those people than the human being who already talks about burning at the stake and goes there by means of praying and sweet sayings on paper, and who do not succumb for everything and anything.
Just give me a half Catholic like that and a half mystic, metaphysical instrument like that as human being and child, who at least take the spiritual, biblical, universal certainty.
But when are you sure, madam, that you no longer need to pray?
Listen ...
Listen, I happened to read the book by captain Lagaai today, I sent him back those caricatures from ‘Jeus III’.
And then he says: ‘My book is finished.’
I say: ‘Well, I will read it.’
Listen, that captain, worthwhile what that man says there.
That captain, when it comes down to it, madam, then they kneel, and then they pray.
And then it is just always: God.
Yes, God.
We can, my God, we can checkmate those people by means of millions of pieces of proof, but they still shrug their shoulders at that, they are still not that far.
But when it comes down to it - then you must start to feel the seaman in his heart - are such meaningless, little people.
And then you see, and then you hear, and you read a lot about personalities.
And when it comes down to it they are all meaningless, because if one wrong storm sails over it, over a boat like that, then they kneel down.
And ‘oh, goodness me’, and, ‘as long as nothing happens’.
There you have a nice example.
They also discussed it on the radio, about the VARA then.
Austrians, a man and woman, they fled from the nazis, for the child; and on the boat, three days from Holland, the child gets a fever and it dies.
And then those people are so awe-inspiringly broken.
And we?
You do not want to lose your husband, you do not want to lose your child, you do not want to lose your love.
Haha, and when it comes down to it we say, if you are conscious because you know those laws: ‘Say, I envy you, that you are going.
May I please die for you?’
There are enough of them here, madam, men and women, who would like to fly out of it, because then they get ‘wings’.
They couldn’t care less about the Grim Reaper, because he does not exist, on the contrary, they say: ‘It is Jozef Rulof himself’, and he still speaks.
Anything else?
Who wants to know something from inside?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, you just said something there about a half Catholic.’
‘I am one as it happens.’
I am one too, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, but that is because, I still go to church on Sunday with the boys.’
‘Because, I said to my wife: “Until Gerard goes to the big school, I will go with him to church.
And then I will call it a day.”’
You will call it a day.
‘And then she says: “It is not yet that far.”
She says: “Because I will pray.”’
Oh yes.
‘We are talking about praying.’
‘And I have ...’
Yes, there you go again.
‘I am two steps away from the church.’
‘He may fly into the air as far as I am concerned.
But when Gerard is big, I will never ever go again in my life.
Never again.’
‘Because I now see what a filthy, nasty society I am in.’
Because of this?
Did you learn that here?
‘Here ...’
Did you learn that wisdom here?
What did you say?
‘In your books.’
Thank you.
It was like that for us too, sir.
But that is very good what you are doing there.
‘But three years ago I began with your books, and then I took out the books from the bible history.’
That is worthwhile.
‘I was spiritually exhausted ...(inaudible). And I simply say to the people: “Sir, I am not talking to you, because you are an academic and I am a dope.”
But it is true, isn’t it?
I am just a dope, amn’t I?’
We all are, sir.
‘I am an unskilled labourer.’
Only they do not want to know it.
‘I am an unskilled labourer.
But my new boss, whom I have worked for for two days, that man wants to see blood.
I say: but not from me.
Not from me.
And that man is also Christian, also prays.
I say ...’
Must he see blood?
‘He wants to see blood, sir.’
‘Forty times up and down the stairs with a bucket of water.
I say: but not from me.’
Your blood?
‘I am an unskilled labourer, but I know it now.’
Yes, when you come into that, sir, then they go to church, and pray, pray, pray, but they suck the people empty.
If you see that social carry-on, with dogmatic life of feeling, then you feel unwell.
But what you do for your child is the highest good.
To this far, you give the child ...
But you think differently.
‘Yes, but I can no longer make the sign of the cross, because I go into that church today, and in our Catholic church it is the case that you kneel, you genuflect for a moment, and then you make the sign of the cross and you sit down.
But honestly, as sure as I am sitting here, and he knows it, I cannot do it, and the consecration, I can no longer kneel down, absolutely not.
And when the priest walks past, and he gives the children a punch here and there, and he stands two minutes later: “In nomino, Pater et filius et spiritus sanctus ...”’
What is that called? (laughter)
Does he say that in Latin?
‘And then to say: hocus pocus, Our Lord is in that.
You can kid another with that but not me.’
Sir, look, they are really thoughts which have already been experienced by millions of people.
But we did it much more simply, Bernard and I.
But you have read the book where Bernard showed me ‘s-Heerenberg, haven’t you?
He says: ‘And that is the church.’
I say: ‘And Our Lord is there, Bernard?’
‘Yes’, he says, ‘he is there.’
‘But why is that church not always completely full then?’
‘Because the people still do not believe that’, Bernard says.
‘When we are big later, we will also go with mother to church.’
But then we challenged Our Lord, didn’t we?
And then we went: ‘Pooh!’
And we did like that.
We started to horse about, and did not take off our caps, we went past the entrance with such a speed.
With our caps on.
Because everyone took off their caps there.
Not us.
Cap on.
We hear nothing.
We did not get anything on our heads.
Nothing, there was nothing the matter.
Later we also did other things, sir.
You have read part II of Jeus?
That was a nice battle.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘They were brilliant.’
Sir, if you do that ...
I agreed with my friends, I say: ‘Just bite on it.’
We bit on the Eucharist.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Sir, he does not say ouch, I ate six of them, in a row.’ (The people laugh heartily.)
And did you not have a sore stomach from it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I was an altar boy for six years.’
Sir, then I have, well, still not experienced anything in my books.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Sir, I was an altar boy for six years.
There were Eucharist’s left.
And I think: I should just taste them.’ (laughter)
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the human being who comes here now for the first time, thinks: are the people laughing at that?
But these people, ladies and gentlemen, who laugh about ...
If you cannot do that yet, then you say: ‘What terrible blasphemers are sitting there together.’
But these people, ladies and gentlemen, who laugh about that all laugh because they know the nonsense, because they have read the books and they know it themselves: that is made from flour.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Sir, that means nothing more to me, only the feeling, that means everything to me.
You must feel it.
If you cannot feel it, then just stay at home.’
Yes, but where at home?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But the chaplain told me: “Sir”, he says, “you have five lovely children, one of your girls is dead, otherwise you would have had six of them.”
But he says: “You are warned, if you continue to go on like this, you will be without a job.”
That joker is right too. (laughter)
Ssh, just wait a moment.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Even if I have to go door to door with rags, but my children will have food, I said that to my wife.
Do you not have any work now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, one more day.’
What is your profession actually?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, I am a sheet metal worker, but that business has gone broke.’
Constructional engineer?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Sheet metal worker.’
Sheet metal ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Sheet metal worker.’
(People talk at the same time.)
(Hall): ‘Winding.’
Sir, we have here a ...
Yes, you should not go to that gentleman ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, but I am really not bothered with that.’
If we hear something then we will say: ‘Oh, just go there.’
But what did you do with that Eucharist?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I just ate it.’
The whole lot?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Six pieces, they were left over.’
Oh, but I mean, those Eucharists, that is that golden temple which stands there, isn’t it?
That is the church itself.
So you could not eat that.
And what happened then?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘What would happen?’
That was nice.
So you went through the church, upstairs, clambered up by means of the cockerel and flew into space.
And now you are sitting here.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘And I am pleased that I am sitting here.’
Yes, sir, and now you do not need to ...
Now you know exactly what praying is.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Praying is swearing.’
Well, that is going too far.
Praying is not swearing.
We may not say that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Hansje was late home this afternoon, my son.’
‘If you come home again, and you are late’, she says, ‘then you will not get any bread.
Better a bit of this and better a bit of that ...(inaudible). Pray.’
To you?
(A bit noisy in the hall.)
Was that to you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, that was to my son.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘In the first place I dismissed this and yet it was: pray’, (laughter and people talk at the same time) ‘In the evening again: pray.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Swearing and then praying.'
First you are cursed and then you must pray.
Well, yes, that is commonplace, of course, isn’t it?
There is no order to it.
But for the highest intellectuality, sir, they stab each other to death, already, they murder each other spiritually, they tyrannise each other their whole lives.
