Tuesday evening 25 april 1950

Good evening, my sisters and brothers.
(Hall): ‘Good evening, master Zelanus.’
You will get the last evening in this season this evening.
And, I would like to ask you: are you ready for ...
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, yes ...’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, in those last lectures in The Hague you gave such an extraordinary explanation about the art of Bach.
Would it be possible to now also say something about the music by Beethoven or by Mozart?’
Of course.
I gave you an idea in The Hague about the dramatic part which Bach felt, because his art ...
I hope that you will get to listen to those lectures soon in the season.
How he is now disappointed after his creations, isn’t it true?
You were able to understand and to accept it.
People sung about the Christ, the human being Christ, sung about, experienced the Messiah; felt, like a dead person.
But you do not feel the divine personality – I explained to you – from what Bach wanted to bring.
That is cosmic, that is divine, that is spatial.
That music, you can learn to listen to that in a thousands of years’ time, has seven depths, if you ... the grades for the consciousness ...
Music has consciousness, every octave has fatherhood and motherhood.
In the future, in a few centuries’ time you will get the growth of every symphony which was written.
(To people who come in): Come in if you belong here.
Then you get to see the space, to see the soul, the spirit, the personality, and then you go deeper, deeper.
I wanted to explain that to you.
For Bach it became a chaos.
I cannot go into that in five minutes.
I need two evenings for that.
But what Beethoven brought, Mozart and the others, touched the material consciousness, the life of feeling as human being; interpreted by night, rain, wind, darkness.
If Beethoven had been able to analyze the birth for the human being – giving birth, creation – then the human being will go along and then you will experience the process of giving birth by means of the different grades, by means of the music.
The artists are already busy; nature, the night, the storm, isn’t it true, lust, violence, love, gaiety, being cheerful, justice, every character trait speaks through the music, through the art.
But what Bach brought was directly attuned to the life of the Messiah.
Also to His divine mission.
And it does not speak from here now.
People have ... a leper ... You sing about it every year again.
So, I explained to you: the Mattheus Passion, John, the art of Bach is not understood, because it is experienced humanly.
You do not experience the divine Messiah through the Mattheus Passion.
Do you accept that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Of course.’
You get Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner.
Wagner was connected to the universe.
What Wagner brought, is spatially deep.
And has also touched, analyzed, converted the sounds, also the timbre of the universe, for the universe.
This is why that music is so heavy.
But there is no heaviness in the universe.
You only need the feeling in order to understand, to sense and to deal with this; and to see, feel and experience the grades for this again.
Wagner goes deeper, is powerful, more conscious for the creation.
Do you feel this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘More powerful than Beethoven?’
A thousand times stronger, more conscious.
Wagner goes over Beethoven a thousand times.
Beethoven still touches the human consciousness.
On the contrary, with regard to Wagner ...
Wagner goes towards his life in art with spatial contact.
If Wagner had been able to experience his creations, you would have got a hundred thousand of them, and then he would also have reached the birth.
He would have interpreted the animal world.
What did Chopin, what did the others do?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Debussy.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Debussy.’
Not so great, not that.
You have ...
Who touched nature ...
Those who touched nature, you will feel, reached the life, brought life to the soul, and the soul to the spirit, and the spirit to the personality.
And then you can continue and then you can create analyzes; you can build.
You must feel, you can decide for yourself whether that music, whether those sounds were given materially; or do these sounds have the spatial rarefication, that is the spiritual grade for every sound.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘So Beethoven is actually a representation in the material.’
Completely, completely.
Of course Beethoven felt the life, experienced the soul, the spirit, but at a material attunement.
You are all busy developing yourselves spiritually, but you are still not spiritual.
Is that true?
That is Beethoven.
With Wagner, you will feel, with Wagner you get the universe, he has everything together, he can go higher.
The music of the old masters – Beethoven, Wagner, Mozart, especially Beethoven, Bach, and especially Wagner – it lives for two centuries, three centuries, five centuries, and it is only then that you get the new composers.
In a thousand years’ time you will get new Rembrandts, Titiaans and Van Dycks on the earth; because these images are still material.
There has not been one old master on earth who has analyzed the spiritual grade in art, in paint, therefore the art, the soul, the life of the paint, the material, inspiration ... has given inspiration, of course.
But Rubens still painted a material garment.
We also have spiritual garments.
Then the art becomes rarefied.
Then the art becomes rarefied, then the art becomes spiritual.
And it is like that for music, sculpture.
You get the writer’s talent, then the word speaks in feeling.
You can get twenty evenings from me.
Then we will go through the human art, and then we will go through the spatial art.
And then you will also get the fatherhood and motherhood of the sound.
I told you one evening: the Stradivarius is maternal, because that sound is so deep and pure, is the sound of mother.
The Stradivarius is the highest instrument, you know that.
Stradivari was also born for this instrument.
The Stradivarius attunes itself to the sound of the universe, for the universe, and they are millions of sounds.
There is just one sound, that is the maternal tone, the maternal feeling, and that is giving birth.
You can analyze that.
(To the hall): Anything else?
(Master Zelanus reacts to something in the hall): Where was that?
What is it?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I wanted to ask, master ...’
(Lady in the hall): ‘When I ran the reels, then I had a room with people and then I saw a lot of spirits.
But I saw one standing in a corner, close to the equipment.
And he was wearing a long white robe, he was standing with his arms crossed, and I do not know what this meant.
What did that mean?’
You should have said: ‘See that you leave.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Oh.’
You should have said: ‘What are you doing here?
Do you have nothing else to do?’ You should have asked that.
And especially if there are a lot of them.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Oh.’
The more of them you see, the poorer it will be for this human being.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Oh.’
Can you understand that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
What are those people doing there?
If you see them ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
....really see ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, I also thought ...’
...you should ask: ‘Do you have nothing else to do?’
(Another lady in the hall): ‘I thought that you had said that these spirits came in order to listen.’
Not to this.
You can ... these lectures ...
You will feel, if you live in the universe for the happening, then you have a cosmos in depth.
We bring, beings come there ...
Look, I will immediately go into the spiritualist mediumistic phenomena, because, the human being sees so much ...
I will not take that away from you at all.
But seeing is dangerous.
‘I see so many people, there was one there, he is standing there ...’
Very nice.
We ask: ‘What are you doing there?
If there are twenty ...
I spoke here for evenings about millions of beings in this universe, because they know, because they are followers.
Others go past here, go through here, see and feel nothing, we know that.
We are always listened to.
If you give truth and you explain a law, that word is received by millions of beings, they are attuned to that.
They do not come here, they can listen to that on one of the planets, that feeling continues.
Anyone who stands still here, that is becoming dangerous; that stands still.
And we are always moving.
If someone has been here ...
You can have someone from society, you can have someone from the astral world who does not have the light.
You must immediately ...
Why are you asking me those questions?
Why do you not ask those questions immediately?
Then you will get an answer.
Otherwise it will become a chaos, then you start to speak to yourself.
That is the danger.
But if the astral personality is standing there and is listening: very nice.
That is very pleasant for this world.
Not for that world.
There every personality has a vastness for you.
And there are millions of people who can tell and explain that to them.
He does not need to come to the earth for that.
So that seeing ...
You can see images, probably from the grey past.
You will see people, but are those people involved in that?
Do they have attunement to your happening?
That is what it is about.
(To someone in the hall): Over there.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, I would like to ask you: there are many faiths which learn that the Christ lived and died for the sins of the people.
I do not share that, you will feel that.
