Tuesday evening 21 November 1950

Good evening, my sisters and brothers.
(Hall): ‘Good evening, master Zelanus.’
Which of you has the first question?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, I read in an English newspaper that a great number of medical sciences are occupied at the moment with experiments which will lead to being able to determine beforehand whether a boy or a girl will be born, by having the woman undergo a medical treatment beforehand ...
Is it possible that the scientist in the future will be able to intervene like that, that that will become possible?’
Well, later.
Later ...
Look, if science gets instruments in order to transfer those organs, later ...
Perhaps possible.
But that science intervenes in the direct fatherhood and motherhood, that is not so simple.
They will not achieve that either.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It is at that stage for plants ...
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘For plants.’
Of course.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ... random female ... flowers ...’
But for the human being and for the animal ...
The animal can also be influenced.
You can inject an animal and you can give an animal the male hormones, and you get creation, by means of which motherhood is also pushed back.
Those laws are there, that is possible.
Science will make more of a mess of fatherhood and motherhood.
It will be messing about, of course.
And the future will have to prove it to you.
It is hanging in the universe.
Is that possible?
You will probably get an answer soon.
But then it is messing about.
No more than if you ... a bull, a billy goat ...
You can inject a mother with male hormones and that personality takes it over, but then the organs have still not changed.
And they are already that far that the organs also have to accept those influences and the organs come outside.
Motherhood is inside.
And creating, fatherhood, they are the outer organs.
We have the cold, you can probably hear it.
(To the hall): Which one of you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, someone who has an accident through the fault of another; is the one who has the accident, is that karma?’
The one who has an accident?
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... through the fault of another.’
Because of another?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Whether that is karma?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Whether that is karma, yes.’
Could be possible.
But an accident is not directly connected to karmic laws.
Only murder.
But this is cause and effect; carelessness, indifference.
The human being passes over, of course, the soul is released by means of this accident, but this is cause and effect.
Only murder places you before the karmic laws.
Karmic laws mean that because of a wrong action the soul is forced to return to the earth.
It is nothing else.
(To the hall): Over there.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master, I am a newcomer to this circle and this is why my questions are perhaps a little naïve.
I would like to know from you, if it is possible: what is meant exactly by the ‘Age of Christ’?
And which task do we have in this work the ‘Age of Christ’?’
The task is, in order to, if you want that, in order to grow.
No more than that.
You cannot do anything else.
We have the books there, you can read the books, you can give them to people.
There is no more to it.
But the University, the ‘Age of Christ’ means, that now the laws of Christ for spirit, universe, and the divine laws are explained.
We have been busy for four, five years and we have given some two, four, five, six hundred lectures, and there are people who have attended and experienced all those lectures, and now they can get an opinion, decide for themselves, where we are going.
Now you ...
We want to explain to you each law, for soul, spirit and body, for the universe, for Christ and God.
And that age, that time has now begun.
The ‘Age of Christ’ means that Christ, when He went, when He passed over, when people had nailed Him to the cross, could have lived thousands of years more, if possible; and then Christ would have explained all these laws.
Do you accept that?
People nailed Him to the cross and murdered Him.
Now the Protestant child says and the Catholic child: He died for the human being.
Do you believe that?
Do you still accept that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I am busy with it ...’
Look, if you now follow the books, ‘A View into the Hereafter’, and you get here ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, there are ten, twelve, fifteen, nineteen books, then you come further.
But if you cannot analyze the bible, those proverbs from the bible, for yourself, you will not come any further either.
You must just get that out of it.
We give these lectures in order to answer your questions and to give you an idea where the human being ‘beyond the coffin’ lives.
You mainly get that in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
Those books are sold out, but you can read them in the library here.
But begin with the first books, and then you will gradually get growth.
But you cannot do anything yourself, we come for you.
We cannot do anything ...
You do not need to walk along the street like a Jehovah’s witness, people will not accept you anyway.
And the material, the wisdom, the becoming conscious of the books must tell you in what centre of feeling you live.
The books tell you that.
We do not want more than that.
Is that clear?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I thank you.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, if the human being has evolved that far that he returns to the primal source, does the personality dissolve completely then?’
When the human being ...
into the Divine All, do you mean?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Into the primal source.’
Into the All-Source – the primal source, yes – if you are there ...
(Coughs.) They are the disturbances.
... if you return there, into the Divine All, then you are divinely conscious.
So you have your divine personality.
For that matter, we go ...
But you accept that you do not continue to live in a sphere, and that you must represent God in all His laws?
Do you accept that?
Did you learn that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, that you pass over ...’
Then you represent God in a sphere, a character, a personality, as soul and spirit.
And in the Divine All, in the very highest stage, you represent your deity there.
And that is a ...
You remain a human being irrevocably.
And you continue to live there eternally.
There is no more end, you are light, life and love, you represent the spaces, everything, everything.
What we, what you see from the earth in God, you get that by means of fatherhood, motherhood.
You go from this universe to another, higher, until you, and the human being, have reached the Divine All.
This universe will dissolve one day.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Can you accept that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
If we go back for a moment to the prehistoric ages; where did those animal species get to?
What was the earth like ten million years ago?
Those people now live here in society, and others have gone further.
The Divine All was inhabited, the human being of the earth now lives in the Divine All.
You have people in the spheres, in the first, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere.
We then mention the mental areas, you get the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh.
(Coughs.) Terrible.
And in the Divine All, you remain there in those spheres, represent every law of life, because you are light.
If you are not there, then we lose light.
Do you understand this?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.
Thank you.’
Is that clear?
And then you no longer need to do anything than just radiate your light, your love, your life.
(To someone in the hall): Yes, sir?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘There is someone who asked me, whether I want to ask you, whether you can say what kind of person was: Anna Maria Schuurman (Anna Maria van Schuurman: academic, theologist, artist. Cologne 1606 – Wieuwerd 1678).
She was buried three hundred years ago, in Wieuwerd, a village in Friesland.’
I do not profess to be that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Oh well.
But she was a woman, she made handmade articles, which no one, even now, can make.
She made a rug, which they could not find the beginning and the end of.’
She should have made a beginning and an end to it.
(There is laughter.)
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘She had a vault made, she now lies buried there, and nothing decays there.
They tried to build an imitation, but ... then it decays.’
Has that body not decayed either?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘She also let herself be shot, and then she said: just shoot at me, because it will remain two metres away from me, then the arrows will go downwards.’
That is possible.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Now that one has asked me, whether I would ask you, whether you can say what that was, how that was possible.’
They are magic laws, my child.
When you go to the East ...
You also have a few of them.
You had one of them in Holland, you could not kill him.
He is now dead anyway, he died.
On the other side?
No, he must return.
He has become a perfectly simple suicide.
Just do not try it.
Just do magic laws.
But there are really people who can dissolve the destruction, in whatever way.
And, I will not tell you that she had that power.