Every evening they put on a white mantilla, they are still real orthodox too, and then: dyuhubberdhubbbdya.
And then afterwards again, and then day-dreaming about it again; and then they may talk.
And then they are sworn at, tyrannized.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, well.
We know it, and we do not need to say a lot about it, because everyone knows it.
It is still a big pathetic mess in society.
And the human being is horribly unconscious, and that is everything.
No one else about praying?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Yes, sir.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, my daughter started to work in a business as a shop assistant ...’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘My daughter came to work in a business as a shop assistant', yes, 'and in the afternoon she was allowed to eat with them and my daughter also knows about the books', yes, 'but because she felt that the people were Christian ...
Then she thought: oh well, I will sit down at the table, I will join my hands, I will close my eyes, but I will not think anything, will I, it will taste good.
But those people did exactly the same.
But then they got to know each other better and then they had sat taking each other for a ride.’ (People laugh heartily.)
They only did it for each other. So they took your daughter for a ride and your daughter took those people for a ride. (laughter)
And that must all go to Our Lord.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘And then I talked to those people, then that subject came up and then we sat having a hearty laugh about it.
And then he says: “Just light a cigarette from me.”
And then I sat telling about the books.
And then he says: “Sir”, he says, “that is what I have always felt in me, we have been buggered ...”’
Hahah, we have been buggered.
This afternoon I had someone visit me, he came to get a book for a big business in The Hague, he says: ‘Sir, we have already been buggered for a thousand years.
I have been in battle.’
I say: ‘Sir, it means nothing at all.’
He says: ‘But if you still hear them now, then we are still being buggered.’
I say: ‘Sir, that is the right word too.’
But it is gruesome, gruesome, gruesome, how they are deceived.
Taken for a ride.
Anything else?
(It remains quiet.)
Anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Then I will continue.
If you also have something about praying ...
Because if you have the problems, then it is nice, and then I will get it out.
These are ...
(Gentleman in the hall): I also want to say something about that.’
Yes, then I can also include a hundred thousand of them, but it is not about that.
Because I also have a pile of letters.
(Gentleman in the hall): 'No, but it is something of value, you know.'
Go ahead.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I have that little guy at home, he had a traffic accident, he was under such a strain, and he lay struggling and tossing about, and then the doctor said: “It is just a question of how long his heart can manage it.”
But I was so awfully committed to that little life, and I stand over that little bed like that, it was approximately twelve o’clock, and my wife was sitting in the kitchen, my wife had also been busy with that day and night, is even expecting ...
Then I say to her: “Child, go to your bed.”
She did not want to go to her bed.
It all concerned that little guy.
I will tell you: my feeling went so deep then, that I could hear my heart thumping in my ears, and the tears which rolled down my face were boiling hot.
I once heard you say: blood crying.
That was blood crying.
Then I say: ‘Jesus Christ, do something, make him go to sleep.’
And within a second, the little guy looks at me, is apathetic, smiles at me, closes his eyes, and sleeps.
I left the room with my hands in front of my eyes.
I went into the kitchen, then my wife says: “What happened now?
Is he sleeping?”
Then she says: “Who put him to sleep?”
“Jesus did that.”
I say: “Go to bed, then I will stay for a bit ...””
That is the truth.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That was within a second.’
There are people here amongst us, sir, they experienced the same problems as you with your child, and they said: ‘Well ...’
And now I must swear, but then he said: ‘And now it is enough, God damn it: destroyed or healthy.’
And it went upwards like that.
The child goes to sleep.
And he cursed too.
Isn’t it nice?
And now it is enough, God damn it.
Destroyed or better, mother.’
Oh yes, better.
Everything or nothing.
What is that?
That is that spirit of the human being ...
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
No, sir.
If you touch something by means of which your divine spark is put into operation, a physical spiritual wonder takes place.
And that is not a wonder, but that is the absolute, divine, spatial attunement which the human being possesses and is.
Because the human being is a deity.
So you awaken that. At that moment you bridge the material state.
No more than that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Precisely.
I mean this: that was also a prayer.’
Because your absolute, religious, mystic will wants the good.
And it happens, sir.
It is true.
And now praying is becoming one with the good.
And then these wonders take place.
We have often talked here about prayer.
But they have not exhausted it here by any means.
Because only about the prayer ...
When can I pray?
But just about prayer, I can talk twenty evenings about this, and then we will have a wonderful book.
Because now we start to unravel prayer, and for what purpose.
And then there must come from the hall, from you - not only ... they are masks, sir - there must come questions, and then we will analyse them and then you will get divine answers.
I have here: ‘What should I do if the marriage is in a rut, where the wife obstinately refuses to reach an agreement and the husband is inclined to continue the marriage?
How should the husband act in this situation?’
From who?
From Arie?
Is that a friend of yours, Mr Arie?
(Gentleman says something.)
Where are you sitting?
Oh, there, in that corner.
What should that man do?
If the marriage ends up in a rut, ladies and gentlemen, that is something, isn’t it, in the world.
Here they do not ask so much about such problems, because it is all going good.
The people live in wonderful harmony, there is never anything here.
It all happens of its own accord, they are spiritually happy.
That is the first question which I get in all those years: what should we do if the marriage is in a rut?
Sir, are there children?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Two children.’
Is the wife religious?
Does she have God in herself?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, I don’t dare to say it like that ...’
Longing for a church or whatever?
Is there no longing religion in that life?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
You see, if a God speaks - and now, thank God, we still have the bible and Protestantism and Catholicism, just do not fling everything over the door.
When the human being has a God, sir, then they are susceptible now and again.
Then you can achieve that by means of God, the heaven and the hells, you can achieve that with our books.
And if that is not there, sir, then they will just slap you in your face.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I also tried to give her your books, but she did not like the idea at all.’
Not at all?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Not at all.
I also showed her some paintings and so on; well, she had very little interest for that either.
So I have ...’
You see, now we are in a mess.
Sir, here are people - and I could give you the proof - we have enough people here who have fought for life and death in order to come here.
They convinced the woman there, it is the husband there.
Finally, gosh, gosh, gosh.
‘That nonsense, and that madman and all those dreamers?’
Now they have: ‘My God, my God, how stupid I am.’
Yes, how stupid I am.
Then they start to realise for the first time what they are missing.
But when the feeling is not there, then you are really powerless and then you can only show it ...
Because what we can convince the human being with, is God, Christ, hereafter, reincarnation, fatherhood, motherhood.
And whether you now talk to the people about: my God, you have children, my God, the husband is standing there and that blood does not flow and does that not saw within your heart?
That hits and throws and behaves, that is only interested in beautiful things.
If you have money, just try it, you can only satisfy her with new things for one day, for half an hour, and then it lies there in the corner again, they have no foundation for the personality, for the feeling, it is all empty material carry-on.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That woman could not be satisfied.’
Oh well.
If the husband, if the husband has tried everything, then there is also this - and he wants to grow and improve himself – then he must also stand strong.
If that wife already categorically refuses to do the good thing, the beautiful thing ...
Because you do not grow apart just like that, you do not deny a wife children just like that, and a man does not either.
There are those who throw that aside just like that, or whatever.
But when he had the feeling to save what can be saved, then he must do everything in order to say, look ...
But not back, if he stands before destruction and harshness and nonchalance and all those other things.
Because then what do you hope to achieve with a personality and a life of feeling like that?
Just let them go to pieces.
Take care of your children.
Yes, sir, if only I had ... that ...
If you had the whopper of mine in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, I spent six months ...
I still do not know why I got that strength during that time.
I also prayed myself sick for those people.
But I had to get through it all, because I had to pray that sparks flew.
And why?
Because I got to know prayer by means of all that praying.
Do you sense it?
I was saddled with master Alcar, in order to bring into that, to fight, and to pray for the people, for sick people and for dead people, and for a thousand other things.
And later I could analyse my own feelings as prayer bit by bit - do you sense it? - and I got to see the core for myself and for those people.
And then I was pleased that I had done it, because you must, as an unconscious being you must not throw away a prayer just like that.
You cannot start to love on ‘wings’ just like that which possess spatial consciousness, and why you do not have anyway, because you will fall back to the earth like a brick.
So that is living, thinking and feeling, and acting spiritually above your life of feeling.
Yes, that does not work.
Then you would be even better to, as that woman said: ‘I cannot do it anymore.’
