Tuesday evening 5 December 1950

Good evening, my sisters and brothers.
(Hall): ‘Good evening, master Zelanus.’
Which of you is ready with the first question?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, master Zelanus, I would like to hear the following from you.
Jozef Rulof dealt with the teachings of the Rosicrucians last winter, and then Jozef Rulof said, among other things, in The Hague, in ‘Ken U Zelve’: ‘If there are clairvoyants in the hall at the moment, then they will be able to see Max Heindel next to me.
And he is encouraging me to say what was wrong in those teachings.’
Now my question is this: does the possibility not exist now that Max Heindel, as the leading Rosicrucians themselves, who have certain occult gifts anyway, can have an influence in order to remove those faults from his teachings?’
That is not possible.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Is that not possible?’
But why not?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Because they do not want to accept that anyway?’
He cannot reach them.
He does not have an instrument.
Mary Baker Eddy made mistakes for Christian Science.
I had to record a message in ‘Spiritual Gifts’ from her, from master Alcar, for the masters, for her life.
You can say, some five thousand mediums live in America, you meet them there in the street, there is not one amongst them who can record her message, not one.
She must go to Holland for that, she must come here for that.
Can you feel this?
Five thousand mediums in America, high-up people, great people, clairvoyants.
There is not one, who can record a message from her ... - because she is searching for that medium ... - in order to be able to say, to speak through that medium in order to say: if you want to pray to God, to Christ, for diseases, misery and everything, in the very first instance for diseases, and you do not know your diseases, then go to the doctor first.
There are followers who accepted her for a hundred percent.
To bring teachings is very dangerous; I told you.
You must start to think.
You must make comparisons, you can do that.
Those teachings of Mary Baker Eddy said: pray, pray, pray, pray.
We teach you: you cannot pray for everything.
And when you enter the universe – I can carry on talking about this the whole evening, you can already write a book about this – then we ask you, then we direct our view and our feelings with regard to her in the universe, the beginning of creation.
Then we can say: how did the prehistoric ages, how did those people enter the hereafter without God, without Christ, without a bible, without a doctor, without arts and sciences?
Those people now live in the Divine All.
Mary Baker Eddy says: pray, pray, pray, pray.
But now an arm has broken and the people started to pray, father and mother started to pray.
And their people in France, and in England, in America, in Holland, in Germany, everywhere, those teachings went over the world.
Thousands and thousands of people pull her back to the earth.
She becomes hazy.
In her beautiful feeling, what she could and wanted to do for mankind, she becomes hazy at present; has no feeling, has no happiness, no light, because those people pull her back to the non-existent, the unconscious.
That arm of that child, a leg, a disease, inside, that could not be prayed for, the doctor had to come for that, an operation.
Appendicitis, peritonitis, and various other states, illnesses, people could have dissolved them, but the human being is Christian Science.
The human being wants to do more than God.
And now people pray, people pray, people pray; an arm turns to rot.
The peritonitis turns to rot.
Death, death, death.
Mary Baker Eddy is to blame.
She lived in America, she had contact.
From that world she can, spiritually – you must listen carefully – she can reach her people.
But Christian Science says: keep your hands off spiritualism, because that is a devilish carry-on.
So her children are already not open to her.
She cannot reach them, that is not possible.
And you experience the same laws in this way with Max Heindel.
Those Rosicrucians are clairvoyant, they are clairaudient, they heal.
But they cannot receive the frills of Max Heindel.
Max Heindel is beginning.
Max Heindel is a follower of mine.
Now he is following us.
‘What should I do?’
‘Destroy what you built up.
Destroy what you told.’
Are we accepted?
We must clear up.
We must bring the core, lay new foundations; the University of Christ can do that.
Max Heindel said here on earth: ‘I disembodied!’
He never saw the other side!
He disembodied in thoughts; you can do that too.
And just continue.
Just begin.
Of course, Max Heindel, his soul, his spirit, laid his foundations in Ancient Egypt.
All those people, all those people ...
Why did you not go and look for God?
Why do you not have a task for these laws?
Why do you not write books?
Why are you not clairvoyant?
The human being mastered that.
Can you feel this?
I have followers before me this evening, the core.
I will do everything I can.
When we come to the other side soon, then you will feel, then we will stand before these laws.
Who are you?
What do you want?
What faith do you have?
What did you do on earth?
A spiritualist who tells you something, tells nonsense, he will soon be attached to his nonsense.
His light, his life, his feeling, even if you are that beautiful and that good: you have darkened the light of the universe here.
This is why all of this is dangerous.
You must not look for this from Jozef Rulof, because he flings us, kicks us away.
We taught him: stand on your own, natural feet.
Christ said it: ‘Study the things.’
We forced him, master Alcar forced him, and demands: study every moment, from where, for what purpose, how we come, what do we say?
Kick us away.
One word from me, one law dealt with wrongly, one law which I do not know, which I have not experienced, it cannot reach becoming conscious, materialization in my life; I would suffocate, I would fall down ... if you experience the light, if you experience the truth, if you experience the laws, if you can see those laws.
Max Heindel, Christian Science, theosophy, Blavatsky, just go on and on.
Mistakes were experienced in Ancient Egypt.
British Indian, every temple on earth, you have thousands of them ...
By means of these books, by means of this wisdom, by means of the laws of the universe you can analyze every life of feeling for a temple.
And in this way Mary Baker Eddy did more wrong than good, straight to God, but still the dark in the life of feeling.
Can you feel this?
The human being says: pray, pray, pray, pray.
If you pray, if you attune yourself to higher thinking and feeling for soul, spirit, life and astral world, God, Christ, you attract beautiful thoughts of your own accord.
But what do you want to pray about?
That you must die, that you must pass away?
The astrologers, Rosicrucians make horoscopes, they do astrology; the nonsense which comes to you, the nonsense which you receive, the gossip, the nonsense.
Do not go on a journey, and do not do that, because this and that will happen.
Max Heindel makes calculations.
I say: ‘How did you make these calculations?’
‘I made calculations.
Do not go, because accidents will happen.’
Then I asked him one thing: ‘Do you wish to prevent the death, the evolution of the human being?
Were you afraid that that human being would perish?’
Can you feel what lies in that?
Are you afraid that you will die, that you will perish?
Do you wish to prevent your evolution on earth, do you wish to calculate that?
What remains of that, of the teachings of the Rosicrucians, of the Christian Scientists?
Everything, the good; of course, the good.
Is that universe, is that consciousness, dogmatic?
You have the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
We gave André the order to send that to England, to the people of Israel.
What does Israel say, the head of Israel?
‘An idiot.
We are that.
Israel is dogmatic.
We are cosmic.
You must accept us soon anyway.
If you cannot accept this, there will not be any hereafter for you either, there will no longer be a transition, life will stand still.
And we were able to make thousands of comparisons.
We go back to the jungle; must those people live there, remain there?
You in the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races), you have comfort, you built up a society, you have arts and sciences, and must those people continue to live there?
Will they never get growth, light, life, feeling of love, consciousness?
Do you see?