There will be ...
Those laws, those phenomena usually happen with mediums.
She will have had a strong mediumistic life of feeling, and be inspired and influenced by an astral personality, can you feel this?
So directly from that astral world, and then that is possible.
Then she receives that; the spiritual personality brings the earthly into a dematerialization.
Is that clear?
And ...
If you read ‘Spiritual Gifts’, those two books, you get the laws explained there for this moment.
In there, if you go deeper ...
But then you are between half-waking material ...
The fakir who lets himself be buried, that is yet another state.
But it takes you to sleep and you remain awake.
Can you feel this?
So now that material bullet goes through you, or it bounces off your astral life, that is possible.
There are magicians, a few, who were able to do that, also in Ancient Egypt, and that is a study.
And under its own power this child will ...
For a fakir, a magician these heights of consciousness are rare, you will feel.
You can live fifty lives for them in order to complete that study and to say: just shoot, because that bullet will go next to me.
That is therefore a universal concentration, because you are a human being at the same time and you are bullet and shooting and power and everything.
And now that bullet takes you past you, and that is possible.
There are fakirs and magicians who were able to do that.
When you enters the spheres of light ...
There was of course a contact between this soul and that world.
That was irrevocably a magician from the East.
But if you enter the Spheres of Light, then the master says: give me a few dozen years in order to teach you not to do it, because you are standing still.
If that child is still lying there in that ground, she will stand still for three hundred years.
There will be no end to that development.
And people achieve that in the East.
Can you feel?
So that is not progress, but standstill.
If only it would dissolve.
If they had drawn a magic circle, as the Egyptians were able to do – we can do that too – and you walk into it, and you come through this like that, then you do not notice anything, but you absorb that aura in you, and you can be blind and knocked down, we can make you crazy; because we also attract those lives.
Can you feel?
You can write ten books of a thousand pages about that one question, in order to bring you to all those worlds and possibilities.
But you are standing still, that soul is standing still.
That is a power, it has attuned itself, to the magic laws for the organism.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘So she now still remains in contact with that material, that she cannot go further?’
She is standing still.
She is standing still.
When she ...
Look ...
If she is still lying in that grave and does not perish, then that is a stand-still.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, that is her body.’
Good, but her spirit suffers and is attached to that body.
There are spiritual personalities, who remain attached to one point for thousands and thousands of years, because the human being began with embalming , etc. more.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, but then that human being did not commit suicide, did she?
She died a natural death, didn’t she?
But as long as that body remains good, will she still remain attached to it?’
She is a Dutch fakir in her subconscious.
You had a Dutch fakir.
Because we predicted his death, he will go at that and that time, he succumbs.
That concentration goes to a time and then something comes, and then it has happened.
You will not keep that up, because you live in the West.
It is something else again in the East.
That man is now a suicide.
But if you experience these laws and you are in the East and you now come in the West ...
This was learned in the East.
The West does not have this.
You do not have any temples in which you can learn that.
Do you understand?
You can also show with that: why can that man approve of that?
Does he have that power?
That is a wonderful, awe-inspiring concentration, to let that go through you and to receive that.
The highest magician in the East can do that.
And this lives here in the West and got that just like that?
Because of that you can accept that the past, the reincarnation is present here.
And also with that child whom you speak about.
Whether she did art?
Did you see that Gobelin tapestry which she made, which has no beginning and no end?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I did not see any of it.’
They are probably hieroglyphics, or whatever.
Then the past comes back, the reincarnation, in the present stage.
But there were more of those people in the world.
But they are standing still.
Look, there will be no end.
The normal thinking is: continue.
In the East people also want to conquer the body.
People can do that.
But people are standing still.
You are a fakir, a magician, you walk over the waters ...
If you came to Ramakrishna and others, the great ones, at that time; then they would say: give me a time and I will teach you not to do that, because you are standing at a dead point.
You accept life.
Accept death, because death is evolution.
When that evolution is over you return to the earth, or you continue.
Now you have learned hocus-pocus for your organism.
You can remain in life, for example, what Egyptians could also do, in order to lengthen the life of the body in that and that time, they also experienced that; but it is all standstill.
You now lay normal, natural evolution and it takes you back to your organism.
Is it clear?
You can tell even more about that, of course, but we will remain with these laws.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, have I understood that properly, as long as our cycle has not ended yet, we will not experience any spheres?’
That was felt very well.
You are now here and you must return to the earth, then people will not need to collect you soon, because you dissolve immediately after the releasing of the organism, then the world for reincarnation attracts you.
And then afterwards, you will be, perhaps in ... then you will be born according to the harmonic cosmic time.
(About Jozef’s cold.) Terrible to have to talk in this state.
He has never been in such a bad state before.
Now I am here, now we have another state this evening.
We had to divide the laws now.
Can you feel that?
But then you return and then you must return.
Because reincarnation attracts you.
And that was in the harmonic time, when the human being had not yet built up the cause and effect for himself.
There was a time that the human being lived on earth in harmony.
And when we started to murder and to commit arson and started to destroy life, then a chaos came between life and death for reincarnation; we passed over too soon.
So according to the normal time ... that was in the prehistoric age ...
The human being says so often: what an awful time those people had in the prehistoric age, didn’t they, they were wild animals.
But they stood a thousand times higher than the human being who now prays in society and knows God and Christ, because they still had their natural harmony, for thousands of states, attunements.
They did not know any gas chambers, where the human being was murdered by gas, they did not know any hanging.
During those ages people never hung one human being.
There was never an animal in the jungle which was able to commit that suicide.
Don’t you think that is simple?
But the human being did.
So the animal kept that birth more pure than the human being.
And now it is possible, if you now go, that you must wait ten thousand years before you are attracted again.
Because too many went before, who are in harmony.
We kicked ourselves out of the harmonic birth for hundreds of thousands of years.
The human being here in this society ...
If you have to return again, there are many of you who continue immediately, but there are a great deal, I can see that from your aura, who return just like that.
There are some, you have your father, your mother, your husband, your children, but then it is possible that you see your husband again in ten thousand years’ time, somewhere, he returns.
Well, I do not mean you personally now, otherwise you would probably get a fright, but I have to do it.
The mother passes over, the father passes over, you are attracted, you now belong to each other, but you get the universal love.
You get contact with millions of people, and you also have that contact.
But you go, a line, you come somewhere else for that new birth, in the direction of France, or in England, in America.
You can return to the border of the jungle for cause and effect.
Then you are busy with the karmic laws.
But those people from the prehistoric age had a new birth in seven hours.
In seven hours the animal-like human being in the jungle had a new body.
And as he got consciousness and started to destroy life, a chaos came between life and death.
So, I will go a bit further, around it.
And, now you must start to look sometime in a city, in your society and then you will feel the personality as a human being, the space of the human being, but also the awe-inspiring disharmony which the human being created for himself.
Is it clear?