You will sense, here you are faced with a perfectly ordinary inhuman character; because anyone who does not want to, has no feeling, and no will to make it nicer.
The most terrible thing for the human being here in this world is if they categorically do not want to.
And then you are also, then everyone is, and then every law is powerless, then you would like to beat them to death.
Yes, just begin with it.
They say: ‘No.’
They flatly refuse to do it.
There are fathers and mothers, who still ...
What all happened to children in the centuries which passed?
Murder and manslaughter.
Fathers, parents with children, weren’t they, and the father or the mother, or the boy, or whoever, went to prison.
And what did they achieve?
Man and wife murdered each other.
What did they achieve?
He died from it, she dies, goes into the coffin.
There it was him, she took poison, then she went anyway.
Later: God, God, God, could we not have discussed that?
Yes, in the prison.
If it is over anyway.
We are like that, for that matter.
We let it come to the worst, then the matter explodes.
Sir, he must do everything he can, and if she does not want it, then just let her go to pieces; if he is convinced that he wants the good.
Any more questions?
What should he do?
How should he act?
How should this man act?
This man must feel love.
But if that love is kicked and he sees that everything which that wife, which that life of feeling wants is in conflict with domesticity, with friendship, with justice, harmony; oh well, then you are involved with a conscious crazy being.
Who during this time, who has everything ...
Are those people well off?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, very well off.’
A great deal ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Rich.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Well, there you are.
I would almost say to that man: ‘Just send them away, there are still some walking here who would like to kiss your feet, only to be able to serve.’
But we may not begin with that.
Very rich, and then they still walk away.
And he can say ...
And it is not him?
He does everything and he wants everything?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, a very fine man.’
How is it possible.
You are in a mess.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Always fine ...
Doing his business fine, honest, sincere.’
Sir, be careful, because ten ladies will follow you this evening. (laughter)
If I was a lady, then I would immediately ask: ‘Where does he live?’
And: ‘Where does that good man live?’
Does he also have a car?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that too.’
How is it possible.
And also a castle surely?
A large villa for himself?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that too.’
Oh oh oh, I wanted that woman to also come along, then we could twist her heart.
But oh well, sir, fair is fair, they must first find out from the body, from the spirit how well off those people are.
That woman is too well off.
Her gratitude has gone.
Now they will ... There you are.
If the human being has no feeling, no God, and no longing for growth, what will remain of the woman and the man, ladies and gentlemen?
You sit there opposite each other in the evening: empty.
There is a young girl here, I heard the drama.
Then she says to a boy: ‘I am warning you.
Do you like these books?
Do you like space?’
‘Mmm, too far away for me.’
Then she says: ‘I am warning you, I will ask it another three times.’
Yes, she is something else.
‘Because I do not intend to go and sit soon looking at that empty space in the evening: I want contact, I want a living being.
This is it.
No longing?’
A university boy.
It still did not get through to him.
She came back again.
Then she says: ‘I am affectionate, I am playful.’
And that professor sat there, like that, smoked a pipe, said nothing, behind the stove at father-in-law’s and mother-in-law’s house.
But he is out the door.
Then she says: ‘Then I would rather marry the try-your-strength machine, because then I will know consciously that I will get a knock on my head.
But this is already beginning in this way.’
Then he said: ‘I am terribly sorry that I will no longer be seeing you.’
Then she said: ‘Not me, because I am rid of you.
I will look elsewhere.’
If there is a question of karmic laws ...
But you will sense, I taught you once, the development for and of the human being assures you of karma, cause and effect.
In other words, what you learn as a girl and boy of nineteen and twenty years old, is the possession at twenty-five years old when it begins to tickle inside.
Because then you are critical, you are prepared.
Because a boy says: ‘Oh no!’
‘Oh yes, will you talk?’
‘Oh no.
Now, hahaha, just go away, that poverty.’
‘Oh yes?’ she says.
Then she says: ‘He has no feeling.
He has no attunement to me at all.’
We have girls of twenty, twenty-two years old here, they are children of a hundred; mothers, they have received universal consciousness.
They now become critical.
Then she says: ‘Perhaps I will be left over, because now someone has to come who also reads books.’
And, sir and madam, now you come home, you are married, and you have riches, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, but it gets jammed anyway, it goes to pieces, because we are finished with those biscuits just like that, we also bake another pie in the kitchen, too dry, too dry, and one fine morning we are sitting, one evening we are sitting there and we both have nothing more to say.
‘Haha, I will just go there.’
‘What do you want with that rubbish?’
And now it will begin.
Character gone, marriage gone.
There is no longer any unity.
And now those children will, they will read a book together; good gracious, what a difference.
This is why two Catholics are happy, two Protestants too.
It is just as well that they still fight for each other.
Catholic with Catholic.
Always because of religion the marriage, the life of feeling, the love is destroyed.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Not always.’
Who said that?
Not always, madam, there are also those exceptions, of course.
You have a hundred million people.
By what means the Jew and the Catholic are happy, we know that, for that matter, that is not connected to time ... we know that.
But, sir, what should we do?
Let him do what he can, let him also say: ‘Consider what you do, it does not concern physical castles, but it concerns divine matter here, happiness, for you, for me and the children.
Know what you do.
And if you cannot do that, you do not want to change, you are not satisfied with this, and this, and this ...’
Own castle, a car, and money like water ...
What else do they want?
And then to not bow to the life?
Because it is the bowing to the life, to the husband, to the love, to thousands of matters.
Yes, sir, then it will only get worse if you build that up again.
Because they will succumb anyway.
Talking, talking, still talking.
And if they do not want to, sir, then there is nothing to talk about, and we are powerless.
Just give her a little push.
Also do everything which you can.
And dot the i’s.
And do not descend presently into sympathy when you already see that, sir, because you will not achieve anything with that.
I already have now, I already got my first question from Amsterdam, and that is also for you, for that man.
Then that gentleman said: ‘My God, my God, Jozef Rulof, how harsh Jeus was.
Because Irma was actually destroyed by that’, he says.
I say: ‘Yes.
My word is law.
And my word is: yes.’
Then the questions already come:
‘Well, that was harsh.’
I say: ‘No, it was not harsh.’
Sympathy takes you to devastation, destruction, doesn’t it?
I was engaged and my word is: yes.
Even if it was five minutes.
Yes is yes, and no is no.
And when we descend into weakness, sir, then we only just build up abstract things, and they collapse anyway.
And then you can want and do what you want, and think about that, it will not help you anyway.
Do you know it now?
Not yet?
Talk, talk, talk and try everything possible.
Then, if you think that you need help ...
Yes, try it yourself first, and then the books ...
If they do not want to, if there is no God there, there is no Christ, and there is no hereafter, well, my dear people, how do you wish to take those people to the divine harness?
Then just pay them politely and say: ‘Thank god, this karma is over.’
They suffocate in their own world.
Those dramas are known in the world.
Plays, films, books.
Books were written about this as far as infinity.
The human being goes to pieces anyway, they flatly refuse to bow.
Love, surrendering, well, well, well.
Try something?
Because the human being does not know himself, the human being is not exhausted, the human being has still never been spiritually touched.
Do you understand this?
An old person came, an old lady came to see me.
Then she says: ‘Yes, how is it possible?’
I say: ‘Madam, you are still a child of twenty years old, because you have never ever experienced spiritual love.’
People look at old people, the old people are still never experienced completely physically, materially.
Because it is not possible.
You can only do that by means of feeling.
And the mother and the husband stay young.
Did you not know that?
Here you have the beginning of creation.
Creation began like that.
And we are now sitting here like drops of water.
And it drops into the human being.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I completely disagree with your reasoning.’
About what?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘About the same situation which you are talking about now.
Imagine the situation which I experienced myself from an acquaintance.
A young married couple ...’
Of course, there are problems, yes ...‘ ... everything, but that woman gets on the tram one fine day and falls in love with the tram conductor, and runs out on her whole worldly goods, cars, fur coats, the whole lot for that tram conductor.’
Yes, it happens every day.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Precisely.’
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... should that wife now go back to her own husband?’
Do you want to hear from me that ...
She fell in love there with the tram conductor.
Was she better off?
Was she better off?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘She had fallen in love.’
What is that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I also wonder about that.’
But, sir, what will remain of our marriage then?