But could you perhaps also indicate exactly how that actually is?’
You say it yourself.
The Catholic Church, Protestantism says: Christ forgave everything by means of His death, isn’t it true?
And then you just lay your hands on the blood sacrifice of Christ, and you are free.
You would like that, the human being would like that.
You are not learning anything now, are you?
That was explained in two words.
Just read the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, you go through ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, you go through ‘Between Life and Death’, you will analyze every thought, experience according to the creations of God, by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
They are the essential divine foundations.
And then you can die and you can murder and kill; God always forgives you for that.
And now the church just adds: Christ died for that.
That is the same screeching and moaning, which people now do and make ...
You will feel, you are getting a spatial analysis here for your thoughts.
And that is actually a philosophical system again, that means: where does the foundation for our thinking lie?
When are we in harmony – by means of our thinking – with the creations?
You want to learn that, don’t you?
Why did people build up a university from Socrates, Plato and others?
They are philosophical systems in order to reach the reality, the truth, the harmony, the justice, for your inner life, your astral, spatial, divine self.
Do you accept that?
You will feel, if Christ had to accept that, the human being sees ...
The mistake was built up by Protestantism and Catholicism, that the human being, that the Christ as Messiah forgives everything.
But the Catholic Church knows nothing about these laws, the Catholic Church still damns, still has the Last Judgement, and on and on.
So it becomes a human state in which you are forgiven for everything by the Messiah – we will remain with the human – Jesus Christ.
Now we know where Christ was born, where Jesus came from, how Christ entered the Divine All in order to represent God, the books tell you that: and we learned that you must materialize every law – and what kind of a law is that now? – and then spiritualize, expand and deify it.
I told you one evening: you are gods.
You are a divine personality as a human being.
People talk about the soul, and that soul is now the human being.
But in you: that soul is a part of God.
And by means of every thought you make a character trait conscious.
So every deed has a spatial, spiritual, divine foundation.
You do something and then you can, the human being can, God can, the universe can weigh up your deed with the light of that universe.
That means, if you do something, then that deed immediately goes upwards, into the universe, and by means of that you get a foundation in order to walk, to stroll, to stand.
You have light, you have life, you have love.
By means of love, by giving a deed love, that is ...
People call it ‘love.’
I also told you again one evening: I must take everything from you.
Who invented that word ‘harmony’, who invented the word ‘love’?
I have said ...
You will say: there is nothing left of it.
But everything remains and you get everything back again, and that is the divine life.
Now you must only just accept that Christ had to walk the same path, that Christ was born on the moon as an embryo, Christ was in the jungle, in the prehistoric age, and He, along with the millions who reached consciousness with Him on the moon, in that little place there, were a bit ahead of us.
You can compare the image again – I gave it to you – with the stage in the jungle.
Why do dark, gloomy beings live there?
And why are you in society?
You have the white organism.
You have so much; those people have nothing.
Those people have everything.
You have everything; you also have nothing.
That nothing is the divine universe again, that is your feeling, that is your possession, by means of which the human being, all the life has attunement to God.
Now you will feel, I must go through those churches, I must go through your bible, if you want to get a complete description, if you want to be able to build up an image for yourself, if you want to continue to see the Messiah as a human being.
And that is necessary now.
In the creations God does not punish, God cannot punish.
Now you can say: that is megalomania, but you are – we have had to accept that, now accept it for once and eternally – you are divinely conscious.
You are still conscious as a human being.
But divinely conscious, that means: God gave you His life.
Now you come further, you are still on earth, you go to the other side, you start to conquer those spaces by means of the planetary system, and then you finally enter the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade, they are universes, they are vastnesses; they have been materialized and spiritualized.
Christ lives in there.
When He came there, when Christ left the circle of the earth, they were the first people ...
The earth has begun, hasn’t it?
They were the first people, who had completed the cycle of the earth, and they still live in darkness, you will read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
We got a wonderful picture of that first human being.
Your life film, every thought is recorded, you can see that again.
You probably have millions of thoughts in a month, in a day, but every thought, however trivial, however weak, belongs to your sphere of life.
That is the human film.
And now you can see the natural, the divine, and then you can determine who the first people are and were who reached the Divine All; they continued to build.
I was able to give you a wonderful picture – if the human being asks you that – in ‘The Peoples of the Earth.’
The human being says: ‘I have been ill.’
‘What happened?’
‘We lost our light.’
Can you feel, they still did not have any light inside.
You are those people, according to that time and this time you are millions of centuries and ages ahead of those people, because you know, when you soon come ‘beyond the coffin’ – and it does not matter where you come and where you have attunement to – then you will know: the sun has gone, I am now spiritual.
And now you begin to expand your thoughts, to rarefy, to spiritualize them.
And when you start to feel this, then you will feel, then you must understand and then it will be clear to you, that the human being has quite simple murdered Christ.
People still make a mercy of this murder.
That is so frightening, that is exactly the same as when the human being murders someone and says: ‘Look, now that dead body, this mutilation, this deformation, must also put the crown on my head.’
I have not only been drunk empty, my blood has been taken away, my power of spirit, my power of life, my inspiration, now I must also give new life to my murderers.
People made that of Christ.
Now Christ must, because people destroyed Him, because people nailed Him to the cross there as the divine Conscious Being, He must return to earth again and say: ‘I forgive you for everything.’
Yes, indeed, but you will not be done like that.
You will first have to start to realize that you have destroyed the light of the worlds – haven’t you, that is Christ – have suffocated it, that was us, Jerusalem, Judaism, Romans, everyone.
We are all to blame for the life of Christ.
One wrong thought and you murder Him again.
Isn’t that true?
The Catholic Church does not accept that, Protestantism does not accept that.
After so much time, in a short space of time, only a few years, in your century, and the Catholic Church and Protestantism, and every sect will have to accept that you will deify your life.
You see people there as gods, at a divine attunement, they live in the universe, they are flowers, they are life and wind, inspiration, blood circulation, everything, light, space.
You are that as a divine being.
Here on earth you have a human divine attunement.
That must all go, the master on the other side will clear that up, the masters will clear that up; it is not possible now, that must happen with a piece of proof, that can only be the direct voice apparatus, a real spatial contact, and then all that will dissolve in one morning.
And then the Catholic Church can, then every sect can come, there, what lies there, which you are open to, and that is called: in the first place you will make amends to the child whose life you took away.
You will quite simply go back to the earth, because you are father and you are mother.
But Christ forgave you for it.
You ...
Look, you will feel, the cosmic reality cannot be understood by the dying and the living of the Messiah, of Christ on earth.
Nothing remained of Bach, of Christ and all the great ones and the saints; the spatial, spiritual core is missing, because people know nothing about spirit and growth.
People made a material, terrible, frightening drama of it.
And it was not a drama.
Every day people of God are murdered and destroyed.
Do you accept that?
Exactly the same as the Christ.
If He was to come to earth now too, then people would not need to crucify Him, on the contrary, people would shoot Him from the street.
People would do it differently.
If Christ had been on earth during the time of Adolph Hitler, from 1939 and 1945, he would have been a Jew, Adolph would have gassed Him.
And yet Christ said: ‘I will not do anything to you.’
Do you do that?
If you are attacked, will you shoot with your revolver now that you know that?
Then will you forgive this human being for that?
You already know now: I probably have cause and effect.
But that dissolves of its own accord.
That will take a while.
The human being, society, the peoples of the earth still do not have any spiritual consciousness.
Very simple, if the human being asks you that, just put ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ in their hands.