And in this way you go back into the world of the unconscious, the world for reincarnation.
A hundred thousand souls now live there, who are all waiting for one body, there is just one body available.
Can you feel this?
And there are a hundred thousand souls for this, even more.
And in the harmonic age there were only two souls.
So murder, arson, war: that is all destruction of the divine harmonic laws.
We analyze those laws for the cosmology.
But if you have to continue soon and you go to the astral world, then you enter a world which has attunement with your life, infallibly.
If you hate and you destroy the lot and you do not need that God and that Christ ...
You do not need to kneel day and night, the future will teach that, this mankind will learn that soon, you must only love.
You have accepted God, Christ.
Christ gave us that: you must only love.
We get the universal love for everyone.
And then we enter a sphere according to what we feel.
The human being who does not want this ...
How many millions of people are not this?
But the whole of this mankind will have to accept this.
We no longer have any faith there, no Catholic Church, no Protestantism, Buddha, Mohammedanism, everything dissolves in the universal love of Christ.
If you come there, then the Mohammedan will have ... he can call Allah, but people will immediately deny him that, because there is just one ...
Allah, yes, indeed, but the laws live here.
You are also spirit, material, a child of God here, and now it comes down to it: how do we live?
What do we do?
You can earn the Spheres of Light in a short life, in a short time, if you just begin now with laying foundations.
What lasted here thousands of years, you can earn back in five ...
What lasted seven thousand years for the destruction, you can earn back in seven years, if you begin now.
Then you also lay with every thought ...
And one day – in twenty-four hours – when you awaken in the morning and you begin and your thoughts are under control for spirit, space, God, Christ ...
In Ancient Egypt we experienced that school.
Christ experienced it ... the apostles experienced it.
But He most certainly saw, if it would place them before the own laws, then even more cocks would crow.
They succumb.
John also succumbed.
They all succumbed.
They all doubted Him.
And when ...
Christ had wanted to say all of this to the world.
Now we are coming.
There are now people, those people have always lived there.
Ancient Egypt, British India.
British India makes frills, Ancient Egypt had a more direct, natural contact.
Then we lay down there, we were in trance, and then the blood ran over the lips of a follower there, of a priest.
Now we are walking amongst the people.
You must just decide whether this word is from the world.
You cannot see it in the whole world, cannot find it, no one has written about it before, about those laws.
What are they like?
What happens to you?
You can only check it from that wisdom.
You can follow the books, you can follow the mystical books and then you will see: this word goes infallibly through everything everywhere and also lays the foundation.
That is this time.
Christ said that to the apostles.
He said that on the other side, when He said: ‘Look, how was I received?’
I place this in your hands.
What does the other side know?
What will you do soon, when you enter the first sphere, you have light, you have life, what do you do then?
Then you do exactly the same as the Jehovah child here on earth.
And ...
‘Yes, but do you know that the earth is now perishing?’
But you say: ‘Begin, because ...’
‘Where do you live?’
‘I live there.’
‘I will give you an idea of my consciousness, of my longing, of my love.’
And the human being takes it over from you.
Then you are the radiating, shining personality for the life of God.
And then you do everything in order to elevate those lives, because you are involved with these people, with millions, with millions, we are involved with all the life of Mother Earth.
The human being thinks that we rest there in the first sphere.
But then you look back and then you see that chaos, and that is our life, your blood, your soul, your life, your spirit.
We must get that back.
Christ is happy?
Yes, indeed.
But He is not either.
Because everything which lives on earth, that belongs to Him.
In the Divine All we are one.
And as long as ....
Indeed, the Divine All is inhabited, every sphere is inhabited by millions of souls, but there will only be perfect divine happiness there, when the earthly being has conquered the third cosmic grade and is only love.
Love, life, and happiness, isn’t it true?
So you either return, or you will soon go to a sphere, to a world, according to how you now long.
If you enter the society ... you can accept this, you do not need to accept it, we will see each other soon again ... but the human being who laughs at you in the street, in your society and everywhere, he will enter the world of that laughter, that is an unconscious one.
Imagine that you are right.
And if you are right ... and you are right!
Thirst for this work and then for this life, for the laws.
Make becoming conscious, love, feeling of yourself and do not pay any attention to cause and effect, whether or not you are beaten.
You will continue and you will assure yourself of that space, and you will have light, life, happiness and love there.
And the human being who now laughs, he will soon come to you and will ask for a bit of light.
That is the beautiful contact, the wonderful being one between the human being who has that light and the human being who laughed at the laws, the wonders of God, of the universe, shrugged his shoulders scornfully.
What would the earth be like, what would this mankind be like, if mankind has to accept all of that soon?
And mankind will have to accept that.
What you read there is truth.
(To the hall): Is there anything else?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, I would like to know: what determines the end of the cycle of the human being?’
This determines the end of the cycle: if you have experienced the karmic law in the first place.
When ...
But you certainly believe, if you have had two hundred thousand lives here ....
You have had more of them since you came from the jungle, the first grades ...
Those people in the jungle also enter this organism.
That is the evolution, which you experience by means of the bodies.
So those people must evolve.
And if you have now given a new body to every life ...
Would we have never murdered them in those hundred thousand lives, as a mass?
No one from the earth escapes that, you will see that soon, we all murdered and committed arson, not one human being, but hundreds of thousands.
We beat and kicked there, we were unconscious; but you must make amends for it.
And when that last soul, which we kicked from the material life too soon, didn’t we, when we have given that last soul a new body – you are helped, because there are more people who belong to your grade of life – then Mother Earth says: ‘Now just continue.’
And then the earth releases you.
But we are caught in the hands of the earth for that long.
And then you stand before your cause and effect, hatred, lies and deception.
Can you feel this, to the last second, the last gram.
Each human being ...
And, we took part in cannibalism.
We murdered people there and murdered there.
And as long as we have not brought those scales into harmony with the infinite, we will not be released from it and we cannot continue either.
That’s it.
(To the hall): Which of you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It says in the books: the human free will disturbed the cosmic laws and this is why disease originated.
Now animals have, they do not have any free will and now cannot disturb any cosmic laws either.
And now I would like to know from you, why there are those animal diseases then.’
The human being created those animal diseases.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
That too.
If an animal ...
You have the animal diseases immediately ...
You can experience different centres by means of destruction.
You have various animal diseases in this society, in this age.
That did not used to be the case.
But there are also yet other diseases, which have dissolved as the animal and the human being got consciousness.
For example, recently you hear very little about rabies.
That disease dissolves as the animal also gets consciousness.
That was a material contact, but also a spiritual possession for the animal.
Can you hear what I am saying?
So an insanity for the animal.
That animal became possessed, because of the material, by eating something or whatever. It is in a state of disharmony inwardly, which was exposed to poisoning.
But if you consider your everyday, present diseases for the animal, then you will see that those in the jungle, or a while ago, were not of that nature, because the disease also got consciousness.