Where does our yes and our no remain?
That means: I can no longer cope with you, it is not working anymore.
And that man is walking there.
We have already talked ten times about those problems here.
I say to the men: ‘Now we will go back to the harem, to the jungle.’
No, sir.
By means of ‘A View into the Hereafter’, by means of the books I can explain to you: finish this.
That woman and that man who just walk away, they will soon stand before that same law again anyway.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
Yes, but what is it that that woman experiences there.
(A sound of thunder.) Our Lord is grumbling.
Yes, we always said that at home.
Our Lord is grumbling: praying.
And we laughed, because how could that be, that is not Our Lord anyway.
(But Crisje made us lie on the ground, you know, in the middle of the night.)
But, sir, what does that woman want?
How many different grades of feeling and attunements and personalities do we not see, there for the husband, and there for the wife, who suddenly say: ‘Huh, oh well.
Oh well, it is all dead here.’
That is nice, isn’t it?
‘It is all dead, it is not working, you do not understand me anyway.
I will just go.
I have something else.
I have something better, dear love.’
What love?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, but at the moment, the power is, the obligation, the feeling of honour, everything together, when it comes down to it ...’
Sir, do we still want to use the word love for that?
Do you know what love is?
That other love, that crazy love, which ‘Masks and Men’ speak about and which we are concerned with, that was: stay at home where you are, finish.
Yes, one thing.
Now we come again: who was he, that other one?
A tyrant?
Is it so difficult to understand then, sir?
Then I must agree with you that that woman there says one fine day: ‘But now I have oh, how sweet you are to me.’
If a person like that gets a kind word from another human being.
Yes, who will not succumb then?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, well, that would also ...’
So now we must first know: who was he?
Who is he?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I also asked him that once.’
Sir, I know a boy, wife, mother, a child of a bloke, something beautiful, before, something wonderful, I think: what a man, what a man.
But, you will learn that in the books again, the human being only becomes conscious between the ages of thirty-four and thirty-eight.
And you are still not it at thirty, but the human being only awakens between the ages of thirty-four and thirty-eight, then you get to see the adult physical and spiritual consciousness, and then you know exactly what is the matter.
It already begins at the age of thirty-four, thirty, thirty-two, thirty-three, then something already comes out which was not so nice.
Yes, now, after so many years, after so many years: ‘You are no more use to me.’
First that wife was a goddess, wasn’t she, gosh, gosh, gosh.
Now we have experienced that that woman, we happen to know her, that that woman had accepted the deception and everything and everything for four years, and all those woman he just needed, she accepted that, and she dealt with it and said: ‘I love, because I learned something.’
Until her blood started to flow.
And now the blood, physically all flows away ...
She was no longer looked at by anything.
‘Yes, go away, just go away.
I no longer have any unity with you.’
Now you also get other things, if she looked that man in the eye he was just like a haddock.
Physical psychopathy.
That wonder, that jewel of power of creation, which that mother is, also a child, if you hear that talk, sir, then you think that you hear the Blessed Virgin before you, so much feeling.
‘And I stick it out, because I will bear it, I still love that life.
The personality, well ... I still love that life.
And then I accept everything.’
After five, six years, it is that far: ‘Now I can no longer do it.
It has died.’
Now she is faced with spiritual destruction.
And she happened to ask a question in Amsterdam.
And master Zelanus probably fathomed that out from space, and he goes into it.
And suddenly she knew it.
Without anyone knowing anything about it, she got the divine answer: ‘Just clear off.
It is over now.
Now just send him away.’
She said: ‘I will rent a room, I have something else.’
But, my God.
And I talked, and she talked and she talked, and that talked.
I say: ‘Man, I should take you over my knee.’
Sir, you hit a psychopath.
But it did not used to be a psychopath, but it is now.
And if you now talk like that and that and that, sir, it goes in here, out there; sir, they do not hear it.
I say: ‘You are a cad.
Such a beautiful being ...’
I think, now I must shout as loud as I can.
I think: just be frightened to death.
I say: ‘You are so awe-inspiringly mean and dirty.
And that is so wonderful, my God, that is a saint, that is a holy Mary which you have there.’
Sir, it is not heard.
He had read books, sir, and listened to the masters.
Sir, it goes so far, there is a woman, she writes to me: ‘My God, Mr Rulof, what should I do?’
That woman and that man come to those lectures, year in year out.
Suddenly: ‘I will not go again.
I have something else.’
And they are so cheeky, they also go with that other one to the lecture.
It is nothing to do with me, of course, because it is their business.
Then they say: ‘Yes, I have physical unity.
I do not have love.’
Do you feel where they are heading, those wretches?
Sir, it is so awe-inspiringly awkward.
But everything comes back - why?- we take care of that, and then we say, if there is faith: ‘Here is wisdom’, sir.
And that appears later.
And do you know what it is called, sir?
‘Who are you today?
But tomorrow?’
‘Do you wish to prove to me, do you wish to kid me that you love me?’ the woman, the mother.
‘Show it then and prove it then.’
And if it is still there, well, then pray to Our Lord and say: ‘Father, it is still there.’
And then kiss each other.
And then nod at each other.
And then you will be grateful for what she does and he does.
And then it will be finished.
Or the tea will be ready.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have the question here: ‘With reference to the discussions with regard to the birth control of last Thursday I reached the following conclusion.
Upon my arrival in the Netherlands from Indonesia I noticed that there are an alarming number of twins and triplets ...’ But there are not that many triplets, but there are twins.‘ ... in contrast to Indonesia, where this happy event only occurs very sporadically.’
Is that true?
From who is that?
Is that true?
‘Would this be due to the birth control in the highly cultivated West?’
But it is not birth control if you have more children, is it, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, precisely having not many children.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Oh, you mean that India has even more children.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, in India you have no birth control.
Because if you look here, then they say: ‘Oh well, two children at the most.’
But you are talking here categorically about twins and triplets.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
What do you mean by that?
That in India twins are born sporadically?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Not as many in any case as in the West?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
That has to do with the physical growth.
So the body evolves.
You go higher and higher to that evolution.
So you can also see it.
And, now, India cannot be scorned either, because you also have people there who have ten, twelve and thirteen children.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that is true.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
No twins?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No twins.’
But here, because the organism grows, you get more fertilizations in one grade: twins and triplets.
This is therefore connected to the body.
But now you say ...
So you understand that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes yes.’
But now you get here: ‘Would this be due to the birth control in the highly cultivated West?’
I will continue reading this.
‘If representatives from higher spheres in the third grade, the white hide, and also in connection with the fact that they (have) the receptive organ for the lower spheres of this grade, the dark hide, the dark skin, are ... and people in the Eastern countries have hardly any birth control - being blessed by a child is considered as a great honour there - I reach the conclusion that where reincarnation must continue this birth of twins and triplets is due to the controlled receptive organs.’
You see, I already told you, you have felt it surprisingly well.
It has to do with the evolution of the body.
That is the type of nature, the type of race (see
And a type of race(see is an organism which represents that and that grade of development for creation and the earth.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
‘In popular speech it is called: they are doing that for the child benefit.’
And that is really Hague style, sir.
‘And thanking you in advance for your information.’
Here in Holland, or in Europe, in Western Europe, after the war ...
Before 1914 I still remember how the old people thought, from that time, the married people, who had a very different marriage.
People kissed very differently during that time.
Now every kiss is calculated, sir, isn’t it?
When we stand before someone and they look: ‘Well, perhaps those parents have something.’
Or: ‘What do you actually have to devote?’
Before we used to fling our arms around each other’s necks, cooed a bit.
Like that and that.
But fair is fair, was the human being not different at that time?
The old ones must know that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Absolutely.’
The life of feeling is different.
The human being has not gone forwards, but the human being has gone backwards in feeling.
We can also experience because of that that the Westerner knew a time when the Westerner still possessed unity with Mother Nature.
And why, sir?
Why was that feeling fragmented?
You can see from that that we must go right back to the Indian being.
If he is good, then ...
If they experience unity with nature ...
Just give me a darling like that.
But when they are false, then you get hobby-horses inside.
Don’t you?
Then they let you be married unconsciously.
Did you read that in ‘Spiritual Gifts’?
Enough of them come back, who are married, and they do not know it.
By means of the ‘ doekoen’? (native healer, medicine man)
Oh well, leave it.