Mary Baker Eddy can still be seen on Golgotha, she is lying there.
She is still praying.
She is floating and is floating over the earth in order to find an instrument; there is not one of them who is open to her, not amongst all those millions of people, a woman or a man, and into whom she descends and can say: ‘I am speaking, I am Mary Baker Eddy.’
If only she could reach us, but we do not need her nonsense now.
You do not accept that, for that matter, do you?
Thousands and thousands of churches were built up for Christian Science.
Why is this difficult?
We do not expect any ten thousand, any twenty thousand people, we only attract one human being out of hundreds of thousands, because you now get the last, the very last which you can experience on the other side when you enter the Spheres of Light; the first, the second, the third sphere.
You get this wisdom for the first time in the fourth sphere.
Then we reach the cosmology.
Then you can carry the universe.
If you begin with this cosmology in the first sphere, and we were to bring you back to the moon, and to all the stars and planets, and you were to absorb that, then you would still succumb when you come from the first sphere.
Do you see?
Then we start to experience the first sphere, master as feeling.
And that is light, that is knowledge, that is wisdom, that is fatherhood, motherhood, soul, spirit.
And you get that spirit in you.
And how do you wish to suddenly carry, deal with, experience the cosmos, that space, that universe in a short time?
Can Mary Baker Eddy do that?
Can Max Heindel do that?
Max Heindel was given the order to start to think for twenty years, fifty years, a thousand years, only just think.
What did I do?
I violated something.
He attached thousands of people to his personality, to his thinking and feeling.
But that is wrong.
He went from dry land into the ditch with the people.
And now those people go over the earth.
You cannot release those people from Max Heindel, or from Christian Science, or from Blavatsky.
That continues.
But that human being enters that consciousness in the astral world: in lies and deception, in untruth.
He said: ‘I was there.
I disembodied, I was in the heavens.
I was in the universe in the dream world.’
Just read that book sometime.
We gave Andre the order: read that book.
You can now make comparisons for yourselves.
If we were to send you, who are here now, if I was to send you over the earth and you started to speak, from now on, and we were able to do it – you have your task, we do not do that – and we were to say: ‘Go and walk and explain, analyze the laws of the universe’, then you would be a prophet at that moment, you would have received so much.
You know that.
Just speak with an unconscious being, just speak with Christian Science, with a Catholic, a Protestant, with an academic, with a professor, with a doctor, with an astronomer, and a psychologist.
You will have them, you will already blow them from your hand.
You get that from the masters.
That is your divine gift.
That is your spiritual consciousness.
We are infinite in speaking, in thinking, in feeling.
We can continue analyzing the laws infinitely.
We still have to begin, I told you.
You also experience that in The Hague.
We still have to begin.
This in which we live, they are a hundred thousand books.
Max Heindel had one of them, laid with wrong foundations.
Christian Science, what will remain of that soon when Mohammedanism, Buddhism, the Catholic, the Protestant, dissolves in this knowledge, in the wisdom, in the metaphysical teachings of the other side, of the University of Christ?
Everything dissolves in this knowledge, this wisdom, in this science, this being one, this feeling one, for universe, for all those laws of life.
And then you get the experiencing of ‘the coffin’, death, life.
There is no longer a church anymore on earth: the universe is your church.
Can you feel this?
What did Christian Science, what did Mary Baker Eddy bring now?
She is walking there.
You can find her on Golgotha, begging: ‘Clear that up for me!’
Blavatsky, Blavatsky, Madam Blavatsky, a child from the East, a princess, a metaphysical child, a master there.
Have you never heard of Paul Brunton?
Also now in the world.
All Egyptians, people who experienced the temples, the laws, who went through insanity, through death, and now all reached awakening in the West.
All pupils from one source, from one grade, from one consciousness.
Who has full consciousness?
Why did the people not come here?
They do not come off their white horse.
They do not do that.
Now they must clear that up.
We must go against it.
We tell, we talk, we write.
Where do you find those teachings?
Why does Mary Baker Eddy, why does Blavatsky, why do the Rosicrucians not have those teachings, not have those books, not have that wisdom, not have that instrument?
There is just one who can offer it.
The masters, that order, there are not hundreds of instruments connected to that.
There is only needed for the whole earth.
And if there are ten of them, it is already destruction, it becomes arguments, it becomes deception.
Precisely because there is just one of them, one instrument for the whole earth.
This instrument through which we work, we built that up.
That came from Egypt.
We had to build that up when Jeus was still living in the mother.
Had Christian Science, had theosophy, had the Rosicrucians experienced this contact?
You will not find it anywhere.
(To the hall): Anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, thank you.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘May I ask something?
You say, if ten of them were to proclaim those laws, then it would become arguments, then it would become lies.
Not lies.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Because they have everything from one source anyway, it is one truth which you tell anyway.
It is not a subjective truth, but it is a general truth.
So if there are ten of them as you ...’
I should have added: it is not possible.
Then you would not have been able to ask that question.
On the other side ...
I have under me – I do not know whether you can accept this – just begin with a hundred million years, but just speak about a hundred million people, and now you continue to speak for ten million years, about millions of people, they are my followers.
Can you believe that?
Very simple, you have that too.
You can learn everything which lives under your consciousness, you have something to give, you have something to give.
All the Catholics and Protestants, the Christian Scientists, they are your pupils now, already at this moment.
When you have finished reading those books, then they will be that, then the whole Catholic Church will lie at your feet.
Don’t you find it crazy that we have millions of people who are followers of ours, from the first, the second, and the third sphere?
And now you go higher, you get cosmic consciousness.
On the other side I served for master Alcar, I served for that order.
That order, the University of Christ, that is the order from the seventh sphere, and that order lives in the Divine All, that is one source, one thinking, one feeling, one task, one becoming conscious, one consciousness, one motherhood, one fatherhood, everything, everything one.
And for that purpose I was precisely one gram of feeling ahead of millions, billions of men and women.
It was me.
And it is André here.
So there cannot be ten of them.
There can only be one of them.
If you really work, serve for the highest source, for the source of the life, the soul, the spirit, the personality of God, then only one unity can be experienced.
And then there cannot be ten of them.
They get in each other’s way, they contradict each other.
That comes there in French, here in Dutch and that covers itself; but that is not possible, creation has not yet experienced that.
I should have told it to you differently.
André was already there, in that sphere.
Why not here?
That is not possible.
If you have read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ then you will know: Moses would and should live on the other side.
He did not come from the first sphere.
If you are in the first sphere, then you are no longer open to disintegration, destruction.
Moses had the cross in his left hand and the sword in his right hand.
If they were to say to André: ‘Go, and elevate that people, go to that city, and if the people, if the Catholic Church, Protestantism, Judaism do not want to surrender themselves, just let fly at them, then just throw bombs; they must come’, then André will now say: ‘Do that yourself; I will not violate myself.’
Moses was not that far.
People could not have given the task of Moses to a child from the first sphere either.
We no longer do that, you can no longer do that.
People do not need to say to a master from the first sphere: you will become king on earth.
Would you want to return?
Then he will say: no.
I am not open to injustice.