That means: the disease lives it up, wastes away and disappears, but another one comes in its place, and that is a shadow of the first one.
And that comes, if the animal had the consciousness ...
The animal has infected itself completely by means of the natural destruction, of course, that is possible ...
The animal has infected itself by what it eats, and as a result of which a poisoning, or whatever, originated.
And in this way those diseases reproduced for the animal and it passed from one organ to the other.
The human being did not know any diseases in the primal stage.
And then, when we began with that inbreeding ...
You know, you read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, the seventh grade came across the fifth grade as mother, children came, those children came to giving birth and creating again, one grade connected – there were seven grades – one grade connected with another grade, by means of which the own natural independence in power and consciousness for the organism, for the tissues, was lost.
That sneezing and that cold, that did not use to exist, because the human being originated in the cold, in the waters, and under fire.
When the earth began with its condensings and the ice ages began, the human went away, away from those ice ages.
When it became cold there, then the human being moved around the planet.
Oh well.
Because the human being divided himself, so many diseases came.
How many diseases do you have now?
Hundreds of thousands.
And all those diseases were ...
Let's say that in the beginning, during that and that time, there were six, seven, of them.
Now there are seven thousand of them, because all those diseases reproduced and grew.
As a result of which the academic often says: yes, we saw that there, and this is a little nephew, or a little niece, a little sister, of that and that condition.
How many poisoning problems do you not have now?
And the actual source originated there and there, because of weakening, by means of which the animal was also infected, by eating something, and because that nature, or whatever, was infected, affected, and the disease came because of that.
But the human being also took part in the inbreeding and they also changed the animal, by means of which you now, in this age, also have to cope with yet other diseases for the animal.
(To the hall): Which of you? Yes.
(Gentleman in the hall:)
‘Master Zelanus, did you read that in The Hague, whether ... exist ... the moon and the sun ... remained behind ... on the moon, hazes came ... so that people ... that water vapour and also other material ...’
Look, there are many people who ... themselves with the present stage, in which you are now ...
If you look at the universe, then you see clouds.
They are also hazes, but of material.
And at the beginning, the origin of the creations, there was only plasma, divine plasma, and it started to condense and they also became hazes.
That’s it.
Is it clear?
And then you must not compare this with this stage, and back, millions, billions of years, ago, when God was still soul and spirit.
That same plasma lives in your organism.
You still have that plasma.
In the universe you also see that plasma, but in a material grade of life.
A cloud from the present is becoming conscious.
That cloud has experienced ages.
But if you begin with the moon, the origin of the universe, then you must also only see that divine plasma.
Hazes as plasma.
It is life, light, soul, spirit, fatherhood, motherhood.
Yes, indeed.
Now the human being wants to know: but what is life now?
Blood, what is blood?
Let blood, your own blood become rarefied and you will get, you will be left with a very light vapour.
The colour of your blood will also dissolve.
Do you know that?
You then get to see that vapour.
Experience the laboratory and let your blood, let another material, let water, let it experience an evolution, back, and you will come to the beginning again.
And you must compare that state with the origin of the material, the material spirit.
You are now a material spirit.
You got intellect.
You experienced societies, worlds, because of birth, because of fatherhood and motherhood.
And in this way that aura condensed as material, as soul and spirit.
I will give you the example how the soul can condense itself and how you can actually also go beyond the laws.
In the prehistoric age, if you had entered the astral world, the dark world, then you would see ...
People call that hells, we have had to accept that word, then the human being understands it, but for the other side, for your spiritual life they are the worlds of the unconsciousness.
You make, in that world you make yourself radiant.
And that light lives in you, that is your divine attunement.
Do you believe that?
During that time if you look into those hells, then there is no one who is lying there.
A human being arrives, you remain a human being, you are now a spiritual form, you have your hands, your legs, your teeth, your hair, you are exactly the same, but you are a spirit.
That is a spiritual condensed plasma.
Here on earth you live – the soul is the spiritual source – you live in the body as spirit.
And there, for that time, you did not have the strength to lie down, that means, you did not destroy your life so much that you lay down like a jellyfish on the beach.
You will also read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
Those people did not have the consciousness to do so much wrong.
Do you understand this?
The more consciousness you get, the more wrong, the more destruction you can experience, and you see that now in the astral world.
So that spirit destroys itself, builds itself up, condenses itself, but according to the animal-like.
Is it clear?
So it is obvious, if that undergoes the natural working, you get that divine aura condensed and by means of this the universal garment originated.
You still see that on the hazes.
If you look at the milky way, then you also see hazes, spiral hazes, that is a condensed material, originated, expanded by the elemental laws – that lasted millions of years – but if you go back, you follow that, then you enter the first stage and then you experience the divine plasma.
That is a life aura.
Do you see?
A cloud, it was no more than that.
But that life – people call that life, you can call it life – was divine, inspired by the All-Source.
That was All-Light, All-Spirit, All-Fatherhood, All-Motherhood, All-Love.
I explained to you one evening: what is love?
That is nothing else than that you experience the law harmonically for fatherhood and motherhood.
Because you only get the love; received because of fatherhood and motherhood.
Is it true or not?
And you just go into that.
And if you follow the other lectures, then we will come back to that again in The Hague.
Because you are talking about The Hague, after all, aren’t you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Precisely, yes.’
We will continue with it there.
Are you satisfied now?
(It remains quiet.)
Are you satisfied now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘There is still one point: I still cannot imagine that, according to astronomy it is of course a gassy state ....’
My dear child, then creation was already billions of years old, when you saw those gas formations.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
Then billions of ages, according to this time, had already passed.
So you must also go back millions of ages before you take a place in that rarefied mass, before you get contact with the divine stage of before creation.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘That is unclear ...’
That is not clear to you, you cannot check that either.
But science is already coming that far that, the beginning and the origin of creation must have taken place like that.
And because of this the planets and the suns originated.
It is very simple, I explained it to you, and if you remember that ....
Otherwise take the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
And if you hold ...
But now you want and another wants to know ...
But God is love, and that All-Source is All-Soul.
But what is now ‘soul’ and what is now ‘Divine All’, and what is this now?
Yes, but why do you not first ask: where does the beginning lie for yourself?
Do you see?
If you feel yourself and if you can place yourself back again to your previous birth, then you will also enter the Divine All, and then we continue.
And then I can talk for hours and hours.
I can say: this is plasma.
And now I must, now we will follow that plasma from nothingness.
And now you are nothing, and now you must still be conscious and experience everything.
And can you do that?
You must really be able to experience that unity for that, you must really be able to accept and to receive this being one in that source for that, you must be an astral personality for that.
You cannot think yourself free from this society.
Isn’t that true?
Go ...
If you see the first foundations, which we explain to you ...
And then the professors come.
‘And now what, when we were there, when God became that?’
‘Just come along.’