But by what means, sir and madam - it is all so socially humanly, socially possible - by what means was the human being fragmented?
(Lady in the hall): ‘By means of the social circumstances.’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘By means of the social circumstances.’
Madam, by means of the technical wonders.
We got a bike and a car, we fly, and everywhere ...
We no longer need to walk.
The effort has gone.
The will has gone.
Convenience serves the human being.
But convenience has completely spoiled and fragmented the human being.
Isn’t it true?
You are still right about that, engineer.
Society, the West has completely gone astray from nature.
We have nothing more what the ...
People look at those blacks in India.
Sir, just go and talk to those dear people.
Yes, you really do not have any buffalos there, but even smaller, they cannot be approached yet and you can also perhaps not yet experience an intellectual conversation with them, if you call this intellectuality.
But when nature speaks, we no longer need any intellectuality, sir.
Because then we have space, God, the moon, the sun, the stars and the planets.
Every good Dutchman who has experienced India, and really experienced it, comes back with his head bowed.
But those who went over that and started to roast chestnuts, the whip behind the door ...
Yes, how are you treated then?
I have people who are married to an ayah.
Sir, I spoke to several men, several people, and they said: ‘Sir, if only I had an ayah not a city person.’
We people, if you understand that properly, are completely adrift from God, satisfaction, devotion to obligation, happiness, a hut in the meadow.
We want a nice castle.
‘Ha, that rotten street beside me.’
‘And that floor this and this and that.’
The human being wants a car, the human being wants this.
What do we long for?
A piece, a chunk of nature, the natural unity has gone.
I must go back here in Holland to ‘s-Heerenberg, to Gelderland, then the woods beside us were still at the Grintweg.
That silence, sir.
That has now been destroyed.
The people have been fragmented.
Church and religion, sir, did not get any more development.
The human being earns more money because he has made more things.
And the church also means something to me.
From that, from this and that.
Religion is sold in this way.
The life of feeling has been materialized, brutalized by many.
Sir, and now that the human being wants to possess that and has broken away from domestic unity and possession, happiness, we hear nothing else in the city, in The Hague, in the West: ‘No children for me.
Two are enough.
Quite enough.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘So then you get less receptive bodies.’
But another mother, sir, go and look in Holland, has sixteen, twenty of them.
Recently someone went to America with eighteen children.
And from how many mothers and fathers, men and women, are there the people with their own grade, for which these two people serve?
And then they also get saddled with an unconscious being here in Holland: ‘You should see that rabbit hole.’
A human being who speaks about the human being, about a mother who gives birth to children - the most divine wonder, always, isn’t it, nothing can be spoiled about that -and talks about a rabbit carry-on.
Who are we talking to now?
Isn’t it awful?
And then the Westerner, sir, can learn from the Oriental.
I do not know why, but when I was the boss ...
I feel so sorry for those poor Amboinese.
I already talked about it last week.
If I only just read about those people, then I say: ‘Gosh, gosh, gosh, what beastly tricks here.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, but not only against the Amboinese.
Against their ...’
Yes, sir, you know even more than I do.
And then you could keep on about it.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You were talking a moment ago about nature.
If you want to experience a piece of nature then you must go to New Guinea, the people still live in the stone age there.’
Yes, sir, but there was recently a doctor on the radio, also a Papuan, he was a doctor ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that is possible.’
...and an engineer, and a master in the laws was there.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that is possible.’
And the minister here and the queen, the ministers had to take off their hats.
‘Good day, gentlemen.’
They are called Papuans then.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Just outside their circle they still eat you.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Yes, beyond in the distance, he says it himself.
He says: ‘It is perilous there.
You will also go into the pot there.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, they do not eat it, because they have ...’
They no longer eat us?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, that is a mutual vendetta which they decide.’
Yes, we are talking about it.
That does not matter.
But I just want to say, he said it himself.
Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I experienced it myself, ...(inaudible) but they just let you ...’
Yes, but I only accept what that man said:
There was an interview.
Yes, sir, they were on the radio.
He says: ‘Yes, if you go deep into the mountains, life is no longer certain there.’
He says that as a son of that race (see
But he was an engineer, no, he was a master in law.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, but this was also in connection with his spiritual life.’
Yes, logical.
This is why I want to say, a Papuan and a Papuan is a very big difference.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Absolutely.’
There it is now.
We look at those people, we look at them.
Just do not imagine yourself as a Westerner.
Because if you really get to know the grades of the organism then we come back to that jungle of our own accord.
And our spirit is then very poor.
Isn’t it?
But are you satisfied?
Is it clear?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Here in the West, sir, it really concerns the child benefit. (laughter)
That good old Willem Drees makes nice things, but for many people it is also destruction again.
We are getting it too easy again.
It is better that you earn it.
Oh well, they are the social, aren’t they, the social pitfalls.
Because there is also something to it, don’t blame me for saying so.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But Mr Rulof, they also have that benefit in the East.’
You must go there again.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Yes, is it also beginning there too?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, yes.’
Do you also get benefit now from Soekarno?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
But surely not as a European?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘As a European, and the native too.’
Well now.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Everything.’
Well now.
Sir is going back there.
To our friend Soekarno?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Well now.
Pass on our best wishes and say that we want to bring cosmology to India.
He once had my books there, I do not know whether he has finished them.
You must just fathom them out there.
His secretary had read them, he passed them round.
He received them in the Kurhaus hotel.
Yes, I hope that they write today or tomorrow, and ask: ‘Just come to India, and give a few courses on the radio.’
Would they be open, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Certainly.’
The masses?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Certainly.’
But how do I release them from Mohammed and from the Islam?
There are millions of Indians who know that the human being was born in the waters.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, certainly.’
They know that.
The West is only getting it now.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The Buddhists.’
Yes, good, millions, and they all agree with me.
(Gentleman in the hall): 'There are no Buddhists there.'
They are metaphysicians, they are spatial people.
But they have absolutely ... the eastern religions ...
Oh well, that Islam, I cannot change that.
Because then there will still be a lot to change in that.
And they do not accept you.
Because then I will already be beheaded before I have made the sign of the cross.
Then I must go back to the Catholic Church anyway, sir.
In order to bring them under the harness, but we will not get that far.
I have here ...
Is that also part of it?
Question one: ‘I would like to go back one more time to the last question from last week, namely praying.’
But that gentleman already came to see me, he says: ‘Now I suddenly know everything.’
I will see whether you have any more.
‘You used as an example then, the praying for a sick child, but which died anyway.
So all this praying had no result.
But in your books André prays ...’
I told you.‘ ... for the care of the sick Doortje.’
But the magnetism, those tumours which we got out of there, that was a prayer.
I will tell you even more, master Alcar let me pray categorically.
And I also advise you to too.
If you still do not know it, if you are not sure of yourself, pray for heaven’s sake as loud as you can.
Take that certainty, if you know the laws and you say: ‘Death, having to die, is evolution’, then you do not pray for that.
Get out of it what you can and try to understand for what you can pray.
Because I got my consciousness by means of the books and the disembodiments, then I knew for that matter that I could not pray for life and death, then that already went overboard.
And there was nothing else left of that, that is attunement again to space: give me the wisdom, the strength and also the love, so that I can devote everything of myself to what I am asking for.
And then you also have a universal unity and both experiencing and praying with space.
And that is the most wonderful thing there is.
I could not deny anyone that.
Do you sense it?
And there were people who said: ‘You said: master Alcar first let me pray myself to death.’
And the astral world, those masters do like that: they turn you outside in until those feelings have been conquered and change into spiritual feelings.
And then the human being does it differently.
And then the material feeling dies, and the new which is in you awakens, that now gets nourishment.
And now it is knowledge, change, new consciousness for the personality.
Isn’t it simple?
If you have questions about that ...
Question two: ‘What is your opinion of the Our Father as the bible teaches this to be said?’
Are there still people amongst you who still say the Our Father?
No one?
Do all of you no longer say the Our Father?
What heretics are sitting here.(laughter)
What heretics.
But if you begin and you know the laws and you know that you are a deity ...
These people know, they are not megalomaniacs, but: we are gods, as human beings.
God manifested himself by means of the human being, the life; we are that.
Human being, animal, flower and plant, space, planets, stars.
That is the God here as human being.