You don’t even want that atmosphere anymore.
You can no longer experience that task, because you suffocate in that life, in that consciousness.
Now just look into society, what remains of it when you really enter the first sphere.
Then you are free from everything, also from society.
You cannot experience, accept a task for society , because you immediately have to do with lies and deception, with injustice and everything.
You can no longer do that.
You are just in the first sphere.
You no longer lie and cheat.
You can no longer accept, you do not want to see injustice there, because you devote your life to justice, to love, the life of feeling, awakening, benevolence, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood, maternal love, paternal love.
What still remains of that now?
André comes from that sphere.
Not from the Land of Twilight, because then he would be open again to half-wakening consciousness, but that injustice, can also still be added.
But it is no longer possible here.
Here the life of feeling must be able to feel and think, already for itself, otherwise the master cannot, otherwise the thought cannot get through.
If the master is stopped, works, serves, inspires, also justice, and the source is unjust, insensitive, unconscious, how do you wish to work then?
That is all connected to each other.
Now you cannot begin to write.
You can develop that instrument, you can build that up, but sooner or later you will lose it.
That instrument collapses.
In this way everything must be calculated, that is balanced, that is seen, that is felt; that life, that instrument, that life of feeling possesses precisely so much in order to serve.
And now there were, from Ancient Egypt, in the first sphere, some ten million instruments in the first sphere as human being, as man.
A woman is not capable of this.
As a mother you cannot do this task.
Why not?
You must be a creator for that, free from motherhood, from giving birth.
Motherhood has all the gifts in it.
Motherhood is the consciousness with God, contact, the being one with God.
This is why there were no female, or maternal Van Dycks, no Rembrandts born either, no Bachs, no Beethovens, that is not possible.
The psychologist does not understand that, but that is cosmically justified.
The mother has everything.
You can no longer get around your life of feeling as motherhood.
Is it clear?
That is the most beautiful and the most wonderful gift of God with regard to the universe, your character, your personality, your spirit.
Back to society here.
That is everything, that is evolution, that is inspiration.
You record the divine laws inwardly.
You describe, you experience, they grow in you, you have the growing life of feeling, not only as mother and father and socially, but spatially, divinely, in a Christian way.
Do you wish to start to paint, to play music, to recite opposite that?
What do you want?
The man is free, the creating power is free, it does not accept that motherhood.
It can, we can, because we live in this organism, receive an inspiring feeling and thinking, because we are free from the highest giving birth, the highest experiencing, the highest creating; that is motherhood.
André was precisely ahead of two hundred million instruments.
He could be born.
Can you feel this?
No gift, no mercy from God.
You say, you probably speak – this evening we will be close to each other – you speak about a gift from God, the voice, the human being with a wonderful voice.
That is your own possession, physical possession.
You do not get any gifts from God, it is you.
But if you do not develop the life of feeling, if the life of feeling for the vocal cords has not been developed fully, at a hundred percent in the seventh grade, you cannot sing.
The others ...
You have an alto, another has a tenor, and that one a bass.
If that bass was not there, the organic life is also different in attunement for the creating power as body, fatherhood.
Can you feel this?
Not a gift.
Not a gift which God has given you; no, that belongs to your grade of life, psychic possession, spiritual possession, gifts.
If you have the feeling, the master can, the astral world can work, but you mastered the feeling yourself.
This instrument, André ....
People speak: is that truth?
How can a human being, how could a human being without an education, without university, how could a human being imagine, be able to feel all of this from the earth?
Why can you not do that?
This must be true.
This is so sacredly cosmically true, that God can be attracted and experienced on earth, we can give those lectures.
That you see Christ, that you see the universe, that it elevates, connects you.
But then you succumb.
This must be true.
Why already?
Because you cannot experience, nor feel, nor see, nor hear it under your own power.
This must be from outside you, come from outside you.
Can you feel it?
We play with the life of feeling and we already prepared that life of feeling when the first life started to think.
That was between the third and the fourth month in the mother, when Jeus was still living in Crisje.
And now Jozef Rulof can say: ‘I have nothing.’
Jozef Rulof can say of himself: ‘I am just a big oaf.’
Did you get a fright?
Say it about yourself, then another person does not need to do it.
But, neither writing, nor painting, nor speaking, nor looking, nor healing, nothing belongs to him, nothing.
We ordered him to heal.
He no longer needs to make diagnoses.
Although he would already be able to make diagnoses from his consciousness.
He looks at the human, he becomes one, the natural telepathy goes around in him, and you see, it already lives in him.
He does not do that.
He now lays wrong foundations; the master is not there.
It is with us, here it is: yes or no.
And what do you do on earth?
What do you do for your personality?
What do you do for your love?
For your character traits, for the thousands which you have, which you feel?
You sit next to each other, you feel each other, do you pass over into each other?
You do not need to sit down like that in the Spheres of Light, you will not sit down there like that; we bring you into the own heart, or people will not achieve anything with you, and we will be powerless.
We go hand in hand, you have also lost the material life of feeling.
We float through the universe, we go to planets, of course.
You can experience the temples.
But the most wonderful thing which God can give you, the Spheres of Light can give you, is: experience each other, experience the soul, the life of feeling, the personality.
Then you will experience God.
How do human beings in society think about each other?
How do human beings feel about each other?
How does the life of feeling react?
Where are we going this evening?
If I go further ...
I want to speak in such a way that you long to die.
And that is also the most beautiful thing there is.
Christian Science and the Rosicrucians say, they calculate their horoscope: do not go into that and that street, and do not go away with your car, because accidents will happen; you will die.
We say: great.
What kind of teachings are they which calculate that you may not die, you will not die?
Because is that trouble?
Is that misery?
What do you want to have on earth?
How do you think?
How do you feel?
What is the life of André, Jozef like?
There is no loss, never.
When you are one with the universe you can lose nothing and never lose anything again, because then you have everything.
The ‘coffin’ gives you the ‘wings’.
Disease and troubles; what do they mean?
Yes, where will we go, when the laws of the universe speak, when the human being thinks: I have something to bring here on earth?
Now go to the spiritualists sometime.
What remains of that?
‘In the street gutters of the city’, Frederik says in ‘Masks and Men’, ‘you can find it.
I gather it up, I have my pockets full.
There, look.
The people cannot see it.’
But theosophy, the teachings of the Rosicrucians, spiritualism, Ancient Egypt lie in the street gutters of the West.
Everything has been sullied.
By the human being who clings to something; and has no gifts, no space, no contact, and who predicts something for the human being.
Can you feel this?
In this way the Christ was, in this way the universe was, in this way God was sullied.
(To the hall): Did you have anything else?
Which of you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘You did indeed once say that all attempts by the people in order to reach the moon or another planet will always fail, because, yes, that atmosphere is not suitable for the human being.
Now I wanted to ask, is the reverse also possible?
In Singapore at the moment ...(inaudible) there was a whole article in the paper again about those flying saucers.
They do not know a solution for them and now say: that must be from another planet.
Is the reverse possible then?’
André presented us with those things and asked, or actually did not ask, because he knows: another planet does not have flying saucers, they do not exist.