And then that human being becomes that life, that soul, that feeling.
Can you feel this?
But now you are free.
Now you must lose your consciousness, because we were still not human thinking there, you must therefore be able to lose the human thinking and still remain conscious for creation in that All-Stage.
Then there were still no human thoughts.
Because now, we just think humanly.
And only fatherhood and motherhood sent us to the earth, gave us the opportunity to conquer this universe.
But on the other side, in the first sphere you really start to feel: good heavens, I am one with this space.
If you go away, if you go from that space, then you can see that that light from that space diminishes, because you take your light with you.
And then you can determine these laws.
Thousands of books could also be written about that, but you will not understand them, no one on earth will understand them; because you must lose your human thinking, and must experience the divine awakening, the giving birth – that is the All-Mother.
How do you wish to do that?
And now I am just avoiding the issue, we are not coming in to each other.
Who in the first sphere on the other side asks: what was creation like when God began?
Then the master says: first ask me about millions of other character traits, which I will give you.
For that matter, I talked about that recently here.
Where do you wish to go?
Immediately to the very first source?
Then we miss out millions of ages.
And then we fly through the universe and we do not know whether we live from in front or from behind, or we live to the left, or to the right.
We no longer have any existence.
But we first lay the foundations for which you came into this world.
And that is: for what purpose did you leave ‘the coffin’?
And then we continue.
Is it clear?
(To the hall): Which of you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master, when the earth was still not inhabited, were there already material and spiritual spheres of light then, or did the earth inhabitants create them themselves later with their passing over?’
Good, my friend, a nice thought.
The earth has a spiritual world, astral other side.
But no Mars and no Moon and no planet in the universe.
Why not?
Have you read ‘The Origin of the Universe’?
Can you feel this?
This is that progress.
The earth, in between sun and moon – fatherhood and motherhood – would get that consciousness.
And only now when you have left the earth, there will no longer be a planet in the universe which you can attract, so you must go to the inner world.
My thanks for your question.
You are thinking things through.
(To the hall): Which of you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘There is no sin, that was already spoken about.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Everything is evolution, you say.’
There is no sin, no.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Everything is evolution, that is a grade of consciousness in which the human being lives.
One person lives in a higher one and the other in a lower grade of consciousness.
But you also have people who live in a higher grade of consciousness and still most certainly cause other people sorrow.’
Yes, indeed.
But then it is not a grade of consciousness.
(Lady in the hall): ‘But they know better, don’t they?’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘But they know better, don’t they?’
Yes, indeed.
(Lady in the hall): ‘But they do it consciously, on purpose.’
Look, you have a conscious grade, for the body.
But what is the spirit?
What is the personality like?
It can be animal-like, pre-animal like.
(Lady in the hall): ‘But they know very well that they ...’
Yes, they most certainly know it.
But they say: oh well, I will see how it goes.
If you were to have said to Adolph Hitler and his kind and all those demons – are they demons? – if you were to have said: do not do that, because you will enter a hell, then he says: what does that hell matter to me.
I will live it up.
And we must now ...
God ...
For the church you commit a sin.
We spoke here in the evenings about Catholicism, didn’t we?
Just pray, you will be forgiven for your sins.
Yes, that would be simple.
God does not punish.
Can you feel this?
The church is close by.
But you must still ... those laws again ...
But we spoke about, if you murder a human being, you deny, the soul, the spirit ...
The soul?
The spirit.
...you deny the personality that organism, the evolution, progress, continuing, awakening.
You must give that spirit a new body.
How many times must Adolph Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler – what are your darlings called? – how many times must they return in order to make amends for that?
In ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ we analyzed Adolph Hitler.
Those children will be here until the end of the earth.
And they will soon reach a state, then you will say: they truly still experience a paradise.
Because in five hundred years’ time life on earth will be a paradise.
You will no longer have to work, because the nuclear fission, which is now ugly to you, but the atomic energy and everything which you get, society, that will be built up, you will get your light, you will no longer have to work, you will only just have to live, to make sure that you are purely harmonically father and mother.
And then you will come to the other side.
But these children have broken millions of laws of life; they must pull those lives back again, give them a new body.
At last you will hear from these people: ‘Must I return to that cursed world again?’
Because you have, ‘beyond the coffin’, in the astral world, an infinity, you have a space.
You go where you want to.
That you must live in an organism when you have light, is the most awful struggle, the most terrible state which we know.
We no longer have to eat, no longer have to drink, we are no longer a slave of the organism.
When we write about the fourth cosmic grade, we no longer have any technical wonders there.
Would you think that God in the Divine All has to do with a technical light?
You are light there.
There is no longer any night.
The earth revolves around the sun, it makes night.
But you get more planets there, the higher grade of life for the light, and that shines on the one planet like that.
You get six solar systems together there in that space.
There is no night, there are no diseases.
That will also come to earth.
Can you feel this?
But that cycle, and the cause and effect for the human being, and the wrong which we do here, that must finally one day – I talked about that – be made amends for, so that the human being brings himself in harmony again for the astral spiritual world.
And then you continue, and then you are part of that light, of that harmony.
Can you feel this?
But the human being who destroys here, that is his own business.
He will not be damned, but he is restricting himself, he is closing himself off from harmony and going further.
There are no sins.
You can make amends again.
God does not punish you.
Do you see?
And that must all go from that dogma.
God does not punish, God is a Father of love.
But you cannot pray to God, you cannot pray to the Christ.
What does the bible say now, what does the human being say now about Christ?
Christ died for the world and mankind.
How nice that would be.
Mankind murdered Him, you and I and everyone.
Because we gave those bad, those destructive, those hateful thoughts consciousness in our previous lives, didn’t we?
Because of that Jerusalem was inspired, because of our hatred.
We are all to blame for the destruction of the highest Self in the universe, the Christ.
And now people say: ‘He died for us.’
Yes, indeed, now He also died for that evil ...
No, we murdered Him consciously.
And now we can begin.
He says: I gave everything.
And then we come, and then he comes and she, and then others come, but you will soon also begin with this same real, harmonic thinking, in order to give the human being on the earth consciousness.
Wherever the human being lives, you will go there.
And if that human being is open, then you have the word.
Can you feel this?
And then you give from your light.
You materialize your soul, your personality, your space.
And you will do all of that soon.
You get a becoming conscious.
Can you feel this?
And in so many thousands of years’ time the whole of this mankind will have that light, from that grade, and that becoming conscious.
And then life on earth will be wonderful, because then kings and emperors will have nothing more to say.
Then they can also stand in the queue before God, because then the astral harmony and the justice will come from the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
Don’t you think so?
And now life becomes simple.
You still live in a chaos, in destruction.
And just look, just participate in society, just take part in lies and deception.
How did the children, your little ones, get on who thought that it was Adolph Hitler?
We wrote then, we had the book finished when your Mussert began.
Jozef said: ‘Oh child, child, just stay away from those laws.’