And if the human being is not prepared for that, does not possess that consciousness and the feeling, you can have a bit of patience.
The masses, mankind would like that, putting their hands on the Christ, whom people first wrecked, destroyed, consciously destroyed.
People put him in chains, blood flowed, blood still flows from Golgotha over the earth.
And the ministers and the clergymen pray.
Just pray and you will be rid of everything.
There are cardinals in the darkness, there are popes living in the hells; there are no hells, there are dark spheres.
Would you like to think that those people have prayed?
They have prayed, they pray day and night, but it has not helped.
By means of your prayer you cannot – I taught you that – you cannot change your life.
If your mother must die, or your father, or your child, does nothing to you, you are powerless, that is an own evolution.
It becomes beautiful; a death, dying is evolution.
Death is experiencing the universe, it is being one with the universe.
A dying process is the very highest that there is, because then you can say: ‘I will continue again.’
You are poor, because you are old.
Did you not know that?
To be able to die young, immediately after the mother, at the age of four, five, is a mercy, for that soul, which immediately continues; you stand still in this life.
If you become old; there are people who are proud that they reach a hundred, but we know: that is standstill.
After eighty they can no longer think, they can no longer work, they cannot do anything more.
A loss of ten years.
Also commit a murder and you will stand still for two hundred thousand years.
You will feel, it is becoming much simpler.
You start to get to know Christ, you start to experience it and you start to fight for the wonder, the power of this divine personality, you start to fight for that, you devote everything for that.
Even if you are killed on earth.
Because that is unconscious life which you see.
Christ was destroyed by the unconscious being.
And that unconscious being still wants to possess the soul, the life, the consciousness, the divine core of Christ.
Can you feel this?
Those murderers, those destroyers, they go and sit around Christ, and put out their hands, pray and make Him sacred.
There is no sacredness in the universe.
Every second on earth Christ sees that His life is raped, destroyed, deformed again and again.
The Catholic Church built that up, Protestantism built that up.
Recently I spoke here about the dogmas on earth.
Luther started to wage war because he thought: it is better like this.
He piled up murder after murder, that great Luther.
How many churches does Luther not have now on earth?
He is attached to that.
Luther has to accept for millions of ages: I did wrong.
Why must you destroy a human being for a faith?
Luther thought that he could change that.
Have you forgotten that battle between Luther and the Catholic Church?
Blood flowed in Europe, only for the faith; Christ, God did not want that.
The human being is searching.
If you really believe – you do not, for that matter – if you really love a God, you will not put your hands out to the life of God in order to destroy that.
Luther was a fool, a religious maniac.
If you know the laws, then you will stay away from the faith, for that matter.
There are no faiths, there are only just laws.
We bring you that.
Can you imagine it now?
Can you imagine all of it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I think so.’
Millions of people were killed for the faith.
People built up stakes because the human being said: ‘Yes, I heard something.’
You did not hear anything, you have nothing to believe in.’
That was the Catholic Church.
‘Yes’, the cardinal says, that one and that one, ‘there were just ten of them.’
There were just ten people.
Millions were destroyed by the Catholic Church.
That is the divine mother.
The Church is mother, after all, isn’t it?
Is the church mother?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
And that mother murders the life of God?
It approves that the human being is burnt at the stake?
Can you feel the insanity of a faith?
The human being had to and would receive a faith through Moses.
After the death of Christ by Peter, people built up a church from the words which people received, which people had.
Little foundations.
For a dogma, for a faith, frills, frills, riches, gold, beautiful garments.
But what does it mean?
Not one pope, not one cardinal, not one minister can enter the Spheres of Light, or he will first have to dissolve that damnation, the Last Judgement, and all those troubles.
He will have to master them, or the justice, truth, harmony, God, Christ will call him to a halt.
Just become a professor, just become a theologian, and you will damn yourself for millions of centuries.
Just begin, just follow the Catholic university, and you become a cardinal; and you will be deformed for thousands of lives.
No one can change you.
No one can take that feeling away from you.
I explained that to you recently.
Become a nun as a mother, become sacred, be chaste, and ignore motherhood, and you will deform yourself by means of one life because you want to be sacred.
I told you that recently.
Were you not here?
You become sacred, but you ignore your evolution, you put your evolution as a mother at a standstill, because you must come back, you will give birth.
That is the most divine gift which there is, that is the essential, that is the heart of God.
If there was no motherhood on earth, there would be no space, there would be nothing.
And now the mother says: ‘I want to be pure.’
And now this is, the giving birth, the receiving of the children by the mother, and the father, the most very sacred thing which there is, which God created.
Otherwise Christ would not have come to the earth.
Can you feel the chaos of Luther, the Catholic Church, Protestantism?
What did people make of Christ?
There is nothing left of Christ, nothing more.
He also said: ‘Others will come who will explain about Me.’
Of course the Spheres of Light, the masters, millions are ready to explain those laws to you, if you live in them.
You see it, I am life, I can go where I want, I have life and death in my hands.
Why would we go and sit beside the path in order to wait for you for millions of years and centuries?
We will find you.
Now you can get thousands of years of lectures and then we will still not have finished speaking.
(Lady in the hall): ‘In ... of Luther, does he not matter?
He tried, it was his intention to save the people from the great degeneration of that Catholic Church, and to bringthem a simpler and better faith, another faith ...’
From gold he has ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ...a freer faith ...’
....he wanted to make copper out of gold.
That is exactly the same thing.
He wanted to simplify it, but here there is ...
If you possess a reality and have it in your hands, then you can model on that.
He wanted to simplify it: that must be this, and that must be that ...
But everything from the Catholic Church revolves and lives around reality, and also that of Luther.
For Luther you are still damned.
What does this child want, what does that great Luther want to do here on earth if he still stands with both feet on damnation?
What do you wish to model?
What do you wish to do?
For what do you want to fight for, if you still experience the deeper chaos and cannot make any progress, any evolution of it?
But I tell you, why did this life – but the faith had to come in this way- accept that battle?
And why did this life resist the Catholic Church?
Pfftt; and everything is gone.
Place the Catholic Church on your hand, and the faith of Luther, and Protestantism ...
Outside of the consciousness of Christ, can you feel?
Do not touch anything of Christ ...
That is still to be analyzed too.
Because people put a lot into Christ’s mouth.
Golgotha and Gethsemane, I explained that to you.
People said: ‘My God, my God, let this beaker pass from me.’
And a child of the earth wants to die for Him.
Was Christ weak?
That is not possible.
He never said that either.
He was alone.
Who heard him?
We are standing in Gethsemane during that time, He was over there in the distance, two, three hundred metres away from us, Christ cannot be seen, - we saw that, that image lies there – Christ, alone, and his apostles are lying here; afraid, something is happening.
There were sensitive beings present.
We heard that Christ said that over there, in Morocco, as it were?
People made that of Christ.
So great.
The dying of Christ.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Did they not also say that in the gospel, the evangelists, in Matthew, in Mark and Luke?’
People put that in Christ’s mouth.
We only want to say: people belittled, weakened Christ.
The Divine Conscious Being could never have said that.
It is that, that is the curse.
If you are great, then why do people have to destroy the human being?
‘Mother said that.’
‘No, mother never said that.
You made that out of it.’
‘Mother always said: you will love.
Mother cannot accept the wrong in order to break the good, mother cannot do that.’
Children with parents experienced that.
And now Christ?
Do you accept that?
That is not possible.
(To the hall): There.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, is it wrong to put down our pet, which has nothing, which is getting old?’