But there are instruments, there are technicians busy bringing about those things.
You will see and experience them in the future.
And now and again a test balloon like that flies into the universe.
But you will experience soon, later, that the human being will want to go from earth to the moon, the academics are busy with that – you will get to experience films, a wonderful fantasy – but does the academic know, the astronomer, do the technicians know, does that life of feeling know the universe, does he know the consciousness outside this atmosphere?
What will happen, which laws must they be able to receive, when they are capable of going to the moon with an instrument?
‘When we have left the atmosphere’, the academic says, ‘then we will attract another planet of our own accord.’
But he forgets that the planet pushes the earth away and him too.
What is gravity in the universe?
They know, when they come higher, when they are above the atmosphere, or have reached those and those miles, that the gravity dissolves.
What does that mean?
We could immediately go and speak to that academic and analyze the laws for him of outside the atmosphere of the earth, and at that and that height.
Because the atmosphere of the earth has seven grades of consciousness.
Now we are released, in the first, the second, the third and the fourth grade, there is already something lying there.
What is that?
What do you wish to do when you are outside the atmosphere?
Yes, we take other wonders along.
We have a respiration.
We have oxygens.
Yes, you have that, but for where, for which world?
Where does that oxygen belong, to which grade and law of life as consciousness does that oxygen belong?
(Lady in the hall): ‘For the earth.’
Here, for the earth.
What do you wish to do with that outside the atmosphere, which is a thousand and a millions times more rarefied?
Do you see?
We take along oxygens.
Can you achieve something?
Yes, you can rarefy the oxygen to a certain extent, such as the division for the atom takes place now.
That is cosmology, technical cosmology.
You can rarefy that oxygen, to what extent?
I told you something a moment ago.
Where does the giving birth begin?
Where does the awakening begin?
(Lady in the hall): ‘In the third and fourth grade.’
In the third grade, between the third and the fourth grade of the atmosphere.
That is the rarefying of the consciousness.
The atmosphere is your breathe of life.
Your lungs cannot even absorb, cannot deal with that rarefied material anymore, they no longer have any strength.
That respiration must, the strength must also have consciousness again in order to make those lungs grow.
And now it goes through you.
It grows through you, it comes out again.
It is porous, your organism becomes porous.
It becomes so rarefied, that you no longer possess any breathe of life.
And you take along oxygens.
Now you can rarefy those oxygens to the third and the fourth grade.
But then you are still not even outside your atmosphere, because you are in the seventh rarefied grade for the universe.
And that no longer belongs to your organism, that already belongs to Mars, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Sun or Moon.
Where do they wish to go?
What do those people wish to experience?
Victim upon victim?
The human being comes that far.
He will achieve technical wonders and he will leave the earth and then it will be called: to so far.
And then he will enter a sphere where he will continue to drift.
A planet is capable, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus are capable of keeping a half universe, millions of stars, meteors at a distance.
Can you feel this?
That happens like that.
Do not come near me.
No, you push that away of your own accord.
What does that little insect want, that little needle, that little instrument which has said goodbye to the earth there and now enters the universe?
What does that human being hope to achieve?
After so much time, thousands and thousands of years, the human being will come that far, because then we will get instruments, another meaning again, and then we will reach the centrifugal powers for the very first beginning.
And then there will also be material which is material, which has a protection, and yes still astral, can you feel this?
People will achieve spiritual wonders, discover a material which receives condensing such as the universe originated.
Where must we go now?
The human being will soon get wonders, get to experience technical wonders of awe-inspiring beauty in your own atmosphere.
Atomic energy, division of the atom, that power.
You will soon get, later, in a hundred years’ time, five hundred years, a thousand years, you will get to experience the paradise on earth.
You will really want to return, in order to make a journey.
In order to experience the earth again as man and woman and to do nothing else than experience, accept, receive wonderful things, because they are there.
But it is not equal to ...
There is a great difference between life ‘beyond the coffin’, in the first sphere, when you can say: this space belongs to me.
And you levitate.
You go to the moon, consciously, you do not need to fly, you fly, you travel, you go, hand in hand.
The human being possesses that inside, that is your conscious personality.
You go and you know the laws of life, you are cosmically conscious.
Then what, if you can make a journey over the earth?
Then what, what does that say, what does that mean?
And just go to a university, how people are blinded by a wonder, a material wonder.
The wonder that you possess love, is more wonderful than all the possessions of the earth, because now the universe belongs to you.
True or not?
You get that as a human being, that is your feeling and thinking, the being one with all the life created by God, on earth, water, nature, the animal kingdom, the human being.
Do you see?
On the fourth cosmic grade, what is life like there?
There is no longer any material light, people no longer need any light, no longer any technical wonder, no longer any food and drink, there are no more diseases.
You live there; you go back to the Divine All, to God.
The third cosmic grade, this universe, created a new universe, that is the fourth cosmic grade, the fourth created the fifth, the fifth created the sixth, and the sixth created the seventh, that is the Divine All.
How do you live there?
You no longer need any clothes, any garment, because your aura is your garment, that takes shape of its own accord.
We wear garments ‘beyond the coffin’ and you see your own personality in that.
Do you not read that in the books?
If we were to describe a human garment, then that would be a book of a thousand pages, only your garment.
And the light in your eyes, your feeling, your thinking, your consciousness.
Your garment is formed by the life aura of the consciousness, that is the personality, that is the feeling and thinking, the being one with light.
If you know that light, you have given birth to that light, you have created it, then you absorb that life aura in you and the garment shows that golden radiance.
Where are we going?
What is music?
What is art?
What is science?
(To the hall): Anything else?
(Lady in the hall): ‘How could the prehistoric being end his earthly cycle, if he did nothing else but kill on the earth?’
He did not only kill.
You all killed.
You are all murderers.
Do not get a fright.
You are dear little children, sisters and brothers, you love each other.
But what lives in us?
When you soon come ‘beyond the coffin’ and you continue ...
It is possible that you will return to the earth, you know that, then you have to make amends for murder or manslaughter.
You perhaps destroyed children in previous lives, we flung that life back in God’s face.
We murdered ten, a hundred, thousands of people consciously.
And we know, now we must give all those bodies, we must give those souls a new body, because we send those lives too soon to the next stage.
You go back to the earth or you continue to live on the other side.
And now you ask: how did those people get there?
They murdered.
They had to make amends for all those murders, because there was someone on earth who attracted them to that earth again.
Can you feel this?
That soul which was born again, it demanded from you that you give birth to a new body as mother.
If you are a father – I explained those laws to you – then you must return to motherhood, in order to bring about, to materialize that giving birth.
A cause and effect, you know that too, you will read in the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, you find seven grades in the hells for that, don’t you?
You have to experience your karmic laws there with regard to the earth.
In the dark spheres you experience the cause and effect, lies and deception, hatred.
You can hate as much as you like, as long as you do not destroy any human beings.
Then you enter a dark sphere.
People call that hells, but they are not hells.
The Catholic Church says: they are hells.
In ‘A View into the Hereafter’ master Alcar had to use that word hells, because otherwise you would not understand it.