Those children thought: yes, progress is coming.
‘Do not interfere with that.’
You are from that and that party?
God does not know any parties.
You only just have to live.
How does the earth come together?
That is their business.
You just go your way, do not interfere in anything.
A spiritually conscious being does not do that, because you know: you have immediate attunement to lies and deception and to hatred, and that cannot be made amends for by millions, or by crowns.
The human being who accepts that, you will soon see that ‘beyond the coffin’, stands before his own awful little self, before the not understanding, the being harsh, the destroying.
Serving one human being by destroying the other human being, would God approve of that?
Christ too?
Can you feel how false, how inhuman, how unconscious everything is, also the university?
What does your minister, your professor teach?
Which spiritual faculties were able to lay foundations for spiritual, spatial harmony, directly attuned to the life of Christ, the Messiah?
What remains of that?
And that is not possible either, because the human being must still awaken for that.
Your society is only ten seconds old.
What would you think that we soon, in the future ...
In a hundred thousand years’ time, in millions of years’ time the earth will still not be finished with her children, because it will take ten, twenty, a hundred million years before that child from the jungle gets to experience the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races), seven grades here; that has already been taking a hundred million years.
You will have had millions of lives in order to be able to reach those organic, therefore physical grades of life, so that you can say one day: I now belong to the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races).
Can you feel this?
But that blood group pushes you of its own accord towards the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races).
But that will take millions of years.
Which God do people know here?
Who is God?
What is God?
How deep is God?
Can you feel how small He is here?
That is the unconsciousness of the human being.
I told you: we are free, we go, we go where we want, the whole world belongs to you ‘beyond the coffin’, if you have light.
And if you belong to the dark spheres, to the unconscious spheres, then you also have space.
Then you can also fly to America and to France, in order to descend again there into a human being, in order to live it up nicely, in order to experience that human being.
You can do that.
But we no longer touch that, because that human being must live himself.
Or do you not believe in possession and demon carry-on?
Just go round in society like that, just look.
But stay away from that.
(To the hall): Which of you?
(It remains quiet.)
That is taking too long for me.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I have forgotten it.’
I will come to you soon.
(To the hall): Over there.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I have a second question and that is this.
I had experienced a very remarkable day one November, then there was a new dogma ...’
We dealt with that here.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I wasn’t there then.
Perhaps I may ask the question ...’
Well, we consider this nonsense for the universe.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, yes.’
A load of nonsense.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The character of Mary, how do you see that?’
What did you say?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘The character of Mary, how do you see that?’
How do you see that?
A perfectly simple mother who gave birth to a human being.
But by means of these two people, by means of Joseph and Mary.
Or do you believe in an immaculate conception?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, no, no.’
Thank you.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I am done with that now.’
And Mary lives now ...
She had got contact, in those two thousand years, with the seventh sphere and the mental areas and the fourth cosmic grade.
You can still see her on the other side.
And she is a perfectly simple little mother, as you see the mothers here before you.
There is no more to it.
But the Catholic Church is standing still, at a standstill, and no longer knows how to give those children something, that’s it.
And now frills come, frills, frills, frills.
(To the hall): Yes?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You just said: we must not pay any attention to anything on earth, as it goes ...’
It goes.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘ ...but I wanted to ask you: God longs for the deed from us, doesn’t He?’
Yes, but only just for your food and drink.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, but the deed, but that means that we must convert our being Christian into the deed.’
You can do that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I understand that, in the way ...(inaudible) that I try precisely to do as much as possible, because I really want that, I help to get a solution in this economic society, in which we really have the opportunity to live as Christians.’
With this consciousness.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I mean this, then God also longs from us, that we convert all of that into the deed, so we must pay attention to that.’
But did you not hear what I just said about the prehistoric age?
Those people came there; there no Christ then, no bible, they had nothing, and now live in the Divine All, without a spiritual deed.
For God you do not need to ...
We are talking now, because Christ came.
But if there was no God, you know nothing, no Christ, no bible, there was no religion on earth, did you think that you would not be conscious for the cosmos then?
Fatherhood and motherhood keep sending you to a higher grade.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I mean that.
That higher grade, that is then ...(inaudible) wants to spread to mankind ...’
Yes, you cannot spread it, because it is not in your hands.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘We must ....’
Yes, it is in your hands now.
You can now give birth and create, can’t you, you have the creating organism.
So only natural.
Now for your society, now that you got light, now that you got a faculty.
Of your own accord.
What did Christ come for?
Now you can place these laws opposite the Catholic Church, Protestantism, and the human being who is ready, so also has the feeling, is open to you and you declare the rest insane.
And your deed is only ...
Look, child, if you are asked: ‘What do you know then?’, and you start to speak, then tell everything you know, what you possess, and continue.
Then the spark, the foundation will have been laid.
You should see sometime ...
People still pass over every day ...
How many millions of people leave, how many thousands of people now leave here from Holland, die?
‘Have you never heard of a life ‘beyond the coffin’?
Never heard that the spirits came to the earth in order to ... to the people ...?’
‘Yes, someone told me that ...’
Look, you have a foundation there.
One word, even if it does not refer to that day consciousness of the human being, because the human being still cannot accept that ...
Do you know how many grams of feeling you need in order to be thirsty and hungry, in order to absorb this wisdom in you?
Do you know how far ahead of the human being you are, the unconscious being of your society, now that you are sitting here?
Do you know how many millions of years of light you are ahead of that human being, the human being who now says: go away with that nonsense?
That gram of feeling gives you consciousness, gives you drive, gives you the possibility, the inspiration in order to speak, and you do not need to do any more than that.
You must only ensure – and now that goes to your consciousness, of course – you only have to ensure food and drink on earth.
And in that ...
(To someone in the hall): Yes, I will come back to you.
And you stand alone in that.
You have an independence in that.
Because actually all of this was not necessary.
But Christ, the All-human being came back and said ... When Christ entered the Divine All, from the moon, then He said: ‘Now we know where we live.’
Then Christ was in the Divine All and then the earth was still in the prehistoric age, was just out of it.
He says: ‘Only the earth has conscious evil.’
There is not a planet in the universe which has conscious evil, or higher consciousness.
That is the earth, that is the third cosmic grade of life.
Can you feel this?
The earth also only just has another side, other planets do not have that.
You conquer that space by experiencing the bodies which Mother Earth created for you.
(To someone in the hall): And what do you still have?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I would say ...
You just said that we must not pay attention to anything.’
Not in the evil.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, but I mean ...
A moment ...’
Yes, continue.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I am afraid that the people who are sitting here understand it just like that, that we must just not pay attention to anything and must just lead our own life.
I do not approve of that.’
(Hall reacts): No.
No, but then you have not listened and these people have.
Because I did not say what you are saying there.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘It could be that I did not understand it correctly.’
Yes, you did not.