Look, people already asked me that again.
I let André feel recently, a friend of his had an animal with cancer, and then people let that animal just continue to crawl, because it drags itself, people just let that animal continue to crawl.
But why did he not give that animal sacred evolution?
It used to be wrong; not now, you now put it down.
You must listen carefully, you cannot kill the human being.
The doctor ...
You recently asked me: is that right?
No, that is not right, no, the divine consciousness must give birth to itself – do you understand that? – that must awaken, evolve.
But the animal, the dog, the cat, if that animal has cancer, just have it put down, because you give that animal the mercy.
We may say that to you and we can say that to you, if that animal experiences nothing, absolutely nothing.
And if that animal was to feel the needle, that means nothing.
That animal must come back, must evolve and will probably also come back in different breeds for this breed of dog, animal-like consciousness.
But one day it will fly into the universe, the animal, the dog, the cat, the tiger, the lion, every animal species gets spatial consciousness.
And what is that?
I told you that, that is the winged sort.
We get divine consciousness, spatial consciousness.
The animal comes from the waters, goes across the land, goes into the universe, the soul gradually evolves and creates wings for itself.
You can just let that sick animal go to the next grade, that is also the world of the unconscious, or it will probably already be back on earth in four weeks’ time in another species, in another grade.
There are also other times.
For example, when the love, now you will get thousands of scenes again, if the love of yours between the animal and you was very profound and strong, then the animal will remain alive until you die, until you continue.
If you have built up a profound, spatial, spiritual contact with your little animal, and in four weeks’ time you go through your ‘little coffin’ to the astral world , then you can ... then the animal will often remain another forty, fifty, sixty years walking round and getting lost here in this sphere here, because your love for that animal was no longer natural.
Can you accept that?
You gave the animal-like consciousness human love and that is not possible.
You went too far again.
And we people have to learn, how far I experience the human, animal-like, the natural grade, and then you get to experience the normal for the abnormal.
In other words, we get to see, to feel harmony in everything.
You can spatially destroy an animal with your love for so many centuries, because you have elevated it to your human life of feeling.
And now that life lies here longing and pining.
For whom?
Now it is no longer animal-like consciousness, but human consciousness.
If you want to accept that.
If you think that you are becoming ill – you must learn all of that – you have animals at home and around you, and you think: I am going now, then you must already release your little animals two, three years beforehand, then they will pass over at the same time as you if that contact is experienced immaculately, purely, spiritually, spatially.
Have you never heard that?
That the animal passed over two days after mum?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
That is the pure spiritual being one.
Then you let the animal evolve.
That other little animal dies because you died; you have suffocated it spiritually, you have murdered it by means of love.
Otherwise it could have lived for another twenty years, for example.
Did you know that?
Is that normal?
Is that normal?
Is it normal?
Can you understand that this is the law and not the other one?
But the human being does not know that.
This is beautiful, very beautiful.
(To the hall): Who?
(Lady in the hall): ‘In some countries at the moment use is made in the administration of justice of a sort of interrogation, whereby the people are mentally and physically tortured, so that they lose their whole personality.’
With the administration of justice?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, and that they actually do everything which the interrogators want and also know everything.
Have they lost their personality then, for ever?’
A magic psychosis.
What does Russia do?
What did Adolph do with his psychology?
Forced the human being to a word.
That is as old as mankind.
Can you feel this?
If you come under hypnosis for a moment, torture, deformation, ill-treatment ...
People also took Christ to the people like that.
Pilate stood there first: ‘I wash my hands in innocence.’
And then He came to Kajafas.
They could not take Him on.
‘Are you the Christ?
Are you the Messiah?’
‘You tell me.’
They could not have found Christ, as far as into His spatial unconscious being – that means, spatially unconscious, then you must go back to the moon – people could not even have found Him yet, in order to reach Him through thoughts.
That is animal-like carry-on.
Then nail the human being to the cross.
You will feel, that is the demonic society in which you live and then you can ...
You are first tortured, you are put against a wall, people take away your powers, physical powers, you lose your resistance first, and then something tells you as a psychopath says: ‘I am alive, I can see.’
‘But do you know that then ...’
I am not walking here.’
You are put into a trance state; it is not a trance, it is a brutalized sleep.
You are forced to distance yourself from your day consciousness.
People murder, consciously destroy the day conscious self, that falls, that sinks, because you no longer have any resistance.
Adolph Hitler murdered millions of them.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Is that then for the whole life?
Or ...’
Or is that wrong?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, is that then for the whole life?
Does that remain like that, or can that be cancelled?’
That dissolves.
A strong personality blows that away from itself after ten minutes and says: ‘My God, my God, what have I done?’
If you wish to know, there are many people with us who followed that, the human being ...
What is the name of that cardinal again?
(Hall): ‘Mindszenty (Hungarian clergyman, he had resisted the communist regime, was imprisoned for that).
They suffocated him in the same way.
Everyone now during this war who comes into the hands – that is the satanic consciousness, demonic consciousness – anyone who now comes into the hands of your Russian, people suffocate their day consciousness.
You no longer have any feeling, you say everything, because you come under hypnosis.
Your will, your actual day conscious will wants to be broken consciously.
No more than that.
But that is already three hundred thousand centuries old.
The Romans, the Egyptians lived it up by means of that.
If you went into the temple of Isis before and people wanted to build up your consciousness, and people knew, people say that you had feeling, and that people could get wisdom from you, then people broke the day conscious self.
Why do we know so much?
Why can you always ask me, and André?
Because we broke off our day conscious self consciously ourselves a thousand times, millions of times.
Become nothing, and you will get everything.
Lose this, and the other will be standing next to you.
Were you able to determine that an insane person no longer has a consciousness?
Only it is not understood.
But the psychopath and the insane child possess a new, unfathomable consciousness, and it is no use to you.
Because the deed which you do, is that spiritually sound?
Do you live in a spiritually, materially sound way according to creation, as God created the human being, the universe?
Just think wrongly about one of these children and you already murder yourself spiritually.
Christ said that.
Didn’t He?
Life becomes beautiful – life is difficult – life becomes awe-inspiringly beautiful, if you can accept the harmony in everything.
Why do people say of this human being: ‘What a sweet personality this is’?
If you just accept everything, and see.
You do not become narrow-minded.
But also prove what you can do.
The philosophers say it to you, the books of Socrates and Plato are lying there.
When am I true?
And when am I loved?
Is that so strange?
The bible also teaches you that again to a certain extent.
(To the hall): Just now.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Should I understand from your lecture a moment ago, that when you really pray for a result, while you never used to pray, and then at a certain moment you feel a terrible disquiet for something and then suddenly you find words which you could never have found, in order to pray and to beg for something, and it appears with hindsight that you really felt that there was danger and that your prayer helped ...’
Yes, indeed.
But what is your prayer now?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Is that a coincidence, that you think of a human being whom you want to help?’
What is your prayer at the moment?
So you must learn to think.
We do not say: you must not pray any more.
We pray day and night.
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, but you said a moment ago ...’
No, wait a moment.
You start to pray, you start to think.
The prayer has no meaning when your mother, you yourself must die.
You still want to live and you pray: ‘My God, give me the strength to finish that’, but that which you must still finish, has no meaning for the universe ...
Probably ...
(Lady in the hall says something else.)
No, you get that back in your next life.
So you must go.
If you now come to pray in order to remain here, you come to pray for your health, then you would stand still because of your praying.
Is that not dangerous?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, indeed.’