‘Lead us not into temptation.’
When that came ...
Always just the Our Father, and it just continues, because it is part of it after all, that is the Our Father.
People say that Christ gave that to the human being.
Now the highest masters on the other side said: ‘Did Christ really say that?’
They do not know where the Our Father came from.
When did the bible writers really hear it materialized over the lips of Christ?
‘Lead us not into temptation, deliver us from all evil.’
Madam, if you do not do anything evil and do not want evil, God does not need to protect you.
And God will certainly not ... you ...
What kind of father is that who leads the people, who leads his children into temptation? A father and mother of the earth do not do that.
He places us before the facts and says: ‘Just stay away from that.’
No, he brings you categorically to that danger.
And then we must just ask: ‘Please just don’t do it.’
What use would that be to God for heaven’s sake?
Then I stumbled.
I could no longer get it over my lips.
And all the people say: ‘I cannot do it any longer either because I will succumb.’
‘Lead us not into temptation, deliver us from all evil.’
If you walk away from your wife and children, should you then still ask God: ‘Deliver me from all evil’?
You are already the evil.
And we are and represent the evil in a hundred thousand things, and that still has meaning in the Our Father for the human being.
And then you start to ask, sir: did Christ materialize that?
And now it is a perfectly simple - isn’t it terrible? - moaning.
And you should say that to a bishop, a theologian.
Minister Spelberg, for example.
I say: ‘Sir, is that perhaps a gramophone record which we hear every Friday evening?’
‘We come before you and we stand before you, and bow’, and then something else comes.
Always the same thing.
God, God, God.
That is a doctor.
The two brothers, and then there is also a bit of: whuhuhuhummmm.
And then we have it.
‘We stand again before you, naked, and ask ...’
For what?
My God, my God, then just do it.
‘And give us wisdom.’
‘Mr Spelberg, tell the people paradise, the beginning, is nonsense, and that the human being was born in the waters, because you have got ‘The Peoples of the Earth seen from the Other Side’.
But you do not come forward with it.’
Imagine, sir and madam, what terrible hypocrites they are.
They still stand lying in God’s face, because they flatly refuse it.
Because when that word comes there, madam, sir, they will have lost their job, they will have nothing more to eat.
And then the liberal Protestant will ... and then liberal Protestantism succumbs, the V.P.R.O.
‘Today, listeners ...’
And then you still hear nothing.
Can you hear that?
Are you not listening?
You become afraid if you hear those people saying the Our Father.
They cannot work it out.
And there is never anything new in it.
They lie and deceive, because a doctor Spelberg still believes at the moment that God took a rib from Adam in order to make Eve from clay and some breath of life.
Now the human being is just deceived and kept quiet.
What is it actually now?
Now just pray.
And that Our Father is exactly the same thing.
Theology flatly refuses to really learn to think what the Our Father says.
God said ...
The human being says: ‘Lead us not into temptation.’
But what kind of clown was that, the Christ, who then walked in Jerusalem and said: ‘Let this cup pass from me.’
Do you not become furious then as a human being?
The people were murdered during the war with cigarette ends, on their backs.
There were big holes at the back, sir, the blood ran away.
And they were all at the lungs, and those people still said: ‘No, I will not say anything.’
Yes, if it was for Christ then it would have been even more wonderful, now it was for an underworld.
And God’s son lay in Gethsemane, alone, and was still angry because Peter fell asleep.
And the apostles who were sleeping there, they were exhausted, exhausted from asking questions, because they had walked thirty kilometres that day.
And now it will happen.
And the divine Conscious being, the Christ said: ‘And let this cup pass from me.’
Now you should listen to that, now you must really start to feel: the Christ, the divine Conscious being succumbed in Gethsemane.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘And another was burnt at the stake and he remained himself, and the Christ could not do it?’
And we should believe that?
No, sir, no, madam, we say to the minister and to Mr Spelberg and all those Catholics, you made that of Christ yourself because our one was not like that.
Our one said: ‘There is no death, I will continue.’
Didn’t he?
And they also say that we are crazy, we are heretics.
But we have a very different God, a very different Christ.
And that God of ours no longer listens to the Our Father.
Now you can say: ‘Sir, I understand all of that.’
But what all is in that?
Lead us not into temptation, dwubdubdubdub.
Of course the people think: ‘He is completely crazy, that man, that cannot be any other way.’
Because I do not assume anyway that you completely agree with me.
That is not possible, is it?
But that is impossible, isn’t it?
More and more of those crazy people are coming here.
But it appears from that that the human being is learning to think.
People, people, I wanted Our Lord to ask us: ‘Now just you go with a group of about thirty, forty, women and men, over the world.
And begin with my work.’
Who will go with me?
But then we will live from the crabs, Piet Hein, and from snails and ant skins and the juice from a fruit and some leaves.
And we have a bear skin around us?
No, sir, we do not even get that.
We find a piece of waste matter here and there.
Lovely in the cold.
First we will convert the North Pole.
Yes, the Eskimos, sir.
Because you do not need to go to the West, there are enough of those Messiahs there.
But we do not go in white sheets either, we will decorate ourselves with red, white and blue, with a cross in it, then they will at least know what our origin is.
But I will continue.
‘Perhaps these and many other questions which you are asked are a sign of being spiritually poor or still not being able to think spiritually.
But your audience is not in connection with the masters or possesses other spiritual gifts.
For many of your audience who have read your books, this is and will remain a faith without any proof.
Waiting for the time when they will be able to see all of this themselves.’
What do you mean, Catholicism or this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘This.’
This here?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Yes, there is enough proof.
We got the books.
I healed.
I saw, experienced wonders with healing, the people have experienced ten, twenty wonders such as from Christ.
And did you think that the people now believe me and categorically accept because of that wonder?
Yes, for a moment.
Sir, in two, three year’s time you will have forgotten it.
And now I understand why the masters did not want to begin with those wonders.
Because you do not achieve anything.
You only experience the human poverty which is in a mess as a result of suffering, sorrow, physical misery.
When that is over then ...
Then the Messiah got stones thrown at him.
‘He made me see’, they said.
‘He made me see.’
Yes, and then they began to steal.
Then the human being who saw also wanted to possess everything.
‘If only He had not done it’, father said, and mother, ‘then that child of ours would not have become a slut.’
And the Christ is now saddled with this.
Sir, wonders mean nothing now.
But we have proof by means of the books.
It cannot come from one human being what we have there, because what I have is still not for sale in the world.
Although there are enough sects who are just as far as we are, only we go a bit, so many grades, deeper.
Theosophy is wonderful.
Buddha is wonderful.
Although Buddha did not have this, theosophy does have this, and not that, they have five per cent of ours, at the most; oh well, it is there.
But there are people here, sir, who are touched, and who are struck by these laws.
They categorically feel: that is it.
And then no more proof is needed, because their soul, their life of feeling from the past has revealed itself.
I tell you it a hundred times: if you were not here ...
You are already special people.
I may not give you that, but it is true, you are so awe-inspiringly tremendous with regard to this world.
What you make of it still means nothing.
Even if you still call each other names.
Even if you still have misery.
But that you are already busy absorbing the nonsense of space, sir, is the highest consciousness, the highest happiness for the human being of this world.
Travel across the world.
You have been over the world.
That you already listen to spiritually crazy people is the highest possession, because science, every university still does not know that the human being has lived on earth millions of times.
And you believe that, you believe in that nonsense.
And that is, for us that is categorically the experiencing, the accepting.
I saw it, I no longer need to believe it.
I do not believe anything at all: I know.
And those people also know it here.
But there is still a core, I keep getting the proof, that they still do not know it.
I have people who go along for years.
There are people here who come here two, three, four, ten times, and then they still succumb, then they are already full.
That still does not mean that they throw it away.
But they do not get any hold in any case.
Because they must do something for it.
I have some, who go along for seven, eight, nine years.
I have people of twenty years old, whom I already knew before the war, in 1930, ’34, ’33, and now carried on, carried on, carry on; and really in 1947, ’48 and ’51 still succumb.
And then you get ...
And by what means?
By means of nothing or whatever, it does not matter; they are gone.
And do you wish to kid me that those people knew it?
And that they had true love?
And that those roses and those flowers which they give master Zelanus, were really given consciously?
Madam, they are thorns for the masters.