People should banish that word immediately, because they are the unconscious grades of life for the human being.
The human being still did not have any light.
That light must awaken in us.
And then the human being saw ...
The human being connected himself, that first human being, they were finished, but lived in the first grade for the darkness.
They were seven transitions, as you also experienced the secondary planets for the macrocosmos.
That world was already there, that was already there at the beginning of the first embryonic death, the world of the unconscious.
But that astral world lived behind that.
Is it clear?
So the human being who had completed the cycle, had experienced the organism, had taken the karmic law to the harmony for the birth, isn’t it true, had taken back to God ...
The prehistoric being began to murder, yes, but the prehistoric being did not murder like the consciousness of now.
You have murdered more through the last twenty lives, than in the prehistoric age, because that happened now and again.
The human being was searching for his food, an animal came in the area, a lower grade came to the highest, then the highest grade chased the lower grade from his tribe.
What we did as man, was only rob women, in order to get a mother.
Can you feel this?
If you were already connected to the tribe, the human being there also had order.
Do you know that in the jungle there is a better order than the society with all the beautiful justice which you now possess?
The human being in the jungle experiences a justice which is still natural; which you divided here for the social life.
You can do more wrong here, make mistakes, than a child in the jungle – do you know that? – even if you scalp.
That’s it.
Another life came to that grade and was banished or killed, and that happened now and again.
Now go and look for your society, if you become a general, a dictator, a ruler, and you have the order to send hundreds of thousands of people into war there: your word is law.
You go, you force the human being to murder.
The human being must say: I will not do it.
Just shoot me.
Because if you violate yourself and you shoot a human being, then you have already begun with the disharmony, the destruction for your normal harmonic continuing.
Can you feel this?
Now just go to war.
Look what happens on earth.
Just take part.
We all did that.
Finally you reach awakening and think: good heavens, good heavens!
Each human ...
What a chaos it is here on earth!
But what kind of chaos lives between life and death, in the world of the unconscious?
The prehistoric being still experienced the natural, divine being born for fatherhood and motherhood, for the normal harmonic being reincarnated.
Can you feel this?
There were no disturbances in that.
And then those people entered the darkness, descended into the human being.
We write in the book, I must describe that, I can describe that, because we experienced those laws: mankind on earth was possessed for the highest grade of life.
The lowest grade of life, that means, the jungle, was not possessed.
Why do you only have insanity, psychopathy here in your society, and why do you not find that in the jungle?
The psychologist does not know that.
They are laws of nature.
There is no insanity, no religious mania in the jungle.
Only your beautiful, wonderful, just society has that.
Directly, destruction, sullying; that is the becoming conscious of your university here now.
You are a doctor, an academic, do you think that Christ, that God has respect for your professorship, for your doctorship, your psychology?
Which learning, which faculties have the right to say: you are now truly a doctor, you have achieved a title, you have reached a grade of consciousness, may people give you that?
No one has that.
Neither the Catholic, nor the Protestant, nor the doctor, nor the astronomer, nor the psychologist; you must begin first.
The human being in the jungle could not make those mistakes, because that human being still did not have that consciousness.
The higher the consciousness comes, the deeper the destruction becomes.
And that is the truth.
And finally they were free, then mankind was possessed.
Did you never hear me speak here – no, I have not yet spoken about that here – about the natural insanity and the sickly ?
There is a natural insanity, which is not sick.
But you in the West, you in society are sick, you are sick.
You have a dreadful life of feeling.
You no longer know it.
And then the whole of mankind, the highest grade, can you feel this, it was possessed, and yet not sick.
It was only a matter of experiencing fatherhood and motherhood, to lie a bit, to eat a bit, to drink a bit.
And then the human being started to see that, when people started to feel for the human being, in order to stay out of that life, the life started to think, it started to radiate and inspire for the good, it started to warn about the evil there, then light came.
Then we were building up, creating.
You do not need to do anything in this society when you have the light, possess the wisdom in order to tell a human being: I have light, life and love.
You do not need to do it.
We have begun with it.
The other side, the astral world has art, has music, possesses the philosophical systems.
Can you feel this?
We crawled from the darkness to the light.
We went uphill and uphill and uphill, not downhill, but always uphill, until we finally entered a world of understanding, of feeling, of warmth.
Then you fall down and then you begin to think.
And then you go back, then you start to ask.
You first start to release yourself from the earth.
You start to explore the earth.
Do you see?
Why is an Eskimo (see rulof.org/human-being-or-soul), why is a child from the jungle not insane, not psychopathic?
Can you feel this?
Why not?
Explain that, present those questions to your psychologist.
What does psychology know?
What do the spiritual faculties know about all the divine truths, the laws of justice for fatherhood and motherhood, for consciousness, physical and spiritual?
Those foundations still have to be laid.
Do you see?
You will get those teachings, you will experience those contacts, when you have released yourself from that darkness, from those unconscious laws of life, worlds of life; they are spaces, every sphere is a space.
And by giving yourself to the light, you awaken, you get light.
So the divine light lies in us, lives in us, you are that.
But we have not yet reached that grade of consciousness.
How should you live on earth?
Say a wrong word, lie to a human being, deceive a human being, think wrongly of the human being, doubt a divine law, a truth.
Do not dare to search, do not dare to think, follow the Catholic Church, Protestantism, Buddhism, attach yourself to those teachings; and you restrain yourself, if you do not get consciousness.
This is why every new life is dangerous; you only start to listen.
We only just listen.
We think and feel and compare it and bring it into harmony with the universe, with the laws of God, the All-Mother, the All-Source, and they now experience materially, spiritually, spatially; for the astral world, for fatherhood and motherhood.
We can no longer get lost; the law lives here.
And in this way those people brought those seven grades to consciousness, they are also seven grades again, seven ages, seven spheres, which are unconscious.
Those people entered the first sphere, because that lives in you.
You do not need a bible, you do not need Christ, you do not need God either.
Because everything which is God, lives here in this society.
You have the birth, you have father and mother, and you have, thank God, your death.
The human being wants to live, the human being wants to remain here, the human being does not want to die; but you stand still.
You have your evolution, you have your reincarnation, they are the divine laws of life which make you return to the Divine All; or you would never enter there.
Is it clear?
So dying is happiness, dying is evolution.
Everything which you learn ...
You can learn it now, because the human being is there.
The human being, Moses, returned in order to tell father and mother: I am alive.
And do you not know it?
What does the other side do?
Why do we write those books?
In order to make it easy for you.
I committed suicide there, there, there.
Read ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
Do not do it, you must return.
You live in a world which is unconscious.
Why would I not tell you that?
If you have your food and you are doubled with the pain, then you say to your father, your mother, your sister; do not do that, that is poison.
Can you feel this?
A school, education.
Christ also wanted that.
Christ did not even need to come to the earth.
‘But’, He says, ‘we learned that Mother Earth only has conscious wrong and conscious evil, conscious good.
You do not find that in the universe.
What does the human being know now?
What does your society know?
What are the universities like?
What does the university still have to learn?