That is what it concerns.
When you, the human being who lives in fear, and prays, begs, just kneel down, and pray, pray, pray, beg ...
Now that is attunement to higher feeling and thinking, isn’t it?
The human being now, the master, your sister, your father, your brother, it does not matter who it is, he thinks: there is someone, there is a child of God, searching, shouting for help, I will go there.
And now you get the feeling of the conscious thinking and feeling above you – is that clear? – that enters you, you attract it just like that because you are kneeling there.
Now does the prayer become inspiration, now does that prayer become surrender?
No, the prayer now becomes harmony, and spatial, spiritual contact, being one.
So you do not get it from your God, because He is here.
God cannot help you.
Christ cannot help you.
No, because you pray, you now prepare yourself and awaken yourself.
It is much more simple, you do not even need to search the universe, but at this moment you are attuned to the working of that which you asked for.
The human being must have that in his hands, or a prayer still remains a mercy.
And now one child has his prayer answered, and the other does not.
Just go to Lourdes.
The child goes there, the child gets health there; that child dies.
Did that child – I also told you – go to Lourdes in order to die or in order to get better?
Can you feel the contradiction of these attunements?
(Lady in the hall): ‘I can feel that.
But you said a moment ago: when you pray for the life of someone, or for a result, and that praying does not help, because what must happen, happens anyway ...’
There we have it.
So you have to learn: when can I pray?
Then you are always ready too.
When you feel that the human being ...
Getting well, you can pray for health.
I explained to you here one evening: someone here in Amsterdam, he writes to André, it happened in 1938, just after 1938, and that child was to have an operation.
The doctor says: ‘We will begin tomorrow.’
There was a tumour here in her body, around the stomach.
In the middle of the night she can no longer stand it, she says: ‘My God, my God, André was on Golgotha, he experienced the Messiah, the Christ there, there is much strength coming from ‘The Origin of the Universe’, I come into contact with that on Golgotha, through André’, that is therefore Jozef Rulof, ‘with master Alcar, that must be able to help me.’
She falls asleep during her imploring, and in the morning that tumour weighing two kilos has gone.
That happened, you can do that.
But if she had to have died from that tumour, it would not have happened.
You can therefore attract and build up a power by yourself, that is possible and that is truth, and then you can cure every illness.
Christ said it.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Pardon me, that is the power which then comes from yourself.’
You are that.
You can do that.
(Lady wants to say something else.)
If you can separate yourself ...
You must not talk when I am busy, then we will get mixed up.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Sorry.’
That is not fair.
If you attune yourself to patients ...
How did the child heal, the priest from Tibet, from British India, from Ancient Egypt?
Everything concentration.
We have, André, we have healed, everything by means of concentration, by means of will.
That aura of ours which we give to the patients?
No, because that human being has no will.
Something which cannot heal – do you understand that properly? – you cannot imagine that, you cannot inspire that, that has been destroyed.
A broken arm, a muscle which is dead, which has processed, which has lost the life, a heart nerve, that is material destruction, you cannot renew that.
You can give the life growth, inspiration, everything, if you attune yourself to that.
When you ...
Did you experience that then?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Then you did that yourself ... you gave yourself ...
Look, that is praying.
You will feel, the prayer, they are words, that is a verbal sentence.
The Our Father only has meaning when you experience that, doesn’t it?
(Lady in the hall): ‘If you are interested, I want to tell you what it was.’
I beg your pardon?
(Lady in the hall): ‘If you are interested, I want to tell you how that went.’
That is not necessary.
You therefore start to pray for the feeling, you start pray for the word, you start to pray: ‘Help me, help me!’
That is sending out the feeling for strength.
So that ‘help me’, it is not that.
And that does not help you either, that cannot help you; that is a material substance, they are only empty words.
But it is your feeling, it is your personality.
And now everything becomes feeling.
And feeling becomes knowledge.
You have attuned yourself, you have attracted that strength, and in this way you entered heightened feeling, spiritual thinking.
And in this way the human being healed himself, and in this way the prayer becomes attunement to higher powers and strengths.
And you have that in your hands yourself.
After all, God can ...
The human being, the mother, the father, a brother, a sister implores: ‘Leave my brother and leave my wife here and leave my wife here, I cannot be alone.’
It is evolution, that child has to continue.
Who says that you belong to each other?
Now reincarnation also comes.
You must go back again to the earth, another – your father, your husband, or your wife – he continues, straight to the other side, lives in the astral world, and he must have another ten lives on earth.
Why can you pray for this life at the moment?
We continue and say: who tells you that he is from her and she is from him?
We can explain that to you like this, and then you will have lost her and then you will have lost him ‘beyond the coffin’.
Then that life is from another.
Everything which you have on earth, is just borrowed goods.
Did you know that?
That is the justice of God, because we destroyed, raped, sullied millions of lives.
And now you have got to know a girl here, your mother, your father.
Who says that this is your divine attunement?
Then we are not talking about twin souls, but you have your divine core somewhere in the universe.
You got the life by means of that core.
Now we go to the cosmology, the divine foundation in the human being.
Are you satisfied?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, indeed.’
(To someone in the hall): Over there at the back.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, I wanted to ask you a question and thereby give a small introduction.’
Go ahead.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The question is: what does it mean if a child is born with, what is popularly called, a caul?
And the introduction is the following: I have a son, who is seventeen years old, and that child was indeed born with a caul, quite a big one even, which also covered the back of the head ...’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ...and ran over his nose.
When he was about three, four years old, it happened very often, that he went to his mother and that he said: ‘Mother, come and have a look, because there is a gentleman sitting in the room’
And when his mother said: ‘Who is that gentleman?’ then he said: ‘I do not know that.’
‘What does that gentleman look like?’
Then he gave quite a considerable description of that.
If my wife then entered the room, then there was no one, which scared her to death several times.
It happened several times that he was running through the garden – he was about three, four, five years old – or in the house, until my wife says: “But what are you doing, that running through the house, calm down a bit.”
Then he says: “Yes, I was having a nice play with those little children.”
But my wife did not see any little children.
But he could describe them accurately.
During the war it often happened that he came downstairs, then he says: “I cannot sleep, father.”
I say: “Well, son, what is the matter?”
Then he says: “They are just walking up and down in my room and they are talking to me.”
And then I said to him: “How do you hear that talking, with your ears?”
Then he says: “No, here, from inside.”
And at night I had to give him a lamp in his room, because otherwise he could not get to sleep.
It happens really often that my two other daughters, who are at the high school and the grammar school respectively, are sitting slaving away for a test, then he says: “Oh, do not make such a fuss, you know, because you will get a seven.”
Or: “You will get an eight.
That always comes true.’
And what do you wish to know from me?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I will give you another example: in February it was quite cold, he comes in one evening at eight o’clock, sweating heavily, very upset.
And then I say: “Son, what happened?”
Then he says: “Yes, father, here near the house, a man suddenly came in front of my bike, I braked, and I think: yes, I will hit him, so I try to take care of it, but I went right through him.”
And then he says: “Then I got quite a fright and then I became very afraid, and then I rode home very quickly, and when I came to a part of the road which was lit as clear as day and that man was suddenly standing there again in front of my bike, but”, he says, “then I was not afraid, but I had a good look at him.”
And then he gave a very accurate description of the person.
He says: “That is someone of about thirty years old, wearing a black hat, blue eyes, with a blue coat on, white, with a white stripe, brown trousers and brown shoes and a coloured tie.”’
That is clairvoyance.
Are you finished, my friend?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I am finished.’