This is why he says once: ‘Give me a flower from your heart and I can place it on Golgotha beside the True one.’
But even if you put down a hundred guilders’ worth of flower there, madam and sir, and you cannot prove in a hundred years that you will still be here, then ...
And do not give any flowers to Our Lord for heaven’s sake, if you are still not sure, of your doubting.
If you, we people are not sure that we represent that little flower which we lay at His feet, then you will feel, that thing will wilt there in only a few minutes.
So reality forces us to absolutely believe and to accept.
Sir, our people are a hundred times more difficult to reach, to experience, than the child of the Catholic Church.
If only I had the Jehovah feeling in the human being for the masses.
Because they are no slouches.
‘A Jehovah customer like that’, they say.
He goes from door to door.
The people with me did not want to begin with that either.
I say: ‘You cannot buy spiritual alms in space.’
They are all alms.
But when does the Jehovah feeling enter, awaken in us, the absolute acceptance of what the masters say?
And that is, I can no longer say: I will devote my life to it.
Sir, I come from the clay, you have all learned and studied, I have not.
It began with me as a child.
And if it then categorically began, sir ...
You say: ‘Those people believe.’
No, sir, those people of mine, those absolutes, who are absolutely mine, they also found money in the wood, and they are touched by different threads.
And those people are ready, of course.
I only get one out of a hundred thousand, but that one is from the masters, and he gets threads.
He will be struck today or tomorrow, and then the people will eat heavenly cake.
And then you stand at the grave and then the one who died is standing next to you.
Because they also experienced something.
And then it is no longer called: could that be true?
No, sir, this is true.
I have them sitting here beside me, sir, then tears run from your eyes.
‘If I must prove with my hands, Mr Rulof, that I mean it, then just chop them off.’
I will take myself into consideration.
‘That too, that too, that for feeling, that for gratitude, to show the piece of myself, and that hand too, my legs too, my blood, my eyes, my light.’
I say: ‘Gosh, but know what you are saying.’
But they do it, you know.
I have some of them here.
If they could prove it, sir, then you may, then you can also nail them to the wall, nails in their hands and in their legs, and I guarantee you, if you want to know how strongly I have built up several people, and not for nonsense ...
If I call them now, at this moment, and we get the nails, then I will prove to you that I have stood here - and that is no longer believing, sir - they will say: ‘Just nail them in.
Just bash them in.’
Who will dare it?
And they are present here.
They know that I can do it too.
Do you still call this believing?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Knowing for certain.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is knowing for certain.’
That is knowing.
And when you feel that, you must feel yourself, it is eternal power, strength, that is the hand which holds on and says: ‘Here.
Sir, I have sacred respect for a bible expert, the real searcher of the bible, who has slaved away until his blood collapsed.
A real Catholic, they are so wonderfully beautiful, those people. We had Crisje as an example.
But what that man says there: ‘Dirty rotter, and brute, and everything.’
Pray, then?
And just make father bad.
‘And your father is a madman, and your father is this.’
The children stirred things up against father, they are psychopaths.
You cannot talk to them.
We are getting everything out of everything here.
But do you wish to kid me if you want to devote everything, that you will already walk away because of a blow from me, if I were to treat you a bit strictly?
That also happens.
They mean nothing more to me, sir.
Because if you really want to heal, sir, then the personality must, and then the frills must go from your personality, the little things which you want to experience so over-sensitively ...
They are oversensitive people then, those people are so oversensitive ...
That does not exist for space.
In space we do not know, on the other side we do not know any over-sensitivity, sir, because that is still a weakness.
Weakness, weakness, weakness.
Those people feel beaten, they are immediately kicked, they are hurt just like that.
Huh, ha ...
They are destroyed.
Haha, just send them to the North Pole to help people.
Make of those children, who worship masters there, and all those other things, make a Jehovah of them.
They do not have it, they cannot do it.
Do you know when I have respect for my people?
Because the blood really flows away.
I will get you soon when you have had ‘Jeus III’.
Then you will also know where this comes from.
And when you have read that, sir, madam, then we will be much closer to each other.
And then there will be no more beggars for me in the world.
You must just say a word from me, then you will be, with one word you will be completely out of it with me for a thousand years, with one word, which you fling just like that in my face, which I hear, which you say.
I will no longer react, because you will become wind to me.
We slave ourselves to death, the masters, the people, Christ, and then the people still say: ‘Space and that and that and he sends that into the street like beggars.’
There are no spiritual beggars in space.
Anyone who says that himself is that.
And that is misery and unconsciousness.
I no longer look at those people in my whole life.
I love that life, but the character does not mean a jot to me.
Do you not do that either?
Is spiritual becoming conscious for sale?
My God, when do we descend into ourselves and do we become normal human beings?
We can do it by means of these laws and those books.
But do not fly too high.
If you have no longing for that ...
Here I tell you: this is eternity.
We must bow here.
Not for a human being ...
Also for a human being, of course, you heard that from the story from that man there.
Bowing for the human being.
And if the human being does not want to, then there will be an end, then the feeling of love, unity, will die.
Won’t it?
And then the lawyer says: ‘There is nothing more in this.
Fffjit, get out.
Just make something new.’
Yes, now we will begin again.
Then something comes.
Well, they learn something.
But it happens four, five, six times, and they never get happiness.
Sir, are you satisfied?
I can also go on with it, because there is more to everything.
Now we have Mr Berends again: ‘Page 191, 192, part II, ‘Masks and Men’.
Frederik is sitting in Hans’ harem and notices that the feelings of hatred are stronger for the women than for the men.
Precisely because the women want to give something, and want to receive something, and these feelings are crushed to death and they are still too weak for this material life, they lose themselves completely.
Question: was that hatred already present in the women?
Is this sickly insanity also a material karma?’
Mr Berends, you see, now you let go of the personality, you release the life of feeling, and now you appear with material karma, which I recently analysed completely for you.
Didn’t I?
Why is the hatred of the mother deeper than that of the husband?
And the man could hate deeply, but a mother goes much deeper.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Because she is the giving birth principle.’
Yes, the giving birth principle.
But what does that mean?
Why does the mother hate more deeply than the man, can she hate more deeply than the man?
Although we men are not to be sneezed at.
I will get the men soon, then I will also get myself.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Because her feelings lie deeper than with a man.’
Feelings much deeper, in what?
(Gentleman says something.)
In what?
In what?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Mr Rulof, I would say that the man hates more deeply than the women because the woman is always inclined to sacrifice herself.’
Yes, we are not talking about that now.
Then we will be talking about sacrifice and love.
But it concerns hatred.
We must remain with the core.
Why can the mother hate more deeply than the man?
Do you know ‘Spiritual Gifts’, those two books?
Do you not suddenly know it, no?
The mother can hate more deeply because the other also has contact with space.
We are separated, free from space.
We do not have any unity with space, but the mother does.
Because the mother ... so giving birth goes over creation.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘And we are off the mark.’
And we are off the mark.
So the mother can hate more deeply, when it comes down to it, than the man, because the man does not have that feeling as body, he does as spirit, but not as a body, as a law of nature.
Isn’t that simple?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
But the man can also let rip.
Yes, those sweet things destroyed everything.
In their way.
But this is nature-feeling.
Do you understand this?
This is divine hating.
That means: there is a power of feeling which lets you feel so deeply, so that the mother says: ‘You can do what you like.’
And truly the mother said: ‘No’, and it remained no, while the man had already collapsed.
She still held on.
And it was so bad, sir, she drowned and she said: ‘If I die I will also show my fingers.’
And she drowned in the water and then the hand also came up and said: here you are.
Do you not know it?
That story.
She was right too.
She said: ‘The ‘droodles’.’
Yes, Mr Berends, the mother can hate more deeply than the man.
And now you say: ‘Was that hatred already present in the woman?’
In the woman, in which woman, the spiritual one or the material one?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The material woman.’
The material woman.
Can a body hate?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, I am saying ...’
Yes, if you talk about spiritual woman and material woman ...
Was that hatred already present in the woman, in the women?
Sir, are you free from hatred?
I will tell you one thing: if those ladies, every crazy person, and every insane person, if they were free from wrong thinking, had no hatred, no jealousy, no disharmony; nice, feeling, spatial ...
Sir, how can you make that child-like?
How can you then mess yourself up?