Now for the first time in this age the first foundations are being laid for the spirit, because people know the material.
No, people still do not know the material.
The doctors do not know, the doctor does not even know the body.
He does not know how the life works through the heart.
Yes, there is blood, there are systems.
But where does the life of feeling come from?
Look at the human being who dies.
Suddenly this macrocosmic clockwork stands still.
Just weep.
Is there a reunion?
Is there an awakening?
Where do you go.
According to how you feel.
Where do you come?
According to how you are, nowhere else.
If you take the books, ‘A View into the Hereafter’, if you take them then you can already say and determine at this moment where you will live ‘beyond the coffin’.
Your attunement lives in your eye, in your actions, in your word, in your feeling.
You have that with you, you are standing on top of it.
The human being cannot experience that, the human being cannot see that, you do not need to be clairvoyant.
You do not need to listen to that, to hear that, it is your word, your feeling says it.
What did the Orientals say, what did the academics say?
‘Tell me a word, ask me something, what would you like?
And I know you.’
That is your world, that is your feeling, that is your consciousness.
We had to conquer that, everyone had to conquer that, everyone had to discard those wrong material thoughts, had to feel them again, had to think them again, until we came outside the material.
How did those prehistoric people release themselves from the earth?
That is material.
Because they started to think spiritually, spatially.
You have that too.
You are that.
You possess that.
The human being says: this is difficult.
This is all simple, you must just begin with it.
See in everything, everything which you experience, the human being, see in that human being the deity, the Divine All.
And if the lies and deception come to you, leave, go away.
You must not accept that.
Go into your own silence and assure yourself of that life wisdom.
Life will become simple if you just begin with it.
If you keep on getting the spiritual source from your actions.
Those people had to do that, they had to experience it.
But you got the bible.
The bible takes you from dry land into the ditch.
The bible begins at the beginning.
But where?
And God took a rib from Adam and made Eve.
Is it not sad for the twentieth century, that millions of people still have to accept: yes, there was a paradise.
And God said: ‘Do not touch that one tree’
And that is now the fertilization, that is the reincarnation, that is your reincarnation, that is your evolution.
The Catholic Church stops it.
The Catholic Church has for itself ....
The little nuns, the priests, they will not eat from the tree of life.
But now they are truly standing still, stop, there is no evolution.
And that is not for one life, my friend.
Because once you begin with that Catholic Church, then you also want to become pope.
So you go higher and higher and higher, you cannot escape it, you return with it.
You bring your art, your feeling with you from previous lives and you are open again.
Yes ...
If you come to the Jewish race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races), then that life will, then those parents will force you to accept the Jewish race, the Jewish faith.
Can you feel this?
That is your natural cosmic happiness, which you keep on getting from that faith and is brought to the other life.
That is your reincarnation, or you would never leave the Catholic Church.
You would never get away from Protestantism, never again, you would remain in that eternally, at a standstill.
Now you can experience that, not only for society, for a people.
What is the final consciousness of the masses, of Mother Earth and her children?
Do you see?
You can look at that in only five seconds.
Put the problem of the earth in our hands and we will analyze your troubles in only ten seconds.
Did André not say that?
What is your life of feeling like?
When you ...
People say: ‘Speak to God, feel God, sense Christ.
I want contact.
Why do I never see ...’
If you are truly free of the material for a state, are free for one thought, then there are millions of sparks of God ready to receive you.
But when are you spiritual?
When do you want to grow?
When do you want spiritual happiness, love?
It is going there.
When André thinks here and we are on the moon, then his thoughts fly to us.
He can no longer think outside of us.
Because we have become one life.
We speak, he speaks.
He thinks that he is speaking, and it is us.
He thinks that he is doing it, and it is us.
And he must always make sure for himself that: it must be like this, I must do it like that, I must act like that, in a straight line that way.
For me there are no bad people, no evil, there is no destruction.
For me the whole world is, the whole society is, all those millions of children on earth are just as loving to me.
Think wrongly about one child, and you kick yourself out of this peace, out of that harmony.
Can you feel the mediumship?
Do you want to be a medium?
You can be it tomorrow.
You can begin with it tomorrow, if you can destroy yourself for thousands of characteristics.
That is the possession of the first sphere.
That is the magic, that is the white magic, the being one with life.
Giving birth to and creating of a thought, a tree, a flower, water.
What is night, what is light, what is a planet, what is sun, what is the moon, what is the human being?
The most wonderful thing of all in order to experience that, to accept and to undergo this being one, is fatherhood and motherhood.
Why is the human being searching for happiness?
What are you if you are alone in the world and miss the mother, or the mother the father?
Can you feel that loneliness in you?
What does this life still mean?
You can have everything in society, you can build up your temple, you can be rich in possessions, but what are you if the feeling is not in you in order to be able to receive and to be able to experience one spark of God, to be one with one spark for the universe, for spirit, for soul, that friendship, that benevolence, that warmth?
Does it not mean everything to you?
That is the first sphere.
But now the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh.
What is a master from the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere like?
What kind of beings are they?
Children of twenty-five and twenty years old.
And they stand next to you.
You can call them by their informal title, talk, but when it concerns God, then it is the formal title.
Then you are a deity.
Is this life so difficult, in order to master that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, in order to ...’
That is not easy.
Jozef Rulof can do all of that.
He learned all of that in ‘s-Heerenberg, in that clay there, with that dialect.
Didn’t he?
That madman, that idiot.
This is all idiotic, everything which lies here is idiotic.
Just come, world.
Just come, son.
Just come.
The rulers of your people, of England, France, America and the world, sit down, and in ten minutes we will deal with your questions, your troubles, your misery, the not understanding.
What does Christ say?
What do the ten commandments say?
Moses had nice moments in his life, didn’t he?
That rough rebel. Moses was a rough rebel and in addition the child again.
The Lord spoke ...
Yes, they were the masters.
We had to ...
The masters could not act differently.
They had to begin with violence, because the human being wanted violence.
Do you see?
And now it is still told.
In the churches your ministers stand, the clergy, speaking and talking.
And that good old Moses.
Moses was not much less than Adolph.
But Moses had feeling.
Adolph too.
Adolph was not so wrong when he started to call a halt to the church.
Because Adolph was burnt at the stake by the church and that lives in him; lives in you, lives in all of us.
‘There were only ten of them’, the Catholic Church says.
But since these two thousand years millions of people have been burnt at the stake.
And before that, it was not called a Catholic Church then, but then it was the rulers, the mastery in us, the destruction, the wanting to possess the world, power, dominance.
And the very smallest, the weakest feeling, by means of which we dominate, is exactly the same as if you possess the whole earth.
Because that small spark must go from us, because that darkens the light.
(To the hall): Yes.
Anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.
Master, is it true or is it not true, that in the great universe there are seven suns, seven solar systems?’
In this one?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, in the other one, the great universe.’
Do you mean on the fourth cosmic grade?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Other ones.’
The fourth cosmic grade and the fifth, the sixth and the seventh, are exactly the same.
The fourth cosmic grade brought the secondary planets to becoming conscious, to a unity.