And now you want to know why that membrane ...
This is a soul, you will feel, just read ‘Between Life and Death’, that is straight from the East now in the West.
But that membrane there, that has no meaning.
But it has so much meaning during the time that the child lives in the mother.
People speak here about the sixth sense, don’t they, being born with the caul.
But that means, when the child starts to awaken in the mother, then the previous life reaches consciousness, the last life gets for ninety, ninety-five percent, ninety-nine percent the life of feeling to consciousness, by means of which the tissues reach materialization.
Can you imagine that?
In other words, then there is just one percent consciousness there – but that can be spatially deep, take that into account – one percent feeling, consciousness from previous lives.
And now this child is taken for fifty percent, through the past, to the spiritual consciousness.
Can you understand this?
That membrane is just a material side issue.
But the closing off of that refers back to the soul life.
In other words, the soul as personality was not able to divide itself during the life in the mother.
Is that clear?
To divide.
So after the third and the fourth month you already get growth of thoughts and personality, and now the past already starts to grow because of the material, and that held, because of that membrane – that has a closing off, a pressure – that held itself together.
That could not analyze itself, that could not spread itself, that feeling, that essential feeling from the previous life.
That was a soul, a human being who went into one temple and out of the other, because the clairvoyance was conscious in him, that immediately awakened.
So the previous life immediately reaches the materialization, and reveals itself by means because it was closed off inside.
Is that clear?
What he later at the age ...
You cannot do that ....
That boy, this life, this consciousness can give you a prediction every day by means of clairvoyance, clair-sensitive ; he feels it and he sees it.
And he is very sharp, because you say: he is cycling and sees the human being like that, until the human being has actually materialized, and stops.
That is clairvoyance in time, at a hundred percent.
Is that child yours?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
That is intense.
That is clairvoyance at a natural consciousness.
Perhaps later ...
How old is he now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Seventeen.’
It could go away later, but it can also increase in intensity and then you will get to experience, to see wonderful prophets from his space of feeling.
And then you analyze for him, and explain that by means of what you mastered.
But the core, the actual core, you will feel, must be: this life has mastered that sensitivity, that mediumistic sensitivity, in previous lives.
You accept that, of course.
Are you satisfied so far?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Thank you very much.’
(To the hall): Which one?
Which one of you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, I wanted to ask you, when God revealed Himself, was it already established what kind of personality every life would become, every human being?’
When God revealed Himself, was it already established how the human being would become?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘What kind of personality the human being would become.’
What kind of personality the human being would become.
Yes, because God, God is ...
Now I must also take God away from you.
Do you approve of that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, master.’
But you get the All-Source back.
Look, if you read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ again, and that is the loss of everything for the world, but the word God is a g, an o and a d, and that means, that is something, that is power, that is life.
For the unconscious being God is a human being with a beard, because the human being also spoke as God, God as human being, through Moses and the bible.
But the word of God ...
Christ again, what is Christ, what does the word of Christ wish to depict?
People gave form to the Christ by means of the bible, by means of the history of the Jewish people, the bible history.
But Christ as a spatial meaning actually means: divine consciousness.
And the word God encompasses everything.
In the East and in the universe we know God as Wayti.
Wayti, that is the life, that is the soul, that is the spirit.
Soon you will get the Cosmology, and then you will start to experience:
There was nothing in that vastness.
Hazes came, working came.
There was something, there was darkness.
The All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood.
It began with motherhood, because it later became light.
And that Source sent out vibrations, feeling.
They were later hazes. In a thousand centuries; then those vibrations had, those feelings, it was a plasma, a protoplasm, a substance, a living substance, that is the actual life then ...
If we want to remain standing still: what is life now?
Then we will need four, five, six lectures and ten lectures for that, in order to just explain: what is life now!
But working came from that life.
And the very first phenomenon was no more than a little cloud.
In this darkness you saw a weak little cloud, very weak, like your mist can be in the morning, when the sun rises.
But then the sun must also go under the chin, if it is still night there.
And then you see a bluish haze.
You can compare that to a certain extent with the beginning of creation.
And that gradually condensed itself.
You can immediately accept the creation, because when the creating power became visible ... when the sun rises, the clouds also reach visibility.
Can you feel this?
That same power, the rising of the creation, that is consciousness; that is power, isn’t it?
And power has feeling, and feeling has consciousness again.
As the sun rises, the sun gets more and more personality and consciousness, power, driving.
And now you can see ...
For example, if you are in the country and follow an evening, then you go back again – you can also do it in the city, but it is more beautiful in the country – and especially when you have the sea before you and you see the sun setting, then you gradually see the creation darkening.
You have ...
You can also experience the giving birth in the creation.
And you can also experience the next stage again.
When the sun sets and it becomes darkness, when you come back, then you can say: now the universe has divided itself.
And now darkness comes, the clouds dissolve, the universe becomes darkness.
Can you feel this?
But those stars and planets must also go too, because there was not one little spark to be seen in that universe.
You will feel, those stars and planets which you see, the moon, get light from the consciousness; that is already a consciousness again, that is an awe-inspiring light which you see.
If you are free from the earth and you live between the stars and the planets, you just come out above the earth then you see your sun again.
There was never night in the universe from the moment that the sun got independence.
Can you follow that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, master.’
If you come in the evening, then you get the darkness.
And then you come back again like that, and the sun rises again.
That is because of the earth, because the earth makes her revolution, and then you are back again.
Now that power from the universe reaches, that creating power reaches consciousness, awakening, and you see the clouds condensing again.
That also happened in the beginning like that – I explained that image to you – that began with the origin of the very first thought which the All-Source sent out as mother.
Therefore that whole universe here was only mother.
And because it changed, it got a new grade; but that was fatherhood again, that was another working.
And it continued in this way, until the universe, this universe then, this vastness, became condensed, in clouds, that was all plasma, that was all soul, life, light, as clouds.
And finally the light reached division, then it had entered a gold shining stage.
It divided again, darkness came again, and then the creation began.
And now every particle is ... - now that word God also comes – every particle represents the All-Source now.
For Ramakrishna, and if you enter a temple in the East, then everything is: mother, mother, mother, mother.
Because the creating came from the giving birth.
I told you that a moment ago, a child who becomes sacred – a mother, as soul in the maternal body – and becomes chaste, and becomes pure, now the All-Source suffocates in her, and refuses to reach evolution, to continue, to the giving birth; to the creating.
In this way the universe condensed itself by means of million, millions, billions, billions, billions of ages.
And finally the human being arrives in the hereafter, in the Divine All.
And then the human being thought: how can we record all of this in a small whole, with a few words, so that human being sees God, the All-Source before him, and in this way – you will read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – the word of God originated.
And now you ask me: did that Source know which personality you would possess as a human being?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, master.’
Tell me, dear, which personality does the human being have as a human being?
You have read all the books, you have experienced hundreds of lectures, why do you ask me that?
You know it.
Is that not true?
What is that, about which you say: that human being has a personality?
What does that mean?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Consciousness.’
But what is the consciousness here, on earth, your society?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Material consciousness.’
Material consciousness.
But what is material consciousness now?
What do you have of that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Feeling.’
You have feeling from the material consciousness?
No, you have learned so much, you are involved with the earth, in order to be in harmony with your society.
You have accepted a task, you have mastered a profession, you do something; and you call that consciousness?
I will show you, and then I will take everything away from you, if you ...
Every profession, every task goes outside the life means nothing for your divine consciousness.
I already told you that too.