(To the hall): Did I say that a moment ago?
(The people in the hall): ‘No.’
I said: do not interfere with destruction.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Oh, with destruction.’
Because who says it?
Everything which is still down for society, you can analyse the love, the spiritual personality for a deed for that.
Is that clear?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
But what you now still experience, is all injustice.
Can you feel this?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, now I have understood you in this.’
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘But may I ask you something else?’
Yes, indeed.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
We have enough time.
But I will be leaving soon, that is a pity for you.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘I wanted to ask this.
I also read in one of your books and you also said it here: if people commit suicide, that is something terrible.
And then you are not released from your body and then you must experience the whole rotting process.
But you were also talking about Hitler and then you said: Hitler is sleeping.
And I did not understand that.
Because he committed both murders and committed suicide.’
Where is Adolph Hitler now?
Where is he now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘What did you say?’
Where is he now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I know that ...’
He is in the ground, attached to his body, that is burning.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Because you say, he is sleeping.
You said something like that here before.’
He is sleeping, yes.
Do you not understand that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
Look. Adolph committed suicide, and other people.
They are ...
How did he put an end to his body, do you also know that?
People say, you hear that on earth, that he let himself be burnt.
He used cremation.
But he is still in Berlin, at that place, you can see him there – we visited him there – you can see him there ...
Or you can do that, if you live on the other side, when you come there, then you can visit everyone, then you can visit Himmler, and they search and they search, you can find them again, if you are interested.
So, how many years must Adolph Hitler still live, could he have lived?
You do not know that.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
He could have lived another thirteen years.
(Gentleman in the hall says something.)
So he now remains, he now remains attached to that place for seven years and then he falls asleep.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, but because you said: he is sleeping.’
I am not talking about that.
He is also sleeping.
He is roaring, he is shouting, so that you can hear it here.
Can you hear him now?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Then it is no longer sleeping.’
But then he falls asleep and then he falls back.
But now the actual sleep, the natural spiritual unconscious sleep.
Because he no longer has a life and a death.
That will come afterwards.
Have you read ‘The Cycle of the Soul’?
He is lying now, he will soon be released from his place, he has so many years to live, and then his life on earth will end.
Can you feel this?
So he remains awake there and falls asleep now and again, because he succumbs.
He succumbs thousands of times, he experiences that torture thousands of times there.
And then he is ripped from that aura, from that place, is not in harmony now, neither with life, neither with death, because he chased millions into death, denied them life, he broke the laws for that and is now lying on the beach somewhere like a jellyfish.
Now his own grade of life, to which he belongs, and the human being who is involved with him, they must slowly waken him again.
He must also come to the consciousness again, for returning to the earth.
That can also take a hundred thousand years.
I once told you one evening, and if it was so simple ...
Napoleon was photographed in Nice.
A circle, a spiritualist circle, they took photographs.
The clairvoyant saw Napoleon there with his horse; they start to photograph him.
Napoleon did not let himself be photographed, that is possible, from the other side.
But that was not possible now.
And that photograph was taken.
And then people came to ask André, Jozef Rulof: what do you think of that photograph?
Then he said: that photograph is false.
It was a double photograph of a photograph which was already drawn by a human being and obscured a bit.
Because Napoleon cannot manifest himself.
He cannot come back and get consciousness any earlier than in a hundred thousand years’ time, because he also did something in this world.
Can you feel this?
So he cannot be photographed.
He is still lying there like a jellyfish on the beach.
He must first come to life again, and that is reincarnation.
And it is like that now for all those people.
And now I say to you: do not interfere with evil.
What is the point of it ...
Politics, the poorest, the most stupid being who walks round on earth is the human being who takes part in politics.
That is so unconscious.
You make a fuss about an injustice, thieves.
The human being walks next to you with such things on his jacket, and steals and robs and murders and burns.
André is bothered to death, the whole universe is bothered, where does the human being get the brutality from in order to eat and to drink, to give parties, while the child there starves, also a child of God.
There are economies made, this is done with it.
André used to discuss all those laws with his master and then he got the spiritual, natural, the spatial, the explanation from the Christ.
How do those people wish to experience the first sphere if they just let themselves be carried?
Can you be carried by God?
Then be an example.
Where does that example come from then?
Now follow that half-conscious being.
We continue, and then nothing remains of you?
No, you get everything back, because you get your deity in your hands.
But the earth and society and all your universities mean nothing, because they are still nothing, they are still unconscious.
And now just become a minister.
What must you do if you are a minister?
Make a mess.
Pile up one injustice on top of another.
Now ...
What do you want from a judge?
Now, judge another human being.
What did Christ say?
Cast stones.
Are you free from your sins?
Why do you dare to sign the death warrant under the life of the human being, in order to shoot down such a poor unconscious child?
Is there no forgiveness?
And yet pray to a God who forgives?
It is outrageous, darkness.
I said: do not interfere with a human being who barks at you, shouts, hits.
Just continue; he is hitting himself.
If you are cheated, do not begin, because you are deceiving yourself.
The human being who steals from you, steals from himself, his spiritual self, his sphere and his Christ, his deity.
What do we say?
If you would like to give the kingdom to me, to a human being from the spheres, here for your people, then we would say: no.
Yes, if we will act like we do that.
And do you know what we will do then?
Then all your cannons will go into the sea and we would say: just come, Stalin, and make here ...
I have faith in your life.
You will take care of our children with your feelings and you will protect them.
Did you think that that child would poison me, now that I surrender completely?
Did you think that God created peoples, countries? Did you think that?
Thousands and thousands of ages ago your people was not there, nor France, nor England, nor America.
There was only one tribe, that was the first and the highest grade of life, that was the seventh grade for the human organism.
God does not know any kings and emperors, any justice of this world.
Because you are deceived from in front and from behind.
Do you take part in that?
Can you feel this?
It is becoming so simple.
But you lay your own path infallibly, you lay foundation upon foundation, infallibly.
This life is difficult, do you think?
It does not matter to André, even if you murder him.
Just knock us against the wall.
Because you kill us, because you murder us, because you crush our material, because that blood runs away?
What does that matter to us; we get ‘wings’.
Because it is not that.
It is ...
I told you several times; if Christ wants, if the universes want – give those children the proof – if I get that heart here, and then André will also approve of that, then I will cut it from this ribcage before your eyes, in order to ... for Christ ...
Then another will say: but you are not committing suicide, are you?
I will say: in order to say everything and to give everything.
It is a skill now to remain alive, when you live in injustice.
That is the difficulty.
And then you have nothing, and then you no longer look at riches and possessions.
Then you are a deity, then you love everything which lives, and then you get lights in your eyes.
Can you feel this?
Something very different, don’t you think?
But the bible does not say that.
You should see how the bible has kicked, raped and murdered these laws, these harmonic laws of God, of your spirit.
But they were just bible writers too, they were not cosmically conscious beings.