You have on the fourth cosmic grade ...
On Sunday I will draw it in The Hague (see Lectures part II, lecture 22: ‘The growing universe for your life of feeling’ and lecture 23: ‘The growing universe for the human personality’).
On Sunday the people will get: ‘The growing universe for the human being’, but then I will compare it.
Then we will begin with this question.
The human being who has completed the cycle of the earth and reached the first sphere.
And then we will carry on immediately, through the universe, the growing universe, and I will take that back to the human being.
When do you grow?
What should you do with your character traits, your characteristics?
What is that?
You read books.
I give you lectures.
(Coughs.) Go and get a warm drink, just continue.
I have destroyed those vocal cords.
When you get consciousness, feeling, love, then you grow.
The human being who loves, is inexhaustible, has a space.
The love can represent a space.
So via that growing of the universe I take you back to the human being, because it lives in the human being.
Can you feel this?
For everything.
You can ...
Just do something, ask something which touches the life, which touches the soul, which touches the personality.
Now touch that.
(Someone brings a drink.) Thank you.
I need two drops.
Since four years this is the first time I have to drink.
And that is, because we ... the cough ... it is still not gone, I can ... we have had it a while, because I awaken him spiritually and because we go from the cold into the heat ...
André did something there and I am coughing this evening because of that.
His fault, not mine.
Now I can go around those vocal cords and release them spiritually by means of concentration, but then the sound will succumb.
Can you imagine that?
Oh well.
The human being continues, the human being builds, the human being experiences.
And everything in society, I tell you, bible, church, religion, arts and sciences, everything remains here.
Everything which the human being has materialized, is no longer feeling.
What are the philosophical systems?
What did Socrates want?
‘The coffin’, death, will soon be a philosophical system.
How do you experience the transition, the release?
How do you experience the birth?
On the fourth cosmic grade that has become a unity.
This space started ...
The moon half-conscious: fish stage.
Secondary planets: the life, the human being, the organism built itself up, set itself up there, but also by means of the life of feeling.
There were five, six transitions necessary before the human being could experience a higher stage on the second cosmic grade.
Then he finally came to the third, the earth.
But on the fourth cosmic grade those planets reached consciousness in one stage, and you already experience that on the other side.
Now you have six secondary planets there, the first planet here, there, there one, here, and they lie around the mother planet.
So the moon builds on the mother planet, for the new motherhood for the fourth cosmic grade.
The moon is a secondary planet there and then you get the highest stage.
What the earth therefore built up, you get on the fourth cosmic grade as a higher conscious macrocosmic grade and law; giving birth, creating.
There are seven suns and seven mother planets; from the moon to Mars, from Mars to the earth, they are six transitions.
They are existing planets, grades there.
And now you no longer get night there, the planets revolve, turn around their axle, and now you get from there the separation, from that space.
When the time comes, then the light reflects from the space over the planet.
There is only a light shadow, a weak shadow for a short time; there is no longer night.
Do you see?
Because in the infinite, in the Divine, you are eternally conscious there, there is no longer any sleep.
You are God, you are rain, you are light ...
You are light, I explained that to you, because the light in us awakens, we are divine light.
By means of doing good, by feeling love, by giving birth and creating according to the harmonic laws for the universe the human being gets light.
Do you see?
You lay foundation upon foundation.
And you must continue consciously and you get to experience that space.
That way is infallible, because you keep getting a new body in order to continue that evolution.
Millions, millions, millions of lives.
What does it mean?
If you live for millions of years in one body and will possess your divine organism eternally after that ...
Do you see?
What did God create?
What did the All-Mother, the All-Source want?
What are you, what do you become?
What is your consciousness like now, and what lives ‘beyond the coffin’?
Yes, can you say it now?
(To the hall): Anyone else from you?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, I have another one.’
Did you have another question?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘A human being who is born blind and can see the light through a magnetizer, is that the end of his karma?’
End of his karma, yes, indeed.
Being blind is karma.
Being blind is disharmony.
Or you are not it.
You ...
Psychopathy is karma, isn’t it, cause and effect.
No, unconsciousness, you have broken laws.
You will return.
Because God did not create any disharmony, any psychopathy, any insanity, also no being blind.
So when a magnetizer is capable of awakening that light ...
Could he have done that under his own power?
Yes, indeed.
Yes, indeed.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘How do you mean that?’
There is not one magnetiser in the world who heals.
Am I contradicting myself now?
If a magnetiser, if you heal ...
You can give a human being your aura.
But if the human being is divine and possesses the consciousness, then you do not need anyone.
Then everything lives in you.
Finally ...
Can you feel, otherwise the laws would contradict themselves.
Ultimately you are and you possess everything.
Are there diseases, troubles, is there destruction in your organism?
Then, by messing up the life, destroying the life, experiencing it broken, we have messed up those divine foundations; we have seen that destruction, then there is weakening.
But, if the karma dissolves itself, because you experience that karma, what happens then?
Sooner or later those people, those eyes would be whole again: look.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Outside of that magnetiser?’
Outside of that magnetiser.
(To the gentleman in the hall): Do you not accept that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Not easily, no.’
Not easily.
The ultimate law lives in the human being.
Can you feel this?
There are, André brought about healings and he saw – good, I can help you – and he saw that the organs took themselves back to the normal.
He says: ‘It is not me.
I am not doing it.’
And André was like that.
Master Alcar did not say anything.
The human being had to give him something, he has to live from it, he would live by means of it, by means of the magnetizing, by helping the people.
But he never took one cent from those people.
Because those people had healed themselves, only already because they thought: that man is helping me.
Then the inner life reached awakening.
And that now happened with that magnetizer.
And in this way wonders happen every day, which are not wonders.
There are no wonders to be experienced in the universe, they are all laws.
Can you feel this?
Just do not imagine that you are a good magnetiser, if you think you can heal people; because the syndrome heals itself.
When a human being, when you go to a magnetizer ...
And those wonders happened, you can experience them every day, the human being went to a magnetizer and says: ‘Oh, I am being magnetized.’
And we saw that that magnetizer took away more aura than that he gave to the life, he sucked those lives empty.
And she was healed?
Yes, because she said: ‘I want to be better.’
It had already happened.
Christ said to various people: ‘Stand up and you will be better.’
But He knew that He could not heal those other children, because the tissue was broken.
Otherwise Christ could not have healed that blind man.
And there were more blind people who asked for the light, but they did not get it.
Christ saw ...
That broken arm of Mary Baker Eddy, can you feel this, a doctor was needed for that.
And the Messiah accepted that truth.
And even the Messiah bowed to that truth, to that wonder, no, to that physical and spiritual law.
The Messiah bowed to the law of life.
Can you feel this?
André experienced all of that.
He says: ‘I do not heal you.
Do not thank me, because I did not do anything.
You healed yourself.’
There were children, here in Amsterdam.
The greatest healing which took place, in the time that he healed, was a mother here from Amsterdam.
And she was to be operated on the following morning.
The doctor says: ‘It can take place tomorrow morning.’
And during the night the pains come so awe-inspiringly.