Everything which has immediate attunement to the life, that is giving birth, that is the doctor who takes care of the child, who helps the mother, for illnesses; this academic, this human being is immediately busy with the life.
A nurse who takes care of the patient.
They are the essential tasks for the earth.
And everything in your society means nothing for your divine consciousness.
Because you do all of that for the material.
You should work out one day what will remain for your spiritual personality when you release that from society.
And do you know for what purpose you live?
And which consciousness the human being has?
Do you know that?
You are a minister, you are a painter, you are an artist.
The more an artist you actually become on earth, the more merciless you stand still for your divine universe.
Did you know that?
Art remains here, and art goes around the life.
You just make the human being cheerful in his ears.
Did you know that?
You give him a wonderful feeling.
Art is there and will be there in order to bring the life to growth, to consciousness.
But everything ...
In the jungle people only had feeling, and because of his feeling and his deeds he reached evolution.
I only want to make it clear to you: everything which the earth got in art, remains here.
Just as surely as the gold of the earth, the precious stones; everything remains on earth.
But what the human being does for the life is rare.
When do you now touch – you must be able to determine that – the actual life by means of a deed?
When do you touch that?
That is very rare, that you do a deed by means of which you touch the inner life.
Is that true?
That is rare.
You walk, you have to walk, you have to eat, all for the material.
When do you touch the soul?
When do you do something with a deed by means of which you lay a foundation for your soul?
When do you release something of the divine core?
That is only possible by means of a deed, isn’t it?
Then you can see how difficult it becomes, how difficult it is, to deify yourself again.
If you start to spiritualize a thought, then you do not need to pray, then you only just have to think, because you are it.
You are mother, you serve the child; is that immediately the life?
You are good to your father and your mother; do you touch the life, the All-Source, the All-Source in you by means of that?
That is all still earthly.
That all still remains the possession of the earth, but is it the foundation to awaken as feeling the soul for your deed, the spirit for your deed.
Is that true?
Maternal love, paternal love is also earthly and humanly earthly.
Can you imagine that?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
The only deed which immediately materializes and spiritualizes the life completely – the academic says that, science says that – that is still the universal All-Source, the maternal in the soul, so being a mother.
Then you touch, you are life; you have the birth.
Now you enter nature, you walk in society and now you try to inspire your deeds into life, to bring them to the awakening spiritually, because now we must try as human beings, and in society, to send every thought up in an inspired way, to awaken it and to provide it with that divine substance, core, life, light, love, feeling.
Can you feel this?
So it is possible to spiritualize an earthly deed.
And as you spiritualize that, you get harmony with the life.
And that life is naturally divinely harmonic.
That is now human, that lives in the animal-like grade, the pre-animal-like, the coarse-material, the material, and then the spiritual grade comes.
So everything which you do gives you spiritual core, so that it becomes a foundation for your divine life.
Socrates began with that and the Spheres of Light say it, you can see your own light precisely, you live in your light, you have it in your hands, but as long as you understand this properly: Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Titiaan, Beethoven, Bach and everyone, that art will later remain on earth.
And now I will ask you: will that soon be spiritual possession? I first said, I gave you this analysis, I therefore first gave: it remains on earth, it means nothing.
Did Bach really fulfil a task, did Rembrandt fulfil a task for the Spheres of Light?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘For the earth.’
For the earth.
And because ...
Oh well, and now I take that away from you again, do you not find that strange?
I said, it is material here.
And that now means, from the human consciousness we now go to the material, spiritual and spatial independence.
Can you feel that?
Otherwise you can rap my fingers, because you say: ‘Master Alcar saw paintings in his dwelling.’
I will come back to that.
You would soon start to think: now I will rap master Zelanus’ fingers.
And master Alcar said to André ...
Because, you have created.
You have experienced something.
Can you feel that?
So the material remains on earth, but when you build up that for God, for universe, for happiness, always happiness, bliss, peace and quiet, give to the human being, that person possesses divine core and foundation, and he is part of your personality.
So you have it anyway.
Yes, indeed.
But you will feel, the core remains here on earth and you must see materially, because now you go from the art to the task in society.
I told you recently ...
And then you only just go higher.
...can your boxer, can your butcher represent the Spheres of Light?
Is that perhaps a divine task, if you box, and you kill animals in order to remain alive?
What do these people, these personalities represent?
Can you feel that you now go higher by means of art, but that art is still material anyway?
But if you bring the serving love, the serving feelings to rarefication, spiritualization, can you feel, then you are busy with the life.
I therefore want to show you that material remains material, but the deed can immediately inspire you to the life.
And now doctorhood, sisterhood, there it is again, doctorhood, sisterhood, motherhood, fatherhood, they are the essential sources which spiritualize, materialize the life, but which in addition irrevocably also give you the foundation for the next existence.
And now you can go over the earth, everything which you have ... look at the human being, what do you do?
This is why, you will feel, this is why that Catholic child, a child, is still off the mark again in this society. Just become a clergyman, just become a priest, and you will be sacred.
Can you feel this?
What do they have of the real life – I will explain it to you soon – what do they have of the real life when they ignore fatherhood and motherhood, the most sacred divine sources by means of which the human being became visible?
And what is now the human personality?
Do you know it now?
Do you know it?
You go through the human body, from the jungle to the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races).
You know, the child which now – I explained that to you thousands of times and hundreds of times – the child which now lives in the jungle, must go to the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races).
And that will still take millions of lives, ages, before that child which now lives in the jungle, is in the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races).
In a hundred thousand years – that is some time, isn’t it? – then that child of the jungle will live on the edge of the jungle, and will have released itself from that first grade.
That only happens by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
So you can ...
And now the danger from your society comes – and you accept that again – art is beautiful, but if you do nothing else but art, and do nothing else every evening but art and give art, then you will stand still, if you neglect and forget motherhood.
He will continue anyway, Mother Nature says, you are a man, you are a mother: give birth, create, then that will already be finished.
So you are only just on earth in order to be mother and father.
You can just continue, you do not need to do anything, you will irrevocably, infallibly, arrive in the first sphere.
Because you will begin sooner or later, the laws ...
You got your society, but that did not used to be there.
That child from the jungle, from the prehistoric ages did not know a God, did not know a Christ.
Is that not wonderful?
It lived in the jungle and now experienced the divine universe, is in the Divine All; without art, without Mozart, without Christ, without the bible, without the knowledge of God, it had only light.
And that child now lives in the Divine All and is billions of ages ahead of you and me and everyone here in the universe.
That was Christ.
(To the sound technician): I have seen you.
So that child is without art, without society, without your tram and without your car, without your knowledge of medicine, sciences, that child reached the Divine All naturally.
For God and the universe you can just go and sit down and wait, no one will blame you for that, in the universe, neither the All-Source nor the All-Light.
Just go and sit down, but you stand before us, and for the serving life which works, which is conscious, you stand still.
But you will reach working sooner or later.
Is that not simple?
That is spatial consciousness.
The human being has no personality.
The human being has a personality, most certainly, but you blow that from your hand.
The human being has spatial, spiritual, material, and divine consciousness.
And if you now want to see what that consciousness is like, then we must first take a walk over the earth, then we go through the waters, then we go through the animal work, then we go through Mother Nature, then we start to experience all the stars and planets.
Then you get the cosmic consciousness.
And then you will be, then you will have, then you will therefore represent a spatial personality, because everything which lives there around you, wherever you are, was given birth to and created by your life.
Because you are a part of God.
You can soon say when you leave this world: this universe belongs to me.