How can you think yourself out of the divine harness?
That does not work, for that matter.
Because the human being is unconscious, the human being becomes crazy, he enters disharmony.
So just hatred, and you destroy yourself.
Not now, then later.
It destroys, sir, gossip, talk; you make a murderer’s den of yourself.
You enter a world which is nothing else than gossip and nonsense.
Isn’t that true?
So you destroy yourself, anyway.
But a human being, sir, who has nice things, who thinks nicely about life, about the human being, about nature, about God and about everything, how can that human being sit in a darkness?
All of that is light, life, reality, harmony, feeling, unity.
That goes hand in hand, and makes a flight through nature.
Doesn’t it?
That is a song, sir.
That is Dichtung und Wahrheit.
That is a real, spatial, universal poem because it takes you to spiritual, spatial love.
Can’t you hear that?
Isn’t it?
If you learn that from me, if you just think wrongly for a moment, sir, then you already attune yourself to unconsciousness and that is darkness, then you cannot experience that light.
If I was to think of myself for a moment: those people are looking at me, and I think: what do those people want from me?
I may not even think: what would they want from me?
Everything is fine.
Even if I get a beating.
I do not dare to think wrongly of people, then I will already be out of it.
‘And when you begin, André, to think wrongly’, he says, ‘because of that slap, that blow’, because we still live in trouble, in misery, in destruction, that is your society, ‘thinking wrongly about the person who hits you, then I am powerless.
Because we think harmonically about the life of God.’
And if you get that slap, then just imagine that that is development and evolution, because nothing happens without a reason.
Isn’t it simple?
They can now prove that members of the NSB national socialist movement were put on the wrong path during the war, because they learned from it.
But then they still did not know it.
Now they do.
Let another Mussert come.
He will ...
Do you know what will now happen to a second Mussert?
My people will not do that again, they have forgotten it long ago and they are grateful for the beating which they got.
But for the other people ...
They get the same beating as the brothers De Wit got, and then they can build up a new Captive Gate.
Because those new Musserts are ripped up, who now still come and want to drive the human being mad with a pin.
Sir, do you want to have a medal from me?
It does not cost anything.
But you must pay for it yourself.
You will get a greasy medal on your coat with a big thing on it.
I will give you a completely different colour, sir.
And society will laugh at us.
But what did we learn in those five little years?
Oh, oh, oh.
Sir, I was not that crazy, but I would have liked to have fought with Mussert.
But what a wonderful school of learning those people had, our members of the NSB.
But it is remarkable, they are the nicest people whom I come across at the moment in society.
The rotters sit there and they got jobs on a white horse.
They know it.
Did you think that there were no longer old mayors like that whom we recently chased away.
Because they had to leave quickly, but there were even more there.
Sir, they chased that German mayor away, if you go into that, oh oh oh oh oh, he got leave, was allowed to go over the border just like that.
The biggest bandit whom we got, he also got a payment.
Oh oh oh, how honestly they served us.
You should see behind the scenes.
You should talk to people who know something about it, sir, then you will have your whole business blown up.
And that still works for God and also for the bible.
And such a poor person who thought that he was serving progress, they put him in a concentration camp.
Our nice Dutch people became more executioners than the German executioner whom we got to know here, and who has been shot long ago.
You should hear the Dutch soldiers, who hated there, sir; they have applied the same tactics to the poor members of the NSB, they beat the skin from their ribs.
They stuck them to the wall, naked, so that wall would freeze their backs.
And then they pulled it off there and then they thought that whole lot would come off.
That happened, here in Holland.
And they are our Dutch children.
Sir, be careful, because we still live in the jungle.
And that has something to say about a Papuan and a Russian.
And that wants to represent God.
And that prays.
Haha, yes, we can see through that, thank God.
And that is all hatred, sir.
‘Is this real insanity also a material karma,’ ... How can you say that?
That is spiritual poverty,‘ ... because they did it to another person in a previous life?’
No, sir, they are still busy, they are categorically still busy with themselves, and succumb because of the life on earth, to long for something, because of that crazy people originated.
There are people who hate like devils only because they represent a faith, because: ‘What you have is demonic.’
And now they hate you, sir, to infinity.
Do you not know the Catholic hatred with regard to another religion?
The Catholic Church does not even do that, but it continues like that.
But that little person from the church, you should see and hear how the other person, because of a faith of God, is hated.
And that is now 1952.
Just do not imagine anything, because mankind is just busy for a seven millionth of a second with starting to think.
I have no respect for a theologian, sir, who talks about damnation.
Do you have that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
That is not a human being who starts to think and feels and sees life in nature.
(Jozef continues.) ‘There is someone in the harem who gave away a lot of money and at the same time connected lust to it.
So also a weakness and a mask behind that.’
‘Is the sensitivity, and the masks, for the so-called homosexual women stronger than for the men?
Is the homosexuality of the woman stronger than that of the man?’
(Lady in the hall): ‘But homosexual is already man and woman, isn’t it?
But that is ...’
Homosexuality is male and female.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, but it is, they are both on the border of becoming man or woman?
The man to the woman and the woman to the man?
Or the other way round?’
Yes, yes, or the other way round, yes, it is about that now.
There are men who have the feeling of being a mother.
And there are mothers who feel that they are a man.
They are two different laws.
Now Mr Berends asks here: ‘Is the homosexuality of the mother stronger than that of the man?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, is the sensitivity of the woman, of the homosexual woman, stronger than that for the men?
For the man the material body, for the woman the feeling.’
The sensitivity is the feeling, and that refers to the feeling of homosexuality.
And you say ‘no’ and I say ‘yes.’
So, is there a difference in that grade of feeling?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Why not?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Because, the life of feeling of a man as material with a female life of feeling, we can equate that with a female being with a male feeling.’
Sir, you do not need to look for so many words.
Feeling and feeling are one.
And the only thing it concerns is: love.
Now in a way that no limit of love can be experienced any longer.
So, there is just one feeling in her, in him.
And that is abnormal, because they are still not a mother, and he is still not creating.
But both are in the maternal, paternal; creating, giving birth.
And that feeling is abnormal, has been fragmented, because they just came from that other one.
And now she is in a male organism, and he is in a female organism.
He in the mother and she the other way round.
Because those limits continue.
Transition, think about it.
(To the sound technician): Do I still have time?
(Sound technician): ‘About two or three minutes.’
(Jozef continues.) ‘Which means: the women are even more serious than the men?
The jungle blood does not deny itself.’
There it is again.
The mother can think more deeply, more deeply, more deeply for hundreds of thousands of things than the man, because the natural feeling as maternal organism is present in her.
Perfectly simple.
From who do you get the most love?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘From the woman.’
Yes, there it is again.
Who kisses more deeply, the man or the mother?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The woman.’
Well, and who is the most honest now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The woman.’
Thank you.
Ladies, orchids from the gentlemen.
‘Does this mean that the animal-like state of the jungle inhabitant, as a woman, carries the giving birth principle in her and has to accept motherhood?’
You see.
‘Which means: the women are more serious than the men?
Does this mean that the animal-like state of the jungle inhabitant as a woman ...’
No, we must not go back to the jungle.
We remain with the society in which we live.’ ... because in the jungle you see little homosexuality.’
If you go further and you already go outside the jungle and you get human thinking then the human messing already begins.
Did you not establish that there, sir?
But if you continue, deeper and deeper, and you descend, sir, then the human being does not have the feeling, and then the human being dissolves in his work, and then the human being has no thinking, but the human being acts absolutely according to the organism.
And then you get to see a very different life and thinking and feeling than here in society.
Because you will feel, the human being was also fragmented in that again.
If you want to go into homosexuality, then you will feel, sir, then every human being was born in that grade.
Because we must get through it.
Then that dissolves.
And you can write a book of a thousand pages about that and then you will still not have made it, because you must treat and analyse all the races (see, all the grades of life for the organism, for the spirit, with regard to God, space, the planets and the hereafter, and it is only then that you can say behind the things: ‘It is like that.’
Ladies and gentlemen, did I give you a little something this evening?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
On Sunday morning the masters will speak again.
And if you hear that, ladies and gentlemen, then you will hear real talk, and then you will get wisdom.
Because Jozef Rulof is just an idiot.
Good evening.
Bye and see you on Sunday morning.
(There is clapping.)