That was for a time, that was just for a while, for beyond the prehistoric age.
Those people knew nothing about sun and moon; which you know.
Those people did not know at school that the earth revolves around the sun.
But Galilei was destroyed by your Catholic Church.
Galilei, be a witness ...
‘No’, the pope says, the human being who represents God.
‘No, the sun revolves around the earth!’
And now this divine child, this sacred human being puts evolution at a standstill.
And now a child from your school knows that the earth revolves around the sun.
Is that being sacred?
Omnipotence of this universe!
Can you feel where it is going?
You get wisdom here around the bible, and now and again we touch upon the sacred divine laws of the Messiah, but they are therefore divinely conscious.
Clear or not?
(Lady in the hall): ‘But the Bellamy movement, it doesn’t take part in politics, does it?’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The Bellamy movement, it doesn’t take part ...
No, the Bellamy ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘But it is good to work for that, isn’t it?’
Yes, indeed.
For the Bellamy.
But then ...
Look, you can start to work for the Bellamy and then you should ...
You can speak: we do this, we do that.
The Bellamy was given from the first sphere.
So the human being who created the Bellamy, got the inspiration; which you read in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, which I had to write as a follower of master Alcar for the University of Christ.
And then you can see, then you can gauge, either mine, or that of Bellamy, whether we come from one source.
You can work for that, but ...
Yes, when?
It will come.
You see, when you want to bring the Bellamy, when you want to bring the spiritual becoming conscious from the first sphere to earth, then all the life must, Stalin, and all those people, all those unconscious beings must accept the Christ.
If you have a castle like that, why would you go and sit in a grotto?
And you must be able to experience the happiness of the castle in the mother.
Can you feel this?
The happy being one of a human conversation, I told you here, is worth more than ten million.
Because they cheat each other, they do not know each other.
You now get to know each other.
And now look into your own eyes and descend into the mother, and if you are a woman, descend into him, and analyze each other and dare to accept and to bow your head to the truth, justice and love.
Then you will be rising.
And then you will never stand still, then the universe will have respect for your lives, and then you will attract inspiration.
It can never go wrong for you.
Why not?
Because if you get cancer, then you will say: I thank you, because everything is fine to me.
We are not afraid of diseases.
What is leprosy?
There is no death.
The sooner you disappear from here ....
You are standing still here, do you know that?
Do you know when death actually already begins?
(The hall reacts.)
What did you say?
(Someone in the hall says): ‘At the birth.’
At the birth.
When the child comes from the mother, it stands still.
Because you only just get the giving birth in the mother, that is your development.
After all, you cannot learn anything from this society, can you?
Everything which you learn, takes you straight to the destruction for the cosmos.
Every spiritual faculty still has attunement to the bible, doesn’t it?
And the bible damns.
Now, nonsense?
All nonsense, isn’t it?
(To the hall): Is there anything else?
(It remains quiet.)
Is there anything else?
Then we are finished.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, where does the moment actually lie that the human being started to forget himself?’
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Where does the moment lie that the human being started to forget himself?’
That was some seven, ten, twenty millions years ago.
We started to forget ourselves there.
On earth ...
People asked André, and we described that in the cosmology ....
The bible tells about paradise, doesn’t it?
But on earth there was a paradise.
But that was a bit before the prehistoric age, when there were all those giant animals, a bit before that.
And then those giant animals came to the human being and lay down and licked from the human being’s hand.
That happened, there was that time.
We will show you soon.
Because those animals were born from the human being.
Felt the human being as father and mother as it were – the higher father and mother in the human being.
Then it was paradise there.
And suddenly the human being saw: but, my God ...
Yes, then it had happened.
Then the animal had to be killed.
And then that fear came back again.
That animal was incarnated, wasn’t it, because that animal also had to experience those organisms, and had that fear.
Because the animal was murdered, was killed by the people.
And in this way the hatred, the fear and everything originated.
But it was ten, twenty millions years ago.
(Lady in the hall): ‘But how did that fear enter the human being, master Zelanus?’
Because ...
In the human being?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, you said: that fear suddenly came.’
The human being became afraid of the pre-world animal, which lived around him.
The human being forgot himself.
First there was unity, and then the human being started to ensure his place.
As he got consciousness ...
First the human being was satisfied with this little place, wasn't he, here.
But he also wanted to have that, and that.
And then he says: ‘I must also have that’, and then the door opened and then he also took the corridor, and then he went down the stairs and then the whole building.
But then he wanted to have the street, nice too, he had to go away.
And then he took the square.
And within less than a century he had all of your Amsterdam, as space.
But those other animals had to go.
Can you feel this?
The human being started to grow, and the more consciousness he got, the more he wanted possessions.
But people had no possessions for that, do you understand this?
People lived, people had food, and drink.
We say about that: if you have food and drink, take care of that.
Awaken, let your personality awaken for food and drink in your society, so that you can live in peace and harmony.
And then you will go of your own accord, if you also have love, to the other side.
You will return to God and then your inner self will awaken.
(Lady in the hall): ‘How do those people get the privilege, who have lived in the jungle, and are already in the Divine All, who do not experience these difficult times?
But that is actually ...’
These difficult times?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.
You said that there are already people from the jungle living in the Divine All.’
They had an easier time.
(Lady in the hall): ‘
Look ...
The prehistoric age is very close by.
When we speak about the prehistoric age, then that is only seven hours ago.
But, if we go even further, then we must go back of course, and then we already come back to seven hundred million years.
And one thing and another happened in seven hundred million years.
But the earth had the first organism ready.
So, the organism comes out of the waters, doesn’t it, the human being came out of the waters, and the earth gave that body consciousness.
And then we got: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven grades for the organism.
The highest of which had finally completed the cycle of the earth.
And that continued on the other side and built ...
For that matter, you read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, when the human being came back and everything was possessed, wasn’t it?
And then he started to help that human being, and then he awakened.
Do you feel?
And he freed himself from the darkness, from those unconscious worlds.
They are seven grades.
And if you now also want to live harmonically on earth, now in this society, and you start to say ...
You cannot bear the suffering of society, because every human being must take care of himself.
And the state, because these people are the representatives of your people, they must take care of the sickly child, you do not need to do that.
People used to do that.
But now the healthy one must, society must watch over the psychopathic, insane child.
Is that true?
You do not need to do that.
You take care of yourself and you remain in harmony, and then you pass over to that awakening of your own accord.
It is very simple.
As long as you remember that.
And you get foundation after foundation.
And gradually you enter the first sphere, and when you are there, we will see each other again.
I thank you, my sisters and brothers.
My thanks for the children of Mother Nature.
I hope that I have managed it okay with this cold.
(Hall): ‘Thank you.’
It was not easy.
If I talk for another hour, I will talk this cold away, but that will not work now.
I can talk it away.
I thank you for your feelings.
(Hall): ‘Thank you, master Zelanus.’