Because you must conquer that.
Then you will know the planet earth, the moon and Venus and Jupiter, you will know everything.
You experienced that.
You continued from body to body.
First macrocosmic, and then human, you will feel, we came from the waters, we got hold of the land consciousness and life of feeling as material.
We slowly started to build on a society.
A hundred thousand years ago, when you lived here, where you are now standing, in a marshland, everything was marshland, there were trees, hills; here, there was only water and marshland over the whole of Europe.
And you are here as a human being.
You have built up cities; cities mean nothing, you must think yourself separate in the universe.
If you are attached to the earth, to your city, you have city consciousness.
You get spatial wings.
What is the consciousness and what is the foundation for your wings?
Did you receive and read and understand that in ‘Between Life and Death’?
Did you understand that, the wings, the great wings?
The consciousness: how am I born?
How do I come back?
What is karma?
What happens to me?
Where did I live?
What will happen to me if I do that?
Then you can know that.
Because you know: I brought a law of God to disharmony.
It all becomes simple.
But it leaves your life, because it has to do with the universe.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Thank you.’
(To the hall): Another question?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, science still does not know what a sleep walker means.
Are they sensitive people?’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Is that ...
is that connected to the moon stage?’
Not that either.
That means – I will just lean on that – that means, that the human being experiences the things of the day when asleep, at a hundred percent.
Look, you will soon read in ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’, Jeus comes to the doves, plays with them, falls asleep.
People take him away, wake him up, he goes back to the little bed; that has been broken.
Now you will get a clear picture.
The child sleepwalks upstairs, crawls up the stairs, lies down again between the doves.
Then ...
Tall Hendrik wants to lift up that child – I recorded it yesterday precisely, read it with André – Tall Hendrik wants to lift up the child.
‘No’, Crisje says, ‘do not touch him, because now something can happen.’
Of course, you can experience a shock, a coughing up of blood and everything, the heart can stand still instantly, because you intervene with both hands into a hundred percent becoming conscious, experience; you are in the actual life, which no longer possesses any resistance, any thinking, any feeling.
So you can instantly break that body, break the little feet, break the hands, because that will has gone.
That body is lying there, no longer has any will, does not want any day conscious, because your fingers, your hands get inspiration as your will comes, don’t they?
And here the will has gone.
That child, Jeus experienced that at a hundred percent in the unconscious, in the sleep.
So we experience now, we now have unconsciousness and conscious thinking and feeling, but free from the day-conscious.
So, the action has gone, the strength has gone, because it is lying lifeless, the personality is thinking, feeling, bowing, speaking, free from the tissues.
The heart, the blood circulation is now beautiful.
You must be able to absorb the blood circulation one day at that moment, then you will be able to see that the child still gives the blood drive by thinking, gives that back to day consciousness.
What is the blood circulation like?
Has that weakened?
Does the blood circulation have consciousness and a personality while asleep?
How much consciousness does the blood circulation have to release because the personality has gone to sleep?
That is all added.
But what you want to know is: you are asleep, in unconsciousness, aren’t you, you are consciously thinking.
And now you can fantasize, you can experience things, you can experience crazy whims, you can do that, you can have the greatest fun, you can experience a fairground, a space, you can experience wonderful images, spiritual images, scenes, and you can, what every human being experiences, experience a fairground in the spirit.
You touch something here and something there and something there, that piles up, that dominates you, that sits on top of your feeling, and that must go, or you will go after a while ...
And there the dream is just ahead, that is the experiencing for the human being asleep, the correcting of the day consciousness, and then those horrible things leave again.
And then the personality can say again one day, you do not even know that: ‘Hey, how light I am again’. And then the overhasty, the superfluous, what does not have any possession, has not got any foundation, that now goes overboard.
The soul does that, your life of feeling does that.
Your life of feeling says: I want nothing more to do with that.
You throw the most crazy things overboard precisely when asleep, and one day you attract them, you attract them to you in day consciousness.
Do you not think that is wonderful, that the soul and the personality, cares more, takes better care of itself, is more in harmony asleep, than in day consciousness?
A Catholic dreamt in her sleep, that it was wrong, that no damnation existed.
And the child came back and then she had said: ‘I dreamt that there is no damnation.’
Then the child was burnt at the stake, because she had looked at it the wrong way.
But while she was asleep people said: ‘Child, there is no damnation.’
And in this way miracles happened.
This is why the human being is deep.
You can experience, even now you can experience, while you live here in Amsterdam or wherever, you can still experience things from France, Italy, Africa.
You see something, you say: ‘Hey, I know that’, and then that is the Africans and American, English or whatever people where you were, is at that moment for so many grades, percentage of feeling conscious, and is part of your day consciousness.
Your day consciousness is represented by millions of lives.
It is not strange at all that you have a talent for languages, or that you do art; that man has this and that man has that.
Someone comes, can do this.
Mozart went to the piano, another child can do joinery, and that one can bake bread.
But there are few people who speak the wisdom.
There has still not been a wise spiritual child prodigy born on earth.
Did you know that too?
It was Socrates, it was Ramakrishna, and it was also Jeus of Mother Crisje.
Because that child said something, which the human being as an adult being and personality did not understand.
He said: ‘How can Our Lord still kill the children if I am from Our Lord?’
That is the symphony of Beethoven, my friend, and that is the giving voice to a life of feeling, which Mozart, Wagner, Beethoven and Bach were able to do, and all the others, in feeling; you can interpret that as word.
And a child of three, four years asks that.
And then the mother and the father understand, as adult consciousness, they do not understand the child.
Unfortunately, I have to end.
I thank you for the colours of Mother Nature.
What did we do to earn that?
We will lay them down on Golgotha, and send them to the Messiah.
Every child which you bring to awakening ...
You can think what you like of me, and André, and the world, if you give me that, I accept that, I will lay them down right on Golgotha.
... if you bring the human being to higher feeling and thinking, understand that now, then that becomes a foundation for your spiritual walking and strolling.
And that is now what we want to master, because we know that, I pass that on to your life, and that is awakening for you, that is building up, evolution for me, until all the life of God which lives on earth and in this universe, has reached the heightened spiritual sphere.
And then we will stop.
Then we will just peacefully go back to the Divine All, because then nature says and then the universe says: prepare yourself, soon you will be born and then you will ...
There is no more dying.
But then the universe says ... because my grade is conscious and my consciousness hastens me on.
And then I will go through the universe on wings and I will create giving birth and receive the life again.
Which I no longer need to do anything for, because father and mother are already on the fourth cosmic grade.
Now everything happens of its own accord, because also through his own wanting God ...
You will feel, we are part of the divine will, aren’t we, and that will wants to give birth and create, that will drives us back to itself ...
Yes, I can also explain it to you, then it will become very simple, then you will not do anything again anyway; but we will not do that.
If we start to treat all of that according to the cosmology, then we would be able to say: just do not do anything anymore.
But I also told you again: then you will stand still.
Because it is true, and that is the same law, millions of people died during this war, didn’t they, were killed.
Is that true?
(Hall): ‘Yes.’
But not one of them died.
Master all of this, my sisters and brothers.
I would like to call to you: let the real Christ in you awaken.
Do everything in love and you no longer need to be afraid for yourself; accept her, accept sullying, and build consciously on your eternal kingdom.
Let the God of all life awaken under your heart, really become father and mother.
Love everything which lives.
I thank you for your benevolent attention, for your feelings.
See you later, God willing.
(Hall): ‘Thank you, master Zelanus.’