She reads the books and says: ‘My God, my God, André and master Alcar were on Golgotha, Golgotha will magnetize me from that third part.’
And the organ was instantly better.
The tumour was so big, was suddenly gone.
And the doctor who ...
Then the telegram came, then flowers came.
André says: ‘Why did you not give that money from those flowers to a poor child?
Why should you thank me, now that you are the healer?’
We did not accept that.
We did not want any thanks.
Master Alcar did not do it.
That soul, that personality healed itself.
We have ... the human being more than once ...
You know it, yes, indeed.
But I do not touch you, just come back in four weeks’ time, then the tumour will be gone.
It healed itself.
Are we the healers?
Those are laws.
You can inspire, but also destroy the human being by one word.
If you tell the human being, if I tell you tomorrow: ‘Go’, you will not believe me, ‘go and heal’, then you can do it.
You can do it.
I can give you the gift of healing, then you can begin tomorrow.
And then you will talk with a voice and a feeling and a consciousness which is not yours: then I will speak.
In this way we placed and started our magnetizers healing.
We have our magnetizers ...
André said: ‘Go, you can heal!’
And they healed.
And then they walked away from André, then they knew better.
Then the majority no longer dared.
And now I do not come there, to that small ...(inaudible).
Now I am there ‘giving a séance’ to those people.
‘I come there, and I am laying the cards here.’
‘Master Zelanus is coming through there.’
‘Jozef Rulof is speaking here.’
‘André is speaking here himself.’
It is no longer master Zelanus, because ‘he comes there.’
I say, André says, master Zelanus says: ‘I can no longer work with that instrument.’
They are our magnetizers.
He will soon come to the other side.
And then we ask: ‘What did you do?’
But you darkened the source of Christ.
That is your own business.
(To the sound technician): I can see you.
(To the hall): Is there anything else?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, on Sunday in The Hague you spoke about the paternal and the maternal eye.
And the maternal eye was on the left, because the heart was on the left.’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Now the population in Delft had x-rays and it was determined that there were four cases where the heart was in the wrong place.’
Yes, that also happens.
(Lady in the hall): ‘It was on the right hand side.
Is it now only a material deviation for that heart, or is the maternal eye ....’
You can see that.
After all, we say that the soul lives in both organisms.
So, every cell has the double space, that means: fatherhood and motherhood are present in every cell.
Every cell has two eyes, because that division happened on the moon.
But it is also possible that the human being can receive two hearts.
And the outer one has condensed and grown as a body part, as a core, as a force for the organism.
You can also get two hearts.
And then your right heart is, then your other heart is on the right hand side.
Can you feel this?
And then your maternal life of feeling and consciousness has a heart, but also the creating feeling in you.
And if the man has two hearts, then it is the paternal and the maternal feeling materialized as organism and source, as hour work.
Can you feel this?
Those are the final stages, which can get materialization.
Because, in the male organism it is maternal, and in the mother the creating organism is present, with the All-Source also.
So your body has fatherhood and motherhood, both.
This is why it is possible that our organs can give birth to a second organ.
(Lady in the hall): ‘It was just one, ...(inaudible) on the right.’
Is there just one?
That has happened more than once in the world.
Also human ...
Now ...
Yes, that is another state, another event.
A human being can think without brains.
Then you think ...
Because the life of feeling thinks.
Brains are only just in order to receive and to analyze the feeling.
Or your feelings go into the universe.
Look, the human being thinks in himself, in a space.
That you have a skull ...
The brains are the atmosphere for the earth as it were.
Can you feel this?
The brains receive the life of feeling, in order to serve the personality, and that is the atmosphere for the earth.
You find all of that in the cosmos, but you also find that as systems in the organism again.
(Lady in the hall): ‘But if the people were to have no brains now ...’
Then people think ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... and they cannot receive the life of feeling?’
That does not mean anything.
Then those brains are not necessary, then it works through concentration.
There were people born without brains.
For example, now it goes back to the jungle.
The academic says: ‘It is remarkable, in the past we had ...
Those people, those prehistoric people had such heads and such small brains.’
I am giving you the proof now, that I am telling the truth.
And they just cannot understand why there are so few brains in that skull, such a large skull.
There was also little feeling, little consciousness.
Because the consciousness, I said, grows.
Also the brains.
As feeling.
In order to receive the life of feeling, the thinking and the feeling.
Also growth.
And then the human being got more brains.
The skull, the crown became bigger, more spacious, because the feeling became more spacious.
But in the jungle, just take a skull like that, you do not see a hundredth brain of what you have in material and tissues under your crown.
Because you have more feeling, you have more brains.
Do you see?
It grows.
An organ grows according to how conscious the life of feeling is.
That is the cosmology for the university which will soon come.
Then you will get to see the cosmic spatial in the body part which is part of these systems.
And now every organ is a universal whole.
(To the lady in the hall): Clear?
Yes or no?
Not clear?
(Lady in the hall says something.)
Then it is fine.
Is there anything else?
Another question?
I cannot continue with it.
If you say: no, then I must open a new line again, a new way.
And the time is up.
(To the hall): Did you have anything else?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, master, I would like to know this.
You once said: Japan was elevated to Israel because of the last world war.’
Japan lives in Israel, and gets food and thoughts and feeling from Israel, but will have to master Israel, of course.
Do you understand what I mean?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, so they are under the influence of Israel.’
They are on the threshold of the House of Israel.
Because of the war.
Japan was freed by the East, still has that Eastern mentality.
That does not mean that Japan is immediately prepared to experience the bible.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No.’
But Japan was freed by the eastern consciousness and attunes itself to the western life of feeling.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘And now I would like to ask you: what is the situation actually with regard to the German and the Russian people, did the last war also have a favourable influence ...?’
For the Russian people?
For Russia?
For Russia it was a revelation.
We do not consider Russia so bad now.
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Oh well, that is difficult to say.’
(There is hearty laughter.)
If you see ...
Everything is simple.
Now we go back for this to, precisely the moment that Stalin came.
Then there were a few hundred intellectuals in Russia and the rest were animal-like conscious.
But now the masses reach social consciousness, and the way, the opening, the awakening ...
(To the sound technician): Do you have time?
(Sound technician says something.)
Another minute?
Good, then I will stop that and then I will continue with you.
Now you get the natural consciousness, land life of feeling.
But that is not a social consciousness.
But those people experience their state just a bit above the prehistoric age.
This is why I wrote in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’: ‘Do not awaken that beast.’
Because they were animals, that is the animal-like grade.
And then you should see what Russian mastered in those few years.
More than was possible in five million years.
Also Japan.
What happened between 1939 and 1940 ...
(To the sound technician): Are you there?
Is it over already?
(The sound technician): ‘Not yet.
Also the music ...’
Oh, then I thank you.
Then the human being masters those laws by means of nature.
Ask me those questions at the next session, then we will experience ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
Then you will get an idea for the present stage, that is a new work.
And then I suddenly let you go.
Then I suddenly free you.
I thank you for your lovely benevolent feeling this evening.
Until the next journey.
(Hall): ‘Thank you, master Zelanus.’